Big Brother 12: Week 9 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go with another Big Brother 12 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is a Christmas theme with the HGs having to work tree ornaments with just their fingers fitting through chicken wire. The first HG to get all his/her ornaments on the tree will be the new HoH!

Big Brother 12 Week 9 HoH Mini-Endurance Comp Results:

9:05 PM BBTWaiting for the live feeds to return…
9:20 PM BBT – Hold that thought. Live Feeds are back and the comp is over… Insert sad face here… Waiting to hear who won. Sounds like it was Hayden.
9:23 PM BBT – Hayden won! Britney dropped so many balls she only had 6 left.

Well that was a huge dud. The comp is over and Hayden won. Will he nominate Enzo or Lane to go up against Britney? I’m guessing Lane as payback.

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    • I’m happy Hayden won HOH. Please get Brittney out- then again I don’t know how much more of Enzos eating I can take. He has to be the worlds loudest eater-WHY??? Gosh, Poor Lane is not going to exist this week, Brittney will be all over Hayden. She says Rachel is bad????Hmmmmm yeah, so is she:/

  1. You would think Brittney would be better at this competition with smaller hands but it looks like Hayden is better. I hope he wins HOH or Enzo but not Brittney!

    • That is funny. Good one. I hope Hayden wins and Brittany will get put on the block. I don’t know what happened but I am actually liking Enzo a little more than I did. But, nothing has changed for me about Brittany. Sneaky little you know what.

      • Exactly, funny last week eveyrone was bashign Enzo he wins the comp in an amazing way and everyone is riding him now. Still hope he wins he needs his real time to shine. He’s going to take Hayden no doubt and thats good for me.

      • How is Enzo amazing?! He only won the 1 POV and only because he was competing against whiny Ragan. He was lucky. He’s a braggart and a pain.

      • I think that Brittany has been so mean to Rachel and Brendon while stabbing everyone in the back that she could. I don’t think anyone could say enough mean things about her. I guess I feel about her the way she acts like she feels about Rachel and Brendon.

    • looking at the size of those ornament balls, she’s not use to them being that big.

      she either drops ’em or worse squeezes too hard & they burst… oh, that hurts just watching it.

  2. I dont understand why there is so much advertisment on this site for the live feeds when the feeds themselves are off A LOOOOTTTTTTTTTT

    • Because that’s what helps me be able to keep doing what I’m doing here!

      The live feeds aren’t off as much as you hear. I’m guessing you don’t have them. Plus, how else are you going to watch this comp while it happens??

  3. is there a link where i can watch latest episode in full thanks to football? thanks matt great site

  4. Brittany cant do it because of her FAKE nails…Hayden sure does have this one, but I hope Enzo gets it!! Live Feeds Hurry up and come back on

  5. I don’t know why people here hate on Enzo so much. He may not have won many comps but he is good at socializing. People fail to remember or realize that, in the end, socializing can be more important that being good at comps. To top it off, he has been loyal to the brigade and probably the most honest person left! And if he supposedly cheated, who cares? I don’t think most ppl noticed, I know I didn’t. Rachel’s pretzel-scheme was way worse than what Enzo supposedly did, but obviously BB doesn’t care or noticed. I hope Enzo wins HOH. I think Britney will be Lane’s downfall.

    • Yes, I’ve been sticking up for Enzo all of last week and now people start to realize. :) Enzo and Hayden final 2!!!!!

      • I am beginning to like Enzo better. I think because Enzo kind of sat back from the beginning and wasn’t winning anything that I really didn’t get to see much of him and started to think he was lazy. But, he is still there so his strategy is obviously working. And, I think he is funny. I also like that he wants to evict Brittany–let’s hope he succeeds. I also agreed that Brittany is going to be Lane’s downfall.

  6. I’m surprised Julie let Ragan talk so much after his eviction considering an endurance HOH was planned.

    • i think Ragan was very informative and to the point. he sounded educated and did a great job.

      he points were right on, he’s very logical.

  7. Brit has massive fake nails on and small hands so I so not see her winning, SHE BETTER WIN POV!!!

  8. isn’t weird how the brigrade starts playing well when the game is almostending and winnning rather then let matt do the work. the dont deserve the win and wouldnt be they’re without matt

  9. Britney really distanced herself from Ragan because she’s too concerned what people think of her. She’s so disillusioned she actually thinks she’s cool with the guys. Girl you crazy.

      • Anyone can win except for Enzo. Trash mouth, always has an excuse for not winning comps, and the thing that ticked me off the most was when on the live feeds he called Britney a “c***” one day. He is a total jerk.
        Can’t stand him. That is the one word you never call a female, ever!

      • Not only that, but did you see when he was sneaking food while he was a “have-not”? Total weazel. Also took off the penguin costume alot. Behind the scenes, you get a true picture of what Enzo’s really like .. crude, rude and disgusting

  10. are eastcoasters the only people not getting to see the live show? it’s scheduled to air at 1:37am. this sucks!

  11. BB did it again. i dont know why they try to keep it so secret when we can figure out who won and how the entire comp went in like 5 minutes.

    so now we wait until comp is over, then feeds come back on.

    maybe brit ran out of ornaments. thats a possibility. she might have ran out, and they cant replace them although she would just lose at that point and sit wit lane.. i was doubting they gave her enough anyway.

  12. When did Brit get fake nails, saw her hands last night they were nt long at all??? Just wondering.

  13. if she dont win i hope she win pov and one of the brigade goes up she keep Lane and send and Hayden , or Enzo will go home depending on who win i cant stand any really but i like lane the most and i Think britney Deserves to win and it would br funny

  14. i told u! what did i say.

    hmmm who won???

    enzo didnt win, he would be happier.

    omfg, did brit win?!?!

    no looks and sounds like hayden won.


  15. okay brit, u GOTTA win POV. u HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO.

    ugh damnitt. get the boys out. get enzo out. please!

  16. This is why so many people mistakenly say this game is rigged. It is not rigged, it is staged. Just like the rope comp was suited to the strong, and the surfing contest was suited to the small, this contest is designed for long fingers. Probably not a women.

    Remember, the brigade is the only “storyline” that BB has left.

    If BB wants to continue the brigade storyline, the pov comp will not be a traditional (unscramble the face/quiz) final four pov.

  17. we all know who will win it will be hayden i mean i was all for others but they got sent to the jury house and now i sit back and watch everyone bash each one left the real name of the game is how they played how sneaky they were and how smart they were to get to the final 4 britt played a hard rough game she will win in the end lane hayden and enzo wow those boys got to the end than started playing hard oops did i say played hard no no no there was noone else to play against EXCEPT each other so it was a fair shot to win SOMETHING I just dont know about this game anymore its like screwing a light bulb in and it blowing as soon as you get it in!!!!

  18. Hayden Won…DARN…well lets just hope he does the right thing, and puts up Brit…should be interesting to see who goes up with her

    • LOL i don’t think so. Hayden is definitely rethinking his alliance with Lane after Lane chose Britt over him. Lane and Britt are gonzo.

  19. Hayden is now the best player in BB 12!!!! :), he totally deserves to win this. Going to be so funny to see Brit try and play around with Hayden, but she probably going home. Enzo and Hayden are on fire ATM, they are taking the veto down no doubt.

