Big Brother 13 Week 9.5: Who Has The Vote

Big Brother 13 Final Four Jordan

Big Brother 13 is so close to the end that I can’t even say “who has the votes” anymore. There’s just one vote. One single vote broadcast live tonight will take us from four HGs to the final three. Thanks to a very vocal Veto holder, we know exactly how that vote will go. Read on if you want the spoilers for who will be evicted.

We’ve had several confirmations so far and unless the other HGs and all the viewers are being given the Keyser Soze treatment this should be pretty cut and dry. To set the scene, remember that Adam is HoH and Porsche has the Veto. Either Rachel or Jordan will be evicted and it’s all up to Porsche.

Flashback to last night at 9:52PM and you’ll find Adam and Porsche, the winner of the final Veto, whispering the plan while Rachel is gone to the bathroom. Porsche indicates she’ll vote to evict Jordan since she “just won two years ago.” Adam agrees and says, “give someone new a chance.”

Another nail in Jordan’s coffin comes at 10:43AM BBT this morning when Rachel asks Jordan if she can have something of hers if Jordan is evicted. Jordan tells Rachel she knows she’s going because Porsche told her so. I didn’t catch the conversation between Jordan and Porsche, but it may have happened before the feeds returned since Jordan has been pretty glum the whole time.

Do you think this is the right choice for Porsche? Rachel is quite the competitor in endurance competitions which should be tonight’s first round of the final HoH. I know I’d rather go against Jordan than Rachel in an endurance round. Second round will be a skill, so maybe that’s where Porsche hopes to fallback if she can’t beat Rachel in part 1. Then again, Jordan did win rounds two and three in BB11 so she’s already shown she’s capable of doing it so maybe there’s the threat that’s motivating Porsche.

I just hope Porsche is making this choice on a deeper level than “she won two years ago.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if she made the right choice. Because as we all remember, that Pandora’s Box choice was really smart too. Oh, no wait.

Fun fact: Jordan said this morning that production is still outside building the next competition. Anything that complex is usually an endurance battle which is what we’re expecting. Can’t wait to watch that play out tonight on the Live Feeds.


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  1. I can tell you who has the votes: NOT JORDAN!!! LOL…Sorry Jordan fans but no Pandora’s box to save her this week. It’s about time this worthless Jessica Simpson wannabe goes home. Long overdue. Don’t cry too much Jordan fans, she shouldn’t have made it this long anywars. Good riddance Jordan!

    – Pick a username that isn’t intentionally insulting to others. – Admin

    • little harsh i think going after her fans, but ur spot on on everything else.

      the Zingbot should come in the house and say “Jordan… dont let the door hit u on the a** where it should” lol

      • you guys are delusional if you think Jordan is getting evicted, no way in hell Porsche gonna go up against Rachel in endurance.

        it is so easy to see what Porsche is doing. if Rachel thinks she staying, no need to campaign to stay.

        bye bye Rachel

      • rachel has been beat numerous times before.

        but call me delusional all u want, i will see it when i see’s it.

      • I personally hope that both Adam and Porsche are so dumb that they do evict Jordan because that will put the final nails in any hope of either winning the $500,000. Rachel will annihilate both Adam and Porsche in endurance, and I think she will also win in Q and A. Porsche and Adam are so stupid. HAHAHA

      • was thinkin the same thing!A&P could b backdoorin Racheal and that wood shake up J 4 final HOH(not that that is necessary J has been pretty weak in comps)and once again A gets no blood on his hands!They wood b nuts 2 go against R in final HOH either way P is losing jury votes. Mayb A is really smarter than we think LOL!

      • I really do not think one should look at another as they won it 2 years ago BB does not or they would not let them compete however as much as I love Jordon I do think she has done a horrible job and floater she has been however everyone knows that if she sits beside someone in the seats of two she will get the jury votes from Brandon, Jeff, Rachel and Kalia (why Kalia has been so loyal to her all season is a mystery to me but Jordon gave it back to her by voting to keep her so …Kali would not vote for Rachel sitting there..and who knows what Shelly will do from one minute to the next..actually I have never been a Rachel favorite but in the last three weeks I have turned to where yes go girl..she is entertaining as well as a great competitor..just my long thoughts

      • If P’s really using her head, she’ll vote R out. She kicks a@@ in endurance comps and most of the jury would vote for P or A, before they vote for J, (of course J, and maybe B&R, but the newbies, (and Dani), would more than likely vote for anybody but Jordan. Another thing, when A & P were talking when R was out of the room, they did say it was gonna be J, but when R came back in the room, she ask them if they were planning her demise, they both clammed up like they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In the past, they haven’t had a problem reassuring her…maybe they do realize they’ll never outlast R in an endurance.

      • Hey Jeff. Stop being such a whiney, pouty crybaby. You’re not in the game anymore, so grow up. His scene with Shelley (who I don’t like at all) was pitiful. I don’t care who goes home cause I can’t stand Jordan (the airhead) or Rachel (the wicked b–ch) from whereever. Adam is a joke, so I am pulling for Porsche.

      • PORSCHE LOSES in all scenarios unless she takes Jordan, and she might pull out a win but hope she votes to keep Rachel because then she goes hom. By keeping Rachel, the winner of BB 13, the hateful mean girl, Porsche, is the next one in the jury house which is the best she deserves. Porsche really is not the brightest bulb in the box. HAHA Love it and my Rachel wins the $500,000. As for Jeff anything he does to Shelly as in yelling at her in Jury house is fine with me and after Jordan and Kalia get there and Kalia tells Dani all of Shelly’s lies and Jordan then tells Jeff and Brendon all of Shelly’s lies Shelly’s life is going to be a living He** in the house. She so deserves it.

      • What if Porche makes a deal Jordan to keep her but she goes in the final three she has their vote, after all Jordan never tells a lie. No bickering from Rachel.

    • that is rude… Jordan is a sweet young lady.. I am sure she will not win again even if she made it to final two because she did win on her season ..

      • EXACTLY!! Jordan would not win because only Jeff would vote for her to win in Jury because she has already won, but with her gone it is a GUARANTEED win for Rachel for the $500,000, and she will make it to final two. Could these newbies be any dumber. I love it and RACHEL will win BB 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • No !! If it is between Jordan and a either A or P…Jordan has Jeff, Brenden, and Rachels vote and probably shelly because she wants to be friends with jeff and jordan after the show !! And if she is up against A…then she will probably have more votes because A has done like nothing either and no one respects him as a player in the game !

      • ……big red isnt all that and you jejo and brenchel fans called adam and porsche out a long time ago. BTW where are brendon and jeff right now, with their “dominant” social and physical games????? Whos next in their great alliance to join them??? LOL they arent that good CBS.

      • NO WAY Jordan has Shelly’s vote now. She will vote for anyone before Jordan after the way Jeff went after her. Shelly lied when she talked to Julie about voting for Jordan or when she said first thing she would do in jury is apologize to Jeff. No way she votes for Jordan. Jordan loses no matter who it would be that went with her to final two, but that probably would not even matter because doubt Jordan would make final two. It would probably be Porsche and Adam and then Adam would win.

      • Just because she won on her season does not mean she shouldn’t win again. When a team wins the super bowl or Stanley cup does that mean if they make it to the playoffs again they shouldn’t win? I think Jordan will go tonight but if she was final 2 I wanted her to win.

      • You guys can’t say Jordan wont win if she makes it to the final 2.. You don’t know how the jury people will vote I was actually thinking if she does go final three she might have Brendon Rachel Jeff and even most likely Shelly.. There’s her 4 votes right there..

      • And just because Jeff went after Shelly doesn’t mean it’s a vote against Jordan I mean seriously Shelly knows it’s not Jordan’s fault for what Jeff does.

      • Jordan is more of a lady than Porshe!!!! Hope that if she does stay she gives the ole boot to Porshe big butt!!!!!!! If Rachel stays then she can do it!!!!!!!!

    • Why do you dislike Jordan so much? Every house guest has their strengths and weaknesses. I guess having a nice personality and good looks is a weakness in the USA.

      • The reason I dislike her is because I think she is no better than anyone else on the show. Everyone talks about how nice she is but I just don’t see it. She has a sense of entitlement that makes me nauseous. I think people just like her because she is from the South and she is pretty. Her personality is nothing special. I watch Big Brother to see people play the game and I just don’t see that from her. Hell, she even admitted 2 weeks ago she didn’t want to be there.

      • Don’t be confused..i was agreeing with Drujohn.I love Jordan….Not saying she should win a second time,but people have been so cruel and cold towards her.GO RACHEL!!!!

      • @deleted, it might not be the popular thing to say but I agree with you 100%. Really dont see what is so special about Jordumb.

      • Porsche if you evict Jordan you just threw away half a mill. Get Rachel out of there and your all but guranteed Final Two. I know Rachel can be beaten but its tough to do that. If Rachel gets to final 2 she has automatically 3 votes in Jeff Jordan and Brendon so Porsche would need to get Adam Danielle Kalia and Shelly’s vote and I am pretty sure she will fail to get all 4 Danielle would vote for most deserving and if Rachel wins that HoH her record this season will be HoH- 4 PoV-2

      • I used to think Jordan was really nice, and while it was a real shame that she won a season where she did nothing strategic, was last in most of the comps and just lucked her way to the finish line I was angrier at BB and voters than her.

        But this season she has been cutting into Porsche for doing the same thing (although Porsche competes WAY harder), and I cant stand hypocrisy.

    • @Matt, come on Matt, this isn’t Russia, or China for that matter, let people say what they think about this game, and Not what you want to hear. I think people have been pretty kind to you this year, considereing the way you chose to play the game your season, remember your wife with the terrible illness, hell of a lot worse than what Shelly or anyone else in BB history has ever done.

