Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 9 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

Well look at that. Last Thursday Julie Chen told us that the Wednesday special live episode would feature the Veto competition, ceremony, and live eviction but here we are with the Veto competition results in our hot little hands. The results are huge as the winner of this week’s PoV may be the sole voter in the next eviction coming up on Wednesday which feeds straight in to the Final 3 battle. All season built up to this.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 9 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Hayden won the Veto Competition.

If things don’t change Enzo will be casting the only vote and that probably means the end for Britney. She’s won a lot of comps and if the Jury goes on accomplishments then she’d be tough to beat. Expect an all-Brigade Final 3.

Jump on the live feeds with the free trial and watch as the house reacts to the results. There’s still time to grab the Big Brother Feed free trial and be ready for Wednesday night’s endurance competition as part of the final HoH comp.

With just 4 HGs left in the game everyone was competing which makes this all that much better of a comp since everyone left had a shot at winning.

The Veto ceremony will either be held on Monday like it normally has been all season or Big Brother will save it for Wednesday’s live show. I’d lean toward the latter, but I could be wrong, so keep checking back and I’ll post the results.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Who should be evicted next?


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  1. damnitt!

    since the cardinals released that cancer matt leinart (a good thing) hayden with his natural ability added won again! FUGG!!!

    i notice enzo again didnt win. i guess he doesnt have to.

    so now brit has no choice but to “let death take her”

    well im glad she is cool about it. keepin it classy.

    but she will be so sad/mad and everything else after the brigade comes out. she will prolly be like “is enzo ur mascot, because he didnt do shet and kept him!?” haha.

    hopefully they come out tonight, i wanna hear how they go about it. she’s gunna be pissed.

    but she did good. for someone who lasted by herself as long as she did, she cant go home mad. and i think arkansas won tonight lol.

    so now im rooting for….. ummm hayden to win. only cause he has turned up his game which i respect, and he is a cardinals fan.

    i have to get use to rooting for hollywood and co-host of JUST THE TIP.

    • Was hoping Brit would win so she could destroy DUH BORG-ADE… and get rid of Enzo… Resistance was futile… Hope they do bring out their shirts tonight… That way she’ll have plenty to tell the jury, since it didn’t look like Matt was planning to!

    • At least Hayden is doing something. Enzo has got to be the biggest floater ever, but sad thing is, he really does try to win but just isn’t smart enough.

    • I also hope hayden wins and I would love for him to get a pair of pants that fit him. How irritating to watch that boy walking around pulling up his pants and letting them fall right back down. Also please trim that hair I know you must be a little insecure about your looks and think your hair hides your flows.Having said that I think you would look better if you would cut on that hair some.. Good luck

      • There is no way Enzo will win. Even though he is well liked, no one in the jury can say that he deserves it. The jury almost always votes on merit and I don’t blame them. In their minds its like, I worked so hard for this and I still lost so why should I give it to someone who floated to final two?

      • what game have you been watching … biggest lier two faced self absorbed idiot and couldn’t win anything to save his life.. oh yeah knock down a skinny guy to get disk…all fair.. sure .. but a little much for me…

      • knocked down a skinny guy? What veto comp did you watch? He didn’t knock anyone down. They barely made contact. They were actually making a bigger deal of it on the live feeds than it appeared. Ragan is a whiny little girl, and Hayden will win if he is in the final 2, but I think Enzo can beat Lane, they’ve both only won 1 competition and Enzo’s was more important because not only did it take him of the block, but it vetoed Lane’s HoH nomination. Even if Lane wins the last HoH I think Enzo will win.

    • Check out the first paragraph.

      Julie Chen said on Thursday that Wednesday’s live episode would feature the Veto Comp as in the Veto Comp would be live on Wednesday. I also wrote about this ambiguity yesterday after initially expecting the comp on Saturday.

      • MATT BBN… julie’s announcement on thursday nite was definitely not her best work!
        her wording left the information open to individual interpretation… not really the norm for her.
        no big deal.. i’m glad the comp was tonite!

      • Matt (BBN) I sure wish people would actually read your intros carefully because you write what you do well and it is not hard to decipher. When there are changes as there were with the Veto comp you always update. You really shouldn’t have to comment over and over again on what is going on in the BB house. I for one think you give the best info. Thank you for one of the best sites.

      • Yeah, I listened to Chen’s wording 3 times and couldn’t tell what she meant. Then again she also told us we could go on the live feeds and watch the HoH comp that night. Now that was a big lie on its own.

        Wednesday night will replay the Veto results and then start the first of the 3-part HoH comp. Normally they have 2 days to play it out, but with the compressed broadcast schedule they’ll do it much faster. Thursday night should then have the 3rd part and crown the final HoH of the season.

    • Yeah….
      Julie’s EXACT words regarding Wednesday were:
      “I’ll be back for a special EVICTION episode. That’s when we’ll hold the final veto COMPETITION and veto MEETING, plus we’ll begin the final 3-part HOH competition…”

      By using the words “that’s WHEN we’ll hold the final veto competition…” she definitely misled the public (if not out-right lying to the public).

      • There is hardly any difference for audience that doesn’t follow the BBAD. To them everything occurs during the next episode.

  2. Like I said last Thursday, if they don’t blindside Hayden, he’ll win Big Brother 12.

    He’s racking up comp wins now and everyone likes him in the jury.

    • Lane had a chance to make a big move and didn’t take it. So I hope it ends up Hayden and Enzo because at least Enzo only failed at the comps, he didn’t actually throw away any chance’s like Lane did. How could Lane have thought Briteny would be in the final 2 with him when it was 3 against 1. Lane and his small brain just ‘hoped” Brit would win and end up with him by default. What a big dummy.

      • TOTALLY agree w/ you bonnie.

        lane blew it when he didn’t evict hayden last week.

        just another stupid EMOTIONAL move on bb12. and hayden is about to do the same thing if he keeps enzo because IF enzo happens to pull a miracle out of his ass and wins the final hoh – he ain’t takin’ hayden to the final 2 – and neither will lane.
        especially NOT NOW – with all the wins hayden has pulled off lately.

        i’ll be so glad when this season is over…

  3. Hoping Lane wins…liked him from day one! Always been my fave…he’s funny and a down-to-earth kinda guy…Go Lane!!

    • tiny mouth…haha awesome. i can’t stand it when he stick his tongue out to touch his tiny upper lip. he does it all the time.

    • That would require someone to make a move….and this season everyone has been to shy to make a move…so expect the expected this season and Enzo will cast the only vote and Britney will probably go. No shocks. They just need to get this season over fast so we can all forget it…lol

  4. Thank you! I am so happy that Brit did not win. Hated her since day one. I can not wait to see that spoiled brat walk out of the door! She can go back to the cry baby Ragen, and the lie about his wife Matt!

  5. i just watched a clip about regan telling everyone that matt lied about his age and enzo goes he better of not lied about his wife, asking if he did and regan goes no he didn’t. and enzo’s like yea i wouldn’t think he would do something like that .. lol i wonder how enzo will feel when he finds out the truth

  6. Hayden is either won of the best BB players ever or the luckiest fool around! Aside from his initial HOH early on he’s pretty much stayed quiet throughout the game; lately he seems to have the “charmed touch.”

    • He is just up against the other dummys. The things Briteny has won didn’t require any brains or anything, just dumb luck. The only real players in this game is Matt, Rachel and Brenden and look where it got them. All because the 3 dummys wouldn’t vote their own mind to save their life.

      • And Rachel and Brendon voted using their own minds?
        Please go back and re watch this season.. Rachel did what Berndon told her to do and Brendon only did what Rachel told him to do..
        As much as I hated Matt, he was the only player and
        when he stopped playing it bit him in the ass.

  7. Well Britney and Lane made their bed and chose to vote out Ragan instead of Hayden. I guess that is just how to cookie crumbles. Better luck next time Britney.

  8. hayden has told the most lies and stabbed people in the back. He was the first to start stories about Matt.I really do not want him to win but I do not want the others to win either. Sad season of Big Brother.. Well at least they want play pool and workout tonite. I guess they will be eating again.

    • I don’t have a lie counter, but he hasn’t certainly pulled it all off without making hardly anyone mad. That takes some skill and a little luck and that is totally a part of BB.

    • I re-watched some episodes from when Matt left, and the bragrade said Matt was playing both sides of the house. And actually he wasn’t, he was just friends with Regan. So Enzo, Lane and Hayden turned on Matt, not the other way around. Matt was in a good position, but only because him, reg and Briteny ended up bonding at some point. When Matt ‘threw Regan’ under the bus, Hayden, Enzo and Lane had already thrown him under the bus.

  9. Bye, Bye, Bye, Bratteney.

    Matt, Ragan, and Bratteney wanted Brenchel gone so they could win BB 12.

    Oops, they should have gone after the real threat in this game: The Brigade!

    Bye, Bye, Bratteney!!!!!!

  10. Hayden won HOH yahhhhhhhhhh! am sooo thrilled, send that britches home yo and enzo too, the ONLY way hay is winning is vs. lane! (3 HOH’s & 1 POV win vs. 1 HOH win is NADA!) esp. since everyone thinks Lane is rich!

    • It’s not just about the HOH and the veto it is also a social game so they must have got that part right cause their not out yet or am I wrong and it is all about HOH and veto?

    • Hey, Jadelle… Hope you’re right that Hayden will toss Enzo out…

      But seriously… Do you think anyone in DUH BRAG-ADE is capable of any kind of a power move? As for the rest, as long as it’s not Enzo, I really won’t be jumping up and down when anyone wins this thing… Will just be glad to see it end so I can quit, cold turkey…

      Uh oh, I’ll probably be trading this addiction for “Survivor”… Hope they have a better cast!

      • J, they have SuperBowl winning coach of the Dallas Cowboys Jimmy-freakin’-Johnson on Survivor this season… I mean, JIMMMY JONHSON, for chrissake! Just that fact already makes Survivor WAY BETTER than BB12.

  11. so i guess britt will leave. how boring
    hayden will win one of the comps
    lane and enzo is a toss up,
    hayden will win the third comp and decide either lane or enzo

    i’m thinking because he’s closest to lane and believes he won’t beat enzo

    it will be hayden and lane in the final

    everyone likes hayden and lane equally

    but enzo will vote for hayden to win
    so will brendon and rachel because i remember brendon saying lane is a floater.
    britt and regan might vote for lane.
    matt i believe said he would vote for hayden or regan
    kathy is a toss up

    haydens also won alot of comps in the end

    the only reason hayden might not win is if they show hayden lying or dr confessions , kinda like what they did with dani in season 3.

    what a crappy season

  12. Is a happy dance premature? Will Brit-n-Brat really take that walk of shame Wednesday night? Oh, I can only hope!

  13. Damn! Not the outcome I was hoping for, now all of the sudden, Hayden decides to start playing the game. See ya, Brit! Anyone but Enzo winning is fine with me.