    • Right Right, Lane is history:) Hello Hayden, as Brittney puts on her 2 piece and rubs all over him. Stupid as_ Lane, he should have sent her home, what a dumb fu__>

    • He will win going up against anyone, the smart decision would be to take Brit. She would get squat for votes She’s so fake and she peeved ALOT of people off

    • i think that would be his smartest move becuz i think britt or lane might have a better chance at winning the pov than enzo or hayden

      • Why do they have a better chance? Britt is only good at quizzes and she even loses those half the time. So it’s basically Lane vs. Hay and Enzo. Britt and Lane have less of a chance if anything.

      • I’m thinking Enzo and Hayden have a better shot at winning the POV TBH. Enzo and Hayden need to team up now, clearly Lanes in love with Brit.

      • Thats what I’m seeing going down. Lane showed his cards by putting uo his two boys over Britt. Hayden and Enzo can’t be THAT stupid not to see what Lane is doing.

  20. WOOOHOOOO thank god Ragen is gone, next up Britt the Twitt! Hayden better put up Lane and Britt, if he saves Lane, he is dumb because Lane has shown the Brigade he can’t be trusted. Get rid of the Twitt and Lame, Enzo and Hayden in the final 2 baby!!!

    • but if he does that and lane win he send enzo home and britney wins she send home enzo so if enzo wants to stay he better win pov hope hes the one to go i aint like him since day one

    • Lane was stupid to not get rid of Hayden when he could, Lane and Brit will go up and if the guys are smart will evict Lane, no one in the jury house likes Britney.

  21. Thanks for the update Matt,BBN for us in NJ who have to wait until 1:37AM to see the postponed live show. Britney sure messed it up for herself by voting out Ragan. Sure would like her to win POV. Oh the suspense.

    • Wait until Ragan gets to the jury house with Brendon and Rachel, and finds out his boy Matt is not the beacon of integrity that Ragan thought he was.

      We may have our first jury house walkout. Or, maybe our first jury house suicide.

      • I think Ragan will be devastated when he finds out about Matt’s big lie. Matt has no integrity. I thought Kathy was going to slug him, she should have. Matt is horrible.

      • I don’t think Matt is horrible. He seems like a nice enough, laid back guy who saw this as a game and who thought that any lie that could help him further along was just good gameplay. I can see why Kathy was upset, but hopefully they all get over it. I personally loved watching Matt play this game and found his ‘diabolical’ scheming to be entertaining and all in good fun. Any game that has people wear sock puppets or get up and dance at the drop of a hat calls for people to pull out any trick that they can think of.

      • whats the big deal, yall act like he won BB…. this guy on “Survivor” had someone come on the show and said his grandmother had died….now he is a celeb.

      • I agree Jen. I think matt feels bad about that decision, but once he told the house about it he had to stick with it until the end. He was the only one really playing the game of Big Brother.

      • Oh, like Matt’s the first HG who ever lied about something.

        Give me a fornicating break.

      • I absolutely agree with the JH guests for their reaction when Matt told them about his BIG LIE. Absolute disgust – which, IMO, is the appropriate response. God help him for what he did.

      • I respected Matt’s game a lot more than I respected Kathy’s.
        I agree that once he started the lie, he couldn’t really go back on it. He probably didn’t realize how far it would go and that he would have to talk about it with a cancer survivor. Anyway, people should know better than to take anything at face-value on Big Brother. Also, contestants should not feel guilted into giving certain others the money for emotional reasons. It’s a game – if you want to win the prize, play hard. Don’t weep your sob stories.

  22. Enzo is a worthless POS. He won 1 POV because he pushed Regan out of the way. He has never done anything but ride the coat tails of the Brigade. Bye Bye Enzo when Brit when’s POV and takes herself off the block.

    • While I’ll agree with the fact that Enzo hasn’t won much, neither had Lane up until recently. Also, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it pretty much Enzo’s idea to form the Brigade? If that’s the vehicle that propelled him to this point of the game while maintaining a great social game with the other houseguests, I think that counts for a lot more than people give him credit for.

      • I agree he formed th Brigade and I think it was his idea to make Brenden & Rachel think they were with them. You don’t need to win comps. to be a good gamer. He also was the one that 1st saw Matt was not a true Brigade. Plus I think he has been the most loyal to the Brigades

  23. Thank God for Hayden, Happy he won, I’m kinda rooting for him now that Brenchel is gone.. But too bad the house is going be drama-less now that the biggest sookie is gone aka Ragen.. But Britt will be taking that spot now because she knows shes helpless and that she’ll be voted out this week unless she wins POV… When are they going to show the HG’s entering the Jury House?? Thought they usually show it by now..

    • They showed it today, also hope Brit gets her period so she can stir up more drama especially if she loses the POV.

      • Yeah he did and Kathy was so pissed, omg, I thought she was going to smack Matt, I really dont think Rachel cared, show acted like she did though, I think she did that for Kathys sake and be apart of the drama.

  24. i think lane and hayden are planning on getting rid of enzo…. lane and brit are sandbagging hayden

    • if you think Hayden is still with Lane after Lane put Hay up over Britt last week, youre crazy. Hayden is pissed.

      • Right, Hayden needs to put Lane and Brittney up, and then him and Enzo better play their hardest to win POV.

      • I absolutely agree. Don’t know if it will be Brit or Lane who walks out the door next Wednesday, but Hayden is out for blood – you saw it in his eyes when Lane put him on the block, and you saw it in the competition tonight. You go, Hayden!

    • if enzo goes up I don’t think lane will vote him out. he had the chance at a power move tonight and blew it.

      • Of course he would ! Lane and Brit are tighter than a sailor’s knot. And there’s no way Hayden will put up Enzo. Lane goes up,(payback) Brit go’s home :-), as long as she dosen’t win POV (hopefully not)

      • Lane will send Enzo out. on the live feeds over the past few weeks he has caught onto Hayden and Enzo’s bro-sho-yo-mance final 2 plan. If it were a tie tonight, Hayden would have gone home. :0(

      • if Lane or Britt goes up, either one wins POV, they take themselves down and now he or she has the only vote

    • Lane and Brit sandbagging Hayden… Intriguing possibility, but I’m not sure either Brit or Lane is capable of thinking that strategically. Lane’s game seems to be take the path of least resistance, go with the flow, offend no one, avoid blood on hands, see what happens and figure out how to take advantage of each development. Brit’s is to do what Lane says, count on him to pull you along, do his dirty work so that he will… Sorry to offend my Lane and Brit fan friends… Am no longer invested in anyone particular winner, as long as Enzo doesn’t win…

  25. I don’t really think it’s fair to give the houseguests a limited number of ornaments! Also, what a stupid idea to use GLASS ornaments. Hello legal liability!

    • We’ve got a Britt fan here. Sorry she’s such a twitt. Don’t worry, she’ll be gone next week.

    • Hello, don’t u get it ? That is what made the game harder, you have limited christmas balls. Can’t wait to hear Brit’s lame excuse for dropping them. Oh wait, I got it, her mails were too long. What a shame princess !
      Bye, bye Brit :-)

      • didn”t Britt say last night the comp. was made for people with long fingers (boy) If she would have taken those fake nails off she would have had a better feel for the balls,on the tree. That was her excuse for not winning,her fingers were not long enough.

    • I’m sure they made them waive any rights to come after them for injuries, and we know from previous seasons that there are med techs on hand…

  26. If Enzo is on the block after the POV ceremony, he will go home. They are all concerned about his jury votes. Hayden feels Enzo is the only one that would beat him. Lane is afraid of both Hayden and Enzo. No one thinks Brit would get more votes.

