Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Thursday Highlights

After a relatively quiet day in the Big Brother house, things became much more interesting during the live show as we watched Lawon get evicted, per his request, which has to go down as the most idiotic move in the game’s history!  Not only did we see Dani vote out one of her own alliance members but then we get to watch in horrified fascination as Brendon wins his way back in the game.  Brenchel show take two coming right up!  But wait!  Who won the HoH?

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 11, 2011

7:12 PM BBT – Rachel is thanking America while Brendon is so happy we love him again.  Again? Did we ever love him before?
7:15 PM BBT – Dani saying she knew this would happen and wants to punch her fist through the wall while Kalia wants to just go home.  That’s right Kalia, become a quitter too.  You and Dani both deserve for Brendon to come back for making such a foolish move.
7:20 PM BBT – Dani in the kitchen with Adam making sure he knows the vets originally wanted him gone.  Adam doesn’t say a word or change his facial expression.
7:45 PM BBT – Dani may make a deal with Brenchel if she wins HoH.  Why would you do that?  You vote one of them out again.  Geez this girl is not the gamer I thought she was. Dani and Kalia are NOT happy Brendon was allowed to see their goodbye messages and still come back in the house because of the content of their messages were mean.  On the other side of the house, Brendon says they gave him a choice of going into sequester and possibly coming back in the game even for just a day and he took it because of how sad Rach was when he left.
8:00 PM BBT – Adam tells Shelly they are back to having to try and get out Brendon and Rachel.
8:15 PM BBT – Brendon says he will rub Kalia’s goodbye message in her face.  He can’t believe Dani and Kalia were dumb enough to vote out Lawon.  Says they stole the last two weeks of their HoH’s.
8:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan are happy because the target is off their backs for at least two weeks now.
9:00 PM BBT – Kalia comes out of DR and says it’s time for the HoH comp and the feeds go out.
10:00 PM BBT – Feeds are still off but BBAD is on and get this people…Dani has saved her butt and won HoH.  WOW! LOLOLOLOLOL  Now it’s time to play smart Dani.  You were given another chance.  Do NOT make your deal with Brenchel.  Get one of them out of again.

There’s no rest for the weary this weekend though so don’t go far. We’ll have the nominations tonight and the Veto competition tomorrow so stay close by.

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  1. there we go again I wonder who is she going to nominate?
    Shelly? or will it be the sameo team BR?

    • I hope she nominate Ken & Barbie(Jeff/Jordan) or Brendon & Rachel. Put Brendon/Rachel on the block again !!

      Gooooooooooooooooo Dani !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you guys are such Dani fans, ou should really be rooting for her to get rid of Shelly or Adam. Do you really think that she has a strong alliance within Porsche and Kalia? if Dani doesn’t play it smart this week, she will most likely be gone next week. We can all count on one thing..Dani’s lucky reign of power WILL run out next week. They have only about a 20% chance of their alliance winning HOH next week. If she doesn’t get rid of Shelly or Adam this week, and one of them wins HOH next week, she will be on the block. If she deals with the vets, she has a better chance of not going up next week. Just my thoughts

      • No offense but that is delusional to think she should side with the vets. The numbers are 6 to 3 and she should not be going for numbers 5 and 6…who have never won a thing. The only change to two weeks ago could be if she makes nice with B and R and takes out J and J instead.

      • No offense but it’s delusional to think that Kalia or Porsche will HOH..Mark my word, Dani will absolutely send one of the 4 vets home this week, and in turn will be sending herself home next week. Guaranteed

  2. i can not believe that biotch is HOH again. she is the worst, most concieted person on this show along with her wimpy pal kaceface. she needs to be brought down and i hope brenchel does it

      • I agree. I can’t stand Dani. I wanted her to go. Now my favs Brendon and Rachel will be up for eviction. I wanted Dani to go so bad. How did she win the HoH? What did it involve?

      • So Xcited to have Dani ! back in control, I don’t like Brendon & Rachel, they think the World revolves around them, and they act like they are the only one’s that are suppose to win BB, just like J/J (Ken & Barbie)! Yuke! I hope it comes down to D/K!
        Gooooooooo Dani !!! take it all the way!!!!

      • Next week Daniele is gone and i cant wait, Bet a lot of people think the same. This week i think she going to put up Jorden and Rechal and back door Brendon.

      • Cat- she is really acting like she will put up Brendon straight away. Trying to backdoor Brendon is too risky…what if she puts Rachel and Jordan and Brendon gets drawn to play in POV and wins? then he can take Rachel off the block all the while saving himself. This is acrually exactly what I want to happen, because I thinki Jeff and Jordan would have a better chance to deal with Dani than Brenchal would, so she might not backdoor Jeff if this takes place. Then if worste comes to worste, Jordan and Jeff will tell Shelly, Adam, Brendon and Rachel to vote out Jordan instead of Jeff cause he will make it further in the game than she will. If this plays out, at worst…we lose Jordan, which out the 4 thats who I would prefer. But Dani needs to remember, she is only in power for one week. This little luck streak they have gloing on will end next week…period. thats why I hate her cockinesss…UUGHHHH she thinks shes so great, she looks like a nitemare before Christmas charactor.

      • Oh, please – if you ‘Brenchel’ fans can’t tell that America’s Vote was rigged in Brendon’s favor, then you’re either naive or just blind. NO ONE likes Brendon & Rachel! They do nothing but whine, cry, and complain – it’s pathetic. Thank God Dani won so she can kick their butts out of that House. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing J/J (i.e. Dumb & Dumber) go home, either. Dani’s back in the game, folks! It will be fun to watch the Vets squirm.

