Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Saturday Highlights

What a day, what a day, what a day. Big Brother 13 really came to life yesterday with an impossibly long Veto competition followed by the hardest time we’ve had in seasons trying to figure out who won. Even after that it’s less assured what will happen next with the Veto ceremony looming in the near future. Read on to find out what happened on Saturday and what it means for the Big Brother HGs.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 13, 2011:

9:50 AM BBTLive Feeds return from Trivia and the Veto players were picked. Brenchel sitting in shock. Rachel dejectedly asks, “how did this happen?” Cams flip to HoH room where Kalia walks in and asks, “How did this happen?!” Everyone plays but Brenchel and Porsche. Brendon is fearful of a backdoor scenario. He should be.

10:00 AM BBT – Rachel is bashing Jeff. She says he made inappropriate comments to her while Brendon was gone and even approached her while she was naked in the shower. Now come on, Rachel. No one is going to believe anyone was hitting on you.

10:30 AM BBT – Adam joins Daniele in the HoH room. They’re both excited that Brenchel won’t be playing. Adam assumes there will be a renom as long as JeJo don’t win the competition.

1:50 PM BBT – Live Feeds go to Trivia for the Veto competition.

4:50 PM BBT – Live Feeds return after a full three hours. The HGs have obviously been in the house for some time while production was apparently sleeping instead of turning back on the Feeds. Thanks, jerks.

5:15 PM BBT – Brenchel is freaking out in the Lounge Room. Both fear Jeff has a deal with Daniele.

5:30 PM BBT – We get a glimpse of Shelly in solitary confinement in the Have-Not Room. She later realizes they did not give her toilet paper. That’s pretty low.

5:50 PM BBT – Jordan appears after a long stint in the DR. She’s wearing the “humilitard” featuring “I’m with Stupid” on the front, “kick me” on the back, a “dunce” beanie, and a tutu. She’s actually pretty pleased with it.

6:20 PM BBT – Finally. After 90 minutes of attempting to figure out who won it’s revealed that Adam won the Veto. This of course comes 15 minutes after I gave in and said it must have been Daniele. Shelly got a phone call from home (plus confinement). Kalia won a vacation. Jeff won cash. Daniele won a Veto ticket, not the actual Veto itself, which lets her play next week.

7:00 PM BBT – Shelly talks with Jordan under the door of the Have-Not room. Both think Brendon will be the renom.

8:30 PM BBT – Brenchel is all worked up. They’re angry at JeJo. They still want to push for a deal with Daniele, but if one has to go this week then Rachel says it should be her as she has no allies and Brendon could still work with either Daniele or JeJo.

8:45 PM BBT – Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche in the HoH room going over various scenarios. Also discussing a toy Porsche stole from Brenchel. Seriously, Porsche? Daniele wants to cause trouble by revealing things Rachel said to her about Shelly. She’s saving that for Thursday to get the house against Rachel. Sounds like it’ll be Brendon getting the renom then.

10:00 PM BBT – Jeff is nervous because he threw the Veto comp to Adam after Daniele told him he was safe. Now questioning that decision. Uh, yeah.

11:10 PM BBT – Daniele goes to Have-Not room and whispers under the door that Brendon will be the renom and Shelly is completely safe this week. Well there you have it, folks.

Like I said, what a day. The streak continues with only guys winning the Veto after Adam secured his safety today. He’ll definitely use the Veto on Monday and then Daniele will have to name a renom. Her current plan seems to be Brendon, but remember that Brenchel convinced her to change her noms from them to Newbies on Friday so maybe they’ll work their magic again. If that happens then I’d look for Jeff to get backdoored instead of Brendon. Next few days will be high stress. Don’t miss it!

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    • Hi Matt! Love all the updates ya’ll post & (especially after the 3 hr long wait for pov results-unreal!) am so grateful for the great job you guys do in keeping us up to date… awesome job!
      Jordan looks so cute in her costume & is really rocking it… is it true that she won the phone call from home & gave it to Shelly for the unitard?
      Also, just wondering why CBS has not ousted (or at the very least not penalized) Porsche for making all the HaveNots sick spiking their chocolate protein drinks with Benefiber while Kalia & Dani laughed & played “lookout” or why she’s been allowed to steal personal items (ie Jordan’s bra & Jeff’s underwear, Kalia taking & hiding chess pieces). Not a long-time watcher of this show and have been appalled at the behavior of some of these HG’s which has been so mean, spiteful, juvenile & now actually physically harmful to others while, seemingly, being constantly rewarded. Really?
      And no toilet paper??? WTH? Can you say infection? That is some sick stuff for a “game”.
      Love the basic concept of the show, just find some of this truly disturbing. Are there no rules other than no singing or talking about DR sessions & production?
      Thanks for any help you can offer enlightening me and, again, for your awesome blogs.

