Big Brother 13 Premiere Date Announced

Update: Oh Julie Chen and that trusting smile. You fooled us! Despite her previous claims that the Big Brother 13 premiere would be July 6th, it’s actually Thursday, July 7th at 9PM.

Big Brother 13 might have been officially confirmed months ago, but it’s always nice to have a start date. Lucky for us, Julie Chen came to the rescue with the exciting news that Big Brother would return on Wednesday, July 6th Thursday, July 7th 2011!

Just like past seasons, BB13 will run three nights a week on CBS (I’d guess it’ll be Sun/Wed/Thur like last season), will feature a diverse cast, and lots of sunbathing-worthy bodies as eye candy. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

There’s still time to audition to be part of this season’s cast. If you’re interested be sure to check the full list of casting events then grab your BB13 application and get going! Auditions start on Saturday, April 2nd and run at least through May 7th, though more dates are being added almost daily so keep checking.

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What part of Big Brother are you most anxious to see again?

Update: Big Brother Access has confirmed show nights for Big Brother 13 will be Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


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  1. site looks great matt, cant wait to get started back. i miss all my buddies. see you soon

  2. I’m most looking for the challenges and most of all I love the “unexpected” when you guys had the house guest dance when they heard the music… I was thinking you should do that in the middle of the night for a least an hour… that would have been too funny.

  3. love the games, see who loves who, an who deceives have 2 go at it but kiss make up.

  4. Would like to see competitions that the houseguests do not know about. They always study and cheat with the old comps. Would also like to see less cheating.

  5. I really loved it last year when you did the sabatoure…..Lets do this again…..IT WAS AWESOME!!! Maybe also do repeat of how you brought someone back who was evicted before….

  6. Also, It would be great to do where the games are not revealed…like in previous ones where they practice before (IE…the Veto or food comptetion) leave them guessing and have them do it from all new setups….No chance of practicing before hand….would make it much much much more interesting……..THANKS!

  7. i watch it every nite when it’s on. hope the house quest are as spicy as before. would like 2 also see a winter session.

  8. really like all of it i liked it when you brought jeff and jordan back in hope you do it again if they ever get married hope that you will put it on tv they are the best thank you

  9. In Big Brother 11, you bought back Jesse to play the game who played in Big Brother 10 I do beleve.
    Well, you should do that again this year and have someone in the house that is exprienced to the Big Brother house. Theres always something new on the go.

    • God! I hope not! Having the has-beens back on the show ruins the rhythm of the new season. The point of the show is to lock 12 or 13 strangers in a house and see how the react. Everyone should be on an equal footing. Having people that have been on in one, two, or three previous seasons is just not right. Give everyone a chance to become new breakout stars. Let them have a good game and not have to be distracted by having to deal with pros thrown in for your amusement.

  10. Also, I would think that if you bought Britney back into the game from big brother 12, a lot of people would watch it, Britney was a big hit!

  11. I really would like to see an all
    black cast on Big Brother. Especially if you can get some that are funny and talented.

      • Who’s to say that a “diverse cast” wouldn’t be the best cast?? Adding a more representative mix of people in the house would definitely ignite some excitement and anticipation amongs viewers. Television has become more and more racially diverse anyway, why nto let this translate into America’s ultimate FishTank social experiment?? Models and actors are boring!!

      • No one said it couldn’t, Scottie. But to say you want a “diverse cast” first and foremost is missing the point.

        You can have the “best cast” and still end up with diversity, or you can use diversity as your top driver and end up with a bland group but, hey, we managed to check all the boxes.

        Every year viewers complain about diversity and I’m sure this year will be no different.


    • Careful with the ALL-CAPS there. That’s considered yelling and can be rude.

      Big Brother is only open to U.S. residents for tax reasons. If you don’t have an SSN, then you can’t pay taxes like you’d be obligated to do. Sorry.

      • Hi, with tax treaty b/t U.S.A. and Canada, couldn’t we manage to pay taxes to both countries? Would be worth it for a chance to compete.

  13. is this statement true?: The purpose of the casting call is to provide you with a tape. Simply bring your completed application to the casting call – CBS 19 will conduct a 2-minute taping session. We will then mail your application and audition tape directly to Big Brother producers.

    • That may be true for some events. Some are just a camera crew who record the videos. Other events are staffed by Kassting Inc. I don’t have details on which events are which.