      • @nita: 1) Everyone is welcome to say what they want about the game. The user’s name was nothing about the game and just a slam at other readers which is clearly not allowed.

        2) I am NOT Matt Hoffman. I promise. He writes here, but I run the site. Different people.

    • I don’t understand the hatred for someone who comes across as very sweet and genuine. Perhaps a little jealous?

      • I agree Jen and Paul. Someone can’t be nice and win??? Sounds like there all jealous. She has been nice to everyone in the house except the one night Shelly backstabbed her and then went in the room where Jordan was crying and attacked her. Jordan should of said a lot more to Shelly. Then after a couple days Jordan tells Shelly she’s sorry for talking to her like that. I would never of said I’m sorry. I’m sad Jordan is not making it to the final two. Oh well can’t have everything.

      • I love Jordan, and would like to see her win, but also know she’s not always good with endurance comps. However, she did do better than P in the HOH comp that was shown last night.

      • I too have mixed emotions on Jordon leaving tonight. She has not played as well as her BB11 season but still good enoegh to get to F4. She really seems like she wants to go to jury house with Jeff so let her. Us Jordan fans are really proud of the way you represented yourself and if you wanted to come back for a third time we would be right there with you. That being said, what the hell is P thinking not evicting Rachel? Rachel can beat both you and Adam in all comps, Jordan cannot. Is Jordan really that big of a threat in F2 to keep her? After this bozo move by P we will forget about Pandora’s Box.

      • As much as Rachel and Co. hated floaters, Jordan was the biggest one! She won 1 competition to Rachel’s four and Adam’s/Porsche’s three. Jordan won her season because of the final HoH and would have lost against Kevin but was smart enough to take Natalie who only got one vote. I’m happy with this final three because each in his/her own way used their skills to make it to the end.

      • Jordan always stuck to her alliance and didn’t float back and forth like the Adam . He got lucky cause there isn’t much competiton left.

    • Porchse is dumb!!!!! If somebody has already won the jury wouldn’t vote her to win again. And really Rachel is a beast she should and hopefully wins

  2. it is the right choice. im not saying that because i think jordan is a weak competitor on her best day (she is) im not saying that just because i dont like jordan (i dont) and im not saying that because i think jordan has no business this late in the game (she doesnt)

    evicting jordan is very smart. u take away an ally from rachel (although its not like jordan ever did anything to help that “alliance”) and u shift the power to YOUR side which ofcourse, brings adam along.

    u dont want rachel and jordan in final 3, they’ll take each other. u want adam in there because NOBODY will vote for him.

    porsche is on fire right now and i think has 3 comp wins to rachel 4 so its an easy argument to make for porsche.

    and if adam has the option of taking someone to final 3, he aint taking rachel. so for porsche, its the best move.

    finally jordo is going home. i knew kalia would never do it, porsche said she would have and kinda did.

    • Keep in mind that Porsche has the option to send either Rachel or Jordan home. Not evicting Jordan would not keep Rachel and Jordan together. They will be split up no matter who Porsche evicts as Adam is safe as the HoH and Porsche holds the Veto.

      • Yea but Jordan is the best pick to send home. The girl already won before so it would be foolish to keep her in the game. This is exactly how she won last time. It’s not because she is good at this game it’s because everyone overlooks her.

      • So she won before. So what? If people think Jordan deserves to win a second time, what’s stopping them from voting for her?

        Porsche has only one working brain cell. She has no chance to win BB13 and by voting out Jordan, she has given herself third place. By KEEPING Jordan, Porsche has a good chance to win $50K.

      • But just because Jordan gets to F2 it doesn’t mean she’ll win. How many jurors would say they won’t vote for her because of the very reason that she’s won before? That could actually be a good reason to want to sit next to her.

      • true. i forgot about that.

        also with rachel tho, i think nobody would take her because she would have 3 votes guaranteed. i doubt she can win 2/3 especially with adam and porsche possibly teaming up on quiz like comps.

      • good point matt also, but u got jeff who is still very bitter from his eviction (which im surprised), u got shelly who would vote for jordan i think in a second, brendon, rachel, and if she’s in the final 2 with adam, its a 7-0 vote.

        natalie thought (as well she should have) she was good with her and jordan in the final 2 votes wise, but u have bitter ppl in jury. ESPECIALLY rachel who would screw somebody like she tried to do last year voting for lane in a heartbeat and to make “good tv”

      • Oh yeah, Jordan would definitely whoop Adam in a F2. That’d be disastrous for him. Heck, Adam vs Rachel doesn’t look good for him either (All Vets including Daniele since she said Adam was the “worst HG evah”). I think he needs to face off against Porsche for any chance.

        Shelly could be swing vote if Jordan and Porsche faced off in F2. Shelly has said she wanted a Newbie to win, but guilt could move her to vote for Jordan over a Newb. I think Adam would probably vote for Porsche over Jordan since he’s also said he wants a Newb. It would be very close!

        I just hope these are the things Porsche is weighing. Not just “oh she won before, so she’s out.”

      • yea thats exactly right. porsce sometimes will do something that like “dang she’s that smart?” lol but i agree with u, i hope she’s thought all this out.

      • You have to think about Jury votes as this point. While she won only one comp, she is very likable, and plays a good social game. Rachel, on the other had, is great at physical and endurance comps, but she is unlikeable. There is no way Dani, Shelly or Kalia will vote to give her the money, becase the can’t stand her.

        I think it makes mroe sense to get rid of Jordan. She was already saved once by Pandora’s Box, now Porshe has a chance to undo that.

      • Sorry, but I totally disagree and even thought there are some bitter people in the Jury I think whoever Rachel goes up against she wins. I even think in the end Dani will vote for Rachel if she is up against Adam, and if Rachel is up againt Porsche she will have Jeff, Brendon, Jordan and Adam will definitely vote for Rachel. He has already said that he would if she made it to final two. Adam and Porsche both lose if they take Rachel and Rachel will dominate in endurance and think she will beat in Q and A and depending on skill she may even win in that one. I believe even though Jordan is liked more than the others no one but Jeff would vote to give her the big money again for the exact reason that she has already won, and I even think that Brendon and Rachel would vote for either Adam or Porsche to win before Jordan just for that reason and because she has said she would be happy with $50,000. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB if they take Rachel to final two.

      • Daniele will vote for Rachel over Adam. Daniele hates Adam’s gameplay, but respects Rachel’s achievements in the game. Daniele is too devoted to the game to vote on a likeability factor. She’s said so.

    • Awesome comment!!!! I could’nt agree more. At least P kept to her word!!! After she left R she never looked back. That’s what’s up.

    • It is the right choice to vote her out if they do not have any desire to win the $500,000, but isn’t the reason people come on BB is to win the big money. These two dumb bunnies are voting out a guarantee win when they vote Jordan out because Jury would not vote for her to win twice, and highly doubtful she would even make it to final two. I do not think there have been any dumber people on BB than Porsche and Adam that have made it to final two. One will go home and Rachel will win the money so they will be second best because they will not beat RACHEL.

    • Porsche is only on fire because there isn’t much any competiton besides Rachael period. The pandora box proved that she is an idiot.

      • I hope Porshe is wise enough not to take Jordan, which may not guarantee her the win, but she would still get 50,000.00. Why let Jordan get at least 50,000.00 for doing nothing.

      • STUPID POrsche will not even make final two without Jordan. Rachel and Adam will be sitting in those two seats and Rachel will win and Adam will come in second. You have to win comps to get to final two and that will be Rachel or Adam and they will take each other not dumbo Porsche. Welcome to the Jury House Porkchop!!!

    • Jordan was working to keep everyone together she played! You act like she layed in bed and said yeah jeff ! But she didnt .She might not be good at comps but shes damn good at her social game. Come on she taught that nut R how to act or she was going to get voted out. She was a basket case when B left.J&j went back and forth babysitting her mouth. And you know they brought A.

  3. Someone is jealous. Rachel is the smart move as would make Adam/Porsche final 2 likely. Rachel has a good chance to make final 2.

  4. As I have said before, short of eliminating EVERYONE on her own Porsche can NOT win BB13. She doesn’t have the jury votes, regardless of who she is in the F2 with (if she makes it that far).

    When she opened Pandora’s Box, she traded $500K for $5K.

    • FALS! I think P would win against A! But ANY Newbie vs a V will Loose! But dont forget 50k on the line for 2nd place! Id be happy with 55k (5 for Pandoras Box)

      • There is no way Porsche will win this no matter who she sits next to. The jury members will still see her as someone who has done nothing all season but eat and sleep. Even tho Adam just started winning things, he was not a petty, spoiled brat. He was pretty honest with everyone and he is a likable person. Porsche will not win this no.

      • I disagree Tracie. I think she can beat Adam. The veterans want to reward smart game play. Porsche stuck by her alliance through most of the game, while Adam floated from person to person. Those smart aleck comments by Daniele, Brendan and others to “start playing” were mostly directed at Adam. When they invented the word, “floater”, he is who they had in mind.

      • Remember total game Porsche got handed a golden veto and became a vote until Dos were over Adam battled the Whole Game
        Porsche traded Pandoras box
        Adam stuck with Vet know they would take each other out He has my Vote

      • PORSCHE loses big time against Adam. Adam has Rachel, Jordan, Jeff and Brendon. SURE FIRE WIN FOR ADAM, but do not even see Porsche getting final two because she will not win the comps and Adam and Rachel will take each other not her.