    So, if Enzo doesn’t win the POV, he will go home.

  27. i would have preferred enzo to win because he would be loyal to the brigade. whereas lane and brit are misleading hayden…

  28. HOH doesn’t matter at all this week– it’s abt who wins POV. My guess would be Lane & Brit on the block. If by chance Brit wins POV thn Enzo goes up & Brit will vote him out! I don’t really care who wins…as long as it’s not Enzo!!

    PS– Just whn i thought I wouldn’t have to see Rachel in that yellow sequin dress anymore, she pulled a fast one on me & brought it back for jury house taping! *gag

      • I hated seeing Rachel and how she wasn’t happy to see Brendon. He is in for ALOT of emotional abuse from that rag.

      • Rachel did not even look happy to see him, I think she was, but she just wanted him to go further in the game. Rachel needs to be educated on how to treat people. She is a lot nicer than Brittany though. Rachel just wants to have fun, and doesn’t know how to act towards people when they talk about her. Poor Brendon has his hands full.

  29. Well this week tells it all..Lane made his mistake not getting HAYDEN out..I hope all u jury house wonderers got what u wanted..Rachel is no different of a person in the JH than she was in the BB House And as best I could tell the “Showmance” is gonna be a “NOMOREMANCE”..Rachel’s face told it all when he walked through the door..So lets get ready for the coming week.. prepare to be bored out of ur gored..

    • Rach did seem subdued, Bren wasn’t going to bring home the bacon.

      And yes, same old Rach, LOUD and demanding… i liked it when Matt said “i’m NOT leaving the room”.

      Notice how she hugged everyone… how will she react when Ragan walks in?

      • When Regan walks in she will blurt out to him about Matts lie. But Regan will be able to find it in him to forgive him.

      • No matter how Rachel would have acting the haters would bitch about her. She was happy but very disappointed. Not in him but that he was voted out. She really wanted him to win. If she had jumped up and ran to him the haters would of said, can you believe how she acted she’s so happy he isn’t winning the money cause she would be jealous. They all were shocked about Matt’s lie. Kathy showed more emotion and disbelief because of her past and the talks her and Matt had about cancer. Rachel wasn’t being a bitch for telling Matt to leave she did it for Kathy. Again Matt showed he has no class by staying in the room. He should have walked out and gave Kathy some time. But no he was all f’ing cocky. So I give Rachel credit.
        But if you hate Rachel you always blame her when Matt was a big dick!!!!!!!!!

  30. Some how this got pasted as a reply on the previous page.

    Wait until Ragan gets to the jury house with Brendon and Rachel, and finds out his boy Matt is not the beacon of integrity that Ragan thought he was.

    We may have our first jury house walkout. Or, maybe our first jury house suicide.

  31. This challange was made for Britney, she should have won, she has little hands.. she lost that one on her own. :( Hayden…I knew he would win, Enzo, once again, usless…. He will act like he won though, because the “Brigade” won… It will be Britney & Lane.. Britney better win veto, take herself off, and Hayden has to but up Enzo. They better let him know that Enzo will win if Hayden doesn’t get rid of him. Keep your hands out of your pants Enzo. You actually should have done well with this comp. It was playing with balls..LOL :)

  32. Wow…Snow, Christmas Tree, so very pretty. Hayden won HOH..i knew he would, Lane and Enzo never can do any thing right and poor Britney unable to use her finger to push up her ornament. I very sure that Hayden will put up Lane and Britney on the block, better hope they win the POV or bye..bye Britney.

    • I’m sure the POV will be knowledge based, and Brit will have the advantage. It’s on her to win it…

  33. UH OH??? The kitchen still has 5 chairs..unusual as the extra chair is always removed during the HOH comp….hmmmm…Who is the mystery person that has been sleeping in the Have Not Room ..hmmmCould this be why the 5th chair is still there??? For company///maybe??

  34. I think hayden knows the one person who will no votes in the JH is Enzo – hayden will put up Lane and Brit – This is no lonegr loyalty it is game – this move by Hayden will decide the money

    I think Hayden can beat both Enzo and Brit – get rid of Lane and hadyen wins th came assuming he goes to final two

  35. I hope Lane and Brit go up. Hayden or Enzo win POV and keep noms the same. Brit goes to the JH so she can continue to whine alongside Ragan about what a horrible person Rachel is.

    • Just from a pure gameplay standpoint, I don’t see how Britney goes home.
      I think ALL the remaining players want to be up against her in the final two, to ensure they get the votes.

      • Hayden and Enzo have had a “super Yo secret” final 2 broshoyomance that has been going on since Matt was there. They planned on getting rid of Rag, Brit then Lane.

        Lane was catching on, so if Brit would have tied it tonight, Hayden for sure would have been outta there!

  36. I HATE Enzo .. what a loser! Brags and boasts from 1 POV competition and only because he pushed Ragan out of the way. Biggest floater of the whole house. Only claim to fame is coming up with the idea of the brigade. Good thing too, it saved it sorry ass.

    • I do not think Enzo deserves to win, but he will beat Brit – but you know what in war all that matters is that you win the winning battle – that was a hard POV and he took no prisoners

      Maybve he was losing on purpose in the past so as not to be the bad guy – that is how Lane played it

      • That is how the Enzo was playing. His hands are clean, and everyone in thr jury house loves him. Yuck… So anyone up against him will lose to him. He admitted a few weeks ago that he was throwing everything so he would not have blood on his hands!

  37. Didn’t Hayden say he wanted to take Britney to the final 2 so he can win? I think that is why he will put up the boys.

    • Yes, but Brit last week told Hayden if she was in the jury house, and if the final 2 were Lane and Hayden, Hayden would have her vote. She did that as strategy as her, Lane and Ragean were going to try to backdoor hayden.. but looks like it backfired on her. :0(

    • He will not win, this is a game not a popularity contest, what r they thinking. The jury members are going to go by who played the best game. Hayden with this HOH win looks good now, but Brittney played everyone in the house. They need to get her out if they want to win any money.

  38. Enzo is the biggest loser! He needs to go home he has been there way too long and has done nothing but won one competition that he cheated his way through. The only reason why he made the brigade was because he know he didn’t have to do anything and everything will be done for him. He was the same way in H.S. He was a loser and cheater!!

    • How would you have handled it? They both went for it and Enzo got it. He had to go to the left side so he had to cross over. The houseguests were on the other side of Ragan so he had nowhere to go. So blame BB for putting the CD in that position and not out in the center where they both had to run straight at it. And if Enzo had been on Ragans side and won people would say the comp was fixed because it was closer to Enzo. So many people love to hate.

      • Between Hayden calling out the answer and him being sneaky and eating food when we wasn’t suppose to and then taking the penguin suit off when he wasn’t suppose to. He was done some many things that he wasn’t suppose to do he should have been thrown off. You think he would work really hard to win HOH and get to see pics of his family. He hasn’t done anything this whole season.

    • Did Enzo eat something when he was a have not? I heard he did, I never saw that. Why would they let it slide, that would be cheating. WOW

      • Yeah it was all over the blog and spoilers! He makes an awful representation of NJ. Most NJ guys are not like him nor talk likes him. I feel bad for his wife who has to live with him. I think she is the breadwinner in that relationship

  39. WTF???? Football really????? I swear the ONE night a week the show is LIVE (well for easties, not us westies lol) and they decide to have a FOOTBALL GAME ON! Well, even though I know the results now and am watching the feeds, I will be up at 1 a.m. watching. Brit voted out Ragean??? I really thought it would be a tie and Hayden would have been gone.. :0(

  40. Looks like Regan’s gonna lose another brother when he finds out how genuine Matt is. Can they just change the show from Big brother to Jury House?? That has been the most drama all season. Wait till Regan shows up.

