Big Brother 12: Week 8 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Hayden or Ragan will be evicted on Thursday and we get to sit back and watch it all play out.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. The Big Brother Feed has just one day left on its mega-sale of $9.99 so get signed up so you can be ready for a potential endurance comp on Thursday and a definite endurance comp next week.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!


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    • ragan IS pathetic, but enzo even more so. he beats out a tiny little gay guy by running him over then walks around like he’s the new heavywieght champion of the world!

      • jim… ain’t that the truth… i loved it when Ragan threw the disc at the Clam and it bounced off and hit Enzo on his balding head.

        Enzo & Hayden were calling Ragan a sore loser; i’m surprised Ragan wasn’t calling foul.

        i believe if Ragan had not been pushed to the side and had gotten the disc, Enzo might have grabbed it out of his hand.

        i’m not for Ragan either, i’m for FAIR. i did not see fair, Enzo was behind, they were going a short distance, Enzo only way was to get Ragan pushed to the side.

        sort of surprised no one got hurt. and then Enzo to avoid any talk about how he won, was doing all the boasting to basically say he did what he had to do and nothing was going to stop him.

  1. I am excited for this commercial to be over to see what really went down between Enzo and Ragan…

    • Well, I have to say, that was amazingly funny to see. From that view, I do not believe there was any cheating and they did not show Hayden yelling the answer…

      I can’t believe Ragan threw the CD like that! Owie!

      • I had a tiny bit more respect for Enzo.. it was a good win..

        Then he called him meow meow again, and it’s all gone.

      • I have to agree, there was no cheating going on in the veto comp, THAT WE SAW. You never know how CBS is editing everything.

      • Thank SummerToo, BB left out the part were they had to tell haydeon not the help, You need to watch the live feed to see how it really went down, I’m sorry but Enzo is the one that’s Pathetic, Not ragan.

      • Enzo definitely cheated with his extreme physical violence…had he done this to Lane, he would have been knocked for a loop. What a psycopath…BB get this guy out of the house before he kills someone…his words, not mine!!!

    • @Lisa – extreme physical violence ?? what were you watching ? They ran into one another and both were trying to grab it. Then i guess you missed the episode where Brandon threw his bowling bowl when he lost a comp.

  2. Ohhhhhh. Ragan, remember how Rachel fought for her life in the game since day 1?

    Now he knows how it feels, except he’s only been the target 2 weeks. Sorry bud.

    • Right. All through the game not one of those people left had any kindness or empathy toward what Rachel and Brendon had to go through having a huge target on their backs and no allies. Now, when something happens to one of the “group” then start crying like babies and can’t take it. I am really baffled about the deep hatred Brittany has for Rachel and Brendon. I mean she lied to Brendon about not putting him up for eviction and he honored his word to her. I have only seen him be nice to her. And, she hates him. I can’t see any logical explanation for her behavior except that she is nuts. I really think she is nuts with all of that picking at herself all of the time and needs so much attention. I really wish they would get rid of her.

    • Some would say “great editing”… People watching the live feed reported it differently… So do we believe OUR lying eyes, or theirs?

      • If you’re watching the live feeds during the competition, you’re seeing trivia… not the actual comp.

      • Actually, since I only watch BBAD, I can neither confirm or deny… Do I KNOW that Enzo cheated? No. Do I think that he is capable of it and would do so given the opportunity?
        oh, yeah…

      • … sure why not, i’ll point out the obvious, they both came across it while looking for a diferent one, i would make mental notes where other potential pairings were too… even though im not an enzo fan, some people just want any reason what so ever to hate him.

      • BB has been cheating this entire season and letting Enzo get away with cheating is the same as BB cheating…

        I watch the live feeds and Hayden did give Enzo the answer..

        I have lost all respect for this show and for all of the haters out there who are homophobias…pathetic!!!

    • The version you saw on TV was watered-down. If you watch the feeds, it is obvious Enzo had “help” from Hayden and that he pushed Ragan. In school, we call that bullying. UCK! Wish that meow=meow would go home soon! And I hope Hayden leaves – not Ragan!

      • Can anyone post the date time & camera on live feeds so I can rewind and “watch” the competition?

