Big Brother 12: Week 9 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

It was eviction day for Big Brother 12 as we narrowed the field once again and by the end of the night there were just four HGs remaining. While most of the day was spent quietly awaiting the big event the real action broke out after the live show. Read on to find out what you missed yesterday on Big Brother.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – September 2, 2010:

11:00 AM BBT – The HGs are on lockdown in the HoH room. It’s nappy-nap time!

1:00 PM BBT – Enzo in the showering detailing his twig and berries. He claims it hasn’t had any use in the house and won’t be ready to work again for years.

2:00 PM BBT – Time for Trivia as the live show nears.

6:20 PM BBTLive Feeds are back from the mini-endurance comp and Hayden is the winner. Everyone sharing details on how they were doing. Britney had nearly dropped all her ornaments by the time Hayden won. Not her game.

8:00 PM BBT – Lane and Hayden are discussing F2. Well, really Lane is telling Hayden they’re all set for F2. I’m not sure if Hayden is on the same page.

9:00 PM BBT – Enzo looks for reassurance that Lane will vote Britney out over him if it comes down to it. Lane tells him that Enzo would beat him in the F2. Not the answer Enzo was looking to hear! Lane, at this point you tell everyone you’re taking them to F2, ya big dummy!

9:30 PM BBT – Despite the boys’ claims of partying like a rockstar they all fall asleep in the Cabana room.

10:00 PM BBT – Enzo is worried about getting too thin. He has borrowed Lane’s jacket and can’t decide if Justin Timberlake would wear something like this. Seriously, dude?

11:15 PM BBT – Hayden gets his HoH room and everyone heads upstairs to check it out. Hayden says the letter is from his dad. Whoa! At the end of the letter it is signed “Enzo,” so they’re the lifelong friends! Okay, just kidding, relax.

12:00 PM BBT – The night wraps up with everyone enjoying some of Hayden’s HoH beers and snacks. The Final 4 sits back and basks in their accomplishment.

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Stick around today because Hayden will have to make his nominations by the end of the night. His options are limited and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him nominate Lane next to Britney as payback for last week’s renom against him. Either way, it all comes down to the Veto this week where the winner is safe and casts the only vote.

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  1. either way lane is screwed…..he goes to final 2 with britney and the brigade votes britney

    he goes with a brigade member britney will vote hayden/enzo, and hayden/enzo will vote the other brigade member

    asuming all that happens

    • Lane blew it when he didn’t go with Brit and evict Hayden out & keep Ragan… odds still weren’t good but better than ZERO of getting F2 with Brit.

      Though a bonus for us seeing Ragan in j-house with Rach and them knowing they can get some camera time doing their thing… it’s called DrAmA with a capital ‘D’.

  2. Way to go Hayden!!! Now u need too put up Brittany and lane for putting u up!!! Enzo u need to win pov to stay safe… then u will have the honor of the single vote to take out Brittany.

      • Enzo winning the POV…NOT gonna happen unless BB lets him cheat again which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. He should be on his way to the Jury house.

        BB…you have been a big disapointment this year with letting people [Enzo]cheat, more than once.Being extremely physical with other houseguest to steal the POV…not cool… Sneaking food while being a have not more than once and nothing was done to punish him….SHAME ON YOU!!!

      • Uhh that wasn’t cheating. They both knew where the answer was. Enzo was more aggressive in achieving it.

      • like i’ve said b4 it would be nice to see a vote on how many saw it as cheating.

        but Jesse, even if the vote was overwhelming that is was cheating you wouldn’t believe it, would you?

      • Lisa i so agree with u..Enzo ate while he was a have-not..and that just is not right BB..this show is so going down hill..I really believe this is worst season ever..and I saw them all..Enzo is just a slop..he chew’s like a saw..everytime someone win’s HOH is eat’s all there treat’s..and he’s done nothing this season..I SURE HOPE HE GOES BB it’s time to quit letting him get by..

    • I’d like to see either Enzo or Hayden in F2. Lane proved he’s too connected to Brit.Great show last night, was hilarious watching them dance. Now that’s something I’d like to see in another season…funny,funny, funny. The JH looks gorgeous and clean and neat. Wait till Matt and Ragan stay for a few days. They do nothing to clean up or pitch in to cook.
      Hope Hayden puts up Lane (payback) and Brit…bye, bye, Brit!

  3. Time for a nap, untill Wednesday night.

  4. I know alot of the comps seem easy than they really are, but Britney dropping so many ornaments? Did she throw that or was it really that difficult? Can’t see throwing HOH at this point unless she really wants F2 with Lane. If either of them get the veto they will have the only vote. If she won HOH she would risk losing Lane. That comp seems like it was meant for small hands. I thought she would have had it. Maybe she was just trying to go too fast. I’d love to watch more of the jury house, especially now that Regan will be joining them. More interesting than this bunch left.

