Big Brother 13: Adam Makes His Last Stand – Updated

Big Brother 13 Adam Poch

What’s a guy to do when he can’t get a date to the big dance? Adam Poch is facing that very issue in his last full day in the Big Brother 13 house. The first two rounds are done and he’s in a tough spot if he hopes to make it to the Final 2 and have a chance at $500,000. With nothing left to lose, Adam is making his last stand.

He lost Round 1 to Rachel and then he lost Round 2 to Porsche. Both women have told Adam they plan to take the other to the Final 2. Adam will have no option but to sit back and watch the rest of the game play out around him. Flashback to Sunday at 1:47PM BBT (Cam 3) to hear Adam muttering to himself that he lost $500K. He believes if he had made it to the F2 then he would have won it all. After initially rolling over and seemingly accepting his loss, Adam has come up with a plan.

Shortly after the first two rounds were over, Adam privately told Rachel that if he had won the second round he was going to take her to the F2. It sure sounded sincere until he told Porsche the exact same thing. When that didn’t work Adam decided to step it up.

Flashback to Sunday at 7:47PM BBT (Cam 3). Adam announces to the cameras (he’s alone) that he has “the perfect plan” to get him to the Final 2. His plan is to threaten his vote against the winner of Round 3 if she evicts him. If Rachel wins and sends him to Jury then he’ll vote for Porsche and vice versa. He’ll tell each of them this just hours before the finale show. Adam is very excited about this plan.

So much for waiting until the last minute. Adam decides to spring his big plan the very next morning when he’s alone with Porsche. Flashback to Monday at 11:21AM BBT (Cam 3). Adam is pushing Porsche to take him with her and reminds her that if she doesn’t, he’ll be the deciding vote (hinting the obvious here: that he won’t vote for her). Guess how that goes over.

Porsche is none too pleased with this tactic and tells Rachel at the first opportunity. Flashback to Monday at 12:24PM BBT (Cam 1) to hear her relay the conversation to Rachel. Porsche says she doesn’t want to hang out around him anymore. Sounds like this little plan backfired on Adam. Rachel tells Porsche it’s stupid of him to say that because they know if they (Porsche & Rachel) don’t take each other as promised then they’ll lose each other’s votes.

Time for Plan C. Flashback to Monday at 8:23PM BBT (Cam 3) to hear Adam seemingly give in and plead for America to vote for him to be America’s Favorite. Yikes. That’s going to be a longshot for Adam. Our “favorite HG” poll with nearly 30,000 votes has Jeff winning with ~35% of the vote while Adam has about 1%.

Unless I missed it, Adam hasn’t given his “take me or lose my vote” speech to Rachel like he did to Porsche. Maybe he’s still going to take a swing at his “big plan” or maybe he’s resolved to third place where it looks like he’ll most likely end up. If it’s Rachel and Porsche in the Final 2, take a look at my prediction for how the Jury votes will go down.

Do you think Adam has a chance at the Final 2?

Update: Reader KP pointed out Adam’s seemingly sudden change of heart. Flashback to this afternoon at 1:53PM BBT to hear Adam tell Porsche he doesn’t want Rachel to get a “F’ing penny.” Wow. Something really set him off. Is he messing with her head to get Porsche angry at Rachel or does he mean it? I’ll have to go back and see what she could have said to him.

Update 2: I’m not convinced Adam is really mad at Rachel as he claimed. He could be playing off Porsche’s frustration last night over Rachel saying Porsche got on the show through her connections with Janelle. Seems more like he’s playing mind games.

Update 3: Adam is back to trying to sell his vote to the highest bidder with Porsche promising to “make it worth his while” if he votes for her. Adam also goes back to thinly veiled threats that he “has friends in Jury” hinting that he’ll influence votes against her if she doesn’t take him. He is allll over the place.



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  1. I still don’t agree with your Jury vote predictions. In my opinion, whoever wins Round 3 will either win or lose.

    If Rachel for example wins, it’ll be the vets vs. Dani, Kalia and Shelly. Adam will be the swing. Same as if Porsche wins. If Adam sticks to his “Whoever evicts me loses.” BS, then these girls will WANT to lose Round 3.

    Alternatively, if he doesn’t stick to his stupid plan, whoever wins will most likely get his vote (as he stated earlier, Round 3 would greatly influence his vote).

    I’m just happy two people that deserve it will be in the Final 2.

    • Contrasting views are always welcome (and good for discussions!).

      I’m keeping Adam in Rachel’s vote corner because of what he told Jordan and Rachel (two separate occasions), that even if Rachel evicts him from F3, he’s going to vote for her over Porsche. Later he started saying he’d be “willing to consider” his vote based on R3 winner. He might have realized how foolish his “feel free to evict me!” statement sounded.

      It’s definitely possible that he’ll go for Porsche, but I think he’s still too “in awe” of the Vets and Rachel as a player to vote against her.

      • I agree matt about adam voting for Rachel. However, I disagree with people on Shelly I think between porsche and rachel shelly will actually vote for rachel.

      • I think Dani will also vote for Rachel even though she hates her she did say she is voting on the best player. Guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow’s show.

  2. What on earth did Rachel say to Adam last night that has him saying now Rachel doesn’t deserve a penny?

    • My top-of-the-head guess would be another comment akin to ‘I always get what I want’ or ‘Season 13 is officially my season’, just something self-absorbed that can get under people’s skin. Total guess though, but it’d be ironic if after all these weeks of taming her (Brendon before eviction, Jordan thereafter) she ends up hurting her chances or worse, costing herself the game due to not being able to keep her mouth shut and control what she blurts out. Adam may in fact be the swing vote, she’s this close, she needs to be careful.

      • My new and better guess, Adam tried to talk to Rachel again about taking him to final two, and Rachel broke out the good old swag and told him he doesn’t deserve to be there because he floated and didn’t win many competitions.

        I can easily seeing that pissing off Adam, and rightfully so.