      • I’m with you!!! I would love to see ragan win it all!!! From my understanding Hayden & Lane both were telling Enzo where to look. Yes they did do some major cutting out on the whole competition

  3. Ragan Says: “I am so frustrated right now” “I feel an overwhelming sense of heart break” GO HOME CRY BABY!!! Meow Meow is pathetic too! Don’t care if I watch after tomorrow’s eviction!

  4. On the other hand, I wish Enzo didn’t win. He won one POV and thinks he’s the god of big brother. Really?

    Hopefully the jury sees this if he makes it to the final two. meowmeows game sucked and shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • and he should be a have not because he didn’t use his sock puppet correctly…how does this guy get away with everything……gosh it makes me sick this BB season. ya ya I know, I keep watching so …………just my opinion.

  5. do not confuse what a sore loser is. ragan is not a sore loser, but is a very competitive person who was pissed that he lossed. i mean to lock urself in a room is 100 times better then telling everybody the comp was rigged against u cough cough brendon.

    i mean i think i would go into iso if i was ragan and knew that im practically going home now.

    so i know ppl will be like “oh ragan is the biggest sore-loser” but again lets not confuse the two actions.

    • I can understand him being pissed (and I actually am a agan fan in general).. but the throwing of the CD was very 3 year old tantrum-like.

      • If Ragan planned that the CD would hit the clam and bounce off at the precise angle that would go on to hit Enzo in the head, he should have won every pool tournament… At this point in the game they’re all paranoid and frustrated beyond their limit…

    • Yeah I don’t think he was a sore loser. He was playing for his life and knew he needed to win, I woulda reacted the same way.

      But now he needs to start playin the game. Even though the coffin is pretty much nailed shut, there is no reason for him to stay.

      • I think he will stay…just a feeling…but I think we may well see Hayden walk the walk tomorrow night…then Ragen will have to really fight to keep in the game….and I would have been pissed too, just human nature

      • I think if it comes out that Hayden won those prizes – Britney will definitely vote him out. Remember how pissed she was?

    • Those comps were not for tall, big people. They are the ones that they have so girls have a huge chance of winning (just like Survivor does). It just so happened this year that there were two girl-sized men competing.

      • Brendan complained that the paint can comp was rigged for “midgets”. Went on and on about comps rigged for small people….surf comp as well.

    • What has Enzo done all season? Nothin. None of the stupid “Brigade” would be there if it weren’t for Matt.

      • Well, just in case he doesn’t win, Alex, you might ask his wife if she’s ready to give him up… Chances are she will be.

      • all enzo has is that SOLE POV win, which apparently he cheated on, so not sure if jury will get that info!

    • I like Enzo too. I like his personality the best out of the remaining HGs. I don’t think what he has done is worthy of the grand prize BUT I still enjoy seeing him. When he got popped in the head with that cd, I was cracking up at the expression on his face. And he was the only one with some kind of rhythm…Lol!

      • he’s a twit!! nuff said. maybe getting hit in the head will knock some sense into him, the man is gross and so damn full of himself….just walk the walk Enzo…right back to Jersey …just my humble opinion

      • Personality??? Enzo has no personality…a very low IQ…just to mention a few but the worse part is…HE IS A CHEATER!!!

        Shame on BB for allowing him to get away with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Yes, I like him and his personality!!! And I’m over the penguin suit thing. Its a show and if they let Matt’s wife contribute to his lie than I guess that how CBS rolls. Oh well….I’m still gonna watch the show no matter how much I can’t stand any of the HGs remaining. And I’m almost 100% sure that the show will continue on as usual despite people’s gripes. That’s why we are on a spoiler’s site because we are all hooked like it or not. of course this is just my one opinion but I stand by it.

    • @ Matt do you know if quirkydude is going to put tomorrows episode on as soon as its over like he always does? because I the Chiefs are playing on cbs tomorrow and bb wont be on till 1 am please let me know. Thanks

  6. I can’t believe this stupid alliance is actually going to get somewhere. Enzo did not deserve to win, he’s done NOTHING all season, as have Hayden and Lane (who all have the combined IQ of a clam). He thinks he’s all and mighty. Bro, you haven’t won NOTHIN! nadda. zilch. I’ll stop watching after tomorrow’s eviction I think. None of them except Brittany deserve to win. They’re such dumb typical Americans.

