Big Brother 13 Episode 24: Week 8 Noms and Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

It’s Big Brother 13 time again! The show is back tonight to catch us up on the Veto competition, ceremony, and nominations since they ran out of time on Sunday’s show. We’ll also get to see how Pandora’s Box played out in all of that.

If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the nominations, Veto competition, and ceremony turned out, but if not, then you can go ahead get all those Big Brother 13 spoilers to get ahead for tonight’s show.

Things have continued to evolve in the house and I’ve been surprised to see the voting HGs even considering keeping who I figured to be a surefire evictee. Could still be a longshot, but it’s definitely making things interesting to watch.

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Check back in tomorrow morning for another episode review by BB12’s Matt Hoffman.

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  1. Here is a thought…If Kalie wins ,then she should make her winnings or a portion of it ,got to PETA or the American Humane Society…If Shelly wins it..well…she deserves it…..if Porshe wins it..she needs to invest in Hooked on Phonics..
    That my friends is the final three….like it or not and I am one pulling for Jordo and Rach…

      • @ I didn’t do it…do you hear how Long it took porsche to read those envelopes?! Lmao…jordan guessed the david hasselhoff thing instantly..just off of looking at a bar of soap and binoculars….so I think jordan is brigher than you think!

      • Definitely Rachel and Jordan final two for this season. Shelly needs to go this week and then Porsche and Kalia need to follow her out the door. These three are just so disgusting!!

      • i dont think it’s vary nice of people to pick on other people . fat -skiny- smart -dumb ugly- pretty they are all human.

      • special ed is way over Joedan’s head. And to the people who think she is so sweet, her true colors came out on how she really talks, oh, amd bangen Jeff and she’s not married, yea, right

      • @ nita. how many 20 somethings do u know that are still virgins? did u see the season she won? not for lack of trying for sure the girl wouldn’t even kiss Jeff (no wonder Jeff fell in love with her). They have been dating for at least 2 years. I don’t have the live feeds but from some of the comments I have read alot of people are speculating that they aren’t even a couple because they don’t show alot of affection to each other. That is the character she showed on the 1st BB and apparently still does. But I am going off others comments (and network broadcast) cause I don’t have live feeds. Sounds like some pretty smart choices in life to me.

      • I agree. With all of the television shows that show young girls getting pregnant at 13 an jumping in bed with every guy they meet, I have to give Jordan a lot of credit for keeping her morals even in the BB house. She said in the first one that she did not want to embarrass her grandfather or mother and yet people come on her and call her names. I would have to say that it proves that she was raised right and she proved that when she bought a house for her mom and her disabled brother and herself to live in with her prior winnings, and whether they are together as a couple or not it sure seems like they are very, very good friends so good for them.

      • @Faye-I could care less if Jordan’s a virgin or if she let’s Jeff kiss her or not and if she let the F word fly the other nite at Shelly like a drunken sailor, my concern is her lack of knowledge in this game and the fact she floats on by with the help of Jeff. She’s not good at comps so she knows if Jeff wins, he def has her back while the other HG’S have to compete and fight to win at a chance for the money. So why let her win a second time. People might say it’s her right as much as someone’s else’s but I don’t see it in this case. Without the help from Jeff she would have been toast already. Bringing the same people back again is stupid to me. But hey I’m not CBS and it’s not my show.

      • @ emiee my comment was not directed to you I haven’t a clue what you thought I was commenting on what someone else said that apparently does care about those issues hince the @ before the statement

      • I love meat. Nothing like a thick medium cooked filet. Mmmmm, cow. Now I love animals, but they were put here for us.

      • PETA is not a joke. Animals have hearts and souls much UNlike a lot of people on this site! And this is not the forum for this type of debate. Take it elsewhere please!

      • Ummm, PETA is a joke. They slaughter thousands of animals every year, and then bash shelters for doing the exact same thing. Do your research. It helps.

      • Roxie, thank you for your post. I totally agree with you and it is animal abuse for all of the reasons you stated and yes they are like small children and the HUMANE SOCIETY should be called in California or where Kalia lives. People that do things like this to animals are sick and the water bottle method is a wonderful way to train your puppy. Animal Abuse is nothing to laugh at and to anyone that does you must be as sick as Kalia. Only sick individuals do things such as that and should not be rewarded or glamorized on here as some of you are doing in regard to her really heinous actions.

    • Some people on here are really sick. A domesticated family pet that has been abused by a sick individual that throws a 4 lb. Yorkie up against the wall needs serious mental help. Do you know that a lot of murderers started out by abusing animals and not saying Kalia is that but it does take a really sick individual to be that cruel, and if you abuse a 4 lb. Yorkie because you have that kind of anger issues what would you to to a baby that cries because they have colic, and I cannot get over Porsche suggesting they hit Rachel in the stomach with a medicine ball when she thought she might be pregnant and the things that Shelly have said are just disgusting to even mention on her. Did she really say some disgusting thing about a coat hanger? These three sorry but with the hatred they spew do not deserve winning. You do not reward hatred!!

      • I have to interject here. I’m a veterinarian. I can tell you that throwing a small puppy against a wall is extremely dangerous! they are akin to a baby in that if you shake a baby it can cause brain damage or even death. Kalia certainly could have easily broken the puppy’s neck and/or severly damaged vertebrae or bones. In my profession, it is considered animal abuse. Dogs, especially puppies enjoy playing, which may consist of biting because they are still pack animals and have to be taught boundaries! Every pet owner should have a manual regarding their specific breed. A bottle of water which sprays is the best resource in teaching them these lessons or training. It is extremely disturbing to me that that was her reaction. Small dogs have a particularly small jawline and cannot possibly inflict a wound that would warrant that reaction! It is not PETA that she should be reported to, it’s the American Humane Society. If I practiced in California, I would most certainly report her.Discipling your pet is part of raising one and taking on that particular respnsibiliy.Also there could have been some action on her part to cause the puppy’s reaction. Puppies play and her action is reprehensible.Please take note pet owners, it would be greatl appreciated!

      • goes to show how stupid you are because Jordan sure showed the REAL jordan and all her hate didn’t she, she sure has you fooled,fool

      • The Human Society is almost as bad at PETA, but sicne they’re less radical, they’re more main stream.

      • @nita bea, At least Jordan finally stuck up for herself. Shelly went in and verbally attacked Jordan. Jordan should of said a lot more. I think you’re a little jealous of Jordan!

      • Nita bea, if that comment was directed at me, your ignorance is very sad! Peter you absolutely have NO idea what you are talking about! It is shameful and I certainly hope you don’t own a pet! You have no clue as to the gravity of abused animals I see on a regular basis! I also volunteer at animal shelters and at the humane society, so educate yourself before you make false erroneous statements. Ignorance is certainly not bliss on this site!

      • If I had of been Jordan I would of socked Shelly in the face for coming after me like she did!!!! Glad Rachel got her out of there when she did. Shelly is a snake and always will be. That is the one thing about BB peoples real personalities come out and Shelly and Kalia and Porsche are poor excuses of humanity.

      • Roxie, I think it just shows a huge lack of intelligence and education and compassion on this site. ANIMAL ABUSE is a vile evil act but then again it should not take intelligence or even education to understand that fact but apparently it does!!!! KALIA ABUSED that little DOG and there is no other word to describe what she did!

      • Agreed some people,, however alot of the comments regarding this form of abuse have made my blood boil! My goal was simply to educate these people that do not take the situation seiously! I was not boasting about my education because my life is devoted to animals and I wanted people to truly understand the reprecussions of Kalia’s actions and the absolute necessity of the wonderful work the Humane Society provides.I didn’t realize my level of education was offensive.

      • Some people, I apologize, I was confused about your point initially, and became unduly defensive, You are 100% correct that people shpuld understand animal abuse regardless of their background. I have just read so many flippant comments of people making ridiculous remarks! I also wanted to grab Kalia by the throat and toss her against a wall when she stated that”the dog didn’t die or anything”!So please accept my apologies for misunderstanding your comment. I thank you for your remarks and am thrilled that you appreciate pets and their safety!

      • Sorry, Roxie it was meant to mean that you should not have to have education, which is a wonderful thing, to understand that animal abuse is a sick, cruel, vile and evil thing. My blood is also boiling by some of these comments but like my mom always told me stupid you cannot fix and that is what it is pure stupidity for someone to not understand that what Kalia did is ANIMAL ABUSE and it is the worst kind because it came from the person that was suppose to love and protect this little dog. You just cannot fix STUPID!!!

      • Thanks Sheri! Your mom and you sound like wonderful people! Thanks for your comment. I truly appreciate intelligent, caring people like you that this world needs more of, especially in caring for defenseless, innocent creatures that are not blessed with a voice!

    • Kalia has the iq of a door mat (so her reaction with the dog is understandable. Dumb people do dumb things). Porsche has the iq of one. Why is it that people with the names of nice cars never fit the description. she is more of a Buick.

  2. man i hope rachel don’t change her mind ,shelly needs to go, cant trust her she is just kissing but ,cause she knows they control the vote , and she knows what rachel wants to here,

    • hope rachel don’t change her mind to keep shelly she needs to go , shelly is just telling rachel what she wants to hear, sorry i wrote the same thing but my last one said waiting for moderation .i don’t see why i dont think i wrote anything wrong ,

      • it seems it’s happening to all of us, cos u’re are not the only one, i mean for the waiting for moderation and u can see that there have been lots of duplicate posts
        so maybe there’s a problem from the site and nothing regarding our posts

    • JoRa can’t really trust either Adam or Shelley. I’m not sure who they would fare better with but I hope they make the right decision.

      • Knowing there’s another endurance comp coming up for the final HoH rounds, I’d want to have Adam as a potential competitor rather than Shelly. She outlasted Jordan in both endurance comps (we won’t see the 2nd one until tonight). Adam was out right away in both.

        That’s just one small element of what’s left in the game, but at least it’s something you can probably count on.

      • It really dosen’t matter BB has decided how this game is going down. I’ve lost interest and don’t care who wins-but I would watch another realty show the same way I use to. They had a great concept and blew it with their interfering so much.

      • @cath: The comment/spam filtering service is having issues and is holding comments in its queue until it can review them through their system. Not sure what’s going on w/ their servers, but that’s the cause.

    • Ill take my chances with Adam I would love to see if he won HOH he would probably have to barricade himself in the HOH room
      And see if he can actually make a decision on his own

  3. Really, in all fairness to Kalia, I think people are making too much of the “throwing a helpless puppy” thing. What happened was the dog bit her and it was a pure reflex that had her do what she did. I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt her pet and I think we all should move on. I do question her judgment in announcing her actions while the cameras were rolling but I’m sure she wouldn’t have done it if she had thought it would have the repercussions it did. That being said, go JoRa!

    • I am a big animal lover but I do agree if it is a tiny dog a push to get him off u might result in that
      and for me 2 go team RJ

      • Thx Char, those were my exact points yesterday and I wish ppl on here would stop judging all of the players based on their personal lives & action and focus more on the game @ hand & how they all r playing. Way too many judgmental ppl & I can bet there r quite a few that r pots calling the kettle black

      • Thx Char, those were my exact points yesterday and I wish ppl on here would stop judging all of the players based on their personal lives & action and focus more on the game at hand & how they all r playing. Way too many judgmental ppl & I can bet there r quite a few that r pots calling the kettle black

      • Thx Char, those were my exact points yesterday and I wish ppl on here would stop judging all of the players based on their personal lives & action and focus more on the game at hand & how they all r playing. Way too many judgmental ppl and I can bet there r quite a few that r pots calling the kettle black

      • Please be serious a little push is not the same as throwing an animal into the wall. I have Yorkies and they have a tendency to nip when they play. She does not deserve to have any type of an animal if she cannot control her anger, and did she ever say if she broke its bones when she threw it in the wall. I am very surprised that she did not kill the poor Yorkie.

      • Kalia’s the one who keeps bringing it up, she’s talked about it several times, you can see it makes the other HG uncomfortable, they’ve even told her she shouldn’t have a dog. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t laugh about it everytime. She’s never really had anything nice to say about him…so she’ll have to deal with the outcome. Being a anmial lover with three dogs in my house it is very disturbing.

    • I have never liked Rachel but she has played a good game, Rachel is smart about the game and I think she is thinking —If she takes Shelly to the end she will win the votes.
      I also think Porshe has played well and might win more than we think in comps. She seems to be peaking at the right time.
      Kalia cannot keep her mouth shut and he overplays . She should listen more.
      Adam is way to nervous. He could win the whole thing. If he and Rachel go to the end I see Rachel winning.
      Jordan just needs to go home. She cannot understand that everyone wants to win as much as she does . She is still talking about Danielle.
      I am so tired of her complaining about her revenge.
      Shelly is gone unless Rachel decides to pull her along.

      • I actually don’t think Rachel would win against Shelly. I think she has the best chances to win against Adam and Jordan. Against Adam, I believe she would definitely get votes from B, D, K, and P and she would have a chance to sweep and get all of the votes. Against Jordan I believe she would get votes from B, D, P, K, and possibly A. Against Shelly I believe she would only get three votes (J, J, B).

        And yes, Jordan is still talking about Daniele, just like the HGs are still talking about Jeff, Brendon, Lawon, heck, even Keith. I’m sure you run out of things to talk about once you are in there are long as they have been.

    • A four pound Yorkie nipping you is not the same as a 80 lb. pit bull biting you. Reflex is not throwing a Yorkie in the wall; that is a hateful act pure and simple. Also, if she did not mean to hurt her pet she would not of been bragging about hurting it which she was. Sorry, but BB is a social experiment and in that regard your personal actions have a direct effect on who should win or not because after being in a house this length of time with these nutcases your true character comes out, and in the case of Shelly, Kalia and Porsche their true character that they have revealed to all BB watchers are that they are not very nice individuals. No way they deserve to win and rooting for Rachel and Jordan to win and go to final two.

      • No, it’s still a reflex. It’s antural, human reflex. It doesn’t matter how hard the pressure is. How many times do you say “Ow!” whenever you bump up against something,even if it doesn;t hurt.

