Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 7 PoV Ceremony Results – Updated

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in Big Brother 13 and the results are sure to ruffle a few feathers both in the house and in the audience. Things should be pretty interesting in the house and on the Live Feeds for the next few days so stay close by and keep an eye on the house. This should be good!

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Jeff, decided to use the Veto and remove Porsche from the block. Daniele was named as the renom.

Either Daniele or Daniele Kalia will be evicted on Thursday and become the second member of the Big Brother 13 Jury.

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There are five potential votes out there for Thursday night. No chance of a tie. Let’s see what happens! Don’t forget, Thursday is Fast-Forward event!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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Update: Really important game talks going on this afternoon on the Live Feeds. Flashback to 2:16PM BBT for Shelly trying to flip Porsche and Adam to keep Daniele. Then another important talk between Adam and Shelly at 2:36PM BBT. Shelly really wants to keep Daniele, but Adam is pushing back hard and is very concerned of the danger. Turn on your Live Feeds and listen in now!


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      • BYE BYE JUDAS…So ends the story of the most over rated player in BB history! The great one ends up SECOND on the jury! GO RACHEL! WIN IT FOR BOOKIE!

      • How can you be sure of the vote. I’m worried that Adam, Shelley and Porsha will vote to keep Dani. Did Jeff make a deal to save Porsha in exchange for her voting Dani out?

      • Hopefully Kalia exits this week either intially or as a double evictee. The game and BBAD will automatically get better.

    • Shes better than Jeff and has won twice as many comps as him. Best Big Brother player in history. So shut it.

      • 100% CORRECT MARA. SAID NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. strangely enough my bestfriend is named mara. aint that something

      • I would say there are at least 12 other players better than she is, since she only came in second in her original season. There you go, it is shut!!!

      • Twice as many? In both of each of their seasons combined or just this one? In just this one, Jeff has 3, she has 2. In 2 seasons each (or 1.5) she has 9 and Jeff has 6. More, but not twice as many

      • Best BB player in history? You’re kidding, right? She aligned herself with worthless people, made too many power moves early on which resulted in a huge target on her back.
        How can you compare her to the likes of Dr. Will, Janelle, Nakomis or even the other Danielle? Sure, she can win comps (but let’s be serious, look at who her competition was most of the time…) but her strategy is pretty much non-existant. Saying she is the best BB player ever is laughable and honestly, ruins your credability if you think that.

      • But you guys honestly think jeff is a better player than her. I THINK NOT! And his girlfriend just sits around and does NOTHING! And so what she won 1 HOH. (It was thrown to her btw.) We all have our opinions. Its just mines right.

      • Disagree, she is stupid. She ruined her alliance, which couldve been the best in BB history. There was no point in telling Brenchel that they should nominate JeJo so early in the game, she couldve atleast told Brenchel to put Kalia and Lawon up week 3 and have Dominic stay in the game.

      • By the way Mara, and every other person commenting on her post….Dan from BB10, the winner ofcourse, is the best player in BB history. Who else can make so many enemies (Jerry, Ollie, Michelle, Jessie, April)
        yet win on a 7-0 vote.

      • she is one of the best ever. not THE best ever. nobody ive seen has the knowledge of the game week after week then she does. nobody plays the game like she does this season. she plays it WIN. she doesnt play for second, she plays tin win.

        she has 9 wins in two seasons. actually 9 comp wins in 1 season in like 3 weeks. if thats not amazing, i dont know what it is.

        she’s the lebron of big brother. especially this season. best player on the court/in the house. will uterly shet on u all day everyday. plays to win. but comes up short in the end.

      • not really. being evicted especially with her doesnt show how great she is. its the ppl left in the house that did her in because u know, they are trying to ride the JJ towards the end.

        she is the best player in the house, doesnt mean she would win.

      • I’ve got to say, I think that Dr Will is the greatest player in BB history, with (cringing) Evel Dick second. Dr Will intentionally never won a comp, and is the only person on the block to tell everyone prior to the vote that “I hate every one of you” and still stayed in the house. He is a master manipulator, master of machinations however, I think he comes in second to Jordan in the Social aspect of the game.

      • jordan has no ounce of a social game. she is packaged as a nice cute sweetheart so nobody wants to put he rup because of it. she doesnt have a social game. its non existent. she doesnt even talk to half the ppl in the house.

      • Abt Dani wins, how many in her season did she actually win? or did Evel DIck give them to her? from what I remember fromher season she sucked and rode on her daddys shirt tales to the end, and who else would u take to the end but your daughter that no one liked? everyone thinks Dani is the greatest. hav u been watching Sho2 after dark. Dani and Shelly hav to be some of the worst HG of BB.. just my opinion

      • I don’t want to get into a p***ing contest with you Marcus, becuase frakly we agree an everything except this, but I really do think Jordan has a great social game. Let’s just agree to disagree

      • @Mara, Jeff is a better player. Look who’s going to jury….Dani not Jeff. And Jordan hit the ball in the 3rd slot, knowone hit it for her. She also won luxury comp and she also won $500,000.

      • Whoawhoa Marcus and Team Dani fans…

        You are being carried away…

        Lets talk about comps…

        Janelle holds all the records

        She won 4 HOH’s in 1 season
        She won 5 Vetos (tied with Dani) in one season

        She won 9 comps in one season

        By the way, Janelle did alll this during BB7 with all the BB All Stars we name as greats in the game. Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Nakomis and Danielle as well as the Veto King at that point James from BB6.

        Janelle is the best comp player of all time

        Danielle from BB3 has the best social game of all time

        Mike Boogie and Dr. Will have the best alliance with Chill Town of all time

        Dr. Will Kirby is the best BB player of aqll time

        Dani won’t even make the jury if and when she is on Big Brother All-Stars 2

      • She deserves to win for what? Choosing to pick a new alliance when she had the best spot in the house? Getting Dominic evicted because she can’t keep her mouth shout? Trying to backdoor Jeff at the worst time? Aligning with the worst two players she could (K&P)? … Yea, best player ever!

      • it was dominic that blew up the plan. he told shelly, which then was told to which then was told to BR when they acted like they didnt know about the plan.

        she didnt choose the ppl she was with, BR backed out of the deal like punk asses, and she had no choice but to align her self with crap.

        she was never in the best spot. matter of fact she was in the worst spot because she was the easiest to target out of the 5. she didnt have anyone to back her up because BR/JJ have said they would have let her go

      • Why not??? They play this game with some class unlike other players. Yes they lie which everyone does but they do not act like little spoiled brats like Dani, Kalia, and Porche. And they don’t try to be cruel to other people on purpose like some of the other people.

      • Marcus, dont u get it yet??? Some people will defend J and J and their actions no matter what. Jeff can bully, threaten whatever and some will say he has just cause. Dani or Rachel can do it and its because they are mean, vile people.

      • Well Mara, Marcus and Becky I agree with all of you 100%. Dani did all the hard work for Jeff by getting rid of Brendon. Unfortunately, she had to do it twice because of the stupid twist. Jeff makes one move by putting up Dani and all at once he is the best player ever. They all lie, every single one of them and I don’t think Jeff has done it with class at all.

    • YES! YES! YES!GO JEFF! Now go get that witch out of the house where she belong, she tried to make a power move now im glad is coming back to bite her in the ass!

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Go Jeff!im so happy that witch is going where she belongs, out of the house!! she tried to make a power move and it has come back to bite her in the ass!

  1. Ahhhh, I’ve been waiting for this day! Goodbye Daniele~ Have fun in the jury house with Brendon!

  2. 5-0 to evict Dani

    Porsche-Goes with majority

    Let’s hope Kalia joins her Thursday. Isn’t the Double eviction earlier then normal?

    • It’s going to be 5-1. Porche will stick with Dani I think. She should know that nothing she can do now will save her except to win, or try to get a kalia, Adam, Shelly alliance, which she doesn’t have the capacity to do.

      • Don’t think Porche will vote to evict Kalia when Kalia will be staying. That wouldn’t be a very smart move. 5-0 Dani goes.

  3. its the best move for jeff and its a great move to make but F jeff. he’s an a-hole and his word means nothing.

    yea yea yea daniele tried to BD week 3. so what. its the game. she helped u out twice since then.

    and jordan is just sitting up there on a free ride…. once again. atleast jeff is winning stuff and making POWER moves. what the hell did she do? what has she ever done? and the panthers suck lol.

    too bad dani is gone. the numbers game caught up with her and her gameplay which was perfect for about 80% of the season wasnt the right kid of gameplay for the ppl in the house this season.

    shows the best player doesnt always win. well matter of fact. sad but true.

    so i guess now im pulling for…. ummmm… nobody. nobody in the house except jeff deserves to win now and i dont like jeff. but it will be interesting to see how his alliance falls apart.

    • How did she help Jeff out twice? This is a false notion that a lot of people try to bring up, she only didn’t go after Jeff because ‘zombie’ Brendon was still around. She was always about going after Jeff as soon as Brendon was gone. She didn’t do Jeff any favours or show any good faith or anything. She’s getting what she deserves for trying to backdoor Jeff too early, and for all the arrogant comments when she was on top. Long way down, isn’t it

      • @MJ So what she tried to back door Jeff? It called game, it is unfortunate that the house is filled with idiots this season, who don’t know anything about game play. Jeff isn’t that great either he is a major opportunist and floater. He couldn’t win jack when stronger competitors where there, but that he is left with women and an old man he start winning what a shame.
        What goes around comes around. The same floaters he has flocking around him, will get rid of him and Jordan soon

      • @dudan, Yep it’s called a game that’s why Jeff backdoored Dani. Great move on Jeff’s part. So it looks like the idiot is walking out the door on Thursday. LOL

    • @Marcus: you are a sore loser. and jordan was hoh when cassi was voted out.. you can argue that jeff and brendan *gave it* to her.. but since they didn’t really try – we’ll never know! but really? dissing her hometown NFL team is a little above and beyond ridiculous. just proves that YOU are the loser and not Jeff.

      • teresa ur the loser. obviously im just having fun poking at her football team. i mean they do suck tho, they had the first pick of the draft did they not?

        anyway rachel controlled jordan’s HOH. she really did. but i think that was kinda smart by jordan actually.

        how am i a sore loser? its great move by jeff. doesnt mean i have to like him. i give him credit where its due. he deserves credit. he made a great move.

      • you would be the sore loser because you are hurling personal attacks at people playing a game.

        I personally don’t like how Porshe plays the game, but you don’t see me up here with all kinds of attitude and dissing her personally.

        and FYI, a bad season does not make a football team suck. a football team that never wins more than 5 games a season – would be a different story. :)

    • the so called “best” BB player and her alliance used a total of 3 HOH’s just to get 1 person out. Yeah way to Go…

      • not her fault kalia is a joke. she got out brendon. america voted him back, she cant control that. AND SHE GOT HIM OUT AGAIN the week he came back.

    • I think this has a chance to be a bad move for Jeff because he can’t play this week and Jordan sucks at comps so that just leaves Rachel Porsh and Kalia with the best chance to win HOH next week.I think Kalia or Porsh either one will put Jeff and Jordan up and I think Rachel would be a fool not to if she wins if she could get Jeff out of the house who is going to beat her.I do not like Rachel at all but I believe this opens up the door for her more than anyone she needs to get porsh back on her side and go after jejo because she is just the third wheel with them. As much AS I have disliked Brenchel this last to season I would much rather see her win than anyone left especially Jeff.

      • My only pleasure from Dani going to jury this week is if whoever wins HoH gives Big Jeff a ride with her.

    • With Brendon and Dani out of the game, all eyes are probably going to be on Jeff. So Marcus you might be seeing him go right after Dani. And the thing about Dani helping Jeff out. She sent Brendon home, who is a part of Jeffs alliance. And when Kalia had put up Jeff and Rachel, Kalia and Dani couldnt have cared less if Rachel won the veto that week and Jeff had gone home.

    • marcus i agree with u! i didn’t even fully watch the first eps until dani made her move and made the show exciting.. she made a ballsy move and i cheer her for that…

      oi jeff way to go back on your whole argument about getting rid of floaters… dani never made such an argument but was dumb to think she could trust you

    • I don’t get how people say certain people are liars and certain people’s word means nothing. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE HOUSE HAS LIED AND MADE PROMISES THEY DID NOT KEEP. It’s BB. I am about who plays the smartest and sometimes lying is the only thing that gets your further. So who gives a crap.

  4. I think it was the smart thing to do.

    If Daniele won the next HOH, Jeff would be gone for sure…

    Question is… will he make it through the double eviction??
    hope so!!

      • First, Jeff is not a bully,he is playing the game. Everyone seems to forget that. Everyone and been talking about everyone. It’s Dani’s fault she went against the alliance that she had with Jeff, Jordan and Rachael. But she did and that was her first mistake. With Dani out, (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) rotten apple that is. Jeff and Jordan should stay aligned with Rachael right to the end. Jordan can win when she needs to so this next HOH might not go to the floaters at all. Hoping that Rachael will kick ass and fight for the 3 of them also. It would be an amazing game without the newbies in there. That’s all I have to say about that. Except, when looking back on BB, Will was the best player, we still laugh at what he did and the laughs he had telling people to vote him out, put him up, all the time and they just didn’t. He so deserved to win that season and for best player ever in BB house.

  5. It will be so great when Danielle stays and then sends Jeff home on the double eviction night!

  6. Dani and Kaliah in the Have-Not Room crying!! Now you get a chance to feel what Brendan felt. She’s sobbing about it’s the worst birthday week ever!

  7. Love him or hate him, he made the only logical decision. Good call Jeffers. Hey, Dani made her bed when she gambled at the beginning. It could have worked out, but it didn’t. It also hurts when you (strong player and competitor) align yourself with weaker players. At some point, you need someone to help protect you….Kalia and Porsche just couldn’t cut the mustard…and they even helped one of their own out the door (Lawon). Total breakdown for team Dani. I don’t think she’ll hold a grudge for long though, she knows she screwed herself.

    • As much as i hate him, Jeff has played this season well. Sadly, he’ll be gone soon and a terrible player will win. Jordan the blonde barnacle is headed for another final two. When they announced the returnees i was worried about the season and when Dick left I knew it would suck.

  8. Too bad…gonna be a snoozer from here on out. While I don’t particularly like Daniele as a person, I still think Jeff, Daniele and Rachel are the only ones that are really playing the game. BTW, I can’t stand Rachel as a person.

    Anyway…guess I’ll tune in finale night to see Jeff and Jordan as the final two. No need to watch til then, we all know that no one else in the house besides the 3 have a backbone. And Jordan…go play with your hair while Jeff plays the game for you.

  9. Woah! Something must be wrong, because someone actually did a strategically smart move this season.

  10. I looooove how Jeff and Jordan are like “Oh our word’s good in this game, we never lie”, then they tell Dani that she’ll be safe then put her on the block. Your word’s good? Really?