      • at Zach- actually no, you are blind and naive to think that many people actually cared about Dom or actually like Dani. Not only did Brendon win, but they said he had over 1 million votes out of 2 million or so. BB wouldn’t go that far as to say all that if it was rigged. And actually my vision is so clear, that I saw Brendon end up at the top of every single unofficial poll on the web, including this here site. Or let me guess, I am so naive to NOT believe that Julie hacked in to all those sites and changed their polls up too right?

    • Ughhh I agree! I can’t stand Dani! She is the biggest witch to ever step foot in the BB house! I realllly hope she doesn’t put BRENCHEL up this week, but she probably will b/c shes just like that! But I’m pretty certain if she does, and one of them gets voted out, the other will be gunning for her full force!!!


      • Dani is the Sh*t! love Dani! she needs to target Brendon & Rachel! even the Ken and Barbie of the house (j/j)!! Gooooo Dani win BB, take down the Vets, even Shelly, she dosen’t tell the truth, but she always say: ” She teaches her daughter to always tell the truth”, makes you wonder!


        GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DANI !!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed! I cannot stand Dani. She’s very mean and she will backstab Kalia as soon as she gets a chance. I really wish someone would get her out of there.

      • I love Dani !!! I hope she wins BB !!!! Dani get Ken & Barbie out (Jeff/Jordan)!!
        Take out Brendon & Rachel, then Ken and Barbie! Hate them!!!!!

      • I love Dani!!- you are failing to realize that Dani is ONE person, I’m sorry to dissapoint you, but she absolutely stands no chance of takig out JeJo and Brenchal…its just not going to happen…she is making all the wrong moves and has been since the beginning, she is being so unbelievably cocky…that I *a huge Brenchal/JEJO fan* hope she actually does get rid of one of the 4..and I hope it’s Jordan, so next week, when she’s no longer in power and Porsche and Kalia flop the HOH comp like we all know they will…there will be no turning back..She will feel the wrath of Jeff, Brendon and Rachel so bad. I am ready for one of the 4 (real players) to go to jury, so Dani can get what she deserves next week. You don’t ewant to be so happy mid-season. She should be wanting all the power toward the end…and a her rate, she wont get it. She said she didn’t want to win this HOH and this will be what bites her in the ass.

  3. B&R are not out of the game yet, if one of them wins veto theres a good chance shelly might be put up as a replacement and for all we know she could end up going home

    • Agreed. If she puts up both of them, only one can go, and they both play in the veto automatically. It would be better to put up rachel becasue she wins HOHs, Brendon wins vetos …

      • Team Dani!!!!! Goooooooooooooooooo Dani win BB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rooting for U!!!!!!

  4. I REALLY believe it was FIXED!!! And Rachel should not have been able to help Brendan beat Lawon. That wasn’t FAIR!! That was planned by the show too…. How else can anyone think with Rachel giving Brendan an advantage against Lawon…Sorry!!Sorry!! Shame on the Big Brother people making that happen, I really believe they FIXED the vote and game just for them…Ridiculous.

    • How in the world did the vets allow DanI to win this is nuts they all suck I wish Dom had come back now what a freaking waste if Danielle does not put up two of the four then she deserves to be remove de from the game they all suck I want shell or Adam to win now at least shell is playing the game and adam seems like a nice guy

      • I don’t think BB should have let Rachel help Brendon, Can we say FIXED game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • First of all, Brendon won all of the unofficial polls on the web, did they all rig theirs to? Dani fans are just like her-they think theyre the only ones that exist on this earth…HELLO! you people arent the only ones that voted! If you don’t realize by now, not that many people like Dani..also, everyone sitting on the chairs were helping Lawan…do you people really need to act so foolish to believe that Lawan could have beat Brendon in that comp, even if Rachels mouth was sewed shut? Even if everyone including Rachel was helping Lawan, Brendon still would have won…we all know this, so to say itwas rigged is just ridiculous. lets get real.

      • First of all, Brendon won all of the unofficial polls on the web, did they all rig theirs to? Dani fans are just like her-they think theyre the only ones that exist on this earth…HELLO! you people arent the only ones that voted! If you don’t realize by now, not that many people like Dani..also, everyone sitting on the chairs were helping Lawan…do you people really need to act so foolish to believe that Lawan could have beat Brendon in that comp, even if Rachels mouth was sewed shut? Even if everyone including Rachel was helping Lawan, Brendon still would have won…we all know this, so to say it was rigged is just ridiculous. lets get real.

    • You may have something there. I woul guess that if Brendon wasn’t evicted last week at all, this twist never would have appeared in the show. The twist was probably only goong to activated if either Brendon,Rachel,Jeff or Jordan were evicted.

      • Also, you really think hey would holdthe other 3 in sequestor, just incase Brendon got evicted week 4?

      • Vetfan, All the dani likers are going to b so upset when the four vets .Get Dani out,ONE of them are going to win hoh next week And bye bye Dani ,

      • I completely agree Cat..I really honestly feel her best bet is to try and deal with them, putting her fate in the hands of Kalia and Porshce…not smart lol..she will be gone before she can say WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!???

    • Just curious how it’s not fair. They both were picking up the same balls to put in there so if Lawon were SMART he would have been listening to Rachel and been following her advice for Brendon.

      • I agree! Lawon should have been paying attention to what everyone else was saying, it wasnt just Rachel! Lawon just couldn’t get the balls in the hole! Hes not exactly the athletic type lol.

