Big Brother 13 Live Feed Early Bird Sale Is Live!

The Big Brother Live Feed preseason Early Bird sale price is officially live and available! Starting right now you can get your Live Feeds 3-month season pass for only $29.99 and you’ll be fully covered until the season finale in mid-September.

Download our free step-by-step Early Bird Discount guide to help make sure you get the lowest price available for your summer of Big Brother!

Once Big Brother 13 premiere day arrives the price goes up 50% from $9.99/month to $14.99/month so the only thing you have to lose by waiting is your money.

Lots and lots of new features this season with the feeds. Real has confirmed support for iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS4 required) and Android (2.2+ required, 2.1 support in development) so you can get your Big Brother viewing fix on the go with an optional add-on to your subscription, available during sign-up, for $5/month or $10/3-months.

If you’re new to Big Brother or the Feeds then check out our FAQ: What Are Big Brother Live Feeds? If you already familar with the Feeds then you know this is the best deal you’ll see all season. So with no further delay, have at it!

Click here for the Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird Discount

For the music lovers, Real is again offering up $10 of free mp3s each month with your subscription. So for $30 you get three full months of Big Brother Live Feed plus $30 of music, making your Feeds practically free. Bonus!

Disclosure: Yes, we receive a commission for all feed sign-ups referred through our site links. If you enjoy our site and the free updates and news we provide then please consider using our links. We greatly appreciate and thank you for your support.

Press Release from RealNetworks:

Big Brother Live Feed & SuperPass Feature details

Around the clock access to 4 Live House Cameras

Improved pop out player and resizable chat on the desktop
– access to the Big Brother Live Feeds on your Android mobile device, tablet or iOS device (iPhone and iPad).
– mobile access available for $5/month or $10/3-months (season pass)

Android 2.2 and higher (2.1 support planned); and iOS4 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Data charges apply per your access provider. Reminder: one hour of live feeds is ~200 MB of data

Works in your browser – no Real Player download required

Social profiles and personalized news feed
– Custom avatars
– My Favorites – personalcollection of bookmarks to the best videos and screen grabs
– News feed – all the buzz from your friends brought directly to your profile page

“Flashback” to catch what you’ve missed on the feeds

Live call in shows with former House Guests twice a week; fan shows every morning at 9:30

Commentary from former fan favorites Ragan and Daniele

Celebrity Chat Events for Fans; talk with House Guests at end of season

Exclusive Interviews with House Guests on the set of the finale in L.A.

Live streaming from post finale wrap party in LA

Photo galleries and text articles

Details about the shows we produce:

Pre-season show:
Tuesday, June 21 at 3pm PT Rumor Control with Daniele Donato (BB8) and Ragan Fox (BB12)
Tuesday, June 28 at 3pm PT
Tuesday, July 5 at 3pm PT
Daniele and Ragan get to the bottom of the BB13 rumors, dig up the dirt on the new cast, and talk about possible twits!

Happy Hour with Chelsia & Missy:
Starts Thursday, June 23 at 3pm PT and goes all season long (Janelle is our guest on July 7th)
Chelsia and Missy recap what’s going on in the BB house, catch up with past BB house guests, and interview the current cast after they’ve been evicted!

Getting Schooled with Ragan:
Starts Wednesday, July 13 at 3pm PT and runs all season long
BB12’s Ragan, and new SuperPass host, Spicy, will be entertaining you all season long! You can also expect to see special guest appearances by past Big Brother house guests!

Fan show every Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:30am PT:
Three new BB superfans will be joining the SuperPass team, and hosting their own recap show with Missy!
Details are here:

Kevin Campbell’s WTF Moment of the Week:
Date TBD — most likely on Saturdays and will not be live.

So there it all is laid out before you. The Live Feeds are back and they’re going to be better than ever with more content and improved features. Don’t miss your chance to score some savings along with our thanks all at the same time. Sign-up now!


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  1. I love Big Brother and watch all the shows. Two years ago I got the feeds and really enjoyed them. The problem for me were as follows:

    I didn’t want or use all the other stuff that came with the feeds.
    It was really hard to cancel payment when Big Brother was over.
    All the downtime of the feeds drove me crazy.

    I would love a pay one time option on the feeds that would last the lenth of the show.

    • That’s understandable, but there have been some recent improvements that might get you what you’d like.

      The season pass offer is just the length of time you’ll need to get through the end of this season (mid June to mid Sept), so you won’t have to re-up unless you want to keep them in the off season (I do for the free monthly music).

      Ending your subscription can now be handled on the computer through Real’s SuperPass website, so there’s no more calling to cancel. In past seasons I never experienced troubles canceling over the phone, but I understand some do.

      Do those things help with your concerns?

  2. You can always order the live feed for $29.99 on another web site when the show starts. I have done this. I have been ordering the live feed for five years. I agree with Barb. I had a difficult time last season cancelling but they did reimburse my money.