    • you needed long thin fingers… and she’s just not use to balls that big and fragile.

      it still hurts every time i think of one of those bulbs bursting… softer, Brit, be gentle… now’s not the time to be a ball-buster.

    • Brit’s fingers are to short for this competition. Remember last year, Natalie couldn’t do the same kind of comp. with eggs. If your fingers are too short then you have to squeeze harder to hold on to them. Broken eggs/broken balls. She didn’t make any excuses last night. She started to and then said she didn’t want to sound like Brenden and she stopped.

    • Was is set for Hayden to win? He playes baseball and could hold the them with just 2 fingers. I think that gave him an advantage.

  5. Matthew:
    This week is a crap shoot!
    If Britney and Lane are put up on the block and Britney wins POV than Enzo is toast, because she will protect Lane.
    If Lane wins POV, Haydan will put up Britney, Enzo is toast because Lane will protect Britney!

    If Lane and Enzo are put on the block and Enzo wins POV than Britney is toast!
    If Lane wins POV and does not take himself OFF the block there is about 99% change that Britney will evict Meow/Meow!!!!!!
    From my veiw point Britney is STILL IN THE GAME…unless Lane changes his game plan and goes with “B”.

    • Yes it actually works out this week isn’t really about head of house hold although you are guaranteed final 3, it is more about veto as to who holds the cards, Enzo really needs to fight to save himself, the odds are stacked against him, if Britany or Lane win then he is probably gone, I am sure Lane wants Britany to win Veto that way he doesn’t get any Brigade Blood on his hands.

      • Lane told Enzo he would evited him over Brit because he doesn’t think he will beat Enzo in the final 2.

  6. Yeah, Ragan is gone. I think that Lane has burned his bridges with everybody. Next one to go should be Britney. She would have had a chance, but she was just too mean. I like Hayden of the group of losers left = . Whew, Earl missed us, I brought all the lawn stuff in just in case, but we got just a little wind and rain. One comment on DWTS – Bristol Palin – Why? and What? She may be a star in her mother’s eye, but who gives a rat’s behind about the Palins? I like Rick Fox and Curt Warner, and I think that it will be interesting.

    • Bristol is a star because the people at pMS-NBC won’t leave her alone.
      Happy to hear you survived Earl.
      Hayden noms Brit&Lane.
      Hayden wins POV.
      Enzo evicts Brit.

      • I’m in Massachusetts so we will get Earl tonight.
        Enzo is worried because both Hayden and Lane told him they would not take him to final two. Are they crazy? They should not have told him that. If Lane wins POV he will definetly take out Lane and we will never hear the end of it with him being so great at challenges and all. lol I don’t think he shoud try what he did on Regan with Lane, Lane would send him flying.

    • @Summer. Earl? i thought his show was off the air… i know Thank God it missed you. Btw… it’s Kurt… he’s my guy but i can’t picture him as twinkle-toes. Give Bristol the benefit, you might like her… look what happened with Kelly Osbourne.

      back to on-topic… Lane is toast unless he or Brit win PoV and vote the replacement Enzo off… assuming Lane/Brit are on the block to begin.

      • I agree. Lane needs to win the power of veto for sure. Brittany, well,they may keep her as a pawn until the end. When I mean pawn, I mean when it comes to the jury house, anybody that is put up beside her will get more votes. Apparently, many seem to think in the house that Brittany doesn’t have many friends in the jury house.

      • mary, you mean the bro-gade will get rid of Lane?

        Enzo has a better chance of beating Lane than Brit in a comp… i’m thinking they would evict Brit.

        plus they can say, look at this the best alliance ever in BB history… all in F3.

        What you mean F4 where was Matt, Matt who? they won’t get him any credit.

    • Summer – So glad to hear Earl passed you by! I knew you’d be happy with Rag-on gone – he could be so annoying! Now it’s Brit-n-Brat’s turn to do the walk of shame out the door!!

      Off Topic: 12 days until Survivor! See you at Fandom!?!

  7. This is their time to get rid of Enzo. I want to know if that loser makes it to the final 3 does he get money?

    • The final three =
      1 winner $500K
      2 runner-up $50K
      3rd IS S… out of luck!
      Enzo is voted by the American Viewers as fan favorite. I believe “HELL” will freeze over FIRST!!!!

      • Thank God! Yeah I doubt he will be America’s Favorite. He is so behind in the poll’s. I just think that people find him gross. I am from the same town as him and all we are doing is making fun of him.

      • Hahahaha there is no way in hell he’s winning Americas vote!! And I would love nothing more thn to see that. Especially if Brit wins $$$ bc he’s been bitching all season abt how she can’t win bc she’s 22 & he ain’t lettin that happen!