      • Rachel will definitely win if she takes Adam and I also think Rachel will. Get Dani’s vote no matter what, possibly even Kalias if she wins round 3. So she needs to just take Adam if she wins.

  3. My prediction did not come true, (i.e. bb twist for adam) however as it dawned on adam that he was the swing vote in the jury. he planted a seed that will make porche and rachel question themselves on who they’ll take to the final 2. now if you’re honest with yourself and carefully review the season; thats enough doubt to choke a horse and give adam a chance.

  4. Another great choice of picture, Adam looking evil with a cig in hand as he plots his ‘master plan’.

    • Thanks! I swear I spend almost as much time looking for the perfect header image as I do writing these things.

      I loved how he very quickly glanced at the camera to make sure it was looking at him before he started in on his monologue.

      • Yep lol that’s what makes it so great. Like an old movie or TV show where he sets the stage before he starts revealing his ‘diabolical plan’. Cue the eerie music in the background. The one of Lawon looking all sneaky or like he just struck hidden gold, also pretty damn fitting.

  5. sorry gotta comment on Jeff, i didn’t realize that they’re so many browbeaten and weakwilled people that’d rather vote for a crybaby (i’ll beat you up if i don’t win) sore loser like jeff? are there that many people watching BB thinking that he can reach out of the T.V. & hit them if they complain?
    wow thats amazing… 2 words. Jordan run!!!!

    • This again…yay. There was a huge discussion on this last night in the article with the Favorite Houseguest poll, and your comments seem like more of blowing one or two incidents out of proportion. Guess I’ll argue it again if I must…

      • Exactly…jeff promised to come after Kalia in a game sense and get her out. Jeff promised to win the veto and take himself down and he did. Jeff never threatened nor bullied Kalia. He went after her on a game level the same exact way Dani did Brendon. All you soft ass people claiming Jeff is a bully are really pulling at anything to make people dislike them.

      • What show are you watching? Jordan got pissed off and stormed out Kalia HOH room and Jeff started his bulling that she didn’t do what he wants he would take her out next week. Taking her out is fine, but saying like he did is not and is not the first time he has used his bulling tactic. He blows up at any thing that is not his way. I agree, Jordan run like hell.

    • Obviously Kalia didn’t feel threatened by what Jeff said, it didn’t “scare” her into not nominating him.

    • Jeff is a bully and like Cee Lo said Forget (f)You Jeff. All the people in the house need to do is hit that bully in his mouth and he’ll cry like a baby. Shelly deserves the money she has a family and she played both sides of the house. Why not give it to the person who made this season fun with her backstabbing. Can you say 25,000 for Shelly?

      • Beachmama EXACTLY! I don’t understand this Jeff is a bully crap. HE TOLD KALIA IF YOU PUT ME ON THE BLOCK I’M GOING TO COME AFTER YOU AS WELL! I can’t believe people. Consider that bullying. I find it funny, that it is NO different than what Daniele did to Brenchal right before Dom went home. Yet because he’s a super sexy man its considered bullying. And Kalia was threatening his position in the game, Dani did all that for someone she doesn’t even know.

      • Shelly was the most hated bb blog, she was recieving threats to her family, tell me why they would vote for her?

    • only the weak can be truly bullied.i am not a big man but i am patient and there are trees every where

  6. YES!!! Porsche is going to win BB13 now! According to Joker’s updates, Adam told Porsche at 1:59 PM BBT that Rachel does not deserve anything and he is angry at her for comments she made to him last night and today! He is really ticked off and tells Porsche that she has his vote if it is her and Rachel in the final 2! This would give Porsche a 4-3 edge over Rachel and would mean Porsche would win it all!

    Normally I wouldn’t believe Adam but it sounds like he is really angry and has made up his mind to give Porsche his vote!!! Sucks to be Rachel I guess LOL! Even though she still does get 50K!

    If all stays the same and Porsche doesn’t make Adam mad at her then Porsche will win Big Brother 13! GO PORSCHE!!!

    • Don’t get so ahead of yourself, even if her comments pissed him off, they just happened, like you said last night and today. When sitting with the jury there’s a decent chance cooler heads prevail and Adam decides let’s not be personal here and vote for the best player. Although one thing I will give you, Adam will join the jury live, not a lot of time for discussion with them for him to remember or get swayed by other members.

      • Yeah! I see where you are coming from but I think his mind is really made up now! He likes Porsche a lot more than Rachel and especially if Porsche can pull off the last HOH tomorrow then I think she has Adam’s vote for sure!

      • Can you please tell me what’s going on? I don’t have the feeds, what did Rachel say to Adam that has him so mad?

      • I don’t have the feeds either! I am just going by what Joker’s Updates says! Check out their live updates and you will see Adam telling Porsche he is ticked off at Rachel! It doesn’t really say what happened other than Rachel said some things to Adam last night and today that really ticked him off! I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what got Adam so mad but it sounds like he seriously is voting for Porsche if she and Rachel are in the final 2 which means Porsche would win!!!

      • I have a love-hate relationship with Rachel. Her cocky comments/attitude bug me, but I like her as a competitor and definitely feel of the final three she deserves to win. From the outset of the show, she was probably my 4th pick for ‘Who I’d like to see win’. Brendon has tried to calm her down and tell her to watch what she says, Jeff and Jordan have tried, Jordan spent a couple of weeks ‘coaching’ her and doing a pretty good job of it, but now with nobody around is she really reverting to old habits that quickly? And when she’s this close to the end? Another common denominator is competition wins, she won them early and her cocky attitude was at the forefront, and she’s been winning towards the end, not surprising if in fact her attitude is creeping back in. If this actually costs her the game it’ll be really sad, and to an extent, ironic.

      • Yeah! I give Rachel credit cuz she was good at competitions but she gets too many houseguests mad at her with her crazy behaviour and cocky goodbye messages (to Dani and Kalia especially)! I am glad Adam has come to his senses and even though Rachel won more comps that isn’t the only part of Big Brother! Relationships with all the Jury is a big part too and it sounds like Rachel blowing it with Adam may have just lost her 450K as she will only win the 50K now!

