Big Brother 13 Episode 17: Week 6 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 is back tonight for episode 17 where we’ll watch the house react to the new Head of Household which wasn’t shown on Thursday’s live show and the nomination ceremony which must have been exciting considering the last minute deals made.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH competition results and HoH nomination spoilers. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers too if you really want to get ahead and read all the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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    • I’ve been out of town and away from internet access since late Friday night. What does it look like for the renonination? Danimal hasn’t woke up from her fog I hope? Is she still planning to waste another HOH and evict a floater. I don’t think she will make a move on a vet. She is running scared now. Daniaml is so predictable. She nominated exactly who I said she would. What an overrated “genius” she is.

      • Thanks. She will over think it and screw it up if I know danimal. I think she will try to backdoor Jeff and shelly will go home.

      • i see you like to call names…man, i tell you…do the application and go play in the BB house if you think you GOT it…but it shes hurting you that much that you got to call her a name, than boy are yall some LONELY people…whew, you must be like God than Wayne…so…whats your designated name??

  1. I think Shelly leaves this week. I think Brendon and Rach somehow keep themselves in. Even if a backdoor scenario comes into it I think they somehow get the votes.

    • Stupid is as as stupid does.
      Regardless who takes ADAMS
      place,ithink shelly gets the boot.
      Shes been making waves lately.

  2. This game is so rigged, D breaks away from the vets weeks ago, then tried to get B out, which she did, then he comes back and she now has another chance to get another one gone again, she shouldve put R & B up and if one of themsaved themselves, then put Jeff up. Going back into alliance with them is so f’d up, they dont trust you and you dont trust them, this is why I think this game is rigged, any normal person would of stayed with their 1st decision, she’s backtracking now, not because of Brenchel or JeJo, but because of producers and wanting drama for ratings, they feed into her.. God why do I keep watchin? Because I feed into it too..

    • If it’s rigged theb braking away and getting back with the ets was the plan all along
      It cant be rigged only for BR and not Danny

      • Its rigged, why did Kalia answer questions before they were even asked when she won her HOH, ( to save Dani ), then they B out, and all polls I saw had Cassi or Dom in the lead and then Brenden wins? Why? To cause more drama, now Dani wins HOH and she not even going after Brenchel? Are you kiddin me? What producer put what bug in her ear? Not rigged? I think they already have the winner planned out. Of course Jeff ( america’s favorite ).

      • you people are idiots… you read polls that were completely biased for one LOL, kalia answered questions through intellect (she hears the beginning of a question mentioning an exciting eviction speech- hmm, i wonder who that was?)… and you watch a few hours of video each week while these people are together for 24/7, so i don’t think you have enough insight to decide who should trust who! dummies dummies dummies

    • Why put Brenchel up? Dani wants Brenden and if she puts them both up one of them could have won POV. If Brenden were to win it again he would have done the same thing as last time. Either way Rachael wouldn’t be going home this week. Hey I know I want Rachael out myself too

  3. The Jeff and Jordan fans crack me up, especially the Jordan fans. She is undoubtedly the worst BB winner in the history of the game and she shouldn’t even be on it. She has skated now for 2 seasons because of Jeff. She is clueless and makes me laugh. If you root for her, you obviously have issues yourself.

    • Lol dem b fightin words with all the
      jordan fans on this site. I quite agree btw. People like her becuz shes nice but shes as dum as a doornob.

      • I would rather have Jordon as a friend than Rachal! Jordon is sa sweet girl with a BIG heart and so what if Jeff is looking out for her Thats what people who are good at heart do for each other! I rather have a Jordon win than a Rachal type.

      • ziggy, you took the words right out of my mouth. Don’t understand why people hate on Jordan when she is the kindest person. Oh and Mark if your for Rachel then I think you have the issues. Get some help.

      • Karen, you take this game way too seriously….. No need to criticize people for liking Rachel and for not liking Jordan…..

      • It’s not that I don’t think Jordan is nice because she is, however isn’t this Big Brother? I don’t want nice! I want someone who is coniving and plays the game. I am rooting for Danielle. At least she does something besides ride Jeff’s coattail.

