Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 9 Thursday Highlights

We have new HoH this week and nominations should be pretty obvious. With only 5 people left in the Big Brother house it’s not too hard to figure out the biggest threat. Hmmmmm I wonder if production will step in with another game changing Pandora’s Box. No that’s only when the newbies are in control.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – September 1, 2011:

7:30 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the live show and Rachel has won HoHWas there any doubt who was going to win the comp after seeing what it was?  I think not.  Let’s just put Rach and Jordan in the final two and be done with it.  Geez! Rach tells Jordan she’s sorry but she had to take it even though she knew Jordan wanted it.  Jordan is very happy for her but is worried and doesn’t want Rachel to think she’s a sucky partner.  Rachel makes a comment about being a handful.

7:45 PM BBT – Rachel told Kalia prior to the show that they were voting out Adam which is why she voted him out.  She is explaining this to him and says Rachel hung her out to dry.  Adam’s doesn’t seem too worried about it.
8:00 PM BBT – Adam tells Porsche he hopes Rach opens Pandora’s Box and has to spend the day with Brendon’s ex fiance lol while the rest of the house gets a spa treatment.
9:30 PM BBT – Everyone is upstairs seeing Rachel’s HoH room and can’t believe the difference in Brendon with hair lol.
10:45 PM BBT – Jordan and Rach in HoH and both agree Kalia is the target for the week.
1:30 AM BBT – Kalia goes up with Rach to the HoH and campaigns for herself.  She doesn’t like Rachel calling Dani their master.  Says she meant the final 4 deal last week and hope Rach’s target is Adam.  She is pushing for a final two deal with Rach saying no one would suspect it.
3:40 AM BBT – Jordan and Rach saying yet again their target is Kalia and if she wins veto they will vote out Porsche.
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  1. Hey Chloe,
    On last night’s show julie chen teased that there would be another pandora’s box this week while Rachel was HOH.
    So now all the noob fans who were telling us it was rigged for the vets will change their tune and the noobs will be good competitors and rachel will be greedy for opening pandora’s box.
    And all the vet fans who said porsche was just stupid for opening pandora’s box can start telling us how the game is rigged.

    • I’m guessing Rachel gets something bad while the HGs get to meet Tori Spelling.

      Rachel’s “bad” thing will hopefully be Ragan bringing her a tray of ooey-gooey cookies while she’s trapped in Pandora’s room. Of course Ragan and Rachel now get along well, so there won’t be the same fireworks, but it’d still be funny.

      • In case you missed it, Rachel and Ragan are best friends out of the house. Did you miss the video?

      • Dee Dee, are you blind? See the part where Matt says “Of couse Ragan and Rachel now get along well”???

    • uhh no johnnyD it was obvious what the deal was last week. it screamed from the rooftop that it was to ensure Jordan and Rachel aka the only familiar names left on the show safe. just because they have a pandora’s box this week ESPECIALLY when its just to bring a celebrity in the house proves the point even more.

    • No, it’s still rigged. I’ll bet that this Pandora’s box doesn’t affect the game at all like last week’s did. This one will probably be some kind of luxury, whereas last week was clearly in favor of keeping the veterans. Now that Rachel is HoH, it won’t affect the game. Watch.

      • Would you people really quit whining that the show is rigged?? If you think it’s rigged quit watching it! Just because there is an endurance challenge you are going to say it’s for Rachel’s benefit!! Well you know what there have always been endurance challenges and the newbies knew that so I guess maybe they should have got in shape more for the game! And Pandora’s box Porsche didn’t have to open it but she did so deal with the consequence! If she hadn’t opened it then there wouldn’t have been a problem! So shut up!

      • Some people just have to have something to complain about… If you don’t like the show, turn the dang channel. I for one love the show even more now that Shelly, aka “the rat”, has been booted out on her ass. I hope Jeff makes her feel un~welcome in the jury house. She sucks.