    • That’s not correct. All sites offer the same deals. No one has the $29.99 season pass available once this sale ends on 7/6/11. Just doesn’t work that way. RealNetworks has complete control over that.

      As I mentioned, you can always manage your subscription online so all those issues can be avoided when the season is over.

  3. Singing up for my third year of the feeds! I don’t know how I ever watched Big Brother without them!

  4. can someone tell me how can I sign up for the feeds with my mobile phone? And I have an unlimited sprint palm pre phone, am I aloud to get feeds on it?

    • The mobile access isn’t available as a stand-alone subscription. You’ll have to get the regular live feeds subscription and then add on the mobile access.

      Unfortunately the Palm Pre on Sprint won’t be able to access the live feeds. You’ll need either an Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) device to use that. I’ve actually got the Palm Pre on Sprint and am switching over to Android in the next few weeks so I can get this service this season.

  5. Hey I have the sasung epic by sprint which is an andriod and I’m going the be getting the live feeds as well as the mobile but when u pay the 29.99 wil there be directions on how to get the mobil version or do u get it in the andriod market?

    • Yep, when you sign up for the $29.99 deal RealNetworks will prompt you during the process with the option to add on the mobile access (either $5/month or $10/3-months). You just opt-in and it’ll be added to your account.

      Then when the feeds start running on 7/7/11 and you navigate your mobile browser to the SuperPass site you’ll be directed to download the Android App.

      So you can add the access now to your account and as soon as the feeds are ready they’ll provide you with the app. It should be pretty smooth once the feeds start running.

      How do you like the Epic? I think that’s what I’ll pick up (I really want a physical keyboard!).

      • Its a really good phone with a great screen for watching videos and looking at pics and takes good pics and video as well. Thanks for the info and can’t wait for this season. Nexts years season should be fans vs favs 7 returning 7 new but who knows with cbs lol.

      • Cool. Sounds like that phone will be perfect for watching the feeds. Thanks!

        I’m anxious to hear about the next specialty season too. Fans vs Favs would be great fun for Big Brother.

  6. I’ve been wondering how Real was gonna handle giving us the Feeds with our cell phones but now i see u have to pay an extra $10 for them which in a small way takes away from the special…. :-(

    • Yeah, we were bummed to hear that from Real. But the more Real told us about the Android app and how they got a work around for iOS I kinda understood why there’s an extra fee. That and CBS is charging a licensing fee for us to access over our phones, so they’re in part to thank on that one.

      At least it’s still cheaper to get the season pass plus the mobile access add-on then paying month-to-month fee for the summer.

  7. Any idea if I sign up for the feeds right now, does the three day trial start right away or as soon as the live feed actually starts?

    I’d like to get it early before it’s too late, but if they charge right now when the live feed isn’t even on, what’s the point to getting it early?


    • Your free trial starts the day you sign-up, not when the feeds starting running.

      The point of signing up now is that you’ll get three months for the price of two. If you wait to sign-up until the the feeds are live then you’ll pay 50% more per month ($9.99 now versus $14.99/month then).

      What you can do right now is test out the feeds using the Flashback feature which lets you revisit any moment in the game from the past several seasons and watch it like it’s live. Then you could review how it works, if the video is smooth for your connection, etc.

      The only thing you can not test yet is the mobile access. That won’t be available until premiere day: July 7th.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help.

  8. I signed up on my IPad, I cannot get Flashplayer, How do I watch the feeds? It says I don’t have to download anything, but I am unable to view video. Help and thank you!

  9. Hey Matt, i was going to buy the feed and it told me what you get with the discounted price and it didnt say anything about the music thing, do they not have that this year?

  10. Hi! I live in Canada and have been trying to order the 3 month package. But when I fill out the form it tells me I have an invalid account number?! But you can’t click on it to see what exactly that means. I am a HUGE BB fan and would REALLY like to be able to get hooked up for the live feeds!! Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

    • Hi Sue….how long have u lived in Canada? have u ever gotten the Feeds there before?

      I believe that CBS doesnt allow the Feeds up there in Canada nor the residents of Canada are allowed to appear on the show….sorry.. :-(

      • I am a born and bred Canadian. As far as I knew, we can get the feeds, just not be on the show as you said. I really wish I could get signed up!

    • You can definitely get the live feeds in Canada. The only difference is you can’t get the free monthly mp3s from Rhapsody.

      What sort of account number are you entering? Do you mean your credit card number?

    • I purchased something in Canada from USA and had the same problem.I had to call my bank/creditcard and they allow the company 24 hours to get your payment and then the block is put back on your card..hope this helps

  11. Hey HoH8! I am a born and bred Canadian. As far as I knew, we can get the feeds, just not be on the show as you said. I really wish I could get signed up!

  12. Can you tell me how to get the feeds on my IPad 2, I already purchased the early bird special

  13. I love rachal an brendon an Jeff an Jordan playen again I hope next big brother has a good come back like Brittney an lane an racheal an brendon that would had been better but still love big brother!!!

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