Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 2 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 13 and the HGs can’t be too surprised by the result. There has been a lot of drama in the house building up to this point so now that everything has been confirmed and the course is set I think we can expect plenty more fights with Rachel over the next few days.

To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” below for the spoilers.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Dominic, decided to use the PoV he won just days ago and save himself along with Adam. That forced Jordan as HoH to make a replacement nomination and as we all expected, Cassi and Shelly were placed on the chopping block.

If Shelly’s deal holds solid with the Vets, she’ll be safe this week, gain a Golden Key, and watch as her partner, Cassi, is sent home as the second evictee of the season.

What do you think? Which of these two should be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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  1. brenchel & daninic(dani+dominic) need to bring in cassie, make her play nice with porche, then turn on J&J. get Jeff out next week.

  2. as bad as I hate to say it.. I would evict Shelly and keep Cassi! Then maybe Rachel and Brenden can be put up next

    • as much as I love some of the veterans, I do think a Newbie should win so I would send Rachel home first and then send Brendon home to weaken the vets. Dominic and Danielle should have a romance piss the hell out of Cassi in the meantime. Lawon can also get jealous because he has not had a hammock session with Dominic in a while and it is starting to affect his wardrobing in the house!

  3. Send that narcissistic twit with the annoying voice home already. Shelly has the votes to stay and will go far. Rachel needs to go next. Her and Cassi play terrible social games.

    • I don’t like either of them. Totally agree they both play terrible social games and Cassi’s voice…well I don’t want to mean. :)

  4. There you have it folks, Rachel wins again..Cassie will be going this week even tho the “HOH” wants her to stay. OK Jordon if you were afraid to put up Brenchel why not put up Kalia & Lewon, thus saving your gurl Cassie? Why because Rachel was HOH not Jordon.

    • Agreed. Lawon and Kalia could have been placed on the block, but because they are weak players, the veterans want them to stay as long as possible to then get rid of them when the single competitions start in less than a month.

      • Agree with both of you. They don’t call her Jordumb for no good reason! Heaven help us – the newbies and re-treads are making me long for the premiere of Survivor!!!!!

  5. People need to quit hating on Rachel. She is not that bad and Cassie ain’t no saint either. No doubt Cassie will go this week. Poor Cassie. Don’t let the door hit you…

    • up your that Rachel is nothing but a pain she never should have been brought back

      • ones playing right-Rachel and cassie should get together and Shelly should go home.

  6. J&J should have put Brenchel up. W/chel gone bren could play a better game & competitions would be kept @ a very competative level. W/chel there… just a lot more crying, whining, bitching, moaning & drama, drama, drama. J&J … U screwed up.

    • I totally agree. Brenchel needs to go asap. I think J&J chose the path that leads them out the house cause you know R&B dont care about J&J, theyre forming another alliance with Dani and Dom. Poor J&J are gonna be left all by themselves.


    The hottest girl is going home. This leaves us with only jordan, and i guess porsche is alright…. I wish they would have put up kalia and lawon, and just sent lawon home. all the other players are willing to vote with the vets and he still hasnt struck a deal with them.

    It would have been good if they put up brenchal, But i can see where Jordan would be afraid, That would make it really easy for the newbies to turn on them and put them up next week.

      • Cassi is the hottest. It goes:

        1. Cassi
        2. Dani
        3. Jordan
        4. Porsche

        … and sorry to say, but the rest aren’t on my radar.

    • Have you seen Cassie without the makeup mask on? Yuck! Usually women look better without all that crap caked on their face but she looks like she does hard core drugs. (Talks like it to). She is too skinny and lacks curves. I laugh that she is supposed to be the pretty girl of the house. Yuck!

      • Tyler and Dave you are so right on with that statement. Don’t get where Tanner and some of the others think she is all that. I’m starting to suspect maybe tehy are personal friends of hers perhaps?? No looks, no body, no nice personality and what matters most NO GAME! Time is up. Go home Cassi.

  8. Cassie is a twit. Can’t wait to see her go. She thinks she’s all that, but she has a boyish body and who needs to see boys in bikinis on BB.

    • Yeah, so ugly she’s a model. Give me a break, she’s the hottest girl this season, maybe all seasons (though I did like that season 1 girl with the odd hair) and is constantly compared to Olivia Wilde (hot) and Kiera Knightly (hot). I don’t know what you’re smoking …

  9. Send that boring self centred girl Cassi home! Can’t stand listening to her talk about herself anymore. Quit worrying so much about what everyone else thinks about you and try thinking of someone else for a change.

