Big Brother 12 Week 9: What Lies Ahead

Update 3: Britney found Enzo’s token and he was eliminated. Then she found Lane’s token and he was eliminated. Britney won $10K!

Update 2: The HGs, minus Hayden, are tearing apart the house looking for tokens, possibly to release Hayden. This all started while on Trivia, so we’re not sure why, but they’re going crazy right now (2PM BBT) on the live feeds.

More info: They’re looking for tokens worth $10K but seem to have hidden it themselves. I know, that makes no sense either. Hayden seems to be locked outside.

Update: I was reminded that the weekend’s normal play out of events will not be so normal after all. The next Veto comp, ceremony, and eviction will be held on Wednesday’s live show. Sheesh, where was I on that one? Updates below.

We’re down to just four HGs left in Big Brother 12 after last night’s eviction and while there’s a new HoH in the house all that does is buy safety. This week the real power lies with the holder of the Veto as he or she will be safe from eviction and they’ll be the one and only HG voting next Wednesday. Needless to say, next Wednesday’s Big Brother episode will be critical to the rest of the game.

While Sunday’s episode of Big Brother will present the HoH competition that we were all blocked from seeing *shakes angry fist in the air* and the nominations, which will take place by Friday night and revealed on the live feeds, the real action this week will all take place in a jam-packed live episode next Wednesday.

On Wednesday’s episode we’ll have a live Veto competition, the Veto ceremony, and a special live eviction where on the Veto holder will be voting. So everything that normally happens over three days will be squeezed in to a one-hour episode.

From there we’ll be knocked down to the season’s Final Three HGs who will then enter three rounds of competition to determine the Final Two. Oh the suspense!

With all that going on next week there really won’t be much to watch this weekend other than a lot of grunting, chest beating, and shouts of “BRA-GADE!” So if that’s your thing, then by all means, crank up your live feeds. Otherwise we’ll keep an eye on the HGs in case anything wild happens. If you sign-up for our free email updates then you’ll get all that news sent straight to your inbox and not just because we like you, but because we really care!

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  1. I hope Britney wins, Enzo goes and Lane & Hayden to the final 3. Enzo is getting more annoying each day. I am from Philly, so I understand his “accent” so to speak and the way he talks. He should just go on “Jersey Shore” , they all wack off on there, he would be able to keep his hands down his pants, like he does know :(. I love <3 Lane. He is a nice guy. I think he would love to have Britney as a gf. Hayden is nice , also. We shall see, I just can't take another week of hearing Enzo smack his lips and chew with his mouth open. And didn't he ever take math in school, heck my 2nd graders know mesurements. Just my opinion. ….

    • I agree completely!!! Would like to see the last week with Hayden, Lane and Britney hangning out and talking about “stuff.” I’m tired of Enzo too. Britney just needs to win this one!!

      • Love Britney!!! and yeah enzo chewing his food is probably the grossest thing that i have ever heard!!!

      • Lane would never go for Britney..He loves Lane too much. He will have to age and go threw a lot more women before he finds someone that he thinks is good enough for him. Did yoy see last night when Britney told him his calfs had no definition? He stayed mad the rest of the night. No I am sure Britney knows his kind and will stick to Nic. He should be easy to handle..Lane–Not so much

    • LOL I totally agree. Brit will either spend her time in the HOH room listen to Hayden’s Cd and running down the battery or just crying to make the guys feel sorry for her. Two might feel sorry but you can almost bet that Enzo won’t. He is already on the get the Birt out bandwagon. And he should. This guy is lucky though, he doesn’t win anything without help or cheating (not sure about the cheating just going but what was said) but he sure has the mouth of someone who thinks their crap don’t stink. But he is funny…….just stop the freaking smacking already…

      • Tris the smacking is driving me crazy,was he raised in a barn? Also last night I had to ff when he was eating and spitting out the hulds..It was double gross..I almost got sick..Thank you camera person

  2. …I really hope Lane is voted out this week…this isn’t based on his game play, it’s purely because he’s rich and none too bright and will always do well because of his parents’ wealth…Hayden and Enzo for Final 2!!!!!