  14. Ugh! Wanted Britney to win! This season is so predictable. People are terrified of making a move or *gasp* offending anyone so they all fall into line like good little soldiers and do what is expected. Booooring.

  15. Hi Jadelle, I guess ENZO will parade around the house like a proud PEACOCK, cause he has the only vote! Haydon won’t change the two on the block!Ding Dong the BRITCHY is GONE !

  16. If Lane or Enzo do not blindside Hayden, Hayden will soundly win. He has won lots of comps, never offended anyone, and practically everyone has a crush on him (men and women! lol). Get him out or write him the check.

    • since there is only a week to go before that, it wont be aired especially with the NFL starting and the finale on the 15th….as in past years the final Jury house member is never shown entering the house… this week ragan, next abbreviated week will be all about the final 3/2

      • Really, ya think…with all the drama now in the jury house, CBS would not miss the opportunity to show it.

        It might come on highlights night but it will come.

      • Maybe her and Matt can wear Rachel’s extensions and make fun of her for losing BB12.

        Oh, Bratteney lost BB12 too….LOL

      • hahaha, at this point I would be happy to just watch the jury house and read about the updates here.

  17. Uhhhh crap! Oh well then worst season of BB comes to end thank goodness! Hayden congrats on winning the half-million even though you don’t deserve it, would have rather seen Brendon win it.

    • I’m sure Brendon will win the 25k as Americas favorite. Can’t wait for that because everyone things we all hate him and that they are all going to be stars after this.

      • WELL Brendon has alot of FANS TOO! I believe he DESERVES that 25G’s! That guy went thru HELL and back! :) I will vote for BRENDON :)

      • Hey Clare Ann, I too will vote for Brendon for the 25G’s. He did go to hell and back and does deserve it.

      • Hope the camera does a closeup of Enzo’s face when the winner of the 25K is announced… Maybe they could split the screen a la “Oscar” style… He is soooo sure he’s gonna get it!

      • I hope the GAY community is not rallying to vote Ragen the money. He certainly does not deserve it. I, for one, in the GAY community, is very unhappy with Regan on how he represents himself. Poor leadership for our up and coming students of the college he teaches. He is an black-out drunk and needs therapy. Brendon is a good guy and deserves the 25g.

  18. can’t stand hayden

    i could only hope enzo and lane win the first two comps and whoever wins the third takes one of them and not hayden. they would have a better chance of getting the 500,000.

    • Hayden is the one who started most of the lies in the house. He is a snake, slithering right towards the money! I don’t particularly care for him, but I dislike Enzo even more. Lane should have backdoored Hayden last week. Big mistake, none of these people want to make the “big move.”

  19. Personally if i were enzo id evict lane.It makes no sense 2 evict brit cuz no1 will be voting for her in jury when lane just about every1 will vote him so i think its a dumb move

  20. Scene:
    Hayden in DR, gloating about his HOH reign and POV win, ready to oust Britney…

    “Dude, the Brigade rules,
    Played all the Houseguests for fools.
    Lane had a chance,
    But he chose romance,
    Blondie got backdoored by tools!”

      • Thanx. Here’s a re-post which was at the end of the last thread…

        Hayden had it made in the shade
        Flying under radar with the Brigade.
        Now he wins the POV,
        Enzo votes out Britney–
        Looks like Lame and Blondie got played!

    • He should have listened to her and ragan and ousted Hayden last week. Had he done so, lane would now be positioned to end up with “all the marbles.”.

      He would be in position to achieve his longstanding goal of winning the grand prize AS WELL AS Britney Haynes. Now he has lost both prizes and goes back to Texas holding his meat.

      As the unrepentant romantic that I am –
      I still believe Brit will forgive him when she sees he did want to take her to finals but Enzo winning pov screwed that up. She will realize people will pay her and lane good
      Money to do appearances. Lane just was too nice to pull the trigger and backstab Hayden. Lane did not go for the jugular and it cost him.

  21. Bratteney should have been evicted when Brendon was HOH. He chose to go after Matt.

    Matt should have evicted Bratteney instead of Kathy when he had Diamond POV.

    Matt would have won BB12 if he had evicted Bratteney.

    • I agree Steve. Really Matt should have put up Enzo, but Briteny at the very least. I don’t know why this whole group of players, except Rachel and Brendon have acted like they are all on the same team and no one will go home and all will win.

      • Thnx Bonnie, in the game of BB, you need to know who the threats are.

        Brenchel was obvious. But they wanted to be in the house with people they liked. Well if Matt and Ragan and Bratteney had decided to be in the house with Brenchel, they would have won.

        They knew where Brenchel was coming from….They didn’t know where the “people they liked” were coming from…..Just Saying!!!!!!!!1

  22. hayden just looked straight at the camera in his hoh room and said:

    “Brigade final 3. It’s done!”

    good game britney – see ya :(

    and i’ll see you guys here on BBN next year – i don’t care how this season ends – i’m done.

    • CT, MOST of the BB FANS feel the same as you do. I didn’t want this BRO-Gade in the Final 3, please they suck! :( I’m hanging with my Friends in here for the fun & Laughs!

      • I’m with Tishe and Clare Ann… And I really want to see if anyone has the “Kahunas” to get rid of Enzo… They have two more chances… Come on guys, try to find two brain cells to rub together!

    • At least someone does. Hayden and Enzo tied for 3% of the popular vote the other week. This week Hayden was the least popular.

      Production must be tearing their hair out at the idea that this season’s least popular HG is lining up to win it all. Doesn’t do wonders for ratings.

      • Matt, the Production Team seems to choose Hg that are not a REGULAR Joe or Jane. They should have some of us true BB Fans in there by having a Contest! May the the BEST 14 FANS WIN! Some of these HG have agents & some are wanna be ACTORS! What do you think about that? :)

      • Yep, yup, so true!!
        Wonderful idea!! This should be a serious consideration!!!! Ratings, BAM, thru the roof!!!

  23. Enzo is in the most golden position right now. He is automatic final 3. And im assuming Haydens luck will run out and he will loose the next comp, and if Lane wins there is Zero chance he will take Hayden now, 3 hoh’s and a pov vs 1 hoh is guaranteed victory. so if lane takes enzo, enzo can smooth talk his way to a final 2 victory

    • Well the final HOH is endurance….Enzo gets off the train at that point.

      The last HOH is knowledge,,,which leaves Enzo at the station again.

      Maybe Enzo wins middle comps, but Hayden/Lane will take each other to Final 2.

      Bye Bye Bye…..Meow, Meow, Meow!!!!!

  24. I think Lane & Haydon made a deal when they first went in the house! They both have been playin Enzo & Britney! This true saying goes : Stay CLOSE to your Friends, but stay CLOSER to your Enemmies!

  25. To everyone saying that Hayden will win:

    Do you think that it will get out (I think Enzo and Lane know)that he took the $$ and the Hawaii trip in that POV comp?

    If so, will that hurt him?

    • They DO know… Enzo told him not to tell anybody else… Our boy Hayden did as he was told, but I think Lane told Brit…

  26. Well I guess we all know who’s going home on Wednesday, AS ALWAYS because this season is so damn predictable. I hope Brit is ready to live with Rachel again lol.

    SMH & I will not be watching the live feeds anymore after Brit leaves. Enzo is so annoying & I hope Hayden & Lane get rid of him. Hayden shall be crowned winner.

    Haha and I always said that a guy was going to win this game because Rachel’s dumb self was the mastermind of getting almost all of the girls out of the house, including herself lol.

  27. Scene:
    Matt in Jury House, defending his lie about his wife’s fatal disease to the other evictees, compares himself to Osama Bin Laden…

    “So I lied about a fatal disease
    My wife didn’t have…Please!
    Thought it would help my game,
    Now you all give me shame,
    Feel like you’ve been stung by bees?

    I’ve had enough of all this drama
    And all of the talk about karma–
    And I won’t leave this room,
    Rachel, you all are doomed,
    Can’t kill me….I’m just like Osama.”

  28. Yes, yes, yes!!! Glad Hayden won, Send home Brit and let her meet up with Rachel lol. Hope they show Jury house again this week

      • Didn’t we all sing that song with our Rake girl?? ya know, ding, dong, the witch is dead, the wicked ol’ witch! etc. etc.
        We get to sing it again!!!
        Wow, way too much fun!!

  29. Britney was stupid to not figure out that there could have been a slight chance of a brigade alliance and that she was the odd person out even though Ragan told her that she would be. Both Lane and Britney made the wrong move last week and it opened the door for the strongest alliance in the house–Hayden and Enzo to get themselves to the final 2. Britney is gone this week. Unless Lane wins the HOH, he is next. Hayden wins BB 12. Game is all but over.

  30. Scene:
    Enzo in DR, talking about his newfound power in the game…

    “Final Four becomes Final Three
    When Meow Meow votes out Britney.
    Blondie, get your bags packed,
    ‘Cause youse gonna get whacked–
    Blindsided by Hayden and me.”

  31. Week after Week we watched the BRO-GADE have their POOL TOURNAMENTS! They Layed back and watched the other HG do the DIRTY WORK & THEIR 4 BLOCK VOTE was a SHOE-IN for them in the end! Got rid of Matt cause he was making too many Friends! BB12 was the WORST SEASON EVER !

  32. is the sound out for everyone on the feeds? its out for me.

    if i had real bad luck they would tell brit about the alliance when their is no sound.

    • So, the boys are politicking for who goes to final two… This may be what we’ve been waiting for:

      Let the cannibalism begin!

      Would be funny if the only two to never have been HAVE NOTS ended up as the final two… Has that ever happened before?

  33. Hi every one, I see that last night I had a Enzo fan that didn’t like the song. So this one is about Lane:

    Lane here’s to Hayden who won the POV
    you are now in the finally three
    Popor britney is on her way out the door
    Won’t have to hear her run her anymore

    Lans my boy you just got played
    Only because you were trying to get layed
    So you have to win the next go-round
    Or pack your bag’s your leaving town

    You had your chance to get Hayden out
    You messed up big time, Of that there is no doubt
    So when you get to the jury house, Just say HI
    Britney will meet you there, You both can have a cry

    You came so close, It’s a crying shame
    So have used your head, And just played the game
    So as you leave Big Brother, In the setting sun
    Remember in DOLLARS, your winings add up to nintyone

    • Chris-that-is-great!!
      Lane is my boy, I know he blew it big time!! I am not ready to count him out!! The glass is always half full (kinda sorta)

      • Tishe you know I love ya, But get a grip
        Hayden won’t change a thing, He won’t flip
        Didn’t play the game, Was trying to get laid
        So now your boy is going to have to pay

        As sure as Clare Ann, Is an Italian beauty
        Lane will just have to be man, And take it in the booty
        The next two lines, Are for my Enzo Fans
        Enzo can do magic, Look everyone no hands

  34. Scene:
    Kathy in Jury House, telling Matt how she feels after he confessed his lie about his wife’s fatal disease…

    “Matt, you lied to me.
    I believed you, but I didn’t see
    That Satan had taken you
    On a path that led to
    Truth in a mask of deceit.

