Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Final HoH Competition Round 1 Results

The first round of the final Big Brother 12 Head of Household competition is over and we’ve got the results waiting for you below the jump. Otherwise you can just wait for tonight’s show where we’ll see it play out and have the results confirmed.

Yeah, I knew you wanted to know!

Hayden was the winner of the jungle themed endurance competition which was held on Tuesday night. He’ll have a seat secured in the third round of the competition which will be held next Wednesday as part of the finale event.

Lane and Enzo will compete tonight in Round 2 during the live episode.

If Hayden wins again in Round 3, which Brigade member do you want him to take along and face off against with the Jury House?


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  1. Lane is cool-but he is already rich-he was bragging about his family being in the oil business and having private jets,his job is entertaining his family clients-on the golf course-I say Hayden should take it all

    • Lane & Hayden in the final 2. I was a fan of Enzo until about a month ago & started watching After Dark. Enzo is arrogant, smacks his food constantly, and has become more of a punk as the season nears the end. He was rude to Brit when the brigade came clean about alliances and CBS edited it on Wednesday nights episode. So frustrating. He thinks he will definately win the 25K if sent to jury house. I hope this is not the case America! Anyone but Enzo! Please!

      • Wow… he actually looked rude in the edited portion too! So I can just imagine… Wont be sorry to see him become final jury member!!! Cmon Lane in round 2!! He cannot let Enzo beat him!!

  2. I am torn between Enzo and Lane. Would like Enzo to go so he can see that hes not as loved as they all think. Yet I think Lane deserves to be in the f2 also! So Im cheering them all on cuz I like them all!

    • I couldn’t care less about Bozo-Enzo! He has taught the audience one thing, aside from his normal being disgusting, he taught us “Nut’s Must”; the “smell” he gets when his hand is, well where it always is; In His Pants!! Good Luck to his Wifey! His stipend hasn’t even been earned.

      This season’s a bust.

  3. i could care less about these loser cast members .. i was a fan of bb before but now i wanna throw my tv out the window with this cast.. theyre arrogant cocky douches .. all losers.. ..o well.

    • I agee, I have lost interest in this portion of the competition! It seems like all the real competitors are gone. And none of them were really great anyway. The Brigade was a bunch of floaters that flew under the radar. I guess that was the “game plan”. Maybe a good one??

    • This year does suck! Out of the all the people that auditioned for this and they picked this bunch. Now if all the girls would have not been picked off from the begining they could have had an interesting year. The way the house guest voted this year you always see them playing it safe but not one of them really had a mind of their own, all following the pack. Oh and I promise I will never purchase the live feeds again, 24/7 feeds more like 12/7 feeds if we are lucky.

      • i so agree it was so boring and 24/7 live feed what a joke more bubbles then anything it was like prod played the cheating disrespect and prod telling them what to do come on and enzo where did u find him he is so gross his mouth hands down his pants smellin his fingers u screwed up bb lost intrest awhile back

  4. Enzo laughing at when Britney was told about the Brigade, that was not cool or called for so i am hoping for a Lane and Hayden final.

    • Well, Linda, I agree completely. All I have heard all season is how MEAN & NASTY Britney & Ragan were, but for those with BBAD, Enzo is pretty nasty himself. Some of the words he used to describe his housemates were disgusting. I have been wondering why no one else has mentioned how MEAN he is. Perhaps it is because we are all so blinded by how stupid he is, his nastiness isn’t as obvious. What 32 year old man (With a daughter btw) refers to a female 22 year old houseguest the C – word???? REPULSIVE.

      • Hayden and Lane laughed too though but it was edited differently. Hayden even left the room while they were telling her than he came back into the room like he didn’t know anything so that he doesn’t look like the bad guy so he can get her vote.

    • Come on,
      Who besides Britney, (maybe Ragan) were as petty and mean behind the other contestants backs? It was priceless when Britney found out about the BG and she was being evicted. GREAT camera work CBS!!!

      • I loved it too! I really hope Enzo takes it all, he is funny and pretty much floated through the game with the help of his “b”. MEOW MEOW

  5. i dont care who hayden takes i think he will win no matter what and i think its funny so many complaints but people still watch Enzo might of been laughing on the outside but i dont think he was on the inside people handle situations like that different i know i laugh alot to keep my real feelings hidden and everyy year people complain about the cast get over it come on these people were so much better then a few from last year

    • I totally agree with sue. No matter who Hayden takes he will win because lets face it, of the three left, he is the only one who really did any work. He really stepped it up here at the end. Good for him. Enzo had everyone do the dirty work. I think Matt or Rach should be at the end as they took the bulls by horn and PLAYED the game!

  6. It frustrates me so much because in the past seasons people complaine about house guests being stupid and turning their backs on their alliances. This cast stayed true to theirs and everyone calls them boring…..whatever

  7. LANE! I’m so tired of Enzo and his obnoxious attitude. Lane deserves to be in the final two, not ENZO!

    • Obviously your rooting for Lane because you don’t like Enzo (as you and everyone above states) lets hope those voting don’t vote for whom they like or don’t like but who was the better game player. While enzo has only one win ( veto) Lane has done NOTHING. He won his HOH because others LOST and he is the DUMBEST sounding dope I’ve ever heard speak. Never heard anyone so stupid. Everytime he speaks I get the sense that the day this show started was the first day he was part of cilvilization. Just his look has stupid writtin all over it. Even he knows the only way he could win is to be next to Cry Baby- I mean Britney.

      • A bit of the pot calling the kettle?? Lane answered his “stupidity act” to Julie, knowing that if everyone knew what and where he came. From would be a disadvantage!
        Go Anyone BUT Enzo!!

      • Ummmm… Lane won his HoH because everyone else lost?? Newsflash: everyone who wins a competition wins because all the others lost. I really don’t understand what you were getting at with that one.

      • I agree that Lane put on an act as far as being stupid…. he is smarter than he let on… and it got him through under the radar…. Let’s face it… Enzo should be NO Where near the final two!! It should be Hayden and Lane …with Hayden winning! Enzo wins ONE POV and acts like he is just so great…spare me… did ya see the rope comp?? I still cannot get over that one…. At least Lane tried in that one…. he almost beat Brendan… Enzo just sat back and half ….. tried cuz he knew he was “safe” … in his BG alliance… he does not deserve even the 50K

  8. Hayden and Enzo till the end

    they stuck together..unlike other Bri Gade members who sought solace elsewhere

    loyalty should be rewarded

    • If I recall Hayden was with Kristen til the brigade cut her loose. So Hayden was seeking solace else where Enzo just rode the coat tails of who ever he could

      • I think he was showmancing Kirsten…much like Lane was..just because Enzo couldn’t score and Matt sought out members of the same sex,we won’t know what his intentions were with Kirsten. We do know by his own words, that the snake Lane wanted to takle Brit to the end…then he has to grovel back and suck up to the brigade last night when they ousted her. He is a loser, plain and simple, much worse than Enzo will ever be.

      • Just for the record, Eyecandy, Hayden did say in the DR he would choose Kristen over the Brigade before she was gone… but I have learned not even to trust what they say in the DR as it is soooooo contrived. Plus, Enzo and Hayden both had a side alliance with Brendon and I guarantee would have stayed with him and gotten Matt or Lane out if it helped their game…. they just got really lucky that Matt made such a lame move with the DPOV by putting up Kathy…..

    • I think Hayden should pick Enzo because Lane wqsn’t going to take either one of them if he won. He was going to take Brittany. I hope Lane doesn’t win it all.

      • I agree….and they wil see all of this when they watch it…He WAS using all of them. I honestly thought he was/is a nice guy..don’t think he needs any money…..Hayden will win it all!

      • i agree with you, enzo and hayden stayed loyal to each other even when they tried to make side deals they did it together.Lane showed them twice that he would choose brittney over them. This season I had no one I was particularly rooting for ,I think all of their game plans were weak so its fine by me that at least two people who stayed loyal to each other for whatever the reason should be in the final two.

    • I don’t know where all this love for Lane is coming from. When Julie asked him if he was playing dumb, I got the impression he stumbled at what to say. I stopped watching BBAD so I don’t know what went down between the brigade and Brat but I hope they really went off. She deserves anything they could of said to her. Even the c word. She would laugh her ass of and be really cruel about who was on the block and who went home. I wish I had seen what they said to her. She was the biggest bitch of the season. And you can throw Ragan in there to. If you go on wins, again Lane and Enzo each have ONE WIN. Enzo started the brigade so that was the best strategy of all. Three are left. I get the impression Lane hasn’t had to think to much on his own and make any decisions in his life. He was reading something one day and I was kinda shocked he could read. I know that sounds mean but that is how he came off to me all season.

  9. I am hoping for lane and Hayden !!!! Enzo is not much of a competitor he’s just there for the giggles and that meowing has got to stop!! I love lane!!!

      • doll – he might have wanted to throw both of them under the bus because he realized how awful they really were – especially Enzo! I really think Hayden would have thrown the Brigade under the bus if Kristen were still in the house. Enzo would throw anyone under the bus to WIN. Just think about that!

      • Enzo stayed loyal to him b/c he knew he needed him to win competitions, he is too stupid to have gotten anywhere in this game since he has absolutley no skills what-so-ever. Loser. Plain and simple. And I stress the word ‘Simple’

  10. I hardly even care at this point.. what a LAME season… If I were Hayden, I would take Lane with me – but I have a strange feeling that Enzo is going to get to pick who goes to final 2…
    Y A W N… I have watched every season and have never been so disappointed… painful to watch.

    • Please don’t say that!!! Don’t want Enzo to pull a Jordan!! Lane has to win this second round!!! Enzo needs to be the final jury member.. Then we will see what a good sport he is!!!!!

  11. I think it should be Hayden and Lane in the final two. As much as Enzo talked I do not think he won a single competition on his own and therefore is undeserving of being there.

  12. This is a game. People are brought together from all walks of life. Everyone plays the game to the best of their abilities. Everyone played this game and hurt others. Oh well, if you can’t take it stay off the show.
    Whoever wins the final 2, best of luck to them.

  13. I am confused, I keep reading where the first round of the final HoH was played Tuesday. I also read where Brittany was evicted Tuesday. However when I was watching BBAD from Tuesday night, Brittany was right there making T-shirts with the 3 guys?? So did all this happen Wednesday after midnight, or am I watching a feed that was recorded earlier?

    • Yes, you were watching a BBAD that was recorded Tuesday morning. If you listen to them talking, Britt makes the comment: “Why did they wake us up so early?”, then one of them says: “Yeah, its only 5:30”.

  14. Hayden should take Lane to final 2. Send that meow meow with more than 9 lives home already!!! Hayden or Lane to win – doesn’t matter to me….just definitely NOT Enzo!!!

  15. You people seem to forget this is a GAME. So what if Lane befriended Brit, wanted to take her to the final 2 (and I agree it was a good plan, she said so herself)& then when he couldn’t save her, he had to keep his cards hidden from Hayden & Enzo. Between Hayden & Lane, either one winning, for me, would be fine… as for Enzo….comic relief only. He didn’t do a thing all season but ride everyone else, and I’m hoping he’s not rewarded for it.

  16. i really want hayden and lane to finals …they both was cool…and i also brittany even up with lane.

  17. Lane didn’t do too well with the final POV comp. I don’t think he’s too good at memory quizes. Unfortunately, I think Enzo will win round two and three. I think he will pick who he takes. He’s been loyal to Hayden and I hope he takes him. Hayden will win.

    • I think Lane remembers more than he let on.. the CD thing when he brought the wrong CD.. he did that on purpose.. he did not want to win that Veto and have any tough decision to make…also the card thing they did last night..he purposely did that too i think… he did not want that POV and have to decide between Brit and Brogade….. he is pretty smart! Now Lane, go take Enzo down!!

  18. If I have to choose, then it would be Lane & Hayden. I DO NOT want Enzo to win even a dollar, the word hate doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about him. He should have been sent packing week 1.

    • Enzo can’t win over Hayden….no way! He only won one POV…omg..the whole entire season! But he is waiting for a Movie Deal! LMAO!

  19. If I hear Enzo say “Yo!” One more time, why is a 30 something old man saying yo every single conversation he has..he ENJOYED telling brittany she was going to be evicted and all about the bragade…he was so cocky and self absorbed by how awesome he thinks he is for joining the bragade, and etc.. he really makes me sick, I dont think he’s funny, everyone keeps saying that..He is full of himself and talks like a teenager, an idiot teen trying to be cool..Yo, Enzo, Go home!!!

      • He is from the east coast, that is why he talks the way he does… nobody makes fun of the southern folks when they say “Y’all”. I mean seriously why would people say they hate Enzo or anyone on the show, that is kind of weird, this is only a show, YO!

      • I am from the east coast and I don’t speak like Bozo nor does anyone that I associate with. That is just another poor excuse for his STUPIDITY!!!!

