Big Brother 13: Week 4 Eviction Predictions

The next eviction of the Big Brother 13 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Again this season I’ll be collecting predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here. Check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 4 Eviction Predictions – Brendon or Jordan:

Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother 13 Brendon
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Brendon

Things don’t look so good for Brendon, but what could you expect when you’re up against Jordan. Tonight should be a lock for the first veteran eviction.

What do you think? Share your guess in the poll and explain why in the comments.



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  1. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…the HG’s will prove just how stupid they are if they don’t get Jordan out while they have a chance. She’s a sweet girl & gets along with everyone which is EXACTLY how she won 2 seasons ago. She lays low, befriends everyone, & is no threat. I love Jordan to pieces but if she is sitting beside anyone…and I mean ANYONE…on finale nightshe will win for a 2nd time. The Brendon, Rachel, & even Daniele reaLize this…why can’t the rest of the house?!

      • Yes, but who can stand listening to Brendon and Racheal babbling and crying for yet another week…

    • I agree. But, unfortunately Brendon will go unless there is a miracle. I like Brendon and Rachel and enjoy watching them so him leaving will take away something for me because they make the game for me. I really have no interest in anyone else in the game because they are all sneaky backstabbers. Rachel will be in the same position Brendon was last season with everyone in the house against her even more than ever. I can’t wait to watch everyone else turn on each other when they can’t use Rachel as their scapegoat. I really really dislike Dani.

    • I think they do realize this but because they don’t fear her winning competitions they think “oh there will be plenty of time to get her out later”……then poof the end is here and Jordans still there!

    • If the jury votes for Jordan to win again I will really be suprised- of course I was suprised that she won on the original season. I think really that only Rachel or Daniele deserve to win and I feel Daniele got riped off her season, so I am wishing her luck this year. She is really the only one trying to play 5 moves ahead. At least she is trying to. Of course I wouldn’t be upset if Jeff won because he kinda got ripped off his season protecting Jordan.

  2. I totally agree….plus she has won already, and I bet we see a different side of Jeff, in a good way, more aggessive…he is an awesome player.

    • Jeff hasn’t won any competition so far.Jordan was lucky she won HOH. Rachel is very good at winning HOH. Once she gets over Brendon being out she will bounce back to win again. jmo

  3. If I have to pick the winner between Jordan and Brendon, I’d choose Jordan! That said, if one of them has to go this week, it should be Jordan…aren’t we all sick of Brenchel?? GAG! How much more of them does one have to endure. Sorry guys, Brendon needs to hit the bricks!

      • Best possible choice – send 1/2 half of the duo GAG team packing. Totally sicking to watch branchel together. Him more so then her, and I like her less. But would rather see her play without him. Funny how her comments towards others – always seems to be an exact portrait who/what she is. DOUBLE-GAG!

      • I agree Brendon should get voted off. I am sick of His and Rachels whinning and crying. Jorden knows how to play the game and still act like an adult.GOODBYE BRENDEN AND and I hope Rachel goes next.

      • i am really sick of seeing Rachel cry all the time. I think she will play better with out Brendon. Plus I hate the way he speaks to people makes me want to reach through the TV and smack him.

  4. Brandon is a wimp and should be voted out. Go Jordan – hope she or Jeff wins. They are the best couple ever and the deserve to be in the game.

  5. I absolutly dont want jordan to go but big brother history the paw always goes home…

  6. actually if it was Daniele sitting next to Jordan in the finale, I think Daniele should win. cause she actually has a game. Remember, it’s not about being sweet, it’s about who played a good game.
    Brenchel should be broken up first cause they’re both fierce competitors as opposed to Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is ok but brenchel r stronger than him in competitions as for Jordan, well…

    • i hope daniele wins, atleast she brought some excitement in the game and took power away from brenchel and jj and definitely agree with you, although i do like jordan too, she s just so nice! daniele plays the game the way it should be played.

  7. I really wish it was Rachel still on the block, that girl is so annoying. She is so phony and vain. but now that she is safe I hope Brandon goes home, that will clip some of her tail feathers.

    • I can’t wait til Brendon goes. It’s going to be a wild house with Rachael. I can’t stand her, but I have to admit that she does make the house exciting. I hope alot of tonights show isn’t going to be the pretend wedding.
      I wonder why production let Dani and Kalia hide things in the house? And I hope Dick isn’t going to be giving any secret signals to Dani. He should not be allowed to talk to the hg’s.

      • Hey Mary, what kind of things were they hiding? when did that happen?
        I know that they said that ED would be on the show tonight but how is that possible since he has been watching since he left? anyone know what’s up?

      • I don’t get the live feeds, but I think it was yesterday when everyone else was playing some guessing game in another room. Jordan had just gone to bed and Jeff and Porsche and I think Adam were in another bedroom playing a guessing game. Dani had gone into the diary room and asked if her and Kalia could hide things and I guess they said yes. They were taking things from the house and putting them out in the backyard.

  8. UP NEXT:

    ….”The Brendan Melt-Down” : saga two of the Brenchel’s couples demise continues today as the House Guest slowly rise for this blessed eviction day. Yes Today you will see the evil Brendan leave the Big Brother House and have the first had account of him and his make-shift bride completely loosing it.