    • You can’t look at it like that. BB and CBS cast Lane on the show. It shouldn’t matter if he has money or not. If he plays the game he deserves just as much chance as anyone else. Atleast he didn’t lie about someone in his family having a disease like Matt to win. I am not so much on Matt for the lie, it was only after last week when he KEPT on with the lie and trying to lay it down thick to stay in the house. To me there is a lie and then there is crossing the line, Matt crossed the line.

      • yeah yeah I know—Lane won a shot on the show and he’s made it this far so may be the best player win and all that, but I honestly would rather see Hayden and Enzo in final 2—i just like them better than Lane and/or Brit I s’pose…

        When Matt first put out the lie about his wife I was totally disgusted, but then he started to grow on me. however, i totally missed the part about Kathy actually having cancer so i can understand why she’d be so upset…

        but let’s face it, this whole game is about lying effectively—Matt just turned it up a notch—not conding what he did, but no-one on this show is blameless

    • I agree..Lane and Britt both need to go…can’t take Britt chewing at her hands and picking her head..digging her face..the other nite on BBAD she was talking to Ragan by the pool, digging herself silly..and what the thing with Rachel the girl been gone 3 weeks..come on let it go..I do believe she is jealous of Rach, because Brenden paid attention to her, and Britt thinks she is the beauty queen..Ragan was better looking..and I hope she keeps her finger’s out of her nose and then put’s them in her mouth..maybe she think’s that’s good tv..

      • I totally agree Lane and Britt should go. I am really pulling for Hayden. Britt just won 10G’s so she can continue her travals.Lane was never here for the money,he has plenty. He wants to walk in anywhere and people know who he is. How cute..

  3. you guys are buying into Brittany’s BS..Lane’s parents may or maynot have money, she is just making an assumtion, and messing with Hayden’s head …just because Lane’s family is in the oil business…does not mean they are the Clampets!Brittany’s working everyone…

  4. I think Lane and Hayden are safe this week-so they might try and throw the POV to Britney and get jury popular Enzo out of there.However I think that was the worst HOH comp I’ve seen on BB.Xmas-n-September?

      • Who know’s if she really has a boyfriend. When Kirsten was in the house they talked with her boyfriend but they have not ever talked to Brittany’s boyfriend Nick. When Brittany won her HOH her picture of Nick looked a lot like Lane (maybe in younger years) and her and Lane have been very close from the beginning of the game and he is quite protective of her. I think her and Lane are in a relationship outside the house.

      • Nana 4 your comment has given this avowed cheerleader for the Brit-Lane romance to jump in yet again.

        She has talked enough about Nick that the “Lane is Nick” theory should have been thoroughly debunked by now.

        They were not a couple coming into the house – but they certainly are now. If you look at some of the tribute videos on Youtube they are very compelling in showing that these two have fallen in love while going through the contest.

        No matter how you slice it, her mind and heart are no longer with Nick; they are with Lane Elenburg. My prediction is that she goes straight from the finale in California to his turf in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


    • I believe Lane and Hayden are the 2 friends in the house..when lane talked to Julie last nite befor the eviction..he said me and Hayden were friends then said we’ll be friends..something like that..Britt need’s to go..these people are so boring this year I’d rather watch the ant’s crawl..all they do is eat and chew loudly..britt digging at her finger’s then her face this girl like’s to chew skin..and she likes to pick her nose..these guy’s better watch she might start chewing at them..starting with Lane who I do believe she got a thing for..since Brenden did’nt pay her any believe she was jealous of Rachel..she can’t get the girl off her mind..alway’s talking about her…

      • He said these people “have” become friends and will stay lifelong friends. he was talking about Hayden,Enzo and Britt all three of them.. There is no lifelong friends that was made up by the sabator. I think Hayden should put up Brit and Lane. Brit needs to go!!! but if she wins pov than that will be it for poor Enzo. Lane put up Enzo and than Hayden keeping brit safe both times. He can not get angry if Hayden puts him up over Enzo. He can use the same reason Lane himself used “it’s your tuen”.