      • He is the last person to talk about who can’t win anything and all he talks about is what he is gong to do bit hasn’t done nothing. All talk no action. Just like when he was in high school. He wasn’t the type of guy that girls would brag about if they hooked

  8. cbs should do anoher big brother in the fall as they did that one year. Just take sunday off so the football fans can enjoy that go ahead you can do it.

  9. @Matt (BBN)… good one you had me going there about Hayden’s letter from his Dad, signed Enzo, lifelong friend. LMAO!!!

  10. Lane and Britney Screw up last night by voting out Regan…..That was there only chance of winning this thing….

    They are so stupid…….Enzo and Hayden to the finals…Britney was loosing so many bulbs last night….for smaller fingers she couldn’t hang on to the bulbs……

    • it wasn’t their ONLY chance… one of them can win PoV and screw-up their LAST chance yet. LOL!!!

      • I am just curious as to how Ragan is going to take Matt’s lie when he gets to the jury house. Last night, Ragan had the utmost respect for Matt when he talked to Julie. Kathie took it hard…rightly so! Matt took advantage of a vulnerable issue in order to try and win. Ragan is outwardly gay and everyone knows that gay people have a difficult time in life and get oppressed by people. Basically they have to fight for their life and dignity. This could be interesting. Also, Hayden stated that he had alot of respect for Ragan and that Ragan was an excellent role model in the gay community and for the young people. So, when Matt tells Ragan that he lied, I wonder how Hayden will respond to Ragan’s reaction if Ragan is upset…that’s if Hayden enters the jury house next. Who knows. Will Hayden support Ragan, or will he stay quiet and say nothing if he’s next in line at the jury house?

  11. Hairden will nominated Brit and Lane for sure. He will pay Lane back for last week. Bitchney is not done yet cuz the POV is the real power this week. Great to see Matt last night and the jurors reaction to his lie. Kathy was genuinely hurt by the lie and I felt bad.

    BUT I was not shock to see Hochels reaction to Brendan cuz she was in it for the dough, I thought she would jump on him and say it’s OK boo our love for each other is more precious that the money.

    Hope Bitchney wins POV so she can make F2 even though she will not get any votes.

    • blackgirl… can’t you see TRUE LOVE? rach using bren, just for the money… tell me it ain’t true. LMAO!!!

      all i can say it hairden wins 1st or 2nd, he needs to get a $100 haircut for sure and then go surfing for sure.

      i’d guess Hayden being a CA Surfer Dude, surprised he’s an AZ guy.

      lets say Hayden wins… anyone see him picking up with Kristen? -Or- her picking up with him?

      • Hayden is a college student, isn’t that went you are suppose to let your hair grow out? Didn’t any of you go to college?

  12. Seriously, I am sick of the “meow meow” and his nasty habits. The icing on the cake was him smacking and spitting the sunflower seeds last night. GEEZ he needs to learn how to eat!

      • really mary? so you’re saying the j-house would give it to anyone beside Brit… i think a lot has to do with what Matt and maybe Ragan do exposing the Brigade to the j-house and that’s if they even do.

      • GregH Maybe you’re right. Hayden is going to be tough to beat now, I think, because he has 3 HOH’s under his belt. Something tells me that if Enzo is evicted that he will be the one to expose the brigade.

      • Hayden’s got the edge right now… he’s more into the game then i ever picked up until he won the quickie HoH.

        i don’t think Enzo would reveal the bro-gade (unless Hayden/Lane are F2) or reveal that Hayden’s got the Hawaii vacation & $5T b/c he’d still want a Bro to win so he can take the credit for it.

        With Hayden/Lane as F2, he’ll be boasting his arse off in the j-house if he gets time in the j-house.

    • Brit and Lane may have agreed she would lose the challenge, counting on winning POV to cast the only and deciding vote to oust Enzo later. (HoH does not vote, therefore, is in some ways, powerless this week).

      Which brings me to my daily rant about Brit and Lane. IMHO, this relationship is the reason BB12 ratings are through the roof, as America finds itself riveted to the story of this engaged young woman openly cavorting, laying with, crying in the arms of, climbing on, teasing etc etc, this fellow contestant. Much more psychologically fascinating than anything ever on The Bachelor, and it is addictive television (esp for romantics like me).

      IMHO, the only reason that the two have not undertaken a full blown make-out session is because Lane is too much of a gentleman. She has given him numerous numerous opportunities to do so had he asserted himself. A guys’ rule of thumb: ANY girl (regardless of relationship status) that climbs on you and lays in your bed will make out with you if you want to.

