Big Brother 13 Week 7: Nomination Anticipation – Updated

Big Brother 13 Jeff and Adam

New power in the Big Brother 13 house means new nominations. After 3 weeks of Daniele’s leadership and 1 collective Veteran eviction the pressure is about to hit her side of the house. The new Head of Household has some nominations in mind and is ready to return all those favors from the past few weeks. Read on to find out who should be sweating tonight’s Big Brother nominations.

Once Jeff settled in to his HoH room he pulled together Jordan, Rachel, and Shelly for a quick “we’re all together” talk. Flashback to 8/18 @ 11:28PM BBT. Shelly wanted to clear the air between her and Rachel since they’ve had open issues with one another over the past week. Once that’s out of the way they all agree that they’re on the same page and working together. It’s pretty funny to listen to Shelly asking Rachel to stop rolling her eyes at her and causing problems. Next on Shelly’s list: stop the sun from rising and do something about those pesky tides.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 18, 2011 @ 11:28 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
August 18, 2011 @ 11:37 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
August 18, 2011 @ 11:59 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
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After Shelly leaves Rachel and JeJo start working through various scenarios for nominations and Veto. Flashback to 8/18 @ 11:37PM BBT. Jeff initially discusses nominating Porsche and Kalia with a backdoor option for Daniele. That raises the obvious concern that Daniele wins the Veto since she’ll definitely play (remember her Veto ticket), could win the Veto, and then take off Kalia which would force Jeff to nominate one of his own. No one would be dumb enough to do that, right Kalia??

Speaking of Kalia, Jeff is really excited about getting to nominate Kalia after she nominated him the other week and told him it was as a pawn. He wants to give her the same speech. Look for Kalia to definitely go up on the block this week.

Later Adam comes up (Flashback to 11:59 PM BBT) to HoH and celebrates with Jeff and Jordan. He tells Jeff that Daniele and Kalia are fully expecting to be nominated while Porsche thinks she’ll be a renom. They go through the different scenarios as well. Adam feels strongly that it’s too dangerous to not nominate Daniele. If Daniele isn’t nominated but wins the Veto then they’ll miss their chance to remove Kalia or Daniele.

Jeff seems to be wavering on whether or not to just straight up nominate Daniele or go for the backdoor. It’s a very risky move that he’ll hopefully recognize as too dangerous.

Nominations will arrive tonight, around 6PM BBT. You can expect Kalia as a definite nomination. Daniele is the pivot point. She’s Jeff’s target for the week, but he’d settle for Kalia. If he figures out the only way to insure one of them goes home is to nominate both up front then those are your noms. If Jeff instead decides to gamble, with really nothing to gain, then he’ll nominate Kalia and Porsche with Daniele waiting in the wings to be renom’d and sent to the Big Brother Jury.

There will be lots of deal making (or at least attempts) this afternoon on the Live Feeds. Be sure to keep an eye on the HoH room all afternoon to see who offers up what. Then check back here tonight for the nomination spoilers.

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Update: Flashback to 12:14PM BBT Cam 3 to see Kalia discussing with Jeff whether or not she’s going to be nominated. Jeff can’t say she is, but indicates she’s in the mix for consideration and she has to expect repercussions for his nomination the other week.

Flashback to 12:32PM BBT Cam 3 for Jeff’s discussion with Daniele. He’s asking her if she’d use the Veto to save Kalia if she won it. Daniele says Kalia would expect her to do that so she’d avoid winning it. Ugh. Jeff really seems to be considering not nominating Daniele, though I wouldn’t rule out his intent to renom her given the chance. Big Brother 13 has a new title: “Summer of Stupidity.”

On a side note, Daniele tells Jeff she thinks the Fast-Forward night will be a week from Thursday. We know it’ll be this Thursday though.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 19, 2011 @ 12:14 PM BBT on Camera 3
August 19, 2011 @ 12:32 PM BBT on Camera 3
August 19, 2011 @ 2:11 PM BBT on Camera 1
August 19, 2011 @ 2:23 PM BBT on Camera 1
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Porsche gets her time in with Jeff as well. Flashback to 2:11PM BBT to hear Porsche trying her best to avoid getting nominated. She says she’d rather not get backdoored. Jeff responds, “so you want me to nominate you?” He’s teasing her. Looks like Porsche will join Kalia on the block tonight.

Jeff lets us in on his plan with a private discussion with Jordan. Flashback to 2:23PM BBT. Jeff tells Jordan they need to make Daniele feel as comfortable as possible. He relays that Daniele offered to throw the Veto to keep from having to save Kalia, but neither believe she’ll throw it.

Update: Thanks to reader Jason for catching the second set of Flashback times were set to the wrong day (18th vs. 19th).



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    • Jeff better wake up and put Judas and Kalia on the block! He’s not the brightest light on the Xmas tree so anything is possible out of that guy. If Judas is the target, get her up there now. It reduces the number of her floater team who play for the veto and pretty much guarantees that Judas or her minion Kalia goes to jury. Come on Jeff, do something smart for a change. GET JUDAS OUT!

    • If yall BELOVED Jeff and Jordon don’t work with Dani they will regret it next week. Kalia is a competitor and we all know Dani is a beast. One of them will win next week because Jeff can’t and Rachael just is a wreck. She haven’t been winning anything since Brendon left the first time. If she stay long enough she will win again just not next week. Jordon is just a useless piece of crap. So they have to bank on people who haven’t won it before in Adam or Shelly. GOOD LUCK. They will regret not working with Dani. They better get rid of Porsha or Kalia. I love Kalia though.

      • not sure i agree Kalia a competitor she has only won one compt. lucky at hitin the right button. she was just lucky she didnt even hear the ques. and answerd. take her to the slot machines. (lucky) Jordan has won two. just because Jeff and Bren didnt try doesnt mean they gave it to her. I thought she did pretty good on that comp.

      • No I think you will just regret it cause dani will be gone. Lmao. Kalia is by no means a competitor and if jejo worked with dani, she would. Still. Put them up IF. She won hoh next week.