  5. What happens if the person not nominated wins the POV? If they take off one of the nominated players, the HOH won’t have anyone to replace?

    • Britney wins POV, then Hayden has to put up Enzo. Britney is the only voter, so Enzo goes. (that’s the example I’d like to see…but you can substitute any name…)

    • Whoever wins POV is the only person voting so POV winner if not nominated will leave the nominations the same.

      • Sure they can. If Enzo and Britney are on the block and Lane wins POV, he could use it on Britney and send Enzo to jury house. (again, just the way I want to see it, you can substitute any names.)

    • if the person NOT nominated wins and it is enzo He would not use the pov. that way he stays safe and in the final 3.
      If somehow Lane manages to stay off the block and wins pov I think he will take not use it and vote Enzo off because he has said he thinks he can beat Britt in the final 2. I think he is wrong!!!! if he manages to make it to the final 2 with her I think she will win and he will have been make a fool….

  6. go home brat nick dumped you! your moms kissing your boyfriend Nick and shes wearing the real diamond, not that piece of glass you have on now thats worth watching,so had enough of the rachel bashing pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go home

    • Joanne what made you so angry?? You have a real problem. Rachel is a loudmouth who offended everyone in the house and a substantial part of the audience too. You are obviously not a guy, but I can tell you on very good authority that every guy on this planet would/does consider Britney much much more attractive than is Rachel.

      This said, Brit should have toned it down by now since Rachel is not even an issue any more. That is a mistake on Brit’s part.

  7. This has been the worst season ever. Why should Lane win if he already has a house, no wife or kids, and Family Oil Money? Britney has a huge ego and thinks she’s going to end up a model or actress. Why does she pull on her month all the time, and I’m sick of seeing her dark roots. Enzo has done nothing but float around, although his meow meow jokes are a little entertaining, but if he’s got a three story house, he doesn’t need/deserve to win. That leaves Hayden. Poor little college kid who thinks he looks cool with his hair in his eyes. Maybe he can get a haircut with 1/2 a million dollars. If they don’t pick better people to cast next year, I will stop watching. A wider mix of races/ages makes a better show. Thank god for FOOTBALL pre-season, I’ll watch Drew & Company have another great season. GO SAINTS!!!!!!!

    • It should not matter whether Lane has money or not—-he should be judged on the merits of his game play just like everyone else.

    • Britney probably will end up as an actress because she has the talent for it. Having a large ego does not mean she lacks talent.

    • Are you seriously saying that in a competition for money only the person who is the poorest should win? Regardless of how he or she played? And the rich person should never win?

    • I really don’t care if Lane has money or not..but on his game play he has been very weak, I mean the guy is as bad as Enzo, who is on my nerves chewing loudly..this guy has never won hoh but eat’s all the hoh’s snacks..and him eating them sunflower seeds last night, and spitting them in the bowl was so sick..even hayden looked cross at him..Britt chews herself to much I can’t stand the way she pulls at her skin and digs herself..the other nite by the pool when she was talking to ragan she picked her skin then her ears then her head then her nose then put her finger’s in her mouth..she need’s to quit going on so much about’s like sheis obsessed with her..Rachel is an annoying Bi–h..but let it go..what a boring crew this year got rid of my feeds not worth it to watch them eat..sleep..dig..chew..and cuss..there sick..

      • I just wanna throw it out there that the hg do NOT know each other so the reason they talk about rachel an brenden so much is b/c they cast are the only people that they mutually know I’m sure they run out of things to talk about so why not talk about the people that the other people do know!I don’t blame brit for talking about rachel so much she was a nice person or competitor!

