Big Brother 12: Week 8 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

The competitions were over and the only thing left for the Big Brother 12 HGs to do on Wednesday was either sit back and wait for eviction or campaign to stay. You can go ahead and guess which Ragan chose to do while Enzo kept up his tough-guy talk all through the day. Read on to see what the HGs were up to yesterday as they prepare for the final two weeks of Big Brother.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – September 1, 2010:

12:00 PM BBT – After a very late sleep in morning the HGs are up and talking about the Memory Wall. They’re still reviewing faces and features trying to be ready for a face-morph challenge.

12:20 PM BBT – Enzo is shocked to find Britney cleaning. Shocked, I tell you! He’s suspicious of her motives.

1:15 PM BBT – Lane finally has his hands on the HoH camera so he gets to go around taking pics for his HoH blog.

7:45 PM BBT – Enzo, Hayden, and Britney are trying to figure out what kind of competition will be held for the new HoH comp on Thursday. Enzo is feeling pretty confident that it’ll be a buzz-in quiz style comp. Production must agree because they cut to Bubbles and then come back.

8:00 PM BBT – The Brigade is hoping for proper attire to announce their alliance (minus Matt, of course). They’ve asked production for Brigade T-shirts. That should be interesting.

8:30 PM BBT – HGs are discussing the Vegas After-Party and who would win what Reality TV award. They think they’ve earned “Best BB Cast” awards… Seriously? They’re also thinking back to the first HoH comp (weiner-riding) and how Britney popped out of her top during the comp. Ah hah! So Rachel and Kristen weren’t the only ones walking around topless in Big Brother 12!

9:00 PM BBT – Enzo reminds Hayden that Britney is their next target. Hayden says she’s only playing for the $50K. Enzo agrees that she can’t get enough jury votes to win.

9:15 PM BBT – Ragan holds his final Live Feeds monologue. He discusses that he’s accepted his fate of eviction and goes through his experience in the house.

11:30 PM BBT – Lane talks about how huge he thing his fame could be from doing this show. Nah, not really, but okay.

11:45 PM BBT – Lane wraps up the night with a shower minus his towel. Good thing he can run fast when he forgets it! Now that’s a moment made for Live Feeds Flashback…

Ragan’s eviction is all but a done deal. Hayden should be safe on Thursday while Britney is in big trouble unless she can win either the next HoH or Veto competition. Let’s see how long Enzo’s streak of one victory can last.

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  1. I feel bad for Regan. He is all alone in the house. Lane is a fool to keep Hayden over Regan. He should know that they are going after Britney next week. I guess he thinks he’d rather them do it than him. I feel Regan is so hated by the jury. Even Matt would vote for a brigade than his so-called friend. Why do they want to get rid of him. He would never win the half million.

    • Britney thinks that they got more viewers than any other BB? She is dilusional. I have a feeling that they have the lowest rating EVER. It makes me laugh to hear that they think they are going to become famous. What a joke for this bunch of losers. I don’t have a favorite, but if I had to choose, I would go with Hayden. As soon as this season is over, so will these people’s so-called fame. America wants to forget them and this season as quickly as possible.

      • sure they had high ratings for two weeks, thats because everyone tuned in as long as the other players( Rachel, Brenden and Matt) were still in the game. but now the show has become boring, lets see what the ratings are this week. and even so they are still the most hated cast of all the 12 seasons, because ragan and britt are disgusting how they bashed brenden and rachel the entire season. it doesnt mean we still dont like bb. its the cast they chose this yr. they need to bring back people with personality of evil Dick, will boogie,danielle, janell and yes even russell. then the ratings will go sky high for sure thanks Mike for the infowe really all do appreciate it

        Sorry, that’s not accurate. The ratings continue to be very, very high. Last night’s episode took first in all demographics. – Matt

      • that is true, in many markets the ratings is up 12% in many markets and thats just not in the us. many of us viewers have not liked the way the game has been played this year but it has hardly stopped many of us from watching.

      • Next Thursday’s show is up against the season opener of NFL Football and several college games.