      • They each had different balls in slots. How would Lawan listening to rachel help him?? Either way, whats done is done.
        Team Dani!!!!

      • @ becky, if he had been listening to Rachel from the jump, is the point. If he were actualy able to keep up with Brendon..,look lets just all be real, there was NO WAY he was beating Brendon, period…so what is the point of talking about Rachel helping him? Brendon already had 6 balls in be the time Lawan had 2. It wasn’t like Brendon couldn’t figure out the different colors on his own.

      • But to be fair, they didn’t start helping Lawon until they realized that Julie wasn’t going to step in and stop Rachel helping Brendon.

      • Yes that is exactly right Sunny…b/c they were all quiet for a long time and they were looking around like…”uh is someone going to stop her?” When no one intervened they started helping him too…

    • I still don’t understand why Rachel was allowed to help Brendon last night. I mean Lawon wasn’t probably going to win but still, that was cheating.

    • how was it fixed if number one, almost every website you go on with an unofficial poll, brendon and dominic were very close in votes the last two days of voting? and how is it unfair for rachel to help out brendon when the other house guests were also every out lawon. Of course they’re gonna turn up rachel’s mic.

      • Love DANI, why does all of your post say the same thing over and over? We get it, you want Dani to win, now do us all a favor and hush! It’s ok to be a fan but if I were Danielle, I wouldn’t want someone so obsessed with me to be my fan. You sound like a stalker, the kind that will break in someone’s house and sniff their undergarments….just plain creepy!

  5. Rachel didnt get to vote to bring brendon back. America did so stop crying about how they gave them a advantage and blame it on the real people whos fault it is.

  6. Had a preseason football game and could not see BB; didn’t even record it @2:07 AM. Thanks for the update. Knew Lewon made a stupid move, Brenden came back, but real sorry the Evil Danielle won HOH. She certainly must have that smirk on her face.

    • yea somewhere before the season started there was a rumor that Danimal will win.
      Someone mentioned this not me

      • I would be extremely surprised if she won – I just don’t think she has the votes. Although she might if she made it to final 2 with Rachel. But I don’t know how that could happen. But I guess we’ll see in September if the rumour is true. If she wins, we’ll definitely know it’s fixed because at this point, it just doesn’t seem possible.

      • I cannot imagine that if Danielle makes it to the finals she would have the votes to win it. I could be wrong, but I really don’t see Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, or Rachel picking her since she broke her alliance with them too early.

      • why is it the only intelligent debate that anyone can come up for with daniele is “goooooooo dani!!!!!! team dani!!!!!!!” or “i hate ken and barbie. the show is rigged. GOOOO DANNIII!!!”

    • Eveybody needs to lay off Dani!, she’s better than Brendon/Rachel, Rachel will do anything to stay in the house, so her and her man can go on a honeymoon. Team Dani!!!!!! Gooooooooooo Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • So will Dani do or say anything to stay in the house to They had ther chance to get Rachel out .but they didnt .Why do u keep saying the same thing

  7. I’m happy Dani won. Why?
    I just want it to be close between the two alliances.
    Dani’s Alliance- Dani, Kalia and Porsche
    Veteran’s Alliance- Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, Rachel, Adam and Shelly
    So now that Dani is in power, the alliances should shift again and it should be:
    Dani’s Alliance- Dani, Kalia and Porsche
    Veteran’s Alliance- Jeff, Jordan, Brendan or Rachel (because if Dani’s smart she will get one of them out) and Shelly. Adam will continue to float between alliances.

  8. I think that Jejo should be gone from the BB house. Jeff already $10,000 and Jordan won $500,000. Jeff is really annoyin’ with his ‘Big Jeff’ name..when he called Kalia ‘Big Kalia’ last week I lost all respect for him and when he made a comment about girls bein’ on their periods and bein’ moody I thought that was so insensitive. Jejo needs to go!!

    • Didn’t Dani also win about 50 g’s for comming in second. I just can’t remember. If so she should be gone.

    • I think DANI should be gone from the BB house cause she already won $ 50,000. Dani’s friend Dom gave Jeff the nickname “Big Jeff”. Dani gave Dom the nickname “PT”. Most all the HG’s are given nicknames. They are all adults in the house: (no matter their actions) A female PMSing is a fact of life..All the HG’s are annoying as they lie to each other..Backstabb each other and poke fun at or call each other names..It’s what happen in the BB house…

    • Dani should be gone not because of money, just because she is a vile evil human that makes semi good people want to barf.

    • Jeff is a sore loser,Jordan already Won and she still has money, they are just greedy!!!!!!, Jeff wants jordan to have her money and he has his. Win Dani!!!!!! don’t let Ken & Barbie get anymore money!

      • Dani has already won!!!! DANI STILL HAS MONEY..LET’S NOT GIVE HER ANY MORE VOTE HER ASS OUT!!!@!

      • NOOOOOOOOO Waaaaaaaaay in hell dani can win.She is a good player but her chances of winning are slim to none. If Jeff Jordan brendon and rachel are on the jury thats 4 votes against her. Her game is finished.

      • Dont count Dani out of win. If she is in final two and Brenda and Rachel are in jury, they may give her votes because they seem to be about game play. You just never know!

    • okay first off. Jordan doesn’t have a lot of that money left because she used it to buy her family a new house. and gave a lot of it away to her cousins for college. Second off, he called Kalia “big kalia’ as a spinoff of his name. He wasn’t calling her fat. And everyone was crying and on their periods. He was pointing out the obvious. Daniele won 50,000 dollars already. So if we go by your logic, then she deserves to be out of the game too. And another thing if we go by your logic, then brendon and rachel deserve to win since they obviously need the money since rachel can’t get a job and they can’t pay their bills.

