Big Brother 13 Episode 13: Week 4 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 13, the results of the next live eviction will be revealed along with the results of tonight’s HoH competition. While we wait for the results join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? get the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Big Brother Feeds come back!

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Big Brother 13 Week 4 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jeff: evict Brendon
  • Rachel: evict Jordan
  • Kalia: evict Brendon
  • Adam: evict Brendon
  • Porsche: evict Jordan
  • Lawon: evict Brendon
  • That’s enough votes. Brendon will be evicted.

  • Shelly: evict Brendon

By a vote of 5-2, Brendon has been evicted from Big Brother 13.

Julie Chen says it’s time to “mix things up” and gathers the remaining HGs in the living room. As we told you earlier, the latest twist is a returning HG gets the chance to return to the game. Read all the details on a returning HG twist.

Big Brother 13 Week 5 HoH Competition – ‘Checkmate’:

  • HGs answer a question in dueling, “knock out” format.
  • Round 1 – Jordan vs Kalia: Jordan eliminated
  • Round 2 – Rachel vs Lawon: Lawon eliminated
  • Round 3 – Adam vs Kalia: Adam eliminated
  • Round 4 – Rachel vs Porsche: Rachel eliminated
  • Round 5 – Shelly vs Jeff: Jeff eliminated
  • Round 6 – Porsche vs Kalia: Porsche eliminated
  • Round 7 – Shelly vs Kalia: Shelly eliminated

Kalia is the new and first Newbie HoH. Daniele should be safe this week afterall.

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house. Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations are revealed Friday night, so stay close by!

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Update: I’m seeing lots of complaints that Kalia was answering questions before they were completed. Daniele trained Kalia to ring in as soon as she heard anything significant in the question. The Dominic eviction speech question was an easy example. Who else gave a memorable speech? It was obviously a good strategy. No one ever said they had to wait until the question was completed.

Update 2: We’ve got an unofficial poll for which evicted HG you want to see have the chance to return next week:


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    • I totally lol at that one….oh boy, was she really trying to be funny or totally serious, gosh I hope she wasn’t being serious.
      btw I’m wearing my T

  1. ok shellys admitting shes playing both sides, i can dig that lol. and i think MAYBE rachel might be more likeable w/o brenden.

  2. Ugh, could Rachel be throwing a bigger pity party for herself right now? And Brendan is totally in attendance. I actually started to like Portia for being honest with Rachel.

    • I hope that Rachel doesn’t act like that in real life. If so, how does she even progress in life? Every other second “it isn’t fair” according to Rachel.

      • That’s why she told Brandon that America will always hate her and she will never get hired for a job. Hahahaha, have fun at the un-employment line you annoying pouty dumb ass.

      • If Rachel has at least five of the following nine traits, she most likely has narcissitic personality disorder.

        1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance,

        2)is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love,

        3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique,

        4) requires excessive admiration,

        5) has a sense of entitlement,

        6) is interpersonally exploitative,

        7) lacks empathy,

        8) is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her,

        9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

  3. Shelly plays a horrible game. Dani is a genius … Rachel will be sent home next week … I think Adam might win hoh

    • Don’t think for a minute that Danielle played a smart game. She did not! Kahlia winning means she gets to stay one more week. That is all.
      Seriously, the newbies can re-take control of the house next week if Rachel or any other veteran goes home this week. That means there would be 3 veterans versus 5 newbies and if the newbies win HOH again then, they can nominate two of the veterans. One gets off then, nominate the other veteran. 100% guaranteed that another veteran goes home.
      And when there are 2 veterans left, what is to stop the newbies from throwing them out?

  4. Just the thought that Brendan and Racheal with breed makes me sick,why are some people so easy to hate

    • The sadness is the psychological issues their kids will have. Brendan will be the dad you hear about getting on the kid school bus for attacking kids not friendly to his. Rachel will be the mom at her kid’s soccer game yelling at other kids who are better than their kid. The kids will get many meaningless reassurances of their greatness like their dad does for their mom: “You are the best, you can do it, that’s my fiancee out there, doing great, go slow, take your time, i love you, you are doing so good, you’re hot.”

      • Please remember the way a person may act under the stress of being in the BB house may not reflect the way they act on the outside of the house you are taken out of your normal routine and thrown in house of strangers with no contact with anyone you know on the outside for a long period of time. Can you loss it a little I believe you can. I think there children will be fine.

      • Please remember the way a person may act under the stress of being in the BB house may not reflect the way they act on the outside of the house you are taken out of your normal routine and thrown in house of strangers with no contact with anyone you know on the outside for a long period of time. Can you lose it a little I believe you can. I think there children will be fine.

  5. Rachel has been having a pity party all day… She should get some stellar airtime. Although she said she was just going to start sitting around and do nothing and then she wouldn’t get any tv time. Cause she didn’t want the attention. Somehow I am not buying that.

    • esactly…the first half of tonight’s show was all about them…let’s get some more airtime for the other hg’s. Although I hope Adam takes that Elf suit off soon, he is totally obnoxious in it.

  6. I am going to be so mad if Jordan is voted out! I am so excited that the Brecheal showman is about to end.hopefully!

  7. LOL rachel was crying when she voted and the audience started laughing… haha poor rachel

      • it doesnt show on live feeds. all live shows from cbs make trivia on feeds. in east coast the show is ending is how we know brendan is gone.

      • Why would anyone vote him back. LOL BUT, if they did… he has to battle Rachel for the return! He’ll throw it to let her back in. He’s a dumbass!

  8. First time posting! Been lurking for two three weeks now..and i’m a Brenchel fan (hold your stones people lol) Hopefully Brendon gets back in, i’m pretty sure that’s what CBS wants know, the drama of it all

  9. hey now brendumb can go back on the net and show pics of his wee wee again and racheal won’t know this time! lol

  10. I think Brendon will somehow get voted back in. If that’s the case I’d love to see him go against Kalia and put her in her place. Because with the exception of last HoH she sucks

  11. How great would it be for America to vote Brendan back in, only to have Rachel be voted out and they compete against each other…

    • It would suck because he will throw the competition to let her back in.

      The better comp would be Cassie against Rachel!!! Rachel would sh*t to be beaten by the prettier hg!!

  12. Thank God the crybaby is gone!! Hopefully his fake crying gf will be right behind him!

  13. Those who make NASTY remarks and make fun of Brenchel are exactly on the same boat. Love how people reflect their own insecurities.

      • I love how they adore to bring up at any moment how horrible human beings they are, then proceed to make the nastiest comments about them…hello? What does that make you?

    • hey..Rachel has no problem putting other people down so why should we care how she feels.. and we all know that them paybacks can be a bitch…lol..she deserves a taste of her own medicine…and also she can dish it out but she can’t take it..

      • Um I am in NO WAY anything like Brendon or Rachel. I just know a psycho when I see one. A normal person can identify someone who isn’t normal and who needs professional help.

    • Hey Bud, no insecurities here. Your two favs are the ones with insecurities… We’re just sick of having to watch those two annoying f***s each week. BB Should have locked their asses in the have not padded room where they belong. Then you can curl up in a little ball with your bag and chips and watch the live feed of them all day long while YOU relate to them…

  14. America should vote Cassi back in! How glorious would it be to have Rachel squirm cuz Cassi is so gorgeous and she doesn’t have Brendon there to pet her ego! Also I think Cassi got a raw deal and was only voted out because of her looks..she did nothing wrong!

      • whatever, she was tryn like crazy and got beat – the ‘master comp’ – yeah, go hang on a banana and let Dani give it to you again! Rach is next folks. Let’s hope anyway!

  15. I’m dying to see Cassi come back in. Rachel would have a complete melt down and hopefully duck off into the bushes to water them with her tears of self loathing all over again.

    “America hates me!!!” Priceless.

  16. Wow….. way to show that the HoH comp was rigged cbs…… Never seen anyone get correct answers when starting or before getting halfway into a question.

      • That’s right Stryker – ALL the time.

        Everyone just want to get something going that it’s rigged. The comps are not rigged they recycle them like cans. Yes some are more suited to smaller or stronger players but that is how it has always been!

    • Those questions were so easy. Any smart person could have guessed correctly like Kalia did. She risked it by guessing early, but it paid off. Get over it.

      • This house guess was * beep * ….

        Your correct….. WTF…. Seriously You cant get 3 or 4 words and already know the answer

        Don’t get me wrong, im glad that Rachel didn’t win, but damn, don’t make it that obvious that you were given answers beforehand.

    • I know right. She was answering before the questions were even asked. Especially the first question. Her head is going to be so big that there won’t be room for anyone else in the house. I wanted just about anyone but her to win HOH.

    • A lot of the questions were pretty obvious just from a couple of words. Especially the first one, as Keith and Cassi didn’t say anything about the other hgs in their eviction speech.