    • If you have the power in your hand, you have to play it to your advantage. In this case the best decision is to let Rachel go if you even want to have a chance of winning it all. Porche vs Jordan = Porche wins. Porche vs Adam = Porche wins. Adam vs Jordan = Adam wins. Even if Jordan is in the F2 she will not win it against Porche or Adam. P & A played the game better than Jordan but Porche played the game better than Adam. I know they all suck…but choosing among the 3 I think Porche played the hardest and deserves to win. Other than these scenario – if rachel is in the picture she will win the 500K. The jury will decide on who played the game best among the F2. Jordan did not do anything at all in this game.

      • Don J you are wrong on Porsche against Adam Porsche wins. NO WAY Adam wins!! He gets rachel, jordan, Jeff and Brendons vots. Porsche loses!!!

  5. Seriously? Have we all been watching the same game? What am I missing? Is it not the goal to WIN BB13?? Why would you keep someone who has shown over & over again that they can win just about any endurance competition? I just don’t get it. Rachel needs to go if only on this point alone! I won’t get into my personal opinions of why she should go. She’s a good competitor, much better than Jordan. And if Porche is getting rid of her solely on “she won two years ago” THAT’S reason to keep her!! IF she makes it to final 2 you have a better chance at playing that along in your speech! Maybe I just don’t know how to play the game… I have never been in that house. Who knows!!

    • Agreed.

      Porsche could use the “Jordan already won 2 years ago” excuse to the jury to give her more of their votes.

    • I agree amy. It makes no sense to me either. I really think this game is geared for Rachael to win. I think that it is Big Brothers will that Rachael win and they are
      somehow protecting her from getting evicted. We shold all consider that there is a lot that goes on in the DR that we are not privy to. I am not buying that Porshe and Adam really think they have a better chance at beating Rachael than they do Jordan. The only mystery left in this game is who is going to get 2nd place. They will be the true winners of this game.

      • I think the last time I watched an episode was when Brendan was voted out the first time. When I read the spoiler that “America” voted him back in, I lost interest. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that America voted him back in, there’s just no way, you will never convince me of that. With that being said, herself, I couldn’t agree with you more. There has to be so much more in the DR that we will never know! I just thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the shenanigans of the house via Matt here on the BBN. And this is where I will most likely find out who the winner is in the end.

    • Ohh! Someone is jealous of jeff.why?Cause they said he was a sore loser. Wow what show was you watching.

  6. I dont think that evicting jordan would be the right move……. Jordan this season has been kinda week compared to 2 years ago. Both porsha and adam have a better chance in the final 3 against jordan rather than rachel.

    Either way that ends tonight I guess we can already say that adam will be in the final 2, being that if either of them want to win they would need to take him to better their odds.

    If rachel makes it to the final 2 then its already a one sided vote.

  7. If Porsche sends Jordan out the door,which I know she will.I hope Rachel wins and sends Porsche out the door.Porsche would have a better chance of winning if she keeps Jordan.If it comes down to Porsche and Adam I hope Adam wins.

    • how do know she will send Jordan out? why cause Porsche say she was going to? well don’t believe everything you hear.

      i can’t believe none of you get what Porsche is doing.

      • think i get what porsche is doing..we all know she wanted to evict rachel before she opened pandoras box..the plan was to evict rachelthen jordan..rachel has been her target all along..on the otherhand, she made a final three deal with rachel,which is obvious she was saying anything to stay in the house and send kalia packing..jordan thinks she going home, rachel thinks she is staying..i dont think porsche is going to lose a second time evicting rachel..porsche knows exactly what she is doing, she wants everyone to think exactly what they are thinking and so far it is working, but tonight will paint a bigger picture…

    • JUST hope that Porsche is happy going home next because she will. Neither Porsche will be Adam in the competitions or in the finale. Porsche will go home with $5000 for her stupidity in evicting Jordan and Adam will go home with $50,000 in his stupidity of not trying to talk Porsche out of evicting Jordan. GUESS NEITHER WANT TO WIN BB. Stupid is as stupid does. RACHEL WINNER OF BB 13!!!!

      • If Porshe evicts Rachael tonight she and Adam have a good chance of getting Jordan out next and they will both go to the final round together. They are better off going up against each other in the final round because it is a toss up who get the vets votes. If Jordan or Rachael makes it to final two they are sure to win the big prize.

  8. think porche should get rid of rachael if she wants to win, rachael is alot better at competitions than jordan, jordan is the biggest floater, she didn’t win her hoh it was given to her by jeff n brendon

  9. This is just my opinion but I think what Porsche is thinking is this:

    If she keeps Jordan – Jordan would take Adam to final 2 if she won the final HOH and Adam would likely take Jordan to final 2 if he won the final HOH.

    If she keeps Rachel – Rachel might take Adam to final 2 if she wins the final HOH whereas if Adam won the final HOH he would likely take Porsche to the final 2.

    Therefore, Porsche has a 2 to 1 chance of making it to the final 2 by keeping Rachel and only a 1 to 2 chance of making it to the final 2 if she keeps Jordan. I realize that if Rachel stays she will be harder to beat than Jordan in the final HOH competition but if Porsche or Adam can beat Rachel then I think it is the right choice to evict Jordan today!

    Let me know what you think! I am open to all opinions but what I wrote above is what I think Porsche’s reasoning is! Plus if Rachel stays and then is the final HG evicted before the final 2 then Porsche will have kept her deal with Rachel so Rachel would vote for her over Adam! GO PORSCHE!!!!!

    • Adam is right now is the key to winning this season. But if jordan dose stay then she becomes the key. She really hasn’t done much this season and the chances of just handing someone another win are very slim.

    • i agree with you all except for one..i dont think adam would take porsche to the final 2 i think he would take rachel…

      • let me revise my answer on adam taking rachel, i think adam is trying to prove something to the jury..that he can beat the best and out of the 4 remaining rachel is the best..and he thinks beating rachel the vet will be the best…

      • And that is where he would mess up, She would already have breandon, jeff, jordan, and possibly dani and porsha.

        Im not even sure how kaila and shelly would vote

      • My only problem with that reasoning is how does Adam think he would beat Rachel in the final 2! I am fairly sure that Dani, Kalia, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and maybe even Porsche would vote for Rachel in the end. Who knows, maybe even Shelly would vote for Rachel to win! I don’t think Adam has any chance against Rachel!

    • It’s a total travesty that the most important vote of the year belongs to the most corrupt player in BB history. She should’ve been disqualified immediately, and BB production has been negligent in my opinion to allow Porsche to remain in the house after the unacceptable things she’s done and said. My reasons are documented above, so I won’t go into them again, but I will continue to protest.

      Since Porsche has unfortunately not been evicted,however, my opinion is that keeping Rachel over Jordan is a big mistake, but one that will hopefully deny her the undeserved win.

      Rachel is by far a more formidable player than Jordan. She deserves the win, and I hope and pray she gets the opportunity to determine her fate. Porsche is not thinking obviously not playing smartly, but I’m not surprised. She’s arrogant enough to believe she can beat Rachel. Good luck with that, Porsche! Can’t wait to see you walk out the door number 3, worse place of all! There for the whole summer, but no big prize! Not even a day in the jury house! Serves you right!


      GO ADAM!!!


      • Perhaps Rachel should have voted Porsche out when she had the chance to then. I too would like to see a stong player win, but they have to help themselves to win by making wise decisions…

    • What about if Porche wins everything by getting out rachel? then she doesn’t have to worry about who is taking her…

    • Wrong Adam has already said he wants to go up against Rachel in final two which he will and he will lose the $500,000!! If he takes dumb Porsche he has all of the vets vote and he wins $500,000. Porsche just loses whether she takes Adam or Rachel but doubt she will make it to final two with Rachel playing so she will go home next, but if she keeps Jordan almost guaranteed a final two seat because Jordan will not win a competition and if she takes Jordan she wins $500,000. Porsche is almost as dumb as a bag of rocks if she keeps Rachel but hope she does because she will be going home next. ADAM AND RACHEL will be final two and Rachel wins $500,000. I will be laughing at both of the dumb bunnies when they finally figure it out as Rachel is announced the winner of BB 13!!

  10. Didn’t receive an answer on a previous question…

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Can Final Two win both the Grand Prize -AND- America’s Choice?

    If so, that’s $525,000.

    I love team Jorchel and would love to see one get the Grand Prize and one at least get America’s Choice.

    But I won’t know that until the Final 2 are revealed.

    * RACHEL * = Final Two (either 500K or 50K)

    * JORDAN * = AC Vote (25K)

    I like Rachel, but if she will be in the Final 2 then I would rather give Jordan the AC vote since she was the all-around mom to Rachel and even to Shelly who back-stabbed her later on.

    Rachel would at least be guaranteed $50,000 if she was Final 2. But we won’t know that until the end.

  11. Regardless of who is better at comps, who you like or dislike, but just based on how this whole season has gone down this is my prediction. I predict P will take R and then based on who the F2 are either R and P or R and A I predict R will win BB13 and the other will come in 2nd.

    Not because I am a fan of anyone at this point, solely based on how I see this predictable season ending.

  12. Both arguments are good Rachel might wkin round one but not two and three were as Jordan pulled it off last year and if she wins she will take Adam so Porsche I think is doing the right thing even tho she is doing different logic to get there lol

  13. come on bb why keep someone in the house that dont really want to be there…i like jordan but she only came back on because jeff wanted them to…

    • So your saying that if you were on BB once and then BB gave4 you another chance to play again, you wouldn’t take it.

      Who wouldn’t want a chance at half a mil.