    You fill me with disgust
    So much I feel that I must
    Go some some more cigs.
    Gimme cancer–let ’em dig
    My grave, ashes, dust to dust…”

  35. enzo would be stupid to take hayden to the final two. so would lane.

    Out of no where Enzo says “I think Hayden’s going to win $500,000” NT

    Enzo/Lane in SR saying Hayden’s won 3 HOH then POV .. Enzo calling him an animal. Lane says we still have 3 comps

    Lane tells Enzo to stop being a debbie downer. Enzo says he’s just giving him respect.

    hayden can’t win the first two.
    lane and enzo need to take eachother.

    then lane will win:)

    • How can Enzo take anyone anywhere? He’d have to win something… And as Evel Dick said, he couldn’t win anything if he was playing himself! (Unless anyone’s counting the POV he won by tackling Ragan)

    • Lane may indeed win the money. But he will not win Britney Haynes. In his mind, he therefore falls short even if he wins bb12.

  36. Hayden says he is going to tell Britney that he is not changing noms because it’s been Brigade since day 2 and he wants them (brigade) final 3.

    brigade was a four man alliance, you took matt out by making up false stories. brigade doesn’t exist anymore wth lol

  37. Scene:
    Rachel at Jury House, viewing DVD of Brendon getting his head shaved to win POV. Matt remarks how his head looks like a….another head…

    “Brendon’s head looks like a penis?
    Oooh, it’s sexy, and I am his Venus!
    Though I wish he had won,
    I can still have some fun
    Finding new ways he can please us.”

  38. FYI, Lane and his brother are wanted in Texas for beating up some fellow acquitance over a girl!!!!!

    Lane may need the money for bail.

  39. So who’s gonna tell her? They all decide… Yo, we’re gonna tell her tonight… Watch her cry… Now they’re all together… talking about, uh , did I hear the word “brigade”? Nooooooo! They’re waiting for someone else to do it… Guess we might have to wait for Julie to spill it!

  40. I do not think this season was the worst as I have been reading often. It was very predictable. I don’t understand why everyone is trash talking the Brigade when this seems to be the most successful alliance I’ve seen. The cast was pretty unlikable. Rachel has to be one of the most annoying, Brendon did try but ugghhh he was so whipped. Guess nice guys do finish last. Ragan may have been a cry baby but he sucked it up in competitions and was a pretty good competitor. Nobody has really stood out this whole game as deserving the win. Everyone has their faults and nobody stands out as a winner. I would not call Enzo a floater cuz he had his alliance and felt safe with it, he just sucked. Guess that leaves Hayden and Lane..big Yawn…but I still love the show and just hope next year brings some personality. Hope they mix it up with former exciting houseguests and newbies.

    • LisaMarie,that was well put!!
      You may have noticed, there is quite a bit of passion on here, when it comes to BB!

  41. Telling them about her DR session

    Enzo: they might just call us in one by one

    Brit: well yeah what did you expect

    Enzo: I don’t want to be embarrassed already

    Lane: Hopefully I will go in before you and set the record straight

    Enzo there is more pressure for the POV over the HOH. Hoh’s are better to win

    lane more people compete in the HOH

    Brit: to be fair when Lane won his POV he didn’t have to maul a homosexual, whereas you did.

    did something happen in the pov?

      • Hey now, please do not rewrite history.
        Enzo and Ragan both went after the same clue during a POV, and Enzo got there first – they both push each other, but the Penguin got there first. That’s what happen.

  42. Big brother better choose a better cast next season and do better with there comps. This crap is getting old! Britney talk shit about people so much and now she has to face Brandon and Rachel.

  43. Brit says Matt told her about the alliance already lol She just didn’t know it was called the Brigade. They say that’s why he had to go.

    when did matt tell her?

    • Ragan told her… She still thinks she can get Lane to protect her… She’s going back to Plan A: Lie, lie some more, and don’t let them see you sweat…

  44. i think she “let death come get her” and she is rele dead in the BB game.

    like she is dead. because she is showing NO emotion.

    WTF?! lol

  45. The BRO-GADE was done when they got rid of Matt! So they can’t use that name any more,those STUNODS! They just think they gave us Fans the best season, :( NOT, DON”T THINK SO! Well BB FANS the new name is THE THREE STOOGIES! LOL :)

    • The Brigade as the Three Stooges.

      Has to be Moe because of the hair.
      Just dye it black.

      Probably Curly, as he is quite corpulent.
      He is the lovable oaf.
      And he can take punches Moe can dish out.

      Larry, the clown. He has the bald pate.
      Just dye it red and give him Rachel’s extensions.

      Shemp. Remember, the Fourth Stooge?
      Kinda like the Fifth Beatle.
      The Brains behind the Brigade!

  46. matt didnt tell her, well he might of, but it was ragan who last week tried to tell her.

    but she never rele go it.

    well its out. as soon as enzo leaves this room is when the real emotion will come out i think.

    but again


    if i didnt figure it out earlier (i would have) i would be livid ESPECIALLY with lane

    • yea i dont remember matt telling her anything, he didn’t even tell regan much just hinted at it.

  47. Matt didn’t tell Britt about their Brogade, Ragen figured it out, & told her but the Dummy didn’t LISTEN!

  48. Hayden says and I’ll say I carried the Brigade to final 3…

    omgggggggggggggggg!! i can’t stand this guy

  49. Scene:
    Enzo in DR, explaining how his position in the game was all part of a master strategy…

    “Brigade was four, then it was three.
    Matty had to go ’cause we could see
    That if he had kept winnin’
    We would be beginnin’
    To not suck. How could that be?”

  50. Hayden says I have to tell her when I tell her I’m not changing the nominations. I’m telling her that Matt is gone because we wanted him gone and she got 10g’s yesterday.

    but he also got 10gs and a trip?

    what a clown

  51. Enzo doin all the talkin, Lane & Haydon not sayin much they want her VOTE! Let ENZO do their Dirty work. Lane & Haydon were Together from day 1 & will be the last 2 standing.

  52. Ok, folks… The band that is playing at the wrap party for Big Brother has requested that I send all the songs that have been posted here to Allison Grodner and her production team so they may play them at the party.

    So, let me know if I’m missing any…
    Here is what I have:

    “Surfin’ USA”

    “Beverly Hillbillies Theme”
    “When the Work’s All Done This Fall”
    “Oh, Carol”

    “Piggies” (partial)
    “Down on the Corner”
    “Stand by Your Man”
    “Forever and Ever, Amen”
    “Top of the World”

    (By the way…. just kidding about the band and wrap party stuff. But I would like to make sure my collection is complete… So, did I miss any?)

    • YES Rico you need to write one more for BRITNEY cause she will be cryin! How about the song “CRY ME A RIVER” ! LMAO

      • Sister J, it sounds to me like Clare Ann has got some inspiration!
        I think she might want to step up to the plate here and knock one out…
        I’d love to hear it, Clare Ann’s hilarious!

    • Rico, I will go back and double check, seems like Stoker had a one more??
      ChrisTG had one by Neil Sedaka??(sp) Did you already have that one??
      As for you, by george, I think you got it!!

      • The Neil Sedaka one was the “Oh, Carol”… I thought Stoker had another one, too, but couldn’t find one.

        I wish I had a copy of all the poems/limericks…. there’s just too many.

      • Oh OK!, I knew the music but not the title!! (does that make sense?)Oh Carol! Kewl!! That one was awesome!!
        OH Stoker, you have 1 more, yes??
        Rico isn’t there a way to go back and find them?? My computer skills are showing again..
        Q has ALOT!!

      • Yes, tishe… you can go back to any of the old boards.

        On the home page, if you scroll down to the last box, there is a line that reads “Read More:”
        Click on the Big Brother 12 link, and you can see all the old boards.

      • Okay Rico, this will take time! whew!
        I will get back to you tomorrow??
        Hopefully, I won’t accidentally cut and paste it all on a post!!!!

  53. Ok matt was my most hated player, only because he told that lie about his wife. if im gonna lie to get out of work I,ll say I,m sick . not anyone in my family. That,s me. Anyhow He had the best game.somebody said he stoped playing. Yea the quilt was killing him. enzo Got game to, when you can talk a person out of something or make them see it your way. With out touching them. You bad

    • peachie, that was not the only reason!!
      2nd reason, dude is the purest form of a flake!!
      I am being Nice!!

  54. Enzo still thinks Matt was the 2nd sabouter even though he swore on this wife. NT

    i so hope they show dr to the jury members

    make it known to them all

    matt was never the sabouter(regan was)
    never was in a alliance with brendon or rachel(hayden and enzo were)
    matt never won 10gs or a trip(hayden did)
    matt never told brittany about any alliance(regan did)

    this crap get’s on my nerves

  55. Britney will take this INFO to the JURY. The guys are trying to Redeem themselves, so the jury won’t be so mad when they ask the Final2 the Questions. The jury will have afew days for it to SINK IN, about The BRO-GADE !

  56. One other thing my favs were Brandon and Rachell what messed them up was rachell not wanting anyon to come between her and her man.Let alone another man.But that would have been 3 strong because brandon and that guy are the friends sorry i cant think of his name yall know who I,m talking about

  57. Enzo should go up. He is telling Hayeden tohis face pretty much that he’s not taking him to the F2

  58. It’s cute seeing Enzo trying to get into Lane’s head by saying that Hayden’s win is a sure thing… And telling Brit: we’re telling you that we’re chopping you off at the knees ’cause we respect you… Keep talking, Enzo, hopefully all the way to the jury house… Oh no, here’s the tears… “There just went my vote…” Anyone out there still think Lane has a crush on Brit?

  59. I don’t understand these people….

    Someone explain to me what is the benefit of telling Britney about the season long alliance? Maybe it helps Hayden or Enzo, because she’ll be more upset with Lane? I don’t see ANY benefit for Lane…

    • The benefit is how it strokes their massive egos. It has nothing to do with game play, they just want Britney to appreciate how good they thought they were. It is all about the egos.

  60. remember when hayden and lane said to britt it was going to be them in the final three, so she would agree to get matt out lol she finally realized how stupid she was

  61. Brigade laughing and Enzo saying he doesn’t want to see her cry but all are laughing. NT

    what a bunch of losers

    • I don’t like BRITNEY but those GUYS just ran her over with a MACK TRUCK! THEY make me SICK! :( OH, they are so FAMOUS! THEY are so LOW! Laughing cause she is crying!