    • Notice how Julie did not tell Ragan about Matt’s lie. She smells ratings when those two see each other in the jury house.

      • I know alot don’t like Matt, but I do because all in all he is the only one who tried to play strategically. But in the end, he came clean cause I think deep down itside, as the game went on, it really did bother him.

      • I don’t condone Matt’s lie, but he admitted in the DR room more than once that the lie was strategic to his game.

  41. To MATTB and the posters on this site:

    Thank you guys! Although my BB viewing is down by 40% this season because of too much staging by BB and the fact that this season sucks,

    my participation on this site is up 100% becuase you guys are really much more fun than the the damn HGs this season. Thanks for making this season tolerable.

    Oh no, I am getting emotional. I’ll have to take my bottle of wine to the have not room and alternate between crying and talking to myself.

    • I totally agree with everything you said in your post…same here…and I have taken my bottle of wine and am crying in my cups about the whole damn season…however I will watch it until the end….hoping Brit will go home because she made a huge mistake tonight…and if anyone reading this can tell me….did Enzo get really excited about Hayen’s win…you know, walking around acting like he won…yo yo go brogade…NOT!

    • They were mainly playing him, while keeping him on their “team” in case he DID win enough comps to get further in the game… Never once was the word “Brigade” mentioned in his (Brendon’s) presence. He was clueless to the end, when he was completely blindsided. There is a naive sweetness about Brendon… Which is why he has so many fans out there. As for his ex’s assessment: I tend to take anything an ex says with a grain of salt…

  42. I’m favoring Hayden to win the $500K. He isn’t much, but he’s the best of the rest.
    Hayden will be elgible to play for HOH too.

    • Hayden seems like a decent player, I think he threw some comps so he would not be a target. I rather him win over anyone left in the house. Lane thinks he has a chance with Britt, NOT. Enzo,didn’t win anything, plus I heard he cheated? I definately don’t want Brittney to win, ugghh no way. she is mean.

  43. God! This season has been so incredible dry, and with Regan out….its now like swallowing a handful of sand.
    Lane had one chance to make a real power move, and he got queasy. What a lame way to enter the final weeks of BB.

    Others on here are right. CBS should switch the live feeds to the Jury house, because that’s a heck of a lot more entertaining than this manure.

  44. Lane is officially lame. Ragan had it right.
    Enzo votes Ragan, Britney votes Hayden.
    Lane votes out Hayden in tie-breaker.

    The chance for a power move, something bold. NOT!
    (Yawn)This ranks up there with Matt wasting the diamond POV on Kathy. Then, he got booted. Better pack your bags, Lame.

      • Clare Ann…Yes they see it very clearly now…The only question remaining is will Hayden and Enzo adopt the same strategy…This could be a very dangerous move…Britney would never get a vote from me for anything because I’m convinced she is exactly the same person outside this house as she has shown herself to be inside the house…However, she may have more jury votes than anyone suspects she has…Very risky move..

      • Hi aoyam, I agree with your reply, I also believe Brittney to be a mean girl on the outside as well as the inside, so in my opinion she doesn’t deserve anything, but for the jury, I believe they will vote for her because of her game, not her personality. BB is a game, not a popularity contest. Lane is crazy for thinking he will win, if he goes to final two with Brittney.

  45. Hayden will put up Lane and Brittany.
    The jury house will have to decide to go with who played the game or a popular vote.

    If they go with who played the game Brit should win if they go by nice guy, Hayden or Lane has it. More Hayden than Lane.
    Enzo will most likely get fan favorite.

    I agree with Kathy for being upset with Matt’s lie but it had no bearing on Rachel. He did it as game play NOT to be mean or ugly. I don’t agree with it.

    I also think the romance is DONE Rachel looked PISSED that Brendon walked in.

  46. well now… this is where (as mom would say) “the rubber hits the road” in this game.

    i hope lane didn’t make a big fat mistake by keeping hayden instead of ragan.
    britney and her short, weak fingers had no chance against hayden in that hoh comp. she will be on the block for sure.

    i don’t think lane or britney has a shot at winning unless they are f2 together, and i’m afraid they just threw any chance of that out the door with ragan – ESPECIALLY with hayden winning hoh.

    i understand the pov is more important this week…

    but i have a feeling ragan’s gonna BE RIGHT about this one.

  47. I’ve only watched 6 seasons of BB but I have to say, this has to be the worst cast and season ever (after 9). Does anyone even care who wins. We have Britney, aka Regina George, and three douchebag cavemen who walk around all “Yo Bro, Dats Wack Bro”, etc. I really wish a real group of players stayed in the game because this season had great potential. CBS needs to do a better job of selecting their cast. Maybe start issuing IQ tests? Sorry, just needed to ventilate.

    • Didn’t Production put in quite a few HG that have HIGH IQ’S this time? They need to put some people in there with some Common Sence & Street Smarts! LOL

  48. I want Britney to go to the Jury house, just so Rachel can show her the Princess Room that Rachel has & sick of her sayin how Famous she is. Also, I would like to say, I don’t think Rachel was mean to any of the arriving Jurors. I was Happy to see her, she is the HG that gave us alot of gameplay ! I think Matt Hit them really hard with that LIE, SHOCKING even if it is a game, the shock of it needs to be absorded & to wonder why he chose an Illness to further his game, rather him using his BRAIN ! If I was in BB house, I wouldn’t throw these COMPS, I would fight like HELL to win :)I love BB

  49. Hayden has really stepped his game up.I think he’s more more competitive & more of a gamer than the HG’s think.

    • Hayden has not stepped up his game – it has now become a process of elimination and he is now winning. He was not throwing any competitions along the way he was just being outplayed. I will agree that he is now more of a player but he has no choice because it is do or go home from here.

      • correct Helbell..when you get to the final 5 you don’t sep up your game, your just in it. what did he do to get there? nothing!!!

  50. even for the small amount of time they showed rachel, it made my skin crawl. her voice is so annoying and even though she made good drama in the house. im am so happy she left long time ago. if i had to watch the rest of the season listening to that nasty screechy voice, i would stop watching and cancel my dvr for the season. i am sad to see ragan go. i was routing for him or britney.

    • I saw a more subdued Rachel… The dynamics of the jury house are different. You no longer have to backstab, etc. Just have to process what you’ve been through and get over the paranoia brought on by having been in such a bizarre situation. She was deeply disappointed to see Brendon’s arrival, as that put an end to their mutual dreams (or fantasies). If the Brenchel Bashing continues I will have to reveal a very closely guarded secret: Brendon and Rachel are the lifelong friends… (Run, Forrest, Run!)

  51. Why does everyone have so much confidence that Enzo will win the veto? Because he won 1 veto he had to cheat for? Also, I knew Brit & Lane were going to regret sending Ragan home. They could have teamed up & got Hayden out, but as always they did the most predictable vote. Now if they don’t win the veto on Saturday it’s pretty much over for both of them, because with the other gone, the other will follow. Just like when Matt left, Ragan was the next target.

    Kudos to Hayden. He’s pretty much played everyone in the house. Brit is not the only one. She’s just more out there because she talks to much lol.

    • I absolutely agree about Hayden and Britney. Gotta give it to Hayden. He’s played a great game.