      • So, I guess when she has a baby and it bites her on her shoulder, (which does happen all the time), it will be alright to throw the baby againist the wall because that’s her reflex???

      • As with when people brag about anything in their life. It is probably an exaggeration. None the less, to continue to bring up the fact you threw the dog against the wall is the problem here. Her perception that this makes her look good, cool or whatever shows her inability to judge her own actions.

      • @shelly I’m not saying it’s alright, I’m jsut explaing the way a human’s reflex works. Please learn how to read and inturpt posts correctly. =]

        Btw, I never really liked babies anyway.

  4. I so hope Rachel doesn’t listen to Shelly. I do like this calm version of Red. Though after much thought if she had been this calm from the start it would have been so boring!!!

  5. hey Cath me too I had on a previous post waiting for moderation I stated something and maybe they check if the info is accurate? I hope I am not in trouble

    • hey girls,
      it seems it’s happening to all of us, cos u’re are not the only one, i mean for the waiting for moderation and u can see that there have been lots of duplicate posts
      so maybe there’s a problem from the site and nothing regarding our posts

  6. Why is it people claim the game is rigged when it doesn’t go the way they want? Porsche was in perfect position and got greedy. No one forced her to open it.

    • who’d muffin top give the other 5K too? Can she buy a vote w it? Shes put on 15-20 since sept…..go jordo!

      • Who are you calling muffin top? You do realize that Porshe is the smallest person in the house right?

        Oh wait, you’re just trying to attack her for a shallow reason because you’re incapable of thinking up a stronger argument. =]

      • @Tina, Smallest person in the house…that was a joke right??? She’s the fattest next to Kalia!!!

      • No joke. She’s defiantly smaller than Jordan and Rachel. Don’t let your own personal dislike of her to fuel your interprations of someone.

      • @Tina, Maybe you need to invest in some glasses because Jordan is so not bigger than Porckie. Jordan is the tiniest person in the house. Did you not here what Dani said about Jordan being so tiny. And if Porche is so small how come all that fat hangs over her pants??? Oh and the bathing suit that doesn’t fit her because she is so fat!

      • Sweetheart, I haveperfect 20/20 vision. =] Jordan’s the smallest height wise, not wieght. I have never seen fat hanging out of anything the Porsha wears, nor does her bathing suit not fit. Like I said, if you want to attack someone, don’t attack their apperance. It just makes you like bitter and superfiecal.

        As for thye Dani comment, just beccause someone says “Oh, you’re so tiny” doesn’t mean that the person in question is the tiniest person they’ve ever seen in their lifetime. It means that either height or weight wise, they’re small. I’m told “You’re so tiny!” a lot of time by many people, and I’m not as small as Poresha.

    • Michael have you ever seen anyone pass on opening it? Brendon opened it just last year. She is not greedy.

    • Um, it’s fairly obivouse it’s rigged since the games has over whelingly been in the odds of the vets. In the previouse season(s?) Julie has ALWAYS annoucned Pandora’s Box… Untill Jordan and Rachel were on the block. i mean, CBS had just lost Jeff and Dani. They couldn’t afford losing another vet.

    • Agreed! I think the producers do put in twists to make it more interesting and perhaps to even out power, but I don’t believe it’s specifically rigged throughout the season to favor one group or another. People have pointed out that certain competitions favor certain HGs and I do think that’s on purpose, but I don’t necessarily think it’s to favor specific individuals; it’s more that they want a balance so one week an athletic HG has an advantage and perhaps the next week a HG who is good at puzzles has an advantage. That way, in order to maintain and advantage throughout, one needs to be well-rounded as an individual, maintain a well-rounded alliance, or both.

    • Michael it is not the twists themselves it is the timing of them and the consistency of them helping one particular houseguests.

    • ^ Agreed. The producer’s clearly favor creating an advantage for certain people in the house. I really don’t beliece that Brandon got over a million of America’s vote to come back in the house, or that the comp to come back in being an atheltic event was random.

      I can still remember a few years ago when there was an HOH competion and it was the secret pairs twists, and one of the questions was “There’s a fourth pair in the house”, and Sharon put “no” and someone else put “yes” and CBS counted the geniue pigs as being sisters after a loooooong pause, and then Sharon left. THAT was defientaly moving things in a certain way. CBS has it’s favorites, and they play by them. One summer feeds went down for 24 hours when a houseguest was ranting about the things that BB wanted him to do.

    • Sweetheart, I haveperfect 20/20 vision. =] Jordan’s the smallest height wise, not wieght. I have never seen fat hanging out of anything the Porsha wears, nor does her bathing suit not fit. Like I said, if you want to attack someone, don’t attack their apperance. It just makes you like bitter and superfiecal.

      As for thye Dani comment, just beccause someone says “Oh, you’re so tiny” doesn’t mean that the person in question is the tiniest person they’ve ever seen in their lifetime. It means that either height or weight wise, they’re small. I’m told “You’re so tiny!” a lot of time by many people, and I’m not as small as Poresha.

  7. When it comes to Big Brother, some of you can say the nastiest things I’ve ever heard. Real classy.

  8. I finally got to watch the episode where Kalia is the head of household and shelly and jordan had their blowout. I think it is crazy that shelly has flipped so many times in this game. I mean does she know what side she is really on? I hope that Jordan and Rachel make it to the end. I did not root for Rachel but now I am. I even think that Adam has a chance to win. I thought Porche was being really greedy about the Pandora box.

    • Adam wins and starts a death metal band,gets evil donato to be the tour manager!!! In a perfect world. He cant tho,he chokes when pressures on…..

    • S knows exactly whos side she is on HER OWN
      she just forgot a small detail you can’t get to the end on your own.

  9. Rachel is no fool. She played Dani the same way before voting to evict her. Shelly’s run will end tomorrow night. Porsche needs to go next as she does have the capability to win competitions.

    • And if we really knew from the beginning who were to go there will be no discussions and no suspense it would be predictible
      I also think when u r in that house u have to go trough every possibillity and what benefits u to get to the end

    • I do think R will vote S out. If she keeps S and S did happen to win HOH RJ go up. I do believe the chances are better that if A was to win he won’t put them up.
      Pro and cons on both sides can’t wait to see what does happen

    • ya jordon dose need to go right to the final 2 with rachel,this is who has to go to the jury house shelly, porsha, kaila,them adam

      • Agreed, cath! I also think both R and J would definitely win if by some fluke he won the final HOH and took one of them to the final two. I also think J has a chance against K and P (I still think she could get Shelly’s vote), but Rachel’s best chance to win is against Adam. (I also think Rachel has a good chance against Jordan.)

    • I hope not she is my favorite player left in the house but R has started to grow on me couldn’t stand her the 1st few weeks.
      I personally do not think that A has played a horrible game. He was true to his allience until S sunk the ship.
      I wonder if S hears Jeff words “I’m not worried about myself I’m worried about us if we don’t stick together it hurts us all”
      Hope he gets to great her on Fri with “I tried to tell u”

      • I don’t think A has played a horrible game either. Depending on who moves forward from here on out, I think he has an excellent chance at the $50,000. I don’t think he has much of a chance of winning, but stranger things have happened.

  10. Is Shelly telling Rachel that she won’t win against Jordan? I think she can beat Jordan, especially since she’s played a much better game, or maybe it’s because she just seems like a nicer person, but she is smart, that one, and I think she should win. Which, I never thought I’d say in a million years.
    Is anyone rooting for Adam? Or has he done something horrible I have not seen yet?
    Rachel and Adam? Final two? OR rachel and Jordan?
    Anyone? TYVM…

    • Rachel and Jordan and I will hope this time Rachel wins if they make it 2 final 2 and she is the one deciding who to take and she takes Jordan than she would keep her promise and that should count for something

      • yes! Rachel and Jordan final 2. They both win and deserve it over the others. Adam is nice guy but hasnt done anything. Shelly is not a good game player, too many lies, promises. I dont think she even knows what she has done or said. Porche is just a mean girl. Kalia is annoying and I cant stand to hear her talk. I dont like the newbies and dont want them to win a cent.

      • Yep, I am hoping for a JR final two and I think R would win in that scenario (I think she’d get votes from B, D, P, K, and possibly even A.)

      • I guess you don’t listen to Jordan’s game talk. She is very smart in this game. She won two comps and is good at the social game.

      • Nita bea, your insulting remarks and name calling for no reason certainly give no credence to your credibility or maturity!

  11. Also, what happened to the rest of the Pandora’s Box money? Do we know yet? Or …..does anyone know yet?

  12. Shelly is selling a great pitch to Rachel and Jordan, and it may be working…..

    I believe there is a 50-50 chance Shelly may be staying tomorrow night.

      • I promise it is true….. Ask Matt (BBN)…. Rachel and Jordan just told Porsha at 11:29 AM BBT that they were going to probably keep Shelly… Porsha does not look happy!

      • I read that RJ made the decision to tell KP they were voting to keep S to sit back and watch how fast they would kick A to the curb. Good game play if true to give A more reason to stay loyal to them

      • Jordan talks about how her gut tells to get rid of Shelly. Rachel says well maybe we should tell Kalia that we are thinking of keeping Shelly …and see how fast they turn on Adam. Jordan says we can’t let them win …all they do is sleep. Jordan says that Adam told us all that …and Shelly wouldn’t have ..

        so as faye said, it’s a good game play and this way Adam will see that they are not loyal and will for sure keep his loyalty with RJ

    • YEA Im starting to think S might b stayn another week also, from the comment that R n J said sbout tellin K they r keeping her. U got to hand it to Shelly she is a smooth talker,just how many times do she have to play them for them 2 c she isnt really down with them. ….If she swing this, she really does Deserve to WIN!!…SHE got GaMe!(if she pull this off).

  13. Rachel and Jordan are planning to tell Kalia they are keeping Shelly so they can show Adam whom to trust
    Somebody here suggested that I think its a great plan

    • @Ellablue…I really hope so..I do not want Shelly to stay at all…I don’t trust anything out of her mouth! She will swear & say anything to stay in the game. Certainly hope Rachael & Jordan don’t fall for it.

  14. If Adam is evicted, it is because Jordan and Rachel see how close he is getting to Porsha and Kalia since P & K think Shelly is going home…..

    I would rather see Adam go because he is so close to Porsha and would evict Rachel over Porsha

    Shelly said she hasn’t thrown any comps beside the Banana comp… Shelly threw the robot comp and we seen it on tv, so she just swore on GOD, her life and her kids…. Not good lying Shelly!

  15. Did I just read correctly that”R n J r planning on telling K that they r keeping S, to see how fast they turn on A”,(i hope this is some sort game they r pulling)..r they seriously thinkn considering keeping S?(she is gonna play them once again,why why do they keep falling for S tricks)..

    • Shelly GOT gAme if she manages to stay another week!….if she swings this one,then Im gonna say Shelly deserves to WiN!

    • well if they tell Kalia that they are keeping Shelly she said she will vote as the house want she votes to keep Shelly RJ vote against and Adam will see how fast Kalia is willing to throw him under the buse bur RJ kept their word

    • Somebody suggested in an earlier post (may have been on the article updating the house activities for yesterday) that Jordan and Rachel tell Kahlia they are voting one way when in reality they plan on voting the opposite way that they tell her. Kahlia wants to vote exactly the same as J & R. If they tell Kahlia to vote for Shelley to stay and they actually vote for Adam to stay, the vote will be 2 to 1 in favour of Adam and he will see that Kahlia voted against him. J and R hope that this will make him angry at Kahlia and he will then stick with his alliance with J and R. This could work but there is a chance that Adam will see through the ruse knowing that Kahlia would have to be pretty stupid to not vote the same way as J and R so the plan could backfire on them.

      Jordan and Rachel are going to take the person they think is most likely going to help them reach the final two despite how they feel about that person’s gameplay.

    • That is what I understand they want K to go against A so A will be more likely to honor his word to them. A already knows that K shared alot of their conversations with S because S told RJ all about them trying to get back into their good graces. RJ told A all about what they were told. So A is already suspicious of K and her word.

      • If that is Jordan and Rachael’s plan then Big Brother must have suggested it to them. This week as been a major snooze and they needed to generate some controversy so people would viewers didn’t get too bored. I’m sure that is what is happening.

  16. PLEASE do NOT tell me that they are buying any of SHelly’s bs….???????
    Is Adam on their side?
    Oh hell NO, don’t believe ANYTHING SHelly says…UGH!!!

  17. Adam, said Porsha, Kalia and Adam threw the last Veto because if they get rid of Shelly, Adam will join the newbies crew and get rid of the Vets!

    The convo between Rachel, Jordan and Shelly are over and Shelly went in the house

    Jordan just said Shelly lied about the robot Veto because Shelly told Jordan she threw the Veto…. Jordan said Shellly must have forgot telling her that.

    Uh oh… Shelly did a boo boo….

    • really when did Adam say that? he told it to who?
      i doubt it cos P & K were dying to get this veto and get one of RJ out, so i doubt it’s true, maybe he’s playing someone???

    • Everyone in the house has done nothing but lie. Don’t bash Shelly jsut because she got Jeff out of the house.

  18. It is a 50-50 chance Shelly is staying, but that went down when Jordan asked her (Shelly) if she threw anymore comps and the Robot comp was thrown and she told Jordan she did… That dropped a 50-50 thing to keep Shelly to a 35-65 chasnce but that is looking better than it did just yesterday.

  19. Rachel and Jordan just told Porsha at 11:29 AM BBT that they were going to probably keep Shelly… Porsha does not look happy! R & J asked Porsha to give them a couple minutes to talk… Porsha was going in and Kalia came out and Porsha told Kalia they (R & J) were talking about keeping Shelly over Adam… Kalia was like hhuuuuuuhh? Then R & J asked Kalia for a couple minutes… Kalia and Porsha look livid about the fact they have ignored and trashed Shelly all week and now Adam will be going home and Shelly will be staying! Interesting huh? LMAO!

  20. Kalia trying to kiss Shelly’s a**……. Shelly isn’t saying Porsha and Jordan hasn’t said anything about Porsha and Kalia… Kalia and Porsha are worried… Kalia asked Shelly if she stays would it still be the newbies? Shelly didn’t answer…. Shelly is seeing the 2 clowns aka K & P getting worried and now trying to be her friend again since she swill be staying… Porsha just woke Adam up…..