      If you can fill out an application, make a video, and then send them both in and you’re all set.

  14. I have to say my fav part of last season was the penguin suit. That was hilarious, and the fact that Enzo had to don it made it even funnier.

    And the lovey dovey couple Rachel and Brendon…and the whole house being against them. And the Brigade. Let’s face it, this show is wayyyy entertaining.

    • This show is beyond entertainment…..It is the funniest and the after hours on Showtime are even funnier…..Love this show and can’t wait for the start of it….

  15. I loved last season. I would like to see Lane and Britney come back. They were very funny and entertaining. Enzo was great, but that goes without saying…. he’s one of a kind.

    • Why lane and Britney? They don’t even talk to each other now and Britney kinda doesn’t give a crap about him. But just Brit would be nice.

  16. What im looking forward to the most is the sabatoure, i always got so excited when he/she came on. And i honestly can’t wait for all the drama, it was so entertaining and seriously can’t wait for this season, i hope it’s as good as the last one!

  17. Ok so I have 3 possible ideas.1. What if there is a teens big brother. 2. I think everyone would want a 2nd allstar season. 3. If its possibly try to get a big brother winners season with all the winners of the past seasons. Will, Boogie, Dick, Dan, and all the BB favorites.

    • I love all these ideas! I am a teen and would like to be on it, but then people might say why would older people wanna watch teens 24/7 might get a bad rep. I love the 3rd idea the most having all the winners back would just be amazing i think they will eventually do this, isn’t there 14 people in the house? so maybe the 15th season???

  18. I’ve not missed an episode in all 12 seasons. Would like to see more kiniving, secrets and surprize visitors. Also would like to see more races of people.

  19. fan of big brother It starts July6 my husbands birthday would be nice gife to see me on big brother the sabatoure lol well I think they pick the guest already Gage one is is in jail but I enjoy watching

  20. If I mailed my video back in January and haven’t got a call back should I assume they aren’t interested. I saw on twitter that some have gotten call backs. Should I go to a casting call?

    • If you’ve mailed in an application then they’ve reviewed it. Kassting Inc is very thorough and reviews every application sent in. A casting event would be redundant, but that’s up to you.

      • I’d just like to add some info to this post. I went to the open casting call in Cincinnati last Sat. It went okay but I didn’t get a call back the next day. So, I’ve decided to mail in my video, along with my photos and application. They didn’t want my application or photos at the audition. I’d recommend people who go to the casting call to wait before mailing in a tape/application, until after they know if they get a callback. That way, if you don’t do well at the audition then maybe they’ll like your tape better.

  21. Why doesn’t Big Brother air the after party where all the cast gets together after the winner is announced, AND an update of the previous season at some point like a lot of the other shows do. I would love to know what happened to the cast of Big Brother 12, and what happened after the show.

    • The backyard after party is aired, but only on the BB live feeds. Then there’s the Vegas party that really anyone can attend, as long as you buy a ticket.

      It would be a interesting to have a show for what they’re up to now.

  22. i wish that hayden would come back, or maybe make big brother in all celebrities for charities?

    • why sure thats a great idea, that would be a totally spinoff of the season. I would like to see a telephone in the house, like they do on “the real world” perhaps get to see their families?

  23. love to see me and Rhea on Big Brother? perhaps one of my daughters? Lucy or Gracie?

  24. why would anyone want to see the same people on /in the house that they’ve already seen???? put more plp from around the USA that will keep us entertained,, like me for instance– i would bust up the house –no alliances –no romance buddies- no ethnic groups– all for one one for all

  25. More ultra conservative uptight Christians in the house with more liberal science loving folks alongs with some hussies and thugs. Would be like mixing gunpowder with nitro glycerine and seeing what happens.

      • I have to disagree… Big Brother isn’t the Real World, yes some drama is nice but I watch the show for the competitive nature, and manipulation!

  26. Sooooo excited for live feeds! Hope theres some good drama this season. Last season was LAAAME

  27. I love big brother!!! I really don’t know alot of ppl that watch this show, that’s why I’m so thankful for this site.

    • Well we’re thankful to have you as a reader here! Can’t wait for the show to start so we can all getting back to talking about what’s going on in the house.

      • I, too,love Big Brother and I’m so excited that I found this site….

