Big Brother 12: Week 9 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

After an all day lockdown with a lot of building going on in the backyard, the veto competition was held.  What’s going to happen now that someone holds all the power in the Big Brother house?  I’m sure we’re in for some smooth talking, @$$ kissing HGs trying to secure a spot in the final 3. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – September 4, 2010:

9:55 AM BBT –  The HGs are woken up by BB but are all still sleeping in bed with the lights on.   

11:30 AM BBT –  They’re finally getting their lazy butts out of bed and Hayden says something about the noise coming from outside.  Looks like we might be getting the PoV comp. 

12:24 PM BBT –  Enzo once again says the brigade is the best alliance in BB history.  I think he’s in for a rude awakening when he gets out the house.  I mean shut up about your do nothing alliance.  Geez!

12:35 AM BBT –  Brit is whining to Lane saying she feels like she is being shunned like Ragan was last week.  Oh wait, she’s actually crying.  Give me a freaking break.  Lane says he’s not going to baby her, that they’ve been fighting all week.  He says she was being annoying and is different when other people are around opposed to when its just the two of them.  Oh Lane save your breath. 

2:00 PM BBT –  The building is still going on in the backyard and yo what’s going on with that? LOL  

5:00 PM BBT –  The hg’s got some kind of toys to build.  Brit’s working on a tower and Hayden is trying to make a ball.  It’s like different colored bendy things lol.  They finish the ball and Hayden and Lane are kicking it in the kitchen and we go to trivia for the pov comp.

8:00 PM BBT – Feeds back from veto comp and Hayden wins so it looks like bye bye Britney this week and we have a Brigade final 3.  My worst fears have come true with a brigade member winning bb.  Please don’t let it be Enzo. 

10:00 PM BBT –  Enzo tells Britney all about the Brigade!  Brit isn’t saying much just chewing her fingers and picking at her fingernails.  Enzo is animated as he tells her how he started the brigade right after the blackout and says its the best alliance in BB history. 

10:40 PM BBT –  Hayden tells Brit he’s not using the veto and she’s like, “so I’m going home?”  She is crying and leaves the HoH alone.  Enzo thinks this is funny.  He says at least they had enough respect for her to let her know. 

11:20 PM BBT – Enzo still going on about how great he is, how he played the best social game ever and better win the 25 grand.  Oh please!  Give it a rest!  You are NOT the best social gamer and you do NOT deserve the money. 

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So Brit hit her all time low in the house and has finally grasped the concept that she is going home.  I wonder if she’s realizing her mistake in sending Matt and Ragan to the jury.  I’m thinking most definitely.

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    • IKR, Even though I’m not a big fan of them, I’d rather give the money to Brendon or Rachel over Enzo any day! At least they fought their butts off to stay alive.

      I’m hoping Hayden wins now. 3 HOH’s (Possibly 4 if we wins the final one) and a P0V, this guy did some damage.

      • Yeah, he does some damage when he has no competition.

        Enzo is so full of himself. He is trying to convince Lane that his POV is more important than Lane’s HOH.
        Who is going to go see his movie once he becomes a star? LOL Who would pay to see him do anything. I would cross the street to avoid him. He makes me want to vomit.

      • Pat you are so right. Enzo makes me sick. He has put a black mark on BB and if he wins that is it for me.


      • Maybe Enzo should see if he can be casted in “Mission Impossible 4” after getting off the show…They intend to start filming the production in early fall. Maybe they can pencil in his character an Italian Stallion insurance adjuster “bad guy” since he believes he’s the best player in BB12 history. Can you imagine? (MI4 starring Tom Cruise and the “amazing” Enzo Polumbo) Can you imagine him doing 8 minutes on Craig Ferguson’s “Late Night”?

    • kristy jean The show says he is a insurance ajuster but he said he was in real estate than someone posted that he had a bad reputation in his home town so who knows what he does. He did say on his interview that he had passed the test to be a realator. Than after one of the povs he spelled factory and said that is where he worked. Who knows what he does. Who dosen’t know the sq. footage of your own house.

  1. It’s funny how when players play dirty, people complain. Then when you have an alliance that stayed true to each other, played the game with integrity and made it to the end without screwing each other over, people STILL complain. The Brigade ARE the best alliance in BB history because unlike so many past alliances that saw more turnover than a bakery, these guys stayed true to their word (excluding the whole Matt thing, but he was a sneaky prick).

    • …or Will and Boogie who stayed true to each other over TWO SEASONS…or Dan and Memphis who were 1st and 2nd on bb10…or the Donatos…

      • booger was Wil’s little puppy,..and the Donato’s,…. PA-LEEEEZ, he was a bully and if one of those house guest would have stood up to him, his whole game would have crumbled right there, because the others would have seem how weak he really was and voted him out.

    • Integrity is a complete fabrication whn describing this alliance! Idc who gets to final 2, as long as it’s not Enzo.

  2. Ok, Enzo isn’t that bright. He holds no power – Hayden does. Hayden can send him home. Even if they manage to send Britney out the door only TWO of them can reach the end. He’s not out of the woods yet. And he’s just spilled that he was the “mastermind” behind it all. Jury hears that and he won’t win the grand prize. LOL

      • Did anybody watch BBAD last night? All I can say is “oh brother.” The Brigade thinks they can go on tour and people will pay to see them. My question is to see them do what? Enzo says he is open to anything – “movies, etc. Dream on you guys. Nobody is going to pay anything to see you bunch of losers do anything. Hope when they get out, they read what America really thought of this season – which was the worst ever, and this cast of losers. If it was up to America, we wouldn’t vote for any of them. Get real fellas and go back to your dreary little lives. We are sick of you.

      • I agree Summer…The worst season of BB!!! I think Brendon was the only shining star of this season, but ugly troll Rachel ruined his game!! Yuck, god I hate her

      • This is why the Big Brother staff should consider having “us” the viewers due the evicting each week. Look at it this way…it is “us” who they need to please…no one else…lose “us” and the show goes off the air…that’s the nature of ratings. Now I know they attempted the views to evict all the way back in Season One…but that’s ten years ago. I doubt if hardly anyone who watched “then” is still watching “now”. Hey BB Administration…give us another shot at it? Having “us” be participants on the show…watch your ratings sore…guaranteed.