    Jeff’s jsut panicking because he know’s Dani’s a far better player than he is. She’s won more things, hands down, and had the winner of her season been based on who played the best game/won the most comps, it should have been her. Wtf has Jordan done in her season or this? I loooove how Jeff paraded the orignal nominations as “oh, these players hadn’t done anything”. Shelly hasn’t won anything, and Adam only won because Jeff and Dani threw the comp for him. If you’re going to put someone up, at least be honest at it.

    I’m just hoping that when it’s time for America to vote someone back in, that Dani will be chosen. That or Jeff or Jordan follows her to the jury house this week. This was an INSANLEY stupid move on Jeff’s part, and it only increases the target on his back.

    • Insanely stupid move…really? Or are you just an upset Dani fan? I see this as the strongest/best/smartest game move for Jeff, but I can see how you can disagree, think it’s not the best move, but insanely stupid is a stretch. There’s no chance Dani wasn’t going after him if she stayed, even if Jeff didn’t break any part of the ‘deal’

      • she broke before he did she told kalia if she wins hoh, although jeff won, to put jejo…so she wasnt going to keep her end of the deal anyway she just got a taste of her own meds! Peace out Dani!

      • Nope, I’m not an upset Dani fan. I hate her in her season. =] Earlier today Jeff was having a long monolouge about how he needed other threats in the house. Dani is the biggest threat in the house, eveyrone else was going after her. She odviously wasn’t going after him, or he would have put him up last week, either pre veto or post. Rachel was gunning for Dani since she got rid of “her man”, and if Dani wasn’t on the block, she’d go after a floater or Kalia and Porsha. Everyone else in the house wouldn’t go after Jeff and Jordan because no one can stand Rahcel, too.

      • The argument that she “obviously” wasn’t going after Jeff makes absolutely no sense. She got the person she was previously going after (Brendon) evicted. I thought it was pretty obvious that Jeff was her next target.

        It also annoys me when people talk about how great a player Dani was during her original season. She did well at HoH comps, but a big part of the reason she survived that season was that she and her father helped her out. Additionally, if it weren’t for America’s Player, Dick wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as he did. It’s odd how people seem to forget this.

      • No, if she was going after Jeff he would have been placed on the block regardless. That way if her number one choice wouldn’t have gone, then Jeff would still be there.

        Dani was a greta player because she was able to win as many things as she did. Alliances are what this show is built on, it’s this season’s “twist”. You can’t win Big Brother alone, so they’re always someone to help you out.

      • I disagree that she would have placed his on the block regardless. It made the most sense for her game to go after the person she perceived as the strongest player (Brendon) and not to make it appear as if the next strongest player (Jeff) was her next target. It would be horrendously bad game play to upset two strong players, knowing that one of them would definitely be staying.

      • And yes, alliances are what the show is built on (thanks for explaining that to me; I never could have gotten that without you!). However, her alliance with ED was built-in; it’s not one she made on her own. Additionally, my point was that the alliance that carried her would have been evicted early on were it not for America’s Player.

      • Jeff and Brandon have been going after her since week 3, so it wasn’t like it would have mattered if she put him on the block or not, because he was still going after her. It would have been better to ensure that someone was going home.

        No problem on the update. =] You odviously weren’t aware of it, with your implcation that she wasn’t a strong player because her father helped her out. With the exception of Jeff and Jordan [because Jordan’s utterly useless], there isn’t a single alliance who hasn’t been saved in a major way by someone else.

      • That actually wasn’t my implication. My implication was that she wasn’t a strong player for a variety of reasons, one of them being that someone basically carried her to the end and that America carried that person to the end (had America’s player not voted for ED to stay, he wouldn’t have been there to carry her). It’s interesting how you have ignored the other points I’ve made and continue to attempt to hammer home one point.

        And she even directly stated that she was still after Jeff and chose not to put him on the block because she thought she could possible make him go after he less. I’m not sure why you’re saying she wasn’t going after him when she has explicitly stated more than once that she was.

      • Anyway, it is clear that we are never going to agree. I don’t think Dani is a bad player at all, I just don’t think she’s among the top ten or so greatest players ever, like many people like to claim. I’m out for the day as I have a ton of other much more important stuff to do (as I’m sure you do, too). Enjoy watching on Wednesday and Thursday! Perhaps you’ll get your wish and Team Dani will avenge her eviction during the Fast Forward week.

    • Hey Danny talk to Jeff prior veto ceremony and he said he would consider wwhat she said she then proceeded to the have not room and said if I am staying I am going to get him out
      She never had the intention to keep her word Jeff never gave her his

      • Sweetheart, I’m not talking about her word, I’m talking about his. Jeff and Jordan would be the first to tell you that they’re super honest players, and that they never lie, but there they are lying. It’s a game, whatever, I know that, but don’t go on and on and on about whaat honest people/players you are when you’re going to turn around and do exactly what you said you wouldn’t.

      • I know everyone lies, but when Jeff and Jordan are constatly throwing their “honestity” in everyone’s faces as the reason why they’re suprioer people/players, it’s annoying. It’s hyprotical.

    • Let me get this straight… your logic, he should not try to get out a stronger player than himself, when he has the chance?

      Hey, I have a bridge I want to sell you…interested?

      • hey it came straight from the horse’s mouth! he told dani to get rid of the floaters when he was on the hot seat…

        obviously you try to get rid of the stronger players first.. but not when it’s jeff according to jeff

      • @Essie: Of course he said that! It’s called covering your butt. He told Jordan he’d tell Daniele/Kalia that he wanted to go after floaters so they’d relax around him and not go after him. His intent was always to deceive them about that so he could survive long enough to evict Daniele.

        Welcome to Big Brother.

      • No, by my logic he should keep a bigger target in the game then he is. Just a few hours ago he was freaking out over the double eviction that he knows is coming up and how important it is to have someone else for the other houseguests to go after. Everyone is gunning after Dani, then Rachel. Keeping them both in the house would deflect attention from Jeff, keeping him safer for a few more weeks.

        Condecending comments just take away from yuor argument. =]

      • @matt: yeah but he shoulda taken it like a man like brendon.. no need to go and run around getting all huffy and puffy at adam, lawon et al that they’re floating and should actually do something blah blah.. but his bully scheme worked i guess as it seemed to scare them silly and either follow him (adam) or do something spontaneously stupid (lawon).. i’m hoping porche wins HOH and nominates him, now that would be hilarious

  11. Dani going to jury what a great day it will be lets see if she throws kaliah under the bus futher. she will make so may promises it will make u sick

  12. Perfect! Dani is so insincere and fake in the way she interacts with people. I do not see how anyone would trust her – let alone play the game with her.

    In fact in comparison to Rachel, Dani scowl more by far. That glare she gives people is just obnoxious.

  13. go dani go dani go danigo………………..would anybody else like to see boston rob on the show???

  14. Saku u must be nuts dani would lie every chance she got . she wouldnt have kepy jeff and u know it it was a good game move

    • No, actually I’m not nuts. =] I’m not talking about Dani lying, I’m talking about Jeff and Jordan’s lying. I mean, when they’re saying the whole game how they’re honest players and blah blah blah, they’ll never lie, and then they LIE, that’s what I’m talking about. Way to go, on going back on thier “good word” that they hold so dear to them.

      • Thats part of the game play genius, to get others to believe the crap thats spewing from your mouth.

      • That’s Big Brother, it’s true, but since Jeff and Jordan likes to act like they’re santiley and perfectly honest people, it’s annoying. It just shows that they’re not the wonderful people that they put out to be.

      • Saku,

        JeJo are loyal players at the beginning of the game. BTW, so is Rachel. But toward the end, you’ve got to get the threats out of the house. Dani was disloyal from the very beginning. Had she just gone to her original alliance, the vets, and said hey, all of you have parterns I want a partner too. I’m SURE they would have allowed her to keep Dom. But, instead of being straightforward, she came out of the gate lying and manipulating. She would be in a MUCH better position now had she remained loyal to the vets and kept voting out the newbies. Even Evel Dick is going around talking about how screwed up her strategy was.

      • Saku,

        Actually Jeff has said his word is gold to those who have not crossed him or lied to him, so Dani gets what she deserves….

      • jeff said he wouldn’t put her up and he didn’t she had the chance to win veto and she didn’t he kept his word he never told her that he wouldn’t rename her or backdoor her

      • The person that lies the best in this game is The Best. It’s a lying game.
        There were only about three players that were athletic this year (so they win a few HOH/POV comps. But it is the person that can lie (convincingly) the best that is the best player.

    • @Angi.
      Jeff and Jordan are loyal players who lie to those they make promises to when it best suits them. Dani might have jumped the gun in dropping her alliance, but had she pulled it off it would have been a good move for her. The newbies would have been on her side for getting rid of the bigger threats. This still does not subtract from the fact that Jeff and Jordan are still lying, when they’re always like “Oh, we play an honest game.” Ummm, okay.

      @BBKilla says:

      That’s a convient little side tack on that hardly shows its head isn’t it?

      Saying that you’re not putting someone else is saying that they’re not putting them up, period. For someone as supposedly honest as Jeff is, he should understand that.

      • Okay Saku, I’m curious. Do you find JeJo more dishonest than Dani? If so, please explain.

        BTW, I’m not necessarily hoping they win. I definitely don’t want Jordan to win. Like Dani, she has already had a win. Somebody else deserves a shot. I’m like to see Rachel win really. The thing that people seem to hate her for is that she is emotional. But I mean come on … most of them yell, scream, cuss, gossip, etc. Rachel cries. Their emotions are more fun to watch than hers, but does that mean she is less deserving of a win?

      • I’m not talking about Dani’s dishonestly. I know she lies, I’m fine with lying in a game. It’s a game. What annoys me is when Jeff and Jordan are all like, “Oh, we’re honest players. We never lie, we’re loyal.” and then they lie. What I’m getting at is that they throw around their supposed-loyality as though it’s the most valuable promise in the game. If you’re going to lie, then lie, but don’t act as though you are too good of a person to lie.

      • For a side note, there isn’t anyone in the house I want to win. I don’t think any of the vetrens should win because they’ve already had their shot. It’s not fair pitting veterns against newbies. If it was an all-star season, that would be fine. Everyone else in the game is doing nothing, and nothing irks me more than when the mplayers that actually play the game lose while those who sit around and do nothing win the money [sorta like Jordan winning her seaosn].

      • Saku-chan, Jeff has kept his word to the people that have not double crossed him. Do you watch??? Jeff said you double cross me and I’ll come right back at you.

      • I do watch, but like I’ve said, that’s a convient tack on he adds only when he’s in trouble.

  15. It makes sense for Jeff in the here and now but in the long run it can come back to bite him. I mean he trashed Rachel to Brendon on his goodbye message…..not a smart move to make when Brendon is on the jury, Danielle would not have gotten the votes to win if she’s in the final and now that shes on the jury I can’t see her voting for Jeff or Jordan to win so a possible 2nd loss vote and if Rachel goes on the jury thats a 3rd, Kalia isn’t voting for Jeff so thats a 4th and thats the game right there. Jeff’s only chance of winning now is if he brings Jordan to the final 2. All Je/Jo fans should be worried….Dani was better off in the house for the long run than the here and now.

    • I wouldn’t say he trashed Rachel in his message. He said he doesn’t know how to interact with her and hopes Brendon left the manual this time. He said it all with a smile/joking tone and he and Brendon hung out a lot in the house, playing pool, making jokes, etc. He also said ‘I love you buddy’ at the end lol

      • Yea but Brendon is fickle when anyone says anything to her….joking or not….it could come back to haunt him. Besides, Rachel supposedly claimed that Jeff made comments towards her so with Brendon stewing by himself in sequester it could turn out to be bad. Thats where I was going with that.

    • I don’t think Jeff will lose Dani’s vote over this and I don’t think he’s lost Brendon or Rachel’s votes, either. All three of them have repeatedly talked about wanting a competitor to win. I think they will respect the fact that Jeff has been winning competitions and that he got rid of one of the strongest competitors.

      • Kimbo: I agree 100% on the votes. (but I think somehow Jeff will leave before the final two)

      • Yea everyone wants the floaters out but everyone has been floating this season…..and i mean EVERYONE. Personally I think no one should win this season because of the amount of thrown competitions. If you want a competitor to win then you don’t throw a competition. Just my opinion

  16. Worst season ever? Ironically shares 2 people in common with the reigning champ in that regard. Coincidence?

      • JJ

        BR are annoying, but they were on a good season.

        JJ’s season had a stupid first twist which protected Jeff, a stupid america’s vote for the biggest power in the game which not only saved Jeff but directly whiped out 2 of his key enemies due to no merit on his part (other than being “adorable”), he got taken out anyway, and Jordan became the least deserving winner ever. I almost didn’t watch last season it annoyed me so much. Last season was ok, and now they drop this turd on us, with america’s poor judgment again factoring largely in the suck.

  17. How does it feel Dani!!! Can’t wait to see you out the door!!! You should have saved some strong moves for the end of the game!! But you got to cocky to soon!!! Good Bye!!! Brendan will be happ to see you at the Jury House!! Bring on the game now!!

    • I’m not a Daniele fan…but what game are you referring to? Do you mean the “Jeff shooting fish in the barrel game”? That’s what it will be from here on out…unless Rachel decides to upset things. No one else in the house is even playing the game.

      • No one has played all season….everyone has spent more time throwing competitions rather than playing them

      • I was saying the same thing…Jeff and Brendon was pissed @ Rache and Jordan when they tried to win in just the HAVE/HAVE NOT comp…idk about this season.

  18. In terms of who I’d really like to see gone most out of pure disdain, I vastly prefer Daniele over Kalia. But they always say put emotions aside lol. Daniele is obviously the smart choice to evict.

    • What a dad Evil is, just goes to show you how bad a father he is. No wonder she doesn’t get along with him. He should be backing her all the way, don’t forget he left of suspicious circumstances, the least he can do is support her, but no, Dick is a Dic so who would expect anything less from him, even for his daughter. He is not a nice person. I give Dani credit from surviving that relationship. Shame on you Dick.

  19. When Dani goes home, either 4-1 or 5-0…I wanna see who the hgs go after next in such a short time for Double Eviction, im guessin Jeff and Rachel will be huge targets.

    • Yeah but if somebody from their alliance wins, hopefully they will get rid of Kalia or Shelley.

  20. So what we thought would happen did…why the hell would Jeff want to keep Dani around? Everyone knows damn well that the minute Dani or one of her flunkies wins HOH, Jeff’s the target….it’s not rocket science : P

  21. I think it is Hysterical that people are calling Daniele the “Best Player Ever”!?

    Daniele has NO ONE to blame for this outcome than herself, Period!

    Even Dick KNEW she blew it after week 3!

    Kudos to Jeff! He is in a Great Position to actually move on to win this season!!!

    • Best player doesn’t mean strategy…..she is a tough competitor in the HOH and Veto….in that department she has been one of the best. Strategy wise she is not in the top 10

      • I think to be the “best player” you have to combine the two, though. Being great at competitions can only get you so far.