  21. Things are getting interesting people…. Now Adam is joining Rachel and Jordan in the backyard..

  22. ******* Long post *******

    Rachel and Jordan just told Porsha at 11:29 AM BBT that they were going to probably keep Shelly… Porsha does not look happy! R & J asked Porsha to give them a couple minutes to talk… Porsha was going in and Kalia came out and Porsha told Kalia they (R & J) were talking about keeping Shelly over Adam… Kalia was like hhuuuuuuhh? Then R & J asked Kalia for a couple minutes… Kalia and Porsha look livid about the fact they have ignored and trashed Shelly all week and now Adam will be going home and Shelly will be staying! Interesting huh? LMAO!

    Kalia trying to kiss Shelly’s a**……. Shelly isn’t saying Porsha and Jordan hasn’t said anything about Porsha and Kalia… Kalia and Porsha are worried… Kalia asked Shelly if she stays would it still be the newbies? Shelly didn’t answer…. Shelly is seeing the 2 clowns aka K & P getting worried and now trying to be her friend again since she swill be staying… Porsha just woke Adam up…..

    • Wow, the house is really getn crazy,cant wait till thurs 2 c whose really getn evicted

  23. Kalia came out and Jordan asked Kalia if they (Rachel and Jordan) could have a few moments with Adam alone…… Kalia got pissed and went back in the house and slammed the door!

    • They meant it until Shelly lied and said she hasn;t thrown any other comps besides the banana comp because she told Jordan she threw the robot VETO and must have forgot, so Jordan is pissed Shelly lied to their (R & J) face

  24. When Adam came out, Jordan and Shelly told Adam about telling Porsha they were thinking about keeping Shelly over Adam… While Rachel, Jordan and Adam were talking, Kalia came outside, and Jordan aske3d Kalia if she could give the three of them, Jordan, Rachel and Adam a few minutes to talk…. Kalia got pissed and went in the house and slammed the door!

  25. Now Adam, Rachel and Jordan talking about Porsha dn Kalia being bad sports when Porsha won the HOH jumping and how Porsha was being a pomess a** walking around with the key on her neck like she is the queen bee….

    It really sounds like Adam is staying

    Rachel and Jordan told Adam how Kalia turned on Adam and the newbies week one when they evicted Keith… They don’t care about Shelly turning on Adam because Adam is going home… Kalia said she joined Team Dani because it was fun and she wanted to know what it was like to have roommate… Jordan says no way I want to award $500,000 to Kalia or Porsha….

    Adam gave Kalia credit for winning 4 times in the knockout HOH and finished 2nd in the ski HOH comp.

  26. Jordan telling Adam that he should keep Raachel to keep the target off his back…

    Jordan says Jordan and Rachel have been honest with him…

    Rachel told Adam if he beats Rachel and Jordan head to head, he will win because the 4 vets would vote for him!

  27. Adam says as soon as he agreed to be with the 4 newbies, Kalia turned on him and told everyone about the Final 2 deal they offered him. This is why Adam was up so late because Kalia and Porsha just want to keep Adam, so he can get rid of Rachel and Jordan and then get rid of Adam so Porsha and Kalia can be in the final 2… That is Kalia and Porsha’s plan… Nice job putting that together Adam!

  28. Porsha and Kalia are in the kitchen sh**ing bricks because they don’t know who to backstab and trash since either Shelly or Adam will be staying..

    Kalia is pissed that Rachel and Jordan aren;t talking to her about the vote… Porsha is pissed at Jordan and Rachell as welll…

    Porsha is mad Rachel and Jordan are holding interviews….. LMAO…. They are annoyed you n(P) did the same thing for Dani to stay…

    P & K think Adam will throw the comp because he is safe


    Kalia is saying there is a metting because Jordan wouldn’t want to campaign like this… They are blaming Rachel again…. They are calling Rachel the captain of the ship….. K & P are way off…. Both Rachel and Jordan want to interview both players!

  29. Porsha dn Kalia talking about people not keeping their deals….. Porsha you flipped flopped from Team Rachel to Team Dani and now you want to work with Rachel and Jordan in case they are in power?

    Kalia, you turned ont he newbies day one and then turn on Team JJ / Team BR to be on Team Dani before you decide to be Team Newbies..

    Porsha and Kalia now saying Jordan and Rachel may be just covering their buts with everyone (Adam and Shelly)…… Porsha saying that is probably it because Rachel and Jordan played before!

  30. Rachel and Jordan told Adam he is staying, but don’t tell Kalia…. Let Kalia make nher own decision… Jordan and Rachel agree that Kalia is still not playing the game on day 61 because she wants to vote with the house…

  31. Last thing…. Isn’t it how ironic that Porsha has the HOH and Kalia, but Rachel and Jordan went from nominees to now the people in power and they aren’t even talking game witgh Kalia and Porsha…. It is the HOH and her BFF squirming this week and not Rachel and Jordan… How great is that? LMAO!!!

    Jordan says Kalia and Porsha is always saying this is what Dani would want us to do…. Jordan will stand up and say, this is what Jeff would want me to do…

    Rachel and Joordan told Adam that Shelly hid Rachel’s dog to prove she was with Team Dani and also told Jordan about the duck Porsha stole…. What a great week for the 2nd week in a row…. Chat with you all later!]

    ******* Go Team Jorchel *******

  32. Adam just told Raachel and Jordan before he went in the house that is they keep him, he will take those b****es out (Porsha and Kalia)…. Adam says he hates when people try to play him..

    Rachell said we don’t want to play you, we just want to play with you… LMAO

    Don’t let Brendon hear you say it like that Rachel… LMAO!!!

    ******* Zing…..Zing…..ZzzzIiiiNnnnGggg *******

  33. Kalia asked Adam what Rachel and Jordan offered him… He lied and said nothing… Kalia asked if Adam was flipping to Rachel and Jordan… He hesitaqted and said no…. He is lying to Kalia… Too bad Kalia can’t read Adam’s lies… Kalia is worried aboout Rachel and Jordan keeping Shelly….. Adam knows thhey aren;t but is playing a,long with Kalia… LMAO!!!

    Dam, the feeds are so dang addicting…. BYE!!! I am literally running from my laptop…. I will be back.. Save the action for later ok HG’s? LMAO!!!

  34. Jordan is hilarious… Laughing and spinning in circles in the kitchen from 12:15-12:17 PM BBT on Camera 3….

    • Leo i think you should try for BB14 and all of us here will root for you
      u seem funny and a nice guy too
      go Leo gooooooooo!!!

      • Thanks for the kind words everyone!

        I wouldn’t want to go through that process and not get picked. There are probably thousands of applicants… I had a friend try out for Survivor when they had the multpiple races season and my friend made it the to tird stage where they have people siitting in a huge area but no one can talk or say anything to each other….. She ended up not getting on and went through all that time and effort for nothing.

  35. Hello ALL BBfans,is there anyone out there that can fill us in intill Leo returns?(jst checkn):-)

  36. Shelly swears on Tony and her daughter’s life she didn’t throw competition. [At this point I’m yelling at the monitor, because it was shown on the TV episode that she threw it! (Host of online site)

    She needs to stop doing this….. Not a good thing especially with what is happening in the outside world with all the nuts….

    • OMG u are so funny, i’m laughing from all my heart about what u said ”At this point I’m yelling at the monitor”
      well she is quite something this Shelly, isn’t she???
      and i guess we’ll all be yelling if RJ leaves her and evict Adam but i doubt it since thet told him that he’s staying but will play K

    • I don’t know why Jordon should be mad that’s the comp that Jeff won and put Dani up. I really don’t think Shelly would of won even if she wanted to. So she might of said it on tv just to save face. Even they keep Adam I hope he flips again NOW THAT WOULD BE KARMIA

  37. in the kitchen, Kalia and Porsche are pissed that all the game talk is happening and that they are worried about what is going to happen. Kalia is pissed that she can’t go out into the backyard. Kalia says that she feels it’s Rachel who is calling Shelly and Adam in to campaign because she is the new captain of the ship. Porsche says that she hopes that their newbie deal is still good. Kalia is pissed because she feels she has kept all the deals that she’s made and it’s too bad others don’t do the same thing.

  38. Rachel explains that Kalia making a final two deal with you (Adam) is ridiculous because there are still five people in the game. They talk about how they don’t want someone who sleeps all day to win. Jordan says that keeping Rachel in here next to you is a bigger target. Adam says that he could have gotten Rachel out over Lawon but I didn’t. Jordan and Adam explain that we have the votes in the jury and if you go with us …we will award it to you over them. Rachel tells Adam that he has just as good of a chance to win against Jordan or me. Adam says that he knows Kalia and Porsche just used and manipulated him and that he hated that .. Adam says that they know I am an emotional person and they feed on that… Rachel says and they will probably take each other. Rachel says that we aren’t promising you final two ..we are promising you final three and a fair fight.

    • I really hope that Adam is not as stupid as it sounds like. He is going to feel like such an idiot later if he allows them to play him like that. I hope he realizes what they are doing and is playing them,

      • the told him the truth they promised him finale 3 and then its a fair fight thats not lying unless they are keeping Shelly

  39. Porsche and Rachel are in the kitchen making bunny ears out of tin foil, while Adam eats at the table. Adam says that they need to be a little longer. Porsche says that’s what she said. Porsche says its not the size of the pipe that counts its the motion of the ocean. Jordan, Kalia and Shelly are out in the backyard talking about drinking, food and other random stuff.

    • hopefully A can keep it together n not crack(then P/K will know whats up). It really trips me out how K is sayn R is the capt of the ship (has she 4got Dani was the Capt/Ceo of their ship),,,lol

      • it sounds like ‘Food’ is K comfort zone when she is stressing/chillen r mayb jst all the

      • @ raspberry
        well maybe cos i tend to do that when i’m stressing or bored
        but it’s not that she has been under lots of stress during her stay in BBH, just a couple times maybe so i doubt it, maybe she just likes food and to eat

    • I get live feeds as well. I can’t believe Adam’s pitch. He says he wants to stay and fight with Jordan and Rachel as he has been fighting hard to stay in the game all season long. That he is a great competitor and has tried to win every single comp. lol Have you seen him play?

      Rachel is saying that Kalia started to play day 61. She also told Adam that Kalia just wants to vote the way they are and is following them. Jordan and Rachel made a fake final 4 deal with Porche and Kalia so of course Kalia would want to know who they are keeping.

      Question? I am actually trying to figure out what is the difference if Adam goes with Kalia and Porche versus Rachel and Jordan. Still a final 3 and I think he would have a better shot with Porche and Kalia then over Rachel and Jordan. What am I missing? Or what is Adam missing?

    • The only thing he has to do is keep cooking and feeding them that will keep them occupied

  40. Thanks Leo and anonymous for the great updates. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out tomorrow.

    GO RACHEL!!!

  41. i’ve always liked R n B n J n J…they r really great competetors …well jordan is not really….but lets be honest …i guess the most reason that his kind of shows are maken for to see unforgetble people with remembfull memoris and …fantasical stories …i dont see this whole without R n J and …i dont think so that anyone will remember neither K nor P and also Adam ….in the other hand R ans J r really sweethearts ….plus they r reqlly playing best game now….for me honestly iam totally in love with my Brenchal…..go rachellllllll….u r the best…

  42. I posted this in the wrong place. Meant it to go here.

    I get live feeds as well. I can’t believe Adam’s pitch. He says he wants to stay and fight with Jordan and Rachel as he has been fighting hard to stay in the game all season long. That he is a great competitor and has tried to win every single comp. lol Have you seen him play?

    Rachel is saying that Kalia started to play day 61. She also told Adam that Kalia just wants to vote the way they are and is following them. Jordan and Rachel made a fake final 4 deal with Porche and Kalia so of course Kalia would want to know who they are keeping.

    Question? I am actually trying to figure out what is the difference if Adam goes with Kalia and Porche versus Rachel and Jordan. Still a final 3 and I think he would have a better shot with Porche and Kalia then over Rachel and Jordan. What am I missing? Or what is Adam missing?

    • At this point, I think he’s only thinking about the next comp. R and J get to play in the next HOH and only K from the other side. If Adam doesn’t say what they wanna hear now, he could be a target next week. I’m confident if K wins HOH, Adam will be crawling back saying he never left. Basically, I think he’s just playing in the now and not thinking about final 3 yet. That’s just my opinion.

    • Your not missing anything r\j still need him until they get one more newbe out. But remember r\j can lie in this game but no one else because r\j fans will get mad and call you names. also r\j had there boyfreinds there keeping them safe and when that failed BB came in to save them. What a great game to play when you you’ll win.

      • ziggy1 I have found that out about some people calling us names and of course agree with you completely about the complete unfairness of this season and BB stepping in to save them yet again. Rachel discounts other people’s wins in one way or another except her own and up until this point Jordan has not done much because she had Jeff to keep her safe. Now she has Rachel. Thanks ziggy.

    • well i think he’s going with RJ just based on them being honest with him unlike PK
      you know he said that he is pissed how K ran and told evryone about the deal SHE made with him for F2, so i guess that’s his reasoning
      but in a game u never know what can happen later!!!
      my opinion, thanks

      • Thanks anonymous, but I truly think Rachel and Jordan are not being truly honest either. I think they are using him for his vote. Shelly was the one who came back and told J/R who quickly told Adam. At the time why wouldn’t Kalia tell Shelly as they were in an alliance together. They even showed her the little coin type pieces to show her different scenarios. Of course Shelly came back and supplied the information to R/J. Just my opinons and thanks. So true in a game you never know what is going to happen next. Especially this season.

      • Rachael and Jordan are not being honest. They are playing both Shelly and Adam. They are telling Shelly that they are going to keep her and they are just using Adam for his vote.
        I’m counting on Adam not being as stupid as they think he is.