      I am upset that some people on this network have attributed her relationship with Lane to all manner of conspiracy and character flaws by Britney, including:
      – basic promiscuity
      – the effects of a domineering mother
      – too much/too little male attention early in life
      – scheming to manipulate Lane to win the grand prize

      IMHO the simplest theory is usually the one that turns out to be accurate in the end:
      In this case, what we have here is an intelligent and telegenic and optimistic young woman who realizes she has met her soulmate (Lane). On a television show (not The Bachelor), for sure, but no less real. That realization was triggered by his getting her through the deep valleys of the contest. This has set up a basic conflict within her because of the pre-existing engagement: attempted celebrity and Lane vs. housewifedom and Nick. Nonetheless, my view is that is what we have here – nothing more to it than this.

      And the theory does, in my view, explain her and Lane’s game play as well.

      • let me think about this… Brit agrees to lose the HoH… the HoH is assured of going F3, that Hg is SAFE and their fate is in their own hands to win… NO, can’t agree.


        Please, fellow BB chatroomers: Jump on the bandwagon I am trying to start to press CBS to put Lane and Britney on the next available Amazing Race season.

        To capitalize on what I believe is fascination with these two, CBS needs to put them both on “the celebrity track” immediately. (And which will also get Brit out of Arkansas and away from Nick.)

        Then, Brit can fulfill her destiny of entertaining the American public.

      • Mary… don’t be afraid, BE very afraid. LOL!!! IMO. got that one?

        IMHO minus the H.
        LOL – laugh out loud.
        LMAO – laugh my arse off.
        b/c – because
        BB – Big Brother

        Ok, i’m just giving you a hard time.

        Ask anytime, anything.

  13. Anyone else think this Brit F2 vow from Lane is baloney? I think he’s doing all that talk in DR and to Brit just to save face with her.

    He’s already admitted that he would throw competitions, so my bet is he plans that if he, Hayden and Brit make it to F3, if possible he will throw the comp to Hayden so that Hayden has Brit’s blood on his hands and Lane is clean.

    • at this point, not having blood on your hands is a BIG RISK… not worth 1 vote… plus me thinks Lane thinks he’d have a better chance of out voting Brit than Hayden or Enzo.

      • You are absolutely right, but I don’t think Lane looks at it that way. His concern seems to be that everyone on the jury likes him. Which may all very well like him, but just like Ragan said to him and as you put here, he has not really made a big move for game.

        I haven’t been out here in a few days. Anything more been brought up about Lane and Hayden in this together for future business and not caring which one wins as long as it’s one of them?

      • I haven’t seen anyone make any big moves. I’ve just seen them make stupid moves. Maybe the money will go to the person who makes the dumbest move in the game. LOL

      • Mary I disgree. I do NOT like Brit but she did make a power move and put Matt up inreplacement for Brendon. IMO.

      • dcoop… i see your point, it’s valid.

        mary… totally agree, no big moves.

        trish… i don’t think that was a power move, maybe it was but my memory of that total sequence of her as HoH, noms, PoV is vague.

        i do remember thinking the whole deal with Brit being HoH was she was scared and didn’t know what to do.

      • Sorry…

        From Merriam-Webster:

        Definition of BALONEY: pretentious nonsense : bunkum —often used as a generalized expression of disagreement

        Variants of BALONEY
        ba·lo·ney also bo·lo·ney \bə-ˈlō-nē\

        Examples of BALONEY
        Don’t believe all of that baloney.

        Origin of BALONEY:
        First Known Use: 1922

        So we’re both right… :-)

  14. hey speaking of Massachusetts Mary…anybody in Boston…five of us guys are heading ther ein late october to see a hockey game and we need a tour guide…or someone that know all the best places to go…

    • I’m live down on Cape Cod. I’ve been to Boston a few times. It’s like a 2 hour drive. I don’t know anyone from Boston and don’t know nice places to go. It’s always been day trips there. Sorry.

  15. I’m surprised that Julie didn’t tell Regan about Matts’ lie. She could have because the jury knows about it. I guess they think it will make good tv if the jury house tells him.

    • It was a chance to humiliate Ragan just a bit more by having him spout off once again what a genuine and honorable man Matt is… right before he gets the big slap.

      You know those other jury members are chomping at the bit to tell him.

      • Like Ragina hasn’t already done that to Rachel? Pleaseeeeeeeeee. IT will be a pleasure to watch Rachel tell Ragan and to see his face will be priceless!

      • Did anyone notice how arrogant Matt was with his information. Kathy was a bit overboard but he was very unapologetic and unrepentant. What an ass!!!!!! Karma’s a bitch and Matt has learned that first hand if he realizes it or not

    • I was waiting for her to do it! Then she didn’t and I was like, “Huh.” I really wanted to see his reaction. Especially after he was talking him up so much about being a stand up guy and brother-like to him!

