Big Brother 12: Week 9 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms scramble to save their butts. Big Brother is a fast moving game where things change on a dime and you never know what will happen. Grab the BB Feeds and you’ll get the full view of the real game, not just what CBS shows!

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Hayden make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from BB12 this week?

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  1. barbaque scene was epic…..especially when i heard the bang and lane says that he thinks it burnt his pants i rofl’d

  2. Wow lane is a dumbass! He said “I made it to the final four” “so that means I have a 1 in 3 chance of winning, right.” not in those exact words but WOW lame really, I can’t belive this dumbass made it to the final four. Sad to see brit go, but oh goes on and it’s just a game. love Hayden and Enzo!

    • What I can’t believe is Enzo’s counting. How did get up to 3 wins in comps? I’ve got him at 1. Did I miss 2 or is he as delusional as ever?

      • I missed him saying that, but to be honest I like Enzo so he can’t really do any wrong in my

      • He WON the veto, he WON the TV and in his mind he WON Americas heart. 3 wins hahaha what a frigging clown.

      • LOL I don’t love any of them; this seems like the loser”ist” group of folks to see final four. But, do you think Lane might have meant that the Booger-gade would give him the 1 in 3 chance? I’m hoping that’s what he meant. But, if it’s not, then I hope he’s the one I pay when something is $4, maybe he’ll just get confused and think it’s $3, if his counting skills are really that bad.

      • Loool, dude Lane’s DR sesion are meant to be funny thats just his personality if you watch the live feeds and/or BBAD you can tell. Anyway, Matt Enzo said “IF” he wins 3 challanges he’ll choose Hayden. Hayden was telling him he will drop the Veto comp to him and if he wins final HOH (He’ll have 3 comps) he should take him over the other person.

      • Sister, I know that we know. But this happened before veto :X. Just trying to help Matt out where he’s confused. Helping teh world one post at a time :)

      • he meant he would have 3 comps if he won the last 2 so hayden and him would have same amount obviously that didnt happen

      • Yes he did win the veto. It looks like you people are the delusional ones (I don’t mean this is any rude way). I just think ya’ll are hating now just for the sake of hating. Clearly he won the veto and if he really cheated then obviously BB would have noticed and taken action on these so-called NUMEROUS ‘cheats’ only HE keeps pulling off.

      • u guys should watch it again, unless these guys are a bunch of actors this season, then I would agree that he was joking, but he was like “I never understood how that works out, do I count myself?” anyway I have on demand I’ll watch it again, I can tell when someone is trying to be funny and he was simply was being hisself…the dumbass he’s been all season. XP

      • rocco-
        you just don’t understand texas sarcasm and joking….he was doing a little of both!

    • Matt, I caught Bozo math mistake also. He is not the brightest lightbulb in the pack. And yes he is delusional, along with Lame and Haydenism.

    • Me too. Bye, Bye, Boo Hoo Britney. Don’t let the door slam on your way out. Hope that Enzo goes next cause he is really getting on my nerves. Didn’t think that anybody could be as irritating as Ragan, But then comes Enzo. I would like to see Hayden take Lane, into final two, cause I don’t want Enzo to win a dollar. Besides, Enzo will become a millionaire from his movie deals. What a joke. The only thing he is good at is putting his hands down his pants, and having a filthy mouth. Who wants to pay to see or hear that?

      • OMG Summer, I am so with you on this one, Enzo is a jackass. He thinks he has won the world over with his stupid “meow-meow”, brigade shyte… he gives cat’s a bad name. Has for his hands down his pants.. he has had more action by himself then Brendon & Rachel have had togeather..LOL :) He gets on my last nerve. Gives us people on the Upper North Coast (Philly) a bad name. People in NJ are not as ignorent has him… he should be embarressed about the way he acts, eats with his mouth full , smacks his lips, just totally gross :( Oh well, unfortunantly, he is going to win $$, and get rid of Britney, who may be annoying, but played a good game. If Hayden had any sense (which he doesn’t) he would dump Enzo. Enzo is going to take Lane, because he can beat him. He is just telling Hayden it will be him, so he doesn’t dump him. Well, we shall see… just my opinion……

    • he’s so gross I have to fast forward when they show him… smacking his food, playing with his penis… he’s such a douche

      • Matt was another one that always had his hand down his pants, playing with himeself. He openly admitted it on TV. This whole season has been filled with LOSERS and BORING.