  3. :) Let’s here it for the boys :) Let’s give the boys a hand :)
    And it all started with Enzo’s brigade idea on Day 2.

    • YEAH..THEIR MAMA’S MUST BE REAL PROUD OF KICKING BRITTNEY WHEN SHE WAS ALREADY DOWN..big men those 3..real big..yeah lets hear it for the boys..real jerk offs those 3..

      • They only told Britney so Enzo could gloat and brag the rest of the night. I think Lane and Hayden are getting sick of him too.

      • I’m not a huge fan of Britney’s but the way they told her last night was totally uncalled for. And Enzo thought that it was so funny. He just wouldn’t shut up. I’m not sure yo, because I don’t hav the live feeds yo, but he’s probably still going on and on about it. Why can’t Production hit the “Enzo, Stop that” button? I wonder if Lane and Hayden are rethinking their decision.

      • Oh come on. Kicking Britney down when seh is already down. Please. She is a nasty person and ought not have been in BB in the first place. Trailer Trash.

      • Another big man with a prick size brain speaks up..did u hug ur dog today and kick ur old lady?? U COME ACROSS AS A JERK U MIGHT DO THAT..

      • No they didn’t. They wanted to let her know so that she could enjoy the last few days in the house. They were up front with her. I think last night was a great show. Enzo was the mastermind, give him credit. His street smarts and big personality got him to where he is. Lane and Haydon did a great job too. Now that we are down to these few days I look back and say “great job Brigade!” They stayed true to each other. Enzo explained it all last night. Lane and Haydeon were too chicken to tell Brit. Why is everyone on Enzo’s case. He did a great job….go Enzo!!!

      • I have ZERO sympathy for Britney… She had sooooooo many chances to play the game for herself but she let Lane play the game for her!! If she would’ve taken a minute to think and not bad mouth every in the house in the diary room she might had a chance to win!!!

      • Honestly, it’s just a game. Nobody should be feeling bad for or talking badly about anyone. Who ever wins deserves to win because they obviously did something right to do so.

      • You mean exactly like how Britney kicked Rachel when she was already down? Or she backstabbed Brendon after promising she won’t put him up? Rachel actually felt bad about putting Britney up and made her cried but Britney felt nothing when Rachel was feeling horrible on her way out. So we are supposed to feel sorry for Britney knowing full well that she won’t give a damn about you if you and her switched places?

    • Yes! Great Job to the Brigade! But, after last night, listening to Enzo, who is soooooo full of himself,and thinks he’s going to be a star, and America’s favorite!!!!! He needs to go!!!!

      • how can you call trailer trash, she won more than enzo….enzo as floated through to where he is with the help of the brigade so he needs to thank his lucky stars that he got this far, he’s a total bum. does it really look like brittney lives in a trailer david? or are you just saying it because you do? jerk!!!!!

    • It’s always the same in any setting – the losers will always find eachother. Enzo has got to be the dumbest person walking earth today. His poor wife and child! He is such a sickening person and a geriatric version of the Jersey Shore guys. He is bald, ugly, dressed horribly, no personality, no brains, loser. If he gets the $25K, I swear on my mother’s grave I will never watch BB again. That’s a promise. I will never be a part of anything that promotes losers like Enzo.

      • Hopefully, America will vote for Brendan to win the $25Gs and shock those self-important, fame-infatuated idiots who think they are America’s favs. Brendan deserves it hands down and it would be the biggest play of the season. I will love to see the shocked looks on their faces in the finale. LOL!!! Revenge is sweet, but Karma is a bitch.

  4. When your favorite sports team is losing you still watch to the end, hoping for a last minute comeback, but the chances are very low for a great outcome. That is how BB feels this year for me. There is always next season, and something could happen in the bottom of the 9th !!!

  5. This has been the worse BB EVER! Boring!! Brit will be going, then I am praying they get rid of Enzo. He is such an arrogant,chew-with-your-mouth-open, lazy, do-nothing person. I am hoping that Lane wins. Although Hayden may need the money for a hair cut! I won’t be back for another season unless CBS finds more qualified people to keep us entertained.

    • I love Hayden’s hair like that…bring back the old Beatle look. I’m so tired of the “cue-ball”, “skin-brain”, “militant” look guys are so proud to show off. I can’t see what women see in that? I’m a 45 year old woman and think it sucks! WIN Hayden…let your hair do the talking for you in interviewers so the ladies of America force their men to grow it back.

      • One problem though – Hayden is almost bald under that mop!! Haven’t you seen him get out of the shower or pool? And he has no upper lip to pull across those enormous teeth. Just take a second and imagine him without the hair…how good is he looking now?

    • Forgot to mention his eating habits in my post!!! Enzo is incredibly gross when he eats (and every other minute too). He chews with his ugly mouth open and smacks as loud as he possibly can. What in the hell makes him think he could be accepted anywhere on earth as a “celebrity” when he has the table manners of a cow chewing it’s cud???? Learn a little something assface! Chew with your mouth closed – Oh, I forgot, you can’t ever close your stupid mouth!!!

  6. Lane and Enzo don’t deserve to be in the final 3, but unfortunatly, it looks like both of them will get there. Atleast Brit won more than one thing, and she actaully played the game at some point or another. Hayden’s not all that bad either, when Brit goes home on Wednesday, I’ll be rooting for him to win. Enzo at this point is beyond oblivious. No one is going to see your movie, get over yourself.

    • Who would ever offer him a movie part? NOBODY. His foul mouth makes me sick. He is so full of himself. Wait till he gets back to the real world, and finds out what people REALLY thought of this season, and the worst cast ever.

      • They are in for a very rude awakening. Enzo’s ego is so out of control – he’s only suited for Jersey Shore and that’s insulting to Jersey Shore! He has no brains, no skill, no real personality – just a big, big mouth and a propensity for the word(?) “yo”, especially when expressing how tired he is which is all day everyday. Loser.

