Big Brother 13: Week 5 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 13 Daniele and Kalia

We finally have a Newbie in control of the nominations this week as Kalia fended off the Veterans to take the top prize of HoH this week. Kalia’s nominations should be pretty obvious, at least to her partner in crime Daniele, but the new HoH still has some decisions to make. Of course there’s also the albatross of this “unknown” twist (we know all the details, but HGs do not) and its impact on the eventual eviction.

After the HoH room reveal Daniele wasted no time setting her targets on Rachel and blasting away to Kalia. Kalia prepares for what she’ll tell Rachel when she inevitably comes up to talk, but Daniele warns her not to make any deals. Kalia, the very same Kalia who said five days ago “where I come from, you don’t call a woman a bitch,” asks Daniele, “you think I’d offer that bitch [Rachel] a deal?” (Flashback 8/5 @ 12:05AM BBT) I’m sorry to see Daniele dragging Kalia down in to this “Mean Girls” persona, but that definitely seems to be happening and it should contribute to her decisions this week.

Rachel arrives moments later and after a visibly disgusted Daniele “not playing this game personally” Donato leaves there’s an attempt to make a deal. By Rachel, of course. Rachel offers a week for week exchange of safety and says she respects Kalia stepping up her Big Brother game and winning this week and second place last week. Kalia smiles and nods, but this doesn’t look to be working.

From Kalia’s various discussions with Daniele she does seem to be concerned with Shelly, but not quite enough to nominate her. Adam isn’t a worry for her and even Porsche has floated her way across from Rachel to Kalia & Daniele. So if she’s not going to nominate Daniele, Shelly, Lawon, Adam, or Porsche then that just leaves her with the Veterans. To help narrow that list of 3 down even more Kalia seems prepared to honor her agreement with Jordan and keep her safe. That leaves her with 2 HGs: Jeff and Rachel. I fully expect Kalia to nominate these two players.

Something else to keep in mind is that who ever gets evicted this week will have the chance to battle America’s Vote for returning evictee (Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon) and head right back in to the house. At this point Kalia has decided to ignore that possibility since they don’t know all the details.

Worst case scenario for Kalia this week: Nominates Jeff & Rachel. Jordan wins Veto and saves Jeff, forcing a renom of a Newbie and possibly creating a new enemy. Rachel gets evicted, battles Cassi (she is currently leading in our unofficial poll), wins and returns to the game. Heck, that might be a worst case for a lot of HGs and viewers!

Best case scenario for Kalia: Nominates Jeff & Rachel. Newbie wins Veto and keeps noms the same. Dominic defeats Jeff or Rachel to return and then rejoins Daniele’s Newbie army.

The nomination ceremony will be held tonight in the house and we’ll be able to watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now). Once the results are in we’ll get you all those spoilers. Looks like we could have another exciting week.


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  1. For all the ‘how can you say those things about R, can’t you see she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown’ people, my my my, hasn’t she made a miraculous recovery (ever since her nervous breakdown enabler got the boot)!!! The reason for R’s over-the-top outbursts in the house was due to B being in there with her, and he being a mollycoddling enabler for her childish behaviour. Watch the live feeds now that he’s gone; she’s able to control her emotions just fine … if she wants to and,…. if she knows there’s no one there (B) to put up with her shit. Nervous breakdown my ass!

    • Rachel has outbursts to garner attention. She does it for screen time. She’ll play the crazy card again when she needs it, but yes, it seems to be mostly an act.

      • i agree wit u, but i think rachel needs a break from that control freak brendon and i also think big brother should have disqualified k for hiding the stuff from the house thats cheating b/c wat if that would have been wat the hoh was about, ppl who cheat like that dont deserve to win. everyone knows u have to lie and maniuplate ppl in the house but to cheat like that aint right. i mean if its ok for k to cheat like that then it should have been ok for rachel and porsche to cheat and put the exlax in k and danielles food but bb told them no so they should have told k no to removing items.

    • Susan I suppose the difference between what K did, and what R & P wanted to do, is that K was just temporarily getting rid of some of no one’s in the house, while R & P wanted to give some to someone in the house! ;-)

  2. It’s way too easy to predict this weeks noms. It will be Rachel and Porche. Rachel better win POV. I don’t want to see her go against BOOKIE next Thursday. VOTE BOOKIE! God I hate Dani, why are they helping Dani so much? They even made Kalia HOH to save Dani again! This is worse than the fixes on Professional Wrestling! VOTE BOOKIE!

    • She will change that. She will realize that making Jeff mad to get rid of Rachel is stupid. Jeff won’t like that “Pawn” crap if it is him. Dani will point this out to Kalia. It’s likely to be Porche in the end. That way, if Rachel ebds up with the POV, Dani canget Kalia to backdoor Jeff. Porche being a non threat to everyone, would be most likely to stay in that senario.

      • Karen,
        I never said I was sure, in fact, I knew it was unlikely he would stay, hence the cry of SAVE BOOKIE! What I WAS SURE about is that he would use the VETO on HIMSELF. I was wrong about that. I was shocked he saved Rachel. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

  3. I hope that worst scenario does happen, I am not on Team Daniele never was and never will. Hopefully Jordan wins the PoV and Cassi or Rachel come back. Daniele needs to go…….shes to cocky and thinks she knows the game.

    • Yeah, from now on I am only rooting for Dani to be evicted. I don’t care who wins, just so long as Dani does not get to final two. VOTE BOOKIE!

    • I want Brendon back. He is a good player. Jordan needs to go coz she won the half a million dollar and Jeff won $10,000 dollars too. Why the houseguest don’t see these..

      • I want Brendon back too, but I can’t vote. Says I am already registered, but when I try to recover password noone replies.

    • nobody wants rachel or brendon to come back… at least dani has a game plan. rachel only pouts or cries. she is a poor loser and a poor winner. its such a fake romance anyhow and both R and B have horrible gameplay. Go Dani!!! Evil dick is such a jerk no wonder she doesnt speak to him. shame on him for his non support of his daughter. Go Dani!

      • Evil does not support dani cause she is his daughter… evil jr….

        Speak for yourself cause many of us want brendon to come back

        Vote Brendon America

      • only losers want brendon to come back. he and rachel are the worst players…” booo hooo nobody likes me…. i like you …. no no i am not good enough for you.” intellegent america doesnt really need to see anymore of them… bye bye

      • Whats with calling me a loser… what? i cant expess myself about who i want to come back…

        Plz be civil… it is a game

      • Mimi, If america hates Brendon, why did they already vote him and rachel into the season? HuH? Didn’t think of that before you started yapping your anti-american sentiments did you, you looser.

  4. I really hope America is smart enough to realise that putting Brendon back in the game would be the best for Jeff and Jordan. Keeping him as a bigger target. I don’t want to see Dominic back in the same, and if America is really smart they’ll keep jeff and jordan safe.

      • Daniele makes me sick! Karma is a b and I hope it comes back to bite Kalia and Daniele can’t stand either one of them. This show has gone to the dogs the past 2 hoh’s have been obviously fixed. Go Team Jeff and Jordan! It would be sad if cocky arrogant thinking they are better than everyone losers win this game when they don’t deserve it heres to hoping daniele has her bags packing next week!

    • Screw Jeff, Jordan, and ,Rachel. If America was dumb they would vote Brendon. But hey America voted Bush president twice. So hey I wouldn’t be surprised if America was dumb enough to bring back Brendon.