    • Sorry Lane does not come from a monied family, his father owns a oil drill bit company, if you know anything about where he comes from everyone owns some kind of business that supplies parts to the oil companies like BP or Shell ect. They don’t have the kind of money people think!!

  8. I agree with you Dave. If CBS cast him then he has every right to win, just like any other houseguest.

    I would love to see Enzo go this week. He is so annoying, has floated throughout the entire game and does not deserve to win the money.

    Lane only won one HOH and has not really played the game so does not really deserve to win.

    Hayden won one HOH and has also basically floated throughout the game. He also won $10,000 and a trip to Mexico in the one VETO competition so he really doesn’t deserve to win.

    Brittany has one three POV’s and one HOH. She may be self-centered (and who at her age isn’t)whiny and annoying but in my opinion, of the four remaining houseguests she is the most deserving to win.


    • Hayden won 3 HOH’s. He won the very first HOH, then he won the HOH which evicted Brendon and this HOH. He won a trip to Hawaii. And 10g. Has he ever won a veto? I can’t remember.

    • Excuse me Hayden has won w HOH first week..hoh.. hoh before lane ..and now he has played the game…3 hoh’s he’s won..

      • I thought the game was also social and to not get evicted? So if that is the case don’t they all deserve to win and I am not A Brit fan.

  9. T just want Enzo to go. I don’t understand why he was not called out for all his cheating. And how can anyone like him after seeing him play with himself in front of the other players on BBAD. If he wins I will never watch BB again.

    • If I were Regan when Enzo shoved me to the ground I would have laid there pretending I was injured and have the medical team out there and then demanded that Enzo be thrown out of the game. There was no need for that. Enzo said that he really wanted that veto and Regan didn’t. BS He’s a bully and he thinks he’s above the rules. Can’t stand him either. Hope he’s gone this week.

      • Enzo has been above the rules. He ate twice during have not weeks, and didn’t get any penalties. He doesn’t seem to follow any rules…Everyone says Britney and Ragan complain a lot, but I see Enzo complaining the most on After Dark. I guess cause he’s a “macho jersey boy” it’s okay…

  10. Lane was my favorite. Until he has allowed Brit to play him like a violin. I want Brit to go home.
    Then Lane. Enzo, I would not like to see win. So, I’m going for Hayden to win. As long as Brit doesn’t win, I’ll be okey.

    • How is brit playing lane like a violin?? He is playing her by having an alliance that she doesn’t know about and the fact that he knows enzo wants her gone and doesn’t tell her!! I want Brit to win an hayden to come in 2nd bc they deserve it more and lane 3rd enzo go home next he doesn’t deserve to get a free ride to the end!! And he is annoying but funny at the same time!!

    • He allowed Brit to play him like a violin bc he has fallen in love with her in the course of the show. If she is evicted he is going to break down and cry at some point.

    • here’s my take… i think Brit was lead by Lane to believe she was the blind member of the guy’s alliance… maybe ready to take Matt’s place once he got ALL the blood on his hands & was a big target.

      not being seen with them at all it was secret, she could appear to not be in an alliance and Lane controlled her moves/votes and she’d feel safe protected by their bloc of votes.

  11. This is my boot order: Britney, Enzo, Lane.. Meaning Hayden wins, even though I don’t want him to, somebody has to.

  12. OMG I was just reading some live feeds and Enzo talks about how he made 11,000 in just two months from selling real estate. What a liar!!! I live in the same town as him and let me tell you he is not known for selling real estate and people know his rep. so they wouldn’t deal with him and another thing is that houses in Bayonne are not moving at all. Especially since one of my friends is a well known agent in Bayonne. Stop with the lies!!!!! Your wife supports your butt.

    • I don’t think he even works and I am sure his wife does support him. Why does it say he is a insurance ajuster? I think they told him to say that cause he didn’t work at all and now he is in real estate. What do you do Enzo? Ajuster,real estate,or factory? I am sure he has a bad rep. You can tell that by his actions.