      • I love this years cast! Thats why the ratings are up… Evil Dick & idiots like him Will, Boogie, etc.. Were all lying cocky a-holes. I’m from Texas and EVERYONE loves Lane, & he & Enzo are hilarious to watch. I like comedy, not bawling cry babies like Rachel & Ragen, or loud mouthed neandertalls like Brenden LMAO! They will have ratings drop during football, that I agree with..

    • Das rite Mary, he wants the guys to be the ones to evict Britt so there’s no blood on his hands, remem Lane’s a loafer, he didn’t even want to WIN the HOH, remem he said he was goin’ to throw it for Enzo b/c he didnt’ want to have to choose b/w his friends? I mean really? what jury is goin’ to give this dude the 1/2 mil? and he thinks he’s gonna be famous? um NO you won’t be bud! this show will NOT get you into hollywood A list parties! likely only brenchel. apparently hollywood stars love them! lol.

    • This season is so boring that I am considering cancelling my SHOWTIME subscription. I have watched all seasons and can’t wait for this one to be OVER….BB could really please the fans by intervening in this boring household. BLAH

  2. I don’t feel bad for any of these idiots….what comes around is going around right now. I just hope Lanes idea of him and Brit final 2 DOES NOT HAPPEN. I will never watch this show again! I guess I’m going for what I think is the best of the worst Enzo….at least he cracks me up….That’s It!!!!

  3. can anyone out there imagine this? stopping miss bitchney at the airport and asking her for her autograph, and she tells us shes not there to give any out. well that’s what she said on bbad last night. she is going to refuse anyone her autograph lmao when I heard that come out of her mouth. like shes some super reality star lol lol, and so important lol. she said production told her they are the highest rated show from all 12 bb games. are you kidding me, I don’t think so, there were far better bb ames then this yrs. actually this had to be the worst in all 12. someone needs to give her a reality check and let her know shes in for a big surprise and you can include ragan in that. they are the most disgusting, two in the history of bb. and then she says her mother is worse then her, now wonder shes like she is so critical of other people. they both need to get help and take ragan with them. and if you listen closely lane is now joining in with her bashing rachel. he must have loved it when she jumped on his back and had him carry her off to the storage room. wonder what nick thinks when he sees her laying in bed sleeping next to lane and all the fondaling they both do to each other. just maybe nick has a new girlfriend by now and tells bitchney to get lost.

    • This is my favorite show in the whole world. i record it every year i live for it, Britney is an awesome competitor, I hope she wins i wouldnt enjoy whatching if she was gone, good luck Brit , And yes every year gets even better I love the sock puppets butt dancing all nite was even better And Lane is sooo hot , you go girl!

    • i concur jo! brit’s a twit with no wit who thinks she’s the sh*t, wanna smack her with my mitts!

      don’t get it twisted lol)she needs to GO! get rid of her hay & enz!

  4. Summer said what I was gonna say. The pervious B/B was much better than this bunch,and yet they feel that they are going to be famous. If they were to get any kind of deal it would be one of the shows called The Five Most Boring HouseGuest oF B/B Ever. As for the ratings someone said those ratings must be the night that reruns were on. Doesn’t Britt know that her boyfriend is watching, just like Kristen boyfriend was watching?

    • Maybe because of the economy more people are staying home and that’s all that is on tv. Plus they switched to Wednesday nights instead of Tueday and that would definately compete with Chef Ramsey. That’s probably why ratings are high. Plus too maybe alot of people are trying to get their friends to watch it, like my sister watching this for the first time. She thinks it’s boring, but addictive. She hates it. I told her this season was lame and other seasons were better. I don’t think she’ll get hooked on it next year because of this season.

    • thats exactly how i want things to turn out also. granted i still have no favorite hg for the season, but after all the derogatory things that brit has said, i hardly want her to win even the 50g’s and as far ragan goes with his comments about stabbing african babies with hiv infected needles if they didn’t play the music he wanted hear this morning, he really needs to go. I understand that they are under a great amount of stress in the bb house, but they know what they are saying. Plus rachel has been out of the house for almost 3 weeks now and they are still talking about her. do they not realise with them still talking about her that they are actually making her more famous. If they would stop with the convo on rachel, most would have gotten about her already unless they were a fan of hers to begin with.

      • Fav HG for the season was Annie! Yes the show was that borrrrrrrring that the first one out was the best player. At least Eric flashed us sometimes and then there was the fights last year!