      • no i am saying give someone else a chance..i have been watching bb for the longest time and every year they give money to ppl that didnt really deserve it….i understand it is a social game but i also think winning comps and fighting not just laying in bed and eatting and hiding things and bashing ppl…

  14. Just my Final Two assumptions:

    * * * * * * * *

    Adam vs Rachel:

    – Adam wins 4/3 (only Jeff, Jordan, Brandon votes Rachel)

    * * * * * * * *

    Adam vs Porsche:

    – Adam wins 5/2 (only Kalia, Dani votes Porsche)

    * * * * * * * *

    Adam vs Jordan:

    – Not sure (Jeff, Rachel, Brandon for Jordan, but who will Shelly vote?)

    * * * * * * * *

    Rachel vs Porsche:

    – Porsche wins 4/3 (only Jeff, Jordan, Brandon votes Rachel)

    * * * * * * * *

    Jordan vs Porsche:

    – Not sure (Jeff, Rachel, Brandon for Jordan, but who will Shelly vote?)

      • Okay I’ll buy that.

        So basically:

        * * * * * * * *

        – ADAM

        Only chance of winning F2 is against Porsche, possibly 50-50 Jordan.

        * * * * * * * *

        – PORSCHE

        Only chance of winning F2 is against Rachel, possibly 50-50 Jordan.

        * * * * * * * *

        – RACHEL

        Only chance of winning F2 is against Adam.

        * * * * * * * *

        – JORDAN

        Only chance of winning F2 is against no one really. 50-50 vs Adam or Porsche.

      • Going back to some of the 50-50, I think Shelly will vote for any newbie over Jordan, for reasons:

        1) Jordan already won last season.

        2) Jeff is pissing the hell out of Shelly in the Jury House and it’s not helping garner her vote.

    • Adam just told Jordan, that if Porsche doesn’t take Adam to F2 he won’t vote for her. But if Rachel makes the same move (sends him to Jury instead of F2) then he’d still vote for Rachel.

      Sounds like if Rachel gets to F2 she’s a half-mil richer.

      • So basically all Rachel needs is to make it F2 and she’ll win regardless if it’s Adam or Porsche!


      • Yep. And the funny thing is, Adam thinks he’d lose Brenchel’s vote if he doesn’t take Rachel, but that he’d only lose Porsche’s vote if he evicts her. He doesn’t understand that Brendon would still vote against him if Adam is in F2 w/ Rachel.

        I think Adam has a better chance against Porsche, but he doesn’t see it and given the chance will award himself $50K instead of $500K w/ that mistake.

      • CORRECT, NOT IF BUT WHEN Rachel makes final two she will win $500,000!!!! No doubt about it!!! However, whoever would take Jordan would win $500,000 because no one would vote to give her the $500,000. A very stupid move to evict Jordan unless you just are allergic to winning the $500,000!!! GO RACHEL!!!

  15. Matt, why can’t I stay subscribed to any of my comments. I’m able to post but not get new comments etc. Did you ban me because the imposter using my sign on was mean?

    • You’re leaving comments right now, so you weren’t banned. I disabled the “subscribe to comments” option because when we get a thousand plus comments on a post each subscribed person gets a thousand plus emails.

  16. Porsche isnt the sharpest tool in the shed. Remember back to the knock out competition when she put Jeff and Shelley up together (2 of her allies at the time) because they hadn’t been up yet. Real smart this one is.

  17. I’m thinking Porsche is thinking about sending Jordan to Jury because of the fact that she is so well liked. Yea Rachel is the better competitor, but her attitude has put her in trouble for the votes. That’s what’s going through her mind probably. I have actually begun to like Rachel. She’s more normal and rational with Brendon gone. Still, Porsche probably thinks that she has a better chance against Rachel in the final 2 instead of Jordan.

    • Once again proves that Porsche is not the brightest tool in the SHED. Keeping Rachel she will not even make final two so no need to worry about it. Rachel will annihilate her in the competitions. See you in Jury Porsche.

  18. At this point, I don’t really care who wins, I just love to see everyones plans foiled again. I would like to see a celebrity BB next year. ANd by celebrity I mean real celebrities, not former house guests. All winnings could go to their choice of charity like they do on celebrity apprentice. The following is a list of real stars that I would like to see in the house.

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Eminem
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Snoop Dogg
    5. Jennifer Lopez
    6. Bruce Willis
    7. Vin Diesel
    8. Jennifer Garner
    9. Queen Latifah
    10. Matthew McCougnehey
    11. Tyrese
    12. Oprah
    13. Julie Chen
    14. Jerry Springer

    • Oh how cool would it be to see Julie Chen compete in this game! I wonder if she would have an advantage since she’s seen how it goes down each time.

    • I don’t want to start an argument BUT I hate literally everyone on your list except Eminen, Bruce Willis, and the last three lol. I do like the idea of celebrity version though. Also, it would boost ratings. Look at how much popularity the Apprentice gained when they began the celebrity editions.

    • Unless CBS gives money to a cause it’s not worth their time to play for 500k while most can easily write a check. On the other hand if CBS gives a lot of the profit to a good cause it will be worth their time.

    • All celebrity would be nice but with what your list says

      2. ok
      3. no
      4. ok
      5. Well every game needs an easy chick in the house
      6. ok
      7. ok
      8. ….. Maybe
      9. That would be interesting
      10. no not for bb but survivor.
      11. maybe
      12. HELLLLL NO
      13. Just no
      14. Not for the house but as the host

    • These are interesting choices, but most can make $500K in about a half hour… Why would they give up a summer for $500K?

      But as long as we’re fantasizing: How about 7 Democratic and 7 Republican Members of Congress locked up for whatever amount of time with cameras rolling 24/7? Oh wait, they get plenty from their lobbyists… No incentive to do BB…

      • Now that would be cool, put that out there to CBS. Best idea I have heard on this site so far. BRILLIANT

      • I really don’t think the wimps that complain about how hot or cold it is could make it in a bug infested jungle environment. Even most Have Not rations and accommodations would seem like a luxury to survivor teams who have to spend a nights in a rain that seems endless… Survivor players, on the other hand would probably go out of their minds if they had to sit around for days at a time between competitions…

  19. The biggest move of the game could happen tonight. And that move would be for Porsche to play everyone (including BB) into believing she’s going to evict Jordan, but instead evicts Rachel.

      • Totally agree! Who cares that Jordon would be in the F2, the Jury obviously knows that Jordon has won previously, and I think that they wouldn’t vote her to win again…they are all too greedy/jealous.

        Evict Rachael and get rid of the strongest player. PLEEEZE!

      • Agree… Porsche seems to have a rather inflated self-image. I can see her making what she perceives to be a history making big move and moving herself right out the door.

        Looking forward to tonight’s show and seeing how it plays out… By winning that veto, P only guarantees herself F3. She’s going to have to earn anything else…

  20. I really like Jordon. She is sweet and innocent like a child. I just want to wrap her up and protect her from the evils in the world. Esp Jeff. I love you Jordon.

  21. Porsche told Jordan earlier that she was evicting her. I thought that wasn’t allowed? Wow Porsche sure gets away with breaking a lot of the rules. She should of been kicked out after putting benefiber in the protein powder.

    • boy you really hold a grudge don’t you? that benefibre shit was sooo long ago, get over it, it was funny. it’s not like she spit in it or put rat poison in it. big deal a few people got the shits.

      they should be thanking her, she helped the house “stay regular”

      • Just so you know my other girl that benefiber if someone would of drank it (which production stepped in before they did) could do some serious harm if they consume too much. I have a masters degree in nursing and manage a critical care unit at a major hospital and it can even do the opposite if you have too much fiber,which can result in emergency surgery. That was a serious little prank that Porsche tried to pull off and she should of been kicked out.

    • Karen, I agree do not understand why BB did not evict her after that incident and the threat of making Rachel miscarry if she was pregnant. When did BB decide that threats against any house guest were allowed or trying to make them sick so they would lose was allowed. Sets up a very bad precedent for next years house guest that BB condones any acts of violence. Do not know what Porsche has on BB or CBS that they allowed her to stay, but it must be good. I remember a few years back when BB did not allow threats against house guest when a guy threatened another house guest but he claimed he was kidding he was kicked out but wonder why the same rules do not apply to Porsche.

      • Thank you Sherry, yeah it wasn’t just a little funny prank like hiding things. And anyone that thought it was funny is probably just as nasty as Porsche. I wouldn’t wish harm on anyone.

      • Karen, I agree and because BB condoned her actions it could have great repercussions for BB in the future. Maybe BB production is not the brightest bulbs in the bunch either because it could end up costing them a lot in the future if something does happen. I guess if production is not too bright that explains how some of these sick humans got on the show this year.

    • production probably switched it and gave her a warning…get over it?

      Oh, semen everywhere is not dangerous??

      I couldn’t imagine the shower?

  22. Reality_Junkies ….President’s speech tonight should not impact Big Brother. He told NFL fans not to worry, and kickoff begins 30 mins before BB. #bb13
    25 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    • i agree, Dani would vote for anyone over Adam. hell bring back Keith, put him in F2 against Adam and Daniele would give her vote to Keith

  23. If Jordan is evicted the only hope Porsche win is over Adam. Even then I am not sure. If she brings Jordan and Adam to Final 3 she will win Round 1. Then its easy for her to win the game. Jordan could win Round 2 and 3 but not Round 1. Against Rachel at best she will lose 5-2. Against Adam she can win. Against Jordan she can still win 4-3. Best chance is against Adam tho she needs Rachel out!

    • As has been stated before by others, I don’t think Porsche can beat anyone that’s left. The entire jury knows she slept away the summer and rode Dani and Kalia’s coattails. Her wins aren’t going to matter. If it’s down to Adam and Porsche, Dani’s vote against Adam won’t matter. I think the vets will have his back and that’s all he’ll need.