      • I am a Realtor so 11,000 in one month can be done one sale alone on a home of 300,000 at 3% commission would make 9,000. so if the sale is more than 300,000 or the commission is higher than 3% one transaction alone can get you over or very close to 11,000.


    2 of the 4 cameras kept panning in on it.

  14. So I assume Brit found whatever they were looking for because she just said “yes, I finally won something”. Does this mean she won $10,000?

  15. i hope brit won something. how effed would it be that everyone else won something but her. and then she gets the backdoor.

    • I am pretty sure she did win. They keep talking about her and how she found it. But then they are also talking about how Enzo found his in an unopened cereal box. Oh yeah – forsure she won. Hayden just said he didn’t want her to win.

      • Now they are just bashing her cause she won. Saying she has a man who has a job so she doesn’t need it. LOL. What a great philosophy – If you live in the stone age

    • right now brit is cleaning the kitchen, looks like by herself because hayden is laying down, although i hear her talking to someone, and …. its hayden so there ya go.

      i guess they had to look for somethign un lock hayden.

      enzo is laying down not helping clean up (of-course) and lane is in dr.

    • Yes soon. and from the discussions so far it seems like it will be Lane and Brit (Lane offered to go on the block)

      • I don’t think so, cause Enzo keeps saying “I just wanna win POV tomorrow” – so they are still under the assumption the POV comp will be tomorrow. Haha. Enzo just said he’s going to bed early in preparation for the POV.

      • Lane offered to go on the block, big deal, being on the block this week means nothing it is all about winning the POV, only the POV winner gets to vote to evict, no one else votes.

      • yeah, but Thank God, we don’t have to listen to the big baby Enzo whine about being on the block 3 times in a row… my memory could be off on that would not be the 1st time.

      • really this week it’s like all 3 are on the block anyway, only HoH is safe.

        PoV keeps you off the block and gets you the vote to evict.

  16. Clare Ann requested a little something about Ragan’s conversation with Rachel when he walks into the Jury House…. So, here it is…
    By request, to the tune of Randy Travis’ song “Forever and Ever, Amen”:

    You may think that I’m talking foolish
    You heard that I’m cruel as can be
    You may wonder how I can promise you now
    This hate that I feel for you always will be

    If you need an insult, I’m willing
    I’ll make fun of your pimples or thighs
    I hate your red hair, it sure needs some repair
    Just wear your extentions ’til the day that you die

    Oh, Rachel,
    I’m gonna hate you forever
    Forever and ever, amen
    As sure as Matt’s hand will rest in the nether
    As sure as Brit’s picking always starts up again

    If you wonder how long I’ll be hateful
    I’ll be happy to tell you again..
    I’m gonna hate you forever and ever
    Forever and ever, amen

    They say happenings in Vegas will stay there
    Oh, how I wish it were true
    Honey, I don’t care… you just need to beware
    That the only thing I wish was in Vegas is you

    Big Brother plays tricks on a memory
    Makes a houseguest forget things they knew
    It’s easy to see Brendon’s brain is faulty
    He’s already forgotten what, for money, you’ll do

    Oh, Rachel,
    I’m gonna hate you forever
    Forever and ever, amen
    As sure as Matt’s hand will rest in the nether
    As sure as Brit’s picking always starts up again

    If you wonder how long I’ll be hateful
    Just listen to how this song ends…
    I’m gonna hate you forever and ever
    Forever and ever, amen

    • that’s awesome rico :)

      randy travis would get a kick out of this!
      (i love him – he has a super sexy voice! :))

      • Rico That was really good but I wanted you to do the opposite of rachel makin fun of ragan! It was Funny & Fantastic! Thank YOU!!!

      • but Clare, it would not be plausible that Rachel could make fun of Ragan.

        that’s what you meant right?

