Big Brother 13 Semi-Finalists Contacted, Still No Set Cast

We are now one step closer to Big Brother 13. Robyn Kass has just officially announced via Twitter that all semi-finalists have now been contacted.

So if you were still waiting for that call, sorry, but it isn’t coming at this point. But for those who did get a call CBS, Grodner, and Kassting are still working through the process to determine who will make up the final cast of Big Brother 13 so anything can happen (as long as you don’t blab about it!).

Don’t expect to see anything about those HGs for another month, but hopefully we’ll start getting news on the season’s theme and house design in the next coming weeks. I’ll post all that news here when it’s available.

What I can confirm at this point is the return of the Big Brother live feeds early bird special. Last season the deal gave you three months for the price of two and ended the night before the show’s premiere (BB13 premieres July 7th this season). That cheaper feed price should start up around mid-June, so be sure to sign up for our BB alerts via email, Facebook, and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the deal.


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  1. Will there be more than two afirican americans or will it still be one token?

    • Oh good. I was wondering how long it’d be this preseason before we heard “Big Brother is racist!” Thanks for answering that question for me.

      As Robyn explained above, no cast is set yet.

      (Remember BB11 when 5 out of 12 HGs were non-caucasian? Yeah, me neither…)

    • Hmmmm! Guess your question lets us know how you really feel! I was wondering why I heard a statistic on how many Af-Amer watch reality shows on TV the other day. Did you read the statistic? Personally, I have so many ethnicities mixed up in me that I find all “groups” interesting!

    • Tip from an inside BB high-up, they WILL not
      Cast any african americans this time reason bbeing they r all FOS during casting process they sucked

  2. Ratings for the bb11 “chima” episode were huge..who could forget? :)

    • Colin,

      You were hilarious on your tape, did anyone call you?
      How do you feel about the process? Was it unfair at
      Your auditions? Were you the one with the biggest
      Personality? I don’t get it u made me laugh

  3. What do u think is going to be theme this year? I think it’s going to be something UNlucky ’cause of UNlucky #13!!!!!

  4. Ok, so I have a dumb question. I know that they are sequestered for a while before they enter the house b/c you don’t want to see the HGs vomiting/sneezing/etc from a sickness. But, how long are they sequestered before it starts? I saw on BB12 Matt’s twitter page that this was his first Memorial day since 2009 since he was sequestered for the past 2. Would they really sequester them for 5 weeks before it starts? That seems like a really long time. And, since last year was his 2nd year in sequester, how many alternates do they have each year? Thanks for the info in advance!

    • They probably don’t keep everyone sequestered for five weeks. I’d expect them to narrow it down as they go and send those folks home while keeping a smaller group week after week.

      No clue on how many alternates are kept. Last season they were down to the wire when someone bailed and was not replaced.

  5. Matt its true about bb , unfortunally we never see different its always the same sterotypes . There will never be more than one black skinned person on the show. Their demographics is aimed for a white audience and if it is minority, they can only do on black or even better a mixed race. There is an inequality amoung reality t.v. or t.v. in general. It is what it is , I’m guessing your white. ;)

    • @Dena Accually there has been 2 blacks on 2 seasons i.e. Dani & Marcellas from BB3 & 7!!!

    • What difference does my skin color make? That’s the whole point.

      You’re not even getting your “facts” close to right. There are often multiple minorities each season. I don’t have to go past season 1 for there to be more than one black person on the show.

      Like I said above, just look at season 11 where 5 out of 12 were non-Caucasian.

      If making up the best cast consisted of 12 people who didn’t share my skin color, why would I complain? I want the best game. Too many people want boxes checked instead.

  6. @Matt…u mentioned the Live Feeds early bird special….is it the same price as last years early specisl? $29.99 for 3 months? Thanks… :-)

  7. Really race??? What about the show? Like rats in a cage fighting for the last piece of cheese its awesome..can’t wait..but they r all freaks no matter the race, and better yet who cares..most african americans probably think its a Ridiculous show and would be embarrased to be on it..I love watching it but never not even for the right amount of money would go on the show..

  8. Really? Hahaha…I did not know they had this show in other countries..too bad I couldn’t understand it id bee watching it too..that’s great

    • @big mama…hehe BB is in other countries but they are in english speaking countries…in England and Australia… :-)

      • @HoH8 is there any way to watch the Australia big brother online? Preferably for free??

      • @taylor…yes go to youtube type “big brother australia”….they have tons of videos from australia…. :-)

      • Thanks!! i am tried looking it doesn’t seem they have any full episodes mhmm i’ll be searching (:

  9. hate to rehash the race deal, but…if the show was representative of our current demographics, we would have 1 asian 2 black 3 hispanic and 7 whites. It’s not about that though. It’s about watching ppl 3 times a week trying to win a lot of money. As much as CBS makes on this show the really should increase the prize money AND the stipend.

