Big Brother 13: Cassi Colvin Interview

Hey everyone!  I talked with Cassi Colvin today and she had some interesting things to say about life in the Big Brother house.  Check it out! Cassi Colvin

Chloe –  Was it Rachel’s insecurity and jealousy that got you voted out?

Cassi – I think Rachel’s biggest issue with me is that I am a girl comfortable in my own skin and happy with who I am on the inside when I don’t think she has found herself yet. Also, I think she was intimidated because she knew that I wouldn’t be her minion because of the
Brenchal union or her experience in the game. I feel that I was the mostindependent newbie, the one least likely to let their promises of safety throw me off guard and make me easy to sway – I have my own mind.

Chloe – Do you regret not going with the vets and voting to evict Keith?

Cassi – I don’t because number one, I was never approached and asked how I was voting nor did they attempt to sway my vote. Also, it was pretty obvious for me and my game play to get rid of Porsche because she had vocalized all week that as soon as she won HOH she would put me up. I knew that with the deal I had made with the veterans, that not to nominate them Keith was the only other newbie that had the audacity to put them on the block. He had also made such a spectacle of
himself that had he won the golden key, he would have been a major target after the duos ended which would have bought me another week.

Chloe – What is it really like being in the house with Rachel?

Cassi – Honestly, as talked about as her animosity towards me was in the house, she never really affected me. If anything, her antics were entertaining and just reminded me of the girl that I am happily not. I can definitely say that I got under her skin far more than she bothered me. She portrayed herself in very ugly light, and unfortunately it wasn’t an act.

Chloe – Do you think your relationship with Dominic hurt your game?

Cassi – Absolutely, because him and I were so close and comfortable with one another and viewed as two intelligent people. I think people probably always assumed we were talking game when in reality it was purely personal most of the time. I had heard talk amongst the house that the veterans had taken notice of our friendship and were threatened by it, so in a conversation with Brendon – prior to them waging war on me – I told him very frankly that Dom and I were buddies, my word was good, a deal’s a deal and that I wasn’t going to let anyone in the house determine my friendships or how I spent my downtime.  I had hoped he could respect me for my honesty.

Chloe – If you could change one thing you did while in the house, what would it be?

Cassi – As cautious as I was from day one with what I said and who I said it to, I definitely could have been more tightlipped. I think a lot of the newbies recognized that I was ready to play from the start because I was so outspoken and honest. This made it easy for me to become the scapegoat for the things we were all feeling.

Chloe – How did you have to change your strategy once the veterans came in the house and how much of a disadvantage was it for you not to be as familiar with their previous game play?

Cassi – Obviously it threw a wrench in the game and upped the difficulty right from the start because of the unspoken alliances of new verses old. Of course it could have been helpful to have seen the gameplay of a couple of the former players that I wasn’t familiar with, but ultimately, because of the way things went down and the circumstances that sent me out of this house this soon, its hard to say that it would have made a difference.

Chloe – Which veteran has the best chance to win the game?

Cassi – Regardless of their association with Brendon and Rachel and the veterans alliance, Jeff and Jordan have a great social game and whether its their true intention to align with some newbies they have the gentle non-threatening demeanor to make others believe it and therefore not go after them for some time to come.

Cassi is a smart girl and it’s a shame she was voted out so early.  I would have loved to see her play the game.  I think she would have done well if she had stayed longer.


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  1. When will Cassi find out which of the newbies voted keith out and betrayed their alliance?

      • Actually if you watch the feeds she was always talking about how she couldn’t wait to see what america thinks of her. Totally self involved.

      • Only a person who thinks she is pretty would make a comment like that. I for one did not think Cassi was pretty without make up. How much makeup do you use?

      • Every convo she had with anyone b4 she left was all about Cassi this Cassi that and how she had no shot when Rachel was like she is a person that plays the victim card Rachel was not right at the time but it proved to be true

      • What a boring interview. Agree with cassi being all about herself. Annoying, manipulator and a whiny. To me just as annoying as Rachel. Except Rachel knows how to play the game. From the very first video bio cassi said she was gonna hang with the boys. She’s not a girls girl so she alienated herself from everyone but shelly cause she is older. Plus based on live feeds she was only there for the experience. Well she has that now.

    • I Agree! She was super irritating! And when she wasn’t being annoying she was boring!