      • Ensign is embarrassing to Italians. He really thinks he’s sharp. He makes me nauseous when he eat’s, play’s with himself and what is up with his head? Looks like a hair transplant from his as$. Douche bag.

      • I never saw Matt play with himself, he just keeps his hand in his pants the way Al Bundy did on All My Children, stupid looking but not gorss like Enzo. Please send Enzo home he is the most disgusting person I have ever seen on TV.

  3. ugh. I cringe when lame speaks, I can’t believe I have to put up with this for the duration of the season. Lame and Regan were horrible to watch this season. Loved everyone else though!

  4. It pisses me off when Enzo says, “YEAH…I CREATED THE BRIGADE AND I CONTROL THE HOUSE!”….Shut up! You won 1 Competition and it didn’t even really matter that much…

    • Loool!, I sort of agree with the starting but it didn’t matter that much??? They were trying to get rid of Ragan and Ragan and Enzo were the final 2 ppl in the veto if he had not won Ragan would still be here. So how did it not matter, fail to see your logic(No offense)

    • YO YO YO, Listen up BB FANS : ENZO won Four Comps TV, PENQUIN SUIT, FRUIT BOWL & POV .I guess he was countin all his accomplishments while playing the game! Oh he won the Hearts from the Trailer PARKS as Americas best player LOL :)

      • omg I cant beleive brit thinks she still has a boyfirend cause after nick see her and lane flirting she will be looking in the trash for her clothes instead of for a coin. shes gonna need the $10,00.00 for a place to live that is if nicks a real man who has any feelings of respect for himself. because anyone that would date a bitch like her has to be brain dead or numb from all her bullying. she probably told lane she only with him for his money anyway

      • ahahahahahahhahaaha, CLASSIC… Enzo is going to be a big star, didn’t you know that… or did you miss that episode…LOL :) He is a f’n joke. God Bless his “wifey”, she must be a St. watching him eat dinner everynight . And the “Brigade”, the way he says it is 9th wonder of the world… get over yourself , Enzo. You are an ass now, before and will always be. You will not be in any movies, unless you make a sex tape. You will not be stalked by Paparazzi, unless you are on TMZ for a crime, and there will not be anyone banging down your door, unless you haven’t paid your bills. Come back down to reality, which BB is, REALITY… you are going to be an unemployed realitor, like you where before you went into BB12 :)….Just my opinion…

      • Enzo will always be remembemered. He’ll be on the next “Jersey Shore”. Move over Situation here comes Meow Meow……..LOL

  5. the plan that could better hayden would be to blow off pov and since enzo wont win pov if his life depended on it brittiney or lane would win pov enzo goes home and hayden gets a vote in jury house. hayden so far would have 4 or more which is a victory

  6. I want Brit to stay and Enzo to go. He’s so annoying. The Brigade is making history, yo! Yeah riiiight! He’s delusional.

    • Maybe Britney will offer to give her $10k to Hayden if he takes her off the block and then she’ll vote out Enzo.

      • You can bet Britney is not done. She will try to convince hayden to out lane although I think he is confussed. He is not sure lane or Enzo will take him so Britney may stay..Lane or enzo cannot be trusted because Hayden has played a good social game also. I think Britney has done OK as far as her boyfriend goes. Lane loves himself too much to date Britney. Shes been around the block enough to know Lane is A loser. He acts like a little boy looking for attention.

      • Blondell – by my count lane has already gotten her to commit to going to six or seven things with him (sans nick) after the show – including super bowl, steamboat, and various appearances in Texas. They are already organizing their post-bb, post-nick lives together.
        Hayden realized this which is why he is keeping Enzo, who is loyal to Hayden and not to Brane.
        Everybody get over this fiction that she is still with nick.