      • Thank you TJ – I concur 100%. No one tells anyone to open the pandora box. It could have been celebrities last week or even something worse. The duo wasn’t a bad pandora’s box it was PORSCHE fault for being greedy for 5K she seen in front of her face

      • People wake up and get a clue! This is a show to make MONEY, therefor production is going to do what they need to do to make MONEY(the root of all evil). Afterall isn’t that what these people are all doing in the house, tring to win MONEY!If you don’t like the way it is being done, don’t watch the show!!!

    • Yep, it will be kind of like when all of the Dani fans who talked about how the ski competition just happened to come at the right time for her are now screaming that competitions are rigged because a physical one came at the right time for Rachel.

      For the record, I believe that, in both instances, we were due for an endurance or physical competition.

      • I don’t think the commpetitions themselves were rigged but I do think Big Brother chooses them according to who they want to win. I also think they throw in the twists to help particular Houseguests. Every twist was put into play when the newbies were in power and things were looking bad for the veterans, especially Rachael. That cannot be a coincidence.

  2. At least it looks like Jordan and Rachel are on the right track. Kalia should def be their number 1 target. Then they can worry about Porsche.

    Dani is the noobs master. They could have made a deal to further their game but instead they had to do what their master told them eventhough she was out of the house and couldn’t help them anymore.

    • People, wake up. This game is rigged (in favor of the vets). Also, why does it seem that when any other alliance makes a big move, the Vet fans think that there is no justice in the world? CBS should never, ever, ever, ever put anyone that has already played the game back in the house. They had their chance and lost. (except for Jordan). I think that it is not fair to the new cast members.

      • I tend to agree with you that this season should have not included the vets so everyone could have started on a level playing field. I think if production wanted the vets back they should have made this season an all-star one.

        How funny that disgruntled fans always say the game is “rigged” when their favorites are on a losing streak or if it seems to them that the other side has an advantage. I suppose it’s just human nature and the fact that people feel they can say what they want hiding behind the cover of internet anonymity.

        You all should keep in mind that “reality” TV is not necessarily that. The networks have a right to broadcast material that they feel will boost their ratings since that’s how they make money otherwise there would be no show.

      • You do realize that the VETS were at a great disadvantage because they had played before don’t u?
        The newbies already knew the strengths and weakness of the VETS from watching their seasons.

      • Agree, last nite HOH comp proves it, facts = A is too huge to crawl under & K is too fat to crawl under. Last POV comp, CBS knows that R can hang on the dummy just like the banana. Rigged.

      • The game is rigged in favor of the noobs. They had more people when it started. The lead grew when Dick walked. Then dani flipped to the noobs and the vets were completely out numbered.

      • Yes it was definitely rigged to favor the vets. As soon as the newbies catch a break they bring in the twist to saved the supposed expert vets. I say all the vets are floaters (Excluding Dani) who float between their weak alliance and production for protection and power. This season was a waste

    • But the Vets had the advantage in the fact that they were 2 strong coming into the house. They knew without a doubt that at all times they had one person they could trust to always tell them the truth, not to backstab or backdoor them. The Newbs may have been bigger in number, but they didn’t have the trust factor. That played a huge part in the newbs not staying strong. Plus throw in the fact that some of the Vets also know each other from other BB events, they are going to be stronger no matter what from the get go.

  3. As a viewer pointed out yesterday , last weeks veto was total rigged for JR. If SA would have won and used it{which is legal game move) there would be absoultly no one to replace JR, HOH saves PK, So to all those doubters explain this

    • Yeah, biggest floater = A then = J. Do they deserve to win? NO. R thinks to keep them by knocking out PK, wrong, cause jurors only remember those who vote them out and not who tries harder to win each and every comp.

      • A floater is a player that moves each week to the side that holds the power. Jordan is not a floater.

      • @Charanne It has been pointed out to people over and over what a floater is they just don’t get it.

      • Agree, J is definitely not a floater. In her sweet way she has manipulated and thought out her plan. I still can’t believe I’m liking Rachel now but RAJO make a good team. Love to see them in final 2 with gasp…Rachel actually winning for her man. J getting 2nd place and Adam 3rd.

      • @GoRJ – you are completely right. I don’t know why I bother wasting my time trying to educate people who call a player a floater just because they don’t like them. Boredom, maybe – I should get a life, haha.