      • Exactly Kim. If it was rigged why would she take so long on who slipped off the banana third question. She was almost eliminated for taking too long on that one

    • Idiotic Danielle’s puppet Kalia will kick out Rachel, instead of Jeff and Jordan. Then JJ will get them both evicted. Why is it that people play like they never seen the show before? Oh, right, CBs/ ratings / drama…

      • Oh yes because Jeff and Jordan have shown they can beat anyone this season. Yeah right. Unless it’s a game of put-put, I doubt they will pose much of a threat.

  17. Kalia wins HOH. Rachel is gonna go against probably Dominic to decide who returns to the house.

  18. Excuse me, but don’t you have to have a question before an answer? Big Brother blew it here! Can you say, Fixed!

    • WHAT? That doesnt mean at all its fixed especially because each houseguests gets to buzz in whenever. like they both get a fair shot, so no i cant say fixed.

      • influencing takes place every year. thats a fact. season 11, it was heavily influence to keep jeff and jordan is good light. kevin has hinted at it many times. but its not rigged. her argument made no sense.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Kalia not my fav… But hopefully it keeps dani safe.

      • i knw she has pandoras box i was kinda sacred because i thought dani was forsure going home this week because she didnt give it 2 kailia week 4

    • WOW Chris – do you say that because they walk around like their sh!t doesn’t stink and rub power in everyones faces. Or maybe because they bust into rooms when ppl are talking just to prove that they KNOW something is up? Are the lines clear enough to read thru?

  19. hey google big brother brendon scandal and see how much he lover her lol,if he did love her he wouldn’t be showing his junk to some girl he just met on the net lol

      • I did not know about this! OMG that is amazingly hilarious! He is such a jerk, but Rachel being as dumb as she is took his stupid butt back. The apology video via youtube is pretty amazing.

  20. TEAM DANI!! wassup?!?!

    i didnt think she had it in her, but guess who’s large and in charge now?! K-TOWN!! (yes u read that right)

    WE’RE GOING TO THE MOON! better get on the bandwagon, we depart after rachel’s eviction!

    • and next week we get DOMINIC back! can u smell what donato is cooking? as emeril Laggase would say…


  21. Here comes the conspiracy stories……I answered every question just as fast if not faster than Kalia. Even the first one…..Dominic was the only one to “call out” ( I use that VERY loosely) the HG’s. The question obviously was alluding to that with as much that Julie said so it was easily Dominic.

    This should shut everyone up now crying how Kalia is a huge floater. Floaters don’t win comps and she just did… whats the excuse now?

  22. yay , kaluah isn’t a floater , been rooting for her the whole time , I’m sick of seeing the vets run the game , dani is safe for at least another week ! Hopefully PT comes back and the power will have officially shifted!

    • Kaluah, hahaha. You’re right Kaluah isn’t a floater, her lovehandles are the floaters!

      • Earlier you were talking about people here making nasty comments about Brandon and Rachel. Now you’re the one commenting on Kali’s looks. Wow… where’s your head at? Oh that’s right… You’re a fan of those two dumbasses, makes sense. Btw, curves are hot! Rachel’s face is not…

    • Wow this ruined my day…..I really can’t stand kalia. She’s so fake its not even funny

    • I hate kalia an the devils spawn. I may be tuning out soon. Especially if jj goes home. This is the most irritating and boring cast I’ve seen

      • This makes no sense at all considering JJ are two of the most boring players in the game…

    • WOW What a way to waste people’s time CBS… I guess re run of Three is company sounds just fun now.. I deslike Kalia. she doesnt need to be part of BB.. all she does is complain and complain. She makes NatRat looks like a lot of fun.. BB you better getter together.. All the fun is gonna be gone soon…

  23. I’m voting for Brendon….

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring him back. Oy, I hate Dani’s flat ass, Fatlia’a ugly pug face looking behind, and Shelly the Straight Shooter.

    • hahahahahahah you mad? I’m voting for Dominic, like everyone else. Bye bye Brendon

      • Yes I am mad. :(


        I’M VOTING for him even if he loses. Dominic can kiss Dani’s ass all he wants after she’s evicted in two weeks.

      • DOM DOM needs some GUM GUM… He needs to come out of the close.. Plus boy has not game… BRENDOM BACK!! BRENDON BACK… I will use all computers I can to bring him back….

    • I can’t stand Kalia, Daniele, Shelly, Adam, and Lawon now that he voted against Brendon.

    • AM XOOO HAPPY!!! The on tonights hoh couldn’t have worked out any better. To all of you who hate Kalia I think she has proven she can win and now Dani is save for another week and Rachel can be with her man.

      • So many people were saying Daniele was stupid for putting it all on Kalia, but looks like she actually pulled through. I can’t understand how anyone could hate Kalia when they don’t know a whole lot about her. I’m happy to see the self proclaimed Dr. has left the house, hopefully never to return! Time to focus on gameplay instead of those two idiots.

      • I hate them in terms of the game I couldn’t care less about these people in reality.

        And I can’t stand their personalities. I prefer Brendon and Rachel with their flaws and all.

      • Because they can’t stand by their word. Asking dominic to throw the competition And then voting him out was the last straw.

    • I hate Kalia! All the newbies are stupid. And Dani can suck it. What horrible game play, and what an annoying personality. Some maturity would do that wench wonders. I really hope Brendon comes back. LOL Fatlia, great name for that moomoo.

    • Shelly walks like a man and lies to everyone – not sure “straight” really describes her.

  24. I am really sad Brendon was evicted although I was quite sure that would happen. I am glad Porsche voted to evict Jordon and Rachel has someone on her side. We now know for sure who Shelley is siding with. It makes me sick that beast Kalia won HoH. I will eventually enjoy watching all of those holier than thou players who targeted Brendon and Rachel turn on each other once Rachel is gone. They all make me sick except for Rachel. I am immediately voting for Brendon to come back. It would be funny if he had to compete against Rachel because unless she wins POV, she will be the next to be evicted thanks to Kalia the beast and Evil Daniele with the blonde roots. I am really disgusted with the outcome.

    • but it was ok for r/b to bully the newbes when they were in charge? Like I said what goes around comes round! Bye bye Ranchel

    • I was just going to type that. I’m voting brendon I wouldlove Rachel and brendon to fight it out.

    • really? Kalia is a beast and you like Rachel? That’s crazy. Everyone talked all of that crap about that woman and she won adn you still hate? A beast though? That’s real sad. What is the real reason you have to say that about Kalia?

      • I KNOW – and I don’t understand how ppl are calling her fat either. Maybe because she isn’t a stick but I don’t think fat describes her at all. I really am not a fan of hers I’m just happy that Dani will be safe/

    • I doubt they will be going after Rachel, Daniel will probably targeting Jeff. YEAH!
      I hate Jeff and Jordan, so FAKE! (spits on the ground)

      • I agree. Jeff and Jordon are fake. Most people seem to hate Brendon and Rachel because they are louder and more obvious than the other people in the house. But, do all of you Danielle and the newbie lovers realize that they are ready to gang up on Rachel and Brendon and make deals and lie to each other and to you all that makes them good people and above Rachel and Brendon? I am voting for Brendon back. Kalia is a beast.

    • I want Rachels hero ‘Bookie’ back
      I will vote as many times as I can for him to return.
      I want Dani & Kalia sooo very much gone!!!!
      Motor mouth Kalias good=bye message was revolting.
      Can not wait to see her walk out the door and Dani righ behind her.
      Dick was on the mark with Dani she sucks at the game so far.

      Come back Branden….

      • if ur such a fan of Brendon you might want to get his name right before you vote. lol (nothing personal-just stragety) GO DANI

      • @nadine7601…I never said she was classy either. I thought her goodbye speech to Cassie was rude also. Please don’t judge my comments unless you know what I’ve said. Thanks

      • I have read your comments and looked to me based on them that you were defending her.

        I guess that means I was ‘judging’ your comments then huh? kinda the point here right – to exchange ideas. I guess (based on ur responses) I am not alone in that arena!

    • How about about this one?….Brendon is gone and Rachel may be next thanks to mangina having Brenden and crater face Rachel. Nobody was a target but them. Everyone keeps saying that Dani made a dumb move for moving too fast. Well so did Brenchel. They already had this game won before it started. The problem with that was other people were also going to be playing. PPL speak like everyone was suposed to bow down to Brenchel and just give them $550k for first and second place. Some people are acting like how dare someone else try to win but Brencel. I mean damn how dare Brncehel feel like nobody should even try to win…geeesh!

      • SashaB, I agree with you. Everyone here is pro Brenchel as if they were the best to ever do it. They don’t know how to talk to people in a respectful manner and think that people are supposed to do what they say FOH. Grow up and learn how to play the game fully – it’s called politics. If they knew how to politic they would have made it further as a couple-dummies!