  7. Enzo needs a backdoor, the brigade idea was smart, but nobody in the brigade deserved anything, other than Matt. Matt fought hard in every competition, The only reason why they’re winning anything is because they’re the only ones left in, and it’s really not the hard to beat Brit. Rachel deserved to last longer in BB12, as well as Ragan, Matt and Britney. Theose people are the ones who fought in challenges. This season is a piss off.

  8. lane is a really great boyfriend for you bitchney hes just your type luv how he isnt buying you flowers but insist on buying you shots to get you drunk thats how pretty he thinks you are. guess he sees through you to

    • That is just the way guys like that roll.He has no rspect for women or maybe he has been dumped by too many,who noes. Britney has been though enough guys to realize what Lane is all about..

      • Saying Lane has no respect for women means you have not been watching. He has repeatedly said he likes talking to her because she is more intelligent and worldly than what he has dated before. He has comforted her throughout the show and she sees how sensitive he is about her – this is why she has fallen for Lane.

    • Worst season ever!!! Every move that was made was predictable. No backdoors, no big moves, no nothing. Hopefully, a better cast will be picked next year. Please get Bratney out of the house this week. Loved seeing her cry in the DR session. Oh whoa is me, I am all by myself, who cares, see ya biotch.

  9. at the end of the show, hayden and enzo talking. hayden mentions “what if a move was to be made but someone left the move for someone else to make?” well, lane should have put up and gotten rid of hayden last week because this week that same move ,only reversed just might bite lane in the ass. and my personal feelings on enzo are that he is an obnoxious, mouth runnin, jackass.thanks for allowing me to make my feelings known. good luck to the last four competitors. and thanks to the producers and talent scouts for producing a very entertaining program for me to watch this summer. this is the first season that i have gotten interested in the cast and had fun watching ……..

    • richard what the hell were you smoking this season send some this way cause this season sucked

    • That could possibly and I say possibly mean..Hayden uses POV to take LANE off block LANE EVICTS ENZO..Enzo’s jury vote WILL STILL GO TO HAYDEN CAUSE LANE BACKDOORED HIM..Lane did the dirty work..possibility that was what he was refering to..

      • in that situation i imagine enzo would be just as pissed at hayden cause he’d have to have been in on it… would make it more interesting if Brit were still around for final 3 though

      • reply to my own post..same scenrio except Lane votes off BRITTNEY..ALSO POSSIBILITY…hmmmmmm Brittney would vote Hayden??

      • NICE! That would make for a better show. Then Britt and Lane could get Hayden out, he’s a silent evil and gets away with it because so many think he’s cute. I don’t get it.

      • If Hayden would take Lane off the block, why would Enzo not be pissed at him? Obviously if Lane gets taken off the block Hayden wanted Enzo up… Enzo should be blaming Hayden for that, whether Lane voted him off or not. It would have never been a possibility if Hayden didn’t put him up!

      • I agree with Lee Mn…backdooring Lane and voting him out is probably Hayden’s best option. Britney would probably take Hayden over Enzo, but with the brigade for f3 the only way Hayden will win is if he wins the final HOH.

  10. I’m surprised with his movie deals and everything else Enzo thinks he’s going to get he hasn’t mentioned the possibility of getting a key to his city since I’m sure they’re all so proud of him.

    • I have heard so much about this Steamboat trip. After they watch especially Lane-Haden thing. There will be no trip.Did that make sence? WELl you know what I mean. But you never know. I wouldn’t go any place with Lane if I was Hayden. Oh I forgot about the talk show they think will be offered to them.

  11. I think Lane is a southern boy with a good family.
    He shows his southern rasin!! That’s southern for
    He’s been brought up right!!
    Love him, He finds it a little hard to lie cheat and backstab, the others — it’s been pretty easy.

