Big Brother 13: Can Late Night Deals Survive Sober Mornings?

Big Brother should think of breaking out the booze more often or maybe Daniele should rethink having so much of it. Either way, Daniele opened up to Jeff and Jordan in a late night, tell-all session that may have brought a former alliance back together.

Flashback to 3:30 AM BBT to find Daniele sitting down with Jeff and Jordan for a 90+ minute lovefest. Daniele is profusely apologizing for having attempted Jeff several weeks ago. She goes through the scenario and explains how she watched her friends picked off and realized something needed to change. Ergo, the backdoor-Jeff plan was born. She tells them it was a mistake and she went about things poorly.

The trio discusses everything from Rachel’s behavior, they all agree she’s a disaster, to Cassi’s eviction, to Shelly’s deal making, and around back to Brenchel. JeJo flat out tell Daniele they will not be voting to keep Brendon. If they stick to that plan then there’s no chance of a tie-breaker on Thursday, dang, and Brendon will definitely be heading out the door where he’ll become the first of seven Big Brother 13 jury members.

The exchange between Jeff, Jordan, and Daniele lasts over an hour and a half before conversation slowly shifts to more of making deals and agreeing not to let the tag-alongs (which they view as pretty much all Newbies) keep moving ahead in this game. Daniele promises JeJo that even if Kalia gets HoH again this week she’ll protect them and guide her nominations. “It is a new game now,” Daniele tells JeJo.

Looks like there could a real deal coming together between these three. Daniele closes again with an “I’m soooo sorry” plea to JeJo as they agree to align and fight through four more weeks and just five more HoH competitions.

What do you think? Can this alliance survive the light of day and the stress of four more weeks in the Big Brother house? Or will they all be right back in the thick of it?


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  1. One can only hope. Dani needs to align with them, not Porshe-duh and Kahlia the Pig. Those 3 could go far.

    • How could she get far with Je&Jo. They both suck and the only reason why Jordon won her HOH is because Brendon and Jeff threw it. Jeff is useless he only win vetos when he need to but how long have he been trying to win the big one, HOH. Why is Kalia a pig, because she’s fat. Well Jordon is dumb as hell so what should she be called a dumb blond. Kalia has stepped up to the competition but the true floaters are Je&Jo. They do nothing but sit around talking about who should win this and that instead of them winning something ELSE. Dani and Kalia is way stronger then dumb(Jeff) and dumberer(Jordon)

      • If I see another person completely misuse the term “floater”, I think I’ll chuck my computer through a window. JeJo are not floaters. They have been very clear which side they are on the entire game.


      • Which alliance so far Dani has 3, lol. Adam and Shelly r the only ones she has no approached.

      • Hey dayday, dont be a duhduh with the CAPS, its annoying, on a side note , its about jejo and d kissed and made up, they can pick off the rest, I still believe Jeff wins this thing.

  2. The only problem with DANI’S promise and apology is she is BANKING on Kalia to get HOH and put up J&J…Dani thinks she has a deal with RACHEL. BUT Dani is not gonna help to keep Brendon which pissed RACHEL off so her ( Rachel’s) part of the deal is fake.. as of this moment Dani thinks she has Rachel in her pocket….Dani is going after jury votes so if she is not the one to put up J&J she believes she will have their vote..It’s all up in the air and last nite was sooo confusing as to who was in a deal.. who was backdooring who..who was voting for was mess..U just gonna have to wait and see how the votes fall..

    • And, what makes you think J&J’s deal is real? Come on, there is no way in the world J&J will trust Dani at this point. She is just like Shelly making alliances with everybody but I think the damage is done because of her alliances with Kalia, etc. J&J will not trust her and are only playing lip service to her. Even if they are tired of Rachel’s behavior, they know she is the way she is and they will not evict her just on that. They also know on some level, as Jordan did say, that they were still in the house because of Rachel. I will be surprised if Brendon goes because I think CBS knows American wants him in the house.

    • There is no way that J&J will vote to evict Brendon. They will never trust Dani and they know that if Brendon is out, Jeff is the next target.

