Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations Revealed

Last night on Big Brother 12 there was a great cliffhanger with the HoH competition featuring Hayden, Enzo, and Britney as they raced to “decorate” their Christmas trees first. If you missed those spoilers then check them out here to set the stage for this week’s nominations.

Read on to find out just who are the new HoH’s targets for next Thursday night.

Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations:

Hayden, the new HoH as of last night’s late comp, has nominated:

  • Lane
  • Britney

No real surprise here. Britney was obvious but Hayden had to pick either Lane or Enzo and after last week’s nominations Hayden had a perfect excuse.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. The Power of Veto competition will be held on Wednesday during the special live episode, but the HGs don’t know that and are expecting the comp on Saturday.

What do you think of Hayden’s nominations? He didn’t have many options and with the power of the Veto this week it didn’t much matter who he nominated.

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    • I agree Enzo needs to go. He is getting on my nerves. He is just a floater and doesn’t deserve to be in the final three. He has not won an HOH like the rest!

    • I really would like Britney to be one of the final 2 since she really played a good game and put up with all the guys in the end so well. She and lane are such good friends too. I love the way he teases her like a little sister and she takes it nice too. Enzo is funny but I have 4 sons who would never use the foul langage like he does and in every sentice mutiply times. He’s so crude and has a daughter. I do have to say if I went to dinner with him once as a date I would never see him again. He can not close his mouth when he chews and makes so much noise it gives me the creeps. I am 77 yrs old and from South Jersey and he makes me ashamed to watch a fellow Jersey person acting the way he does. Shirley

      • Lane and Brit are friends, Shirley George? Friends? What show are you watching? Friends don’t talk about how their significant others are going to fight after the show. These two are not friends- they are in love with each other.
        Lane and Brit AMAZING RACE


      • I disagree Hayden would most likely loose against Enzo bc Enzo would get more of the votes!! He has the best chance against Brit or lane

  1. why backdoor enzo? he has NO case on why he can win…if im lane, I take enzo, if Im hayden I take enzo if Im brit, I take enzo…

    why? you can beat enzo…he has ONE POV win.

    I would have nominated enzo…as I fear lane or brit will win pov for tv value

    • Nominations do not matter this week. You have to win the POV to decide who goes home. The lone HG not on the block will cast the only vote to send someone to the jury house – this is the most important comp up to this point.

      • Enzo does not deserve to be in the final 3. It’s all about him and he’s running scared now, that’s why he’s talking so much B.S. He thinks he’s in charge!! It should be Brit. If not, then Hayden.. They both have really played the game.

      • And the way this whole season has been the jury will vote on who they think their friend is rather then who played the Big Brother game the best.

      • i don’t understand why everyone thinks enzo has friends in the jury house. he maybe has brendan and raechel. and they are the big supporters of getting the floaters out. lol. enzo is the biggest of all floaters. nobody is going to vote him to win.

      • No Patti! Enzo would get Rach, Brendon, Matt, Ragan & Lane (if Brit is gone) that’s all he needs! Lane shoulda got Brit to boot Hayden last week and then Enzo would be gone! Would made a great final two and a close call..fairly even on the votes!

      • If the jury house had any sense, they would put their personal feelings aside and vote for WHO PLAYED THE GAME THE BEST. That’s how they SHOULD be voting. If they vote fairly, Enzo has no chance of winning the half million because he has been a floater the whole time. Britney has actually played the game, without alliances. She has been on her own since Monet left. The brigade has been floating few (with the exception of Hayden). Personally, I think Brittney is the best player left in this game. Bottoms line, the jury house should know not to vote for a friend, but rather, the best player.

  2. well at-least for me hopefully brit can win POV which the hg dont know is soooooooooooooo far away from now. thats either alot of time to relax and get a good mindset or to be nervous for the next 5 days.

    i dont know if brit won 10G’s, she was saying she didnt earler i thought, and now she basically agreed that she did. and if she did, good because the odds are stacked, and basically….she aint makin final 2, ESPECIALLY if she plays the way she did in the last HOH. wew!

    i need to see his DR’S but i get the feeling lane has abandoned his perfect plan to keep brit for final 2 and re-align with BRUH! BRUH! BRUH! BRUGADE! :(

    ive said it like 5 times so i will summarize it. it would be a dumb move to not take her to final 2. period.

    enzo is like a coin. one side is a funny dude, with a funny accent and the other side (tails lol) is the dude who talks shet and acts like he is always in power.

    hopefully if (big if) hollywood hayden (alliteration) can win the game he will be good luck for the AZ Cardinals, were gonna need it.

    • @Marcus hey brother how ya doing, At last we agree on somthing, Lane should have taken Hayden out when he HOH, Now he just might not make it to the finally 2, Also has any one on the house found out what CIV is? He was reading the states last night, Said MI was miami.

    • Hey, we beat the Washington Redskins last night, so that’s at least a step in the right direction. LOL. But I’m with you. Hayden is our mascot and lucky charm. Go, Hayden, win it all!!!

  3. I was happy to hear Hayden had won HOH. And i like the final four. Ive been rooting for the Brigade all season. Hayden is my fave, and im not sure about if Enzo or Lane is my second fave. Anyway, enjoy reading the spoilers. :) God bless guys.

  4. Man I’m mad that I have to wait till Wednesday to know who won the veto. :(

    Hoping for a notorious win from Brit! I want her to survive. She’s played her butt off. Brit & Hayden should be the final 2 standing.

    • The POV isn’t being played till Wednesday, so it’s not like BB is hiding anything from us. POV, the Veto ceremony and the next elimination are all going to be played out live on Wednesday, so you’re not missing a thing till then. Literally, I bet. Could be a very boring week in the BB house with nothing going on till Wednesday.

      • Well nothing has changed there is never any excitement in the house this year….The jury house was a great show thursday

  5. The brigade is ridiculous and has been from the get go. Enzo is THEE WORST player of all of the seasons. I mean come on, does the dude REALLY think hes done that much or that he has that much power? Talk about dilusional. None of the three of those guys have done anything worthy of winning the game. Matt took them this far and look how they thanked him. This game should have come down to Matt, Ragan, Britany or Brendon winning. They are the only ones that half arse played! All in all, I really hope CBS is more thoughtful of the cast should there be a next season. This one was by far the worst season yet.

    • Well, they have to have done SOMETHING worthy, because they’re all still there. Maybe flying under the radar is the best way to play – or, at least, was the best way to play with this season’s cast of characters. At any rate, in this season, like in every other season, the best man (or woman) will win.