      • That’s true but some people just aren’t great social players and some people aren’t great competition players. But I separated the two because Danielle is not a great social player but she is a great competition player.

        So let me re-state again so it sinks in…lol….I am NOT saying Danielle is a great SOCIAL player…..I am saying that she is a great COMPETITION player.

      • Who do you think is the best player?Since Dani is up for eviction .Could be Dani.You have fussed with me for three days over this girl.Maybe it might be Kalia. If she the best then tell me how?Are you just being smart trying to get me fuss like you want me too.Like I said I can fuss as good as the next person.When there something to fuss about.

    • Your nice little Dani went to the program people about that and questioned weather Rach should be able to drink and/or be able to participate in HOH/POV comps. Real little biotch.

  22. BB finally set the script to evict Dani. It’s time for the next drama, brendon and dani alone in the house for a short while and the cry baby worried about her man with Dani. In my opinion, she should be. Dani is attractive and the cry baby reminds me of a chicken’s head. Not very attractive. Remember folks, this is all scripted. Again, see if any hg ever talked to anyone about what went on in the house behind doors and the diary room. BB just keeps believing that we are all to stupid to realize the game is fixed.

    • danny kicked him out twice and called him a zombie I doubt Brendan would have any nice feelings towards her

    • Yeah, I read that in DR they tried to talk Jeff out of putting Dani up. He argued back saying that he was not going to make the same screw up this season (keeping an enemy and turning on his alliance) that he did before. They were not happy but I see he stuck to his guns.

  23. I am glad to see her on the block good for you Jeff :)) I love both you Jordan bye bye Daniele

  24. I was arguing about this last night with my famiy, I knew Jeff would be man enough and get Dani out now, she would have taken him out if it was her up there. She did it to Brendon last week after she promised them safety for the week and she also tried to backdoor Jeff in week three. She only tried to make a deal with JJ to secure her safety thinking that they would call it good and not come after her..

    Too bad soo sad good bye Dani have fun with Brendon in the jury house!

  25. Im a dani fan, But she did screw up. So i guess shes going to pay for it now.


    Adam and Shelly for the win!

  26. bb needs to give rachel a test, the hg’s are still talking about her being pregnant…crazy…. and to the ones saying jeff should keep dani thats crazy too how is keeping dani good for j/j???(are we not watching the same show lol?) you know as well as anyone if brendon did not come back last week dani would have nominated jeff and probably jordan with him(she only didnt cause brendon was back in the house) she knew she would need them possibley this week seeing she couldnt compete for hoh and she knew her crappy alliance’s luck was probably going to run out soon and that the power in the house was going to switch……last week when all this happend dani never actually thought her worst case senerio would actually happen…..which i can guarantee if dani were to be hoh next week she would nominate jeff as her target period…its just a fact and like i said he would have been her target last week

    • Actually, get Rachel tested, she would be the double evicted house guess on Thursday, perfect for JJ…. lol

      • In reference to R being pregnant, it seems like a few weeks ago she told Brneden she was cranky because she started her period. the girls were talking abt them all starting abt the same time, that it was weird. and R said that had happened in her season too. that all the girls started their period at the same time. Adam was standing there and said he didnt want to hear all this. My guess is who started this rumor? I ahvent seen it on Sho2, so where did it come from? my guess would be Shelly or Dani is just starting rumors.. just saying….

  27. I just wanted to that I think Big Brother made a good choice with the cast only thing I wish Is the dick didn’t leave the game wouldn’t of been the same as it is u shoulda played smart dani

  28. Right now Shelly is talking to Dani. Dani is promising she won’t put her on the block if she gets her vote. I can’t stand Shelly. She is a snake. Watch her try to rally for Dani to stay.

  29. I HATE Rachel – what a retarded stuck up, hypocritical horrible person she is. I dislike Brendon but not even close to how much hate I have for Rachel. How could American vote Brendon back in? Rachel needs to mature and realize the world isn’t out to get her and not everything is a personal attack on her. GROW UP Rachel..loser.

    • They don’t like floaters? But don’t do anything about it..yea, we believe everything you 2 say..

  30. Isnt it funny that dani is more concerned right now about racheal being two weeks late and her consumption of what little wine they get? Between her and porche i want to know if one them put holes in the condom…cause apparently rachael leaves the birth control up to brendon….oh my i thought she was smarter than that!

  31. I hope anybody but Jejo wins at this point.Dani is by far the best player all the other vets have someone they could trust from the start and she didn’t have because Evil Dick had to leave and they still had hell getting her out with all the best players on there side.Could you imagine how easy Dani and her dad would have won this season.Everyone acts like her trying to backdoor Jeff was a bad move but it wasn’t she just tried it a little to early she would have never made it sticking with brenchel and jejo because neither was going to take her over there partner so she had to try to spilt them to have a chance

  32. Err, it is ridiculous to call anyone a great player if they dont win the half million. You can be a good social, comps, strategic player or just a good plain old liar. If you dont win the money, it all worth Sh*T!!!!!

      • No, I am saying that you cannot say someone is a great player if they dont win the money. That is the point of the win money. I count some of the good players as Dr. Will, Dan, and dick, these guys played the game & won. This is a soical game. if you cannot bite your tougue, be friendly to all and make good alliances, you will not win even if you are good at comps.
        Jordan is sweet, she makes good alliances with people and people like her. In her season, her alliance was taken out by the “other team” and she still won the votes of the “other team”. Why is that??? Why didnt they vote for Natalie?? Plain and simple, Natalie lied to her own team and was a nightmare to be around. Jordan may not be the greatest BB player, but she good enough to win the game!!!!!

      • Jordan didn’t win any competitions. How could she be consdiered a great player? Jeff carreid her, and she won because the jury liked her better. You don’t have to win to be a great BB player.

      • But this isn’t just a social game….Jordan did win 2 HoH’s….of course 1 was given to her by Jeff but she did win the final one. There have been plenty of people who have been great and didn’t win the money….the problem is people take this game personally and thats how they vote….if this was just a social game why have an HoH or a Veto? Why compete? Oh wait thats what they’re doing this season…..

      • And btw….you are saying that Jordan is one of the best players because only 12 people have played and won so therefore by your logic Jordan is one of the best 12 players in BB History

      • People are confusing entertaining players as being good players. Great player are the ones that play the game and win the money in the end. enteraining player go home empty handed. This is a game about winning the top prize. If you dont win, it is it an oxymoron to say that that person is a great player.

        BTW- I never said Jordan was a great player, I just said that she was good enough to win the money. Ask any of the players, would they want to be considered a great player over winning the money. I can tell you that none of them would and if they say yes, then they are fooling themselves!!!

      • I agree with Juile, you cant say anyone is a great player if the dont win the game. I think you can only pick the great ones from those who won. Yes, sometimes the floaters win but in my option, dan, dr. will and evel dick are my top three.

      • Julie, I agree with you good players, especially Dr. Will, but to put Dick in the same category is not right. Dick is a BULLY in a big way. He intimidated people so much the show was hard to watch. We told ourselves that if he played again BB would lose two viewers. Thank God he left so early we could enjoy this season. I am not the only one who thought that Dick was rotten, yes, he won, but if you beat the people down the way he did and make them afraid, that’s not winning, that is a looser…..

    • @curious, of course there will be HOH, Vetos and such but it is still a social game, if you piss off people (like BR) people will target you. That also means you play a poor social game. You can win all the comps you want, if you a not a good social player as well, no one will vote for you in the end. Yes, people vote for game personally… that is why it is a social game. I could be wrong, but has there been a player that won the game who was not well liked by the jury???

      • Dick…lol. Dick is the perfect example of people putting game before feelings. You can be a great player and unlucky to win. Just like you can be a winner and a horrible game player (Jordan). I know I’m going to die for that comment and I like Jordan but her gameplay is HORRIBLE but yet she won the game due to everyone trying to get everyone but her out. She was forgotten about until it was too late. But you were saying that only winners can be considered great players SO Jordan is one of the greatest players in BB history according to that. You are not seeing and understanding your own logic.

      • I agree with Betty and Julie. You cannot be considered a great player if you dont win the game. It is like saying someone is a great mother even though she does have any children. Great players win the game the rest go home empty handed. I dont disagree that Jordan was a horrible game player. She “played the game” by having a good alliance and being a nice person. She didnt need to win until she needed to win. It kept the target off her back. There are many ways to win this game. June is the X factor season won and was never put on the block.

      • lol… I dont think you understand my logic…. You can only pick great players from the pool of winners. If they dont win, it defeats the purpose of the game. For me the great players are Dr. will and dan from season 9. I do like dick too.

  33. The live feeds showed Danielle crying, yes!!! Suffer like the insect you are, grovel and beg like a worm. It’s a great pleasure to see you drown in karma!

    • Be careful what you say….your hatred of people will come back towards you. thats how Karma works my friend

    • A little aggressive, much? It’s always nice to see people dehumizaing and belitteling people because they cross their favorites.

  34. Dani had it made with the original alliance—–everyone was gunning for the other two couples. She could have sat back and let them take each other out until it was down to 4-5 players—she really did not use her head

    • yes she did. Which other players could have taken the couples out without her help? If they got done low enough, the couples would have realized she was a threat and they would want to stick with the 4. She had to do it when there were numbers. The way she did it could be discussed as wrong though.

      • The downfall of the plan was that she should’ve shown Rachel and Brendon she had the numbers….if she showed her numbers Rachel and Brendon might have gone for it.

    • There was nobody else in the house that could take on the couples.The fact is it is a huge avantage to have someone you know and trust fully when no one else has that.Hell I think I could go in with the person of my choice an nobody else knows each other and do pretty good.The fact is the newbies didn’t have a chance.

      • The couple twist would’ve been good if the people they brought back hated each other.

    • hahahahaha very true – what happened to them wanting floaters out and they don’t deserve to be there. It’s all talk. They want the floaters to be there at the end.

      They take them to the end and by saying floaters don’t deserve to be there throughout the game – during the vote if they’re heads up with them, they will being it up saying don’t give a floater the win. Pretty good arguement

  35. I don’t understand why people would be upset unless you’re a hardcore Dani fan. I personally like Dani but she got what she deserved. The only reason she didn’t target Jeff last week was because Brendon was the bigger target and of course she’d want to make a truce with JeJo to make sure he was evicted with a little safety on the side. Jeff is loyal and honest to those who don’t cross him and once you burn a bridge with him there’s no repairing it. Compared to the other HGs, Dani has the most potential of getting rid of him and he doesn’t need her to get rid of all the other weak players that are still in the game. Face it, without their leader, Kalia and Porsche are less of a threat to them especially when most of the house is on Jejo’s side.

  36. Jeff’s word means absolutley nothing. Does anyone remember how he interogated Dominic in the 3rd week about the JJ backdoor plan? He said he doesnt lie in the game, and he hates liars, and thats the reason why Dominic would be nominated, and eventually voted out. He is the biggest hypocrite in the enitre house, and he acts like a bully when in power, and when he isnt in power, he will turn into a mangina, and go back on his own principles. I just wish that Dick didnt leave the house, because theres no way Jeff would have stood up to him, because Jeff’s a bi**h, and he only bullies women. PS. Jordan may be the stupidest person I have ever seen in the BB house. Her IQ is probably lower than the number of fingers on her hand, and I pray she doesnt win, because the money will just go to more stupid people (her family) in the Southern US of A. Dani haters can hate, but you all know that if it were her vs Jeff, she would make him her bitch, and bark like a dog

    • This. Exactly. It’s stunning how stupid Jordan is. <3 And Jeff is a huge jerk, I don't understand how people can like him.

    • Everybody says they’re honest and everybody lies. So, what difference does it make. And I’m not sure Dani is so confident about making Jeff bark since she tried to get rid of him early in the game. Even she considered him a big threat.

    • Gypsy I agree I have never seen men bully women around like Jeff and Brendon.Jeff acted like he was going fist fight Kalia over putting him up but you notice he won’t stand up to anyone who could put him in his place.

      • Um, the only reason he’s “bullying” the girls is cause the only people that have been in power or crossed him were girls. What reason would he have to bully Adam, Brendon, and Lawon? He called out Dominic cause he assumed he knew something about the backdooring Jeff plan and he was right. Calling out people, speaking your mind, and drawing lines is not bullying.

    • DANI’S word meant absolutely nothing..She was gonna use Kalia to backdoor happens…hmmmm hmmm

  37. For all you JJ lovers out there. Exactly what will they do if Dani leaves? They must know that at some point all those brain-dead idiots (Adam, Shelly, Porsche, Kalia) have to get them out. Even Rachel with her peanut brain can figure that one out. If the newbies don’t ever get together then just give both cheques to J and J now and be done with it. The only people who actually took a stand and tried to play the game are gone… Cassie, Dom, Brendon, and now Dani. The only one left who have taken a stand and played is Jeff and if anyone of the dorks that are left have any collective thought whatsoever they will realize it and get him out next.

    • Dani deserves to go because she had a hand in Cassi going home and then Brendon….. How does it feel to be backdoored Dani? Say hello to Brendon!

    • lol, you just contradicted yourself here!! Anyone who has taken a stand against them is no longer in the house they have been evicted so doesnt that say something about their game play!!! i know if i were in the house and i saw every single person who went against them was the next hg evicted i too would side with them, its just common sense!!!

    • First off Kalia have a back bone that’s why she wasn’t floating around the house she actually won something unlike Jordon who was given a HOH. People are saying Dani is the reason why this person and that person is out. Who was the HOH? Jordon who really got Cassie out, Racheal got Keith out and Racheal got Dom out. Not to meantion that Racheal wanted Cassie gone so she left. Dani had very little to do with the newbies being evicted she was trying to save them. She was on the newbies side and tried to rally them agaisnt the vets. Dani is the best player ( 9 wins, 4 HOH & 5 veto’s ) in bBB history. Now our fav. player will always be Janelle ( my #1 ) but the stats says that Dani is the best. I really dislike Jeff and Jordon this season. The ratings will drop now because there’s know more rivalries left in the house.

      • jordan also won a luxuary comp. winning comps doesnt make u a great player. will and mike hardly won anything and were the best duo in bb history. will won his season and mike won all stars. all with stratagey and social game. and thats wat jeff and jordan do. jordan makes everyone happy so nobody would eva vote her out given the chance. and jeff wins vetos and they both keep and aways let the bigger targets in front of them so they wont be considered first for nominations. they must of been up for eviction 3 or 4 times now and escaped all of them. das y is dani if going home. cuz her strategey and sociak game is wack. she though winning everything was gonna get her far and it jus doesnt work that way.

      • dani is the second most over rated player in history, only dick is more over rated. they only got to the end in their season because of america`s player, that kid was the best player that year…..america just kept dick in to mess up the game , the same way american idol nonfans vote for lousy singers to mess with the show.