      • I think the confusion regarding floaters started in Rachel’s season when she redefined the meaning of the word. Rachel’s definition is that a floater is someone that does not make big moves or is not a competitor.

      • @harley
        Yeah a floater is also a person who don’t win comps. Look at it this way, if someone is good at competitions, why would they need to switch sided? People float precisely becos they need protection from other. So yeah R definition is right.

    • Adam, although it was handed to him, did win a comp, where as Shelly had won NOTHING except blood on her knife from stabbing it in EVERYONE’s back in the house.

    • That is not true. The Vets stragety going into this game was to get the floaters out until Dani swtich and targeted them for eviction. Once Dani made her move the floaters placed on the back burner and breaking up Dani’s allance became a priority. Now that they are so far into the game there is no reason to target floater, their strategy must be and is their biggest threats.

      Please keep on mind this is a game, as such people alliances, stratgies, and friendships change as twist are played and people are sent packing.

    • I just think if Rachel an Jordan make it to final 2. Jordan will beat Rachel.
      Jeff, Shelley(to redeem herself in J&J eyes), Kalia, Adam(biggest J&j fan ever),

      That leaves Brendan(Obvi) a sure vote for Rachel,
      porshe and Dani. Wild cards.. Although I think Porche would probably vote for Rachel.
      So if you all want Rach to win you best hope she wises up and dump Jordan. If not a rach fan then all is good!

  4. I am still not so sure that RJ can trust Adam. Its more than likely that P/K will be on block. If Adam wins veto, he just may save Porsche forcing Rachel to put Jordon up. The votes will be against Jordon and she will go.

      • Adam won’t try to win veto is my guess. Why should he get his hands dirty now? Either Rachel or Jordan are likely to take him to F2 reasoning that they each would beat the all-time floater. Why would Adam want Kalia to stay? She voted against him and she WINS HOH a lot! No, the only way Kalia stays is if she wins veto. If Porsche wins veto, Adam will go up as a pawn and Kalai goes. Rachel is a BALLER, she knows what to do. BYE BYE KALIA OR PORSCHE FOR SURE!

    • I agree with u becky. I am nervous about it.
      He might just think his only shot at winning would be with JJBR all in the jury. If he does it though no way he gets those votes(not that I think he would get them anyway) but he also knows he can’t get those votes if either J or R are sitting with him at the end.
      Wonder if he has figured out that no matter how he plays it he can’t win.
      Therefore it comes down to who would he want to see win (that just might be a newbie)

    • I agree. Especially Rachel not being able to trust Adam because from some of the many comments Adam has made against Rachel, I think he will gun for her if he can. Fortunately, he is a very weak player in comps.

      • I see what you’re saying, but Adam can’t gun for Rachel this week and I don’t see him flipping on Jordan, just due to his obsession with Jeff.

        I mean, stranger things have happened, but I don’t see Adam flipping.

    • I don’t see Adam winning POV (although miracles do happen) and I definitely don’t see him wanting to force Rachel into putting Jordan up. If Jordan was to stop too quickly Adam would break his nose.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Jordanm (and/or Rachel) have to win POV to secure her safety?

    If Rachel puts up Porsche and Kalia, and Adam wins the POV and takes one of them off, doesn’t Jordan automatically become the renom ? Likewise, for the other combination of newbies on the block, if the other one, not nominated wins the POV …

    And, would the newbies just vote out Jordan ??

    • @Just_Me…
      ur right this nxt POV means alot hopefully R can win it, so her NOM’s can remain the same..

    • Adam is the only one that if he wins the veto will get jordan put up, if anyone else wins, Adam goes up

      • That’s assuming P and K are nominated?

        It could be any combination of P and K ? P and A? and/or K and A? that are nominated and if the newbie not nominated wins the POV … same results …

    • Only if the person off the block wins the veto. If one of the noms win the veto then jordan wouldnt go up

    • Either of the newbies winning POV would have bad consequences for Rachel and Jordan. They best move they can do is to win POV and leave Kalia and Porsche on the block. Evict Porsche who is the stronger threat in my estimation. With 4 people left after this week’s eviction,
      Rachel cannot play for HOH so, their alliance could be at risk next week. Jordan needs to step up and win next week’s HOH!