  52. Most viewers of BB only watch TV and not all of this bloging,Showtime,live feeds,etc…..and they show meow-meow as a cool dude.

  53. Ragan had the game figured out. I think he has been one of the best players ever (maybe not the best but one of the smartest), next to Evil Dick or Janelle. The one good move the house made was to evict him. Has there ever been a season where the house voted as one so much???

  54. Of the 4 left in the house, Brit’s the ONLY one who’s played the game.

    Yep, it’s Brit and 3 lame-ass floaters left.

  55. Hayden is a snake. he turned on Matt way before he had too. He told so many lies about matt and and was the cause of them thinking matt was shady. Thats part of the game but Matt was winning and dragging them along. I hope anybody wins but Hayden.He lies about everybody !!!!

    • Everybody lies about everybody. On the list of this season’s players, Hayden isn’t even in the top three. Matt tops that list. He’s disgusting – and one day his lies will come back to haunt him.

      • tishe – Kathy’s calling the kettle black.(Cancer Survivor who smokes) Lee said it the best – post #32 Lee’s reply : Matt’s lie was a bad choice for game Kathy’s is a bad choice for her life.

      • rmneimee, umm, I didn’t say anything about Kathy. I agree with you!!
        I don’t like Matt’s lie!! Pure and simple!!
        I know this is a game, but I truly believe in Karma! Game or no game! He got his in the ars, voted out!! He was so dang cocky!! He actually thought his lie wouldn’t matter!
        Karma is a wonderful thing!!

  56. except for cigarette-smoking ,cancer survivor,Kathy, i think all the veto votes were unaminous ………. no drama , no awards.

  57. I loved it tonight when Lane told Julie he’s been playing “dumb” and thinks it’s about time to bring out the “smarts”. Yeah? Ya think? Guess what, Lane … I think the horse is already out of the barn. Too much – too little – too late.

      • And rightfully so. Hayden now finally sees Lane is picking Brit over him. Too bad Lane’s “obsession” didn’t even come close to winning HOH. :-) Glad Hayden beat her. So now Hayden or Enzo need to win POV. Then its bye bye Brit, then Lane.

  58. put bit*h and fat boy up send fat boy home and put the foul mouthed britchney through hell till she begs to gey to the jury house

  59. I am seriously considering in the next hour if not before of cancelling my feeds subscription. I cannot stomach Enzo and his repeating himself with the same phrases for the next 7 to 10 days. He totally annoying in his attempt at conversation. His yelling and screaming at thin air is annoying..He needs to shut up..If he had common sense he would know the Brigade is no more.. it is now every man for himself. The second reason is this year I (we) have been constantly cut off of the live feeds and only seen bubbles or triva for up to 3 hours at a time. This year the live feeds were a waste of money. If I knew that I would get to see the final comps I would be happy to keep the feeds till the show was over but I think it’s a little late for CBS to make amends. IF the show returns next year I will wait to get the feeds until I know that I can get what I pay for and that the show will be worth watching. This has been a very disappointing season as to the show itself and the lack of time we were able to view the live feeds.

    • Yes you are right I watched them sleep for over a hour then had to watch that nasty Enzo Spit seeds in a cup and almost got sick. Smack spit,smack spit. It was horrible. The hgs know they have production by the tail now and they can do whatever..

    • RAYRAY they had 3 minorities this year and they’ll have that many or even more next year if there is a next year. because one thing have to change
      1. the cameras in the house have to be changed to high-def because all the other shows on CBS are in HD why not bb i know that CBS has the money.

      • Really, who were the three? I saw only Monet. Not thats its a big deal but I’m trying to figure out who the minorities were this year.

      • I’m guessing Monet as african american, Andrew as the Jew and Regan being gay. Three minorities.

      • If CBS had the money they wouldn’t have cancelled Guilding Light or As The World Turns. See Lane and Britney should have listened to Reagan and put Hayden out the door. Now they both have to worry. Especially Britney. She knew Enzo was gunning for her to go home.

      • that might have been lanes plan all the time to let enzo or hayden get rid of brit then he can keep his hands clean and have a jury vote

      • yo!yo! what it is big brutha defanittly need more bruthaz. and dem honkiez needz to no borrock be blak, and dats why we be gittin reperashuns. and i likes crak rok and goment cheks. thanxs crackas

    • Really? Is this another “I’m black feel sorry for me” card? Get over yourself. Apparently, all the brown/black people were too ignorant and/or had too many felonies to be considered. Wasn’t There a Jewish guy? Have you forgotten Jews are a minority in this country also. Or did you mean “if there isn’t more BLACK people I’m
      Not watching”, in response to that…there are enough all black shows clogging the airways! You have an entire channel dedicated to Black Entertainment! Can’t us white people have a channel with NO blacks? Oh wait, that would be racist! It’s not your fault your racist. I’m sure your grandmother told you to play the “I’m black, I deserve more card” until the day you die! I just can’t wait til
      Black history month again! I’m changing it to WHITE history month. Oh and
      That ALL black college, should be closed. I’m sure there’s no need to actually go to college to get a PHD in Ghetto. Or How to collect welfare and still smoke crack101!!!!!!

      • Funny you should make derogotive statements about blacks being on crack or welfare. Up here in Canada it’s the WHITES who are on welfare or crack.

      • As a black woman I REALLY resent those remarks all i have to say is the president is BLACK bitch!!! and have you seen your so called not ignorant white people on the show this year? Enzo is a disgrace to any race.And yes i love bb i am not prejudiced but I would like to see more black people on there.

      • I could care less if the show is all white, black, Jewish, etc. Ignorant people like Enzo and others are the reason the show is interesting. If I didn’t watch shows that didn’t have at least 2 white people in it, I’d only be able to watch the CMT channel.

      • speak the truth brotha some day they will wakeup to nikkik yes the prez is black but what color are the people that raised him where is his father and mother ohhh and if you cant figure out this trivia ? well they are white biiiitchhhh!!!! rdj boston ma

      • Really!!!Racist people hide behind computers making empty comments that they would NEVER say out loud!!Bubba-Get a Life!!!Alldayaday-your name says it all-you probally don’t work-got all day everyday to sit and watch the world around you evolving and you are so afraid to live!!!

      • Hey, Regina Wilson… Bubba isnt my name or nickname. I’m not even white. When I get bored I throw out comments to stir the pot, so i can have a laugh at how upset and bitchy people get. Maybe if welfare paid out a little more I could afford cable TV and I wouldn’t have to watch this show.

  60. Thanks a lot guys, damn game got in the way and they canceled BB here so now I won’t be able to see what happened at all.

    Thanks for the updates

    • They weren’t pleased, as you can imagine. Even Brendon was stunned. Matt, however, seems to see nothing wrong in what he did. “It was just strategy,” he said in his defense. Rachel said something about Matt being the most disgusting person she has ever met. For once, I actually agree with her.

    • pink ribbon, white stick
      if Kathy is so upset of Matt using a disease as a ploy…..why was she the only 1 of 13 that smoked the cancer stick every chance she got…..

      • i’m pretty sure she had breast cancer that has nothing to do with smoking .
        What Matt did was a terrible thing, who lies about that kind of thing, what if he just set his life up for destruction ? Like karma will bite him in the a** and he/she will get a disease.
        It was a very wrong thing, and Kathy had every right to be mad.