      • Shame that there won’t be any live feed when that happens. I really want to see Enzo’s face when he realised the only movie he would be in would be the one he financed himself. And he will have to continue his insurance adjustor job, until his boss realises from TV that he has a talentless, dumb employee working under his payroll.

      • Where did Enzo get the idea he was going to be offered a movie? 99% of BB guests you never hear about again except on another BB. He is a loser & has been since day 1. I would like Hayden to evict his ass.

  7. The way thing are going, it certainly looks like the final two will be Lane/Enzo, which would set up Enzo for the win…

    I know MOST OF YOU PEOPLE don’t want it to happen, but, ever since Kathy was kick to the Jury House, it always seems like the next evictee is always the one person that the whole audience wanted to keep in the game. So, if you follow that logic, there’s NO WAY Hayden can win the last HoH. The kid’s screwed… unless he can break that weird curse.

    • Madman – you must be MAD. Enzo is one of the biggest jerks ever to appear on TV. He belongs on the Jerry Springer Show.

      • It doesn’t really matter what WE, the viewers, think – we’re not part of the jury. The rest of the HGs love Enzo – even Hayden and Lane mentioned it. So, if he comes down to a vote, Hayden could beat Enzo, but not Lane.

      • Madman…we can make a difference…refer back to my comment in block (3) 6 reply’s down to see what I mean.

    • I just hope for once this season the hoh will be a hard one. Hayden could win if pysical I think Enzo and Lane are too lazy to hang for very long.

  8. Britney should get out of that house as soon as possible, i hate her with a passion…! She should stop crying coz she’s making noise for us, grow up you lil’!

    • Yeah, didn’t people say last night that she took her lost ‘classy’? I guess that didn’t last long!

    • Finally Britney is showing that she is human. Too bad it had to be at the end. Now she feels how she treated others. Doesn’t feel good now does it.

      • Actually, Britney’s mom isn’t the only one who think she deserves to win.

        you’re an obnoxious prick. grow up.

      • Britney played the game better than Enzo and Lane combined…It’s disgusting that these two floaters are still in it…What the f*%@ is a social game ? Hiding in the background while the strong players go at it.

      • Stella must be another relative of Britneys. Because only her relatives would think that Britney deserves anything at all. Please Stella is acting like Britney with the name calling.

    • I agree with Caroline. Britney should win out the bozos thats left. Lane and Britney should have kept Raegan in the house and sent Big Mouth Enzo or Shaggy Hayden home. They probably are regretting it now. I don’t care who wins now.

  9. Let’s recap here: Brit-n-Brat is crying around because she is being treated the same way SHE and the BRO-GADE treated Ragan last week and the way SHE ALWAYS treated Brendon and Rachel and others in the house? Payback is a b–ch, Brit!

    • roxie I so agree with you thats what you get when you trash the hg all dal all night. I wonder how many friends she has in the real world.

      • How do you think Brittany’s ” fiance” feels watching her antics with Lane? You noticed that he wasn’t in the Home interview with the folks. Maybe he’s not real either.

    • Britney will have the last laugh because she is the only one of them who has actual acting talent. She is going to be much much more famous in three years than any of the other cast from the season.
      AND: Lane never betrayed her. The two of them simply did not win enough of the final challenges to get to final two together. They had enzo in the gunsites but enzo escaped by winning pov when he needed to. And they did not want to go down as backstabbers of Hayden.

      • Lanes mouth betrayed her last night. I have Lost so much respect for those three. I will be voting for Britney for the 25,000.00 America’s vote.

      • Except for Evil Dick, no HG ever became truly famous after their BB season. The fact that you think that anyone from this cast, let alone Britney, can find fame after this season, Karzai… that’s why people invented the word ‘delusional’.

      • After Britney ran out HOH crying, the boys all laughed at her! Haydon & LANE said that Britney wasn’t the TYPE of girl they would date! She deserves to go to Jury House! Karma comes back to her, when she promised Brendon he was safe, Lane promised her she was safe, she got the same feeling she gave to Brendon, Knife in the Back! :) She won 10G,s yesterday,so she got prize money to take home. Brendon worked harder than any of them to stay in the game! I feel Brendon Deserves to win some money for all he did! So,I am VOTING for Brendon for AMERICA’s Player!

      • SummerToo,
        After she won the $25K, I am sure she will go around saying she couldn’t believe those gullible idiots voted for her. And when you go up to her asking for an autograph, she will rudely wave you off like you are some kind of disease. I am saying this based on how she treated people on the show.

      • Lane’s comments last night that Brit is “not his type” were utterly for Brigade consumption. Clearly, he does consider her his type, as he has been repeatedly trying over the past week to enlist her in post-show appearances. Not least of these was the Super Bowl in Dallas, where the two agreed to try to deceive Nick as to whom she would attend the game with (BBAD Thursday night).

        While Lane said some not nice things last night, in actual fact he did nothing to betray her. His sights were clearly set on getting out Enzo last week but Enzo escaped from the crossfire by winning POV. He kept her well briefed, at all times, on Hayden and Enzo’s thinking. There was no need for Lane to be explicit about the Brigade’s formation – he was feeding her all the info on the Brigade that she needed, and without putting a “spin” on the info.

        The simple matter is that Brit and Lane just did not win enough of the last challenges to be able to enforce their final three deal with Hayden. And Hayden’s being put on the block by Lane (at Brit’s behest) caused Hayden to uphold his deal with Enzo.

        The big winner of the night, unfortunately, was Nick, despite his total lack of interest in or public support for her during the course of the show.

      • clare I am voting for brendon also he had the worst treatment in the house and he fought so hard to stay in the game. thanks to two face britt he was black balled from the rest of the house now she will see what happens to people like her. who cares about her autograph I’d be ashamed to say I have it. wonder if nick was watching her begin a topic about bjobs and sex postions think he will be excited or maybe dump the bitch

  10. Hayden can’t win against either of the other 2 brigade members. He’s an idiot to take them. Rachel and Brendon won’t be voting for him against either of the other 2. The rest of the house would be a crapshoot. However, if he took Brittany, Rachel and Brendon would vote for him, as would the other 2 brigade member, giving him enough votes to win. But Hayden is too stupid to do the smart thing, and I’ll laugh when he loses the final 2 vote to Enzo.