      • I agree! Every season people complain when players backstab each other. Now we have players being loyal and everyones still complaining! The brigade totally deserves to be there, like it or not!

    • Tee, you may think enzo is the worst player. But the fact that he is in the final 4 is considered a good player.

    • this season the brigade could just take a nap and make the final 4. honestly if they had wanted matt to b there he would have been. they used him and that was a good move. when it gets down to now matt could win enough competitions to make the final 2 and win the game

    • I think the brigade is one of the best allinces in bb. It is the only one that ever went so far without being found out. So what they did not have to fight that hard that is why they team up. Matt would never have been voted out if he had not made a side allince with Regan and Brit. The guys knew and could not trust him any longer. even Matt in the DR was saying he was thinking of voteing aginst the guys and with Regan and Brit. So those 3 where not so stupid as you all think they knew Matt was wavering could not be trusted they made the right move…Look bottom line anyone still there is a better player than those voted out!!!!

    • I heard this is the last BB. Maybe it would be best looking at the HG’S. The reason Enzo thinks he is so powerful is the people in the DR have told him that he is everyones favorite..The real Enzo came out and I don’t think he is too popular anymore..They also told him in the DR room how funny he is.Am I missing something here?

  6. I got a feeling that Britney ain’t going anywhere…I just can’t see the house with the final 3 being guys, not sure if it’s ever happened either. But yea idc who wins, as long as it ain’t lame. but if he wins pov that would be ok, cuz he wouldn’t vote to evict Britney.

      • As much as I can’t stand Britney, I think the smart move would be to keep her for the final 2. Whoever goes against her will win. Britney will never get the votes from the Jury House. People keep saying that Enzo didn’t play the game. Enzo is not my favorite but look he is still there. Enzo just didn’t play the game the way some people thought he should. He must have done something right to be in the final four.

      • I hope she gets the boot this week. I can not stand her. She hasnt played the game, all she did was kiss the HOH’s ass the whole week to keep herself off the block. She throws everybody under the bus. I think she would do it to her own mother to win 500k. She is a mean spirited person and I hope she leaves this week.

        Also, they said they have the best ratings. I find it so hard to believe because this has been the worst BB season ever. They are all so predictable. Hopefully, next season will be better

      • Can’t stand Britney! I hope she doesn’t win the veto comp. I want her to go. She is like an irritating little mosquito buzzing around.

      • Interesting women hate Brit!?! She has played well and tho she may not ever have a chance to be your best friend, she did what she did to survive! That’s what this game is..hang in there until you can make a move. She, like Enzo and others talk trash about others but she plays them well and deserves to get a shot at the final 3. Enzo, a notorious big mouth floater should go next leaving the power 3! Lane has a chance against Brit but not vs Hayden. What would you do? Brit has no chance vs Hayden! None have a chance vs Enzo..the jury house is made up of a number of bad sports who would deny anyone they don’t like. Hayden is the only one who could sway the jury.

    • That’s an interesting scenario. If Lane wins POV, he’d remove himself off the block, leaving Britney and an empty seat, to be filled by Enzo. Then Lane would vote Enzo out, leaving the final 3 to battle it out – and, because the 3-part final challenge can go in so many different directions, it’s basically a crapshoot from there. That would be fun to watch.

    • I believe three guys were left during the Four Horseman season. It can happen – Lane or Britney would need to win POV.

      • no, scott and jase went out 4th and 5th. they didn’t even make jury house. the final 3 in season 5 were cowboy, drew, and diane. dre evicted diane and took cowboy to the final 2. drew then won.

    • I hope it is Brittany who is out the door. She’s tried to side up with everyone in the house at one point but really hasn’t won much. All she does is talk crap about everybody but Lane. She is a snobby spoiled brat. Seriously, she is as horible as Enzo!

      • Doesn’t every player at one point, side up to everybody, that’s how you stay in the house, by sucking up to the person with power. I think Brit played a great game and she happens to be the most popular house guest left in the house.

  7. PoV is the only thing that matters this week. They get to pick who they want to leave as well. So… Go Lane & Britney FIGHT!!!

  8. he could be thinkin that enzo has not won anything except 1 pov brit or lane can win and he puts enzo up lane/brit will both vote enzo out no blood on his hands by getting enzo out or hayden wants brit out he wins pov and brit goes home via enzo he and lane can battle enzo and win final hoh and the last 2 hayden/lane exciting even if hayden/enzo backdoor lane they did it matt

  9. I want brit in the final 2. .she has won the most.. lane does not need the money. i like to see hayden with brit.. well, we will all know wed night.

  10. I don’t care who wins; anyone except Brittney that is. That girl is just too mean & self absorbed. I get Enzo is annoying but Lane has done just as much floating as Enzo. Both of them have only won one competition each. I think Hayden should win over Enzo or Lane. His big move was getting rid of Brendon. Just HOPE he doesn’t take Brittney don’t want her to get anymore money. She was great at competitions but as a person she is awful. Afraid money will just make her worse…

    • Briteny really has turned out to be awful, it showed the first week when she bad mouthed Rachael behind her back so much. I hope her boyfriend takes a good long look at what he is getting himself into. I would be so ashamed to have her has a daughter.

      • I don’t know where all you ladies got this Brit-hatred from.
        And I can tell you that she has more options for guys than nick does for other girls right now. This said, I do expect to hear about a Brit-lane wedding within one year.

      • I thik britt, is a spoiled, concieded brat! and the way her and her little boyfriend talked about rachel and brenden, was just terrible! they make me sick!

      • Joan-Everyone talked about Brachel like that! They are delusional morons! In love after 10 days? HELLO? They are a bit too old to think like that and besides it cost them the game! Rachel is a disgusting beotch! Fake right down to her phoney Chemist degree! She can’t add 1+1 and get 2! Both of them are trash and are right where they belong. I respect your opinion however misguided I believe it to be.

      • can you people shut up about brit trash talking, you’re doing the same thing right now, come on rachel and brendon were f****** annoying, who didn’t make fun of them, imagine if you were in the house with them 24/7.

      • About Btitney maybe she not as bad as we think..She must have have some good qualities..She said last night that she could reconize a good person,because she is not one,so at least she knows it and she knows her mother is the same,but worse then her. Maybe she will grow out of it. When she has a child she will have to.

  11. I’m so tired of picking a favorite because they need money. That show could be called charity case. Go with who played the best game however you think the game should be played. Vote for most wins , social game, whatever just leave need out of it.

      • I agree Linda, who cares who needs it, I’m sure its more money then any of them have ever had. Only Regan, Matt and Brenden know how to play this game, Hayden is catching on but he still can’t make the power moves either.