      • Porsche cannot win against Adam. All vets will vote for Adam to win. Porsche definitely loses unless she takes Jordan to final 2, and then she at least has a shot because no one wants to give Jordan another $500,000, and Shelly will definitely not vote for Jordan now so Porsche wins!!!

    • She might not win but against Adam she has a shot. If Rachel makes Final Three I gurantee she will win this game they need her out NOW

  24. I think Porsche is playing the house for suckas! Not that I think she’s that smart but I’m guessing that she’s wanting them all to think she’s booting Jordan and last minute she’ll boot Rachel. If she keeps Rachel she’s ultra-whacko. I think Rachel should win so I hope she does boot Jordan (I LOVE Jordan by the way, good gamer or not). I wouldn’t count Jordan out if Porsche did happen to boot Rachel ;)

  25. The fact of the matter is, Porsche is evicting Jordan because she knows that Adam will most likely take Jordan to the Final Two. And if Jordan won, Jordan would most likely take Adam to the Final Two. Another thing Porsche is thinking about is that Jordan will be super hard to beat in the finals against anyone. Once Jordan is evicted, I think Rachel has the best shot at winning in the house and as long as she wins, she won’t get Janelle’d. If Rachel was in the Final Two with Porsche, I think it’ll be close:

    Rachel… (Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, maybe Adam)
    Porsche (Shelly, Daniele, Kalia maybe Adam)

    Final two with Adam vs Rachel

    Rachel (Kalia, Daniele, Brendon, Jordan, Jeff)
    Adam (Shelly and Porsche)

    Final two with Adam vs Porsche:

    Porsche: (Rachel, Jordan, Shelly, Kalia, Daniele)
    Adam: (Brendon, Jeff).

    • In your first scenario (Rachel vs. Porsche), I see Adam voting for Rachel. He respects the game and in respecting the game he’ll reward the better player.

      As far as your Porsche vs. Adam scenario, Rachel and Jordan will vote with “their man”. If Porsche is the one with blood on her hands, Adam is in the clear to get the Vets’ votes.

      • NO WAY!! Rachel will win hands down if she is final two with Porsche but Porsche will not make it that far keeping Rachel. Brendon, Adam, Jeff and Jordan vote for Rachel and she beats Porsche. Adam has already said he will vote for Rachel. PORSCHE LOSES!

  26. dani and kalia want vote for adam, dani for sure want vote for him..kalia might vote for adam..porsche biggest move and therefore the season shocker would be to evict rachel..endurance against rachel will last all night, rachel is not bulging we all know this, she will hang on for dear life no matter what…porsche against rachel guarantees her 50k..

  27. Well it looks like Jordan is going tonight. I’m sad to see this happen so I guess I hope Rachel wins. Sure don’t want to see Adam or Porsche win. For the 2nd season in a row things have not ended the way I would like. I guess I’ll just have to wait again until next season. I hope it’s allstars. Just want to say that I’m sure all the regulars on this site know I was a big J/J fan but if we agreed or not about our favorites I had a really fun time debating everything with all of you. Some posts got a little heated but I hope everyone knows it was nothing personal just game. LOL And just want to thank everyone, I had a blast. Thanks to you also Matt(BBN) for this site. Hope to see all you guys back on this site next season. And for you guys that get your wish for final two…congratulations!!!

  28. the jury component is exactly why putting people who are couples outside of the house inside the house AGAIN is very unfair and takes away from the game. the “vet-couples” are too loyal to each other and not loyal to the concept of the game. Too bad for CBS…

  29. I’m with Porsche on this one. Granted Rachel is not my favorite, and she is a killer when it’s on the line for her, but I would rather see her have a shot than someone who has already won this; not to mention Jeff also won Favorite Houseguest at the same time. So in essence, a newbie will win BB this season.

    • IF they keep Rachel, then no a newbie will lose BB 13. RACHEL WILL WIN because she will have the votes. Against Porsche, Rachel gets Adam because he has already said he will vote for Rachel in final 2, he has Jordan, Jeff and Brendon which means Rachel wins $500,000. Against Adam, Rachel wins again because Dani will not vote for Adam so Rachel has Dani, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan which means Rachel wins $500,000. Porsche agains Adam: Porsche once against loses because Adam has Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Jordan which means Adam wins $500,000. There is no scenario where Porsche can win unless she takes Jordan to final 2, and then she has a pretty good shot because Jury does not want Jordan to win again. DUMB MOVE PORSCHE keeping Rachel because you will be next in Jury and get to see Dani very soon. HAHA Love your stupid LOGIC!!!

  30. I keep reading how Adam was a floater but he really isn’t as big a floater as Jordan. He made alliances with both sides & still survived. He got Kahlia, who was constantly berating him, out. He was able to deflect Shelly’s attempt to throw him under the bus. Now he put up Jordan. So Porche won the veto. Either way Adam won the HOH & the previous Veto to save himself to the final 3. Big Jeff (LOL, anyone who refers to himself as Big when standing 5’9 has some real problems) & his buddy Brendon are really not as good of players in reality as they think in the fantasy world of their minds. They are both sitting on their ass in the jury house while Adam is still playing. Dani was able to coast for a month after her father just quit. She had immunity & still is in the jury house. Adam is trying to put himself against Prosche because he will win. He is the puppet master right now. He has played a better game than anyone. Rachel only made it this far because Adam chose to use her to help get rid of other people he hated more like Kahlia. Jordan is a total floater & follower who hasn’t done shit but ride coat tails. She did it last year too. She needs to go. If Porsche wins the final 3 part HOH she will keep Adam. If Rachel wins same thing. If Jordan wins she will try to keep Rachel. Adam is in the position to make the final 2 due to his smart play. Dani & Shelly & Kahlia talking smack about how bad Adam is at playing but he won when he needed too & played the social game perfect. He is a good player not them. They are in the Jury house & he is still playing. Adam will win the final HOH & eliminate Rachel but even if he doesn’t win he should be in the final 2. Adam deserves to win BB13 because he played the best game.

    • I’d say you’re confused as to what a floater is. Floating is not the same as “riding coattails” or “doing nothing.” Floating is shifting from side to side and following the power.

      Adam would even admit he floated this season. He turned down the Vets when he thought Newbs were in control, then saw they were in power and went to them. Then when Newbies took power back he went back to them. When Rachel/Jordan were saved by Pandora’s Box he went back to them.

      That’s pretty much the definition of floating.

      • Oh, I thought it meant do nothing which clearly isn’t the case. That would be Jordan.

        Adam has played a great game. K & D are just jealous.

        Adam deserves to win. R cries too much & makes too many faces. Also everytime I watch BB After Dark there is R with her face in the fridge.

      • yes Racheal may have her face in the frig but I wish I could look that good and have my face in the frig jealous much

    • Tell me how do you stay in the house when someone back doors you or when its a double eviction speaking about brendon and Jeff love to see you do it

  31. Don’t know why nobody wants to see Jordan win again… From what I understand, she spent most of her $$$ on a house for her mother. That and taxes must have taken a good chunk out of her winnings. $500K doesn’t go as far as it used to… Why do you think E.D. even considered coming back?

  32. I think it is wrong to assume Adam cannot win. He will win the final HOH – he will take Porcha – why because the vets will repect his game – if it is true he held back until the end when it matter most and by doing so he made few enemies the vets and true players of the game will say it was a brilliant game play.

    The vets really dislike Porche – if Aadm wins the final HOH he will take Porche and rachel will understand because he will explain it in a game sense way 0- she is a player and will respect his decision.

    If rachel wins I think she will take Porche because she will want Adam on the jury – he will vote game which means he will not vote for Porche

    • Bobby,

      I agree with your statement that Adam will win the FInal HOH.

      Rachel wins part 1
      Adam wins part 2
      Adam wins part 3

      However, Adam will evict Porsha and take Rachel to the FInal 2 because he knows Porsha will have Dani and Kalia’s vote as well as a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon.

      Game….Set…..Match…. Porsha wins

      However, Adam will believe he will have Dani, Kalia, Shelly, And Porsha’s vote over Rachel because all of these ladies have said they can’t stand Rachel… He doesn’t know Dani thinks he is the owrst player ever….

      Adam can only hope if Porsha wins, she will pick him, but for the same reason he won’tmpick her, she won’t pick him.

      Porsha would worry that Adam would get, Jeff, Jordan, and a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon’s vote as well as Shelly because she had a personal relationship with Adam…

  33. Here is my opinion of BB. R will win the endurance comp. A or P cant beat her in this. in the 2 comp the winner of the first comp cant compete so the 3 comp is usually ? so if R wins endurance, then the 2nd comp is skill, A or P either one could win this and then they will compete in the 3rd comp and the winner of the 3rd comp is the final HOH and they pick who is in the final with them. if R wins the 1st comp and say Adam wins the 2nd they will compete fin the 3rd. both are really good at the memory thing so it could be either one. if R wins 1st comp and P wins 2 comp then it could also go either way as P acts like a dumb blonde but like R said to her the other night on SHO2 abt acting dumb and she said yes. and grinned. so who really knows how this could go… if P was smart she would keep J but I think she thinks she will have the votes against R from the jury. she thinks they dont like R so. I dont really want someone to win who hasnt done much in the whole season, until 2 weeks ago P didnt do anything, and now A and P are finally competing? pluse P didnt do any thing the first 4 weeks as she had the key. wouldnt it be crazy if P and R had a secret alliance all thru the show? they seemed like they were friends the first couple of weeks and then Dani can thru w her crap. so I just thought that would make great tv to finally have a secret alliance w noone knowing. and make it to the very end and then tell wveryone that would be great tv… well we shall see tonight 4 hrs for me. No floaters! GO RACHEL!