    • agreed…..I’m tired of listening to her moan and groan, w/an attitude of “don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful”…..she thinks way too much of her looks, and her convos are beyond tiring to listen to. She needs a good reality check…..hope she gets it when she goes home and sees herself on tape. She puts on a front like she doesn’t understand why girls hate her, and doesn’t take a good look in the mirror and see how vain she is….for what, I don’t know as she’s not so pretty on the inside.

  10. This was a bad bad move. she should have put Rachel & Brendon up! JJ Just dug there own graves!

  11. So happy to see Cassi go home. Like many others have voiced, don’t understand all the Rachel hate except to assume it is a spillover from last season. Truly she is the most determined and active player in the house. The fact that she plays to win is someone considered bad to many of you. As far as annoying, I agree with all of you who find Cassi’s voice as annoying as the Rachel giggle. As far as mean girls I think Cassi has Rachel beat in that department. Actually not disappointed to see Cassi the mean-girl go home. It was funny when she was saying that when they look at the tape they will see who was telling the truth. Sorry, Cassi — it’s not you who was being truthful and guess you will get to go home and review those feeds first!

      • I don’t know what show your watching but Cassie aleast can talk without crying all the time! If she goes home the house is going to be boring. Rachel wouldn’t still be there with out the vet’s help!!!!!

      • hey ziggy, i dont know what you’re watching but she won HOH first week. one of the vets wouldn’t be there without her, dummy.

      • Got that right, Mackin. People are just reluctant to give Rachel the credit she deserves. You don’t have to like her but you cannot deny her being a good player and one of the few who is actively playing all the time.

    • My thoughts exactly. Rachel sometimes plays a poor social game but she is one heck of a competitor and I would like to see her go far in the game this year. Cassi trys too hard to come off as something she is not. She is too into herself and that is why the girl’s don;t like her.

      • yep……that’s why. Rachel bent over backwards trying to befriend girls last season…..all the garbage, filthy talk that was said about her was disgusting….no one deserves to be spoken about that way….mean girls who talk about another girl’s private parts is a low life….ugly inside and out. Rachel tried hard to befriend Britney last season….all the while she and Ragan said every vile thing they could about her. You may not like her, but she has way more class than those who delight in character assination…..grow up people.

      • Rachel maybe annoying and stupid at playing big brother but ragan and Britney are just disgusting I remember when one of them said I would pay for rachels abortion and they kept on hating her from when she left to when they were evicted

  12. thank god a little fight last night but rachel crying well she should go before anyone i think if jordon did that she would find more people on her side as the whole house im sure hates rachel (except brandon) as much as we all do at home. speaking of lawon he reminds me of that french sounding name guy on true blood napoleon just really wish somebody would put rachel and brandon out and let them go away hopefully for good

    • Wrong. It’s Cassi that most of the house hates and she has her share of people at home that don’t buy into her nice girl act. She’s a bigger b***h than Rachel. So catty. She’s one to talk about Rachel being catty and ugly on the inside.

  13. I am so glad that some of you aree finally seeing how Cassie is really the “mean” girl. Rachel is no angel but neither is Cassie. I love Jordan but for her to sit on her NOH “throne ” and dictate to Rachel like that? Poor pouting Jordan. That Kaila has got to go next! Her zzz kissing to Jordan and her dancing around like she rules the house gets on my nerves! !!!

    • I know one thing…..Rachel wouldn’t fake an injury during a comp….she’d be in there giving it her all. Kalia is a floater and doesn’t want to work hard….I think she dramatized her injury to get sympathy so as not be chosen to go on slop…..she likes to eat and can’t take sacrificing comfort and a full belly to win a game. She’s a lazy player. Did anyone notice too that her arm looked pretty good later that day tossing the bean bags….oops….she forgot about her hurt shoulder.

      • I thought the EXACT same thing. As soon as the medic came out, I told my wife “she’s faking it for sympathy so she won’t be put on slop.”

  14. Very smart decision by J&J to put up Cassie & Shelly because if they were to put up Brenchel than next week a newbie team would’ve probably won and then J&J would be put on the block.

