Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 8 Wednesday Highlights

Another day in the Big Brother house and Rachel and Jordan spend another day going back and forth on who to evict Thursday. Much game talk today as the convos go from houseguest to another as everyone waits on a decision from our vets.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 31, 2011:

10:35 AM BBT– Jordan tells Adam if he wants to win he has to lie to Kalia and Porsche and make them believe he’s with them because Adam is feeling guilty about lying to them.  After this Jordan tells Rachel her gut is telling her to keep Adam. She can’t trust Shelly but Rachel says she can’t trust Adam.
11:05 AM BBT – Rachel and Jordan head out to talk to Shelly and get some reassurance.  Shelly says she will tell the whole house she is on their side.  They ask if she made a final four deal and she says no but that they others want all newbies in the end.  She says she will not screw them over again.
11:30 AM BBT – Kalia pulls Shelly off to the side and wants to know if she made deals with them.  Shelly says no, they are going to keep Adam.
11:40 AM BBT – Kalia has walked outside several times and has been told by Rach and Jordan that they need some privacy (from talking to Adam, Shelly and each other).  They are talking to Adam again and ask her for a few minutes alone.  Kalia is pissed and slams the door lol. They are getting more reassurances from Adam on their final 3 deal.  Inside, Kalia tells Porsche no one wants to talk to her and her vote doesn’t matter.
12:05 PM BBT – Jordan shouts inside that the game talk is over and Porsche is like thanks we can use our backyard now lol.  Kalia immediately asks Adam what they promised him and he says they are nervous about keeping him.
1:00 PM BBT – Kalia and Jordan now inside talking.  Kalia doesn’t trust Rachel and Jordan doesn’t trust Porsche.  Kalia says no one consults me on the eviction and I thought we had a final four deal.  Jordan says she knows Kalia will put up Rachel and Kalia says if she wins HoH she’ll have no choice but to put up Rachel and Adam.  Jordan says her and Rach are thinking two different things right now and she’ll get with her later.
1:45 PM BBT – HoH camera time!
5:00 PM BBT – Jordan once again tells Rachel she will probably vote out Shelly and Rachel says Adam will vote her out first opportunity.
5:45 PM BBT – Rachel agrees to keep Adam and Jordan tells him she better not get screwed over again.  Adam says he would take her over Porsche and he only talked to her in the beginning because no one else would.
7:25 PM BBT – Rachel and Jordan studying hard. They think the HoH comp will be questions and Kalia is really good at those.
8:40 PM BBT – Talk turns to sex and if Jordan will have sex in the jury house lol.  She is clearly embarrassed.
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  1. All I have to say is if they keep Shelly then they deserve what they get. She is just playing them to stay in the house and she will back stab them first chance she gets. She has proven this.

    • Adam is just as much of threat as Shelly cause Porsche can get inside his head..So it’s a toss up as to who they need to get rid of..If u keep Shelly she can try to do more harm but what with nobody believing anything she says her backstabbing would at best on hold…but Adam is sooo not dependable…

    • She swore on her husband and daugther that she would not screw over Rachel and Jordan again. I almost (ALMOST) want to see her stay just to see if she sticks to it.

    • I agree. Shelly can’t be trusted. I don’t like the way she yells in the diary room. That voice drives me crazy. I’m glad I don’t have live feeds.
      Jordan seems to have lost weight. She looked good last night. She always looks good, but a little chunky, but not last night.
      I wonder if Rachael is sick because Porsche is still putting stuff in their food?

      • u think? shouldn’t BB tell her not as they did last time?
        u say u hate Shelly’s shouting in the DR, what about Kalia?
        OMG, she thinks she’s funny doing that?
        she looked stupid doing it at last night show.

    • Adam if he is smart will stick with Jordan and Rachel. Kalia and Porsche will not keep him next time out if given the chance! Evict Shelly this week then, try and win HOH next week. Then, put up Kalia and Porsche. Even if one gets off thru POV, and Adam gets put in as replacement nominee, they control the votes because of of the HOH tie breaking vote.

      • P won’t even keep K to the final
        yesterday while taking a bubble bath, she wrote on the wall with soap her final 3 plan PAJ = Porsche, Adam, Jordan
        so who would have thought, she would take adam over K
        INTERESTING ha?!

    • @Ashley, hey moron, have you ever watched this show befor? That is the name of the game, lie cheat and steal, that is how you stay in the game to win

      • Nita, Ashley didn’t place any sort of value judgment on Shelly for having lied; she just said that she has proven to be untrustworthy in the game, so it would be silly to trust her in the game now. If Shelly gets voted out this week (and I believe she will), lying is obviously not how you stay in the game to win!

    • I also think that, if for some odd reason one of the them makes it to the final two, Shelly has a better chance against both Rachel and Jordan in than Adam. I think Shelly would get votes from Kalia, Porsche, Dani, and possibly Adam. I don’t think Adam would fare as well.

  2. Finally, Adam tells the cameras he is NOT going to go after Rachel and is with J/R 100%. Now the girls can feel safe keeping him.

  3. I seriously hope they don’t do the stupid thing and keep Shelly. I couldn’t stand watching her whine and cry about her family. I’m sure she misses them a great deal, but the fact that she’s trying to use them to garner sympathy and votes is disgusting. Let’s face it Shelly’s in it for Shelly. If her family were her true alliance, she would have kept her a$$ home. She knew exactly what she was signing up for…

    • And (although this really doesn’t matter in the game) s/he doesn’t need the money,

      We saw her house and she’s a VP at some outdoor company and own a swimming pool repair compnay yet she keeps talking about money.

      Either she’s really greedy or in debt up to her skinny butt.

      I say “greedy”.