  20. I wanted enzo because i dont like hayden because he changed the game week 1. he put up 2 people who didnt deserve to be put up. that makes brendon and rachel fight even more because they were attacked. so they souldent trust anyone. hayden is nonething but a preety boy. lane or enzo. OR.. .they should bring back 5 people and let them duke it out because the bottom 3 dont deserve it at ALL!
    PS: what they did to britt was wrong!!

  21. If Hayden makes it to Final 2, he’ll win, as he should.

    He’s the only one left that has done ANYTHING gamewise.

  22. Who cares, as long as whiny Ragan, back stabbin Britney, the NOT so Smart Matt, the Who the Hell would want her protecting us Kathy are not getting the money. The other guys played the game well, and give credit to Brendon for fighting against the entire household for so many weeks alone. Didn’t you love the face on Britney when she found out she was being evicted! Priceless.

  23. I have been an avid BB watcher..I believe it will be Lane and Hayden in the final two..Enzo has done nothing to deserve to win this he is all talk..meow meow and no action. you work hard you get results you slack you get sent packin. either Lane or Hayden will win dont care which they both are awesome!!!!!

  24. at this point I think Hayden will win against either one. In this game whenever you have an alliance you have to lie at some point in the game so when it comes to that they are all equal but when it comes to competitions Hayden did the best.I would prefer that he choose Enzo becus loafer or not he is the least boring of the three and i think he played the best social game outwardly.Despite his comments in the DR he was smart when dealing with the other players in trying to secure votes at the end.

  25. lane, at least he has played more of a game than enzo. hayden should win he has played a good game compared to the other two.

  26. Not a bad season, not the best, but as memory serves me correct, when Hayden was in the diary room he said he would have chosen Christen over the brigade at the time, So he was the first to turn his back on the brigade, the snake that Matt was he still stayed true to the brigade, they all had outside alliances, when all else failed they fell back on their brigade alliance, Even Enzo talked about removing other brigade members as a good power move at times. So…None of them were really true, they played their game in what ever was in their best interest at the time and that led them all to the final three, safety in numbers, the Veto comps are what sealed other house members fate in keeping the brigade alligned. I say Hayden since he stepped up his game…and Lane for having the smarts to have two alliances all the way to the end…Enzo was a total wash out, just a bully who swears alot to sound tough. Good Luck to all. J.

    • Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the boys have called their alliance the “Brogade” NOT the “Brigade”?

  27. Anyone but Enzo, however, if Enzo wins this competition, I wonder who he will take to the final 2. We’ll see how loyal he is to Hayden.

  28. If Hayden wins round three, I want him to take Enzo to the finals.

    I love Lane, but I don’t think Lane needs the money and he hasn’t won

    that many times on the show. But, who WILL Hayden take–he will take Lane

    because he thinks he can’t win over Enzo!!!!! And poor Enzo is going to be


    • Boo Hoo! Will love to see Enzo devastated sorry to say…. Hope Lane wins round 2 today so Enzo is out of running for Final HOH…

      • Enzo needs a good swift kick in the butt that he DID NOTHING. But you do realize that he can go on to this next show


        Were he can batch out all he wants.

      • Enzo did nothing (lazy) to get to the final 3….wants you to think it was his game plan all along….

        anyone watch last night’s AD? How many razors did Enzo have to use to shave….I counted 5

      • @Mickey….ah but he did babe. He is the one that kept Brendon off his pals. He kept pointing him in another direction.

    • I hope you are right. Enzo and his filthy mouth really disgust me. Of the three remaining, Hayden is the best choice. He seems like a good kid. Did Lane compare Britney to a favorite dog? (when she left) Poor choice of words. Go take a place next to the other loser – /Enzo. Britney should have listened to Matt and kept him. And, she should have paid more attention to Ragan when he tried to tell her about the Brigade.

      • I didn’t see lanes comment about losing Britney was like losing his best dog to be an insult. Once again lane trying to be funny. He’s a hunter and a for a hunter to lose a best dog is upsetting. More southern humor. Go lane!

      • I agree, Lane sounded dumb in what he said about Brittany. I think it is funny that they seem to think Enzo would win when I don’t think he would get any votes! Why would anyone vote for HIM?

      • Linda, you are ridiculous. Comparing a woman to a dog is not a “joke” it’s an insult coming from a rich hillbilly.

      • Maybe because he was a fun guy to be around Barb. I know, when you watch your live feeds 24/7, things can get distorted but believe it or not, Enzo was a popular guy among other HG’s and one of the originators of the Brigade.

      • Lane was comparing his relationship. He was not comparing Britney to a dog.

        No different than someone saying that losing their dog was like losing a best friend.

      • Matts right, Lane was just trying to think of the best relationship he has ever had. All everyone up here wants to do anymore is take things out of context. It was a good season. Can’t wait till next year BB. Oh and Matt is that you?

    • Did you just say Lane hasn’t won that much as one of the reasons you don’t think Hayden should take him? You do realize that Enzo has won only one competition the whole game. And it was a POV, he hasn’t even won a head of household. He’s useless.

      • Yes, I agree with you AC.. At least Lane really tried too early on.. Remember the rope comp? Lane almost beat Brendon and WHERE was Enzo???? Evn with Kathy for last place… It bugged me because I think he gave half effort because he knew he was safe….. doesnt deserve to be in Final 2…

    • You say Lane hasn’t won enough to be in the final 2. You do realize that Enzo has only won one veto comp right?

      Just saying, I really don’t want Enzo in the final 2, he is the best coat tail rider in this game, hands down.

      • Enzo invented the Brigade. he started the plan in motion. He gave them names and this gave them life. They all lied their butts off the whole game keeping their eyes on the outside alliences they made while staying true to their secret one. They had meetings. They were playing the game. It was brillient, second time I saw a scret kept so long on BB.

        Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t their fan they made me mad because I knew this would happen at the end. So now I have to give it to them. What Enzo bragged would happen did. No one took the big chance. Rach should of followed her instincts in the beginning. I can’t believe no one saw through them.

        They played the game. A very social game. They kept the attention on everyone but themselves. They didn’t get put up. Now they are final 3.

        Hayden and Enzo deserve the final. Lane would of turned on them if he could of.

    • Didn’t like him comparing Britney to a good old faithful dog. Wait till she hears that. That will seal his fate, and she won’t vote for him.

      • He did not compare her to a dog. He used a metaphor. As in my best friend. Intelligent people and dog lovers got the comment. He really considers Brit his friend. A loyal true friend. How many of those do we have? Bet half of you said just my dog. “smirk”

        Besides maybe the best relationship he ever had was with his dogs. I can’t see him having one with a woman since he only dates cougars.

    • I actually think it doesn’t matter who Hayden takes (if he wins HoH), because I believe he will win against either Enzo or Lane. The question will be who should win the $50,000. If the formula is competitions plus social game, then it should be Lane – despite the number of comps he may have or have not won. If 2nd should be based on social game alone, then Enzo. But isn’t that what America’s favorite player is for? And IMHO, whether or not they need the money should not be taken into account.

      As for Lane comparing Brittany to his favorite hunting dog, Linda above is right. Southerners, especially country dwelling Texans, will understand his metaphor. He was actually being complimentary, in his country lughead kind of way.

    • Sharon, how has Lane played a good honest game? He wanted to screw his Brigade members, who got him where he is, to take Britney to the final two! He is just as shady as anyone else and to call his gameplay honest, or any other houseguest for that matter, is just idiotic.

      • I agree too. Lane would of turned for brit. he said it a million times. If Haden didn’t put him up for HOH and didn’t win that veto, Enzo would of gone home and Hayden would of been playing for his life.

        I don’t get where he has become
        St. Lane all of a sudden. Brit is not gonna leave her boyfriend for him. Lane and her are not a thing people.

        On showtime he trashed her and said she wasn’t his type. All 3 of them did. He commented on every physical attribute she didn’t have. He is not a Saint.

  29. enzo need to be devastated and shocked like brittney was when they told her about the brigade allaince and that she was going to be evicted he laughed. i didn’t like brit but they didn’t have to do her like that.

      • Bratney deserved that and more. She is a vile person that never minded crushing anyone else. All she knows how to do is trash people. Cannot stand the scank.

      • Really? Cause I member her being Quit good and honest to Regan…She was loyal to lane no matter what. I didn’t see her doing anything that the other house guests would not do. When she made friends she didn’t bash them? I don’t recall her lying about anybody? Sure when she needed to she rallyed to stay in the house….but who doesn’t? I’m just not sure i know why everyone bashes her? I founf her to be quit charming, funny. And made alot of that show this season, with her funny little remarks about racheal and brendan???

      • Funny little remarks…I think you need to rewatch that…she was cruel…and you have to remember they edit alot…:)

      • Enzo, at least was loyal to the Brigade to the end. And while Britney did trash people (like she was the only one!), she would have sounded like a choir girl if Rachel was still in the house.

  30. – Does Enzo not realize he’s going bald? I mean first his fear of shaving his head during the POV when Branden did. Then I watched on BBAD last night Hayden giving him a haircut and he really talks as if he’s got a full head of beautiful guido hair. Is he delusional?

    – Did Lane bring an extra set of clothes? Or is he so dumb that he’s actually going to rely on his lucky hat and t-shirt to win bb 12?

    – CBS should donate a nickel for every time Lane takes his hat off and puts it back on again, takes his hat off and puts it back on again, takes his hat off and puts it back on again, takes his hat off and…errr sorry.

    – Has anybody else noticed that Lane completely hijacked Enzo’s personality? From his humor, to his mannerisms, to the way he constantly checks himself out in the mirror.

    – And what is up with Enzo and Lane’s constant mirror checks? You never saw Hayden, Matt, or Branden constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. Enzo is always trying to set the 37 strands of hair that he has left and always tilting his head to check himself from a side profile. Lane, as I mentioned earlier, is constantly looking at himself in the mirror as he takes his hat off and puts it back on 3 times in a row and running his hands through his thinning hair as well.

    I hate that either of these two floaters are about to win $50,000. Two useless so-called powerful men just piggy backed their way to the final 3, smart yet pathetic.

    • Lane, Enzo, Hayden were all floaters. They all won nothing until the real game players were voted out. When you are in the bottom of the 9th and you just strike a home run, it does not mean you played an great game, it means you just got LUCKY. The THREE STOOGERS got lucky they are not a Brigade!

  31. Go hayden.. take enzo guranteed win.. soooo glad brittany is gone. what a complete whiner. waa waa waa. love lane but he didnt play a good game like enzo rode on everyones coattails

  32. i think hayden should take lane..i LOVE lane n think he is soo awesome…enzo is just a floater he doesnt win anything at all..he won like once during this whole game …meow meow gots ta go!!!

  33. It is very frustrating to continually read that Lane should not win because “he does not need the money.” There may be plenty of reasons why he should not win, but Big Brother is not a charity or a needs based scholarship. He should be judged on the merits of his game play just like any other house guest. Maybe next year production should only choose contestants who are poor. Should

  34. Also, Ragan, Matt, Kathy, and Brittney have nothing to complain about and should be ashamed of the way they played the game. They were just pawns for the brigade, and actually thought they were part of the “cool kids”. They acted with a mob mentality towards Branden and Rachel and made the game completely personal to the point where hayden, Enzo, and Lane were absolutely untouchable in their eyes for a majority of the game.

    The Brigade played a nice social game, but the reason why they made it so far has nothing to do with their game, it has to do with the fact that this season, a majority of the HG’s were wannabe “cool kids” that compromised their strategy just to fit in or be liked. Especially Brit and Ragan.

    Had their been contestants like Russel, Jen, Jeff, or even Michelle, the Brigade would have been ripped apart by week 3. Instead the “Lemming” crew headed by Brit and Ragan did most of the dirty work for the Brigade and paid for it, but when they found out they paid for it, they were nice about it…lol Like who cares that I’m not going to win $500,000 and that I was totally played, at least i’m going snowboarding with hollywood haydon. Please CBS, no more bending over lemmings in future seasons. I’d rather a house full of Alpha’s.

    • I think you’re wrong in your assumptions of mob mentality regarding Brendon and Rachel. Matt didn’t, which is why he did not put the two of them up , and the only reason he did the 2nd time was his alliance which he was faithful to his alliance which would have turned on him then and it was a better time to break up the only other competitive alliance.

      Britney wasn’t mob mentality either. She played along with whoever was in charge, and it worked well. Whoever the HoH wanted out Brittney went with.

  35. I think he should take Enzo. I like Lane but I think that Hayden should take Enzo. I do think though it will be hayden and Lane in the finals. Brittany just made hayden believe that Enzo will win 100% in the final two from the jury house? how the heck does she know? no one hardly even talked to Enzo.. shes full of crap. Shes dumb and Im glad she’s gone!

  36. Lane, enzo disgusts me. He’s a lazy, foul person. I hope someone teaches this clown how to eat! I’ve never, ever, heard anyone eat in such a disgusting way in my life!!! Close your damn mouth when you chew! No one wants to hear you smack and see what the hell you are eating, pig!