  7. and how does anyone like hayden or enzo think brit will win if she is final 2. she has no chance of winning the 500K. she will not get anyone’s vote. maybe ragan or matt’s MAYBE.

    rachel will control brendon, they will control kathy, if enzo leaves he wont vote for her just cause she is 23 and shet. matt prolly would still vote for brigade.

    we saw last season that just because u play a better game or even win the most comps does at all mean u will win the game.

    • Brittany played a better game than any of them. Her only alliance before Lane was Monet, was voted out weeks before. The brigade should have been targeting her but they’re not.

      And last season, sure Jordan did nothing, but neither did Natalie (who was against her in the final two). So who do you vote for? The dumb rock or the dumb rock? I think Jordan won simply because she won the last HOH to give her SOMETHING.

      • natalie won 2 HOH’s and came in second in 2 comps so what are u talking about?

        she played jesse, and lydia, and even kevin at times.

        thats called playing the game.

        WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT?! natalie played a great game c’mon dude.

      • Not sure why I couldn’t reply to yours but…

        Natalie didn’t win 2 HOH’s. And coming in second for 2 competitions means nothing.

        But I was wrong, Jordan won HOH and the last POV. Natalie won the last HOH. Either way, Jordan still did more than Natlaie

      • natalie did win 2 hoh’s. she won the very first hoh which brought jesse back into the house. she outlasted the other clicks.

        she won the infamous “i did it by keeping my word” hoh comp.

        againw hat are u talking about?

        she won 2 comps

      • Sorry I didn’t read your entire post yet, but Natalie did NOT play Jesse or Lydia. Lydia and Natalie hated each other and Natalie spent her entire game trying to get Lydia out.

        Natalie was the one being carried by Jesse. And the funny part is even Jesse voted against her and voted for Jordan to win. That should just prove how bad of a game she played when her own alliance didn’t vote her to win

      • Winning Jesse back in the house wasn’t an HOH competition. And with that, Russell also finished that challenge so Natalie didn’t do it by herself.

        She won the LAST hoh competition and that was it. Wikipedia it, google it, go to previous forums.

      • it was an hoh comp dude. its that afterwards julie announced that the winner wouldnt get the HOH room, the person who they brought back in the house would.

        it was an hoh comp. it was with the diaper swings.

        she won two. they gave the person who came back the hoh because that person would have been one of the first to go so they had to give them some safety.

      • Natalie only won the last HOH…that was the only reason she was still there. She annoyed me and lied. She played Kevin, he kept her riding his coat tails…

    • why are we debating the games of nat vs jor from last season? are we that bored witth this one? lol.

      • Oh dear lord,
        Nat won one Hoh.

        Jordan won two.

        None of this matters anyway, because that was last season.

        I got my facts from BBdish for season 11 btw, just in case someone asks.

  8. I don’t know where Enzo is coming off calling out Ragan for accepting his defeat (he said it much worse though). If Ragan won POV do you think Enzo would be rolling around accepting he lost? I don’t think so.

    Enzo won’t win BB. Even if he makes it to the final two, he has to game to win on.

    • Enzo DIDN’T win…a cheater does not a winner make…he should have been disqualified from the compition after using physical violence!!!!!

      • oh come on lisa I have seen times when the girls in past have had a tug of war over it and just ripping it out of the others hand. Enzo did not cheat..if I had been in a comp that important I would have made a dive for it too. and if someone was going for it at the same time one of us would have been pushed out of the way..not cheating just trying to win…should he have stopped and said oh Regan you right beside me I don’t want to push so you can have it!!! get real people!!

  9. Let’s make this interesting. Regan stop using your sock puppet and make the house have not as a parting present. That would be so funny.

  10. ok so the dancin and the puppets are pretty funny, and how the hell is Enzo growin on me, WTF, but yea lane and Hayden have noooo rythym…

    • I thought that too, but that would completely ruin Lane winning. He sabotaged his alliance, who will all be voting for the winner. Goodbye votes from Matt, Enzo, and Hayden if he pulled that move.