  12. The reality is that this game brings out the worst in people. Nevertheless, Hayden should win even though I can’t stand him. Brendan was my favorite by far. What a complete waste of time.

  13. buenos noches bb post-ers, poets & nifties! :)

    yahhh lane and britt are up, thank goodness, hayden shoulda kicked them out longggg time ago, that bro-gade alliance is Ova! we all know where lusty loafer lanes loyalties lie! he said it he wants to take britt to the final 2, and hay wants to take enzo, not britt not lane, though with 3 hoh wins, he has a case to win against all of them, he has the best pkg – comp wins and social game – to win bb12, and its well deserved too! that next pov is crucial, it will determine who goes home b-c that winner will be the ONLY VOTER!

  14. i really like Enzo…he’s funny and i din’t he really gives a SH%T about anything! BB is not survivor…the elements of their living conditions are alot diff than BB! they get to live in a beautiful house with beds, showers, swimming pools, and food even when there on slop! i personally dont think any of the BB house guest could survive 1-2 dys on survivor! so i thinks it’s realy hard to say well so and so didn’t win anything…who cares! those were games…it’s not like yhay person couldnt get the fire started for the whole tribe!!! so i don’t base who i want to win this game on how many what evers they’ve won…cuz theyve all been diff types of competions and if ur name masnt drawn you didnt even get a chance to win!!! but i was ROTFl when crybaby ragan thru the cd and hit Enzo in the head off that big dumb clam!!! lol

  15. BBAD late last night Enzo’s reading of the corona bottle back states was hilarious,what a fn stooge he is.Really,ME=minneapolis,MI=miami,MA=maine……hahaha! Lane just chucked,but didnt correct him.That guy deserves everything he gets when he goes back to that sh$#hole Bayone,NJ.

  16. Now we get to watch Lane spit what I assume are sunflower seeds into a plastic bottle for the next two weeks. I may go ahead and cancel feeds.
    Getting a little bored with BB, bring on Survivor and Amazing Race and please BB, don’t bring any of these houseguests back for all-stars, if there is one, well, maybe Ragan. They are already so full of themselves it is ridiculous, that is all they would need, more TV exposure.

  17. Let’s hope Hayden bags the POV. If Enzo (Big Pu**y) has to compete head to head against Brit and Lane, he’ll lose. Again. Then he’s up and he’s toast.

    Prefer Brit to win the whole thing. Of those left, she’s played the hardest (mostly on her own). And her drunk sexy eyes bit when they had on the sock puppets was hilarious. Plus, we need to see more of her in bikinis. Perhaps there should be another Pandora’s Box and the punishment is that everyone has to wear swimwear until the finale. Then Hayden can win $18, which is more than he earned all last year!

    • Let’s hope Hayden does not win POV, don’t you think he will keep noms the same and Brit will go home? Do you think he wants Enzo to go home?

    • Depends on how you look at it. Brit’s played a good game, but having an alliance go that far without being detected is also an accomplishment. If Brigade players win competitions now, that will bolster their argument.

      • Ya, I don’t get it? Ragan didn’t make a big closing speech and state his awareness of the alliance with the boys! Why? Brit made a comment to Lane about it and he was dumbfounded..didn’t know what to say to her! So wouldn’t you think she would have told Lane she wanted Hayden to go last week when she had the chance. Would have definitely proved if Ragan was telling the truth and then she could have reacted in the following week (by distancing from Lane since she would then know that she had little chance of the final 3!) Maybe she could have cut a deal w/Hayden and Enzo by fabricating a story about Lane wanting them gone..which isn’t far from the truth!)

    • Thank you AK for supporting my view that Brit is hilarious. And so frigging foxy too. With some training – which CBS should start her on right away – she has an enormous future in the entertainment industry.

      Give Brit a show- CBS
      Lane and Brit amazing race
      Surrender nick

  18. Britney is the worst human being on all of Big Brother. She is a snake. Her nasty comments on the live feed about Rachel is beyond reality. She knows that she is ruining Rachel’s reputation in front of millions and she gets a sick satisfaction from it. That is truly a scumbag thing to do. Ragan, the ultimate self righteous being, has also jumped on that bandwagon, but at least he addressed his issues to Rachel’s face.
    Rachel as of now still thinks that her and Britney were friends. She will feel crushed and betrayed when she watches the After Dark show. Britney is a real BULLY/MEAN GIRL.
    Honestly, even though Rachel is loud and obnoxious, she comes off as a genuine and loyal. I know many people like Brendon and he’s a sincere and nice guy who just wants to be a normal guy and fit in with the rest of the gang. Britney had everything handed to her, spoiled is an understatement, and relies on her looks to get the men on her side. However, she is the type of person that would leave her fiance and humiliate him on live television by flirting with Lane and using him to get to the final 2. Sounds like Bratney just wants to ride the 15 seconds of fame trail and she’s the actual person whoring herself out, not Rachel. The only way Britney will make it to Final 2 is if she’s sleeping with someone on the Big Brother production, and I wouldn’t put that past her. To be honest, you can tell on the live feed that she gets inside information, and the fact that she made it this far is because Production has allowed her.

    • Britney has used her sex appeal to get through the game. What do you think Rachel was doing, hell, she was half naked most of the time she was there. I don’t think she has been whoring herself out. Knowing your strong feelings about Britney, I guess you think it was okay for the idiot Bozo Enzo to call her a c*** on the live feeds one night.
      He is one disgusting individual.

      • Lynn,

        Rachel was half naked, but she took ownership of who she was, even though it was over the top. Britney on the other hand is hypocritical and talks about Rachel being slutty and a porn star, yet she will wear something just as slutty. Britney constantly ruined Rachel’s reputation. Rachel was just playing a game. There is a difference.

      • everyone can have a personal opinion about BB HG’s, but the person who wins should be the one who played the game the best, made power moves, and had some sort of strategy. Hopefully, that will happen.

      • Nice….No one this entire season has described that whore Britney better than you just did…Every single word you wrote is 100% true…All of you Britwhore lovers pay attention..or do you just enjoy having your head pissed on and being told it’s raining…

      • Nice- Seems everybody including the HGs forgot about that issue! I think I may agree with you about Lane and Hayden. Why would he not have gotten rid of Hayden last week if it weren’t true? I thought it was Kathy and Brit since there is such a resemblance (aunt-niece?) but I guess we’ll find out. Maybe it was Matt and Ragan–the Bromance? $500K changes a lot of things and the winner can always give some of the $$$to the buddy if they want! Go into the game with a 50/50 agreement and double your chances!

