Big Brother 12: Week 9 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its latest nominations episode where we’ll have confirmed for us who won the cliffhanger HoH comp on Thursday night’s eviction episode and who was nominated for Wednesday’s eviction.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place so we know where that’s going. We’ve got the Big Brother 12 PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

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  1. first post is more exciting than the brigade, maybe you will get a movie offer to co star with Enzo considering you just accomplished as much as he did this season!

    • Enzo seriously said that if they get evicted they might not go straight to the Jury House because someone will want to hire them for a movie first and they’ll have to go to an audition on the way there. The guy is about as delusional as they come.

      Enzo, right this way back to obscurity…

  2. I’m starting to think that this is the last season of BB. I’m done with it, it’s sad at first I was a “fan” of Enzo and the brigade intill they F’d matt over. Enzo has no game and no future.

  3. Allison Grodner is so stupid, with casting now she only cares about hot funny guys and girls and she doesn’t care about people who are good at the game! I hope she is fired or she does a better job. And Allison Grodner REALLY needs to straighten her hair and loose some weight! So what if you are watching a TV 24/7 for 3 months!

    • Oh come on now, are you still upset about B/R, they had zero game, will Brendon did way better without whore bag on his side. I like how pretty much the first thing out of her mouth was about the 500K with he walk threw the door at the jury house.

      • Please do not referrer to the RECH as a whore bag.
        In Vegas prostitution is an honorable profession, they pay taxes and everything.

        Now if you want to call a Skank or a Slut, that’s a different story ;)

      • I notice you said nothing to a poster above who called AG names.

        Pretty damn hypocritical of you IMNSHO.

      • @TPFKAIHR

        I have no idea who AG is but I would guess part of the Production staff at CBS for BB. If that is the case she will probably never see the comments and will never care. That is different than personally attacking a fellow poster and so NOT very hypocritical at all.

      • @TPFKAIHR

        What can I say, I just follow the rules,
        “Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban”

  4. I think Jordan set a bad precedent for future BB contestants who now just want to float along…I was a fan of her but BB has become boring…

    • Who wouldn’t want to float his/her way to half a million without lifting a finger while being paid to sleep walk to it? It sucks if you are the audience but there is the option of switching channel.

    • Did anyone see livefeed after the shotime-ad went off? Britney had just been told by boys that she would not be taken,gave them a strange response and left the room crying. I know she really got upset with Lane and Hayden. I am assuming she though she still had a chance. If they were smart they would take her although she could win the quizes. Catch 22. She said she left her family, her boyfriend ect..Who didn’t. They gave her some time to cry and I guess get used to the idea she was not going and then afterdark went off like it does anytime something good is going on.Did anyone see what went on after that?

  5. I used to love big brother with all the twists and turns and now, you can predict the entire show. How boring is that? The only drama came from Rachel who I couldn’t stand. I think if Brendan had stayed away from Rachel, he would have been in the final four. Rachel is the cause of why Brendan has been left out to dry. NO $$$$$ 4 u Brendan.

    • Well, he did “nookies”, for some guys that’s enough.
      And He “thinks” he’s found the love of his life [if that’s true he will be hoping to not live very long]

    • Did you miss most of the updates this morning? SHE AIN’T COOL ABOUT IT AT ALL, unless crying constantly about your forecoming eviction is ‘being cool’ in your book…

  6. Apparently Hayden had a convo with the cam in the HOH room at 4 this morning stating he realizes Enzo and Lane will not take him to the F2 and reminded the Live Feed viewers that he still has the POV to use. PLEASE tell me he was not instructed in the Diary Room to say that so BB’s ratings do not plummet for the rest of the season…
    Shout out to Hayden: Use that POV and send Enzo (the dead weight) packing!!

    • I hope he uses the veto.
      I would like to see Enzo up against Lane and have Britney vote out Lane just for the excitement [I know, it won’t happen, but I can hope :) ]
      That would shock Enzo for being put up and Hayden because his plan to get rid of Enzo would have failed and Lane, well for obvious reasons.
      After that Enzo and Hayden will not trust each other and will take Britney to the end if they win HOH.
      The question is, who would Britney take if She won ?

