Big Brother 13 Betrayals: Et Tu Brenchel?

Big Brother 13 Betrayals Et Tu Brenchel

Things change on a dime in this house. Alliances fit nicely under a bus. HGs’ chance at a half million dollars lives and dies by the lie. This season of Big Brother is no different, especially not when it comes to the Veteran alliance. From the very beginning the returning Dynamic Duos promised to aligned and stick together against the eight Newbies. Evel Dick’s early departure caused a ripple, but didn’t make a crack against that team. That all looks to be changing now at the hands of Rachel and Brendon.

Yesterday things started to fall apart for the Vets when they experienced their first loss in the game during the Veto competition. But even before that Daniele was pressing hard to secure Dominic’s safety, even if that meant going against Jeff and Jordan’s wishes by using the Veto to undo Jordan’s nominations. Once Dominic and Adam won the veto for themselves that was no longer an issue, but the seed had been planted.

Flashback on the Live Feeds (Don’t have your account yet? Get the Free Trial!) to Saturday at 9:50PM BBT to watch as Rachel approaches Dominic with an offer to create a new alliance. Rachel proposes he join her, Brendon, and Daniele. No mention of Jeff or Jordan on that short list. You’re witnessing the beginning of a new dynamic.

Meanwhile, the abandoned pair of Jeff and Jordan is actively sitting in the HoH Room (Flashback to Sunday at 3:00PM BBT) talking about how as much as they might like to break their Veteran alliance and send Brendon or Rachel home this week they won’t do it because of their agreement. Despite the immense frustration, they’re determined to honor the deal and stick by the couple who has already slipped out the backdoor of their alliance. But take solace, Live Feed watchers, Jeff promises to make Rachel “cry every single day” if he finds out she’s betrayed them. This is the game we all love!

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  1. It appeared to me on BBAD that Dominic approached Rachel saying that he didn’t trust Jeff and Jordon because they so wanted him out of the house. Dom is the one who said “We have to talk” to Rachel.

  2. if only they could get rachel out hate that bi**** couldn’t they bring back lane and britney instead?!

      • You don’t have to “meet her” to not like her! I totally agree with t.t!!! Get her out! Hate her!!

    • Hey I agree with you I can’t stand the partner. its got to go Rachel and Brendon have to gooooo

    • OMG! I can’t stand Rachel either. I know it’s just a game but her personality is real and it’s ugly. She’s an insecure woman who’s jealous of Cssie that’s so obvious.

      • LOL poor Rachel. The thing she wants the most, acceptance, cause her to do things to deprive her of acceptance. Her only complaint against Cassie was that she did not talk to her. If Cassie would have befriended Rachel, Rachel would have been dazzled be the attention and thrown off her game.

      • I also thought that Rachel was jealous of Cassie! In my opinion, Rachel hates Cassie because she refuses to bow down to her, and also Cassie is prettier than Rachel.

    • oh yesssssssssssssss!! I would have loved it to have been Lane and Britney who came back to the house!

    • ohhhh I can’t stand her!! you totally can hate someone you havn’t met you can see how obnoxious she is Ijust wanna kick her!

  3. .
    To the tune of “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash

    (agin, I’ll let you decide which houseguest is singing):

    I keep a close watch on you all the time
    I keep my options open for a sign
    I keep the gameplay always on my mind
    Big Brother’s mine, I’m always lyin’

    I find it very, very easy to collude
    I find myself ignoring that I’m rude
    Yes, I’ll admit that I will backstab you
    Big Brother’s mine, I’m always lyin’

    My scheming game will change most every night
    I’ll throw some competitions, some I’ll fight
    Your happiness is no concern or right
    Big Brother’s mine, I’m always lyin’

    You better try to keep me on your side
    You try to run from me, but you can’t hide
    ‘Til your eviction, just enjoy the ride
    Big Brother’s mine, I’m always lyin’

    I keep a close watch on you all the time
    I keep options open for a sign
    I keep the gameplay always on my mind
    Big Brother’s mine, I’m always lyin’

  4. Oh my god, this is getting so good! I am rooting for:
    1) Jordan
    2) Rachel
    3) Daniele

    I was happy all the vets were working but if they split and go against one another, things will get sooooooooooo interesting!

    Can’t wait to see what happens after the next HOH! If Jeff wins, will he put up Brendon and Rachel? Or a pawn and then later backdoor them?

    If you go on the CBS website the next competition is going to be a quiz, exactly the same as the one Rachel won is season 12. Jeff isn’t good with quizzes so I have a feeling either a newbie or Rachel will win the HOH.

    I have a feeling Rachel will win the next HOH, this girl never looses.

    • I too cannot wait until the vets start to make their moves on each other. Danielle has the best strategy because the vet will needs the newbies help against each other. Rachel is siding with Porche, but I think that is more because Porche is playing Rachel rather than the other way around. Porche was smart to befriend Rachel because Rachel deflecks on her behalf.