  10. This is SOOO exciting! The best part is rumours about the twist and house and cast. Funnest part ever, these next weeks are gonna be awesome.. WOO!

    Hopefully a better summer than last one :)

  11. I am African American and I am ADDICTED to Big Brother it’s my favorite show of ALL TIME i’ve been watching it since season 6 and I am only 15.. I watch BB afterdark and I follow the houseguests.

  12. idk what it is but is just something about Big Brother that gets me addicted from when it starts intill it ends.. I am basically a normal person intill summer hits! Because once summer hits I turn into a crazed BB fan and stay up intill about 5 in the morning reading. People may think I’m weird but hey, I can’t help it! Big Brother is my guilty pleasure

    • @Leem…you are not alone…many of us are the same way…im a 24 hr addict with the Feeds, lol…hope u enjoy this season!!.. :-)

      • To HoH8 and Leem — I agree! It’s hot outside, the rent’s paid — I get addicted most seasons, too. Another good part is finding a good chat room to discuss the characters and get to know folks

  13. Hey Matt, what season is the best I have watched 6 and up and want to explore past ones but don’t want to waste my time with stupid ones thanks!

    • @taylor..its hard to pick cause everyone has different taste…but between bb2 to bb5..i liked BB3 the best…i would watch bb3 to bb5 then leave bb2 for last cause it had the best player ever to play BB…Dr Will..the puppet master…. :-)

  14. @Taylor.. All the seasons from 6-12 are good.. The two best ones in my opinion would be Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 10

  15. @taylor.. I started watching big brother since season 6 and up.. They were ALL so good. the two worst bb12 and bb9

  16. I really hope BB13 won’t be as disappointing as BB12 because last season it was pretty boring with the Brigade and Rachel and Brendon.. Plus I felt there wasn’t alot of big arguments compared to BB11.. Im not saying BB12 was the worst of all time but after 4 weeks it was obvious who was going to be in the final 4.

  17. @Pook. I agree with you 100% The Brigade and Rachel and Brendon basically ruined the season, especially the brigade. BB12 would have been 10x better if The Brigade was never made

  18. @Leem & Pook. Britney was the BEST part about BB12; funny diary room moments!!! Kind of like Dani from BB3 & BB7.

    • @Jamie….funny u should say that cause it was the diary room that made Dani lose that year BB3…that was the only yr the jury got to hear the DR….. :-)

      and Yes Britney got youtubed to death with her DR sessions, classic ones, lol…. :-)

  19. well, I don’t know what happen to my post about picking same looking cast every year. I been a Big brother fan for years cant wait for Big Brother. Oh The Barbie and Ken look lol.

    • well someone watches Big Brother sees what I see there more but we know Big Brother is afraid of rating go down with a heavy person. But I think more people will watch the show with older Marilyn Monroe – Considered one of the sexiest women of all-time, and by today’s standards, she would be considered a BBW.

      2. Oprah Winfrey – Although Oprah’s weight has gone up and down, she is beautiful no matter how much she weighs.

      3. Queen Latifah – An accomplished musician, actress and BBW.

      4. Delta Burke – Her character on Designing Women was a BBW and yet, she who was the sex symbol of the show.

      5. Wynonna – One of the most successful female country music singers of all-time and a sexy BBW as well.

      6. Emme – The most famous “Plus-Size” model of all-time. Living proof that you don’t have to be thin to be attractive, sexy and successful.

      7. Aretha Franklin – The queen of R&B and a beautiful BBW.

      8. Melissa Peterman – Barbara Jean from the sitcom, Reba.

      9. Ann Wilson – Lead singer from the rock band, Heart. She was miserable until she decided to live her life as a BBW

  20. Why do people always bring race into this? do we care that much as too how many black people are on BB? What if there is only 1? then what. What if they pick 2 chinese people or 2 spanish people or a guy from middle eastern decent and no black people? I don’t hear the asian or spanish community crying racism. get a life already.

  21. Hey! I also cannot wait for BB13 to begin! I heard or read somewhere that the twist had something to do with the HG being chosen because they look like a reconizable star of some kind and somehow that will play into the game. Did anyone else hear that? If so…do you know anything else about it???????

    • @Sandy…anything u may have heard or read are just rumors….nobody outside the CBS Production staff knows of any thing thats happening in BB13 yet….Allison(EP) runs a tight ship…..

      go read the video post that Matt posted on the Twists this season and read the comments….. :-)

  22. Why the heck does anyone want to yell “big brother is racist” OMG the show hasn’t even started and already trying to start cramp….big deal there’s only one or two blacks on the show that doesn’t mean BB is racist!!! Just sit back & enjoy the show!

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