Big Brother 13: Week 3 Eviction Predictions

The next eviction of the Big Brother 13 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Again this season I’ll be collecting predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here. Check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 3 Eviction Predictions – Dominic or Adam:

Big Brother 13 Dominic
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Dominic
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Dominic
Big Brother 13 Dominic
Big Brother 13 Dominic
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Dominic
Big Brother 13 Dominic

After yesterday’s house fight it looked like there might be a chance the Newbs could swing the votes, but that lasted about 5 seconds. Dominic should be toast tonight. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll and explain why in the comments below.



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  1. its no question. Dominic is as gone as Cassi was, and as Keith was. Shelly (although playing a great game right now) is such a snake. but hey she made the final 3 deal so we know who she is rolling with from here on out.

    hopefully after Dominic leaves, Daniele (who really knows how this game works and fins stuff out quickly) will see Shelly is working with the vets, and so is Porsche. same with Adam. then the lines will be very clear, and the uphill battle can begin.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty clear alright. Dani’s going home as soon as she doesn’t win HOH or the veto. Can’t be soon enough for me.

  2. These newbies are so weak. Shelly & Kalia are both the biggest cowards, but they all are to a certain degree. Once they started throwing competitions at the vets request I lost all respect. At this point I hope the vets continue to run it out to the end.. If the noobs would have stuck with their original alliance they might have had a better chance, but the majority of them didn’t even fight for it.

    I think Dom is out and it’s a shame because now two of the only noobs to stick to the alliance are gone.

    • No one should ever, ever throw a veto comp if they are on the block, even if it is written in blood……Dom was childish to feel safe.

      • AGREED annie. ive never so many people throw comps. Kalia, Porsche, Keith, Dominic. WTF is wrong with them? why does the one group who is clearly being targeted and in some cases the actual ppl u need the veto throw it?!?!

      • Yeah, throwing competitions is unbelievably dumb. Who threw comps? Oh yeah dumb Dom! lol…and Keith!!!

      • I know that was the so stupid of Dom. to throw the competition. You are in there to win no matter what deals they make with you. Just not a good idea to through the competitions when you could have won and got yourself off the block. This is why he is going homne

    • You should not under estimate the newbies because those who are playing low key have the
      best chance to go further in the game! There are still 11 people in the house so, we should not get carried away by all that has happened! Some say the veterans will win it. Don’t be too sure because if they get rid of Dominic then, another veteran—-there would be 3 veterans left versus 5 newbies. Newbies will have the numbers. And if the newbies win a couple of HOH and nominate the veterans then, the veterans will lose! See, if they put 2 veterans on the block and one gets POV,
      they can renominate another veteran and a veteran is guaranteed of going home! Also, those veterans on the block CANNOT VOTE so, they easily neutralize two votes right then,
      and there! This is a game of numbers plain and simple.

  3. Dominick is a goner…..Danielle has to watch her back too…….These vets are no slouches…..Unless they turn on each other, the 4 remaining vets are the alliance to beat…..

    • The veterans have been weakened by Danielle
      trying to backdoor them! Newbies if they are
      paying attention have the best opportunity now
      to get rid of a couple of veterans. All they need to do is win a couple of HOH! Regardless of who is on the block, they can send a veteran home! Even if Dominic goes tonight, there are still 5 newbies versus 4 veterans. It may be 3 veterans left by next week depending on who is on the block. A newbie winning HOH and nominating the veterans changes the dynamics immediately!

  4. I feel the newbies have been going downhill since the first eviction. Shelly and Kalia went against Keith

  5. Im locked out of an article where I wrote my theory and now can’t see my responses. I think the twist is….. Keith, cassie, and dom will compete Thursday to get back in the game.

  6. Or HG’s vote one back in. Couples will end as well. You know big brother wants Dani or a newbie to win HOH.

  7. There was an interview in tv guide, I think it was with allison grodner, and when asked who she predicted would win, she enthusiastically said ‘dani’.
    If bb wants dani to win, she will go far in the game. She’s the player that many viewers sympathize cuz of of her father leaving. If she stays in the game, it makes viewers happy. Happy viewers means good ratings.
    I’m definitely cheering her on!

    • If that’s true, then Dani has no chance. Talk about a smoking BB conspriacy gun…

  8. If Danielle doesn’t win HOH, I won’t watch anymore……tired of Jeff, Brendon and Rachel. They may be tough competitors, but they SUCK with interpersonal skills. That’s why NONE of them won their seasons….The next twist, if their bringing someone back, better be Evel Dick…..he needs to bring Rachel to her knees.

