Big Brother 13: Week 2 Eviction Predictions

The next eviction of the Big Brother 13 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Just like last season I’ll be receiving predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here with you each week. So check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 2 Eviction Predictions – Cassi or Shelly:

Big Brother 13 Cassi
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Cassi
Big Brother 13 Cassi
Big Brother 13 Cassi
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Cassi
Big Brother 13 Cassi Colvin
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Cassi

7-0 against Cassi. Sorry, Cassi. Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll and then explain why in the comments below.

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  1. I think Jeff and Jordan are in a lot of trouble unless I missed something and Brenchels little freak out in the bushes changed some newbie minds. I think Cassie would have worked with JJ more than Brenchel. Now Brenchel has Shelly and Kalia on their side for sure. As far as I can tell Jeff and Jordan don’t have a strong alliance with any of the newbs, but were building a good one with Cassie. Adam will flip to whoever has power. Dani and Dom seem to be on their own, Lawon is another one that will go with whoever is in power. All in all I think this was a bad move for Jeff and Jordan.

    • I was the time to make a big move and they blew it. If Brenchel wins HOH they’re toast.

    • I don’t think Shelly is on Brenchel’s side. She likes JJ more than Brenchel but I believe Shelly will be on anyone’s side who will get her further in the game. She is playing BB brilliantly right now.

      • BG you are soooooooo right, Shelly is playing the bb game the way it was really meant to be played meaning play everyone, backstab, agree, smile, and let others do the dirty work. Well done so far by helly I must say. Dani is the same, just keeping closer to the vest…but she knows from the past what to do. Either one could take the whole thing. Cheers!

      • Brilliant?? Hold the horse up!
        I feel sorry for her daughter as she is witnessing her mother lying, which we teach our children not to do. Being so good at lying seems to come very
        natural for Shelly, I bet that is how she is in real life too.
        Cassie played a great game and I HATE to see her go. I would love for her to come back to BB13 as a surprise so she can prove herself as a great player. She played with integrity which just proves you can play a good game with morals. If she comes back, she may win the game!

    • I’m pretty sure that the captain of the Titantic was the only person TRULY loyal to the ship as it was going down. Jo must be a descendant of that person. Altho Jo said she had to decide based on what was best for JJ, I think she “missed the boat” with the choice of Cassi/Shelly.

  2. I really don’t know what to think. But rally how much more of Brenchel can anyone take? At least JJ are not the ones awlways makeing problems. As far as Danni goes I really hope she’s playing Dom. to me he is such an imature weenie looking guy! I really wish Cassi wasn’t going home. Maybe sh will come back in at some point. The only reason that Rach. is bieng nice to her is cuz she got her way..AGAIN! That jab she took at Jordon was very low.

  3. J and J should keep Cassie despite their alliances with the veterans- Jordan’s HOH not Rachel but Rachel seems to be getting her way this time- Watch out JJ for Brenchel,Dany and Dominic alliance

    • I think that Shelly should be evicted because she is not a good player in this game and Cassi should stay because Rachel wants her to go home because she is prettier and she’s jealous of her.

  4. I hope a newbie wins HOH, maybe Dom or Lawon. I want to see the Vets sweat and turn on each other, shake things up a bit.

    • Agree, I hope Dom wins HOH and put JJ or Brenchel on the block. Dont care which one of the couple is on the block cuz I dislike them equally.

  5. I don’t think Rachel’s jab was low. If Jordan really wanted the noms to go her way she would have stayed in the game. Rach does get carried away obviously, but who doesn’t? And let’s be honest, without Brenchel in the house this season would be soooooo boring. Who else is playing besides the vets? Cause it sure isn’t the newbs. They are all just followers who are “happy to be on the show and make it to jury” That’s not the point. You are there to win 500K.

  6. I think Shelley could be a good alliance for Jeff and Jordan. She is telling them things. I’m also hearing that Brenchel are now wanting Dominic out. What was the big deal this week with Cassie if they now think Dominic is a threat. Maybe Brenchel should make up their minds. I’m glad Jeff yelled at Rachael. Someone has to put her in line and I respect him for that. I don’t think it was good doing it in front of the newbies, but she has to learn to keep her mouth shut.

    • I totaly agree..someone needs to put a sock in her mouth! Didn’t like “them” last season and don’t this season. You would have thought she would have grown up in a yrs. time.

  7. Jordan should of put brenchel on the block, no one likes them anyway plus they do win alot of compititions so it would of been the best thing for them to do.

    • That’s precisely why they should keep Brenchel. Why would they get rid of the biggest target in the game and shine the spot light on themselves?

      Cassi made it known from the start that she was against the Vets. That is why she is on the block and leaving.

      • No, because Rachael didn’t like her…period. Just because you tell the truth, and call a spade a spade does not warrant the door!

  8. See ya Cassi. Not going to miss the constant victim card you play and self centered talk of yourself. One of the worst players of Big Brother….Ever!