      • I am shocked at what this vile Ragan-creature has said about stabbing African babies with HIV infected needles. Only a monstrosity in human form could imagine and say such hideous things; it’s what a nazi thug would have said. I am sure that Ragan’s supporters on this side are equally horrified at the malice and viciousness of this monster’s filthy mouth. He is an embarrassment to the Gay community and to anybody who has been afflicted by this horrible disease; actually, he is a repulsive and revolting smelly scumbag and is an embarrassment to everybody.

    • well i think they need to get rid of lane he is suppose to be a part of the brigade but he is back stabbing them hayden and enzo are the only two that have done what they said they would no sneaking around

      • cameras on the JH with Regan and Rachel…. now that is a batch contest worth watching. The feeds there would be more fun then with Lane, Hayden, dumb Enzo doing is meow meow

      • indeed his hatred of her is vivid. totally uncalled for but whatev’ i swear he’s trying to land an agent for his ‘performance’.

    • maybe the jury house is more boring than the BB House. maybe the drama is over with the ones there…

      but you know Rachel is waiting on Ragan, i’m sure she has all her ammo lined up for him.

      then he’ll rip her a new one. her problem is she thinks she’s smarter than him… plus you know she fights HARD EVERYDAY.

      • I have to disagree Greg. I don’t think she thinks she is smarter than him, that’s how Ragan thinks. He thinks he is so much smarter, classier, and better than Rachel. Which is why he keeps trying to put her down with his remarks about her being a waitress. Of course he will tell her off, he is a professional at talking nasty. Look what he said about performing an abortion on her and his crude remarks about AIDS. He is far from an example of what Rachel should aspire to be. He needs to shut and seek out help. He has issues which is probably why his family disowned him. He is obsessed with Rachel, she hasn’t been there for weeks and he still talks about her. I hope she doesn’t say anything to him, he doesn’t deserve any more attention.

      • No wonder his family wants nothing to do with him except just steer clear and far away from him. Would you like to be related to a hideous creature like this Ragan scumbag is? He is obsessed with Rachel because she made him expose himself for the sorry and vile character that he is. And then what did he do out of desperation? Grasped at straws which in this case were Rachel’s pimples. And this makes him smarter? Gimme a break!!

      • great Rose… you’re telling me how he thinks & i’m telling you how she thinks. LOL!!!

        i will not defend Ragan, i believe he’s wrong with a lot he says.

        i will say Ragan not only thinks all those things you said… he knows he’s smarter.

        to test your theory… that she doesn’t think she’s smarter lets see if she attacks Ragan when he gets to the j-house.

        of course that could indicate she’s just plain stupid (which she’s not) but i think it would be her saying she wants to prove she’s smarter than him.

      • i honestly think she is trying to get under his skin because she knows how nasty he is. He doesn’t disappoint. I don’t care for Rachel’s attitude but i think Ragan has some issues outside of the show. And he might be smarter but really who cares. There will always be somebody smarter or better looking. He should really man up and stop arguing like woman. No man I have dated ever wanted to argue, they couldn’t stand it. My dad and brothers too. Its such a catty trait. He doesn’t impress me with his smarts, all i hear is the disgusting comments coming out of his mouth.

        I guess we can agree to disagree when it comes to those two…lol

  5. Here is what I would like to see happen. (although, i’m likely dreaming in color). Ragan should try to get britney to vote for him to stay in the house and for her to try and get Lane to vote Hayden. She seems to have a way with words when it comes to Lane. Cuz Honestly guys, Enzo and Hayden are working together Lane is at the bottom of their “brigade” ladder. Lane would have a better chance of getting to the final by keeping Brit and Ragan around. If Hayden is evicted and Enzo does not win the next HOH or POV which lets face it, odds are he wont. Then Enzo could be out next and then it’s everyone for themselves as it should be. Anyway. Like I said I’m probably dreaming, BB seems to always be very predictable it very seldom happens that anyone does any real big moves.

    • i’d agree that Lane’s best move is to vote Hayden out and it could happen.

      i think the brigade t-shirt idea might hurt Hayden’s chances too.

      only problem he’s a friend & Ragan’s not.

      but you know money can make the difference and i’m sure Ragan will say if Hayden goes then he’ll agree Enzo goes next.

      then it’s Brit & Ragan against Enzo for HoH and them plus Lane for PoV against Enzo.

      could be good-meow-meow-bye.