  17. Wow Brit is so bored she is cleaning up the mess they made outside looking for those tokens. I am kinda happy Brit won 10,000. Poor Enzo, the poor Sap, he hasn’t won anything really. What a loser he is.

    • Don’t forget the 3d tv he won & wants to sell it on that one site. Lol
      long time no chat ((hugs))

    • enzo is pathetic. he’s clinging to hayden for dear life – even SLEPT in the hoh bed with hayden last nite!!

      of course hayden is telling enzo just what he wants to hear… “you’re safe” – “going tt final 2 with me” – blah, blah, blah.

      hard to say what hayden will actually do…
      they all think enzo will win if he makes final 2…

      will hayden backdoor enzo this week?
      or is britney gone if she doesn’t win POV?

      it really doesn’t matter who gets nominated – the pov winner holds ALL THE CARDS this week with the ONE & ONLY vote to evict!!

      i hope britney wins pov and puts enzo out the door.

      • Ct I believe your quite right & Enzo will be out the door this week.
        We were talking earlier that it would actually better for Brit to talk hay into backdooring lane. Then Brit only real compition is hay & hay is Brit because enzo is no compition.

    • i don’t want to see Hayden/Enzo as F2… but if it happened i’d vote Hayden the winner.

      guess i would say i don’t want Enzo in any combo of F2. sorry Enzo, you pathetic jersey loser.

    • dez – it will be on the bb page of – probably on bb’s facebook too.

      i could be wrong, but i don’t think the voting starts until after Sunday night’s show…

      can anyone confirm this??

  18. Anyone know if Hayden gets to compete in the POV? Normally the HOH doesn’t get to vote to evict except for a tie, but this week the POV winner is the only one who gets to vote to evict.

    • The only person who gets to vote Is the person not on the block. So no Hayden doest not get to vote.

      • Kristi – the hoh plays in all pov comps, so hayden WILL be playing.

        final 4 is a level field, with EVERYONE having the same chance of controlling the single eviction vote. that’s why THIS is the most important pov of the entire game…

      • Ct I was only talking about the fact he can not vote on the eviction. Yes all hg’s get to play all comps from here on out.

      • hi kristi..

        you are right – normally the hoh does not vote during the eviction.

        however – being down to final 4 changes that. there is only ONE EVICTION VOTE this week.

        if the hoh (hayden) wins the pov – he WILL be the one who places that single vote to evict either enzo, lane or britney.

      • Sorry to inform you ct but no hay will not vote in this eviction. Even if lane or Brit wins pov & takes themself off the block, that person who comes off the block casts the single vote & only that person. The only thing Hayden does this week is nominate 2 hg for the block which he did & is lane & Brit. So if one of them wins the pov the only thing Hayden will do is replace the the nomination if the person who won the pov uses it to remove themself. So one more time. Hayden does not vote in the eviction.

    • RickDD..

      YES – the HOH ALWAYS plays for the pov, so hayden will be allowed to play and if he wins – good for him! – he will have the one & only vote to evict.

      • If the HOH (Hayden) wins the veto he is NOT the only vote. The person that wa not nominated is the only vote in that case.

  19. lol. I meant next HOH. Silly me. Everybody knows that. Obviously I was out to lunch reading that the first time.

    • maybe you’re referring to Julie saying this HoH winner would be allowed to compete for the next HoH… which turned out to be Hayden.

  20. Good for you Bitchney, you so deserve to win 10 grand. Now win that darn POV so that alltalk Enzo goes next.

    • -or- Lane wins and Enzo goes, i’d almost rather see that. i’d really be shocked if Lane voted Brit.

  21. Sorry but part of the information is incorrect, the veto meeting and eviction is live but the veto comp is prerecorded! The final veto comp for past seasons was always prerecorded because Julie does not host it and it is long and difficult!