      • Hey, she wanted to be the last girl in the house with a bunch of guys.

        Be careful of what you wish for: you might just get it.

    • And…. How completely STOOOOOOPID is Enzo right now, telling Hayden he won’t take him to the final two?

      Hayden is the only one that could mess Enzo’s game up right now (which I hope he does), and Enzo is basically spitting in his face…. IDIOT. I hope Hayden backdoors him and shuts his cocky mouth.

      • RICO I hope Lane & Haydon vote him out! He is TRASH! ENZO wants to make History well he did in MY EYES as the MOST STUPIDEST PLAYER IN BB HISTORY! Should’ve SHUT his TRAP!

  62. LOOOL, proves how stupid she is. They epxose the alliance and doesn’t realize Hayden won’t use the POV she needs to GTFO loool.

  63. Britney says you all totally turned on Matt. They all says we had to… Hayden says if Matt had made final five he would have beaten us. Britney says he would have won the game. Hayden says that’s why we had to do it. Britney says I was wondering why he was going after Ragan and not going after you (Hayden). Enzo talks about how they set Matt up to be a rat, but assuring him that they would also throw Ragan under the bus. Enzo says Matt was the reason Hayden and Kristen went up. Britney says I talked to Rachel a lot and she hated Kristen and that is why she went up. Hayden went up to ensure Kristen went home.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! britt finally realized matt wasn’t the bad guy lol

    • I would pay for a live feed of the jury house once Brit gets there…

      Lane, “How will MY final speech go…” (since I’m planning to get rid of ONE of you two Bozos…)

  64. Now Enzo wants to control what Hayden’s final speech will be…

    These guys’ next jobs will be in the circus… Hope they all fit in one of those tiny little cars!

  65. Scene:
    Lane in DR, lamenting his failure to seize control of the game when he had the chance…

    “I should have used the brains
    Instead of drooling over Britney Haynes.
    Now my game is sunk,
    It stinks like a skunk–
    Rank roadkill when it rains.”

  66. After Hayden list all the reason why Enzo could win, he feels comfortable taking Hayden to the end. NT

    enzo is a dumbazz

    • Scene:
      Enzo in DR, boasting about his brilliance in getting to the Final Three…

      “Enzo won one POV!
      The rest of dem is history.
      With my hand down my pants
      Dey ain’t got a chance
      To survive past Final Three.”

  67. Enzo just said that he play the best social game in BB history, OMG were are the men in the white coats

    Also Just asking, If after BB you all want to stay in touch, We can trade E-Mails

    • Enzo said something even funnier last night on BBAD – he said he played a much better game than Evel Dick. As you said: OMG where are the men in the white coats? I have more respect for Dick on the one endurance comp he competed in than Enzo’s whole game. ‘Nuff said!!

    • The men in the white coats need to come take away Enzo. Ha, ha! It would be like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Enzo would be McMurphy! Kathy couuld be Nurse Diesel…

  68. HOW was HAYDON the BEST Player in the House? I don’t think he was. I think Brendon & Matt were the best players.

  69. Enzo: “MAtt f*cked up because he got rid of Kathy…. I knew he couldn’t be trusted”.

    wth who else would he put up? he didn’t put up any of the brigade members because he was LOYAL unlike enzo and hayden. what a b*itch

  70. I just heard SIRENS,they need an ambulance Britney is tryin to kill herself! NOT REALLY! I’m BAD !

  71. My heart just ABSOLUTELY sank when Britney broke down crying. Yet, she played a poor game towards the end and spent too much time hating on Brenchel, being in her own world.

      • Truthfully, I felt the same for her but it’s fun to dish it out & when it comes back at you IT HURTS WORST!

    • Now they all want to go hug Brit because they want her to know they love her (or could it have something with her status as next member of the jury…)

      • Even though they did play a great game, I feel like they’re pure evil now, and Rachel was right about Matt.

    • I agree with you. I was starting to kind of pull for her but I just could not do it because of the constant bashing of Rachel (gone 4 weeks) and Brendon. Way to childish for me.

    • DD It must suck to be her!! Young and purty,not all quite there. Skate thru life on her looks!! She’ll be just fine!! Honest.

    • Why would any of you feel bad for Britney? If any of you were to swap places with her right now, she wouldn’t give a crap about any of your crying. She is that kind of a person. As soon as she is out of trouble, she will backstab you gleefully without feeling anything.

  72. OMG….Enzo needs to shut his gate!!! He needs his ego stroked…(besides him stroking himself with his hand in his pants). He is a loser, “YO”.

    • Scene:
      Enzo in Cabana room, with the sock puppet in one hand, and the other playing with his peter. He talks as if his puppet is his package…

      “Yo, Meow Meow is a genius,
      Just sit here strokin’ my penis.
      Let dem all fight,
      I got all night
      If it takes that to please us.”

  73. I hope Hayden changes his mind and gets rid of the “yo-yo”. Listen to him….”ME ME ME”. gag!!!

    • Yeah I think Enzo is the reason she started crying cuz he kepy saying this is history and rubbing it in her face until she cracked!!

  74. If Hayden does not see that Enzo will toss him under the bus if he wins HOH, he is BLIND!!

  75. Wow can’t believe they told Brit tonight about the brigade & she’s not even part of the fiinal3.she is going to be a mess the next few days

  76. It’s going to be priceless to see the look on Enzo’s face when he doesn’t win the $25k, and the agents and producers aren’t throwing scripts at him for all the movies he thinks he’s going to be in. I really wish Hayden would grow some balls and take Britney off and put him up so that she could vote him out. I don’t want any of them to win, but I really want that idiot to go down hard. These guys are just living in their own little fantasy world about their view on how things have gone down.

    • I can’t agree with you more. He thinks he is going to be the next leonardo DiCaprio. The only thing he is going to be is an insurance agent again!

      • Not exactly right! Now all his clients will know that he is the talentless, lazy, selfish, delusional insurance guy on Big Brother.

  77. The ber-egg is talking like the first half of BB never happened, When Enzo says Hayden was the best play he’s only talking about the last half when he was playing against worst players ever, I know what about britney, She only good a smart Comps, as is ragan, If you didn’t notice, that the comps were physical.

    The only thing Enzo is good at is running his mouth, The only history he made in BB was, He was the best at having his hand in his pants.

  78. I have not given up on Brittney yet. Hayden is as dumb as a brick (for listening to Enzo). She is gonna change his mind.

    • Either Hayden or Lane really better think it through…

      I wouldn’t count Britney out, except for the fact that neither Hayden nor Lane have ever made a power play…

  79. Attention Production:

    Call a plumber now… These guys are so full of it you’re going to need one! SOON! You’ve been warned…

  80. So … Julie spoke with forked tongue on Thursday night? Hmmm! LOL! Congratulations, Hayden. Good for you.

      • I started to post last night that I didn’t hear Julie say it would be a live eviction. I even went back and replayed the DVR, just to make sure. But, some people seemed to have their claws out, so I thought I would just wait and see. Hmmmm….wish I would have posted now. Rrrr, phhhtttt, phhhttt :) Don’t know how to make a kitty cat sound, but that’s for all the bloggers that had claws out last night. Just kidding, it’s what makes this site fun. Hopefully they’ll wait until Wednesday to watch it.

  81. The more they talk, the more they believe their own crap….LOL!! Sharp as a brigade of hammers…

  82. The way I see it is this way:

    1. Lane, Enzo, Matt, Hayden, Britney, Ragan, Kathy, didn’t have anything to worry about, because they were all after B/R, And it took them until week 7 to do that.

    So for the last two weeks, they ahve been palying against themself, and talking like thier the best ever, OH Please

    Enzo thinks that one of them is going to win the 25.000, America’s choice, He needs to wake up

    Please Hayden get a brain, and send to the JH, But you aren’t that smart, How sad

    Britney I fill sorry for you, Even after B/R were gone you couldn’t let you hate for then go, If you had maybe you wouldn’t be were your at. Karma is a bit$h, and it’s going to cost ya.

  83. umm can someone call 911 on britney. she needs medical attention, she just got ran over by a mack diesel truck. and the cab has the bed in it, because those are bigger.

    that sucks so much. literally to be told, yea yea yea u left ur life 3 months, was alone from week 2, and ur only real friend, and hayden who u thought was a nice guy lied to u, and u have no chance of winning. thats for coming.

    and now enzo is running his mouth. he didnt play the best social game. he was looked at like kathy. he didnt win nothing, wouldnt win anything so who cares what he says or does?

    either brendon or brit will win the 25K. nobody else. damn whats the payroll for this season? ragan’s 20k, hayden’s 5k plus his vacay worth 2k, brit’s, 10k, 3rd place 25k, 2nd place, 50k, winner 500k. thats alot of k’s.

    thats $617,000. oh yea and monet’s 10k, and rachel’s 5k. thats $633,000. and lane’s money too. damn.

    feel bad for britney. she been in the DR for over an hour

  84. Please tell me that Hayden and Lane have more brain cells than what they are showing right now…

    • If there’s one thing these guys know how to do, it’s to lie straight-faced… They’re trying to fake each other out and make points for whichever one ends up in the jury house… Like when Enzo went to Matt and told him they were going to vote him out, but would he still vote for him for the 500K… They could still have a Plan B to backdoor Enzo and keep Brit… Nah… They don’t have the brains or the guts to do that…

  85. “I wouldn’t have named it the Brigade if it wasn’t a legit name.” Ummmmmm…..what?????

  86. Well goodnight all, Q, Tishe, Rico, Sister J, Clare Ann, my Italian beauty, I say that so I can get away if saying “Go Cowboys”

    Night yall

  87. I still say that Brittany is trying to get BB to send her to the jury house tonight, and they are telling her she will not get the 10K if she leaves.

  88. The good news is I will not have to spend any time watching BBAD this week listening to these three morons.

  89. If I was Brittney I would make my last days in there so MISERBLE for the BRO-GADE! I would BANG all kinds of things in the house every time they tried to go to Sleep! The Day they have HOH, I would stay up all night & TORTURE them! HA HA !

      • I would POUR a POT filled with water on ALL THE BEDS,Chairs,Couch HOH BED PILLOWS, & anything made of material they would use to go to sleep on. So they have to sleep on the floor! LOL

    • She should just go about her days and not even talk to them. Even though they try to be tough I think it would bother Lane and Hayden. Nothing seems to bother Enzo. He just wants his ego stroked with this whole “Britney says you played the best social game blah blah blah”.

  90. Enzo is so full of himself. He’s trying movies, anything & everything. He’s going to be a star. Lol
    is it true brit is trying to leave the game.