      • Sorry I don’t know who ‘Marcelous’ is?

        If you are referring about Marcellas then yes I agree, he is ONE of the worst players to play the game….Ever. Just like I said that Cassi is ONE of the worst players to play….Ever.
        At least Marcellas made it past the second week in both seasons he played.

    • Well Congrats to you for spelling Marcelous name correctly. A big YAAAAY for Mathew the BBN spelling B champ.

  9. And what about Rach. purple shorts she’s always pulling out of her crotch?? Gross!!

    • Purple Shorts …. It was the shiney make up tube she pulled from between her leggs that freaked me out !

  10. I say yay for Rachael.. the house would be boring without her, and jeff is kind of a mean guy, especially to jordon.. all I know is I want my Evel Dick back, I was sooo excited when I saw him come through the door this year, then he left now I am just going through the motions hoping something entertaining happens.. even the feeds are lame this year :: sigh::

  11. Shelly is limping, she is out of shape & she smokes to much for comp. Let her go & let Cassi stay & it will irritate Rachel which I think is great. She is repulsive.

  12. I agree with most of you that this was/is a bad move on J & J’s part. In a LEAP of faith, I am hoping that the newbies are more intelligent than they have alluded to thus far. Unfortunately Cassie and Shelly are the only ones to be actually playing the game. It is a shame the two of them are a “duo”! Although, I like both of them, I think Shelly truly wants to go home and frankly, I would like the opportunity to see more of Cassie’s gameplay. If the newbies are smart, they would turn the tables on the Veterans tonight. They have the votes if they can join together and make a GROUP effort. And to be the devil’s advocate here, surely the Veterans have thought this could be a possibility-right? I mean, did Brenchel and Dani think they could keep up their “bullying” of the others to get them very far in the game?

    • I agree it seems to me the newbes are all playing dumb. Do they really think the vets will take them far in this game? I am being to think BB or CBS are telling the newbes how to play!!! Just can’t figure them out.

  13. question of the day: when will porsche change her clothes ?she has been wearing the same outfit since day one

  14. Cassie sealed her fate when she teamed up with Dominic and acted like they were all big and bad. Now that Dominic is up Danielle’s butt she is kissing Jordan’s ass. Bye Bye Cassie, Dominic your next…if not Rachel!

  15. Cassi Just Needs To Fight . I Havent Seen Her fight Not Once Yet On BB After Dark ! Danielle is Really Playing The Game ! I Believe She Will Make It Far .

  16. It would be awesome to see Cassi stay and show Rachel especially she’s not running anything. I really wish JJ had backdoored Brendon and left Rachel to determine a new game plan. She would crumple under the pressure and probably wouldn’t win as many competitions! These newbies NEED guts and backbone – I am so ready for the shake up!

  17. I don’t like that it will be Cassi and I am hoping Brendon and Rachel will be next and Rachel will be the one going home so that they are not in the jury house together

  18. Newbies unite keep Cassi,crashing Rachels ego and brendon so emotional that he is now unprofessional looking with her, they break up, and Jeff wins HOH!

  19. I just really wish they would have made a big leap and put up Brenden and Rachel. Cassi was so right. It would help everyones game. And Rachel is horrible! And I think if Jordan, Jeff, and Dom work together they figure out a way to keep Cassi and boot Shelly out.

    • l think cassi will go home tonight because almost everyone wants her to leave. i hope she stays, i think she will make make rachel, and brenden’s life hell if she stays. rachel dosen’t like her because she is jealous of her, and that is sad.

  20. Sadly, Cassie will go. J&J screwed up, believing in their alliance while all along their alliance is teaming up with others. I would love to have seen Cassie last longer, intelligent, beautiful-which drives Rachel crazy…always a plus ;) and Cassie, J&J could have made a good go for the win…now, not so much.

    • Its not that i like Cassi but My lord Shel is not very pleasant to even look at just ,don’t care for her way , she is a very good liar its a game and trying to stay in game is a most but the woman lies i think she even lies about her own live sorry something tells me that.

  21. Hope Dom wins hoh and finds out Shel is a liar she will have the Key but he could give her the cold shoulder.

  22. did u notice julie never said check back tomo when i interview cassi on the early she never said that she always says that meaning cassi is coming back into the house i really hope im right

  23. I think Rachel should be whole of Household instead of Head as she screws everyone, and has Brandon so far up her butt, he can’t see straight, she is also a very selfish, insecured little Bitch, and should get what she deservers she only cares about hurting people, and will probably hurt Brandon in the end tell Brandon to open his eyes. Jeff and Jordan saw what she is like, she should be off the show, for she ruins the whole show for me, and I have lost interest since she is the Bitch she is.

  24. Well the witch is loose i am just not going to stay up watching that poor excuse of a woman, as for shell she uses her daughter to stay in the game and did not even tell Cassie how much she had to do with her eviction talking to jj about her and even to the witch. That’s to much stress for me not good like a good competition, now i now why Jordan is well liked she plays the game not the people

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