Big Brother 12: Ragan Fox Interview

Hey there all you Big Brother fans!  I caught up with Ragan today and talked to him about Rachel, Matt and being the Saboteur.  Ragan’s been one of my fav’s this season because he is strategic and quite funny in the DR.  Check it out!

Ashli Rae –  If you had made it to the final 2, who would you want sitting next to you and why?

Ragan –  I would have liked Britney sitting next to me because I think she was the toughest competitors in the house and I want to win against the strongest and not against the weakest.

AR –  Were you happy when the cd you threw at otev bounced off and hit Enzo on the head? Lol

RF –   I didn’t even know that it hit Enzo till the following day. I was totally embarrassed that I let my frustration get the best of me and I never intended for the CD to hit Enzo. I like Enzo.

AR –   What’s the first thing you’re going to say to Rachel when you walk in the jury house?

RF –  I’m going to say “Who got in a knife fight with that drag queen’s face.”

AR -You’re leaving the game with 20 grand for being the Saboteur, how do you feel knowing you outsmarted the other houseguests and they never even suspected it was you?

RF –  The saboteur stuff was really difficult for me to do because a number of the people that were suspects are people that I care about including Matt and Kathy. I’m happy to have 20 thousand dollars but I hated what it might mean for my friends.

AR –  Do you think Matt did the right thing with the diamond power of veto and can you still be friends with him after he threw you under the bus?

RF –   No – absolutely not. Yes – but when I actually watch the episodes I suspect it will be more difficult for me to watch him throw me under the bus than for me to hear second hand that he threw me under the bus.

AR  What, if anything, was your flaw in the game; why are you sitting in the jury right now?

RF –   My flaw was in being a player that those boys feared. I should not have competed as hard as I did. Especially in the endurance challenges and the quizzes and puzzles.

AR   You mentioned thinking you were going to backstab in the game, do you think it would have helped your further your game if you had stuck to that?

RF –   No – I’m not happy that I got fifth, but fifth in a season like this means a lot. What got me as far as I got is that I was trustworthy and I wasn’t going to throw anyone under the bus. People recognized that in me. I truly believe that if I had made it to the final four I would have won because of those qualities.

AR Do you think your students are fans of the show and will you share this with them next semester in class?

RF –  This semester! What next semester? I start teaching Monday after the finale. I think my students are supportive of me in all of my creative endeavors. I don’t think I will show scenes of my season in class, but I hope that when I go into my large lecture Monday after the finale, they clap for me.

AR –  What happened to the bow tie?

RF –  I don’t wear bowties all the time in my daily life. I save them for special occasions. Look out for finale night!

Is anyone else looking forward to seeing what goes down between Rachel and Ragan when he gets to the jury house?  I know I am.


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  1. What a crappy comment he made about Rachel, absolutely classless. He really is delusional that he sees himself as superior- can’t wait till he find out his “great” friend Matt’s lie about his wife…

      • I’ll be amazed if he even has a job. What college would be stupid enough to have that nitwit as a professor. I am so glad he is gone.

      • LOL you’re seriously delusional when it comes to the academic world. He’s pretty much set at his job and you’ll be wise to read some of his work if you want to know how smart Ragan is.

    • Yeah, it’s about time he let it go. He doesn’t seem to realize he’s living with her again for another couple weeks. Ragan buddy, you can’t spend the whole time fighting or ignoring her. Wait until he hears Matt’s lie, he may be shunning the whole Jury house minus Kathy.

  2. Why all you rs of Ragan??? He played the game very well and should be in the final 2 with Britnay.
    I loved his comment about Rachael as it is sooo true.. She is as_ to say the least and looks way older than her 27 years… closer to 40 I think!! I hope Ragan wins fan fav as that would be awseme!!

    • If he wins fan favorite, then I will really be concerned over the state of this country. Ragan was the most annoying house guest ever.

    • summer, Ragan was the most annoying hg in the house. you must have forgot the group that couldn’t keep their hands out of their pants. I just hope by now they have found what they were looking for.Enzos horrible smacking chewing those seeds and spitting the hull out ..UGH I had to ff m y tv last night cause the camera person kept putting it on him spitting in that cup and getting it every where..ThanksBB What about Britney bitting,digging,and eating on herself the whole time.. There wouldn’t be enoughtime to get into rachal..But I do think Brandon would have gone a long way without her..Well summer I could think of a few more things that should have annoyed you more than ragan,,He seems to be the only one who can create a intelligent thought..

  3. Rachel is so annoying and I can’t stand her and she deserves negative comments. It was so rude how she greeted “her man” as she says about Brendon when he arrived in the jury house. If you love him regardless you should have been happy to see him.

    As for Matt and Ragan, I don’t think Ragan will want to be his friend once he finds out about the big lie about his wife. He even smiled when he was saying it to Kathy who actually is a person who has suffered for 10 years of a real sickness.

    • Yeah suffered for 10 years but still smokes??? Hard to feel sorry for someone who is still smoking.. Thought she might of learned somethning going through the cancer thing already!! People like her make me sick!! No sympathy here for her!!

      • I have no respect for Kathy but that’s not why, smoking isn’t something anyone can just drop like that. My problem with her is her transparent hypocrisy and utter incompetence at the game.

      • get over kathy smoking its her life she smokes that doesn’t make her bad and no i don’t smoke

    • The look on Rachels face was priceless, but not surprising. I think Brendon picked sensed the not-so-welcome he expected from his girlfriend. So much for the (I paraphase )”love of my man over the money.”