  2. I was sorry to see Cassie go, bringing Rachel and Brenden back, was stupid on BB’s part, they were so irritating on their own season, and there has been no change for the good, Rachel is an insecure, whiney pain in the butt, and so is her stupid boyfriend, can’t wait till they get voted off, so I can enjoy the show.

    • Hey, BB fans just like you, VOTED to bring them back…CBS just gave the people what we want. If you don’t like the menu, eat someplace else.

      • Not all BB fans voted to bring them back. Rachel is a good competitor, but has a nasty attitude. She’s quick to talk sh** about other people, but when they tell her about herself she goes crying in the plastic bushes. BB is a social game as well, and her social game sucks.

      • It is so funny how insecure girls/women are when it comes to beautiful women. Cassie is beautiful inside and out. Racheal is a beautiful women but her attitude makes her ugly. I don’t remember voting either of them back into the BB House, but will be voting for Cassie to come back if given the chance.

      • Chick, I didn’t even know about the vote until it was over, so I voted zero times for them. I just happen to think we should respect those who did vote.

      • Cassie was & is the hottest girl in the house! That’s why she got voted out! Omg its obvious! Hottest to ever play the game! The other girls are not attractive except for Jordan who is cute. Always remember insecurity breeds jealosy which takes u to hate. Jordan was the only one that wasn’t insecure. The other buttaface girls were. They hated on Cassie as soon as she walked in the door. Keep hating if u like but u have no idea what beauty is wayne!

      • No disrespect intended. She just isn’t one of my faves. I voted zero times too. My point was not every BB fan voted to bring them back. And truth be known there are just as many people that dislike them as there are people who do. Man, yall Rachel fans fight to the death, lmao

      • No Dubbs, she got voted out because she sucked at BB. As for the hottest ever on BB? She wasn’t even the third hottest girl on this season. She looks like a boy in her bikini for god sakes. Do you like meatless, two pounds of make-up wearing girls? Give her a ring.

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think every girl in that house is pretty. But keep in mind everyone has different tastes and types so not everyone will agree who is hot and who is not.

    • Chick, I hate Rachel, at least I did last year. But this year, she is tearing it up, she’s got mad game yo, she has won my respect.
      If they wanna beat her they better start playing as hard as she does. Right now she is a MONSTER and she should have everyone’s respect.

      • I agree she’s playing a good competitive game. I just don’t like her rude comments and her nasty ways sometimes. And be honest, she is rude when she has power. She tells people all kinds of crap, but when she is told something she wines and cries about how nobody likes her. She caused people to not like her.

    • None of the houseguests were “Voted” into the house. CBS chose all couples. The poll on CBS was just to see who America would like to see back. If it was a vote you could all but guarantee that Will and Boogie would have been there over Brenchel.

      • DJskins,
        You are incorrect. JJ got 32 percent of the vote. ED & dani got 24% BR got 22%, Dr will and Boogie got 18%. Enzo & Hayden got 3% and nasty Natalie and Jesse got 1%

      • That is brutal. It must be because most fans haven’t watched all of the earlier seasons. Chilltown is the greatest Duo in BB history. No doubt about it. Regardless though, it was not a “Vote” just a “Poll”

      • Also, keep in mind Will stated they were not coming back into the BB house while the poll was still up so that definitely would skew the results a bit.

      • Well whatever, the top three are in. Call it a Chicago vote if that makes you feel better.

    • Love-Love-Love Brendon & Rachel. America brought them back! Cassi is soooo boring. Not the “pretty girl”. Will be very disappointing if BB brings her back. Why and Why? The only person that would bring anything to the game would be Evil Dick!

  3. Cassi is the worst! I’m so glad shes gone. She’s totally full of herself and Rachel is right- Shes a terrible game player.

    • Why do u keep pumping buttaface Rachel? No one thinks she’s hot except that simp brendon & herself!

    • Dubbs, I don’t think most people know what buttaface is. But I do. Wasn’t cassi the opposite of that term. lol. Also, you really should say the term correctly. it’s “butter face”.

  4. Cassie I think for the first time (in my opinion) that you are one of the few to be voted out this early that will be remembered. You are truly as beautiful inside as you are outside and I hope you get to go back in the house and show some class to that house once again. A lot of us pay money to watch the live feeds and seen with our on eyes that when America wasn’t watching, that you were still you and not fake like “some people” when the cameras were rolling. God Bless You and Thank you for coming into our lives for that short time and proving that class and being loyal to yourself can’t have a price…..big hugs to you!