    • Uh, Wow, um, I actually tried to read all that!
      I think our moderator is taking a power nap!!
      So, again, uh,um,wow.

    • Two thumps up with two back flips. I hope that we can see her reaction when she find out that we look at her worse then Rachel. I don’t understand how any one can i talk about someone the way her and Regan did.

      • High Five, Liz. Also to Lynn: I don’t agree with what Enzo’s C word to Britney, but here’s the thing, Enzo only has about 10 words in his vocabulary, and seven of them are swear words. He really wanted to say that Britney is a backstabbing, evil, demonic being disguised as a 3 feet nothing. Lynn, if you heard Britney say that Rachel is a porn star that had to quit because she got STDs, is by far worse than Enzo’s slang.

      • Rachel was horriable in the house, on bbad and the live feeds. She started the smack talking right off the bat, all the way through her “Im back B*tches” and owey gooey cookies.

        And lets not forget Brendumb who just about punched and totally degraded Brit and Ragen when Rachel was still in the house. After she left, I actually started to like him as a player, but not as a person.

        Bottom line is no ones hands are clean. They all said nasty things, but I think “outing” Ragean and the way Rachel talked about him was far worse than anything ANYONE else has said in the house.

        BUT you will see in the jury house, they all will kiss and make up, because they having nothing to fight about. Well, execpt matt! LOL!

    • Hey Nice are you aka Rachel?? What game were you watching?? I would be on Brit’s team over Rachel anyday.Rach is a psyco completely nuts I think bipolar and if not bipolar suffering from a severe case of adhd or something but meds is what she needs.

    • I agree with everything you said. I can’t stand britt. She is a spoiled two faced brat. I wish Rachel could sue her for all the horrible things she has said about her!

  19. Britney is the real porn star with those ugly dark roots and stripper blonde hair. Have you seen Big Brother After Dark? She wears shorts that show off way more than Rachel ever showed. She also picks her nails and eats it. That is so gross. She also eats food with her mouth open. I’m glad taht she thinks she is a classy person. I can’t wait until her sex tape is leaked all over the internet.

    • Nice, your name really fits you!!
      Tell us, what do ya really think!
      No, wait, don’t answer that.tee-hee

      • Oh, Lisa, Envy and Jealousy is not part of Nice’s vocabulary. I think Britney is a very pretty girl and can be funny at times. If she actually had a decent personality and a genuine soul, then I would love for a woman to single handedly take down the Brigade. However, just because she looks nice on the outside, does not mean there is any decency down under. She needs someone NICE like me to put her in her place for once. Then maybe she can work on treating people better. Don’t forget that Ragan was a good friend to her, and she also threw him under the bus to the Brigade. She also threw Kristen under the bus when Rachel was HOH and shared a BATH with her! She promised Brendon that she would not put him on the block, and the next week she did. She also back doored Matt when she promised she wouldn’t. Need I go on? She is the real GREMLIN of the house.

  20. Enzo is going to lose it when he finds out that the POV is not going to be held until Wednesday during a live show. He thinks it is Saturday. This will really screw him up. Get ready to hear the F word 200 times a day for the next five days.

    • Nope, nope, I think I’ll pass on that one!!
      Oh, hey Lynn, whatcha think the folks living in Vegas, think of our girl Rachael!! (she is Vegas)

    • true still, that’s a whole other 3 days for that stuff! that means no more spoilers until the live show! alas what shall we do?

    • Do you think that production is going to tell them tomorrow, or are they just going to make them sweat it until Wednesday? I hope that they tell them soon so that Enzo will shut up about it. He’s so annoying tonight – and gross with his hands down his pants again. Does he seriously think that he’s going to get a standing ovation when he walks out the door on Thursday?

    • And “Yo this aint right” over and over. Funny thing is when he is safe, he is cocky and complains about the ones crying on the block.. but when he was on the block and add in the have not.. he was worse than them!

      • the problem i have with her is i cant stand people who talk crap about other people. Like when she makes fun of people i hate girls like that. She must have been picked on in school. So now she thnks she can make fun of everyone else.

      • I think Enzo is the only one who will be able to beat Hayden in Jury, however, Brendon and Rachel seem to be fair and I think they will vote based on competitions, which obviously Hayden won more of. Enzo made the Brigade, so he should be final 2 at least.

      • not so sure about that, Rach was still bit*hing in the jury house on lastnights / this mornings show! Just like Brit and Ragen, she is not done complaining either.

        Wondering if Brendumb is having second thoughts yet! LOL!

    • Rachel is a typical gold digger. The “VIP Hustlers” are at every hotel in Vegas. Dozens upon dozens of them. When I’m there on business I avoid it like the plague.

  21. They HAVE to make it a POV that they know Brit will win and throw in a new “expect the unexpected” and let Brit chose who replaces her, thus Enzo. and poof he’s outta here yo!

    • Of course they’re going to cater the POV to Britney. She’s sleeping with the whole production crew.

    • Rather than slandering her, over and over, the very thing you are here complaining about HER doing… Why dont you just say the POV will cater to her because she is the last female in the house and they want ratings or something else..

      I have been posting here since he beginning and have never seen such a night of awful accusations on people.

      • its going to be ok. Its just a joke. And do watch the show do you not see how mean she is. When no one can hear her she making fun of them takes real balls to make fun of peolpe behind there back

      • Jennifer,

        Reposting just for you below. I’m giving Bratney a taste of her own medicine and referencing the After Dark shows, so keeping the slandering to only “sleeping with the whole production crew” Everything else is fact!

        I think Britney is a very pretty girl and can be funny at times. If she actually had a decent personality and a genuine soul, then I would love for a woman to single handedly take down the Brigade. However, just because she looks nice on the outside, does not mean there is any decency down under. She needs someone NICE like me to put her in her place for once. Then maybe she can work on treating people better. Don’t forget that Ragan was a good friend to her, and she also threw him under the bus to the Brigade. She also threw Kristen under the bus when Rachel was HOH and shared a BATH with her! She promised Brendon that she would not put him on the block, and the next week she did. She also back doored Matt when she promised she wouldn’t. Need I go on? She is the real GREMLIN of the house.

      • Dawn, I am a BB Addict, and my name is Jennifer! LOL! =) I watch the show, the feeds and BBAD in case I miss the feeds. :)

        I see it all, hear it all. I agree, she does complain to the point of it being annoying, and I am sure some of the production has quit beacuse of hearing it over and over (lol). However, it is working for her, she is still in the game.

      • Nice – It is a game. She even admitted in her diary room chats with production that she was planning on throwing anyone and everyone under the bus. It’s a game… How about Enzo and the brigade throwing matt under the bus? And Hayden saying he would not try to sway votes away fro kristen, but he did.. need I go on too? Its a game, you do and say whatever you need to, to win.