      • Not so sure about that – the next comp is likely to be questions and that is Kahlia’s forte.

      • At this point there are always pros and cons to each player going or staying. Just as long as 1 of them goes their chances are good of getting farther in the game.

    • Adam would have to win and use the veto for Jordan to go on the block. If he won the veto I don’t think he would use it since he has a final 3 deal with JoRa and feels safe. If K or P won the veto and Adam got put up Rachel would be the tie breaker and would likely keep Adam.

      It is possible that Adam could completely flip on JoRa winning the veto, removing P or K, then voting with the other to get Jordan out. If he did this he might end up in the final two taking home the runner-up prize. I don’t know if he has the balls to do this though.

      • If Adam won the veto and didn’t use it to get Jordan on the block then he is a big fool. It would be his ticket into the final2. He will not make it beyond final 3 if he didn’t take that opportunity to split up Rachael and Jordan.

  6. Yeah Rachael and Jordan… So glad to hear you won Rachael you deserved to win. So nice to see Rachael and Jordan as partners, they are so sweet together. Nice to see the girls taking charge. Kalia should definitely go, all she does is eat and is about as trustworthy as Shelly, and by the way we are so happy to see that awful person gone. Are we sure yet she is a girl. I am not saying that to be mean, but she walks, talks, especially sits and even smokes like a man. When you see a bunch of the girls sitting she is the only one sitting with her legs in a man position. Don’t understand her, but even on the last minute was lying. Adam had their trust so he stayed, that simple, and the fake diamond, really, was so glad that Rachael pointed that out in the good-bys. Happy days are here again. Just saying…

    • @Kay…I agree S walks/sits/looks like “man”,(im still surprise a child came outta he/she..(lol)…also I did notice how she is very good @ lying even @ the last minute,her final goodbye plea speech was sooo phony/fake she was even smiling the whole time,,what with the fake zubic bubble gum machine rinG?..(lol),,so glAd S is gone, now time 4 K/P 2 disappeaR!!!

    • I agree, so glad she got voted out. She was not to be trusted and no, you aren’t the only one, lol. I hate to judge anyone but I really think Tony is just a best friend that married her so she could have a baby and she does have a precious little girl for sure. I have never even seen a man act more like a man. :D

  7. OK, I can see the ‘rigged’ chants with Pandora’s Box last week, but you really think production is rigging the game with the donut challenge? It’s not Rachel’s fault that Adam and Kalia are woefully out of shape (and Porsche has added a good 25 pounds this summer). Should BB just get rid of all physical challenges from here on out so the fatties can have a chance?

    • Jordan is a lot slimmer than her previous season but Rachel just had every one beat from the start. Even her idea of put the donut in your mouth worked out while every one else’s donut was just gross!! :)

    • Actually it was a good thing that P couldn’t play in the HOH comp. I think may have been the only HG with a chance of beating R.

      • @goRJ…Yea I agree, that was great P couldnt participate n the HOH comp, r else she would have given R a run 4 the money(it would have been a very close call)

      • Agreed. Even though she has gained some weight, Porsche is still in decent shape and she held her own in the last physical HOH competition. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she wind up ahead of Rachel or, at the very least in a dead heat for second place with her?)

    • I suppose all the Rachel haters will say this was rigged just because Rachel works out and is in great physical shape. I think this comp was right up Kahlia’s alley and I can’t understand why she didn’t win – you would think all those delicious donuts on the other side would act as an incentive.