      • In Jeff’s season Natalie and Kevin pulled some of the same kind of pranks and production made them stop. I don’t think trying to make people (possibly get) sick is a serious issue..Production should be stepping in to halt some of what their doing ..

      • Yes, I heard about Porsche spiking the HGs supplies with Benefiber. She’s an absolute child.

        I did not include it in last night’s report since it actually happened the night before (Flashback to 8/13 @ 12:08AM BBT).

        There are rules that you can’t destroy other HGs possessions. Season 2, Shannon used Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the toilet and then put it back. Production stopped Hardy from using it and paid Shannon pay for a replacement.

        I’m really bothered by productions lack of involvement and discipline this year overall (against all HGs). Really, really wish Kalia would stop singing already or face punishment (24-hr slop punishment would stop her in her tracks) as the viewers get stuck with WBRB screens every 15 mins thanks to her.

      • Actually I would think putting benafiber into someone’s beverage without their knowledge could be a bad thing and should not be allowed. That is not funny at all.

      • A prank is one thing.. some are funny. But, I do agree that the putting stuff in peoples foods can be dangerous. Some people have severe allergies that can be deadly.

      • some people need more to do so they wont be extremely bitter about people they have never met or even talked to. ITS TV!! have fun watching the show folks, but lets leave the hate and simple thinking to Brenchel :)

    • I agree, Dani is a vile *. Can’t wait to see her go. She must be stupid if she thinks she’ll get all the way to final 2 and actually have a shot of getting jury votes.

  1. Production has to be p!ssed that for all the manipulation they did to bring Brendon back, Dani is once again knocking at his back door.

    • It seems the veterans alliance are filled with dumb people which is why Danielle has been able to outfox them each and every time! Take note that they fail to win the HOH, all 4 of them! Then, when they had a chance to win veto, Jeff in his greed for the prizes let Adam win it! So, now, you give Danielle a perfect gift of a backdoor! How can anyone be so dumb? On the plus side, it may be Jeff being put on the block and backdoored as Danielle told him he was safe! LOL

  2. i think this whole season is DUMB!!and seemes sooo preplaned?Dani get on my nerves,but soo dose jeff and rachel,leave BRENDON in the game,see what happens

    • I am really disgusted with this Dani winning HOH all of the time. Brendon and Rachel didn’t have a chance to compete in the POV. If Jeff really did throw the POV to Adam he is a snake. Brendon and Rachel did hold their word to Jeff and Jordan and now look where that got them. I am hoping that Dani will keep her alliance/deal with Brendon and Rachel and is just telling the others she will back door Brendon. Remember, Dani has been telling different stories to everyone so she is not someone who can be trusted. If she was smart she would back door Jeff and get him out. I love Brendon and Rachel and am disgusted how this has turned out. I am sure that all Brendon fans who voted him back are disgusted too about Dani always going after them. I thought Dani didn’t trust Shelly and maybe she would like her to go. So, you just don’t know because Dani may be just saying things to Kalia, etc. to make them believe that she is on their side. Jordan would be nothing without Jeff. Those two have been floating and stabbing Rachel and Brendon in the back since the beginning when Jordan offered herself up as a pawn to ensure Brendon leaving so her little Jeff didn’t go up on the chopping block. I was so happy when Brendon came back and now it is down in the dumps again. If anyone has to go between Brendon and Rachel, I think Rachel should go because she has really fallen apart this time and isn’t playing hard to win the comps like she can. Brendon has more strength and will survive and play strong without her.

      • if she puts Jeff up he will stay A J and B and R will vote S out
        Please team BR don’t go to the dark side

      • Ellablue… its JJ that have gone to the dark side… they want to backdoor Brendan, thats why Jeff threw the veto… jj will vote brendan out. If jeff went up, BR would have their backs… BR had to say whatever they could to not be on the block together, but that doesn’t mean that they will honor the deal with dani to backdoor jeff.

        If Brendan goes this week, and JJ vote him out… Nolonger JJ fan… Hopping on to DR train. (Dani+Rachel) Racheal will noe that JJ are to blame… BR was Dani’s target because they stood up for JJ…

      • you are what is known as a baby. Dani putting them up shouldnt be suprising. Who do you think BR would put up had they won? Get over it. If anything should be unfair is Dani having to use two HOH to get Brendon out. Its a game.