    • Actually I think Hayden would win against both of the remaining brigade members. He is well liked and he actually has won something other than the other two brigade members.

      Right now if Britney leaves, I can only see him winning. If he makes the case that he hasnt floated and actually won something Rachel and Brendon would vote for him.

      • Rachel seems like the type to hold a grudge against Hayden, and not care what he’s won. So I don’t think he’d get their vote against somebody else. But they hate Brittany more, so he could be assured of getting their vote if he took her. As I said though, he’s not smart enough to think that way.

      • Both Rachel and Brendon respect competitors and good game play. Hayden would really be the only competitor to pick from, so even if they think they like Enzo or Lane they would view them as floaters, too afraid to be held accountable for making a “move.” Kathy would probably vote the same, as would Ragan and Matt.

      • I disagree. I think taking Brittany is smarter, and ensures his victory, rather than taking a brigade member, where he still “might” win. Taking Brittany assures him 100% a win.

  11. I’m hoping it will come down to what they have done and not emotional stuff. If Hayden used his head he will know that he might not beat Lane in the endurance and he’d have to beat the last two comps. If Lane takes Enzo, he’s screwed. He might be safer to take Britney, because he knows Lane and Enzo won’t take him to final two.

  12. I don’t think that Haydan will use the veto so I
    know that Enzo will be voting Britney off bye bye.
    Can’t feel sorry for you

  13. These guys are like little boys who boast and brag and make up a name for themselves — idiots all 3 of them, thinking that anyone will want to see them after this BB folds, let alone pay them for the privilege — we’ll be glad to be rid of them! Enzo is the worst, but Lane and Hayden applaud and agree with his fantasies. Let’s wrap this complete waste of time! They are beyond ridiculous and laughable.

    • Agree completely. I haven’t watched the last 2 weeks because they’ve been as predictable as the sun rising. I’ve never seen a reality show with more unanimous votes, and predictable outcomes. Wake me up when it’s over. Survivor is 100 times better than this season of BB.

    • Yes- when Britney’s gone won’t have to dvr Big Brother After Dark anymore…Maybe just the finale of CBS bb

    • I agree these three are the dumb/dumber/dumbest Big Brothers plays ever to have gotten to where they are. Wow.

    • I agree with everything that has been said. I have no interest in watching any public appearances by just these three. If Brit is with them, then, yes, I will be interested. I am most interested in post-show appearances by Brit and Lane alone(if they do them).

  14. Enzo’s drunk butt is all but flaunting to Hayden that he won’t be taking him to the final two. Now would be a great time for Hayden to flip and make a deal with Brit and Lane (seperately) that would guarantee him final two. Lane prolly wouldn’t do it, but Brit hates Lane so much right now she probably would. So he would have 2 out of 3 fighting for him in the final 2 rather than 2 out of 3 fighting to NOT take him.

    But as we all know, they are fools. The highlight is going to be when they realize no one likes them. WHY can’t THAT be televised?

  15. and the saddest part is, it’s Enzo’s delusions that got him this far. Hayden is SO into believing they are making history that he is going to keep the Brigade alive.
    I hope their shirts say bro-GAYde, only because they are meat head enough to find that insulting :)

      • Not sure he’s the dumbest, there have been plenty of them on the show, and won. I think it should go back to viewers voting like we did on teh BB1.

  16. I say good for them they did get this far played the entire house each in their own way and got to the final 3. you dont have to win competitions you just have to go the distance no matter how you get there. The one thing you dont have to do is trash someones reputation along the way. Hopefully these characters realize that in the end you get more with honey then you do with vinegar. They still have to face the jury, so looking forward to seeing the jurys face when they hear the nasty things that were said about them. Wonder if there will be a fist fight then.

    • Philly girl you can bet that none of that will come into play. The jury really won’t know how bad the talk was until they watch the play back. Some of the things that were said were so uncalled for. Although they though it was quite funny. ESpecially about Kathy. I know she didn’t play the game but come on guys and Brit.Shame on you. Matt and Britney were taking meds all the time and making fun of kathy for doing it. Really

  17. Those three boys are disgusting!! No of them deserve to win….

    Hayden is a punk and scared to do what he wants to do and listens to whatever Enzo says. People keeps saying he should win but he only started winning when all the competition left the house!!

    Enzo is worst person I’ve ever seen on tv. He actually thinks America likes him…haha So damn cocky. Anything and everything comes out of his mouth is wrong and completely stupid. He is the worst.

    Lane played Brit really good and he tries to be so hard in front of Enzo…I hope he loses so bad. Anyway when Brit leaves I will be done with the show but at least I will catch up on my sleep. She should have won…BB I am upset!

    • The only problem with that is, Brittany is a terrible person who insulted people behind their back, and treated them like garbage. Therefor, she has no prayer of winning, even if she made final 2. Nobody would vote for her. The rest of the cast would unanimously vote for the other person, which is why the other morons should take her to final 2.

      • Brenden said “that whore put me up’ and Enzo and Matt called her a Bitch numerous times …she’s been insulted more than anybody but never to her face by these muscle bound cowards…

    • o my are we angry, I wonder if you watched when Will and Boogy played the game thats why they are the all time bbhg. Try not to let it get the best of you its just a game. And by the way you alwys reap what you sow thats why shes going home Hurray

      • I didn’t say she didn’t deserve to go home. She does. I said, she won’t get any votes from the jury. Therefore, the guys should be taking her to assure themselves the win. As for any other season of BB, this is my first season watching, and it has been extremely disappointing. I was hoping for some drama, but I haven’t needed to watch a single Thursday episode to know who was going home. Everybody just falls in line and unanimously votes them out. It hasn’t made a good case for me to try another season of it.

    • Britney deserves to win nothing. I think when she gets back home, her boyfriend will call off the wedding. If not, I feel sorry for him because he will have a challenge on his hands. She would if she hasn’t yet lied to him.