  8. They need to take out Porsche first. She’s better at the physical competitions than Kalia is. THEN take out Kalia, and unfortunately Rach needs to take Adam to the final 2. Well whomever gets there needs to take Adam to the final 2. And just my 2 cents, but had this BB13 not been “rigged” this would have been a HORRIBLE season. Had they not brought back the “vets” this would have been a HORRIBLE season. Seriously, 3 months of people like Adam and Porsche. i wouldn’t be able to handle it. I just don’t feel like they casted this season with anyone interesting. The only reason any of the Newbies did anything in the first place was because they HAD to. The whole lot of them didn’t do anything until the vets forced them to. it would have been a whole season of sitting back and waiting. I for one enjoy the competition of “vet” vs “newbie”. “in order to be the best you must beat the best” (and no i don’t mean these are the best vets, i’m just saying competition is good). Just like boxing, or Bball or any other game!! Okay, that’s all from me. Thank you! and maybe that was more like 5 cents.

  9. Production will step in with another pandora’s box. it will be the diamond power of veto and it will be given to Rachel. you know to insure that she wins. *rolls my eyes*

      • Yes but can she that is the 500,000$ question.
        She hasn’t helped herself with her goodbye messages to HG (that already can’t stand her)

      • No ones going to give Jordan another $500,000.00. And I doubt that Adam will have anyones support either unless it’s him and Jordan in the final 2. Porsche and Kalia are the only threats that remain (if you look at it logically). Best scenario Rachel and Jordan. Next best scenariop Rachel and Adam. Either way Rachel wins.

      • I like Jordan. She and Jeff have already spent all of her money on the flights back and forth to see each other every weekend. I think it would be great to see her win it again. I think she would be voted for to win just because she is so sweet. She was the house sweetheart and everyone loved her.

  10. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they hyped up Pandora’s box and Rachel did the smart thing and didn’t open it? That’s what I’m hoping for.

    • They have told what will be in it. They will have a star in there and it has to be opened. They are not going to waste someones time by bringing them on the show and not letting them appear on it.

  11. I agree that there is some tweeking and manipulation from production in favor of different HGs here and there, but Rachel has earned every single comp she has won. Love her or hate her, no one can deny that she is a strong competitor.

  12. Funny thing with the rigging comments is that 3 vets are in the jury and two of them are the most popular. Production may help, but ultimately it’s the guests choices and mistakes that control things

  13. I reALly hope Rachel is Not Stupid enough 2 opEn the next Pandora’s Box((she should know by now this will totally cost her Winning the Game))…Hopefully R is smarter than P(all she got was $5…..I mean $5000(WHICH STILL WAS a waste 2 Open the Box)…(silly P)…B smArt R!!!(r else u will b handling it bck over 2 the “Dani’s newbies”..(lol)

  14. Lol I love that people see no problem in calling Shelly a man and a horrible person and Kalia and Porsche fat pigs, but if anyone points out Rachel is crazy and her entire outer appearance is fake or that Jordan probably can’t spell her own name then there’s a huge problem. Not that I care about Rachel and Jordan’s flaws, I just see a lot of hypocrisy coming from some people. People can be really mean lol. But I see Porsche going up alongside Kalia and Porsche walks out the door. Unless Adam wins Veto and then Jordan would have to go up. That, however, is unlikely. Porsche goes this week, Rachel goes next week, Kalia follows her, Adam and Jordan final 2. That’s my prediction.

    • I don’t think personal attacks on ANY of the HG is appropriate. I also don’t think that P is fat. She has probably put on weight but alot of people would being stuck in a house like that.

    • I agree with you regarding the personal attacks they are so ugly and it only shows how immature a lot of people on here are. GROW UP people!

    • I agree with you regarding the personal attacks.

      Also, I think that, even if Adam wins veto, either Kalia or Porsche will go home next. He knows that both POV and Veto are important next week and that there’s a good chance that Rachel’s vote would be the only one. Why take a risk and upset her now? Also, I still think he is playing on a personal level and, while he doesn’t have anything against K or P, he just loves JJ so much that I don’t think he’ll want to screw Jordan over in the end.

  15. I am happy that Rachel won, I have liked her since she first arrived last year. Love her or hate her, she is not a fake person, she’s as real as they get, except for the boobs lol! I hope she takes home 1st prize, she works her butt off to win as much as she can. I am going to throw a wrap party for that disgusting waste of space Kalia when she walks out the door wed! GO RACHEL!!!!