      • Leo, first of all the comment wasn’t directed at you so mind your own business and if you read his comment I was just giving it back to him. People can dish it out but can’t take it. He commented first if we are for Jordan than we have issues. So please read all comments and get your facts straight!!!

      • Her game play is atrocious or non-existent. What does she do? She just plays the nice blonde dumb girl role and coasts while Jeff does all the dirty work. What show are you watching?

      • Karen, I am saying you should not stopp to that level because two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • What show are you watching??? She won an HOH and she won a luxury comp. Which is the same wins as Rachel and more then Kalia, Porche, Shelly, Adam, Jeff should I go on???

      • cmon now…love jordan to death, but she gotta kindof get on the ball here…her and jeff are coasting as far as im concerned and im not just talking about competitions…shes trying to be this low-key, quiet girl, but she better start winnin her and jeff, or the target will be on them soon…

      • you take the game tooo seriously too leo…ive seen you say a few things that i thought were over the top so you in that boat too…

    • Don’t forget, jordan did win big brother…..which ever way she did it, she went all the way to the bank! $$$$ Who’s the dummy now!!

    • I root for Jordan I don’t have issues dear. U obviously don’t get the point of the game its to win 500g no matter how u do it floating backstabbing lying whatever the point is to win where have u been

      • I would rather see Jordan win BB again before I see Dani, Kalia or Porsha….. Porsha and Shelly are the 2 biggest floaters I have ever seen. They can’t even win a competition on accident let alone with skills.

      • I get the point of the game but I just think she is pathetic in terms of game play. She does nothing but float around and hide. She is just lucky.

      • hate to say it, but i didnt watch this game to see the same person win twice…its like survivor…cbs keeps giving the same people chances to win money over and over…why even have a show??

    • i guess mark forgets that she had to win the final hoh comp to make it to the finals in her season… and the fact that jeff was evicted weeks before then… way to skate by eh? you just lost your commenting privilege for being clueless

      • She won those contest because she beat a gay guy and another weak woman. By that time all the competition was gone due to Jeff and the coup de tat b.s. power. Sorry Jake but I know my stuff maybe you don’t know yours.

  4. Why are all the Brenchel haters so nasty,vile,and mean?
    They can talk so bad about Brenchel. Horrible things

    I think being so mean and criticizing people so harsh. Is pretty vile.

    People can have their opinion but keep in clean.

      • 2 wrongs don’t make a right…… I am a Team JJ / Team BR fan, but it isn’t that serious to want to personlly attack any of the houseguests because living in the house is different than life on the outside.

        Ask Reagan from last season. He is now friends with Rachel and going to Brenchal’s wedding evenn though he couldn’t stand them in the house.

      • no thats not true at all ziggy. I have never seen people like the B/R haters, they act like Brenchal personally effed up their lifes or something

    • yes Rachel the she devil well lets break it down
      Kaligula who is as double face as can be How dare B call women a bitch? She then procedes to call R a bitch
      Porsha who is being nasty as nasty can be talking and laughing behind everybodies back and gets th HG sick
      Danimal yes sweet Danimal off course she does nothing wrong everything she does is justified

    • I think it’s a case of you get what you give…the haters can’t stand the interplay of Rachel and Brendon, and her theatrics are not endearing…

    • the way you say it they sound and act like Bren and Rach. They just say and do the things BR does.

    • You are nuts….. Adam won comps and actually had an alliance and made it to the Final 2 with a member of his alliance. 12 BB winners and no way Adam deserved to win less than Jordan, Hayden, Lisa from BB3 just to name a few….

      Lisa from BB3 only won because the Jury seen Danyelle’s diary room sessions and were bitter.

      • Adam is a moron for using his money for selling drugs….. I agree with it when it comes to him being the worst / dumbest winner of all time from BB.

  5. B B IS ALL rigged for all the drama they are creating. people watch and they know it, regardless of what we like…they have their ways of influencing the house guest for bigger ratings. NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT. BB thinks we are stupid and don’t realize it.