  18. Why is Brit so upset? It’s a game and she did whatever she had to do to backstab people to get to F4. She made fun of other HGs when they had little chance to stay and continued to talk cruelly about Rachel,Brendan,and others when there was no reason except to feed her insecurities about her vile self. Her behind-the-back talk of all the HGs started from day one. She’s a malicious little brat that is used to getting her way and dogging others. Why all the tears? She’s trying to play on their sympathy and make the guys feel guilty evicting her and saving themselves when that’s the object of the game. Please!! I have no problem with some backstabbing, lying, etc (this game requires that) but the way she conducted herself, as did Ragan, was just too much and shows what kind of character they have in real life.

    • She also stood toe to toe with Brenden while the other chickenshets were afraid to confront him.The Brigade wanted Matt out but were to cowardly to do it so Britt did the dirty work…And when it happened Enzo said it was a Brigade move …BS

      • yes true but enzo is the one who got the brigade and everyone to vote out all the hg not so dumb after all

      • No, Enzo wasn’t responsible for all the evictions. He kept saying it because he wanted to be the mastermind of it all but he was just delusional.

      • Oh come on, toe-to-toe with Brenden. That just showed how much of a b i t c h she is really is. Flauting in front of him, teasing him, knowing that he cannot touch her. Poor judgement.

  19. I am so pissed at enzo laughing because Brittney is crying because she knows she’s going home. If he knew he was, he wouldn’t be crying, he would be walking around breaking things, cussing more then usual if thats possible. Leave the girl alone. She has feelings. She played a great game and its over. She will be the one remembered for putting up with Enzo, and for so long alone with those guys. I am so disappointed with Lane not owning up to the true friendship he had with Brittney. In front of Hayden and Enzo he makes it look like he used her. They were truely good friends and that makes Brittney hurt more. Enzo has the worst eating habits I have ever seen and his wife should be ashamed of him. I feel bad for his dear baby girl when she gets older and has firends home. I think their parents will ban them from his house becuase of his dirty mouth. he is sooooooo uneducated he doesn’t know any other words to use but F..K. I live in NJ and I have 4 boys who I am prod of and believe me would outshine this jerk any day. No one will remember Enzo. I think he has some brain damage too. he already admitted to being on drugs. I hope his wife wises up and gets a real man and respectable father for her daughter. Enzo can then go looking for the fame he is sooo dilussional about

    • Yes Enzo they’re laughing at you not with you.Put your peguin suit on and make a commercial for SeaWorld…probably the only offer you’ll get…

    • I’m sure she was well aware of the fact or possibility of being voted out. I believe the biggest hurt was that she considerd Lane & Hayden both to be friends..Enzo was not her friend ..she knew that..I think it’s bigger blow to Brittney to realize that she was not Hayden or Lanes friend..And none of the 3 have stepped up and said or admitted that if not for Brittney’s help they would not be final 3..

    • If you and Britney switched places, she would be mocking you for crying instead of having any sort of sympathy. She is a hideous monster on the inside. Crying is her way of manipulating people to get her way!

    • I agree, if she were in the other shoe and someone else was up, she would bad mouth that person behind their back. She would laugh at someone else pain. They all have to put up with each other. Enzo has poor manners and doesn’t know how to eat. But then again look where he lives. This is the worst Big Brother game ever. The players are only looking for more money, fame, because they wanted more comps with rewards. This is the Trailer Park Trash version of Big Brother. None of them deserve to win anything. All need therapy.

  20. WOW…so many different opinions…All the snide remarks..the below the belt name calling ..hurling insults..making judgements.. coming across as self rightous bigots… “Makes u wonder about the character of the people posting”

  21. Why are people acting like britney is the only person to talk about other HG’s!?! LoL that’s how the “Loser-gade” got where they are…and the folks in the Jury house…For some reason Brit takes all the hits for playing the game. She is not the first person or last to talk about or make fun of people! And lets not forget that both Brendan and Rachel did their share of talking about HG’s…wrong is wrong and Brit is the only won in the hosue who played them and should win!! Much Love Britney

    • Brittany’s talk as well as Ragan’s went way beyond name calling, and making fun of someone. Apparently, some people forgot or never heard her in the beginning. The things she said with Monet about Kristen and her bad boob job and constantly talking about her “high” pants and what they showed. She instigated most of this vile talk, because she enjoys it. That’s how she is at home. Don’t feel sorry for her or make excuses. Everyone talks about the others in the house but the degree she took the comments show who she really is. Hope her mom’s proud!

  22. Brittany has said many times she will do and say whatever it takes to win. (sample: she promised Brendon she would not put him on the block, yet she did.) She is deceitful, manipulative, lacks integrity, and is seriously deluded about her own character. She should have gone sooner. When asked everyone pegged her as the one to worry about, and yet she is still her. Time to go Brittany!!! Get over yourself!!! A

      • Britney showed her true color very early on in the DR. Everything coming out of her mouth is always what she thought were negatives of other HGs. She did not say one thing good about anybody. The only exception was when she was talking about Lane.

      • Well, graves, I know you cannot really put Enzo in that group, since he’d never been in a position to put someone on the block… so we don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • EXACTLY!!! Enzo was never in a position to put anyone on the block…so what does that say??? He is a loser floater who did not have the parts to play the game…

      • Enzo could never have made it without somebody backing him..He is a lazy ass self serving foul mouth jerk who has no respect for women period!!!!! He trashed talked every female in the house calling them the lowest of the lowest names and used them when it suited his purpose..Enzo is a sad person as he aspires to be somebody but when he opens his mouth and speaks he is still a nobody..Enzo got carried to the final 3 by other HG’s..He did not “earn” his final 3 position..

      • I didn’t not at all defend Enzo – everything either of you said about the man is completely exact in my book. I just said that graves’ comment about Britney being exactly like Rachel and Enzo is totally incorrect, since Enzo never was in a position to be like either one of them… that’s all.

        Enzo suck in a completely different way than Britney or even Rachel.

      • graves… without using the name ‘Enzo’ i would have known exactly who you were talking about… i could not agree more… the only word you missed using was ‘PATHETIC’.

