CBS Debuts Big Brother 13 Commercial

Now don’t get too excited, but here’s the very first Big Brother commercial for the 2011 season! I say don’t get too excited because just like each early preseason we’re treated to a commercial full of last year’s HGs and events. So nothing new here other than a confirmation of what we already knew: Big Brother will be back on CBS and Big Brother 13 start date is July 7th. Oh, and in true BB form, all the clips are in standard-def which I expect to be true again this summer.

For those just catching up on the pending season, auditions for Big Brother 13 have wrapped and casting is in the final stages. We should hear a confirmation from Kassting Inc. in the next few weeks that the finalists have all been notified.

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Hat tip to Big Brother Access for spotting this commercial.


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  1. So excited to see who is going to be chosen. I would love to be in the House! Can’t wait to hear more about the coming season…..

  2. Ah, yes… I’ll be back (thinking “I am so sick to be watching this…” and powerless to resist). …anybody else?

    • Ditto that Sister J, i have to be crazy to start this BB thing, i already broke my addiction to the real world :)

      • ditto, girl…..nobody in the family will watch it with me, except my doggie;) She’s a rottie mix-total drama queen *making doggie kisses=muah!

  3. hey Matt, another great mod for BB, like your SF !! i really appreciate your forums, and the people who comment on them…

      • thank you so much for the kind welcome Matt :) i have seen the first three original episodes as broadcast, something tells me i am hooked for life :) nursing a chicken ?? not my favorite thing :)

      • thanks for your kind message BG :) so far i have seen videos up to season 1 episode 5…sadly mega mouth is still stirring up hate, and still failing to get votes in Philly…what an insult to Cassandra, who wasted her kindness on mega mouth :( hate breeds hate, i will say this for him, he makes me even more thankful for my son in law, who still gets profiled in traffic stops, like Hines Ward was, i realize the problems and pain are still with us, i just think that hate mongering reinforces our brain damaged bigotry :( if we do not own our own bigoted ideas, then we have to blame every one else for them, and inflict guilt on others for our own damaged brains :(

      • i meant i am up to season 1 episode ten, not sure if i can take any more :(

      • CMC, Big Brother is entirely different in seasons 2 and above. The game was drastically changed.

        Skip on past season 1 and go straight to BB2 (it’s a great season) if you want to get a sense of what to expect.

  4. I cant wait to hear if there is a twist or not, and if so – what itll be. Oh boy. Im already excited for next year and the possibility of a All Stars V2.0

  5. I can’t wait for it too start.. really hope its better then last seasons because last season got kinda boring but I still loved it!!!

  6. Happy to see BB is back on Thursdays….i saw this commercial on Sunday while watching the Finale of Survivor…make sure to get the live feeds people…its the best way to watch BB.. :-)

  7. yahhhh so happy its coming back, lets hope they can nab some colourful characters to bring the drama and controversy like lsat season! lol..hollaz to da nifty crew!! where you at..

  8. Lets hope the new cast will not be as boring as last season. Bring on some exciting players who are not there for a vacation, but will bring it.

    • I completely agree with this last season sucked they didn’t play the game they teamed up on two people they need some real players who are afraid to play dirty!

  9. Hooray!!! I found it, at last. It’s quarter to old Survivor time and I’m trying to find a distraction. Now I’ll look forward to July for start of BB 13. Sister J, I have the same sickness as you, I guess. I’m hooked on these reality shows and I refuse to venture out into the 3 dimensional world on a broadcast night. And I have caller ID so I know who to call back and remind them of my phone rules.
    Great to see some old friends and hope to meet some new ones soon.

  10. hey Matt, thanks for whacking my mods, Peace out dudes and dudettes, i made it through BB season 2 with the broadcast episodes only, sorry but been there done that, i have been living in two BB houses now for about 20 years, same reason i cannot watch Real World anymore, cannot watch BB, i am already watching it in my everyday life :( catch you all on the next go round for Survivor Fandom, Enjoy!

    • The later seasons like 8 & 11 are BETTER!!! So u SHOULD watch; also the fight w/ Lori in season 3 is funnnnny!!!!!!!!!

    • i will try Jamie, thanks for the encouraging comment, i would like to watch BB 13, and take Matt’s advice too, STAY ON TOPIC :) age 72 is the height of confusion :) and i am

  11. I’m excited it’s coming back. I really hope it’s better than last season, more competitive. Last season to me lack a lot of the things I love about the show, I want the backstabbing dammit!!! Lol

  12. Where can you see past seasons (preferably for free)? My addiction began midway through season eight, and I don’t understand references to HGs from previous seasons. Sure do hope After Dark doesn’t boil down to a bunch of bozos playing pool…

  13. Hey Matt! I can not wait until BB to start!! Yes I am one of the dorks who pays for the 24/7 feeds!!! I am glad that you are writing on this thread! Will Branden be? I really enjoyed his postings on American Idol. I got used to saying “well Brandon said this…” lol.

    :) nykki

    • Hi Nykki, welcome over to our site. Oh you’ll be in good company of “BB dorks” then because we all buy the live feeds too.

      Yes, it looks like Branden will be joining us over here as well.

      Glad you could join us here as well!

  14. Who is your favorite HG NOT to win BB? Mine is Dani from BB3 & all-stars!!!!!

    • My Fav is Janelle…she is my all time Fav HG ever….she still holds many records and i felt bad she always would come in 3rd every season she played…. :-)

  15. Comment deleted. Do not spam blast this site with the same comment over and over and every recent post. – Admin

  16. Hey, all youse guys. What’s happening? French Open – Rah, rah, Rafa. Love to see that guy play. Look forward to talking to all of you on this site. Hope that the houseguests are more interesting than last year, and that they don’t have “potty” mouths, like”” did.

    • Hey Summer…welcome aboard…the old Survivor gang are slowly coming together, are you gonna comment on the Forum also?

      Im so excited for BB13, just a month away, “potty mouths”? CBS edits all the potty away, lol…gotta watch the Feeds for all the dirty potty…. :-)

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