    • Just watched the rewind of this 9/5/10 4:04AM CAM2. I didn’t get impression he was considering doing anything but taking bro-gade to Final 3. His “reminder” seems only to be a list of “bro-gade” accomplishments. I only listened for about 12 minutese though. Is there someththing else?

  7. Wouldn’t it be great if Enzo does make it to the final 3 that BB production nullifies his position due to his having cheated during the Have-not weeks & keeps Britney in the competition? I don’t recall that Enzo was ever publicly ‘reprimanded’ for his cheating. Just saying…………….

  8. I have a poll on my Blog which asks:
    Should Britney and Lane be a couple?
    There are multiple answers to choose from.

  9. OK, Big Brother merged with Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer will bring the award out to the winner. Jerry will have all the BB-HGs and their families on his show. Andrew will officate a wedding between Matt and Regan. Rachel will split with Brendon and go with Enzo because Enzo is horny for her. Britney and her mom will get to Lane and his money. Kathy will be smoking and is hot for Jerry Springer. Monet will be flower girl for Britney. Brendon and what’s her name, Hadyen’s girl friend in the house, will get together. Hadyen will walk away happen. Sorry none will be a movie star, none will get to be famous from BB. They all will fade after their 15 minutes of fame.

    • Brendon and Rachel might just make it on Amazing Race. LOL
      I would like to see Brendon on there but with a different partner.

      • …and we will find out that Enzo doesn’t have a wife and daughter, but that he is an unemployed loser, still living at home, mooching off his mother…

      • Heather, hard to believe but he is married to an Asst VP investment banker with an MBA and they have an adorable baby girl. He lives off his wife….

    • LOL!! Thanks. Well, hopefully she has now seen his true colors and has his bags packed with his own personal eviction notice when he gets home. He is definitely NOT a role model for ANY child!!!

      • were any of the BB-HGs role models? I think not. Andrew was the most honest. Hayden may not think so, but Andrew was correct in what he said.

      • I am sure Enzos wife knows what he is all about. As long as he can life off her he will be fine. A man that would be her equal would probable be a skirt chaser and Enzo can stay home babysit and be quite content to do that. HE IS STUPID enough to think this show is going to make him some kind of a movie star..Now they seem to think someone would want to watch a talk show with Lane,Hayden and Enzo.

  10. I was shocked that Brit did not win the POV. But, she sure is trying to get Enzo to use it on her.
    He is stupid if he does. Let her go out the door.
    I’m hoping Hayden wins it all.

  11. Britney saying Matt swearing on his wife doesn’t mean anything, she says when she swears on something it’s legit

    wth lol u swore on ur bf nick to brendon and that was a total lie.

    Brit; Ragan’s going to feel really stupid because of Matt – talking to E and H

    about the alliance? regan already knew about it when he was talking to julie. there was also footage of him saying matt actually thought he was part of the brigade when he really wasn’t.. so how is regan going to feel stupid.

    • Regan is not going to feel stupid. I don’t think he knows how to think with his heart, he is too into his head and wanting praise, he doesn’t care what he says. Poor poor boy.

  12. I just watched the BBAD from last night, and I feel Enzo & the boys showed class in breaking the news to Brit how & when they did, rather than waiting until Wednesday’s live episode to humiliate her. They were probably under some pressure from the producers to wait till Wednesday, but they took it upon themselves to do it the gentlemanly way. Kudos! :)

    • I think they did an excellent job of telling Britney about the Brigade. She is acting when she starting crying, she seems like a “Mommy Dearest” type of person.

    • Tell that to CT and some other posters – they think that the Brigade was totally classless and was really kicking Britney’s corpse while she wss dying.

      I guess it’s a question of perspectives…

      • I think they did a horrible job on telling her. I agree it was right of them but the way they did it. After they told her you could see how upset and hurt she was then they kept rubbing it in by talking about how good they are and how they all had side alliances that they were using (which she was one of). Very mean of them.

      • for what it’s worth – i DO believe that hayden genuinely feels bad for hurting britney the way he did. I think he’s probably a really good guy in real life.

        lane – not so much. he’s a player who has little to no respect for women, except maybe his own mother.

        enzo? – couldn’t care less about britney or any other woman – including his own wife. i see him as a total jerk in real life who will only see his shortcomings when some guy manipulates and disrespects his own daughter when she grows up… then maybe he will “get it”.