    • Rachel will win against anyone if she is in final 2. And from watching live feeds and BBAD Porsche and Rachel did not have a secret alliance. In fact after week 3 Porsche hated Rachel until this last week.

  34. It seems there are two Sherrys so I will go as Sherry1. I do not think that Brendon or Rachel either one would vote for Jordan, because of Jeff
    throwing the comp that sent Brendon to jury and be-cause R thinks J is the biggest floater in the house now. She has never come through for R in any of the comps, but left it all to R to get them
    through. Jordan did well in the Zingbot comp, but
    she had R and A both tutoring her all night. Then
    there is the “she has already won” vote mentality
    in the jury. I don’t think Jordan would be a shoe-
    in as some think. She could more easily be beaten
    than R, but R will most definitely win it if in F2.
    Even Dani has said she will vote for the best player. It will be interesting to see how things
    work out tonight.

  35. Delusional…that would be all of you haters that obviously have no competitive spirit in yourselves that wish to call Jordan names and worthless. She’s won once and would probably do it again if she had the chance. Porshe, really? Is this who you all would like to see win? Miss “I’m the most beautiful thing that’s ever been on BB.” NOT! She’s done nothing for herself this season, just follow in Dani’s footsteps (she even said it herself when she stated “that’s what Dani would have wanted.” I would MUCH rather see Bacon boy win than her! And Rachel, well, I guess being a badass bitch has gotten her thus far, at least she’s a true competitor and deserves to win more so than either Porshe or Adam. The finale would have been best being Rachel vs. Jordan…make them choose, past winner or BB bitch???

  36. I don’t think Jordan will make it to the final two if they keep her. Both Adam and Porshe can beat her in the competitions. They will never beat Racheal in the competitions. They need to evict Rachael from the house and they both will be ensured seats in the f2. Unfortunately they will keep Rachael in the game and one of them will be going home and one will get second place.

    • @herself I agree with you. I think Rachel will win regardless. I predict one of the comps will be the Morph one. I saw Rachel studying it Tuesday at one point when everyone else was asleep after being kept up all night. She stared at it for a very long time and I am sure no one else knows it like her.

      I also expect her to win the endurance one. My prediction to who wins BB13 will be Rachel which I said in an earlier post. Whether she takes Adam or Porche doesn’t matter. because as you said, one will go home, and one will lose.

      When I heard Porche say she was taking Rachel there was no mystery anymore.

  37. Your reaction?

    Adam doesn’t know it yet, but his home town was devastated by Hurricane Irene, and been declared a disaster. Don’t know what the guy has to go back to, I’m rooting for him to win because of that, and because of his integrity thoughout the game. I felt he was his own person, wanted to play and win legitimately, and not because of any shady alliance nor backstabbing. I’m definitely voting him as my favorite, so he can at least get that much money.

  38. Whi sats jor is liked coz she comes from the south and pretty she has to go go go I come from the north and DAMN do I look beautiful

  39. I dont think that Porsche should vote out jordan, she would be better off voting Rachel out. she is better at competitions than jordan. But if porsche thinks voting out jordan because she won it two years ago. then so be it, but it’s not in her best interest.

  40. Jordan can make so many arguements to stay, but she is not making any of them. First of all she hasn’t won crap. Anybody standing next to her will look like the best BB competitor ever. If she leaves, Rachel will win.. she has the jury votes. Why anybody sees Jordan as a threat is beyond me. Who cares that she won last year. The next flip of a coin has nothing to do with the previous one.

    • Jordan said she would rather see Rachel in the game than her when the 4 newbies (Adam, Kalia, Porsha and Shelly) were in power and Jordan and Rachel were on the block…. Jordan isn’t going to say anything negative about Rachel even if it isn’t directed at Rachel to stay in the game…

  41. we are at the end now and i think porsche will keep rachel and i hope rachel wins she deserves it despite all her drama, she is a good player come on folks dont you agreee?

  42. 2 hours and 12 minutes before BB comes on and 3 hours and 12 minutes before I watch the endurance aka part 1 of the HOH comp with my live feeds!!!

  43. Not a smart move at all. If she takes Rachel to F3 she might not make it to F2. With Jordan and Adam, she’s guaranteed to win the endurance, so all she needs to worry about it the 3rd round.

    If she takes Rachel though, she’ll probably lose the endurance and then she’ll have to win both rounds to be in the F2.

    • Jeni,

      BB comes on at 9 EST / 8 CST, so we (I am CST) won’t miss anything…. President Obama’s speech is scheduled at 7:00 PM CST

  44. I REALLY hope porsche does not win! she’s been sleeping and eating all summer ! she doesn’t deserve it.. at this point i think rachel probably deserves it the most..

    • rachel deserves zip. just cuz she hasnt freaked out and ripped up the house dosent make her a “competetor”. plus her saying shes a competeor over and over and over dosent make her one. she needs a babysitter (brendon-jordon) just to act like a civil human being. she is way too old and played-out to be playing the white-trash bimbo. hopefully its just an act, like the rest of BB.

  45. Here are my predictions for the remeining week of BB13….

    Jordan will be evicted tonight….

    Adam will win the Final HOH.

    Rachel wins part 1
    Adam wins part 2
    Adam wins part 3

    However, Adam will evict Porsha and take Rachel to the Final 2 because he knows Porsha will have Dani and Kalia’s vote as well as a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon.

    Game….Set…..Match…. Porsha wins

    However, Adam will believe he will have Dani, Kalia, Shelly, And Porsha’s vote over Rachel because all of these ladies have said they can’t stand Rachel… He doesn’t know Dani thinks he is the owrst player ever….

    Adam can only hope if Porsha wins, she will pick him, but for the same reason he won’tmpick her, she won’t pick him.

    Porsha would worry that Adam would get, Jeff, Jordan, and a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon’s vote as well as Shelly because she had a personal relationship with Adam…

    Both Adam and Porsha will take Rachel….. Rachel will win BB13…..

    P.S. Rachel will take Adam over Porsha because Porsha will have 2 definate votes with Dani and Kalia in the jury as well as Adam who will be bitter and Shelly because Shelly doesn;t like her.

    • Porsha won’t beat Adam or Jordan either….. Porsha is playing for 2nd at best…. Neither Rachel or Adam will even take her to the Final 2….. Porsha will have to win and would choose Rachel for the reasons stated in my next post ok? Enjoy the show tonight….. I know I will!!! Especially the endurance comp aka part 1 of the Final HOH….

    • Yeah, Rachel has a lock on this competition if that idiot porsch votes jordon out.I love porsch’s idiot logic, for voting out jordon. Go Rachel

    • Porsch is busy picking out her next…..shocker, velour track suit. (no taste this girl, has a fashion sense like Kalia)

      • AGREE, PORSCHE does not have the brains the lord gave her because of her idiotic logic she will be the next one in the Jury House. I love it because it still means that RACHEL will win BB 13. She may of had a chance with Jordan but she is to dumb to realize that so thanks Porsche for being you!!! HAHA Rachel will laugh all the way to the bank and then hate you when she sees the tape of you talking about her. PORSCHE YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terrible move Porsche! I can see Rachel winning Part I already. With the way Jordon was behaving lethargically, Porsche should have voted her in. This will come back to haunt her!

      Also, very disappointed with Jordan and I am sure J/J fans are pissed that she gave up so easily! No fight for herself or Jeff. Ran out of gas?

  46. Well, I hope Porsh evicts Jordan (although I love her, sweet girl) and then Rachel wipes the BBH floor with Porsh Than Adam and Rach f2, may the best win (although the best is Rachel) but Adam did well Porsh doesn’t deserve to win a thing, mean girl and dirty tricks

    • Moe,

      I want Rachel to win BB13 as well….. I believe shhe will be in the Final 2 with Adam….. Not because she evicts Porsha, but because Adam evicts Porsha after he beats Porsha in Part 2 of the HOH and then beats Rachel in Part 3 of the HOH…. Yes Rachel will win Part 1 of the HOH, but Adam will win the last comp….. He will think he is taking the best player in Rachel (which is true compared to Porsha)…. He will argue he won 2 HOH’s and 3 POV’s which is simular to Rachel’s 3 HOH’s and 2 POV’s…..

      Rachel will wiin by default of the 4 vets Brendon (Fiance’), Jeff and Jordan (Alliance), and Dani (because she wants the best player to win and considers Adam the worst BB player ever)…..

      • Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!! What up?????????!!!!!! I wanted to tell you something….

        Rachels gonna win round 1
        Porsches gonna win round 2
        Rachels gonna be the final HOH by winning round 3!


    • I agree. The fact that Jordan has already won is a reason to keep her. That, added to the fact that she is an equal floater to the other two, would give whom ever goes with her a better chance of winning votes. Happy for Porsche. Hope she re-thinks her choice. Maybe is’s just to throw Rachel off. I doubt it.

      • Jordan would not take Adam she would of taken Rachel, but Porsche is an idiot because she loses ridiculous after she votes out JORDAN. LOVE IT!!!

    • Moe i am a Jordan fan. But now i want her evicted. Why? Because Rachel is the only one who can get rid of P. She should have but kicked out for the things shes done.I had to get off the site earlier today because i was so mad.I hope theres people out there who cares more for a uborn child than they do for that witch winning. Dont want her to get nothing.