  3. OMG, if this stays true I would love it. My only concern is the hatred of Kalia that I saw early in the feeds of Jeff and Jordan. I just hope it doesn’t backfire on Dani. It’s what I was hoping for and if it happens it is like BB heard my wishes. lol

    • They will NEVER make a real deal with Dani! EVER! I dk why anyone would even begin to think this would happen. Just like shelly, dani now has a F3 deal with everyone. @fly- I think your right on most stuff, except dani banking on kalia winning. I think she doesn’t have any faith in kalia or porsche winning and she is trying to. Do some major damage control for this week, but she doesn’t realize she’s actually causing more damage. Why would jejo trust her? They absolutely do not, so they aren’t gonna tell her any of their plans. Dani has been doing nothing but talking about getting rid of jeff next, she doesn’t take any deal with them seriously. I predict by next week the kalia dani alliance will start to take a turn for the worst.

      • I hope so. J/J believes too many people sometimes. I hope they don’t trust Dani. Your right she was up in the HOH telling Kalia Jeff has to go next week. Maybe Dani doing all this talking will backfire and everyone will find out. She’s got her back covered with everyone but Adam. Telling Rachel last night if Brendon goes look at the votes and you’ll know who turned on you. She’s trying to turn Rachel against J/J when it was her wanting Brendon gone. I want Dani gone but she is playing a good game.

    • @vet fan. That was why I said my concern was I saw the hatred of J/J of Kalia earlier in the feeds. They all have side deals hoping that it will get any one of them further in the game. This weeks HOH and then veto comp is very important for all of them. Dani has said she will get rid of Jeff next week, J/J saying they will get rid of Dani. Adam wanting to get rid of Dani, Shelly wanting to get rid of Rachel. Rachel trying to make deals with everyone. If Brendon goes and depending on Rachel’s behavior – these are all things that again make this weeks comps the most important ever.

    • I wish they would agree to work with just Dani. Not Kahlia…who imo, needs to GO! It’s a wonder anyone else in the house has any food to eat since she’s always seen with something in her mouth. Besides that, she’s just an idiot. And if a vet is in power next week, whose butt do you think she’s gonna be kissing? It ain’t Dani’s!

      • Everyone in the house eat a lot. If you watch after dark Jeff and Porsha seem to always be in the kitchen. Kalia eat snacks in the HOH with Dani just like Dani did when Kalia was HOH. Everyone do it. You are the real idiot. If you can’t say what everyone is doing than don’t say nothing at all. Just pointing out one person that ” eat everything ” when the whole house on After Dark is in the kitchen eating everything especially Jeff is just dumb. They all eat a lot except for people that have to eat slop. Kalia is not the only over-weight person in the house, don’t forget that Adam isn’t that small either. All he do is talk about BACON. So why just pick on her. I guess maybe becuase she is the only black person in the house and you can’t relate to her because she is not a bad person. She actually love yall beloved Je&Jo and they talk about her too. It is only a very small amount of peoplethat like Kalia and I know why but I do love Dani and Kalia relationship. It is actually beautiful to see someone in the house except her.

      • Porscha eats more than everyone in the house. I bet she would have won the hot dog eating contest last night with hands down.

      • Sceech, scratch… snarly cats here? i cannot believe it. talk about who eats and who does not eat? come on ppl. havent studies shown that food is a number one thing to reach for when there is tension and emotions running all over the place? these ppl have become friends and foe’s during all these weeks and not knowing who they can trust or rely on from one week to the next must be frustrating. i personally am disapointed at BB that they only cast members they could rely on to make a show was to bring back the redhead dits and her finacee’ they are grasping but hey…we are stuck with them for awhile yet. when will someone realize that porche might be someone they need to watch out for? she hasnt won HoH but she could and then what? more smooching of the behinds???

  4. Absolutely not. Starting Thursday jejo will vote to keep brendon…geesh don’t these people see that dani is even wayyyyyy worse than shelly when it comes to all the backstabbing!

    • I think if Brendon wasn’t up against Shelly they would vote to keep him. Jordan really likes Shelly. And if they could get Adam to vote for Brendon they would keep him. But there not going to make it a 3/3 tie and then Shelly stays and is mad at them. I think the votes are going to be 5/1 Brendon goes. But with all day today and tomorrow to talk anything can change. This is the first time I really am not sure how it’s going to go.