      • When we say america… we mean bb fans who watch bb… thats about 10 million… so please dunt call us stupid cause of voting for bush

      • kenny what has Brendon done so AMAZING! for him to come back? He WON veto and used it on Rachel, that was a dumb move Brendon had a better chance at winning than Rachel.

      • I agree with you… brendon should of used the veto on himself… but he is a beast in competition, and was good socially last year after rachel left…

        Baton Rouge Boy What have dominic, or the other evitees done??

        Domonic threw the pov comp. cassie doesnt even campain for herself

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE daniele! i always have. and yes she does know the game. no she isnt the best player but she knows the game well! she admitted that she played too hard too fast this season and that was her only mistake, but at least she isnt sucking up to everyone and making fake deals like brendon and rachel. it sucks that dominic got taken out because of her, but together they would have been a bigger threat than BR is. and for hating floaters, rachel sure has attatched her boat to porches, porche is the biggest floater in the game! shes using all of her sides and doing it badly! i want her or rachel to go this week.
    jordan is a threat, maybe not in competitions, but she wasnt in season 11 either and she freaking won! jeff clearly deserved it more than she did.

      • daniele is a back stabbing cow even her dad thinks shes playing like an idiot and idiots should go home where she belongs and let the people with the brains to play the game. and kalia is another idiot too stupid to consider the twist aspect.yeh just ignor that info dumb ass.danieles days are numbered. icant imagine everyone else in the house is stupid enough to believe the lying cow daniele.cant stand the bitch

    • i love her too krista… she is the only one with the buts to go against the “gag” King and Queen. good for her

      • Why, why, why does anyone want Brendon back? He is controlling and condescending to Rachel, who is about the biggest wimp I have ever seen. I wish I could reach through the set and give her a shake. I, for one, am glad Brendon and his fiance are separated — maybe we won’t have to watch anymore crying for a while.

      • thanks mimi. i dont think that she is trying to get out from her dads shadow, i think she realizes how she needs to play the game differently than she did in season 8. and knowing dani, she will go far becuse she wins competitions when she needs to. pressure does her good.
        anyone who thinks that brendon and rachel are playing a good game is wrong. there game play sucks. DANI gave rachel the first hoh, they won pov becuse everyone else was throwing it, do people not remember this? for rachel to say that she is a good competitor, shes almost as bad as jordan because people keep giving it to her.

  6. i sure wish K/D knew the twist, cause it would be perfect time to send home a floater, sending home Adam or even Lowan would almost ensure that if Dom came back, he’d have an easier time beating one of them. sending home Rachel or Jeff could backfire and result in one of them coming back and that bad for K/D.

    yes that leaves their 2 biggest targets in the house, but Dani and Dom would be playing HOH and if it follows how season 9 did(and it has so far) next HOH could be endurance again. which very much favors “Daniele’s Newbie Army”. B&J should go up next week.

    but all thats just a pipe dream cause K/D don’t know the twist

    • yes, and the three of you will make it 40 votes… the rest of america hates him… Bye Bye forever Brendon, dont let the PHD hit you on the way out..

      • Try getting a Phd before talking about it… brendon acts like a fool cause he wants to impress rachel… otherthan that he is very smart…

        by the way, i just voted 30 more times so add that to the count…Thx

        Vote Brendon Everyone


  7. Dani is such a liar! She is totally filling Kalia full of BS about Jordan regarding after the HOH comp. She has never said any of those things dani is telling Kalia she said. Jordan has always said she will stay true to her deal with Kalia. Dani has a way of throwing ev1 under the bus. Why can the HG’s not see that!

      • Cause you know her so well Kenny? Please be civil especially with someone you have no clue on. You want Brendon to come back.. enough said on your personality

      • to mimi, your are talking to me about my personality… wen u havnt even seen me… so you arent the one to talk about being civil

    • She is very sneaky about it. But Brenchel did catch on when she tried it with them. Only time will tell if Kalia will do the same and figure her out.

      At some point Kalia must realize Daniele won’t want to be sitting next to her at the Final 2.

      • Why wouldn’t Dani want to be sitting next to Kalia in final 2, everyone in and out of house still consider her a floater(even though she’s proved she’s not) and no one in there wants a floater to win.

      • Kenny, somehow I get the impression that no matter what Kalia does to prove herself as a worthy competitor, it will never be enough… for you. :)

      • good for kalia that she won hoh, but she doesnt think for herself… so i cant support someone like that

  8. Why would anyone want Brendon back? He is a terrible player. You CANNOT win Big Brother without a social game and he has none but you can win without winning comps (see Kirby, Will). Why can’t he and Clifford (his big red dog) figure this out? Dom or Cassi deserve another shot far more than Brendon since he has already had 2 chances at BB. Dominic should be the obvious choice here since he seemed to be willing to make moves and actually try and play the game.

      • He is the one who took dani from the Vets and used her against them when everyone else was trying to be friends with the vets. He was the only one who was smart enough to know the vets had to be split. The other newbs are only realizing this now. He has more potential than any of the rest including Brendon who has played terrible 2 seasons in a row.

      • @DJ: I think you’re giving Dominic way too much credit. Daniele pushed Cassi out the door so she could make Dominic her pet. He didn’t convince Daniele to betray her alliance and side with him. That was her idea. Daniele completely manipulated him in to doing what she wanted (including approaching Rachel and proposing a deal).

        I can’t give anyone credit who throws the Veto comp when they’re on the block, no matter how safe you feel. Bad, bad move (especially considering he just watched Keith walk out the door for making the same mistake).

      • He did not take dani from the vets…she wanted to make make her daddy happy by making a big game move…the newbies all sticked together except for shelly n kalia… so dom didnt do much

    • Sorry people, agree to disagree, but Dom used Dani just as much as she used him. He was pushing for Jeff to go and SHE said sure let’s try. He needed a strong partner and none of the newbs qualified. Thats why he started his flirt-ance with Dani.
      I agree, throwing the Veto was a bad idea but he was 100% safe until Dani decided to push the back door more than she should have. The kid deserves some credit. Atleast more than any of the other evictees.

  9. Can someone who has live feeds tell me how it works. I just signed up, but am not getting anything live right now. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Gail, right now the Live Feeds are on “Trivia” (it just rotates through facts) because the HGs are playing a luxury competition. As soon as that’s over the Feeds will turn back to the HGs running around the house.

      But while you wait, you can still use the Flashback feature and watch any other time in this season or last season that you wanted to see again.

      • Thanks Matt. That is what I actually started doing. I didn’t know they were playing the luxury comp. You are doing a great job and I appreciate the fast response.

  10. what happen with j/j can,t win anything even yester hoh,brendon v j/j, definetly brendon wil nail those comps than them LOl!

    • and we (or I as I should speak for myself) am just commenting on the game and their game play. I am sure we would be bff’s in person…

  11. Please vote for Brendon to come back guys. It is the best thing for this game. The veterans are getting taken out one by one. We need Brendon back.