      • Comparing BR to JJ in the snake category is ridiculous. Rachel’s lies to Brendon about Jeff’s behavior alone, makes her the most disgusting creature to inhabit the house. With all the deals BR cut, and even considering the initial backdoor of Jeff is proof enough. I do realize only two people are left at the end, and backdoors do happen, but just a shred of dignity would be nice. Rachel doesn’t appear to have that. And, Brendon blindly believing everything she tells him is sad. I know it’s like a carwreck on the freeway…you look even though you probably shouldn’t…that’s BR…

      • Jeff might be backdoored this week due to his stupidity. I am sure Danielle could care less as that is one less good player in the house! I also heard he was planning to backdoor Shelly who has been his and Jordan most reliable ally. If that is true, then, Jeff deserves to be evicted for being a dumb douche bag! He has made a couple more dumb moves which can only hurt him and Jordan. Wow! Danielle is probably laughing at this free gift!

      • Rachel does nothing but cry, whine, and complain – sure, she did win two HoH competitions, so I’ll give her that. Aside from that, she has played a TERRIBLE social game that has left her in tears at every corner. And Brendon is a jerk who does nothing but try to intimidate the other HouseGuests, just like Jeff. I agree with you, though, that JeJo are annoying, but I don’t like Brenchel, either

      • Kenny Brenchel was Dani’s target becus they r strong competitors, not becuz they stood up 4 JJ. JJ, Brenchel r interchangable to Dani as long as a strong competitors goes. This is’nt personal with her its buzness.

      • I don’t know what show you watched but what I seen was Rachel and Brendon running to Dani throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus. And Rachel telling lies to the love of her life. I know they all lie but this is the person you are suppose to trust with your life. I was actually liking Rachel more this year until this. If I was Brendon we would be over as soon as I watched this season.

      • Dani is not ugly and she’s very funny. Please keep in mind this is a game and no matter what happens we all enjoy watching it.

      • umm wayne aren’t you the guy that LOVES brenchel. Yea, dani isn’t ugly and rachel sure as hell is.

      • shes not that ugly, She just has kind of a manly face.

        Rachel also has an ugly face. Her nose bothers me.

      • What is shocking the utter stupidity being displayed by Jeff of late! Imagine going for the little prizes when he has a chance at $500,000. Losing a veto for that? Not thinking that if you do not win the veto that you, yourself could be put up or if not, Jordan? What was Jeff thinking?
        Danielle got a free gift of a backdoor without even doing anything! LOL

      • Richie I am not a JJ fan but I understand his game play. Jeff is not playing 4 the 1st place slot. He understands America loves Jordan and she has a better shot than he does. He is making the best of the cards he was dealt and getting as much as he can while he is there. Remeber Brenchel said they would grab money 2 for their wedding, they just were beat out by Jeff, LOL. He knows hes going into jury and is grabbing all he can before he goes there. Jordan said she wanted her and Jeff to atleast be in jury together. They came on the show to spend time together and that is what they r doing, winning is a nice perk along the way 4 them. Jeff is taking a calculated risk that Brenchel is more of a target then he is and playing so that he does not expose himself until he absolutely has to. He said it is better that Adam takes himself off than he and he is right. Jeff understands that its a long shot that he takes number 1 and he is playing his own version of a floaters game and grabing all the prizes that he can along the way, which is why it was so funny that he and Jordan were calling out floaters.

      • @Jackie,

        If that is Jeff and Jordan’s plan then,
        good for them! I just find it odd that they have a good chance as any of the other house guests at that $500,000 and it seems that Jeff is throwing that chance away. When he goes, Jordan will be vulnerable to being evicted.
        That is the reality of it. Danielle will try to evict the veterans one by one because she has the newbies under her control so, can dispense with the veterans. Well, he made his decision so, that is that!

    • NO!!! The brigade was the most boring alliance there ever was. This is great… So much fighting this season. Aside from Rachel stirring things up, last season was boring.

    • That was the dumbest and utterly useless ploy.
      That dropped ratings real good that is why we have the veterans brought in. Big Brother cannot afford another fiasco which will destroy the show forever! Who wants to see 4 guys vote everyone else off one by one! No game play, no nothing! That was the worst big brother ever! This season is ten times better with a lot more twists and innuendos going around the house.

    • NO!! who cares oh that’s right some do but most don’t and for them including you you’re all wrong they need to go let them skank up the jury house for two weeks not so much the first week but the next one after that they’re gonna get a hose the second week and then the following sanitize the house.