      • Kahlia a competitor? She would be if they had a food contest to see who could eat 100 hotdogs in 2 seconds.

      • Well if Kalia isn’t a competitor for only winning 1 comp than Jordan isn’t either….she’s only won 1 too.

      • If Jeff and Jordon work with Danielle, they both deserve to be voted out for their sheer stupidity. They are the next target for Danielle whether or not she swears a “truce” or an alliance with them. If her mouth is open, she’s lying. She’ll have a member of her alliance do the dirty work so it will appear not to be of her doing. She wants the stronger players out, i.e., Jeff and Rachel, so all that will be left are the floaters and clinger-ons. In that element, Danielle can triumph. It looks like this will be a season where we’ll see the likes of “Witchy Woman Danielle”, “Shelly the Two-Headed Snake” and “Tell Me Who to Vote For Adam” in the final three? I can only hope not.

  1. Jeff should do his first choice of Dani and Kaila up so that way one of them will go to the jury house Good bye dani’s crew ,

      • Here’s an evil idea. Make sure Porshe goes to the jury house this week. Rachel will have caused herself an ulcer before next week worrying about Porshe’s “VIP waitress(stripper)” affect on Brenda. Brenda is obviously into inflated boobs and girls that like to pick at their zits on national tv.

  2. really disappointed that jeff and jordan most likely won’t be working on that deal with danielle. that would have been a truly smart move, but in reality, he would have no one else to put up, especially if he doesn’t nominate dani and she wins POV. I suppose that’s better for her game, but not for jeff’s…lol

    • While Dani messed up at the beginning of the game, she’s playing the best now. Have to get her out while they can.

      • you’re exactly right…but either way jeff is screwed right now.. because if she wins pov then his HOH is wasted on kalia or proche going home lol..

      • no it will not be wasted. DOUBLE eviction week! two of Dani’s Alliance will be gone, maybe even her! jeff needs to nominate Kalia ans Dani cauz Dani is gonna play veto anyway. if she wins, put up Porsche and say bye bye!

    • It would not be a smart move- are you high or just watching a different game lol just kidding. But, Danielle wants him out Pronto (before Rachel, which is saying a lot for Danielle). If he doesn’t get her out now, then the double eviction week could prove deadly for him(deadly for his game, not his life).

      • double eviction week is for this week and none of the hg’s know it. they will all crap on thursday when they go to jury. lol

      • I agree. He needs to put up Dani and Kahlia. If Dani wins POV then he can at least get Kahlia out and put up who?

      • I agree that Danielle’s next target is Jeff. Jeff is so consumed with getting Kalia out that he is willing to buy into Danielle’s lie of “You’ve never been my target” and believe they’re in some sort of an alliance. Jeff is not the sharpest tool in the tool box, e.g., his firm belief in Shelly’s trustworthiness; but sacrificing a strong alliance (J/J and Brendon/Rachel) simply because of Danielle’s word was one of the dumbest moves he’s made in the game.

    • How could it be a smart move? If kalia or porsche had won hoh jeff and jordan would have been on the block. That deal would have been just as fake for dani as it is for jejo.

    • How could it be a smart move? If kalia or porsche had won hoh jeff and jordan would have been on the block. That deal would have been just as fake for dani as it is for jejo

  3. Dani is playing in the veto comp either way, so it only makes sense to put her up for nomination now. That way if she wins, she can only take herself off and then Porsche goes up.

  4. Jeff should nomintate Dani and Kalia, Dani win POV and renom Porsche. Still hoping for Porsche to go, then next week Dani repeatedly asking Rachel “I wonder what Brendan and Porsche are doing right now in the jury house???” That would be hilarious!!!

    • Wow…you are catching Dani, kalia, and Porsche’s mean girl syndrome. I want Porsche gone because I love how she turned her back on Rachel just as it looked like she was doomed. I mean I get it, but she completely jumped ship. I’d understand that still, if she hadn’t continued to harass Rachel by flushing her stuff down the toilet. I mean Rachel continously stuck her neck out for Porsche, and now not only did P jump ship (which is semi understandable) but is harassing her? Really? C’mon…Did any other seasons have this? I missed it.

      • Yes, ThinkThink. Big Brother 2. One that stands out is Shannon’s use of Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the house toilet.

      • It’s the Judas factor. She lowers the property and social values of the house and it’s guests. She is just plain trashy. GET JUDAS OUT!

    • OMG amazing. Can you imagine how jealous Rachel would be? Although she should be more worried if they have Skype in the jury house…

  5. Jeff outta make a deal with Dani and get that insipid Rachel out of those house. C’mon Jeff, do America a favor.

    • That would be stupid for him. You are so Team Dani (or AntiRachel) that you forget that Dani’s next target is JEFF. Why waste an HOH on someone from his team rather than the #1 person coming after him. “Gee Dani I’ll use my HOH to evict Rachel. And when you become HOH next week when I can’t play for HOH (let’s face it no one else has a big chance to win) then you can EVICT me. Harr harr jolly good.”

    • That would be a blessing. Did you see hoe bad Rachel wanted to say something after Shelly called her out in Jeff’s HOH room on BBAD last night. I laughed my butt off when Shelly told her to quit giving that stupid look of evil that Rachel does.

      • I’m glad Rachel is refraining from telling them exactly what she thinks of them (for the moment). Hopefully, she’ll maintain a cooler head and concentrate on strategy for the game.

    • It’s very likely team Dani is going to be the number one target for this week, if he puts up Kalia and Porsche, and Dani wins the pov to save either one of her closest allies, the replacement nominee should be indeed be Rachel.

  6. can we have another americas vote and get rid of everybody… none of them deserve to win… boring…

    • @ sparky….are you kidding me? You were all gung ho when everything was going Dani’s way and now that its not..?????? Lmao, wow!