  12. I will not vote Bren back into the game but it would be really funny when Rachel gets the ax this week then she would have to compete against Bren to get back into the game. He would just throw it to let her back in so he does not deserve it. He said several times he didn’t want to be there. Please vote for someone that really wants to play the game! Cassie would make for good drama with Dani the two-faced snake in the grass……

  13. Everyone who wants Brendon back, get all your friends to sign up and vote 10 times each. Lets do it1!!

  14. The Brenchel Soap opera ruins the show and yet people want to him to return??? If you want to watch delusional and arrogant people go watch Jersey Shore so the rest of us can finally start watching the GAME of big brother and not 2 adults crying on a daily basis.

    • so what… cassie didnt campaign against shelly cause she is her best friend wtf? lol and dom who threw the veto competition to show his loyalty to brenchel. They all dont deserve to come back… but atleast brendons a beast in competions….

      Vote brendon everyone

      • Competitions will get you titles (HOH, Veto) but you need to do more than that to win the whole game. The social game is far more important than winning comps. Players may win a few comps and give the impression they are good game players but the most important thing in BB is the ability to make sure the target is on someone else when you are not HOH or Veto holder. Since Brenchel are always nominated when they are not HOH, they are obviously terrible at the social aspect. Which is why neither can win this game.

      • I also think the social aspect of the game is more improtant that winning hoh, but dom doesnt know how to play the social game, it was him who told liar shelly about backdooring jeff… shelly went and told brenchel that he dom told that he was goin to backdoor brenchel + jeff… so dom is not a good social game player.

        Now, about cassie… she doesnt campain for herself over a 1 week frendship… thats bad gameplay right there…

        so at the end i would like to say…

        Vote Brendon America

      • A valid point but everyone seemed to trust Shelly until recently. Everyone told her secrets, not just Dom.

  15. Umm… don’t blame Brenchel for that. As theyve both said, editing is out of their control.

    Blame the producers who apparently can’t find any other stuff in the house to show.

    Who can blame the producers though? When you have Lawon and Porsche who do nothing, including JJ too really.

    Kalia is a biznatch.

    • Kalia and Jordan cheat. I don’t know how, but they cheat. Dani is being helped by production. It’s all fixed. VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Wayne you do not really believe Brandon should come back in the game your only pulling our leg.Brandon is getting the help he needs. I’ve voted for Cassie(only 10 time) But now I have to call all my freinds and cheat like everyone else and vote more. So I don’t want to her how the house guests are cheating. I thought the object of the game was to win 500k! If so why wouldn’t Kalia get rid of Jeff, she’s there to win like everyone else-just playing the game her way (not the way we want her to. So let’s breath and watch.

      • Ziggy, I believethat no less than the fate of all manking hinges on one thing and one thing only BOOKIE MUST RETURN! If not, I fear all will be lost and even more importantly, my summer will be ruined.

    • Porsche may look like she is floatin’ but something tells me she is going to show the competitor side of her real soon…I mean in almost all of the competitions she has competed in, she was the top 3 or top 5 other than the ones she threw when she was with keith.

      I want her to win and I don’t know why lol

  16. Oh and apparently Rachel sort of agrees with you, as she asked “why did they even want us back? they hate us.”

    Apparently they love the Brenchel material since not only do thy ask Brenchel back but they show it all the time.

    BTW, did Brenchel get an agreement to receive a check if they make it to jury? Because on the live feeds Rachel said something about “ill just goto the jury house and get our check” or somethng. IDK maybe I heard wrong.

    • The Vets are getting paid more than the usual $750/wk stipend, but no one gets paid until the season is over. Regular HGs stop earning money once they get evicted/leave sequester, but the Vets may have just earned a flat fee for coming back this season.

    • It is for the stipen for the show. She doesn’t have a job and they get paid so much a week while they are on the show or in the jury. She will be making money while sitting in the jury house. Maybe enough for another trashey BB wedding! LOL

    • I heard what you heard on the feeds. Rachel told Bren that if her check was there to put it in the bank,( she even named the bank) use her debit card to pay for the apartment and all that they needed. She even confirmed that he knew her pin #.

  17. Does anyone else notice how Kalia, the Hair-Phobiac is always picking up hair and dropping it in the floor? I have never once seen her put it in the trash or pick up the broom or duster to clean it up herself. She does nothing to contribute to the show except that she always has a story to top whatever anyone else is talking about. Such a hair-phob, clean it up don’t add to it!!!

    • I think its all an act… she just wants some attention cause all the guys r lookin at cassie, jordan, dani, etc… and maybe even lawon before lookin at her. lol

    • Too funny. I was thinking the same thing the other night when she and Dani were talking. She was laying in the bed and kept picking them off of her and dropping them on the floor. I wondered why she was so calm about it when she freaked out at the beginning of the season. I also liked how Dani called her out in regards to her starting every story with something like “I used to date this guy…”

  18. Not sure I understand why Jeff/Jordan continue to be America’s sweethearts. Neither of them is that strong, nor do I think they deserve to win this season. I do agree that I would’ve loved to see Jeff win his season, but this is a different year. I personally hope to see Dominic come back. If he does, I think we’ll FINALLY have a show on our hands. Unless it’s Dani, I don’t want to see a Vet win.

    • Well, he liked to tease the girls into thinking he was straight. I found that amusing. I think Cassie had that figured out. Dani thinks Dom is straight! ( I think Dom thinks so too,) If Dom does get back in, Dani is gonna be so pissed that he won’t get into a showmance. That could prove interesting.

  19. Voting Brendon back in would be the dumbest thing to do, maybe not, Rachel will be out next week so they will have to go againt each other so still only one will be in the house. But I think we should vote Dom back in.

  20. what happen with jordan boyfriend, he can,t win nothing only 10 g,even veto,but lets see this veto may be this tim the master of veto is not there so he wil win may be.

    • That’s true to a point, Dani has only been able to compete in 1 veto while Brendon has been in all of them.

      • Don’t forget that it was fixed for a small person to win. Don’t deny it. It upsets those of us who have eyes.

      • It’s true. Different competitions are better suited for different players. It works both ways though, having competitions that Brendon competed in last year gives him an advantage. Especially when it is a comp he won and he was able to use the same word. He would never admit that though.

  21. wil j\j and their so called friend mama shelly vote to keep ranchel over porche,oh no wat about if rachel win veto who will dani/kalia replace may be jeff out and battle with bookie but we all know j/j wil be defeated by bookie,let the game began Lol

  22. I hope Dominic does not come back in the house. I would like to see Jordan win Veto and pull off Jeff. Porsche can go up and then Rachel get voted off. Even better, have her battle Brenden to go back in the house.

  23. Evel Dick has said that production told him that each couple was brought back for different reasons.

    The couple you love—- Jeff and Jordan
    The couple you fear—- Dick and Danielle
    The couple you Hate—- Brendon and Rachel

    His post episode recaps on are excellent. He has former HG’s with him commenting on the episode from that evening. Definitely worth checking out.

    FYI, he and most of his guests think Dom should come back since he would be best for the show overall(and not because Dani is his daughter). I have to agree with the people that have been there and done that.

    • Dick wants dani to win 500k, i watch that too, and by the way, the guests on the show r scared to talk shit bout dani cause her daddy is there.

    • Evil Dick is full of BS. He’s part of that couple to fear? Yeah, right! He’s full of Dani!

      Doesn’t Dick know that america voted for the three returning couples? What an ego! No wonder he raised such a biatch.

      • Wayne, why do you continue to think there was a vote for the couples to come back? I think you live in “Brenchel Land” dude. A Poll and Vote are different things. That CBS thing had nothing to do wth who came back. It was just for fun.