    • Enzo might be a lazy, foul-mouthed person, but I thnk Hayden has a better change of beating him than beating Lane. The houseguests all know Enzo better than we do, and I can’t see any reason anyone would vote FOR him. They all know he didn’t play very hard or win very much and just sailed through on everyone else’s coattails. (The extent to which he did that will soon be made known to the JH guests once Britney tells them.) The smartest thing he did was immediately align himself with people who would give him a free ride to the end. Smart, but not winning-worthy.

    • Misty Marie, you don’t know what youre talking about. First of all, Lane and Enzo won the same amount of comps. Second of all, the HG’s in the JH LIKED Enzo because he was funny and entertaining. Just because you didn’t like the guy, doesn’t mean anything. And how did he ride coattails? Sure Hayden won all the comps for Brigade but they were a team from day one, and they managed to stick it out together. No coattail riders, just a good, loyal alliance.

  37. Guys Im pretty sure the alliance has been calling themselves the “Brogade”, a play on words. Anyway Go Lane! He doesnt need the money but I feel that Hayden and Enzo are idiots. Dont get me wrong… Lane is an idiot too, he has definately had his moments! None of the final 3 are really worthy of it. I think Matty was the most popular player btw.

    • Matt most popular player. Are you on crack? Matt is a disgusting weasel that told an unforgivable lie about his wife. He is short, nasty wanna be man playing with himself inside his tiny little shorts which thank gawd replaced the tiney little boys onsie pajamas. I don’t get Matt and I don’t want to. I’m glad he was eliminated; wish it was earlier. Brains indeed. Maybe that’s what he was searching for when he had his hand down his pants all those times . . . .

    • And that’s why Hayden should take Enzo to the end. He has a better chance of winning against him than he has of beating Lane. This is not the time to drag your best friend to the goal line; this is when you want the weakest link by your side. But I do agree, Enzo doesn’t really deserve the $50,000, either.

    • Franklin, your theory is flawed. Enzo and Lane have both won ONE competition. The game is not about who wins the most comps, its about who played the best game.

  38. BTW… I do like lane but he too is a floater. How come no one mentions Lane when talking about floaters? He hasn’t done very much either. I do think the two that worked the hardest (probably over worked) at this game was Rachel and Brendon. I hope that Brendon wins the $25000. As far as play goes, I think he truly deserves it.

    • I agree, Brandon & Rachel had to work the hardest in order to stay alive in the BBH. Brandon uped is game play big time after Rachel left. I also hope we wins the $25k

      • what they had to work so hard because Rachel was a red headed witch, if she wasnt so busy making everyone mad she wouldnt had to work so hard ever heard of carma, and as far as Brendan I liked him at first until I realized she ate his golf balls for lunch because he acted like a little rag doll being jerked around by her, all his problems was because he was with a evil person. Do you remember all her exit speaches, you tried to get between me and my man, she is a retard.

      • I mean rachel and her exit speech to everyone would have made sure she wouldnt have won even if she made it to the final 2, you tried to get between me and my man, she totally had no game. She never considered that the ones she talked like crap too would be the ones voting on who one the money.

      • Christy,
        What are you smoking? Rachel was the first one to go to the jury house. None of the evictees that she talked smack to had a vote to use against her.

  39. Lane – the big idiot – who should have taken Reagan earlier on, to ensure Brittany’s success

    • so what how much money he has, dang look at earlier season Dr Will, he was a dr and he won duh that is a dumb reason not to want someone to win, it suppose to be based on what they did while they were in the house not hwat they achieved before getting into the house.

  40. Anyone but Hayden!!!!!! He is the most disloyal of all of them.He has used and abused everyone in the house. But I really do not like the other two either. Give the money to Enzo’s daughter. Hayden is a devious jerk.

  41. Good Day BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Special thoughts & shout-out to Kristi! *** :D

    Well it’s almost the end of the show ppls! It’s been quite the rollercoaster! Hayden wins Pt 1 Yahhhh we all know he SHOULD win this game!
    If you want viewers next yr CBS he BETTA be in the F2!

    I dont’ see how Lusty Loafer Lane with 1 HOH (which he planned to THROW fyi – to Enzo but then he couldn’t!) and Enzo Meow Mad Man Mix with 1 POV should win this game! Just gives new hope to new players wishing to float and throw comps in the future! No way jose! :S. Not the msg we want to send out!

    While it’s part of the game I understand to float, it’s NOT the whole part of the game, gotta PLAY and show you can WIN at SOME point guys! Plus Lane has MULA! how many times do you need to hear he’s from an OIL family? Know any POOR peoples who hail from oil magnates? Hmmm..not so much didn’t think so! :P….

    Enzo believes he’s gonna win the $25K but online polls on many other sites suggest it’ll be Brenchel likely Brendon so hopefully Hay will take him! Think Hay believes Enzo will get sympathy votes for the newbie baby and the fact that his social game was good..It WAS but not BETTA than Hay’s! Gotta respect power moves and HOH wins, and Enzo has NEITHER!!!!

    What do you think? Yah? Nay? Meh?

    • I agree. Hayden needs to take Lane to have the best shot of winning the cash. I am not fully convinced Enzo would beat him in votes but it will certainly be closer than it would be with Lane. Lane has made too many comments about his “high living” and “smoozing” to convince anyone to give him the dough. I think Britt would be his only vote with Ragen being a slim possibility.

      • You could be right. If Lane has blathered too much in the house about how rich he is, the jury houseguests might opt to give Hayden the win for that reason alone. I just can’t imagine the jury guests giving Enzo the win over either Lane or Hayden. Why?

    • Jadelle, who cares how many comps a HG wins? It’s more impressive to NOT win and stay in the game. HoH and PoV are basically get out of jail free cards. To not win leaves you vulnerable so I don’t get your theory…

      • So you’re voting for the LOAFER strategy? I agree it’s blink luck (certainly NOT skill) that kept Enzo & Lane in this game, b/c frankly they BOTH woulda been gone LONG ago if not for Matt saving their arses week after week in the beginning! Matt is a big part of that bro-gade’s success they even admitted as such, once he left tho’ they DID step up! But Lane was goin’ to throw that HOH win he had if vs. Enzo b/c he wanted to take the COWARDS way out and not have to nominate anyone! How lazy assed can one person be? He wants to make NO power moves just coast to the finale! Ugh! Sorry but that’s not a REAL HG in my opinion, he’s nice enough but let’s face it, clearly pampered!

      • @dickwolf – So you’re voting for the LOAFER strategy? I agree it’s blink luck (certainly NOT skill) that kept Enzo & Lane in this game, b/c frankly they BOTH woulda been gone LONG ago if not for Matt saving their arses week after week in the beginning! Matt is a big part of that bro-gade’s success they even admitted as such, once he left tho’ they DID step up! But Lane was goin’ to throw that HOH win he had if vs. Enzo b/c he wanted to take the COWARDS way out and not have to nominate anyone! How lazy assed can one person be? He wants to make NO power moves just coast to the finale! Ugh! Sorry but that’s not a REAL HG in my opinion, he’s nice enough but let’s face it, clearly pampered!

  42. Lane Loves Britney. He’s just a big ol’ teddy bear. His intentions aren’t bad, he just played a game. GO LANE, your real, and stayed true!

  43. Hayden needs to take Enzo if he wins!!!!

    Everyone keeps saying Enzo hasnt won anything…BUT NEITHER HAS LANE!!!

    Lane won 1 HOH comp and Enzo won 1 POV comp…to me that equals out to the same thing!

    Lane doesnt need the money…without Enzo this season would have been boring as hell and either way Hayden wins so at least give the 50 grand to Enzo and his wife & daughter!

    But how great would it be if Enzo shocked the world and won this HOH??!! :)

      • I will say one thing.. at least Lane really tried… in the rope competition he almost beat Brendon for that HOH… (glad Brendon won ) and WHERE was Enzo???? Even with Kathy in last place way back… It bugged me because I think he purposely was giving half an effort cuz he knew he was “safe”. He was also sooooo obnoxious when he finally won that POV….. he dove for a CD… whoopee…. Enzo deserves to be final jury member….

  44. I would like to see Lane in the final 2 with Hayden. However, between him & Enzo, neither can win crap. It’s so sad how these 2 are potential winners of $500,000.

    • Meee toooo. Only cause I’m sure this world could do without 1 more “Dirty ass, foul mouthed Dude walking around with 500K” yo? question mark yo?

  45. #13 Really? Enzo did not float in this game? wow I must of been watching a totally different big brother. Crap.

    • he totally floated he didnt win anything, he let the others do all the work and win all the stuff and do all the putting on the block, he totally keep his hands clean and road the boat all the way to the shore.

  46. Please, please, please, someone explain to me why Lane should not win because of the fact that his family has money. Again, maybe next year only poor people should be allowed in the house—-then maybe we could focus on how people played the game.

  47. Why is everybody assuming that Hayden will become the Final HOH???? What if Enzo finally pulls one out from under the hat on his balding head???

    • the ? they asked was if Hayden won HOH who do you want him to take and that is what everyone is replying to that why

      • I think you’re right; Enzo was pretty ticked at Lane’s allegiance to Britney at the end. And, for that reason alone, Hayden should be glad (secretly, at least) that Kristen was sent packing early.

  48. I want hayden to take lane to the final! No matter what hayden wins so take your best friend in the house and stay true besides there is that slight chance that enzo might pull off the upset yeah he only won one POV but he won it when it counted!!

  49. It should not matter Lane has Money. Focus on game play. Thats why they r all there isn’t it? To play a game and potentially win 500K? Would you all feel better if BB did only have poor people On its show? So would you all be saying Take Lane, Take lane, if he didn’t have the money? Would you all be saying, Oh no not hayden, if he had money? Or please please be Enzo, cause he has no money?

    • It’s kind of a shame that we even know about the HG’s financial situations, although I’m sure they all share that for posturing positions. But in a way, it’s TMI, and it doesn’t help us (and, most likely even the HGs) base their play and decisions solely on the game.

  50. Lane because Enzo has not won anything all season, all he has done is depend on everyone else to carry him thru this game.

  51. In leaving Britt a good-bye message Lane seemed to be sincere, but when Britt had asked him if he was in an alliance he said no I’m not that smart.He felt bad about telling her about the Bragade. Brigade or Brogade whatever,when Britt ran out the room and Lane was going after her Enzo tried to stop him. What if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Enzo.Show some kind of human feelings.You told her about your alliance and then you evict her. All in one breathe.

    • Did anyone else notice in Britney’s good-bye speech she thanked and told a lot of people that she loved them but NO TIME did see mention NICK? Could the possibility of the friends in the house be Lane and Brittney? Nick could have been someone standing in as her fiance while she was in the game and Lane could be her REAL fiance? Just wondering.

  52. Time to vote Americas player, thought about Brendon, but decided on Rachel. Reason being is any woman that can get a man to vote her way and do as she says is a hard thing to do these days. And even when she went to the jh she still had him vote her way. I say she played the best game in the end. Hope she wins the $25,000.00 she earned it, and I want Brittney to eat her heart out. The witch will wish she was nicer in the end

    • Bossy and intimidating women like Rachel and doormats like Brendon are very easy to find these days – thanks to women’s lib. Don’t think either deserves to be America’s player. Give the $$$ to Britney, so she at least feels the last 2½ months of her life weren’t a total waste of time.

      • Brittney is a bitch and I woul not give her a penny. Rachel got my vote to the end. Loved the drama, from rachel not the bashing from brittney. At least Rachel stood her ground when she had a chance to

      • She didnt waste her time, she got a boyfriend out of it whos rich, and thats what she really wanted.

  53. he has to take lane….he knows he will win over lane lane is already rich…britt needs to win $25,000 everyone vote for britt…that was kinda wrong what those guys did…expecially hayden saying glad u won $10,000 yesterday thats messed up!

    • It was bad but it was respectful they told her. I did’nt like the way she was dogin on everyone else. I don’t think she deserves $25k.

      I will not vote for Brit

  54. Thanks Mickey – what is all this slut crap – I’ve never lived in the big bro house – I don’t understand you people.

  55. The Final 2 should be Lane and Hayden. Enzo does NOT deserve to win Big Brother. His record doesn’t justify that he win. Too bad it couldn’t have been Lane and Britt. Hope they get together outside of the BBH.

  56. Lane!!! Get that weasel out of that house, he’s nothing but slime and doesn’t deserve to win a dime(Enzo)He is a big mouth braggard and that’s all he can do is run off at the mouth, hasn’t tried very much, rode on everyone else’s coat tails

    • My thoughts exactly. If I have to see/hear any more Enzo’s Face and nast mouth I’ll scream. Ahhhhhh! He knows two words “yo” and F*ck. What a looser! He needs to get the f*ck out of the house! Yo!~

  57. Hayden should win – he played the best game. As much as I dislike Enzo’s foul mouth, he actually did stay loyal to the “brigade”, which is why I hope it is Hayden and Enzo in final 2. Lane was the floater in the house, and the most disloyal by wanting Brit in the final 2 with him = thinking he would win over Brit = he wouldn’t. I really hope Hayden reads these message boards to see how Lane deceived him, before they “go into business together”. Go Hayden

    • I agree with you. Lane wasn’t going to stay loyal. He would of taken Britney. Enzo and Hayden stayed very loyal to their alliance. I have respect for that.