    Right now the Veterans need to stick together and take out some of the Newbies, but when the whole Golden Key thing ends it’s game on! I’m expecting a Brenchel VS. J&J battle where the house will be split between the two.

  15. Shelly would be the one going home if the noobs knew she was the one that didn’t vote the way she said she would.

    • Not entirely true. Even if they found out they still wouldn’t have the votes to evict her. The Veterans will vote to keep her along with Porsche and Kalia. I think only Adam, Dominic, and Lawon may vote against Shelly if they did know.

      • not entirely true either. if kalia knew shelley was her competition for J&J affection, she would want to get rid of her. she wants to get rid of jeff and keep jordon as her pet after all. also ironically, shelley is a bigger threat to brenchel than cassie. shelley is team j&j, but cassie can be tamed by dominic who is with dani and they are aligning with brenchel against J&J for down the road. dani is smart. she knows that she can allign with brenchel to get rid of J&J because J&J are popular and not many others would put them on the block. But, EVERYBODY is after Brenchel, so she knows everyone and anyone will take a shot at them when feasible and she will not have to do the dirty work. she is lining herself up perfectly. cassie is in her way, but she is not necessarily in brenchel’s way. and although brenchel are good at comps, they have no game. they cannot see what is happening in front of their faces.

  16. they need to get rid of Rachel she’s to good at the games plus hate her laugh her voice didn’t like her last season haven’t change my mind on her

    • so you liked Britney and Ragan I take it…..they were the mean girls last season. A laugh doesn’t make a person ugly….what comes out of their mouth in the way of a sentence does… shows what they truly are as a person.

      • Karen is so right Rachel has no social skills in big brother and she definitely is a person that picks fights for not very good reasons but ragan and Britney were just disgusting in what they said last year I had to turn my feeds off every time the two would go” I would pay for rachels abortion if she got pregnant.” They are the most disgusting people I have ever seen on big brother.

  17. Watching the livefeeds and Cassie is so upset about going home as is Jordan because she really likes Cassie. I think after Jordan watches the feeds back she will feel stupid because I believe that if Cassie had her way she would go after Jeff. Like as in a personnel. way.

  18. Sorry, I am one who thinks Rach is a total pig! She makes all of us from Vegas look bad. The “oh Brenden nobody likes me” crap gets old! I guess she didn’t learn anything form last season..I don’t know yet who should go home but I dont think it looks good for Cassi.

    • It may get old, but it’s true that the other girls beat up on her. What I like about Rachel is her being “out there” w/a big target on her back, playing her heart out. The floaters, that are boring, lying around, defining Rachel when they would do well to get up off the behinds and play w/some heart. Cassie is self-centered and boring to no end….Rachel is right, she has bad gameplay. I’ve never heard Rachel call any girl a pig….pretty nasty stuff, if you ask me…..ugly words makes for an ugly person, not someone’s laugh. Besides, no one makes another person look bad….one does that all by themselves.

  19. I couldn’t believe bb after dark last night when I saw Jordan talking down to Rachel about how she slept in the HOH with Brendon and how that is not helping her image. Who are you Jordan, to judge her like that. They are freakin getting married, so what. I think Jordan is hating on Rachel and Brendon because she wants to have sex and kiss all on Jeff but she wants to put up this image that she is a good girl. I like my girl Rachel, because she is not fake like some other females in the house.

    • Thank you for your post Sonya. I 100% agree.
      Go Rachel Go. A great competitor. I think she will go far this season.

    • Jordon did not put Rachel down for having sex with Brendon when she was HOH…Jordon told her that she should have not went and announced it to the house. Jordon pointed out to Rachel that she should not have told the newbies that she really like Porshe and was glad she was staying especially directly after Keith’s eviction. Jordon was totally honest with Rachel about how her actions keep her in constant conflict with the other players. She was not being mean to Rachel she was just telling her the truth. She was not putting Rachel down at all in the way yall are saying. And all she said was true…In short Rachel is her own worst enemy..Rachel is good in the comps but she is not good with the other HG’ or women..And she can’t see herself as being wrong it’s always the other peron(s) who is at fault. Regan tried to point that out to her last season and this season it’s Jordon being honest with her…Again..Rachel is her own worst enemy..