  43. i dont give a f**ck …i was 100% with brenchal from the first one i saw them….felt sorry that in the begining people did not fee the same as i do….but as always rachel says :no one f**ck comes between me nd my BRENSHAL

  44. Shelly’s family received death threats over evicting Jeff? This is the first I heard of it. Apparently they even made threats against her daughter and boss. Some people are taking this way too seriously!

    • Old news. Hopefully the problem has been deflected and taken care of before Shelly goes home.

      • I really don’t like Shelly but I hope her family isn’t getting death threats. My lord… that’s crazy!

      • No there were apparently never any threats made to either Shelly or he family. It was apparently all made up for publicity or pit or publicity. The local FBI and county Sheriff have apparently confirmed that. Makes total sense because if they had been real then BB would of had to of told Shelly and she would of then left the house and we all know she is still there!!! Disgusting way to try and get ratings!

      • Another made up bunch of lies that surround Shelly. Never believed that they received death threats and now that both the FBI and the Sheriff’s office have admitted they did not ever exist makes it even sicker. I guess it was all a ploy to get better ratings and to get everyone to feel some sort of pity for Shelly. Glad the truth finally came out that it was all fiction.

  45. I’ve seen posts that the Shelly threats situation isn’t true, but I’ve search several search engines and I can’t find that anywhere. It still appears to be “true.” If someone can get me a link that would be great. Anyway, on to Jordan now because that seems to be the hot topic of the day. Jordan is a floater. However, I don’t see that as an issue. It’s a legitimate strategy like it or not. Yes it is frowned upon, but it obviously works as she has won this entire competition. Not that my opinion matters BUT I recently made a short list of the 20 best BB players because somebody mentioned their own list and I thought it would be interesting to see who I’d put on. I put Jordan (in her first season) at #20. So, yes I think she is a good player. I don’t want her to win, though. This is strictly because she has already won and I dislike when past winner compete again in any show (i.e. Sandra from survivor). Nothing against Jordan as a player though.

    • I was actually kind of glad Sandra won just so she can rub it to Russell’s face. Can’t wait for Survivor. and yeah, can’t wait for thursday when ShellHE’s finally out the door.

      • I agree with that
        I was even more glad when boston Rob won and could rub it in Russell’s face

    • I fail to see how Jordan is a floater. In both of her seasons she formed an alliance and she remained loyal to that alliance throughout the entire seaon.
      That is not a floater.

      • Floaters are generally people who make few moves and do poorly in challenges. Basically everyone who plays BB is in some sort of alliance.

      • exactly right. nowadays people are using the term floater wrong. floater = people in the middle playing both sides of the house aka Shelly this season. Jordan is NOT a floater. Her strategy is social game, shes a coattail rider on her alliance and loses all the comps to make herself look weak (even though thats not her intention). so yea Rachel last season pretty much distorted the definition of the real meaning of a floater.

      • BUT most of them are not loyal to their allience. Big difference in game play for me. I just like that trait so can’t help but like her. She is also forgiving about it if she gets burned. Sorry I know alot of people think she is weak but for me I see that as a strength. Guess I’m just a sucker for a kind spirit. Not that I know her but she comes off that way and I have heard HG after HG say it

  46. ******* Hello everyone *******

    I was laughing so hard at Jordan dancing when I left, that I forgot the best part from the day.

    Kalia told Adam that if whover stays, if they work with jordan and Rachel, she will be pissed they didn’t hold up to their end of the deal… Jalia? Kalia….Kalia…Kalia…. Do you realize what you said to Adam… Adam, I don’t care who stays between you and Shelly, just work with me and Porsha…. Kalia just screwed herself and doesn’t even know it… That is hilarious huh? LMAO!

      • Kalia was telling Adam that she will be pissed if whoever stays works with Jordan and Rachel over her and Porsha…. Why wouldn’t she focus on Adam and act like it was Adam that was staying instead of making it so obvious that Kalia and Porsha don;t care which one of them stay as long as that person helps Kalia and Porsha evict Rachel and Jordan.

      • Lora,

        Jordan was laughing and spinning in circles on the live feeds from 12:15 PM- 12:17 PM BBT on Camera 3 ok?

  47. P.S. Porsha is takign her HOH pictures now….. Porsha and Kalia just took a picture of Adam in the pool a couple minutes ago… They are both kissing Adam’s a** saying they can tell hhe has beenn working out…

  48. Rachel is in the backjyard with Kalia and Porsha looking at Porsha’s HOH pictures…

    Adam is swimming..

    Jordan must be in the DR because I don’t see her now… The feeds are so addictive, that I am watching them while I am at work…. Shhhhh.. Don’t tell me boss ok? LMAO!!!

  49. Porsha is sucking up to Shelly now… Come one Shelly… I want to take an HOH picture with you… Shelly is like ok? Whhere do you want to take this… Shelly is giving Porsha and Kalia the cold sholder…. She may hold up her end of a deal with Rachel and Jordan…. To bad I am 70-30 Shelly will be evicted tomorrow night!

    • hold the phone leo, hold the phone!!!! i am not yet convinced shelly is leaving, rachel know that keeping adam to final 3, his loyalty is strictly with jordan, on the other hand kalia knows keeping adam is like keeping another vet in the house, for all those saying bye bye bye to shelly need to hang on a bit, thursdays show i think will be a stunner for sure

      • I say 70-30 to Shelly being evicted because yes Rachel wants to keep Shelly, but Jordan is dead set against it especially since Shelly lied to their face this morning…..

    • I think Shelly will be leaving tomorrow too but I don’t think that Rachael and Jordan have Adam in their back pocket like they think they do. I think he is just letting them think that they do.

      • Kaligula and Jordan can vote out Shelly. They don’t need Rachel’s vote. I’m 100% sure Shelly is getting voted out. Kaligula will kiss Jordan’s butt and vote out Shelly. It would be a mistake if Rachel crosses Jordan on this one. Also, Rachel likes the suspense. Rachel is too smart to keep Shelly. It’s likely to be 3-0 to oust Shelly. GO BIG RED!

  50. Adam is becoming like Shelly – running back to Jordan with all the conversations. lol He needs reassurance like every 5 minutes.

  51. Shelly has distanced herself from everyone. She has smoked alone away from everyone on the couch a few times already…unusual for her. She is usually in “her spot” on that couch. I think she believes that she’ll leave tomorrow. Bye bye super backstabber.

  52. Rachel would be smart to keep Shelly around and subtly remind her that it was her hated enemy Rachel that saved her butt….On live feeds today Jordan said a HUGE slip and I am hoping Rachel caught it….Jordan said she needs Shelly for votes….what she means is that she wants Shelly in the jury because J knows if she is in F2 she has Shelly’s vote. If they get rid of Adam I think Shelly can take the F3 with R&J…in the have not room Shelly did not spill the beans like she normally does and she even said accusatory-like that “have you been promoting me to stay to them this week?” to which Kalia lied and said “of course” and Shelly knows that is a lie from speaking to R&J. Also, she gave R her dog back and I think R calling her out can make her do right now for the rest of the game and picking that side and taking P & K out…and I also do not think Shelly likes big mouth Kalia who never shuts up and acts like this is HER game and they are all just minions to do the work.

    • You might be right for game play to keep Shelly around, but when it comes down to voting, pretty sure that Jordan and Rachel will agree to vote the same way. Jordan wants Adam to stay. So far, Rachel hasn’t been able to sway her to keep Shelly the ultimate manipulator.

      • Well I choose as a fool to think the best of people so maybe Shelly realizes why Jordan was so hurt Also she realizes that either way physicly she cant compete at best by either side she would be finel 3 by staying true to RJ she can somehow salvage her friendship with Jeff and Jordan some how redeem herself and she wont come out as such a bad person

      • After watching tonight I do feel like a fool I still choose to see the good in people except for Shelly

    • @ doni…I think jordan thinks she has shelly or adams vote…if she wanted to ensure shellys vote, shed keep her…the only way to not have shelly in jury is to have her in F2…so whether they do it now or next week, doesn’t make a difference

      • yes, true. But I think Jordan thinks if its her and Rachel in F2 she wins….and I think Rachel in F2 against Jordan thinks she loses…so she should try to take Shelly to F2 instead of Jordan…she knew Shelly was a snake and everyone knows she knew and that would be her argument for the votes…as well as winning with her back against the wall…

      • I need to restate this….Jordan wants Shelly in jury and to be in F2 w/ Rachel for the win. Rachel wants Shelly to be next to her in F2 for the win with Jordan as 3rd.

        But it looks like they are kicking out SHelly and hoping Adam keeps his word…but then again…Rachel needs to keep him to F2 over Jordan.

      • Unless R flips K vote to keep S then J vote doesn’t matter. I think she will stick with J because she feels that she would be KP target over J
        Can’t wait to see how it plays out

      • @ faye..rachel will 100% not do that, there is no way rachel and jordan are going to start making any seperrate moves…I think they are genuinely a team and both see it that way and both want to see eachother in that F2 chair with them.

      • @vetfan I hope you are right that they stick to the end but there is still alot of game to be played

  53. Adam now talking to Rachel downplaying Kalia, Dani and Porche’s HOH saying they got out Brendon twice and now Shelly. Rachel saying you came to play with the big girl’s now. He is so lame. Is he forgetting they did get out Brendon twice because BB stepped in and Jeff. They did all his hard work for him. I am losing all respect for him. He never had to do a thing, but kept his hands clean and brag about how good and close he came. I would love to see Kalia win just to see Adam run right back. lol

    I know most of you won’t agree with me, but just my opinion.

    Jordan just said she didn’t cook as she is not a good cook. I was wondering why I never saw her cook a meal.

    • gail you are so correct about adam but rachel made an interesting statement saying porsche was forced to put up her alliance, what people were she talking about? adam and shelly for the most part has voted their way and adam will stay true to them. i pointed out in an earlier post all in the house would serve themselves well by getting out adam, he is playing only for jordan because of his taste for jeff i unlike many others would love to see adam go at least shelly made a bold move getting out jeff

  54. Rachel and Jordan are talking in the Have Not room…… Jordan telling Rachel that Kalia doesn’t trust Rachel but Jordan said she doesn’t trust Porsha…..

  55. Kalia is telling Jordan, that Kalia will nominate Rachel and whoever stays between Adam and Shelly….

  56. Kalia told Jordan that she will never nominate Porsha…… That makes 2 blunders by Kalia today….

    I hope there is an endurance comp for tomorrow nights HOH…

    P.S. Kalia told Jordan she would not take Porsha to the FInal 2 over Jordan, but Jordan doesn’t believe it…

    • Thats because she never stops talking thats the problem with people then talk all the time they spill everything

  57. I think the next twist should give Adam power so he is actually forced to make a decision and a play. It is time for his hands to get bloody. I wonder if could handle it.

  58. It sounds like an inside lockdown…

    I hope that means an endurance comp which means Rachel or Jordan will be favored over Kalia and Adam…..

  59. Adam told Rachel that if he turns his back on Rachel and Jordan that he would be turning his back on Jeff and Brendon as well….

    Adam told Jordan about his convo with Kalia today…. Jordan is telling Adam everything Kalia says, so Adam doesn’t like Kalia….

    ******* Rachel and Jordan have confirmed that they are voting Shelly out tomorrow *******

    • She should have said ” you already turned your back on brendon once” why would he say that knowing he was the deciding factor in the shelly brendon vote?

      • The only person who could answer this would be Adam himself….. How have you been doing Vet? Will you be checking out ED’s show Dick at Night on RTVZone?

      • I have been doing well…busy. I too and am work right now lol. And No I will be at work all night. How have you been?

    • Just keeping busy…… Life is great and between work, family and college, I am pretty busy…. I am working on another degree…

    • How did A turn his back on B. I didn’t know they had an allience? I thought his allience was with JJS

      • @ leo..good for you! Good luuck!
        Q faye…that’s the point..there is no difference in him “turning his back on brendon”(words that came out of his mouth, not mine…hello)now…than there was 3 weeks ago.

    • Really…tell us something we don’t know. Sheldon is going back her cavern with the rest if her troll family.

  60. Rachel told Jordan that she did good in the POV comp because she knew Jordan was depending on her….. That is how Rachel did well before when Brendon would be supporting her and depending on her to win..

    Jordan and Rachel are talking about the Final 5 endurance comp for BB10 now!

  61. ******* Yes it is me *******

    BB producers, hook Team Jorchel up with an HOH comp please ******* please ******* please *******

  62. shelly must go this week and jury up with her buds jeff and brendon and dani. itd be a really good time

    • I wish there were cameras in the Jury house….

      Jordan just told Rachel she hopes it is an all day / night lockdown…..

      • I hope they show the jury house tonight! I want to see jeff watch jordan snap on shelly…then I want dani to get so excited watching porsche win the next HOH, only to find out about the twist and rachel winning the veto!

      • That will probably be tommorow night because BB usually shows the jury scenes right before the live eviction… Plus they have so much to show tonight…. The aftermath of Porsha’s decision to open Pandora’s Box, The ooriginal nomination ceremony, the POV comp, the POV ceremony!!! That is a lot to fit in 1 hour!

      • I was thinking the same thing..they’ll have a lot to show tonight and your right they do usually show it right before the eviction. I can’t wait to see dani jeff and brendons reactions to the twist and the veto and the jordan shelly fight…I hope they show those things to them…and we get to watch lol.

      • Shelly entering the jury won’t be until next Thursday… If they show the Jury tomorrow, it will be either Dani entering then Jeff or just Jeff entering the jury house and watching the double eviction events and his eviction…..

      • Do they show the jury members everything? I know they show them some stuff but don’t know how much?

      • You think? I think they’ll probably show jeff coming in, but I dk if I think they’ll recap the dble eviction….

  63. It is some good game talk going on now…..

    Well Between Jordan and Rachel…

    Kalia is eating again

    Adam is thinking itn will be an endurance comp as well….. Adam and Kalia are talking about the order of past HOH comps this season… They say it is about time for another endurance of physical comp now!