    • I think she will backdoor Brenden. Would be great to see Jeff be backdoored because he is very likable. The house simply hates Brenchel.
      So why not keep them and try to sit against one in the finals.

      • Well for everybody that said this was the Branchel show I say it’s the Danimal Donato show
        And dont get me started on the dead weight that is Porsha getting thr other HG sick? why is that allowed without a penalty of some sort

  3. ok!!! Just watched the Rachel and Brendon segment where Rachel is telling Brendon how mean Jeff and Jordon treated her while Brendon was gone and heard the comments she made about Jeff coming on to her. Go back a year to last season and if Rachel had of related those same events to Brendon he would have gone balistic and confronted not just Jeff but the entire household. In watching the segment and Brendon’s reactions to her stories it is of my opinion that he is listening to her but doubting a great deal of what she says..Brendon’s attitude toward Rachel has changed and while he still wants to play the White Knight he is very slow to jump into the role as of late..Something is up with Brendon and the relationship with Rachel…I can’t really explain it but it seems that he has his guard up with her and is holding her at arms length. I hope that makes sense ..The issues Brendon appear to be having are not clear to me (as to why) so it hard for me to put it into correct words.

    • Google Brendon and penisgate (and big brother of course) and you’ll see why… he was caught masterbating on skype with another girl who he also informed that “brenchel” was basically a fake relationship, for tv purposes, and that she wanted to come back on tv, etc. It’s so gross (penile shots) but interesting info (not surprising to me – well except for his size – lol). i don’t know why it hasn’t been brought up over and over like it would be for other HG, if they’d done it. i bet alot of the brenchel relationship lovers are unaware of his comments that it’s not a real relationship, in so many words.

      • and the reason i say this is that – again, it is a game and very staged as well. i’m still entertained, except when they show brenchel making out, rachel crying, etc. i just fast forward over that silly stuff.

    • he won it by playing the game and everyone had the same chance. I really don’t care who wins but Adam starting to get my vote. Yes I know he’s won nothing – but aleast he’s nice and hasn’t hurt someone just to hurt them.

    • I agree with you King. Jeff has won enough. I hope America don’t vote to give him the 25,000 this season.

  4. Has Jeff gotten word of what skanky rachel is saying behind his back to Brendon about Jeff making sexual advances towards her? I find that hard to believe, Rachel would sell her first born to get this money, I really hope Jeff finds out and goes off on her real soon, that is not something you accuse someone of, game or no game, if it is not any truth to it and I don’t think there is, I have been watching the feeds and I never seen anything like that.

    • What do you think about Jeff and Jordan throwing their closest ally Shelly under the bus to keep Brendon just to keep the target off Jeff? You think Shelly will be happy about that? Jeff and Jordan will do anything to protect ra h other wig is exactly what Rachel is doing to protect Brendon.

      • I hope Jeff finds out soon about what Racheal said, Jordan is much better looking and does not need to babysitting. Jeff is also more interested in a good plate of food, so Racheal get over yourself.

      • m@@aking up lies about a vote and making up lies about sexual advances are two totally different things. I did not have feeds all day yesterday, so I did not see any wheeling and dealing being done. Shelly may be in JJ alliance, but they should have pulled her aside and told her to lay low for awhile, all of her back and forth has caught up with her. Loose lips sink ships!

      • I thinkbit is Jeff and Jordan playing the game. Beside until they go into the diary room and vote you never really know who they will vote for.

  5. Voting BOOKIE back has improve Danimal’s game. A BIG Thanks to America. Rachel is now aware that she is not as tight with JJ as she thought and that JJSA are a F4 team. If Rachel wins HOH, i am not so sure she will go after Dani. Brendon also told Rachel to team up with Dani if he is evicted. Dani is my girl but she needs to not trust JJ so much cuz they will try backdoor her next week.
    Shelley sooo deserve her punishment but its good that she gets to speak to her daughter. And Jordon is wearing the perfect was made for her.

    • Dani gets Brendon Eviced twice. No way she is working with her. She (R) will nominate Porsha and Kalia and try to backdoor Dani. She will probably ask FBI if she wants to work with her when Dani’s bff if gone and tell her they were even after she sent Brendon home twice. So then Dani can decide, will she stick with useless Porsha against JJAS or want to have R with her?

      • Backdooring Dani is almost impossible now. As long as she has that ticket, she can compete either way.

