Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Monday Highlights

With the veto ceremony right around the corner, the HGs are up early in the Big Brother awaiting to see who Jeff will put up as the replacemnt nominee.  His choice should come to no surprise to anyone and he made a good choice in order to further him and Jordan in the game.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 22, 2011:

11:30 AM BBT – We are back from trivia on the Life Feeds.  Dani is the replacement nominee and Kalia is crying.  Jeff took Porsche off.  He is having a flashback from doing this same thing to Russell.  It didn’t work out too good for him last time.
11:40 AM BBT – Jeff tells Rachel he did this for her and Brendon.  Give me a break Jeff.
12:00 PM BBT – Shelly and Dani talking.  Dani says people are hypocrites (JJ).  Says they are playing personal.  She asks Shelly if there’s anyway she would vote her to stay and Shelly says yes.
12:45 PM BBT – Dani asks Porsche to campaign against Kalia for her.  Says she can’t do it.  Wants her to tell Shelly and Adam that if Kalia wins HoH and puts up Jeff and Rachel and one comes down, one of the two of them are going up because she promised not to put up Jordan.  She tells her that if she leaves to stick with Kalia.  She won’t win unless she does that.
1:45 PM BBT – Adam tells Porsche Dani won’t have the votes to stay.  Says Shelly would never vote to keep her and against JJ.
2:17 PM BBT – Shelly is now campaigning for Dani to stay to Adam and Porsche.  Says none of them would win against JJ.  She wants to keep Dani and flip the house.  I’m not getting my hopes up because a little later Adam says he will vote to evict Dani.
3:00 PM BBT – Adam is going over all the lies Dani has told him with Jeff.
6:55 PM BBT – Dani wants Adam to think he will be the biggest target once she is gone and that it is in his benefit to keep her around.
8:40 PM BBT – Rachel finds beer and wine.  Jeff wonders if the show will start early tonight since Rach will get drunk.
10:25 PM BBT – Jordan and Shelly in HoH.  Shelly says they have to win the next HoH.  She doesn’t like that Dani is calling Jeff a hypocrite and wants to talk to her about it. Shelly also says she can’t beat JJ in the final two.  She wants a guarantee that Rach will be got out soon.
11:30 PM BBT – All of the hg’s except Dani are in the back yard playing with bendaroos having fun and laughing.
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  1. At least Jeff put Dani up — believe me she would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed!

    • So true! Dani wants all of the stronger players gone, so she can coast to the end. She is the biggest back stabber in the house, the way she tried to get Porsche to campaign against Kalia is shameful. I know everyone in the house lies, it’s a game, but most people are loyal to at least one person. Not dear old Dani, she is a snake.

      • I think you have Dani confused with Shelly. Shelly has been playing everyone in the house, telling lies, etc.

        Dani has played a good game and she hasn’t done anything that the other HG’s have done. She should have never trusted Jeff, now she is going home because of that.

        If it is double eviction this week, I hope Jeff or Rach follow her out the door!

      • Otto, Judas is going home because she played a poor game. She turned on her alliance too soon and played emotionally because BR took out her virgin boy toy. Judas is a loser. She is getting what she deserves. BYE BYE JUDAS!

    • I agree. Shelly is the biggest scum bag this year. As much as I want Dani out… I would also settle for Shelly :). If she up for nom that is…

    • I TOTALLY agree! And she sobs and all about how she wants her daughter to not lie and such! GO FEED THE SHARKS, You FISH!!!!!! She’s a BEEEEEEYOTCH!!!

      • I cannot understand how Shelly has gotten away for so long with being the most two faced person and liar in the house. Why doesn’t Jeff see through her. She goes on about integrity and has none. I hate her more than anyone else ever on the show. Can’t figure out how she says she is so smart and has never seen a pear, etc. Has she been living in the back woods of Louisiana in a swamp. She would fit there. Rotten, rotten person – I hope her daughter gets it.

    • Shelly being in the house makes me like Rachel more. I didn’t think that was possible.