  22. Hi all! I think the BEST thing on BB all year is gonna be seeing the doodie hit the fan when poor Ragan finds out the real dirt on his bff Matt! I hope they have paramedics standing by! PLEASE SHOW US THAT CBS! I’ll forgive the whole season for that one segment.LOL
    Go Hayde(I can’t believe I am saying that……

    • WOW!!! YA THINK..LOL..WAIT TILL EVERYBODY FINDS OUT REGAN GOT $20,000.00 for being the sabatour..Wait till it comes to light about the guys in the Brigade..That will have a negative effect on some jury house votes..WAIT till Matt finds out that the Brigade backdoored him using Brittney..Wait till Brittney finds out how she has been duped by Lane….That is when it’s gonna get good..Let the lies and deceite come out..

      • OH..WAIT till Enzo gets back to Jeresy and finds out his entire family has moved and left no fowarding address..HE WAS SUCH AN EMBRASSMENT THAT THEY HAD NO CHOICE..

      • OH!and wait until BB12 says this is all a HOAX!!! BB was cancelled last year, sorry Ya’ll!, Lol!!

      • I can go with that..The biggest and best kept secret of the season is that all of the HG’s were selected patients from THE BETTY FORD was an experiment in seeing how well they would fair in a social setting ..All failed miserably..

    • actually i think everyone will laugh their asses off when they find ragan was the sab!
      NONE of them even suspected him.. i think they will “bravo” ragan on this one.

      • ONLY WAY THEY WILL DO THAT IS IF he either splits the money with em or gives it back..and I don’t think he is gonna do

  23. Did Yall hear that the entire cast has been told that a movie maybe 2 will be made about them????

    The Brigade Boys will star in “AS THE WORMS TURN”

    The rest of the HG’s will have parts in “THROW ME UNDER THE BUS I’M BRAIN DEAD ALREADY”

  24. Have the noms came down yet? If its already been asked I will apologize. I don’t want ricos head spinning lol

  25. Smart move hayden… didn’t think you had it n u. Of course now lane needs to win pov and be the one to out enzo. Hey one less shirt cbs would have to pay for

  26. Britney is the worst human being on all of Big Brother. She is a snake. Her nasty comments on the live feed about Rachel is beyond reality. She knows that she is ruining Rachel’s reputation in front of millions and she gets a sick satisfaction from it. That is truly a scumbag thing to do. Ragan, the ultimate self righteous being, has also jumped on that bandwagon, but at least he addressed his issues to Rachel’s face.
    Rachel as of now still thinks that her and Britney were friends. She will feel crushed and betrayed when she watches the After Dark show. Britney is a real BULLY/MEAN GIRL.
    Honestly, even though Rachel is loud and obnoxious, she comes off as a genuine and loyal. I know many people like Brendon and he’s a sincere and nice guy who just wants to be a normal guy and fit in with the rest of the gang. Britney had everything handed to her, spoiled is an understatement, and relies on her looks to get the men on her side. However, she is the type of person that would leave her fiance and humiliate him on live television by flirting with Lane and using him to get to the final 2. Sounds like Bratney just wants to ride the 15 seconds of fame trail and she’s the actual person whoring herself out, not Rachel. The only way Britney will make it to Final 2 is if she’s sleeping with someone on the Big Brother production, and I wouldn’t put that past her. To be honest, you can tell on the live feed that she gets inside information, and the fact that she made it this far is because Production has allowed her.

    • Jeez, you people seem to forget that you don’t even KNOW these people. They could act completely different in the house than they do in real life. Honestly, I really don’t think you have the right to judge someone’s personality from the evidence you’ve seen on a reality show…

    • Nice: sounds like maybe you had a problem with mean girls in high school.
      Brit does not happen to be one of them. Yes she has belabored the Rachel bashing but rachel’s open confrontations with the other hg’s was her deserved downfall.


  27. Ha, I’m rooting for either Britney or Lane. I’ll have to go with the masses and say I really hope Enzo is out this week.

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