  4. Great questions A-Rae.
    Ragan continues to be funny, just luv the drag queen comment. Its perfect.

    • I love Ragan I know he would have won .Maybe if christin could have stayed..He is a great guy and I would love to have him as a brother. I only hope Hayden can pull this off. He is the only one for me in that bunch for me to be happy. I know Enzo thinks he is the one but he is like a watermelon first bit taste real good thenyou eat a little more then you keep eating and it makes you not want to see that melon for a long time..

    • @blackgirl, this comment which you think is perfect, came from the same sick mind and hedeous mouth as the one about sticking African babies with HIV infected needles. Maybe you think this is a perfect comment too? Think about it and think hard…He is a repulsive monstrosity with nothing redeeming about him. He has no soul this monster.

  5. Ragan is really the most classless and delusional person I’ve ever seen. He is so much like Natalie from last year (or the year before, I can’t remember)

    The reason he lost is because he spent all his energy being spiteful, fake, and disgusting about Rachel and Brendon, that he didn’t even concentrate on his game until Brendon was out of the house.

    I can’t believe that he is one of the most loved characters from all of BB seasons! Are you kidding me? I would say that he is actually one of the most hated people, that many find amazingly annoying.

    I believe with others who post, that he stands a good chance of losing his job. He’s been very unethical and petty this entire season.

    He is delusional!

    • Very well said. I had no favorites this year. His behavior (& Britts) ruined it for me. It wasn’t just that they were so spiteful. It was they kept going on and on and on about Brenchel. I understand Britt being young. But Ragan – C’mon man take the higher road.

    • Rachael is classless having in the house her first week.. This is a game people.. OMG not the real world.. Perhaps you need to get a life and not live through these people so much!! Ragan was on his own in there and had to fight and did a great job.. Wasnt a floater at all. Read polls… he is liked by most!!

      • completely agree, Ragan is liked most and that is why he was chosen as saboteur. He played with his heart on his sleeve, and i respect him more than anyone else in that house

      • you gotta be joking he is so disgusting, morbit and unworthy of the time of day. he makes me sick to my stomach. he is suppose to be professional and teach. well after hearing and watching him on bb I hope to God they take his teaching license from him. his comments about smoking pot and doing mushrooms drinking and driving. then he has the nerve to get drunk on tv and brag about it please give me a break. tell me who would want him teaching their children. It’s no wonder his family stays away from him. hope when he reads this he gets it finally, no one likes a drunk driver a pot head junkie teaching their child unless they are doing the same thing he is.

      • oh yea I forgot to mention do you teach your students the things you do and say like the f and p word every sentence? and by the way I have lots of gay members in my family and none of them act the way you did on bb. dont say it was part of your game play, because you are most likely this way outside the house to gross especially about aborted babies. grow up and leave the teaching career behind. maybe join a monastary where no one has to look at you again

      • @Chris, r u kidding me? He’s talking about his life on BB and you expect us to think that it’s just a game? Hello? Yah it is a game which we all are aware of bit when you’re showing your true colors and sharing stories about pot, and drinking and driving, what else are we supposed to think? Especially with him being a teacher and all. He played te game and now he’s out!!! And on another note, I’m sure we all have a life and not living thru those people. We r entitled to our own opinion an if you don’t like it, then stay off this website!!!! It’s obvious that you haven’t been watching the live feeds or maybe you’re just ignorant!!! Remember, how they perceive themselves on tv, is how people are going to perceive them as well. And ragan was no angel himself. Regardless how he played the game. Truth of the matter is… He’s OUT!!!

      • He’s a college professor, not a grade school teacher. Most of his students have done far worse things than him.

      • @joanne,

        Clearly you have no idea how the world works.

        First, Dr. Fox holds a Ph.D., there are no “licenses” to teach college.

        Second, Dr. Fox does not teach children, he teaches juniors and seniors at a university. All of whom are adults.

        Third, Dr. Fox has a tremendous number of high quality and interesting research articles about gayness in America. Many of the comments on this board just reiterate the horrible hatred for lgbtq individuals in this country.

        Finally, if you were to look at Dr. Fox’s research and teaching career, you will see that he is a satirist. I would suspect that you do not understand the nuance of satire (as evidenced by your statements here).

      • Thank you pete…I have so much love and respect for ragan. The last night on feed I cried with as I have lost two great parents that left the world too soon.. Ragan will be portrayed in my eyes as a great and kind person..

      • @Blondell I hope you are kidding, If not please get help.

        @pete: It is clear that you don’t understand how the world works, Grow up.

      • There are so many things wrong about the Ragan creature and one of them is his pathological obsession with Rachel. I think one of the resons for this is that an aspect of vagina envy. Why particularly Rachel’s vagina? Well, he would like to be like Rachel–flamboyant, loud, lump it if you don’t like it, in your face womanhood, but no matter how hard he tries he just can’t pull this off; he is now and always will be a
        caricature of a gay man. None of my gay friends and colleagues act or behave like him. In addition, Rachel got Brendon, the bestlooking man in the house and that’s another big reason Ragan envies Rachel’s vagina. Well, idiot Ragan, there is a reason the good lord did not give you a vagina, so use what what he gave you. Can you,

      • @Blondell, you were watching BIG BROTHER feed and that made you cry for your lost parents? Is it because Ragina was shown the door? If that is the case, then you do need professional intervention. Get it before it’s too late. As for the object of your “so much love and respect” he is the one who said that the will stick HIV infected needles to African babies and that he would like to give Rachel an abortion and other such hideous filth. He has a sick mind and a defective soul. The object of your love and respect says a lot about the person you are.

  6. Chris..Reagen is so shallow! Come on, cant u see that?? He is always putting down people, my home town Vegas ( witch he has no clue what hes talking about ) and the comment about abortion!!..It just makes him a pig. thank god he’s not a profesor here! Who talks about someone so long? Rachel and Brenden? Get over it!!