    • I do not care who wins I’m still waiting to see what happened in the jh. They got my vote, its got to be more exciting then watching Enzo get a stupid hair cut and a shave for 2 hrs. Come on CBS are you kidden me, get real. If you want to make money you have to sweeten us with honey, so give us something good to watch on bbad pleaseeeeeeeeee

      • The haircut was the funniest part of the season, how could Hayden screw up that head, what a mess, Enzo’s new name should be Patches

  58. Omg is anyone even out there this morning or are you all voting? Need an update on live feeds. Rico and CTG are you there? Goodmorning, wake up time to get to work so I’m not going crazy wondering whats happening in the bbh today, LOL

  59. Enzo is a self serving idiot, he cant even have a conversation w/o injecting how things affect him.
    He is a typical Guinzo, mommas little boy. He mentions he has a big 3 story house, then complains about when his brother’s girlfriend comes over they hold up in the brothers room “in the basement” while Guinzo, Joella and his mother are upstairs, they both still live with MOMMY. He thinks he will be an actor? Yeah another Dinero, Yo. All he needs is a monkey and an organ. Go back to Italy and make olive oil.

  60. why on earth would hayden read these message boards? That’s stupid. The only “computer access” they even have is to update their HOH blog when BB gives it to them.

    • I’m not stupid, I meant Hayden should read the boards AFTER the game – Even though Lane likes him – he was ready to deceive him. What a friend!
      And Please keep Italy out of this – Enzo is a disgrace to all of us Italians, especiall with his foul mouth and self righteousness.

    • This I know but I’m on another page off and on voting for Americas Player (rachel) to win

      • Rachel…America’s Favorite? Never gonna happen. She is more hated than anyone on the show…Enzo is a close 2nd. Hahahahahah…………..

      • No way Rachel. First, anyone who gets sent to the Jury House first deserves nothing. I am voting for Britney.

      • Come on Rachel showed them that they could have brought the other side of the house to the finals with lots more drama, fights and excitement. These dopes in the final 3 need more then a cold shower to wake up. They been asleep through the entire game. Boringggggggggg!!!!!!!!! Hope she wins the money for AP

  61. ENZO!!! lane is a spoiled raping rich boy and everytime he opens his mouth i feel more stupidity sinking into my inner core. enzo is fun and deserves the money more.

    • Enzo has a foul mouth. He wants the money so he can sit on his rear & watch wifey work. He cannot work too many of his fans will be asking for his autograph. Also he will be soooo busy attending all of the events his fame brings. No time for wifey and baby. Bet he even changes his name to MeowMeow. Please note the scarcism–he gives the real meows a bad name. The guy is an egotistical self-serving jerk! Hopefully his coattail ride is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. People, people – Enzo pronounces and spells “Bro” as in brothers and “gade” as in brigade. He will never win an award for IQ tests – but he has been honest throughout – just non-productive and flying under the radar. Do we all require an English spelling test to tell us that Enzo is doing this on purpose?

    • Then why did he spell it – “BRA-GADE”. But I DO agree that he has been honest to his alliance the whole game. If it wasn’t for his foul mouth and self serving attitude, I would want him to win. As it is, I want Hayden to win – he played a great game pretty much staying loyal to the Brigade. Lane did absolutely nothing. Wasn’t even friends with anyone in the house except Britney, Hayden, Enzo and Matt.

      • Enzo was loyal to the ” so called” bra-gade because they carried him to the end. Any idiot would do that. He is a LOSER in the biggest way!!!

    • Please tell Matt about Enzo’s honesty! Apparently Matt did not get the memo about how hard Enzo worked to evict him. Enzo’s honesty has ulterior motives. He was trying to get the evictees’ jury votes.

      • Sure they do – what about house and car they bought him. But I don’t believe he should lose because he has money – that is not what the game is about. I think he should lose because he played a lousy game.

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop saying LANE doesn’t deserve to win b/c he has money!!! This game is NOT ABOUT who has the least amount of money! And have you not heard ENZO talk about how much money his WIFEY makes??? You people that continue to say this or that person doesn’t “deserve” to win b/c they or their family has money is ridiculous. It’s not about how much money you have or dont have. This is not a “charity game”. If it were then i would agree, but it’s not. The winner should be a person that played the BB game…whether they decieved their “alliance” or their “brigade” or their “best friend”. The winner should not be based on if someone was true….it should be based on how GOOD they played. BB is about “playing a game” so to play this game you may have to stab people in the back, go against alliances, lie to people’s face or throw competitions for one’s benefit. G A M E….PEOPLE….GAME. That’s what BIG BROTHER IS…A GAME!!!! So the real GAME PLAYERS were people like Mat. Did he need to make up a horrible like about his wife having an illness? No, but that’s called “game play”. I hate that people get mad when someone “plays” someone in the house. that’s exactly what they are suppose to do. Come on people!!!!!

      • You know what else is called gameplay? Forming an alliance and sticking to it to make the final three. Matt wasn’t a bad player because of his horrible lie, he was a bad player because he misused the DPoV and he thought he was smarter than he actually was.

      • Kudos to you!!! well said!!! I don’t understand why any BB fans would think one of the players doesn’t deserve to win because they are rich/poor, good hair/bad hair, good looking/ugly, slut/tight ass, smart/dumb, etc… this is a stategic, social game – if it’s not against the HOUSE rules, it is fair game play!!! and play the game!!!

    • Lane said if he won the half million he owes his mother all of it that he would get to keep about 6 or 7 thousand. Lane and his brother have started a business. You can see it on-line. Just because Mom and Dad have money does not mean they are spoiled and rich also.

  63. I hope Hayden wins. Lane and Enzo are both floaters. Enzo is annoying with his lip smacking and foul mouth. He talks the talk but cant win jack. If anyone watch BBAD last night, does all men shave 3 times (or was it more) in a row?

  64. Thank goodness this season is almost over. Enzo needs to learn how to eat properly. I’ve never seen a grown man act or sound like that. Maybe that’s how he got his nickname Meow Meow. He sounds like a cat eating a can of cat food. He has alot of nasty habits, everyone in the house touched and ate what he has in his pants because I never saw him wash his hands! Big Brother needs to screen better next year. He would’ve won hands down if the HOH and Veto’s were sound like a cow when you eat and pick yourself like a monkey does. Maybe we’ll have better next year!

  65. Hayden has to win!!! He played a great game..and will go down in history as one of the Big Brother All Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry, Hayden may deserve to win out of the 3 that are left but Hayden ONLY started winning when everyone else that wasn’t part of the “brigade” was evicted. So ONE of the Brigade members HAD to start winning something. He does derserve to win over Lane & Enzo, but he does NOT ever need to go down as “AN ALLSTAR PLAYER”………..LOLOLOLOL…no way!

  66. Hayden should take off Enzo. He hasn’t won much at all this season just slid in with his alliance. He is very arrogant and thinks he deserves to be in the final four.

    This has been the most borring season of big brother since it started, and I have watched it all. Its too bad the brigade made it to the end the way they did. There was not much game play in the house at all. Everyone did what they were told. They may have been one of the first initial alliances to make it to the end, but they won’t be remembered for it due to the lack of game play by them and others.

    But this is just my opinion and I am sure there are others out there who will strongly disagree with me.

    • Lane and Enzo have both won 1 comp each so your argument is flawed. Also, all 4 of the HG’s thought they deserved to be in final 4…and they did….because they made it there. Not trying to start an argument because you stated your opinions eloquently and respectfully, but I have to disagree my fellow Canuck.

  67. enzo he started the brigade and three of the bros made it to the end i like all three and don’t care who wins go brigade

  68. I think he should take enzo because I think the jury will see that hayden played a better game and will crown him the winner. Lane was not loyal and he doesn’t need the money and I think the best way for hayden to win is to take enzo.

  69. If a high five is all you got – that gets you to the end – then yes Hayden, yes Enzo – but if you actually have a thought or two outside of a “Bro”gade then yes Lane. Think about it.

    • Lane played the best the best game of the three stooges, could you imagine if they were on with the Russel/Chima crew, they would have been gone in weeks.

      • That’s all you can do is imagine it. Because they weren’t. Maybe you will get your wish and they will meet each other in All-Stars…And how exactly did Lane play the best game? He won 1 comp -same as Enzo- and unsuccessfully tried to screw the Brigade. He should (and will) go home next.

  70. If Hayden wins the third round and becomes “Head of Household” I hope he takes Enzo with him. At least he’ll have a very good chance of winning. If he does “dumb” again like he did voting off Britney and keeping Lane, then keeping Lane again will be his downfall!!!!!!!!!! Lane already is obviously rich with a new house, a new car, sells oil rigs, and parents are in the oil business. I’m sure he isn’t one poor Texan!!!!!

    • People keep saying that Lane is rich, but nobody has explained why it is relevant to the merits of his game play.

    • This is a game – if people are in need of financial help – one would hope that a lottery or big bro is not the answer(perhaps an application for welfare) it is a game – if it was monopoly or risk, it does not matter who rolls the dice.

      • AMEN!!! WHO GIVES A S**T ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY LANE’S FAMILY HAS??!!!! Stop acting like that’s a factor of why he should not win the money. Man…are you people not true BB fans? This show is not a telethon to raise money for the poorest member in the house!!!!! UGGGGGGG!!!!

    • Whether or not Lane has money is irrelevant. There are soooo many other reasons for Lane not to win so who cares if he is rich (which he is). He only won 1 comp, he unsuccessfully tried to break up his alliance, he is not very smart, and he seems the most fake out of all the people in the house, you can tell by the way he acts in the DR.

  71. Hayden should take Enzo. Lane has become a big mouth in the last few weeks, and his loyalty flips way too much. Enzo and Hayden have stuck together, been all about the brigade, and they made it! I want Hayden to win anyway, at this point, anyone but Lane. (Yes I know Enzo has a big mouth too, but he is fairly comical.)

    • Hayden’s loyalty also flipped to Kristen before her eviction. Somehow you conveniently forget about that. Enzo also tried to pull in Brendon. All of them weren’t as loyal as you claimed.

  72. I was on another site and read about Lane’s discussion about the 8 second game with Enzo. For those of you who get the live feed and are supporters of Lane…go back and see what he says. I hope he looses…Lane is a big talkin’ brute. Shootin’,figntin’and every other disgusting thing. I’m so sad to have seen this part of Lane-originally thought he was someone else. But having read that 8 second story my opinion has changed.
    And..Enzo was disgusted with the story. For all you Enzo’s haters- he thought Lane’s game was bad. Go Enzo!!!

    • Your kidding about Enzo being disgusted, right?
      Enzo has made numerous mentions of who he would “do”, and who he “did”, he is the biggest pig of all.

    • Enzo is who he is and doesn’t hide it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Lane is much worse because he is fake and pretends to be something he’s not.

    • I dont get the live feeds or BBAD…Can anyone tell me what the “8 seconds” conversation is?

  73. why oh why don’t we get to see jury house video like we get to see ponderosa from survivor. same network, so what’s the deal. would love to have seen britney walk into the house

    • I was waiting to see more of the jury house too. I want to see Ragan’s reaction to the MATT lie! I also want to see Britney’s reaction… I mean if she had been a smarter girl, and actually created an alliance with Rachel/Brandon… they might have been final 3… just a thought.

  74. I do not think Hayden or Lane have a chance of winning Big Brother if they take Enzo to the final two. I think the jury will give the win to who they think needs the money the most. Since Enzo has a family I believe they will give the money to him. Good Luck to the final three. GO BRIGADE

  75. take meow meow. he has stayed faithfull to you the whole time. Lane tried to question the brigade at the end and make aliance with Brit.

  76. Lane Should Win It All!… Forget Deadweight Enzo, His Strategy Was To Pick Some Guys, Make An Alliance, And Have Them Carry Him To The End.. What Kind Of Game Play Is That Besides Lazy?? He Won ONE POV Comp, And Look At What A Crap Winner He Was! Saying All Ragan Did Was B*tch & Moan About Losing… What Did He Do ALLLL Season When He Couldn’t Win A Single Comp!?!?

    I’d Be Fine With Hayden Or Lane, Lane Preferably, He Made The Show Funny! I’ll Probably Stop Watching Anymore If Enzo Wins. And I Think Brit Should Get The 25 G’s!!

  77. ENZO……………. PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lane is and have always been LAME!Plus… He doesn’t need the money, not with his background and plush life. And the fact that he wanted to take Brit… Sellout… He was carried through most of the season…(Master Floater) and only used the BRO-Gade to stay safe on ever occasion… Weak player, Weak game, and Texas RedNeck-He is Dull-uninspiring, did I mention Boaring?, oh yes dull!He does not deserve to be in the final two.