  6. Jeff and Jordan want to vote out Shelly. If they get either Adam or Shelly to go with the plan, Shelly is going to the jury house. JJ are throwing S under the bus to keep them same…… To quote Dani, “shocking?”…… Not really!

    • it would be their best move if D puts B up he might have the votes to stay B is stronger then S she cant win anything Plus S has told them she will do anything to get them to the end
      she’ll probably ask to be evicted
      if she does that then we know she must be drinking the same water as Lawon

    • That would be dumb on Jeff and Jordan because Shelly has always been a loyal ally. And it can bite them in the butt even if they win final 2 as she will have a vote as jury. They may get backdoored by Danielle when he nominates a replacement. What Jeff did not think about when he threw the veto competition so that, Adam would get it is that he could be put on the block as replacement nominee. Take note too that Danielle told him he was safe. LOL How these
      veterans continue to trust Danielle shows their utter stupidity! I think Jeff should go this week because of his stupidity going for the smaller prizes and dropping crucial competitions which could have kept their whole alliance safe. Now, Danielle is given a perfect opportunity to backdoor him and a gift
      given by Jeff himself! LOL

  7. Let me dare anyone claiming to be a BB Fan dispute this next statement.

    The greatest BB of all time has never won a single competition in 2 seasons. Who is that player? Dr. Will Kirby!

    Even Julie Chen proclaimed that when asked about the GOAT of BB!

    • Leo, I just got home from the lake. WTF!!! Reading above u have got to be kidding me. Rachael is claiming that Jeff made inapp comments to her and approached her naked in the (cold on top of it) shower while Brendon was gone….. After all her bs they put up with while he was gone…. Jordon should have never talked her down from when she was packing….. Fill me in

      • Rachel should go yes. But the genius Dani thinks having JJ vote out Brendon will form Rachel against JJ and have JJAS targeting Rachel while Dani laughs and avoids having blood on her hands.

    • Personally I don’t think Will was the best BB player…..he showed how to win without needing to win comps but I don’t think he was the best. But thats just my opinion

    • Cannot agree with your more! I think he is genius in manipulating people much like Shelly is doing this season. No one will probably be as good as Will.

  8. I have a BD in the coming week..If I had BD wish concerning BB I would wish that Brendon get evicted and that Rachel would follow him out the door..I am serious..The over the top dramatic whiny conceited actions of these 2 have played out their usefullness..As of this season the game will be over for Brendon and Rachel..If they both walk out that door on Thursday nite..I would say “Good bye good ridence and go with God cause he would be the only one to have empathy for the 2 of u”. I have tried to understand Rachel and Brendon and find justification for all that they do and say but I found none. I’m ss if I offend all u R&B groupies or fans cause while Rachel and Brendon may be good at winning BB comps they are both total losers in the world when it comes to influencing people and social skills..I will just be glad when they are both gone..Boring show or no I just want them gone..

    • Well they are total losers that are famous and playing Big Brother not just commenting on it.

      They’re winning at something.

      I doubt that Dani will pass up the opportunity to work with Brenchel again. If she can make it 2 the finals she might win against one of them, maybe. Everyone else will totally beat her.
      Except maybe Porsha.

      • ur post is good..but..”famous” for what??? Given a choice of fame or self respect I would take the self respect…which RACHEL nor BRENDON seem to possess..

      • Well i like them. I’m their fan. Along with many other people.
        I know people who act way worse than anyone in that house.

        Danimal is playing a good Villain this year.

      • If dani makes it to the finals, she should win. she has been a target for the past 3 weeks, and thats probably not gonna stop. if someone like adam beats her in the finals, i will stop watching bb forever.

      • How are they winning? They’re retreads. Rachel didn’t make it far at all last season. Brendon is going to be evicted twice this season. They bring them back because they are a train wreck and America likes a good train wreck. If you think that is being a winner maybe you should reevaluate your own life.

      • Rachel is famous and playing big brother, wow, really??? Do you remember her last week saying she can’t get a job because everyone asks her aren’t you the girl who acted like a complete idiot last summer on that show. You remember her saying she has no money and how sad is it that they want to get married and hope to win a game show so they can afford to??? I would hate to be her and realize I have ruined my life before I was 30 because of a game show I went on…. yeah, she is famous….