    • I totally agree. I hope Dani wins HOH. If she doesn’t it will be soo boring. I wish Dominic wasn’t going home. I really wanted him to stay because he was smart and athletic but, really stupid for trusting Shelly. I don’t think Dick will be coming back even though i really wanted him too. Maybe he would of smartin up Dani’s game

    • I don’t understand y u are saying that about Jeff has he really won anything….but when he stuck up for Jordan when Rachel opened her mouth at the veto comp when Jordan was HOH. I’m not saying they will win but he is looking out for them. (Jordan and himself)

    • I doubt they’ll bring Evel Dick back… the other ones have been sequestered and from what I can tell of exit interviews they haven’t been told about anything that happened in the house they don’t already know about.

  9. @jacqul, you proved my previous point! Unfortunately, they can’t bring dick back cuz he’s seen the show at home & has an unfair advantage. And as for bringing rachel to her knees . . . I think brendon alreadyndid that! LOL!

  10. because he will put up the vets and they r trying get the house guest to vote for him

  11. Dom stay Dom stay, come bk Dom com bk. LOL hope he does a u turn so him and Dani take the bullies out. stating with the Crab Shell, i think shes so horrid. at the end i will see who i will apologise too

  12. I am sure hoping Dominic gets voted out I can’t stand him at all ..He will come after them all if he is left in the house ..He needs to go now ..I like Adam I hope he stays ..

  13. i think the shocker tonight will be that only the ones with the golden key will play for the HOH or the golden key maynot be abale to play. Cause if you think Shelly just got her golden key and is safe from eviction.

    • OOOO that was so stupit keep forgeting about that key.that is so silly get 500.00 to sit eat and be a rat. Boy it sure sounds good

  14. I think Shelly is playing a great game. Everybody thinks she is so innocent, which is good in this game. I think Domonic will leave this week then Dani asap. I hope Porsche leave along with Kalia in the next few weeks

  15. Live Feed Is So Much More Different Then The Regular Show & BB After Dark. Some people just don’t know what they are saying … Whole ‘nother BB world With Live Feed !

    • Wish I had it but I would get nothing done at all…..sorry I missed the big fight though on the 27th.

      • I agree Shelly. I work during the day and occasionally I get to check fb posts about BB but other then that I record the show and watch when my boys go to bed :)

  16. i think dominic is going to be vote out because he will put up the vets and they r trying get the house guest to vote for him

  17. it’s sad on one side of the coin but on the other side i can see what the vets are doing and i hope with the meeting the vets had i hope all is forgiven because the fivesome needs to stay intact until final four and that’s when you’ll see jeff, jordan, brendon and dani and in the end it’ll be final two with dani and jordan and dani slimly winning 4-3

    • Danielle has already been exposed and the
      veterans will voter her out the first chance
      they get! The newbies will also vote out Danielle if they win HOH because they know that they can get rid of a veteran! The veterans will be weakened by Danielle’s betrayal and Danielle will not have the protection she had with her alliance with Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan. What was
      she thinking anyway? This early in the game, she showed her hand and now, she has a target
      on her back!

  18. I’m really worried about Kalia and Lawon. they are just rolling along while everyone is working on the other couples. Ya know thats how some of them win. Even this board (including me ) are mostly only talking about JJ.Brenchel.Dani, I’m a little worried. hahaha

  19. from what i saw on BBAD last night, Danielle was rallying for people to vote adam out, She had talked to Shelly and Kalia, And was going to try and sway porsche, But even though they told dani they were, I doubt either one is going to vote to evict adam.

    Its probably a 7-1 vote with dominic leaving.

    Its going to get really boring without Dominic, He was probably the only one with the balls to put up any of the vets.

    • Like Danielle, he did not have the sense to play low key and keep the target off your back! Regardless of whether one has an alliance, the idea is to last till the very end! That is not going to happen if you attract too much attention on himself. His move on Danielle showed the other house guests his possible alliance and Danielle
      further confirmed it by falling for Dominic
      and asking forcefully, Rachel to keep Dominic!
      That obviously, raises red flags when she should have been lobbying for Adam to mislead
      the alliance! Also, Danielle moving to soon
      and exposing herself when she moved to Brendon/Rachel to backdoor Jeff/Jordan. She
      made it worst by trying to have the newbies come to her side and backdoor Brendon/Rachel.
      At some point, the news will come out and it did and exposed Danielle’s plans. Now, she is fighting for her life to stay in the house.

  20. I hate dom went home, him and dani 2gether would had went far in the game, now she is by herself. Hope the twist is 2 bring back dom, cassi, and keith to take the vets down, so sick of all da vets.

  21. I think Dom should stay his more competitive,feel bad for Adam that’s why i don’t like couples,everyone should have there day.Still if it wasn’t for Shirley may the best men win,maybe the future contestants will learn not to trust this game is for sure a good lesson on how to play and not just sit and pick who should go and who should stay if it was not for shirley the big 4 would of been broken by now.

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