  24. kalia need to see what is best for her not daniel,she need to backdoor daniel,if that happen,it gona be interesting to watch how wil she react,men she wil cry more than anyone in bigbrother history, production let kalia backstab her ,i can,t wait that bye dani,drama LOl

    • Its so funny that when Brenchel fans dont like what happens, its productions fault or fixed! Brendon and Rachel didnt win in their season for the exact same reason they wont win in this season. They are bad at this game and they both have mental issues.

    • you brenchel fans are delusional are u on drugs or something why would she back door her only real freind in the house

    • Emory, my guess is that you and Mimi are probably experts on “mental illnesses” so I’m going to defer to your experience. :)

      • No, we’re not the ones worshipping “Queen Rachel” and are definitely not love struck by “Bookie.” I’d say Mimi and I have the most common sense in this scenario.

  25. Would be cool if Rachel got evicted and Brendon won the reenter contest. Then Brenchel would have to compete against themselves. ROTFL

  26. people vote for Dom to come back, if you vote for Cassi to come back she will just lose the face off and that would be a waste of a vote, at least with Dom he Might beat Rachel and come back into the game.

  27. I’m going to say this again, you Brenchel lovers are thinking clearly because if Rachel gets evicted she will have to battle Brenden and he will throw it to get her back in the house so you can cancel the Brendon back in the house campaign.

  28. Vote Brendan to come back, he is smart and great at competitions. I don’t like rachel she needs to be evicted. Dani needs to go, her dad was right her game is off. She thinks she’s the sh*t and has aligned with weak players. I can’t believe how many floaters are getting by. I give Kalia and Porsche credit for at least being good in competitions. Adam and Lawon need to go, I like them as people but they don’t do anything. I <3 Jeff & Jordan

  29. Vote Brendan to come back, he is smart and great at competitions. I don’t like rachel she needs to be evicted. Dani needs to go, her dad was right her game is off. She thinks she’s the sh*t and has aligned with weak players. I can’t believe how many floaters are getting by. I give Kalia and Porsche credit for at least being good in competitions. I <3 Jeff & Jordan

    • Alligned with weak players? Please look at who that is left in the house has won anything: Dani, Rachel, Jordan, and Kalia- and Jordan isn’t really all that great at comps. Nor is Jeff. Kalia has held her own so far in all of the HOH’s except for about one. Face it, Daniele and Kalia are two of the best competitors in the game right now (aside from Rachel, obviously).

  30. The brenchel fans are really optimistic it will all be in vain though its either cassi or dom most people hate Rachel and Brendan isn’t the kindest person.If people are smart dom should get voted back in Cassie is not a strong player game wise or socially,i cant see her making moves in the game like dom..hopefully he comes in and sends jejo packing cause everyone except dani wont put them up

    • The more you hate, the more you want to see them… thats why they brought them this season, and thats why America will vote brendon back…

      Vote Brendon Everyone

      • yea they came back to the game and got destroyed by a weak alliance when everyone had their back
        They are good as gone.america is tired of their antics

  31. Cassie kind of got backdoored by two jealous girls (Rachel-Dani)and didn’t get a chance to play POV to stay.Also she should make life in the house more dramatic for Dani and Rach if she returns.

  32. For you brendon and rachel haters get life…
    Calling brendon a control freak? Look at jeff hes one too.
    Also dani is a control freak, bringing kalia down with her.

    Newbies are dumb, dom called it..They kepted jordan, might as well give her another 500k. If she is final 2 jordan wins.

    Dani has no chance of winning, she’ll get two votes kalia and lawon.

    If dani doesnt win hoh next week shes gone.

    Kalia won from a rigged game, she answered question before julie read it. I bet kalia’s hoh food is half gone already! She is the rachel of last year no questions about it.

    Brendon will be voted back in. why its rigged..Just like voting for president!

    Again with dani, shes messed up her game play, and she knows it.

    • You sound like your gonna cry is rigged wahahaha…dani has no chance of wining wahaha LMAO.
      Brencehl is done and out get over it!

  33. Domonic is a dumb A** he threw the veto comp… cassie is not a good bb player in either the social or physical aspect. So that leaves brendon, who acts like a prick to defend/impress rachel, who won the mose competions this season, and he cries, but i think its ok to show some emotion unlike that cold hearted b***h dani.

    So please vote Brendon America

  34. A new alliance has been born based on live feed about 30 minutes ago in the HOH room & Purple room.
    The three was to work together was proposed by Shelley and =

    • Shelly is good. This is her third side alliance. She has made one with Adam. A separate one with J&J and now this new one. She is covering all sides. No one suspects a thing. Nice…

      • Give the lady credit, she is trying. The true test for her is to see how long until she gets caught. If she can keep fooling people she has a shot to make it very far.

  35. bookie is more competitor than cassi and domi,she think she is beatif but she aint bobo,she is ugly face and bad accent,cassi wanted to be famous model and definetely get job in LA, rach is more beatiful than her !

  36. I couldnt stand Danielle in the other season,I wanna see Cassie come back and shake up the house cause all those ladys in the house are jealous of her

  37. Wow Shelly really is a two headed snake. Telling Kalia she wants herself, Kalia, Dani and Lawon to work together and be the final four. Seems like I remember hearing her say the other night to Adam she wants herself, Adam, Jeff and Jordan to be the final four. Pick a side you big floater.

  38. It will be creepy…..if the public vote to have Brendon return. Worst if Rachel is next evicteed… a consideration also on what floatie Kalia up to…. will it turn ugly !

  39. we are on drugs because of voting for bookie,
    oh give us a break,your are the one using now,
    we can vote for who we want,vote bookie LOl!!

    • Wikipedia just put up Rachel and Jeff as this weeks noms. Are they right. It’s 7pm in Chi-town.

    • Yal seriously want brendon back, he’s such a freakig cry baby, and Rachel is just crazy, dani was the smartest in the group if they would have back doored Jeff like dani said Yals beloved couple will still be in the house an running the show
      Rachel and brendon are great competitors they could have beatin out Dom and dani maybe and def all four of them could have knocked out everyone In the house, but they were too scared to make the big game move, and it will be more exciting to see Dom get back in and take out Jeff!

      • I think you’re wrong. Brenchel had no reason to end their alliance just because Danielle said. They had simply no way to justify it.

      • I would have started cleaning house the first week, what they gonna do to ya huh ? Something is fishy as to why the oldie’s seem to think they were gonna week the following week. They had a big ” UP ” on the newbi’s & thats what screwd the show, no fun watching people threaten other’s & make people think the four of them were in charge. What are these people spinless .

    • I like people who root for the under dogs. Put personally I’ll go with a winner very time. GO DANI ALL THE WAY!!!!

  40. I hope Cassi come back in the game because she will allign with Jeff and Jordan.

    I have never liked Shelly and Kalia because they were quick to turn on the Newbies from day 1 to keep Porsha over Keith. Now Shelly is flipping again.

    I hope Jordan wins the Veto, so she can save Jeff and then Kalia will have to nominate a newbie. I will be happy if anyone but D, K and S win this season.

    • I agree if D,K, orS win its pretty sad.itll show rachel was right when she said BB doesnt want competetors,they want floaters and to me, thats not why I watched BB all these yrs. BB should look for pple who wld be as good with completing as playing a social game.And enuf with stupid twists, get back the BB roots.

