Big Brother 13 Episode 13: Week 4 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is back tonight for another live eviction when either Jordan or Brendon will be evicted as the first Veteran player to leave the game. After that we’ll get a new Head of Household competition where maybe, possibly, finally we could see a Newbie win an HoH competition.

Emotions have been running high in the house these past few days and with someone about to come between Rachel and her man, could anyone be surprised? It might not all end there though for the Skype-torn lovers. CBS is about to unleash a new twist tonight and I’ll have more on that later today.

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I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast and any other big news so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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  1. I suppose the new twist will be a returning player…which we have all been saying will happen…so no shock value there folks…it sounds like even if Brendon is evicted he could be the returning player….my prediction is that if Jordon is evicted (small chance) she will be voted back in over Brendon, or wise if he is evicted (most likely) it will be a crap shoot to see if someone else makes it back.

    • I saw a poll online yesterday where Cassi is in the lead to return, if it is Brendon, I am done with this show. After watching the feeds yesterday, these two have serious issues, either this is all staged or they both need help. Brendon has this control thing over her, Rachel plays this needy little role, Brendon comes to her and saves the day with all of his “I love you.” “You are my heart.” You are smart.” UGH! Please, BB, do the fans of this show a favor and put these two off of your radar forever, I beg you. Rachel once again is playing the victim, just like last year, she can’t herself, she has to have the attention focus on her, she is jealous of Dani and Jordan, she basically self-imploded last night, once again, Brendon runs to her, saves the day, I mean, seriously, enough of the Brendon and Rachel Therapy Hour, I can’t take it anymore. The shows during the week, focus mainly on those two, kissing, hugging, fighting, making up, straddling, massaging, enough is enough. they are two of the tackiest, annoying, people I have ever seen on a TV show, please make them go away. There, I have said my piece, watching the feeds yesterday just put it all together for me.

      • I agree, if Brendan is back in I am not watching this show anymore. These two make me sick! I cant watch them any more and her laugh OMG make me throw up!!!! I hope Dominic comes back!

      • I agree completely with both of you Lynn and Terry. I just find it sickening. Even Brendon telling her he is going to find the cure for cancer made me sick. If he returns I am done. I hope either Dom or Cassi come back.

      • THANK YOU for saying out loud what 95% of us are thinking. Rachel is the most annoying self centered person I have ever seen. enough is enough. Hope Dom comes back, that’d be amaziiin.. just to see Rachel’s face. However he needs to come back before its too late for Dani..

      • Yes, Rachel and Brendon literally make me want to quit watching the show all together. They are the most phony people to ever be on a reality show. Rachel is a money-hungry idiot too ugly to even be a stripper, and Brendon getting a PHD isn’t likely. I am soooo sick of them!

      • Stfu with that ” I’m never watching this show again ” stop being a hater and just enjoy the show. You guys don’t even know Brenchal in real life so why are you hating on them.

  2. My hope is to see Brendon evicted and see Rachael self destruct. It’s good entertainment. Better still if Rachael wins HOH and evicts Dani and the twist results in Dani coming back. Boy would that make her mad.

  3. I guess Rachael had a fight with Dani. Shelley was crying and told Rachael that Dani told her that she gave a shout out to Shelley’s family for her in her HOH blog. Shelley thought that was very nice of her. Rachael stormed up to Dani and told her that production doesn’t allow shout outs on HOH blogs and that she pretty much is a liar. She is preying on peoples emotions so they will like her.

    • once again, Rachel made an issue out of nothing, I thought Dani was just being kind to Shelly, of course Rachel thought otherwise, went into the HOH room, with the snottiest attitude, gave Dani a lecture on HOH blog rules, Dani threw her out of her room (YA) and once again we have all of the attention focused on Ms. Reilly. I pray that Cassi walks back through the door and aggravates the hell out of Rachel. I am so done with her and Brendon.

      • @ Lynn You and I are exactly on the same page. Why did BB bring them back. They make my stomach churn and I’m not on slop. lol

  4. Goodbye Brandon…..Next Week Goodbye Rachel…..they belong together….UGH!!!!!

    I wish Evel-Dick could come back, although I don’t think that Dani needs him…LOL

    • I dont think that Dick can return at this time because he is not sequestered like the other evicted HG’s. Dick returning would be unfair to the other players.

      • I know its not an option but if Dick came back that would be amazing television. OMG he would destroy Rachel, she would self evict

    • If I was Dick, I would have went running for the door myself. A man could get homicidal in a house with those two, we’ve all seen The Shining. I think he knew Daniele had it in the bag with this group of morons this season.