    • it’s been one of the more boring seasons, I will agree with you on that one. But, although everyone on here seens to hate Dani, she has actually been the one to make power moves and shake up the game to make it interesting. The rest of the players are basically either taking the easy way out or they are voting based on personal reasons, which is super lame.

      • Lee, totally agree with you, Dani is playing, everyone else is waiting for someone else to make it happen. If Rachel wins HOH she will definitely do something unexpected. Rachel and Dani are the only ones playing the game. They both should be in the final.

  7. I hope Jeff doesn’t think of making any deals with Dani. She can’t be trusted. I also hope that someone like Rachel wins next HOH because I think if Dani goes then Adam will think that Jeff is the only one in his way and put him and Jordan up. I don’t trust Adam.

  8. Let me begin by saying I KNOW I may be missing something here and overthinking possible ways Dani can escape this week with her “minions” or whatever the Dani haters wanna call them.

    Somebody please answer this…..

    Say Jeff does nominate Dani and Kalia and Porsche wins and takes Dani off. Jeff has no choice but to put up an ally of his. Who would it be and why?
    I know this is a small chance.. but, still a chance. To me, Jeff has no sure fire safety net on this unless I am missing something.

    • Uhm even if he does put up his own. Lets use Adam as an example.

      Rachel, Jordan and Shelly vote for him to stay over whoever’s he left up there with. Danielle cannot escape this week without losing at least one ally. Unless she pulls of a deal with Jeff/Jordan or potentially Rachel for a vote.

      • It would be in Rachel’s benefit to see Dani stay at this point. Because if Dani loses an ally (say kalia), then she will need someone else to latch to. Also, J/J would still target Dani. Either, way Rachel could coast through a few weeks if Dani and J/J win back and forth (HoHs and Vetos). However, Rachel will not vote for Dani to stay against the obvious majority. That would be stupid because Dani would be evicted anyways, and Rachel would be cast out from J/J/A/S alliance.

      • Rachel is not 100%, right now JeJo got the numbers, say Adam goes up against K or P, i could see Rachel taking that chance to evict Adam, flip sides and then it’s 4 on 3 against JeJo.

        Rachel may be “catty” or “annoying” but she’s NOT stupid, she knows she’ll Never beat J or J in a final 2, no one can.

        for some reason i just see Rachel making a big move this week

      • see, billybob, that a place where my questioning is coming in..relying on Rachels vote??? if he puts up Shelly.. same thing. If he puts up Rachel they may all evict her.

      • @Becky, Jeff knows he needs Rachel. He wouldn’t risk putting her up. If he was dumb enough to use her as a pawn. I believe he’ll make sure Shelly and Adam don’t vote to evict her. Right now she’s useful for them.So it’d be harmful for them if they evict Rachel. Getting rid of Rachel this week means Next week for Jeff there is no good competitor on his side.

    • I think Shelly will try to persuade him to put up Rachel. She really shouldn’t try that though because jeff is losing trust in her (Shelly). My guess would be Adam, just to avoid Rachel/Shelly drama.

    • What am I missing? Using your scenerio – if Porsche wins POV, and uses it to take Dani off the block, why can’t Porsche be the renom? She is no longer protected by the POV because she used it on Dani. Also, are double eviction, and fast forward the same thing. How does that work?

    • I think that he would put up Adam. He has no real clear alliance with Adam.

      I would not count out Porsha. She has preformed fairly well in some challenges. I hope Dani stays.
      She deserves it above any of the newbies.

      • Rachelfan, Why would you want Judas to stay if you are a Rachel fan? Do you think Judas is gonna help Rachel? GET JUDAS OUT!

  9. Go team jj ! Kaila hasn’t figured out this isn’ t a game of ” let’s play tag”, clearly can’t make a play without Dani, who is clearly a competitor to be reckoned with, but I wouldn’t count Rachel out either. It’s anybody’s game at this point , let the cards fall where they may! Good luck to the competitors!

  10. PLEASE……….can we have another americas vote and get rid of everybody… none of them deserve to win…

  11. Finally those dumb annoying twits will get whats coming to them! Thank u Jeff! I really hope we see Dani go out but Kalia would be great if not and since Thurs is double eviction hopefully we’ll see both of them go! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. if anyone thinks Big Brother is gonna let Dani get evicted this this, then i’d have to ask, have you been watching this season?

    Almost all of the competitions this season have been to benefit certain people, so you better believe that this weeks Veto Comp will either be something Dani won in her season or something similar. even last weeks veto had something designed for Dani to get, the Veto Ticket. once again BB helping out

    If Jeff is smart, he’ll put her up right away, cause if he doesn’t and puts up P&K, then get ready for Dani to win Veto, pull K down, Rachel goes up as renom and gets sent home

    • Dani wont win bb13 she is going to go to the JURY house she wont even win the veto , So bye bye Dani and her crew ,her crew is proubly looking in ther pants to c if they have poop stains,

      • seriously, people have been saying that for 3 weeks now. “oh this week Dani will get evicted” and every week she proves you wrong. did you not watch her season?(2 HOH/5 Veto) she wins when she needs to win. she doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

      • Dani will be gone this week And if she is so good why did she only get one person out in 2 weeks.or 3 if u count the one that kaila won. she is history this week

      • Team Dani, In one sentence you state that the game is fixed for Judas. In another sentence you state that Judas wins whenever she has too. So, just like Judas, you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Just sayin yo…

      • Big Brother chooses the HoH or Veto competition depending on whom they want to win it. They want Dani still in the game, so I expect her to win the Veto this week and it wouldn’t surprise me if she won HoH after that. It’s not “rigged” in that she still has to win the comps even if they’re endurance competitions.

        As usual, Wayne, you’re completely spitting your venom, so lets not forget your precious little Brenda ( no, that’s not a mistype ) got force-fed down America’s throat after his first eviction. Thank God, Dani had HoH the week he came back, so it was a quick buh bye to the two time evictee/loser.

      • @Scott.. watch it buster! Cant no body call Wayne out but me..:{ lol
        @Wayne..quit dani hatin’.. you know she ROCKS!!!!