  9. I find this BB much more interesting than in the past, especially since she is a sneaky b—-; people saw that the last time when her father beat her in the finals; don’t you remember? Shelly is playing a good game; and so is Jordan. In spite of Jeff she is still flying low and is underestimated. After all she did win BB before.

    • There is no need for Jordan to lay low. She is absolutely useless, she will not surprise us with any wins.

      • I don’t think she’s useless. I think she plays a very smart game. Why change her strategy if her strategy of laying low worked the last time? She hasn’t been a target once yet. The smartest thing for her to do is to lay low right now. Her social game is outstanding.

    • @ Jennie, even though that’s not the side I’m on, I have to agree. Jordan is playing a good social game. And people say what you want, but social game is important in big brother. With that being said, I feel Shelly is playing a good game as well but also feel people will start turning on her soon. They are starting to figure out that she’s playing both sides. Dani rocks at competitions, but her social game sucks. And Rachel usually is good at comp., but her social game sucks as well.

      • I agree…I think the only way Jordan would get voted out even if she was on the block is if Jeff and her actually told people to vote her out lol.

  10. Yeah Dani might have all of the power right now but think if somehow Jeff Jordan Brenden and Rachel get voted out and are in the jury by her hand there is no way in this green earth they will give her the votes to win the 500K. She may think she is goddess right now but make a stupid move and get those 4 out and they control the Jury thats the only good thing out of this if it comes down to that witch making it. Even if she votes one of them out this week there are still 3 or 4 in their alliance if you include Shelly and they can take her ( | ) out next week! She can’t evict Jeff and Brenden this week so next week they are coming after her! Daniele is not as smart as she thinks!

    • Yes. Thank you, that made me feel much better. I began thinking about it and I don’t think anyone, even Kalia (on some level) trust or like Dani. So maybe she won’t have all the power she thinks she will have!

      • LaRue, I agree with you somewhat about Kahlia. I think while Kahlia was HoH, she started seeing the know it all side of evil dani, and probably started regretting forming an alliance with her. I think Kahlia longs to be in Jeff and Jordan’s alliance, because from what I see much of the time, just are just nice — especially Jordan. Jordan just might win this again, and if she does, more power to her!
        I would love to see goodness pay instead of evil.

    • Daniele is the stupidest player ever… her true colors showed way too soon she can’t win every HOH her trolls can’t win every HOH there are 3 of them and 5 in the other alliance she is digging her way out the door! I hope next week a Vet or even shelly wins HOH and wipes that smirk off her face when she’s walking out the door!

  11. Dani has cemented herself as one of the worst BB contestants to ever play this game. The way was clear for her to take it all the way to the end if she had stuck to her plan of getting Rachel out. She should have known Brendon would have a good chance of being the one to come back into the game. She’s saved herself from the fire, for now, by winning HoH but it is clear that Jeff and Jordan are now in virtual control of the game, not Dani.

      • I don’t see Jeff & Jordon being in controll of the house and I would guess that they don’t feel that way either…Their best bet is to lay low..avoid conflict..and let Rachel and Brendon create the turmoil (as always…If J or J go up the votes are not there to get either of them out (right now) except in the event of a tie..Jeff has played it smart in keeping up his guard…Also Dani made a mistake telling Kalia that she might consider making a deal with Rachel & Brendon cause Kalia likes to talk…hmmmm have to see how that plays out..

      • I love Jeff and jordon !!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me write it on here 50 times!!!!!!!!!! Annoying!

      • I think you are absolutely right in saying that jeff and jordan completely have the votes to stay. Even if she puts Jeff and Jordan both up against each other, I think that if Shelly or Jeff win pov then whoever is the replacement nominee is definitely going home. Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, and either Jeff or Jordan are never going to vote out JJ. It won’t matter what adam, kalia, or porsche’s votes are.

      • Okay we get it, U love Danielle. Can u just stop!? Sheesh. And the Danimal lovers pound on us brenchel/jejo fans for showing excitement when thing go our way! Isnt that a bit hypocritical?

  12. Let’s remember why this twist was put in because Evil Dick left the game. Danielle, Kalia and Lawon really did not think it through about putting him on the block. The HOH has always been a competition and there has never been a free pass to the HOH. The only way Dani stays in the house if she keeps winning competions.

    • So the twist happened because of Evel Dick?
      Well Danielle must be throughly pissed that he was the one who caused Brendon to torture her life once more.

    • And Big Brother seems to really like her this season. She gets so much screen time. I think they’ll keep giving competitions that they know she’ll have a strong chance of winning to watch the house fight it out again.

  13. Even though I would rather see one of the three newbies sent packing. Danis best move would be to put up Rachel and Jordon on the block. Let their fellas do the work to save them.

    • I agree! They are coming after her regardless and if one of the guys win the veto and take J or R off the block, Dani can replace her with one of the guys. She will get one of the 4 out.

  14. Am I the only one to see that CBS is grasping for ratings and has RIGGED this game? Ok, last season, brenchel were separated and out of nowhere, Rachel was allowed back into the house. This season, brenchel were separated and miraculously, a twist arises that allows an evicted houseguest to come back into the game. Now I don’t know everyone’s educational background but anyone who believes that “America” had a say in choosing brendon is stupid. I did not vote, and plan never to at these stupid america’s choice events. They do have money to give out at the end of the show so guess who’s paying for it.