      • she did the same thing getting rachel and brendeon kathy and ragan to do her dirty work the witch is getting what she deserves, bye-bye black soul

    • I don’t think so…. she’s been in the DR for over an hour, but I’d be surprised if she’s trying to leave.

      Give up the 10K and 750 per week?? I doubt it.

    • I think Kristen figured it out on her own… She could see that Hayden was way too cool about being on the block, so she started watching them more closely

  91. I just love the way that Lane couldn’t and wouldn’t even look at Britney when he and Enzo were telling her about the Brigade. And I do see guilt in Hayden right now. Enough of this “the only alliance that made it to the final 4”. The entire alliance didn’t make it to the final 4, their secret made it to the final 4. Will someone please stuff Hayden’s sock monkey in Enzo’s mouth right now.

    Hayden should really rethink not using the veto on Britney, he should send Enzo home. What does Hayden have to lose especially if the alliance pack is to vote for any alliance member at the end and apparently they’re happy with settling with $50k as they keep saying.

      • I don’t have the live feeds, I only watch network on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday and BBAD and follow along here so can someone tell me what I’m missing about Enzo that these two morons love him so much? I can’t stand the guy. Yea, sometimes he’s funny but he’s more annoying than anything. Heck, I’d give him $25k to leave right now.

      • Malia…just imagine Enzo’s mouth moving…nobody else can get a word in edge wise…and imagine the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher. “wah wah wah wah wah” That is what you are missing on the live feed!

    • Cause Brit still played an “Okay” game and they (Emotional Ragan) will vote for her cause he wouldn’t be able to see that 3 HOH’s 1 POV and a better social game is better then, 3 POV most of which where she got lucky and 1 HOH. Everyone else is still a long shot cause they might vote for her once she breaks down and starts crying if she does make final 2. “I deserve to win the 500k cause I’m just better then (Insert other finalist here) and if ya’ll don’t vote for me ya’ll are stupid.”

    • They can’t make a deal to split it. But they are talking about paying for eachother to take trips together, etc.
      (talking about it right now, in fact…. Steamboat)

  92. I agree with all of you who say that Enzo talks too much and needs to shut up. But I really think it is because of his own insecurities. I could tell that it really boosted his ego (which appears large but is not) when Hayden told him the things Brit said about him as a player. And let’s face it everybody, love or hate them,they were a strong alliance who pretty much controlled every eviction in the house. … gotta respect that. Lots of people seem to like Britt, but the truth is she made a lot of foolish mistakes (trusting Lane, being against Rachel and Brendan when they could have been a great alliance for her, etc.)

  93. I may not know who to vote for as my favorite player. But I know who the worst player was this year. Matt- 2 wasted HOHs, a wasted DPOV, and he skillfully managed to get himself evicted by the very morons that he carried for 5 weeks.

  94. Still makes me laugh that she couldn’t realize that after they exposed the brigade she though she had a huge chance at staying. Must have been funny what was going through here head, probably thought she can convince Hayden no problem to use the Veto on her. Still kind of sad to see her cry, but saying that she was away for 3 months from her family wasn’t that smart cause everyone was, shoulf affect Enzo more then anything cause he was away from his 7 month year old daughter.

    • That wouldn’t affect Enzo. He used his daughter for a pity vote. He refers to his ex girlfriends as “ex pigs”. I hope his wife has divorce papers waiting for him when he gets home…

      • We’ll better then having made Hayden feel like shit and basically telling him it’s going to be because of him he she wasted 3 months away from here family. Lol, bout the Ex pigs do you watch the live feeds? it’s just a joke, don’t you call your Exes something like that as a joke while your withyour friends?. Also why would she divorce Enzo, your getting a little to personal just take a break from BB for a while and get some fresh air this season pissed everyone off. Lastly Britt just came off looking so bad on national T.V, she pretty much blew the fact that she’s smart by what just happened, and then using some low end excuse, and the fact that she was flirting with Lane to try and make final 2 easier just back fired and she looks like a you know what :X, feel sorry for her, truly do, but she kind of got carried away with Lane’s friendship. Also, if I offended you here anywhere sorry, was trying to write it so it doesn’t offend you.

  95. In the final vote the jury should get THREE KEYS.

    one for player 1
    one for player 2
    one for charity (none of the above)

  96. L: I never wanted this and I never played you. I have a lot of feelings for you and you’re a cool girl. I want you to know that.

    feelings? lol

  97. B: It’s not a good idea to talk to me right now. I just want to go to bed

    L: I never lied to you. You’ll see,my DRs.

  98. Brit is still very upset; she reads her letter, turns off the lights, and then goes to bed in tears

    • didnt B/R/R all cry their self to sleep when they knew they were getting the boot? its about time she cried real tears instead of the fake ones all season lol

  99. If Enzo is deciding who he wants in the final 2 based on who won money, etc., Hayden is out the door if Enzo wins the next HOH. Still hoping Hayden wakes up and uses the Veto to get rid of “Mr YO”…

  100. their ego’s are massive. they will twist anything to act like they pounced on it as a group and got rid of it, yet individually. their crazy

    but i could see enzo as a star. u could market his character especially with the popularity of the jersey shore b.s.

    enzo thinks, or excuse me KNOWS the 25k will got to brigade, and if doesnt go to him, its disgusting. he also says he KNOWS matt or kathy was the sab. he couldnt be more wrong.

    glad brit just went to bed. how dare lane try to even say for a second “i didnt never play u” like is he serious?

    enzo is going to win this season. lane will take him. enzo would take lane. enzo would get votes.

    no. of wins will not matter to this year’s jury.

    i do not want to hear all of them rag on brit, and build themselves up. time for flashback.

    i love going back to week 1. plus monet is still in the house. and annie. did anyone else think annie was kind hot? lol

  101. Enzo in and out of the hot tub. Lane saying that Britney got 20g’s, her stipend and the 10g’s she won the other day. Enzo saying again that they made history – he’s real proud of himself. Enzo says we made a big move getting rid of Matty. We used you(Britney) to get rid of him. Enzo says that Matty doesn’t know that they turned on him. Hayden asks if they think that the 3 of them will be asked back for all-stars. Enzo says get real. That’s a given – we’re the reason why the ratings are up this year – they wanted to see us.

  102. I feel sorry for Brit. I admire that the guys told her what was going on with their alliance but it wasn’t exactly the easiest conversation. I think she was kind of confused as to what they were saying until Hayden came in. It is just a game… but it is tough to hear that your chances are over. She was who I was rooting for so I have a lot of empathy for her… even if a lot of people aren’t her biggest fan.

      • I’m not particularly for or against her… I’d just like to see someone knock the stuffins out of DUH BRAG-ADE, and she’s the only one left to do it… GO BRIT!

    • That conversation turned brutally awkward when Hayden returned from the DR. I am not a Britt fan but the guys were kinda rough on her but…………

      • Good riddens thanks god I dont have to hear her bashing anymore go home. brendon had faith in her and she threw him under the bus every single time, so Karma is a bitch just like her, has all you brendon fans forgot all he went through because of her lies and backstabbing. the only time she was nice is when he was hoh. even when he was evicted she still bashed him and rachel. I hope she realizes after she gets out and reads everything and watches how she acted that she changes her disposition. cause it sucks as of now

      • How many times does Bratteney have to promise something on her relationship with Nick before everyone realizes she is just as horrible as every other HG this season.

    • He’s gotta be lying… They would have shown it on that episode… Stop putting teasers like that out there… I’m trying to sign off!

      • After watching BBAD, I can only say “Oh brother.” The Brigade thinks that they can go on tour, and people will come to see them. My question is to see them do what? These people are delusional. Enzo says “I am open for anyhing, movies, etc. Dream on Enzo. Nobody is going to pay anything to see you losers do anything, and we will be happy to see you all go home. If the viewers had a choice, we wouldn’t vote for any of you. So go home, and dream on. We will be happy to see you go. And in ending, I hope one of them reads what the Ameican people really thought of this rotten season, and worst cast ever.

      • Brittney was talking with the guys at the beginning of BBAD tonight about BL*W jobs,and different sexual positions. I was so surprised that a girl engaged would discuss something like that with 3 men she just met 2months ago! She called Rachel a wh*re! Why call the kettle black!Hmm

    • I agree….Britt and Ragan hit way below the belt…there is no need for that…it only made them look bad. I’m happy that neither of them made it to the end. And you know they’re like that in real life as well…it came way to easily to them.

  103. This has been a horrible season. I thought Evil Dick was the worst but Brit & Ragan are unbelieveably cruel with their personal attacks. I believe Brendan deserves The $25,000 because he fought so hard from the beginning. He was always a target and had no one but Rachel to trust, which kept the taget on those 2. The other players had a much easier time in the house and the F3 coasted to the end. Brendan could never feel safe in the game and competed hard to stay, shaving his head, willing to be on slop till the end, and so on.It would also serve as a lesson to Brit, Enzo, Ragan, that their vicious comments about him were unnecessarily cruel and that Karma can be a bitch. I hope the majority of BB viewers will feel the same. Also I think he could really use the money. 5 more years of school will be rough. Please vote for Brendan!

    • Sigh! Brachel could have aligned with Annie and Andrew. Those two practically were begging to be aligned with them. Too bad Annie was kicked out by Hayden in the first week and Andrew self-destructed.

      • I think if rach made a secret alliance with kristen when their fight broke out, the 2 couples could have gone very far.

      • FYI, Julie had stated on one of the early shows that Annie was only scheduled to be on the show for 5 weeks.

        That doesn’t give her much time to do any alliances.

      • Are you all kidding about Brendon? This so-called “man” did NOT even begin “playing” until his ploy to save his beloved Rachel back-fired! Then, and only then did he begin to “play”. It’s still more than I can say for the 3 stooges, but Britney deserves every penny of the 500K! She does not “curse”, yes, she bad-mouths other house-guests! Who Hasn’t!? -Rachel? NOT -Brendon? NOT
        This season has been a JOKE!

  104. I just read that Lane told Hayden that he got 5g out of PD box. Did I miss something I thought he only won the 91.70$?

  105. IF he didn’t why would he say that. I read on two different life feed up dates sites so its not like it was a typo

  106. hayden needs to wash and cut that hair of his and give it to Enzo.
    Like them or not, the stooges did a good job staying together to the end it will be enzo/lame in the final 2. Sadly,hayden will win.

    • Yes, but Matt gets the credit for carrying them over half way. Don’t think they would make it if not for him.