      • I agree dontlikepiggys(your name makes Me lol) a lot of people are saying Porsche should have gotten a penalty vote and what not, but not this late, not at this point n the game, that would be unfair. But I. Honestly think she should have just been pulled from the show when it all happened, she has been such a negative draining part of this season…she’s done NOTHING all game, now all of the sudden. People. Think she’s great because she won a couple comps when everyone else was gone. Lol. Its only the dani fans who feel porsche is at least “doing it for dani” gosh make me. Vomit.

      • THIS TIME I totally agree with you Vet FAN, BB should of evicted Porsche the minute it happened. That sent a really bad message by letting her continue to stay and by condoning her actions which will probably end up at some point some nut that BB lets into the house will end up hurting someone really bad and hope they SUE CBS AND BB which they will do and CBS and BB will have no defense!!!

  47. Good evening everyone,

    Here are my predictions for the remaining week of BB13…. Rachel will be the winner of BB13. The following are exaqmples and reasons why I say that:

    Jordan will be evicted tonight….

    Adam will win the Final HOH.

    Rachel wins part 1
    Adam wins part 2
    Adam wins part 3

    However, Adam will evict Porsha and take Rachel to the Final 2 because he knows Porsha will have Dani and Kalia’s vote as well as a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon.

    Game….Set…..Match…. Porsha wins

    However, Adam will believe he will have Dani, Kalia, Shelly, And Porsha’s vote over Rachel because all of these ladies have said they can’t stand Rachel… He doesn’t know Dani thinks he is the owrst player ever….

    Adam can only hope if Porsha wins, she will pick him, but for the same reason he won’tmpick her, she won’t pick him.

    Porsha would worry that Adam would get, Jeff, Jordan, and a bitter Rachel and by extension Brendon’s vote as well as Shelly because she had a personal relationship with Adam…

    Both Adam and Porsha will take Rachel….. Rachel will win BB13…..

    P.S. Rachel will take Adam over Porsha because Porsha will have 2 definate votes with Dani and Kalia in the jury as well as Adam who will be bitter and Shelly because Shelly doesn’t like her.

    • Guess you just have to wait and see who Porche sends home. The vets and adam have lied to her about vots and so on. I would fool everyone also.

      • @Leo,

        Save telling Rachel she’s going home and possibly having to put up with psychotic rants.

        Keep Jordan, keep Jeff’s vote.

        Keep Jordan’s vote.

        Keep Dani’s vote, since Rachel irritated the hell out of her.

        Keep Kalia’s vote.

      • @ bbwatcher, your way off. She can’t keep jordan and jordans vote because she never had jordans vote and never will. Jordan will vote for adam or rachel over porsche, whether she sends her home or not

      • I think she meant that she has a chance of winning if she keeps Jordan because the other people in the jury do not want Jordan to win again, but she is too dumb to realize that. We need to call her PORKDUMB!!!

  48. BB calls the shots and Rachael will win the cash!
    The cast members are instructed on their movements in the diary room. So Jordan will be evicted tonight and
    Rachael and a newbie to be final two to keep you guessing what the jury votes will be since it almost
    a even call between vets and newbies. Wait and see BB
    will have their hand in Rachael winning and her wedding. all about ratings!!!

    • I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch a “Brenchel” wedding.

      I hope Porsche pulls a fast one and gets rid of Rachel tonight.

      • Porsha could possibly be fooling Rachel by lying yes…. What would she gain by oying to Adam about wanting to evict Jordan? What would she gain by lying to Jordan about wanting to evict her?

      • @Cartman…… SOOooooooo hope she does to Rachel what Ms R did to Dani/Shelly/Porsche, WHEN she acted as if she was going to keep Dani.

        That would be Poetic Justices!!!!!

      • @Leo…. good point. Maybe P just would like to see the reaction on everyones face!!!!!

        Oh, wait, this is Porsche world that= all about PORSCHE, not BIG game plays!!!!!!

    • I agree Laura. They gave us a tease by having Porsche win veto. That being said as soon as I heard she was taking Rachel I knew they wanted Rachel to win. Maybe they will have a BB wedding. lol

      I don’t think there is a chance for Porsche to change her mind just as Adam has never made a big move. He hated Rachel not that long ago and all at once they are friends.

      The only surprise would be if Porsche won some of the comps. and Rachel chose Porsche over Adam. No matter what Rachel wins.

      • Wow! I cannot believe you guys are still whining that its fixed. Get real, get over it, or get on to another show. Stop complaining, porsche is making a smart move people, who says she could beat adam or jordan in the final HOH? Porsche has to think about actually making it to F2 before she can think about votes. And adam would take jordan jordan would take adam. At least with Adam and Rachel there, porsche has a shot at getting either one of them to take her.

      • hey vet man at 6:10 I made a prediction about the eviction of Jordan, just finished watching the show and guess what
        Jordan was evicted. not whining but keep watching to see if it’s fixed

  49. well live feeds are down until tonight, so it looks like porsche will be keeping rachel and evicting jordan, although i hope rachel win if she does not a good game move on porsches the back of my mind i think ms porsche has the last word and it might not be what we are all thinking,anyway,i enjoyed this season of bb13 it wasnt the greatest but i kept watching..i have always been a jj fan win or lose…and if j does leave tonight she will go out with grace, style, and dignity..we all have our favorites and i will not bash or degrade anyone because they dont agree with me or my pick..different strokes for different folks…good luck to whoever ends up in the final least i can say they have done something i could never do (live in the big brother house)..but its just a game right…again good luck to whoever you are rooting for..peace!

  50. I think I’m giving Dani my vote for America’s player. I think was playing the game the way it should be played until she was evicted. She was kind of sneaky, but not overly mean, and I liked that in the game.

    • Dani played a horrible game, that resulted in her eviction and anyone close to her. I give her the dumbest player of the year award.

    • Dani played so well she got evicted early. lol
      I don’t like Rachel but she has played better than her by a long shot. Dani was very sneaky and mean.

    • At least Dani played the game. Too many people were sheep or mindless dolts. Too bad Cassie and Dom got screwed because they seemed to want to actually play the game as well. Dani gets my vote.

      • Dani risking her game for Dom was a bad move. I got the impression that Dom would have played her for a fool. If she thought she was going to easily
        manipulate him she was dead wrong.

      • If dani went home that soon how did she play the game? People have her so confused. She did everything BUT play the game. She made a showmance, right away and got all tangled up in dominic and that was it, her season was over before it started. Playing the game would have been keeping her stupid little mouth shut and sticking where she was, making “big moves” when the time was right. Instead she tried to oust her own alliance when she held not an ounce of power to do so, all because she wanted so desperately for Dom to stay, she told brenchal outright”if Dom goes home I’m going to be pissed”. She warned them she’d come after them for getting Dom out. Nevermind the fact that it was her OWN actions that actually got Dom out. Then it was a down hill slope from there, she played the rest of the game so personally her only goal in the house was to avenge Dom and do to Rachel what Rachel did to her “get her man out”. She beamed in on Brenchal so hard that she had tunnel vision, she should have played much smarter. In my opinion, she did everything BUT play the game. By the time she tried to pick the peices back, her game had become far. Too messy to clean.

      • That is usual excuse of the booted house guests that they played the game! LOL Jeff, Danielle and Shelly made some dumb moves that is what got them evicted from the game! Brendon was too trusting of Jeff. The ones remaining deserved to win because they played a much better game than the house guests in the jury house! Talk about sour grapes. That is all it is!
        None of those in the jury house deserves to be America’s Best Player. It should come from those still in the Big Brother House because they played much better than those on the jury house and are still playing for that $500,000!

    • Dani didnt play worth a crap! She thought she could make a move but she made it so early in the game even i knew she was going home! Her dad even said it was stupid. Some followed her because she was vet! Jeff deserves Americas vote if you are truly voter for a player!

    • Dani didnt play worth a crap! She thought she could make a move but she made it so early in the game even i knew she was going home! Her dad even said it was stupid. Some followed her because she was vet!

      • @Dontlikepiggys…Antoher great observation!! Dani”s only claim to fame would be her poor choice of clothes!! And her “freinds”!! She is getting all she desrves in the jury house and yet she still acts like “@@@@” Rachel says she is!!

        I still feel Jordan should win Americas vote.

    • I am giving Dani my vote. She played well, her downfall was not controlling Kalia enough during Kalia’s HOH that evicted Lawon.

  51. I believe Porsche is playing with us and will evict Rachel, shocker! Foolish of her to go up against Rachel in competion……..

  52. Mindy1 what show have you been watching???There was no one meaner or nastier than Dani…She made upo mean stuff to say about others and made fun of everyone behind their back. She tried to be just like daddy and hide and steal things from others in the house just to blame it on others. But unlike daddy she never had the guts to tell anyone the truth to their face. Her only contribution was “shocker”…nothing but stupidity because she could have won it all if she had played an aboveboard game and made alliances based on game play not on jealousy over jj and b.r relationships which she is obviously not likeable enough to have one of her own. She was only on the show because of her daddy carrying her in her season…

    • Well, Daddy had to leave and left Dani without a partner, you have to admit two is better than one looking out for each other. Dani new Jeff was going after Dom so she tried to make a deal B/R. Shelly told Jordam about the deal to back door Jeff. Jordan to B/R that was all of them not just Jeff. So truthful Jordan lied to B/R to get them to vote out Dom. Dani told them if they did she would not be happy. She deserved a partner just like they had, why not Dom. BR/JJ started the war she just put a end to most of it. Great game play Dani. You should listen to Jeff and Rachel talk about people again. You must be missing something.

      • Dani is a spoiled brat, who admitted that she stirred up crap because she was bored with the golden key. Even her father said she made a huge mistake by turning on her alliance so early in the game!!! What did it get her? Oh, that’s right a VOTE in the jury house. Good luck spending that :)

      • Cb if she was truly smart she would have hid her partnership with Dom and they wouldnt have went after him.he shud have made friends with Jeff. Dani would have been good with J and have Dom on her and Jeffs.