  41. Jeff and Jordan are the comeback kids. Lets go Team JJ. Take Dani out. I hope CBS has a vote to give Jeff the CDT powers again!

    • Jeff and Jordan should be smart considering that their alliance is in tatters and they trust Danielle? They should have let Danielle nominate someone else instead of Jordan going along as a pawn and being used in the process
      by Danielle. They should also realize that when Rachel goes this week which is probably a certainty—-Jeff/Jordan and Danielle will all be targets of the newbies should they win HOH next week! It is a no brainer as they can guarantee that a veteran goes home a 3rd straight week and leave the veterans with two members versus 5 members for the newbies!
      Hopefully, the newbies win HOH next week and nominate Jeff and Daniel. If one gets off, nominate Jordan! The smart play for Kahlia if she was thinking about winning that $500,000 is to nominate Danielle and Jeff. That would break up the veterans in pieces and guarantee
      a veteran goes home this week. If the newbies win HOH again, then, nominate two of the remaining three veterans and if one gets off then, nominate the last veteran guaranteeing
      a veteran goes home. Then, there were two veterans left!

      • any who do u think deserves to win? Pple who were advantaged by being safe for 4 weeks.Luwan who is the biggest a-licker.Porchia who is the second. come on.BB screwed up this casting.its not even entertaining anymore. watching personal character bashing is not why i watched bb.The winner shld be a GOOD competitor and all around player.theres no newbie tht i want to win.

      • Oh ok. Are you sure it is me? I see someone else posted a comment under Leo using FOTFL which is not a term I use. I can see your position though. Am I posting anything that violates rules? Thanks for getting back to me Matt.

        P.S. Do you think BB will have another CDT or Pandora’s box this season?

      • I pulled the email & IP address from your comment.

        Taking content from another site is never okay. You shouldn’t need anyone to tell you that copying and pasting copyrighted content is not okay.

      • It will be ironic if Jeff is evicted, then beats Dani’s boy toy Dominick to reenter the game. Jeff is by no means a floater. Remember the endurance comp against Russell during his original season when they evicted Ronnie? Go Team JJ!

  42. for the record evil dani was the one behind cassi eviction but don,t think cassi can battle who is evicted next week , j\j or rach,she is a weakest person in bb though ,so better brought back bookie
    all the way bookie vote! vote! vote bookie,lol

  43. I like J/J and I like B/R. Can’t stand Dani. Everything she says about Rachel is the same way she. She says Rachel plays the game personal and she’s the exact same. So I understand going after B/R to break up a strong alliance and good competitors. I don’t like it but it’s good game play. So now why does she want so badly for Rachel to leave. It’s all personal. So I call BS on her. If I were HOH wouldn’t the smart thing to do is put up J/J to break them up also. I think they are making a big mistake going after Rachel. I don’t want J/J up but from a game perspective isn’t that the smartest thing to do. At this point I don’t care who wins I just don’t want Khalia or Danielle to win. I don’t care for there cocky and know it all personalities.

  44. I like J/J and I like B/R. Can’t stand Dani. Everything she says about Rachel is the same way she. She says Rachel plays the game personal and she’s the exact same. So I understand going after B/R to break up a strong alliance and good competitors. I don’t like it but it’s good game play. So now why does she want so badly for Rachel to leave. It’s all personal. So I call BS on her. If I were HOH wouldn’t the smart thing to do is put up J/J to break them up also. I think they are making a big mistake going after Rachel. I don’t want J/J up but from a game perspective isn’t that the smartest thing to do. At this point I don’t care who wins I just don’t want Khalia or Danielle to win. I don’t care for there cocky and know it all personalities.

  45. Kalia and Dani have to be two of the meanest people on this show. In the HOH room laughing because Jeff and Jordan on slop and they can’t drink any alcohol. I don’t know of anyone else in the house laughing about the people that are on slop. They need to grow up. Also Dani saying it’s the vets faults for not talking to any of the newbies. Who was friends with Kalia from day one and picked her for the luxury comp??? Oh yeah a vet named Jordan. Now Kalia is stabbing her in the back. Who has been close with Shelly from day one and picked her for the luxury comp? Oh yeah a vet named Jordan. And Shelly is also backstabbing her. And who kept Porche safe the first week and let her just chill with a golden key for 4 weeks?? Oh yeah a vet named Rachel. Now Porche is up Dani’s ass. Open your eyes Dani you only talked to Dominic because you thought he could get you further in this game and you screwed him too.

    • Brandon, Rachel and Shelly made fun of Danielle all the time behind her back especially. They had everyone on their side and they still said danielle was a horrible person and has to be gotten rid off. All danielle has is Kalia and maybe Lawon so i say let her live it up.

      • They were not making fun of her. They were talking how she stabbed them in the back and how mean she is (which she is) and how to get her out. Talking game and about who you want out is fine but when you start talking trash and nothing to do with game that’s mean girls like Dani and Kalia.

    • Dani was really trying to screw more than Dom’s game. Funny thing for Dani is that Dom is on the other TEAM! Dom just hasn’t figured it out yet.

    • I see it the same way. Dani is now using Kalia. Kalia is so eager to do Dani’s bidding. It is really sickening. I voted the max 10 times for Brendon to come back. I love Brendon and Rachel. I would like to see either of them win. But, I too, wouldn’t be disappointed if anyone other than Dani and Kowlia won.

    • its easy for Dani to laugh about J on slob again. BB set it so tht Dani never had to compete, always eats and never went on slop.This golden key twist was a terrible idea and protected cetain players in ths seems the veterans were used only for ratings purposes-how sad BB has stooped to tht.A true ALL Stars wld have been better than this

    • All who vote to cannonize sippe cup (Jordan) say I. Jordan does not deserves to win just because she is nice. As quiet as it is kept all who want to win will have to come after her because of blind loyalty such as you have shown. After Rachel the newbs should take out Jordan and leave Jeff he has yet to win and no alliance that has not resulted from Jordan.

    • Kahlia has stupid tatooed on her forehead if she allows Danielle to manipulate her. She can get rid of Danielle this week when Danielle is most vulnerable and Danielle will not see it coming either! If Kahlia was using her head, she would make a deal with Jeff/Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Shelley and Porsche that if they win the veto that they would not take off Danielle and whoever else is nominated off the block. That way, they can backdoor her! Newbies can take control of this game if they unite. The fact is that veterans needs the newbies but, the newbies do not need the veterans at this point! So, why keep Danielle who will easily evict Kahlia if she is stupid enough to believe Danielle? Newbies need to use their heads for their advancement in the game which gives them the chance at that $500,000 or are they too stupid not to see that simple fact!

      • totally agree with you. this would BE A BIG game play blindsiding Dani and showing the House she has a brain and is not being led around on a leash by Dani. which is getting pretty sickening.A move like that would put her in the running to actually WIN-

  46. your did know so many pple are voting for bookie!!!
    i don.t trust this polls saying cassi or dom are the lead ,no they aren,t ,i only trust

    bokie fans dont be discourage with those fake polls just go ,sign in and vote for bookie the real cbs website,i voted manys times for bookie,go bookie!

      • Oh Wayne just so you know I voted for BOOKIE. A LOT!!! I don’t care for some of Brenchels behavior but that does not make them bad people. I think they both have a good heart. I just hope Jeff and Jordan both stay and Porche goes up against Rachel and goes home. Then we would have Brenchel, J & J back together with the same goal to get out Dani and Kalia.