    • see that is exactly the point. with only newbies he caan beat left and 2 of them on his side. jeff and jordan have a clear path to final 3. they use racheal to get out kalia and porche and its set. final 3 here they come

    • You must be a regulators fan, the greatest aliance in the history of Big Brother….J and J have removed everyone who has gotten in their way….now Dani, who along with her jackass father are the most over rated players in history (only got to the end because of america`s player, the public pulled a vote for the worst and kept Dick in the game, he`s the Sanjya of Big Brother)is on her way out the door. She could have stayed with the vets until the end but she had to “make a big move”, nice moves there Dani.

    • I do not know what these people are thinking. So they really think they have a chance of winning? Just give the money to Jeff and Jordan and cancel the rest of the season. Even Rachel thinks she has a chance. Not the best season.

    • They need to re-engineer the show so that the people who actually try to do something aren’t immediately attacked by all the slack-jawed floaters. I must admit that I really didn’t like Dani in her season and felt sorry for Brendon and Rachel in their season but this season I don’t like Brendon and Rachel or Jeff and Jordan and I like Dani’s drive. Brendon is a painful wuss to watch and Jeff is actually very aggressive and mean this season. Jordan really doesn’t seem to care. Rachel is batshit crazy which is awesome to watch. Too bad Dom and Cassie couldn’t stick around. It would have been amazing to see Dom, Cassie, and Dani face-off against Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel (if it would have evolved that way). The newbies left are nothing but chum unless they wake up.

  38. Why the Jordan hating? She’ll be the first to tell everybody she isn’t playing good.If her and Jeff are on the block this week- Jordan will tell everybody to evict her not Jeff… By the way Jeff haters the guys probably goin to win America’s Favorite Houseguest contest.

    • Because Jordan’s a terrible player, and an increadibly stupid human being. She should have never won her season.

      • When you say she’s terrible it puts her on Keith’s level.Can’t do that to Jordo.She plays a different game that works for her and advances her week to week.

      • @Lola, If Jordan is such a bad player how come she won $500,000??? Go Jordan first player in BB history to win twice.

      • @Karen- Jordan won because she took Natalie to Final 2 and she was such a vile witch…other than that Jordan pretty much floated to the end and only won when it really mattered.

      • Um, Jennifer, Jordon won HOH when she had to her season to earn the right to take the witch to the final 2 and win….

      • The only reason people on here call Jordan STUPID, is because Jordan is STUPID. Not just a little bit. She is REALLY STUPID.

    • Because she’s F***ing stupid. He brain capacity is that of a single celled organism. Shelly–“Jordan, what would you say your weakness’ are”?
      Jordan–“Well im terrible at sciences” WTF

      I hope no one ever hires this bozo, because she really is a waste of human life. Who cares if she’s nice. Jeff only likes and goes out with her her because 1. She won 500 G’s (as in Jeffs words) 2. he can control her 3. She gives him BJ’s all the time (cause he probably tells her that his penis is dying, and needs CPR).

      • what is wrong with you people i feel so sorry for all of you mean people that attack others that are playing a game on tv chill out. you are so mean and nasty.

      • @Mark… you mean “you’re”. It’s a contraction similar to “it’s”. It means “you are”. “Your” is a pronoun. I blame our schools. Doesn’t anyone believe in sticks and stones anymore? lol

    • Jordan has won before….she is playing even better this year…..she plays her game…she acts dumb and everyone forgets about her when it comes time for nominations, yet behind closed doors she talks strategy with jeff…it worked before, it seems to be working again, she won the game and she`s not a target, pretty good playing on her part.

      on another subject, Dani could send rachel over the edge if she whispered to her when she left, “I`ll be taking good care of Brenden when we are alone in the jury house.”

    • You have to admit that Jordan is a little boring unless she is fighting with Rachel. Jeff and Jordan at the end will be as painful as Dick and Dani.

  39. Dr. Will…….best……ever! Who do you recall on BB that has blatantly lied and played both sides, go on the block (only to be saved!), apologize for lying and then tell them, you’ll probably be lying to them again, AND STILL WIN BB! Dr. Will is da’ man!

    • That’s what I’m wondering Bev. Jeff should have made a deal with Porsha to save her in exchange for her voting Dani out. Did he do that?

    • i think they’re all gonna vote for dani so they won’t have targets on their back… but man they need to be like dani and step up and rally up.. cuz if they don’t win the next HOH then say good bye!

  40. Go Jeff! Its better to get Dani before she gets you! Jeff go all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win some money this time around.

    • That’s what I’m talking about, “Go Big Jeff Get em!!!!!” You all are just JEALOUS!!!!!!

    • They all lie, how stupid are you to think that the Devil (Dani) wouldn’t get rid of him next. Maybe you lie all the time to & like the D-K-P devil whores, they wouldn’t give you a second look. idiot

      • If Dani was in Jeff’s place she would do the same thing to Jeff. In fact, we saw what she was willing to do to Brendon. Miss you Brendon! Dani aligned herself with the people who don’t have any interest in trying hard to play the game, i.e., Kalia and Porsche, yet she is always talking game herself and considers herself a huge game player. I think Jeff is great. He has really started putting himself out there and winning. I like Jeff and Jordan. I am so glad Jeff put up Dani or had the balls to put her up just like everyone said about Dani wth Brendon. I love Rachel. Go Rachel!

    • Jeff is too aggressive and rude this season and Jordan just doesn’t seem to care. They act like they are entitled to win just because they are vets. Boring.

    • Time for Dani to become a backstabbing coachroach and start throwing Kalia under the bus…Well maybe roll her under the bus

      • Dani already is a lying backstabbing cockroach who hopefully is getting thrown out of the door this week. YAY, YAY, the wicked witch is dead. Cannot stand her. JEFF FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don’t think it will matter , vote wise, what Dani says about anybody at this point. She plain can’t be trusted and she is a good competitor. Get rid of her now.

      • yes the vile and mean classless backstabbing lower than whale crap shelly- lets call rach out and hate her by character assassin sweet girl. thats the nice things about the floating tub of smoke breath i can say

    • Yes -hopefully she gets backdoored if Rachel wins HOH- Hopefully she’s the double evictee

  41. Everyone lies. Jeff hasn’t lied to anyone that’s done nothing wrong to him. In fact, his lie involved a big game move for him and is about to get the person who has the most potential of getting him out evicted. It’s strategy and it worked. Don’t hate.

    • Thank you!! Geesh! Someone who get’s that this is BB and they all lie. I thought I was losing my mind.

    • lol ‘jeff hasn’t lied’.. ‘his lie’.. there’s no such thing as a good lie and bad lie… in the end you are lying.. yes, this game requires it so no use of trying to make excuses for it..

      • Um, did you not read the rest of the sentence? You’re cutting off the second part of information and making it seem like I said something I wasn’t. He hasn’t lied to anyone that’s done anything wrong to him. He’s lied to people that have crossed him and his lies are going to be the reason they get evicted. I said nothing about those lies being good or bad. They’re purely strategic and whatever else you want to associate with it is irrelevant.

      • lol, I’m not splitting hairs. There’s a clear difference between someone not lying and someone not lying to certain people.

  42. bottom line. rach or jordon must win hoh and i believe rach will. if not and adam wins-rach-kalia will be put up;porsch wins-rach-jeff put up; kalia wins-jeff-rach put up;shelly wins-rach-porsch put up and if rach does win hoh,she will nom shelly because adam will tell her,she stoled her dog. rach will not,i repeat not go after jeff-jordon. hate her all you want.she will be the true loyal not underestimate rach when dani leaves. oh see ya dani enjoy your conversations with brendon.

  43. Personally I think that voting Dani out can be used as a royal mind-f#$% against Rachel.

    Think about it, Brendon’s in the jury house and a hot woman is being sent there before her and they are going to be alone… so what if she sent him there, he’s a man, she’s a woman.

    I’m fairly certain nothing will happen but is Rachel going to be sure nothing will???

    This may end up being better than the game by far, I can’t even imagine the fun that will be had by all. ROFLMAO

    • I think if it was porche then yes it would drive Rachel crazy because earlier in the season she was asking him if he thought porche was cute. I don’t think she will worry about Dani because she knows B hated her.

    • Dani is not hot, she looks to be as old or older than Shelly, she is a ugly old dog whore bitch

      • I always thought she looked old too. How about her father, Evel Dick? He looks way older than someone in his 40s. I was surprised to hear Dani was only 25.

      • Well excuse me for having a preference for people who are… um… shall we say more NATURALLY endowed, someone who doesn’t use a trowel to apply their war paint and quite frankly doesn’t have a J-Lo arse.

      • Whoa. Looks older than Shelly? Christopher Walken playing the Cryptkeeper looks like Shirley Temple compared to Shelly. Did Dani run over your dog or something?

    • Your right about Porche, but it doesn’t really matter which one. For the human animal in all of us, almost always all bravado aside, we fear the unknown and this is an unknown for Rachel.

      There is a very thin line between love and hate, and played right… by that I mean viciously, we could easily see a Rachel melt-down.

  44. Bb players in order (dumbest to smartest gamewise)


    Daniele’s move turned out bad because she underestimated the stupidity of Dom and BR, not because it was an inherently bad move. JJ were setting themselves up for a long run, using BR and Dani as insulation. Dom let the cat out of the bag by trusting Shelly, and BR panicked. Once it was out they should have definitely gone through. Or they could have put up kalia and lawan and let JJ and DD fight while they skated for the first time ever. Instead they went after Dani publicly and screwed up all their games.

  45. ******* Whoa Whoa Team Dani Fans *******

    Dani the greatest BB player of all time? LMAO!

    You are getting carried away…

    Lets talk about comps…

    Janelle holds all the records

    She won 4 HOH’s in 1 season
    She won 5 Vetos (tied with Dani) in one season

    She won 9 comps in one season

    By the way, Janelle did alll this during BB7 with all the BB All Stars we name as greats in the game. Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Nakomis and Danielle as well as the Veto King at that point James from BB6.

    Janelle is the best comp player of all time

    Danielle from BB3 has the best social game of all time

    Mike Boogie and Dr. Will have the best alliance with Chill Town of all time

    Dr. Will Kirby is the best BB player of aqll time

    Dani won’t even make the jury if and when she is on Big Brother All-Stars 2

    Dani isn’t even in the top 10 BB players of all time

    Dr. Will
    Evil Dick
    Mike Boogie
    James (BB9)
    Erica (BB7)
    Jason (BB6)
    Dan (BB 10)

    • Leo, I personally don’t agree with you saying that BB3 Danielle, BB6 Jason, and especially BB9 James are top ten players and would definitely put current Danielle up there below Dan at what would be #8. I also didn’t watch BB5 so I do not know how Nakomis was. However, if you are counting second runs like you obviously are than Nakomis definitely shouldn’t be up there as she didn’t make Jury like you’re saying Danielle wouldn’t in a BB All-Stars 2. To fill out the rest of the top ten I’d probably put in Jun from BB4, Memphis from BB10, and maybe even Jordan. There is no denying she had a great social game. Still, he lack of physical or mental capacity would take he down so I’m not sure really who I’d include. I’ll post who I think the top ten are at some point in the future and you’d bet I’d put Danielle in there towards the bottom end. And also, you on so many occasions act harshly to other commenters on this site. Just try to tone it down and be mature. It’s just a TV show so don’t get upset when someone disagrees with your favorites.

      • Lurker, I mean original seasons…. Danielle from BB3 didn’t winn because the jury seen her DR sessions… Dr. Will and Mike Boogie as well as Janelle say Danielle is one of the best 3 players ever.. Nakomis was a better player her original season which is why she was an all star. James from BB9 is a beast

        Dani would be in Bb All-Stars 2 but wouldn’t make it to the jury.

  46. Dani is on the live feeds saying she wil get Porsha and Adams vote to stay (L~O~L on Having Adams vote.

    Dani is saying Kalia has Jordan and Rachel’s votes

    Dani really thinks Adam and Shelly will vote to keeo her…. L~O~L!!!

    • Shelly will not but I have no clue about Adam. I think he has a crush on Dani and is always telling Jeff how much he likes hanging out with her.

      • Shelly, Rachel, and Jordan are the 3 votes they bneed. Adam wants Dani voted out because she is way to strong and will be too hard to get out later.

    • Not saying Dani WILL pull it off, but if anyone can, she will. Dont count her out til the doors closes.

  47. Adam wanted Dani backdoored to make sure she is out the game….. L~O~L Dani thinks Dani wants to keep her over Kalia who is a weaker player. It is good to see Dani isn’t giving up though!

  48. Dani doesn’t know about Shelly’s final 3 deal with JJ!!! No way Shelly is turning on JJ for Dani. Shelly is the reason Dominic was evicted… LMAO!

  49. I would like Dani to stay but due to Newnee’s lack of backbone and going against J&J and Ms R.
    This game will go to the most unexpected Newbee, Porcha!
    Porcha and Dani are planning battle plays in the Have Not Room.

  50. I give Dani thumbs up for asking Porcha to keep being on Ms K side if she does leave the house.

  51. Dani is going to make a final 2 deal with Adam because she said he doesn’t have anyone… L~O~L!!!

  52. Dani is telling Porsha to tell Adam and Shelly that keeping Dani will keep her as the #1 target.

    Jeff tried that with Adam about Brendon being the #1 target didn’t work…

    Dani is saying Dani and Porsha will get Shelly farther in the game. She doesn’t realize that Shhellly has a Final 3 deal with JJ so this won’t work…

    • If Dani still leaves at least she is giving Porcha some great gaming knowledge. Porcha has been a good SILENT/GHOST player. So under rated as a BB player!!!!!

  53. Team dani all the way I hate brandon n Rachel jordon is dumb but sweet and Jeff is a douche so ya team dani hope she stays

  54. Dani and Porsha discussing how they will tell Adam he is on the bottom of the toem poll while telling Shelly that shhe is…

    Adam and Shelly will talk and compare notes… L~O~L!!!

  55. Porsha is screwing herself with Kalia…. Kalia will not trust Porsha especially after she finds out the Porsha is campaigning against her so hard…. Thank you Dani!

  56. Personally, I would hate to see Dani go….like so many have said, the newbies are just loping along and doing nothing! I really like Dani and I think she plays a better game than anyone else in there. Although I like Jeff and Jordan, Jeff proved with this move that he lies like everyone else, but he seems to feel he is above the “fray.” I am disappointed in Jeff.

    • Even if Dani leaves the next three days will give us viewers Dani game play thoughts. Some of her thought will get back to J/J and maybe Jeff will have second thoughts about his BIG game move!!!!!!!!

    • that is the main reason i don’t like jeff.. from the beginning he gives this holier than thou attitude.. i think because he was blessed with good looks, life has been easy on him

      • I agree with you Essie about Jeff and his holier than thou attitude. Dani did all the hard work for Jeff. If kalia did not cave and talk Dani out of going with Dani’s initial gut feeling about forgetting the stupid twist and sticking with the original plan, we would have Rachel and Brendon out of the house. Kalia also did not want to go against Jordan. Thought they were friends. lol You also had Shelly running back to J/J with all the info. again because Kalia trusted Shelly. If that had not happened we would have Jeff needing Dani instead of Rachel as she would have been gone. He only needs Rachel for winning comps as he knows nobody else has been able to win them. With so few players left macho Jeff better watch out. I would love to see him join Dani next in the jury house just as he did in his previous season.