  25. Lets see how lay back Ms R re-actes to this situation. Ms K is a good floater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cassie all the way…I would love to see her come back and then Rachel would really have something to cry about!!!! It will probably be Brendon and Rachel fighting it out. I really don’t care as long as they are not in the house at the same time. They drive me nuts!!!!! All that crying and crazy stuff. I vomit in my mouth every time they start that crap…”I love you baby”…”you’re the best baby”…AAAARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!! Rachel cries, Brendon consoles her. OMG. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    • Rachel needs to step up her game now if Rachel wins all of the vetos for the rest of the season I would laugh so hard. Anyways Daniele’s game is horrible “trying to get out of the shadow” is probably going to cost her the game. Furthermore, if Daniele somehow goes on the block, she would probably come back stronger than ever.

  26. Brendon does NOT need to get voted back in. That would be the WORST game move by America. I’m tired of Brenchel and the senseless drama that’s inevitable with those two. BRING BACK DOMINIC, and vote Shelley out this week, PLEASE!!!!!

  27. YES!! Kahlia won hoh! Now it’s time for Jeff to go and Dominic to be voted back in. :)

  28. It would suck!! Brendon will throw the competition to let her back in.

    The better comp would be Cassie against Rachel!!! Rachel would sh*t to be beaten by the prettier hg!! However, it would be nice to see the hissie fit Rachel might toss!

  29. Well,I will have a lot more time for other tv viewing and will get to bed at a reasonable hour,just cant watch(listen to those two for another week) see ya next Thur.

  30. How did Kalia knew the answer to the first question without even hearing it? Like, was it a ramdon guess (Doesnt seem likely since she looked determined).

    • Oscar, can you say, FIXED! I can. Doesn’t anyone else question this Big Brother screw up!

      • i guessed the same thing. I thought she was going to finish with spineless jellyfish. If you have on demand go look at it tomorow and you will be able to tell it was kinda of an easy smart guess.

  31. Well i’m Happy Dani is safe, looks like Jeff and Rachel go up next?

    i gotta say i haven’t really been a fan of Kalia, but as of late i’ve been really impressed with her. she was second place last week’s HOH, wins this week’s HOH(can’t say that was rigged), i guess she is not a floater after all???

  32. Wow! Bb hg are u guys willing to handover a 500,000 grand! Yes bb is a game of numbers, it’s a social game it is also a game of common sence just go ahead an write the check toJordan

  33. Vote Brendon!!!!! Just so that when Rachel gets the boot next Thursday they have to duel to get back in. That would be EPIC!!!! haha

      • It’s so obvious you know these two. That has to be the only reason you are pulling for those two annoying f***s. Rachel is an annoying ugly witch with boobs. Brendon is a soft flake who has emotional issues. Even his ex-fiancé last year said the same thing. Her and her family couldn’t wait to be rid of him, lol. Rachel is just with him because she craves attention due to her insecurities. I’m glad Danni rid us of Brendon and now Rachel will be next. It makes me sick each week to have to hear her laugh and look at her ugly ass crater face. Bye bye! And oh yeah take that lying butch Shelley with you!

    • NO don’t vote for him. I’d rather miss the epic element then let either of them have a chance to get back in. Of course I am assuming that Rach will be out. Even her lap dog looked like she was getting sick of her!

  34. Bet Shelley will be a late in the game winner to keep under the radar!!! Playing Mother knowes best and cleanest is before talking out of both sides of her month!
    Gotta get back to the live feeds, Ms R is crying, surprise! surprise!

  35. Congrats to Kalia. Like her or not, she did her homework and is rewarded for it.
    Why did they briefly go to the fish during the hoh comp?

  36. kalia? really? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but this week will be very interesting though

  37. Will try this again. No question, but Kalia has an answer! How can that legitamitly happen?

      • It has been done before where the the HG gave the answers correctly after only hearing a part of the question…nothing new here

      • That wasn’t even a part of a question! Well BB, I guess you’re really fooling most people. But not everyone! Ratings matter and a good couple of fixes by you has really helped your cause. What’s the next fix?

    • Just watched the HOH again on my DVR and the only part of the question that was asked was during an eviction ceremony who referred and then Kalia hit her button. Come on CBS who can answer that??? Julie never even let the viewers hear the rest of the question after she said Kalia was right.

      • There is a 5 second delay for what the TV audience hears in case they let the F word or other expletive fly. Kalia probably heard more of the question than we did.

      • Kalia made a quick, daring guess. I DVR’d it and watched it several times. That was enough of the question to make a reasonable guess. “During an eviction ceremony, who referred…”
        Remember Dominic’s speech?
        True, Julie Chen should have finished the question for the viewers, just like Alex Trebek does on Jeopardy.

    • I know. Isn’t it just great to watch someone crumble on TV. It just makes our lives so much better. NOT! You need to get a life.

  38. My god I will not watch big brother this week for sure! I don’t hate dani though just her sidekick!

    • Brenchel just isn’t cocky, I love deserved arrogance. They are just dirty playing ppl. These same ppl would throw each and every one of you that support them under a bus just because it’s Tuesday. Someone said Kalia was classless because of her message. Damn brenden, that’s not her friend. Brenchel is lower than classless.
      Brenchel- a despicable,untrustworthy peron that because of their many insecurities will stop at nothing to cause pure misery.

      • I know. We will all feel the wrath of Brenchel. It is just horrible the things they do, just plain horrible. I sure hope Brendon comes back so we can see the world end. The world will end, I just know it. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to take that chance when I vote for Brendon.

  39. It’s interesting how CBS manipulates the game. Now we’ll hear how Danielle rejoices in Rachel’s pain throughout the week while she grins like a bitter villain and turns Rachel into the victim – could it be they want Brenchel to win in the end?

  40. she may not put up rachel knowing that she may come back Anyone else notice Rachel going over to congratulate kalia right as the show was ending.

    • no she was to busy crying and poutting. Can’t wait to hear why she didn’t win(not her fault the questions were to hard)

      • i know she was pouting but as soon as the show was ending- the last 5 seconds, she was walking towards Kalia

      • yes julie called them back to sit down. she told of the new twist. She said to think about who you vote out because their is a chance they may return. She then said she would leave it there and say no more

  41. :( i want brenden in the house sooo bad! I cant believe rachel didnt win HOH! Im not gonna watch anymore

    • You can’t believe Rachell didn’t win HOH? Why?
      Her drone Porsche didn’t even answer the question, probably hoping Rachell had it, and she didn’t want to beat her. Well, that backfired as Rachell answered INCORRECTLY. By default, Porsche went on to the next round. Rachell lost fair and square, then said “F#*k”, causing the bleep out and an admontion from Julie Chen to “Keep it clean, houseguests.”

  42. YES YES YES YES YES Mandi where are you?Rachel bombed as predicted.
    This is exactly what i said would happen,u can take the floater banner of kalai now my chick dani is safe :0.All that needs to happen now is dom voted back in and defeat who ever gets evicted.
    All the people hating on my sista kalia cause she talk to much bwahaha you aint seen nothing yet LOL

    • Yea Kalia killed them in this comp. I hope Ranchel gets sent home but I can also see JJ put on the block. Kalia trying to make a power move. I think if she did that though it would work against her in the long haul.

      • naw shes not doing that she has this foolish loyalty to them when jeff hates her guts its probably adam and rachel and if any of them comes of the block Shelly goes up.

  43. I hope Cassie comes back and Rachel has to play nice with her also I want to see Shelly explain herself to Cassie. This is going to a good week. no matter what to think of Kalia she came thu for Dani. And I really am disgusted with Dick-no matter what he thought of Dani’s game he should of stuck-up for her.

  44. Soooooooo glad Brendon was sent packing… for the game to really start. Now if we can get whiny Rachel out so I can stop seeing her pout that would be great. I am voting for Cassie to come back. That should shake things up quite a bit.

  45. LOL you guys crack me up…all everyone has been saying is they can’t stand Kalia, she’s a floater, all she does is eat and talk. But now that she won HOH and Dani will be safe everyone just loves her. Sounds like floaters to me.

  46. Best case scenario,

    Rachel gets evicted and Dominic gets voted back in the game. Then Dani watches R beat D and then R wins the next HOH and nominated D and K!!!

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right, sorry. This is game for horrible, ugly people. They’re all the same in the end.

      • Exactly BG….he said she was a nobody. He disrespected her more than once, she doesn’t have to kiss his butt. Who the hell is he? He can say what he wants and bring her to tears but she has to walk on eggshells?! Hell no. I would have said worse.

    • Really? I thought it was cute. Have to ever seen some of R/B’s good byes? He got what was coming to him.

      • kalia was the one who approached brendon respectfully and got treated like shit if anything she should have mooned him lol

    • The main thing wrong with her goodbye is that it won’t get her Brendan’s vote, if he makes it to the jury. Not that she’d get his vote anyway. Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right, but she gave it back to him, didn’t she?

  47. MATT(BBN)

    Thanks for this website. Regardless of positions, or likes and dislikes, the people on here are fun and passionate.

    • You’re very welcome. Yep, everyone is free to root for their favorites here, even if we don’t all agree, just as long as they stay respectful.