      If Brittany does split the votes, Lane will 100% (imo) keep Hayden in the house. He can’t chance to stur up the pot this late in the game.

      • That probably true but I have that feeling that Lane is the Next Matt. Enzo is much closer with Hayden. So I would say the Brigade is done.

      • You really believe that matt, enzo and hayden would vote for brit or ragan over lane? Not a chance.

      • Hayden and Enzo already had a convo about who they would vote for… and it’s Lane. No matter what, even if he gets them out. Enzo said something like, I’d be pissed, but I’d still vote for him.

    • but he’s NOT smart s.s, so no wishes on that will come true! whatever ragan said went in one “oily” ear and out the “lusty” other!

  11. YES LANE!!!!!!11

    he just said he wants to final 2 with britney.

    and honestly thats a smart move. if im ANYONE in that house brit is the one i want in final 2. she has no chance of getting votes over anyone left.

    i mean production made sure of that when they played that bogus goodbye message to rachel, brought her back and had her start drama with her.

    hopefully brit wins HOH next week, puts up hayden and enzo, enzo goes home.

    YA DIG?


    • Slap me silly… Had to see it to believe it… I thought Lane was totally playing Brit! Pretty good shocker there, but Jury only saw Lane floating through, while they saw Brit winning POVs… Much as they dislike her, they may just vote for her… A lot will depend on whether or not Matt rats out DUH BOR-GADE in the jury house… Darn I wish they would show some of that!

      • I dont think that matt can rat out the Brigade in Jury. From my understanding they can’t talk game in the Jury house, they get punished. I’ve heard this in a few interviews with past houseguests.

    • Teambrane…good one !! Britney has to win the HOH next week. I think the brigade would definitely vote for Lane over Brit. That’s a smart move on Lane’s part. He is thinking ahead and knows that Enzo would definitely take Hayden over him. Final 2 Teambrane…lol

      • YO!!! Listen up!!!! Yall did not hear Hayden say that he planned on taking Brittney to the final 2??? He sure did…Brittney is a sure fire second place winner..Whoever takes her get the $500,000.00…

  12. i think that ragan has a slim chance of staying if he persuades brit and lane that he will get them to the final three.

      • Me too. Lane has to go all the way now because he showed Enzo and Hayden his cards. They know he plans to take Brit as far as he can.

      • It is now definitely lane and his girlfriend/bed partner/former nick fiancé against Enzo and Hayden. Correct that the smart move is take Hayden out now.
        Every day that goes by gives support to my theory, which many took issue with, that lane is not just playing for the 500k. He is playing for two goals:
        1. The grand prize money
        2. Britney Haynes

        Absolutely nothing at all has happened to refute this theory.

  13. This is the most boring season of big brother i have ever seen. tonight show was brutal, the only thing they could show is that blonde moron cleaning the fridge…. wow. The contestants are boring forgettable, and to top it all off, Regan, the only one left who is interesting will probably go home. ahh well hopefully next year’s doesn’t suck as much as this one.

    • Then quit watching and posting. I come here to get views about game play, not 10,000 comments on how boring some people think this season is. I don’t find it boring at all, but I am not into drama 24 hours a day. After all, it is a game.

  14. ragan will be evicted, unless britany wins something she will be next, maybe,cause hayden and lane plan on being tha=e last two

    • I was actually wondering that as well… they would always show the jury house after each eviction.

  15. Thank goodness I taped it so I could fast forward when Regan was crying and whining………check it……… was half the show with the camera only on him…………is the camerman gay? I think that’s another show I don’t want to see.
    Brit and Lane all the way

  16. Well I hope they send Hayden packing this week. The will see how much enzo runs his mouth next week after he is on the block again. Wow ans who would expect that brittny actually sealed her fate by taking lane to the final two… She really doesnt realize that more than likely lane would have 3 votes for sure already.

  17. Did you see that on the east coast Thursday night’s BB will not air until after the late late show at 1:37AM due to preseason football. How about on the west coast? Bummer.

  18. Brit has to win HOH tomorrow, if not, she goes home, Lane has finally realized he has to go with Britney, maybe he always has, just been very quiet about it. As long as Hayden or Bozo do not win, I am fine with the outcome. Bozo is just way to “in your face,” Hayden is a lazy bum, who agrees with everything he says. I predict final 3 will be, Hayden, Brit and Lane, final two will be Lane and Brit, winner of BB12-Lane.