  64. Kalia told Jordan that she will do anything she can to protect Jordan….

    If Kalia wins the HOH, she would nomiante Adam and Rachel…. Rachel would throw the Veto if Jordan and Rachel are the last 2 players in the comp and then they would evict Porsha…

    • Either side that wins KP or JR will be really foolish if they don’t put up other side leaving A out of it for that very reason

  65. Jordan and Rachel talking about working out and asking Kalia and Porsha to workout because they would be so sore for the HOH comp tomorrow… They are laughing about Kalia being sore from yesterday’s workout still…

  66. THey are laughing about Shelly expecting either Rachel or Jordan walking in the jury onn Friday and then seeing Shelly walk in Jeff and Brendon will assume either R or J won the HOH and be suprised about Pandora’s box being opened which saved Rachel and Jordan!!!

    • Not Shelly, I mean Jeaff and Brendon expecting either Rachel or Jordan to walk through the door

  67. Rachel admitted she would have opened Pandora’s Box if she was Porche. J/R are expecting another one with a power. I think you will have your wish Leo – BB to intervene to help R/J out yet again. Jordan thinks it will be good. I am beginning to wonder if they know this ahead of time? Seems to scripted to me. They both have good feelings.

    • If it was scripted Gail, I guarantee there is no way Jeff and Dani would be evicted the same week following Brendon being voted back in the BB house and winning that comp….. This is a nightmare for BB Producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan

      • Exactly. Jeff and Dani being evicted same day should disprove theories of the game being rigged. If it were rigged they’d both still be here. And Brendon for that matter.

      • First Nita, no need to be ignorant and call people name because they don’t agree with you. If you don’t agree it isn’t rigged, use an intelligent arguement to explain why it is ok? LMAO!!!

      • @nita bea…why the personal issues here? This is a board for commenting on the gameplay of the players who are playing the game of Big Brother. Don’t take everything said here as a threat lol.

      • @nita Why do you personaly insult someone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why not just say I disagree? Instead of idiot

      • It could’ve been rigged and with Jeff not realizing where his other clown shoe was he could’ve blown the rig. There have been a LOT of questionable things that have happened this season….although I haven’t heard one bit of sound evidence against it….I’ve heard convincing evidence for it.

        Again I’m not saying it is or isn’t….because the outcome doesn’t affect my life in any way….however Jeff getting evicted could’ve been a blow to the rig process so to speak

    • I really don’t think that it will be an endurance comp because that would really look like Big Brother is helping Rachael and Jordan. I think it will something like a puzzle game or a face mix up game. I also still think there is another twist coming because of the fortune teller box that is present in the house.

      • Not really, because even Adam and Kalia gree it is about time for an endurance HOH comp becaus ethere has been so many question and answer comps as well as 2 skills hoh comps since the ski comp Dani won….

      • Also, with as many questions comps, it is time for an endurance because people can argue question comps favor Kalia…..

      • BB would have no way of knowing who will stay and go from week to week. I think the schedule for all the comps are set up before the HG even enter the house.

    • I don’t think it is rigged either. Makes sense they would bring back the duo twist like this. Sure it was in works way before HG even entered.

  68. Rachel and Jordan talking about how Dani spent so much time training Kalia and Porsha and now Dani is in the jury with nothing….

    • Unfortunately for KP they don’t have the people skills that Dani has. She is a good social player I don’t think either of them are

  69. ******* If you want to be entertainined tonight *******

    Watch Dick at Night with Evel Dick 15 minutes after Big brother goes off on RTVZone . com ok? Evel Dicks’ shows are great and discuss the most current BB episode with past BB houseguests…

  70. so who do you think is going to the jury house? can’t wait till thursday and see .hope rachel wins hoh , and porsha go’s to the jury house ,

    • Shelly should be going this week. Next week I see Rachel going unless she wins HoH or Veto obviously. If she does than Porsche will go.

    • Lurker, I wish Porsha would go, but Rachel and Jordan want Kalia gone because they think she is an overall better player and Adam wants Kalia gone because he doesn’t like her and is friends with Porsha…

      The only way Kalia is safe next week is if she wins the HOH or wins the Veto herself then Porsha will be sent packing to the jury house!!!

      • I honestly don’t mind anyone winning from the current crop. Rachel deserves it more than any of them, but I see her leaving next week unfortunately unless she wins one of the two competitions. (Or a twist) I’d rather Jordan didn’t win because she has already won but it doesnt really matter. I’d like to see Rachel win but I think Adam or Kalia will win.

      • K and P have really stepped up there game. Anyone except Rachel.. she should have won the first time she was on..

  71. Rachel and Jordan have Adam and Shelly in the backyard singing the Big Booty song now…

    Big booty…. big booty…. big booty… oh yeah… big booty…. number 2 big booty…. oh yeah….. big booty…… big booty… big booty… big boooty… oh yeah big booty….. big booty number 2….. big booty!!!!!

    The original game aired on Big brother after dark

  72. Rachel and Jordan agreeing it is good that neother one of themm won the HOH and Porsha did because Porsha can’t compete…. Adam thinks it will either be an endeurence or skill like when they dropped cans in a canaster like during jeff and Jordan’s original season… Adam thinks it is time for it to be an endurance or physical labor HOH comp…

    • Are they still voting out Shelly? It would make no sense to me to keep her because she can’t be trusted one bit. At least Adam MIGHT be trustworthy.

  73. Adam hopes it will be a rope physical comp so he can win… JJordan yells, nooooooo!!! LMAO!!!

    • Adam says Rachel and Jordan should calll themselves Ra-dan because that sounds better than Jorchel

  74. Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Shelly in the backyard talking…

    Adam says Radan sounds better as a name for Jordan and Rachel because Jorchel sounds like a disease….

    Jordan tells Rachel not to take anything in the DR personal because Jordan said mean things about everyone in the DR… Rachel said she never said anything mean about Jordan in the DR…… Rachel said she won’t even watch this seaqson… Jeff still hasn’t watch his first season….. Rachel and Brendon made a pact not to go on the internet to see what BB viewers say about them on websites this year and they both agreed not to watch this season!

  75. She likes Ra(y)dan for a name instead of Jorchel. None of the combined names sound very good…

  76. Rachel and Jordan as well as Adam are talking about how they hear banging and saws working beyond the BB walls…

  77. Rachel and Jordan walking and laughing and talking about weddings and marriage and after they passed Shelly, Shelly muttered “she’s crazy” into her mic about rachel…and is rolling her eyes at everything she says….so I guess its good she is going….she will turn on Rachel quicker than she lights up yet another cigarette…

    • She will turn on anyone that she thinks is standing in her way. It’s been her play all along. I really don’t mind that she choose this game play it just really bothers me that she won’t own it.

      • I don’t think she can own it. I think she believes everything she says even though BB has shown replays where she’s lied.

      • Shelly is such a bad person. When she does sneaky things and gets caught she always has to blame someone else. Or say someone else is involved with her ( witch there’s not). Just not a nice person. She problably gets people fired that work with her. Because she always blames someone else

      • Shelly is such a bad person. When she does sneaky things and gets caught she always has to blame someone else. Or say someone else is involved with her ( witch there’s not). Just not a nice person. She problably gets people layed off that work with her. Because she always blames someone else

  78. How come Kahlia hasn’t parked herself in Porsche’s HOH room like she did when Dani was HOH? Did Porsche kick her out?

  79. I think people are underestimating Porshe. I think she is peaking at the right time.
    Jordan said she can not trust Porshe because she was not happy when she and Rachel won the veto. Hello? Does anyone remember how JR acted when Porshe won HOH. Jordan does not want anyone else to want to win. It is only her right to win.
    Rachel should take Shelly to the end because on one will vote for Shelly. Jordan will win the next HOH because of Production. It will be hard to think of Comp. she can win.

  80. Porsha being paranoid asking Adam if Jordan thinks she (Porsha) took her tutu…. What does Porsha think? That is what happens when people steal…. You will be looked at as a thief…

  81. I have noticed that Brandon is alot more likeable without Rachel. Rachel is so full of bitch and tears that it makes Brandon look like a bad guy. Last season when Rachel got evicted Brandon became a better person and I rooted for him. So Brandon GET AWAY FROM THAT BLOOD SUCKING SHE-DEVIL!!

  82. i personally would vote out adam at this point, no matter wether they dont trust her or not. the woman sucks at compeittions and can easily be taken out in hho or veto. adam will put a little more of a fight, though he sucks too. i really like jordan, but if anyone other then rachel wins this season, the winner wont be deserving.

  83. I wonder how many people were liking Shelley when she did Je/Jo’s dirty work….you know exposing the plot to backdoor Jeff week 3. Bet everyone loved her then….now everyone “hates” her because she turned on Jeff.

  84. W~O~W!!! Jordan was potuing about not being the HOH getting a pandora’s box and Rachel is being mature and saying don’t worry about it…

      • @Susan, What are you smoking? Jordan is one of the sweetest, kindest person and the way Shelly, Kalia, Porche and Dani have played this game and you single out Jordan and Rachel. Porche putting benefiber in protein mix, Dani and Kalia hiding things and talking crap all the time. Get real!

    • Did I hear Shelly swear on her little girl’s life to Jordan and Rachel and then go straight in the dr and say that even thought she swore on her little girls life that she was lying once again. Great example of being a parent Shelly swearing on your child’s life. Hope her daughter was not watching to see her mom do such a disgusting thing and then once again admit to lying.

      • Wow, Shelly sounds racist. I don’t care much for Kalia’s game, but why woulld Shelly say “it would be a disgrace to the game for Kalia to win and she would throw up? She’s an idiot, it would be a disgrace to the game if she win. She’s a liar and the biggest hyprocrit I’ve ever seen. I would like to see Jordan and Rachel go to the final two. I saw the comment on “Live Feed”

  85. In the DR, Shelly said Porsha has more stuffing in her chest than she does her head!!! LMAO

    • Too funny!!!! Really hope that Jordan and Rachel evict Shelly this week, and win HOH and put Porsche and Kalia on the block and then next week whichever one is left gets sent home. That would leave Rachel, Jordan and Adam to fight it out for final two. Perfect ending to a less than perfect summer of watching BB!!!

  86. Nevermind, Porsha told Kalia she has $5,000 also because she didn’t want Adam, Shelly, Jordan or Rachel to find out she gave Kalia $5,000….. LMAO!!! Pretty sneaky huh?

    • U know if she considers herself that smart, she should’ve teamed with Jordan and then Rachel would’ve had to play for herself
      It would’ve been a better scenario but because she is greedy and don’t want them to have any money so she chose Kalia
      All that said and I’m not a P or K fan but if they were that smart, that what they should’ve done LOL

      • Jordan would have been safe as Porsha’s partner and Rachel would have been safe with the POV…. She would have given Jordan or Rachel $5,000 if they were her partner… Kalia would have been pissed!

      • Know but she could’ve taken the chance and maybe if she took one of them as partner maybe the other won’t have the veto
        All I meant she could’ve taken the chance if she were smart but she isn’t and i’m glad that she wadn’t LOL

      • The best move for the newbs would have been pairing Jordan with Adam and Rachel with Shelly, that way no matter what one of them would have been up. But ultimately people were free to pick their own partners so JR were too smart to allow that.

      • @ Rob
        it wasn’t up to P to choose who pairs with who, she started by choosing K, then R chose J and A&S were the last left

      • @anony: Right, that’s why I said “But ultimately people were free to pick their own partners…”

      • @ anoymous…they go to choose their own partners…and if she paired up with jordan, then jordan would have been safe automatically and rachel would have won the veto regarrdless…no matter what the scenario works out the same.

      • @ vetfan
        i know that but what i meant why not take the risk? if it was maybe another type of comp, maybe then their plan to evict either R or J would’ve worked
        all that and don’t think i like P & K, i want them gone

    • Shelley is a bitch that should never have been on the show she talks about not telling the truth is bad to her kid and she has done nothing but lie while in the house guess she doesnt practice what she preaches people like her don’t deserve to have kids!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sorry, but every time Shelly comes on television she keeps apologizing for lying and says she is sorry and then she goes in the diary room after swearing on her child’s life that she is being honest and lies once again. I mean she is to be held accountable for her actions and for people not liking her at all. She is to blame and I Shelly even knows that America does not like her because she has said so. Shelly I honestly think is a pathological liar because it is just not normal to do the things she is doing.

  87. Porsha is full of crap…. I put you up because you didn’t approach me…… LMAO!!! Tell them the truth… You want Rachel out and Jordan next!!!

    • How many hohs say the real reason behind their nominations? Stop bad mouthing porsha for being smart Leo

      • Dudan, I said Porsha is full of crap for lying about why she nominated Rachel and Jordan…. Porsha not telling the truth to Rachel and Jordan have nothing to do with her interlligence… Did you read my post? I quoted what Shelly said about Porsha not being smart…. Did you see that? LMAO!!!

      • @Leo,
        I meant most hoh lie about the reason they put ppl up. It is a smart strategy, why then should it be different when porsha does the same thing that all hohs does?

      • Leo don’t bother
        Just add that P isn’t smart to ur post cos she is, read my above reply to ur post :-)
        Welcome back btw and how was work? Or are u still there and peeking at the feeds??? Hehe

      • Dudan, I agree, but I was just pointing out how obvioius her lie was because J & R were laughing about it right after the nomination ceremony….

      • Leo, most players being nominated know the speech is all bullshit. So I think it’s unfair to say she full of shit when she doing they same thing other do and most of the time the noms know the hoh’s speech is all BS

      • @ Leo (correction of my post)

        Leo don’t bother
        Just add that P isn’t smart to ur post cos SHE ISN’T (not she is as in my last reply) , and read my above reply to ur post :-)
        Welcome back btw and how was work? Or are u still there and peeking at the feeds??? Hehe

      • except for the fact porche isn’t smat becasue what idoit opens pandor’s box at this point in the game. If Porche walks out of the house it will be her own fault

      • @Anon, I am at work which is why I am talking about the show after it happened…. I am watching On Demande which is why I am posting about events that already happened…. I get off in 2 1/2 hours

      • @ dudan…porsche knew the twist…period. so she is. By far, dumber than you give her credit for..all she had to do was nominate shelly and adam…regardless…p/k or s/a would have had to of won the veto for adam and shelly tto not go up…she was COCKY(learned from her leader) and banked on rachel and jordan not winning the veto…that way she could have at least had that in her back pocket to show them that she wasn’t going against them…ultimately. the week turned out the same way it would have.