      • I understand Wayne, you have to have class to appreciate it….Good bye

      • It’s a little odd that you’d be asking who were talking about when it’s stated in the title of the article

      • I agree Steve 100%…..but even as beautiful as she is, she still seemed like a layed back kind of a girl and wasn’t stuck on herself. Someone that would be fun to chill with.

      • Steve,it’s called sarcasm. Just because you have a puppy love crush on mushmouth, doesn’t mean the world sees her as you do. Get yourself a real girl. they are a lot more fun.

      • Wayne he also doesn’t have to hate on her like you are. It’s a game and I gave my opinion of her and how I see the game she played but you were the one being rude on my comment. If you notice on your comment before this little debate between you Steve and I. I said “i’m not a Rachel fan but well said Wayne” So why do you have to come to my comment and be so rude and disrespectful to Steve and I? Show some class of your own and just stop running the stream looking for comments that you can disrespect.

      • Got to get off of the feed now Peeps, God Bless you all and this is what makes CBS rich and the game we all love work, that we all have our opinions. If we all like the same person then it wouldn’t be much of a show. God Bless!

      • Tay, how do you respond to real issues in your life if you take silly banter like this so seriously. I appreciate you chripping in on my comment, but that doesn’t make us buds yo.

    • I agree Caaie was one player I enjoyed. If you like Rachel I can only pitty you and the freinds you do have. She’s nasty!!!

  5. I would love it if they would bring back Cassi!!!! That would delight me to no end. Can you see Breachel faces when she walked in. To bad my ideas are just that.

      • The original term is called buttaface mini-wayne! The Pop term is called butterface! Learn your slang mini-wayne!As for Cassie being the 3 hottest girl in the house beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess u must be blind cause eveybody knows Cassie is was the Hottest girl to come into that house. I never said she had body but u can’t deny that she is beautiful. Her gameplay did not matter because the other girls except Jordan are ALL insecure lead by Rachel. Stop the hate mini-wayne u are not making any sense!

      • Why du we have to bring mother’s into this. I now see u have NO skills. Yes First! Westcoast style. Never make it personal mini-wayne!

      • It makes u look like a HERB! I know you don’t know what that is it’s beyond you to comprehend… LOL

  6. I bet they bring her back. Keith is in the sequester house, which is unusual unless they are thinking about bringing someone back. Can’t wait to see Rachel’s face if Cassi comes back!

    • I’m gonna vote for Keith. I think he is a beautiful person inside and out. It was obvious that all the men resented him for his class and charm. .

      • Seeing stuff that ain’t there. It is obvious the men didn’t resent Keith for something he didn’t have in the first place.

        He had no class and charm at all. He was obnoxious and the worst player of BB 13. No social game whatsoever. Even the women were annoyed by his antics.

    • I think it’s a rewards competition. Don’t hold me to it. Just an educated guess.

      • Apparantly there are no have-nots this week. It was a luxury comp. The Winners get to watch a screening of CBS’ new show “Same Name”. Comp was hosted by David Hassseloff. Possibly the worst reward in BB history. lol

      • @ Dj skins- David Hasselhoff was the mystery celebrity? LMAO, they got ripped off. I also read somewhere that nominations was taking place and Adam and Dom were up

  7. Chloe….Please, Please, Please….tell the millions of us that want to know….Is Cassi In Sequester ???????? Did u ask her???? We Need To Know, Please !!!!!!!!! :-)

    MATT…do u know??…did u find out from Chloe????

  8. actually Cassie was not the most beautiful ever to play BB – that would be Janelle. Cassie looks like Olivia Wilde – both are very pretty. I dont recall seeing anything from BB to bring back former peeps. glad Rachel and Brandon are back!! Rachel’s biggest problem this doesn’t think before she speaks in social gatherings better to mumble to yourself Rach….but is very good in quizes – how many times did she win HOH last year i think it was 4 and she is half way there now.

