Final Week of Big Brother 13 Casting

As the Big Brother 13 premiere approaches we’re left with just one final week of casting. Three events remain across the southeast including Louisville on May 4th, Nashville on May 6th, and Charleston on May 7th. Full casting event details here. After that it’s all down to careful reviews and cuts to make the very best BB13 cast.

Robyn Kass, Big Brother casting director, has made a series of announcements over the past few days starting with the application deadline being set for April 29th. So yes, that means there are no more paper applications being accepted and you’re only chance is one of those last three auditions this week.

Robyn also had a message for those who already submitted an application or attended an event: don’t call us, we’ll call you. With thousands of applicants, it just isn’t possible for them to call everyone so instead they’ll only be able to contact those moving forward.

Kass made sure to squash rumors that the cast had already been selected for Big Brother 13. Not true at all, tweets Robyn:

Still meeting people and watching tapes until the end of May. No finalists will be chosen until then, good luck!

Inevitably we’ll see claims from individuals who say they’ve been selected and will be in the house this season. First off, no one will be confirmed until the end of the month. Secondly, anyone lucky enough to be selected will also be informed that if they make any such announcement that they’ll lose their chance at the half-million dollar prize. They are usually a lot of these bogus claims.

Best of luck to all the Big Brother 13 applicants out there. We can wait to see which of you make it, and once you’re in be sure to mention us by name, a lot!


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  1. I wish you could do a Big Brother 2 times a year!! Waiting a whole year is torture!!

  2. Does anyone know if the location for the Louisville audition (May 4) has changed? I thought the great lawn was flooded…


    • Clo, I checked the Waterfront Park website and they mention a few cancellations, but nothing about the Big Brother auditions. You could keep an eye here for any updates they may post:

      I also checked CBS’ site and they still have Waterfront Park listed for the event.

  3. I agree with Robyn in New Jersey… I can’t wait til the new season and new people to hate and love! The dynamics of the show are the TOPS.

  4. I really really hate to sound like an idiot but here goes..heh..ok..I sent the tape. Went to the DC casting and even made a YouTube video. Too much? I havent gotten a call and statistically.. understandable..BUT..I live in VA..should I go to this last casting call May 7 SC to improve my chance even MORE? Is going to 2 casting calls TOO much?

    • You only need to do one or the other: tape or audition. Since you’ve now done both the tape and the audition there’s no need at all to go do a second audition event. They’ve got your information and attending another event won’t make a difference. I’d be more worried that overwhelming them with the same information multiple times could be off-putting.

    • I saw your video! Very funny, keep your fingers crossed, if no dice audition again next year, or try another show!

  5. So Robyn is only going to be calling those who are Finalists at the end of May and most likey if you haven’t been contacted to be in the semi-finals you have no chance?
    I have seen that some people were called a few days or a week after the auditioned at a casting call to be a semi-finalist. Most likely if there was no contact by this time then they weren’t interested I guess.

    • That is correct. They’ll call if and only if you’re moving forward in the process.

      No one should be sharing details about getting a callback. That’s a surefire way to get kicked out of the process and eliminate your chances. They take that very seriously.

    • Robyn stated on twitter, “All semi finalists have NOT been contacted yet. All calls won’t be done until the end of May”(Kass). So I guess there is still hope.

  6. I have to TOTALLY AGREE with a couple of You that posted that You wished that Big Brother was on twice a Year; AT LEAST!!!! Why can’t they have it on just like Survivor, or, I believe, Amazing Race; whereas, once a Season is complete, it is No time at all; and the Next Season is already being advertised for it’s Premiere Episode!!! I know SO Many people who have complained about having to wait a full year for the next season; and cannot understand WHY Big Brother does not accomodate that extremely popular concensus from even the Die Hard BB Fanbase??? Its obvious that the popularity of the show has remained high, and the Fanbase for the show has steadily remained strong and growing!!! It is undoubtedly a very costly & expensive production to create; though it seems logical for Big Brother to Jump on the Bandwagon like it’s competition, and adhere to the demands of the Fans, and evergrowing base of Newcomers which join to view in increasingly impressive percentile each year!!! Maybe BB Producers should slowdown enough to recognize this demand from the Public Viewers and Fans of the American Production of Big Brother; and reevaluate demand in the US, rather than placing so much focus on BB Productions in foreign countries abroad; when it very well be that continued Airing in some of the foreign countries may prove to be quite costly, less profitable, funded by the popularity & high ratings of the US Production & it’s success, and may just be the reason that the US Broadcast is only annually produced!!!! If any is true; it’s would seem unfair that the Productions which profit; like in the US; should have to suffer in a demand for more than an annual broascast; being that its profitability is being mismanaged in unsuccessful foreign productions, rather than meeting high demand potential here in the US for a second season annually to satisfy Customer & Fanbase Demands; and most likely prooving to be extremely accomodative to the Base & Bottomline Revenue Factors!!!! Hmmmm; just a thought to share; one that is difficult to express in words, such as this, but maybe it’ll make some senae, I hope!!! Moreso; I hope time see BB soon; then see a change to the annual productions here in the US, where the Fans are Higher, and Growing; hmm, is that right; or growing high, hahaha; I dunno at this point!! Nite Nite Big Brother Comrades!!!!!