      • She kept leading up to it by talking about Matt. When she said he’s a stand up guy I thought for sure she was going to tell him.

      • I wonder about Ragans reaction to matts lie, but ragan has his own $20,000 secret too . R forgave m for betraying him so he may look at it as gameplay once he ponders through it.

      • I wonder if BB will announce to the hgs that the sabo is now out of the house and tell them it was Regan. They seem to have thought it was Matt or Kathy.

      • Linda…

        I think eventually Ragan will see it as game play, but I do think he’ll be devestated at first. From what I caught on, they talked about it quite a bit. I really do think Ragan will be genuinely hurt though.

        As far as the 20 g lie.. That’s a lot different. That him being offered and given something for doing something… that would be comparable to Matt’s DPOV.

      • Kathy don’t you remember Enzo figured out the saboteur was Kathy because the note was signed “S” for sheriff, lol

  16. Usually at about this point in my morning (when I work later) I check out the live feeds rewind and catch up on some fun stuff from yesterday… and today, there was just nothing fun! Nothing seems all that interesting. I’m sad.

  17. Has there been any luxury comps this year? I don’t remember any. I remember when they gave away cars and clothes and of course money. Seems it’s all mixed in with veto comps and not just labeled a luxury comp.

    • seems like there have been a lot less competitions… I used to like the ones where they played for the food they would have for the week. And when they played to get access to the pool and the hot tub and the grill, etc.

      This season it seemed like everything was just handed to them from the get go.

      • I yeah. Eating bugs and stuff so they won’t be have-nots. Never saw ones for the pool and grill. I only started watching since BB10.

      • I loved when they played for the food they got. I don’t remember them playing for the pool and stuff either… I’ve been watching since season 1, but on and off… I’m only 24, so I was in HS for a lot of it. Haha.

      • There have been less luxury comps like one? I noticed that they had the half-not way longer than they did previous seasons. I take it that BB doesn’t care for this bunch anymore than we seem too. Funny…….LOL

  18. I hope Lane doesn’t feed Enzo any crap to where Enzo is even just a little laxed about the POV comp feeling safe by Lane’s BS. I’m rooting for F2 Enzo and Hayden!!! Enzo’s got to win POV-MEEEOOOWWW

    • I am pretty sure Enzo knows that he has to play to win from here on out. He’s said it to both Lane and Hayden and they both agreed with him.

      Personally, though, I want Enzo out of there next!

      • Tired of Enzo too! Earl has passed NC and is headed northeast. We didn’t have much damage here thank goodness.

      • I want Brit out more than Enzo, I want Enzo to feel the burn after he comes so close to F2 and it gets ripped from him at the last moment. Poetic justice at its finest!

    • If Enzo falls for any crap that he’s safe from any of them, it will be his own fault.

      If you rewatch his face at Lane’s nomination ceremony when Brit’s key came out, you can read it like a book. He knows he’s at the bottom of the pecking order from at least Lane and Brit.

  19. Nothing was funnier thn Enzo saying “what do they mean per serving” whn looking at the nutrition label!! He ate 2 bags of Haydens beef jerky the first 10 minutes they were in the HOH….smacking & talking! Ugh mute his mic PAH LEASE!

  20. I watched the eviction show again this morning..I wonder if Rachel is not 37 instead of 27?? Her facial features are that of someone much older than 27.. And correct me if I’m wrong but was Rachel wearing “boots” when she was sunbathing?? New fad?? Please note I did not say I hated Rachel I made a comment as to her apperance. Rachel’s face also told the story of how disappointed she was to see Brendon and it is the beginning of the end for B/R…I realize that the lie Matt told is not something that we outside of the house would do but it had no effect on the outcome of the game. I was over the lie when I found out that his wife had no problem with it. “I” thought the reactions of Kathy and Rachel were just a tad over the top as (unless I missed something) I did not see real tears from Kathy and Rachel’s reaction was far from emmy nomination material. Rachel enjoyed getting another opportunity to make Matt look bad and tied to “evict” him from the room. I can guess that to calm her nerves that Kathy went outside and lit up a “cancer stick”. And poor Brendon..not much to say about him…He just seems to go with the flow …Just my opinons or take on the what I saw in the JH..So bring it on folks ..tell me what u really think..lmao

    • Wow. I agree. Rachel was just playing off being pissed to the cameras. I doubt she honestly gives to craps about what Matt did as long as he’s out not. Brendon was going along with how Rachel felt because I beleive he knows (because of her reaction to him being there) that it’s not going to last! As far as Kathy goes, she probably feels that if she didn’t seem super upset about it, America would see her as a fake because of all the complaining she did about her cancer. She probably thinks that America expects her to be very very upset because of the talks her and Matt had and such.