        Like Matt’s lie, I am dying, I am a young mom with 3 young kids and I am NOT offended he used a cause to get further in the GAME. Someone pulls something sililar on every REALITY show, even in pst seasons of BB, Survivor etc..

    • yup i agree jen, they do not want to give out brigade shirts, so they’re goin’ to make sure a girl gets to the F3! so i say a quiz comp!

    • Nice—->NOT so Nice!
      As I said before, you women hate her because of the way she looks and plays! Guys generally feel just the opposite. Strange, eh? I didn’t like her early on cuz she was whiny and bitchy but she came around as time went on. At first she hated everyone in the house but now, she has friends there. Good for her in her transition…we’d all be much like her when locked up in that house with strangers who are looking to deny you of you right to win the game!

    • Enzo is street smart. He knows who to surround himself with. He has no talent, no coordination, no real skills or intelligence. However, he is good at observing people and who to attach himself to. I never understood why he included Lane in the Brigade in the very beginning, but he saw something in him that I would have never guessed. Cats observe and don’t get dirty until they have to.

      • I agree i have watched Big brother from the start. And i knew he would make it this far i just hope he can hang in there until the final 2

      • Nice, he is not street smart. You have just insulted “true street smart people!”
        The weasel got lucky!

      • Exactly, Dawn! This whole house is a bunch of followers! They all vote together, because they’re all afraid to go against the grain. Enzo is the leader of the Brigade and the house kind of unconciously follows him. Even Matt was blindsided by the Brigade, and was okay with it to stay cool with them! Say what??? Matt should have started some mad crap when he was put on the block by BRATNEY. Matt actual was loyal to the Brigade and that’s what got him chopped…as well as Britney’s backstabbing.

      • I just hope this next pov isnt all about keeping Britney. Sometimes this show makes me mad. They make it easy for some people to win.

      • Tishe, for someone as dumb as Enzo comes off, he obviously has MAD street smarts! I don’t think I could ever pull off that kind of wheeling and dealing and he really does have influence on the votes. I didn’t like him in the beginning of Big Brother with all of his Meow Meow talk (I never got what that meant), but people feel comfortable with him. No one votes him off because they don’t think he’s a threat. He has never been HOH, and yet he’s still there! Goes way beyond luck. And I don’t think he’s using any sex appeal with the Big Brother production to stick around…

      • Actually, Matt started the alligance. He brought in Enzo last, if I remember correct.. and I could be wrong, but I know 100% Matt was the mastermind behind the brigade.

      • From the Prime Time Show, it was Enzo who formed the Brigade! He went to Hayden’s HOH room and had the meeting with Hayden, Matt, and Lane. He even gave everyone the nicknames. I didn’t watch the live feed in the beginning, so I might have missed Matt being the creator, but pretty sure it was Enzo.

  22. Here’s the scene:

    Lane is alone in the Cabana Room, talking to the camera and telling us his innermost thought (yes, I said “thought”… he only has one). For some strange reason, his thought is coming out to the tune of “Top of the World” by The Carpenters.

    And here it is:

    Such a feeling’s coming over me
    There’s a tingle in a place the sun don’t see
    Britney’s shorts are so high, to the top of her thigh
    They’re so short I’m learning gynecology

    Britney gets me hotter than the sun
    When she’s near I sweat more than a pregnant nun
    And she screws with my head, even sleeps in my bed
    When her boyfriend’s gone we’ll really have some fun

    I’m on the top of Brit’s world, gettin’
    All her flirtation
    And the only complication I can find
    Is the anger Nick’s found as he sees us mess around
    Britney’s put me on the top of the world

    Someone in this house has skewed my game
    And she’s teased me ’til I can’t recall my name
    We will wrestle and play, bedroom eyes all the day
    Her poor man back home will never be the same

    There is only one thing on my mind
    When this game is through I hope that I will find
    That the game she has played, ended with me getting laid
    And there’s no surprise that she left Nick behind

    I’m on the top of Brit’s world, gettin’
    All her flirtation
    And the only complication I can find
    Is the anger Nick’s found as he sees us mess around
    Britney’s put me on the top of the world

    • I don’t get it. Lane is totally getting screwed over by this cockroach of a female. She is just using him and for some reason people think this is okay.

      • They’re using each other… He knows it, since he gets her to do his dirty work. She doesn’t, in fact, she thinks she’s using him… They will “oh, so sadly” throw each other under the bus if and when they see their mutual use has ended… I do not see this as any kind of a love match… It’s a game…

      • Showmances of the Season:

        Rachel and Brendon
        Kristen and Hayden
        Matt and Ragan
        Britney and Lane
        Andrew and Brendon
        Britney and the Production Crew
        Kathy cougaring on Enzo, Lane, and Hayden
        Kathy and the Fish!

      • It was hilarious when Kathy was asking on the live feeds for her sleeping pills and then telling the 4 guys how horney they make her and she was just about dry humping Hayden! LOL!

      • Kathy was always asking where Enzo and Hayden were sleeping, so she could sleep in the same room with them! She’s a good looking lady–Hayden and Kathy…that would have made for some good TV!

    • While not retracting my applause for your brilliant lyrics I do not want people to think I’ve changed my assessment of the past few days. The song is brilliant but I do not see her as a c-teaser or only manipulating lane for game purposes. I continue to maintain that these two have genuinely fallen in love. Maybe I am not enough of a cynic- but their body language and facial interactions and banter are not superficial at all. They are a very real couple.

  23. I want Hayden and Enzo to be the final 2. Lane doesnt need the money and i cant stand Britney. She an awful person. I hate how she makes fun of people.

    • Do you think it’s Hayden and Lane that are lifelong friends??? They know an awful lot about each other. In BB After Dark, Hayden was talking about his mom and Lane jumped in and said that she had some awesome boyfriends. How would he know, unless…

      • because of the awful things being said tonight?? this board is so out of whack tonight! I miss you, the other tish – the “E” (lol), rico, chris-the great… and the 10 others. tell me, where are you guys running away to.. save me!

      • Jennifer, nothing on here is bad!! Try the board where the ragman was interviewed by Ashli Rae(sp) Rico just wrote an awesome scenario on this post!! Chris-the-great was here earlier. Move over to the fun side!!

      • ok, ok, what do ya all them? Boards? It is diffucult enuf to keep up, then you guys mess me with me again!! (am I bad)
        did we lose Nice??