      • Porsche Fan, there’s still a lot more game to go. We have more than twenty-four hours before the show airs, plus jury questions. On top of that, we really don’t know what’s going on in the jury’s heads right now or what Jordan’s saying to them.

      • Besides that…there is no guarantee who else will vote for Porsche. Especially if Rachel wins round 3 of the FHOH. People seem to forget that votes rarely go the way you think they will. With that in mind if Rachel wins round3 I have a hard time believing Dani will not vote for her to win. Dani will do it, if for nothing more than pride and owning up to the “I respect his game so much” she swears to live by. What are you all gonna do when Adam turns ouut to be the ONLY one that votes for Porsche. And Adam is an idiot for telling Porsche that cause if she wins she’ll definitely send him packing. However, I think Adam is trying to backtrack on pissing Porsche off saying he will not vote for her. Because I haven’t seen Rachel making any rude comments to him.

      • I read recaps of all conversations from today and yesterday on Morty’s page and I don’t see any conversation between Adam & Rachel that could make anyone upset. So I think this is just another one of Adam’s schemes. Porsche offered him $10,000 for his vote. He told Porsche that if she takes him he will try to get them to give her the 500k. I think Adam is full of doo-doo!

      • Porschefan u definitely r way ahead of urself. How is Porsche going to win when shes not even hoh. Especially when Rachel will be the one winning hoh. Porsche doesnt deserve to win at all. If there is any justice she wont.!! Like it has been said many times porsche got lucky when she won the shoe comp. The other comps she won against only a couple.of people. She slept,ate and played puppet to dani. U must be a friend of hers to actually feel she deserves to win. And to go so far as to call urself porschefan

    • Did Porsche really get on BB because of Janelle and she did not have to audition like everyone else. It sort of makes sense that it happened that way because BB sure has been back pedaling every since that comment was made. It also makes sense that is how she got on the show and that the producers are sort of “protecting” her because she did not get voted off after tainting the milk or threatening physical violence against Rachel and in the past contestants have been thrown off of BB for threatening physical harm to other contestants. I hate to think that perhaps BB is rigged but after all of this it makes me wonder, but hope it is not true because it would really be unfair that Porsche got this unfair advantage. So HOPE Rachel wises up and takes Adam to final 2 so she can win this season, and if it is fact that Porsche got on BB that way she does not deserve to be in final two or win anything. Disappointed in BB!!

    • GAGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!! Porshe win…..if she did bb needs to hang it up cause the only contastants they will get from here on out are slugs!!!! Hey got a good place we can go for a whole summer live it up free food and sleep all you want and have a chance on top of it all win half million dollars!!!(haha)

      Go Rachel your the only one in the house that is left that deserves any of the money!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. To Matt (BBN): of all the seasons of BB i’ve ever watched, (nearly all) everyone (F2) usually says its the numbers, but there ends up being some kind of deal not to knock each other waiting for the juries decision. do you agree?

    • Not sure I completely follow, but the HGs do tend to say it’s based on numbers so it doesn’t sound personal. Unless it’s a pair of friends and one outsider, then it’s because they’re an alliance, etc.

  8. MJ & Matt: mine was a purely personal judgement/observation of jeff, gamewise he was a decent player. personality-wise i wouldn’t get within 10ft of him. too high strung and arrogant for my taste and i know 2 people exactly like him. 2) their significant others always price for that behavior, hence the “Jordan run” tag.

    • I have similarities to Jeff (one reason I’ve liked him) and one of them is the basic nature of my relationship with my girlfriend. It’s long distance, when we’re together we jab at each other a lot, jokingly insult, etc. Others shake their heads because they don’t get it, and later we laugh about it, we love our rapport and wouldn’t change it. I can say with confidence she never resents it or ever feels like I’m a ticking time bomb of any sorts, where violence/aggression is imminent.

      • I’ll join you, let’s make it a real party. Jeff’s the hottest thing on TV sorry all you boys but BIG Jeffs a hard act to follow!!

      • what if adam isn’t really mad? maybe just a ploy to let porshe think that so she’ll take him to f2? because if rachel is voted off she’ll never give adam her vote and porsche will win…

      • If Porsche breaks her F2 deal with Rachel, I don’t think Brenchel will be too forgiving. Adam could get their votes, along with Jeff and Jordan’s.

    • I think she would have voted for Rachel against Adam but if she is against Porsche I think she would vote for her over Rachel because she was in Dani’s alliance!

      • Not necessarily! Rachel was very harsh towards Dani in her goodbye message and Dani’s hatred for Rachel is apparent! I still think she would vote for Porsche and thus Porsche will win it all!

      • Dani did tell Rachel that if she made it to Final 2, she’d have her vote.

        Personally, though, I’m not too sure what Daniele would do if it was Porsche vs. Rachel. For her, it would be a matter of choosing between an alliance member or a competitor.

      • @PorscheFan, Rachel & Dani buried the hatchet the night before Dani left. Rachel told her she was mean in the goodbye message and she apologized for it. So I don’t think that goodbye msg will be the reason Dani doesn’t vote for her.

      • Gee I think Rachel called Dani a Bitc twice in the good by speech. Also Porche had not one anything before Dani left, now she has won two HOH and two or three veto’s with a chance to win another HOH. Now I think that might change Dani’s way of thinking.

    • Omg jurkin! Finally someone! Especially if Rachel wins final round of HOH. Dani “respects the game” I also think in a Porsche/shelly situation Shelly will vote for Rachel too.

  9. Please someone tell me if Matt (BBN) will be letting everyone know what goes on tomorrow night – I am dying to know

      • Thank you so much – maybe I won’t neet to take my blood pressure pill tomorrow. Again, thanks for keeping me interested – see you when you post for Survivor!