    • this is bitchney everybody I just sent my man a letter to read in the bathroom while he taking a dump oh yea hes my nightmare in shinning armor love that boozer, who wont send me flowers just get me drunk and screw me in the shower. wont count on him winning so I have to talk blo- jobs to the other nit wits I’m stuck in this loony farm with so cant wait till we end our summer vacation thanks for nothing cause when I get outta here I’m gonna start dating the bald guy in here who has a college degree in language hes my meow meow man so sorry for the dear john letter but it wouldnt be me if I didnt have a perfect ending to my backstabbing two face life at the loony farm please dont call me but I did meet a great girl in here for you her name is ragan she will just love that tough guy in you I prefer meow meow cause he will tell me I’m beautiful when hes talking dirty to me as we are having sex bye bye looser. love bitchney so everybody how did I do or should I say who should I do next

      • LMAO that is so Funny, Send this to Rachel she’ll love to hear how the Britt is doing in the LOONEY Tune HOUSE! :)

      • I thought about reading that… started.. and stopped. How the hell can you write something and use absolutely NO PUNCTUATION?! Seriously. What a headache.

      • What the heck was that about ? Made no sense at all. Your making rude comments of ppl on BB and your reply was just as bad. Sorry but I just didn’t get it.

    • sandy coleman, you should do a search and find the article where Lane and his brother broke into a guys house and beat the crap out him.

      • True or not, facts etc., be careful of what you say about HGS in their real life,it’s called “facts”

  12. watching the 4 hgs look for those coins was funny!

    at this point i don’t care who wins this thing….let’s just get the season over with!

  13. I hope the kitty kat wins it all, just so I can get his autograph and hang it over the toilet wall and piss on it everytime I have to go

    • If he was smart, he would, but these people are a bunch of idiots (Lane, Enzo, Hayden)
      I really do not think that if Lane or Enzo win final HOH, they will take Hayden, and if he is listening, he is catching on to that, and he will backdoor Enzo, but this idiotic brigade thing won’t allow him to do so. I am so ready for this season to be over with. Enzo sitting there when they told Brit about the brigade, and he has the nerve to tell her that the reason they are telling her is because they have respect for her, are you kidding me, this coming from the asshole who called her the “c” word on the feeds, He is nothing but a big bag of Jersey shit!

  14. Why all the hate on Enzo? You have to respect the way he has played the game whether you like his personality or not. He has played the best social game in BB history besides Dr. Will. The Dr. through competitions in both of his seasons of BB and everyone claims that he is best player of all time. Well maybe Enzo is a little smarter than you realize and he should go down as one of the greats. Go team meow meow!

    • Oh my are you meow meow’s relation. I thought what you did early on but I think he has acted and talked this way his whole life!

      • Give Enzo his due. He is sitting pretty to win the 500K. I just think everyone in here is just jealous of him. The dude knows how to talk, give him credit for that. Big Brother is about getting along with others and he has done that. Winning comps just puts a target on you, look how Dr. Will played. I think people are just mad because Enzo is Italian and not a caucasian male. Just my opinion.

      • Let’s be honest. Dr. Will is a pretty white boy and America loves those types of guys. Last year Jeff won America’s vote and he fits that category. What I said is not racist, it is just fact. I am white myself so to say I am being racist is ridiculous. I just am not ignorant and ignore obvious facts.

      • It’s Big Brother, being a weasel is part of the game. Obviously it is working for him. You people are just haters. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Go Enzo!

      • Okay, the guy has not played the game!!
        He is taking credit for everything’
        ( hasn’t done squat!)
        Won one comp by pure luck, not skill
        oh yea, enzo is a true BB player!!

      • Italians can be considered a minority in the “caucasian” category. You know what I mean. My question is what has Enzo done any different than Dr. Will did in his previous seasons?

      • Hi Mark, I’m Italian, East coast,Philly W girl and Enzo is so Vial,! Please, don’t think that all Italian men act like him! No way, hope they broke the MOLD of him! Enzo thinks he is PLAYING a ROLE in the GODFATHER 12 he forgot its BB12 ! LOL Where he should be playing a game to win the PRIZE money ,not BRAGGING of all the Movie deals he thinks he is getting!

      • i like enzo and feel he did play the game.he has gotton a big mouth on him but still go enzo. he talked to everyone in the house nomatter if they were on the block or not good move.