    • yeah I think it’s geared that way just like a soap opera the more drama the more we watch
      I beleive that they actually CBS has people checking all the sites for the public reaction and go accordinly in order to create more drama
      Look at Regan from last year he hated on the show BR and now is going to be in her wedding party

      • I watched bb live thurs; then at 9pm I wevt to after hours and they knew who hoh was….something was not live

      • I will be happy as long as Dani doesn’t win…. The irony will be watching Jeff, Dani, Rachel, Brendon and Jordan all deciding which newbie will get the $500,000….. Good job Dani!!! L~O~L!!!

  6. I used to favor Brenchel but considering the way they’ve been acting lately what with the bed BS and such I hope one of them goes up. Rachel should just be thankful he’s back. Difference between her and Jordan? Jordan makes the humilitard into a positive thing where Brenchel are whining that they didn’t get their precious honeymoon. Oh and I’m sick of Kalia. She does 3 things- eat, talk and sing. Get rid of her PLEASE!

    • Jessica- I agree with you. Rachel is telling some terrible lies to Brendon about Jeff & Jordon & how bad they treated her when he was gone. They both bent over backwards to try to make her feel included. Backstabbing at its best.

      • I really hope that Jeff finds out that Rachel accused him of sexual harrassment.
        That kind of crap goes out on national TV, she has absolutely no morals at all. I can’t stand her.

      • @Grammy-I heard about the sexual harrassment thing. I never saw it did you? Wtf would Jeff want with Rachel if he has Jordan who is perfect compared to Rachel? Do you think Rachel would cry if she lost the Have Not competition for everyone? Maybe but she would only cry for her and Bookie not for everybody else. They both are showing their true colors.

      • @Lynn I hope so too. Although I think most of America is now realizing how little if any morals she has.

      • Yes Jessica I saw the feeds. Jeff was at the sink when one of them kind of whispered (don’t recall which one started convo)Rachel in shower so Jeff walked toward it to hear her better. Did’t seem like he was really even looking at her or away at the time. No big deal on Jeff’s part.

      • Rachel was not lying from her perspective. While jeff was telling America how annoying he found Rachel he never told her. JJ were Brenchel ass kissers while Brendon was there. Jeff felt more comfortable to tell Rachel how he felt about her when Brendon left and she was the target of Dani a strong player.

  7. I love rachel bu i’d rather daniele put her up instead of brendon cuz brendon is a great player and he actually has a chance

    • agreed it would be smarter 2 because R might get more votes and JJ are sick of her
      Jeff needs Brandon
      Last year when R left he was much better I think he might be again

  8. Adam and Shelly are both pawns to get rid of Brenden. Adam won the POV so you know he’s gonna use it on himself. Shelly would have done the same. Dani is smart for NOT putting Brenden on the block at first and that’s so he may not have a chance to play in the POV comp. Then when Adam or Shelly wins she has a golden opportunity to put Brenden back on the block. Brenden is going home this week.

    Hopefully Kaila or Shelly wins the HOH this week and puts Jordan and Jeff on the block. Cause you know that Dani will be behind that one

    • so why don’t we just hand her the half mill and be done with it and instead of BB we can call it the DD show

      • Right now were back to the JJ and Brenchel show. Dani is playing the game right in my book. I’m a fan of Dani’s

    • Next week for Jeff and Jordon to go up on the block. I would say Porsche has to win HoH. Shelly wont nominate JeJo, and Kalia won’t nominate Jordon.

      Which still boggles my mind. Why would you go and play Big Brother and not even try to win the money.

    • Actually, I believe it is Jeff being set up.
      For one thing, Danielle told him he was safe.
      Now, why would you say such a thing? And would you believe it when it is Danielle saying it? Jeff gave up the veto to Adam when he needed it to keep the nominations in place and the alliance intact for next week! Danielle is probably laughing at this free gift of a backdoor. Now, she can backdoor whoever she chooses. If the veterans stick together, they have 3 votes versus 3 votes on the other side, which is Porsche, Kalia and Adam. Adam is allied with Shelly so, he might stick with her even though, Jeff gave up the veto to him. Danielle as HOH will break ties so, can send Jeff home!