  5. new twist, america will vote for a player to return to the house. here’s hoping brendon comes back cause im gonna miss him

  6. I wish one of the twist would be: the winner of the power of veto’s could choose thier replacement.

  7. what did rachel do now lol….. looks like jordan is upset?? i just got on the feeds does anyone know what happened or is she just thinking??

    • ooh never mind lol i guess she is just being herself selfish rachel thinking she deserves everything over everyone else

      • and only cause of that reason i have made my final decision on who i am voting back in……. i was going to pick brendon but now i think my vote will go to cassi… and the look on rachels face when cassi comes back = priceless :)

  8. If this is the twist, i’m rooting for Brendon to come back. As they win almost every single thing, i think they deserve, no matter how outrageous their behaviors are.

      • evil dick is not coming back….. look on there is a previw on there as to why he will be appearing tonight or something or that nature but he is not coming back into the game…..also cbs keeps for some reason this year leaking there own twists, so yes you will see tonight that we will be voting back keith, dom, cassi or brendon/jordan….. i was thinking that all along they deserve it the most cause they win everything but rachel says herself she dosnt care (she is saying it on the feed now) so why should i care if she dosnt??? so i will vote for someone who does care…

  9. Again Rachel is the victim..poor poor Rachel..These segments are getting tiresome…Here we go again..”America hates me”….They are trying to get SHELLY’S VOTE..sneaky ass duo…lol

      • Right now, they are on lockdown, everyone is up in the HOH room, Rachel is once again crying out loud, just waiting for someone to say “What’s wrong, rachel.” I think if I were the execs at CBS or BB, whatever, I would really encourage her to leave with Brendon tonight, I really hope this is not all an act, if it is, those two are sicker than I originally thought. I guarantee if she stays, she will go out in the HOH comp tonight and win it, and act like a complete arrogant idiot.

  10. I have followed BB from the first season, and now, sorry to say, this is the worse one on recorded. I have stop watching it, and so has my group. We would all get our snacks and get excited from season to season. This year I think the smart people who put this mess together were not thinking with their brains. sorry, but it seems like have run out of ideas..and you will be losing more people who wants to come home stress from work to see those people not a delight, hope you do something to save this season or no more fans!!!!

  11. All you Brandon and Rachel haters are tiresome…Get over it!
    You’ll be watching the show next year, and also to see who wins, so stop bitching.
    So you don’t find Kalia annoying? She is far worse then Brandon and Rachel put together.

    • @thekirb…you are exactly correct, I will be watching the show next year because I am 100% sure that the two arrogants jerks known as Brendon and Rachel will not be on the show. Kalia drives me crazy, it is much different with Brenchel, those two are so desperate for something, I don’t know what it is, they come on this show and act like a couple of stupid little kids, it is ridiculous. Plus, they are raunchy..having sex in a bed where you know another HG is going to be sleeping and then not even bother to wash the sheets of the stains….that is disgusting, showing your ass on TV half of the time, they know exactly what they are doing, they are just praying that someone on the outside will offer them something big and it ain’t gonna happen!

  12. OMG.. Rachel is having a major pity party this morning! She is telling Shelly and Brendon that is she is totally done. There is no point in playing because all the people who win the game are the ones who sit back and do nothing, so that’s what she is going to do. She has wasted 2 summers on this game and she is the only one who knows how to do it and the rest aren’t doing it right, so what is the point. Shelly wants to wring her neck, she is trying to explain to Rachel that there are different ways to play the game.. And Rach just keeps saying I understand that, but it’s not right so that’s how Im going to play and then next week I will go to jury. It is very poor pitiful me. Very nice to see I must say! Although we all know she just wants the attention. She also said she doesn’t want the tv time.. It just makes her look bad!!

  13. Also she said(Rachel) that she knows that she is “Effed up in the head, that’s why I went to talk to Dr. Somebody yesterday”

    • I hope she really did see the dr. today-she needs all the help she can get. Really am surpised that the other house guest hasn’t told her to shut up and get help. I know this is a show but nobody can act like that and not be like that in real life. so sad.

      • I don’t know why but Kalia dosen’t bother me-in fzct half the time I don’t know she’s there.But Rachel just drives me crazy with her whining and no one understands me and am the only one who knows how to play this game. Yea she plays it so well she going hime next week

  14. Evil Dick was the first veteran to leave the game. Not Brendon or Jordan.
    It has to be Brendon who gets voted back into the house.
    This isn’t like Rachel. I fully expected her to be chomping at the bit for the next hoh so she could get her revenge on Dani.

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