      • It was all about the boy toy, Dominick. After that, Danielle cannot think straight at all! Just shows you eye candy can blindy anyone! Danielle traded $500,000 for her boy toy! Yes, good job Danielle to getting evicted early. You are someone else’s Christmas present and it is just September! LOL

  53. Porsche is playing for second place at best, she will not beat Rachel, Jordan or Adam in the F2. Porsche is making a good decision keeping Rachel(if this is what she does) because Adam would take Jordan and Jordan would take Adam. This way, she has Rachel and Adam, and neither one of them would be set in stone on taking eachother to F2. Porsche best shot to even make F2 is A:obviously winning final HoH, which I think she has just a very slim chance of doing, because she’s horrible at questions. B: put her hopes on Adam or Rachel taking her. Over eachother. Lastnight the very first thing she whispered to Adam, when he asked if she’s keeping Rachel was “uh huh, I mean I know you and Jordan are close and her and Jordan are close, so if Jordan had won that veto, id be the one going”.

  54. Porsche’s a card player and today she’s probably making the biggest bluff of her life.Won’t be surprised to see Rachel evicted.And who cares how times Jordan wins BB, strategy wise it’s irrelevent.

    • Kinda thinking the same thing, EXCEPT, the other part of my brain believes…Porsche’s brain power does not have much depth.
      Lets chat after the live eviction!!!! :)

    • The reason not to keep Jordan is not because she has won before. It has to be more about being liked by everyone practically in the Big Brother House including those in the jury house.
      Jordan is well liked and if she gets to Final 2 has a pretty good chance of winning that $500,000 regardless of who the 2nd person is!

  55. No matter who Porkchop evicts, she won’t win. If you go with the “jury votes who played the game” theory, you can’t sleep for 50+ days then ‘come alive’ once all the strong players are gone and say you played the game all along. If you go with the “popularity” theory, she unleashed the duo twist. Either way she’s screwed. Same for Adam, he didn’t win anything until all the “good” plyers were gone. His first veto was a gift from Jeff, his second was lucky because Porkchop grabbed the wrong pie; the only comp he really won was this HOH. Jordan is a sweetie but a poor competitor. Rachael (forgive me for admitting) is the only real competitor left. Aside from her poor sportsmanship, she came out of the gate swinging on day one and hasn’t stopped.

    • Did it every occur to u that A was throwing some of the comps to keep a target off his back?
      P did herself alot of harm with the jury with her “it’s what Dani would have wanted” statement. I got the feeling they didn’t respect that at all. I even got the feeling Dani didn’t even respect that kind of play.

  56. I am sorry but Porshe would be so stupid to keep Rachel, if she wants a chance. Plus the last thing I want to see is Rachel on every morning news show saying the dang “f” word repeatedly.

  57. Get Rachel outta there….She lost last time and voted out of spite for someone other than the “competitor” she claims to respect. She is as sore a loser as she is a boastful whinny winner. The goal is to win $500k and she can be good in challenges where the others lack. Vote out Rachel….Jordon out next (won already and floated this ENTIRE time) then let it be between Adam and Porsche. No matter how many complaints, if there are no vets at the end and two newbies are sitting there, it proves who’s game is best (and expect another on camera pout by Brenchel on finale night). Bottom line is whether you like them or not..the best players are the final two (whomever they are) because they are there and the others are not. Even if you believe others played the game better, they also got voted off because of their arrogance or they were a threat. Good grief, if that sing-song whinny Rachel does win, I know I will throw up in my mouth! Lol

  58. How does everybody like Rachel?She is so grrr Im to much woman to say what she really is.No Im not jealous of her either.I wouldnt want to be her.If I was her I couldnt even stand myself.She is just one of these poeple that creeps me out.I dont know way.Maybe its her laugh, maybe it being to clingy ro Brendon.I havent figured it out yet.I guess I better figure it soon there its that many more shows.

    • Let me back that up alittle I really wanted Rachel to win after Dani left the house.But after last night I cant stand her.I guess I seen the real Rachel for the first time.Maybe after last night everything that Rachel does gets under my skin.Not that I like Jordan any better.I guess this year got old to me quick.

    • I agree with you Lori. There’s something about this season that is simply unpleasant. I don’t know if it is bringing back recent players or twisting the game in their favour or the newbs being so incredibly bad at gameplay (outside of maybe Cassie and Dom but I guess we’ll never know).

    • Lori,

      I watch BB live Feeds every night… Rachel just played cards with Adam and Porsha until she went to sleep….. Either you are starting rumors or just misleading people….

      • I didn’t see anything different than what you’ve written. She played cards while Jordan ironed her clothes, then went to bed. Big deal.

      • I watched it too.Rachel ,Adam.and Porsha was playing cards and eating grapes.Big deal Did I say anything about Rachel being mean to Adam or Porsha.I said Kalia.

    • amos Im just not the type to be twofaced.When Kalia lost last night she said call me a river.When she lost she hide in the brushes and cryed.I got over that but when she evicted Kalia last night and she said ,Kalia you really picked up your game lately but I have to vote you out.Then kmow more than she said that she run to Jordan and said can you belive I said that,Then laughed that what she did to get under my skin.That might be just may own opion.

      • I dont watch the live feed.I dont have the live feed.I watch after dark on showtime.I wasnt talking about the live feed I was saying how she acted last night on the show.

      • Actually she didn’t say “Do you beleive I just said that”…she said “what did I just say…I don’t even remember what I said…thats what she said

    • Danielle has been the meanest and nastiest house guest this season. She got lucky and lasted as long as she has because she threw her game away for a boy toy named Dominic. After Dominic got into her head, she went downhill after that. She would have made Attila the Hun proud with her take no prisoners approach. Of course, when it came time for the to go, nobody cried tears for her! Sorry, if there is one most despicable person in the Big Brother House this season, it was Danielle!

      • I agree to a point with you. I think Shelly may beat her in nastiness or come in as a close second. That very behavior got them kicked out of the house. Too bad, so sad. Not at all. They got what they deserved.

  59. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying Jordan is a floater, she has been on one side of the house since the first day… A floater is someone who goes back and forth between alliances…

    A floater is a social mastermind who wavers between members of one particular clique or between multiple cliques in general, pitting people against one another and leeching out information without seeming like a threat. A perfected floater will appear incredibly trustworthy and neutral and will play both sides, but in reality, floaters look out for themselves and do whatever possible to keep themselves alive in any given scenario.

    Hmmmm, sounds like Dani, Shelly, and Porsche, NOT Jordan…

    • Stop wasting your time explaining :) the Jordan haters will never understand that, just as those against the vets (bratty D not included) will keep crying the show is rigged if they don’t like the outcome. I don’t see any of them complaining about the show being rigged now that porkche won veto. I bet if R or J (whoever stays) wins the next HOH this site will be flooded with “it’s rigged! it’s fixed” comments again from the same posters.

      • You are 100% correct Witchisdead. If Jordan or Rachel would of won POV everyone would of said CBS fixed it for the vets.

      • This year has been the biggest waste of my time,.It wouldnt mattered if my favorite would have won. I still say something was up.Dani is my favorite,All Im saying Thank God for Sept 14 survivor .

    • ITA. That description does not fit Jordan at all. She isn’t a mastermind of anything at all. She coasted through the game first on Jeff’s back and then on Rachael’s back. She never pitted anyone against each other or stir things up at all. The only reason Jordan coasted through is because no one saw her as a threat so no felt a need to evict her.

  60. Would it not creat chaos if Porsche had to forfit the game cause she told Jordon that she was gonna vote her out? That would be a big twist for sure..Cause if that happened BB would be enforcing the rules which they don’t do..

    • Since when is it a rule that houseguests cannot tell someone that they are going to vote them out? I really don’t think that is a rule at all. At any rate big brother is obviously going to take Rachael to final 2 so they have no reason to make Porshe forfiet the game.

  61. i feel sooooo bad for jordan. From the begginning jordan and rachel were my favourites, though i love rachel more. i feel so bad for her being so close. right now its up to rachel, who would have thought she would be the last ved standing. gl to both of them, and fyi if vote gets fliparrod and rachel gets evicted i will pribabaly have a mental breakdown lol

    • Me too, I’m really rooting for rachel, and I also feel bad for Jordan if Jordan stays I really hope she wins!

  62. At this point Rachel has a very good chance of winning Big Brother.
    Say what you want about her, but she’s very good at competitions.
    I think her best move would be to take Adam to the final 2 if she makes it that far.

  63. The good news about tonight’s “endurance” comp is that, whether its R/A/P or J/A/P, it will be over well before BBAD starts.

    Even Adam knew it when he asked Rachel and Porche if production will be pissed when the comp is over in less than two hours.

  64. it is tsrting cross ur fingers that rachel stays and wins BB. hope jordan gets america’s player cause i like jordan too but GOOOOO RACHELL

  65. ok….got to ask…what did I miss that Porsha did that she should have been thrown out/evicted for?? I don’t like her but didn’t see anything she did that she should of been thrown out of big brother for so I obviously missed something. Still a Jeff & Jordan fan just because I think they are so cute/nice and Jordan really does seem like a REAL kind person. I use to hate Brendon and Rachel (and Rachels laugh still is like nails on a chalk board ) but I do have alot more respect and like them way better this season. I wish Cassie could have played longer and Dominic too cause I think it would have been a much better season…they should have ditched Kalia and Porsha from Day 1 they both suck….

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