    Today we will witness Brendan single handly (cause the other is busy) take down every female in the house by endless blaming them for Brenchel’s terrible game play. Accusations of treachery and deceit are looming. Stay Tuned!

      • Rachel had melt-downs trying to stir up things w/Dani. It’s just the begining and it’s all on the updates.

        And no – it’s just a prediction.

        And Yes – Evil Brendon, and not in the humorous way Dick uses it either!

  9. Jordan may be the first in bb history to win twice. Who’s gonna take out jordan?! That would be like taking out bambi!

    • I truly believe that if it came down to her VS. ANYONE she still would not win. How could anyone vote to give someone that kind of money TWICE?

      If I won the last HOH I would in fact PICK HER to go against. I just don’t see people letting her win twice.

      • The People In The House Would Do AnyThing To Stay In The House But 4Real Brendon Should Stay In The House Because The Only Thing He Win Is The P.o.V Jordan On The Other Hand She Win H.O.H So Do They Want Brendon Which Is A Pain In The ASS Or Someone That Can Beat Them At The End IF They Go That Far

  10. This was on a site:

    CBS may have done a decent job keeping fans guessing about which former HGs would return at the start of Big Brother 13, but now they’ve screwed up and spoiled the next big twist a little early.

    SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

    It turns out Hamster Watch had an eagle eye on the CBS website and caught an accidentally posted early poll for this week’s America’s Vote, and it’s a big one. We’re going to be voting on which of the first four evicted HGs we want back in the game, and next Thursday that person will go up against the fifth evicted HG to decide who will return to play some more.

    Basically, it’s a twist they already did on Big Brother 9 when the HGs in the house got to choose if they wanted to bring back the HG they just evicted or a mystery HG in a box. The only good thing is that, this season, they might actually pick the mystery person. By the way, I’ll eat my hat if Dominic isn’t the winner.

    The funniest part is that, based on the photo, CBS is already assuming Brendon will be evicted this week. He will, but it’s amusing to see that, despite the fake tension Julie Chen tries to create on live eviction nights, they know it’s not real.

  11. Jordan may end up being the first hg in bb history to win twice. Who’s gonna take out jordan?! That would be like taking out bambi!!!

  12. Jordan may end up being the first hg in bb history to win twice. Who’s gonna try & take out jordan?! That would be like taking out bambi!!!

  13. Pawns go home quite often. The HG may think that Jordan already won. They may also realize that they can keep Brenden as the bigger target.

  14. they should vote Brendan out Jordan is not strong at competitions she might go far yes but the person who is wining ultimately controls the game and b/r have shown that they are basically unstoppable together Rachel wins hoh’s and Brendan win veto’s.
    I don’t think Jordan will win if she is up against anybody who fought hard to stay in the game like a Rachel or Danielle if she wins again it would be a farce

  15. jordan will stay this week for anyone other than the over dramatic couples to win they have to break them up they are truely blind if they cant see that bring back EVIL DICK

  16. and it also speculate that CBS because its a online voting will manipulate the votes and will send to compete whom ever they want to
    This is not my saying its all on the hamster site

  17. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE Rachel go bonkers without Brendan….well, actually she go bonkers every day does’t she???? LOL

  18. If Dick never left the Dani wouldn’t of ruined the alliance and everything would have been fine. Even when he’s not in the house he creates havoc he really is evil! i wish rachel could get it together and be nice to people so she can make it to the final two but of course she’ll go crazy tribal war lord emotional and will be in jury next week. If only big brother could hang on to its only two competitors Danielle and Rachel.

  19. i think it would be more fun if cassie were to come back. rachel hates her and she’ll be livid that it wasn’t brendon. once brendon is gone who will rachel have as a friend??? no one and then to have cassie in her face !!!!!

    • I think her and Porshe will start a lesbionic relationship. Rachel seems to get off any chance she can.

  20. I voted Jordan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, BUT she is a huge threat and has already won a season of BB. Brenden and Rachel would be smart to point that out to the other houseguests, I’m just hoping they’re stupid enough not to and that Brenden goes BYE BYE!

  21. I just think that since Jordan is better liked, that the house guests who really want to win, should evict her, since she is a bigger threat. They may not do it, but it would be the smart way to go.

  22. Brendon will be evicted tonight. However, if everyone were smart, they would evict Jordan. Because she is the sweetest person, if she doesn’t get evicted, she will win the whole thing! :)

  23. It’s disappointing how predictable these eliminations are for the sites. I miss the days when we didn’t know who’d go home.

  24. I was voter number 7777! How cool is that? Anyway… The houseguests are so stupid, they will most likely evict Brendon. Jordan already won a season and she has the best social game, probably in BB history! I hope Dani doesn’t get evicted next week. I hope America doesn’t vote Brendon back in either! Go Dom, I hope you come back.

  25. GOOOO! Jordo….I would love to see her be the only player in history to win twice…and it doe’s pay to be nice to evryone no matter how bitter and ugly they are on the inside…KIllEM with Kindness Jordon gooooooo baby doll…you are blessed with goodness all around you….Love you sweety…Sean

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