    • Was not a Jeff Fan last time he played but this time around he is not so bad..well until he goes after Dani then he gots to go.

  48. Woo Hoo! Bye Bye Brendon. Who is the bride in that relationship…hehehe. Anyways, this is coming from someone who routed for them last year. I always go for the underdog and since they were rolling around like they owned the place, it served their ass to get a reality check. No one is safe. They don’t own the BB house. This is not the Brenchel show, its BB. Im tired of seeing them two together. I’d rather see the drama that occurs when Rachel’s crazy ass starts running her mouth and has no one to calm her down. Someone get her meds please…lol

    • I agree. I was so for them last year and did not like them this year when they were bullying people around. Now maybe we can watch the real game instead of “their” show.

      • Actually, Brenchel were portrayed by CBS as the bullies, but JJ were also bullies, particularly Jeff. His behavior just got edited out. And as far as I can see, Kalia and Dani are acting real ignorant while in HOH. It seems that everyone gets a little power drunk when they are HOH, not just Brenchel.

    • You’re my kind of person! What you wrote is EXACTLY how I feel. It’s good to know that there are some normal people still out there. These Brandon & Rachel fans make me sick…

      • Thanks! I’m happy I’m not alone in my thoughts. I haven’t posted here this year but when I logged and saw all these Brenchel fans, I almost threw up. Its like America likes bullies, sore losers, and manipulators. Rachel turns every situation around to make herself look like a victim and she is really a villain. I finally agreed with her about something and thats “She is crazy”. Lol. I was cracking up at their fake emotional breakdown on the hammock. They have serious issues.

      • We’re on the same page Rose. I have never posted on here before. I just finished watching tonight’s shoe and wanted to read up about how bad Rachel was taking Kalia’s win and Brandon’s eviction. Then to my surprise I read all these comments of sorrow for Rachel… I was shocked and had to voice my opinion on the fake annoying witch and her suckie fiancé. Hopefully only a week to go, lol.

      • All aboard! lol… im so sick of that tired soap opera of a relationship, I’m ready to see some fresh drama and game playing.

      • Gosh, we didn’t mean to make you sick. Would Brendon coming back in the house make you feel better?

  49. Oh, BTW – I’m saving all these comments about “Kalhua” and her amazing floating body. I’ll love to rub them in your faces sometime soon :)

  50. I can’t wait to see D’s face when R beats Dominic in the challenge and returns to the game.while D goes home and R wins the next HOH and nominates D and K!

  51. I am very happy to read that Kalia has won, WHY IN THE WORLD are there so many BRANDON FANS? Really, a brute, a bully, an “king”…. Realy people? Dani won because she had too, Kalia won because she had to, the rest of the “newbies” are floaters. Rachel is fake and a phony? When she wins she is bully and make people do as she says, when she is not a winner, she cries. She lies more than she breathes… FAKE Chest, NO ass, Fake all the way around. She can leave next. I am voting for Dominic.

    • Because the show brings out the worst in everyone. And Brendon has a good heart deep down inside and his sacrifice and his tears tonight show what a real, and sweet guy he CAN be. I’m not saying he’s perfect, far from it, he has his flaws. I know. But he seems like he wants the 500,000 so bad and that passion is always visible.

      He’s just a passionate guy. And I appreciate his dedication and strength. It’s no wonder why Dani thought he was the biggest threat.

    • Thank God someone I can agree with…lol. WTH is wrong with everyone? Are they watching the same show because those two are crazy as hell. They are both narcissistic and need some counseling before entering marriage.

      • I’m guessing you’re a psychiatrist. So in your honest opinion doc, would it be terrible for Brendon to come back or not? I don’t want to contribute to their narcissistic behavior. Oh well, I guess I’ll take that chance and vote Brendon back.

      • Sonya, vote for who ever you want to come back in, I dont give a damn….lol. Its a show, get a life. Im not a psychiatrist, im stating my opinion, if you dont like it, move the hell on :)

      • I know. It was such a disgrace. What a horrible man, just horrible I tell ya. I cannot believe it. I am just speechless. Oh well, I guess I better get back to voting Brendon back in the house. But yes, he is just plain terrible.

  52. Brendon and Rachel are brutal. They are arrogant and just brutal to everyone when things go their way and cry when they dont. The guy jacks off on a computer to other women and this relationship is destined? They are a joke and if I was their parents I would be embarrassed.

    The guy treats women like garbage. He is quick to challenge women when they make comments to Rachel but when Jeff jumped on her for barking at Jordan during a POV comp, Brendon didnt say a word. Nice character.

    • I thought that I was the only one who noticed that he challenges the women but not the men. He even challenged Porsche.

    • yep he did so she wouldn’t take the slop punishment..there was no point in her doing that..and yes he tells Jordon to shut up alot or be quite..Jordon has a bad habit of putting stuff out there that she shouldn’t and Brendon has told Rachel the same thing which did not mean alot

      • come to think about I could not possibly count the # of times a man has told me to shut up…but did I listen noooo..Did I take it as a macho move???’s just a phrase u say to people..

  53. I think I now understand why Jordan won last time and has the best chance to win again. She is the only who will never take revenge or level herself with anyone. She sits in the background and lets them all kill each other violently one by one.

    • OK, if there was a hypothetical show with your dear Jordan and Adam (the male version of Jordan) how interesting would that be?

      Lame, wouldn’t watch, fail.

      • I never said interesting. I said win. The girl sits there, watches everyone stab each other in the back. When they are done, she gets up, collects half a million dollars and leaves.

      • True, I would rather see Jordan over any one else in this house at this point. I just want to see Rachel, Jeff and possibly Brendon in the top four…but fat chance.

        Oy, Dani is such a dumbass for ruining the alliance!

      • Yes, but JJ are on to her. No way they’ll let her win. She really made some dumb moves. And if people say Brenchel are evil, she looked twice as evil taking revenge over them.

  54. Kalia will be an arrogant pain this week. It will be her time to go once her reign is over. At this point, I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Rachel, Jeff, or Jordon.

    I really didn’t like how arrogant they were in the beginning.

    • I don’t think she’ll be arrogant this week. Really the only thing she dose is talk to much but I haven’t heard her get mean just to be mean (like R/B)

  55. Oh yea, Go Kahlia and Dani! Take down Rachel next. Bring back Cassie or Dom and destroy the rest of the house. Send JJ packing too. I like them but Jordan has already won and since Jeff is her bf, he definitely benefited from her plus he has 10k to add to the bank. He got too cocky this season, I guess Brendon must have rubbed off on him.

    Its hilarious that when Brendon had to fight every damn week to stay in last year, how mellow and humble he was but as soon as he “thought” he had a little power this year, He became a totally different person. Brenchel deserves each other. Wackos! lol

    • I totally was on Brendon’s side last year but I suppose that his true character has been shown. I did see parts of that poor character last year though but things are usually different when you are not in charge. It’s quite possible that Brendon might be a jerk in real life.

      • Yea, I think he is a jerk. The show didn’t make him that way, he just kept it hidden inside of him. That’s why he loves Rachel so much because she reflects him. The way they behaved this year is disgusting.

      • Lmao! thank you nickster for that laugh this morning. I googled it and saw him crying on TMZ. Wth is wrong with those two? I thought it was Rachel rubbing off on him but I think they are equally nuts. hilarious…

    • Taking the words out of my mouth. I was a big fan of J&J until they got too comfortable. It was unfair that Cassie was sent packing. She has the fight in her and hope she comes back to battle it out with Rachel and gets another shot. She showed her great character when she tried to talk to Rachel one on one and Rachel just acted like the immature, insecure catty b**ch she is. Then Dani, Kahlia and Cassie will run things and Dick can eat his words about his daughter.

  56. The only reason Brendon wanted Rachel to stay is si he can have some alone time with his web cam.

  57. my goodness how soon we forget..Shelly promised to fully support Rachel if Brendon got evicted..She said she would console her and lift her up…But all good plans sometimes don’t pan out..Shelly is ass kissing with the new HOH…Little does she know that they are on to her and she may be on the block this week…we shall see..

  58. I vote back Cassie – just to see Rachel cry and pout. Honestly what’s with you people – first say you hate Brenchel and now you want Brendon back? America NEEDS Cassie.

  59. wonder why everyone is soo focus on brenchel,take a good guess without these two drama queens,I will say ” boring”,think about it they make you want to watch and see what drama will be unfolding,now not soo great,BB do something drastic to save this show.

  60. I vote for Brendon to come back into the house, Just to see him torture Dani…

      • Why because she out smarted them? They were losers when they came in the house and their losers out of the house. Good bye!

      • @ ziggy1, sounds to me that you are seriously judgemental, of two people you dont know.

      • blue: am going by what I see on t.v. and the life feeds. the reason I believe their like that outside of the bb house is no body act like they do just for the show. and yes I don’t like the way they treat other people. so if that makes me judgemantle so be it.