      • I am just curious Kathy…If you are a CANCER survivor, as you say. Why do you still SMOKE… my sister was diagnosed with Colon Cancer & survived, stopped smoking cold turkey after 30+yrs has did my Mom when she had heart problems. Both did it without weining. Just stopped … Come on Kathy , get off your high horse. I feel bad you went through it, but if you keep smoking, you will again. So don’t get angry at Matt, get angry at YOURSELF…..

    • I actually felt bad for Kathy. She made that comment about praying for Matt’s wife before he admitted he had lied.

      Usually someone that has overcome a serious disease or injury likes to talk about that with others that can empathize. We only see so much of what the conversations are, but I have no doubt that Kathy had spent hours talking to Matt about his wife’s disease and giving him advice and comfort.

      I think she had every reason to be hurt. He basically made a fool of her.

      And his comment regarding that he would have given money to the “charity for that disease” was most likely more hogwash as well.

    • Yeah, I agree. Kathy’s seemed pretty realistic but I think Rachel just started screaming at Matt once Kathy did. She used it in her favor. I mean what Matt did was wrong and everything but their reactions were WAY over the top….and I love how Brendon just sat there and told him he was going to hell. lmao

    • i agree too. just as i thought as soon as brendon walked through there was a little tension but then they started to whore up the house. i don’t think it would cost CBS that much if the cameras were in hd 24/7 because they have the money and i’m tired of the black bars on the sides of the tv and changing from my 16:9 ratio to widescreen

  21. I felt a little bad for Kathy, but why open your guts and make an attempt to “bond” with people you don’t know in a game based solely on greed? Why are people always shocked when some lies? Then you have the nerve to dictate which lies are ok and what “crosses the line.” You are a cop, people lie to your face everyday! you would think you’d get an idea of what a lie looks and sounds like. I think she is the liar, the is NO WAY she is a cop! She is as useless as the day is long. She may have been hurt, but she lets herself be vulnerable to strangers. Matt just lied, get over it, he didn’t give you cancer!

    • I was not pleased with Matt’s lie at all. I actually thought it was shallow of him to even pretend something like that to win money…on the other hand…Kathy was going a weeeeee bit overboard with her drama and tears after finding out. All she talks about is her cancer and how hard she fought for her life and she lights up once cigerette after another. It’s impossible for me to feel sorry for her when she is doing things to possibly bring her cancer back or give her another type…lung cancer usually caused by smoking. Too much of a double standard Kathy…

  22. All my favorite houseguest has left the Big Brother house. Now that my last [Ragan] favorite has been sent to the jury house, i just hope the Lane and Britney will be put on the block for not accept Ragan word of what will happen if Enzo or Hayden won HOH. If Ragan won HOH, he would have put up Enzo and Hayden on the block. I just hope that Kathy or Ragan win the $25.000.

    • Not Kathy…I will NOT vote for her. She doesn’t need any more money to keep buying her smokes that will end up killing her.

    • I think Brendon should get the 25,000. He played the hardest in the BB house plus he has had to put up with fake Big Red. The poor sucker just fell for a fake biotech. I think he is wising up but damn man too late for your game.

  23. this season is turning out to be great but a couple of things could be even better if and hopefully there will be a next season. the cameras in the house need to be changed to high-def because on my hdtv there are black bars on the sides i can fix that with my aspect key but it would be great if i didn’t have to. i think that CBS has the money.

    • The cameras in the house need to stay on 24/7 as advertised….This year I paid to watch 3 hours of bubbles or trivia..CBS needs to get the issues concerning the blackouts resolved..False advertising may cost CBS more in the long run than a HG talking about production..

  24. i miss ragan already. he’s good ppl and his being too nice is what led to him being evicted. and im in the mood for some owie gooie yummy cookies! lol

    brit has to win this POV. in that house right now i will say she deserves it the most. hayden is a very close second but the reason i wouldnt put him first is because he hasnt done it by himself like brit did. but hayden is awesome too dont get me wrong.

    as far as enzo goes he is absolutely hilarious, but HE HAS TO GO. he is a floater who always talks trash about EVERYBODY else. he would turn on his alliance if presented the chance. and legit one anyway. he is always tryin to tell the HOH who to put up like HE is making the decision. GET THIS GUY OUTTA HERE YO. and i think he says “forget about it” every live show.

    i noticed lane was getting on brit last night after the comp about how she got flustered right from the get go and it was obvious u had to be consistent rather than fast in the comp. lane is alright.

    if im anyone in that house thats not brit, i WANT her in the final 2. it a guaranteed win. period end of story. enzo thinks if u win a lot, ur gonna win the game. thats doesnt mean shet especially with this seasons cast.

    rachel and brendon are connected as one (pun intended) so their vote will be the same.

    they will sway kathy’s fake, pathetic, high moral, hypocritical arse. matt would never vote for brit because brit is so “evil” because she got him out lied to him. ohhh do u hear how evil that is?

    she lied to him, and got him out. she must be “pure evil” because matt didnt lie or try to backdoor anyone, and matt wasnt a good competitor.

    back to votes, ragan will prolly vote for brit but thats it. if another brigade member goes home they will not vote for her. enzo wont and hayden wouldnt.

    its a shame. now for seasons to come its going to add a new roadblock u gotta deal with.