    • Rachel is gonna get Shelly, you wait and see. Rachel will chew her up and spit her out. GO RACHEL BABY! MAKE THEM PAY FOR BOOKIE!

  2. DR is messing with everyone’s head to keep Dani, because otherwise CBS has a boring season on their hands. There is no reason for house-guests to kick out the fat slob floater Kaliah, but DR will sway the idiots in the house to do that.

    • I sure hope they don’t sway the house guests to keep Dani. i’ll don’t find her adding anything to the show anymore. The Dani versus Brendon is over and she just has two lazy worthless players on her team. Oh yeah, Dani being in the house is really exciting–not. If Dani left, I guarantee you there will not be much difference and Shelly will become the focal point as she will eventually try to align the newbies against J&J. So, I think there will still be plenty of drama. Also, Rachel may start stepping up and if she wins HOH that should be interesting. I don’t think Dani adds anything to the show at this point.

  3. I don’t get why Adam is so resistant to vote Kalia off over Dani, if he thinks Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will further him in the game he has another thing comming.
    Adam should align with Daniele and Porsche – surely one of them would win HoH on thursday with Jeff not playing!

    Hope Porsche gets an HoH, I want Jeff and Rachel gone!

    • Then you better pray that the next HOH isn’t a mental challenge, or Porsche is screwed.

      • Hmm, I am hoping for a mental based challenge or quiz actually – shes came 2nd or 3rd in every mental challenge she’s played in, so thats not her weakness.

        If Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly coast to final four the next few weeks are going to be very boring… :(

    • I think the newbie’s should vote off Dani and then the 4 of them should align and go after JJ and Rachel. With Jeff not being able to play for HOH this week, they have a good chance of winning. Rachel has not been as strong this year in the challenges. If they can get Jeff out then all the strong players would be gone.

      • This week with the double eviction and Dani on their side if they kept her they would have the votes. Dani would go after Jeff first, then Rachel. All the newbies would have a better shot since they have the votes. That is what Dani is campaigning for and of course she wants to stay. Adam only cares about making top 6 and then everyone is on their own. Does Adam really think he can win with Jeff still in the game? I think not. Even Shelly says they would have to win a HOH and neither has done so yet. Two nights in a row where I had to fast forward BBAD. Boring.

    • Because Adam’s best shot at getting further in the game at this point is to have a stronger player, Dani, go home this week. JJR may not try to get him further, but he has a better shot against Kalia than he does against Dani.

      • Yes! If Adam keeps Dani it will be a bad move. I don’t understand why Shelly doesn’t get it. Keeping Dani will give her power to go until the end, and nobody can beat her at the end. If any of them goes to F2 with Dani she will win. Even if the vets dont like Dani they will vote for her because they are not going to vote for a “floater” which is what they consider every other player over a strong player like Dani. Everyone is saying he needs to make a good move, well this is it. II don’t like, but his best chance is to start getting rid of the strong players. He is at the bottom of both alliences, but he is not the main target in either so who ever is in power, he can work with.

  4. Shelly is the biggest liar in the house..the way she lied about Rachel and swore up and down to stay with JJ…girl has GOT TO GO! I hope Dani goes home and Rachel or Jordan wins HOH and puts up Kalia and Shelly…if one of them wins the veto then put Porshe as a replacement nom.

    • I agree with you. Lets hope it goes down that way. I do not like Shelly. Jordan gives her that phone call to talk to her family and she won’t think twice about throwing her under the bus. She lies non stop and her daughter is watching her lie.She doesn’t know what is the truth anymore. Now you go home Shelly and give your daughter one of those lieing lectures. Yah right!!!!

      • Judas is such a poor loser! This is so great to watch. They talk about Rachel! Judas is the real pyscho! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • I know! Wasn’t she patting herself on the back for getting rid of Brendon? Saying she took out the biggest threat.. And now when it is done to her she acts like it is the biggest betrayal. At least she had a chance to win POV, Brendon didn’t even have that.