      • gail> i am nodding on every word you say… dani should have really tried to sway kalia to stick with having jeff in the hot seat.. not sure why kalia wanted to be on JJ’s good graces.. you don’t go into this game thinking you’ll be drinking buds after!

      • Agree! Well said about Jeff! He just rubs me the wrong way this time. He comes across mean and spiteful. He thinks he is entitled to win for some reason.

  57. Hope Dani weathers the storm & stays. Dani & Adam the only ones left that can possibly beat Jeff. With Dani gone. Jeff’s next target is Adam. After that “cake walk” to the half mil…C’mom “newbies” unite, play the game and maybe you’ll have a chance.

  58. Shelly and Kalia saying that they would put Rachel up during a fastforward……

    I would love to seethis and see JJ’s reactions!

    • There is no chance Rachel will keep Dani since Dani caused Brendon to be evicted twice and none with Adam because he wants more vets out

      Shelly and Kalia are talking about getting Dani out, so the newbies can have 4 newbies playing against 2 vets for the next HOH!

      • i was just joking i know Rachel would not keep Dani. i hope Rachel wins hoh and sends Shelly or Kaila out with Dani.

  59. Plenty of game talk going on…….

    Dani and Porsha talking about starting a fight between Shelly and Rachel….

    Good luck…. Shellly is in JJ’s pockets.

    • Karen – Say you don’t like her, but is it necessary to be mean? I don’t get why so many people have to be mean on this site. I don’t care for Rachel or J/J this season, but I have never called them names.

      • @Gail, I could of said bitch instead…would that make you happy??? Get a life and if you don’t like the comments then get off this site. I don’t tell you what to say!!!

    • @Karen… I think it is people like you who give a bad name to fans. Enjoy it without being rude. Ignorant slack-jawed fools spout epithets because they don’t have the patience or the intelligence to discuss in a polite way.

  60. Dani and Porsha are now going to lie on Kalia…. Saying Kalia always planned on getting Jeff and Rachel evicted….

  61. Dani and Porsha are trashing Kalia now and trying to make sure she is evicted…. Dani is showing her true colors…. Porsha, let the master pull your strings and then you will be next!

    • Of course, Dani is going to start lying and throwing Kalia under the bus. I mean she did it in the very beginning when she turned on her original alliance. Hope Kalia finds out what a true liar Dani is and how she is even now throwing her so called friend under the bus. Dani is just disgusting!!!!

  62. shelly swears on the bible she didnt say she would never vote for dani if she makes final two…and calls rachel a rachel may be crazy but common shelly stop talking about integrity cause i heard it when she said it…shelly is a pathological liar omg!!!

  63. Now that Dani will be out of the house I will stop watching as she was the only one left playing the game.I like Jeff but getting rid of Dani will come back and haunt him as he will be the next to go as he is the strongest left

  64. Dani showed her true colors when she turned her original alliance in the very beginning. She deserves exactly what she is getting and the crying like a baby and the why me crap is just ridiculous. She did this to herself and deserves exactly what she is getting. She lied to Jeff so many times and she got caught and now she deserves to go. She just sickens me. DING, DONG, the wicked witch is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff deserves tow in Big Brother!!!!!

  65. Rachel should have gone this week. The floaters are making me sick as they do nothing.Shelly’s lying is the worst ever. I wont watch anymore as this will be boring.Go Adam he’s the oinly one I would vote for now.

    • I agree, Adam is not getting enough credit. I feel that he is a great game player. He’s just sittin back till time to do his thing!!

      • All HGs don’t know what Adam is thinking or doing but no one has wanted to put him out. To me, his game play is smart.

        He will definitely step it up in the following weeks. Wait to see, guys !

  66. whats the rachel bashing about omg!!! I would totally vote for rachel to win the 25,000 these gals are douche bags porscha especially!!!

  67. The 3 wenches are devising plans to make Rachel fighting mad. I hope none of them make it to the final 2. They are what bullies are made of. “Shocker”….

  68. Dani, Kalia and Porsha are talking about stealing items and putting them in Rachel’s suitcase to get her evicted for stealing….. They must have forgot about the hundreds of cameras watching them!

  69. So Dani trashing Kalia is part of the game and that is ok. Got it.

    But JJ backdooring Dani is not part of the game and not ok? That’s not logical on part of those defending Dani’s right to play.

    I think Jeff made a good move, he got Dani out and now the only other person he really has to worry about is Rachel, who wouldn’t win in the final 2 anyway.

    Though I still think Rachel will be a bigger target than Jeff.

    If Porsche wins Rachel and Jeff go up.

    If Adam wins Rachel and Jeff go up.

    If Shelly wins Rachel and Porsche go up.

    If Jordan wins Porsche (maybe Rachel) and Kalia go up.

    Jeff still has a great chance of making it through as long as Rachel is around. Once Rachel is gone though there will be a problem.

    I am still team Rachel, but credit where credit is due. Jeff made a good decision for team JJ.

    • If Kalia wins, Rachel and Jeff go up.

      I don’t agree on Adam’s winning though, he will have a deal with Jeff and Jordan and nominate Por and Kalia.

      • You might be right, though I think Adam might/maybe break out of the JJ spell to play a tough game.

        But you’re probably right he’ll take the safe route. JJ are so good to make it to F2.

  70. It will be sad to see my girl Dani go on Thursday. She played hard too fast and it bit her. What would make my Thursay better is if Jeff or his stupid friend would also leave the house in the double eviction.

    Anyone but JJ for the win.

  71. I was thinking they don’t have enough votes to evict Jeff.

    Lets say Porsche wins and puts up Rachel and Jeff

    Shelly votes for Rachel
    Kalia votes for Jeff
    Jordan votes for Rachel
    Adam votes for Jeff

    That leaves Porsche to make the decision and she could easily evict Rachel because of her dislike.

    Same thing with Kalia.

    Shelly probably wouldn’t even put up JJ if her life depended on it.

    The only way to send Jeff home is to put him up with Jordan and the only person who might do that is Adam.

    I think at this point JJ might be going to F2, which sucks because I really don’t want Rachel to not make it to F2.

    • Lets get past this week first. Even if Dani goes on Thursday a lot of head games are going to play out by Dani and Porsche.
      Adam/Shelley are going to not only smoke like there is no tomorrow but they are going to eat the butts.
      Adam will have to wear to headbands due to his sweating. He gets really antsy and if Porsche starts putting ideas in his head he will start wondering if he is Adam or Phil!!!

  72. I am a Dani fan. I think Jeff is a bully and Jordan is special; as in special ed; as in the short bus. Listen to her voice. Who talks like that, other than a very well known actor who spoke of a box of chocolates. Makes my ears bleed.

  73. Looks like Danielle is going to jury. Don’t worry Dani fans….. she can come back in disguise next season…. maybe as a redhead.

  74. aww i so dont wanna see dani go :( .i dont even care who wins if she goes…actually as long as its not jeff or jordan, but who knows jordan might “float” to the end at this point, im guessing a final 3 of jordan, rachel, and porsha. hopefully they bring someone back from the jury house,(can they do that??) i mean they brought someone back once because ED left, what if they were going to bring someone back anyway even if he had stayed, are we due for one. expect the unexpected right?? this week we got 2 people going home, probably dani + jeff : and then next week we got one more eviction, im going with kalia, so well have those 4 with 1 competing to go back in…please big brother bring dani back!!!!

  75. Actually, it is quite poetic that dani gets backdoored. She tried it with Jeff, got cassi and brandon out that way now she will go that way. Jeff should have told her, you tried to backdoor me and failed, now let me show you how to do it right!!!

    • Ryan, I like this idea and hope you are right. I hope Danielle this week and Shelly next week.

      • I am so proud of Jeff…way to play the game…Finally someone who will stand up to Danielle…

  76. @2:17PM It is falling…… Shelley/Adam/Porsche discussing keeping DANI and turning on J/J!!!!!!!!

      • Don’t you mean game player? About time of of those spineless jellyfish grow a backbone. Would love to see the newbies turn the tables on vets…now that would be awesome to see…not much fun when someone conspires against your favorite player. I don’t have a favorite, but I would love to see that happen…

      • I first was rooting for Shelley but not now she is the one person i want to see go. I want to see Dani out also. There is not anyone in this game that deserves to win if the newbies turn on j/j none of them have done anything at all in this game and right now they have the power to keep anyone they want, they should not have that power they do not deserve it.

      • Adam will not flip. Just like he wouldn’t with brendon. Also shelly is porbably trying to get adam to flip, buut then she will vote dani out to make adam look bad in jjs eyes

    • Shelly is trying to sell it to Adam again after Jeff came out and quashed the conversation right after Shelly started talking about it to Adam and Porsche. Adam is too scared to flip. This could really happen.

      • He’s also trying to sell Shelly on keeping Kalia, so don’t get your hopes up. I know this sucks for me too. I want Dani to stay.

    • Don’t get too excited…. Adam isn’t going for it. He has his mind made up about evicting Dani the same way he had his mind made up about evicting Brendon. Ask Jeff how trying to persuade Adam work ok? Not so well. Adam wants Dani gone for the same reason he wanted Brendon gone. They are going to be too tough to get out later. I can’t wait until Shelly is exposed to Jeff and Jordan about trying to keep Dani over Kalia. She will burn three bridges!

      • I agree. I believe Adam will vote whatever way Jeff wants him to vote–at least at this point in the game. I don’t think Adam likes Dani in the game at all, just as you said, same as Brendon. What is that Shelly doing? Is she nuts? Yes, she is nuts? I think Shelly is thinking if she saves Dani’s back she can still stay in the game next week if Dani wins HOH. There is always a lot of talk but so far there have been no surprises with votes because everyone has stayed true to their initial thoughts on who to vote out. Adam will not flip at this point about Dani.

      • So what’s Adam’s endgame strategy? At some point vrey soon, all of the vet-loving newbies have to turn on JJ & Rachel, or it’s highly unlikely that any of them will get to the final two or three.

        Shelly is smart in trying to jump ship and bring Adam with her. If K, P, S, & A unite against JJ & R after the first eviction on Thursday, any and all of them stand a good chance of getting to the final two. On the other hand, none of them stand much of a chance of getting to the final two if they offer themselves up as sacrificial lambs to the JJ & R vets alliance.

    • Adam is not going to flip on jejo. Adam had been with them day one and with so many people left in the game, we all know he won’t flip, cmon dani fans get it together cause she will. Be goin home. Adam has no reason to flip, he WILL NOT benefit from dani staying and him flipping and he knows that, it will only hurt his game. He also knows he’d be last one the totum pole behing dani porsche and shelly. Adams not dumb folks

      • You said it.. Adams not dumb. He is smart enought to know he is definatley on the bottom of the JJ totem pole.

  77. Adam will now show his color.
    BIG question: Will Adam tell Jeff?
    If he doesn’t tell than he is thinking about keeping Dani.

      • @ 2:37 Adam/Shelly are debating about keeping Dani. Adam is concern about flipping. This could be a real game changer!!!!!!

    • Adam did not like Shelly doing that..It was all over his face…sooo question is .>>Is Shelly serious in what she was saying?? Or is it one of her selling tactics?? Could also be that she is gonna scam Adam by telling Jeff that Adam is gonna be the worm that turns..give it 24 hours and we will know if she is serious..

  78. YES.

    Jeff isn’t as dumb as I thought!

    Dani will go home for sure on Thursday and have a date with Brendon.

  79. Dani, dont be trying to fool around with B in jury house. He has standards that you will never meet.

  80. OMG – can BB do something that is not predictible. Why get rid of Dani. She is the only one who is not afraid to make moves in the game. You have a bunch of newbies who couldn’t make a move on their own if their life depended on it. DO NOT want to see Rachel in the final two. Jordan has already won. Jeff needs to go next. Once Dani is gone there will not be much to watch as the newbies can’t fight their way out of a brown paper bag, Jordan only becomes HOH if it is handed to her, Jeff is a backstabbing jerk and Rachel is just a whiny “B”. I really wish Evil Dick would have stayed then you would have seen a great season. If the newbies had any guts (which they obviously don’t) they would vote to keep Dani and make an alliance with her to get out Jeff, Jordan and Rachel as that is the only way any of them will make it to the final 2

      • not really, Jeff is liar we all knew he would break any deal he made. Not really surprising at all. The only surprise was that someone would be dumb enough to make a deal with him. Never make deals with ppl who claim to play a good clean game or talk about morals. Chances are they will definetly double cross you and not bat an eye.

      • @Tammy, What do you think Dani has done the entire game??? Now she’s throwing her best friend Kalia under the bus. She’s such a wonderful person. NOT!!!

    • Oh my goodness. I agree 100% with everything thing that you said. I have been saying the exact same thing all along. This season is very irritating and I feel like every year the show gets worst and worst. These people are really ruining big brother. Everyone… including the viewers are taking things too personally. Jeff and Jordan do not deserve to win this one. They should never have come back. The only person that I’ve sen play with guts is Danielle. This game is way too predictable… which means no excitment. I canoot wait to see Jeff leave thursday. Remember its a double eviction.

  81. Come on do you really think Shelly is not lying to Jeff and Jordan? She has lied to everyone. An executive takes of 3 months and would be happy to give it to Jeff and Jordan????

    • YES!!!
      @ 2:37 Adam/Shelly are debating about keeping Dani. Adam is concern about flipping. This could be a real game changer!!!!!!
      Shelley is pushing for a flipping. Adam is not so sure.
      @2:43-Shelley asked when are we splitting J/J

      • Adam does not trust Dani at all..Jeff has been good with Adam as to being honest..Jeff and he have discussed final 4..and JEFF told him that if they made it it was everyman for himself..He did not promise Adam final 2..So Adam has a good deal going to date ..he’s still in the why mess it up?

      • Or what better time to flip on J/J and Rachael? Just saying. Jeff would go bockers when Julie say… BY a vote of 3 to 4 Kalia I am sorry but you have been EVICTED.

      • well adam may have a better chance to win against dani than jeff if they were the last 2… because certainly BR and JJ would not vote for dani.. and as a newbie he may get the newbie votes too.. he has that to consider.. however, he’s not a great comp player so i don’t think he’d make it that high regardless

      • Adam is trying to tell JEFF that there is mischief (Shelly) going on without saying it right out..He will tell him but he is gonna wait till DANI starts making her pitches to stay..

      • leb i would be just as shocked as jeff if dani were to stay…. altho i’m sure jeff would be a bit more animated than i

      • @FOTW – Adam has less backbones than the other NEWBIEEs but he is hard to read. But Porcshe might be able to sway Adam to flip.