    • I disagree with your assessment of the situation. They told her because of their overinflated egos. They wanted to see her amazed at their “brilliance”. They wanted their “achievements” to be appreciated. Basically they would have told whoever was with them in the final four or final five if Matt had somehow managed to hang in there once they were sure of the Brigade’s victory.

      • Enzo couldn’t wait to brag ad nauseum. His ego is so inflated and he is delusional. He needs to be institutionalized. Yo It had nothing to do with being kind to Britney. I hate Britney, but he is worse.

  13. Hayden’s talk to Live Feeds 9/5/10 @ 4:04AM CAM2-
    Yes Hayden says he doesn’t believe either Enzo or Lane will take him to the final 2 so he has to win. A few minutes later he says he won the POV and controls what happens but to me it does not seem like he is considering keeping Brittney at all. He is just talking about accomplishments. Can anyone post exactly where on live feeds he seems to indicate he may not go with the Bro-gade F3?

    • I think it is all speculation and hope (on MY part anyway!). Hayden having the POV for this week means NOTHING to the outcome of next week, so he has no control over what happens to him. Hopefully he sees that before it’s too late. He has realized that Enzo and Lane will not take him to the F2…

      • He can do some damage by putting Enzo up in place of Britney, who will surely send the bozo packing.

  14. Live Feeds 9/4/10 9:25PM CAM4
    For the person who wanted to “hear” for themselves Brittny discussing oral sex with the 3 boys in a conversation she initiates.

    • Who cares about what someone calls a BJ or a mouth hug!! How soon we forget about the guys discussing what they have done to women they pick up at the bars…contests to pick up the ugliest/fattest women….guys bursting into a room where one of their friends is having sex and he has to “ride” her for 8 seconds after they open the door…

      • Thankfully I missed all that! I’ve only had live feeds about a week but was responding to the poster who is a Brittny fan & wanted “proof”. I agree they all are pretty disgusting.

      • You are right about their nasty talk. At least hayden had enough respect not to chim in on that conversation. That proves what little boys they really are.

    • really, no one wants to hear Britney discuss her sexually activities. I am sure that her ex-boyfriend will not be happy with it.

  15. Heather, Enzo’s wife is an Asst VP at investment bank with an MBA. I’m sure she earns six figures. They have an adorable baby girl. I’m thinking he lives off his wife…. I’m so embarrassed for her.

    • Asst VP’s at investment bank are a dime a dozen. Most members of that group of employees are totally expendable.

    • You never know. You haven’t see her yet. Maybe it is a match made in heaven. For each his/her own.

  16. she remembers, one of the funniest thing this season, that time Ragan was put up on the block with Lane, Ragan wore a hoodie in SR and his bottom lip was quivering. Making fun of him about to cry. She says who really quivers their lip,

    why does britt act like she likes regan and matt
    but talks so much ish on them. even after knowing lane and hayden played her.

    • The truth: she cannot help herself.
      I’ve dated a girl exactly like Britney – very cute, but with one hell of a backstabbing mouth. She would badmouthed her own best friend(s) when she was alone with me, calling any of them bitch, whore or idiot, and I would asked her “if you hate her so much, why do you hang out with her?”, and she would say “what are you talking about? I don’t hate her – SHE’S LIKE MY SISTER!” Zero concept of empathy…

      You see, that’s the way SOCIOPATHS ROLL – they have zero concept on whether or not they’re actually hurting someone unless something directly affect them. This is why it is really funny to me when I see some posters defend Britney over the Brigade’s current treatment of her – as if she would have be more cordial than Enzo if she won that last POV! Are you kidding me – or, more accurately, are you kidding YOURSELF?

      This spoiled little girl got a whole of growing up to do, and I really doubt it will happen any time soon.

      • Do you remember Britney saying her mother really talks about people even in church, Britney even gets embarrassed. Britney is a young girl who I think once she gets married and away from her mom she will be just fine.

      • Maturity do not come with being married. Which is why SO MANY KIDS Britney’s age get divorce!

        I’m actually sorry to say that, but there’s no way Nick and her last more than 5 years with each other.