      • Dani outplayed Brenchel, both strategically and when she needed to win hoh comp. She has aligned herself with good people and is proving the doubters wrong.

      • @ ziggy1, I understand what you are saying I see and hear the same things you are. I dont like there behaviors either, In all honesty I dont like any of there behaviors in the BB house. However the BB house makes people crazy. A few years back they had some of the survivor contestants go on BB for a short time. Everyone of them said that they couldnt play BB that BB was harder then survivor. They said that they would go crazy cause at least on survivor you can walk away and have time to yourself and you are outdoors. They said that they didnt know how the BB contestants could handle it, and gave them props for being on BB. Lets face facts here people watch BB and think they can go into the BB house have a social game win or not win comps fly under the radar ect. But the truth of the matter is no one can say for sure how they would play the game intill they are put into that position. Cause I have heard to many people who were on BB say they came into the house with a strategy or they were going to play an honest game lay lo, be social throw comps, ect. Then they enter the house and find out what they thought they new and what happens are two different things that the game isnt as easy as they thought it would be. Things change from moment to moment as we all see so living day in and day out with that kind of pressure would make anybody crazy. If you think about it, its like being thrown into a vipers nest with no way out.

      • The only girl to be envied in the house is Jordan.

        Dani, much like her own father said, is in a horrible position. Haha, I give her one more week before she’s booted.

  61. Looks like another veteran probably Rachel will go home which fits nicely with the scenario of the veterans all being booted out of Big Brother! Once,
    another veteran goes, there would be 3 veterans versus 5 newbies and if another newbie wins next week’s HOH then, they can guarantee another veteran gone! It would not matter then because 2 veterans versus 5 newbies puts it in the newbies
    favor! Vote out the veterans and the newbies will
    win! Danielle is probably safe this week but, will be an easier target if the newbies win HOH again and backdoor the veterans next week! Then, none of the veterans are safe! Newbies would do well to unite and push out all the veterans! Then, they have a one in five chance at that $500,000!

    • The newbies had the biggest chance the first week to go after the vets if they only stayed united, especially after Evil Dick left. Some were too timid or dumb to do so, and they have paid for it with three of them gone. Now, they have a real second chance to take control and oust the vets.

      • The first time is different because the veterans were at full strength with 4 veterans united. Now, you have veterans moving to evict other veterans. This is the best opportunity for the newbies to make their move! Just continue to go with the flow and vote the veterans out. It does not really matter who. Let Danielle think she is in full control then, if a newbie win HOH next week nominate Danielle and another veteran. If she gets off, there would be 2 veterans left against 5 newbies and they can still be voted off easily!

      • Incase you haven’t noticed, there is not a newbie vs vets alliance anymore. Hasn’t been since week one.

  62. brendon and rachel need to get out this high school,drama filled love life that they live. Its immature how they act on tv.

  63. Rachel/Porsche was my first thought to put up but then I thought better yet Porsche/Shelly would be better. Where do there alliances really stand.

    • I agree am watching after dark and Shelly already has gone back inforth twice in one hour. She needs to go!

  64. I just do not understand why people love Bren and Rach. HGs will try to talk to them and they try to make them feel small and turn their words around. Yes, everyone is playing the game, but you do not have to be so blatantly rude. I for one am very happy Bren is gone, wish it was Rach so I would not have to hear her anymore, but I will take what I can get.

    VERY VERY Excited Kalia won the HOH. I know people say it’s rigged, but all you had to do is listen to part of the question and you know what the answer is. It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to do that. :) Kalia won fair and square, life hurts so get a helmet. It’s happened in BB before so it is not that surprising, if you actually bothered to watch previous seasons.

    Really hope Dom or Cassi comes back next week and that either of them crush Rachel if she is the one evicted. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Agree! I’m tired of hearing the whole “rigged” scenario. Get over it people. When Rachel or someone I didn’t like won, I didn’t holler, its rigged, I was just pissed…lol. Bunch of damn haters. Go Kalia and Dani! and Hopefully Cassie or Dom!

    • I heart this soooo much!!!! Operation floater is in full effect. Now lets see if Kalia will do what she said. She wanted both Brendon and Jeff out. Does she have the balls to break ms sippe cup’s heart and I don’t hate on Jordan just don’t want her to win again. I want Dani or now that she has proven herself maybe Kalia to win.

      • Kalia is just being a stereotypical African-American woman. I don’t know how anyone can cheer her on when all she has been doing is floating and sniffing Daniel’s ass to stay in the game. She is such a dumb, ignorant person who is giving a lot of people a bad name. I really, definitely, have not hated a person more than her in my entire life.

        You realize she is going to put up Rachel and Jeff, right? You guys all talk about how sick Rachel and Brendon’s relationship is when Daniel and Dominic were doing the exact same thing, only they were acting like a middle school couple. The only couple on the show that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach is Jeff and Jordan.

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and even if I don’t agree with it, I’ll always defend your right to form your own opinions, but your comment about “stereotypical African-American” women is uncalled for. How can you say that someone represents an entire race of people? And what’s more, it is totally inappropriate that you did it in such a negative connotation. To say that she is “a stereotypical African-American woman” who is “such a dumb, ignorant person” is beyond opinion. It is bigotry and ignorance on your part.

      • I am a Jeff and Jordan fan and would like to see them go all the way. However, if they don’t I’m not going to be too upset because, (as has been pointed out multiple times) Jordan has won before. That having said, I do want to see Jeff and Jordan hang in there a couple more weeks simply so they can be in the jury house together. Jordan has said several tiems that the reason she and Jeff came back on the show was to spend the summer together. If they are in the jury house they can be together. If one leaves now they go home. Call me a bleeding heart if you like but that’s how I feel.

      • Billy Bob, wth is your problem? Dont bring that racist crap in here. This is the reason I dont blog because of people like you. You talk about giving someone a bad name, well you give the human race a bad name with such ignorant talk. State your opinion but dont insult an entire race of people to make a point. And if you haven’t hated somebody as much as Kalia then you need to get out and see the world because its filled with worse people than a reality tv show person trying to win some money. Do you hate killers or molesters? yea, I could see you hating them but to hate someone because of their race is disgusting. I hope your comment is deleted and you are banned.

  65. YES! YES! YESSSSS! Brendons gone, and Kaila won HOH!
    Goodbye Rachel!

    Only thing that would make this even more awesome would be Cassie returning to the game to piss Rachel off :D

    • Cassi was the only newbie who actually had a game mentality at the start, to have her voted back would be ideal for a number of reasons…
      1 -It would absolutely slam Rachel if her initial nemesis came back to beat her in a chance to return.
      2 -the dynamic created by allowing an evicted HG back into the game would be a lot of fun to watch.
      3 -She is easy on the eyes.

      Bring back Cassi!!!

    • The newbies can win this! If Rachel goes next or any veteran for that matter, we would be down to 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. If the newbies win HOH next week then, they can nominate the veterans and guarantee another veteran goes home! That would make it 2 veterans versus 5 newbies and they can finish off the last two veterans by voting them off!
      That will guarantee a newbie wins Big Brother!

      • The newbies left were just waiting for their time. It was too early in the game the same way it was too early for Danielle to throw her alliance under the bus! Right now, everyone thinks Danielle is in the cat bird seat. Wait till another veteran goes home, maybe, Rachel then, if the newbies win HOH next week—-they can nominate Danielle and another veteran. That is 100% guaranteed that another veteran will go home. Even if Danielle survives with another veteran, the newbies will see that they do not need Danielle or any other veteran to win!

  66. It will be real funny if Rachel gets evicted then Brendon gets back in I don’t want him back in but would be so funny to see that happen next week

    • Yep, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brendon and Rachel face each other to see who stays and who gets evicted next Thursday.

      One of them will probably throw the comp, so the other one can stay or get back in the house.

      After that, things will remain where there are right now. One half of Brenchel in the house, half evicted.

  67. I think that CBS will bring Brendon back no matter what (they will say that he got the votes). I think that CBS wants the Brenchel show to continue.

  68. Im voting dominic just because he is the only one that could beat rachel to get back into the game. UNLESS, Kalia puts up adam, Then cassi could beat him.

    • SO SHE TALK TO MUCH at least she dosen’t cry and pout and say no body can play this game right! Give her a break she won fair and square. You want drama in the house you’ll get it this week. Bring out the med’s Rachel will need them or maybe the house guest will.

      • exactly ziggy! All people can complain about is how much Kalia talks, well Rachel is a nutcase whom I would never leave my child or small animal around. Go Kalia! Float on with ya bad self! lol

  69. Sorry people, but nothing signicant was ever said before Kalia answered the question. To say that danielle coached Kalia is absurd. Good try though!

    • Your memory isn’t as good as my DVR. I just watched it again.

      I assume you’re saying the first question since that was her earliest ring-in of all her rounds. Kalia participated in 4 of them.

      Julie said, “during an eviction ceremony, who referred to other houseguests as…” and then Kalia rang in.