  82. Thank you to all the people on this site who can say things without being nasty about the people playing this game. When I say nasty the ones that are now calling Dani all kinds of names. Dani was my favorite and I totally thought her game play was superb. It’s fine to have different favorites, but why all the name calling? You people and you know who you all are act just like the people you are talking about playing this game. You are just as guilty of what you are accusing them to be. It is fine to discuss BB and game moves, and even say that you don’t care for this one or that one. Some of you are just vile with your comments.

    • To each his own I like certain ones,you like certain ones Joe Blow over ther likes certain.But why all the name calling

    • i agree with Gail..i don’t get all the name calling..its friggin big have to lie,stabb ppl in the back,do things you normaly would not do outside of this game..if sum1 is hoh of course i’m gonna tell them”if u dont put me up,i won’t put you up when i win hoh” changes everday,and at first i may really mean i won’t put them up,but by the time i win my hoh things could be different,and i may have to put you up! i dont hold to heart how these ppl play the game,because in order to survive u gotta do what u gotta rachel is a different story thats her inside/outside of the house..

    • Yeah she did, her worst game move trusting Jeff/Jordan. On the outside they seem honest, loyal and trustworthy. On the inside that is not the case. The biggest mistake anyone can make is trusting JJ ( just ask Russell).Sure they will act all sweet and turn up the charm to make sure they’re safe. As soon as they win you are definetly going up, forget any deal! I mean I have no problem with that it is Big brother but the fact they talk about playing a good game. Are you kidding? Your word is sh!t jeff you’re the biggest liar. The even worse part is they get extremly angry if anyone pulls the same sh!t on them. Grow the eff up “big jeff” you’re not alpha male.

      • yall keep saying thatJeff didn’t honor the ‘deal” with DANI WAS NOT GONNA HONOR ANY DEAL…5 MINUTES after talking to J&J she was in the HOH ROOM telling Kalia that if she won HOH to put JEFF on the block….So lets say both were liars and backstabbers and be fair about it..

      • Betty – If you switch the names around what you said is correct. Dani seems to think she is the only one in the house that deserves to win

    • Her game is amazing. Her move to backdoor Jeff and Jordan should have waited till she was HoH though. If she waited till then she wouldnt be in this mess. That was the only bad game move she made. Last time as in season 8 she had an excellent game too. She won half the vetos that season to keep her and her dad off the block.

      • Keep her and her dad off the. Blocke? Pretty sure the veto comes after nomss, and her dad saved her ass a couple times. I just want to know one thing..are we in season 8 , where dani got to ride her dads cottails? Or are we in season 11 where dani was sitting perfectly in tthe middle of a very strong alliance set up for a long ride through and she decided she would try and go against. Her alliance(without even holding any of the power that week) almost as quicl. As it started. Or how about season 11 where Dani has only won 2 comps! Or how about season 11 where dani was so focued on brendon she forgot other people were playing the game and completely screwed herself. Everyone says oh blah. Blah brendon coming back this and that…but hey, nobody ever thought about maybe if dani wasn’t so focused on. Avenging domonic, she could have gotten rid of someone besides brendon that week, then doom would have won the votes to come back…she plays week to week she doesn’t think about the long run in the slightest. She sets her sights oon one thing and doesn’t give a chance to see others for what they are, she has 100% tunnel vision……oh and 1 more thing! She though nominating Lawan AND evicittng him was a brilliant plan cause he would come back as HOH…her game has been epically horrible! The only people who think she’s done well, is brenchal haters cause she got brendon out and wasn’t “scared” to make a “bold” move. It wasn’t bold it was obvious. It was also poorly executed….so with that. Being said I’m still sitting here wondering how in the hell she’s playing an amazing game?

      • Keep her and her dad off the. Blocke? Pretty sure the veto comes after nomss, and her dad saved her ass a couple times. I just want to know one thing..are we in season 8 , where dani got to ride her dads cottails? Or are we in season 11 where dani was sitting perfectly in tthe middle of a very strong alliance set up for a long ride through and she decided she would try and go against. Her alliance(without even holding any of the power that week) almost as quicl. As it started. Or how about season 11 where Dani has only won 2 comps! Or how about season 11 where dani was so focued on brendon she forgot other people were playing the game and completely screwed herself. Everyone says oh blah. Blah brendon coming back this and that…but hey, nobody ever thought about maybe if dani wasn’t so focused on. Avenging domonic, she could have gotten rid of someone besides brendon that week, then doom would have won the votes to come back…she plays week to week she doesn’t think about the long run in the slightest. She sets her sights oon one thing and doesn’t give a chance to see others for what they are, she has 100% tunnel vision……oh and 1 more thing! She though nominating Lawan AND evicittng him was a brilliant plan cause he would come back as HOH…her game has been epically horrible! The only people who think she’s done well, is brenchal haters cause she got brendon out and wasn’t “scared” to make a “bold” move. It wasn’t bold it was obvious. It was also poorly executed….so with that Being said I’m still sitting here wondering how in the hell she’s playing an amazing game?

    • I agree. I like Rachel and Brendon and Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think Adam will flip and not vote to evict Dani. What I would like to know is: Who on here likes Shelly?

      • haven’t seen anyone answer your question Francis…guess that means no one likes her…I already knew

      • I like Shelley…In fact I like all the people on BB! It is a GAME and they are all PLAYING the GAME. Each in their own way. I would love to see some of the haters on this site get through a season playing a CLEAN game! Let’s go peeps! Submit those videos! We’ll be watching!

  83. Well, Dani did it to herself. She should have backdoored meathead last week. He would’ve been gone for sure. At least when BR make a deal with you, they stick to it like them or hate them. brendan offered her a deal that made sense and was grounded in logic, but Dani was too dumb and smug to even consider it.See Dani doesn’t understand the saying keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Just like JJ don’t understand the saying beware the Ides of March. Rachel is gonna jack them up. Only Shelly will kiss thier butts until the end. I think the rest of the house is getting tired of JJ.

    • JJ actually just made themselves the biggest target in the house. Next week either Rachel or one of the newbs will win for sure. Now everyone will be gunning for JJ, they are the biggest threats and no one is stupid enough to pick each other off.

  84. I hope if Jeff does send Dani to Jury she gets with Brendon. Won’t be too hard, definetly would be hilarious though. I would love to see Rachel’s face when she finds out she just sent Dani to Jury to get with “HER MAN”. Plus a lot of people have noticed Brendon always seemed like he had a thing for Dani especially in the beginning. Who knows when BB13 is wrapped they will probably get together.

    • If Dani has the votes of Shelly and Porsche, she might not need Adam. What if she did tell Rachel that if left alone with her Bookie in the jury house she would make it her sole purpose in life to seduce him? Rachel is so paranoid and insecure that she would probably crumble and agree to keep Dani away from him.

  85. Cfl! Your girl might stay afterall! Uh oh for me! Lmao they better not flip on jj!

  86. Shelly is a trip…. She is trying to convince Adam to keep Dani and vote out Kalia…. God thing Adam isn’t going for it because he is dettermined to vote out Dani. I can’t wait until Adam has to turn on Shelly and tells Jeff and Jordan about this.

    • I don’t get why Adam is hell bent on evicting Dani she’s had his back and she really liked him. Adam is seriously the biggest floater out there because his side is really unclear he’s just in the middle. I think he needs to make a switch. Jeff can’t win next week get him out now.

      • Cassiefrench,

        Dani will never take Adam to the final 2 and Adam knows this. Why would he start trusting Dani now.

        More importantly, Adam wants as many strong players out as soon as possible which is why he will never change his mind about keeping Dani…. Ask Jeff (who gave him the Veto) how his talks didn’t get Adam to change his mind about keeping Brendon!

      • but adam can’t really believe that jeff would take him to the final 2… jeff will definitely take jordan.. plus is dani really a much stronger player than jeff? she didn’t win the last comps when she truly needed it

      • Dani threatened Adam when she was HOH last time. Why wouldn’t he vote her out. Now I hope Adam tells J/J that Shelly is trying to flip the votes. Didn’t Shelly learn from the last time that her mouth is going to get her in trouble? Only this time it’s with her alliance.

      • lol adam is a floater and will vote with the majority so that he doesn’t have a target on his back..

      • Exactly leo! Why would adam leave his alliance that he has had for. Over 50 days now that has been true to him, to go to someone like dani and. Her alliance that are only saying whatever cause they’re. Desperate? And why is she making deals with everyone to save her? She can’t save everyones ass and they know this. I’m willing to bet come Thursday Shelly will not even vote to evict kalia lol.

    • I agree I do not think Adam would want to keep Dani. He knows Dani is good at competition and you need to get strong people out. Besides, Jeff gave Adam the veto last week. I think he knows J/J have been loyal to him

  87. I like Dani but I like Jeff more. I think it’s his time to win. Kalia can go somewhere and Porsche, Adam are too big FLOATERS! Shelly is in a class all her own. What is BB all about anyway? What special skills do you need to possess?
    Everyone can get along with everybody all the time, that’s why we are all different!!!!!

  88. If they get rid of Dani then Shelly, Porche, Adam, and Kalia might as well just leave the show and let Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan finish it. No one else is going to have the guts to get the other vets out…

    • Exactly, well said. I’m so sick of this season I seriously don’t see any potential in any of the newbs left. Dani is their only hope. They’re like sitting duck just hopeing to not upset their master “Big Jeff”. I can’t wait until Adam and Shelly get evicted and finally see that Jeff used them.

      • And DANI DID NOT USE ANYBODY??? They are all using each other..What show are u people watching??? WHY IS THE BLAME ALWAYS PLACED ON ONE HG??? What is doing the next to him is 99% sure doing the same thing. It’s a question of “WHO DOES IT BEST INORDER TO MAKE IT TO THE END OF THE GAME”?? They are all backstabbers and liars..

    • Kelli you are so right it’s a shame!! No one will put these vets up, why not write the check now for Jeff to win. Also, I believe big brother is making shelly do this bidding just to keep viewers watching. Dani will leave, the are just trying once again to keep the ratings up. It will be a 5 to 0 vote she will leave, dont get too excited for her to stay folks

  89. If Dani leaves the house is going to be EXTREMELY boring… J/J already won (at least Jordan). I hope the house turns on J/J and it´s caos!!!! I would love to see Jeff’s and Rachel’s faces if Dani stays… they ALL should work really hard for teh money…

      • I´m happy for does of you who are Team J/J (I was iwth them in their season)..but BB13 is going to be boring… Jeff is going to keep using them and get them of one by one with out any trouble… It’s not interesting not even to se Rachel do one of her dramas…

  90. I just read the feeds on Joker, what a turncoat Shelly is, her daughter must be SOOO proud, what a sleaze bag Get her out of the house next and expose her lies, she’s 10X worse than Dani and Rachel and I don’t like either one of them

    • Unbelivable Shelly was all over Adam trying to get him to flip and vote for Danny to stay she wants to split up JJ (what happened to iwant u guys to win?) she is telling him and porsha that the conversation stays between them or she will flip
      And dont get me started with Porch she is wandering what she can do to Rachel so she will self evict herself like throwing water on her so that rachel will hit her And they say Rachel is unbalanced?

    • So you recommend that people with children should not play seens they a gooing to be told they are bad examples… please everyone lies and backstabs…even Jeff …he told Dani he would not put her up.. is that not a HUGE lie … and if Dani believed him she is totally naive.

    • I wonder if Shelly is serious? I never thought she would turn on J/J. And just a little while ago she was telling Kalia don’t worry you are safe this week.

      • This is how I see it.

        I can’t get over all the drama queens ’round here. This is BB and we have people complaining about backdooring, game planning, and lying of all things.

        What a joke.

        Anywho. Go SJJ.

  91. Im now cheering for Jeff or Adam to win. If Jordan wins again Im done with Big Brother.

    Adams problem even if he makes final 2 is getting votes. Needs to be up against Shelly or Porsche. But if he ever wins anything he’s likely to be first of the alliance to break and oust Jeff.

    • I should add, I think Adam’s plan (or hope more than plan) is vote out Dani, have Kalia or Porsche put up Jeff with Jordan or Rachel, and vote out Jeff.

      I dont think he wants to be HoH himself until there is less chance of retaliation. He needs the Dani side of the house to do one more piece of dirty work for him. But he won’t keep Dani to do it, because he can’t get her out later.

      • It was not Adams was Shelly’s..and Adam is not on board…don’t think he will be..

      • When adam did his little speech to the camera alone earlier he was talking about who he wants to get out in the coming weeks, and it was all the big players who can beat him in comps.

  92. Go team Adam lol; Just a few things I want to say. RIP Lawon July 2011- August 2011 Shout out to General Mills. Bookie sucks; and Rachel needs to know who the father is.

  93. Shelly just tried to talk to Adam about how it might be better for them in the long run to keep Dani. She said don’t say anything to anyone just think it over.he immediately told Jeff.. Shelly may be in Trouble!!

    • When did he tell Jeff??? I been sitting here the entire time listening…He did not come out and tell JEFF that Shelly was trying to rally votes for Dani…He did dance around the issue and hinted there was a problem but he did not tell him. Had Adam told him J eff would have taken Shelly to the HOH for questioning…So no he did not tell Jeff..

    • hey I said the same thing Did Adam go tell big J about all of this?
      What did he say?????

    • Once Shelley had the conversation with Adam and Porcshe about keeping Dani.
      Adam was smiling to himself. I was surprise he didn’t jumped up and start runing to the HOH room to tell.

      It is going to get heated in the BB house real soon.

      Saving grace is Adam wants to be liked and that makes him a weak player.

  94. It makes no sence to me why the newbies are all more than willing just to have jeff and jordan the finals. This is the perfect oppertunity for them to save daniele ride kalia and team up four vs three on jeff jordan and rachel. Then the next hoh the only person they have to worry about winning it is Rachel. Not to mention if rachel wins hoh they know she will target dani again not them.

    • I believe that Shelley/Porcshe are thinking about keeping Dani but Adam is not buying that action. It is going to get heated because Adam is going to tell Jeff about the conversation from early this afternoon.

  95. Very interesting tactic/game play (if you can call it that)…Shelly will always be known for the dirty rat that she is. She will smile her way to the money, but her integrity is down the toilet where she should be.

    • Excuse me but why is playing that move to flip the house and keep Dani a bad move. This is a Game and smart unexpected moves is required. Shelley isa finaally showing some backbone!!!!

  96. So all of the “floaters” were discussing on keeping Danielle? Seems to me like they basically had the meeting to discuss how to remain being floaters. If Danielle goes out of the house, it would mean that they would have to actually PLAY to stay in the house; keeping her in allows them to continue floating on by….

    • S/P/A sitting outside around 2:15 and Shelley proached the subject. Adam was no so sure about taking that move as he forgot to bring his Balls to the BB13 house.