  17. Enzo is an ass. As Matt says, he is as delusional as they come. I know it’s a game, but he wouldn’t be there without Hayden. I just hope that one thing goes right this season and Hayden wins the first and third comp, picks Lane, and then wins! Leaving the horrible Enzo with nothing!

    • Oh, and that America realizes that even though she was snarky, Britney played a good game, and deserves the 25K. (that Enzo thinks he will get if he doesn’t win HOH.)

      • It’s an easy game when the target is on someone else most of the game. She used her vile charm on Lane to ensure some safety (I don’t see how her boyfriend could stomach watching her most of the time)and then she talked so viciously about everyone behind their backs when it wasn’t necessary. I don’t think she deserves any $$.

      • madman I agree I think Brandon will get the 25k. The only reason not to would be Rachel. Or maybe Ragen.

    • The “meow meow” is nothing more than a pussy who cannot compete his way out of a wet paper bag!!!

    • correct, Enzo is delusional. This is a game and they are all playing for themselves. Even though they have have an alliance they are playing for themselves. Hopefully the dark horses stay and get rid of Britney tonight. Britany and Regan can get together in the jury house and say how everyone is against them, they are all alone and badmouth everyone. At this point it doesn’t matter except when they get home and see what their family and friends say to them about being so bad. Hopefully their families have already started the process to get them both committed.

      • I do not see Britney’s family telling her how bad she looked on BB – you don’t become that entitled, bitchy and selfish without your family spoiling you rotten…

      • Madman Britneys mom is worse than she is. They will think she is great. She has been taught to be like she is. Her mother must not like Nic because she said it would be ok to bring Lane home. $$in her mothers eyes. Lane dosen’t want her A lot of the things out of their mouths are scriped because I know lane couldn’t come up with that by himself.

  18. If Enzo wins this (Heaven forbid!), he will definitely go down in history….as the greatest person to NEVER play the game!!

  19. FEEDS>>>> Conversation is about travel..Brittney says that they (the guys) should visit Europe if possible..Enzo is telling them nothing about his European Honeymoon cruise..He did say he had been on a cruise but no details..Suppose Lane & Hayden found out that he had traveled To Europe as well as here in the states do u think that they would hold it against him.??? hmmm… YA THINK???

    • Hayden’s not gonna catch on to that. He is too busy thinking about his awaiting “fame” and his trip to Steamboat…

    • Well, not as much as Lane being a rich kid who’s job is to play golf with his dad’s clients ALL DAY LONG… now that would definitely be hold against him!

      • No madman he told them all about that. Hayden even said wow lane sounds like a tough life but never held it against him.

  20. At this point,I wish they’d just forget about the final 4 and just air footage of the drama that’s been happening in the jury house since Ragan got there. I bet its much more entertaining!

    • I agree . on every show they go over what we have already seen. why do they think we want to see what we watched on the previous show? Too much work guys,get with it. They did the same thing last year. Thank you production…

  21. I think most likely Hayden will keep the Brigade in tact – it’s his safest move as Lane and Enzo seem like they’d vote in a bitter way. Is the Veto ceremony tonight/tomorrow, or live Wednesday?

    • Enzo has not yet told them (H&L) that Brittney said (early on in conversation)that she would vote for him..Is Enzo gonna share that tid bit with his BG members??…YA THINK???

      • Well I got a feeling that Hayden and Lane are waiting their time alone with BRITTNEY to try and garner her vote..HMMM.. YA THINK???? lmao

      • Britney’s vote means nothing unless they make it to the F2, so best to dump Enzo now and then try to garner her vote, no?

  22. That sounds plausible – Britney’s vote could be an important one since the jury might be divided.

    • Oh yeah..Brittney has already informed Enzo that Hayden & Lane “both” promised to take her to final 3..I am sure her saying that did not slip by Enzo’s hearing..Whatta think??? LOL..

      • I think they probably think Britney’s saying lots of stuff right now. Don’t see them changing their mind, but you can’t be sure.

      • NO NO..HAYDEN & LANE WERE BOTH THERE WHEN SHE SAID IT..She was in fact talking to Hayden at the time..

      • Good to see she has not thrown in the towel. I hope she sends them all on a good mind bend!!!

