Big Brother 13 Episode 10: Week 3 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is back tonight for another live eviction when either Adam or Dominic will be sent home. Even better, all signs point to an endurance competition tonight which means you’ll only be able to watch the HoH competition in full online through the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial).

The HGs went on lockdown yesterday afternoon, right before the huge house fight broke out, which gives them 26+ hours to complete construction. With Daniele’s survival on the line she’ll be fighting for dear life and from what we saw in season 8, she’s going to last for hours. Then there are the Veterans who know if Daniele gets power they’ll be evicted. These endurance competitions have lasted over eight hours before and I think this one could do it again. This could be the most critical competition of the season.

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I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast and any endurance results so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Update: While the HGs wait on lockdown in the HoH room, Brendon managed to go full frontal nudity in the shower. Just what I didn’t want to see, but maybe you do. NSFW!!

While we wait for tonight’s big results, be sure to check out BB12’s Matt Hoffman’s recap of last night’s Big Brother episode 9. Then grab your BB Live Feed Free Trial so you can join other fans today at 6PM ET for the live Happy Hour show with BB9’s Chelsia Hart available only on SuperPass. GFQ will also be airing their live show, Big Brother Rewind, at 7PM at which is free and open with no SuperPass required.

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    • While it’s possible, I don’t think that will happen. Considering production lost Evel Dick and pushed everything up a week I would expect them to want to keep things slowed down. They might even skip the usual “fast forward” double eviction night all together this season. Who knows!

      • Oh how I would love to see Keith come back to the game! All the people who are saying they are bored would finally get some excitement!

      • when u say compete to get back in, do u think that they would be competing in the hoh too and if they win they are hoh and back in the game? if that were the case in an endurance competition, it would last the longest ever. u would have cassi,dom, and keith trying to get back in the game, the vets are not goin to throw competition and danielle knows she has to win, that would be very competitive

  1. I don’t think so. They are down one because Dick left the show. Besides, if this is an endurance comp, which I think it is going to be, it is going to take a while. I just hope that it is now one where you have to depend on your feet being securely on something or you will fall off, because Brendon and Jeff have big feet and those comps are usually designed for the women.

  2. i am just glad with this end comp it will be everyone fighting and fighting hard….. with everything that has been going on i dont see any deals till they are actually about to drop lol just cause they know there going to drop… will be a good night seeing how this plays out :)

  3. @ Matt, Sure I’ll sign up for super pass just give me your credit card information and I will get right on that. lol No need for that when I have this site to look at. Thanks for the hard work!

    • Oh I’m already paying for my own.

      No worries, we’ll have all the results here for you, but for those who want to watch it happen they’ll be able to watch it on the Feeds.

  4. Last night, the Big Brother voice over guy, mentioned something about a new twist. Does anyone know what that could possibly be?

    • Up in comment #1 we were throwing around the idea that an evicted HG will get the chance to return. That’s just a guess though.

      • Is it possible that the twist is just that the couples are splitting up? I know that’s very obvious, but sometimes BB oversells its twists…

        But I hope that’s not the case. I want one of the evicted houseguests (read: Dominic) to return to the house. He’s the only newbie who has the potential to mix things up and really play the game, in my opinion.

      • I would be happy if the twist was simply that they would now play as singles. I think the twist is gonna be prizes…the keys will win great prizes causing great jealousies. Maybe a great prize will be had AND that causes a past houseguest to return. May not be from this season! Anyway, if we get a newbee back I hope it’s Keith!

      • I don’t want Keith back…he gives me the creeps. I sure hope the twist is just splitting up the couples. And if someone is coming back I hope just the 3 of them compete to get back in the house or America gets to vote someone back. I sure hope they don’t get to play in the HOH tonight.

  5. i think it would be great, if they skip Eviction tonight!!! Then would be back on schedule, since ED left.

    • Thatn would be something, but doesn’t sound likely…has that ever happened? I mean, just cancelling an eviction on eveiction night?

      • I dont know. I think it could be one of the “twist’s”, any way around it, i would love to see it.

      • Hi Wayne,

        Yes, they have done that once in a prior season. When the evicted houseguest was about to leave the door wouldn’t open. So it is possible that it can happen again so that Dom doesn’t leave.

      • Hi Debbie, thanks and yes I remember it now. I hope that’s not the twist! But it could be, YIPES!!!

      • Hi Debbie thanks for the info…God I hope that’s not the twist. Dom stays…YIPES! Personnaly I want Keith back. He was the best “playa” the newbs had!!

      • you and me both. I know a lot of people don’t like the Vets, me personally I like the Vets. Mind you I have never like Dani from her season just because she depended on her dad. Well I shouldn’t just say she depended on Dick because she did win POV’s when she needed to but she rubbed me the wrong way on her season. I thought she had changed on this season but I was wrong, she the same maybe a bit worse. Just my two cents. Please don’t yell at me people. :)

      • Debbie & BB Fans, Sorry to repeat myself, I didn’t think the first reply went through.