      • Jordan does not have to put on an image as a good girl because she already is one. She was trying to be a friend to Rachel and telling her how bad she looks on live feeds talking about having sex with Brendon in the HOH room. But if Rachel wants to look like a sleeze on tv then let her continue to act the same way she did last year!!!

      • Ragan tried to point that out??? By calling her a stripper, whore, ugly….and much worse if you watched the tapes….Ragan and Britney could have done a sequel for “Mean Girls” as none comes meaner than the two of them. Cassie has made a below the belt comment too about Rachel. You may not like her, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to talk so crudely about her. Rachel never spoke that way about any of the girls… where does anyone get off saying she’s mean or catty?? Cassie is a manipulator, she’s really not that nice. Everone has their angle too, on how to play the game. Jordan does too. She knows that people like her “nice” girl persona. I like Jordan, but she plays what is her best game and that’s it.

      • I did not say Jordon was perfect.. I did not uphold Brittney & Regan for their actions last season..I did not say I did not like Rachel…I said “Rachel is her own worst enemy”..and as to watching the tapes of last season Rachel should have done that before coming back into the house..

      • This reply is to Karen. Jordan is not a good girl. I’m sorry, but good girls don’t go on Big Brother, they watch it. Good girls don’t talk shlt about people behind their backs nor do they throw their alliance under the bus when they’re the one that put people on the block. If anything she is a bad girl pretending to be a good girl and is also a coward.

  20. So pissed at jj. Stupid brenchel mAde a side alliance with dani and Dom. Jj are in trouble. Jordan needed to have that talk with Rachel. She is a slob and hgs don’t want to hear about her gross sex life.

  21. I have to say for almost 10 days I liked Rachel this year. I guess that is proof of temporary insanity. 1 night of crying with Brendon I can tolerate, but last night with Jordan was brutal. After Dark should have some kind of nausea warning prior to airing that.

  22. I want Shelly to stay because she is really playing the game well so far (playing both sides).

    Porsche and Shelly were my favs from the newbies so I’m happy both will have golden keys and will be in the game for a while.

    Next HOH will be an A/B quiz, guess who America thinks is more likely to …

    Rachel won this last year, she might win again, Jeff was never good with quizzes and neither was Brendon. It would be interesting if Kalia won, I want to see what she would do.

  23. No! I like Cassie. She’s one of the few I can actually stand in this season.

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but Kalia constantly has a frown on her face. She looks like the Grinch!

  24. In my oppion the problems between Rachel and Cassi is because they are soooo much alike and when two people are so much alike, there will always be conflict!!!

  25. I like Cassie. If the newbies had all stuck to their original intent they would have had more power in the house. Shelly and Kaylia voted against Keith and so they immediately lost the power.

    I did not like Rachael last season and feel no different this season. I see no change in her and wish they had never let her and Brendon back in so soon. I never thought I would have to endure her again, especially two years in a row. I do not like Porche at all and I am surprised Rachael likes her as I would call her a floater.

    I am not fond of this couples and golden key twist. Rachael may be strong in competitions, but she is not playing against the whole house. She has not had to compete against Dani and Porche so we don’t know if she would have won what she has. Both Porche and Keith threw the first POV competition so Brendon and Rachael were just playing against Jeff and Jordan who probably threw it as they were together in an alliance. Even her first HOH nobody wanted it except her and Dick gave her a deal.

    I think Jeff and Jordan are going to be in trouble with Dani and Dom joining forces with Rachael and Brendon. I wish Dani and Dom were with Jordan and Jeff as I like them and I don’t have to listen to Rachael’s annoying laugh and her with Brendon always crying and all the drama they both create all the time. I cannot stand watching the two of them on BBAD.

    • I don’t think Dani will stick too close to Rachel and Brendon… she’ll get tired of Rachel soon enough. It’s already been set in motion in my opinion. Daniele will play for Daniele. She’s by far the smartest player in the house.

    • Forget about Rachel from last season. This is a new season. She is doing just fine to me. She is a fighter and I don’t understand why people think that’s a bad thing. She has more heart than anyone in this game. She deserves to win and I hope she does.

      I think Danielle will play with Brenchal, definitely over Jeff and Jordan. Danielle and Jordan don’t talk much and have very little in common.

      Contrary to what people believe, I think Jeff and Jordan are the biggest targets in this house, not Brenchal. Let’s not forget Jordan already won, who’s going to let her win again.