  10. Adam, you are a bully…I so hope you are S.O.L. You will have to pull your own weight and make your money the old fashioned way…WORK!!!

  11. What on earth could Rachel have said that has been any worse than what they have said they were going to do to her. These two don’t deserve to win but of course they will I hope it comes out what the three of them stated. Gee Shelly’s family sicked the FBI on people. Maybe Rachel could get the FBI involved about what Porsche did to the drinks and the fact the three of them wanted to kill a baby. Joking or not it is sick. I hope Farah lets Adam have it for that comment. No matter how much you dislike a person you never never make comments against an unborn child. I hope that statement doesnt come back to bite them in the a$$ one day. You know the statement becareful of what you say or wish for….. Tisk Tisk to the three of them….

    • I hope it does come back to haunt them! And if Rachel knew what Porche did to Jordon she would never take her to the final 2. Adams an ass but he deserves 50k way more than someone who poisons peoples drinks & slop with laxatives so they will feel sick and won’t perform as well in the contests! Porche needs jail time not money!!!

      • Not sure what you are talking about Porshe doing to Jordan. Unless it’s the benefiber thing, which I agree she needs jail time and should have been kicked out of the house.

  12. Maybe Adam is just playing with Rachel’s head to get her to take him to the F2 out of fear he will vote for Porsche – just thinking – this is a game of manipulation

    • He never told Rachel he was voting for Porsche! He only told Porsche so that is what makes me think he is actually telling the truth and not just trying to manipulate Porsche and/or Rachel!

      I could be wrong and we will wait and see on tomorrow’s show but I really think Rachel will take Porsche to final 2 and Adam will give Porsche his vote and also giving her the 500K over Rachel!

      Like I said, this is not 100% for sure but Adam really sounds serious about no longer voting for Rachel!

    • I think he’s just messing with Porsche’s head too. I couldn’t find anything out of the usual stuff Rachel says that would have offended Adam.

      It seems more likely that he’s just getting desperate and grasping at straws now.

      • Adam’s got no balls, he’ll worry too much about what the outside world will think of him if he doesn’t give Rachel his vote! I agree! I think he IS grasping at straws!

  13. Rachel will win regardless who she is up against in f2. The jury are in a happier place. They will vote for the person who had the toughest time and also pushed through. Rachel has the respect of the jury.

  14. Since no one knows what if anything Rachel actually said to Adam how do we know this isn’t just another of his lies to somehow get to F2? I don’t believe what any of the HGs say until it actually happens, including that Rachel will take Porsche to F2 and vice versa.

    • Well that’s just the thing…no live feeders have seen or heard Rachel say anything to Adam. And then all of the sudden this?

  15. In the dvd to the jury hopefully they will show the part where Porsha was going to put fiber in there drink or whatever it was. And also when Adam made the remark about hurting Rachel on her way out.

    • The jury just watches the DVDs the evictee brings w/ them showing the competitions. The Benefiber incident happened so long ago that no one is going to discuss or show it now.

      • Really what did Adam say about hurting Rachel on the way out? I missed that one. I saw him telling Shelly to just put the dog back and she (shelly) barked (LOL) NO!

        Adam what a disappointment you are as a person.

  16. Porche deserves nothing for the Beneful incident, in fact she should have been evicted for it. BB should have stepped up and done something about it. It was a very stupid and dangerous stunt. If that makes a winner then there is something wrong with the whole process

    • Agree! She is also the one who said to hit Rachel in the tummy if she was pregnant. That is a nice person – NOT. I wrote on other blogs bb should have pulled her out of the game. She also took Rachel rubber duck and put it in the toilet. So when you look back Rachel is the only one who was not vindictive. She’s up front with her feelings and tells you the truth.

  17. The only way rachel will win big brother 13 is if she wins final HOH and votes to keep adam that way jejo brendon and daniel will vote for her to win . Daniel said that adam was the worst big brother player of all time so i think she would vote for rachel to win even tho they do not really like each other

  18. Adam is a disappointment, when it became apparent he was not going to be final two, he became a bully and started to lie. Before these he seemed to a man of his word and I don’t like the bullying he did to porche and this is obviously a lie about rachel. Rachel has not treated him like crap, she even got him chance to see his idol (by the way he acts like a silly girl).

    Before Porche won the 2nd round he was acting all superior. Now he realizes no money. Rachel told him straight up she promised porche she would take her to the final two. So he had to work on porche and though he might hate it, he sucked at the game and Rachel has been the best one to play it all around. Rachel, just like Jordan who gave her phone call away (and ended up in solitary confinement) doing something nice for most people gets you no where. You knew giving into pandora’s box was for adam and no one else. You even said when you saw who it was that you had to let them have it. You lost out on clothes etc.

    • Rachel open pandora’s box because she said to herself Tori also does weddings DUHHHHHHHH it wasn’t for Adam it just looked that way in the end. Do you guys watch and listen? How do you miss that?

      • Well, she also said Adam would kill her if she didn’t take it, so that DID have a part -small as it might have been- in her decision.

  19. Adam needs to work this on Rachel. He can pull out some BS like “I won’t vote for you, Dani won’t vote for you, and Kalia won’t vote for you if you take Porsche” and then pull something out like “I can persuade Shelly not to vote for you.” Or whoever he may want to say he can manipulate. Trying this over on Porsche is the wrong person to try it on. Rachel has more enemies than Porsche. Porsche doesn’t have as many tight-knit allies, but she has no real enemies either. No real fear of losing to her. Rachel on the other hand I’m sure is a bit paranoid. That being said, I still hope Rachel wins lol. She’s the only person this year to play a solid game. Everyone else made crucial mistakes somewhere down the line or barely played at all.

  20. Short and sweet —- Rachel deserves to win — hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the jury house when it comes to vote — like her or not, Rachel. played the hardest game of ANYONE in the house!!