  78. The two players deserving the title of “Best Gamers” are Janelle and Dr.Will …between being competitive and using their brains..two great shows! Although Matt had used bad judgement (for the sake of the ‘game’), he was the best player this season. I have soft spot for Ragan (yes, complained a little too much), but he was one smart guy..too bad Brittany and Lane didn’t heed his warnings..he was absolutely correct. I believe Hayden will win and unfortunately, Enzo will be seated beside him.

    I hope Matt or Ragan walk away with the 25K prize as voted by America.

  79. I’m so bored with the 3 remaining monkeys in the house. BB needs to spice it up for the last round, even Jane could swing from a vine and hang on. I hope they do a back to back comp. of endurance and they stay in it for more then 5 minutes. This year was to easy for these freaks, no one deserves the money that is left in the house. I say BB make them suffer for the money, then we will see who the real winner is. Like maybe tie a rope around thier ankle and hang them upside down till they passout. Lets see who the real man is then LMAO

  80. Enzo is the weakest player of the season, remember when Kathy and Brit were well in front of him in the rope comp, he’s a clingon, claims he started the Brigade, bull it was Matt.

  81. i think that Hayden shoukd at least try and chalange himself by taking Lane. Of course Lane is not the greatest challnge in the world (bless his heart the only time I have EVER noticed him doing any type of studying anything pertaining to the BB game is last night, September 8 on After Dark) but at least he is the better of 2 evils when it comes to he and Enzo.
    I have nothing against enzo but my goodness his ride has been TOTATLLY free. I mean in the years of watching BB I have never seen someone get such a smooth ride on a coat tail FOR FREE like he has. From beggining to end he has never had to do ANY type of campaigning or fighting to save his self. At least Lane had a hidden agenda maybe it didnt work out but at least it would have been awesome to see that upset if he could have turn the tables and get rid of Enzo.

  82. I’d like Lane to go to the final 2. I would have preferred Lane & Brittany but Lane will have to do.
    I can’t stomach Enzo or Hayden any longer. God help us……… It’s gonna be a long week. And I really hope that Brittany wins the 25K. Enough of the BRA-GADE. If Enzo says it again, I’ll throw up. Oh well, it is what it is.

  83. I want to see Enzo if he doesn’t make the final 2, you thought Brit cried, wait till he starts it will be one continuous “beep” if on live tv, and he will not go to Vegas, Steamboat, or anywhere, he will be a big crybaby.

  84. I would like to see Hayden win – I hope Lane will win the $25,000 and if Lane wins I hope Hayden wins the $25,000

  85. enzos in the mob its called the dirty dozen cause there were only a few in the bbh who did any cleaning up. I guess he will go down in history for being the biggest slob on BB. Well that outta make him famous.He can sign everyones dirty dishes

    • Enzo is gonna make it big when he gets out, he will have a cleaning company and a book “Caveman Etiquette, how to chew with your mouth open”

      • And you forgot a new hit record with the lyrics of meow meow meow, meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow. He just came in his pants meow meow meow meow meow meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  86. Enzo’s been running the show since the beginning. Brigade was his idea~ Matty was the strongest player of the brigade and Enzo got him booted. I liked him better when he lost competitions though, he wasn’t a sore loser. Since he’s been winning he kinda turned into a jerk.

    • Eno – winning? What? I thought I was watching Big Brother but I guess I must have missed some episodes. I saw Bozo, errrr Enzo win one competition and that was against Ragan the winey wino. Literally Bozo knocked him around – which is OK cuz Ragan deserves a come uppance and a boot out! Just because Bozo came up with a name does not make him the leader; I am sure he would be hard pressed to even spell it. I’ll help – It’s spelled Brigidiots. Bozo’s vocabulary consists of on syllable words – Yo and the ever nasty eff word which he has down pat. Bozo was unsufferable when they told Brit about the Brigidiots and I can only hope he suffers the same feeling when Hayden takes Lane to the F2. Enzo would have been long gone if it wern’t for the alliance which, by the way, has been a long standing tradition of the BB house – certainly not bozo’s idea.

  87. Lane should be the one! Enzo is lazy and mean and doesn’t deserve to go!! He hasn’t done anything to help the brigade, be is all talk.

  88. Barbara says:
    September 9, 2010 at 10:26 am
    –blah blah blah– I really hope Hayden reads these message boards to see how Lane deceived him, before they “go into business together”. Go Hayden.

    you hope hayden reads these?

    the mentality of this board is amazing … not!

    • Lane is the only one besides Hayden that deserves to go to final 2. Enzo has done nothing but be disgusting all season, I don’t watch after dark because I can’t stand listening to and watching Enzo!

  89. I think I want Hayden to win now. Used to want Lane but changed my mind. I guess it wouldn’t matter between the two or three for that matter. Lol

      • Enzo has done nothing but make a fool out of himself with his MEOW<MEOW crap.. He rode on the coat tails of Matt Hayden and Lane~~ he has done nothing but hide behind the others

    • I definitely want Hayden to win the half million! They need to send meow meow man back to the litter box where he belongs!

  90. Hayden has got to take Lane to the final 2…Enzo has not done a darn thing this whole entire game…he has used the Brigade to get all the way to the end and he doesn’t even deserve the $50,000…

  91. Go Hayden! And he had better take Bozo,because Brat will be campaigning for Lane any way she can in the JH. Hope Hayden’s sense of loyalty doesn’t get in the way when he has to choose.

  92. I would like to see Lane win Big Brother however I do think Enzo has played the best game. He has made sure to stay under the radar by having everyone else do the dirty work for him. He has made sure the houseguest know he is on their side and he is their friend. He has made sure he doesn’t win HOH so he won’t have to put anyone on the block. So he really doesn’t have an enemy in the jury house. Lane and Hayden need to wake up and make sure Enzo walks out the Big Brother house next or they will see half a million dollars walk out the door with them.

    • Enzo doesn’t do any dirty work but takes all the credit for it in the aftermath. Did you see him talking to Britney about the Brigade and how they ruled the votes. He said it as though he was the brains of the operation. He was presenting every move that the Brigade made as if he was the General. What a douche!

    • Enzo did not make sure of anything. He was never HoH because he was so bad in any sort of challenges be them physical or mental. He is just that bad. He couldn’t put anyone on the block not because of his choice, it was simply he couldn’t.

  93. I hope Hayden wins and gets a decent haircut instead of tht hair in the eyes look. I was rooting for Brittany in the end. all in al most boring season who cares who wins. Matt deserves nothing

  94. Poster’s say how great the ber-egg is, That they orchestrated and executed the most efficient alliance in BB history, Are you kidding they didn’t crap, If it wasn’t for matt, And the fact that the rest of the house were after two people for seven weeks. So please tell me just what they executed or orchestrated, Any please don’t talk about the last two weeks, cause look who they were play against.

    • Chris I couldn’t agree with you more!!! Matt did ALL the dirty work and everyone else rode that til the end with the exception of Hayden who deserves to win. Seriously – how did it take 7 weeks to vote out Brachel if they were a target from week 1!?!?

      • It must have been the ber-egg, I guess they wanted it to take seven weeks, Because we all know that nothing happened in the house, unless the ber-egg orchestrated it. Yea sure.

  95. Lane and Hayden…..enzo is a butthead and slid along this whole game. Lane should be the winner but Hayden will probably take enzo to win the money
    …sad…why can’t we ever have a deserving winner????

    • All of the deserving ones are in the jury house.. Lane (the charmer) has slid thru just like Enzo.. He has done nothing (Lane) but charm the “engaged” Bratney… They are both lazy bumbs…. When you have $500k on the line really noone is ever deserving in this game of deciet, lies, and of manipulation… It is whoever can do this better than the next to get to the top. Fans put too much heart into this game.. All of them lie cheat manipulate you name it. Of course we have our favorites and that is what it is all about.. I guess a little bit of a hypocrite speaking.. I am ready for some ALL STARS

  96. Good question. I can’t stand Enzo, so Lane I guess. Hopefully he could beat Hayden. ASU is missing one of their idiots and they need him BACK.

  97. LANE would be my #1 choice! I hope he wins. Enzo is funny and a great guy but he wasn’t a good player. Hayden was willing to sell people out before he had a good reason. I wish Britney could have been there for the final two. She was a sweet heart. Maybe Brit will get “Most Valuable Player.”

    • If by sweet heart you meant someone constantly talking negatively about everyone around them, sure you got one sweet heart in Britney.

  98. had to copy this from another thread…


    then i can root for Lane to win… do you all realize with all that money what he’ll be spending on BEER, hopefully he likes Anheuser Busch products (i’m from St Louis).

    he & his friends could bring the USA out of a recession single-handedly… the tickle-down effect… more jobs… more money made & spend… and so forth and so on… remove a key and that person is safe… wait, i lost focus here, where was i?

    anyway… get my drift? good old country boy doing good for good old USA.

    HEE…HAW… hook’em horns and what the hell… soooie hogs.

  99. I hope Lane. Only because Enzo played a horrible game, only winning one thing the veto. Talk about floaters, Enzo is definatly a floater.

  100. Enzo is Lane and Hayden’s meal ticket. Enzo can not win the $500,000 but Lane against Hayden is anyones game. If either Lane and Hayden where smart they would take Enzo. Enzo hasn’t won anything but one POV and the jury will see that and award the money to whoever he sits beside. Both Lane and Hayden might be to stupid to see it.

  101. Lane all the way!!! Enzo needs to leave he had no feelings when he told Brit about the BG!! He was laughing and he did not care about her feelings. Enzo out of here hope he looses!!!

    • YO… couldn’t agree more!!!

      that’s what impressed me about Hayden unless it was all about the vote… but you’ve got to figure he thinks Lane’s got Brit’s vote, no matter what he does.

      and Lane tried to console… but not old Butt-head Bozo… his consoling “yo, yo, Brit youse should be proud you made F4. come on, yuk, yuk”.

      man, put the shoe on the other foot… she teared up & cried, i just WONDER WHAT ENZO WOULD HAVE DONE, HEARING THAT NEWS.

      that’s why i’m praying Bozo gets the BAD NEWS comes Wednesday… only we won’t get a long reaction from him but i’m sure we’ll get an earful once they are out there with Julie.

      what are the chances, if Enzo is 3rd place he’ll be a gracious loser? “yo, yo, Bro, youse should be proud you made F3, suck it up Bozo”. Chances – it will be closer to 0% than 100%.

      i’m hoping Hayden wins & of course Lame 2nd.

  102. I think the biggest joke of all is that Enzo is a CLAIMS ADJUSTER – really ? Would you want him doing a claim for you ? NOT ME !!

      • Guess their aren’t a lot of companies in Jersey that will send him CLAIMS – enough said. Unless I say Meow-meow.

      • He got a new job cause hes famous. He now works for unempolyment, he’s gonna be stealing everyones checks lol

  103. enjo should be the one he takes because he has done nothing to get there but be part of the bargade. who ever takes him will win

    • i’m thinking Hayden/Lane will look at it as let the best man win… we both win something, “i didn’t win it so i’m glad you won it”,

      oh yeah… “Thanks Bozo, now get in the little car with the rest of the clowns. And have a great movie career”.

    • I know there are some rules that the incoming Jury house HG’s cannot tell the others. If there are still Brigade members still in the game she may not be able to say. I really am not sure, however someone on here will know better than I.

  104. ake Lane. He seems to be the only one ballsy enough to PLAY BB. This is a game of “game” not a game of be my bestie til the end of life game. Enzo cool cat, Hayden good kid but both played SAFE. We need a new version of Evel Dick for next season.

  105. I think he should take Enzo because he has did absolutly anything but win one Pov. The same is with Lane though he has won only one HoH son in my opinion Hayden will win against both of them. He has played the hardest and he has proved it with 3 HOH and 2 POVs.

    • @ HOH’s the first one was a team effort, and the rest of his win’s look who he was playing against, And he only beat brendon, because both of his signs were in the same place. So no Hayden isn’t this great player.

  106. I think Hayden should take Enzo, bc Enzo has been loyal to him the entire time, Lane was going to throw him under the bus for Brittany.

  107. I really didnt like they played Brit but, guess that the game. I guess if it comes down to it I like to see Lane win the whole thing. I didnt really like Hayne the whole season. He was like a snake in the grass to me. and all Enzo did was flap his gums the whole season about how the Brigda deserve the money and they ran the house. and sure threw the F bomb out there… I really liked to see Ragan win but that the way the ball bounces… later

  108. I think if Hayden was smart, he would take Enzo to the final 2 because everybody liked Lane and Britt will probably make a big deal in the jury house and make everybody go for Lane… It’ll be alot better for him if hes really gunnin for the 500k… He should take Enzo cuz everyone knows he didnt win anything and wasn’t that much of a good competitor… :D

    • i think Hayden is smart… and he’d pick Lane. i picture those two being in business together and as long as they don’t drink ALL their profit, they will do fine.