    DONT WIN OFTEN lol. and not even often, like set urself to a 3 win maximum. brit only one 1 HOH but because of her POV’s is seen as the person who did the dirty work.

    if brit makes it to final 2 and when she loses 6-1 its really going to be telling how spiteful and jackas these jury ppl are.

    and lastly, there was nothing wrong with matt’s lie.

    • There has not been ONE person in the house who hasen’t told a lie of some sort…In my opinion…A LIE IS A LIE IS A LIE…There is NO such thing as a little white lie…EVERY lie is a LIE…get over it people!!!

      • Exactly, that is why I watch BB for the lies and the backstabbing otherwise I would tune into re-runs of Seventh Heaven.

    • This season has been about “personal” issues from the start..It has not been about gameplay..Regan is the only person in the house who actually wanted to play the “game”..True he was down on Rachel & Brendon but his hand was forced as they would not leave him alone..Especially Rachel..Big Brother is not a game of friendship..When it gets down to the wire u have no friends if u wanna win…As of now Enzo can shut up about the Brigade cause it is no more..Hayden & Lane (without voicing it) know it’s every man for himself from here on out…I would guess that Enzo’s coatail riding days are over as it will not suprise me (unless he wins POV) that his ass is out the door..

      • omg down on rachel he tried everything he could to destroy the girls reputation. and then talks about he cant wait to get high when he gets out of the bbh please, so so glad he’s gone to the jh

      • The reason Rachel wouldn’t leave Ragan along because she felt used and lied by him. I guess noone remembers when Ragan was down in the half-not room that it was RACHEL AND BRENDON who comforted him? It was ONLY when Ragan backstabbed Rachel that she wouldn’t leave him alone. Poor lovesick Brendon just went along for the bumpy azz ride. I noticed (perhaps you would if you watched the live feed) that the drama went away concerning Ragan and Brendon. I mean don’t put all the blame on Big Red and Brendon and none on Ragina. He had just as much apart of the drama with those two as they did.

        BTW Ragina’s hands weren’t really forced, he is an intelligent grown up man who can decide to take the highroad and not engage in any drama. He loved doing it and you could tell. IMO

      • i agree 100%. i don’t think it would cost CBS that much to change their cameras to let them run in hd 24/7 because i’m getting tired of the blsck lines on the sides of the screens of my hdtv and i don’t want to change my tv aspect from 16:9 to my wide fit function

    • are you kidden me I lost a lot of family members from both sides to cancer. and it is heartbreaking, so it reflects on us and I am so glad the dirtbag is gone

  25. i wish all the luck to brit she will need itshe has to win pov because if she doesn’t i hate to say it but she will go to jury house. but she will win $50,000 wcich is second place and she will be happy with that

    • Go Brit…win POV and show the [little boys] who is strong and can win without a little group of friends…one of which they ditched [Matt] which really brought the brigade to an end….there is NO MORE brigade since one of the “members” is gone. The IQ of Enzo must be so low that it’s scary. He’s a violent guy as he showed in the POV shoving Reagan like a maniac…can’t wait till he is GONE GONE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i can’t stand bitchney I hope Nick has a new girlfriend and its her mother when she gets out. that would really be something to watch cause I’m so sick of her talking about rachel. again she had to bring her up last night get over it bitchney shes out of the house, and in the jh. better be nice she just got kathy on her side and thats another vote you just lost if your in the f2. i sure hope not go home like hurry kick her ass out she makes me sick just listening to her. and maybe when she introduces lane to her mother he will see where she gets it from, and stay away from the witch.

  26. just goes to show,rachel is most popular on show,just look how many emails about her.
    britt needs to go and lane with her never thoughti would say this but enzo needs to win or hayden.

    they need to just show jury house cause rest is boring

  27. what happen to the brigade shirts bb couldnt afford them or did hayden decided he didnt want them cause he wants to take britt to the end or hes trying to get her vote in the jury house

  28. a lie is a lie is a lie but then theres the lie of saying your wife has a rare bone cancer. come on why would u put a curse on your wife why didnt he say he has the cancer and needs the money for treatments cause he’s a scum thats why

    • bingo… joanne, you’re wasting your time the ppl that don’t see the harm or problem with THAT lie with NEVER see it.

      could be they’ve never experienced a loved one dying of a disease or maybe they are just a hard, cold person.

      i guess we can be thankful that Matt did not see a benefit in killing her off from the disease or maybe giving her 6 mos to live.