  21. If porsche and rachel were the final 2 here is what i think the votes will be…

    Porsche- Dani,Kalia,Shelly,Adam

    Rachel- Jeff,Jordan,Brendon

    So porsche actually does have a chance to win

    • Porsche- no one. Shelly
      Rachel – everyone because the other girls will be jealous that Porsche is in F2 and not them. Therefore they will vote Rachel

      • lol what r u smokin.. with the goodbye message rachel left dani, she seems more of the jealous type

        not saying that porsche would win, but your reasoning is pretty immature

      • The night before Dani was evicted they made up, and Rachel told her she left a nasty msg, and apologized. So I don’t think that msg will affect anything.

      • Gee you don’t think Dani is smart enough to know that Rachel is just telling her that to get her vote. Rachel knew Dani was going and had second thoughts on what she said only for the vote.

      • No I don’t think it was for the vote, otherwise why would she have left Kalia a nasty message. I think she apologized because they made up.

  22. If I were Porsche I would not take Adam to the final two just because of the way he spoke to her. The least she would win is $50K and he would get nothing. Adam has done nothing to deserve being in the final two. He should have won HOH,

  23. Yeah adam is definitely playing Porsche, he is saying all that to her so she can relay it back to Rachel to make it seem more real. I believe he also is saying it to see Porsche’s reaction get her to start talking shit about Rachel and use it as ammo. He is campaigning to Rachel right now and doesn’t seem mad at her at all

  24. Why does Adam remind me of Wile E. Coyote after he has run off the cliff and is watching the little dust cloud dissipate beneath his feet?

  25. Anyone who would spend a dollar to vote for any one of these dummies for America’s favorite should have their hineys kicked. Use that dollar for something useful like a charity or a food bank. There are many people out there that could use a dollar more than CBS or Ma Bell!!!!

  26. your all so far off…nobody is going to vote for whether they like somebody or not, i guarantee danille will vote for rachael because shes a good player, rachael may get almost all the votes, i have watched big brother since the first season so you can bank on this

  27. Adam floated and doesn’t deserve a dime…i can’t believe he made final 3 but then i see how he did it. He layed low didn’t win anything flipped at the wrong time and for a guy that studied the show played terrible…if he would have put himself out there he would have been gone a long time ago. Go Porsche

  28. I’ve got an idea! No one in this game deserves any money. CBS should take the money they promised these people and use it to help pay down the National Debt. Can you say Pandora’s Box?

    • No the dumb idea is for a bunch of idiots to cheer for a bunch of losers to win money for simply staying in a house,

      • I guess I am just a true fan of the show and I understand it is there for entertainment purposes. I try not to take these things SO seriously. I have been pulling for Rachel for the start and I do believe she does deserve to win. As for Adam and Porsche, they are not who I would’ve wanted in the finals but they made it there, so who I am stay they don’t deserve the money, they made it on the show. So when you suggest they should give the money to the government, who has put our country in the debt we are in (lets not even get me started), I say that is a very DUMB idea. If you don’t like who is left on the show, stop watching.

      • Oh, by the way, I am very offended that you have called EVERYONE that is here to discuss this show an idiot. Obviously, we all love the show. So I say, you are the idiot, why don’t you hand the government all of your money.

  29. @Matt – you’re awesome!!!! Thank you so much for having the site; I love reading the site almost as much as watching the show! Thanks again, I sincerely appreciate it!

  30. Well …ITS Come TO This…. ADAM FLOATED Gets ZERO
    And RACHEL Wins BB13
    GETS 500K

  31. So Adam too said the comment about throwing a medicine ball at her stomach to save her $400 for an abortion? What a dick and Porsche’s a birch same with kalia.

    I love how they say Rachel is ugly inside and etc etc when she has just been emotional she hasn’t Personally been mean to anyone

    Yet these whaxkjobs make comments like this. Disgusting People. Ibdont care if you’re in the BB house or the white house.

    Maybe Porsche and Adam should go live on an island together with the head bitch Julie Chen away from society.

    Julie laughs and jokes on national tv about a man getting his penis cut and off Adam Porsche (and kalia) joke about killing an unborn baby/ the sick fucks should all be happy together

  32. The way that this season is ending seems unorganized to me! Why the long period inbetween the 2nd and 3rd round of the final HoH? Or has it always been this way!

  33. I remember reading a while ago (albeit just from a commenter, not a major source) that it was against the rules of the game to bribe another houseguest to do as they wish. If I’m not mistaken, whether Porsche outright says it or not (one person said she offered $10,000 to Adam for his vote, but even if she just says “I’ll make it worth your while”) is that not going against the rules? That’s a direct monetary bribe as far as I’m concerned.

    Does anybody know if this is an official rule or is just ‘frowned upon’ or something? Matt(BBN) do you know? (and no, I’m not trying to jumpstart an ‘Expel Porsche!’ protest)

  34. Sorry Adam, but if you would have competed 100% in all competitions and stopped smoking cigarettes, you would have been a better player.

    • No kidding. I agree with you. Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette. He and Shelly can kiss off good health. Thankfully, she’s not in the final 3. She didn’t physically compete either. She did the head games and thought she’d win at the end. Too bad, so sad. You lost. I hope Rachel wins it all.

  35. I think Production had a meeting when R&J where on the block and it was decided that we need to allow a week between the first HOH comp and the finale.

    “If Rachel is voted out and we are left with PJA then Porsche could win the 1st HOH part but it could take days for Jordan and Adam to complete the second part that is endurance along with a puzzle. We could wind up with a Sunday show where they are still trying to complete it!! If Adam wins the 2nd HOH, then we need to allow him a few days to find his balls and run the numbers. It would not be fair if we did not give him this time because lets face it, it takes him awhile to figure out what is actually going on. He will probably tell R&P that they get his vote if he is evicted and he will need the extra days to figure out that is not a good way to get to the F2. Maybe we should make it two weeks so he can backpedal.”

      • I knew why there was not a Sunday show but was turning it around for humor.