    • Who other than a family member can have sympathy for Brit – her language towards Rachel showed a total lack of character and sportsmanship – she is a phony as they come – I hope her boyfriend dumps her on national TV

      I would love to play this game with so many of the posters here. Brendon played the best overall game.

      the money should go to the best player – I think based on who is left that will be Hayden.

      Enzo started this brigade and that should carry some points – he managed to survive – is that not the goal – But I think enzo looses to everyone put Brit – this was his big mistake – he should have faught to keep Brit.

      The money should go to the best player = making it to the final 2 is evidence of good play – when Enzo’s life was on the line he played hard – before then he found a way to get everyone else to do the dirty work – this is also good strategy-

      but in the end the overall best game of the final 3 is Hayden, then Enzo, then Lane – Lane betrayed the Brigade with Brit – this should always be a hasis to not get the money

    • yea like about giving blow j and sex with guys she knew for 3 months if that niceeeeeeeeee girls like that make good wifes loose their men

  23. Brittany is obviously in the mean girls club but she should have seen what was about to happen. The “boys” are a bunch of egotistical idiots. Who do they think they are? They are all so full of themselves that a decent girl wouldn’t give them the time of day. Not one of these 4 deserve to win anything except maybe a mirror to continuously marvel at themselves. I live near Ft. Worth and there is no BIg Talk about BB or any of the brigade. Lane get over yourself. The bars in Ft. Worth are definitely C&W and would laugh at each of them and run them out. Celebrities in their own minds there is no window of opportunity except in the unemployment line!

  24. Brit is the best!! Love her….no matter what people say she played a good game….but if she leaves oh well she still has fans!!

  25. As for a future in television, IMO:
    Brendon: No. Very good looking. Not a good actor, but pleasant enough. Not amusing. Basicially, just eye candy – so male model.
    Hayden: No. Annoying voice and persona. Eye candy only.
    Enzo: One trick pony. Without the mafia accent, he’d have zilch. Not bright or articulate. Definitely not eye candy.
    Lane: No. No charisma, not much to say; in my taste, not really eye candy either.
    Britney: Not as an actress. She could be successful in a/v media in two ways:
    1) junior reporter or weather woman
    2) radio or video-based show with a talented other. Ragan brought out some wit and humour from her. She needs a partner; she’d die on her own.
    Eye candy, so still shot/catalogue modeling possible.
    Ragan: Not much to look at, but engaging personality – a radio show as above, showcasing his intelligence and wit.
    the others – Nope. Their more than 15 minutes of reality fame is done. One or two may appear on BB All Stars, but outside of this context, NONE of these people are actors or should be actors. Don’t confuse someone who is good-looking with someone who can act – they’ve f*$#d up Hollywood with that mistake enough over the years.

  26. SORRY… i’m not sorry for any of the recent evicted Hg’s, they ALL had a chance to bust up the Bro-gade and make a big move. And didn’t.

    this season had no BIG moves and was too predictable. everyone played too safe and acted afraid, so the big bloc of votes ruled the game… BORING!!!

    • Brendon lost that last POV on a lark – hayden just happened to find both items at the same time – had he not Brendon would have survived and gone on to win.

      This was the one luck of the straw comp that defined the game and will probably mean Hayden wins.

      • With the innuendos that the hg’s kept referring to involving the competitions it appears that they were fined tuned to fit certain competitors.
        Show became boring after Brendan left.

    • bobby… no one person by himself is going to win… brendon was ‘thinking’ he was in with the Bro’s… that one comp would not have won BB12 for brendon.

      brendon was on the wrong track getting in bed with the Bro’s. brendon has the knack for getting connected with the wrong person and getting in bed.

  27. “I played a great social game”= I didn’t do shit but talk shit & sit back while things fell into place! I would never give someone half a million dollars if they couldn’t stand on a paint can or surf board longer thn Ragan but their social game was “brilliant & going down in history of bb” especially whn they talked abt tht man[Ragan] & how much he wasn’t much of a man everytime they could!! They are all a bunch of cowards who truly believe whn they mention something on this show, people outside of there will jump to make it happen! UMMMMM NO! Steamboat is already huge, they don’t care abt your shoutout on live tv to hopefully get the hookup! Tom Cruise went to steamboat one year….who’s Hayden???

  28. until bbad last night, i didn’t realize what a TOTAL mind f*ck this game can be on the hgs.

    the brigade – ESPECIALLY enzo – make me sick. i understand being elated that they “pulled it off” – but COME ON.. was it really necessary to be so cruel towards britney?

    HAYDEN – you’re f*cking up if you send brit to the jury house – USE THE VETO. lane & enzo are foaming at the mouth to backdoor you.

    anyway, here’s the jest of a conversation britney had this morning with the camera – i feel bad for her:

    “what do I do today?
    do i act awkward?
    do i not act awkward?
    do i act like everything is fine?

    it’s just a game and I lost.
    i’ve always been a bad loser.

    but i had a shot at hoh and pov.

    i lost.

    but i got 10 gs.

    i came and played all these stupid games and i won 10 gs playing hide and seek.
    what kind of crap is that?”

    “i just gotta get over it.
    i’m sorry to my family that i was so stupid.
    i thought i was smarter than that.
    so, mom, I’m sorry.
    i tried. (getting choked up now).
    i bet i look like such an idiot.

    oh well… it’s a game.
    it was fun.
    despite all my complaining, it was fun and will be fun.

    i’m such a baby, though.
    i really need to buck up.
    i didn’t realize how delicately i’ve been treated all my life.
    maybe I am spoiled.
    not spoiled materialistically, but emotionally definitely.”

    “i just have to suck it up.
    others went earlier in worse ways.
    and i didn’t care…just said bye.

    i have my 10 gs.
    ican take a vacation.
    i made final 4, that’s cool.
    i got 4th place.
    that’s the worst.”

    (comparing to 4th being the worst in a beauty pageant.)

    talking about finally seeing her family and friends –
    only 10 days left. “will go by in a flash”

    “i hope my mom isn’t embarrassed that I didn’t do better.
    and my brother was so excited for me to be here.
    i just came up short, but I tried.” (softly crying)

      • if her iance was in on it, then they deserve each other – if he was not he needs to dimp her ass on national TV.