    • Yeah…I wanna be just like Enzo…with my hand constantly down my pants and eating my food like a pig eats from a trough. Get a grip! He is a sorry excuse for a human being…

    • Lol, Mark just leave them alone, everyone here talks like this about everybody. Would of happened to Jeff from last year too. People here just bored with theirs feeds let them have some fun with them xD

    • I’ll settle it and get it over with. I took anthropology. Yes Italians are caucasians. Ok no need to debate about it anymore……Now back to Enzo being ???? Well I don’t know what he is besides Italian.

  15. Enzo is a jackbutt, Lane is an idiot and Hayden and Brittany are the only 2 deserving to be in the final 2. Every year around this time of the season people are in the house that don’t deserve to be. The only reason why Enzo and Lane are in the final 4 is because they were carried by other players.

    Brittany is a champ in my opinion. She was the smallest thing in the house and she managed to win 4 comps. That stat even rivals the best in BB history ( Janelle ) in a single season. Know matter how much people dislike her, she have a right to be in the final 2 and WIN. But another season of BS and most likely, she will come in 4th place. What a shame

  16. This is my last season of Big Brother, I can’t take the bad acting, dramatic music and added sound effects anymore!

    Been going through seasons 3-5 again and it feels so much better than watching this crap. However, only a few more episodes, so I’ll tough it out because I like to finish what I start lol

    • I think BB picks these kinda people on purpose. Not 100% but I think they have to do some kind of questionaire to get on the show. I’m pretty sure there’s an interview.

  17. Earlier today when all 4 were talking about travel Did Hayden tell them he had never been to the beach??? If it was Hayden he lied…He has a pic on his facebook page “OF HIM STANDING ON A REALLY NICE BEACH”..Why do these people feel it necessary to lie about something so unearth shattering as going to the beach…This bunch of peeps are totally off the wall..They make no sense..If it was not Hayden that said it is my mistake and I apologize..

  18. At the end of the episode, did anyone see Lane rub his chin on the fridge door in slow motion? It was hilarious!

  19. I always love how Big Brother edits the show to make it seem like the person who’s suppose to be evicted may not be leaving. Hayden & Enzo WILL NOT keep Brit, because Enzo is not very smart. He’s had everyone think for him & he will obviously do whatever Hayden tells him to do.

  20. I think when it is all said and done that Enzo will go down as one of the best BB players of all time. The guy has won only 1 competition of any kind and he has an excellent shot at winning the whole that. In my opinion that is true game. To me it is is stupid to win competitions. They just put a target on your back. Enzo knows what he is doing because it is paying off. Just because you don’t like him as a person is no reason to at least give him credit for his gameplay.

    • You are absolutely right Mark, Enzo is running this show and deserves to win. I also rate him as one of the best BB players of all time. He has played the game the smart way ala Dr. Will. The people in here are just jealous of Enzo because they wish they were more like him.

      • Yeah…I wanna be just like Enzo…with my hand constantly down my pants and eating my food like a pig eats from a trough. Get a grip! He is a sorry excuse for a human being…

      • We are not Jealous by no means! LOL He is still in the game as well as Lane & Haydon,only because of the BLOCK vote they had! That is why they Focused more time in winning the Fruit Bowl Pool Tournaments rather than win the comps. The only comps they really didn’t throw were the Luxury comps. lol :)

      • The BIG difference between Enzo and Dr. Will is Enzo did nothing to make it this far while Will manipulated everyone. I think Enzo has played well but he is not in the same league as Will

      • Hi Tim, FYI, alot of BB Fans Have the 24/7 live feeds and they watch on SHOWTIME BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK ( BBAD )! I live on east coast, so Showtime comes on everynite from 12 to 3AM! I’m watching the HG now!

      • One of the greatest players in BB history, are u on something? I have watched since season 1, he is in NO WAY greatest player ever. That honor would be given to Mike “Boogie.”
        More like him, seriously? Who in hell would want to be a foul-mouthed, trash talking, woman basher, cheater, I could go on and on but I am tired and going to bed. He is a sorry excuse for a human being. If he acts this way out of the house, I feel sorry for his family.