      • What does it matter if shelly is mad at them? She’s a non-factor who can’t win s***. They’re best bet would actually be to make it a 3 way tie because having Rachel mad at them is much worse than having shelly mad at them. I think that no matter what they will and should vote to keep brendon. Yes jordan likes her. But lastnight she finally started to realize maybe shelly is the liar, not rachel. I think also adam will vote to keep brendon…this is for “shock/entertainment” value. I think dr told him to continue to “act” torn. But at the eend of the day, they all know freindship doesn’t bring you places in the bb house. Also, if they piss shelly off they are risking potentially losing 1 vot. If they vote brendon oute, they are most likely losing 2 votes. I think keeping brendon just makes sense for all 3 of them and they know that shelly has to go..just my thoughts.

      • If Brendon stays him and Rachel might keep the deal with Dani though and turn on J/J. I want J/J to make it to the end. So many ways this can play out….just have to wait til Thursday.

    • @vet fan. Why is Dani any worse than Rachel? Yes, she is making deals, but Rachel has done just as much backstabbing. I still can’t forget how she told Brendon that everyone was mean to her including J/J and throwing Jeff under the bus with Jeff making her feel uncomfortable (the stupid shower incident). Basically, if you think Dani has done more backstabbing then Shelly, IMO I would say Rachel has backstabbed just as much. I know you are a Rachel fan and that’s fine, just as I am a fan of Dani’s. I will admit to Dani backstabbing, but to say she is worse than Shelly or Rachel I don’t agree with. Just MHO.

      • Well that’s jus the thing gail I never said rachel didn’t either lol. The point is, that dani has a f3 deal with everyone and that will blow up in her face. You don’t see kalia and porsche walking around making deals behimd danis back.

  5. I am not a Brendon fan (I do not like him as a person)but he is a good gamer..and in saying that I am not totally committed to him being evicted. Dani is weaving a 4 week web of what could be major trouble for her.. She has taken the role of lying to this one..making a deal with this one and then that one….making promises she can’t possibly in the end are Dani’s actions any different than Shelly’s?? Do u guys see and
    understand that??

    • Sorta.. I just fault Shelly on her opinion of lying. I have no problems with someone lying in the game..its just a part of it. Where I fault Shelly is that she seems to want to convince us as viewers (like in DR) that she is honest. It made her look like an idiot.

      • OH yeah…DANI’S favorite line..”At the end of the day u have my word”…lol..sure they do..lmao

      • Shelly with all the tears about lying, I do not tolerate it, what the heck….. she is sobbing etc. she is lying as much as the next.

      • Shelly is indeed a mess. Quite delusional because she honestly thinks she is truthful and has integrity in her DR sessions. Her cuckoo clock has a dead bird nailed to the perch.

      • Shelly creeps me out more and more. Where did BB get these people from? They look like bottom of the barrel. Shelly and Adam are “creepy uncle who hugs you uncomfortably long as he smells your hair” creepy. Kalia is annoying but not the good annoying and has taken too many self-help “I like myself” classes. Porsche is simply eye candy which is fine but could you at least add a little sexiness to it or something? BB could have torn a page out of a girlie magazine and taped it to a wall instead. Lawon is an afterthought. He’s like a bad audition that won’t go away. He doesn’t do straight or gay or anything for that matter very interesting. At least Dom and Cassie had some fight in them.

      • I honestly believe that Shelly thinks she has not lied. I wish HG’s would figure that out. I want her gone!!

  6. Don’t call kalia a pig how would you like someone to call you a pig I’m ready for Brenden and Rachel to go home I want Danielle to win BB

  7. Dani’s made the same deal with Rachel, and Kalia and Porche. This game play usually causes resentment and loses votes for the one who does it. This is a insecure Dani making promises to everyone with no one knowing which is the true alliance. When they get in jury and compare notes it will all fall apart. Natalie lying to everyone won megafloater Jordan the game. I don’t suport Dani in this game play and hope it was the alchohol. She may have handed the game to Rachel, her only equal in the game.

      • Exactly my point. Anyone believing this…(especially on jejos side) jejo isn’t stupid they don’t trust her for a second. But anyway anyone who would believe this should also believe Jeff would evict Jordan before Adam…lol, just ain’t gonna happen. We should ALL know this. They will be right back in the room debating on whether or not they should keep Brendon.