      • Yep, Britney’s going to make things interesting at least. Maybe leave a mark even if sent home.

    • Yeah u may be right…It sometimes takes Enzo’s brain a few hours to absord and figure out conversations..

    • And hopefully see Britney do a gracefully exit. :) :) :)
      If she does, we know that Lane will be sad. So be it.

  23. when do we vote for americas fav?have to say havent been watching bbad for awile now but it does not surprise me Brit wont get the votes,she is just a mean girl who has learned her bad behavior from her mother,sad sad family and role model to have had.

  24. Why are people so mad about what Brit says about people it’s a game…shes funny as hell. She gave the show some fun!!

  25. I don’t want to get anyone angry. But you all talk about them backstabbing each other, and how can they do it… IT’S A GAME… who cares. They don’t mean it, it is to furtur themselves for the $$$$ , that’s all. They all talk behind each others back. Even King Hayden does. In the words of “meow-meow” ( WHO I CAN’T STAND)” It is what it is”… Just my opinion……

    • You are right….it’s a game. And the sad truth is this…Britney will go home because she in the biggest threat…in other words…the best player. So that means….this is a game that the LOSER will win…

      • No, Britney is not the best player. She is a bratty little girl. Just because she may go to the jury house tonight doesn’t mean that she is the biggest threat or the best player. This BB is a sad game this year, the worst BB has had. It needs to look at it and evaluate if that is where they want to go. Did Jerry Springer fund it this year?

      • I agree with you that this season was a failure. CBS needs to find a different way to run the show for sure!

      • Well said Heather. Brit is the best player in the house. And the boys are afraid she Will Win!They are such LOSERS!

    • You can play a game and not be mean about. Hopefully your mother and father taught you that. Not to be mean spirited. Have you heard of good team spirit? Have you heard of being a good role model? Have you heard of being a good sport?

      • if you look at the history of BB you will see that every season has had backstabers and trash talkers, thats the name of the game and you can’t win this game without doing one or the other, even Andrew did some trash talking and backstabing, so my point is if you can’t deal with than stop watching and posting.

      • David I think we may be fighting a losing battle here,they just dont get it.I think brit is a mean girl in this game and out of this game,just the way she is.and the only losers are the ones in the jury house at the end of the game.

      • Only reason to watch BBAD is to hear Brit and Ragan trash everybody …other than that it’s just watching these aholes shoot pool allnight…

      • YES – everyone has done some backstabing and you are right, that is part of the game. But after a week or so they were on to someone else IN the house. Britney and Ragen both talked so trashy and dirty about Rachel (whether she deserves it or not) and for that reason after thinking they were both good game players in the beginning, I lost respect for both of them. I really hope Hayden doesn’t feel so bad for the Wicked Witch of the South that he caves and uses the veto. I really want Hayden to win but he won’t if he winds up going against the Brigade. Mostly because Rachel will vote for Britney (because, foolishly, she still thinks Brit is her friend) and that means Brendon will too, then Cathy and Ragen.

    • Yeah but why is Britney talking about people that are in the JH. That is just how she is A shallow little girl that has bad posture and thinks she is a beauty queen.

  26. hey rico are you there watching the live feeds? do you have an update of whats been happening today with britt and the boys? thanks

    • brit and the boys are having a good time, she woke up this morning had a good selftalk and decided to make the most of the rest of her time in the house and have fun and their plans for steamboat springs is still on.

  27. hope theres excitment tonight on bb, lets see is she still crying or will she be moping around or maybe still talking about rachel and brendon hummmmmmmmm I guess I’ll go with the first two. Thank God I don’t have to hear about the brenchel anymore it was so annoying I’d rather watch the shoe be on the other foot and see mean girl crying lmao

    • sorry.. tonite is not a live show, so you won’t see any of what ur craving.

      you’ll be watching the end of the hoh competition and the nomination ceremony.

      wednesday nite you’ll get:
      the veto comp (hayden won)
      veto meeting (hopefully he uses it on brit & enzo takes her place)
      live eviction (hopefully enzo – but if not, britney goes to jury)
      beginning of final hoh.

  28. After Hayden’s win, it’s impossible for anyone to say that Britney is the best player left in the house.

    I mean, seriously… she was pathetic on that last HoH.