      • they are famous alright as most people wouldn’t have nake pics all over the internet – good job brendon. Way to be famous. LOL

    • You must be thrilled to watch Porsha and Kalia lying and backstabbing everyone? How amazed are you the even Jeff and Jordan say they aren’t as nice as the first time they played BB? How amused are you that Jeff and Jordan are throwing Shelly under theu bus? How surprised are you that Dani is backing out of another deal but will cry when JJ do that to her? How enlightened are you that Adam will flip flop to whomever suits his game best? How shocked are you that Shelly will bail on JJ when Jeff is evicted? How entertained are you when Dani and Kalia cry it isn’t fair when they don’t get their way? How much fun is it to see Shelly cry when she has been caught in a lie even though she is a straight shooter? How intrigued will you he when Porsha crawls back to Rachel if Rachel wins the HOH and throws Dani and Kalia under the bus? How ecstatic will you he when Dani is doing her exit interview with Julie Chen and is asked about if she regrets not taking Jeff out? How curious will it be to hear her answer when NVIDIA asks Dani if she has any regrets about how she played Season 13?

      You must be all of the above especially since you dislike Rachel and Brendon for all these traits right?

      • @LEO…Now why did I know that u would be the one to most certainly critize my post. Is it because u have been critical of nearly everything I write??? Get over it Leo..YOU are not the only one that can express an opinion.. I have in other post made reference to other HG’s and their actions. I have expressed my dislike for other HG’s. I am well aware of the other HG’s failures. I watch the show and the feeds and BBAD. You come across as being the only one who can make a fair accessement of the show and what is happening at any given time. You are not..there are millions of us watching this show. We all have opinions.
        This particular post was about Rachel and Brendon which u seem to favor and have a high reguard for. If they are ur choice to win fine..if they are the kind of people that u would like to get to know and be aquainted with with go for it..If that is the kind of friends u want more power to u..But I have nothing for Rachel and Brendon…nothing..Like I said get over it Leo..not everybody shares ur views..

      • You are welcome to your opinion.
        It’s just sad that they are all DISLIKE.

        negative and more negative.

        You just claimed “I have in other post made reference to other HG’s and their actions. I have expressed my dislike for other HG’s. I am well aware of the other HG’s failures.”

        Maybe hating everyone for all their “Failures” is why you get criticized.

        Just a thought…

      • @ Rachel fan…u don’t have a clue as to what my post said or what Leo’s response was about..DO you?? My post said that I did not like R&B and my reasons for not liking them..Leo’s post criticized me for not making reference to the failures of the other HG’s as some of the things I said also pertained to them. I have never said that I hate any of the HG’s..And for ur info all my post are not about my dislike of the HG’s..I am more apt to give an opinion on game play that I am the actions of an HG. So u need to get ur facts straight and learn to read posters comments correctly. I could ctiticize u for ur choice of an alias name but I won’t we all have our bad choice moments…lol

      • Interesting how we are all fans of the show, and, if we like someone that someone else doesn’t like, we are obviously wrong. Think of baseball, or hockey…rabid fans are evident, but at the end of the day, it’s a game. Shake hands and enjoy the sport, but please stop the hating. Every player in this game has had an irritating moment, or two…for some, way more, and they are trying to win money, and will apparently do anything to achieve that end. Depending on who you are rooting for determines the level of your disgust, or acceptance…deal with it…

      • @Flyonthewall

        I was the first to reply to your long stupid rant. You are always negative. I read the posts everyday.
        You talk about how bad people are. blah.. blah.. blah..
        The minute another blogger dislikes your post. You go on the warpath.
        You don’t like Rachel and say she is unstable, crazy, and whatever else you feel at the time. It’s fine.
        It seems to me though you are just like the image you portray of her.
        Such a poor sport when people don’t agree with you.

        Hurray for LEO
        and Brenchel for life B*@chs

      • Since your only reply is
        “is that all you got”

        I guess it is. Since you have no real reply. What i say stands as correct.

        I don’t have to be overly mean or attack you or your morals or whatever else to make my point.

        I think you made it for me. LMAO

      • ..still lmao..Why don’t u drop it??? cause the more u say the worse u look..Do u not realize that?? dam..LET IT GO..

      • Same can be said for you.
        You wont stop replying.
        You make yourself look bad.
        YOU wont let it go.

        Make sense please!!!
        If you don’t like it, don’t reply and go write your next mean spirited post.

    • I’m rooting for Jeff to be put up as replacement nominee as he deliberately lost the veto competition so that, he can vie for those little prizes! He was not the least concerned about his and Jordan’s safety as Danielle told him he was safe. LOL That has to be one of the dumbest moves ever! If he is put up as replacement nominee then, he might just go home! He deserves it too for his greed on winning the little prizes and stupidity in believing Danielle!