  24. Yes it was really good y’all gotz to head over there and read the poems, they are ON point! crazy good and hilarious too! thanks for the tip tishe! and we’re back! :)

    • See, I am not losing it!! So, what do we call it, when we to another —————–?? I will be linking on to it now!!

      • I refer to them as:

        Big Brother Network = Website or “site”
        Each topic box Matt(BBN) or Ashli put up = a “board”
        Each (individually numbered) string of comments = a “thread”

  25. Showmances of the Season:

    Rachel and Brendon
    Kristen and Hayden
    Matt and Ragan
    Britney and Lane
    Andrew and Brendon
    Britney and the Production Crew
    Kathy cougaring on Enzo, Lane, and Hayden
    Kathy and the Fish!

    If Annie would have stayed in the house, Brendon and Rachel might never have been.

    Who is your favorite duo?

  26. Nice.. have you auditioned for the show? We need to start a facebook campaign to get you ON the show.. No joke! :)

  27. Lane is the smartest brigade member, He knows taking Brit to the final 2 is a guarantee win! Unfortunately hayden will win

  28. Hey you Guys I’ve been lookin for you on the other site! I thought you went to bed! LOl Well Rico thank you that was DYNO-MITE, Loved the song. :)

    • I have no idea where the poet peeps went C-Ann! lol. but i’m outtie here as well, got a long day tm! The posts are real good tho’! See yaz tommoraz! Sure Tishe is here somewhere! lol. Abiento!

    • Hey, Clare Ann!…
      Sorry I misinterpreted your request and told it from Ragan’s point of view.

      For some reason I just assumed that the person entering the house would be speaking. I don’t know why.
      Oh, well.

  29. I work in post production, so very familiar with this stuff. Most of these people are wannabe actors, but Britney just struck a wrong cord with me because she is very much like the people in LA who will backstab and throw people in the mud to get what she wants and she’s succeeding, and then everyone in Hollywood is a bunch of sleazy jerks like her, so please see why I’m bitter. You wouldn’t believe all the scandals and drama behind the scenes! Believe me, there’s an even a better show that no one ever sees!

    Dawn, Jadelle, Tishe, Liz V, Darcy, Jennifer, Rico it was a pleasure agreeing and disagreeing with you all! Hope you guys have a great 3-Day weekend! Let’s see what happens Wednesday. Britney better be showing off her ooey gooey cookies so she stays in the house! I’ll be back Wednesday to cause some more mayhem and madness :)

  30. Britney just told Enzo she has taken ACTING lessons. Enzo said What kind of acting lesson did you take? Brit said What do you mean Enzo? He said wre they METHODIST LESSONS! She just LOL at him! Now somebody please tell me what are METHODIST ACTING LESSONS? OR did Enzo make that up! LOL

  31. I think they should take Enzo to the finals, the guy has done so very little in this house that winning jury votes shouldn’t be hard.

    • The problem for anyone taking Enzo to the final two is that he has Brendon and Rachel’s vote FOR SURE. Probably Kathy’s, too.
      That’s a tough hurdle for anyone to overcome.

      • Yeah, I’m convinced that all of them feel like their best chance to win is to be up against Britney.

        And, their right… NO ONE in the Jury House would vote for her over any of the remaining players (well, maybe Ragan would).

      • Well, Rico, my darling, that is the problem.
        Whip boy will vote the way vegas girl tells him!! She will say JUMP, he will say, how high? That is it for me!
        Good Night! Take Care All!

  32. Tishe I’m street smart retired cop,you know, But this guy comes up with some SH*T from his own Dictionary! lol

    • Clare Ann you are a street smart cop!!!
      Big difference than Nice saying enzo is street smart!! That was my personal pun to enzo.
      He is not street smart, never will be!!
      The only “smarts” he has is the cramp in his wrist

      • Tishe, I don’t REALLy believe he is street smart at all! He’s just plain DUMB! I feel sorry for him ! I’m Italian, the only thing he’s good at TALKING with his HANDS! LOL A lot of Italian men do that! :)

  33. Well Good-nite My Friends, only had 2hours of sleep last nite, cause not taken pain meds! But I’m doing Good 1week post op! I LOVE BB & THE BB FANS! :)

  34. Nice.
    Ratchel isn’t leaving Vagas to move to where Brendon is because she can’t take her dog. you didn’t hear that?? Also brendon lives on campus and can’t afford to get her a place ot live since she can’t live on campus wit her dog. She also said she will never be JUST a cocktail waitress with that move to where Brendon lives. Thats all thats offered for her there. Also she needs extra help form the small college she goes too and said she can’t get that at UCLA or the transfer either. She is much more then that or didn’t you know?? She also said she drinks her booze for breakfast. She has a real bad drinking problem. brendon gave up the game for her and I feel so bad for him as well as the rude awakening he’s going to have where he gets his heart broken. he was so in love and dumb. Why did he ever try out for BB and then not even play the game…?? Also Brendon has 5 yrs ahead of him before he will make any money. he’s got a coal. Rachel’s goal is booze,getting drunk,and sleeping around. Sorry but thats the truth..

    • BB12 is almost over!!! Yeah! can’t wait until this cr@p-ola ends!!! bad choices this year! especially Enzo!!! he was picked because they needed an New Jersey wanna be? close to the GTL???

      • Brittany should win!!!! I’ve been around people like her all my life..she only speaks what she knows..(degrading people to feel better about herself) that’s what this world is based on. (Superiority!!!) What Crap this show is!

  35. Whatever!!! I’m just jealous!(NOT!) check it out people, why do we watch this stuff??? so we can say that jerk is $#@*#^ up!!! so glad I’m not him or her!!!!

  36. Enzo is not only the floater but the big-mouth floater. He talks as if he’s on another level from the rest of the house. I hate floaters being in top 5, 4, 3, 2 and loathe floaters winning

  37. Britney was a follower all season. She followed the brigade all season and now she is no longer needed. She should have done what Ragan told her to do and convinced Lane to send Hayden home. She failed to do that and I feel she will be the next to go. Enzo is useless, but has played this whole house like a bunch of falling cards, and even gotten rid of Matt. If I was in the House and it was Hayden or Enzo, I would vote Enzo.

  38. Shirley George…I SO agree with you about Enzo & his eating habits! It is disgusting!! His mouth is open, but that noise…COME ON!!! I wish the intercom would say: “Enzo, stop that”. With his noisy, disgusting eating you can’t hear what the others are saying. And don’t forget…the scratching of the jewels on national television! Lol…I can’t say anything bad about him for doing this; because when he sees himself doing this, I’m sure he will ultimately be embarrassed about this.