      • @ Leo
        another 45 minutes and u’re free to update us all :-)
        hope u had a good day at work

  88. You can clearly see the bias in the veto comp. It rigged for rachel to win. If you remember clearly the first HOH was similar to this comp and rachel won that comp. It’s a shame production keep messing the newbies game up. SMDH

    • Oh yeah and the ski comp wasn’t taylored for Dani and the q & a aren’t tayloered for K and the newbies because Rachel and Jordan suck at Q & A comps? Get over it….. Kalia or Jordan could have won this POV!

      • @Leo
        There is no proof of rigging the Ski and Q&A. In this case however, it is too glaring. Come on, first the Pandora’s box twist then all of a sudden they make a vet comp similar to the one that one of the vets on the block has won before. Even a blind bat can see the fraud and bias

      • Dudan,

        3 points

        1) this POV was a rigged for Rachel as the HOH via skis comp for Dani because Jeff and Brendon had no shot of winning because they were too big and Rachel couldn’t play for it.

        2) Q & A are in favor of K and A just like Endurance comps favor R…. It has been more Q & A and its due for a Endurance HOH

        3) Yes this Pandora’s box helped R & J but is also put $5,000 in Kalia and Porsha’s box while they are ensured safety and Porsha chose to open Pandora’s box…. The only people screwed are Adam and Shelly because they got nothing out of it and are on the block because….. hint….hint….. Rachel wasn’t given a free ride but had to win the POV which Kalia did a good job in but Porsha threw it…. Porsha was the last newbie hanging on the Bana and went out so early in this…. Either Porsha, Kalia or Shelly could have done better and beat Rachel in this POV…

      • Leo #3:
        $5000 is a lot of food for Muffin Top P and Cowlia K. They will both be fatter than ever. LMFAO

      • @Mr.Moore. Careful now. somebody here will start insulting you (the poster) for calling his “favorite” the appropriate name! that person will have to insult a lot of posters here then. I’ve read a whole lot worse (and more appropriate I suppose) than cow and pork! go R/J!!

    • Leo,
      the $5000 is smoke screen to try to hide the fraud if you ask me. Plus how can you say the SKI comp was rigged so J&J won’t win coz they big. Last time I checked the last to people standing where Dani and my beauty plus size model Kalia. If Jordan is big I wonder what you have to say about Kalia? There is no proof, but the event leading up to tonite’s comp seems suspect

      • Not necessarily, but the Pandora’s box this season seems to perfectly timed, plus the punishment for the Pandora’s box excluded J&R. Instead it served to benefit 2 ppl in the house when the others suffered. J&R where also given a prize in this twist just like Kalia and Porsha. There’s red flag all over u can’t deny that

    • @ dudan..I find it funny you say that, because whenever your trying to discredit rachel for being good…you say the first HOH was thrown to her…so if that’s the case, how was it tayylor made?

  89. Shelly has said one of the best zings of the summer…

    Shelly: Porsha has more sttuffed in her chest than she does her head (Because Porsha opened Pandora’s box)….. Zing…..Zing…..ZzzzIiiiNnnnGggg!!!!

  90. Does Kalia and porsha think they get a one week pass even though Rachel saved Rachel and Jordan? THey are crazy of they believe that…. LMAO!!!

  91. The scene with Shelly trying to talk to Jordan when she used the sink by the bathroom, waqs awkward……. ***** Shocker ***** LMAO!!!

  92. Please let Kalia and Porsche win HOH so they can kick out Rachel and Jordan won’t have to do anything to hurt Rachel ….. Jordo FTW!!!!!

      • Admin, don’t delete my posts. Just like in the real world, things can get heated. How can come we can not voice our opinions on here? What about freedom of speech? I just happen to disagree with what Leo the so called all knowing God of Big Brother and his minions, and everyone takes offense. Please stop.

      • @Cracker: You’ve repeatedly violated the Commenting Rules with antagonizing attacks at other users. As a result, you are banned again and again and again. You violate the rules, are banned, sneak in another door, violate the rules again, and are banned again.

        There is no “freedom of speech” in a privately owned business such as this website. You greatly misunderstand your Constitutional rights.

      • @ Matt (BBN)
        i don’t remember really saying any bad word
        just saying to Leo not to bother, something like that, don’t remember my exact word and saying to fly something like ”good one”
        so why did u delete mine as well???

      • Once again came here to get the latest on the show and the posters are putting each other down? yea? @Leo, didn’t we see the jury house a lot earlier last season? Don’t quite remember, had to work most of the season. (boo-hoo)

      • Leo, I am more anxious to see JH than show tomorrow night!! Too bad it has no feeds, dangit!

      • I know…. The BB Producers make it seem like there were fireworks in rhe jury… Dani probably told Brendon that both Dani and Jeddf threw the POV that sent Brendon home… Probably yelling between Jeff and Dani and Brendon and Jeff as well as Brendon and Dani…. Should be exciting…

      • Becky, you know what will be even more exciting than seeing the argument between Brendon, Dani and Jeff? Watching Evel Dick and other past BB HG’s discuss it during Dick at Night tomorrow after the BB show as well as the Pandora’s box and nex HOH….

      • Tishe,

        They usually show the jury once there are at least 2 jury members… Remember Brendon was by himself until both Dani and Jeff were evicted last week…. They will show the jury tomorrow night during the live eviction show… The BB Producers are already hyping it by talking about the explosive arguemnts in the jury….

        Is it a urprise that After Dani screwed Brendon, Jeff screded Dani, and Dani gets Shelly to screw Jeff as well as Jeff screwing Brendon and Daqni spills the beans there would be fireworks with these three string players as the first 3 jury members? Not really!
        ******* Shocker *******

      • Becky, you will not want to miss Dick at Night on RTVZone, BBAD on Showtime 2 and the Live Feeds after the BB episode tomorrow…

  93. Adam has to win HOH tomorrow. If not….he is in trouble. Its going to be an all girl alliance.

    • I would like to see adam win hoh so we can least see which side he is on but at that time he is going to have to pick a side but if RJ win i still think they will go after PK

      • I think Adam winning the HOH is the best thing that can happen in the house. He will finally have to show what side he really is on and get his hands dirty. His floating will be abrubtley stopped.

    • If Kalia wins, she goes after Rachel/Jordan. If Rachel or Jordan win, they go after Kalia/Porsche. I’d say Adam is sitting very pretty for next week, at least until the Veto happens.

      • I know that is how it will probably play out but I think they should all throw HOH to out Adam.

      • I agree with you Matt..Adam is not going to work to win next HOH cuz he doesnt want to get his hands dirty. He won’t do anything unless he’s forced to save himself. Between him & Shelly they have been rubber balls bouncing back & forth

  94. Did you all see Shelly swore to GOD and on her daughter’s and husband’s lives she’ll help Jordan and Rachel to get to Final 2? She then went into the DR and say there is no way she’ll let them go to final 2. I think she would be stupid if she did that…but why swore to GOD and on your family’s lives when you have no intention of honoring it? Damn Shelly….YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!

    • oh andy, she’s not stupid, she’s just playing a bad game! Shelly is not that smart in this game. She came in playing BB, like so many before her!! She got caught! Pure and simple. She is not the first to play this way. She is playing the way she learned how to, from PAST BB shows! Why is everyone so down on her? She is NOT the first to play a lying, backstabbing, cheating, ETC., ETC.,! With Respect to the die hard fans!!!

      • @tishe….I said Shelly was stupid because she swore to GOD and on her family’s life about something she had no intention of doing. I didn’t say she was stupid because of the way she played the game. I’m having issue with her swearing on her family’s life…

    • At least finally, finally some truth to the viewers in the DR from S. Don’t like her game play and don’t think the HG are buying what she in selling. But at least she is owning it for once

    • I really hope jr votes out shelly she makes me sick. How could you swear to God on anything and lie about it.

    • @ andy did you notice that the conversation started with “not that I believe in this” I wonder does she believes in GOD

  95. Funny Adam Win HOH – maybe if he was following a trail of Bacon. He always seems surprised he didn’t win, I can’t imagine where he got the confindence to try out for BB.

    • I think that’s all an act w/Adam acting surprised he didn’t win & beating himself up to make the other’s think he is weak. He’s waiting for girls to battle it out & then go w/the winner

    • Actually I think that S was playing a smart game until she wanted to keep D over K. K wins the next HOH and she gets her chance to vote out Jeff. She could have made the Jeff move without a soul in that house knowing she was the one who did it except A and blamed it on him. Her reasoning for getting Jeff out I could understand but for that same reason Dani had to go too. Did she really think that Dani was the only one that would give her that opportunity. For me that was a really dumb move and cost her the game. I am totaly sure if she had done it with no one but A knowing the truth Jordon would have believed S. A would be the one going home now and there is no one left in the house that would know the truth. She played her cards too soon.

  96. Not to make anyone mad…but what has Jordan done this season? What has Adam done this season? So many think P and K only sleep and eat…well okay that is true…but they kicked it up lately! K-2 HOH, P- HOH & Veto Adam-Veto that Jeff supposedly threw, Jordan-HOH that ‘supposedly’ Jeff and Bren let her win. And I don’t like Rachel but I think she plays a good game!

    • The HOH J won was fair and square there were still alot of newbies in the house at the time and she beat them all. J’s game is not comps she it is social.

      • You really do like attacking people on a personal level. Wonder what happened to you that makes you so hateful.

    • TF
      Jeff and Brendon didn’t throw Jordan the HOH
      she has beaten all the HG that played before her turn and Jeff and Brendon were the only 2 remaining, so as she is on their alliance, they didn’t make the effort to play it
      and who knows that maybe if they did play it they could’ve not won it???
      so she won it over all the others, so it”s her HOH fair and square

    • Why do u keep saying “what has Jordan done this season?” It is a game!!!! Whether you play socially, competitively, or aggressively, it’s all strategy!! Nobody plays the game the same!!! Oh and can we please take the word “floater” out of everyone’s vocabulary?!?! IRRITATING!!!

      • Like I said..didn’t mean to make anyone mad. Its just my opinion. That’s why we have this board. I do however, agree to disagree with Amy and Anonymous. I think and will always think that it was thrown her way-allowing her the HOH title. Regarding what has she done all season: She needs to quit accusing everyone of the same thing she is doing-its making her look bratty and shes not. Floater: A term used on the show that we all inherited from them.

      • @ TF
        u’re right we can all agree to disagree
        each has his opinion and thanks for being a good sport :-)
        but u know what i think also; J said that she only came to the game to support Jeff, he wanted to come play and not her, so maybe that’s why she wasn’t that motivated but was the voice of reason with Jeff but because now she’s alone with Rachel, she will have to kick her own butt to fight and stay in the game

      • Agree totally Amy. Frankly most players throw comp a various times when it is in their interest to do so.

    • Without Rachael’s help Jordan is a goner. Come on she couldn’t hang on any longer? Kalia has more weight on her so harder to pull herself up, yet she was last to fall off. I don’t like Kalia at all. I used to like Jordan but this season she’s just has done nothing. Want so much to see Rachael win Go Rachael!

    • What does here being blonde have to do with the game? If you have nothing insight full to say please zip it. She play the game at her best and you can do is ridicule her…SMDH

    • I think P has done quite good at comps. She came in 2nd in alot of them prior to finally starting to win and remember she got the golden key the 1st week so didn’t play in all the comps. Where I think P’s game falls apart is in the social area

    • I guess Evel Dick had other plans that conflicted with tonights episode…. There is a message saying Dick at Night will be back on tomorrow for it’s regularly scheduled show… It comes on after every BB show 15 minutes after the BB episode goes off ok?

  97. go Pork-che! go cow-lia! go eat your way to the jury house! R/J final two! wooohoo! can’t wait for thursday. I hope R or J wins HOH.

    • I hopr R & J get booted out real so. You are ridiculous for calling Kalia and Porsha such demeaning names. You need help

      • and I supposed cowlia and porkche deserves and award for their 24/7 rachel bashing? to each his own. don’t go around insulting the other posters here. the HGs ARE FAIR GAME ESPECIALLY IF they’re as CLASSY as cowlia and prokche. you’re the one needed help starting fight around here. you must be related to pork and cow. LOL! go R/J!

      • You must be related to Jordan the Dummy blonde air head and Rachel the low class show girl…Im sure you are proud to have such degenerate in your family…LMAO What a shame

      • @ellablue
        Despite my opinions about J&R I tried being civil, but since he said we all have we like and he demeaning my favorites. It only fair I return the favor coz ma civility wasn’t appreciated.

      • I’d be proud if I’m related to either R/J. I can’t say the same for cow (throwing her pet yorkie to the wall? nice!) and pork. tsk. going around the site insulting posters for giving what your relatives deserve? classy! now go eat or talk about the HGs instead of starting fights with the other posters. the truth hurts you know… kalia = cow, porche = pork. even the zingbot agrees. ziiing! LMAO!

      • There is saying that goes “show me your friends and i’ll tell you who you are”. Since you proud of being associated with scum, guess what that makes you? Scum. I feel sad for you

      • @ellablue
        Well since you a J&R lover…you scum too. And please be creative if you must insult me…don’t latch on 2 ma post and create insult of them…you are show traits of a floater…you can’t think of good insults so you latch on to mine. You would be a complete waste if you are cast to the BB house…LMAO

      • @ellablue: LOL @dudan: scum? you must be referring to yourself and your favorites! In case you haven’t noticed, there are other posters who “insult” your favorites. bitter much? go antagonize the rest of the posters then because they didn’t appreciate “ya” being civil. boohoo! my “favorites” were insulted so I’ll go insult the poster even though the HGs are fair game. I don’t go around insulting the other posters who call R/J names. get over yourself. sad.

      • You don’t go around insulting others…well too bad for I do. Plus its you who said you be proud to be related to J&R not me. Since I think they scum, you are scum too. Its that simple. If you can’t take the heat just don’t start coz I will fight for my favorites just so you know…Idiot

      • LOL. the only idiot here is you dudan. plain in simple. Take nita-beta(poster) for example: she insults jordan a lot but I don’t respond to her posts and call her names. I guess it just shows what kind of person you are. an idiot. having said that, no need to continue this. you can’t reason with an idiot (that’s you in case you don’t get that) so…. go R/J!!!