    • what season were you watching??? man there have been many many better POV comps over the seasons…and…we have seen this one before…nothing new…that is the problem, BB needs to come up with some new comps.

      • I 100% agree. They have done them the same for almost every season, even the HGs know what’s coming.

  19. Can we see the jury house footage sometime soon? I really want to know what’s going on and everyone’s reactions to who came in. Also, the afterthoughts of being out of the game. Any regrets? So forth and so forth. While this episode was pretty funny, I’m sure jury house has more interesting things going on.

  20. If ragan said that about the needle and Africa thing, he should be escorted out asap. What an absolutely horrible thing to say..kidding or not. He used to be my fav, but what a uncaring piece of shit he really is.

  21. Big deal, Enzo finally wins a challange, by throwing a 100lb. guy around to get it. I know it’s just a game, but “Meow-meow” would have been just has pissed as Ragan. Ragan needs to but on his big boy pants and Man-up. Even though Enzo is an ass, Ragan should have apologized for throwing that disk, he was just has bad as Brendon for throwing the ball at Jeff… I guess he will just keep drinking his wine & beer tonight, getting drunk, and saying that stupid saying “that’s what she said”, like he would know. For HOH, the way Enzo could wipe everyone out is to have a :Put your hands down your pants (even Britney) and wack the little meow-meow’s. Does that guy ever have his hands off his bits&pieces..:) He really annoys me. And if Lane <3 wants to make it a game, get rid of Hayden tomorrow, now that would finally make it intresting…. Just my opinion….

    • In all fairness Ragan threw the disk at the giant Pearl thing not Enzo, it just bounced off and then hit Enzo. Maybe they should both apologize?

  22. I am sorry Ragan. But that’s what you get for voting to evict all the people who would have protected you from the beginning of the game. Ragan choose Brit and Matt over Rachel and Brendon. Ragan was never Rachel and Brendon target until he trash talked about them. Brit has never protected Ragan and Matt threw him other bus. But to Ragan BB is a game about making friends! Delusional!

    • Yess…I 100% agree. I knew this is how the show would turn out. They are so stupid. When Ragan gets to the house, he will see how gullible and stupid he acted in the name of friendship and trying to make himself look better. He failed at the latter because he behaved just as nasty as Rachel. Britany’s only hope is Lane. She at least had some kind of backup plan. Ragan was too emotional the whole season.

  23. i think that lane is stupid…he should have nominated Britany and that would have insured that Ragan would be gone. if he should make it to the final two and he and Britany are sitting there, he would have made his three teamates unwilling to give him there vote. i like hayden as a player way more than britany…she won hoh because someone else gave it to her and she talks about everyone past and present in the house.

    • He knew Hayden and Enzo were thinking about backdooring Britney. He’s not stupid he knew exactly what he was and is doing. Like he said he wants to make it to the final 2 with Britney. Maybe it will work maybe it won’t.

  24. Who gets to vote when they get down to the eviction ceremony next Thursday, with only 4 people left, the HOH the 2 nominees, and one other person…does the non nominated person that isn’t HOH get to decide by themselves who goes home?

  25. Enzo wasn’t a good sport either, He kicked the pads they were kneeling on & I thought he threw his CD @ the clam too.I wonder if that was britney against Enzo do you think he would’ve shoved her? YES ! If it is TRUE about hayden telling Enzo where the winning CD was then shame on the Cheaters cause they never WIN! :)

  26. Aww I feel so bad for Reagan!! :( Enzo was such a meanie for practically running him over in the veto competition! >< And of course Lane puts up Hayden, he's fallen in love with Brit and just doesn't know it. I hope Reagan prevails!!

  27. After watching BBAD I can say I can brag about Vegas..Im a native. Unlike the froot loop we keep hearing. I resent what he says!! Can he ever quit talking about Rach or Bren?? I think he wants to be like him and look like her!! I cant wait for him to go and I hope he looses his job after the abortion comment! He is a pig!….From Vegas Chow and haqve a good night.