      Try to tell me Keith or Cassi made any statements half as strong as Dominic’s “spineless jellyfish” comment at eviction time. It was obvious at that point who the answer was.

      Look, I’m not a “Kalia fan”, but to claim that question wasn’t answerable at that point or “nothing significant was ever said” is what’s truly absurd.

      • exactly Matt. There were only 3 ppl to chose from and Dom ws the obvious choise. It’s really funny how a lie can start when everyone saw and heard that but still are in agreeance with the rigged lie. Like her or not she won fair and square. Had Rachel won I would have hated it but damn she would have deserved it.

      • Thanks for the clarification Matt, I knew that there was something like that said but couldn’t place it. All this conspiracy stuff is crazy.

  70. People, vote for Brendon pleeeease!

    Dani is safe this week, bringing back Dominic would not be fair and it’ll just send Rachel back into her manic depression. I don’t want to see her back up against the wall anymore. :(

    • Lol! why wouldn’t it be fair?! Who cares how it will effect Rachel. She is not the BB God. If she is that depressed, she needs to get the hell off the show and make room for stable minded folks…lol. Instead of trying to win money, she needs seek professional help.

      • Because Rachel was the one who evicted him fair and square. And after the first twist that the couples are being split up, a POV Brendon won fair and square that would a week ago save them both only saved her & not the both of them. And now with a SECOND twist, Rachel will be dicked again and have someone she evicted come back after her fiance was evicted.

        Like, it’s just a lot. I appreciate Rachel and don’t think its all too fair for the show to d*ck her out so much for ratings.

      • Rachel will be fine.She will marry Bendan,he will find a cure for cancer,make agazilion dollars and all is right in la la land.

      • I know some people wouldn’t care but I’ll try my best to make sure Brendon comes back. :( It may be a fruitless effort but it’s better to try.

        America doesn’t hate Brenchel. The haters are just louder than the appreciators.

    • why not? It’s what makes the show watchable right. Besides she brings it on herself and I think she enjoyes all the drama she crates.

      • She does bring it a lot on herself but at the same time if I can do anything about it (help bring back Brendon) then I will….

      • and I’ll do everthing I can so he dosen’t come back! Enough is enough let him go back to school-maybe he can take a class and become a human being and treat people(females) .

      • OK…I rather root for someone/build someone up than try to destroy them so passionately. But if you want to be so negative then….go ahead. Don’t care what you chose to do.

    • Fences, Rachel needs to go as well. If you’re not stable enough to PLAY A GAME – don’t play. I’m so sick of everyone feeling sorry for this broad. Why weren’t yall feeling sorry for Cassi and Dominic who really didn’t have a chance? Brenchel has had this opoortunity twice and they screwed it up twice – on to the next one! I really liked Brenchel last season and thought that everyone targeted them because they were treatened this season they come in doing the same sh*t to the others in the house. That’s so hypocritcal and I’m glad they are losing – not winning :)

  71. Dominic seems like an obvious choice to me. He is probably the best player out of the 4 and I want to see how this kid can play. Brendon has had 2 chances himself as has already proved he is not much of a player overall. Cassi is hot as hell but I would rather see the best player come back and that is definitely Dominic.

    • Dominic threw a POV and he’s the best player? LOL. Even Julie called him out on his stupidity.

      • He made a bad move. I agree. But what have Keith and Cassi done??? Brendon is in his own world and is terrible at strategy. Atleast Dom tried to make moves to go up against the vets when no one else would. It was his partner that screwed him. I’m just saying he showed the most promise and I hope he gets the chance to come back and finally get to play with people willing to make moves.

      • If that’s how you feel.

        I guess we can agree to disagree! I still appreciate Brendon a whole lot and hope he comes back. :( But if it’s anyone, I hope it’s down to Dom and Brendon.

      • I’ll agree with you there. I loved looking at Cassi but Brendan and Dom would be best for the Game aspect. I also found Dominic to be a funny guy and to be the most entertaining on the feeds so that also helps my biased opinion. lol

      • Honestly if it wasn’t for Dani being in the house, I would’ve totally welcomed Dominic with open arms. But because Dani is still there, I don’t want her to taint Dom’s game for me.

  72. y r sum ppl mad cuz kalia won she won fair & square they starting 2 sound like rachael when she loses a competition get ova it its a game i just dnt want a vet 2 win i liked all the vets on their season but 4 sum reason they get on my nerves this season 2 cut a long story short bring back dominic even tho bb13 is the worst season EVER

  73. It’s so funny watching last nights BBAD. Adam, Shelly, and Jeff made a decision to put up Kalia and Lawon. How funny!

    • Very funny to watch them do the ass kissing, boot licking game of deny and disavow, LOl. What a way to step Kalia!!!!

    • I meant to say that they were so sure that Kalia nor Lawon would win HOH so they already had everything figured out.

  74. Vote Cassi back in please. I would love to see Cassi come back in this house and beat rachaels ass ina comp and send her ass packing… I would love nothing more then this! If Kaleia was smart she would put Rach against Porche!

  75. Porsche/Shelly prime for a HoH vote. There is to much going on with them. Which way will each house guest vote?

  76. Omg I hate Kieth and Brendon and Dominic uhhhhhhhhhh can’t stand them. But I love LOVE LOVE cassi she is soooooooooo sweet hope she comes back she did nothing wrong vote for cassi to come back PLEASE

  77. Why does everyone call others floaters in every comp there can only be one winner and if u don’t have to win one for IR safety why win lawon for example right now no ones even talking about him meaning he’s pretty safe why draw attention to himself and make enemies to nominate and evict him the next week same with Shelly I’d let everyone else Duke it out like Jordan her season she waited til the right time to win the most important hoh of the season and she won. Why compete and draw attention when u can let everyone else nominate and evict its not about winning company its about getting to the end to win either way 1st or 2nd place still a winner

    • @kristy P…No one here seems to think that way. PPl here think that the houseguest main objective is to entertain us no thats BB’s job. The houseguest’s main objective is to win and if that means “float” through until win well so be it. If I only get $50k out of “floating” so what it was $50k more than I had when I went in. Lawon is not trying to be a celeberty he wants some money. I have no problem with that.

  78. Why does anyone have to come back! They’ve been evicted…..let the evictions stand! What is the use of going through the evictions, if there is always a possibility of one coming back?!? Ruins the game play!

    • Except CBS has a plan for the show to run for a set number of weeks, with a number of planned “unexpected” moments, like double eviction, etc. With ED dropping out, it messed up their time-line and so the only way to correct that is to bring someone back.

      I agree with your thinking of ‘let the evictions stand’ but there are powers who don’t.

      I still think this will add an interesting dynamic to what has been a slow moving show thus far.

      Bring Back Cassi!

  79. Is my memory faulty (very possible at my age), didn’t Rachel win this very type of comp in her season by ringing early?

  80. what is all this talk about rachel getting evicted next week. shes not going anywhere people and plus brendon is coming back next week

  81. Matt, do you think Brendon has a chance of coming back???? (Just curious to hear what you have to say…)

  82. oh boy we are going to be in for a drama week….i hope dom comes back or brendon….b-c it is likely that rachael is going home this week anyways….unless she wins pov….not sure if she would have votes to keep her .although i did remem kalia sayin she wanted jeff out but with dani in her ear she wont go there i am guessing..we shall see…plot thickens!

  83. What an ugly person Kalia is. She showed her true colors in her farewell speech to Brendon. She is nasty. And, how stupid she acted when she won HOH. Oh, I guess it is alright for her to be a Drama Queen but not Rachel. I get sick reading about the one way street when it comes to Brendon and Rachel. Kalia won by blind luck and she is stupid and will be the dumbest HOH yet. Dani thinks she will control Kalia and they will both make dumb mistakes.

    • Right, but honestly it’s good Fatlia won this week. Because this weeks HOH is basically useless with the twist being injected into the game at this point.

      The odds of whoever she wants to get evicted getting evicted are smaller than usual. So I hope Rachael or Jeff can win next week! LEGGO!

      • Have you watched Brandons farewell speeches? He got what he deserved! And he isn’t coming back. NO ONE WANTS HIM BACK.

      • Bookie not coming back….lol. He is a arrogant ass wipe and she talked to him exactly the way he talked to her when she tried to talk to him like a civilized person in the backyard. Her colors show that she doesn’t kiss ass and she isn’t afraid to go against bullies. What was she supposed to say to someone who said she was a nobody in the house and a nobody outside of the house? He is a nasty punk and i would have told him just that flat out!

      • It doesn’t matter if whoever is evicted comes back, she and Daniele would’ve been nominated THIS week had Kalia not won this HOH. They bought themselves another week and another week to ge people on their side and they seem to be working on Porsche.

      • Does anyone here actually listen to the information put out during the show. It does matter who Kalia nominates and they will not have a chance to come back. Only the people voted out up to Brendan will have a chance to return. Those people are Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Brendan. So whoever Kalia nominates and is voted off, is voted off for good.