      I’m hoping Danielle wins it, then Dom. Brandon has an inflated opinion of himself. Rachel’s insercurities get in her way, Jordan already won, she I am not rooting for her. Keith deserved what he got but Kahlia and Shelly broke ranks too early and I think this will come back to hunt them. They should have waited and the leverage would have been more with them to break when the Vets had lost another couple.

  5. The biggest snake in the house is Shelly because she is lying to her supposedly closest friend in the house, even if it is a lie of omission. Her deceit goes against her straight shooter image. I think this game play will cost her votes if she miraculously should make it to the finale. That hokey aw shucks routine wears out after a while.

      • I have to disagree shelly is play well she is taking action under the radar and thats game play The jury should vote game play not emotion so we will see Jeff and Jordan need to go after brenchal right now and build a solid alliance

    • For reals. I hate when people walk in and say over and over how they are going to play with integrity. She is the most dishonest person in the house! She should own up to it and stop pretending like she’s everybody’s mama bear. Barf.

      • Sky high Shelly is not making power moves she is being deceitful. Name a player who won just relying on deceit without making power moves. That game play is not respected.

  6. this is exactly what I wanted. without dick there i thought everything was going to be so freaking predictable but this new twist will keep things very interesting

  7. Jeff’s is comming on too strong. Asking for 100% loyoalty is asking to be lied to. He also made to same “we want you” speech to all the newbies, if they start talikng his crediblity is shot. It’s a good them for the vets Dick is not there. He would have dominated them and won again.

    • Yes he is coming on strong, but it was just last week Brendon did the same speech and was going on how they have to side with Brenchel because they are the strongest in the house. People worship the HOH couple too much this season.

  8. I can’t wait for the vet’s to turn on each other. I wish bb would make it harder on the vet’s to win because they’ve been there, done that. Do something to give the newbies a better chance. O.K. bigbrother?

      • Me too.. rooting for the newbies..I am kind of getting bored of the vets winning …kind of feels like a rerun of other seasons. We already seen them.
        I like Cassi .. Was hoping that Dani would side with Cassi and Dom. But I think she may also be jealous of her.

    • I couldnt agree with you more. It is way to easy on the vets. Its only a matter of time before they turn on each other, Rachel has already started, her insecurities will ruin her game for sure.

  9. The smartest move JJcould do would be to backdoor Brenchel. Let’s hope Jeff catches on, they nominate Brenchel and he makes Rachel cry everyday. It would be amazing.

    • They can’t do that right now…they need them through 2 more Golden Key eliminations..maybe one more..(according to who leaves)..They need the help to try and stay in power as HOH.

  10. I dont want cassi to go, They need to put up Lawon and Kalia or Brendon and Rachel.

    If they do put up shelly and cassi, Shelly need to go, She is clearly trying to play both sides.

    • They already put up Dom and Adam. Not to worry though, Dom wins the power of veto and I am sure he is going to save himself. What would be fun is if Danielle can find a way to expose Shelly without exposing herself and turn the game that way, as Lawon says then things would go “BOOM”, LOL.

      • I like Cassi ..don’t want her to go either. Shelley and Kaylia are so dumb .. the vets are using them ..they all had the power …Rachel called them “idiots” LOL.

  11. I Love Jeff and Jordan and SO hope one of them win the whole thing this season. I don’t like Rachel she is way to full of herself and has an awful personality in the house.

  12. im so disappointed in the show this year, i don’t think is was fair to bring the veteran players back. some have already won money and why not let new players have the same chance, rachael and brendon really suck as a couple.sick of the drama they give out. rachael and brendon has to go!!!

  13. I think Jeff and Jordan threw the veteran’s alliance overboard when the choice was made not to put up Cassie and Shelley for eviction knowing all the while that keeping Cassie was a threat to Brenchel. Jordan said she had to do what was best for her and Jeff … well, what goes round comes round, so JJ should not be surprised or upset when Brenchel does what’s best for them with no concern for what’s best for JJ.

  14. Anyone with a moral conscience would dislike Rachel. She always chooses the hottest girl in the house to target, because she’s too insecure to keep them around instead of focusing on eliminating her actual competition in the game. She was so rude to everyone in the house last year, I think she has toned that down a bit, but only for her personal gain. I really don’t think a nasty person like her should have ever been given a second chance back in the house.

  15. Rachel definitely has a strange mind. She gets insanely jealous of every girl prettier than her in the house, which last year were the mostly bad at competition ladies Kristen and Monet. Britney was smart enough to quickly kiss her ass and win a veto to protect herself. In her eyes, being the prettiest girl in the house will make all the guys want to protect her. If she were not psycho, she would quite honestly be one of those big brother players who would be impossible to eliminate. With reason, she would have taken out tall muscular guys and the brainy types when she had the chance, literally leaving herself to dominate every competition.

    The guys on Big Brother minus Brendon are never stupid enough to sacrifice game for a girl. Hayden and Lane did not mention a peep to Kristen or Britney about their silly little Bragade, though in hindsight, it’s a lot less silly. Considering how much those two dominated later competitions, you can pretty much tell they sandbagged most of the time.