    • I agree, didn’t think that abortion comment coming out of a teacher’s mouth was appropiate! I wonder if he’ll have a job when he is out of the house?

      • Wonder if Brendon will have a job after weeks of having sex live in front of America night after night just weeks after meeting her? I wouldn’t want him near my child after that kind of behavior!!!

    • Hi Clare Ann, what was the comment??
      Pretty touchy subject to be commenting on!!
      How are you feeling??

    • I just read what he said and he is disgusting. What a disturbed little man. He needs to seek professional help for his intense obsession and hatred for Brendon. I would much rather Brendon teach my kids over Ragan. We have enough hate being spread around, I don’t need to send my kids to the teacher to help them be hateful.

  28. BB has become a big bore. I might watch the eviction tomorrow, just to hopefully see Ragan go home. It’s almost like his theatrics are put on. The show sucks big time, and none of the bore-gade deserve to win. Matt could play the game, and so could Bren. Matt looked tired and bored before he went to the JH. Bren was too much into playing for “Rachel Revenge” Such was BB 12. A big waste of time.

  29. This show reinforced my decision that this is the worst BB season I’ve watched so far.
    It was 25 minutes of nothing but the wacky shenanigans production pulls. No drama, no controversy. Just sockpuppets and dancing. And a little obnoxious chest beating from Enzo for winning his first thing in, what? Eight, nine weeks? Well done.
    Tonight, he reminded me of what I would imagine “The Situation’s” father to be like. (Jersey Shore, anyone? Anyone?)

    10 minutes of a competition which we’ve seen in other season… ending in a half-body tackle by Enzo. Did anyone else find it slightly annoying that there were no penalties or anything for plowing Ragan over? I’m not really a Ragan fan, but really. It doesn’t seem like that play should have happened.

    And then 5 minutes of a super-fast veto meeting with only a vaguely surprising outcome.

    Come on. Throw something in there to cause a little excitement. I don’t remember the last time that I’ve actually been pleased to see the production credits roll at the end of an episode. It is borderline painful to watch.

    • I totally agree…Enzo cheated to win POV and BB didn’t disqualify him for it. I wish he would have tried that with Lane…he wouldn’t have any teeth left and running his nasty mouth would be a bit more difficult for him.

      BB…you blew this one!!!

  30. If yu all were watching the POV Competition tonight and you don’t think Ezno cheated, then you won’t watching.

    1. On the LF hayden told Enzo where the disk was, BB had to warn hayden not to help.

    2. If you were watching each time Otev sang a song, the HG”S were off and running.

    3. If you noticed, That didn’t happen with Enzo and ragan, They both stood there for a good 10 sec.

    4. Also if you watched BB tonight Enzo was never over in the spot.

    5. It’s called editing.

    6. But what really got me was, The way Enzo acted after the POV, How Pathetic, He bet a smaller person, after He was helped.

    • I completely agree. We know how Big Brother likes to spin things.
      On the Monday live feeds, Lane and Hayden mentioned in passing how Hayden was scolded by BB for calling answers out to Enzo. (I don’t have the time or cam of the conversation.)
      It doesn’t seem remotely fair that Enzo was proclaimed the winner. And then Lane calls it the “Superbowl Win”? The only thing Superbowl-like about it was that Enzo practically tackled Ragan out of the way.

    • sad but true my friend and that’s the second time he’s gotten away with murder! almost like they want to keep him there! he should ‘ve gotten penalized!

    • John, it isn’t a disgrace. BB picked them!! You my friend, have obviously lost your H.G.?, yes?? This game show can be a hit!! Sadly, many are dis illusioned. (spell-check) I am kinda new, BB could have done a better job, but alas, they forgot, about the folks out there that really fell in love with the idea of this game show!! Enough said, there are way too many peeps out there that word this better than me!! John it is a great show!!

  31. I feel so bad for Ragan this week. I wish he had won the POV to take himself off the block. I just hope that Ragan will win the $25,000, i know this would make him feel better. Enzo should have been the one to go to the jury house this Thursday, not Ragan. Why would Lane think that he need to win a half a million when he is rich man. I just hope that Ragan will get to stay in the Big Brother house Thursday. Britney and Lane will be the two that will win this season Big Brother. I would have like to see Ragan and Britney win Big Brother. In a few more weeks we all will know who will win.

