Big Brother 13 Episode 8: Week 3 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 is back tonight for episode 8 where we’ll watch the house react to the latest HoH competition where Rachel won the power of nominations for the second time this season. The Newbs might as well just go take cover from this Veteran storm.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen’s Big Brother (Is that better, complainers?) to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead. We’re keeping on top of the latest Big Brother spoilers all summer long.

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  1. I think Brandon will jst keep things the same…he won’t use the veto and Adam may have to start really playing some game…not just talk it. I predict Dom going home and Adam checking his underpants.

    • I think it was because he heard something from Kalia that Brendon and Rachel were mentioning their names to backdoor..that could just be Brenchel sticking to the plan with J&J, but then again, I just don’t know, I kind of think they would backdoor Jeff and Jordan, and if they do, Jeff will go off!!

      • …plus now Jeff knows what Danielle is up to. He said something to her last night on BBAD like “I know what you are up to.” Danielle looked so worried.

  2. LIVE FEEDS..Brendon has made his point he needs to quit while he is ahead…Adam will turn on him in a minute when he gets a

  3. With the keys over, everyone to play for HOH on Thursday, and my/our love of drama in the house. I hope Dani wins HOH this week and let the infighting begin. The confusion would be unending and so much fun to watch.

  4. I just read somethings online saying that Jeff went on a homophobic rant recently, anybody got any details? Will it be shown on air or has BB protected him again like they did last time on Big Brother 11?


    • Kalia was saying how JK wrote Dumbedore to be gay in the Harry Potter books, and Jeff said that was ridiculous because a gay man shouldn’t be around little kids. That happened last week, its on YouTube somewhere. And no, they didn’t show it, again.

      • Thanks for the info Olivia,

        It appears that CBS has had the YouTube video taken down for “copyright” reasons. Looks like CBS is more concerned with keeping their favorites looking good than they are in letting America know what they are really like.

        If we don’t get to see what is REALLY going on in the house why should we even bother to watch?

        Don’t know what’s sadder, Jeff or CBS :-(
        Just makes me want to Retch[el]


  5. I am or was a big fan of Brenchel, until today. i’ve been catching up on some of the live feeds and they are really bugging me now, they are too easily swayed.
    i was all for the alliance of Brenchel, Dani and Dom and backdooring J&J, but stupid Brendan is ruining is toooo paranoid, his mind is too easily messed with. he is still playing BB12, he needs to realize it’s a new game, i don’t think Dani is gonna turn, but whose is a bigger threat, Dani or J&J, i’d say it’s better to get rid of Jeff, Rachel could beat Dani in a comp, so keep her around.

  6. next week Dani NEEDS to win HOH and put up Jeff and Brendan, and send either one home, i’d rather if Brendan went home though

  7. Poor Rachel and Brendon crying their eyes out while jeff and jordan are watching a movie and having sushi. LMAO They are such sore losers.

    • I can’t believe how juvenile Brenchel are. They’re either crying, whining or fighting. I give their marriage a year.

      • Rachel is sooooo petty..totally about her ..always…I mean Kalia & Shelly have won nothing…(golden key excluded)..She really is a pathetic person…she truly is..

      • Ummmm….I have serious doubts that they will even make it to the alter. Though it would be hilarious to see her on an episode of “Bridezillas” LMAO!!!

  8. Firstly, can we stop referring to Brenchel as a “they”? I prefer to think of them as one single entity, and will therefore refer to them as “It”.

    That being said, I’m getting irritated that I’m treated to 15 minutes of Its drama every episode. Granted, this season is so boring, Big Brother must be hard-pressed to find good content. But watching Rachel cry her eyes out every time she gets a bout of “the crazies”, and having Brendon(the only thing holding It together) shower her with supposed love is getting stale.

    • “They” or “it”, stop quibbling over semantics buddy. Brenchel, whether “they” or “it”, we can all agree they are the most annoying twosome (or “entity” – LoL) on TV right now. :0

      • I said the exact same thing while watching tonight’s episode, I said that is was at least 15 minutes of crap between Brendon and Rachel, those two are so ridiculous, I just keep waiting for Brendon ball up his fist and hit her. He is that controlling over her, and she is an idiot to take his crap. Why did CBS bring those two back?

  9. It would be really great if we got to see what the other HG’s have to say or how they interact with each other. Unfortunately most of the show is dealing with the two power couples…but then again maybe there isn’t much to show about the others….and it looks like they spend most of the time listening in on R and B and their fights, or kissing their asses.