  21. From watching BBAD, Enzo truly believes he’s getting his own sitcom and a movie deal. If he wins I hope he puts that money to good use … the hair club for men and speech lessons!

  22. How come nobody mentioned brits hand job comments, with her strong ass grip, that was just too funny. And her mom and nick were watching.

    • There are NUMEROUS COMMENTs on Brittney talking about the sexual Conversation she was saying to the guys on BBAD the first 1/2 hour of show last nite! BB Fan Comments were mentioned all day today on the other site! Go Check !

    • Yea how about the PRETZEL job Britt told Enzo all about. HE replied the only pretzel he knows is Philly soft pretzel he eats ! lol I guess the Britt taught the BOZO something new about sex! :)

    • hand job, no, she said ball buster. Her poor boyfriend is probably afraid of her coming home now after that. I think all men would try to avoid her now.

  23. I seriously don’t care who wins. As long as It’s not Hayden, Enzo, Lane, or Britney……lol

  24. Scene:
    Enzo in DR, looking ahead to evicting Britney, then breaking up his Brigade…

    “Final Three–bust up da Brigade.
    Thinkin’ dey got it made,
    It will be their swan song;
    They won’t last long
    When Meow Meow drops a grenade”

  25. Scene:
    Britney in DR, talking about her difficulty in the HOH X-Mas ornament competition.
    It reminded her of days back home as the town tease…

    “Those ornaments started to slip,
    Or I had a viselike grip.
    When I used to get lustier,
    They called me a ball-buster–
    I wouldn’t swallow, just spit.”

  26. the brigade guys should be cast in the three stooges, all three are good at acting dumb, and to think lane was pretty quiet that first week, britney has played the game the best, to think the first week she was so prissy, didnt think she had the fight in her, if she wins or lane wins, enzo is goig home, but even if she is in the final two, she will still lose 4-3

    • James We all had our Fav HG, the Bro-gade has the control of the HOUSE, the RULE BOOK, and I think they have Captured 1 prisoner BIG BROTHER! LOL I wish that BBAD would add on a NEW SHOW @ nite and call it : AS the JURY CHURNS ! lol There has to be more Excitement in the Jury house now, cause BBAD is Boring! :(

  27. Scene:
    Lane in DR, wondering how he got in this position in the game…

    “I feel like a Mack Truck hit me–
    I should be Final Two with Britney.
    Hayden won POV,
    I won’t be Final Three
    If Enzo votes to evict me.

    Britney goes–then here comes the Beast
    To tear limbs off my two enemies.
    I’ll slay The Animal,
    I’ll go all Ragin’ Bull
    On Enzo–I’ll have him beggin’ please.”

    • Q, that is really good! I wish someone will put Enzo in his place! BBAD > Enzo just said the DR told him they’er gonna be Big STARS after this show! LOL I think the BRO-Gade got more than 1 prisoner > ( BIG BROTHER ), and I think they captured the Camera CREW & Production Crew too LMAO

  28. Scene:
    Hayden in DR, bragging about his powerful position in the game….

    “Dude, I don’t mean to gloat,
    But my bags are packed for Steamboat.
    Win HOH, then POV–
    The Jury House will see
    This boarder ain’t no dope!”

    • Song for Enzo (to the tune of “Pants On The Ground”)

      Hands in your pants
      Hands in your pants
      You are so repulsive with your
      Hands in your pants

      Hands in your pants
      Hands in your pants
      You think you’re a celebrity?
      HA! There ain’t no chance!

    • Enzo is jogging & Screaming out at the top of his lungs how Famous they are gonna be! NOT! LOL OMG, I guess this is what we will hear every nite on BBAD ! :(

  29. Lane, if not nominated, could have saved his Brit. With them both on the block, guess Hayden fell for Enzo’s visions of grandour. Only Enzo believes his played a good social game. All he did was float through the game. Unable to win comps, all he’s done is sit around the BBHouse and tout his greatness. Boring.