    • good for kalia…. i totally agree with her… bradon is more nasty and rude than her any day…

      • But Brendon doesn’t spend the ENTIRE day talking about Kalia. He may talk badly to her face but all Fatlia does all day is stay in the HOH room, eat and bash Brenchel.

      • Where else is she going to vent? At least she’s away from veryone else in the house-where as R/B to it in front of everyone. nasty little people. o’sorry am being judgemantle again!

      • better to say it to someone’s face than behind their backs, ziggy. it just comes off as being fake.

  84. Well that didn’t take long. Porche already up Kalia and Dani’s butt. Talking how she feels used by Brendon and Rachel. Did you forget Porche that you would of been gone week one if it wasn’t for Brendon and Rachel. And Rachel was the only one that would talk to you until this past week. I’m not a big fan of Brenchel but I call it like I see it. Also Lawon saying we need to get them out one by one. Now that’s funny Lawon…what have you done so far??? Porche and Lawon need to go they are two of the most boring players.

    • Yeah, all Lawon can do is ride. Did you notice how confused he looked during tonights HOH competition?

      • I know he always looks confused. And when he’s talking to someone I can never figure out what he’s talking about. LOL

      • The look Lawon gave Rachel was priceless. I DVR’d it replayed it several times. Rachel just barely beat him to the buzzer. However, there was some background noise or voices right then. Rachel’s look was almost guilty. It could just be she was still sad about Brendan leaving, but it makes you wonder. At a time when most people would be excited, Rachel’s affect was unusual.

        I don’t necessarily think things were rigged. What was with the fishes on screen right after Kalia beat Adam in their round?

        At the end of the show, I think I heard Jordan saying that she couldn’t hear the question.

        And Rachel vs. Porsche was interesting. Porsche didn’t attempt to answer, letting Rachel answer incorrectly.

  85. I wouldn’t mind if Cassi or Dom came back into the game…preferably Dom to further Dani’s game.

    Rachel and Brendon are so trashy too. Having sex on live feeds and him showing off his goods online to another girl, and then posting an apology video ONLINE?! Don’t get me started on Rachel! Please, people. If you support these two you’re about as class-less as they are. Cassi did NOTHING wrong except be the unfortunate victim of Rachel’s insecurities. Dom never should have thrown that POV comp, but he should get back in to help Dani out!!! Use your head and vote back in DOMINIC!!!

      • Sparky77040..u most b trailer trash 2 …they not so trashy obviously they can afford school:)lol

      • I take offence to that remark. The trailer park I live in would not let Brenchel live there. They would have to live in the projects.

      • @KDawg and zigg1 I totally agree with you. Dom or Cassi would be great. Dom has shown he can win when he needs to. He trusted Brenchel and threw that comp because they told him he was safe. While I really like Cassi I don’t know her skills and since she has been sequestered she would realign with Shelly who I don’t trust at all. Shelly already threw her under the bus only she doesn’t know it. So my vote would be Dom. Anybody but Brendon. I am so glad he is gone. People have not given Kalia a chance. I knew she was just waiting for the right time. Did you see how fast Rachel was up in Kalia’s HOH room on BBAD. Telling her how much respect she had for her as a player. I still remember how mean Brenchel was to her and basically said she was worthless. Dani tried to make an honest apology to Rachel and talk about being mean. Nobody is meaner than Brenchel. They think they are the best players ever. I am so sick of them. Leave Brendon out where he belongs and send Rachel packing.

    • I’m a Brenchel fan and I’m somehow classless? How the EFF can you make such a wild generalization? Ridiculous.

      Oh that’s right you’re just as delusional as you say Brenchel are. Keep projecting your own insecurities onto them.

    • Cassi as well as Dom needed to go. What have they done on gameplay anyways? This is a game.
      Play to win or get sent home! Both did neither. It was stupid to oppose the veterans when they were united. They were the best players in the game. Those who laid low, stayed on and survived. And those who cannot stop themselves from showing themselves as against the veterans put targets on their backs. And whose fault is that? And what happens on these shows are pretty much exagerrated. Much like the fake fights on Jerry Springer or the wrestling on WWE. Who really believes any of that is real? And with
      $500,000 on the line, people will lie, cheat, do whatever it takes to win! That is what the game is about. Danielle has lied and backstabbed her alliance numerous times but, is that okay? Is that done by a person with class? None of these house guests has any class. The closest probably will be Jordan but, she has bad mouthed people too behind their back so, who is really clean and without sin? This is entertainment and nothing else!

    • Just horrible I tell you, horrible. Why would anyone have sex on TV unless they were absolutely horny. I sure hope they were extremely horny or I simply cannot condone this type of behavior.

  86. There Shelly goes again…kiss up kiss up kiss up. Playing both sides. Does she really think that she won’t be noticed for being completely disingenuous?????

    • I think they all know but they don’t think she a threat to their game me personal am getting tired of her nicy nicy act. And watching her chain smoke makes me sick what is she teaching her daugter? I thought in the being she would be a good player but now not so much.

      • I agree. I really liked Shelly in the beginning and I thought she chose a side and would stick to that alliance but now I see that she’s not being loyal at all. I wonder if she threw the HOH comp??? This way she does not have to put someone up that would show who she’s alligned with.

  87. how dumb is porsche? why did she put jeff and shelley against each other rather than kalia and shelley? wow…

  88. Is anyone else having problems enlarging the screen for the feeds? Today those emoticons are back at the bottom of the picture where I usually click to enlarge and I don’t know how to get rid of them.

  89. Evil Dick in tonights telecast is critiquing his
    own daughter’s move and he has said stupid, stupid
    move a number of times. He even said that she is
    going to have to make a lot of ground to win! LOL
    Like we don’t know that Danielle slit her own
    throat? And that of her other co-alliance veterans?
    It will all be prophetic when Danielle is evicted
    by the newbies in due time! Who is she going to rely on to protect her then? Actually, if Kahlia was half as smart, she would nominate Jordan and Danielle this week. That would guarantee another break in the veterans ranks. Putting Jeff/Jordan against Danielle will do more to break the veterans than anything else! I do think Rachel will
    be nominated by Kahlia per advise of Danielle but,
    next week could be another matter if another newbie wins HOH! Then, they can put the veterans on the block and knock off another veteran from the house!

  90. Alright, I think other than voting for Brendon I will give BB a break this week. It’s so much stress…

    and I don’t want to see Fatlia nominate Rachel and Shelly like I KNOW she will.

  91. Does anyone else notice how Shelly is getting more ornery and caustic and IN everyone’s face? That’s on one hand. On the other hand, she continues to BS with everyone who will listen. Compliment here, compliment there…Come on houseguests…you’re all being played and I think you know it!

    • She did the same backstabbing thing against R/B in the HOH room a week ago, when Dani won. She is not as “nice” as she first seemed to be at the beginning of this game. I think we’re seeing her true colors. I hope the houseguests wise up and start to throw her under the bus, a car, a train, whatever.

      • It would be sweet if Cassi was able to come back to the house. Cassi even said that she considered Shelly a true friend inside the house and that they would definitely be friends after BB. Then Shelly might be exposed for throwing her partner under the bus. Love to see her BS her way out of that one.

  92. Kalia, welcome to the game. Even though she has been playing since the week Dom left. She stood her ground in the last couple weeks. Rachel=Fakest Person EVER. She can’t even put a good cry together. Everything she does is fake and childish. I would like to see either Cassi or Dom back. It would be funny to see Rachel and Brendon face off next week. Rachel, suck it up and stop acting like the world is against you. She’s still in game and she’s letting it go to waste. Pathetic person and player.

  93. Rachel may be good at the compitions, but her social game is what helps her lose. Shes mean when she’s on top and is depressed when shes on the bottom. She has no sympathy or social skills and that makes me sad. Dani is playing a game, while Rachel is battleing her 10 million personalities.

  94. If Cassie came back (which is a good thing), it might toss Shelly for a loop, considering she once said that she would protect her. Kalia is in a tough spot to get Rachel out . I believe everyone will be playing the veto from now on. So does she put her on the block and hope for no veto win or hope that she won’t win the veto to backdoor her. There are only 4 more “block” parties, before the three go after the final HOH. So how do you get a specific target out with 100% aim?

  95. If Kalia and Dani were smart. They would start an alliance with the two cocktail sl*ts. But, I’m sure Rachel could never keep her mouth shut. Those 4 women would roll right through everyone until the Final Four. It would almost be the perfect alliance at this stage in the game. No one would expect Rachel and Dani to work together after everything that happened. But, it would be the perfect move at this point. Back to the boring season.