    • Anyway you look at it, Brendon was a treat. There is every chance that he wouldn’t have gone thru with the deal he made with Dani and would have voted to keep jeff in the house. Jeff is a true hypocrite, I don’t understand why some of you people here still support him. He betrayed Russell 2 years ago and yet you guys call Dani “judas”. He is judas because he seems to have a habit in betraying, back stabbing and lying.

  5. Shelly’s move is dangerous–but a good game move. If you don’t see it as that, regardless if you like her or not, then you aren’t watching BB. Keeping Dani is the only shot the newbs have having the numbers and breaking up J/J. Adam, Kalia, Porsha will sit on their but and wait for Thursday to “see” if they make HOH. They will never make a game move. They are just sheep following whoever they can. Hopefully they will follow shelly.

    • Thanks for pointing this out Rolo, you are absolutely correct. This could be the only time that they can make a move like this because of the double eviction that they know is coming, but don’t know it this week. Shelly is no idiot, you don’t get to be a high-paid executive unless you’re a bright bulb. I think she talks too much and by doing that risks letting on what she is really doing, but she has the right idea.

      • Stragegies an game moveschange hourly in that house. Many people don’t realize that and get “offended” when Shelly floats back and forth. I think the people that piss Shelly off should be watching the Waltons because they can’t handle Big Brother…the game derived from lies, half truths and backstabbing…not meant for the thin skinned. Relax people…..its a GAME!!

      • Flip the house and Rolo thank you I just said the same thing. Totally agree with you. If Adam would wake up that definitely would be there best move by keeping Dani. Dani will do the hard work and get Jeff and Rachel out. They will all be playing on their own and have the same equal shot. More of a shot than keeping Jeff and Rachel.

    • I just don’t understand why you need to keep Dani to flip the house?? Dani is the only player left who can win every type of competition. Shelly can’t win crap but she can sell it like no one else. Get rid of Dani, flip the house on the next HOH, and Shelly will be in charge of the Newbies and have the numbers. That is the correct game move.

      • For 2 reasons. Dani CAN win comps and it will add to the newbs numbers. They will then outnumber the vets. Good stategy and simple math.

      • Yeah, but Dani has the best chance at winning it all. If she goes to the final 2, she will win.
        Against Rachel: WIN, no doubt.
        Against Kalia: Win, Dani has played the game way better and Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, JJ would vote for her.
        Against Porsche or Adam: Win, they’ve done nothing in this game.
        Against Shelly: Win. Brenchel will never vote for Shelly. K/P would vote for Dani.
        Against Jeff or Jordan: These are the only two with a shot to beat Dani. And actually, probably only Jeff.

        Keeping Dani makes no sense for any of the HGs except Porsche. Jeff is easier to beat in a chellenge than Daniele, in my opinion, mainly because Dani is well rounded in both mental and physical comps. Jeff usually only has a leg up on physical.
        If the newbies wanted to break up JeJo, they missed their best shot. Now, I agree that none of them have a chance if JeJo are both still in the game, but Dani is the threat they can get rid of right now, and they need to do that, then set their sites on breaking up JeJo.

  6. It’s good to know that Shelley is not a sheep after all following blindly behind Sir Jeff and Her Airness.

    Anyone but JJ for the win.

    • You’re right, Shelly isn’t a sheep. She is a bottom feeder, running back and forth lying to anyone who will listen, all while crying about how important it is to not lie. ???? Not understanding that one.

      • That’s easy to understand….

        She’s playing the game of Big Brother, what else do you need to know?

      • She’s playing a very dirty game of Big Brother. The game can be played without the dirty tricks. If Shelly thinks she’ll have any after BB friends, she’s crazy. She’ll have an interesting time convincing her outside contacts and friends when she’s lying and when she’s not.

      • At least Shelly is getting into the game. She isn’t physical enough to win comps, but she doesn’t sit on her bottom and do nothing. Earlier she influenced Kalia in her selection of noms., she has lied like a bandit throughout and now she is making this week interesting instead of just throwing Dani out. This girl is really playing the game like it should be played. With the program having couples to start, it created alliances and made it hard for people (newbees) to get things going. Also I am against production giving even the slightest suggestion to the HGs on what stratagy to use.