  16. Why is everyone talking about a pandora’s box? Did that already happen or does everyone just think there might be another one? Anyways, I don’t think Rachel will open it cuz she’s not stupid. I’m so frikin glad that she won HOH and hopefully she’ll make it to the final 2 and win BB.She really deserves it…

      • She did say on the live feeds last night that she wouldn’t …. unless it had to do with Brendan or a fabulous honeymoon.

      • LOL now that she said she’ll only open it if it has something to do with Brendan, they will have his picture as the clue. She will open it, be stuck in a room with his picture while all the other houseguests get to spend time with the celebrity. That’s my guess!

      • @JenB…..Yea, they might pull a B trick on her, since she always sayes: “Nothing Can Come Between Me n My MANnnnn”(lol)….(lets hope R dnt fall 4 it)

    • It’s not that far-fetched an idea. It is the opinion of many that Adam would be the ideal person for any of the remaining houseguests to take to the final two where he would most likely take home the runner-up prize.

  17. They will probably have another pandora’s box and say that the couple’s thing is over. I hate that stupid couples thing. Even if Rachel doesn’t get a pandora’s box, Julie will announce probably next Thur. that the couples thing is over.
    It doesnt’ make sense if one couple wins the veto I feel they should go out the door as one couple. Adam is the biggest loser and is on the wrong show. He has not done anything to win the cash. Take that stupid earing out of your chin, it looks like a scab he got from shaving. Put Adam up and the 4 girls should compete against each other.

    • The couples thing was for only 1 week, which was the week Porsche was HOH so I do believe it ended last night. But I agree, I thought it was very stupid to bring it back at this stage of the game its every man/woman for themselves and if they choose to align with one another so be it, but BB should have never made it a most when you have 6 people left in the game.

  18. I’m really glad that a lot of audience who hated Rachel last season have flipped sides and are now Rachel supporters. I was rooting for her and Brendon last year and I didn’t really get why everyone hated her. She was misunderstood and everyone has to admit that she was/is a strong competitor, and deserved to win and I guess now everyone sees that so I hope she makes it to the end and wins and I hope she wins American’s favourite player too!

    • I was a huge R&B (no pun intended) last year and I really wanted them to win. This year they really turned me off from them because they came in the house bullying people and filling entitled. I would prefer that a newbie wins it this year. All of the vets had their time if they wanted to bring the vets back then they should had done another all-star with just vets.

    • Her laugh really used to bother me last season and it did this season too until all of a sudden I stopped noticing and started admiring her spunk.

    • I agree. She kind of annoyed me a little bit last season, but I still preferred her to a lot of the other HGs. This year, I was indifferent to her at first, but have really grown to like her. Sure, her laugh is still a little annoying, but I like that she really fights and, while she takes the game very seriously, doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  19. Did anyone notice how much the fortune teller and Shelly looked alike? Kind of scary if you ask me.

    • OMG! They do look alike, never realized that before rotflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So effing funny!!!!!!

      • NOT everyone! While I enjoy watching her play the game because she is competive, I DO NOT want her to win.

    • I agree Dollar Man. I have been saying that from very early on. It is pretty obvious because both times Rachael was on her way out the door they threw in twist that helped her. Big Brother has carried Rachael through this game.

    • I think Rachel and Rachel’s alliance has carried her through the game. The show cannot interfere and just help one person. I think it was clear Dani was a favorite, especially since she has mentioned many times she hangs out with a woman that works there and they would watch the show together, and she was evicted, no interference there. If Porsche hadn’t opened Pandora’s box Jordan would probably be gone, considering Rachel won the veto and there would be no duo’s for the week. Just admit Rachel is awesome, there is no conspiracy.

      • Also, the other earlier evicted houseguests were always in sequester so why would they do that, just in case Rachel was up for eviction, even then they still could have evicted her, luckily Kalia is scared and dumb and put up Lawon.

  20. Sooooooooo glad Shelly gone to JH, and now we get to watach R as new HOH!! Hope she is smart enough to avoid opening Pandora’s box and just play a smart game so she & Jordan get to F2. Will be interesting to see the maneuvers by P & K……will pull out all the stops, I’m sure, & try to turn R against J. Hope it doesn’t work! RJ to F2!!!