        Figured someone would take the bait and say the real reason there was no Sunday show.

        You win the “It was obvious prize!!”

      • Your response does not say why I am an Ass or a F-CKING loser. I assume it is because you do not agree with me. So make your case why I am wrong and maybe I can be swayed.

        But the only response I can have on your intellectual post is “I am rubber you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to!!!!”

  36. Anyone remember how the jury votes tomorrow night? What I mean is… Will the last 2 HG standing actually hear who votes or does not vote for them? Will they announce America’s Favorite Player before or after they vote? Just wondering, as I can’t remember the finale procedure. Anyone??

    • You get to see how each HG’s voted by their keys.

      So yes, you will know how each voted and will watch the votes accumulate as it goes.

      America’s Favorite Player is announced after a winner is declared.

      Hope that answers what u were looking for.

      • It’s ok kitty :)

        I understand how you need attention and you look for it any way you can find it.

        hugs and kisses,

    • If they follow the procedure they used the last couple of years, tomorrow should go as follows.

      1. Jury votes (say a few nice things about who they picked, place the key in the box, go and sit back down)

      2. Some random stuff that I can’t remember (commercials, interviews, ect)

      3. Julie will pull the keys out one at a time to declare a winner (this will be towards the end of the show)

      4. The last segment of the show will be Julie announcing the winner of America’s Favorite Player vote

      But then again, they could change everything because we’ve never seen the second part of the HOH comp on finale night, as far as I can recall, so who knows what’s going to happen. That’s my best guess, though.

  37. Adam’s head has gotten bigger and bigger. He thinks he’s the star of the show. When he talks to the camera’s I have to mute my TV. And I’m so sick of his shoutouts to his girlfriend every night. Now he thinks he has all the power with his vote. I hope if he does vote for Porsche he’s the only one and he sees that his vote means nothing. If Dani and Kalia vote on game play like they said then Rachel will get there votes along with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and I think Shelly. Shelly is a toss up because she doesn’t like Rachel but also doesn’t care for Porsche either.

  38. Do you think it will affect the outcome of the votes because of the short time the jury will have to know who the final 2 is?

  39. Julie: Adam it has been three hours you MUST vote for a winner.

    Adam: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…

    Julie: -____-

  40. Interesting comment from Adam about Dani’s vote. Live Feed viewers, it was at around 3:20pm BBT if you want to do a flashback. Otherwise, just look below. It was during his talk with Rachel.

    Adam: “I know if I am in the final two I didn’t earn my spot. If someone will vote for someone that didn’t earn it… They aren’t a fan of the game. I would hope that Daniele being a fan wouldn’t vote for someone that didn’t earn it.”

    • It appears that Adam is going through The Five Stages of Grief since learning that they will not be taking him to the F2.

      Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

      He is on track to be at the Acceptance stage by the finale.

    • why do ppl think porsche didn’t earn it? she won those comps when her @$$ was on the line… even with pandora’s box, she was luckily saved when kalia was evicted and her ally gone

      • @ essie, Kalia was, is and will always be a floater. NOW, Por, has stepped up to the plate, kinda, sorta. Jordan, is funny, etc., etc., I did not like Rach, however, she is still playing the BB game. The one human, that does not deserve it, is Adam. I agree with ya! Por, has played the game? It may be a different game, but she played it. It is a new world in the BB game! Floater’s unite!!! (gag me with a spoon)

      • Porche stopped earning anything when she poisoned the drinks & slop food with overdoses of Laxatives, which can make a person extremely sick & even need hospitalization, and she did it all for sole purpous of getting them sick so they couldn’t play well in comps. If she gets any $$ it should go to her lawyers.

      • kittykat, posche ain’t trying to win Miss America.. she won the right comps and aligned with the right ppl just in time

  41. I like how he calls himself fat drunk & stupid & can’t hold his breath under water.

    Funny. If his head games work, good for him. All 3 players left won veto’s & HOH’s when it counted.

    Porsche will loose to Adam or Rachel.

    Rachel will beat A & P.

    P needs to keep A & hope her speech can change 1 persons mind.

    My thoughts.

  42. Right now P is asking R if she will take A to the finals & R isn’t giving her a straight answer. P says she is scared to hear that, it worries her.
    Maybe P will keep A if she wins due to that?

  43. OMG on bbad Adam said the girls are too afraid to take him to the final 2 cuz he says America loves him and will win it all! LMAO!!!

  44. Unless I’m missing something, why is Adam not “threatening” Rachel with his vote and telling her he won’t vote for her if she evicts him? I think Rachel has a better chance then Porsche at winning R3, and surely Adam know that too. I don’t think Porsche will win either way, especially if Rachel wins R3, but if Porsche wins R3 and takes Adam, she will lose BRJJ vote. Jordan never liked Porsche. Adam seems like a pretty good guy, and he has said a few times he will vote for Rachel even if she evicts him. If she wins R3 i think she has his vote locked up.

      • i really want rachel to win. even though she is a winey baby she has been playing the game.and it all comes down to how played the best game and she did.

    • If Rachel wins and takes Porsche it will be close and Adam will more than likely the swing vote unless by the grace Shelly pulls her head out and votes Rachel, I don’t really see that happening. I think that Porsche has Daniel, and Kalia locked in. Rachel has JJB locked in. I can’t see shelly voting for her so Adam is the swing vote, she has to see that. Her chances are so much better taking Adam as she would have her alliance plus Daniel and Kalia from how they hate Adam’s game. Just my opinion. I would like to see her win because she has played a good game, not a great social game though.

    • They say things like that all the time. Half of the time they’re serious, half of the time they’re joking.

      Although Fara probably agrees with Adam.

  45. i think that adam has become a male sheely,hes a sore loser,i hope that he dosent win a darn thing then he could really cry,like the chump he is

  46. If Porsche wants to win…. She needs Adam next to her. Point Blank Period. Otherwise Rachel has won & she can finally get off my tv screen

    • Porsche will not win if she takes Adam. She will automatically lose Brendon and Rachels vote, and Jeff and Jordans. Neither of those two ever liked Porsche, or thought she played the game well.