    Also, did anyone see how Lawon wasn’t even trying at the “battle”? I mean, 60% of his tossed balls didn’t make it halfway up the ramp. Puh-lease. At least make it look real. I’m sure he got a sum of money from BB for offering himself to be put up on the block and throw the competition to allow brendon to coast back into the game for 3rd time.

    I’ve lost all respect for this show and gag every time I see brendon and Rachel profess their love for each other. Hope all of you BB fans enjoy theorist of this rigged season as I am not going to continue to watch as CBS sinks to an all-time low

    • Don’t worry the next HOH comp will be geared for a man to win…not to say they will win but if things go as they have been it’s a good bet..

    • Considering they have been ranked consistently in the number one spot for ratings in their time slot and for the entire night i would say no this is not CBS “grasping” for ratings.
      The twist didn’t miraculously arise to allow Brendon back into the game. As soon as Keith was evicted and put into sequester the twist began and that was long before Brendon was even in danger of being nominated.

      On BBN’s own poll Brendon and Cassi were neck and neck to see which one would return so perhaps a few more people like Brendon than you think.
      Most of the money they make come from the commercials they run every 15 minutes or so.

    • no….it sucks how they’re doing this.atleast try not to make it obvious.why dont they just give brenchel the $$ 4 the wedding and be done with it.they will never have a wedding show like TRISTA& RYAN,OR BOSTON ROB & AMBER.THOSE PEOPLE HAVE CLASS ,THE BRENCHEL”S DONT.who wants to see them cryin and whining,UGH !!! EVEN HER FRIEND ”REGAN” SAYS SHE PUT ON A GREAT ACTING JOB W HER NO TEARS CRYING GAME…UGHHHHHH

      • I’m just wondering does anyone think that there could be a followup to the Brenchal season? I’m thinking like the Rachel and Brenden Wedding Event or a Reality show based on their first year of marriage?

  15. While I don’t think that the show is exactly, I think the influence that production has affects the game to the point that it can’t be seen as totally random. We’ve seen how they spin things off to TV or omit things (Shelley’s work this week), and how specific comps are geared towards specific players. Brendon’s spelling veto, Dani’s HOH, Jeff’s veto, Brendon coming back. They all won comps that favored them, be it from past experiences, or size and athleticism. I also have a hard time believing that Brendon got almost 50% of America’s votes. But point is, if you’re going to say that it’s fixed for BR, you can’t deny that production is also influencing the game to keep Dani around just a little longer for the drama it brings. Fixing the game is a two way street. I just wish that production cared more about the game itself rather than the ratings.. but that’s the way it works isn’t it.

    • I so agree with you about it being a two way street. I just wish they would fix more for my girl to kick some butt and WIN!!!! lol
      Team Danimal!!

    • Absolutely! It just seems that this year it’s embarrassingly obvious. Not only do they bring back ONE of the couples that made most people that I know sick to their stomach….but they bring in some very….lackluster competitors. I feel as if the show was geared toward these veterans and if they had cast the show as they have in the past….more than one of the newbies would be all about getting those vets out. Instead they all seemed to just lay down and play dead. They cast people who would be intimdated by those dominate personalities. I hate this season….and yeah CBS definitely wants Brenda and Raitress on the show…why…I will never understand. The ratings would be fine without them!!! Maybe better.

    • wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid… they will do whatever they want regardless what the real votes are… julies stats didnt even come close or was anyone paying attention???????

  16. I HATE that Brendon was allowed back in the house. You cannot deny that this was obviously production’s goal all along. Considering that now they both have been evicted twice and are still playing, that’s three chances each to win and SIX combined between the two of them. That is ridiculous, Dom should’ve had a chance to come back if anybody. How many chances do BR need until they will actually win? My guess is that number is infinite, until Rachel stops being so emotional nobody will be able to live with her. CBS Producers: stop giving them chances, watching the BR show is just old and annoying, and is likely just turning people off from the show. BR has hit its expiry date; nobody cares to see them. I pray to heaven neither of them get any money for this.

    • I would guess, they receive cash whild in the jury house, Not 100 percent sure, but there have been comments in the house stating such.

      • Hmm that does sound like it makes sense. But my point still stands about how many chances BR has had to win this game and the accompanying prize money and STILL haven’t. At some point Production has to realize they are just too loud, confrontational, and emtional to actually win, and with this in mind stop trying to set them up for it.

      • good point..Thing is in this game is that u live and learn…if given a second chance (or third) U would think that an HG would try not to make the same mistakes again & again…While Jeff has a constant guard up (past experience taught him that) and he has told Jordon to zip her lip..Rachel & Brendon learned nothing..They came back in the house in the same mode they left last season..Their over confident whiny and self serving attitudes will likely do them in again…

      • I think they get a stipend check each week they are in the game, but that’s it. At least I think that’s how it goes. Like 700 a week? I heard

    • Brendon was evicted once last year and once so far this year. So he has had three chances but rachel was only evicted once last year and hasn’t been evicted at all this year. She is still on her second chance.

      • You’re right about Rachel only being on her second – my mistake, I only remembered her coming back last season, but it was only for a day. I just wish somebody new could be given a shot. I think Dom & Dani teaming up could’ve made for not only great tv, but also NEW tv, ie not brendon and rachel being in love and yelling/crying at everyone. Too bad.

    • It makes me sick to think that BR will receive money in any capacity. It’s another example of how our society rewards idiocy.

  17. The newbies have a golden opportunity. If they had any sinse (which I doubt). They would re-align and start taking out the vets.