  29. Man, am I tired to see Lane talking with his hands in the DR… ALWAYS TALKING WITH HIS DAMN HANDS!

  30. So… close to taking her out. Hayden is now playing both Enzo and Lane, best player of the season no doubt.

    • Naw dude, she’s a good competetor happy she got something atleast. But she going to waste it :X

    • Oh, Lane, you mad, impetuous, romantic ape… You just sweep a girl off her feet… (…and they called Brendon a neanderthal…)

  31. It’s funny – Enzo and Hayden are talking about making moves before someone makes a move on you… yet NOBODY MADE ANY MOVE THE WHOLE SEASON.

    Just hilarious… in a very sad way!

    • Same just wondering, but for those who have the live feed she once said she dated the same guy for 6 years from when she was 15. In other stories she mentioned about several boy friends and stated it happened like 3 or 4 years ago. :X she prob BSING bet Nicks some dorky kid lol.

  32. Enzo does have a shot against Hayden especially if Brit votes for him in jury house…so Hayden should eliminate this threat and make a final 2 deal with Britney who is pissed at Lane…his chances are better this way but then again I’m assume Hayden has the brains to figure this out…

  33. There’s no possible way for Lane to win half a million unless he convinces Hayden to keep Britney …doesn’t he realize this

    • … Yes he does. That’s why he keep on saying that he needs Britney for his final two. But, since Lane got absolutely no pull over what will happen next, he can’t do crap, really.

    • i’m thinking hayden is going to have a ‘light bulb moment’ tonite when he realizes that anything brigade related will be far less lucrative than what he can do with $500,000 in his pocket.

      i bet he makes a deal with britney.. he will take her off the block if she agrees to evict LANE because he feels more secure in beating enzo for the final hoh – and he knows if britney wins it, she will choose him over enzo for final 2 because she would rather see hayden have the money.

      if this guy has a brain at all under that mop on his head, he will use the veto on britney. that power move ALONE will win the game for him.

      come on hayden… THINK.

  34. Enzo will get Brendon, Rachel and Kathy. So only idiots would not evict him. Hayden should have put enzo onthe block and vote to evict. The worst thing about losing the money is losing it to a big jerk. Enzo, thank heavens everyone from New Jersey is not like you. Wifey unless you as dumb as your hubby, leave the jerk after he wins the money. Take the ass to the cleaners.

  35. This is how I see it:

    1. If hayden doesn’t use the POV to put up Enzo, and He sticks with the ber-egg, Then he’s stupid, At some point you have to start PLAYING the game for YOURSELF.

    2. I think that lane see this now, but it’s to late for him to do anything, He should have made his move last week, Stupid.

    3. The big problem with thier thinking is, They think that America love Enzo, If only they knew.

    4. My fear is that they are going to stay, Mo, Larry and Curly.

    5.So all we can do is hope that Hayden see’s the light, But I wouldn’t hold my breath!!!

    • 1. i think it needs to be lane instead of enzo. other than that – i agree w/ u wholeheartedly!

      2. agreed. lane should have booted hayden.

      3. if they ONLY knew!!

      4. agreed.

      5. hope & PRAY :)

  36. this will be my 1st and last time talkihg about’s just a game people i got on this site to find out who won a p.o.v a month ago and i could not beleve how many of you take this show that serious i’ve been watching since bb6 the show is about backstabbing,lieing,cutting side deals and forming allies if you were in a house for 60days with people you did’nt know you would find some you did’nt get along wit i dont know some of you people on this site come of as mean,lonely,bitter people with no life you get on here complain it’s so boring but still watch and then write cbs and complain that your going to stop watching cbs don’t give a #@&* they know you lames go watch next year maybe the HG’S remind ya’ll of people who picked on you in highschool i loved evry season so far in there on way ya’ll need to git a life or a man,woman,dog,cat,fish,turtle,bird,antfarm something it’s just a show CHILL. p.s britt is fine and mean love it!!!!

    • Oh, I know, I know!!!
      No, I don’t, CT what is the point??
      O, HGCUZZIN, is their a part two to your story??
      just wonderin’

      • HGCUZZIN – PART 2:

        if you people was more like me you wouldnt have time ta hang out here bitchin and moanin bout bb.
        youd be busy trollin all the boards with mindless jibberish and insultin everbody that has a opinin bout the show.
        you so stupid that you think i dont know what you say back to me but the jokes on you cause i check my post all the time. haha.