      • That sounds good BUT Brenden was her target before and then Jeff. If Brenden hadn’t came back then I would totally agree with you but since he’s back and Dani is HOH she’s not gonna let this moment pass cause if she does she will regret it later

  9. Could everybody just realize its a fixed game and all of these people are probably completely different outside of it and just shut up. And quit the stupid name calling, what are we, five?

    • True they are probably different outside the house, but then outside the house they aren’t trying to win $500,000. We can disagree on play strategies, sure calling them names is gonna happen. I do when I watch baseball, football, racing. BB isn’t no different it’s a game as well

  10. Could everybody just realize its a fixed game and all of these people are probably completely different outside of it and just shut up. And quit the stupid name calling, what are we, five?

    • yes in this case we are and that’s ok because i never really made fun of anyone when i was younger because i was really protected which is sad because if i wasn’t i’d be a bigger person when it comes to conflict i fled instead of fought

  11. it will be waaandon because CBS will tell him that it’s best for the show that the two of them can be in the jury house together a kind of wedding gift

    that is all

  12. I’ve been thinking about this since Thursday, the 11th. Kalia made a huge mistake putting Lawon up for eviction even though he volunteered and I’m sure it took a huge load off of her shoulders. I believe she should have put up Jordan that way Rachel would have been evicted for sure. It would have been a hoot to see her and Brendon competing against one another to stay in the house. She would have crumbled and cried all the way through. I would have given my first born child! I do NOT like those two.

    I do not like J&J either and the way they responded to Kalia when she TALKED to them about her plan to put Jeff up for eviction. At least she talked to them and I have to respect her for going ahead and doing it anyway even if all she does is eat, talk and sing. Without Jeff, Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance. They’ve won the $$$$ before, give somebody else a chance.

    • Danimal won 2 second place $50 gran and Jordan won without Jeff he was evicted and she did quite well on her own
      So if u want to give it to somedyelse RB never won and A never won P ditto and K and S either

  13. Jordan is just a nice person with a good heart. If you recall last season she won HOH when it was needed at the end. She has a heart and tries to help and make folks feel better! Rachel throwing them under the bus is part of the game! I’m sure Jeff and Jordan will be surprised when they see that. It would be great if Jeff or Jordan makes it to the end. Daniele is just a brat but good at the game. Shelly and Adam are decent folks and the rest that are life just not nice and would be nice to see P&K get out!!

      • i think it is very wrong for CBS to let porsha put things in ppls food what if they got really sick from it ? If i were the HGS i would sue CBS and others for what they are letting her do….

      • she is dimwit with a pea for a brain totally useless I like to see her if the power shifts the other way she think Danny will protect her good luck

    • She hasn’t done anything yet…she talked about putting benifiber in the slop but so far has NOT done it. I would hope production would stop her. Maybe they will kick her out. That would be great!

    • why don’t we get rid of everyone but the one You want to win and get the show over. Really can’t we just watch and see who wins.

      • if you dont want anyone to comment and talk why are you on the boards reading them. dont be a hypocrite. last time i checked this was still a free country.

  14. Jeff, Brendon, Dani, Rachel and Adam will be sitting in the jury wondering how Kalia, Shelly, Porsha and Jordan are in the final 4….. Jordan won’t be taken to the end because she will beat everyone…… Way to GO Dani and Jeff for throwing a Veto!!!

    • Leo, your post on the other article about how everyone’s a backstabber was just beautiful. YOU DA MAN Leo!!!

      • Thanks Gene! I am a Big brother Fan first and foremost who just happens to mlike Tam JJ and Team BR more than Team Dani! The truth will never change regardless of whom I like more!

    • It can still happen although, I think the game is moving Danielle’s way because of the veterans bad game play like Jeff’s deliberate loss of the veto competition! At some point it all adds up. Danielle is just biding her time and enjoying the alliance try and tear each other up without going after Danielle. How crazy is that? Danielle has the newbies under her control so, if the veterans get booted out then, Danielle will control the game!

  15. Darn! I didn’t even remember there’s a player named Porshe in the house! Are you all sure she’s a player and not there just for decoration?