  9. Flyonthewall & Ellablue… thanks! Nice to know I’m not alone in thinking tainting food should not be allowed. This is only the 2nd season I’ve watched BB (1st was JJ’s season) so I didn’t previously see Brenchel in action but, while they are great competitors, can’t say I care for them. This year does seem like DonatoBB… even the “BBFortuneTeller” is Team Dani and BBAD has gotten to be the K/D/P show for the last 3 weeks. Hope relief comes soon or Kalia gets laryngitis. Wish she had gotten the solitary…now THAT would be entertaining!

    • Cant stand Kaligula and Porsha hope one of the vets wins next week (otherwise it would be so boooooring) and they put them up
      Get rid of the dead weight
      Porsha is behaving like a 5 year old and that’s insulting to a 5 year old
      I want to see them scurry arount in panic with a big fat cat after them

    • It is called gameplay. Danielle has told more lies and backstabbed her alliance numerous times yet, the veterans believe her words?
      Something is wrong with that picture. Jeff believed Danielle when she told him he was safe and gave the veto to Adam by deliberately losing. At the end of the day, this is a game and nothing more! Much like WWE Wrestling where every move is scripted. This one is the same. Jerry Springer fights are scripted too with the protagonists told what to say to each other! I saw it on TV and the production staff admitted the fights were stage! LOL

    • Floater is such a dumb term. When they first used it in all-stars, it was just for the unaligned players not in an obvious alliance. Brenchel have mutated it to be anyone who has not yet won a competition.

      To me a floater (as a negative) is someone not even trying to play the game. Lawon was a floater. Porsche is a floater. Not only do they suck at competitions, but they don’t even try to impact the game.

      Shelly is a massive hypocrite (she thinks that because she is loyal to JJ, it gives her license to backstab everyone else and be a “good person”), but she has been playing, perhaps even overplaying. She has made deals, and manipulated decisions.

  10. Shelly the straight shooter also refused to tell hee partner Cassi about voting Keith out and throwing her under the bus….. Shelly lied about wanting to keep Dominic. Shelly lied about not making a final 3 seal with BR. Shelly lied about not thinking about keeping Brendon over Jordan? Shelly lord about not pasing information back and forth. Shelly has never told a lie. Anyone want to defend this truth of Shelly’s? I didn’t think so. L-O-L!!!

    • As always Leo, you have got her number pegged! Love your honesty and knowledge of the game. I always look for you after ive been at the lake for 3 days to catch up on what is REALLY GOING ON!

    • Right, Leo. And, I agree with your post above about all the liars in the house yet for some strange reason Rachel and Brendon are the ones taking all of the heat. It was because of Jordan that Brendon was evicted. Jordan offered herself as a pawn knowing she would not get voted out and Brendon would–how is that for loyalty?

  11. I just got home from the lake. WTF!!! Reading above u have got to be kidding me. Rachael is claiming that Jeff made inapp comments to her and approached her naked in the (cold on top of it) shower while Brendon was gone….. After all her bs they put up with while he was gone…. Jordon should have never talked her down from when she was packing…Why whould Jeff want anything from this skank when he has a gf of 2 years like Jordan. U have got 2 be kidding me…

    • Rachel is going over the top but that is not as bad as Matt claiming he wanted to win the money for his dying wife last season or Natalie from season 9 claiming to be 19…….

      • Actually, it is.. a sexual accusation can land you in jail. Lying about your wife is just a dumb, goofy move.

    • What do you think of JJ throwing Shelly under the bus last night? How about the other posts I put up in the last hour? Just some questions to get other BB Fans to think about the game being played? Have a good day everyone!

      • Can you name one player currently in the house who hasn’t thrown, or attempted to throw someone under the bus? Just saying…

      • Well, now we get to learn whether Adam is loyal to Shelly or to JJ.

        If it gets back to Shelly that Jeff is trying to dump her for BR, the tears will really flow, and Dani will be in a much better position.

        But probably more likely than Dani gets screwed. I really hope she outs BR for their backdooring Jeff plan. Her only problem is no witnesses. But she needs JJ to not trust BR.

    • I hope this lands in the right place. Rachel is an emotional train wreck, and Brendan isn’t much better if he believes everything she says. I can’t understand why everyone is rooting for her, because everyone in the house has to care for her during her breakdown which are frequent. she is not very mature

      • People always say they will quit watching. It’s BS… Who is a worse person? The people in the house Lying and playing the game or people here complaining and criticizing the HG’s every move and threatening to stop watching.