  30. Lane, if not nominated, could have saved his Brit. With them both on the block, guess Hayden fell for Enzo’s visions of grandour. Only Enzo believes his played a good social game. All he did was float through the game. Unable to win comps, all he’s done is sit around the BBHouse and tout his greatness. Boring. Now Brit is feeling just like Brendon felt, and who really cares?

    • I would like to have a Dollar for everytime Enzo said We are Big Stars ! I would be Rich LOL! The 1st hour of BBAD he keeps repeating it over & over! :( YO YO Enzo KNOCK IT OFF !!!

      • I have no doubt the ratings have dropped now….solely because of his mouth. Thank goodness for the MUTE button!!!

  31. Heather > You can join the GUYS who entertain us on here everyday and they are: Q, Chris the great, & Rico, BB should Hire them they are so GOOD & FUNNY!

  32. Oh no!! Britt just got in under the same covers that Enzo just slithered out of. Probably NOT a good idea! She will need another shower…

    • Enzo said He had those clothes on for 3 DAYS ! YUCK! He is still working-out in them now! Back in the shower Britt!

  33. Sad Brit has to go but she did a great job!! The three will know soon enough that Enzo has filled their head with b.s.!! The only person I could even see getting some fame after the show is Britney….oh well at least when she leaves I don’t have to watch!!

    • She is my fave as well. She did not have to have a team around her to save her….she won challenges and saved herself!!

  34. There you is, been on the other site looking for Clare Ann, You said you live in delaware, I thought you were from philly, No wonder you didn’t say anything about my “Go Cowboys” comment, I guess you don’t like the beagles (I’m bad I mean the Eagles sorry.

      • I left you a comment Today ! On the other site,under you Chris! I Did catch the joke & I am born & Raised in Philly. My Hubby got a kick out of you, he’s A DIE-HARD Eagles fan!, For years I always say to my Husband that my FaV team is : Dallas Cowboy CHEERLEADERS LOL

  35. Ugh. I love this website, but sometimes its annoying when people talk about upcoming wins that weren’t even shown yet. I do love talking about BB, and I don’t have the after dark/live feeds, but I didn’t come to hear spoilers.

    This thread was for after-show comments, not spoiler of POV comments. Please be respectful of people who don’t know what happened after the show that just aired.

    • Ummmm….I googled BB12 Spoilers and this is the thread it gave me. Sorry about your luck!

      • Are you for real, Shawn? You’re on the wrong site… I come here for the spoilers! So do most of the regulars…

      • It took you to this website. There is another thread you click on for spoiler alerts/talk/threading/whatever happened further in the game. You just clicked on this thread.

        I’m not mad, I really enjoy this site. But there’s a point when it kinda ruins the fun for everyone who doesn’t know what would happen. There should be a spoiler alert or some kind of notice saying spoilers are listed. As far as I know this is only an after nominations discussion.

      • You could go to the CBS website. I am sure they are not publishing spoilers. Just a suggestion…

      • Your right I could go to CBS for another forum, but I been here for a while and haven’t had one complaint. I like the outline of this forum than CBS. All I’m saying is there should be a spoiler alert on the top of the description before the convo starts. I wouldn’t of read into people’s comments. That is all.

    • Shawn, the whole site is filled with spoilers. People are watching BBAD and the feeds etc.
      It all has been a spoiler site since day one!!
      If you want to tell the posters on here to monitor their own posts, so as not to spoil it for others, knock yourself out!! ( in my humble opinion)

      • Hi, Tishe… A lot of hostility on the site… I left it for four hours after some idiot got on my case… May not be on for long… Just can’t take Enzo’s “I am the greatest thing that was, becuz, yo, it is what it is…”

      • As far as I been following forums on this website, I haven’t dealt with spoilers because I avoid that section. Like I said, it’s not that big of a deal. But simply stating there was no spoiler alert in this section of the forum

        So then this website is a spoiler only website? Glad to know for further seasons. Please clarify for me moderators?

      • Sister, someone got on your case?? Hard to believe. Not, I mean really, why??
        I hope I wasn’t sounding rude to Shawn?
        Any way, hi back at ya!! I tried to call it quit for the night, alas, I have the addiction!!