  18. The show is out for ratings…nothing else. Sad to say, but that’s how television works. “Production” is a nice way of putting it. What goes on in the DR is always secretive and since the players have to sign some sort of contract agreement about not divulging anything that’s behind the scenes, money can be exchanged. I mean who in their right mind would offer to be put up on the block and then stupidly asking to be evicted. I think $10,000 should sweeten the pot.

    Also, it would’ve made it more believable had CBS announced America’s vote to the audience prior to the live voting. They wanted to make sure that lawon was going home. Had it been Rachel, they would’ve announced Dominic as having over 1 million votes so Rachel and brendon wouldn’t have to pitted against one another…that would be too cynical.

      • Agreed 100%! They really screwed up casting this season and with the vets around the dynamic of the house was off from Day 1. With this in mind, and seeing how this season is a bust because of the newbies passiveness relative to the vets, it seems like Production is meddling more and more and setting up the comps to favor people just to create ANY kind of drama and keep their ratings. Good ratings is the only justification imaginable about why Brendon would come back ever.

  19. yeah ,i lost my respect to bb…this season is so FIXED !!! i used to enjoy it ,but now it toatally sucks !!!

    • If you really believe that Brenda received that many votes, you are more dellusional than him.

      • Becky ur so delusional, it makes me laugh. First things first, believe it or not. Brandon has fans. Rachel has fans. Je/Jo have fans. All those combined might have been enough to bring him back. Let’s also consdiser the fact that some of u Brenchel haters wanted Rachel and Brandon to be fighting against each other to get back in the game. And if it was rigged then, I guess Dani’s HOH was rigged. While I do like four of the five vets still standing, I knew that CBS wanted all the of them(including Dani) to be in the jury

  20. I join those who are sick and tired of seeing Brendon and Rachel on this show. I hope this season is the last we see of them – their play does not even merit being on any All Stars seasons. They are good at competitions but horrible at social game play and are constantly being targeted for eviction. Definitely not in the league of people like Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Mike Boogie, and other truly great strategic players.

  21. It is incredible to me how people don’t get what they want so they jump to saying things are fixed. Grow up and just enjoy the show.

      • I’m not sure how you can even begin to explain that this season hasn’t had some overarching influence from production about it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s FIXED, but it’s undeniable that certain things in the game are set for certain players to win. We know production puts thing in people’s heads (see Rachel confronting Dani about her HOH blog), and tailors comps to a certain type of person, so it seems tough to not see the point of anyone who says the show is fixed. I think production holds too much influence. If they wanted to be unbiased and let the game run its natural course, all comps and twists should be revealed to the public on Day 1, so that they can’t change them just because they need more drama and better ratings. Too much goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know, and that makes it impossible to believe that it isn’t heavily influenced and really not just a game of “the best player wins”

  22. Lilly, if you voted during the America’s Vote, you’ve been suckered. They use that money to pay off the houseguests to do their bidding. Again, I’m almost certain that lawon got a sum of money for giving up his game. $10,000 isn’t bad for sitting around the house and making up stupid words like “elf”fified, and lawonderful. Save your money next time

    • I voted and didn’t pay anything. It’s called internet online voting.

      To those of you that just like to bitch and complain because things don’t go your way, since you don’t enjoy the show and it’s so fixed, why don’t you stop wasting your time here and stop watching it.

      Oh, and grow up.

    • That’s quite a conspiracy, but no, Lawon was not paid off to make that terrible decision. He’ll receive his stipend for time played and heads on home now w/ the rest of the Regulators.

      • Oh, Lord, Matt. You had to mention the “Regulators”. The worst alliance in reality game show history. I am actually embarassed for them.

  23. this seasone team is a blessings and a curse so which ever way u look at it either team JJ or teamDKP or BR with a blessing comes a curse
    God I think Im grasping at straws or loosing my mindAm I making any sense?????

  24. BBFan, it’s hard to enjoy a show that used to be enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season. And for all you brenchel fans, I’m sure CBS has something in the works for their wedding….once they are evicted yet again.

    • Sadly Pharm13oy, that’s life. Things change and of course everything is about money for the network and the shows. I do believe to some extent things are ‘fixed’..for example, gear a challenge towards someone to win knowing their strengths and weaknesses…not sure if that makes sense. Plus, what BB chooses to air completely helps control what people do and think.

  25. Due to Dani winning HOH there will be another upset (twist) of some kind..Be it a Pandora’s Box or something to do with the Fortune Teller it will happen…Just keep watching..

  26. Why not have bb change the rules of the game. The HOL nominates two people to be on the block, however they too would be on the block. Similar to the apprentice where the team captain is also in jeporady.

  27. I can’t believe America voted Brendan back in the house. Surely the majority can’t possibly like him or Rachel!?! I can’t believe Kalia’s is such a coward. She actually LET Jeff bully her. If she was so worried about having a “target on her back, then why even bother trying to win HOH? After Cassie and Dominic left the game, I started rooting for Dani. Yes, Dani has made a few dumb moves, but at least she has the “audacity” to go up against the top 4 Vets. Ever since the first eviction vote (Porsche broke from Newbies and voted with Vets), the Newbies (excluding Cassie & Dominic) have pretty much laid down and LET the Vets pick them off one by one. If this game were down to B&R, J&J, and Shelley, does Shelley REALLY think she has a chance? Anyway, I hope Dani wins HOH and finally gets the job done!!

    • Kalia was not influnced so much by Jeff’s threats as she was Shelly’s mind games..That is when the tables shifted in favor of keeping RACHEL…

      • SO true, it wasn’t Jeff….because of Jeff and her encouter is the reason she did put him on the block….she even said he should have been nicer….it was completely Shelly’s mind games that influenced Kalia’s decisions.