        Matt…..I love the Idol site, I’m sure I will love the BB site too…..Thanks Matt.

  28. Hey Matt this may be a stupid question but have you been on BB? You seem to no a lot about it or are you just a huge fan (:

    • That’s not a stupid question at all.

      No, I’ve never been on Big Brother. I’ve watched every episode since the first episode of the first season. I just happen to be very passionate about the show so I’ve spent a lot of time studying it.

      As much as I’d enjoy it, if I went inside the BB house then who would be out here to run the site and keep everyone informed?!

    • Sadly, I doubt we may ever see HD inside the house.

      Considering the insane cabling that place probably has run I’m guessing it’s the cost that keeps them from pulling and replacing all the cable, video switches, and cameras throughout that house.

      Certainly seems like they could do the Julie and audience portions in HD though…

      • Looking at the UK Big Brother, they made the switch from 4:3 to 16:9 within the space of about 3-4 months (from Celebrity BB 2006 to BB 2006), though I imagine they planned it before that. I also seem to recall that they used widescreen cameras, meaning they didn’t just film in 4:3 and crop it to 16:9.
        I’d be fine with SD 16:9 footage for the house, and HD everywhere else.

  29. Truly, my favorite thing about BB is the addiction I get each year. I go from a normal person to obsessive overnight. I just cant get enough, and I love the thrill-ride of it all. Ha! What does that all mean?

    • It means you’re a fan like the rest of us Sara. Nothing wrong with that at all. Between the CBS shows and After Dark, I watch 24 hours of Big Brother a week. That’s enough to satisfy my BB addiction. :)

      • I agree. If someone calls me during the show, I’m like cant talk, have to call you back, BB is on, click, lol. Even though I DVR every show, lol. I’m addicted and dont want the cure. :)

  30. All I can say is this site is awesome and I am so HAPPY I finally found it….but now I have to wait until July to get into it……sad to me!!!!!

  31. BB, please dont have any returning players this season.Save it for the BB Allstars.
    Im looking forward to a new fresh cast.
    Im ready to DVR my Showtime After Dark. ZING!!!

  32. I am so excited for the return of B.B.I have been a faithful viewer from day one, I have not missed a single episode, in fact I keep a journal of the challenges and who is voted off and every winner from season 1. Hope we have a good group of house guests the year.. Thanks ..Colleen

  33. I bet you are the person to ask this question. what was the name of the winner,who got in trouble with the law? heard he wasnt an American citizen, and couldnt clame the money.Adam ????

    • Adam, “Baller,” the BB9 winner is in jail for running a drug ring using his prize money. But I’ve never heard that he wasn’t a US citizen or had trouble claiming that money.

      • thanks Matt.
        wow, some people just cant handle fame or money. what a waste.

      • Adam, in my opinion, shouldnt have won. He irritated my last nerve on that season :(

  34. Big Brother After Dark is my favorite! Will it be returning on Showtime2? Thanks.

  35. Now that AI was a wash for me(again), I’m looking forward to the start of BB……So glad I found this site……

  36. Do they ever have a public touring of the house for fans of the show?! I would love to walk around in that house and see it for real!

    Also I’d like to see an alliance like the brigade again and watch them all have to turn on each other one by one, that was amusing! Enzo should have been the winner last season, he could have used the money the most out of any of them!

  37. Comment deleted. Do not spam blast this site with the same comment over and over and every recent post. – Admin

  38. OH YES! Big Brother is back..I do enjoyed the show..But on C B S the show is only on three time a week…That is not much to see,,Please I would like to see more,Maybe FIVE TIME A WEEK…This is my summer show,The show is HOT,but I am cool in my Home with the my A C on…C.B.S. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…..

    • Dennis tune in to Showtime2 for 3 uncensored hours of BB After Dark seven days a week. Great show and my favorite!! Also you can get the live feeds. Just 3 days on cbs is never enough!

  39. I know about showtime 2…3 hours of uncensored B.B. is great….but I only see it on friday and saturday nite..other time I get up for work at 3:25 am… you say c.b.s. is never enough..thank you bg143 for reply…..

  40. Two words for MamaD or Jeff if you’re around….Road Trip :) …to the BB house of course.

  41. If MamaD or Jeff are around…or even Dan :) …its time for our annual Road Trip….to the BB house of course.

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