      • Because she needs somebody who can win a competition every now and then, not someone who hosts them. Dani can only win HOH every second week.

    • that’s just your wishful thinking..keep in mind that anythign dani is good at, rachel will be too.

    • that’s just your wishful thinking..keep in mind that anythign dani is good at, rachel will be too. Andif dani isn’t nominated, then there will be 7 people playing in the veto…I dk I’m starting to renew my faith in bb, she’ll be gone by Thursday.

    • that’s just your wishful thinking..keep in mind that anythign dani is good at, rachel will be too. Andif dani isn’t nominated, then there will be 7 people playing in the veto…I dk I’m starting to renew my faith in bb, she’ll be gone by Thursday

    • Cute theory, but even if you believe in BB conspiracies, if Dani stayed its a near lock J or J would go in the fast forward if she won.

      BB might protect Dani a little. But Jeff and Jordan are the golden retards.

      • If Dani goes to the jury house I hope whoever wins HOH puts J/J up, so at least one of them will be gone.

  13. Porshe really can’t win anything! C’mon- are you serious, Becky! She is a floater, get her out after Dani and Kalia! She definitely does not deserve to win, really any of those 3! Go Jeff- hot hunk of a man (just stop smoking!) lol

    • so i gues you didn’t see the HOH comp last night or last week? if Jeff had fallen and broken a leg and wasn’t able to finish the comp, Porshe would be HOH right now(or Rachel, they were very close)

      • The only way that Porsha would win hoh or the veto is if someone thew it and let her win .all she is rolling though the game .

      • Team Dani you are so correct. Porche came in second. Did you also notice that Rachel, Adam and Shelly talked how well they all did and dismissed how well Porche did? Also, did anyone notice that it was Shelly who took Rachel’s little stuffed animal. I still don’t think there will be a truce between them. Sweet little sweetheart Jordan called everyone useless. She stopped working so hard when she saw Jeff was doing good. She is a floater and has Jeff doing the work for her.

    • Por hasnt won anything, true. But in the comps she has been in, which arent too many, she has held her own.

      • Porche has done well in competitions, she has come close, she hasn’t won anything yet, because no one threw it to her like they did Jordan.

      • he’s been in almost all comps and won 1 HOH and 1 Veto and only in comps specifically designed for an athletic guy to win. all brawn, no brains.

  14. Someone please make Adam put a shirt on. I heard last time he went to the beach the lifeguard called out on the loud speaker: “the guy with the sweater on please come out!”

  15. Kalia is an idiot and has no idea what to do. I am new to BB this year and exactly how does the double eviction work? With a double eviction the HG’s do not get to vote do they?

    • Double Eviction simply means they will play a quick weeks worth of comps that night… everything from HoH through eviction back to back. No chance to think through or campaign.

    • I know…I’m glad rachel didn’t win this one, she needs to play in this upcoming hoh.

      • I hope Rachel win hoh on the double evition then one more of poor little Dani crew will go to the jury house

  16. I Love Jordan Lloyd And Jeff Schroeder to Go Disneyland Park in December 26 2011

  17. can we please have another americas vote and get rid of everybody… none of them deserve to win…

  18. Can anyone see Adam and Shelly going to the end? Who would they vote for? That would be a nightmare for me.

    • No way that will happen. Neither can really win anything. Unless they have an eating contest or an business plan contest. LOL

  19. I stay dani got a good chance of winning veto.If she know her butt on the line she,ll try her best to get it

  20. Although Daniele has made some bad choices in the game, it would be sad if she was voted out. Daniele has made mistakes but has a great social and competitive game. Go Dani!!!

    • I agree…without her, this game would be really boring…who would watch?…lol…All it would be is a game of people that already played wiping out everyone else since none of the newbies have a clue…….I would still like to know what is “double eviction”…do both nominees get booted, or are there two separate votes?….

  21. I can’t wait for Dumb-nielle, Cowlia and Whore-sche to crawl and grovel for mercy like the insects they are.

  22. I’ve been following this site all season long. However, this is my first time actually posting. I ultimately want dani to win BB. Things aren’t looking too good for her this week, but I’m not counting her out just yet. I also like Jeff… if dani goes, I’d like to see him win. The one person I don’t want to see win is Rachel. She’s a good competitor to a degree, but I just can’t stand her! I would’ve liked too see cassi and Dom play, unfortunately they didn’t make it very far. And as for the rest of the newbies left in the game…none of them deserve to win.

    • I also agree…I was shocked that Dom was not voted in….it would have been interesting to see him play with Dani…Cassi seems like she would have been interesting as well…

      • I know! I think a lot of people who voted brendon back in only did it bc they’re fans of JJ, then they ended up regretting it afterwards. I like JJ, but would never vote to have brendon back in the house. Lol

  23. If I remember correctly didnt she ride on Evel DIcks back all the way to the finals? sure she won a few POV’s but so what? everyone thinks that she is the greatest game player ever? really? please. if they are as smart as they think they are they will put up Shelly and Porsche and if Dani or they win they can then pu Kelia, see ya gone. dani will use the veto pass this week. what is crazy is they dont even suspect that this is the week of double eviction. its usually later on in the season. so it will be a mad scramble to win the HOH which will be a word or before/after ?’s and vote out all in the same show. cant wait. at least this season is more exciting than last yr. I dont want Rachel to win,or a floater, who doesnt try to win. BUT R/ she does bring the drama to the house.I dont really hav a fav this season, I odnt like when they bring back previous winners of money to compete against ppl that hav never played b4.Jordan won BB, Dani won 50,000.and the others know how the game is played, so how is it fair to the new ones? anyway, All Stars was good as they all had played b4. it was evened out. so we shall see this week will be a turning point of BB.

    • Dani has learned from the best. Even if she does not win. Hello she started the game rolling.

      • This game is not fair to the newbies at all. I still do not know what CBS was thinking. But the game is what it is.