        I think Monet, Brit, matt, ragan, and Kristen were the most offensive players of the season.

        Enzo is just enzo – this is not teh same as playing a nasty game like the others.

    • if you didn’t see bbad last nite, you have NO IDEA how CRUEL the whole thing was. enzo’s heartless cockiness was out of control.

      if someone asks me now what “deception” LOOKS like? – i would say it’s the STARE on britney’s face as she looked at lane after hayden apologized that he wasn’t using the pov and she realized she was going to be evicted.

      it was awful because it wasn’t just a part of some stupid game – it WAS REAL…
      the kind of thing that can truly change how one trusts other people in the future – an affect of being on this show that i never thought about until last night – especially for the young adults.

      • HA HA HA, BITCHNEY got what she gave to Brendon! She laughed when he got BACK-STAB! I hope she cries more than Ragen did cause she makes me sick! I hope NICK dumps her cause she LAYED in BED with those GUYS trying to convince them to keep her in the game. Those boys all said that they wouldn’t even date her outside the house, she wasn’t their type of girl! I don’t feel sorry for her cause Brendon, Ragen, Rachel, and Matt tried to help her & she didn’t care to listen or reason! She pretended to listen to them. That’what she gets for playin pool with the guys and trusting those NITWITS! GO HOME YOU DUMMY! :)

      • i’m not talking about the game.. that part of it is over for britney – (unless hayden grows a pair and gets rid of enzo.)

        i’m thinking more now about my own daughter who is britney’s age, and how i can see this level of deception and manipulation changing her as a person if she trusted someone as much as britney trusted lane.

        it’s a hard and sad life lesson that, if you’re a caring parent, should be difficult to watch ANY kid go through.

        dam.. how can u be so heartless?

      • @CT, I feel nothing for this hideous woman except contempt and revulsion. Her malice and viciousness have absolutely no bounds. I hope your daughter is a decent person with a high standard of personal behaviour. But if your daughter was a participant in this show and she behaved the same way as this sorry example of a human being did, then I will feel about her exactly as I feel about the vile Brit. To feel differently will be tantamount to condoning
        her vicious behaviour.

    • Not feeling sorry for her. Not at all.

      Let’s all hope that she will grow up out of this experience – I doubt it, but we can only hope.

      • BRITNEY knows what DECEPTION is cause she dished it out but didn’ expect it to come back at her! She counted her CHICKENS befored they hatched — she thought she was going to get 50G’s, not this time around! :) I don’t think you will be Famous either BRITT cause, I was bored watching you on BBAD! Switched the channel on my TV when you and RAG-man did your HOH show or what ever you want to call IT! The Three STOOGES GOT’CHA! :)

  29. WHOA!!!!! live feeds>>>>ENZO is giving Brittney sooooo much ammo to use against him in the jury house…He has no idea what he is doing…hmmmm
    Time for BRITTENY to be a pretend friend…keep talking Enzo…The rope is getting shorter..

    • Why do you assume that people in the jury house would believe ANYTHING that Britney have to say?

      Most of them may not like Enzo, but they certainly HATE Britney.

      • When Britt tells Matt what the boys said how they controled every HG, he will CONFIRM IT! Enzo should’ve shut his mouth- about their little BRO-CLUB, I think he sunk his own SHIP! :)

    • Whoever said that Enzo was smart? He put the dumb in dumbest! No one will believe Brittney in the jury house anyways since she was caught backstabbing all of them.

      • But they will SEE after the show is over.
        Then let the blogs talk when the former HG can join in !!!

  30. I don’t feel sorry for Brit at all because I said this would happen to her…..she nominated someone in her alliance to try and get in another alliance….stupid…and the Brigade is hands down the worst alliance in history they only made it because this was the worst cast in BB history….Chill Town has to be shaking their heads…this season was by far the worst and I’m done watching for the year….thanks for the arguments and laughs we had together hope to see everyone here next season PEACE

  31. I am sorry to say that I live in the same town that Enzo lives in. I married my husband who is from this town and he doesn’t sound anything like Enzo with his heavy “Joisey” accent. Enzo has a disgusting, filthy mouth when I see him on BBAD. I wonder how his wife feels hearing him talk that way. I never heard of Enzo before and I hope I never hear about him again when the game is over and he returns home. He is a lazy piece of trash.There was only a single article in our local paper about Enzo being on BB and that was just this past Friday so he isn’t as popular as he thinks. I dont like any of the remaining hg’s but will root for Hayden since he won the most challenges. I detest Britney. I wanted Brendon to win since he worked really hard to stay in the house but was backstabbed by everyone. I hope he wins the $25,000.00.

  32. I forgot to say in my previous note that I hope when Briney gets to the Jury House, she tells everyone about the Brigade and how Matt was part of it. I know they have to vote for someone from the Brigade and I hope they vote for Hayden if Britney tells them he won the most challenges. I also hope Regan confesses that he was the second saboteur.

    • Regan suceeded at the saboteur only because it was lame. Wonder what his fellow professors think of him with his going on about blackout drinking and smoking weed? A great example for young minds.

  33. Can anyone tell me how long this blog will stay up? Am curious if the HG’s will be able to read the comments posted about them.

    • I’d say HGs Annie thru Kristen who were not invited to be a jury member due to being evicted too early in the game has their daily opportunity to read these blogs the way we are…only Rachel through the winners will have to catch up on all that’s written about them…but they got to bone up since the general viewers are sort of rude and obnoxious about them. It’s just the nature of the beast to be negative before positive…(read these blogs here and now…you know what I mean). But I’d say that this site of blogs will stay on line to the end of the year if not longer with periodic entries well after the show is off the air.

  34. I don’t care at all for Brittney ever since the beginning when she trash talked every HG with Monet BUT last night had to be humiliating for her on national TV.

    The final four morons left this season will have a huge reality check when they come back in the real world. Or maybe thats the nest reality show they should try out for.

  35. To all the Britney haters out there you do have to give her some credit for making it to the final four despit no formal alliance with anyone, and even though she know’s she is going to the jury house next she had a good cry a self pep talk and she is just going to have fun with her remaining days in the house.