  29. I can’t stand Britney and I can’t stand Lane’s loyalty to her. She is the ultimate arrogant little snob. All she does is make fun of people and back stab them and pick at her split ends of course. I hope she leaves soon. To be honest, I hope Hayden wins it all because Enzo is a show off and Lane already has tons of money. Not trying to be mean, just my honest opinion. I do love the show. It is a boring bunch now. Let’s watch the jury house!

    • I so agree with your Lucy the jury house was more exciting with just the 5 minutes they showed then the last 4 wks.

  30. Everybody and I do mean everybody got backstabbed by somebody on the BB show this season..Everybody and I do mean everybody told a lie no matter how big or how small this season..There was way to much playing to the cameras as in : “Are u ready for my close up Production”??..There were to many (so called) friendships..There were “suck ups” galore…There was the all voting the same way as in : “I don’t have sense enough to make a decision on my own”…It was like a bunch of kids having a play date..”oh u such a meany and a bully I donna tate my toys and dogh home I dogh wanna play wiff u no mo…..WHA WHA WHA….OR “oh u so mean to make me cry let me go get my boyfriend and if he can find his balls he will whop u to save my honor” ( “did u catch the fake tears production??).. Or “Dis is my house and if u don wanna do it my way then u dogh home!!” There were the ones that had the skin and nose picking issues..There were those that had excercising the hand in the pants issues..The gay guy and the jersey boy that could not open their mouth unless a foul 4 letter word came out. Brother..The majority of the HG’s had no concept as how to actually play the game..and even those that did know how to play somehow lost the concept of “all for me” and went to ” HERE’S THE PRIZE I’m giving it to u”..In short it was a really lame season for Big Brother..

  31. Bonjour BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifties Crew! :)

    Lusty Loafer Lane,
    sayin’ all crap to stay in da game,
    why can’t he see what he’s doing is lame
    his actions for bb winner so far are too tame

    (sigh too full from lunch, this is not my best lol los sientos rico, q & ctgr8 lol).

    Soooooo glad Hay won HOH b/c now he can put Britt the Twit Chit and Lusty Loafer Lane on da BLOCK!
    He best do that if he wants to win, and either him or Enzo needs to win POV so that they can control the voting! Britt is goin’ to F2 if she wins POV b/c they all know they can beat her in the finale….Hayden has 3 HOH wins, so he has enough comp wins & social game to beat her! Enzo (hopefully will win something else)+ his social game to win! Hay has the best chance tho’, go Hunky HOH Hayden!

  32. What would this game be like if they had a season where all the houseguests were 45 years old and up?

  33. What would this game be like if “we” the American viewers only had the authority to evict and not the players?

  34. britney is always picking at her fingernails, picking her lips and scratching her head. She drives me crazy.. Is it just me? It must be a sign of nerves.

  35. What would this game be like if we had a CELEBRITY SEASON where all the houseguests where recognizable Movie a TV stars?

  36. Matt should have never ‘fessed up to the J-house that he lied stating his wife was gravely ill, especially since it took Cathy 10 years to recover from Cancer…Ya BIG DUMMY, now you’ll have to sit in a corner for two weeks while the other jurors “dis” ya and give you the silent treatment in Cathy’s behalf. Total outcast idiot

  37. Enzo’s “twig & berries” have seen more action in that house than a hooker in Vegas.. He constantly is playing with himself. If that was an indurace comp. he would kick everyone’s Ass. He is gross, the way he eats with his mouth full. Isn’t he suppose to be on slop for the rest of the season. Maybe I have it wrong. I know he was suppose to get a punishment & never recived it. Production is running this game. They are letting certain people get away with things, and others are always being bitched at. I love Lane :0) He is a nice guy. But Lane, nice guys finish last. Start getting rid of the “brigade” if you can. Take Hayden, Britney & yourself to the F3 and let the punches roll where they may. I miss Ragan’s druken rant’s to tell you the truth. (NOT THE CRYING THOUGH)…. He at least brought a bit of splash to the house. “Meow-Meow” is giving cats everywhere a bad name. I hope America does not pick him for fav. I hope they pick Lane or Hayden. Just my opinion…..

    • Irish girl 48, You are so right & you made me laugh, how you described the Wanna-be Mafia Man Enzo. He could even move the mouth of the puppet cause he TALKs with both of his hands! I was lmao cause I just knew he couldn’t do it! Could you imagine if he had won the vote for Sabateur! That would’ve been a scene out of the GODFATHER! lol :)

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