  26. I forgot to say when she did have to play against Dom in the POV she did not win. For those of you who watch BBAD did you see how Rachael acted during the pool game when she was partnered up against Cassie? If looks could kill, Cassie would have been dead.

      • Totally agree. I was glad Rachel beat Cassie, even if was by default. This Cassie girl is no saint.

      • Right on, Sonya. Cassi is the mean-girl of the bunch and she has it down too good not to think this is not just her game play. It’s who I suspect she is.

  27. Thank god Cassi is going home this week! Tired of her running around the house thinking she’s better than everyone. She thinks that just because she’s nice to a couple of people that makes her a saint. She’s her own biggest fan. Get over yourself

    • I’m with you. Cassi has no game and
      she clearly showed the veterans that
      she was against them from the start!
      She should realize the veterans have the
      edge because they know how to win the
      contests so, put a bullseye behind her
      back! Shelley among the newbies is
      playing a smart game. By aligning with the
      veterans, she gives herself a chance to
      advance further in the game. Also, too
      early for anyone to make his or her move
      in this game. After this week’s elimination,
      there are still 12 house guests in the game
      and a lot of things can happen!

  28. This is bad. Jordan, you made a horrible decision by putting Cassi and her partner up on the block. J&J will notice how bad of a decision that was giving Rach what she wanted when they find out that Rach and Bren arent being loyal to them. It’s going to be another season of watching Rach get far in the game, listening to her annoying ass voice/laugh, and watching soft core porn of her and Bren. This show is so rigged just for ratings. BB is not what it used to be.

  29. @Gail, Cassie looks at Rachel the same way. She doesn’t talk to Rachel any more than Rachel talks to her. Atleast Rachel is there to play the game and not hang around the guys all the time. Cassie is no better than Rachel. I am glad Cassie is leaving. KAILA needs to be next! For Jordan to tell Rachel that she doesn’t need to win everything is stupid! That is why you are there for!!!

  30. Well, being objective, both Cassi and Rachel are not the nicest people on earth.

    I want to set one thing straight though. If Rachel and Cassi went to a bar or club together as friends, Rachel would be considered the “cockblock” while Cassi would be the “target.” Rachel resents being the “cockblock” very clearly. In a house where you are isolated, her insecurities get magnified into a rage towards girls prettier than her, which will happen often based on the way Big Brother casts those model types (Monet, Kristen, Cassi). Rachel will sink her own game wasting time on people who really do not do much in the house (hello season 12). This year, she happens to be lucky in wanting Cassi out in that Cassi actually is a viable threat that should be eliminated now. However, because Rachel comes off as a vicious bitch, nobody is going to have any problem with cutting her loose when the time comes. Hopefully, her and Brendon can be split from the jury house so that we can enjoy some real entertainment.

    • So I take it that you would prefer to see Jeff and Jordan look at spiders all day. At least Brenchal talk game, I myself find that very entertaining. The fact that so many people are rooting for them to fail makes me want them to WIN even more. Go Brenchal!

    • No way I would hit on Cassi with Rachel sitting next to her. I keep waiting for BB to announce that one of the contestants is the first transsexual player and it’s cassi. Ever notice her strong jawline? She’s quite unfeminine in my opinion.

  31. Why are they in the HOH room whispering with the lights out and Adam is downstairs doing dishes, what did I miss?

  32. We all know that Rachel is an annoying bitch and as far as I can tell Cassie is the only one playing an honest game. Unfortunately honesty doesn’t take one very far on this show, reference Shelly who is setting a great example for her daughter by being as schemey and coniving as she can be. She’s lying to everyone and hopefully she’ll dig her own grave in the coming weeks.

  33. So Happy Rachael will win this at the end, she is smart, pretty and the best player in the game since Dick walked

  34. Shelly should be an annoumcer for WNBA or LPGA. She has that “Hey I’m a woman, but a woman with balls” type of sexy man-voice. I love it!

  35. Cassi should go because she plays a lousy game.
    She should have stuck to the veterans until the
    field goes down to 7 or 8 if she got that far!
    Instead, she lets Dominic manipulate her and
    she shows her hand by opposing the veterans and
    saying so, to their faces! Pretty dumb move!
    She will probably get booted out deservedly so!

    • All great points Richie. You sound like you really know this game. How long have you been a Big Brother master analyst?