      • You are soooo correct. Shelly may just come up and win this show. I find it so irritating that one one seems to trust her, yet they tell her everything. She hears one piece of information, gets up walks to another group…tells what she heard adding her own spice….then she is up again to spread more of what she heard from that group. It’s really frustrating b/c I think most of them suspect that’s what she is doing right? Why don’t they tell her the WRONG info. and let that get circulated. Didn’t that happen in last season or the season before…they planted false info knowing it was going back to the “enemy”

      • Nah, I don’t think so. Kalia was totally cowering when Jeff went into his bullying mode. She pretty much said she was afraid of his wrath. Then after she put him on the block, she kept fawning all over him to convince him he was just a pawn. What was really sickening to watch was during the Veto comp, and Kalia kept “rooting” for Jeff to win and didn’t even try to win the veto herself. For that matter, Jordan has become a bully, too. Jordan’s not the sweetiepie she used to be. J&J are exhibiting an attitude that all newbies are “supposed” to lie down and let themselves be voted out.

    • I for one do not like brendon or rachel, but I have to say, i’ve been coming here for quite a while and if you look at the comments there are ALOT of people who actually wanted Brendon back. I know, I know I was shocked too, but that is the reality.

    • I agree the show sucked until Dani took a stand against the horrible BR. I still am NOT a fan of this season but at least she started playing the game while the newbies just sat back and applauded the couples. I must say I am appalled that people genuinely like BR so much. Did any of these “fans” watch them last year. They were horrid! I’m not saying the other HG’s are angels. I understand that the game brings out the worst in people sometimes. However, to act that way on a regular basis just shows how much class they do NOT have. I wouldn’t want people like that as my friend and I certainly wouldn’t want peopole like that winning any money. I must say I was shocked at Jeff’s bullying this year. I almost agreed with why he was mad at Kalia although I think he was WAY out of line in the way he said it. It did seem like a line of BS and when he called her on it…she just kept stuttering. I just thought it was inappropriate to shout and get all confrontational about it. UGH this season gives me heart burn

    • I can say this again… If Jeff and Jordon had spoken to me the way they did Kalia, BOTH of them would have been on the block..

  28. Am I alone in thinking that Dani’s best move this week might to be putting up JeJo? Rachel seems to be much moreso in the middle of the house than Shelley or Adam, and Dani/Kalia are certainly in Rachel’s good graces after Kalia copped out and sent Lawon packing. If Dani is looking long term to keep herself around, should she not try to flip BR and sucker Jeff out? That way it would be BRDKP vs JSA moving forward. Plus BR would always be a bigger target than her. Seems to me to be her best play. BR are annoying, but it’s in Dani’s best interest to take out Jeff, since Rachel doesn’t seem to be 100% against her like JJ are.

  29. Poor BBfan wants to pout about other people voicing their opinions. And for that matter, I could care less of which idiot wins the show. Just CBS thinking that they can pull the wool over it’s viewers about the show being an unbias look into how 14 idiots can interact with each other.

    And for those of you who, like BBfan, think that your vote counts, and still think that this show isn’t rigged (no, I don’t mean influenced), then you’re just as idiotic as the people on the show. The only difference between us and the players is that they are getting money…yes all of them. The only reason ibcan be wrong snout that is that CBS does cast idiots who make bonehead mistakes both on the show and in real life.

    This will be my last post about the issue. Everyone enjoy CBS’s brenchel show. And stay tuned for “Wedding Vows” with Brendon and Rachel. He’ll, throw Jeff and Jordan in it too!

    • Pharm13oy –

      It’s just a show…holy crap, and people say Rachel is dramatic…maybe you should apply for the show…lol. Funny you say I am pouting…have you read your post…life is far too short and I have things that matter in life…don’t let something like this get to you…if you can’t enjoy it then why watch.

  30. It’s entertainment light fluff for the summer enjoy it laugh at it stop taking it so seriously if it stresses you that much you should switch shows enjoy

  31. Just watched Lawon’s interview with Julie…While he appeared to be in shock and didn’t give her straight up reasons and answers that lead to his eviction all of the HG’s messages (shown) were nothing but nice..good interview and good going by the HG’s

    • I just saw the interview too. Lawon was just Lawon to the end. Admitted he couldn’t lie.. Glad he got nice good byes from HG’s

  32. I totally agree with “this game sucks”! I could not believe that in any way America voted the idiot back in!! Most of us got tired of their whining, squawking, thinking they are the world, stupid laugh, ugly faces of brenchel last year. We sure wouldn’t have voted to have to put up with that again!! If cbs would have let Dom come back it WOULD have added a new twist. There would have been more power to Danis alliance and the battle could have been more explosive between them and the other 4 who think they own the house cause they are “vets”. I had to turn off bbad–I couldn’t stand to watch brenchel anymore, I thought we had survived that once and could again breath normally without exploding! You are right, this year does seem more and more rigged as it goes on. If you’re going to rig it cbs at least don’t make it so obvious and irritate us. cbs is chasing more from their ratings then bringing us in. I used to watch wrestling years and years ago till it got all fake, now bb is headed down the same road. This has to be the worst season ever. I am with whoever said it–if the newbies were smart they would all get together and take the vets out! Jeff is obnoxious anymore when he talks–thinks he’s Mr. Smart, Jordan–she’s just there riding on Jeffs coattails, playing with her hair, and being ditzy as ever, brenschel—need I say more! The only thing left to say is GO DANI!!!!