    • Lane is NOT rich. Furthermore, what does it matter if any of them have money??? You do not have to be destitute to play the game. It is a game, for goodness sake. If you want some poor person to win, then let only poor people play.

    • I bet there is not an America’s Favorite this year. Ragan already won $20,000 for being the Sabo. I think that will be the third prize. Besides, with this season, it wouldn’t be America’s Favorite. It would be America’s Least Hated.

    • Dr. Ragan Fox is not poor, morally perhaps but not financially. He has a PhD and is a tenured track professor at Cal State. Unless they watch this show and are embarrassed by his crass and disgusting behavior and kick him to the curb. Once my favorite to win, I’ve done a 180, can’t stand him. He is very hateful and totally obsessed with Rachel & Brendon. I only watch now to make sure Ragan & Brittney don’t win.

  32. Ragan may have been a sore loser but he aimed the cd at otev not Enzo AND Enzo was just a bad being a poor winner, kicking the shell mat and spouting his bullshit…

  33. Rico and Tishe were talking about some band called CCR, Never herd of them, I’m a country fan myself. So here’s a song my way, You all should know the tone.

    Listen to my story, About a boy named Lane
    Rich country boy, that didn’t have a brain
    Then one day he was talking kind of cool
    And in thru the door, Came a New Jersey fool

    Ezon that is, Hand in his pants, Jersey born

    The first thing you know, Old Lane gets on T.V.
    BB saids California is were you need to be
    With his family’s help, They packed up his car
    Lane drives way, Singing I’m going to be a star

    Autographs, Movie stars, Swimming pools

    So on BB he had a master plan
    I’ll show them all, How to use a hand
    When I’m in the shower, I use different strokes
    I’ll be back tomorrow night, Good night to all BB fokes

    Up and down, Left and right, Good night yall

  34. Must say I agree! This season is horrible! The people who put up the fight are all gone! They weren’t even all that either. There were many times the rules were broken without consequence! Brittney is a big liar and very jealous, Enzo is a meow meow alright, Ragan is a whinny baby, Lane and Hayden are just coasting through! The game play all just sucked! Very disappointed!

  35. Britney said to Ragen Wouldn’t it be Funny if Rachel was Pregnant & Ragen said That baby would look awful, He would pay for the abortion,something in that order! Shocked he said that!

    • Thanks! I’ve been trying to find out what he said. That’s horrible and he should really consider therapy after the show if he has that much hatred for Rachel and Brendon. I hope he takes his evil butt to the JH tomorrow.

    • And just think … this person is a college professor who has influence over young minds. Scary thought! Makes me want to keep my kids out of college! Can you home-school college students?

      • OH Please people!! don’t watch the live feeds or BBAD, what the heck do you expect. go back to bitching how boring it is this year instead of a stupid one liner Regan said.

      • Regan is a scumbag, period. He cries about how things are not fair and everyone is mean to him, when he’s more of a gossipy “b—-” than anyone in the house! He’s mean and stupid, and the only one in the house worse than him is Britney. How dare they complain about Brendon and Rachel – Brit and Regan make them look like saints! I have never heard someone more white trash than Britney.

  36. Dude Enzo has always been a cheater. I went to high school with this kid and he would sit in the class and look for answers around him. He was gross in high school and sit in class with his hands down his pants. I guess things never change

    • He is not the brightest. I get so sick of seeing these men with their hands down their pants all the time. It’s disgusting. No wonder they think of sex all the time, they don’t stop playing with themselves. I wish Enzo would go. If he wins, it’s the biggest fluke of BB ever. So he wins 1 comp and thinks he is now the king. Look how long it took him and how physical he was to Regen? He is a zero in my book.

      • He was a Zero is school too. I feel bad for his wife who is at work with a baby and get to do Nothing (has only won one Competition) on the show

      • Hard to believe Enzo’s wife is an Assistant VP & investment banker with an MBA! What does she see in him? Feel sorry for her at work. I’d be sooooo embarrassed.Hands down his pants, cheating, eating, doesn’t know what measuring cups & spoons are. C’mon, NOONE is that uneducated

  37. I could say alot but I’ll just say this is the worst season of BB ever. and I hate the way BB tells everyone to vote, it’s not a game for the house guest it’s BB telling them what to do. Why not everything else is phony. But, I won’t be watching any more. I know Hayden will be the one going home, they have to keep the gay man for their gay audience, but I don’t think they could like the big cry baby Reagan. He’s awful and so is the Brit, Brit is more of tramp of anyone they have had on there in a long time.