    • Cindy…you forgot the mention thw way he brushes his teeth!! Somebody needs to teach this guy some manners! He’s constantly playing with himself, smacking his lips, talking bs, about himself (I think this is finally, getting on Hayden’s nerves) and he really thinks he’s going to be (It’s got to be the brigade) They’ve already voted Matt out. I resally like Lane and Matt, but I think Britany has really played the game!!!!

    • Enzo is an ass….I also thinks he wants to be the center of attention in this whole show. half the shit he says isnt funny. and the ways he eats..smacking his mouth is Disgusting…also its sorta racist of him saying things r Ghetto, and like living in the projects…thats uncalled for. Not all people are fortunate, and without the projects would b homeless…I hope he lose, and go home.

  39. I am glad that he put up Lane and Britney I knew
    he will be putting them up they desserve it now
    they are going to wish that they kept Regan becuse he would not have put them to up they could have
    beat Enzo at the Veto game if Regan was there and
    he won the HOH. Dumb move on there part by voting
    Regan out.

    • There were certainly some solid arguments for keeping Ragan, but in the end, Lane knew he just couldn’t chance it (and I sort of agree).

      Ragan is just too dangerous for Lane. Way too much competition in the final comps for someone like Lane. Puzzles, quizzes, endurance… Lane loses. He knew it. He knew he’d go to the final 3 either way, but to get to the final 2 he’d rather be competing against Hayden than Ragan.

    • people if you watched the live feed you would see what these houseguest are really like especially regan go see for yourselves

  40. The odds of Lane or Britney winning the POV are pretty good. I hope one of thems wins and gets Enzo out. I am tired of his disgusting habits too! I want Lane to win!!

    • Britney won 3 Vetos and 1 HOH. Lane won 1 HOH. Britney has a better track record than Lane. So she would be the on-odds favorite. Enzo can pull it out as we have seen. He knows how important this POV is.

      • Hayden plays in the veto comp too. He has 3 hoh’s. Don’t count him out if he win veto he will keep noms the same to get Brit out..

  41. I have been watching BB since season 1 (and rooted for Chicken George the whole game). I have never watched the live feeds and BBAD a little over the last 3 seasons (tried watching one or two this season but was bored out of my mind). Now I got some things to say about some of these posts.

    1. The whole “floater” vs. “comp winner” thing is rediculous. Dr. Will threw every comp during his season and won. It was his stratagy. When he revealed that on finale night, I was blown away. I hated the guy all season, but he convinced me that he deserved to win when revealed that. (I actually liked him in All-Stars).

    2. The real reason that I like BB isn’t “so we can say that jerk is $#@*#^ up!!! so glad I’m not him or her!!!!,” it is to watch 13 strangers (usually) be thrown together and watch them compete for 1/2 million dollars. I love watching the politics of the game.

    3. Now, this season there have not been any big moves. Last season you had the Coup d’etat that Jeff played brillently. Matt’s “Diamond Power of Veto” was good but it was not that big a deal. He would not have used it if he hadn’t been on the block. Some people have discussed the “big move” but have done nothing.

    4. Brittany is not the most evil woman to play the game. That honor would have to go to Alison of season 4. She also competed in “The Amazing Race” with her beloved “Donald.” He was so taken aback with her on that race that he dumped her when they were eliminated. That woman was messed up. The only reason she was in the final 2 was that anyone (even the guinea pigs, if they had been in there) could have beaten her.

    • Now let’s look at this season’s final four and how they match up. First, for whatever reason, I like all 4 of them. I have no horse in this race and I am going only on what I have seen.

      We’ll go in Alphabetical order:

      • Brittany: Last girl standing. If production has anything to do with this, then she will be in the final 3. But what are her chances and how does she match up?

        Chances: 50-50. If she or Lane wins the POV then she is in the final 3. She can win question comps and even physical ones, but she cannot win endurance.

        Match ups:

        vs. Enzo
        Rachel votes Enzo becasue he
        aligned with
        Kathy votes Enzo (He’s loyal)
        Matt votes Enzo (Brigade)
        Brendon votes Enzo (Rachel did)
        Ragen votes for Brittany (Friends)
        Lane votes for Brittany (Friends)
        Hayden votes for Enzo (Brigade)

        vs. Hayden
        Rachel votes Hayden becasue he
        aligned with
        Kathy votes Hayden (He’s a hunk)
        Matt votes Hayden (he played a
        better game)
        Brendon votes Hayden (Rachel did)
        Ragen votes for Brittany (Friends)
        Lane votes for Brittany (Friends)
        Enzo votes for Hayden (Brigade)

        vs. Lane
        Rachel votes Brittany becasue she
        was a
        Kathy votes Lane (He’s a hunk)
        Matt votes Lane (Brigade)
        Brendon votes Brittany (Rachel
        Ragen votes for Brittany (Friends)
        Hayden votes for Lane (Brigade)
        Enzo votes for Lane (Brigade)

        She should take Lane as best change to win.

      • Enzo: Meow – meow. His big stratagy that has paid off is the Brigade. He had put it first and has been loyal to it from the beginning. No other Brigade member can say that. He has been instrumental in engineering the evictions of at least 3 HGs.

        Chances: 70-30. If he or Hayden wins the POV then he is a shoe-in for the final 3. He has a change if Lane wins it, but not much. He would need the final HOH to go to the final 2.

        Match ups:

        vs. Brittany (done.)

        vs. Hayden
        Rachel votes Hayden becasue he
        aligned with
        Kathy votes Enzo (He’s loyal)
        Matt votes Hayden (he played a
        better game)
        Brendon votes Hayden (Rachel did)
        Ragen votes for Hayden(he played a
        better game)
        Lane votes for Hayden(Friends)
        Brittany votes for Hayden (Friends)

        vs. Lane
        Rachel votes Enzo becasue he
        aligned with
        Kathy votes Enzo (He’s loyal)
        Matt votes Enzo (Brigade)
        Brendon votes Enzo (Rachel did)
        Ragen votes for Lane (he played a
        better game)
        Hayden votes for Enzo (Brigade)
        Brittany votes for Lane (Friends)

        Enzo should take Lane to the final 2 for his best change to win.

      • Hayden: Has been HOH more than anyone else. He has stepped up to the plate and won when he needed to.

        Chances: 90-10. He is in the final 3 and has a good shot at the final HOH. Lane and Brittany have both said they would take him to the final 2 and I don’t really see Enzo taking anyone else.