    • Matt was and still is an asshole. i can’t believe that he would stoop that low to try to win the money… i heard of playing dirty but Matt takes the cake… all in all i hope Hayden or Enzo wins the money…. More Hayden cause Pretty boy Lane don’t need it coming from a very wealthy family, and Britt is a back stabbing bitch…. hope bb is back next year…… they should try putting in us Canadians

      • I’m sorry, but Kathy played a huge sympathy card back when she told Ragan about her chemo and how she really needed the money to secure her son a good education. Granted, she didn’t fake a disease to try to get the votes, but she still used emotional blackmail in her campaign to stay in the house. I am very sorry that she had cancer and is struggling with money, but I don’t respect emotional blackmail as a tactic in this game. If you need money, get another job, but don’t resort to begging for it on a game like big brother — or at least try to win some competitions and win legitimately. My mom is a single mom who worked her butt off to give her 3 children the advantages that she never had. She didn’t go on a reality t.v. show as a last resort to make money because she “didn’t know what else to do”. Matt’s strategy was ridiculous, but Kathy’s crying about how she really needs the money was also sickening and really had no place in this game.

      • How come everyone is saying Matt is soo low for faking a disease for his wife. Brittany swore on her fiance that she wasn’t going to put Brendon on the block and she did. It’s all words, I don’t care what any of them said to win the money, as long as they entertain me during the process.

      • do you watch survivor? johnnie fairplay did the same thing to win, but he told his tribe that his grandmother had did.

    • I’d be pretty surprised…

      No one wants to take him to the final two (for fear that he has jury votes), and he is weak in the competitions.

      • The only way Enzo goes to the final 2 is if he wins the remaining competitions. I think everyone knows that he has been trying to work the jury members. That’s the one good part of his game play. However, he needs to win the comps to stay in the game.

    • I’d be pretty surprised, too. Nobody has any reason to vote FOR him. What has he done to impress anyone except teach everyone four-letter words they might never know if they hadn’t met him.

    • enzo was so friggin’ sad as a competitor he should be ashamed to go back to jersey! also, i have never seen a bigger bunch of “we’re going to be famous would you like my autograph” idiots in my life! this whole crew is going to be sadly disappointed when the limos don’t come rolling to thier doors to take them to whatever tinseltown show, opening, gala, party etc, they somehow believe they will be invited to

      • JIM I totally agree with you. What do they think they will be stars and when you see them at a bar you will run and buy them drinks..That is all they talk about i.e. Britt,”I just want to get on the plane and I want to talk to anyone or give them a autograph” please little girl and the rest of the attention seeking nuts

    • I sure hope not.I cannot wait for him to leave. His manners are horrible and if he was half as funny as he though he was,well I still couldn’t stand him..He better hope his wife continues to feed him cause he couldn’t do it himself and I am sure she knows that…..

  61. This is too freaking funny not to share with all of you–

    I have a freind who never watched Big Brother before this season. You know why? She thought it was about the “Big Brother, Big Sister” program!!! (You know that matches someone with a child) Now that is a hoot!! This girl is as dumb as Brit!! She should be on a future BB. LOL

  62. BBAD is getting to be as bad as the “live feeds” on the cutting away thing and not letting us see anything.

    “Live feeds” go to bubbles all the time, BBAD goes to flamingos.

    Scared someone’s name is going to get mentioned or a company name will be mentioned that is a sponsor’s competitor, I guess.

  63. Hey ya all!! Please do not go high school on me for asking this. when is the finale? I will probably have to work, so I need have friend tape it for me.

  64. This is such a snoozefest now. I am really sad to see Ragan go. It is going to be really predictable now. I wanted Hayden to go, but since he is STILL here, I say he needs to go all the way! There really is nobody left to root for.

    I know Matt’s lie was bad, but it’s a game. I think there have been bigger, worse whoppers told in season’s past. I totally understand Kathy’s response, but I don’t see her getting much sympathy since she STILL smokes even after having cancer! that’s sad! And Rachel was being hateful about it because she didn’t look like the bad guy for once.

      • oh, rachel telling Matt that he is the worst human being on earth for telling his lie. Kathy told him he sold his soul to the devil, etc…they all just ganged up on him. Don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t have done it, but if he hadn’t, someone else would’ve done something similar.

        I also wanted to comment about the ratings. They are probably so high because the serious fans are hoping and crossing their fingers that something interesting will happen! Like I said, snoozefest!

      • WOW! Thank you!! ya Genna, I’m not understanding the rating being so high. You are right, it is the die hard fans!! CBS should a little careful next season, we are die hards,not puppets. I will give next season a try until….

    • Yes let’s talk about Adam (winner BB9) and his lie to HGs. I will donate part of my winnings to the autistic children of America.

      Well when the Jury voted, he won over Ryan.

      Let’s see, oh yeah he spent his winnings on developing his drug sales along the eastern seaboard until he was caught and is now in jail. So are these lies really about game play…..Just Saying!!!!!!!!!

      • KARMA!!!
        Do not lie about the people in your life!!
        Steve, you are not going to read this. There are more important things in life than money!!
        This is a game show, it should be fun and entertaining!! This is what makes the $ $ $
        Take a happy pill! Good Night.

  65. It doesn’t matter who Hayden nominates. Who cares who he nominates? The winner of the veto decides who goes home. The winner of the HOH is the only one safe at this point.

    • It was pre-empted by football!! I think I get it at 12:oo a.m. mountain standard time. IDK, I give up!!
      I will watch it on Friday

    • go to and click on big brother. and you should be able to choose which episode you want too see.

      • If you have comcast cable it is on On Demand the next day after it airs. I missed Wed’s show and watched it the next day.

  66. Oh, crap… gotta turn BBAD off now. Enzo found some sunflower seeds and I’m sure the noise will be unbearable.

    • Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!!
      Rico you make me laugh!!
      Oh, hey I copied your song and read it to my boss, she is a fan of BB. She is now a fan of “Rico”

    • The noise is bad, but watching the bits falling out of his mouth… New name for BBAD: “As the Stomach Churns” Yuck!

    • You are right, it is unbearable. Big Brother needs to know how to turn off the mike for Enoz when he eats and sleeps. He has a breathing problem….

    • maybe the seeds will muffle the sound of the FOUR LETTER WORDS that dominate his vocabulary. EVERY sentence has one. REALLY? Maybe he will go home this week since he doesnt win unless he has RAGAN to TRAMPLE over.

    • Enzo is such a pig! If I lived with that man I would feed him from a trough in the back yard. I have never heard a grown person make so much noise when they eat. He is just gross!!!!!!!!

  67. Yeah, the Matt lie thing and Kathy’s reaction was a tad too much. All that was missing was Ragan crying along. That will be coming soon enough! Matt lying was no biggy. These are NOT best friends in the BB House. They don’t even know each other, and you’re there to play a game and WIN. If you become freinds, great, but that shouldn’t come between good old honest lying, and anything else you can do to win BB!

    • PS I didn’t even like Matt, but at least he actually played the game. These Bore-gade members that are left are sorry butts and don’t deserve to win anything. (That includes the dummy Brit.)

    • when your locked in a house with a number of people and cant talk to your family or friends it makes you have strong bond with the people that your with in the house, thats why kathy was mad.

      • Ya know, you may be right. I wasn’t a fan of Kathy, but I do believe her reaction was real!! I didn’t see it but heard about it on here. (does that make sense?)