    • The reactions of the others would not be as good if they were in her shoes. Enzo would be the strongest reaction.

  36. I hate Enzo. If he wins I’m going to be super upset. He thinks he’s all tough. NEWSFLASH ENZO: YOU’VE ONLY WON 1 COMPETITION! He wouldn’t even be there still if it wasn’t for the brigade.

  37. I don’t want any of these 4 remaining idiots to win. But then again, looking back, I don’t really like anybody from this cast. The entire casting dept needs fired before next season. The women were almost all b****es, the men mindless meatheads. Matt was smart, but too smart for his own good, and Regan was just weird. The whole cast was too stupid to figure out the brigade. Kristen even told Brenden there was an alliance, and in his video to her when she left, he said she was making it up. LOL. The worst cast on any show, ever.

  38. Oh blah blah blah all u ppl talking bout how much u hate Enzo and the brigade, they obviously they played the best game cuz if they didnt then they wouldnt be there hahaha a brigade member is going to win lol YAY!!!!!!

  39. What happened to the quiz/logic comps, these comps are totally rigged two back to back endurance comps. All you Brit haters can suck it she and lane had way more votes than Hayden and the idiot combined.

  40. David how can you call Brittney trailer trash, she played a better game than Enzo for a start, he won one thing all the way through BB and that was the POV….the brigade have took him to where he is now so he needs to thank his lucky stars. Lane or Hayden to win, i will be sick if Enzo wins and once again as for calling brittney trailer trash…..get a life you JERK!!!! Does it really look like she lives in a trailer, just because you live in one doesn’t mean everybody else does.

    • wow. your opinion is yours. She still is and Enzo is probably also. I have a live and thank god it is nothing like Brits, Regans or Enzos.

    • Trailer trash does not imply where you live its a term coined for disgusting behavior. Would you be proud of her if she was your daughter?
      You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear!

  41. Does anyone know if Ragan was told that Matt was lieing about his wife having a rare bone disease and if so what does he now think about it?

    • Being a fly on the wall, I’d have to say that within minutes after Ragan arrived at the J-House, Rachel blurted it out to him about Matt’s lie… where as hurt as Cathy was about it…said nothing. Totally unfair on Rachel’s part, but we all have Rachel types in our lives who we wish to strangle. I really doubt if Matt wishes to lose Ragan’s friendship away from the house and would have liked to explain why he said that to Ragan in his own words. But in my opinion I feel that due to someone like Rachel the friendship is desolved.

      • honestly ragan wont care what lie matt told about his wife you see ragan was so disgusting himself matts lie was a drop in the bucket compared to ragans actions both are nasty

  42. Let’s think of the IMPOSSIBLE…what would this game be like if Cathy…Annie…Kristen and Monet were the Final Four?

  43. @toer. totally agree with you. its very unfortunate that brittney and lane will not be in the final together because they should be. enzo has just floated along to the final 3 with the help of the brigade and i think he woul turn his back on hayden if he had to. he’s a total slime ball and would sell out his friends to do anything he had to.

  44. My final comment/question of the evening is: If all of you who voiced a comment on today’s daily blog here had the opportunity to be a HG on the show…without question or passing an audition, would you go for it? What if 13 of you HERE had to play against each other…do you believe you would play a much better game? Please answer?

    • maybe not better, but I’d at least try. They should have called this “The season of the floater.” Nobody had any balls all season long, and almost every vote was a unanimous one. Nobody had the guts to try to upset the order of things, and that’s why the brigade won, they took advantage of 10 other weak-willed people.

    • Yes I would have given you a better show and game and I’m in my fifties! The BRO-GADE was so into their Pool Tournys and writing their name in a fruit bowl the first half of BB! They just had to vote as a block VOTE & let the others win the comps. The only other game they played was hands in the pants! It is what it is? DUH :(

    • Damn straight, most people who are given this opportunity would play their heart and soul out.
      Must not have been many at the auditions if they picked Matt who finally made it in the house after how many attempts?
      Good grief he was on that other reality show about the beauties and the nerds, and was the first one to go.
      Hopefully his wife can support his unrealistic attempts at celebrity.
      Waited all year for this season for ALOT of nothing. Give Enzo some credit he summed it up by saying they are all “dodos”!

  45. wouldn’t you ratter watch Britt then the guys setting around with there hands down there pants???when Britt leaves there not any reason of watching the rest of the season.Don’t watch the show to see guys…

  46. Stop whining, give me a break! He may not be the best in bb history, but Enzo is the best socialite from this season! Anyone that says differently hasn’t been watching this season. I hope Enzo wins it all, he’s the best one left with Hayden in a close 2nd.

  47. The only hope for a big move and some excitement is for Hayden to take either one off the block.

    lane and ezno on the block, brit votes. Who goes to JH ?
    brit and enzo on the block, lane votes. Who goes to JH ?

    Chances with these HG – slim to none !!

  48. Where are these jokers getting the information that they are HUGE celebs to everyone in America? Their overinflated egos seem to be the only large thing they have going.
    Movie deals? paid endorsements? comps at Steamboat? 10G’s for club appearances? The Super Bowl? Really??? I’m sure that they are on everyones A list!
    Before you know it they will be making appearances at the White House.
    Even Jerry Springer would be too upscale for any of those yeehaws.
    Maybe they should look in a documentary on putting your hands down your pants!

    • Well said Dallas….Enzo is so full of himself….Someone needs to knock him down a few notches. He will find that he is not America’s favorite hopefully when he doesn’t win it! As far as the other two guys, they are just two college kids trying to play a game to win some money. I hope that Brittney goes home,that the other two back-door Enzo and it is Hayden and Lane to the end!!!

      • Lane, Hayden and Brittney are all a bunch of rich spoiled kids. Since gameplay is lacking this season do any of them deserve to win?

  49. i hope lane doesnt win he has more money than god! i mean they all pretty much suck but i hope just not lane with his damn daddy’s oil company!!

  50. What did you think about Brittany giving Enzo advice that he needs to be prepared for the life he had before BB?

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