      • @ to dudan if been associate with Rj makes me scum then you on the other side associate with who ever your makes u scum 2

      • Firstly, im not scum like you so you can’t possible expect me to behave like you. Secondly, I never insulted you in my original post I only cautioned u…go back and read my post and tell where the insult was. You started the insults and I am simply returning the favor. If you can’t take the heat jump ship.

      • @ellablue
        Stop stealing my insults floaters. You can’t seem to come up with any insults so you latch on to mine (scum for example) and also latch on to the the other scum’s (theWitchIsDead) post. At least I have sum respect for (theWitchIsDead) he/she tries to be creative no matter how lame ther posts…LMAO

      • @bud…y can’t you mind your business. Don’t get me started. I rather be a SOB that be a B like you. And you know what the B stands for you good for nothing scum bag

  98. I agree about Jordan. She does nothing, no cook, no clean, no convers unless spoken directly too. She hangs out in the hot tub and starees into space. She rode Jeffs wave and now Rachels. I called her a floater. I was corrected by Matt that a floater changed sides, I think that would be a flipper. My 1st BB season, I am in Virginia and this week alone, we have been thru a earthquake, hurricane, and now a BB train wreck. I just can’t seem to get away. ugh………..

    • Flipper..hahaaha!!!! Classic! I think she [Jordan] is sweet but she needs to stop throwing stones-she is doing exactly what she accuses everyone else of doing and in my book that doesn’t make her so nice anymore.

    • I disagree with the definition that a floater is one who just changes sides. The precise reason a floater changes sides is because they can’t win anything to protect themselves and they do nothing, hence they switch sides ever so often. So Yes I believe a floater is one who does nothing as well as switch sides.

      • My definition of a floater is one who does not make any moves and doesn’t get their hands dirty and rides the coat tails of those who do. Jordan did just that. She is a floater in my book.

    • Leo,
      Im shocked you finally giving her credit.
      She been playing the game, but it’s over and she kinda over did it today with the promises.

      • Shelly doesn’t get much airtime from CBS / BB showing nher talking game the way she did tonight

    • Yes but if she stays she’s going to need to win a comp. She won’t get to F3 just by lying & switching back & forth

  99. Kalia does a work out and then goes to the kitchen and fixes herself a big meal…go figure…is that the way to get in shape??

    • The entire point of having endurance comps is to reward Live Feed users… WTF BB?

      Matt (BBN Moderator), Do you have any idea why that Endurance comp wasn’t shown on the live feeds?

      Beth, you are right, none of these players except, Rachel and the three jury members, Brendon, Jeff and Dani would be able to last with the Bb All-Stars from season BB7…

  100. @ andy, shelly is NOT the first to do this!! She is playing a very bad game! I do not like her either! So,, we agree. What she did was wrong. She played a bad game. pure and simple. With respect to you!!

  101. DID I hear it correctly did Shelly actually swear on her child’s life that she would drop in the final competition and let Jordan and Rachel have it and then go immediately in the DR and tell everyone and her daughter that she was lying when she swore on her daughter’s life. OMG, this woman just has no morals whatsoever to swear on your childs life and then say after swearing on her life that you are lying. SHE NEEDS TO GO!! She just sickens me and hope her daughter was not watching tonight to hear her own mother say that.

  102. Did you see the look on Prsha’s face during Rachel’s speech about her and Jordan being nominated…. It looked like Porsha wanted to throw up because it is her fault both Jordan and Rachel are safe…. Like Rachel said to everyone when she removed her and Jordan from the block…. “Game on guys!”

    Go Team Jorchel aka Team Raydan!

    • Does no one remember the game rach played? (last season)??? What shelly did was wrong! She came in this game playing like she LEARNED from past seasons! YES, she did a very wrong thing. So has players from the past, done the same thing! Let us look on who WON last year!! With respect to ya all!!

  103. Rachel and Jordan’s smiles on their face as they sit down and watch Porsha nominate her own alliance is priceless!!! LMAO!!!

  104. I remember Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly in backyard. Jordan says I will be happy if one of us wins the BB game. She may still get her wish. I wonder if Rachael knows about this???

  105. I am sure the jury house is heated up with Jeff and his bad Temper.
    I think they got Jeff out because we were seeing his attitude in the house.
    I still say do not count Porsche out.

    • Porsha and Kalia should not be underestimated…. Kalia is good at Q & A comps and in the last 2 endurance comps finished second…. Porsha has multiple second place finishes in comps…

      • Yes but the next HOH P. can’t play so its going to be all on K. back to win cuz I doubt either Shelly or Adam whomever stays won’t put much effort to win HOH. They both are sticking w/their flopping MO

    • The one thing that Jeff had going for him, he is a strong (physical player) Still he is nothing short but a bully! Like the rest, he tried to play the game. It will be interesting! The one last contest is the next HOH! Then and only then, will game be on! With respect to the real posters!!!

  106. I say what Rachel did was a Big Move too. Winning veto and made the other side put up one of their own…GO RACHEL!!!

    • @andy, a big move? She had no option. She has TAMED down quite a bit since last season. She played a very mean game too! I think she will blow it!!

      • I think R has gotten much better lately. Less emotional and learning to bit her tongue and keep some thoughts to self. If she continues this play I think she will have a shot at winning.

  107. Let me see, who would I vote out??? Adam would get my vote. Because I think Shelly scrambles and kisses butt very well. That is the corporate Bull S___ in her. Disfunctional as it sounds, I like watching her bottom feed.

  108. I still think the duo twist would’ve been better suited if it was HG’s that hated each other….my point being explained as followed:

    Obviously when you bring back players….there are going to be new players who flock to them and new ones wanting them out first. So you already have the newbies who don’t know each other already distrusting each other and now you bring back 6 players, all in duos, who like each other….I know i know D&D hate each other OUTSIDE of the house…inside they know they NEED each other. So the only “friction” that would start to arise would be if one of the vet couples started going against another….hence Dani vs J&J. Now you have the newbies who are so in awe of another player they automatically want to do as they say…..Porsche and Shelly and Kalia in the first week….and because of that the newbies were easily picked off.

    If you brought in people who hated each other back into the house you would make an interesting dynamic as you don’t know are they going to work out or are they going to hate each other and self-sabotage….in my opinion that would have been better than bringing back duos who you know ARE NOT going to turn on their partner vs people who are just meeting for the first time.

  109. My wife brought up an interesting observation re: Shelly.

    Usually during the season players are “truthful” in the DR about their game play. Since Shelly finally admitted she’d stab R or J in the back given the chance it means that she’s been lying ALL season in the DR to the viewers.

    IMO, she’s a worse person than I thought.

    • that’s my issue with ShellHE. denying at the DR that (s)he’s lying. took her long enough to admit it at the DR. At least with Will/Boogie they admit and have fun with it at the DR. Chilltown’s DR btw was hilarious (all star season).

      • Yep.

        ShellHe has been lting to US all season. Some viewers fell for it. I never trusted her.

        I hope s/he goes tomorrow. I am waiting to see the lies she tries to pull on Julie Chen.

        Should be fun.

      • May Shelly was smart enough to realize that maybe the people who houseguests talk to in the diary room share things with other houseguests to get them going at each other. Maybe she was trying not to give the diary room people anything to give her competitors.

    • That is my problem with her as well.
      I also have a problem with her move to keep D over K. And getting caught red handed trying to do it. That is the move she will come to realize that cost her any chance of winning this game. Not her voting Jeff out.

  110. So what heat do you guys think will be happening in the jury house? I think It’ll be dani laughing in jeffs face and then brendon and jeff coming down on her about going against the all these floaters are left. Nothing will make me more happy then to see the look on Dani’s face when one of her little minions walk through the door! Or lord let it be next Thursday!

    • @Vet,

      I think Dani stirs trouble in the house when she tells Brendon about how her and Jeff threw the POV comp to Adam thhat led to Brendon being evicted and reminds Brendon that Jeff voted to evict him….

      Jeff will be into it with Brendon (hopefully not too long), Jeff will also be into it with Dani…. Dani will still have sour grapes about Jeff screwing her and then rub it in Jeff’s face that 2 floaters, Kalia and Porsha got him evicted

      Brendon will also give Dani a hard time by saying he warned Dani that she would be gone next if she evicted him….,

      I can’t wait…..

      • It really did not make a difference when Jeff threw the veto, Brendon would not have had the votes to stay anyway, the vote was 5-1, if Jeff and Jordan voted for Brendon, would have been 5-3, Brendon still goes home. Plus, they both firmly believed Snake Shelly was totally on their side, so they kept her.

      • Brendon wasn’t on the block Adam was and took himself off with veto. If Jeff had won the veto he could not have used it without starting a war with BR. JJAS had a final 4 deal. Shelly was also on the block.

    • I Dani will laugh her butt off when she sees Jeff walk into the jury house and that pisses him off and he looses his cool.

  111. Shelly to Joradan: my only alliance is with my family (but if I have to swear on them so I can get to stay then I will use them 2)
    Straight shooter all the way

  112. Keep bashing Rachel behind her back Shelly. She’ll be the one to boot you out the door tomorrow..along a few others. You can go into the jury house and continue your disgusting game play of lies, deceit and manipulation. See how far that gets you. I have a feeling that you’ll have few friends there. Dani will kiss your grits, the others not so much. They already know how you play your dirty little game.

      • Dani told Shelly that she loved her, while in the house. Maybe now that she’s been hanging with the boys, they’ll compare notes and realize that she cannot be trusted. Shelly will go to the jury house with a bag full of new lies to sway their votes. She’s just that demented and mean.

      • I’m waiting for the lies tomorrow night. I hope Julie Chen has allotted extra time for the lies and tears. LOL!

      • Dani already knew she couldn’t be trusted. I don’t think Dani would have kept her word to S. D was using S to try and stay in the game.

  113. Does anyone know anything about the message during tonites show that said: Thursday’s Episode will be shown at 1:37 am on CBS ?

  114. Jordan to Rachel: just because you get a key doesn’t mean you’re safe. you’re safe after the veto.

    and omg. cowlia is stuffing her face again when J/R came up to the HOH to talk to them.

    • She sure puts it away. The BB food budget is probably through the roof. They might have to take her $5000 back to cover groceries. K, wheres my 5K?. BB,you ate it.

  115. @ dudan dont worry I get it now u must related to Shelly when caught attack and blame it on everybody else

    • LOL. just ignore the troll ellablue

      back to BB: I love the newbies reaction when Rachel won the veto! and cowlia farting during the competition, and porkche saying that she wonders if cowlia was trying to propel herself up with the fart…that cracked me up. I kinda felt sorry for adam when he said ‘I’m too fat’ when he fell.

      • Adam is a minnow compared to Cowlia and fell off first. I’m not sure what he’s up to but he’s gonna be in the F3.

  116. Jordan, Kalia and Rachel talking about the kinkiest things they have ever done and guys have ever done for them…. W~O~W!!! Jordan is talking about kiny sh**….. Interesting huh? LMAO!!!

    They are talking abouta sex site called sexinfo101 . com or sexinfo 101 . org and it talks about thousands of sex positions…. This is an interesting discussion. Turn your viewers on or watch BBAD….. 8:40-8:50 PM BBT on Cameras 1 & 2!

  117. Jordan aqsked Shelly if when they get married, they “do it less” or when they have kids they “do it less”?

  118. Apparently men want sex more from 18-24 but women hit their sexual prime when they get older…

  119. So there I am watching the show tonight…and I hear things from Shelly like ‘my alliance is Tony and Josie’…and compared Jordan staying true to Jeff to her staying true to Tony and Josie while tears rolled…does someone want to remind Shelly that Tony and Josie aren’t in this game? And that Jeff is/was? I’m getting tired of hearing her bring her family into this, and what’s considerably worse, Shelly’s comment about how she ‘absolutely will not let Jeff and Jordan come between her and her family’…what? What does that even mean? That makes absolutely no sense I have no idea what the hell she’s even talking about with that crap. How the hell would they be coming between her and Tony and Josie if she kept them both in the game? I’m sure some of you will tell me to stop trying to understand a sociopath, but seriously maybe somebody can actually see what she means because I’m in the dark with this idiocy. It pisses me off that Jordan actually apologized to her when she didn’t have to after what happened, but that shows what kind of person she is…

    Also, I love how Kalia was pissed off at Porsche for ‘throwing their game away for $5,000’ but the second she learned she also gets 5K she’s all smiles…suddenly it wasn’t a bad move even though it lost them the chance to evict Rachel…hypocrite

    • I know! I was cringing the whole time shellHe was yakking complete with tears. arrrgh. can’t wait for her to get evicted already. as for cowlia and porkche, they’re just really pathetic, acting like they’re so great at challenges and so smart. porkche doesn’t even know where her shoulder is. unbelievable.

      • That’s another thing I’m tired of, those two suddenly acting like they’re amazing players. Kalia in today’s episode talking about Adam and Shelly doing nothing. Ok Kalia, yeah, they’ve won less than you, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done so much. Won two question games and anything you’ve been made to move in, you’ve been horrible at, so get over yourself. Porsche thinks she’s awesome because she kept coming in 2nd before she won…2nd means nothing in this game especially when 2 of the 3 second place finishes weren’t earned. One was a counting game and the other you sat on the sidelines until Brendon won it

    • What Shelly was saying was the people she was playing for were not there with her like the person Jordan was playing for was. A very good point. Shelly spoke about how she wouldn’t let anybody get in the way of what she was fighting for on behalf of her family. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Voting to evict Jeff or Rachel really makes no difference for Shelly, yet people talk about it being a big game move. Yes I agree Jeff only wanted Shelly in final three because he knows both he and Jordan could beat her, but bottom line they would’ve taken her there. Tell me who in the house right now legitimately wants to take Shelly to final three. Plus, she has to have someone take her there because she’s completely useless at competitions. I used to say ok she must be throwing them, but there comes a point, like tonight for example where if she doesn’t win Veto she’s up on the block and likely gone, and she knows it, that she still is the 3rd one out of the competition and didn’t even come close to winning. Now she can forget final three because she’s gone tomorrow and effectively made final six. Yeah, great game move there…

  120. Rachel, Shelly and Porsha all agree if their boyfriends or husband were in the jury house, would they have sex with them… They all say yes…. They all say they will rip their partners clothes off and have sex with them when they hit the hotel room!