  7. He’s a $###$$ hippocrate!! ” Oh Rachel you r a b@3ch when you win but cry when you loose…What does Reagen do?? Cry like the B@#ch he is!

    • oh boohoo… listen to all you rs!! It is so funny!! I respect his playing the GAME.. See pople it is a GAME no everyday life!!!

    • @Jim, oh boohoo, that does sound so stupid, but yes, it is a game and in the spirit of the game I can tell you that the Ragina thing enjoyed having a real man bump into her like that! But oh! the drama from a drama queer, oops, I meant to say, a drag queen who can’t do drama to save her life…

  8. “The saboteur stuff was difficult” Difficult? Really? And he needs to apologize to Enzo for his behavior during & after the pov comp.

      • Enzo was the bully. I thought that kind of behavior was against the rules. He should have gotten kicked out of the game.

      • Actually it looked like Enzo tripped from the rope and he landed on ragina’s side. They both slid down and Enzo rushed over ragina to get that cd. Could of been an accident at first and Enzo did what he had to do there after.

      • I agree about his behavior but are you surprised.. I am Sure he is quite a bully out of this house.. He was out numbered so he acted like the fool that he is. He wasn’t worried about the rules. He was too far in the game and the Producers could not kick him out. Did you see Ragan lift that bar that had 135 lbs on it and Enzo could not lift it once..

    • @Jim – yah it is a game! A game that he’s not playing anymore! I wonder why? NOT!!!
      Lucky it wasn’t America who could vote OUT each HG. His A$$ would have been voted out a long time ago.

  9. This gay thing has gone too far. I can’t stand
    Ragan’s personality. He thinks he is soooooo
    superior. Go home little boy. I’m sorry he won
    $20,000.00. He didn’t cry then. Was that staged too? I know I didn’t vote for him.

    • what you cant stand gays?? that is a bold statement!! WOW… You are a sad individual… Keep comments like that to yourself in the future!

      • I agree I am sure you would be crying too if you were in that house..Real good statment. I will vote for him to win evenmore money..

    • @ JIm and Blondell, Can you two read, Alicia Davis said ” this gay thing has gone too far. The said I can,t stand ragan, How you came up with they can’t stand gays is beyond me.

  10. I didn’t find Ragan shallow. I also hated Rachel so I guess from her standpoint maybe. But really I can’t wait for Ragan to find out about Matt’s lie. That will be great. I would get Jury House live feeds if they existed. Oh wait…Rachel’s there. Sad face. Anyway, I expect Lane and Britney in the final. I think Enzo’s gonna go this week and then Hayden after. Then it will play Rachel-Lane, Kathy-Britney, Matt-Lane, Brendon-Lane, Ragan-Britney, Enzo-Lane, Hayden-Lane. Maybe. That’s what Id hope.

  11. Shame on you Ragan for your foul mouth and for speaking to any human being the way you did. I sincerely hope none of my children or grandchildren ever have you for a teacher. I have a lot of gay friends and none of them are as vuglar and disgusting as you were on the BB show. This was a game and you showed nothing but poor sportsmanship and foulness of the mouth the entire game. You bestie was Matt and he told a big fat lie about his wife being sick. How disgusting the both of you are. I will pray for you as you surely need it. If you behave this way in a game I can only imagine how you are in real life. Shame on you!!! Wash your nasty mouth out with soap. No wonder you do not have a loved one to share your life with.

    • You hit it right on the nose but some people here are ignorant so let them go. They must be just as bad as him so they have to defend their own kind!

    • i’ll take someone like ragan over SELF RIGHTEOUS – HOLIER THAN THOU people anyday of the week…
      bb obviously isn’t for you.

    • by the time your kids get to his class they will have formed their own opinions. I hope my Grandson would have a shot at going to his class.. You have no idea how people speak in private,or what they do..I loved what hayden said about him in his good-bye speech and I agree completely

  12. What a load of croc! He wants to win against the strongest and not the weakest, yet still he was gunning for rachel and brendon? wow!

    I do agree that now Britney looks like the strongest among those remaining three, but she wasnt the strongest overall.

    • He means against the strongest of the remaining house guests!! Wow some of you are so clueless… and you complain about Regan being whiner!! hmmm look at yourselves people!!!

      • :l whats with all the exclamation? its my opinion aint it? :l Did i say ragan was a whiner? i am stating that if he wanted to be among the strongest he would have tried to get out the floaters that he is around now and now the stronger ones from before/

  13. Ragan is ridiculously shallow…..and i know because he chose to call rachel a waitress than a chemist and to me that was a low stoop…also all the bashing were on superficial things, talk about calling someone a drag queen, really ragan, glass houses, stones…rachel is by no means perfect but neither is prof mcdouche with his comments about injecting african kids with aids?? really..
    and on rachel’s reaction on seeing brendon, dats wat i expected, she was surprised to see some1 else esp her man, all the microscopes on rachel need to be removed, its getting old..she sucks, we get it…

    • Rachael is a waitress and a VIP one which I think we all know what that really means.. Wh__E!!! So good for her for calling her on it.. Anyone else so would of too…

      • Chris who are you to call RACHAEL a Wh###e. Maybe she has more intelligence than all of your sisters and mother combined. You should in RAGAN classroom you moron because unless you are gay what has RACHAEL DONE TO YOU OTHER THAN PLAY THE GAME TO WIN. Get a life or better yet find a woman to love you HA!!!!

      • chris I’m wondering if ragan was your teacher when you were growing up. you sound just like him gross and inhuman. you both need to date since you are both alike sissys

      • Do you know that for sure? Unlikely that you do. And really, why is it your job to care?

        Regardless what she did to put herself through school (some people aren’t afforded opportunities that others are) and regardless whether she gave lap dances for tips or NOT, she never hurt anyone by doing it.