      • Shelly is of absolutely no help to jejo..and as we can see, she’s a flopper and jejo realizes that. Jejo may dislike rachel but they like brendon and lastnight on bbad they said they trust brendon to stick to his word and not put them up or anything. They have realized they can’t trust shelly. She is more of a liability to them than a help, she can’t win crap, and she can’t collect info anymore cause no one will tell her anything and she tells jejos info. Do not be surprised folks, when Thursday comes and brendon gets (I’m gonna go all out and say) a 5-1 vote to stay..or 4-2 with porsche actually voting to evict Shelly.

  8. Say what you may but Dani may have bought herself at least another week and that didn’t seem possible a day ago unless Kalia or Porsche gets HOH. She gets caught in a pinch but works her way out. Like her or hete her, she is like Houdini

      • No, she thinks she bought herself another week. Doesn’t anyone see that nobody trusts her and she’ll be on the block next week if kalia doesn’t win(I’m not even gonna say porsche cause we never know what she’ll do)HOH.

      • e got spell checkers and ppl deciding whether kalia is a pig, omg… glad u ppl are not in the bb game, shame on u.

    • I hope Adam wins HOH and puts up Dani and Kalia with Porche as a backdoor plan if one of them wins veto.

      • Yeah I don’t see why people think no one will nominate daniele they will try and backdoor her cause of the veto ticket. If anyone else besides p or k win hoh p and k will be the only other 2 options. So dani will use her veto ticket anyway to try and save kalia. I think regardless they need to put dani on the block straight away, because that way she will play in the veto regardless , but she will only. Be able to save herself if she wins, not herself and kalia.

  9. Dani is covering all her bases. If Kalia wins HOH she will tell her to put up Jeff and Jordan. Then she will tell Jeff and Jordan that she tried to talk her out of it but couldn’t. She is also playing nice to them in case they win HOH. She’s playing everyone to keep herself safe for a few more weeks, then it might be too late to get rid of her.

  10. Thank goodness Dani is finally using her head. This is the way she needs to go is with J/J/D and whoever wins wins. Get rid of Brendon this week and then Rachel next week. So tired of watching them have sex. Almost feel dirty after the live feeds; I mean did not get the live feeds to have to watch a PORNO show. Get them out of this house PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! GAG!!!!!

    • Ive had feeds for BB12 & BB13 and NEVER saw Brenchel have sex. There are usually more feeds on than them so I watch something else. I think it’s gross that they have sex on TV but noone HAS to watch it.

    • From what Rachael told Brandon, maybe Brendon and Jordan will get evicted and Jeff and Rachael will end up a couple. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? LOL

  11. ATTENTION******** BREAKING NEWS! JeJo will never work with Dani! Lol Dani only thinks she’s covered her bases and figured things out…she is exactly like shelly, except she wins…what. does that say? This will all blow up in her face!

  12. I dont know why everyone dislikes Brendon. He is a smart guy. Yes, Rachael keeps things very difficult for that couple. As far as Dani, well i hope that JJ and BR is well aware at the end that Dani played the hand in getting them evicted and make it to the finals. And I hope she will loose to anyone else by a vote for 4 to 3, lol.

    • BRENDON is not smart he just thinks he’s smart! he talks down to everyone and if my boyfriend ta;led to me the way he talks to Rachel he would be drinking froma straw for a long time.

  13. AMEN…Dani your proving that you can play this game without your Dad…..this will be perfect 3some……J/J knows it and they will stick to it they know they need to get the trainwrecks out now..otherwise it will be too late…go Dani…you really do have the only guts and smarts to play this game thus far….WOOOOHOOOO!
    And wasn’t the fight between B/R epic lastnite I have been waiting for that….and to top it off even Brendon of all people said it wasn’t fair that he came back into the house….so how stupid do you feel now BB production

    • Agreed. At this point NO ONE is safe and Dani has given herself a chance to play on, which she didn’t have a couple of days ago. That’s all anyone can hope for now. She went from being the biggest target in the game to a 50/50 chance of moving on.

      • Why would anyone want to make a deal with dani wheb she can’t play for HOH. If jeff and jordan would make a deal with anyone it would be kalia because porsche can’t win anything. I think jeff and jordan are smart not to make a deal with dani.