      • You are probably right about that, but I really didn’t not like the way Matt played “The Game”….I just don’t like big liars…(wife being sick)just horrible……deserved to go..”Self Proclaimed Genius” my a**!! LOL

  107. BOO-HOO+WAA-WAAA ” ITCHNEY” it’s time to go home and get a flea dip..YIPES, I start scratching every time I watch you. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Enzo/Hayden/Lane made it look so easy from Day 2 to Final 3. Their only real problem was Matt’s defection from the Brigade, which they nevertheless handled skillfully. The superior gameplay of these 3 did not make for a lot of high drama, but they are all well-deserving of finishing in the money. Kudos :)

    • Matt didn’t defect. He stayed with Regan so no one would be wiser to the brigade. With the DPOV he was still loyal to them. He even threw Regan under the bus with his loyalty. They were the paranoid backstabbers.

      • Mary you obviously didn’t watch the show enough or very closely… Matt was only an “actual” brigade bro for the first part of the show… when he and Regan started talking he was playing both sides…. he even made a comment (or actually a few comments)about it… while it is a game, IMO I surely didn’t like him or the way he played the game… KARMA’S A B*TCH and I think his genius *$$ will pay…

  109. So they finally told Brit about The Brigade? She is NOT happy. Who could blame her? She feels she wasted 3 months. Well if she were as smart as she thinks she would have put her feelings aside and lined up with Brendon and Rachel. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can you image how even farther Brendon could have gone if he had atleast one person on his side?

    • Well this was partly Brachel’s fault. They weren’t seriously trying to form any alliance. All they cared about was protecting the all important Brachel. Rachel even dissed Andrew when he was evicted when Andrew was practically begging to be in an alliance with them.

    • Brendon and Rachel both tried to ally with not only Brit but also Ragan.

      In this game you need to ally with people you don’t like just as much as with people you do like.

      If Brit is evicted, this decision cost her the game.

      Think about it: Ragan, Brit, Rachel, and Brendon…they would have knocked out the Brigade easily.

  110. Well guess my BB is over early..I cannot stomach listening to ENZO run that crappy mouth for the next 10 days…And I do intend on voting BRITTNEY to get the $25,000.00..Enzo has already given it to his wifey but that check he gives her is gonna bounce..

  111. PT @ about 4AM on SUN… Haydan talking to No one in the HOH room except the few who are watching the LF. He smirks and says neither Lane or Enzo will take him to the final TWO!!!! Later in his one one to the live feed he states… “I have the POV”. Is there drama brewing in the house? :)

    • Wouldn’t that be great if Hayden conned them and saved Britney and put up Enzo and evicted him. They know the veto ceremony will be live on Wednesday so he would not have to listen to Enzo complain.

      • Last chance for BB12 to experience the “unexpected”!!!
        Production to save face for this season HG picks. (:

      • Tha would be great if he got rid of Enzo. I would love to see his face if that happened. That would be his smartest move if he was to do that

      • Bayonneboy lets think positive thoughts and sooooo hope Haydan does the “UNEXPECTED”.. Because Enzo and Lane are just too embedded in the comfort zone of cockeness!

      • Hayden does that and he goes against the alliance of Brit and Lane….don’t think so.

        He would have wasted his 3 months in BB house.

    • I know! I went to h.s. With this kid and he was such a loser. Even his wife really thinks he is going to come home and be all famous and stuff. Doesn’t she read the comments and know no one can stand him.

      • Once the BB12 HG exit the house they will be hit with what their facade really means to the PUBLIC.
        I believe they will be rather surprise on how they played out on the live feed/CBS screen.

  112. Britney does’nt deserve 25k.It should go to Brandon and she already won 10Gs. All her bad mouthing everyone just hit her dead in the face and if they show it at the finals there should be some fireworks!

  113. After watchiing BBAD, I can not believe how the guys believe that they are going to make so much money after Big Brother because of their fame with the public. Do they not realize the ecomony is as bad as it was before they went into the house. People are still suffering because they do not have jobs. Just because they go on TV and are locked in a house together does not entitle them to fame and fortune. Forgive me for making this comment, just frustrated.

    • So agree… but how would your brain process if you were locked in a house for 3 months with a bunch of fame seeking W….?
      Wouldn’t that just send you to the OTHER SIDE of ALL ABOUT ME? But life has a way of putting a BB12 HG back to reality once they exit BB12 house and the real world faces them!!! :(

  114. I would love to see Britney go, she is having everyone do her dirty work. Those stupid guys buy into her sweet talking. Yeah! I do agree with this season and no action. I thought they would pick some people who argue and start some action. I would love to see Meow, Meow win everyone thinks he talks but that his other character.

  115. when i first heard about the brigade in episode 1 i never would have thought that they would have actually made it to the final 3

    • Well they did…… but things can still change according to PT @ about 4AM on SUN… Haydan talking to No one in the HOH room except the few who are watching the LF. He smirks and says neither Lane or Enzo will take him to the final TWO!!!! Later in his one one to the live feed he states… “I have the POV”. Is there drama brewing in the house?

      • Mary so hoping.. BUT this is BB12 and so far drama has not been part of the PRODUCTION game plan!….They picked DUD’s who wanted to play it safe. :(

  116. Bye bye bratney, lol, so nice to see you go! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Boo hoo,whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lol. She has the nerve to cry to the guys that it sucks that she waisted three months,left Nick,( to fall all over all the guys)lol, and not win. well boo hoo bratney, so did everyone. You also won ten thousand dollars! You are a selfish bitch! You didn’t feel bad for anyone else all you did is make fun of them. I am so happy your gone! well,you should be gone for sure! You never really know for sure with BB until it happens, but I’m really hoping those morons don’t mess up and they do get rid of you!

    • Look at flashback PT @ about 4AM on SUN… Haydan talking to No one in the HOH room except the few who are watching the LF. He smirks and says neither Lane or Enzo will take him to the final TWO!!!! Later in his one one to the live feed he states… “I have the POV”. Is there drama brewing in the house?

      • So wish Haydan would make a bold move.
        Listening to Britney, and the guys has put doubt in Haydan’s mine.
        This week will be very interesting.

    • AMEN!!!!! Hopefully “alien eyes” BRATney is gone… but you never know with these meatheads… I hope she is though… She needs a BIG shot of reality!!!!

      • You can say that again Bratney hater! She was talking to the cameras this morn. they have 80 acres at home! Poor little rich girl with all her trips that mommy takes her on, oh… boo hoo Bratney, I’m so glad you’re going! Now the talk probably won’t be as disgusting seeing you won’t be there to start the conversations about oral sex and filth like that. I cannot believe the only female in the group would start talking about such filth with three guys. Especially seeing she’s only known them for a couple of months. A real lady, lol Unreal! Really cannot stand these people born with silver spoons up their @sses and they just sit there and trash everyone else. Totally disgusting person.

  117. Britney has got to feel played because it was the 3 stooges that talked her into voting Matt out. And he still was loyal to them. He should have outed them during the eviction ceremony. Then they wouldn’t be sitting as pretty as they are right now.

    • Their might be hope… look at my time zone of PT @ about 4AM on SUN… Haydan talking to No one in the HOH room except the few who are watching the LF. He smirks and says neither Lane or Enzo will take him to the final TWO!!!! Later in his one one to the live feed he states… “I have the POV”. Is there drama brewing in the house?

  118. omg are you kidding me Did I just hear Britt talking about, different sexual positions she call’s a pretzel and blo- job’s on bbad with l/h/e? what a pig! and she had the nerve to talk about rachel. How long is it she knows these guys, 2 and a half months. she is a sick pup, I wonder how Nick is gonna feel when he hears this one. pack your bags and get out before she’s evicted this week Nick. there’s plenty of nice girls out there, she is so nasty.

    • Not sure what channel your watching BUT LF has not shared your perverted HEARING experience!!
      Cleanse your mind!!!

      • You better check what channel you were watching LEB as I saw and heard the same thing that Philly Girl heard! Poor Nick….he will be so proud to hear what she is talking about with all the guys…NOT!!!

      • I’ll send uyou q-tips cause I rewinded just to make sure I heard it correctly it was gross

      • leb trust me I heard her on bbad she just had hayden so embarrased that his face turned red. and for once enzo didnt know what the hell she was talking about a prezel she said its legs in different postions enzos from jersey the only pretzel he knows about are the philly soft prezels you eat. she kept the conversation going so thats what I’m trying to say shes no better then rachel

      • Philly girl and Mimi send me the time she said it on BBAD.If it is sadly true than I will, as you feel bad for Nick. :(

      • OK…enough… if you saw the Britney’s true morale value displayed on BBAD than so be it.
        I stand corrected and now have a different perspective on her. Good-bye Britney on Thursday!!!
        Nick, I wish you luck on your next love venture!!!!

      • How sexest for everyone to judge the only girl in the house for having a little potty mouth. All of the guys were in the same discussion. Including Enzo, who’s “married.” Why only judge ‘her’? I think she was just trying to fit in and ve like one of the guys. Maybe it came off wrong. But I don’t think she’s now a “pig” and everybody else are “gentleman” When will we start judging men and women equally?!

    • bratney isn’t near as good a person as Rachel! at least Rachel is honest about things. Rachel doesn’t claim to be something she’s not. Bratney is just so fake! She can’t stop picking at those ass fat injected lips of hers! she drives me crazy with the picking, even when she’s talking! Pick, pick, pick! Won’t have to watch that for the last week, thank goodness!

      • Oh yes….Rachel and her fake boobs, fake hair working as a “server” in Vegas…something to be proud of!!

      • @Heather(Canada) you remind me of the hideous Ragina thing. Leave fake boobs and fake hair and yes, everything else, out; they are neither here nor there when it comes the acts and behaviour of the HG’s during the period of the BB show.

      • Not sure what ‘the Ragina thing’ is but…Ok, let’s leave all the fake stuff out. What was Rachel’s first thought when she saw Brendan come to the Jury House? “There goes the $500K!” And…we got to see alot of Rachel’s psychotic behaviour during the time she was in the house…how much worse do you think it would have been had she been smart and make it as far as Britney did? You have had at least a few extra weeks to pick Britney to pieces…

  119. One of The Brigrade made a statement earlier about nobody noticing four men always together could be in an alliance.There were much better players in the previous B/B games. And some of them are forgotten. What makes these four any different they to will be forgotten. Not unless they have their own show The Most Boring B/B Ever.

  120. I am so sick of Inzo constantly repeteing his views on how this should work out…he is trying to control the rest with his banter…I am so tired of his scratching himself I could throw up..when Brandon was kicked out I said no one can take his place..he gave his all..granted his reason (rachel) was the worst in the world, you have to appreciate the fact he was the only one who played with heart..Right now Lane is the lesser of the three evils…

    • I am also sick of Enzo and his mouth….he is all talk and no action…what makes him think he is America’s favorite??? Is there some way they can find out? I really didn’t hate him but after watching him on BBAD I am changing my mind fast!

      • He said last night that he is the best “social” player in history of BB. and claims credit for the history making Brigade and naming all the members. I guess they should all bow down and thank him for carrying them to history. How delusional can a person be. YUK

  121. And as an after thought go Hayden!!! He is sooo cute and I think he should be America’s favorite. I think that he is the only one that is actually playing the game.