        Just saying, getting on her for being a wh*** is kinda none of your business. Judge her for how she acted in the house, but her life beyond BB is no one’s concern. Sheesh, throw stones a little harder why don’t you!

      • BIGMAtoo…Ummm my mother is !! Thank you, you ignorant whor_! You are no better than who you are trying to insult in Regan!! Wow .. you should go hang out with Racheal after the show you are the same!! Not that any of your bus, but married with 3 kids.. Anything else you would like to add BITC_?????

      • wow, whats up with all this hostility tonight? I thought we were suppose to keep the conversation civil… jezz

      • @Chris, can’t help but pitty your kids with your kind of filthy mouth I can just imagine the language they are exposed to and subjected to daily. Are you listening to yourself when you open your repulsive mouth? Smarten up woman! and, for your kids’ sake, get some anger management counselling.

    • She is a waitress And its not the kind you see at longhorn orthe resturants around town, IF you know what I mean.She only took the chemisty class because of the teacher

  14. REGAN the professor a bitter pill to swallow. He is proud of his behavour? I guess it is 2010 and if that is the kind of teacher we are accepting as leaders of our tween/young adults he ought to be ashamed. Yes he had to defend himself against RACHAEL but being rude uncought crass and degrading of women is not setting an example and RAGAN my boy being gay is not an excuse even though your disdain with her is a fair assumption of how you feel about women you miserible piece of a human being or are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wow.. ragan is human and playing a game.. I think you need to keep that in mind.. Get over it.. I think Regan respects woman.. Look how he treated kathy and brit… Just mean to Racheal who always egged him on!

      • chris tell the truth is he your girlfriend cause you really seem to like him. for what reason I cant for the life of me figure out, the way you defend him. I guess you need to look up his number or the bar he hangs out

      • I am a you morons!! Just shows your intellegence!! Wow how quick you people are to judge and form incorrect opinions… perhaps you should think before you comment.

      • I agree with Chris, you people seem to judge to quick and form opinions without all the info… hmmm who are you to judge? I thought people were allowed to express opinions on this site?

      • I called Racheal a whor_!!! but now thinking you might be one to considering how defensive you are. Is that what you do for a livng?

      • Which is exactly how you were defensive with ragan! So ur comments shouldn’t count bc you were biased!

    • Chris its a shame we have disgusting perverts like you posting on something thats suppose to be fun and informative about bb. just for your information I am a police officer not a whore so be careful what you so it may come back to bite you in the ass in the end

      • whatever you certaintly need to get a life you are a male shovenistic pig period had enough of your name calling like I said you need to grow up end of conversation with you I wont waste my time or breath on a biget

      • @Joanne, you go girl!!! It doesn’t matter to him how ragan played the game, or how much of an a-hole ragan was. All that matters is that their the same so he’s going to defend ragan no matter what. Ragan could have held everyone in that house at gun point and he would still backhim up and defend him. Lol

      • 4kehau thanks its nice to know there are people out there that see scum of the earth on line that have nothing better to do then belittle women. I’ d like to say one more thing no matter what rachel and brenden has I’m sure they have something much better then chris has. thats a man who is certainly jealous. shame on him . Enough of chris I want to move on to the game just as I’m sure you do pizon thats italian for friend

  15. on with the game has anyone heard anything about whats going on in the bbh did you hear who hayden put up on the block yet?

  16. I agree..Chris is not worth my breath…hee heee. So who all you guys want to see in the final 2?? Me,Im kinda thinking Lane and Haydend

  17. OOOOOHHHHHHMIGOSH! Did I really just read all of these truly hate-filled comments? In my very humble opinion reading all of this was WORSE that watching ANY of the houseguests belittle each other…Come on people…where’s the love? It IS just a t.v. show for entertainment purposes…and everyone has the right to their own opinion. “_”

    • I totally agree! I can’t believe these people are being so intolerant, ignorant, and judging without all the facts. They’re doing the exact same thing they are accusing Ragan of. Ragan’s in a game, but these guys are actually saying this stuff for real.

      • Same thing i’m thinking, i thought Matt would step in and remove some comments based on the commenting rules thats listed below…. guess not

        Such hostility

  18. Time for Matt(BBN)to post a new favorites poll. The results would be interesting,to say the least.

  19. Anyone out there with the “live feeds” know what they are looking for in the kitchen? (I just turned it on)

      • ARE you ClareAnn the IDIOT??? What is with you people in here? GEEEZZZ..Get a life people.. this is a GAME!!!! NOT Reality..

      • clare dont waste your time or energy on chris hes not worth it just stay with the game he hates women I think hes in love with ragan so no matter what you say he will call you a whore wonder if he knows who the father of his kids are lol

      • You people dont read… I am NOT A man!!! I am a female…. wow.. you people really do need a life.. not to mention judge without knowledge!! Should be proud of yourselves!!

      • @Chris, No, Chris-the great, you ain’t but you definitely are an idiot. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you sound like a brainless shrew spewing insults right and left. The best thing you can do is to think before you open your mouth and if that’s beyond your mental capacity, then just keep it tightly shut.

  20. Ragan was one of the truly classless players ever. No matter how Rachel was in the house no one deserves that kind of disrespect. He of all the houseguest should know that.

  21. So glad Ragen went to Jury House :) I bet that he will not talk nasty to Rachel! He was talking so VIAL about her in the BB house, but he won’t say those nasty things to her face, cause he will Get his BUTT kick! LMAO HA HA RAGEN YOu piece of CRAP!

  22. hayden opened pandora – he’s locked in hoh room.

    hgs are are looking for THE HOH KEY – they were told it’s in the LR or kitchen.