  11. Brendan is the dumbest player in BB history, Dani is/was clearly on his side and Brendan is a moron to believe Jeff

  12. Dani need to pull out a page from her dad’s handbook and rally the newbie’s and take out her own alliance.

    in season 8 thats basically what dick did, he started the game with one alliance, decimated the enemy alliance, the go to the enemy and desimate his former team mates.

    Brenchel is pushing her to do this all because they have tunnel vision, their making the same mistake they made last year, trusting the wrong people. the biggest problem i see is Brendan, he is a cancer, i’d love to see Rachel in the house without him, he is the reason she’s always crying, who knows if Brendan had never been on BB12 everyone might actually like Rachel(fans and house guests)

    BRENDAN needs to go asap

  13. Jeff was tripping on Kalia because she asked Jordan if she promises that she will be safe if they put her and Lawon up. ( I assume there was some talk about possibly using the pov earlier- I missed that part) jeff starts freakin out and yelling what is going on, why would we even put yall up. Who’s plan was this? Where is this even coming from? Brendon was just standing there smiling and Jordan said we all need to have a meeting later.

    • it’s part of the plan…when B&R OR JJ get asked a question they respond with a question…like>>>?”Why are u asking me?? or What are u gonna do?? ANSWER A QUESTION WITH A QUESTION IS THE GAME..

      • I thought that was just for lewon. No, this was like he was caught off guard about a plan he wasn’t part of. But this is something I think they just talked briefly about, they were never going to do that.

  14. I still don’t think the pov will be used, but they are all freakin out.

    • Thanks for the update. I hope there’s more excitement tonight on BB after dark then last night…it was boring. Jeff needs to calm down. In case you didn’t guess I’m a big Jeff and Jordan fan. Would love to see them in final 2.

      • I think everyone is kinda paranoid right now. They were all freaking out about Dani earlier. She’s still trying to get Rachel to backdoor Jeff. But soon after that conversation I think either brendon or Rachel told Jeff and he was mad. He was saying dani’s going home next. They don’t trust her right now.

  15. Dani is telling Rachel that if Dom goes home she will be pissed. I don’t think Brendon wants to use pov, so they are trying to figure out if Dom would have the votes. But as of right now he doesn’t. Rachel seems like she could be easily persuaded.

  16. there gonna be a fight tonight, i think they just got beer and wine and look just i said earlier, Dani seems to be starting to rally the Newbies against the vets(at least Kalia so far)

    • Kalia is hard to read. She says one thing but does another. It’s hard to tell whose side she is on. But they really do need to get together and soon before they run out of people.

  17. For the love of Pete, is shelly unaware that she is a disposable little rat?! Shelly your annoying… I did not like Rachél Rachél Rachél last year but she’s grown on me this year. Go team JJ and Brenchel!

  18. Wow, they need to create some drama in that house. They’re so bored they’re watching a bee drink honey. LOL

    • I know right. I’ve been waiting for a few hours to watch bbad and this is what is going on.

      • Beth, that’s the good thing about the feeds, I switched that camera to the one of Dani, Dominic and kalia in the bathroom. LOL ( nothing going on in there either, but at least they are not watching a bee)

    • LOl, I know. And they’ve been doing it for a while. Now we know what we have to look forward to tonight on BBAD.

      • My husband says I already spend too much time on this so he won’t let me get them. I know I know it’s crap! Lol

      • NOOO..SHOULD GET GOOD…Dani just told Kalia that Jeff was telling poeple that KALIA WAS IN THEIR BACK POCKET!!! Asssuming that means B&R & JJ..and they do have the nite coud get good..

  19. Kalia is the most annoying BB houseguest ever! Good Lord, that girl drives me nuts, just shut your mouth for a little while!!!

    • yep her and Dani will get trouble started..and it will end up being all Kalia’s fault…just keep watching,,,

    • My thoughts exactly. She’s another one that can’t form a sentence without using the word “like”. Like I sure hope like Jeff wins HOH and like puts up Kalia and Dani!!! LOL

  20. @Beth, I know my husband keeps telling me that computer is too loud. He’s trying to sleep, Lol. But when they are whispering it’s hard to tell what they are saying, so I have to turn it up

  21. I wish I had a count on how many times Brendon has used the words rocket science this season.

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