  36. Kind of boring except Lane’s humor. Brittany is def going home unless Hayden makes a unexpected move . . .

  37. @Shawn: go to the top of this site, click on HOME:

    There you will see above the pictures: Big Brother 12 state of the house: Lastest spoilers from live feeds, All thesesites are spoilers. sorry!!!!!

  38. Shawn Welcome To the COOL SITE! :) You will like it here cause you will get alot of LAUGHS, don’t take anything Personnel. We Respect others & their opinions. Just have fun with us! :)

  39. Yea I just now got back on, must have been working on the servers again, I had to turn BBAD off, All they were doing was trashing the other HG’s, OMG don’t have anything else to take about, Don’t answer that, Because the answer is NO!!!!

    This has to be the most pathetic group of people ever on BB. I mean don’t they know that thing are way different in the JH, than they think,

  40. looks like everyone has gone, So I’ll saw goodnight and see you all tomorrow, I’ll have a new song about britney and a poem about Enzo, See yall nighty night


      • I thought I had been (to use Enzo’s second favorite word) shunned! Tried to get back… Though I had been banned!
        Couldn’t figure out what on earth I had done wrong!

      • I didn’t know what was happening either. I thought I was booted from the site for my Enzo bashing…

  41. Brit says we want an Eminem song playing when they enter the bar.

    do the seriously think a eminem song would define them? lol

    • Don’t you know they are all famous now. Lol in their own minds. That must be a scary place to be.

  42. As usual, such a cliff hanger.
    The little discussion between Hayden and Enzo is supposed to make everyone thing Britney has a chance. Of course she doesn’t. I wonder if Production scripts these teasers and feeds them to the hgs in the diary room?

    • I didn’t think so, but after all the comments made by this season’s HGs, I’ve had to give up that illusion…

    • I agree with you Sasha. I have been saying the same thing since the other night, when Brit was told by the guys that she was going home. I was hoping beyond hope that there would be some kind of power play made to give at least 1 twist to this season, but I guess I am wrong…

  43. Should have put up Enzo & get him out. Doesn’t desrve being in the final 3 & let the other 3 go at till the end.

  44. Once again this is the most worst season of big brother ever,ban this if you want I am done with your show .You have picked Enzo to win.

  45. Hi everyone: This last week, Enzo has been more annoying than ever, he thinks for sure that he’s going to win it. He may be right thanks to Hayden’s inability to see that before his loyalty to the “Brigade”, is the reason why he entered the BB House: TO WIN!. He should have gotten rid of Enzo, now. Meow Meow is beginning to sound like those alley cats at midnight when their meows turn into meoooooow meoow meoooooow!.

    • A little of Enzo is OK but we have had enough of him and DR, please stop telling these guys they are stars..What is the point of that.Last night they couldn’t even figure out they were on TV, and when they did they started giggling like a couple of kids (enzo and Lane)that was funny and when they couldn’t figure out the time zones. When Lane asked what time was southern time I almost fell off my chair. What did you do in school,Play football that you never played?

  46. Hayden made the right nominations.. Let me throw something out there to think about.. Lane and Enzo both have only one 1 competition each.. I dont know why you all are so against Enzo for being so lazy.. lane is just as lazy….

  47. It’s hard to make a positive comment because I have really disliked the guests this season. I have seen BB from the very first and could always find someone to route for, but not this time. I was going to pay to watch live feeds at first and then decided not to waste my money. BB on Sho-time was like watching paint dry. I haven’t even bothered with that for a while. And, the guests are bragging about this being the best season ever and I want to puke. Sorry.

  48. I think Haydon should take Britney off the block. He would win anyway he goes, but she played a better game than Enzo or Lane.

  49. It is hard to say about the nom. I see a very worried look on haydens face that I donot on the other two boys. Maybe because Enzo thinks he has it in the bag one way or the other or that Lane dosen’t need the money. I cannot figure it out If I was Hyden I would do what Lane had planned and try to take Britney. These guys have made friends but now is the time to work for yourself. I do think they will vote her out and the right choice was Lane because he would have kept her to insure his safety.

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