    • I think you’ve got Rachel summed up pretty well. It’s so damn obvious that she feels threatened by Cassi. From the moment she told Brendon that Cassi had to have a nose job or botox…I just knew Rachel was jumping on that crazy train.

      If she calmed down and didn’t play with so many insecurities, she would be a truly unstoppable force.

  16. Roachel is just that, hard to get rid of and pesky to keep around, but once it’s gone you can rest easy. Yes, Rachel was able to do intimidate Kristen, but Cassi won’t be going down so easy. I just wish Jordan wasn’t as naive to trust her. You would think a previous winner would be smarter than that.

  17. someone please give Rachel a xanax …she’s crazy!….i think out of the 4 evicted HG’S cassi will be back then what Rachel!!??

  18. Floaters grab a life vest, but I won’t need to because I’m equipped with my own floatation devices! @ Rachel

  19. Anyone watching BB After Dark? I’m a bit unclear of Cassi’s situation… why is everyone so sure that she’s heading home?

  20. I hope Rachel realizes she’s the only woman who would want Brendon.They deserve each other.Already sick of them.

  21. Why does everyone hate Rachel so much? She says stupid things sometimes and has sex with her fiance in the hoh room. Big deal. I think she has a lot of heart in this game. Personally, I am rooting for her and Brendon. Of course, I know there are plenty of people who don’t share my opinion, but I think once you really think long and hard about why you hate Rachel, maybe you’ll realize there is no reason to hate her and join the Brenchal team!

    • I think the reason people hate Rachel is cause they dont understand her, and they see her acting from one extream to another. If people paid close enough anttention they would see that Rachel seems to be bipolar, But that doesnt make her a bad person. Rachel is very smart, she is always thinking game 24/7, and she has great instincts when it comes to playing this game, and yes she does let her emotions get out of control. That is Rachels downfall she could win this game if she could keep her emotions in check, but that wont happen cause she highs to many highs and lows. Which makes it difficult for her to relate to others and makes it difficult for others to understand her.

    • i doubt anyone cares about them ‘having sex’ in the hoh room when we basically see all of rachel, and brandon’s naked body is all over the internet (thanks for that, what ever chick he sent those pictures too, ewww)

      no one likes rachel because she’s very fake and bi polar, obviously. she causes drama, but not the fun amusing kind. Just the ‘i hate every female’ ‘i’ma hate you with my seven year old personality’.

  22. I totally agree with Cole and Jay L ….Brenchal gets too much face time on the show..boring….Roachel ,,sic.. and her historonics are tiresome….she is definitely bipolar…wants to be the center of attention all the time…come on BB Director calm her down … her jealousy and insecurities are obvious…with luck she will get voted off soon….

  23. People don’t like Rachel because that’s what any decent human being would do. She’s a terrible person. Did you even watch last season??

  24. Well, I hope Rachel wins and shocks the world. Haters can keep hating. She wants to win more than anyone else in this house, and I am a sucker for the underdog. So, play hard Rachel and win!

    • more like sucker for the annoying voice, fake body, whine female who hates every other female.

      if you were in the house, she’d hate you too :)

      • Soooooooooooo sad how people can judge others, pick out there faults and so forth. You know the psychoanalysis saying that what you dont like in a person is usually what you dont like about yourself but to afraid to admitt it. Also bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain, not a personality trait. Also there have been several people in the BB house that have had something done to there bodies or faces. Not to mention that there is a vast majority out here having somthing done to alter there bodies, Im not a fan of plastic surgery or tattoos but Im not going to say I dont like that person cause they have had alterations done. Judgement is a harsh reality and everyone has done it in there life time. But look at it from this point of view. There are teenagers an young adults out here committing suicide because they are being hated upon and judged by others. Just think if the shoe was on the other foot how would you feel, Everyone is entitled to there opinion an how they feel, but people should keep in mind that BB is just a game and not to be takin personally. How these people are in the house doesnt mean they are that way outside of the house, and if there was NO drama then there wouldnt be a BB to watch.

  25. Yeah so big suprise that Rachel and Cassie have it out: Rachel hates EVERY female that’s pretty and could potentially steal brandon away.

    Maybe she should, you know, dump him seeing how he had cyber sex twice behind her back.

    I hope jeff and jordan backdoor rachel. Brendon will be miserable for awhile, but once his ‘golden key’ is up, out brandon goes.

  26. BB please try to keep more current if possible. What in the world were the BB thinking to get this bunch? I know why the golden key was brought, to keep the new in–OK. It backfired . These people aren’t playing the game. Half followed the couples because they were starstruck, and the rest are useless.. BB you must have had a hard time finding people for this game. This is my first year to buy the 24/7 package andI am setting here waiting for something to happen.. Please bring back Dick or anyone to help these people out. These six came in the game with a mindset of “How dare any of you have a thought of playing this game” You should name this the Jeff,Brendon, and Racheal show..Come on..Do Something

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