      • She’s smarter than all the others. She’s playing the game, but like I said, it’s a dirty game…

      • Again I agree with Flip the house and bob. I did not like all her running back and forth in the beginning, but she is playing in a way to further herself and much like some of the great all time BB champions.

      • Running back and forth to the opposing sides in killer game play and maximizes the social play for the game!

        Last night Jordan told Shelly, everyone in the house sees her as a Mother figure. Jordan is absolutely right! Shelly has been brilliant in staying likable to all HG’s, one and all! Everyone likes her because she has played the Hell out of the social game! If Shelly could pull off a house flip and keep Dani, Shelly could practically guarantee herself final 3!

        Final 2 is a hard call for anyone to make, even now.

  7. Can’t wait for the house to find out Shelly the sleeze is a sleeze.Thought i would never find someone i wanted out more than the RACH but the Shell wins.What a true scumb bag GRRRRR!!!

  8. I want Kalia out. I want Daniele out to but I dislike how she plays the game. Porsha and Kalia will just coast like Adam and Shelly when Daniele is gone.

  9. Doesn’t anyone see if Jeff or Jordan win the whole thing that will be the 2nd time for Jordan and Jeff already won $15,000. Let someone else win for a change.

    • If Shelly stays with Jeff & Jordan…who she personally adores…the best she can get is 3rd place. She needs to break off and make a game move. People are having a hard time with the “GAME”. I dont want to watch people lay out, play pool and eat all day long! Lets stir it up!!!

      • Where have you been Rolo? I agree with every comment you have made so far and finally someone who sees it the same way I do. I have had to fast forward through BBAD because they are so boring when the house is not being stirred up.

    • I understand where you’re coming from and know this argument is made often, but I disagree that the money should go to someone else just because Jeff won some money in comps and Jordan has already won. As of now, I don’t think Jordan has done anything to deserve the money; I could see Jeff deserving it, but time will tell. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that, IMO, it doesn’t matter if someone has already won money. If it was a contest of who needs the money most/who doesn’t have any money already, we could just give it to the person with the least in the bank at the very beginning and there would be no need for a show.

    • Wonder if Dani has any of the $50.000.00 remaining that she won??? HMMM HMMM Maybe she should be given the boot as well..

      • Good point…I hate how everyone says it wouldn’t be “fair” for JeJo to win anything because they have won before, yet most of those making that argument fail to acknowledge the fact that Dani has won $50,000 before. Bottom line is, it is a game, the whole point is to win some cash and prizes.

    • @Karen, If that were the case, why should they even be there? I dont care for JJ, but previous winnings should have no effect on who wins this yr. We could apply it to everything. So and so already won the super bowl, so they cant go. This team already won the world series, dont let them have it.

  10. I agree with you all! And in terms of BB production getting in ppl’s ear…if they think that the newbies are too boring and Dani must stay THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE CASTED MORE INTERESTING PEOPLE! Kalia…smh.

    • I completely agree. I get that it is the producers jobs to spike the ratings, but they are going about it in a very unfair way.

      They most obvious answer is the casting, but also, look how they handled the Brendon/Lawon re-enter battle. It would have been such better television to have them do a comp outside of the house, then show all the HG’s faces when Brendon (or whoever, really) walked back through the door and retold the story. It was so apparent that Lawon had no shot of winning that comp, and it made bad TV.

      My point, in short: Stop leading the HGs down trails they wouldn’t naturally go down and work on doing you jobs in a better way. There is no way Shelly is a good enough player to put the game ahead of her undying love of JeJo and flip the house. I have no doubt the producers are interfering indirectly or at the very least planting seeds in the players minds.

  11. i hope they do flip the votes! i hope Dani stays. she’s not afraid to make big moves! stupid ass newbies! they have to votes to turn the house upside down. they NEED to break up JeffJo!!

    • Of course she isn’t afraid to make big moves. This is why Jeff is pulling a big move himself, by pulling off a relative non-threat and putting up a big threat to his game.