  6. They better have a good twist this time. This season sucks this year. I love BB, but this was a huge disappointment

      • I just don’t like the way the game was done this year. How is that fair that not only have you played the game before, but you also get to bring your boyfriend. Everyone else in the house has to work to make allies, and hope they are really working for them, and you have these 4 who have a partner that will definately not flip, and will always have their back. It was not a fair game at all. And if you didn’t have me to fight with, what else would you do with your time? LOL

      • Chick,
        You do make a good point about the couples having each others backs…I had not considered that. But, if your loser newbs could win an HOH or two…lol….

      • LOl- Hey next year I’m gonna try out and bring my husband along. I bet we could tear through the house too. We can take turns. I’ll be HOH and He can win the POV, and next week since I can’t play, he can be HOH and I’ll win the POV.

      • Sounds like a plan…then I can sit here and scream “fixed”, “that’s not fair” and talk about how “disappointing it all is” lol….

  7. CBS needs to turn things around. Seriously. Clearly, they didn’t realize the level of advantage that return “vets” would have over the “starry eyed” newbies. So… now you know CBS… PLEASE do something to even things out. The “Brenchel-JJ” show is old news.

  8. Would be an awesome twist if the keys that the HG have would open something. Like maybe a door that brings someone back into the game.

    • This is normal. They flip over to Trivia for awhile ahead of the show. Production might be talking w/ HGs, etc. Last week it came back and we could watch them all getting ready for the show.

  9. Why did they bring Brendon and Rachel back? Was there any demand for these two? And of course Rachel quickly proceeded to become hated again, as she was last season.

  10. If anyone should come back, it should be Cassie. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a bright future as a model and maybe even an actress…

  11. I hope I’m right that an evicted houseguest is coming back in tonight. I think they will do the eviction then Cassie Keith and Dom will compete to get back in the game. Then the winner gets to compete for hoh.

    • I loved Jeff last year, but I really am starting to not like him this year. @beth- I know you don’t have the feeds, but if you would hear how he talks to some of the other HG ( like about 10 minutes ago the way he was talking to Kalia) you might have a different opinion too.

      • I have the feeds and I don’t think he said anything wrong to Kalia. he was honest with her and telling her like it is.

      • kalia is a jerk as well…she basically worships jj like she is star struck or something , absolutely ridiculous. Why cant she stand up to him instead of going back to dani and venting …spineless clown.

      • @ Karen & Antikalia- not saying I like Kalia and maybe she got what she deserved from Jeff, but he has been being an a$$ to everyone in the house. Just my opinion- it doesn’t really count for much, lol

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Kalia is trying to once again FLOAT, and telling JJ she isnt going to vote for dom, to try to save face. NOW Lawon just said he aint voting for him.


    Daniele stands alone as the only REAL gameplayer in the house.

    THEY’RE ALL FLOATERS. and Porsche is an idiot. no way around it. she has no logic in her decisions.

    • I agree with you.
      Kalia – she’ll be on Dani’s side for this week but then next week she’ll go to whoever will save her ass from eviction. Worthless floater.
      Lawon – another floater, I have yet to understand what he’s saying
      Shelly – a snake that the vets trust because she feeds them crucial information
      Adam and Porsche have yet to do anything

      The newbies suck.

  13. if there giveing a key out tonight even if they split the couples then D wont be able to play in this comp but next weeks comp.

  14. did these people come to play big brother or come to cry, i dont get it kalia already made it clear she came for friendship so thats confirmed lowan dowan or whatever obviously came to be the clown and the rest are playing for jury so who is playing for half a million dollars!!!!!!!!!!

  15. If the twist is bringing back one of the evicted players, that would be stupid. If you get booted out you shouldn’t be allowed back in. I hope the twist is the golden key players can’t play in the comp tonight. And it makes sense if that is the twist. Right now there’s 3 golden key holders after tonights eviction makes 4 so if adam gets it what does he get will he be safe for a week. To me because tonight will make 4 holders that those 4 will have to wait until next week to play in any comps. SO say good-bye klueless next week.

  16. Moe I agree.. In your thinking as to the key holders not playing tonight. Adam must gain some advantage to having the key tonight. Assuming he is the one to stay lol. Why else would there even be key tonight? The golden key makes no sense this week otherwise. It did nothing to keep him safe if he goes straight back in the game

  17. Matt(BBN) Are they giving out a key tonight or is this the week where everyone competes? I’m confused

  18. Matt you wrote on here “Speaking of free, do you have our Big Brother app? Available for iOS and Android.

    is it free now to watch on the Android app is you have the live feeds(superpass)

  19. Chick ..Im with you! Unless there was some kind a food comp she wont even try..I could be wrong but I don’t think so..maybe if it was some hair..LOL

  20. I didn’t care for Rachel last year, but I think she has matured quite a bit this year. I yhink she is makin wise decisions and if she would stop letting Brendon put her down, could win this game on her own. I give her props! I loved Jeff and Jordan during their year, but they don’t seem to have grown at all. All their talk about p**p and f**ting is disgusting – grow up already! Danielle is just pain mean and nasty.

  21. Loose the chink announcer and send her to teach kindergarten class!! Why do i hear the same thing repeated over and over. Wow, that was a huge announcement she made at the end. What a surprise, im glad everyone was sitting down.

  22. Dom should of never addressed everyone like he did tonight! Caused himself to get voted off! Bad game play

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