      • actually they might even hire Britney… maybe even Brenchel too, they can be maintenance, since they’re chemist and can mix up all their own cleaning products.

    • Tonight we get to see the scond round for HOH, And I think sometime tomorrow or saturday they will do part three, But we don’t get to see that until next wednesday, AS part of the final, Does that help?

  109. I wish they had kept Brittany, I could not believe Enzo and how rude he was. And what a smart ass he is. I can’t stand him.

    • Lanes the one that makes me mad, Saying how much he’s going to miss her and how he really wanted to keep her, BS If he wanted to keep her he could have done it when he was HOH, The bottom line here is the fact thatyou picked two guy’s over the girl you say you really like and wanted to get to know, Lane your a liar and pathetic.

  110. I want Hayden to take Enzo. I felt Lane was to much of a floater during the season but Enzo also got on my nerves when I started watching the BBD. I wish Matty could of made it. I really like him, even though he told the Wifey LIE!

  111. I’m for Lane to win and Renzo but i want Lane to win the big money. He’ll probably buy aBig mac four wheeler and a case of beer and go shooten with his buddy Haden , Britney and Renzo

  112. (please use Enzo dialect while reading)
    Send da meow-meow back to da kitty compound yo.
    He aint done nuttin’ awl season but loose every competition yo…
    And talk about how he’s legit. He needs to regain his Rogaine when he leaves da house yo. Thems hair follicles he’s sportin’ be lookin’ diabolical.
    Da brigade will fade and he can slip back into da shade yo…
    His 15 minutes got but 2 left yo…

  113. I think that if Hayden goes to the final two, he will definitely win. I think that Lane deserves it a tiny bit, but not really. Like Ragan (I believe) said…he already has a ton of money and doesn’t need anymore. I think Enzo might need it the most, considering he has a family to support, however he didn’t win any competitions except one so far.Hayden in a way deserves it too because he didn’t really do any backstabbing. He also needs it to pay off college stuff.

  114. Lane! I’m sick of Enzo! He thinks he is Tony Soprano- the Moffia Don! What a jerk! Hayden better wise-up and remember that he’s playing a game. If he takes the penguin with him -he’s giving away a half mill!!!!!!!!!!! Nice guys finish last!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Im hoping he will take Lane but know he will take Enzo because they are closer. I dont think Enzo should even be there because he didnt win anything all season except for the POV. He let everyone else do the dirty work and he skated the whole season long.

    • He wont take Bozo cause he will loose R/B/K/B/R/M vote it will all go to Bozo cause they this yrs. BBHG voted for the floaters the entire season. Now I’d say Bozo was the biggest floater in the game, and he is the next BB winner

  116. who do we want Hayden to take to the final with him? LMAO . . . . you say that like you really think we care.

    • Hayden does not choose who it will be.. there is a comp tonight for it.. and i believe it will be lane.. enzo stinks at comps..

      • No there’s two parts, Who wins tonight will go against Hayden in part three, Who wins that picks

    • I know, who gives a s#$t! The only season of Big Brother that was worse was the season when they had those ex boyfriend/girlfriends. I really didn’t think it could get worse than that but like they say, expect the unexpected, in this case, how much this season sucked.

  117. I would like to see Hayden and Lane in the final 2. Enzo has not done anything to deserve to win the money.

  118. I don’t get why everyone is so convinced that Enzo would win if he goes to the final 2? Yeah the evicted HG like Enzo but they also like Hayden and Lane. I don’t think either Lane or Enzo has a chance to win against Hayden and they would be stupid to take him if they win HOH.

    • Kate I believe it was a ploy to get each other not to take enzo lying that he will win when in all reality he wont

    • I agree with you! However other opinions are derivetd by the belief the hous will vote personnel or by popularity. It could happen. Britiney told them Enzo would win and they believe her!

      • I agree, Brits cleverness might hurt Enzo. It wasn’t bad enough she found his coin. Now she’s givin him a good name…sheeshhh “smile”

  119. I would like to see Hayden win the whole thing. I hope that he takes Enzo to the final 2 just because Enzo never turned his back on him.

  120. i hate the bridgade but i hope Lane & Hayden are the final 2
    Enzo is a floater and he really needs to go

    I just hope that they dont name themselves as the Best Alliance ever because they are really not

    • I wouldn’t say Enzo was a floater as far as his alliances, but that he floated on the backs of Matt, Hayden and Lane. It aggravated me that he did not try hard enough during comps. He was just as bad as Kathy in my book!! LOL

  121. Answer this Question. What has Lane done to deserve to be in a position to even be mentioned in going to final 2….NOTHING. Not only has he lost every competition (except 1 and it was meaningless) he has lost them miserably. At least Enzo won when he was going home. For a guy who can bench 325 lbs, worked on a farm, played college football and has a job where he would need social skills, he sure didnt bring any of this to the game. And it seems he left his shampoo at home too. ENZO to the finals.

    • Agreed. While I don’t mind Lane, I don’t think he has done anything to deserve $50,000. At least Enzo came up with the Brigade, he won a POV when he needed it, and he came close to winning HOH. I also think Enzo played a much better social game than Lane.

      • Lane won an HoH, Enzo has not. I think they both played a good social game. Everyone in the house liked them. Lane at least made a valiant effort to win comps. I love both of them, but I think Lane should win second place.

    • Lame has done what he went in to do… keep blood off his hands… his social part was good, he’s liked. and yes, it seems Enzo is liked also; why i don’t know… majority of posters don’t like him.

      Enzo has been pathetic… his only win is contested by many posters who say he cheated… in my view he pushed a wimpy, lighter guy (debatable here) off the cd… just listening to Ragan’s reaction to Enzo’s method of getting to the cd convinced me.

      No reaction from Enzo but chest thumping & tough talk to cover his action.

      now if free-for-all is the rule of that PoV then Enzo won fair & square.

      • Hell yeah its win or go home. And for God’s sake Enzo dove for it just like Regan. Regan was being a girl and I don’t know why he played the helpless card. I can’t believe he complained like that. I don’t think just because he is gay he should be treated any less or different then any other man. I bet he expected equal treatment when he applied for BB and for his teaching job, as well he should. Any man would of jumped for it just like Regan and Enzo did. Why complain for Regan he wasn’t even hurt. I know alot of gay men and they would of knocked Enzo on his butt for the chance to win. Don’t trash gay men by saying they aren’t strong. Regan needed to lift some weights while he was off for the summer, all he did was lie around and gossip.

      • misty… Ragan is a girl, isn’t she?

        that’s why i stated, if the rules were “anything goes” then no foul… against Lane or Hayden, Enzo wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

        Ragan had position on Enzo, he either had to go around Ragan or thru him… he went thru him.

        if Enzo had done that to you, would you be alright with it, if he had gotten the cd? if say “if” b/c i have no idea how tough you are.

        b/c against me, Enzo would have been picking up his teeth… oops sorry, your teeth got in the way of my elbow. LOL!!!

    • I know, I agree. Lane is a little lazy. I think he may get waited on alot. You ask can I back this up? Yes I can, did you see the pillow fight? He vanished fast, real fast! He didn’t even want to put forth effort there. Hayden, Enzo and Brit were so out of breath. Not Lane. I think he worries about his hair more then anyone. It’s always so perfect.

      • I hope your not serious about his hair being perfect. In addition he took a shower last night and put on the same shirt he wore all day. Nice guy but somethings not right with that guy

      • are you sure he doesn’t have 6 of those shirts? he’s a country boy, he probably put it on & sprayed some deodorant in the armpits or NOT. LOL!

  122. I want Lane to take it all. Least he has a heart. Enzo is so nasty, If that was my husband I would be embarrassed. Lane might be rich but least his parents got how to treat someone. Go!! Lane

      • Lane said his family is wealthy. They are in the oil business, and his parents bought him a 4 bedroom home. Contestants , more often than not,try out for Big Brother because $500K would drastically improve their financial status. We root for them for that reason. If you are already a millionaire, what is $500K? I root for the people who play the best game AND who could really use the money.


  124. I Would take Enzo to the finale Night if Hayden wants a shot at winner BB if he takes Lane Lane has some friends in the Jury House

  125. A poster named Adam, Said I wasn’t smart
    But my friends jumped in, And took up my part
    They didn’t pull any punches, They hit him to and fo
    Said it wasn’t smart to say that, And just where he could go

    It happened fast, didn’t have time to pick up my pen
    And if he ever comes back, I know they will do it again
    We all have alot in common, And that’s a very good start
    I couldn’t ask for better friends, I love ya with all my heart

    Friends are hard to come by, I have very few
    People want to know how I pick them, If they only knew
    They look at me in wonder, And this is what I say
    When you first meet them, You know it right away

    Remember there only opinion’s, So show that you have some class
    But if you don’t, They will give you another blast
    To all my friends, And my two beauty’s from philly
    You better watch what you say, Because they will slap you silly

    • We got your “back”, Chris… you’re the man!

      (and, by the way… we all sure do appreciate your service to our country… I used to work with some former “tunnel rats”, and the stuff they went through… ugh. Wish I could shake your hand and say “thanks” in person)

      • Thanks: know what you mean, I was too big to be a tunnel rat, But had some friends that were, Different time different place.

      • Also were is PP&J she asked for poem’s and now she MIA, Well you know those poeple from the sun shine state, She on the beach in a two piece, getting a tan

    • Hey I’m back, thank God for the poem got something to read. Now I know why your CTG. I read it 3 times cause I got such a kick out of it. luv luv luved it. Keep them going, hope The network gives both you and Rico tickets for the show. First for being so good at letting us know whats happening and second for being the BEST Poets. You have made it a pleasure for all of us. Again I tip my hat to you both even though I dont wear one. You make my day love you guys

    • Nice poem soldier, (least Rico says your one) I write poems too. My hubby was 12 years in gulf, not tunnels but tanks. so I’m drawn to this incident that I totally missed!
      I didn’t see the fight but if I did and you were the underdog this Philly babe would of jumped in too. Can’t say it to your face, then their just a disgrace, ya know.

  126. ok expect the unexpected… bring rachel and britt back and surprise the boys lol…i vote for lane also

  127. Lane—-

    How sweet was it that he finally told Brit he had “feelings” for her??????

    I love Lane

  128. Wish it were Brendon but guess I have to settle for Lane. . . I still don’t get why the house thinks Enzo is so popular. I think is social skills suck — it’s just because they think Jeff and Jordan liked him that they read too much into it. The Meow Meow was a huge nuisance that I wished gone a long time ago.

    • Funny how britney just knew that Jeff 7 Jordan love them, but hated B/R. AR. State Hospital your missing an inmate.

      • OMG thats so funny, my husbands wants to know what I’m laughing at. I could’nt stop

  129. If Hayden wins Round 3, I hope he takes Lane. I don’t think Enzo has done enough to deserve to be in the Final 2. He should have been gone long ago!

  130. Enzo thinks he is going to be a “star” after this in “buddy films” with Hayden and Lane….get real. He is a bum. His language is foul and uneducated he will have 1 1/2 hours of fame then go back to Jersey and fade away. Hayden should win it all and must take Lane with him to do it. Should have been a beter “GAME” than it was.

    • Hey don’t be racist against the accent and Jersey Kat. The language he was just having fun in the house. Alot of people use the F word as a verb where I grew up too. I have alot of friends who talk just like him and their smart. It’s called sarcasim and joking around with your friends, duh. Sheesh, you don’t really think he meant everything he said do you? Us east coasters can turn it on and off, its called code switching. If he was in a different environment he would act differently. I learned that in Temple U. in case you thinks me an idiot too. Some dreams do come true Kat, mine did. Maybe Enzos can too. I have been working on toneing down the accent myself since I went west, but it was fun to see someone from back east on TV. I miss summers on Jersey beaches. It made Philly a little less hot. Keep on dreaming Enzo, it keeps ya goin.

      • Racist?? Where is the racism in that??
        Code switching? Turning it on and off?? That’s not something you learn….it’c called multiple personalities. Enzo is in no way a decent human being!!

      • No code switching. As in anthropology and languages. And yeah racism. You call him a bum because of how he speaks and because he is from New Jersey. Because he is different from you.
        Like foul language does not premiate our society. Like you have never used it or laughed at it. I seriously doubt that. If you haven’t maybe one of your other personalities have.

        I never heard anyone on that show ask him to clean it up. I watched them laugh alot. How special are you to say that someone is not decent. I’m sure his family thinks he is decent. I’ve watched him speak of his child, he is more than you give him credit for.
        They all are. Thanks CBS for BB wouldn’t be summer without it.

  131. Want him to take Enzo.
    First off, Lane has money and comes from money. Secondly, Lane was nowhere near loyal to his alliance–he made a side-alliance with Brit that he was ready to take over the brigade. He just went with whatever worked best for him.
    Enzo was completely loyal to his alliance, he never waivered.

    • They all made plans to have side alliances except Enzo I guess never found anyone, and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to be in an alliance with him. He never did anything. But Hayden had Kristin, Matt had Raegan, and Lane had Britney. The only difference is the rest went home early. Who knows what would have happened if they didn’t?