      • Hey, Tishe… I was checking out other sites for awhile, plus keeping an eye on the weather channel… Have family all the way up the East Coast, and several are in the path of Hurricane Earl… Hoping it doesn’t wobble to the East… Our crowd seems to have thinned out tonight…

        Loved your earlier comment about skipping work for Survivor and BB Finale! I’ll be watching Survivor also… It’s my other “guilty pleasure”…

      • O, Sister, are you there?? Please tell me your family will be alright?? Wasn’t it supposed to die down quite a bit??

      • Sister J… the crowd thinned out because this season sucked… no big plays made by anyone, it was all formulated. Enzo repeatedly cheated and noone said anyting. Noone played with thier heads, just some stupid loyalty to virtual strangers! Pathetic.

      • what is the theme song from “twilight?”
        Chris you need to make one up!!!
        That would be sooo funny!!

      • Let get real…The blackhole is where meow..meow needs to disappear to. Rather wonder Enzo’s home welcome from WIFEY. SHE = higer mangerment Enzo not so much!!!!


        I am thinking that wifey will ship Enzo to Pandora Box until BB??????

      • I wish PENGUENZO would have had to sew a penguin beak onto his mouth the whole time he wore that costume so we wouldn’t have to listen to him speak.

        Hey PENGUENZO quit telling all the HOH winners who to nominate and wIN HOH so you can DO IT YOUR OWN WAY yourself.

  68. JH is gonna be drama central and Bren prob will get physical w ragan,cuz bad bren is such a pussy.Prod should put a live feed in the JH.I would buy it. If you haters hate so much watch re-runs of 2 1/2 men or mash & get off our blog page.I like BB,good,bad or indifferent.

  69. Hi yall, OMG there was more drama in the jury house after Matt told them that he lied about his wife and the whole season of BB.

    Also I’m working on a song about ragan made to the Brenda Lee, song All alone am I

    All alone am I ever since brendon’s goodbye
    All alone with just the repete of my farts
    People are all around, But you only hear the sound
    Just the lonely repeteing of my farts

    I’m still working on it

  70. Can somebody, anybody, tell me why Britney is soooo insecure??? What is it about her that is so pathetic she feels she has to make fun of Rachel and Brendon every second she gets?? She’s such a lame cock eyed fool.

    • Our little britches is a puppet,,, there for, what was I saying?
      She had a chance to win but,,,, puppet!

    • She is so pathetic, STUCK-UP TWITTY B*TCH. she was makin me upset last nite about her bein REAL FAMOUS & not gonna give out Autographs @ the Airport when she leaves the BB House! Who the FR*G wants it anyway? not me for sure. :)

      • She’s played the snarky mean girl role from day one. As I said way back when: she seems to be the one who initiates the snarkfests… Whether Monet, Rachel, Kathy, Ragan, or the rest, she brings out the inner snark of whoever she is with… Lane is the only one that doesn’t get drawn in to it. Good quality in a man… (Don’t worry Tishe, I’m not after your boy! Just saying…)

      • I think lane is pretty stupid if he thinks he can win over her. They will not give it to someone that has only done one thing the hole season. they will give it to the player that tryed the hardest. If he wants a chance with the jury he would have to take Enzo. But I am hopeing Hayden wins!!

    • Britney is out of her comfort zone on LIVE FEED/TV. Hopefully the outcome of her experience on BB12 = I am WOMAN …HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!

      • I’m old enough to be her grandmother… Hear me snore!

        All kidding aside, the BB house by now is Bizarro-World…
        Have they got their silverware back? I thought they’d taken it away for fear this crowd would be turning it into shanks!

      • Brit does not like to be a loser so don’t count her out!!! Maybe she has a uptown attitude BUT she also has a “CAN WIN” until I drop perspective.
        Just saying…….

      • Sister, they took away the dishes etc. cuz these kids do not know how to dishes!!
        Just guessing!! Oh, friend, whether report, Earl is a cat. 3 still. they say it may die down to a 2 by the time it reaches land. Where is your family again?

    • Brit simply needs to grow up, somehow find the self esteem she’s lacking or maybe kristen should knock her out.

      • Leb, I’m not counting anybody out… Not many competitions left so it’s down to who’s nominated, who wins POV, who wins final HOH and decides who to take to final two… Anything is possible…

        G Perkins, I agree. I cringe when I remember myself in my twenties! With time, she may clean up good…

        Tishe, several branches of my family are spread all the way up the east coast, all the way to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Earl is near one branch now, another will feel its effects tomorrow, then on up the coast… Thank you for caring… All indications are that it will weaken as it moves north, but I’ve learned never to underestimate a hurricane!

    • Britney is sooooo insecure because her mother raised her that way from what she has stated. Britney says her mother is worse than she is. That is pathatic, to have a mom that talks bad of and makes fun of people. The rotten apple doesn’t fall from the tree very far.

      • Brittney has alot of issues. She is a big baby. If she doesn’t get her way she is mad. And she is lazy. I would really hate to see how the house really looks now. They are all lazy. Why Lane wants to take her to the final 2 I will never know.

  71. All, I have been informed, my show is finally on!! I must go check it out!! These numb nuts are probably setting me up!! If it is not on T.V., I will be right back, if it is, I will talk at ya later!!

  72. Hura ! Finally Britney ! Kicked out of the house at this stage is more hurtful, bitchney ! Hayden should win this year !

  73. seriously BBAD flamingos? five minutes plus worth? are you sending us a message about what you think of your show?

  74. Haydon : Who wants to see his HOH room? Got a nice letter from his DAD! Enzo attacks the SNACKS LOL :)

  75. Rico, I am a beautiful old hippie!!
    @Sister J ,numb nuts were wrong, it’s not on yet!!
    @ Clare Ann, HI, how are you??
    So you folks do not go, high school on me,
    What happens to us when the show is over??
    Is the website done till next season? This is my first time on the BBN!!
    @ Bean, flamingos are cool!!

    • Ashli Rae has started up a similar site for Survivor… I’ve already signed up… Too bad there’s no SAD (Survivor After Dark) to continue our late night sessions. Would certainly add a new dimension to SURVIVOR! This is my first “chat room”… Have enjoyed watching and talking over the show with y’all!

    • ola night ppls! u still up? :) hay won hoh? wow that’s 3 now, he can so win this game now! he’s got the power, the comp wins & the social game too! i so hope he puts up lane & britt!

    • Hey tishe, we’ll have to find creative ways to exchange info! It’d be great to link up throughout the TV season, we can compare chats & limericks on all our fave shows! R there any other forums like this for any other reality shows? DO tell!

  76. Here’s to Rico, Q, Tishe, Clare Ann, Sister J
    Let’s all wite a letter to BB, And tell them we want to play
    We will give you drama, The ratings will be number one
    Forget about all the stress, We’re just going to have fun

    Gives the beer and the wine, Watch yell and scream
    Maybe a jar of cherries, And a few cans of real whip cream
    You said you wanted drama and ratings, So please give us a chance
    If it doesn’t work, We can always try putting a hand in are pants

    I tell you what, Make it ten to four
    I tell you BB, the fun will start as we walk thru the door
    Now I know what you are thinking, Two women to one
    But having that meny women around, Would be alot of fun

    So BB hear are wish, Anad make are dreams come true
    We’ll give you ratings and drama, That I promise you
    So if it gets to wild, And you start having doubts
    Just call us all to the DR, And you can throw us out

    • LOL that would be the GREATEST BB SEASON EVER if that happened !!! WE would be sooo funny and filled with the UNEXPECTED that the FANS want to see! LOVED IT CHRIS !