    • You have to be realistic here – all of the remaining houseguests are in it to win it for themselves. Shelley is hardly an oddity in this respect.

      • You’re kind of missing the point here…Shelly’s not in it for anyone else anywhere, just herself. Using her kid…pathetic, disgusting, repugnant…there are not enough words to described what a scumbag she is.

      • Curious aka Nita Bea, is it necessary to be rude to people you disagree with? Thought you were done with this forum. Thought we would not recognize your deplorable manners and writing style? Wrong!

  4. It’s really a toss-up over who to keep since both S and A will say and promise anything in order to stay. Shelley has outlasted Adam in endurance comps and is less trustworthy. If K or P won the next HOH she would definitely flip back to them without hesitation whereas Adam would agonize a bit over the decision. Adam pretty much has to make a final 3 deal with one side or the other and after his camera performance last night it does look like he has decided to stick with JoRa. Even though Rachel is leery of Adam I still think keeping him is their best move.

  5. I feel kind of sorry for Shelly, she has no idea how much so many people dislike her game. I’m sure her daughter will have a lot to say about it when she gets home. I just hope people will leave her alone when she does go back. No one can know how much pressure is brought to bear in that crazy house unless they try it. Jordon is the only one who seems to keep her cool. I thought she showed a lot of class telling Shelly she was sorry for the way she talked to her. In the end your “raising” will tell.

    • I can’t feel sorry for someone who swore pn God, her family, her aunts, uncles & the Sun she was telling the truth and then lied.

  6. Shell-he is a repulsive snake. I saw the show last night (I don’t get the live feeds) and she’s telling Jordan and Rachel if she makes it to the final three she’ll just throw the comps and let them go on.

    What the f? Would ANYONE fall for that? Who is she kidding? Of all people, trying to act so noble?

    And she has the audacity to tell Jordan she’s a good person and that’s why betrayal hurts her so much — and then in the DR, she tells the camera if she makes to the final three she will fight like hell to stay on! So she lied to Jordan AGAIN!

    God, she makes my skin crawl. J/R would be insane to keep her. Adam, for all his faults, has never directly back stabbed anyone… has he?

    Plus, he’s awful at comps.

    • Yea I saw that also when S made that comment 2 J then hug her(i felt like she was actually sayn yea i took advantage of u(J gave her that phone call frm home), now get over it n give me a hug u will b alright(but i(S)will still b using u J)(thats what S was really thinking/sayn n her mind)….J was nice enough 2 hug S really surprise me.

    • Yes he has lied as well. Remember the 1st time he was nominated with Dominic. He told Dominic that he would compete for the veto. He had already cut a deal with the Vets to throw the competition. He knew that when he promised Dominic to compete. So yes, he has lied too.

  7. Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike Shelly anymore…she sinks to a new low. “I promise in front of God, my husband and my daughter Josie, who mean more to me than anything in this world that I will not go against you two.” “if it is us three left in an HOH competition, I will drop and let one of you two have it.” Those two statements were immediately followed by Shelly’s DR session saying basically she lied to J & R, and if it came down to the three of them, she WOULD try to win and kick them out to keep herself in the game. NOW, before everyone jumps on the “it’s just game talk” band wagon…this about how many of you would swear on your child’s head that you were not lying…and then turn around and lie…game or not…that’s despicable and it gives me the creeps. I think that is why America hates her so much. Everyone lies in the game. That’s a given. But she takes it too far. I hope she gets evicted tonight and she hears crickets when she walks out the door.

      • As Jeff stated, (I’m paraphrasing), once someone starts swearing on their family members, you know they’re lying.

        God, I hate her.

    • Thank you…this is the point I’m making. There’s game talk and then there’s the nonsense Shelly says. She has NO shame.

    • HELLO, Matt did it last season, he told all the houseguests his wife had some illness! His wife didn’t mind cause it’s a GAME! Last night her admitting she would go back on her word was classic! Don’t hate the player hate the game! Me personlly, I hope she stays win’s hoh and puts up Rachel and Adam. Kalia wins POV and Rachel goes home! The look on Rachel’s face priceless!

    • Remember the ‘story’ about the scorpian and the frog? The scorpian asks the frog to help him get across the pond. The frog says, no no you will sting me and I will die. The scorpian promises he would never do that and pleads for help from the frog. The frog finally agrees and as they almost get to the other side the scorpian bites the frog. The shocked frog says… why would you do this to me, I was helping you? The scorpian replied……. it is in MY nature! Sound familiar?

  8. Like Jeff always said ” never trust anyone that swears on the lives of someone they love because they are always lying”

  9. @raspberry……..Sometimes the main person u dnt want 2 win HOH, ends up winning(like when dani won the endurance HOH comp,nobody wanted her 2 win)..hopefully R/J been studying hard 4 this nxt comp(they say it might b a quiz)..cant wait 2 c who wins HOH 2 nite…:-)

  10. Kalia feels like she’s so entitled, Porsche too! If Porsche keeps placing things in peoples food and production has already told her not, why isn’t she being punished?

  11. vote out adam,shelly can wait. kalia and porsch are bigger targets and so is adam ahead of shelly. racheal knows not to keep adam and jordon will screw rach over thur adam.jordon not smart game player rach is carrying her. rach has to win hoh jordon won’t. smart move for rach get adam out now and go after kalia, porsch. jordon slidding along and she needs to win hoh to show me something. rach must be careful cause jordon will screw her game up.

    • Who ever taught you English, screwed you over much more than Jordan will screw Rachel. I think your teacher must have used the POV on punctuation.

  12. Thanks, I always enjoy reading your reviews however…
    Stop putting lol at the end of every sentence! It’s this think you always do:
    Rachel laughs lol. Jordan laughs lol. Stop!!! Okay thanks Chloe though other than that good blog entry.

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