        Match ups:

        vs. Brittany (done.)

        vs. Enzo (done.)

        vs. Lane
        Rachel votes Enzo becasue he
        aligned with
        Kathy votes Enzo (He’s loyal)
        Matt votes Lane (Brigade/Friends)
        Brendon votes Enzo (Rachel did)
        Ragen votes for Lane (he didn’t
        put him down
        when he lost
        Hayden votes for Enzo (Brigade)
        Brittany votes for Lane (Friends)

        Hayden should take Enzo to the final 2 for his best change to win.

      • Lane: Has been a good friend to almost everyone in the house. He didn’t seem too close to either Brendon or Rachel, so that might cost him in the end.

        Chances: 80-20. He really doesn’t need the final POV. If Hayden or Enzo win they will evict Brittany. If Brittany wins, she will evict Enzo. The only reason for him to win the POV is to make sure that Brittany is in the final 3 which could backfire on him with Enzo and Hayden. Minimal risk as those two would vote for him over Brittany out of loyalty.

        vs. Brttany (done.)

        vs. Enzo (done.)

        vs. Hayden (done.)

      • You make good points, but I don’t think the jury house would be that predictable (Matt rooting for the Brigade that he pulled along/Kathy voting based on ‘hunkiness’)

        Also, we can’t really say Enzo was instrumental in evicting anybody. Every week, the house knew who was going to be out by Thursday- unless the Veto changes it up. Let’s look at the evictions anyway though:

        Annie vs. Rachel: Annie freaked out the HGs (self inflicted)

        Monet vs. Matt: Matt came up with the whole idea, Rachel outed Matt and Monet is out because the house knew it was her time for some reason. Matt had the Brigade, but Enzo was not a vital part to that.

        Andrew vs. Kathy: Andrew was just crazy and definitely kicked himself out.

        Kristen vs. Hayden: Once again, Hayden had the Brigade to back him up. Enzo had no hand in deciding it was Kristen who was going to be out, that was mostly Rachel.

        Rachel vs. Brendon: Rachel played more and fought more. It was a no-brainer for the whole house.

        Kathy vs. Lane: Being last-minute, and only anticipated by Matt, Enzo was not an important aspect of Kathy’s elimination.

        Matt vs. Enzo: Throwing Ragan under the bus, straying from H/E/L and winning more than Enzo is what got Matt out.

        Brendon vs. Britney: Ragan has a silly hate for Brendon and Lane wants Brit in final two. It seems Enzo just went with the flow.

        Ragan vs. Hayden: Ragan was more of a threat to Lane, so Britney went with the group.

        None of my points looked at what happened during that whole week, so perhaps Enzo did some things I am not aware of or that I forget. If there are some left out parts, feel free to reply. Once again, you make excellent points (especially on how people call Brit the most evil person to play BB/they have met in their life.)

    • WW… I agree with most of what you’ve said, except….

      I think everyone’s best chance to win is to take Britney to the final two. For Enzo or Hayden to take Lane I feel would throw a tiny bit of uncertainty in there (Kathy, Ragan, possible Brigade split vote, etc.) wheras going against Britney would be absolutely guaranteed.

      • That is true. Enzo though would be better off taking Lane as he can still play the “Loyalty” card to it’s fullest. If he took Brittany, it looses a lot of punch.

      • Yeah… I guess if he took Britney there could be a risk of people voting for her based on gameplay, too.

  42. Does anyone buy into the idea that Brittney is engaged to Lane’s brother? How about all that “golf” talk one night with Enzo and Lane…she seems to know a lot about it?

    • I am glad someone else noticed how comfortable they were in that conversation. Britt was not surprised to hear about Lane’s profession. There are conversations between them, like long lost friends. They have a commong bond some where.

  43. Just wanted to apologize to Britney and all her fans. The misspelling of her name was purely unintentional

    • no one cares how you spell her name (Britt) She is a spoiled little girl and her mother seems to be worse than her. Going to church judging someone on what they have on..Like mother like kid..Great job mom..Although mom must not like Nic too much. She though it was just fine to see her bring Lane home..$$ signs in her eyes..

  44. did you guys see how rachel reacted to brendon when he walkd in the jury house…she’s such a B***..he’s a stupid ass for staying with her..maybe they’ll get a sex video offer after the show is over…ughh

    • I think it was all staged at the JH..Rachel could not have kept her month shut if he came in. This will give them some acting experience..

  45. I am so glad that Lane and Britany are up for eviction. I hope that they finally get Britany out of there I cannot stand her going on and on about Rachel and Brendon. And she is worse than they are with how she talks about everyone. Can’t believe that Lane wants to keep her in the game till the end with him. I want Hayden to win.

      • Thanks bamagal10846 I am so glad to hear the latest about the brigade came out to Briteny finally has hers coming to her. Now she doesn’t have to much to say as she usually does. She knows everything about everybody but now she is going home YEA! I am still voting for Hayden to win. Just hope it happens for him and I hope the Brendon wins the favorite player from America.

  46. let just hope bri wins the pov not that I want her to win bb but I just hate the idea of the brogade sliding into home plate and braging its the brogade

    • I totally agree with you. Another thing I want to say to all is that I am Italian and I want it to be known that most Italian people do not act like Enzo. He has some nasty habits and the “meow meow” thing is stupid. He shows off too much. Again, just my opinion if I have offended anyone, sorry.

    lane, i love you and all buddy , but you obviously dont know the meaning of an alliance ..
    its true that taking brit would be a better idea, but its brigade till the end man , you don’t break that . or at least get rid of brit , THEN go from there . i mean i like brit and all , but she is starting to get to demanding for lane , and she is starting to get annoyinnggg .
    ENZO , HAYDEN . represent boysss ! i love you guys !
    brigade all the way baby ! (L)

    • What do you mean Britney is starting to be annoying…She has sat aroung and judged everyone her. Girl please look in the mirror. You talk about Kathy taking a sleeping pill and every time you do anything you have to have a restoril. Really Britney..And the first couple of weeks ,I don’t drink and we have heard story after story about how you have been so drunk you fell out in the bathroom, you were out with guys you didn’t even know etc.

  48. Ragan for favorite juror!!! :-) (he should have won the game- wish Kristin had the chance :-( RACHEL’S fault (ewww) – but this’ll do and who cares if he has 20K from sab)

    • ANDDDDDDDD….Hayden for the win because everyone left with him pissed me off and Enzo is a butt.

  49. I think this has been the most boring season of BB. All the evictions have been so predictable and no back-dooring. If I were the one of the bergade, I would have kept Brendan to take with me to the final 2 because everyone in the jury house hates him, with the exception of Rachelle. It would have been a no brainer! And…if Hayden would have been smart, he would have aligned himself and Kristen with Brendan and Rachelle! The bergade was a stupid alliance this season!!!

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