      • Just expressing my opinion and nothing
        else! Each person has their opinion
        and you are free to disagree. This is
        all entertainment and you have your
        favorites I am sure. I don’t expect
        everyone to agree with my opinions
        any more than I agree with everyone’s
        opinions. Even in the real world, not everyone is going to agree and that is
        being real!

    • Totally agree with you Richie. Cassi clearly doesn’t know how to play Big Brother.

  36. Jordan should have put up Lawon and kalia. Cassie would play with Jordan and Cassie could aggravate the hell out of rachell.

  37. Poor Cassi. She’s all upset that she is leaving so soon and will be forgotten. Must be hard to deal with for someone who is SO self centered.

  38. Cassi is going home. She is a terrible game player and seems like a terrible person too. You won’t be missed Cassi.

  39. If I have to hear Cassi talk herself up one more time, I’ll lose my mind. Spend less of your energy talking about how good of a person you are and how you’re smart and sweet etc etc…the only person who really believes that is you.

    • You guys are the reason this show sucks! Cassie is one of the 2 people who are actually willing to play the game.But because she is Hotter than ANYONE in the house she is getting the boot.That’s who should be in the house not followers & RETREAD’S!She won’t kiss anybody’s A*S that is why she is a good player. Nobody wants followers & floaters it makes that game suck. Plus i have to look at Rachel’s insecure Buttaface another season? Are u serious? Are they all idiots? Yes they are!Brendon is such a Herb! They both are. And didn’t Jordan already win? Cmon now Big Brother has lost credibility with this season. That is why the Amazing Race is so great they get it right every time. Learn Big Brother! If u are going to bring people back do an All Star season stop punishing new people who actually want to play.

    • @ BenF
      I have to agree. Cassi spends a lot of time trying to CONVINCE everyone she’s someone who she’s NOT. She is her biggest fan.

      @ DUBBS Cassi looks like cracked out transsexual and she won’t kiss butt because she thinks she’s above that. Cassi is a TERRIBLE game player. I hope she goes.

  40. Sorry guys, but Rachel isn’t pretty, she’s easy, which is something most guys have a hard time distinguishing between. I wonder if she gets her Valtrex prescription in the house? Her game play sucks. She thinks she can do and say what she wants as long as she wins the competitions, and if she loses, she knows she’s screwed. She has been the aggressor in every confrontation, and Ragan and Britney only spoke the truth of her. Let’s not forget her calling Ragan a gay little bitch on national tv. Very classy. Take some lessons from Jordan, girl.

  41. Sorry guys but Cassie’s voice is soooo. Not Texan. She’s from Tennessee…And what sucks is that 2 newbie dous will be split leaving kalia and lawon along with Adam and Dominic if kalia wins Hoh she’ll put up Adam and dom who’s capable of winning a veto which if he does, we’ll lose a veteran team.the vets have to keep winning HOH’s to stay alive

  42. to not like cassie is fine, but to say shes not pretty is clear delusion!!!! cassie looks like a cross between olivia wilde and megan fox and anybody who says those girls are ugly are seriously delusional and insecure! anyway i hope dom and cassie stay, need my eye candy fix. but i would watch even if they were gone, but on the notte the people i do wanna see go are, lawon and adam.but yea i love how no one knows that kalia and shelly are traitors, they played it off so well, and started drama at the same . they turned adam and dom on each other without trying, this show is sooooo good right now!!!

  43. This was probably the biggest mistake Jeff and Jordan made. With ALL the trouble Ratchet is causing because, “she’s so sweet, why are all these mean girls hating me?”, this may have been one of the very few times to back-door “Brenchel”.

    For the first week or two, I actually saw a different side of Rachel, but that’s wheRatchetet reappeared….
    Even Jordan stood up to Rachel and told her that her actions are putting a bigger target on all of them!
    I Hope they get another chance, and SOON!

  44. i hate floters…. i like dom and danni.brenchel needs to go,can’t stand shelly.jordan needs to step it up and quit bein nice,it will not work in this game

  45. Has Jordan lost her mind Rachel and her boy toy would cut her and Jeffs throats in heart beat,I forgot how much Rachel voice bugs the f__k out of me she really needs to go.

  46. I can understand why BB would bring some old players back, especially considering the crew they DID pick, but how fair is it to bring back 2 people who’ve already won!??? So now they have ANOTHER chance at winning again. That’s striaght up B.S.

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