      • lol adam is sadly brainwashed… at least shelly knows she has a better chance of winning against dani than jeff

  97. There’s a certain dog face that Shelly uses when you know she’s being deceptive. She’s using it right now as she listens to Kalia. Funny…they’re all fools if they think she’s a good alliance to hold onto.

  98. I will say that if Shelly gets caught in this round of lies she is done for..Everybody is gonna pour their guts out as to who is screwing over who..We got some 80 hours till the eviction..SOOOOO much can happen between now and then..I may not get any sleep till Thursday cause I don’t wanna miss a thing…

    • She hasn’t gotten caught so far. I find that weird. She tells everyone a different story. She is just rotten to the core.

    • As the saying goes…Nothing ventured nothing gained!” Every risk has its downside. Hmmmmmm I think that is why Dani is on the block. :)

    • @cd, Shelly did get caught before. Last week when Dani was HOH if you remember her and Kalia comparing notes and realized Shelly was lying. But Shelly talked and talked and kissed butt to Dani and now she’s her BFF. She will get caught again.

    • i think shelly’s like an informant.. they can’t really get rid of her because she provides them with what they want to know

  99. I just don’t get why Shelly wants to keep Daniele and turn on her “alliance”. It wouldn’t be the right decision to keep Daniele. Dani has a few tricks up her sleeve if she stays

    • i think at this point it doesn’t matter what shelly decides, because she’s lied to too many ppl and they will find out eventually.. i think perhaps right now shelly just wants to break up JJ to weaken it

    • Yep, and will save BB13 season from being borrrring! Expect the unexpected and put drama in the house!!!!!

  100. I think they are all going to vote the same way .Dani you have been evited from the bb house. Rachel is going to win the hoh and put up shelly&Kaila

    • Yes that will be good but Porsha should go she is tryingto come up with ways to have Rachel hit her so they will throw R out like they did with Chima
      She makes me sick

      • well then porsha has to ,I dont think Rachel will fall for it,she is smarter than that little witch

  101. If Shelly turns on her alliance she’s a fool. In that case she will be the biggest target.

  102. As much as I hate to say this, Big Brother is a reality show and usually Reality shows are somewhat scripted. I believe that Dani will stay. There is no way the producers of BB will let Dani leave. There will be no drama in the house. I think the producers are putting Shelly up to this. Telling her you will stay longer in the game if you shake up the house. Just look at the previous weeks, when Dani needed to win HOH it miraculously happened. No, BB had something to do with it. They always do. They have to control the game to make sure they get the ratings they need to get. Afterall ,if the show is boring and gets horrible ratings, it will be cancelled and BB is one of CBS’ staple shows’. Just is just a hunch, but I dont see Dani leaving. She’s the main drama other than Rachel.

    • No she is going I think production tries to sway them one way or the other but at the end the HG decides who to vote out

      • Production or no production, when it comes to PRIZE money, they can’t rig the show. Against all regulations!

    • @4:32 PM HOH room might be some spilling of guts by Adam once Jordan leaves the room. Adam is listening to music. So far Adam has kept his mouth closed. J/J left the HOH and Adam is laying on the bed with a very serious face. Surprise maybe will go with the flip plan!

      • will suprise me if Adam spills the beans “right now”..He is waiting to talk to Dani before he decides to tell Jeff…
        Then toooo Shelly may be playing Adam and if she convinces him (he thinks she is gonna vote Dani) to vote Dani but she actually doesn’t and it makes him look like a traitor to Jeff. I hope that was

    • I agree I think production is getting in Shelly’s ear but hopefully she does not listen. And if she keeps trying to flip the votes I hope she gets caught before eviction night.

  103. wow, what chatter out here in the blog world. i wish, i had the live feeds, sounds like some real fun going on in the bb house. its fun to talk about who we think will prevail or not. im enjoying reading your blogs. seriously, does anyone really think dani is going to stay? sounds like people are linning themselfs up for eviction. fighting for the order in which they will go. go dani stir it up and porsch will serve the slop. keep blogging, you guys and gals are funny.

  104. Funny statement from R to Jordan. “this Thursdays vote will tell a lot on were eveyone in the how is”. She said it should be 3 against Dani to 2 for. Jordan corrected R and said it s/b 4/1.

    • Shelly looks like an old leather shoe! Stop with the tanning, its not attractive! And pick up a weight or two, she looks sick!!

    • I cant stand them I even dislike Porsha more then Danimal she was with Rachel jumped ship when R was not in power anymore it wouldn;t surprise me that she would throw sraight shooter and Kaligula and Adam under the bus to save herself

  105. Ugh Adam come on flip the votes!! You’ve always voted with Danielle and j/jo are not going to take you to the end!!

  106. I really hope Adam and shelly flip, But danielle is most likely going home.

    Get ready for a boring rest of the season :(

  107. Ok, I’m rooting for Rachel now since Brendon is gone. But I give credit where credit is due. Shelly didn’t come up with this idea of saving Dani by her lonesome. Dani started it! She told Porshe to campaign for her because she didn’t want to do go against Kaliah….very sneaky Dani.. and very smooth. She told Porshe to go to Adam and Shelly to get votes. She gave Porshe a few scenarios to use to get their votes. So off Porshe went to campaign for Dani….first stop was Shelly. So please stop giving Shelly props….she didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it….all props to Dani! The girl is still fighting! I want her out

    • I am a Rachel fan but I have to say that if Dani makes it out alive this week, then surly she deserves to win this game if Rachel doesn’t make it to the end. She is fighting hard for her BB life. She is smart, cunning, and a competition winner.

      • Not a doubt that the DR has their hands in this!
        Plus, Dani has a “personal” friend that works IN the DR!
        A Conflict of Interest maybe??? DUH

    • If they pull this off, Kalia will be going to the jury house. Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will know they have been betrayed and by whom! So, it will be Danielle, Rachel, Jordan, Adam, Porsche and Shelly for HOH and while, they have the numbers, you can never be sure! If Rachel or Jordan were to win HOH, you will see Danielle and possibly Porsche on the block. If Danielle gets off thru POV, Adam goes in! Of course, if Danielle or her new alliance gets HOH then, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will be the targets. Anything can happen but, don’t count out Jeff, Jordan and Rachel yet! If they win HOH after this eviction then, the traitors will get their just desserts! This is a double edge sword they are playing with. You would think they would wise up and get rid of Danielle first before worrying about the other veterans? The less veterans in the house, the better the chances of the newbies but, they are not using their heads and allowing Danielle to manipulate them yet, again!

      • the so called ploy by shelly is just something for the next show for us to think dani has a chance to stay. the vote will be 5 to 0 for dani to leave, production is just trying to get a show to have some drama in the house, believe me, it’s all about nothing, dani is leaving for sure thursday

    • People should not be saying rachel deserves to make it to the end because she has no strategy. she plays with her emotions. All she does is cry every time something doesn’t go her way. Also she is not even good at competitions. I hope she leaves after D P and K are evicted, maybe even before Kaliah. Go Jeff and Jordan!!!!!!!!

      • First, you are in no position to say people shouldn’t be claiming Rachel deserves to make it to the end. State your opinionn and let other people have their ok?

        Dani has been crying just as much especially the last 2 days….

    • For Shelley to FOLLOW the whole line of bullsh*t is pathetic! Especially after going completely ga-ga when Jordan gave HER the phone call. The very phone call that Shelley says gave her “a complete restart”, and swore she’d never go against Jeff or Jordan.

      It may have been one of Dani’s full blown “schemes” but for it to work on Shelley of all people, takes any ounce of respect I HAD for Shelley.

      Thankfully Adam, after just talking to Jeff, said he “expects Dani to approach him with every offer imaginable”, but he (Adam) said, “he go with Jeff’s Vegas Odds and not buy ANYTHING Dani is selling”.

      What an idiot Shelley is!

      • Right on. JJ needs to quit trusting Shelly I guess because it sure looks like she is throwing them to the wolves. Doesnt she know if Dani doesnt go home she will target Jeff? Maybe thats her play but if it is shes sure a turncoat.

    • Exactly how is Rachel supposed to get out Jeff and Jordan? She should have at least worked with Dani to get one out.

  108. I don’t have the live feed and I can’t wait until tonight’s Showtime 2 comes on. I’ve been waiting to see if Jeff and Dani go at each other. This maybe the best week of all! smile– It’s great reading some of the live feed post! wish I could afford the live feed.

  109. Ok.. I am gonna TRY to be objective here.. we will see.

    First of all, everyone griping about any HG flipping, lying or whatever.. its all part of the game. Jeff has lied, Dani has lied..we need to get over it. Its part of BB. (Shelly’s lies went to a whole other level that I wont get into) I am admitting here in print for everyone to see my girl Dani “got got” by the Big Jackass. (ok, that name not objective..heeheee)

    I think Adam and Shelly really do need to consider flipping and teaming with Dani for a bit. There is NO CHANCE they will get past F3 with JJ. At least with Dani, their chances increase. I am not saying Dani is more honest than Jeff or Jordon by any means, just that is OBVI J and J will take each other if it comes to it.

    I just want SOMEBODY to do something big and bold!

    • They could get to F3, but that would have to involve them actually winning something for a change…

    • Actually, it serves the newbies interest to get rid of Danielle. You get rid of a tough competitor for HOH and POV. Jeff cannot play this coming week which means Team Jeff and Jordan are at their most vulnerable as Danielle was this week. That said, you have Kalia, Porsche, Adam, Rachel, Shelly and Jordan playing for HOH. Two veterans versus four newbies. If one of the newbies win, they could conceivably put up Jeff and Jordan up
      and if one gets off, put in Rachel as replacement nominee! Think about that scenario and see that the newbies do not need Danielle and they can take control of this game if they decide to! The best scenario for the newbies is to get rid of the veterans then, one of them will win $500,000. Not entirely easy but, possible. Adam and Shelly considering that they are already close could team up and evict the veterans. Porsche and Kalia could jump into a new alliance with Adam and Shelly although, that may seem not plausible—-it is atleast, possible.

    • I agree. If Shelly and Adam want to last, they better keep someone who can win comps, and will get rid of J&J. Because they are running out of people and they will soon be going up. J&J are not going to put up Rachel. Dani would be the person they should team up with. Just my opinion.

      • What the newbies should be doing is aligning with each other. It makes no sense to keep Danielle in who is a good competitor. The way to win is get rid of the veterans one by one and then, they have a good shot at that $500,000. Letting Danille stay only helps Danielle! Danielle will easily throw these newbies under the bus if it suits her. As for winning HOH, any of the newbies can win it! The less veterans in it, means the better their chances! And since, production decides what to have for HOH and POV, they can choose questions and answers or multiple type questions which are easy enough even for a newbie. Kalia won and Porsche came close to winning a number of times too!

  110. So far has not outed Shelley so he must be going over the best move. Well, Philip should we go flip or stay with J/J and get evicted also on Thursday?

    • if he flips and Jeff doesn’t leave at next eviction he will eat adam and spew him out so fast Beside he has a final 4 with JJ and after that they are on their own but it’s BB so who knows

    • Double eviction on Thursday could still have Dani out, but only on the second try. Jeff will be rattled about the flip and house will be divided: Vets vs Newbie!!! Adam will just have to run home get his balls and come back and play “A MAN Game”.

    • Baby steps for Adam…once he realizes that his Balls work his lips will unlesh from the A.. and the Bris will be COMPLETE, with Adam becoming a MAN!!!

  111. if rachel wins hoh, she will put shelly up! and rachels chances of becoming hoh increases if dani is gone. not good news for shelly! so shelly u need to vote kalia out!!!!production please tell her this, jordan and rachel will be the only ones competeing that is “team jeff” so shelly and porsha need to get adam onboard!!!! it will be adam,dani,porsha,shelly agaisnt rachel and jordan..and one of those 4 will win and steal rachel!!! lets go big brother!!!!#teamkeepdani

  112. Interesting that Jeff and Adam have been outside chatting for about 30 min and Adam has not told Jeff about the S/P/A flip plan.

      • Feeling Jeff out? Who said he is buying Shelly’s idea.

        If anything, I believe he is feeling her out.

        Also, he is not entitled to tell Jeff anything. If he spills the beans and Shel is still around then he is in trouble.

        I believe he figures Jeff will find out in time but I don’t think Shelly is looking to flip but rather use that against A or P in the event she gets them to commit.

      • He’s waiting and watching to see what transpires and I think hes waiting to see if Shelly approaches him again.. He don’twant to start trouble where there is none..If he thinks the plan is really going be implemented then I believe Adam will tell Jeff for sure…Adam is safe with JEFF ..Jeff has told him final 4 and then it’s every man for himself.. Jeff has not promised him final 2..Adam has the best and safest spot in the house .He knows this..Why mess it up??

    • Adam/Jeff have wrapped up their 1:1 as Shelley just came out. I am rather floored that Adam not only did not spill the beans, but is assuring Jeff that Dan can not sway him with ANY DEALs. Did Adam get a backbone transfer earlier today? Intense days ahead until Thurs double eviction.

      Karma is going to be an interesting B….!!!

    • I think he has a crash on Jeff this is the only showmance this season
      But I still want Danny gone sorry

    • I wish I could read Adam. The only thing I can tell based on the passed moves = Adam goes with the house. If he tags with S/P and the house flips than a BIG move was made and he is PART of the play.

    • Lets just hope that no Pandoras box shows up and saves Dani,this show gets ya right when you start celebrating

  113. Last time I checked kalia put 2 vets up and jeff put Dani up…are we all forgetting she’s a vet? It was sooooo bold when people decided to evict Brendon, one fo the vets. But now that its dani, its not a good idea anymore? Keep in mind, aside from. 1(kalias hoh) all vets have won HOH’s so why dnt we stop calling these newbies “spineless jellyfish” and call them weak ass competitors? That’s what was so funny about Dom, he wanted so bad to go against the. Vets, and called everyone else spineless, helloooooo! You can’t go against them when you can’t win shit! Lmao. These newbies need to step their game up, that’s what their problem is. And for. Everyone thinking adam. Will flip, he. Told. Jeff daniele is just continuing to dig her own grave. Sorry about all the periods.

  114. After Danni leaves wouldn’t it be fantastic if the newbies “grew a set” and turned on the vets. They have the numbers if they just had the guts! Por has come 2nd in a few comps, Adam has one as does Kalia…….come on newbies wise up!

    • I don’t think the newbies will ever wise up and realize that they are playing BB. They have to be the biggest group of unmotivated floaters in BB history. It’s a good thing the veterans were in the house or this season would have one big snooze fest.

      • intimidation has them all with thier tails between thier legs They never tried to go agaist the vets because they never win anything. Kalia was the only one who came out fighting and look where its gotten her

  115. I have no problems with Jeff putting up Daniele. It’s the smartest thing to do in his situation right now. That said, I find it highly hypocritical of Jeff and Jordan to say they want to get out all of the “floaters” so only competitors are left. (Granted originally this concept was thought up by Brendon and Rachel). But JJ seems to have adopted it as the season progressed. Though it may be the good game move by Jeff to get rid of Dani. They are completely going against their ridiculous strategy of getting out floaters. Not only are they going after a competitor. They’re actually wanting to KEEP Porsche who is a major floater amongst the house guests.