    • Oh and btw porsche has to win round 3 before she can take someone with her also porsche will NEVER get jejos vote and if she were to break her word to Rachel she wouldn’t get brenchals vote either. Like I’ve been saying Porsche is playing for 2nd at best

      • It may look like Jeff does not like Porshe from what we have seen…but I sensed that he was very attracted to her, and she did say something about him asking her to take trips and work with him after the show…he also told Jordan to stay away from her, which makes me think she is telling the truth…Jeff may actually vote for P stranger things have happened…

    • Porsche will not win against Adam. Adam wins over Porsche because the veterans will vote for Adam. That is 4-3 and Adam wins. If Rachel is evicted, she becomes the 4th vote for Adam. Porsche’s best chance is against Rachel because she has Danielle, Kalia, Shelly on her side. Rachel will have Jeff, Jordan, Brendon on her side with Adam as the swing vote. Adam has said previously he will vote for Rachel so, Rachel probably will win in that scenario. Either way, Porsche will lose but, she is still better off taking Rachel.

      • I don’t know i kind of think if they hold to their word about who played a better game and all the talk that they have been saying all year about not liking floaters I would think Porsche would have a fighting chance against Adam. All she needs is one of the JJRB, I think Rachel may be mad but I think she may vote for Porsche.

  47. R wont be reading any of these posts because she has been forbidden by law to go on the internet!! She and JKD were talking about how mean comments are and J read some and couldnt believe it and r said well I cant do that anymore for legal and personal reasons she is banned from the internet LOL She got too angry about some stuff said last year

    • I believe the “LEGAL” team is Jeff and her family just protecting her. It is her constitutional right to read whatever she wants to so no Legal reasons would be possible. Unless of course you were just joking.

      • I’m sorry I thought you were talking about Jordon, then the “NEW LEGAL” Team would be Brendon & Rachels family. For the same reasons.

      • Its regarding Rachel and she really is NOT allowed to be on the internet. Meaning as in law wise. Nothing to do with her not wanting to. Part of some kind of probation thing. I will try and find the flashback but I dont get live feeds this was on bbad.

    • It is not against the law for her to go on the internet. hahaha. I know what talk you are talking about though. But there is no law against going on the internet, and she won’t go on for personal reasons, she knows how evil some people can be

      • lol I guess I misunderstood that one! When they asked for more specific reasons I believe bb came on and said you are not allowed to blah blah blah

        I have changed my views of R though. I had zero respect for her from last season but with B gone she has shown she can be a nice/caring person!

  48. Why do a lot of posters feel Adam has Kala’s vote. Didn’t she tell Porsha if she can, get Adam out. This is when he would not use the Veto. This led to Kalia being evicted. So I feel there is still some bitterness on Kalia’s part

  49. .
    The only reason Rachel is in the final 3 is because Production wanted her there. She’d have been gone the week of the one-week reinstatement of the couples twist.

    At least the other 2 floated their way to the final 3 by using thier own parasitic skills of latching on to other houseguests!

      • Will Everyone stop with the production ruling who wins theory, they’ve helped everyone at different times, it’s called twists people and without them the show wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is!!!

      • First, it’s not a theory… it’s a fact.
        Second, they have not helped everyone… only some.
        Third, of course it is thier right to do so in order to improve ratings.
        Fourth, it is very debatable whether the show would be better without their interference.
        Fifth, I was simply pointing out the fact that she is not there from her own efforts… don’t get your panties in a wad over it.

      • @ rico. Ill tell you like I’ve told the rest. Its not fixed CBS has NO REASON to fix it. They didn’t NEED ratings. Their show was not flopping or anything. They did not have to bring vets back so that whole theory is ridiculous. Also, if you FEEL its fixed and I’ll repeat FEEL because its absolutely not a fact, then don’t watch, nobody is forcing you. Incase you can’t tell Rachel is a competetive beast

      • Oh u know what Rachel is there because she is the best competitor there that is why she is there. So all of u paranoid conspiracy theorists need to stop its really getting sickening!!! How many chances did they have to get Rachel out and didnt?? Several. So get over it!! She deserves to win.

      • @Rico…I couldn’t agree with you more…and bringing Brendon back was another helping hand…(Brendon was not in the lead all week in the polls)…I too think the show would be better without all of the “help from production”…(it also seemed like many of the comps were set for Rachel when she needed them…may have been luck…but does not appear that way)

    • Uh, are you retarted? Yes that was to help them out, but not Rachel. That was for Jordan. The POV wasn’t even played when she opened the box. Rachel won the POV and without the duo twist, Jordan would’ve gone a week earlier.

    • I wanted to respond to your saying that Rachel is not there by her own efforts. The girl has saved HERSELF multiple times. Yes the twist came the week she was on the block and its debatable whether production put it in there to save her and Jordan. But Porsche did not have to open Pandoras box for 5000$. And its annoying hearing people saying the competitions were rigged so she could win them.. How is it her fault that she worked out the hardest all summer while most of them sat around/ate/slept? Clearly she’s good at physical competitions but maybe if the rest of them stopped being lazy they could have beat her.
      And I’m not saying this just because I want her to win. Are you going to say its rigged towards Kalia/Adam when it was a questions comp? Its slightly ridiculous to say she doesn’t deserve to be there when she has been a target every week. Maybe not the biggest target but certainly one of the options every single week. She has won when she needed to and never latched onto different players every week to help get her farther

    • Production might stir the pot, but the HGs make their own decisions. They never forced Porsche to open Pandora’s Box. She chose to do that because the prize was $5,000. She knew there would be consequences, but she took the money anyway. She made the decision. You shouldn’t try to use that as an argument for “Production runs everything”.
      If they were really making the choice as to who is in the final 2, it would most likely be Jeff and/or Jordan. There is no way Porsche and Adam would be in final 3 if Production was calling the shots.