  21. No worries with this Pandora’s box because it will be a joke.
    There is no way production will influence the vets game in a bad way like how they screwed the newbies last week..there would be hell to pay with the fanatics.
    I know that Porsche did not have to open the box, but in the history of this stupid Pandora’s Box ALL hgs opened it, so why would Porsche not do it.

    Anyone but Jordumb for the win

    • Still waiting for all the vet fans to explain last weeks veto and how it was fair. SA would’ve won and used it, there was no one left for replacement noms because HOH saved KP. BB knew SA had 0% chance at that game, Heavy Adam and Bad back Shelly. JR could use it but not SA. Any explanation VET FANS…..your awfully quiet

      • It’s exactly like the final four veto. The person who is not on the block and is not the HOH can’t use it because he/she would be the only possibly replacement nominee. Have you ever thought that was unfair in the past?

      • No of course no one OWES me an explantation. Just asking how JR is the only one who could have benefited from this veto. You must be a vet fan cause you don’t have an answer

    • I guess they put all of the first 3 evicted HG’s into sequester just in case a vet were to be up for eviction. There are no conspiracies, jeez. I guess you think the first hoh comp was unfair then since it was basically the same thing? Porsche or Kalia had just as much chance to win that veto.

  22. Firts of all really nice work RACHEL …but i guess that it will be better for her if she ll get the F2 to take A over J …cauz jordan had really played a better social game than RACHEL did …and practically she has her boy friend JEFF and her second shemale friend who can end her life to still friend with them for life long …plus P and K who will follow unsurprisly their master bitch DANI whi is RACHEL’s biggest enemy …but if she will get ADAM she will readdy got 3 vots of BRENDEN ,JEFF and jordan …she will need just one vote and will be mostly from DANI …i really hope that this will happen for real …i can ask KALIA for marrying me from happiness if it will happen .

  23. Let’ s assume that Adam wins POV and takes P or K off the block. Do the rules say that he is protected from being nominated at that point because he is the POV winner?

    • Yes, the veto winner cannot be put up as a replacement nominee if he takes one of the players off the block. If Adam wins and uses the veto only Jordan could be put up which is bad news for JoRa. I don’t think he will do that though.

  24. Let us assume that Adam wins POV and takes Porsche or Kalia off the block. Do the rules say that he is protected from being nominated at that point because he is the POV winner?

  25. Although Rachel currently lives in Las Vegas, she is a North Carolina girl just like Jordan. In fact the two of them actually grew up less than 2 hours from each other — although I doubt the knew each other before BB.

    Way to go Carolina Girls! Keep it up until the final 2. Either of you would have my vote.

  26. I do hope Rachel and Jordan make it to the final two and then BB can play the General Johnson hit “Carolina Girls” while Rachel and Jordan dance the east coast dance known as the shag.

  27. Oh my gosh… Is it Rachel’s fault that Adam is too out of shape, and that Kalia is just plain worhtless in any comp. requiring even a tiny bit of strength? I guess it should have been some kind of food eating comp. to ensure that Kalia would win. Give me a break, you can’t rig the comps. If you lose one you have only yourself to blame.

    • not true rachel…previous BB HG have admitted that comps are rigged towards the strengths of certain HG.

      • I don’t know why they are complaining Rachel. K/P (STUPID) had planned to throw the HOH competition anyway…didn’t they? So rigged or no rigged…Rachel would’ve still won….GO RACHEL!!!

  28. General Johnson. . . “Carolina Girls”

      • Sorry dudan, but I didn’t write this. It is a popular beach music hit in NC, sung by General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board, a popular beach music group. Great hit in the Carolinas of course, with a fabulous beat, and good shagging song.

        Sorry that the letters were capitalized. I copied it from a lyrics that were written in all caps and didn’t realize until after I pasted it.