  14. @ MATT..Did Dani actually tell Shelly about the deal she made with RACHEL?? Can u or anybody give me an honest answer??? no guesses please!!!

    • from twitter… EvelDick Evel Dick Donato
      Nice job Dani, get drunk as shit & tell everything to Shelly… great game plan. What the hell is wrong with her? Shelly of all people, ugh

      • language correction… EvelDick Evel Dick Donato
        Nice job Dani, get drunk as sh*t & tell everything to Shelly… great game plan. What the hell is wrong with her? Shelly of all people, ugh

    • @ fly…I guess you and I, oh and grammy6 are the only people that think this “move”(lmao) makes no difference to dani’s game…why do people give her so much credit? She’s an idiot in my opinion, she started digging her grave week 2 and by the Next 2 weeks, shell be 6. Ft under

      • NO NO..Dani is a good gamer and has really good ideas but she wants to put all her plans into motion at once..When u do that u get caught up and by the time u realize what u’ve done it’s too late..YOU ARE THE ONE GOING OUT THE DOOR..i just gonna sit on the fence..wait for the eviction..the new HOH and go from there..

      • Yeah she’s a good her social game is an absoluute mess. She is going bury herself in deals

      • Vetfan you’ve been predicting Dani’s demise since week 3 and have’nt got it right yet.

  15. Hey you do what you GOTTA do in this house from one week to the next and yes she is covering all angles…good for you go girl

    • dani cant trust any deals made so far… am glad she has that veto card… shes gonna need it soon…

  16. Its funny How Jeff and Jordan (love them but hate them This season) really control the house. Theyhave all the power Dani is in their pocket, if they want they could save Brenden tell him everything and have Brenchel do all the work. If Hgs were smart they’d get rid of them. Im tired of these newbies playing like its the friends game… I hate Shelly but the fact that she’ll do what it takes to win is cool as hell in my book.

  17. The smart thing for J/J to do would be to tell Shelly they are going to vote for Brendon to stay because they know it would make a 3/3 tie and make Dani send Brendon to jury and let her get her hands dirty. Let Shelly know they want Brendon gone but this way it won’t make Rachel mad at them and she’ll be pissed at Dani and go after her.

  18. Porsche has been invisible from the start and could be dangerous down the road. While the big names are dissing each other she just quietly moves on.

  19. This would be bad game play on J/J part if they evict Brendon. They should let it go to a tie explaining to Shelly that they want Danielle to be the bad person because she would have to be the one who votes out Brendon because of the tie breaker.

  20. Why are people hating on Dani? She is covering her bases and making deals with everyone JUST like everybody else is. Honestly, it seems everyone has a deal with everyone. They’re all going to get busted sooner or later, not just Dani. Rachel now “supposedly” have an alliance with JJ and Dani and maybe Kalia with Porsche just kind of along for the ride. Shelly has made deals with everyone except Rachel. Adam gives the appearance of floating back and forth but he actually may be the only one that isn’t making deals with everyone, just JJ. JJ have made deals with BR, Shelly, Adam and now Dani. All the vets are doing the same thing, covering their bases with everyone. I’m sure they all know that none of their deals are solid so they really have no choice but to play the whole house. It’s really going to be interesting to see what happens, this HOH is pivotal. From the looks of it though, it seems like Dani may be in one of the best positions to win this game. It’s remarkable because that seemed impossible after her huge mistake in the beginning. Rachel may be pissed at Dani but they both know they need each other because their alliances with JJ will not hold. If Rachel joins D/K/P it’s going to be huge because you have Rachel and Dani who are more than capable of winning HOH’s and Dani is great at Veto’s. JJSA really have to just rely on Jeff and he hasn’t really performed this year with the exception of the Veto competitions.

  21. Does anyone else think Kalia is really annoying, it just seems like she trys too hard or something, can put my finger on it. I don’t think Shelly is weird, I just think she ask people about working together and if they don’t shake hands or something concrete, she doesn’t feel like she has made a deal. Oh, and Rachel, the way she eats, I have NEVER seen anyone eat like that. She sticks out her tongue and lunges at her food..and really fast. It is really strange.