  16. If Dani was smart, she would backdoor Jeff. I still think she is, but is just telling everybody different to gain a psych advantage and to keep Jeff from bullying everbody for a few days. I know it’s wishful thinking.But that would turn this into a real competition if she did that. A Dani Brendan and Rachel alliance would scare the crap out of that entire house.

  17. Jordan is trying to convince Adam into keeping Brendon over Shelly to keep the target off JJ and Adams back…… Jordan, show everyone your fangs as you show everyone that you are a gamer with great social skills and the ability ton win challenges when nescessary!

  18. Porche is a lush….clepto maniac…and all VIP means when your a cocktail waitress is they usually sleep with thier patrons

    • You got that right…last week she was talking about her and a friend using some rich guy and having a 3 way. Yuck!!!

      • Porsha was joking about how chocolate covered bananas are better (sexual inuendo) the other night an BBAD

  19. if even if she put brendon or jeff ,they still have the votes to evict shelly,its rach ,j/j and adam,
    adam will do whatever j\j told him,so think dani hoh wil be a waste again,she better take the deal of the vets and renom porche and let her go to jury,she is a big floster,lol

    • I was watchimg BBAD and Porsha was saying that she wanted to tear a page of the Bible for fun thats the kind of person she is the only thing she is good at is eating

  20. honestly, how can anyone not be vile towards rachel…she is CRAZY like actually crazy…did we forget her ranting about how sneaking and mean cassi was, and how they HAD to get her out…bc she is just a very MEAN and nasty person? UH what did she do? Rachel lied to everyone, because she is a self centered BIOTCH! that can’t handle someone being beautiful, like rachel looks half man…and she neeeds counselling…really badly! she needs to get her head check out by a professional…maybe she is doing it for the show i dont know but its not normal for someone to act like she does…who knows the show does seem to be rigged…though

    • She’s good for TV though.CBS wants everyone to come and watch the freak show that’s Rachel Riley.

  21. whatever, why is it all of a sudden a bad thing to be a floater? they are all still there and the targets are not on them…seriously? this game has gotten so retarded…as soon as someone is HOH people like literally run up to the room and are like I SWEAR IM ON YOUR SIDE NOW, IF YOU KEEP ME SAFE I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WHENEVER YOU WANT AND YOU WILL BE SAFE, i know that ive said ive hated you and stalked your ass and was soo annoying and swore up and down that i was coming after you, but now that your HOH im totally on your side! BLAAAH SO GAY

  22. dani is the only one really playing the game. win or lose she is doing what she was sent into the house to do. i have no favs just atating the facts

  23. With all the make-up and stupidity that comes out of Scankeachel mouth, what happens if people are allergic? She should be sent packing for making people sick.

  24. I am really starting to hate kalia, im not racist but when does she get eliminated??? Lawon needed to go because of what he is, but now Kalia needs to go because of the CPT aspect of it all

    • This statement was not made by me (Leo)….. I guess people are so bored they want to post under other users names huh? Lame!!!

    • Yeah Leo. Imitation is the highest form of flatery. I just wish at least some the phony posts would be funny or make sense once in a while…Just ingore them like everyone who knows them in real life does.

  25. Seriously? No big brother? We get 60 minutes coming on now, because of stupid golf. I hope they just pushed it back an hour. This sucks!

  26. Ok Im in Wisconsin and because of the golf thing BB isnt on, Im so ticked….So have no clue what is happening. Dani won HOH? Who did she put up?

  27. BB should still come on, it’s just pushed back about an hour. I’ll be tuning in just before 9 and hoping that I’m right, lol…

  28. What will happen to Porsche for the benefiber stunt?? ANy guesses??? SUCH A CHILD!!! Her parents h\should be proud!

    • She was called into DR and came out and went and threw it away. But I’m not sure if Jordan drank it. Porche told Dani she got in trouble. Porche commenting we can’t have any fun. What a little brat. I wish they would of kicked her ass out!!!