      • thanks rico I’m clares sister she speaks highly of you and I agree by how you represent yourself and luv your poems and chris- the greats. I read them every morning and get a kick out of them keep them coming

      • right rico – it IS coins – money prize.

        lane has found one = hayden’s.

        apparently they have find all of them before hayden can get out of hoh room.

        they should look around the FLAMINGOS in the kitchen … those were zoomed in on ALOT on bbad last night.

        LR is now off limits – so are kitchen cabinets.

    • Is it a comp for $10,000 where Hayden hides the HOH key in the kitchen and the others hide their 3 coins in the HOH room, and the first to find the stuff wins???

      • apparently each hg hid a coin with their name on it. the one who hid their key the best wins $10,000. lane found hayden’s first, so hayden is eliminated from the game. the rest are all hidden somewhere in the kitchen.

    • Ok, CT… so, BB hid all the coins? Or did the houseguests? Because I heard Lane say “I don’t even remember where mine is anymore”

      • apparently each hg hid a coin with their name on it. the one who hid their key the best wins $10,000. lane found hayden’s first, so hayden is eliminated from the game. the rest are all hidden somewhere in the kitchen.

      • lol – they can’t find ’em and the funny thing is each one KNOWS where their own coin is but won’t tell because they want to win!

        they’re asking production if they can split the money :)

  23. @ Chris> I’m not A IDOIT! I thought you were My friend Chris the great who comes here and post his poems! I just went back & check the post & I’m very sorry to have asked you if you were Chris the great, cause My Friend Chris Wouldn’t have talked to other posters the way you have. I’m retired Philly COP met many nice people along my journey & people nasty like you Chris! AssH*le

  24. what is hayden doing in the hoh room are they showing you him too or just the othe hg running around

    • they searched the freezer, but if the coin is small (no idea of the size) they may have overlooked it!

      don’t know if ‘tape’ is involved… GOOD hiding spot though :)

  25. Chris, I’m not quick to judge other people, but you called me an idiot and I was shocked ! We come on here to post and have fun! Not bicker with others. I’m still here even though Brendon is in the JH. I am so sorry that you, another woman would call posters on here HOES! We are probably old enought to be Your MOTHER OR GRANDMOTHER! Shame on you!

    • Yep, they all are. I think Britney is still in it and was just outside for a short while. She came back in and started searching with L and E again…

  26. Pardon the interuption ~


    I would want you as one of my friends. I think you are wonderful.

    I will only ask that you think about the way you spoke to Rachel. The heat of the battle will make you do that. Now the battle is over and there is no need.

    Remember ~ how other people treat me is THEIR path.
    How I respond is MY path.


    • they searched the sofa before the living room was made off limits.

      bb is telling them the coins are in the kitchen. that’s why it makes no sense that britney looked in the garbage OUTSIDE… ?

    • Britney’s was in the trash, I think. She said she poured water on it in the bottom of a box and put chicken something on top of it.

      • When Brit hid hers in the trash, it was in the kitchen. But, Hayden took the trash outside at the very begining of the search. Brit went out there to search a couple of times and when one of the guys asked “did anyone seardh the garbage?” Brit told them “yeah, I did… that’s how I cut my finger”… So no one else really looked out there.

  27. well shes gone home $10, hayden will throw that it her face for the reason why she is on the block tonight lol

  28. oh sh*t.. lane’s crying “FOUL”!!

    lane’s coin was in the recyle bin and when britney opened it again, someone in production said “uh oh”… and then brit found it!

    lane’s pissed and yelling at production that they are “cheaters”!

  29. SOOO ENZO HELPED MAKE THE MESS BUT HE IS GONNA TAKE A NAP??? I am assumimg that he hopes the mess is cleared away when he gets back up…If I were BRITTNEY & LANE he would get his lazy ass outta that bed and help clean up the mess he helped to make..He is real duche if there ever was one..

    • enzo is a lazy piece of sh*t!

      he was saying last nite that he’s not going back to work right away when he gets home. he said he needs time to “relax” after this 3 month non-stop JOB on bb”!

      can u imagine??

    • I dont like ragan and I have 4 family members and a best friend who is gay. I dont like what comes out of his mouth there’s a difference. I, think the gays are fun to hang out with ragan is disgusting

    • I DO like GAY PEOPLE, I just don’t like the way he carried on EVERY NITE about rachel! I thought they had mended the situation before she went back to the JH! Met many many GAY”s on my job,Police. I have the utmost RESPECT for THEM and they for me! BUT as the sayin goes, THERES ALWAYS A BAD Apple in the Bunch! When you deal with the public, there are ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE that you are subjected too! So, Please don’t say if we don’t like Ragen we don’t like GAY’s! We, just don’t like his BEHAVIOUR!

    • I don’t like the Ragan creature; he is a despicable and hideous caricature of a gay man. And don’t give me this bull! that this means that I don’t like gays in general. But obviously this is as far as your mental capacity will take you, and such is life, sometimes…

  30. Ragan’s right about Rachel, her face only look’s like it was hit by a flying ” Semi Truck ” or a fast Nascar driven by Jeff Gordon, & then hit again by lighting & a flying tree. She SUCK’S AT LOOK’S. Put that in your pipe & smoke-it Barb.

  31. okay.. we got off track with the luxury comp – sorry!

    back to ragan:

    there is definitely an abundance of personal intolerance here towards ragan. i wonder if his actions and the things he says about rachel would be viewed differently if he were a STRAIGHT guy??

    question: what would you guys call a woman who says she and a friend have an escort business where they travel the country with male clients who cover all expenses and pay an additional $2,000 – $4,000??