      • if lane wants hayden out, I think he has a better chance getting enzo to change his vote than he would getting brit to change hers. brit has turned against regan and WILL NOT vote for him to stay. enzo may buy the idea to dump hayden now.

      • we’re watching a different game… but that’s good when we see it differently. more possibilities could happen.

        b/c i see it opposite. i see Lane closer to Brit than to Enzo. Brit may be on the fence w/Ragan, i’m not sure.

        i feel Lane can convince her or Ragan can get the Brigade alliance through to Brit.

        bottom-line does Lane feel it’s time to disassemble the Brigade are was the deal to F4 or F3 now?

  6. I would love to see their faces when they read the message boards on how they’ve won “Most Boring Season Ever” on BB…lol. Has there been any season in which almost every vote to evict has been unanimous? This has been crazy sad.

    Could Julie come on and say you were all evicted and send new HG’s in there and start a new season? That’d be great! lol

    • for your lips to Julie’s ears, I’m sure she probably thought of that. hope they show the jury house tonight. whats going on that bb is showing late tonight? guess they realized after tonight they will drop in their ratings after tonight anyway so they need to blame it on something else. oh give me them good old fights on bb that is worth giving up a night out

      • yup b/c next week a whole wack of shows premiere, and next tues they’re up against gossip girl! yikes* that 12-49 teen demographic is goin’ go GG’s way!

        thurs night is the new nikita, lots of buzz, so um good luck! the week after they’re up against CSI: NY (wed)

        MTV awards (sun)..yikes all around, they best make it good this week! lol

  7. I just read that Enzo and Hayden are talking and they are taking Britney to final 3. Looks like they are going to get rid of Lane. Lane can’t play for HOH so I hope he wins veto.

    • Yeah I hope so, they realize they can beat Britt (Lane too, but they’re sick & tired of him choosing that twit over the brigade!) lane clearly showed where his alliances lay when he first chose enzo as the pawn and then hayden! he saved britt’s arse TWO times! they see the writing on the wall, unfortunately lane does not! now that’s a POWER move! lol hee*

  8. I agree that the rating comparison is flawed due to it showing on differnt night and you are right, more people are home because of the economy and unfortunately the numbers are inflated because of that.

    Well, Britany’s description of her mother helps to explain, though not excuse, her own disgusting behavior and why she sees nothing wrong with it. I hope this girl just disappears after this show and if Nick is a nice guy, I hope he has crossed state lines before her return and finds a nice girl to settle down with. This one has caused too much humiliation wehther he admits it or not. Sharing a bed with another man on national TV is a biggy. Yeah, Lane has made his moves but she’s the one who literally jumped him last night for no rational reason beyond flirtation and wanting physical contact. And she called Rachel a skank? Ha!

    • Yeah Britt has been flirting her arse off this week to keep safe and it WORKED! I can just imagine her telling her fiancee’ (it’s all for you nick, all those cuddling moments and flirty looks and smiles, and touches!) AS IF!

      At least Rachel was single. Britt you’re engaged! Should NOT be in another man’s bed, I dont’ care if it’s platonic it’s on live TV! What’s his fam goin’ to think, esp on how much smack she speaks? Who wants that at their dinner table? Very uncouth and unladylike, but hey who ever said Britt was a LADY? guffaw! neva eva!

    • I’d like to thank Jadelle, Richard123 and others who are today supporting the case I have been making the past few days. These two are very clearly now, and unambiguously, “involved.” She is basically living with him in the HoH room and their attractions are undeniable and cannot be explained as mere show-related “flirtation” -as her fiance Nick has tried to paint it in interviews.

      If Nick has even a shred of dignity left, he will not show up to the finale. If he does, he will be a national laughingstock. I am certain that her mother is at this time signaling to Nick that his presence at the finale is not wanted, and to stay away.

      I am having several guys over to watch the finale b/c it has the potential to result in a melee if Nick and Kristy do show up. The Elenburgs and Haynes’s are, in fact, likely to join together and fight Nick, Kristy, and their supporters in the studio audience when the brawl erupts.