    • Actually, Rachel won that Veto competition, so regardless of the couples twist for that week, she still would have been safe and Jordan would have gone home.

  50. I do not get how Porsche is considered the same floater as Adam!!!

    When the line was drawn in the sand that there were two alliances, Porsche chose a side and stuck with it. Adam did not decided until day 70.

    I think Porsche should keep letting Rachel think she will take her to the f2 and Rachel should be doing the same so both cover their bases. Once a HOH is determined, then a different story.

    If Porsche does pull it off (I think she is underdog in final comp), she should take Adam.

    The jury has all the power and can never come back and say that Porsche gave the win to the biggest floater. The Jury did, not her!! And that should be her case to the jury in the finale. I would never give up $500k to somebody I only meet less then 3 months ago. It’s been real and it’s been fun, but it is a competition and I am here to win.

    • @ frank if Porsche did win(doubtfu) but if she did, and she decided to take Adam instead of Rachel its an automatic lose for her. Jejo has already said they will NEVER vote for Porsche to win and Brenchal wouldn’t because she didn’t keep her word to Rachel. It is literally signing the 500k over to Adam, instantly. But if Porsche and Rach are in the F2 I think Porsche will lose that way too. I think Rachel would be smart to take Adam though. Daniele and Kalia would never vote for Adam to win.

      • @vet fan…

        I’ve been agreeing with you a lot this season, so I hope you’ll take this as constructive and not anything negative. The show, unfortunately, does have production interference. I’m not calling rig, I haven’t all year even when things didn’t go as I would’ve liked. “Fixed” is strong, it’s not fixed, if it was that would be to say it’s completely puppeteered by Grodner/Endemol, etc, and I find it extremely hard to believe they would pull the strings to see Cassi leave week two as an attractive girl in a world where sex sells, or pulled Jeff or Dani’s strings right out the door as early as they left (even Brendon, love him or not, he created drama especially combined with Rachel). I also definitely don’t believe production’s perfect world would have included Adam and/or Porsche in the final three, I would bet money they haven’t boosted ratings for them this year. However, the inclusion of the vets this year I do believe had at least partly to do with ratings. This show may not be flopping or on the verge of cancellation, but I have heard questions about renewing for years to come. Even if that’s incorrect information, a television network never stops trying to improve, they don’t work under the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ motto.

        Season 12’s Matt Hoffman, in his blogs on this site, has referred to Pandora’s Box as Production’s Box. Sure he was joking, it’s clear he has a sarcastic sense of humour, but there’s no doubt in my mind that comment was based on nothing. I’m not saying to believe every word out of Matt, but as far as I can see he’s the only one of any of us who’s been on the show, and would know if production gets involved in the outcome each week of the game.

        They push their agenda, they prod houseguests to do what they would like or what they feel would be good for ratings, but they don’t force. A fixed game would mean forcing, but interfering in the slightest is still a compromise of game integrity, there’s a fine line between the two.

        I for one (as someone who realizes this but isn’t senselessly outraged by it, because I understand it’s their show and their decision) continue to watch regardless. I find enough entertainment from the show even with this knowledge in the back of my mind, and strangely enough, it hasn’t even killed my thoughts of wanting to try to be on the show someday. You’d think it would if I felt there was interference, but I look at it as ‘don’t know until you try’. Maybe production will consider me good for ratings…

      • @MJ, I agree with you on most…but still think production is their own worst enemy…I think if they sold the show to a station that did not have production “interference” the ratings might get a lot better…

    • It is fixed. I have an inside source that says Porksche won the whole thing 70ish days ago.

      Stop defending the conspiracy theories, “Vet fan.”

      It is fixed.

    • @vet
      I disagree that it is automatic loss if Porsche takes Adam. I give more credit to the jury. I think they will have a hard time signing over $500k to Adam.

      After reading more of the board, I will give ya this!! OMG on the conspiracy of everything :) I could not live in that state of paranoia!! I got a kick out of even when it was explained that the votes for who came back had only one vet and multiple newbies evicted, it still can not be accepted!! Makes sense to me!! heheheheheheh

      Guess if I admitted where I was bias, it would have to be that I want an upset. Makes for good tv heheheheheh

  51. I want to take this time to thank you Matt for this site and all your wonderful updates. Your site is my favorite site.
    Do you know if there will be a BB14?
    Here’s hoping Rachel wins.

    • Mary, yes there is a bb14 they are already taking applications for it. Get that video tape ready kids!! Make sure you all tell them how much you love the production team LoL j.k.

  52. I beg to the lord please do not let Adam go to the final 2. I hate him so much, and I do not want him to go get a chance to win it all

  53. what i don’t get is why adam is campaigning to porsche? since rachel is a strong comp player, i would rather take that up to rachel and say if she doesn’t take him he would not vote for her in jury…

    • He might be betting that Rachel is really already taking him over Porshe…(Rachel knows taking Adam is the only way to get Dani and Kalia’s vote)…her and Jordan discussed it long ago…Adam may feel that Rachel will see it in her best interest …. In a way I hope A is not in F2…he was the one going against each alliance claiming only “competitors” should make it to the end…now he has to live with that line of thinking.

  54. FYI.. twitter… agrodner22 allison grodner
    #BB13 Thanks to all of our fans! See you next summer! ‘Big Brother’ Renewed for 14th Season – Hollywood Reporter

  55. When is someone going to admit that jordan was the biggest floater in the game? she only lasted that long because Rachel saved her…she is not the sweet innocent Americas sweetheart…she is clueless, people!

  56. Has everyone forgot that Porche did the most disgusting thing ever by “Poisoning” Jordons and everyones drink and food with laxatives so they would be weak and sick and not perform well in competitions!! Adam is total floater, but which is the lesser evil to go with Rachel?

  57. does anyone know where i can watch bigbrother live on the internet? i’m at a friends place who doesn’t have t.v!!

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