      • roflmao – yea – me too joanne!!

        but when i go into this ‘business’, i FULLY expect to be called a wh*re/prostitute/hooker – don’t you??

        rachel told brendon ALL ABOUT this ‘escort business’ of hers one nite on bbad when they were discussing her “VIP waitress” job.
        if the shoe fits…..

    • I like Regan too..but REGAN WAS VERY VERY FOUL MOUTH..I am not a prude or it’s not that I have never used foul or vulgar words cause I have.. but he took it to extremes and gay or not some of those words should never have been used when referring to Rachel or anybody else in the house. Enzo can also be foul mouth and crude when referring to women..Production should have told both of them that they needed to tone it down..but then again Production has done very little to controll anything or anybody in the house this season..

      • Graves I totally agree with you! Didn’t Enzo call one of the females, Britney the “C” word? He is so VULGER! Poor Wifey has to hear it all the time1 lol

      • graves… what about the things rachel said to ragan:

        “why are you such a bitch?”

        “is it because you’re gay?”

        “i love gay people – you’re just not good at it?”

        ragan would never have “went there” if rachel hadn’t started it.

        i think this parrot faced, pimpled chin, fake boobed, hair extentioned, sleezy dressing hooker had it coming.

        she’s a bully.
        all bullies can dish it out..
        VERY FEW can take it.

      • as for enzo?

        he thinks he’s “the jersey godfather”.

        i happen to think he TRULY IS the jerk we see on tv – a very insecure, little man who needs everyone to see him as someone of importance.
        he’s pathetic.

      • That is not what I am making reference too..That was mild compared to some of the words used and things said by Regan and Enzo in reference to women in general not just RACHEL..They used words and made comments that were totally vuglar about was complete trash talk..very discriptive and nasty..IT was like raunchy porn…They have all used words or made remarks about another HG that were rude crude and insulting..But Regan and Enzo took it to extremes..Way extreme..

      • hey graves.. it’s refreshing to be reminded that chivalry is not dead and there are still men out there who have respect for women in general :)

        on the other hand, i think women in general are fully aware of the ones who have no respect for us – and we each find our own way of handling these situations when they arise.

        and on the OTHER other hand, there are also women who generally have no respect for men… how do ya deal with that!?!

    • The people here who hate ragan are the same old trolls who are in every forum bashing Brit n ragan.
      Btw these r the same ppl who say Brit n ragan are obsessed with brencha frigin hypocrites.

      • WE DON”T HATE HIM, just don’t like the things he said about abortion & aids statements! Im not an old Troll, I’m young at HEART! lol

  32. did anyone notice that last night on bbad they still had 5 chairs at the kitchen table? after hoh comp. they come back in the house usually to find one gone but ragans chair was still there. do you think someone is coming back in to surprise them?

  33. gonna eat dinner have a good evening every one thanks CT and Rico for keeping us updated on the show today, it was fun and exciting. be back later.

  34. SO I like how Kathy shuns Matt for lying, but she is fine with her actions. She fought cancer for ten years and her “thank you” at a second chance, and her “thank you” for all of the treatments is a nice pack of smokes.

    I find it more insulting that Kathy looks a gift horse in the mouth than a lie to win a game. I am glad lane and Matt can hang at the JH.

    • I have great respect for Kathy she is a fighter she has battled cancer for 10 year’s..she is a sheriff keeping people safe..and she did what she wanted and voted the way she wanted,,in my opinion Kathy is a winner,,God Bless u Kathy..wish u would of won the show..I believe u could of used the money wisely..sorry u left..and were stuck with the 3 stooges and polly-anna..u win Kathy..

      • Kathy has a second chance at life and she is smoking. Come on. My Mother died of cancer, my brother died from kidney and smoking, etc. She is killing herself, I don’t think her priority is there and then get so mad at Matt for his game play. Sorry but my feelings for Kathy is not as everyone elses. She seems pretty lazy and that this was a vacation for her.

      • Why bother getting treated for cancer if you are going to continue smoking? Seems like a slap in the face to those that devote their lives to curing that horrible disease. Kathy seems like a nice woman but a previous poster was correct – she basically just came into the house for a holiday.

  35. Enzo must be going in circles ..trying to keep tabs on the other 3 so he won’t miss anything..He even slept in the HR with Hayden last nite…His ass ain’t long for next week if Hayden and Lane have their way..Of course Brittney wants him out no doubt about that..It may get

  36. Thanks Matt for this wonderful site! This is my first post of the season and will probably be my last for this season. Thanks to everyone that posts comments on here. You All have made this season awesome for me!!! Much love to all of you and Best Wishes! See Ya Next Year!! And Last I am Team No One! All my Favs are gone!

  37. Christmas in September, Who would have guessed
    At the HOH competition, Everyong did thier best
    Now enzo the man made god, Even had on his magic shoes
    You didn’t win HOH, So I guess You wanted to lose

    ragan had already departed, He went out the door
    Back stabbed like brendon, I guess the even the score
    What goes around, Comes around, This week it happened to you

    When Enzo beat ragan, All week he yelled I’m the man
    But tonight you didn’t win HOH, Don’t want no blood on his hands
    I’m the man, I’m the man, This week Enzo was a bore
    Enzo you have done nothing, One POV is your score

    No Clann Ann I’m the real chris, Not the other Chris thats trying to be a man.

  38. I read alot of post about How is Regan gonna take MATTS LIE about his wife?? Well…How is “everybody” gonna take REGAN being the Sabatour and getting $20,000.00??? Also How will the jury members (minus Matt) react when they find out about the Brigade?? Matt is in enough hot water so he should go ahead and tell the others..If he don’t that is another strike against him..I do believe if the Brigade is reveiled that it will have an impact on the jury votes..And it will not be favorable..