        Get real… You like the show and continue to watch BECAUSE it’s entertaining. I get tired of reading these ridicules comments.
        Go ahead and stop but you don’t need to announce it to us.

    • Don’t count on it. I am rooting for her to stay because atleast, she has played the game. What has Porsche or Adam done? Also, she has not been worst than Danielle who is probably the worst backstabber and manipulator this season. Danielle has just succeeded in destroying the alliance because Jeff just bought it that he is safe this week. That is from Danielle. Wink. Wink. Really? Add to that Jeff’s greed in going after the little prizes while, ignoring the fact that he is playing for $500,000? Jeff could be Danielle’s target this week when she puts up the replacement nominee. Danielle also said Shelly is safe. A veteran will probably get evicted this week and it may well be Jeff who threw the veto competition
      to Adam. What a fool! And Jeff and Jordan want to backdoor Shelly is what I heard so, it may be karma coming back to kick out Jeff!
      That would be justice there. Jeff needs to go because he betrayed his whole alliance by losing the veto competition on purpose!

    • Benefiber. This girl is a creep. So childish and immature. Plus, I think she is the one hiding things.

      • In the state where I reside adding a foreign substance is a crime. A felony! That would be one indictible count for everyone that unknowingly drank said milk.

    • That should not be allowed in the game. I agree. Porsche should be kicked out of the game
      and all other house guests warned not to even do it! If anyone has a health problem and/or allergy, they could die from such a silly prank.

  12. I have a feeling that shelly is not going tonight.
    I think that rachael is and possibly jeff if she does not go.

    Rachael is a mental case, she needs help. to say something like that about jeff is unthinkable. in the outside world people can get killed for saying things like that. Porche needs some help also. putting things in people’s food and drinks and her comments are not good either about certain things.
    even dani looked at her last night and questioned what she said. forgive me Ican’t remember what it was. but it was not nice.

  13. I hate these JJ zombies that scream ” JJ deserve to win cuz their nice” they don’t deserve to win just bcuz they’re nice but they’re not even nice.

  14. It’s crazy how we nit pick these people to death! Calling them names, all of us looking in can say what we would do if we were on BB, let’s face it, not one of us knows what it’s like. Besides Matt of course!

  15. Dani is an ass if she doesn’t backdoor Jeff. I’m not saying this because I don’t like him, because I’m a BR and JJ fan. You deserve to be back-doored when you throw away competitions and you know you’re a freaking target!you must be punished for such stupidity! She should say at the veto meeting “It was very difficult for me to come up with a replacement…but like Lawon, thank you for nominating yourself” that would be one of the best veto meeting ever….

    • I agree. That is the 2nd time Jeff has lost a competition over the little prizes. The first time was in the ski competition for HOH when he dropped early so that, he can look for that $10,000. So, he was happy to get those little prizes while, ignoring the $500,000 he could win if he played this to the end. How dumb can this guy be? Second dumb thing is trying to win another little prize and giving up the veto which could have ensured that he,
      Jordan, Brendon and Rachel was safe and the alliance solid for next week! Apparently, he also believed Danielle who told him he was safe! Seriously, who in the right mind will trust Danielle for all the backstabbing and lies she has done so far?

    • Not necessarily but, this is a free gift given up by Jeff so, it is but, right to give him the gift of eviction to remind him of his stupidity!

  16. Porche is a lush….clepto maniac…and all VIP means when your a cocktail waitress is they usually sleep with thier patrons

    • That is not a given. If it was Shelly and Jeff on the block, it may still be a tie with Danielle picking who goes home. See, if Brendon, Rachel and Jordan vote to evict Shelly, and Kalia, Porsche and Adam (Adam is allied with Shelly) vote to evict Jeff (assuming he is the replacement) then, it would be a tie and Danielle gets to decide who goes home. She said both Jeff and Shelly are safe. I don’t really believe her
      and she might spill the beans on Rachel and Brendon if Jordan were to win HOH next week after Jeff is evicted in this scenario! The same scenario if Brendon or Rachel is put on the block as replacement. They still may not have the votes to stay and they are losing 2 votes (Shelly and whoever is put in from the veterans side). Danielle might still get credit for this backdoor although, Jeff gave a 100% assist by not winning that veto!

  17. Dani needs to put up Brendon to go home so Rachel will go crazy. No one will put up with her crap then she can follow her man home and cry with him planning their wedding with no money.

  18. It’s funny, because only girls have won HOH and only guys have won POV… let’s see if this pattern continues…

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