  24. I like all the players that are left in the game,and will be happy for anyone who wins at this point. Dani is my favorite because I have watched her play on both seasons and she is a good game player. Dani is actually the one who made the moves to get this BB 13 season rolling. Who knows what would have happened if she sat back fearful like everyone else. So I am hoping Dani wins.

    • I love Kalia and Porshe..

      but to be honest…From the 8 players left, Dani is the only one who has mades moves and really played the game and only one who deserves to win

  25. Kalia’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Not that fond of how she plays the game. Porshe or Dani need to go,hopefully Dani, cut off the head of the snake and the rest will fall by the wayside.

    • I like Kalia…but so far, she has made the worst mistake yet….she should have gotten rid of Rachel when she had the chance…that was the move that may have changed the whole tide of the game….I couldn’t believe it…I don’t think Danni could believe it either…especially when Brendon after Brendon came back

  26. I do feel that CBS made a mistake having the vets think the game is same old, same old. The newbies never had a chance without Dani stepping in to help them. I like BB but wow when the newbies come in they have a general idea at this point what is going to happen but they are not completely sure. For the newbies it is a new game. I was hoping that CBS would have done something new to keep the vets on there toes. But so far they have not. Why only BB knows the answer to that.

  27. A little off topic.. On live feeds house guests were on outdoor lockdown, when they came in there where hard boiled eggs and jalepenos for the have nots. There was no competition for it, just appointed people. Dani, &Porshe for sure and I think the other is Kalia but I’m not positive on her.

    • Yep..Porshduh, Dani, and Khalia the Pig are the have-nots for the week. Jeff got to pic them. What in the world is Khalia going to do if she can’t be shoving junk food into her mouth every 5 seconds?? And seriously, they can’t be surprised that Jeff would pick them!

      • Did we forget that Brendan was eating the HGS out of house and home? Stress will do that to ya.

      • CBS was afraid they would upset Jordan, if she lost in the food competition again, so they had Jeff select who he wanted to be a have not. Guess who he picked?

  28. Thank you Jeff.

    It is great to know Team Dani will be have bits this week. At least they will all be roommates still in the Have not room and Rachel, Adam and Shelly will get to. omfortable beds in the Candy room. Porsha, the bed you have been in is no longer yours. Have fun liking for a bed next week Kalia and Porsha.

  29. I’ve been watching BB for the last 3 years and this has got to be the worst! You can see who wins what just by watching the polls.(eg: who do you want to see win HOH- fav is Jeff- who wins- Jeff.) Come on lets get some game in this one! Team Dani all the way. She’s the only one with game so far.

  30. Dani’s birthday not ruined I hope. Dani stepped up for the newbies let her have a birthday. Happy early birthday Dani!!!

  31. I really hope Dani stays in the game this week. At this point, I just want people who play to win. Jordan doesn’t play anything and her Southern charm isn’t working on me this season at all. In fact, it’s insulting me as a Southerner.

    Out of everybody left in the house I think Dani is the only real competitor. If Rachel gets her mojo back, I’d fully support her in the final two(as much as I thoroughly dislike the girl). Jeff has proven this season and on season 11 that he doesn’t win a lot of stuff at all, so I’m not sure why people fear him.

    Basically, as the strong players take each other out it’s seeming more likely that Adam, Shelly, Jordan, or Porsche will make the final two. That kills a part of my soul.

    • Jeff has won 2 comps this season. Veto and hoh. Dani has won 2. comps this season, hoh and hoh. Rachel won hoh twice and pov once. Daniel was all for and completely involved in the STUPIDEST MOVE EVER IN BB HISTORY. So can someone please continue to explain to me how dani playing a better game than either one of them? And I guess since dani and jeff have won the same number of comps, its safe to say she as well has proved she cannot win anything?

      • Jeff played in practically every competition this season, and he’s only won two.

        Dani couldn’t play for the first 3 weeks, but she has since won every HOH she’s been eligible for.

        I think Rachel played better last season, personally. The first HOH was given to her by Dani and ED. The POV she won with Brendon included one team that threw the competition and another team that couldn’t do a puzzle if their lives depended on it.

        My personal distaste for certain people aside, I want a fighter to win. I want somebody who makes bold moves to win. I just don’t see too many of the remaining houseguests doing that.

  32. To all the fans of Dani I just want to say that I so hope she is able to stay in the game. She is the first one not to be afraid to make a bold move. This year’s BB is bad enough. Never liked the concept of newbies against some vets or the Golden Key. Regardless it is what it is. Dani not only made the first bold move, but is great at comps. For those Dani haters that say all she accomplished was to get Brendon out twice and Lawon through Kalia. That was because of American’s stupid vote. I voted for Dom and wished he had come back. Dani’s initial gut feeling was not to do that and if she had convinced Kalia to stick with it we would have seen Rachel versus Brendon instead of Lawon. Then by now both Rachel and Brendon would have been gone. I am still hoping that Dani is able to pull it off. May be a slim chance, but until it is over I am with Dani all the way. If she goes I will still watch, but could care less who wins as I don’t think any of those left deserve it. I hate to say that as I was once a huge J/J fan, but don’t like them this season.

    • Completely agree with you Mo and Gail. This season wasn’t the best and has a lot to do with the meaningless players and the mix of vets and newbies who had no chance from the get go. I will go ahead and claim that it might’ve been much more interesting if ED had stayed. Trully Dani’s the only interesting competitor at this point and so far fully deserves to win. And altough I dislike Rachel too, she might still have a shot at this game cuz she’s unpredictable and a competitor. Thankfully I think BB will make the Veto comp mesure made for Dani to win as they know she brings game and ratings. However, I duno whats left of her if Kalia or Porsche go as she will be left with slim to no alliance. But everything is possible in the BB game and I think she might actually allie with Rachel for good if that happens and they could make it far that way!

      • I agree that as much as I have never cared for Rachel I would rather see them in the final two. Rachel is not stupid and realizes that she is basically alone as no way will Jeff or Jordan take her. She knows Dani is a strong competitor. Both of them might be smart to align with each other. I just don’t know if Rachel will go for it as Dani got her man out. She may just try to stick with her alliance and take Jeff and Jordan out herself. Just have to wait and see.