  22. At this point in the game everybody is making deals thats the way this season is going down it doesn’t matter what dani told shelly they all must be going crazy with rumors like these.
    Everything depends on who wins hoh cause everybody’s making deals left right and center

  23. personally i’d like her to keep JeJo thinking of a re-alliance and then tell Kalia and Porsche to vote to keep Brendon so it make a tie, then JeJo and Adam would Assume Dani will vote out Brendon, what a way too totally throw off JeJo before HOH then to keep Brendon. it would also be good, cause Brenchel will know for sure JeJo is against them and they’d have the numbers too 5 vs 3 going into next week

  24. If JeJo is smart, they would keep their fellow Vet Bren and let go of NutShell. Dani just do the talk to make them think, so.. that Dani can bust JeJo next week when and if Kalilaa became HoH. Remember game planner… Dani will probably stick around even if she got put on the block… 50/50 cuz she has the veto pass.., just make sure she does not win veto, to do that Brendon needs to stay to be save, cuz he can win competition dats what scares the heck out of people.. Adam needs to stay for the votes.. So smart HGs if they go safe, they’d remove Shelly this week. But poor Rachel it looks like Bren heads out to the jury villa.

  25. As I’ve been saying all along…Daniel is nothing but a coward! I could see this coming. I knew she feared Jeff and would never put him up. Yes, form a new alliance with JJ….that’s a perfect plan. Congrats Jeff for winning BB13!

  26. Kalia is not annoying… boring more like it. That’s just in her game plan.. follow the leader.
    Uh.. Jersey boy Adam & Porscher also playing follow the leader.

  27. Dani just seems like she’s full of it. Before she was down there talking to Jeff and Jordan, she was telling Kalia she HAD to put up Jeff and Jordan if she wins HOH. This just seems like a fake deal and Dani just seems to be covering her bases. I wouldn’t trust her if I was JeJo. Also found drunk Dani annoying… how many times can be say “I’m not stupid” and “I don’t know how to explain it!”

    • She is full of it. And also when did she start drinking so much??? On her season after she turned 21 she never even drank. They would play beer pong every night and she wouldn’t drink.

      • Her dad was there then hes not now. I bet she even with their strained relationship would be acting differently if he were there now.

  28. Hope B/R/J/J all get together and figure out that Dani is lying to all of them but then J and J lose Shelly. Which one is more apt to be truthful is the problem since do not trust B or R any further than you could throw them?

  29. Bigbrothernet Jeff telling Brenchel they won’t get his vote this week. Guess how it goes over with Rachel.

    • Rachel may go so ballistic that J/J might change their mind because they don’t want to deal with her next week.

  30. I think Dani is trying to do that, only in case a miracle happens and JJ gets HOH…

    Because she alreday made clear to Kalia, Jeff gotta go next week.

    At this point they dont trust each other anymore

    and also Dani tried to make this deal, only to force JJ to vote out Brendon…

  31. I agree Fabio but I have a feeling that pretty JJ n R will b comparing notes n realize that Dani has told both sides the same thing.. I think Adam will win HOH this wk. Call me crazy but thats wat i think.. Last night in BBAD R was telling J how D wont save B in the event of a tie breaker.. I think if R won HOH he wont go against JJ she would go after D K n P

  32. I am taken a back at the drinking all the ladies saves Jordan and Shelly r doing. Dani obviuosly cannot hold her licquer. She told Kalia not to talk to Shelly and when she gets drunk thats the first thing she does.

  33. Well it looks like Je&Jo told Brendon & Reachel they would only vote to keep him if A voted to keep Brendon . So brendon is going to get evicted, So now i wish Reachel would team up with Dani and get JE out next week ,

  34. kalia is a newbie, why the worry cept she is too loyal to dani anddd WHYee? it’s time to get rid of the “nobody comes between me and my man… whine whine whine”

  35. i read the post that jejo are the biggest floaters, actually i have to agree, they are vets but they aint doing to hot are they? there HAS to be one member that is able to get an alliance with ALLL the household members. that would b quite the coop.

  36. how many deals is dani gonna make,i can’t keep up with them all. stupid people will keep falling for her lies. oh excuse me thats the whole house.i’am amazed how she is playing everybody. nobody gets it. the house is hyptomized and so am i. beam me up scotty.

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