  9. I actually hate how much I’m into this show LOL If I were stuck in a house with nothing to do, my mind would also think “I wonder what America thinks of me.” You know everyone thinks that…Cassi just actually said it and I’m sure other houseguests have too in the past.
    As for Cassi, yep I’m a fan of hers and I do feel like she got robbed by being evicted so I hope she gets back into the house. I’ve never been a fan of Rachel and last year I did admit socially she sucked but she was awesome at the comps…but I can’t sit here and say she has great game so far b/c she’s won two HoH’s out of 3. Yes that’s awesome but it’s still really early. Maybe I’m weird but I can’t label the level of game play until we’re at least halfway through…this early things can change drastically.
    Cassi didn’t do anything other houseguests haven’t done before and currently. She’s just upfront about it. She didn’t make a deal with B/R b/c she was honest and said she can’t trust them..who could blame her?! Granted honesty may not get you far in this game but I give Cassi kudos for staying true to herself. She didn’t even want to campaign and Shelly had to tell her more than a few times to do it…yeah she laid it on thick (from what I’ve read) but again, who wouldn’t do that as means to stay in the house?!
    I hope they bring her back so she can fight for herself.

    • The mere fact that Cassi fell completely under Shelly’s spell and was completely fooled and betrayed by her show how poor a player she is. Here’s a chicago tip: Don’t back no losers!

    • You are right. Rachel has played a great competitive game so far, just as she did last year. However, her social game will send her home sooner than later, just as it did last year.

  10. Does anyone watch the live feeds? Because in all trueth, it was dani who really wanted Cassie out so she could use Dom. Just saying.

    • Well we know why Rachel wanted her out and yeah Dani wanted her out b/c of Dom..which I really hope he’s not falling for her b/c she’ll drop him. I like Dani…let me just make that clear HAHA

  11. I don’t think her comment about wondering what america thinks of her is being conceited, I think she is just wondering how she is being portrayed. In all fairness I think everyone would wonder that at some point.

    • If Porshe knew what america thought of her, maybe she would burn those damn pink pants, LOL

      • LoL! Has BB confiscated some of her other clothes or, is she too lazy to change?! Hmmmmm.

  12. Wrong mini-wayne. The correct term is buttaface. The POP term is butterface get it right mini-wayne!As for who u think is hot we now know is hot to u but u are in the minority. Never said said had a great body she doesn’t but she is Hot there are exceptions. The other girls in that house would get no play at all. Jordan is the only one who is cute besides Cassie sorry mini-wayne! Stop hatin makes u look bad.

    • Maybe you’re right, after all a guy like you would know all about looking bad. Mini Wayne? You know I kinda like the ring of that. Thanks.

  13. Cassie needs to comeback to BB household later. I love seeing Rachel squirm. None of the newbies really have a plan of attack other than to go with the vet alliance. That can only take you so far. BB is evolving into Bren/Rach vs. JJ and each of their floater following. Unless, Dominic and Dani(who no doubt will go after Adam) turn into a power couple by either of them winning some HOHs then it’s the vets to the finale.

    Bren/Rach’s only clear ally is Porshe(cocktail waitresses unite). They think they have Danielle but clearly don’t.

    If there’s a split in the vet alliance JJ will clearly have more votes.

  14. I thought Cassie was a beautiful, intelligent person. But her strategy was a little misguided. If you’re going to come into the BB house with a plan of just laying all your cards on the table upfront, then your in the wrong game. While that’s a nice quality to have in real life, it doesn’t work with BB. It’s a game of minipulation.

    • lol some of the people on the internet are as petty as the hgs this season. how can people like you *hate* anyone when you don’t even know them for cripes sake.

      I would love to see you go into the bb house next summer and live in that nut house so we can nit pick everything you do and let us tear you down.

      The hgs are human beings just like the rest of us. They are not PERFECT and have flaws.

      Honestly people who come on a page of someone they dont even like just to bash them shows that obviously people have nothing better to do with their lives.

      If I dont like someone I dont bother looking them up or going to a FAN page of the person just to tear them down. So childish.

  15. Keith didn’t show much class or charm when he tried to out Kalia and Porsche as traitors. It made him look manic and not smart as well.

    Also celebrating Evil Dick’s exit so he could get at Danielle, didn’t show any class at all. She was even crying about it at the time.

    He was a worse player than than anybody there. If there is a vote to bring back any evicted people, I’ll vote for anybody else besides him.

  16. I wouldn’t vote for either Keith or Cassi, 2 of the worst players in BB 13, to come back in the game.

    Although Dominic was sort of a moron by assuming that Adam betrayed the noobs when it was Shelley and Kalia, I would vote for him over those 2 bigger morons. Dom would probably be better in competitions too.

    But my choice would be to vote for Brendan. Brendan is a decent player sometimes at the competitions, but he would just bring back so much more drama than Dom would in the house.

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