  33. if Dani goes…will be a disaster for the game.

    Because the show will get really boring… there will no game play…

    dani gotta stay…

    if she goes everyone will stop watching the show

    • So far,just from observation of this site. I’ve seen about 1 dani fan for every 10 jejo fans. I guess its safe to say most people will still be watching.

  34. Get rid of that gross, disgusting hosebag, Rachel. She is a complete waste of hair dye.
    Why the eff isn’t Dani telling J&J that Rachel the Skank was trying to get Dani to backdoor Jeff this week? They seem to be keen on these house meetings so call Rachel the Pig out on it.
    C’mon Dani, I love you and you’re smokin’ and you’re playing a great game (lately) so don’t let this oppurtunity pass you by

    • I agree with you 100%. Get that fake red head out of the house. She really stinks up the game.

  35. Dani, Porsche and Kalia are have nots for the week. Dani is mad because her birthday is tomorrow. Dani and Porsche have never been on slop. They are acting like babies. Good. Kalia says, I guess that means we have to give up our beds. You are right Kalia. There was no have not comp, bb just told Jeff to pick three. They are mad that they did not even get to compete for it.

  36. I hope Dani goes home! She’s arrogant and not that great a player. I’m glad Jeff won because Rachel is safe.

    • i totally agree, that cocky little smug look she gets..its drives me nuts…and I don’t understand why some people think she’s so good. She really hasn’t done that much. She acts like she herself singe handedly got rid of brendon..but she doesn’t realize it actually wasn’t without the help of jejo..both timess.

    • i totally agree, that cocky little smug look she gets..its drives me nuts…and I don’t understand why some people think she’s so good. She really hasn’t done that much. She acts like she herself singe handedly got rid of brendon..but she doesn’t realize it actually wasn’t without the help of jejo..both times.

  37. Dani says she wont win the Veto because Kalia would expect her to use it and Jeff doesnt want the nominations to change. At least that is what Jeff if telling Dani.

    • I’m sure Dani is telling Jeff that she won’t use it, but I think Dani will not trust Jeff.

  38. To Moose: Dani did tell J&J about the backdoor plan Rachel came up with. They didnt make much of it as they feel they still need Rachel on their side for numbers

    • Kells I wish Jeff knew what Rachel said to Brendon about Jeff and the stupid sexual comment. If he knew that he would turn on a dime. Unfortunately nobody else knows what she said except Brendon. They are only using Rachel for comps and will then get rid of her. I don’t think Rachel is stupid and realizes that J/J would never take her to the final 2. I hope she approaches Dani.

      • She never said that everybody here is blowing it out of proportion
        She said she was in the shower Jegg came in and she felt uncomfortable

      • Exactly! It was blown out of proportion by people commenting when they didn’t even know..all she said was jeff came in there when she was in the shower and it was uncomfortable

      • Exactly! It was blown out of proportion by people commenting when they didn’t even know..all she said was jeff came in there when she was in the shower and it was uncomfortable.

  39. dani will be spared this week if she’s nominated she’ll win veto take herself off and if jeff is smart i think that he is he’ll put up wretcheland everything will be fine.

    end of line

  40. I bet the have nots start getting on eachothers nerves very soon.

    @fabio, I agree that a house full of ppl that we all like and they all get along would be boring.

  41. I think that Jeff should shake up this game and create a 4 way alliance with Jeff, Jordan, Danielle, and Kalia. No one would be expecting it, He could put up Kalia, and Porsche, and if Danielle wins Veto, then she can take Kalia off and he could put up any of the floaters letting them know that they are a pawn to get Porsche off and to try and break up Danielle’s alliance. The rest of the house would think that Danielle and Kalia were working against JeJo, and vice versa, while all the while they would be working to get out the other house guests.

  42. This season should be named “Expect the scripted”….we all know what’s going to happen so its not a shock. But I will say that no matter what side you are on if you say this season has been great than I want what you are smoking or drinking. I’ve never seen a BB where week in and week out competitions are thrown by EVERYONE, whether it be nominees, HoH, so called “competitors”…..its pretty pathetic. None of these people deserve to win this year. No one has made ANY good game moves, everyone is too afraid to make a move (even Brenchel), and everyone on the boards want what is scripted to happen. I don’t know about everyone else but I love the BB that had last minute deals, people not afraid to make move, people who didn’t throw competitions, people who shook up the house, and bring back the PB&J diet.

  43. There’s really no clear cut correct strategy this week. They each have there own pros and cons. While I agree nominating Dani makes sense since she’s gonna be playing POV anyway with the veto ticket, so this way if she wins she takes herself off rather than someone else. But here’s why I tend to agree with what Jeff’s current strategy seems to be:

    Not nominating Dani makes sense because then there will be 7 people playing in POV which makes it harder for any one person to win. And with Porsche and Kalia on the block Dani will be the only person they wouldn’t want to win so essentially it will be 6 vs 1. Compare that to Dani being on the block with Kalia or Porsche there would be a high probability of the 3rd member getting picked to play as well and if that non nominated member won they would of course save Dani, So in essense the POV in that scenario would be 4 vs 2. So I’d definately take the former odds as opposed to the latter.

    Especially since Dani is far and away the one you want to get rid of and there really is no clear cut #2 target between Kalia and Porsche. True Kalia won that one HOH being incredibly quick on the buzzer but that’s probably the only comp of that kind that they’ll have this season and Porsche’s been on a string of 2nd place finishes so she might be due. So in the worst case scenario of Dani winning HOH and taking one of them off who really cares let her make the decision for you and maybe make an enemy in the jury in the process since regardless even putting up a pawn you have the votes to get rid of the odd girl out left on the block. My suggestion there is that it would have to be Adam as I wouldn’t fully trust Shelly or Rachel not to vote each other out.