    • You are right he is playing the game, he is playing everyone, like the spoiled cute kid who doesn’t have a brain!


    So all the witches are dead and sent packing to the Jury House. All is well with the world… well, kinda.

  123. Very sad Brittany or Lane didn’t win POV. It is very disappointing, out of the 4 they would be my pick. It is funny to watch and hear what the guys are saying about what they think or want to happen in the next coming days…they all really are full of themselves. Give me back Evil Dick! Best season for me! Wish Brittany could have made it to the final 2 I don’t think she would have won the jury house. Lane was the only one so far that realized that, but Hayden and Enzo clueless mostly about everything!

  124. I did not see the live feed where Hayden suposedly said that stuff about him not taking Enzo or Lane to the final 2. I understand when fans want their favorite HG to get to the final 2. We only have one report of this being said. No matter how many times LEB repeats it. It would be a bold move for Hayden to betray the Brigade now, but ultimately, it would hurt his chances in the jury house. If Enzo was evicted then Hayden would loose his vote. Enzo would see it as a betrayal of the Brigade which he has been unforgiving of all season. Even though it would be Britney who cast the vote to evict him, the power was all Hayden’s. I seriously would believe the “fix was in” if he saved Britney and had Enzo evicted. Right now, Lane and Enzo are planning to take him to the final 2 if they win the final HOH. But seriously, who thinks anyone but Hayden will win the final HOH? He should play it safe and win BB12. And as everyone knows playing it “safe” was what this season was all about.

    • Agreed but you know how the jury house can flip also, what a bold move and anyone who takes Brittany to the final 2 will win. I think it will be a toss up for any of the guys. It is all in what the HG’s thinks the jury house will vote on.

      • Yes. If Hayden takes Britney, he will most likely win. The jury could see his flip as a “bold move,” or a “betrayal.” Why take the risk. The move may look bold, but it really isn’t. Just unexpected. Or more accurately: contrived.

    • @ WW.. Yes One report repeated still = going to Flashback at that time and confirming my word’s. Gee’s just sharing information. CHILL WW!

    • Hayden said>>NEITHER ONE OF THOSE GUYS WERE PLANNING TO TAKE ME TO FINAL 2..he contemplates says a few more things then says,,I have to think on it cause I have the POV..

    • Not necessarily. If HAYDEN takes off LANE and puts ENZO up on the block then LANE has the decision to vote off either BRITTANY or ENZO, thus making an enemy. TADA!

  125. I guess I’m done watching big brother! I don’t think Enzo or Hayden deserves to win. Enzo had no game at all. He’s just a floater and Hayden kinda step up toward the end.

    • While I agree that Enzo hasn’t done much in this game, the term “floater” does not apply here. A “floater” is some one who has no alliance and just “floats” to whoever has power that week.

  126. yeppie Britney is finally leaving the house! Man i thought SHE WOULD NEVER LEAVE!!!! Will i hope next week Renzo and Lane are the finall two.

  127. I hope every one in the jury house kick Britney butt for making fun of and back stabbing them in the back LOL!

      • I so agree with you. That bitch is saying she don’t want Kathy or Rachel anywhere near her. I’m sure they will be decent to her because they are not the spoiled, rotten, vile, disgusting, fake, scank that she is. I would take Rachel any day over the little spoiled bitch. Rachel is up front with you, bratney’s a lying, scank, fake!

  128. Bye Bye Brittany. She trash talks brendon evan when he was out of the house.Should had made an alliance with Brendon but she is so envious and spitful it ruined her chances.I wasnt going to watch the final epoiside if she is the final 2.Get her out Hayden and enzo then lane and her go to the jury house and make out.

  129. I don’t think Haydan will use the veto and Enzo
    will vote off Britney she desserve it I can’t
    wait until she goes to the jury house everybody
    will be happy there because she didn’t make it to the F2 HA HA. Haydan can’t play in the final HOH
    so it will be either Enzo or Lane will have to
    choose who they want to take I hope Lane wins it
    because Enzo can’t win nothing. I’ll bet Haydan
    hopes Lane takes him because what Britney told him
    outside that day she said that if Lane went to the F2 that she would not vote for him because he
    didn’t need the money.

    • The final HOH competition is unique that the former HOH DOES get to compete. Hayden is the odds on favorite to win it.

  130. Brittany and Enzo both did their fair share of trash talking and bashing the other house guests. In case anyone has forgotten, Enzo made comments such as “Brendan and Rachel can now be at the jury house and make ugly babies” and “Where is Ragan? Is he in the Taj, sticking the wine bottle up his a$$?”. I am so glad to hear that Hayden is realizing that Enzo and Lane will not take him to the final 2…but cannot help wondering if he was told to say that in the DR so that BB will not lose all its viewers. Enzo is a vile human being and needs to have his genital fondling self sent packing. How can he possibly think his wife (and eventually his daughter, when she grows up and sees this) are gonna be proud of him?? C’mon Hayden, do the right thing and get rid of him, “Yo!”

    • heather I was surprised that enzo told all of america that he and his wife don’t live as husband and wife.

      • Patti…I will be surprised if he even HAS a wife! What person in their right mind would want to marry and reproduce with THAT??

    • Yes Heather!!! I agree! Enzo is disgusting. He serves everyone hamburgers after he just finished fondling his genitalia. Gross! Those hamburgers might’ve had a pube hair on it. Yuck!! He grosses me out. How could anyone marry that?

  131. Why is everyone so down on Hayden he has won 3 HOH and a POV so in my mind he has been playing the game. So i think he deserves to win it. GO HAYDEN!

    • I agree, tina. He has earned his way to where he is now. I just hope he takes the other person who won challenges and played the game….Brittany!!

      • Yes she has played the game. Dont like her as a person with some of the things she has said and done but it’s not a popularity contest.

    • Hayden seems like a nice, decent guy. He’s done his share of winning. I think he should get the final win….definitely not Britt!!

      • I agree one hundred per cent!! I would just like to see her in the F2, because she played the whole game and did not throw competitions.

  132. Enzo needs to go………now, that would really freak him out. That would let him know, he isn’t going to be a famous movie star…….also,how fun it would be to hear his going away speech!

    • His going away speach would be “Yo…we made history…yo…me me me….yo…(scratch self)….yo!”

      • Very funny! Still laughing. But he does come up with some doozies that make me laugh even though he is a gross hands-down-me-pants Yo, yo, yo.

  133. We all have our opinion about Enzo, but I AGREE, that this is the best quote of the day. Enzo to Hayden about idiot Britney saying she left everything and lost everything. “Yo, you lost evreything? You are 22 years old and you won 10,000 dollars in a hide and seek game. Get the F out of here!”

  134. When Hayden told Britney that he is glad she won 10,000G’s, she asked him whether this means that she is going home and he said: “I am not going to say that but I can say that I am not going to use the POV.” She broke down and left the room crying she “did this for nothing? I left my fiance and my family for nothing”? She apparently had a total breakdown. I hope that she will be the one to leave the house. She is a vicious and cunning creature and I hope that Nick spits in her face and at her next time he sees her. What I wish for this despicable woman is a non-gay boyfriend exactly like her “I sadly evict my dear friend Ragan”. She and the Ragan thing, whose cruelty a Nazi would envy, are just perfect for each other.

  135. Last night’s unveiling of the Brigade was classic! Britney looked completely confused and could not believe the Brigade had been formed from the very beginning by Enzo.
    You have to hand it to Enzo. He has played the greatest Social game of the decade! Without his bravado and loyalty, all of them would have been voted out long ago. Matt’s inability to stay loyal cost him. (What diabolical genius?)
    I really hope Enzo makes it to the F2. It will be a REAL shock if Hayden uses the POV Lane.

    • Bravado and loyalty….pfft! He would have backstabbed any of the Brigade at the drop of a dime! Enzo has NO skills whatsoever. Obviously nobody wanted to cause drama in the house this season, otherwise he would have been put in his place long ago. He is the TRUE neanderthal in the house with his crotch scratching, eating out of a trough ways.
      Hayden must have a real sore back after carrying those 2 this far.

      • I sure hope that Hayden wises up and realizes that big loser Enzo is using The Brigade “loyalty” as a way of controlling Lane and Hayden with a brainwashing ploy that makes them feel guilty if they think for themselves making them feel like traitors if they don’t bring this egomaniac, good-for-nothing Enzo to the finals. WAKE UP HAYDEN AND LANE, KICK OUT STOOGE ENZO.

  136. bb has a survey going on who are your favorites brit in winning with 34 per cent of the votes. if she goes this week she will probaly win the ameicas vote. hope not i would like to see brandon win

  137. Well I guess that is the end for Brit and that is sad. She was an alright player and of the four left, she would have been number 2 on the list. As much as I hate to admit it, Hayden has come on strong and is now my choice for the winner followed by Lane and taking (it) up the rear is Enzo. I thought the Brigade was weak and stupid but they control the end game so maybe I was wrong. I can’t see any way Hayden leaves Brit in the game butif someone can think of how it would work out let me know and give me some HOPE.

    • Apparently there is hope…someone posted that Hayden was talking to the cam in the HOH room and said he knows that Enzo and Lane will not take him to the final 2. I am just hoping he was not told to say that so BB does not lose ratings for the rest of the Season…

      • I think production could have had him say that to keep interest in the show because its been so predictable this season.

  138. I am so upset that hayden pulls out these last two comps. I wish we could somehow convince producers to push him to take off Brit and put up Enzo….After all he’s played “such a great social game” (yeah right) he may just win if in final 2. I hope he annoys hayden so bad with his gloating that he puts him up.

  139. has enzo upset anyone in the jh. if not and he goes to the final 2 then he my just win this thing. HOPE NOT

  140. I personally think Hayden should use the vito on Enzo and have Brit evict him… This guy is so too much into himself. Hayden showed class, even when he lied .. very seldom did I hear him name calling people.. I lost count on how many times Enzo call Brit a BITCH… so not called for . I am sure that the jury would see how Hayden play a very clean heads up game … Once again.. would love to see ENZO GO BYE BYE…

    • How many times was Britney talking bad about people. As I remember, it was all the time. She is constantly stabbing people in the back telling them what they want to hear knowing she wasn’t going to keep her word. Enzo at least has showed everyone his real self. He may have not won as much as any one else and hasn’t even got a chance to be HOH like everyone else left in the house. So in my opinion and I’ll say opinion again, Enzo deserves to win this. Go MEOW MEOW!!!

  141. Britney saying Matt swearing on his wife doesn’t mean anything, she says when she swears on something it’s legit

    wth lol u swore on ur bf nick to brendon and that was a total lie.