  39. well gonna say goodnight, nancy grace is on. ct and rico thanks for the entertainment today and all the updates nighty

  40. Regan may want to really examine himself like he did other houseguest. His game consisted mainly of bashing houseguest even after they were addictive. He is really to judgemental and rarely talked of his short commings like he did others. I didn’t respect his game. I do wish him the best when he looks back and won’t be so catty in the future, not a mature thing to do.

      • Yes, it will be interesting to see if he still is a Professor after this. Maybe the college he works at will see this and tell him that he will need to go to rehab if he wants to continue to teach our children and young adults. He needs rehab and counseling big time. The poor thing.

  41. Why did Lane DO that? Hayden can not win…”he played a great social game…” !! Really? I want Enzo out of the 3 of them. Hayden took to prizes and no one knows…it will crush his game, if they know before they vote, huh? Lane already has a “cake” life and he has a family and he at least tried to do good giving his clothes away and wearing that damn penguin suit. I like Brittany best, tho,Go Britney.

    • Oh please, Britney is a bitch. She needs to go next. Her attitute needs adjustment. Hopefully she will watch this season and she how bad she is. She is in need of therapy.

  42. oh get over ragon love fest,he is a crybaby a hole.
    i never heard him talk decent about anyone. he is just a gossipy little bitch just like brittney

  43. I am really over people complaining about Ragan & Britney’s bashing of other people. Who cares! Move on. It had NOTHING to do with the game itself. They are the smartest players and best competitors — by far! Rachel is a loser, and she gave the house plenty of material — so they ran with it. Hayden, Bozo and Lane are in the best position by far, but USUALLY this game is meant to be PLAYED, not coasted through. Matt, lies and all, still carried those floaters to where they are. Hayden, Lane & Bozo are the kind of people who just go through life doing the least amount of work as possible. Yes, one of them will win, but can any of them realy claim that they WORKED to Earn that money?

    • well coach, “bozo” claims he worked so hard at this 3 month job that he needs to “relax” for a while before he goes back to work after the show ends…

      but seriously, i HATE seasons like this one. some people will argue that staying low key and letting others do the dirty work throughout the game IS A STRATEGY.

      personally, i disagree with that.

    • Lol u people can’t get over them bashing the same reason u can’t get over Rachel. I’m not a Rachel fan I am anti britch and rags. I kno Rachel can be annoying but those two are incredibly more disgusting. I would actually talk to Rachel if I had the chance and the other housegests but I would never talk to the gruesome twosomes

    • Coach you are right about one thing. Ragen and Britney’s bashing of other people has nothing to do with the game. Isn’t it a shame that they do that. And isn’t it interesting that all the so called smart people have been evited, leaving the four people that are not that smart.

  44. say what you will… but this season would have been a TOTAL BUST without ragan, rachel, brendon & enzo’s radical behavior. if you want “nice” tv, you’ve been watching the wrong show.

    just don’t forget —- to keep things interesting, the diary room production crew “pushed” all of the hgs into a lot of what you didn’t like. sad.. but TRUE.

    • I agree, CT. “Nice” tv, is just not juicy. If people want nice, they should watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.


    • the nominations must be going on now, george.

      live feeds are on “trivia” – meaning unavailable – and have been that way for over an hour.

      • hey chris… nice to ‘see’ you :)

        britney & lane… no surprise there. i’m actually GLAD that hayden nominated brit – it will make her play harder so she wins the pov.

        she will use it on herself… enzo goes up and she puts him out the door.

        if enzo or hayden win pov – britney’s gone.

        but if LANE wins it, do you think he will evict britney or enzo??

  45. OH Hayden did put Britney up! Well they all play for POV, right! I’m really not rooting for any of them but let the best HG win. I don’t think she has a chance against the boys! They will get rid of her like they did to the others!

  46. Oh So happy to See ” EARL ” is down to a TROPICAL STORM! Worried about the folks along the EASt coast. So glad we didn’t get his effects in DE.! Prayers do help! :)

    • Hi Clare Ann, hows it going?? Has anyone heard from Sister J? So Hayden put up britches ad my boy Lane!!
      Lane asked for this one!! It will be interesting to see if he can dig himself out of this one!!

  47. @Clare Ann, Tishe this is just for you, And maybe all the others hahah

    But first I have to ask Neil Sedaka to forgive me:

    Please please neil forgive me:

    For all you Enzo fans:

    Oh! Enzo you are but a fool
    Enzo we love you, Though you treat us cruel
    You always talk so stupid, And you make us cry
    But without your meny comments we would surley die

    Enzo you will never win Big Brother
    you can’t win, This you have to know
    So please leave us, Say you have to go

    You will always be a loser
    No matter what you do
    Oh! Enzo you are but a fool

    Oh! Enzo We are but your fans
    We love you, So won’t you start acting like a man
    You hurt us, and you make us cry
    Oh! Enzo can’t wait for to say goodbye

    Enzo you will never win Big Brother
    No matter how hard you try
    I think it’s time to say bye bye

    You will always be a loser
    No matter what you do
    Oh! Enzo you ar but a fool

    Once again Neil I’m sorry, please forgive me

    • Aw, Chris- that-is-Great!!!
      Just logged in and there it is!!
      I love it!! Has anyone read it? Just got here!!
      It has been a long time since I heard that song, but you my friend brought it back!!

    • O Chris, people say your wonderful,
      but inside ur trully fake,

      Like Britney, your arguments lacks purpose,
      so inevitably seals your fate,

      so when u mention ENZO,
      please dont spread your “HATE”,

      He is the ENZO- The AMAZING
      CHRIS your not so great

      P.S. BRIGADE

      • @slydog: Attacking me won’t make Enzo any better, Never said i hated him just don’t like, and for being fake, I think your talking about youself, You knoway about opinions, there just like a$$holes and you are one.