  47. I hope either Cassi or Brendon come back because they won’t join Team Dani like Dominick!

    I am curious to see how Lawon and Shelly will act if Cassi comes back. Lawon was in the Renegades alliance with Keith, Cassi and Dominic and Shelly betrayed her BFF and didn’t tell her about the vote too evict Keith and will be on Team Dani with a choice to neither join Team JJ and Cassi or stay on Team Dani!

  48. yes karen you said it,there are the mean girl show,k and d are uglyest pple inside and outside, hate them!

  49. I think all the HG should come back and all the house guests should just split the money down the middle. Including all the comps…
    Make every one happy.
    That way no one would be trashing anyone including the viewers…

  50. just voted to save brendan! If kalia puts up rachel and jeff and jordan wins veto…dun dun dun then she will put up porsche and she will be gone…at least I hope that happens…if she puts up those ppl.

  51. it almost seems like a sure bet that someone that was evicted is coming back, so id still put rachel up. bye bye girl. and ive said it before but these games are really random, and that hoh win was part listening, part happy for kalia, i like, for all her talking shes also listening.rachel,porsha,shelly,kalia,jordan,jeff, lawon,adam,dani…trying to think, whos going to be top 3?? harder than it sounds, ill give it a try though, dominic,jordan,dani

  52. I almost don’t want to watch big brother 13, because of the steady bitching bout Jeff an Rachel and I don’t even like Rachel…. However, Cassie should come back and kick tail!!

  53. Jordan got infected with “The Rachel”. She’s calling everyone floaters, kinda ironic how she floated in her season. Regardless I love her. As for people saying Bb is rigged for dani??? Cbs Let brendon use the word Understanding for veto 2 times! And the knock-out comp Rachel won in her season. Sure the endurance was for small people, but endurance are usually for small people. Don’t know how Kalia was 2nd though.

    • Jeff is going down that Brendon road, if he wasn’t Kalia’s target then, he is now. nows when you go make that deal with rachel, we all know she’ll go up as a pawn

    • Bethany, Kalia was second because dani’s side did not shake or move as much and Kalia was right next to dani. Shelly was next to Kalia. Shelly was third, also benefiting from the fact that Dani’s side was fixed for Dani to win. Sorry haters, facts are facts.

  54. Jordan is really starting to get on my last nerve!! I can’t believe she just blew up on Kalia like that.. I definetly want Jeff to go home now cause Kalia told him he wasn’t a target and he still went off on her. I understand that it sucks to be put up, but if you just win the Veto then you control your own destiny, so I’m not sure why they’re acting like its a done deal and Rachel is gonna win POV and Jeff is gonna get to come back. I really hope that either Dominic or Cassi beats Jeff to come back in the house, I’d put my money on Dominic cause it sounds like it will be an endurance comp. to see who gets to come back.

  55. If you vote for brendon, we can add more power in the house to get evil jr and hairphobic b***h out of this house.

    ps… kalia, it aint cause ur black

    Vote Brendon Everbody

    • By the way… im only calling her a b***h cause she called rachael a bitch wen talking to dani, …
      last week she talked for an hour bout how its wroung to call a woman a b***h, especially a black woman lol

  56. kalia this hoh was rigged for her,why black pple cannt reason alone fox dnt cal me racist like she used race card ,but idont like how dani is using her,if she think what is good for her in the game and nominate pple who never been in the block like shelly,it,s fair that way and definetely i could support her ,iam looking forward to see her used her own mind and the power you have now because tommorow its for some one else,iam just saying dont nominate again the same pple j\r in the block it is not fair.

  57. it’s funny Jeff trashing floaters when this season he has been a bigger floater than Jordan in her season. the guy hasn’t done anything this season, he’s won nothing, done nothing, most of the time i don’t even remember Jeff is in the house.

    after all the threat he threw at Kalia, he just might be the target now. he might have just saved Rachel by accident

    • Yes, he is a huge floater. Jordon isn’t doing much either. What threats did Jeff throw at Kowlia?

      • Kalia was being upfront with him and telling him he is going to go up next to rachel, but that Rachel is the target, first Jordan flipped out at Kalia for a few seconds before storming out of the HOH. Jeff went on to say if Kalia puts him up, he is coming for her, that he will win veto and HOH and take her out and if he gets evicted, he gonna come back and take her out

    • seriously!! I was thinking the SAME thing haha. As much as I dislike Rachel, I want Jeff gone this week… he acts like if Kalia puts him up all hell will break loose in the house, maybe he’ll start playing the game FINALLY!! lol He’s been floating more than Lawon who ust looks funny and confused at the same time haha Jordan is really getting on my nerves too, I want her gone after Rachel. I was with Jordan in her season, but that was only because I hated everyone in that season and the game was pretty boring with thoe stupid groups. When will BB listen?? If you let everybody play as indivisuals the game will be wayyy more interesting. This partner and Gold Key BS screwed Dani in the first place.. anyways Team Dani all the wayyy!! Go Dani and Kalia :)

      • Screwed up Dani? Really…she sat on her A-for 4 weeks eating/drinking -What was the curse? her dad walked out?she was totally cool with tht.BB gave these pple a free pass-if K had a brain she wld back door Dani-make a move-now while she can.dont think she has the balls to do tht tho.BB come up with a better twist or go back to basics cuz yr losing alot of viewers here.

    • How is he floating. He has stuck to his alliance since day one. Floating is going to whoever has the power and sucking up to them like Porche, Shelly and what has Lawon done???

      • he may not be floating from alliance to alliance, but he is floating through the game itself. name me one thing he has done this season in game play? he has been sitting back, doing nothing. if final 2 was tomorrow against Kalia and asked what he has done to deserve the 500k, he would be able to come up with anything

  58. i hope so,rachel is save this week but i dont think,you know the evil dani is in her ear,i hope she doesnt listen her, wayne itook before you vote bookie,bobo lov it hey though the same team,all the way bookie fans.

  59. I’m tired of that strange looking Daniele, and her Partner the motor mouth.

    Go Jeff and Jordan!

  60. This is why I want to grab Rachel and shake her when she’s all America hates her etc. I agree with Brendon, she has a huge heart and is very sweet, she’s just so emotional and where’s it on her sleeves and then add to the fact you’re in that house (I watch feeds though this season which Ive never done before).

    So anyway, as I was saying…this is why I wanna grab Rach and shake her when she says the she’s hated crap: ALL the HG’s get hated on at some point in some way. It’s just about being in the spotlight, everyone will find something to hate about you. If it’s not one thing it’d be another.

    • I would like to shake her too, but to tell to stop being such a spoiled brat. All she does is cry if she doesn’t get her way. Why do you think Jordan put Cassie up, she didn’t want to listen to Rach have a fit. Jordan should have backdoor B/R then.

  61. JoHn, I totally agree.

    Sorry but Kalia’s a b!tch. Before she was saying how where she comes from you dont call a woman a b!tch, yet recently thats exactly what she called Rach. Wow, Kalia. And youve never even met Rach outside of the BB game. Rach has never said anything like that to anyone. Jeez.

    If Kalia ends up winning, I dont think Ill be able to watch anymore. Id rather see frigging Lawon win than that biznatch.