  29. i sware to god, people need to stop talking about rigged poll results. seriosuly, cbs released that he recieved 39 percent of teh vtoes, so it could have been closed. plus its illegal to temper with these kidn of things, so i doubt cbs actually did it. and i still believe shelly will go home, prosche hates hselly, rachel will vote out shelly, and now jordan is telling adam that if brendon goes jeff and him will be the biggest targets, so they need brendon their to be the biggest target. take shelly out and do everyoen a favour

  30. on the feeds, I just heard Porche say she got in trouble by production. then the feeds cut out. I wonder if it’s from the benifiber

    • I bet it is…how can you be so freakin stupid. How old is she? I mean….I don’t know things like that just irritate me. That’s why this season sucks b/c it’s a house full of morons. It’s not Big Brother, it’s Big Morons

  31. If she does back door Brenda then she BETTER make sure that JJ know to vote for him…but I don’t think she can convince them. She probably doesn’t realize she has to convince them. I just can’t understant WHY they think BR are still with them…they even have said that Rachel would sell them out…so why risk dealing with them. At least getting Brenda out would eliminate some of the major competition…jeez JJ

    Oh they just all tick me off

  32. shelly is a dirty hypocrite. the evidence was as clear as day, yet she denies it. can’t wait to see her walk out the door on thursday.

    • I hear ya….it would NOT hurt my feelings to see her go….she can take that “I NEVER LIE and I DESPISE LIARS” speech with her too!!

  33. I am starting to believe that Shelly’s got selective amnesia… She really believes she didn’t make a final 3 deal with them… guess its true what they say, the more lies you tell, the harder it is to remember them all.

  34. Porsha got into trouble because she spiked food products with fiber. She threw away the milk she spiked. She is talking to Dani about returning the duck she stole from R and B’s bag. Her next sentence is to steal the alcohol…. This girl has issues!

  35. nobody is playing this game right. to have a chance of winning i would remove ‘america’s sweetheart Jordan and her knight in shining armor. i would get rid of the newbies next and go to the finals with rachael. the reason being that people would most likely vote for jordan and her knight will come for revenge when i get rid of his juliet. a newbie would win the votes for the fact that they beat out a veteran and i would keep rachael because i would have a 50% chance of is the only thing that makes sense if i was danielle.

  36. Shelly is going home the fact that she laid was shown on tv after everyone of her statement she is not a straight shooter I honestly think she got caught up with the game

  37. Haha well Brenchel is back people!! =D And i dont think their going anywhere, because once again stupid Dan/Kal nominated shelly haha what a joke, their alliance deff has the votes to stay. Sorry shelly you aint no straight shooter hun!! Go Brenchel and JeJo and Adam hop along for the ride haha

    • Are you watching the same show??? Adam won POV and Dani is backdooring Brendon and he’s going.

      • Don’t think so. Remember danimal said she and BR should act the same as they had been, so that no one suspects they are all good. Shelly is toast. Danimal is a dumb bunny.

    • Ya, she got reprimanded by CBS and had to throw away the muscle milk she ruined… but she didn’t have to do it in front of everyone else which is ridiculous.

  38. I think daniel should have put up brenden and jeff , say if either of u win the pov then il put your partner up. Then that wud cause termoil between j/j and b/r

  39. i wasnt a fan of brenden and rachel but dani kinda needs them right now, love dani and she is proving to be a great player, not a fan of ED but i love his daughter!

    • shes the worst player ever. She will never get the votes in F2 because she has backstabbed everyon, her game is done.

      • thats not true at all…you sound like a broken record…always downplayin dani…if dani went out in the finals against anyone of them she has a shot…anybody who plays as a ONE-MAN team, would be looked at by many as being worthy of the money…seen many of these reality shows enough to know…B/R J/J would vote for her because they are all about hardcore players…they are one! she didnt backstab she just left her alliance, something that all of the vets have done now…THEY ALL TALKIN BEHIND EACH OTHER’S BACKS!! are you watchin the same show i am??