      • That is the point, they did have side alliances. They were all willing to let go of the brigade alliance for another alliance…Hayden even waivered a little about Brit…
        Enzo never waivered.

  132. Hayden should definitely take Lane. I’d rather it be none of them, but Enzo definitely doesn’t deserve $50,000. He doesn’t even deserve $25,000 so I’m really hoping he has no chance to win America’s Vote.

  133. I hope Hayden takes Lane to the final 2. He deserves it more than Enzo. Enzo has not won any or very few challenges. Lane has done better than Enzo. I think Lane deserves it more than Enzo.

  134. I want Hayden to win so he probably should take Enzo to the final round although I’d really like to see Lane there.

  135. I just dont even care anymore, im more excited abt jury house footage thn anything else. Im sooo disappointed in this final 3 i cant even explain it! Even in the Superbowl whn your team isn’t playing you go for one of the teams…

  136. I hope Lane wins,Enzo is a backstabber and no respect for women.I would hate to be on the moon with Enzo.

  137. People know that Lane and his family have money because we were told so. Lane has a cushy job with his family’s oil company that consists of entertaining wealthy clients. While that shouldn’t bar him from winning, he doesn’t have as much need of the money as do Enzo and Hayden – Hayden is my pick to win.

  138. Congrats to Hayden. Of the ones left, I think he is most deserving. Hoping Lane is beside him on Finale Night…

  139. This has been the most disapoining year ever…It was totally predictable. The Brigade members have been loyal, but are worthless. I couldn`t stand Evil Dick, but he was a superior player. Now winners are warm, fuzzy and honorable. Unfortunately, they are also boring. I have watched all seasons, but give up. It has lost it`s pizzazz.

  140. so nobody goes home tonight.sunday is the highlite reel,and wed,is the last comp Enzo (or whomever) goes and then final vote.? does that mean bbad will be a week of these three with nothing to do? guess I can get some sleep again and just tune in on Wed.the show is basically over.

    • I want him to take Enzo. Lane made it clear he would take Brit if he had the chance. So it can’t be Lane and Brit because Hayden made sure of that. So its only fair Enzo goes with Hayden. Hayden will win but I don’t think he knows that. Brit pretty well convinced everyone it is suicide to take Enzo.

      • I really think Hayden should take Enzo.I so think Lane is a pussy. Hayden and Enzo are the 2 srongest players in the house. I really hope Hayden wins all the way.

  141. Clare this is your alarm clock speaking: Get the Hell up, your missing all the fun. Your starting to become a drifter lol. Love ya sis

    • It was a clever allience. Breaking off but staying together. I think thats why so many people hate Enzo because he thought of it and it was unbeatable. But thats BB, real fans know this and don’t whine when there person leaves. It’s sad but we get back into the game. But these guys just had it locked up tight. Everytime, they just stayed likable and off the block.

  142. i want hayden to ask enzo to compete against him.i think that would be a good comp.but i think hayden is going to win it..thats if lane dont go up against him..if that happens lane has a chance to win.

  143. i hope Lane ends up in the final 2. Everyone has been carrying Enzo. i really don’t care for meow, meow. i also wish Britney could have ended up in the final 2. She deserved it, too bad she did not win the HOH competition.

  144. I want Hayden to win. He deserves it the most. I think he not only played a great game, he was a nice guy all the way through.

    • If any one deserves to go to F2 I hope it’s Chris-TheGreat and Rico. Theres no one else who deserves it more.

    • Not one of them played a great game. Being part of an alliance is not playing a great game. Enzo is a douchebag. I would love to see the other HG’s reactions when they see the video of him trashing EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. If they played a great game, only one of them would be still standing. Lane had the chance to make the move a few weeks ago,but he didn’t.

  145. I would love to see Haydon and Lane as the final two. Enzo is so full of himself that he is just disgusting! And as much as I would love to see Lane win the game, I want to see Haydon win it more. Honestly I think Haydon carried the most humility, and straight forwardness with all the hg’s besides Brittany and she was my first choice.

  146. I don’t think Enzo deserves to win or get 2nd place because he was carried through – yes he was entertaining – but Hayden played the game the best, won comps and was not not malicious to anyone. I wish it would have been Rachel to the end – it would have been fun to watch her play it to the end.

  147. LOL @ # 7 because of the ID name …very funny.
    I want Hayden to take the whoever was in charge of blurring out Rachel’s crotch all season. That is one hard working person who deserves to go to F2, get the America’s Choice and they deserve an emmy award for editing. Poor guy probably got couble triple overtime pay for that job.

    • I’m Italian I already have a tan. No I was on CBS voting, nice to know I was missed

  148. LOL @ # 7 because of the ID name …very funny.
    I want Hayden to take the whoever was in charge df blurring out Rachel’s crotch all season. That is one hard working person who deserves to go to F2, get the America’s Choice and they deserve an emmy award for editing. Poor guy probably got double triple overtime pay for that job.

  149. I would Lane to go up against Hayden. Because I think Hayden has a better shot of winning against Lane. Lane don’t need the money. And I just don’t like Enzo.

  150. i hate all of them but please dont take Lane…they guy is already set for life with his families oil biz…he hasnt worked a day in his life….guy is a muscle head dope…..simpleton, oaf..get the picture


    • i agree, i want hayden and enzo to be in the final two cause lane doesnt need the money. and i like them better than lane honestly.

  152. Can somebody explain why does the 1st HOH comp mean anything when u still have to beat whoever wins the 2nd one. Actually the neither comp means anything b/ u a can still be picked for final 2 by the winner next week. I should understand but this is only my 2nd time watchin the full season, I got hooked last yr.

    • Enzo’s new song Don’t cry for me America, my wife will support me. I’m use to that, even though I have my own hot dog stand

    • It gives the final three a better chance to win, If there is three parts, The winner of part one will comp. against the winner of part two, Who ever wins part three gets to choose who they want to take to the F2, The bad thing about that, Is even if you lose part 1 & 2 like Enzo the great, you can still be in the F2, Which isn’t right, There should only be two parts, Who ever wins part 1, is in and then who wins part is in, Thats how it should be, BB’s way is wrong, Because you can be a loser like ENZO and still make it to the final 2, Not right

  153. I don’t care who he takes with him — I just hope he wins it all — it will be refreshing to have someone win who not only was able to win the comps, but kept the nasty comments to a minimum — I was so tired of hearing Britany & Ragan talk mean & nasty……..

  154. I’ve been wondering about Nick too, MV. I think it’s just to MAKE people think she is engaged. She had the ring a LOT more than an engaged person should.

  155. It doesnt matter who he takes, Hayden is going to win this He’s likable. Enzo is way too full of himself.I want Brit to win best house guest, her DR rants were hilarious

    • Hey the dead has awaken, Thank God I was beginning to think I had to fly up North lol

  156. i would like hayden to win the money. he has been the nicest and played the hardest out of the three remaining hg’s. i just hope he wins round 3 cause i think enzo and lane will get rid of him if he doesnt cause they know they stand a better chance against each other than against hayden. also, i hope that brendan gets the americas choice for the 25 grand! or maybe matt.

    • I don’t think so, I remember him tunning in with the Brat making fun of R/B and anytime that Brat and Rag’s bashed anyone, Hayden, is just as bad as the rest of them, that are in the house still. He is just down playing it. he realizes the hg are gonna see all the shows at the jh when they vote.

  157. of course Enzo with Hayden…..not happy with Lane playing all sides. Am happy Britney got eliminated do not care for her…who had nasty things to say about everyone.

  158. I want Lane to win the $500,000 because he is rich and does not need the money. You may disagree, but this makes as much sense as saying that he does not need the money and therefore should not win. Wealth should not be any more of a consideration than race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, education, or, in Enzo’s case, lack of hair. Winning or losing should based on the merits of the guest’s game play. Big Brother is not welfare, charity, or some social leveling mechanism. Let’s just have poor people play and split the prize money equally—-that would really be fair. Better yet, give it to needy people in a foreign country—anyone born in America has already won the lottery of life anyway and that’s just not fair. Lane can’t help the family that he was born into any more than anyone else. It may not be fair that he is rich, but who the hell said life was fair anyway.

  159. It’s gotta be the “MEOW MEOW”, he and hottie Hayden have been loyal to each other from the beginning. Lane is a spoiled brat who doesn’t need the money!!!!

  160. It’s gotta be “the meow meow”, he and hottie Hayden have been loyal to each other through the whole game. Lane is a spoiled brat and doesn’t need the money!!

  161. Brit definately has a fiancee…LOL he did a chat room with one of the other spoiler sites and is a member. He’s actually a very nice guy(or seeemed to be during the chat room chat) they are a real couple, getting ready to paint their new home and furnish it…in fact she spoke several times on the live feeds about him getting the right dishwasher and the right color paint while she was gone, and he confirmed all of it.

  162. Rico, Oh Rico, hiding won’t help you my friend
    They keep asking the same question, Again and again
    Who were friends, Who knew who before BB, And when
    No-one No-one, There were no ^%$&*( friends

    So please for Rico, listen and take heed
    If you want to know the answer, You just have to read
    Rico you know I love ya, So I pout them in there place
    But one last question, Can Matt use the DPOV on the HOH

    • Chris, you crack me up… quit it!
      The same questions over and over again
      Why don’t these people get it?
      The situation just makes my head spin

      Look people, there are no lifelong friends
      Not Brendon, not Hayden, not Rach
      And, I’ll say it just one more time
      DPOV can’t be used on the HOH!

    • No I’m telling them the truth. It’s Brendon and Rachel. They are brother and sister. All that kissing was just to throw people off. It’s a fact. I read it on the internet! Seriously!
      I’m sorry to have dashed all your dreams of a wedding in Vegas people, but it had to be told to end this once and for all.

  163. The three stooges think finale’s tonight
    Their ignorance boggles the mind
    Brit or Ragan could set them right
    The word “idiots” is just being kind

    Enzo’s a “Methodist” actor
    It just makes me shake my head
    In competitions he isn’t even a factor
    His bad manners have us all seeing red

    Lane’s accused of mistreating cats
    I wonder how much of it’s true
    A smart fool who is wearing two hats?
    Or a do-do who hasn’t a clue?

    Hayden keeps winning and winning
    It doesn’t surprise me a bit
    Just look at the people competing
    A meat-head and a narcissist twit

    This season is different than others
    Not better, but not worse at all
    Don’t like it? Go cry to your mothers
    The ratings say we’ve all had a ball

  164. enzo has not done anything really in the competition he slides by so i think lane should go w hayden tio final 2. he might surprise everyone and win the whole thing. he really didnt make enemies in the house.

  165. Get that dumb @$$ Enzo OUT of the house PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. I hope anyone but Enzo wins. His only attribiute is a big mouth and the only thing bigger than his mouth is his EGO! What has he done except sit around and talk about how great he is? Hayden, Matt, and Lane took him this far. They all have competed and shown they really wanted this by fighting. Enzo couldn’t even follow the rules by not eating when he was a “Have Not”, guess he’s just special and doesn’t have to follow rules! Enzo is a coat tail rider. He’d be perfect for Jersey Shore!

    • What? Enzo broke the rules by eating as a have-not? Why is he still in the game. Not fair. Break a rule, get tossed out. He’s probably one of the weakest people I’ve seen. He always gave up or gave in. No backbone.

  167. Lane needs to win the POV and take Enzo into the final 2. That is the only way he can win otherwise Hayden has it wrapped up. It seems everyone thinks because Hayden won the 1st HOH competition that he has this HOH won. The third HOH competition is the BIG ONE. “Go Lane Go”

  168. This ones for my friens Rico, You’ll know the tune

    Toot, Toot, Enzo goodbye
    Toot, Toot, Enzo don’t cry
    The plane that takes New Jersey
    Should be the fastest, If you ask us

    You’ll be a star, You’ll going to go far
    If the movie want ya, There know were you are
    Meow Meow, Enzo and then
    Do it all over again
    Your agent won’t fail
    If you don’t get a letter
    Then you know he’s in jail
    Toot, Toot, Enzo don’t cry
    Toot, Toot, Enzo goodbye

      • Hey Gang. Wow Chris that was awesome. Rico you and Chris are the best at this. Hey Clare Ann, hope your hand gets better. What a trooper, you still on here with us. I want more of the JH. I want to see when Ragan walked in what Rachel said or did. And when Brit walks in. It will be hiliarious!

    • Wow! Love it…

      You’re really going back before my time now! Al Jolson? Sometime in the ’20s, huh?

      Nice job!

    • omg I think I’ll wear a pull up I can’t stop laughing at CTG today. You sure can come up with them Chris hahahahaha

  169. Hayden should choose Lane and Lane should win it all because he is a good guy! He has not been deceitful nor greedy.