    • OK it was asked so I’ll bet rico to it:

      This goes with “When the work is done this Fall” by Michael Martin Murphey

      It happen yesterday, This is what I saw
      It was so darn funny, I almost lost it all
      Ragan came down the street, Sing a little song
      I’m in a hurry can’t wait, Must be moving on

      It looked so funny, The way ragan moved his feet
      Sometimes dancing on the curb, Sometimes in the street
      He kept on sing, But has a frown on his face
      I’m on my way to the jury house, Hope they saved a place

      Yes they stabbed me in the back, Boy I saw it coming
      I was in the Big Brother house, And could start running
      Enzo went back to mount olympus, Because he’s a man’s man
      I’ll be in the jurt house, Counting my 20 gran

      • heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!!
        Chris-that is GREAT!!
        Rico will have to be challenged again!!
        I really loved it!!
        It matches the music so well!!!

      • das right! they sure gave away lots of $ this season! monet got $10K, so did britt, ragan got $20K, and then there are bb winner’s 1/2mil, 2nd place $50K, and the online voting winner $25K! oh and rachel got $5K

  48. HI Tishe, waited for you to come back last nite after you watched the show but no posting popped up. I felt all alone ! I was still on line when you did that post but it just wasn’t there on mine! You got to read all day post Whew! It should’ve been a full moon! Everybody going CRAZY! There you go Christ the great make one up about the BB Fans with Patsy Cline CRAZY LOL :)

    • Well, well, I finally caught up with ya!!
      Some of you folks are to keep up with on all the posts!! Sorry, I missed ya last night!!
      Hang in there, Rico will make a song for ya!!
      Chris did an awesome JOB!!!
      You know it is funny!!!

      • Tishe Rico did a song for me tonight. It was Really Good but I want him to have Rachel saying it to Ragen. But I got abig kick out of it! These Guys should be song writers! They shoud be rollin in DOUGH, BIG BUCKS! :)

      • Okay, I found it!!
        WOW! I have always said it,since I found this website, you people are excellent writers!!
        Now, we have turned it into music!! There is nothing better than sound of music to our BB!!! I bow my heart to you folks!!
        @ Rico!!
        @ Chris-the-Great
        @ Q
        @ Jadelle
        @ Trish
        @ Stoker
        @ Sterling
        @ Our Sister J
        @ the ones I can not remember!!
        i am bad

  49. Yall know last night the poem about the letter to BB, I forgot to ask for some nuts to go with the cherries and whip cream,

  50. Tishe , Rico wrote it & put it on the SITE : WEEk 9 What lies Ahead! ok He did it before he went out tonite.

    • heh-heh, found it all by myself!!!
      Clare Ann, It is your turn!!
      I have wrote (I will not give up my day job)
      We have not heard from you!
      You are a pretty hilarious woman!!
      You would like it. Think about it and then just start writing!
      I promise, you will have fun!!

  51. I’m only good on one liners! I can’t do what those guys can do! They are way to GOOD to match them. OMG they have me rollin on the floor!

  52. Just wasn’t thinking, So I’ll say goodnight, And I’ll start working on that reguest, with PC

    See yall tomorrown and tell rico he missed it

    bye bye

  53. Tishe, Thank you for the compliment! I know I am funny, cause I can go to a party & not have 1 drink & I always make people laugh! Don’t get me wrong,I like to have mix drink & wine, but I let my hubby have all the drinks cause I’m D-Driver. WOW,if I was in BB house & drank 1 beer OMG BEER hits me real fast. You would need to be close to the bathroom or wear a Depends cause you would be laughing & rollin on the floor! :)

      • Tishe Where is everyboby? OMG the fans are really bored! They must,ve went to bed! I,m watchin Brit in bed in HOH Talking to Haydon & tellin him Enzo would win the big prize! Lane & Enzo went to bed down stairs. They all think they have POV Comp later today! They will be surprise on live WED!

      • HELLO! tHIS IS SO HILARIOUS!! Clare Ann where is your sister??
        Where is sister J???
        I read some of trish’s earlier stuff, but no longer. My boy,Lane will pull this off!! Then I woke up.

  54. Hi Jadelle, I think our friends went to bed! Tishe & I are here, Chris the great just said good nite!

  55. Oh you need to read the post from the whole day cause ppl went CRAZY & Off the wall with each other!

    • Is there such a thing as a FULL MOON during the Daylight? LOL Cause it felt like it today! LOL

    • Well I think Enzo found THEM! Hands in the Pants right now, he’s makin up a speech, but as he lays in the bed, the covers are JUMPIN! OH I wonder if the BED bUGS are in his bed! lol

    • Sweetie, right here!!
      Yes, there is such a thing as a full moon during daylight!! Yes,I went looking for nuts, didn’t have to go far!!
      I found the “Best nuts in the whole fricken cyber-space!!”

  56. Enzo is a Big Creep ! He has been around the block a time or two. Don’t care for him, & did’t from the get-go. He is allallallallallllll, mouth & no brain. I wonder if his ” Mother knew he was born without a ” Brain ” ??????

    • Enzo is lazy and has very bad manners. BB needs to know when to turn off the mike’s of these people, especially when they eat. Enzo is very loud when he eats. Bad

  57. That fight between Rachel and Ragan in the Jury house will be majorly sidetrack after Rag learns about Matt’s lies…

    • Regan needs to accept the fact that he really didn’t make any true friends with Big Brothers household as he thought he did. He said Britney and Matt are his best friends forever. Yea, right, I thought he was smart being a professor and all. Once he sees the shows he will realize this is a false realization. His dream will turn into a nightmare. His love for Matt will fade and turn to hatress, like is past lovers who left him.

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