    Brit; Ragan’s going to feel really stupid because of Matt – talking to E and H

    about the alliance? regan already knew about it when he was talking to julie. there was also footage of him saying matt actually thought he was part of the brigade when he really wasn’t.. so how is regan going to feel stupid.

  142. Sad to see Hayden win. Needed to have Lane or Brit win so Enzo the slacker could go home & let the 3 of them battle it out. Will Hayden wise up & make that crucial big play of the game & use the veto on Brit & have to replace her with Enzo. She in turn would vote hom out. If she goes, she is going to tell the jury about the Brigade. Come on Hayden do the unexpecteded & shake the house up.

    • i so agree .. like to see Enzo catch some flies…lol.. Where he gets off thinking that BB watcher love him … what an ego.. there we go .. EGO ENZO … lol

      • i guess you havent looked at the map that tells what percentage likes who .. I believe this week EGO ENZO got one state… well if that makes it america ..ok…

      • lol… come on… keeping brit would be the stupidest move ever in bb. Those three cannot beat her in the final two. She has competed and won too much. She would win. Get rid of her and then find out who takes enzo to the final two and wins the half mill. no one will give a vote to enzo.

  143. No surprises, just like the rest of the season. Brit goes at the hands of Enzo so that Hayden can keep his hands clean. Lane and Hayden and beat out Enzo for the final two and then Hayden gets the votes from the jury.
    It all sucks just like the rest of the season, but that’s the way it will be.

  144. Yo YO YO, Enzo you are not America’s Player, Your BRO-GADE idea, made this Season BB12 so BORING & PREDICTABLE and a WASTE! The BB FANS are disappointed with your ACTING performance, Hands in the Pants, so I don’t even think you will be FAMOUS, Ican’t stand looking or listening to your stupid MEOW- MEOW! I’m not fond of Brittney but I would crack-up laughing if Haydon used the POV and put your DUMB-A$$ out! YO YO YO Bozo! :)

    • I sincerely hope Hyden does not use the POV. I don’t like Enzo but I am totally repulsed by this female.

  145. Hey Clare Ann: How did you get from Philly to delaware, No wonder you didn’t answer me back last night when I said “Go Cowboys” I guess your not beagles fan, (I’m bad I mean Eagles Fan)

    • LOL Yes I caught that! That Stadium area was where I worked! My Hubby is a die hard Eagles fan, & Me I like THE Dallas Cheerleaders Their best! LOL I tell my hubby that all the time! Retired went to DE. But I’m A Philly Girl :)

  146. They need to get rid of Brittney. She is the only one left in the house that has even played the game. Lane is an idiot and if he takes Brittney, she will hands down win the game. Go Hayden and Enzo!!!!!!! This is the best season of BB (except the year of the all-stars of course).

  147. All I can say is that in my opinion, it is as it should be. Britney deserves some payback and she’s getting it. Enzo has to go next and if all is right with the world, then Hayden should win. But it is pretty boring at the moment and it should be interesting after Britney goes to see if these guys really compete with each other.

  148. I think its funny that people are saying you have to be a relative to be rooting for Brit….I’m not related to her but she is my absolute fav!!I loved her game and as far as Lane saying “I kept you out of harms way” WRONG….she won 4 times and keep herself out of harms way and keep the attention off him…he’s so damn cocky…ok Brit talked about people who cares that was her game and she did good!! Team Britney all day!!

  149. I think the HG NEED to back door Enzo bc NO ONE left in that house will beat him with Jury votes. The HG’s know that too. I hope Hayden takes himself off the block and puts up Enzo…I’m soooo tired of watching him scratch his nads and sniff them on life tv…he may be funny sometimes, but I think he’s just GROSS.

  150. After reading Hayden won POV and put up Lane against Britney I think Brit will go home tonight and hopefully Enzo next-I wouldn’t mind Lane and Enzo in final 2….I’ll scream if Enzo wins 1st place.

  151. I understand that Hayden won the veto yesterday afternoon and I have a funny feeling Hayden will not use the veto at all during tomorrow afternoon’s final veto meeting, leaving his nominees intact, forcing Enzo to evict Britney from the compound this Wednesday night.

  152. Will round 2 of the final three-part head of household competition be taped this Thursday afternoon? Will the final round of the final three-part head of household competition be aired live this Thursday night? Please keep me posted on it all.

  153. Wow – this is amazing. If Lane had listened to Ragan this would have been perfect. If Britney had voted for Ragan that would have forced Lane to break the tie. Lane could have voted to kick out Hayden. This would have made it Lane, Britney, Ragan and Enzo in the final 4. Since Britney was in second place in the HOH competition she probably would have won. Since Enzo never wins POV competitions it probably would have been Ragan, Britney and Lane ending up in the final 3. Lane should have listened to Ragan all along. I hope Ragan falls off of his chair when Lane and Britney come walking through to the Jury House.

  154. ENZO is a tool, he has been a floater all season long. Hayden and Brit have been the most competitive, and Lane is, just Lane. If ENZO ends up in the final two, he will not get a single vote, no matter who is there beside him, This Jury will base there vote on who competed and that Slacker hasnt competed in anything, that POV last week had to be the easiest of all time.



  156. Enzo does not deserve to make it to final three, but I would want to take him to because he can’t win anything!!

  157. Love ’em or hate ’em, the Brigade did something very unusual in history of BB.

    To me, the 3 guys are interchangeable.

    The one reason they stayed is this: When a HG confided anything to Brit during the season, she would run to tell Lane. So Brigade was up on current affairs of the house. However, Brit was not the only HG that did this. Ragan would run to Matt when told anything as would Brendon to Enzo.

    So by just listening and not attacking anyone, the Brigade stayed low and stayed safe. Why shouldn’t one of them win $500Gs.

  158. For all of the Bratteny lovers: She stated to Brendon that she would not put him on the block.

    She promised by kissing her ring and on her engagement to Nick.

    Everything this girl says is a lie. The Brigade knows this. If they keep her, they will lose.

    FYI: Hayden told her on BBAD last night he was not going to use the VETO. After which, Bratteney left HOH crying and went to DR for a long time.

    • Steve you are so right about bratteney!Everything she says and does is an act.The real brat is the nasty,acid tongued,hater who rips into people like a monkey on a cupcake!I can not wait to see her leave!

  159. I had really liked Lane until his loyalty to the brigade shifted to loyalty to brat.In the past few weeks he has shown himself to be a back-biting,arrogant,idiot.That is because he is spending too much time with bratney!My gosh everyone who hangs out with her turns into a beyatch-Lane included.She is like poison to people.And will she EVER TAKE OFF THOSE FAKE EYELASHES?HOW GROSS IS THAT!!!!?She has not taken them off since she got there!YUK!Brat you might want to shower too.I thought she was a cute girl at first but she doesn’t even wash her hair anymore!What is up in that house?

      • Steve,LOL-that I would love to see!Seems she forgets she is less than perfect when she is on one of her Rachel-bashing kicks!

    • You have some major hate for Bratney. If I was 25 I would do that girl in a heart beat and spooh those fake eyelashes up

      • Yeah and you would catch more STDs than if you were with Rachel.

        Kristen has the best figure of all the girls….Check her out on Pongo swimwear video on Utube!

  160. Enzo turns my stomach just to look at him and then when he opens his mouth I want to scream, makes you wonder what his wife is like in order to LIVE with him and his poor kids , as for Brit the Brat she is going to get what she deserves , surely she knew she would never make it to the fianl two. I was rooting for Lane but since he has played so dumb I have decided the shaggy dog should win, maybe he will take some money and get a real haircut.

  161. I don’t like brittany or enzo but it’d be a great move for hayden to either use the veto on brit, put enzo in her place and have brit evict enzo or have enzo evict lane instead of brit. Right now it seems like it’ll be boring having 3 men left farting, playing with their balls and enzo eating like a pig and cussing for a week.

  162. For all of you people saying how Enzo doesn’t deserve to win anything…What exactly has Lane won? 1 HoH? Enzo won 1 PoV! PoV is more important that HoH. Even if Lane does win the final 3 HoH, his best bet would be to take Enzo to the final 2 because both Enzo & Lane would lose to Hayden but he’s not guaranteed to beat Enzo in the final vote. 1 competition difference isn’t going to give Lane the 500K….Enzo played a better social game than Lane. I am not saying he has the best social game of all time (because this is the first season I’ve watched) but I would definitely say either him or Hayden had the best social game this season.

  163. Britney you talk bad about the other girls body parts all the time- watched you on Sundays show and all you did when the guys were around was pull your feet up and put your arms around your legs them aim your stank at them . Bet your vagina had an outline cause you only wear the shortest shorts

  164. With all of you saying this is the worst season ever I’m surprised that you have kept watching but you have. Everyone lies in this game and most do not act like this outside of the show. So watch the show and respect that they are here to play a game.

  165. i think britney and enzo should go to the final two i don’t think lane needs the money and hayden thinks he is the best looking with that hair not so i don’t think he needs money either

  166. I want Lane to win :(
    Im going to be sooo upset if Lane goes home, If Enzo votes out lane its going to suck!! I want Enzo to goo homee!!!


  168. i think that enzo should go….. he has dun nothing really to b there..he is really cocky…and thinks he has this in the bag…. i love lane but… the final two should b hayden and brit cuz they are the two left in the game who has played the best game no matter what lies or back stabbin or swearin on sum ones life…even tho i think that sum1 should never do that but…come on it’s bb…it wouldnt be bb if there was nun of that…. good luck to u all <3 <3

  169. yehey,its hayden’s turn to beat britney “THE GREAT BACK STABBER” IN THIS SEASON…agree??? SHE’S a SPOILED BRAT BITCH as enzo says…hahaha! i have this feeling that hayden would use the veto 4 enzo,finally brit’s will be goin’ home…huhuhu…i wish hayden and enzo in the final 2…outch! britney stabber and stupid Lane! i cant wait to see them goin out..I hate BRIT AND LANE,I LOVE ENZO…go go meow,meow!!!!!!!!!

  170. its a matter of how u play a game…IF U WIN..U WIN..IF U LOSE..U LOSE..NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FINAL DESTINY..EVEN GOOD OR IN BAD FATE..THATS THE GAME HOW IT GOES…BIG BROTHER is a reality show where u cannot hide your real attitude and the characteristics you had in yourself…well,goodluck to the final 4..they gave their best to reach this far…the winner deserves to take the $500,000..its all worth it!!

  171. the only thing Enzo did was ride free on coat tails of others…..he did nothing to deserve winning!

  172. I knew Enzo was going to use the pov on himself because he didn’t like Brittney anyway. He is only there because he shelved Ragan during the comp he won. But he only made the decision last a little longer because I believe that he will go to the jury house next.

  173. i think lane should be evicted nex’t he is too sneaky looking i don’t even like looking no personality at all

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