      • they will tell you anything about voting for her in the finals and youll believe it, huh?lol…watch, when they start discussing who should win in a circle like they do in the finals, people are going to say, “yeah, but she is definately a great player, that stuck with Kalia til the end”…you think people are just going to look at personal attacks alone…seriously…

      • Jeff voted with his feelings because he was bitter toward Natalie and had feelings for Jordan. Natalie was a better player than Jordan by far during BB9.

      • hey, vetfan… name me one person in house who hasnt backstabbed anyone.
        Sorry, but, that theory of yours doesnt hold up!

  40. with adam winning the veto the vets are scrambling lol Danielle should backdoor either jeff or Brendan all team dani has to do is win a couple more hoh’s and there all in the clear the double eviction week is coming soon and dani has to be in power when that goes glad she got the veto key at least now she cant get backdoor ed so easily

  41. I think Rachel should go up, especially after the last two weeks. So Brendon’s mad big deal and Jeff and Jordan won’t protect Brendon they will vote out Rachel because the gnats in Jeff’s ear LOL

  42. No matter who is the replacement nominee, Shelly is going home. With that being said, hopefully JeJo win the next HOH (so Brenchel do not have to get their hands dirty with the Danielle eviction), nominate Danielle and Kalia, then someone (That is not Danielle, Kalia or Porsche) wins the POV and sends Danielle home. They need to get rid of Danielle before the double eviction.

    • I think you are right. I was leaning toward likeing her, but lately, shelly seems to be nuts, for lack of a better word. She should go.

  43. Dani is talking about how she is tight with someone who works on BBProduction…. Thrn the feeds cut…. Interesting huh?

      • Ashley, sorry about the delay…… It was posted on another site earlier with the time and camera #…….

        Matt (Moderator)

        Can you confirm this and what time it was?

      • Ashley,

        Shelly just confirmed with Dani that she is going to go into the DR and talk with her favorite DR producer 11:16 PM BBT on BBAD ok?

  44. So confirmed….Daniel’s gonna win BB13 cuz shes doinkin or has the hots for some production guy on the DR…..nice way to rig it CBS…..How Disgusting, Daniel?…NASTY! Shelly just confirmed it on live feeds!

    • I know how is that fair that she knows someone in production. If she makes it to the end everyone needs to email CBS.

      • Dani confirmed it ealier and said that is why BB isn’t happy with her or the person aka guy BB Producer.

    • what would the producer have to do with anything?? if they evict her, THEY EVICT HER…she makes it to the end thats because of the house votes…

      • DR Producer…. Duh….. They can tell you what is going on with peoples Dr sessions and strategies.

      • i know what you talkin bout leo, dont “DUH” me…how silly…im sayin yall think of the dumbest things on how someone can win the game…dont nobody care about no DR producer…so silly…lets just continue to watch the game…so what you gonna do if she wins?? call cbs and say your not watching the show anymore??lol…LAWD have mercy…

  45. Anyone that says Dani is a Bitch or demon or anything like that.need to get your eyes checked..she is playing such a good game…hope it all works for her in the end…Brenchel didn’t deserve her keeping them…but hope maybe she can still get one of the vets out…although I don’t like Shelly..she is not a threat

    • Dani isn’t playing a good game. She even admitted to making mistakes…. Going after Jeff too early…. Costing Dom his game…. Costing Lawon his game….. She will end up in the jury because she is relying on Kalia and Porsha which will be one too many mistakes!

      • I think daniaml is gonna stick to the deal with BR. She will still see it as her best chance to stay more than one week. BR will eat her for lunch, but danimal will stick to the deal.

      • let her play her own game…if she wants to play that way, ok then…i think she is doing mighty fine so far…

      • Dom and Lawan cost themselves their game!!! Dom by trusting Brendan and Rachel, then blabbing plan to Shelly and Lawan trying to get his super powers. Gooo Dani!!!

    • Danielle is playing better than when she betrayed her alliance. She saw that was foolish and still trying to make it work her way! Give her credit because the 4 veterans cannot win HOH by themselves and compound their problem by throwing away the POV. Jeff was more interested in the little prizes that he can pick up and hand the POV to Adam when if he took the POv—-he would have guaranteed the veterans alliance safety. Now, one of the veterans might get backdoored just
      because of it. It may even be Jeff but, the
      veterans are making stupid moves like Danielle did. Danielle is thinking about her moves so, it doesn’t look to good for veterans if they continue to go after each other and Danielle just waiting in the wings.