    • Then why should Hayden take lane if he want’s to win? Beside’s almost all the hg’s like Enzo too so either way it’s sketchy for hayden

  170. We want him to take Lane. Enzo has the brain of a three year old he hasn’t done any thing but ride everyones coat tail. He thinks way to much of himself. Get lazy asshole out. All he can do is bash everyone else. He is a joke!!

  171. @ chris the great & RICO, Joanne, called me and read the poem to me! :) LOVED IT! I have made so many friends from BB but, Chris & RICO, I have the utmost respect for you both. I enjoyed every minute & wish there were more. Thank you for all the laughs,fun, & your Friendships!!!!!! I Love YOU GUYs! BEST GUY FRIENDS! XOXO

  172. Hayden wins HOH – considers he has a bigger chance of winning against Lane, takes Lane, Lane might win.

    Enzo wins HOH – takes Hayden, probably wins.

    Lane wins HOH – takes Hayden, probably wins.

    Lane has a big chance of winning, remember last year when Jordan was the underdog in the final HOH, she won, Lane just needs to win the second part which is very mental so he needs to practice then study hard and beat Hayden in the final part and if he takes either one he has a big chance. I DONT WANT ENZO TO WIN A DIME. Rachel will win the 25 g.

  173. I hope he takes Lane. Enzo thinks he is the
    “most popular and social player” to ever play the game. He has yet to have one intelligent conversation. All he does is use 4-letter words (most limited vocabulary contestant ever)–he’s a total scum bag.

  174. I think that Haydan will take Lane because he doesn’t need the money and Haydan knows that after Britney told him that if Lane goes to final
    she will not be voting for him because he doesn’t need it as bad as Haydan does and Enzo will be the
    next one in the jury house Ha Ha big mouth and
    big ego he can’t win nothing go back were you come from New Jerky.

  175. TAKE ENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he’s not a strong competitor during competitions…but he got this far..he deserves to be in the top 2 with Hayden. If it wasn’t for Enzo’s brigade, Lane or Hayden wouldn’t be in the top 3!!! Think about it! Lane acts desperate for $$ i don’t know why with someone who comes from a rich family.

  176. Enzo is nothing but an immature rat. He couldn’t wait to hurt Brittany with the truth about the BS bra- gade. He goaded Lane into telling her before Hayden was even with them. He couldn’t wait to inflict the hurt and his message to her was meaningless crap. Hayden and Lane felt bad for her because she was a friend to them, but Enzo couldn’t wait to kick her when she was down and didn’t want anyone to comfort her, just stay with him and fed his ego. So much for the bra0gade and doing things together. It’s a game and Brittany played hard, she talked about Rachel , no wonder, Rachel has the morals of an alley cat If Lane wins, so what if he has money he was chosen to play the game. I’d rather see Hayden win though, he is playing hard, but please sent that rat home

    • I completely agree. It’s as if Enzo “got off” on seeing Brittany hurting and to see her expression as she just found out that she may just have been used, lied to, and betrayed by her best friend in the house. I felt really bad for her because she really did believe in those guys. She trusted them, most of all Lane. I do believe Lane felt bad. But not Enzo. And without, Hayden — Enzo would’ve been gone long ago

      • It’s a game people. Enzo knows it’s a game. Hayden and Lane didn’t want to tell her because they were conning her into thinking she had a chance. They should be scared of her, “smirk”. Brit’s pretty tough.

        I mean really people, your talking about others morals and how you know what they are thinking? Right there your as bad as what you say they are doing but your not in a game on TV.

        Psssssssst……..It’s a game, BB is a game…Oh and by the way, soaps, and the Easter Bunny are not real either. Thank God I still have Santa to believe in!!!

      • Misty: Say it ain’t so, The Easter Bunny’s not real, The next thing, Your going to tell that the tooth fairy not real!!

      • Chris of course the tooth fairy is real and if you tell me where your pillow lays I’ll give ya a lil treat.
        “Just don’t bend the wings babe.”

      • Helloooooooo people. Are we not watching the same show???? Shes…..a…..BITCH!!!!!!!!!! She deserved it.

    • It’s a game!! I think Britney would of hyperventilated if she found out during eviction day! Better off knowing in advance.

  177. If Hayden wins round 3, I’d like to see him take Enzo. I’d like to see both of them in the Final 2.

  178. I believe Hayden and Enzo should be in the final two as a reward for their loyalty to the Brigade. Lane has not been as loyal… if he had the final veto on Tuesday, he would have evicted Enzo. Once Hayden and Enzo reach the final two, I would be happy if either one of them won the grand prize.

    • You forget that Lane had the chance to evict Enzo when he was HOH but didn’t, God only knows way beacuse I don’t

  179. I hope that Hayden will take Enzo to the Final Two because I have no doubt that he will win over Enzo. Enzo has done a good job getting to the end of the game by being a Brigade member and using it to his advantage. Lane had straddled the fence, and he has not been totally loyal to his alliance. I also do not like some of the comments that he has made in recent weeks. Go Hayden!!!

  180. If Hayden was smart he would take Enzo… Enzo has won very few things and could plead that case!! I would really like him to take Lane! I love Lane!!

  181. First of all go Hayden! Second why does everyone on here keep saying Hayden or lane deserve to win b/c they weren’t mean or they got along with everyone, are you kidding me? This is Big Brother you’re supposed to fight tooth and nail, do whatever you have to, to win $500,000.00 people on here are so mean and hurtful to other’s that it make’s me want to puke! Like saying Enzo should fall and get a brain hemmorage or that he’s a wife beater b/c of the way he laughed when Brit got evicted! Everyone that watched on bbad know’s that’s not what happened but how it was edited by bb for the show! Besides Hayden and lane were right there laughing as well about how they couldn’t believe they had gotten all the way without none really figuring out about their alliance not about Britney getting sent home! Enzo is funny and kept me watching! You might not like him but why does it mean so much to you to write the hateful stuff you spew! You all are worse than Britney and ragan put together!

    • @Christine: first not everyong does what you are saying, Second people have there opinions about everyone else, but It is very hard for them to see themself’s.

      When I took psyc. WE had to do a peper on are selfs, I’m here to tell you that it’s very hard, we don’t like to admit short comings in are selfs.

      Yes it’s a game but you as a person have to have a line that you won’t cross no matter what, If not, then you lose your self, And yes there are different line for different things, But each time you cross over you give up a little of your self.

    • You must be enzo’s wife!! the man is worse then any of them !! have you been watching since the start of the show? he has said bad things about everyone ! and poor Andrew ! saying “i hate jews” when they were outside playing pool! WTH he is a floater ! he didnt want Hayden and Kritin together! wantedto toss Hayden under the bus ! the same with Lane and Brittney !! he is buzzard waitng for scrappes to the floor!! THAT THING COULDN’T FIGHT HE WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG!! AND I REALLY DONT THINK HE COULD GET ALL THE JURY VOTES !!

      • Stop yelling at me! I am entitled to my own opinion and if you don’t like it you can f••ck off!!!!!!!!!!!

      • THe TRUE BB FANS know that!! Don’t let it upset you! Enzo is a BOZO! He must’ve been DUMPED by so many WOMEN!! lol I meant to say SHUNNED by Women & men in his LIFE!!! LOL

      • Wow Christine such language! But you know I have nothing against Enzo. If you think about it why should he win anything? He hasn’t had to and yet he is there in the F3. He does have disgusting smacking issues but then with that mike up against him who wouldn’t? I know the others don’t like he does but his habits are not the worst in the house. I find Enzo funny and he entertains me. But I do not want him in the F2. I want Hayden and Lane. No other reason than those two are my choices. Nothing aganist Enzo.

    • Christine makes alot of sense. I say this knowing I will be attacked but I’m watching her be attacked and ya gotta love the underdog sticking up for the underdog!

      Chris you know when she said everyone she was being literal. because your intelligent I’ve read your post. (I’ve also looked through 7pages of comments and she is being fair, he has alot of hate mail.)

      The Enzo haters out there are in fact off the hook. I mean its like when Wild Thing blew it for the Phillies. He got death threats and had to move to Jersey. I really believe if they caught him someone would of physically strung him up from the EL>

      This is basically what the Enzo haters are doing. You can feel the venom drip as they type.

      It’s a game people….
      and Angela attacking his wife is tacky. Also typing in caps is forbidden. I can see the vein pumping in your forehead. And from your comments you clearly have missed alot of the show. Chill.

      • You shouldn’t be attacked for your opinion. I can honestly say I have done that to others in the past and so I am trying to stop. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion no reason to attack someone for it. I learned this the hard way. Wow I actually said all of that? Yeah I did!!! LOL

      • Duck Trish……whew that rock just missed you. “smirk”

        Loved your post. but ya have to look in all directions when ya take up for someone. “smile” Ya got guts and made sense, and was truthful.

        Buttttttttttttttttt then Christine had to curse after I stuck up for her and now I’m like oh rats!

        I look like a smaked ass now….but thanks for jumping on my sinking ship. Very cool.

      • Misty, I was gonna thank you for agreeing me, but now that I see how shallow you are b/c I dropped an f bomb, I’m glad I didn’t go there

      • Christine are you an ass or what this is just a game your not engaged to any of these guys. stop using the f bomb and enjoy the chatting. you sound like Bitchney. don”t be f__ the gang play nice I cant stand Bozo either

      • Ppj, it’s real hard to enjoy chatting on bbn when everyone is cruel to other poster’s if you’re views are not the same as thier’s!

      • Misty: If you are telling me to chill, I don’t know why, I wasn’t getting on Christine I was on her side. I read her post because I like what she has to say, It’s hard for people sometimes to let things go, I myself listen to opera

  182. I think Rachal was an EXcellant player of BB! That is why the BRA- gade focused on getting rid of her & Brendon! She pegged these guys right away & They told Britney & Ragan! They didn’t use their brains!!So that is why the STUPID BRA-gade are final 3! Haydon is winning all these comps cause the competetors are in the JURY! THE 3 BUFFOONS are playing and its a big joke now. BORING!!!

    • Clare Ann, Tell us how you really fill hahaha

      Look at it this was, when BB is over there will be surivior, and there’s always E-Mail. And next summer BB again, Also next summer I need to DC and visit some friends at the wall

    • WOW Clare Ann you tell us! Did you vote for Brendan to be the 25G winner last night? I did…..Hope he gets it!

  183. I think that Enzo is a lazy butt! He has been riding coattails for the past 3 months. If it wasn’t for the alliance, his butt would of been out of there a long time ago. I think that Lane or Hayden should win. They have proved that they are there to win…Oh well we will see what happens…GO LANE

  184. I think Hayden should take Lane.. He is so much better than Enzo and at least he has one something!

  185. well this has been interesting and a very different big brother, and i have seen every one but if Hayden does win he should take Enzo not that he is my favorite or really deserves to win but the guy always stayed true to his brigade no question whether you like him or not he stayed true to hayden till the end he and deserves to sit next to him !

  186. I hope he takes Lane. Enzo isnt overly bright and needs the $$$$ but shoulnt have left his wife and small baby at home alone.

  187. Just NOT Enzo! It’s time to watch Mr. Famous take his walk of shame to the jury house! It’s your time to go Enzo…..

  188. I don’t understand how everyone can keep talking about how Loyal Enzo was to the Brigade when he had a part in voting Matt out!! Are you forgetting that Matt was part of the Brigade so how loyal was that????

    • Are you kidding? Matt was loyal to no one. He lied about everything and the brigade did right by getting rid of him. Enzo and all 3 brigade members voted Matt out.

  189. I Hope Hayden wins the competition and picks Enzo. At first I didn’t see Hayden as a player, but he has stayed true to the Brigade and won many competitions, plus has also been respectful when talking about fellow players.
    Meow Meow has gone crazy, but he has played the game, won the competition that was that put him in the finals, and stayed true to the Brigade.

    I turned against Lane when he was ready to pick Brit so he could win, and break his prmose to the Brigade. I know it’s a game, but sometimes we have to keep a promise.

  190. This has to be the most disappointing season of Big Brother ever. They need to find more players that are the caliber of Evil Dick. The Brigade are a bunch of bozos. None of them deserve to win. They’re only where they are because the people who really played the game were so nasty and back stabbing to each other that they let these lazy slackers fly under the radar will they took each other out. If I have to pick the lesser of the evils, I say Hayden and Lane with Lane taking all. Enzo is a big mouth jerk who did nothing but break the rules and get away with it. Send him back to Jersey with the rest of the trash.

  191. THE winners of this Season BB12 will be the ones who CONQUERED the BB HOUSE ! That answer would be …. THE ANTS….. LOL

    • LOL that is so true. When they had the Live Feed down and they were showing the BB12 from the beginning on there I actually saw Hayden helping Kristen with the dishes and taking the trash out. So what happened to him since? I guess he did that to be with Kristen, um duh! LOL Bet the Jury House is one clean MF with Brendan and Kathy in there.

      • WE know & observe EVERYTHING in the game! The BRIGADE each BEFRIENED another HG to have a BACK-UP!!!!!

  192. Enzo should be final 2 since Lane was ready to go to the end with Britney and leave the Brigade behind…