  7. Nashville is May 5th??Today?? The casting event details says its on the the 6th….I hope it’s still on the 6th, that’s when I’m going to Nashville. I actually never did the video and thought I can bring the application with two IDs to the casting event….

    • Yes, Nashville is the 6th of May. That was a typo.

      Either you could do the application + video and submitted it before last week was over or you could go to audition events with an application, proof of id, and the 2 photos.

      • Hey Matt,

        Do you know about how many applications are submitted throughout the entire process? I was reading an interview from 2006 with Robyn Kass, and she said for that particular season (2006) they had over 30,000 applicants apply for the show. now its been about 5 years and im sure the number has increased, If you cant say a number can you tell me how many applied for your season(12)?


  8. I am not the “Model Type”. I from California but don’t have 10 look but I can spark up conversation and manipulate people. well no call so no dice, another year I tried well have to see who houseguest for this year will it be the same “Barbie and Ken “Good luck to the rest who tried out .

  9. I hope they make it better and ensure that
    the fiasco of the brigade last year is not
    repeated again! It is a no-brainer that if
    you allow say 4 or more people to form an
    alliance that they will win it provided they
    stick together! Then, that group will be voting
    everyone else and we already know who is going
    to win! Encourage house guests to all play
    their games by adding consequences to larger
    alliances like losing POV rights to play.
    Give group members less time in the contests
    to even it out! If house guests knew that there
    were consequences to forming groups of four
    or more than more individual play can be
    encouraged and makes it more interesting with
    more twists and turns! If it becomes a better
    show than both CBS and Big Brother fans wins!

  10. Is that last year picture??? Only be better with me on lol well cant wait until BB starts

  11. I am resending a comment I made last month..I sent it to the Big Brother Network, and Robin Kass at Kassting Inc. I sent it to Kassting Inc. three times. I never received a reply of any sorts from either one. Maybe it was not important to them….It should have been…..Here it is:

    Big Brother Network, Robin Kass, Matt…………
    I went to the Tampa auditions last weekend. I felt i did ok but I couldn’t tell. The casting director was sick and we were only asked a couple questions before we were released. All I could do was act myself and be honest to the director. Thank God I had also submitted an application and video before the March deadline too. I went to Tampa so I could also be seen in person and in hopes of maybe helping my chances and not be judged prior on application and video alone.The next day after the Tampa auditions, a female named Rebecca posted, “that she had heard that Big Brother would not consider anyone with a medical condition because they didn’t want them to have to quit during the show”. This comment brought back all the anxiety, self confidence/esteem issues I have dealt with all my life. On April !0, I turned 50. I am a 50 years old, gay male who also happens to be HIV positive. I have been HIV positive for 22 years. According to my doctor, only 5 percent of people who contracted HIV in 1989 are alive today. I made some bad decisions in my life because of my HIV status. It took me almost all of the first half century of my life to come full circle and to come full terms with myself. I am currently writing a book about my journey in hopes to share my experiences with many who have felt the same way. And there are many!! I chose to pursue “Big Brother” because It questions your morals and beliefs on what you would do to win the big prize. This was a challenge that plagued me for many years. I want that challenge so I can show many people who are afflicted with HIV and social issues that come along with it, that you too can overcome society’s stigma and discrimination against medical conditions and addictions. There is nothing that Big Brother can challenge me on their show in any competition that I haven’t experienced personally in my life. As a matter of fact, my challlenges were alot harder physically and mentally than anything you have ever presented on your show. I may have stumbled and failed a couple times before I got it. BUT I did get it. And I survived!Looking at me personally, one would never know what i have gone through. I waited almost a week to response because I went through a flood of emotions and insecurities and in the past, I always acted before I thought clearly. It usually meant a bad outcome for me. Today is Easter and I went to church this morning. I was once again reminded what today is all about. So I ask Big Brother and Robin Kass(Kassting Inc.), “Will you not consider me seriously as a castmate, someone who has a medical condition or any other handicap? Do you realize how many millions that represents and who can relate to me and what America is really made of? It is supposed to be the land of opportunity for all regardless…I say this because there are more peoply who are less than perfect than there are with what you are trying to represent. Why don’t you be the first show and network to represent millkions who can see they too count, matter and can change.” Read my application and watch my video and you will see what I am talking about. Keep an open mind and heart. My name is Daniel Vazquez and I am from Orlando, Florida. Happy Easter….

  12. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I’m just going to be very matter-of-fact here since these aren’t my rules and I don’t have to defend them. As moving as your story may be, if you are HIV+ you will not be considered for big brother, no matter what. Part of the medical clearance for the show is an HIV test, and if it’s positive you’re out. Furthermore, this isn’t exclusive to Big Brother– you also can’t be on Amazing Race (that I know for sure) and most likely same goes for Survivor. I don’t know what the rationale behind this is, but it probably has to do with being a higher risk to the other members of the cast, but I can’t speak for cbs. I don’t necessarily understand this rule, but I also don’t understand why I still can’t donate blood because I’m gay (or technically because I’ve had sex with another male in the last few years, even though it was protected). Unfortunately as unfair as it may seem, these are their rules.

  13. I just love Big Brother, it’s really an all around show: you have the comedians, well wishers, mother figures, not to mention all of the twists in the show. I laugh, i cry, and i want to throw somone under the bus Just when I think surely there’s not this much drama in one house, but then I remember mine as I was growing up. I love, love, luuuuv the show. Thankyou CBS and Mrs Julie.

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