  46. I hate everyone complaining that this game is rigged. Most reality competition shows do have quite a few rigged tweeks and I am sure this one does too. However, who cares? It’s a TV show. With that being said, a lot of this show cannot possibly be rigged. 90% of it is live through the feeds. Only the competitions can possibly be rigged and that’s even saying if any of them are to begin with. Anyway, everyone vote Keith to come back into the Big Brother house!

  47. Just got home and found that CBS time shifted their shows AGAIN!!!!
    Not a football fan so forgot that once football starts you never know when CBS Sunday shows will air. My fault for not setting the TIVO. Not my fault that football is more important than any other show they air. So must start the fall ritual of recording every evening show and adding time to the last CBS show of Sunday night with the hope of not missing the shows I want to see, including the BIGBROTHER BROADCAST SHOW.

  48. I see Shelly and Rachel are being civil with each other in the by….. Dani and Kalia is there as well…

      • Deelasol,

        Are you watching BB13? Dani, Kalia and Porsha are the most hateful players and they are childish… Let’s hide the chess pieces and other items and blame it Brendon. Let’s put fiber in the have not food.

    • im watching the same game you are!! they are all backdooring each other!!! one person runnin to the next on who to get out and changing votes…its terrible this season…they dont hate no one…dani told you exactly “i dont know” or “im not sure”…if shes not sure than she isnt…she just trying to make a great move in a sticky situation…and wayne, you BETTER look as hot as Denzel and LL the way you talkin…there goes those personal attacks again…show your face up here then…anyways…i dont have time for that…

      • and besides, at least you know where dani, kalia and porshe stand…BRENCHEL been trying to group with everybody in the house to get votes, and adam and shelley are just in with whoever…the whole show is a mess..

    • She is putting up Brendon….. Brendon will be going hoime by a 5-1 vote…. Damn!!!

      ******* Go Team JJ and now Team R *******

  49. I give Dani props….. She is a good acctress…. There is no way she is telling Porsha to keep Brendon! L~O~L!!! Am I being naive?

  50. Brendon and Rachel are dumb a**ess….. They need to go outside because 9 out 10 times Dani will f*** them and ensure they won’t have votes to stay….. Rachel take your tongue out of Brendon’s a** long enough for him to play the d*** game!

  51. Matt (Moderator and Question for everyone as well:

    I wonder why Danyelle (BB4 & BB&)and Jason (BB6 & BB7, Janelle and Kayzar from BB6 & BB7m James and anyone from BB9, Mike Booge (BB2 & BB7) and Erika (BB4 & BB7) weren’t considered for some of the great duos to come back for this season? I say Mike Boogie and Ericka because Dr. Will Kirby said he is done with reality television shows.

  52. I feel like I am watching the 2011 version of the hit show “Friends” when I see Shelly, Rachel, Dani, Porshs, Jorfan and Kalia all hanging out in the backyard on the couches while Brendon, Jeff and Adam shoot pool!

  53. leo i hope dani take brenchel deal,i think brenchels honors their deal than deal with j\j,if jeff wins next week hoh,he wil nom dani,if she did nt win veto,definetly he wil send her out,slso if brenchels win hoh ,she is save because they hav deal with her ,she better renom jeff and shelly will be out,lol

  54. BigBrotherLeak ……..Adam has used the PoV on himself. Daniele has nominated Brendon in his place. Shelly and Brendon are now nominated for eviction! #BB13

  55. I am so happy this show is almost done. I have never gotten so sick of a show as I have this one. Rachel and Jordan are two people who I hope never win. Jordan, where she won once before shouldn’t even be on the show. Rachel is a disgrace to the female human race. Brendan needs his head examined to get involved with her. Jeff is also someone who has lost his personality. I used to respect him, i don’t anymore. He is so stuck on himself. I hope they overhaul this show next year. They should go back to the drawing board. And never, ever have Rachel on this show again.

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