      Where I differ with some of you, however, is in blaming Brit for being loose or misbehavior or whatever. My personal view is that she and Lane have genuninely fallen in love. Maybe she never was really in love with Nick, or maybe the BB experience has opened her eyes to the things she really wants in a guy, or what have you. Who knows what are the reasons?

      My view is that she is in love with Lane and he is in love with her and nothing else really matters. It is not misbehavior. She is not loose, she is not a slut, she is not a whore (as some have termed it in this chatroom). She is actually very intelligent and she has traveled abroad and is fairly worldly and cosmopolitan.

      She deserves any fame and fortune that might result from her success on the show and does not deserve to be disparaged. I, for one, feel she has tremendous potential to be a very successful actress. Lane can even do will with a Tim McGraw/Texas good ol’ boy type shtick at celeb appearances, what have you. over and out.

      • Are u kidding me? Britney went into BB engaged!!! Do u know what that means? Engaged to be someone’s wife (Nicks’)! She has not been a lady throughout this whole game. Everything that comes out of her mouth has been foul and disgusting. Her actions have not been ladylike much less the actions of someone who is engaged to be married. If her relationship cannot withstand playing a game how is it going to be throughout life? Let’s just hope Nick wakes up and smells the coffee. Her behavior speaks volumes about her character and I do not think she could be loyal to any man with how she has behaved herself throughout this game. If I were her family I would be so embarrassed not to mention how Nick and his family must feel. How could anyone behave themselves the way she has done and still maintain she is engaged? What a joke! Karma, is all I can say. Is it worth $500,000.00 to act and speak the way she has? I can be had but I can’t be bought.

  9. I am not sure what Lane should do. I do hope he wins he has talked the least crap about people. I think I personally would have liked Brit and Regan if they both didn’t talk so much shit about people and make stupid voices talking about rachell and brendon. Seriously I watch bbad and I am so tired of hearing about gooie cookies. And the constant talk of rachel’s privates and everything else about her. Do you not have anything else to say but repeat thevsame thing every few minutes. Sometimes you can’t tell what day it is because it is the same thing. Oh let’s not forget about rehabs stuipd over use of that’s what she said!!! I mean seriously. Even when it dosent make sense even Brit was getting upset with him about it. It is really annoying. And his constant talking to himself winning about his life. I am not sure how other professors are but he stated he couldn’t wait to feel how good it is to smell pot again and then talked about mushrooms another time and being all high. Then one te he was talking to the house guest and was talking about his drinking and driving and about how wasted he was. He was smiling and laughing about getting pulled over because the cop got another emergency call when he was pulled over so they let him there and he continued to drive home. And all he talks about his how wasted he wants to get and pass out he said he misses waking up hung over. If I had to guess were the twenty g’s are going I would say on drugs and alcohol. Way to have goals in life. Later he was trashing on Brendon throwing he bowling ball thing when he realized he lost. When he did the se thing at the veto comp throwing the cd. He did accually hot someone it bounced off the clam and hit Enzo in the head. He didn’t even say he was sorry but Brendon was a bad sport. I mean hello pot and kettle. I wish he would stop crying! I am so annoyed with him when he is talking to himself I fast forward it. I don’t really care for what he has to say anymore because it is all trash. And it is said because he started out really good in the house. I guess you can’t front forever and your true colors will start to come out. I just wonder what their friends will think of them when there done. Like what type of person they are if they didn’t really know them. On another note they should have live feeds of the Jh. And I hope we see a nick interview soon.

    • I don’t think there is a Nick. I think that the engagement is fake and part of her game. She and Ragan and Lane are extremely annoying…..I can’t wait for this season to be over

  10. Buenos Dias BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Goin’ to be a lovely day! Lane will evict Ragan and tell his boys it’s all good b/c they’re final 4.

    Hopefully Enzo/Hay win HOH and put up the Britt da twit chit and Lusty Loafer Lane on da block, let da couple sweat it out and try to throw the other under da BB greyhound bus! lol. hee* love it! ya gotta win it you 2 boys! Make that POWER move!