  116. 5:33 pm BBT Adam to Jeff- “there is nothing Dani can say to me or offer me to get my vote”.

    • But does his words really mean he is still on the Vets team. The crystal ball is very fogging about Adams mindset at this time.

      5:52 Rachael just said she has a bad feeling that Adam will flip. Jordan says Shelly is on their side. No worries!!!

      Impressed: Rachael can think beyound her “B”.

      • I definitely see. Where your coming from, but adam dramatic, he probably doesn’t want to start a. Big. Blow out…also, he is usually very. Stern, at this point Dani really has nothing to offer him and he knows it..he just said it to jeff about 20 mins ago..he said “what is she going to offer me? To keep me safe? Yeah for how long? ” its too little too late for dani, its getting close to the point that. Everyone will have to start fending for themselves and adam being under the radar and. Not much of a target, will most likely make it to top 5 or at least 6. I. Think logically he sees this and. Why would he want to go put a target on his back now? These are just my. Thoughts…sorry. about the periods.

    • I think adam will flip on the vets. I just don’t think he’s going to choose now, when there are still the other 3 there and they’ll be pissed at him. It will mean the end of the game for him I’m sure. Incase were all forgetting, dani has only won 2 comps this year. Its not like she’s just gonna win everytime as long as she’s in the comp, so I’m sure Adam knows, he’s not a huge target right now, but if he doesn’t vote out dani he will be.

      • Dani has competed in 3 HOH’s, won 2 and gave the other to rachel the first week. She is a huge threat in comps every time she competes. She may have made some dumb moves but she is the best at competitions in the house with rachel being a close 2nd.

      • Djskins. Dani isn’t THAT. Good..just face it. And she didn’t. “Give” the comp to rachel correct me if I’m wrong but rachel. Was up there just. As long as her? And you don’t just. “Give” it to someone. That’s common sense, the only time someone “deals. And drops” is. When they’re getting ready to drop anyway, so they. Want to save their own ass before hand…cmon now let’s get real, she had every chance to win this veto and keep herself safe, she couldn’t. She. Has played a horrible game. This season.

      • Djskins. Dani isn’t THAT. Good..just face it. And she didn’t. “Give” the comp to rachel correct me if I’m wrong but rachel. Was up there just. As long as her? And you don’t just. “Give” it to someone. That’s common sense, the only time someone “deals. And drops” is. When they’re getting ready to drop anyway, so they. Want to save their own ass before hand…cmon now let’s get real, she had every chance to win this veto and keep herself safe, she couldn’t. She. Has played a horrible game. This season

      • That’s. Like saying exactly hwow is rachel going to get dani. Kalia and porsche out, magical pixie dust…NO!!!! But thanks for proving my. Point. Adam needs to. Stay. Good and ride with. His team, if he turns on them then there you go, he cannot get all 3 of them out and Dani sure as. Hell can’t either (as we’ve all seen this week) clearly she’s not as good as. Everyone thinks she is. Adam will not turn on his alliance period. He knows those other girls will not protect him.excuse. all the periods.

  117. Can you just see it. When Rachel wins HOH and Adam tells Rachel about Shelly and the missing beanie baby dog and how Shelly wants to cut his paw off?

  118. What in the hell is Shelly doing? Are her, Adam and Porsche planning a flip? Shelly is such a snake, I can’t stand her. I knew she would not stick with Jeff and Jordan. What a natural liar. Jeff is going to be so pissed, if it happens, the only saving grace is Rachel winning HOH. I can’t believe Adam and Shelly are planning this.

      • I can’t stand Shelly now. You don’t go away from an alliance that you made on Day 2. I can’t believe she is doing this, I am sure Dani had alot to do with also. If they do flip, they better be ready for the repurcussions, Jeff will be furious. Every other HOH has had the votes go the way they wanted, why is Jeff different, Shelly has been in love with Jeff and Jordan almost to the point of obsession, now she wants nothing to do with them, extremely disappointing. The Brigade stayed together for a whole season and Hayden won the damn game. I wish Dani would shut her mouth.

      • Feel sad for Shelly’s little girl who even knew that her mother’s lying was wrong and asked her to please stop it. Shelly is some great example of a mother and this little girl will never believe another word that comes out of her moms mouth. This mother should of thought of her child before the money. Feel sorry for her and hope Shelly goes next week. Should not be so surprised two lying skunks lying down in bed together are Dani and Shelly. GAG!!!!

  119. Wow! I really wish it was Thursday night, the suspense is killing me! I feel freaking PATHETIC, that i’ve invested so much of my time to people I would otherwise not give two shits about! Lord where did I go wrong!

  120. Shelly is throwing Adam under the bus with Dani now on the feeds….. Adam is the man to throw under the bus I guess. Jeff and Jordan will do it with voting Brendon out. Now Shelly is doing it with Dani in case she says because of Adam, we can’t save you Dani…

    • if you read yesterday’s recap @11:50, Shelly was telling Jordan how suspicious Adam is being because he is hanging around Dani. I have come to the conclusion that Shelly is jealous of anyone who is close to J/J First she starts with the bashing of Rachel. Now it is Adam. I still think it was a bad move to have kept Shelly last week

      • I can’t wait to hear Shelly repeat that and have JJ says, “geez, you were with Dani all day”…. I hope Adam tells JJ about Shelly wanting to keep Dani the same way Adam told Shelly, Jeff was considering keeping Brendon

  121. I can’t believe shelly is doing this crap after what jordan gave her a phone call and gave up talking to her family I don’t care about game play this is a complete lack of respect and no class at all

      • i just put my laptop on mute, shelly is making me so tired and the worst of it all is that she actually believes she is not lying and dani thinks everything rachel does is to spite her, and way to go shelley for throwing kalia under the bus….

    • This is a game and Dani is a gamer taught by the BEST ED. Why would she fall on the sord and go home without a fight!
      Shelly knows that it is time to make a move. When she asked Adam when do we split J/J the play began!!!!
      Adam can either make or break this BIG move.

      • i don’t know, i think if adam is not 100% on flipping then shelly will back out, probably not tell porsche and end up having porsche taking the blame

      • Risk moves = different players moves.
        Shelley has made her’s and the end result will come out on Thursday.
        Adam must MAN UP!

  122. why would shelly be so stupid and leave her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. She needs to go with Danielle this week

    • Why not make her own alliance with other Newbee’s.
      Are the Vet’s the only one to win BB13?

    • Adam wouldent flip to save Brendan because Brendan could take him in any compitition & he knew it same with Dani Adam wants the power players out so he can see if he could win something withot any compition

  123. Kalia whose head is on the chopping block as well should wise up and not assume that they are going to get rid of Danielle! That is a very bad assumption as anything can happen. What she should be doing is exposing everything she knows about Danielle’s multiple lies to everyone in the house. The object is to steer everyone away from Danielle including Porsche and Adam! Also, tell Shelly that Danielle does not trust her which is the truth! If she does that—-that would guarantee that Danielle goes to the jury house and Kalia is safe! If she allows Danielle to manipulate her yet, again then, Kalia deserves to be evicted!

  124. Look, we all know adam is Very well aware of the cameras and the time and camera time. He loves to try and include himself in the entertainment aspect of the show, with that being said…who wants to be that Adam will tell Jeff tonight on AD about Shelly? Lol

    • Oh, Dear Lord, I hope so! Is shelly being truthful, hell, she lies so damn much in this game, I can’t tell. I am so disappointed in her, anyone who trusts Dani is a total fool.

  125. I know Beth that’s the one thing that really stands out to me I don’t have a problem with furthering herself in the game but when somebody gives you a call to your daughter I think a certain amount of respect and yes loyalty goes without saying

    • Talk about a backstabber, Shelly is the true definition of one, she can forget about her so called integrity in this game and wanted to show her daughter that she can play this game and not lie, that is all she has done.

      • S said her daughter will be upset because NOW everyone will know S smokes. wtf…how could they not know already~the woman is a chain smoker. She’s just as antsy as A when they are locked out of the backyard. She even made comments during poker about missing her ashtray. Jordan’s heart will be broken if S turns on them. Watching her take advantage of Jordan is like watching someone kick a puppy.

  126. Shelly’s trippin because JJ have Rachel’s back. She realizes she’s not the #1 pet and it’s bugging her. Nothing more, nothing less. If Adam starts rattin people out to JJ, he’s toast, his best move is to vote the way he wants and keep his mouth shut. These guys will destroy each other. The only person that see it is Rachel.

      • very good point, I have said for a long time that Shelly is obsessed with Jeff and Jordan. All of the sudden, Shelly is trashing Rachel, talking about ripping her stuffed animal apart, Shelly is a 41 year old mother, does she really need to fit in the with mean girls that badly? If this plan does go through, Jordan will be heartbroken, she has defended Shelly since Day 1. Shame on you Shelly, shame on you.

      • A 41year old wants to kill a stuffed animal becuse its Rachels? Even Jordan would never agree to that, it would probably hurt her and possibly turn her against Shelly at last

  127. I have been playing this game tonight I took a drink for everyone of Shelly aka Straight Shooter lies How long do u think I will last before I pass out?

  128. This is what is happening. When CBS Brought back Breandon They thought the ratings were going to go high it did the opposite. They are just realizing that Dani is the Star this season. She is the only one willing and not afraid to make big moves…. that is why they are scared of her leaving

    • I AM SOOO FRIGGING TIRED OF HEARING about Dani’s big moves..If Dani is so smart how come she is on the block??? The only person that thinks DANI IS A GREAT PLAYER IS DANI..EVEL DICK says she has played a bad game..Dani is playing for DANI..NOBOBY ELSE..SHE IS NOBODY’S FRIEND.. ss for the caps but DANI is an average player

    • Have you noticed that the Blog is more active? Even I have not partcipated in conversing.
      Now my pen is sharped and words are flowing!!!
      Adam please become a MAN and not a star struck fan of J/J!

    • Totally agree! Brendon’s return was so fake. BB now knows that if Dani goes then it becomes very boring and predictable. At least she tries!

  129. I haven’t been watching the feeds much. Can anybody explain to me why Shelly would be campaigning for Daniele? Is it all because Dani put up Brendon against her last week?

    • Because she is a straight shooter(sorry about misspells word I took a drink for every lies she told so Im not all there)and she has deals with everybody I think she makes nice to the person leaving so they will know she was trying to save them but it didn’t work
      No blood on her hands

      • Shelly is absolute proof that this season is weaker than most. In most other seasons Shelly would have been called out much sooner and probably would have been evicted a couple weeks ago.

      • Sorry to sound so ignorant. I’ve been out of the loop on reading these messages and don’t have the live feed. I’m having trouble following the messages about Shelly turning against J&J. Is this really true? I caught up on the BBAD from last night and everything seemed fine with them. Did something happen between yesterday and today? Thanks to anyone that can catch me up. :-)

      • Shelly has decided apparently to turn on JJ because this is a game and with them in it the newbees have not a chanche to win

      • Thanks ellablue. I appreciate it. I’m shocked but then again a lot of the behavior in this house is shocking. Thanks again.

  130. Jeff is not dumb nor is Jordan why are all of you freaking out let the game be the game a decision is a decision.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzOne thing I feel Shelly is a witch of all liars Jordan was crying giving her that phone call, one thing I cannot stand is owing someone a favor then flushing it down the toilet, Shelly win or loose you will always be a loser in my book.

    • That is true..and I bet that nice husband and cute little girl are really ashamed of her as to her latest decietful actions..

    • Agreed I can get over that Jordan had to wear that costume and gave her the phone call
      Show some class and respect to that if ur going to do that then tell them and explain u reasons and let the chips fall

  131. funny kalia is definitely going to vote shelly out when all is said and done and she finds out what is happening

  132. Dani and Shelly are the perfect alliance. Dani is learning well from Shelly. She is throwing Kalia under the bus, and now she is smiling in Kalia’sd face. Shelly would be proud of Dani!

  133. these idiots – all they do is bash Rachel in the most vile ways and byatch that CBS is making the Brenchal show….THEY make it the Brenchal show with their constant hatred and vicious remars – yes, Rachel is an annoying person who is immature in her game play — but Ragan felt the same as they did last year and now he knows her and they are besties. Dani has got Kalia, Porsche and Shelly to spend their days trashing her, and she has not done anything that warrants this crap. Shelly is a horrible person – Its ok for all of the others to lie and bs but when its Rachel she is the worst of the worst. Porche tells Adam “they” are all having a cast party but Rachel will not be invited. Kalia calls her some of the snarkiest names. Its disgusting. As far as the “flip” – I highly doubt in the end that Shelly will flip – she would be to afraid of losing her BFF Jordan. Adam won’t flip – he knows better at this point. If anyone in this house was truly smart, they would hook up with Rachel — they all say she would only get 1 vote by the jury — so why wouldn’t anyone take her to the final?? Ante up idiots!! These HG are STUPID!!

    • Doni, I have been saying that for a while since that is all the childish broads Dani, Kalia, Porsha and Shelly seem to know how to do. They don’t even have the guts to do it to Rachel’s face where they give me corny smiles and act friendly.

    • I agree to an extent. I think when Brendon and Rachel are together they are absolutely crazy. But we’ve seen the feeds when they’re by themselves. (Brendon last year and Rachel this year) When they’re alone they actually are pretty normal for the most part.

      • porsha was talking about ways to get Rachel out like spitting on her or dunk water so R will nhit her ansd she would have to live because it’s against rules to do that
        I dont get the R bashing and yes I agree apart either B or R are better and nicer

  134. It’s gonna be awesome when Rachel gets the house to flip on JJ. Thier time is up. If Jordan doesn’t win hoh on Thursday or POV, Jeff is gone baby gone.

      • Oh it’ll happen. Do you really think she’s gonna forget the last conversation that Her and Brendan had with Jeff when they were talking about the vote? The fact that she kept her mouth shut when Shelly tried to lay into her should’ve scared the crap out of JJ. She’s cold steel now. At least when she was crazy Rachel, you knew where you stood with her.

      • Gene you must not have live feed. The game play has been changing since around 2ish this afternoon with the NEWBEES maybe making a move to keep Dani in the house. S/P/A discussing that they vote to keep Ms D. The undecided player is Adam.
        This house will be drama filled until Thursdays eviction AND a 2nd EVICTION!!!!

      • Leb,

        Adam is a firm no to keeping Dani… Shelly has no better chance of changing Adam’s mind than Jeff did about chaning Adam’s mind about Brendon and jeff gave Adam the POV!

      • leb, I don’t get the live feed. I just go off what you good people say. Based on that, I think Adam is the key to the whole thing and from what you guys say, He won’t make a move until next week at the earliest. When he finds out it’s double eviction and maybe two vets get sent packing, then he’ll man up. He’s scared of Jeff and Rachel. He want to see them kill