  33. Good day all. You’ll eat my words when a new show is announced featuring brendon and Rachel’s wedding. I’m just waiting for the amazing race. It’s less rigged.

      • O sweet Lord above I was thinking the same thing! That is exactly what is wrong with this world; that People would actually want to see those two “superstars” make a mockery of the institution of marriage on national tv.

  34. i disagree. If Rachel had been evicted, they would have wanted Brendon vs Rachel to make sure one of them were int he house

  35. Lol. People need to get it together. The voting to bring Brendon back was not rigged. The Dani people split between Cassi and Dom while all of the Brenchel people obviously voted for Brendon. It seems only I voted for Keith. Lol jk. Also, the HoH was not rigged. Look at how many competitions Dani won in her season. It isn’t a terrible surprise that she is competing well. Even if it was all rigged, who cares? This is great TV. All those people saying it’s the worst BB ever are incorrect. Let’s recap. Vets in power. One leaves and joins newbies and gets in power. Makes possibly the worst move in history. Only losing vet returns. Game surely looks over for newbies and then BOOM! they are back in power again. I am thouroughly entertained.


  37. OMG! My girl Dani won HOH? That’s great news! Put up the bookie duo!!! Maybe ya’ll haven’t gotten rid of me yet!!! :) :) :)

    • It’s been the best thing about this season… is that we can read Matt Hoffman’s post. I think he describes this cast of characters and game moves to perfection.

  38. wake up people… this show is so rigged.. what difference do the polls make.. none… do they really think we are that stupid… they will do whatever they want regardless what the real votes are… julies stats didnt even come close or was anyone paying attention???????

  39. Just a thought..If Dani makes it to the end and takes either Brendon or Rachel (not likely)cause they are not well liked but she still came in 2nd cause she was less liked by the HG’s…Then I believe we would see Dani self distruct…lol..that would be a good

    • All I gotta say is that DANI has to come up with a major stratgic plan that assures getting rid of Rachel or Brendon (NO COMING BACK THIS ROUND) or possibly Jeff (not likely this week)…You just gotta guess what she is gonna do..

  40. Brandon is more of a girl than Rachel.. and that is saying alot.. Noone can sympatize with such sniffling, temper tantrum baffoons. Kalia is a terrible HOH and should be sent home with Lewon. Dani is the only player who makes waves. Like it or not, the rest of the house is lemmings. She should put up Jeff and Rachel. Then you can all be remembered why noone likes her, and why noone would spend a sec watching some reality show featuring two toddlers

  41. last night brendon and rachel were grossly making out in the have not room and just jordan was in there. i cant imagine how she felt because i puked a little in my mouth!

  42. I love Brandon and Rachel.. I realy hope they can win it.. Rachel is one of my most favourite players ever.. The end of this episode made me soooooo happy!! Yay.. Branchel is back, bitches!!

  43. to everyone COMPLAINING abou Brendon beating Lawon because Rachel “helped” him…Lets get one thing straight-the aregument is absolutely 100% pointless. Brendon would have beat Lawan if he was color blind, had a prosthetic leg, one arm in a cast and Rachel wearing a muzzle…period…why even argue about it, when we all know this? Lawan suprisingly looked scared at all of the balls flying in his face..He stood no chance, regardless.

    • there were people helping lawon too. i heard kalia for sure. they just weren’t as loud as rachel, jeff, and jordan.

    • Good grief.. here I go again agreeing with vetfan. Yes, Rachel helped him, but like vet said.. Lawanda would not have won anyway. (even if he had a 12 point advantage.) Yes, it sux that Brenda’s dumb crybaby arse had help, but its a moot point.

  44. Hope this week is Pandora’s box. Dani has said she would open it. Maybe she won’t be around for veto comp. lol

  45. While it didn’t matter to me which one of the 4 evicted HG’s returned, it was fun watching the competition. What saddened me the most was while watching BBAD and within the first 5 minutes I saw the keychain around Dani’s neck – and her smug, smirky, laughing face with Kalia. UGH!!! One other thing, I really hate when they whisper so much that nothing can be heard – the cameras stay on them too long, when there are other things we can be seeing that might be more interesting.

  46. I cannot stand Daniele!! She screwed over 3 of her alliances and continues to say that her moves are strictly stretigic but then when she’s in the D.R. all she does is make personal attacks and completley contradicts herself. She has Khalia believing she’s her friend but she’ll probably screw her over too.

  47. For those who are commenting on the “competition” between brendon and lawon…it was fixed. Lawon was given an undisclosed sum of money to 1. Offer himself up as a pawn, 2. Offer the house to have him be evicted, and 3. Pretend that he actually competed in the competition.

    BB is trying their hardest to salvage their “couples” twist and returning HG twist. And their golden kids brendon and Rachel NEED to be in the show so stupid people like us will continue to tune in each week.

    Sorry to burst all y’all’s bubble but this is the only logical reason for this latest twist. Notice that America’s vote wasn’t revealed until after BB knew that lawon was the evicted HG. Had it been Rachel, America’s vote would’ve been Dominic. Sad huh?

    • I dont belive that at all, Even if it was Rachel it would of been Brendon he would of just thew it and let Rachel win

  48. Go Dani!!! Brendon and Rachel are sickening. Jeff and Jordan has become BULLIES!!!CBS should be ashamed of themselves for this one. Kalia is an idiot letting Jeff scare her. Shelly is a man in a womans body who needs to go. I am rooting for Dani or Adam to win. GO HOME IN THIS ORDER, RACHEL/BRENDON/JEFF/JORDAN.

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