  121. Porsche taking a bubble bath then she writes on the wall her final 3 plan: PAJ = Porsche – Adam – Jordan
    INTERESTING!!! ha! no place for Kalia! oh oh
    LOL what an alliance

    • Awesome, I hope she sticks to this because with Shelly going tomorrow (hopefully) Kalia is far and away the number one person I want gone next. I hope this is one more person working against her

      • yeah ha, who would’ve thought that P doesn’t want K in her final 3
        seems she thinks K is a good competitor to get rid of, she only wants the weak
        but as most have said J did well on her season when she won, she was under the radar then outsmarted everyone at the end ( i didn’t watch her season)

      • so P is underestimating the rest
        even A can be going under the radar and just floating to the end
        we only have to wait and see!

      • Thats exactly why I want this to unfold, not only do I want Kalia out more than I want water in a desert, but Porsche riding her high horse and thinking she’s so much better than Adam and Jordan, then having one of them beat her…you say you didn’t watch Jordan’s season, she was in fact capable of winning and she won the final HOH which of course is 3 parts, winning 2 of the parts is saying something…hopefully Jordan wins again and takes Adam, whoops, what happened to your plan Porsche?

      • ahahahahahaha i liked ur ”whoops, what happened to your plan Porsche?”
        both her and K think they are the only smart ones and riding their high horses, it’s gonna a hard fall when they’re brought back to reality!

      • Yep, I can’t wait to see that happen and I’ll keep hoping it does. It’d be beautiful television for me lol

    • All u RJ fans r so full of it. Do you know what u even want from BB. You criticize the ones that play the game, you criticize the sleepers, you criticize the whiners you criticize the floaters yet RJ r the ultimate losers in this game. Wow god only knows what ………………,,,,………………are.

      • why the attitude?
        we didn’t come after u not liking RJ, and were just sharing and agreeing on a point of view
        please keep it simple, no need for the attitude

      • You need to not generalize so much and automatically associate me with all other RJ fans. I wouldn’t want Rachel to win if she wasn’t left with a bunch of players who I don’t respect (Porsche, Kalia, Shelly). I’m picking from who’s left and I don’t have much to work with. My favourites were Brendon, Jeff and I even liked Dani despite her being against those two, because I like competitors, and yes, sometimes I end up liking their allies by association. I for one don’t see Jordan as a floater, and I like Jordan. And I’d rather Rachel win than any of the three I mentioned. Adam I will admit all day everyday that he hasn’t contributed anything, but at least he doesn’t come with a list of annoyances like the other three, by which I refer to other things they’ve done, non-gameplay related, the way they’ve acted, etc.

      • @ MJ
        why do we have to explain ourselves to anyone who starts giving some attitude just because we don’t like the persons he/she supports?!
        (and this is not to explain myself to the other poster but just laying my opinion to you) i’m like u, i don’t like P, K, S or D because of their as u said ”things they’ve done, non-gameplay related, the way they’ve acted, etc.”
        and that doesn’t mean i am with the others and even if i am rooting for someone, no need to bring any attitude on anyone

      • Yea that’s very true, I agree attitude has no place here, I didn’t need to explain myself but I did anyway lol

      • Yeah ok. I’m not asking for anyone to explain themselves I’m just saying the reasons u don’t like dani, porshe, kalia r the same reasons u like JR. OH MY GOD

      • Louis, I don’t think that can be said for me, I don’t like Rachel and Jordan for the same reasons I don’t like Porsche, Kalia and Shelly. I don’t respect Porsche’s comments about forcing abortion (don’t care if she was kidding, it’s not funny) or her contaminating food with Benefibre, or riding high horses for winning one competition, which is one in a long list I don’t like about Kalia. Both also sleep and eat all day long so are boring to watch (glad I don’t have live feeds on all day). Kalia gives up on competitions when she’s tired, talks about throwing a dog against a wall like it’s funny, has disgusting hygienic habits and seems just generally full of herself. Shelly’s level of lying, in my opinion, has gone beyond gameplay. Her childish hiding of people’s belongings and threatening to destroy them doesn’t sit well with me, and I don’t respect constantly bringing up her family to justify her actions in the game. She then goes into the DR (the one place you can confess your lies, nobody’s around) and repeats the lies and actually seems to believe them through her tears…

        I can’t say any of these things are true about Jordan or Rachel, especially Jordan which is the one I said I flat out like. Can you?

      • Edit* I meant to say I don’t like Rachel and Jordan for the same reasons I dislike Porsche, Kalia and Shelly. My bad

      • @Louis
        not at all, i have to disagree with you here cos the reasons we don’t like D, P, K aren’t the same reasons we like JR
        did u ever see them steal anything like the others have done? or planing on ripping their belongings? or planing on throwing a ball to a woman in case she’s pregnant in order to save her an 400$ abortion and so on and on???
        who are they to know if she wants an abortion or not?
        i don’t say R is an angel but she never did or thought of the things the other girls have done, planed or thought of ever doing

      • I like Dani just fine. I didn’t like her game move of trying to backdoor jeff and betryaing her alliance. Jordan and Rachel haven’t betrayed their alliance. So the reason i don’t like Dani is not the same reason I like jordan and rachel.

        I don’t like porsche because she made an alliance with Rachel and got her golden ticket key then when someone else won HOH she floated over to their alliance. Rachel and jordan made an alliance in the beginning and stayed loyal to that alliance all the way through the game. So the reason i don’t like porsche is not the same reason i like jordan and rachel

      • Your rooting interests are better than mine. I humbly bow and now will root how you direct. Cuz, hey, I’m a floater. Thanks!

    • I would be shocked if Porsha turned on Kalia. She would screw herself out of two votes. Dani’s and Kalia’s…. I would rather see Kalia win than Porsha.

      • well that’s what she wrote on the wall
        didn’t u see it?
        i was shocked as well, thought they were tight and in it for F2

      • I don’t think Porsche has the smarts to fathom that though Leo, I also think she believes she can’t beat Kalia for the final HOH which…lol I’m sorry I just find hilarious…and also that Kalia won’t take her if Adam or Jordan, or even Rachel, are with them in final three.

  122. Well Kalia got one thing right – she is definitely in an alliance with people who can’t do anything. She has been all game.

    • Way to go bro u said it like it is but u see Jordan has to cry and Rachel has to whine and everyone melts.

  123. why are the girls not thinking of taking out thier strongest competitors? adam and jordan and shelly have won squat .

    • I remember Kalia taking so much offense when Brendon bluntly told her a long time ago to her face that she was a floater…can anybody say she was anything but a floater at the time? Maybe Brendon lit a fire under her belly because it was only well after his comment that she won anything…two question competitions…

    • Kalia was firmly on the Vet’s side until Brendan got paranoid and accused her of being a floater. I never really saw her as a floater, although she wasn’t playing too hard at the time. Ever since, though, I think she been playing a better game then Adam, Jordan, or Porsche. I’m sorry, but Jordan didn’t start playing the game until Jeff left. Before that, her strategy was riding his coattail.

  124. That veto competition was set up so Rachael would win and keep it interesting. If you remember 1st HOH when they had to hang on the banana Rachael dominated. They did the same competition again except with dummies giving her the edge

    • i only started watching the week after Casey left
      here’s my opinion: maybe the comp benefited R but i don’t think that hanging onto a banana is the same as the dummy, different shape and different way to hang on, so there could’ve been someone else that could’ve been good or better than R but there wasn’t, don’t u think???

      • Your right it is a little different but it was obvious then when everyone else couldn’t hold themselves up she just kept climbing up and wasn’t going anywhere. I think it does make it more interesting that she won, its just a little ironic the one she HAD to win was a competition she already won

    • It is kind of hard not to think it was set up, I admit…my first thought was just about how unoriginal they’re getting, because it really was too much like the first HOH competition…

      • not much creativity regarding comps, wonder why???
        could it be that the HGs aren’t that athletics to take pressure??? not all, maybe because some of them aren’t!!!

  125. I am so sick of people calling Jordan a floater. A floater is someone who FLOATS so align with however is in power for that week. Like Adam being all nice with the vets then going over to the newbies earlier this week then back to the vets after the veto. That is a floater.

    No, Jordan is not a great competitor. This does not make her a floater. She has had one alliance the ENTIRE game that she has stuck to through thick and thin.

    People should learn their terms before bashing people.

  126. Does anybody know if there’s an actual reason why they can’t give the HG a real deck of cards to play with? I used to think they refrained from giving them any form of game or entertainment, but I know a while ago I would see HG’s playing chess. Wondering if there’s an actual reason behind this or if production just likes watching them get creative by turning teabags into cards…BBN Matt do you know? If you’re still awake…

    • It’s copyright laws, if a brand name is on the cards, then royalties have to b paid, same reason they make Adam stop singing songs

      • Actually, I just thought about it…and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen HG’s pull a Sprite Zero bottle out of the fridge without any attempt to hide the logo, plus HOH food/treats like Jack Link’s beef jerky…that was all shown and those are brand names. Plus, I know decks of cards exist without any brand names on them, because I myself own sets that don’t bear brand names, so I’m sure Big Brother could find a deck without one…

    • Well if the award goes to the best player, out of those left in the house, then despite what I or anyone else might think, (emotions aside) how can anyone vote against Rachel. I think this girl has been the online really surviving this game. Sure she had a meltdown but she’s been someone’s target every week, yet she’s still in and still winning comps. I gotta say my heart wants to root for Jordan but I’d have to go with Rachel on playing the best game.

      • yehhhh, rachel,i always go for the underdog.i really like the way she’s playing the game, and i hate the way the others are always talking about her.shelly is the one i can’t stand. she needs to gooooo!

      • She hasn’t been THE target EVERY week. Did you see the first three weeks when she was running around thinking she was Queen of the house?

  127. I hope Rachel and Jordon don’t believe a word that Shelly says I can’t stand that woman I want them to keep Adam but the problem with that he just might get Hoh and don’t want that at all

    • By no means am I saying Adam is a good competitor, or anything close, but I don’t give him just zero credit for the cornhole competition. I agree Dani and Jeff both threw it, but Adam did drain I believe two cornholes, 1-point shots. He got lucky when useless Shelly completely missed the board, and lucky in the final round to hit a 7 when Jeff hit an 8, but he wasn’t useless at the competition. Adam was also right on Jeff’s tail (ha, of course…sorry I had to) in the Veto that Jeff won the week Kalia was HOH, they were in a tight race for 300 points and Jeff edged him. Again, Adam wasn’t useless there either…

      While I don’t actually believe he’s exactly ‘on the cusp’ of an HOH win, let’s just say I wouldn’t be completely shocked, now that the competition has dwindled and the stakes are raising

      • Fianlly someone else can see that Adam still beat 4 other houseguest in that comp even if JEff and Dani did throw it and that just because they threw it does not automatically mean that they would have beaten Adam. Thank you.

        And how could i have forgotten how colse he came to winning the slip n slide behind jeff his alliance member at that time.

      • Exactly Johnny, people are saying Shelly comes closer to winning but forget these two competitions for Adam, and they’re looking at Shelly holding on longer in tonight’s Veto…so falling 3rd instead of 1st is really that much better now? She also stayed up longer in the HOH slalom comp, but again…longer than Adam, but still not close to winning. I’d take Adam over Shelly in a competition anyday, and I say that despite noting and agreeing to Shelly’s minor advantage in endurance comps…

    • if shelly were to stay, she would never keep rachel,maybe even can’t trust her either.she is the worst person i ever saw play this game. for a grown woman with a child she should be ashamed of the way she is behaving.

  128. Jordan’s definitely not a “floater”. She is just not that great of a competitor. Not very bright, and not very athletic. She’s just a nice person, and not a drama queen. She’s harmless, pretty, salt of the earth likable. Every once in awhile, there will be a competition she somehow pulls off, cause her skills are quirky. Rachel is competitive, smart and strong. She deserves to win over all left.

  129. i swear i saw this comp in the first night. am i crazy? didnt rachel win that one too? give rachel pairs, and give her a comp that she already won. this season is trash. no one deserves to win.

  130. Kalia FTW. I hope she honestly wins. Shes the only competitor honestly plays the game seriously now. With all the big shots gone, she deserves to win. I pray every night Rachel and Jordan get sent home though :D Then Adam.

  131. WOw I’m reading these comments saying how the pov was rigged toward RAch. No way, Rachels’ just smart enough to work out everyday, not sit around and eat and motormouth all day. Gotta stay in shape, you know physical comps are part of the game. Jordan better step it up five or six notches, she might be a sweetheart but her game sucks monkeyballs.

    • I was watching the veto comp and saw how easy it was for rachel to pull herself up to re-position while cowlia and porkche can barely hold on. It looked like their butts were dragging them down! So funny! and I agree about Jordan. She really needs to step it up but I don’t think she’ll ever win an endurance comp. Adam said ‘I’m too fat’ when he fell. aww (not an Adam fan btw). ShellHe…irrelevant.

  132. Porsche bringing up that Shelly is flat out ignoring her. Porsche says it was really weird, Kalia brings up that Shelly isn’t ignoring her. Porsche brings up earlier in the day when Porsche and Shelly where in the kitchen and Porsche was thanking Shelly for doing the dishes.. Porsche: “Shelly straight up ignored me.. then rachel walks in and Shelly is talking to her then Shelly leaves again straight up ignores me” Kalia isn’t sure what is going on with Shelly. she adds that their not in lockdown it must be questions she just hopes the questions are the ones she knows.
    Porsche: “Shelly has moved from hating Rachel to hating me.. it’s weird don’t you think” Kalia agrees. Kalia thinks that JR are still very undecided.