  96. Hi, I am on the west coast what happened to the after dark show, it’s off at 2:30am, it should be on until 4am????

  97. OMG!! I’m sooooo glad Kalia won!! I really hope she plays smart and gets Rachel or Jeff out cause this might be her ONLY opportunity, unless Dani or Lawon win HOH next week. I honestly can’t understand why Jeff and Jordan are still with Rachel?? isn’t she a loose cannon at this point?? all she’s doing is crying and pouting!! GET OVER IT BRENDON IS GONE!! Also, Adam really needs to start picking a side cause he’s starting to become the next Shelly and its getting kinda annoying…. all Shelly does is listen to JeJo!! Honestly, I think Dominic should come back cause he would have a better chance at playing than Cassi. If Kalia is smart, she’ll put up Rachel and Jeff and then win POV so the noms can stay the same, as much as I hate Rachel’s annoying self I want Jeff gone. He’s clearly a bigger threat and he’s comin’ after Kalia and Dani, so she definetly needs to get him OUTTTT!!

    -Team Dani :)

  98. I wonder how long Kalia is going to let Dani tell her what to do before she realizes that she is HOH not Dani. And Dani bossing Lawon around to go downstairs and break up any groups that are talking. Who is she? She’s not HOH anymore. Dani doesn’t care because Kalia will be the target if the one evicted comes back. It would be almost like her HOH power is no power at all. I hope they see through Shelley. I wish Shelley would go.

    • Although I do like Dani, you make a good point. Kalia should play for yourself and no one else. She needs to make strategic moves based on her own safety. I would make amends with Jeff and Jordan at least socially. I wouldn’t make any solid deals with anyone because she has been playing solo up until Dani lost Dom. If they didnt want to make an alliance with her before, I dont see why she should make one now. Definitely get the leeches (Lawon, Shelly, and Adam) out but after Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are gone. Team Kalia, Dani, and hopefully Dom!

    • I totally agree.. Shelley needs to go NOW!! watching the live feeds and now I see how much she’s playing everyone else its getting really effin annoying. Also, it does seem like Dani thinks she’s permanent HOH, but I’m fine with it as long as Rachel or Jeff goes next week :)

  99. Billybob you are a racist peice of s*it who obviously has the IQ of a toenail. Go play in traffic looser……Brenchal fans no one likes them because they are arrogant bullies they are out of the game this season so build a bridge and get over it! #teamdani

  100. I hope Brendon comes back on Thursday. I love Brendon and my heart was sad seeing him go. He doesn’t seem to be as bad as most proclaim!

    Hopefully Brendon fans can rally together to make him come bacK. I would love nothing more!

  101. I read alot of these comments every chance I get while the BB season is in effect. And I have to say a few of the sane people tajes this show so serious. These same folk probably follow these actresses and actors outside of the house. Some of you need to get out and get some sun interact with real people. Everyone has their opinions on how they perceive someone on tv. But some of you take offense like it’s your real family. Jeez get a grip. O Go Kahlia and Dani

    • agree..

      Im for kalia and dani too but if they dont win, im not going to slit my wrists…lol. its a damn show. people act like cause they reply back saying they are going to vote for brendon that they are hurting you personally…get a grip folks…lls

    • Yes. Team Dani & Kalia! I’m happy the game has cahnged and it’s no longer the Brenchel and JeJo show – it’s back to being Big Brother! BTW, i’m voting for Dominic to come back – Brendon can stay away!

  102. as much as Rachel gets on my last nerve Dani & Kalia are snotty brats that are way rude Jordan has the most heart of anyone else in the house

    • rendon and Racheal are rude. They take everything personal and can’t seperate the game from real life. Look at how Racheal act when she don’t win. Je&Jo had to get after her and so did Dani about the way she treat people. They are really bad losers and can’t respect there peers in there face or behind there back.

      Everyone talk behind each other back but Dani & Kalia do show respect them in there faces.

      VOTE FOR DOM. We can’t Keep spitting the vote between Cassi and Dom because Brendon will sneek right in. I think Dom can win more than Cassie that’s my decision maker.

  103. TEAM DANI! I’m so happy Danielle did what almost everyone else in the house was afraid to do. Cassi was the 1st to bring it up about getting rid of Brenchel. Jeff and Jordan toyed with the idea, but only Dani went through with it. Dani gave Rachel the 1st HOH comp and all she had to do was return the favor, but no she didn’t. Brendon is so condescending and thinks he knows it all because he’s a PhD student (news flash you may/may not know a lot about what you’re study, but you don’t know EVERYTHING). If Brenchel knew politics and how to play it they would have made it further in this game as a couple; that’s the key to winning this game. For everyone bashing Kalia – I love it how everyone has such negative things to say about this woman and you don’t know her. She’s one of the best players in the game right now, just because she hadn’t won any comps prior to this week, what makes you guys think she wasn’t throwing the comps so that she would be less of a target (HENCE Season 2’s Winner). You all know that once you start winning comps you become a treat and people want to get you out faster. Kalia stepped up when she needed to and when it counted so not only is she now HOH, she’s safe for another week, so is Dani and now Dani has the opportunity to play in next week’s HOH comp and possibly keep her and Kalia safe again, which means what THEY GO FURTHER IN THE GAME! People open your eyes and see what’s really going on stop acting like Brenchel was the end all be all. Rachel is a big a$* baby, whenever she doesn’t get her way everyone is being “mean” – FOH and grow up. Glad Brendon is gone. For the 2 people in the house seem to think they were the best BB players ever and who constantly talked about everyone else having “bad game play”, not knowing how to play the game or being a floater, sure is doing a great job in winning BB. For 2 seasons in a row they will both lose – CTHU, so who really knows how to play the game and who doesn’t? I hope Dominic comes back. I’M VOTING FOR DOMINIC

  104. I voted on It says you can vote 10 times but ive voted more and it seems like they keep going through. I wonder if the extra ones count even though ive went over 10.

  105. Even Dani said that Brendon was the toughest competitor in the game.If Rachel is evicted this week how cool would it be to have Brendon vs Rachel. Dom won 1 competition and the others didn’t win at all. Brendon won 3 POVs and a have-not competition with Rachel. If you are a Jeff and Jordan fan it would also be smart for you to vote Brendon back in because JJ and B(hopefully R too)would work together whereas someone like dominic would team up with Dani and go against.Also Shelly, Adam, and Porsche fans should vote him back in bc Shelly and Adam are with JJ and Porsche is with Rachel(I think, but who knows since Rach isn’t in power again)

    Vote 4 Brendon!!!

    • Im voting for Brendon for sure. I wonder if you can vote as many times as you want because on, it says you can only vote up to 10 times but i voted way beyond that and it keeps saying Thank You for Voting

  106. Glad to see Kalia bringing her A game. Since I am not American I can’t vote. Hope people in America bring back Dominic. Would be more interesting game.

    • Ask Kalia a question…any one ask her a question! I bet she knows it before you ask it!
      She is a mind reader.

  107. Dani gave Kalia great advice as far as the HOH comp and to listen to key words. I think Dani is a smart player. Was very happy that Kalia won and she totally deserved it. I cannot stand Shelly – she is such a snake. If Cassi comes back in she does not know that Shelly threw her under the bus and will realign with her. We also don’t know how she is at comps. I hope Dom comes back. He won the POV when he needed to and only threw it when he trusted Brenchel. I don’t know what is wrong with Jordan and Jeff sticking with Rachel. I was hoping that they would align with Dani and Kalia. On BBAD Rachel was the first up there in the HOH and asked Dani to leave so she could talk to Kalia and try to save herself. After all the mean things Brenchel said to her she now respects Kalia as a good player. I guess Rachel thinks she is perfect in determining who are good players and who aren’t. Turns out she was to busy doing what she was with Brendon and didn’t really get to know the people. Dani and Kalia did just that.

  108. Dies laughing at the thought that this mock poll is reflective of the actual “america’s vote”. Would love to see the look on Rachel’s face (and the rant surely to follow) if Cassi walks back into the game.

    I would certainly like to see Cassi come back. I think she has a good head on her shoulders. On the other hand, if Dominic comes back then Dani’s got another Ace in her pocket.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next week. urgh a whole week. who can wait that long. I want it now. *stomps foot*

    • actually i the poll will prove to be right look at how man facebook fans bb has and a most people who have a computer is on facebook now so i think it might just be right its between cassi and dom.

  109. OMFG who in the heck would want Brendon back in the house what a waste of space he is the smartest dumba$$ I have ever seen good riddens go Dani rock on

  110. come on ppl we need to brenden back in that house. thats the only way this games is going to get real good.if brenden comes back this will be the most exciting BB yet. OMG vote brenden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  112. Vote Cassi back in – not fun watching anymore we need good drama not Rae Bren drama!

  113. in the words paul bearer of pro wrestler the undertaker OH YES,YES,YES!!! the king is dead and soon the queen wretchel will be going to jury house if she doesn’t win veto and fails to beat the houseguest we as americans vote to hopefully come in either cassi or dominic so come on america keep voting for those two and the season will be saved!!

  114. all dom wants to do is lay around with dani. at least cassi will play the game…….TEAM CASSI

  115. I really hope either Cassidy or brendon returns. Not that I like brendon he just makes the game more interesting and challenging

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