  62. It would appear to me that Kalia is not fully understanding the “twist”…SOMEBODY IS COMIMG BACK IN THE GAME.. and if it is Jeff or Rachel that gets evicted and one of them happens to come back..Kalia is toast..If Brendon comes back in the game and talks to Jeff or Rachel ( assuming one of them stays) Kalia is still toast..Dani is sitting pretty in all this as Kalia is doing her bidding.. Jeff was right when he told Kalia that this weeks HOH does not mean crap..It don’t matter who goes cause “somebody” is coming back.. That is why Kalia needs to give alot of consideration as to who she puts against Rachel. Dani is aware of what can happen but she is not making Kalia aware of it. Dani will be sitting pretty next week while Kalia is on the block. Kalia needs to get her OPRAH mind to working and see that Dani is setting her up…

  63. hey wayne why was jordo crying,did k\d nom them j\j

    i dont think though j\j wil win veto may be rach can win,evil dani not so,master veto bookie,bookie

  64. Okay, ‘Captain Obvious’ here, but sheesh — it’s after 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time — when will the nominations be announced? C’mon!
    Not that I’m expecting any surprises, per se — sounds like it will be Rachel and Jeff. If so, then God help Kalia/Dani next week should a vet win H.O.H.

  65. Either Jeff or Rachel can beat Dominic or Cassi in an endurance comp to get back in the BB house. They are tough competitors and will be burning with anger and vengeance and will be determined to beat whomever they face, so they can get back in the house and go after D & K!

  66. Oh! And someone needs to cut Jeff down to size. People talk about Brendon being arrogant, just look at Jeff. The dude has done NOTHING except talk about farting, talk in a funny Cruddy voice, and he thinks he owns the house. Hey, at least Brenchel have a reason to be cocky as theyve won HoH and veto’s.

    It’s sort of a catch-22. I enjoyed seeing Jeff yell at Kalia, but wanted to punch him at the same time for calling out floaters when he is the king of them this season.

    • I am glad Jeff is fighting with Kalia. It is true that this HOH makes no difference because whoever is evicted gets a chance to come back. If Rachel is put up, I hope she wins POV. Brendon and she won one, and Brendon won two POVs–how is that for super playing. Rachel really could have won this HOH because she is good at the questions but she let herself get so emotional that it interfered in her game. That is too bad. Rachel needs to hold it together and start playing like she can play and win, win, win. Meanwhile, I have voted my max for Brendon to return.

  67. yes thats true ,hop k\d backstab eachother,dani end up the block now and definetly evicted,bye ugly woman

  68. Best case scenario for this week:

    Either Jeff or Rachel can beat Dominic or Cassi in an endurance comp to get back in the BB house. They are tough competitors and will be burning with anger and vengeance and will be determined to beat whomever they face, so they can get back in the house and go after D & K!

    I hope Jeff, Jordan or Rachel win the next H~O~H! Then we will see K, S kiss but and throw Dani under the bus to save themselves because Dani will throw them under the bus even faster!

    • If Rachel Jeff or Jordon get HOH next week Kalia and Dani both are setting ducks in the pond. Shelly would also be a good one to put em up there. HMMM HMMM “Is a tangled web we when we practice to decive.” HMMMM HMMMM
      Jeff tried to tell Kalia that Dani is using her but because he was mad and it did not come out correctly. Shelly is the one that might make her see the light cause she can be more reasonable and her temperment is controlled. I want Kalia told that she is Dani’s pawn…Did u hear that production??? If u guys are giving little hints or making suggestions then that outta be one of em…

      • i think she knows she is Dani’s pawn and really doesn’t care, all she really has is Dani, no one else trusts or even really like her. so no chance she gets rid of Dani or even tries for at least a month.

      • but if she did back door Dani this week the House would start taking her serious as a game player. Personally I dont think she is even smart enuf to think of that. IT WOULD BE THE BEST BLINDSIDE EVER…..Would love to see Dani’s face and Im sure Dani would give K. her vote to win if she truly “respected” the game and so would alot of other pple in there.It cld be her winning move

  69. Wow this is the turning point boo hooo… the houseguest not gonna be happy about next week… It is possible a Rachel/Brendon switch… or a Dani + Dom reunion…. hahaha… hey public don’t bring Cassi back..the houseguest don’t like her… only Shelly will be happy… poor Cassi will only beauty charm for a while and sadly will
    learn she will be booted out immediately… no chance.. and she will not make a great jury.

  70. Maybe K will get cold feet and decide to not put Jeff up. If D gives her a hard time, she can backdoor D!

    • If Kahlia is using her head, she will backdoor Danielle. The veterans need the newbies but, the newbies can do without the veterans at this point! After all, if Danielle or even any veteran goes that will make it 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. If the newbies win HOH next week and nominate 2 of the veterans and one gets off via veto then,
      nominate the remaining veteran to send another veteran home! Then, there would be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies! If you are a newbie, you would like those odds! A 20% chance at $500,000 and competing against other newbies where your chances are the best!

      • more like losing her head. none of the newbie’s will follow Kalia, Kalia is HOH in title only, Dani is pulling the strings and because Kalia alienated the rest of the house, she not gonna send her own and only ally home, now some of you are grasping at straws cause you realize your precious Jeff is gonna go home

      • tht wld be the BEST blinside ever and could actually win the game for K but I dont think she is smart enuf to do it. Pple in the House would definitely respect her and see that she is actually playing the game instead of being Dani’s puppet. It wld make for a really good viewing and ratings.

      • Me 2. People think Dani is targeting Jeff. Dani is after all the vets, not just Jeff, because they r good competitors. Dani is going after the win and doing a great job even if she did move too soon. Sometimes in life one has to take opportunities when they arise. Who’s to say if another chance may present itself. Dani took a chance and it backfired but she picked herself up and got back in the game, Jay Cutler she aint (Chi-town in the house). She won’t be chillaxing at crunch time. Thats one of the reasons why I like her.

      • As Kalia is being used by Dani.. I hate to say it but Brendon would be the person to vote for…

      • everyone in there is being used by each other you have to do what you have to do in order to get somewhere

      • Bring anyone but Brendon back. I’ve had eough of the crying and making out. B/R were talking about putting J/J on the block before Dani even said anything. GoO TEAM DANI

  71. Good for Kalia,don’t be a JJ groupie put him up. Two days ago the entitled one said he is going after Kalia, so guess what Jeff, there are people in the house who are not afraid of you and Air Jordan.

  72. dont want domi,he cant come back frm the evicted nom this week,he a such sweet guy and he is not tough like bookie,you wil see he wil be knockout by the evicted nom,so please dnt waste time for someone who is not comin back vote bookie at least a competitor and master veto

  73. Matt,

    Isn’t there a rule that states the HOH can’t tell people they are nominating them before the nominations?

    If so, what will happen to K for breaking that rule and telling Jeff he would be nominated?

  74. I think Rachel handled herself with class last night. How mean was Dani with the wine conversation. I think Rachel was sincere in her talks with Kalia. Every word from Dani’s mouth is Rachel this Rachel that. Definitely seems like jealousy to me. Go J/J and B/R

    • I am telling you, Dani is jealous of any woman who has a man. Look at the way she was hanging on Dom and then you saw the rerun of her past performance in the house with that guy, Nick was it? Evil Dick pointed that out last night. She is jealous of women she thinks are better looking than her and that doesn’t take much.