    You also do like Jordan suggested last night and give the appearance of keeping you’re newly refound most likely fake alliance with Dani by not nominating her and asking she return the favor by not using the POV if she wins it. Now she most likely will go against them and use it but then at least you know 100% she’s full of it. And who knows she might really not want to get stuck with making that decision.

  44. Whoever said Kalia competitor thats hilarious. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. She is the biggest floater.

  45. Not nominating Dani is the smart play. She plays veto either way.

    If she wins veto she is safe either way. But if she is on the block, porsche can win veto and save her too.

    Put Porsche and Kalia up, and you have 6 veto players who would use it and bd dani. Not to mention, this way he can pretend to be keeping his deal longer, and scare pk …

    The only way putring dani up is better is if you are way more scared of kalia than porsche. Kalias worst hoh ever should mitigate those fears.

  46. Jeff stop and think, this is your opportunity to get rid of Racheal and still have numbers to run the house. Jeffs #’s are Jordan, Adam, Shelley, DANI’s #’s Kalia, Porsha, with one of them up for evictions beside Rachael. If he keeps Rach. she may get too far and Jeff and Jordan may be watching her go on…

  47. Whomever is evicted will be in the Judge’s house with Brenden “her man”, so you can get into Rach’s head telling her Porsha, Dani, could hit on Brenden, ha ha ha ha!

  48. Not a fan of Brendon. I hate the way he treated Rachel. But she is the only fun one in the house besides Dominic (he would have been my choice to win). But all the rest complain about Rachel and do the same exact thing. And continually dwell on trashing her. Plus stealing her stuff especially executive good mother Shelly. She needs to grow up!

  49. Come on Jeff, put up Dani and Kaliah. That would be a very big and bold move putting up Dani! Do me proud. I need Porsha to stay in the game….Rachel can take her to the end and win 500k. With Porsha, my girl Rachel wont be playing for second place.

      • Are you three fools smoking crack and shooting up meth? Do us all a favor and don’t cheer for that whore. God please find a way to bring back Domenic, Keith, and Lawon to this game. Its just not the same.

      • don’t make me puke. she is the biggest poor sport in the nation. are you blinded by her boobs?

      • Jigbo J your just mean remember this is a game just because we all dont like Rach (im not a have of her) no need for your very rude comments. so all Rach fans r on dope at least they r talking about the game and what is really going on DKL r gone.

    • Rachel will never make it to final 2, give me a break.. too obnoxious, too mouthy, doesnt know how to play the game and she is soooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying that nobody can stand her. rachel will be gone in the next two/three evictions.. same as last year

  50. I just wanted to say that no matter what happens this week one or two of Dani’s crew is going to the jury house .I also think that Rachel is going to make it pretty far in this game

    • Needs to put up Dani and Kaliah and send Dani home. Don’t want Dani to have a chance at HOH on Thursday.

      • we all love dani .she needs to win .she got screwed when her dad left .she knows how to play the game .but she needs to remember that she can’t play with her mean like jordan is this year .she is a total bitch .she is a big time floater,
        .everyone things she is so sweet thats why no one will evicte her .

      • I’m dead serious about that. I’m a regulator for life. Shout out to Cassi, Keith, Lawon, Dom, & Warren G. RIP to Nate Dogg. Like I stated, I’m not joking…

      • If he’s really not joking he must be wathcing a differnent show than we are. Either that or he’s taking a whole lot of drugs.

      • Ronnie was the worst player ever….look at me I’m scared of Russell. I’m going to hide under the covers in my HOH room. Wait a sec…no actually it was Brenchel. How can anyone say they are the best players ever and never win the game. If they are referring to setting records of getting voted out, starting sissy fights, crying fake tears and being totally fake, that is where they excel and achieve.

      • Ronnie was the worst player ever….look at me I’m scared of Russell. I’m going to hide under the covers in my HOH room. Wait a sec…actually, it was Brenchel. How can anyone say they are the best players ever and they never won the game. If they are referring to setting records of getting voted out, starting sissy fights, crying fake tears and being totally fake, that is where they excel and achieve.

      • Mr Bubba needs to check his diction and spellcheck before coming at me. I watch the same show you do inane imbecile. I’m totally sober. You are that one that needs to expand your horizions. Don’t get your panties all in a bunch because the truth hurts.

  51. Glad to see there are some others that don’t just fall for Jeff and Jordan. I liked them in their season but not in this one. Pretty dumb move of Jeff in his good bye speach to Brendon to talk crap about Rachel. Can’t players keep that crap to themselves. Don’t throw away votes. I am all for Rachel because the other hypocrites make me not like them. Go Rachel. Proud of you not going after Shelly. It was karma when she fell up the stairs and I dont like seeing anyone with back pain.

  52. Anyone that has ever supported Brenchel needs to be committed because they are crazy and senile as they are. Rachel is the biggest floater ever. Oh…I’m with Shelly one day. The next I’m with Dani. She has a horrible gameplay and a total lack of common sense. Cassi should be in that house instead that of cocktail waitress nutjob Rachel. Where is my Pinot Grigio?

    • i agree, rachel is the worst player. crying, whinning when she doesnt get her way. making deals with everyone, then claiming everyone is making deals without her…. can you say drama?

      • Hay u must be talking about all the hg’s ,cause that sounds like everyone in ther to me.they all do the same thing

  53. Really think Jeff will put up Kalia and Porsche to try to salvage a deal with Dani in case she does win and he can’t re-nominate her, but I would never trust Dani to not pull off Kalia if she had the veto. Jeff needs to make sure 2 of the 3 are on the block at voting time, because Rachel could very well F up the vote and have one of Jeff’s team go to jury, in fact I think she would, since Brendon told her to shake things up which basically meant flip sides. And from Dani’s perspective, who cares about breaking trust if it means putting the numbers back on their side for next week when she can also compete for HOH, I’m sure her over-confident self will think her side can win HOH for sure and go right for Jeff, since she knows she broke his trust and all bets are off…god just make the right moves Jeff, please

    • As Adam said it is dangerous to put up Porshe with Kaliah instead of Dani. If he does that and Dani wins Veto, she’ll take Kaliah off and then he has to nom Shelly, Adam, Jordon or Rachel. Not a good Idea. Also, though they don’t know about the double eviction next week, if Dani is still in the house and gets HOH she will likely go after Jeff.