      • @Hoops McCann you don’t think Jeff and Jordan aren’t happy that Dani got Brendon out? They are extremely happy that Dani did the dirty work for them. They would have had to do it themselves at some point. They are just stringing Rachel and the newbies along. They are only looking out for the two of them. Since Jeff is the only one out of the two that can win comps I know for their game they are thrilled Brendon is gone.

      • Maybe, sure why not? I know that they’re glad she put up Brendon instead of Jeff. That still doesn’t change the fact that Jeff knows Dani is gunning for him. She has said as much. My post has nothing to do with what happened to Brendon.

      • Gail, you’re basically saying that Jeff played BB well.. What’s wrong with having another player take out a huge threat, then you taking out that player? Isn’t that what Will basically did both his seasons? It’s called game play, and as much as I like watching Dani compete, everything that is happening to her this week is fair.

      • Team Dani here, but if Jeff hadnt put her up he would have been dumb as Lawan. I wanna kick his butt for getting rid of my girl, but I dont blame him one bit. He knows she can beat him in most comps and wont kiss his butt like the other HGs, so he is doing what he should do.

  12. I guess Shelly fails to realize she can’t win against anyone, except maybe Porsche. I find it hilarious that she is trying so hard to flip the house. The last time she did this, just 2 short weeks ago with Rachel, she was successful, but look how she feels about that now…I hope she’s the next one to leave on Thursday.

  13. Adam is a complete waste!! Does nothing, Porshe is a complete waste!! Does nothing, Jordon is a complete waste!!!!!!!! Does nothing. Kalia does about as much as Jordon (She hangs on Danis tail as does Jordon on Jeffs). Rach is a disaster!!!!!
    Production is a complete waste!!! STAY OUT OF THE GAME!!!! And the people on this sight sound like the world is going to end with the results of this show. THIS IS A GAME, IF YOU DON’T LIE, YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS GAME. Backstabbing, lying, comps., alliances and every other dirty thing is what the game is about. IT’S A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Shelly is more clever than Matt last year with his major lie that got him booted out of the house. She is the new Matt as she’s using her daughter as her lame excuse for having “integrity”. No-one is catching on. If they are, they’re afraid of her wrath. She totally knows how to mouth off to everyone. They all cower around her. She will absolutely make it to the final 2. No-one has the guts to vote her out.

  15. Dani has played a better 2nd half. However aligning herself with k/p I don’t know if that was smart. As far as k/a/p/s they have the numbers to have a chance to win bb but there too busy riding coat tails and they need to win hoh.they have the power but do they have the game play to do it? I do feel lying is wrong but it’s a game.

    • If Dani stays I think all the newbies have a better shot. She will go after first Jeff, then Rachel. If Jeff and Rachel stays they will most likely be picked of one by one. A lot of people who are saying that Dani played a horrible game even Brendon respected Dani’s game play in his interview.

  16. Does anyone have an inkling on how the double eviction will work this week? Thursday can’t come fast enough — I wonder who the two will be to go home and what’s great, is the house guests don’t know about the double eviction — can’t wait to see how this all shakes out.

  17. What will the 3 have-not trash talkers have to talk about once Rachel is out of the house? OMG. They have no other conversations other than to bash bash bash. Poor pitiful humans.

  18. Shelly’s garbage shows how jordan and jeff made a mistake with getting rid of Brendon – once dani is out, shelly has to be next shes just ugly

  19. oh double eviction !!! So there will be another HOH competition and they will literally have minutes to nominate two people and they will vote again!! Love BigBrother, lets just hope the double eviction gets the boring (Porsche and Adam) out of the house

  20. Get the looser floaters out of the game!!! Lets get it on with a real game of people to compete to win!! You gotte bring it on it’s boring!!! The floaters need to pick up there A game or be gone!!!

  21. I really like your articles Chloe, and I am really happy you no longer say lol at the end of your sentences, it looked really unprofessional! But I love your articles in general, but please don’t make it a bit too biased towards one side! It is a bit too opionated and most people don’t like that! Keep that in mind :) But thanks for going to the effort of making this article I read your articles every day they are released!

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