    • @HGCUZZIN: I’m sorry did I miss something, The only person that sounds mean, lonely, and bitter who needs to get a like is you. To answer your question about highschool, No I wasn’t picked on, I was 6’2″ at the age of 12, So I wasn’t picked on alot, but it sounds like you were, So if anyone needs to get a life and CHILL, it’s you, Now this is just my opinion, but try a cat.

  37. @tishe, You can only hope, I think that Lanes only hope is Hayden, keeping his promise. Lane and Hayden talked about opening a business together, If Enzo win’s I don’t think they will ever hear from him again.

  38. Is Britney funny in the diary room at times, yes. Is Britney getting exactly what she deserves, absolutely yes. She’s one of those bratty girls that always talks trash about people and thinks her sh#$ doesn’t stink. Now that she’s the outcast, she’s crying and pouting. Britney, you are getting exactly what you deserve in this game. I thought it was nice you won the $10k, but glad you are leaving to the JH.

    • They NEED cameras in the JH, do a show on this one!!!
      It would be total stomach laughter!!!
      Rach and britches together again!!

  39. i just found this in an email from a fellow bb fan. it’s the first conversation between lane & britney after she found out about the brigade last nite…

    brit in taj making her bed.
    lane opens the door..

    L: you wanna come outside?
    B: no…i’m going to bed.
    L: are you really mad?
    B: yeah
    L: are you mad at me?
    B: yeah (getting emotional) i’m just gonna go to bed. i don’t think i should talk to anybody about it right now.
    L: well, i wanna talk to you.
    B: it’s not a good idea right now. i’m just gonna go to bed.
    L: i never lied to you.
    B: okay
    L: you’ll see after this what my DR sessions were about.
    B: it’s not a big’s a game lane. i know it’s a game.
    L: it’s not a…i wasn’t playing you as my game.
    B: i know it’s a game…but it just sucks knowing you have no chance.
    L: i wasn’t playing you as my game. you were my chance at the final two and you’ll see that when you see my DRs.
    B: well, it doesn’t matter. (voice weak – emotionally exhausted from just coming out of 2hr DR) i just wanna go to bed.
    L: i know…i’m just sayin…i never wanted this. and i never played you. (britney crying)
    L: i developed a lot of feelings for you…you’re definitely a cool girl. want nothing to change after this.
    B: okay (lane leaves, britney takes out her hoh letter and starts reading it. she’s crying tears that come with being really hurt – in this case by lane.)

    i feel bad for britney – but lane is full of sh*t. i remember one of his DR sessions where be BLATANTLY said that even though he really likes brit, he would manipulate her in any way he can to get further in this game…
    i guess the prick forgot about THAT session.

    • Wow, look CT, I know you feel bad for the girl. She made her game and now she has to deal with it. It is a game, but emotions are real, feelings get hurt etc.. Lane lied, they all lied. Tough game, hopefully, she’ll have learned something?? I think she is blown away because, she thought she had the game in the bag! oh well…( she also had quite the mouth on her) Karma has bit her in the ars.

      • Both Britney and Regan knew the boys after Kristen told them before she was evicted. I think she believed it, and she has been trying to manuplate the boys for the whole time. The only thing is that Britney didnt win either HOH or POV this time, which is the most important for her, otherwise,she may win BB.

    • Right after that he was with the guys and telling them how Brit wasnt his type of girl she was too short and other things.. Lane might of ebb saying that just because he was with the guys and all.. I feel Britney deserves to be in the jury house and if I was Nick (her “fiance”??) Yeah right.. I would tell her Good-Bye right after I helped her spend her $10K…

  40. Much respect to Britney she played the game by herself and for herself….the three BOYS would have done this to anyone left. Its all about the numbers. People were going to hate her no matter what she did or said but thats kool because she made it as far as BB allowed (they could have stopped the Loser-Gade). She will have a fan base after the show I’m sure. I know her personality is not for everyone but to each is own…she was my fav and I will miss her when she’s gone but then again I won’t be watching!!

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