      • dudan, in the Carolinas, it is a great song, especially among people who love to dance the shag. I copied and pasted it because Jordan and Rachel are “Carolina Girls” — seems pretty simple thinking to me but sorry it apparently was above your head.

    • Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.

  29. Okay, So it’s Rachel and Jordan sittin at the end who wins? Bendon votes R, Dani votes R, Jeff votes Jordon, Kalia votes R, Porshe votes R, Adam votes Jordon. Shelly votes Jordon. Rachel wins. I would never give Jordon the money again!!!!! Thats just stupid.

  30. All of you Dani fans need to jump off the fixed train. If it were fixed for the vets then why in the hell are there only 2 vets left? Why were there 4 noobs with 2 vets? And why did Porsche choose to open pandoras box? And why did dani and jeff go home in the same night? Most of you seem to forget that dani was also a vet. At any sight of things not going Dani’s way(or her alliance) you all call fixed, but what about rachel and brendon being the only 2 to not get a chance to play in the veto comp that jeff threw? What about jordan not being able to play in the clown shoe veto? What are the odds of that? Huh? Huh? You know what I’m starting to think its fixed as well…definitely has to be fixed for the nebies since they didn’t even get a chance to save themselves….they had to sit back and watch all these floatin ass newbies decide their fate, while they couldn’t do shit about it…or no wait…..THAT’S THE GAME OF BB!!!!!!! That’s right, most of you forget that. It is all about the choices you make in the game. For instance, kalia nominating lawan next to rachel and him wanting to be voted out….THEY CHOSE THAT! I don’t care if they were nervous about the twist, that’s the idea, to come up with a better strategy than throwwing your own alliance member out. In that case, rachel may have been evicted if kalia had put up, say, adam or shellyyy instead of l

    • @vetfan… I find you logic silly at best. You keep making statements that are totally off and don’t make sense.
      The pandora’s box twist has red flags all over, here is proof why. Whenever there is pandora’s box something bad happens to the entire house, in this case however something bad only happened to the newbies, but favored the vets…that is clear logical reasoning, you on the other hand just off statements that don’t make sense…SMDH

      • Porsche or Kalia or anyone else for that matter had just as much of a chance to win this veto, i call bs on anyone saying otherwise, you are just not able to accept the truth. If someone else won the veto, how would the Pandora’s box favor the vets, also nominations had not been done, they could have put up Adam and Shelly and tried harder for the veto, anyone could have won.

      • @BeachMamaOBX
        The game was rigged so that no one else will but rachel or jordan. The first HoH was similar to last weeks veto and rachel won that, that is another red flag. Adam and the rest had know chance, production made it so.

      • Cowlia, was close to winning that veto as well. BB has been full of physical comps always. I guess they should take out all physical comps since Rachel or Jordan are the only ones who are in shape. Then would you be happy? It’s ridiculous to think things are rigged. Maybe if they ate better and exercised more they would do better in a physical comp.

      • Also, I think Porsche did really well in that first HOH if I remember correctly, it was anybody’s game really.

  31. Just praying that Rachel and Jordan do make it to the end. I would not mind either of them winning the money.

  32. dudan, google the song and listen to it. It has a great beat and I bet you can’t help but at least move your feet while you listen. “Carolina Girls” by General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board.


  34. Go Rachael. Sure hope she wins. Love the relationship she has with Brendon. She is a fighter and deserves to win this game. Jordan has to win hoh next… save both of them……Go JoRa….yipppee

  35. when Tori Spelling is in the house adam will be locked in pandoras box like brendon was when rachel returned.

  36. I am no a Rachel fan!!!! However I do think she and Porsche are the best of the lot left. But you have to remember every-time Rachel is going home something happens in her favor. I am not saying it is rigged but WOW she is a lucky lady.
    I hope anyone but Jordan wins. She was my choice last year. She was a novelty.
    Jordan gets the best editing job of the group.
    I am so sick of her and her revenge and small mind. The only comp. she can win is How many times a person can play with her hair in 13 minutes.
    Kalia talks way too much.
    Porche at least tries in the house and in the comp.
    It is a shame the way Adam just does not want to win a comp. and Jordan just too lazy to try.

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