    • It is because she’s jealous. She was even trying to talk Kalia about maybe backdooring Jordan. Why does Dani want all the girls gone…duh jealous maybe!!!

  75. Why do ppl like Brenchel? Can’t stand them!!! I hope CBS has all NEW HG’s next year, give someone else a shot at $500,000. Unless of course the bring Janelle back, that would be great! I want Dom to come back unless Jeff is evicted. I like Dani. Go team DD!

  76. Don’t care if Kalia leaves next after her HOH reign. As of now, anyone can win outside of J&J, R&B, or Kalia. I can change my mind at any moment on who I want to win BB because I’m a floater. heehee

    None of them is sharing the $500k with me so I am not committed to any off them. Also not too interested in voting a million times for someone to return to the game. It’s not that serious (for me at least).

    • I agree, Need some action since Brandon left its been all about Kalia and Dani……which them two are so boring. They do nothing but talk talk and talk about same ole stuff.

  77. Yea they didn’t have to end there alliance yet but in the bb game if theres an opportunity, you take it….cause look how Jeff and Jordan were talkin bout back dooring brenchel, it’s who’s gonna strike first in this game who’s not scared to make that big move and you know if they would have done it they would be sitting pretty good

  78. I don’t understand its alright for the newbies to get put on block but not vets Jeff has not won any com. so why are they calling everyone floaters not even Jordan she just won one my god they think the have to be bow down give me a break.The jj are getting like the RBIs lol why bring bk the worst players they think they cant be bitten ,well they have only Jordan won don’t know how , are they foe real.

  79. I couldn’t vote for Dom becuase I don’t have (and don’t want) facebook…but I hope someone will vote an extra time or two for Dom to swagger back into the house to make up for that void.

  80. I cannot stand Danielle. She is the worst. The only thing she does is talk crap about Rachel. It was the same crap with Britney last year. If you don’t like someone so bad why keep bringing them up. I don’t get it. Danielle is the one playing personal if she wasn’t she wouldn’t want Rachel out of the house. She’s one of those chicks I can’t stand to be around. The conversation always turns to gossip and nasty comments about other people. She thrives on it.

    • Really?? Dani is the only one making any moves to get rid of stronger player. It just happens to be someone she dislikes anyway.
      Whats she supposed to do?
      Sure, she may laugh at people and gossip about them, but who really cares? We do that all the time in here. (kinda like in your post with the Dani hatin’)
      TEAM DANI!!!!

      • I agree! Dani is about game; Kalia is about running her mouth; Jeff and Jordan are just partiers; Adam & Shelly is a ‘wanna be’; and Lawan is a fairy. BB drama.

    • This years show is a joke. Danielle has not changed from the last time. She needs to talk out her hate, not only for other’s but also her Father. People don’t change & you can read her body language & see in her eye’s she is hateful to everyone but herself. My golly, her Father can see threw her to. She has a big problem & it’s herself. But Rachel is just as bad. I don’t even want to get started on Kalia, she is just plain nasy inside & out. For her to pee in the hot tub then brag about it make’s one wonder how she lives @ home. She eats everybodys food in HOH, by god she can’t fill her mouth fast enough. I kind of like Lawon, he just lays low, & I like that.

  81. Vote PT!!!!! Newbies ftw!!! I love Dani and Kalia! All you Rachel fans must really hate Her to send Brenden back to brow beat her.

    • but at least if he got back there would be some real competition unless BB keeps manipulating the games towards Dani winning.Listen if BB wanted to use the Vets for ratings they cld given ALL the vets an equal chance to place individually-not pairs-worst twist in BB istory here-and having Lawan in there -OMG- his stupid laughing and crap rubs me the wrong way. BB-stop manipulating the game towards Dani.BB guest grow some balls BACKDOOR Dani the puppet master and start playing the game competively and socially with your own brains

  82. ok if i’ve read correctly big mistake on kalia’s part for nominating jeff. it should have been rachel and jordan with rachel being evicted and hoping that america picked dominic or brendan and rachel having to go up against one of them. dominic winning would mean the end to the brenchal show with both brendan and rachel gone. on the other hand it would make good tv seeing brendan and rachel going against each another if brendan would actually compete and not throw the competition for the sake of love.

  83. Why does everyone like Rachel so much?? She keeps winning at all the competitions and keeps winning. So get rid of her. You can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.. Yeah she is fun to watch when she does not win. Get her out. They are so stupid if Jordan wins again. This was a dumb cast of characters. I wish they would of never put in the Vets and paired up everyone. That was so stupid. Has anyone ever watched Horse Face
    Shelly eat and how much of a tattletail she is? Like a 2year old child running to the boss everytime she hears something. Shelly gets under my last nerve and flys on the coat tails of everyone. Play the game horse face and quit smoking with your raspy ugly voice. She acts so high and mighty about her daughter it irratates me. She has no clue how to play the game only to hop on other peoples backs and go with what everyone tells her to do.

    • i disagree and totally agree with you! i agree with you on this duo thing. its not fair to bring them back in the game bc they’ve already won…and its just not fair for them to win again! but i disagree bc i think that rachel deserves to win shes won like everything and she hasnt won yet. but sadly jeff won the pov. which makes me mad bc hes with jordan. whose already won.

  84. i am so upset that jeff won the pov! i want rachel to win so bad! i mean, think about it, jordan has already won 500,000 dollars 2 years ago and their back in the game…then dick won on seasoon 8 and the runner up got 50,000 dollars. the only duo who hasnt is rachel and brendon!!! they deserve to win! im so fed up with dani and kalia. worst game play ever. so what rachel is giving nasty looks and what not!? she deserves to freakin win… and with all the competitions shes won, she deserves it. or povs that brendon won, he deserves it. even the cassies in the lead right now! ugh!

  85. I will be upset if a vet wins the cash. It is not a sympathy game for Rachel to win, The newbies are not thinking straight. Yes Jordan,Dick,Dani have already won some cash. Rachel is a threat and needs to go. Jeff won 10,000. Lawon is just floating doing nothing and he just might win because the vets are at each others throats.

    • why bash Lawon for floating .he is still there isn’t he.and i believe that is the point of the game…?

  86. I’m rooting for Dani. The vets are So emmotional and the newbies are such puppets. For all of u who want Cassie back cuz of Rachel, u are just making bb bout drama just so Rachel can freak out. Cassi blunt honesty and naivte w/ shelly and jj are sooo boring. Bring Dom back so we can see true players like the Dani/Dom duo go far.

  87. Time for Jeff and airhead Jordan to go. Shelly and Adam have floated along w/Portia. Let’s go Lawan.

    • best scenerio for viewers-K puts up Lawan as pawn- S,J,J,A vote to keep rachel-see the shock on Dani and K face-Lawan faces off against Brendon- Brendon walks back into the house. OMG- would love to see Dani, Kalia and Porch’s jaw drop. Then the competitions would actually be real with everyone fighting not “throwing” them. let the games begin….
      that scenerio would be GREAT entertainment for the next 4 weeks.

  88. I can’t stand Daniell or Kalia, she is Dani’s puppet but she will get hers.She was stupid to put up Jeff, she did that because Dani is telling her what to do, it isn’t her, shes not smart enough. And Lawson is worthless, he should be put up. lol What a joke this is this season !!!!

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