      • yes and i hope jeff goes, i liked him in his season but he is so bad this season. so arrogant and a bully.

  54. I have watched a few seasons (work 2 jobs), I forget details of double eviction, can anyone tell me what to expect on Thursday?

    • After the new hoh is chosen they will immediately do noms and veto(i think) and then vote out a second person.

      • They will also have to do another HOH so the first one chosen doesn’t get a whole week.

    • Big Brother Time…and the Spoilers… Will Jeff make his nominations tonight with the veto comp on Saturday and then the veto ceremony on Monday? I’m confused.

      • No, I mean the information on this site. Forget TV schedule. I love the spoilers and was wanting to know how the action would go forward according to the information on this site. I read all the info at least three times a night and enjoy following all of you.

  55. Rachel is the hypocrite… she cries about what others do to her but is only too willing to gloat when she wins.. bad sport winning or losing! i hate that about her. Worse player in BB history

  56. My analyze pre-nom :
    1. Dani ain’t gonna throw away da veto or any comp soo easily, please hope Jeffy realize dat.
    2. Rach looks relax, she should not really be relaxing becuz JeJo might be up to sometin’ when they decided to get rid of Bren last night, remember Jeffy’s goodbye message to Bren… , just the beginning sign of a move.
    3. Kaliah babe things doesn’t really look so good this week, although she might be a pawn, after-all its’ ur turn to be on the block cuz everyone else been there… haven’t anyone notice… Dani & Kalia the only two that have not been in that hot nom seat.
    4. Shell- I guess nutshell gonna stick around a while… eek, she’s a Jordan buddy, Safe this week unless another Dani double swap.
    5. Double elim could smell trouble for the Porsche, almost running out of gas gal.
    6. Adam buddy – post no threats this week, I hope he stayed relax and aside his buddy Jeffy… Adam is a bodyguard hahaha… he will secure the last vote.
    My initial pre-nom: Porsche and Dani

  57. Jeff needs to make this show interesting. Just nominate Dani and Rachel, and just backdoor Jordan. She won the game already unlike her evil opponent…Rachel!!

  58. Lol…This show is just like the Geico commercial. Rachel is like the Geico lizard and Shelly looks like caveman.

  59. I think Shelley should win. All that cleaning up after that filthy woman Rachel that alone should be worth 500g’s

    • You made a great point. The caveman should win that money. Will my insurance rates for my car go down? Times are hard.

    • Great point. The caveman should win that money. Will my insurance rates for my car go down? Times are hard.

  60. Jigaboo,Dani just stated on BBAD that BB casted 3 black people why is K the only left ….

      • Pop Tart you’re an idiot she was telling that to Kalia on BBAD. Why don’t you get off the site because you don’t even know what you are talking about….

  61. I despise Shelly even over Danielle. She is the biggest backstabbing lying floater ever. I wish Shelly would be Dani would and Kalia would be put on the block and if Dani wins, put Shelly up. Then let the chips fall where they may. Either one Kalia or Shelly would be okay with me. Kalia is such a butt kisser and so is Shelly.

  62. Hey, can someone tell me what time BB does the nomination Ceremony I want to watch it on the feeds

  63. YES i hope so and it is DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK so it will be done get Peppermint Patty Shelly off!

  64. Wikipedia states that Jeff nominated Kahlia and Porsche. Why would he not nominate Dani? Is he crazy?

  65. i dont want racheal to be put up because she have been though enpugh already plus she is a strong player and causes drama and that makes a reailty tv show

    • Bev, please stop it. This is not real life. You are acting like this woman is going through a mid life crisis or a small child losing her kitty. Oh wait, that was her lame wannabe man, Bookie.

  66. Dani is saving it for when she really needs it, She think a Double eviction is coming next week, So way use her veto ticket when she doesn’t have to. If she uses it this time and doesn’t win HOH and they try to BD her then she can play, I think it’s a good move for her not to play it this week, sorry kalia but I need it for later.

  67. I can’t wait until Porsche goes. How did she get on the show? She has the personality of a tree sloth. She is too busy trying to look cute to even play the game. Sure Rachel drives me crazy but at least she has a personality. Dani is a slugger,Jeff and Jordan are enjoyable. Shelly could use something stronger than cigarettes,Adam and Kalia are as fun as sex with no foreplay. Just saying.

  68. I hope Rachel is voted off backdoor style quick, fast and in a hurry. She is increadibly annoying..”my man this” and “my man” that..(insert pouting and boo-hooing at your leisure) arrogant and bratty. Her and Brendan are too overprotective of each other, they remind everyone that they are together as if they are the “first couple” ever and it is past nausiating. It has become more about their juvenile relationship vs. the game. They are young…they prob won’t survive even if they do mistakingly get married. They are way too needy and obnoxious. Buh bye Rachel…I do hope one of the newbies win…OR…Dani/Jordan in the final two would be great! Good luck. Oh…Did I say “buh bye Rachel?”.

  69. I think the flash back times should be 8/19 for the following:

    Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
    August 18, 2011 @ 12:14 PM BBT on Camera 3
    August 18, 2011 @ 12:32 PM BBT on Camera 3
    August 18, 2011 @ 2:11 PM BBT on Camera 1
    August 18, 2011 @ 2:23 PM BBT on Camera 1

  70. Although I hate Rachael’ she deserves to win. The network gave her the win. Of course the HOH was an
    enderance game, thar way Rach. could win it. I don’t like the way the network is playing us) I used to really like Jordan, but she is not a player. Adam is
    useless. So its up to Rach. pors. kalia. The only way the newbies can win is if they win HOH,but one is gone this week

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