    • Funny stuff. Chris! Liked the whipped cream and cherries, but did you have in mind anything other than eating? Please, I’m too old for that!

    • Chris-this-is-GREAT!!!!
      Count me in!
      I will grow some balls and speak for ya all!!
      Ya,, go BBN, ya have a shot at a “late night ball”
      These people know this game, like the back of their hand!!
      DO NOT tell them what to do, you’ll lose man.
      Aw crap I tried, can not and will not be in the same class!

    • Count me in, don’t forget moi! :) I so agree too, thanks for my daily dose of your limericks! BB Fan All-Stars! Amazing season am sure!

  77. Bon nuit Nifties, Poets & BB-Poets!

    I know a late sign-on! I’m now goin’ to watch the epi! What on earth did I miss? Ragan’s gone I know, and what was the endurance comp? Any limerick drops from Rico, Q or CTGR8? Hollaz Tishe, SisJ, C-Ann!

    • OH yes there are a few from the COOL GUYS :) Jadelle, you are included to go into the BB house with us too, GIRLFRIEND!

  78. OH Sister J I’m praying that the Storm goes far away! Your Family will be FINE! Sent my ANGELS to be there to PROTECT them! :)

    • yup we’ll have to do a late-night post so that we can link up after this site, assuming it shuts down a few days after the finale! :( it’s been so much fun with you all on here, esp. late-nighters lol, good times! lol.

    • Well, Jadelle, the JH house was exciting!! (I found out from our friends here) other than that, the best, most exciting place to be ,is here!! YEA!

  79. Ohhh goin’ to watch the epi now, back in 1/2 hr!
    I hear the jury house was worth the wait! I can just imagine what time some of u got the episode in your hometowns! Insane! Good thing we’re night-owls eh? :) brb

      • Good night everybody… I’m switching to the weather channel now… May be putting in an all nighter… Earlier it was reported that this thing was 400 miles wide… That’s one big storm… Thank heaven it’s pretty much off shore!

      • Oh sh-t!
        The look on rakes face when her man walked in!!!!!!
        I said earlier on a post, that the show MAY have got boring after she lost!!
        I forgot, her laugh, her face, her like, whatever!!!
        I take it back, i do not miss her.
        Matt(dork for brains, yea karma, it is a kick in the ass!!

  80. When Ragan goes into the JH He will be so shocked to learn about Matts Lie & I hope Matt comes clean to the others about the BRO-GADE! I wonder if Ragan was told by BB not to tell the jury he was the SCABatour! Ragen got 20Gs, and Da Brain got 1 dollar!

  81. I’ll say good night, It’s been a scream
    I know 101 ways to use cherries and whip cream
    Eating cherries and whip cream, It will make you shout
    But it’s you put on on, That is what it’s all about

    Nighty night yall

  82. @ sister J, I said this earlier, your family will be fine!!
    Your Karma is too strong for other wise!! ( I know you are sleepin, but the thoughts are very still there!!)

  83. I still am rooting for Brit. I think she has a really good chance to win the POV. I still find her funny, perhaps over the top but funny. Hayden is a sweetie though and he is my number two choice for the win.

    • The three bozo needs to be put in their place by Britney! If/when she wins veto the guy’s will have their tail’s between their leggs and kissing up to MS Britney!

    • Britney cannot win this game – there’s already four people in the Jury House that wouldn’t vote for her, no matter what, so she’s already done. Lane’s right – he would definitely win the game if he brought her in a final two.

      • I disagree. It just depends if people vote with their emotions or who played the best game. In my opinion, there is no question that out of the four left Brit played the best game. She is a tough competitor.

  84. Come on Big Brother, turn off Enzo’s mike when he is eating. He is terrible. You want to lose viewers, keep him on with his eating.

    • @Enzos eating habits. BB do not give him anymore of those seeds,or anything to eat,or turn his mike off if he is eating..I almost got sick last night and had to keep muteing my tv. I thought the digging in his pants was bad but the seeds go to another level. BB stop putting the camera on him. He is disgusting.

  85. I’m kind of surprised at Ragan being gone. I assumed Britney and Lane wanted Hayden not to be in F2. Voting him out this week would have been the best opportunity they had, then again sometimes they do lack the proper brain cells for strategy. Now Hayden’s HOH, if he plans to get rid of Britney… she’s definitely going to have her back against the wall.

    • Agreed. If Brit had voted out Hayden and Lane had did the same on the tiebreaker, it would have been likely that Lane/Brit could have gotten out Enzo next week and Ragan the following week.

      Had that scenario played out and Enzo won HoH, Lane/Brit would probably still have been safe and Ragan would have gone to the JH.

      But instead, they’ve gotten rid of someone who would vote with them against Enzo & Hayden, and one of them is guaranteed to go home next week. Hayden puts them up and even if one of them wins POV, the other gets voted out due to Enzo’s vote and Hayden’s tiebreaking vote.

      Whether it was Rachel’s confrontational stance, Matt’s booting Kathy and throwing the HoH comp, or Lane/Brit voting out Ragan, this season has been full of moves which each should have recognized were against his or her own best interests.

      • Oops, forgot that if Lane/Brit win and use POV, that Enzo has to go home and the single voter will boot him.

        Still, it would have been better for htem to dump Hayden last night.

  86. Hayden will nom..Britney & Lane then Lane or Britney wins the POV and Enzo is the replacement. lane who will be the onle vote, send Enzo home. Enzo have to win POV to be safe this week.

  87. Lane will be on the block with Britney so he can’t vote for her to stay, now he’ll have to win the veto and send Enzo a packing…

  88. If the ratings are high, I hope that CBS does not try to carry anything over from this season into future seasons. There choice of contestants was for the most part horrendous. Yes, I came out here to check out responses, but this week was the first time I did not watch at all. I do not care anymore. I was sucked in when Matt was still there due to the controversy and the hope of the Brigade being destroyed. These people think that they are going to be celebrities like Jeff and Jordan. Don’t think so. If any of them are on the Amazing Race, I may stop watching that as well. It is embarrassing enough to be sucked in during a good season, but this season just sucked.

  89. Britney is the safest one. They all 3 want to go to the final 2 with her, as she is a sure way to win the money. I think both Haydon and Lane will take her…Enzo is dead meat this week if he doesn’t win POV.

  90. OMG
    everybody get off your almighty high horses! this is a game of lying, back stabbing and decieving. is doesn’t matter if one lie is worst than another, it’s a lie. so matt is fine in my book. as is ragan lying about his job. as is brendon lying about what he did. as did previous players did in previous seasons. that is what the game is about, you don’t like it than don’t watch the game and stop the damn complaining about it!!!

    • It is a game and being on the outside looking in we can have an opinion weather we think someone deserves to win a half a million dollars based on weather they are a good person or not…… That does not mean it’s complaining.

  91. It is a game and being on the outside looking in we can have an opinion weather we think someone deserves to win a half a million dollars based on weather they are a good person or not… and having said that, I do not think Matt, Ragan, or Britney are good people and do not deserve anything.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opnion. Some people would vote for who is the best person some would vote who is the best game player. In my opinion, it is a game and anything can happen. I don’t hold it against anyone for doing what they can to stay.

  92. I’m so glad that ragan is gone and now enzo has a greater chance to win. But an even bigger chance when Brittney goes home Thursday!! lol

  93. Opinions are great we all have one at one time or another, but no one has to take it to heart or even listen to it if they choose not to.

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