  11. Did u people not hear HAYDEN SAY DURING A DIARY ROOM SESSION “I am taking Britteny to the final 2”. HE SAID IT..I keep telling yall Brittney is the one they want with them in final matter who is in the other chair they win the $500,000.00..If it so happens that HAYDEN DOES NOT GO TONITE Enzo will go next week..I have said all along that neither Hayden nor Lane want to settle for second place..THE 3 guys are talking Brigade but Hayden & Lane know it’s every man for himself at this point..If Lane is smart HAYDEN GOES TONITE..If not Lane may go next week..We will see

    • but that was recorded before, things have changed since then. now he has been put up on the block over brit. i think lane just showed them his hand because now they want to get him out.

    • If that’s what u wanna makes the “2nd time” he has been put on the block over Brittney..

  12. Due to the fact that Ragan and Brit the Twit keep bringing up Rachel, I think that they are so jealous of her. I think that Rachel is woman enough to make Ragan go straight and woman enough for Brit the Twit to go gay just because they both seem to be so infatuated with her..Actually I’m done with it. Also I can’t understand how all of then can be such horrible pool players it’s pathetic….If Lane crunches any more ice, I’m going to unplug Showtime……

  13. just go to the finale already….this season sucks.even DWTS have crappy cast this year…are they just pulling people out of their ass !!!.i rather watch jersey shore at this point…haha even the real housewives of jersey is better than this crap


    Nick: We, the undersigned, observing the relationship between Britney Haynes and Lane Elenburg on the CBS Television Show “Big Brother 12,” and seeking to spare you any further psychological pains and damages, hereby issue to you the following “Terms of Surrender” of Ms. Haynes:

    You are to:

    1. Publicly forfeit all further claims to engagements and relationships with Ms. Haynes

    2. Neatly and methodically place Ms. Haynes’ personal effects in standard moving boxes, and submit for pick-up at a time to be notified to you.

    3. Consent to a restraining order barring you from approaching Ms. Haynes at a distance of 100 feet or less.

    4. Publicly endorse Ms. Haynes’ relationship with Mr. Elenburg.

    Upon fulfillment of these terms:

    The engagement ring you gave to Ms. Haynes will be returned to you in its existing good conditions.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    • karzai, get a life! What is this nonsense “We, the undersigned…” Who is We? Do you see yourself in the role of a Knight came to rescue this damsel, actually this slut, from her fiance? Stop this kind of drivel lest you become a subject of ridicule. Remember, she got engaged to Nick of her own free will supposedly because she loved him. But now she loves Lane? Until somebody else comes along? And she calls Rachel a whore? Who is the whore here? Rachel came to BB as a single woman; no boyfriend, no fiance…

    • Lmao again @ karzai. I can’t help but to laugh when you post this kind of stuff about Britany like she is some kind prized possession. Nick would be better off without her. As far as some real relationship between Lane and Brit, well…its going to go as far as this show.

  15. Hayden and Enzo are the shadiest characters in the house this year they are just as bad as all the other floaters all they have done is jump from HOH to HOH making sure to keep up fake friendships to get ahead. At least Britney has had some drama and is funny, when she said she was going to follow rachels floppy butt cheeks upstairs I died laughing… and when ragen said he was getting back to his birth weight from being on slop… at least these poeple make me laugh…. enzo jis just a whiner who complains every time he loses and makes excuses and Hayden seems ok but all he does is float along with Lane in between the powers that be

      • Enos has been the biggest floater, come on did you even watch the show? He talks big but until he pushed little Ragan out of the way to win the last veto he had done nothing but cry.

  16. I had to set my DVR tonite, going to a play and get some culture in my life. I agree with all, this was the most lame BB of all time. CBS casting for this year needs to get their act 2gether. As much as I can’t stand Ragen, I really can’t stand Enzo… what a loser, he’s gross and dumber than rock… maybe he could get his reality rocks off and join the jersey shore losers. His wife must be a total weirdo, poor baby daughter doesn’t stand a chance in the meow meow (yuk) house :(

  17. Damn Brittney is such a biotch I hate her most of all now she is a nasty nasty game player I wish the game would end now no one in there now deserves to win

  18. I wish I knew much more about this one. I’ve been to several sites today researching details, most of the places I’ve visited I have found the feed-back area has become a slanging match. It isn’t really the sort of thing young ladies discuss, so i had been wishing someone right here could actually help out?

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