    • I agree totally. The ‘brit’ has been jealous from day one, probably because Brendon went for Rachel instead of her. She seems to think that she’s the s—. what’s true is that she really is… but not in the way that she thinks. She should have been the first one evicted from the beginning.

    • Mary,”they have to keep the gay man for their gay audience” “Brit is more than of a tramp of anyone”
      Mary, you don’t have a whole lot to express, do ya??
      I want Lane to win!!
      Take it on!!
      Better yet, challenge your closed mind to a poem!
      One rule. it has to inter mingle with the show!!

      • Yes, Pete,
        I am sure you have a few a meat heads in your life!!
        Take them on the show!!
        Red necks, in the true sense!!, They are the hardest workin’ boys and men you will meet!!
        The true ones do not give a crap about your “meat head audience” Take that to the bank and deposit it!!

  38. On another note, I was amazed that Ragan hit both the clam and Enzo with one throw of his CD. That, my friends… is SKILL.

  39. @ Rose, Thank YOU! wow it is getting a little tough in there!! I do not think his comment meant any thing!! He is not thinking!! One does not comment about one of the “push the button topics of the country”” wow!! I’m wondering if he has kinda lost it? One can only cry so much in front of a camera?? (this is a teacher, right?) I think he is losing it! Or, he will be really famous!!

    • I have to disagree though Tishe. I’ve served in the military and have been in way more stressful situations than him and have not come undone the way he has. That’s his personality and true colors. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean but to continually say them for over a month….at that point I’m thinking he means most of what comes out of his mouth. IMO…lol

      • @ Rose, it is not the same, this is a game!! He will kick his ass all by him self!!
        I think, this game has really kicked him the ass!!
        You went thru reality, he is not.
        That being said, he cries at the drop of a hat.
        Issues?? Wow, he seems like a “insert my foot in my mouth later” guy!!

      • He has a PhD in Communications! If he doesn’t KNOW how to communicate what he wants then no one does. Although unbelievable, he means what he says. He is just a very hateful human being that needs a lot of help. He must be a very miserable person.

    • Hi tishe, missed talking to you last night due to faulty fingers on I pod touch, but anyway jersey sand that was funny:) I think ragan might need aa more than therapy cause this isn’t casual drinking! You know why they call it wine cause it make’s whine and cry:(

  40. @ rose -= you are right girl! #1 on pg.2 is insane! why on earth would ragan say such a cruel thing!
    i mean there’s acting like you hate someone and communicating it to the world and then there’s defamation of character! he needs to be careful don’t think cbs & bb will cover his arse when the cameras stop rollin’, rachel’s goin’ to be p*od! no one else got that kind of treatment the way she did i’m not saying she was the best person in the bb house but she’s been gone for weeks now, GET OVER IT!!!

  41. Regan talks bad about Brendon and Rachel being poor losers but look what he did when he lost. Heartbroken? come on. And why didn’t Lane put up Britney. That’s what ought to have happened. Now we see where Lane is at. The Brigade is over….

    • Ragan: I actually said into my microphone, if you play another U2 song, I will do the opposite of Operation Red. I will go to Africa and stab a baby with an AIDS infected needle. hahaha.

      Really this boy needs to shut the heck up!
      he’s embarassing himself and his family!

      • Wow…he said that? Something is wrong with him. I’ve been trying to take it light lately with these HGs since its just a show but he is sick. I want him gone ASAP no matter what. He plays victim, meanwhile he gets to say nasty things that no one should say. I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t him, I hope karma bites him in the butt.

      • Wow, I missed that comment. Just goes to show he is a very disturbed individual. He is not embarrassing his family. They already disowned him. He told Rachel early in the show they have nothing to do with him, except his mom who abandoned him when he was little. I see why he is such a lonely person. I think he may be a psychopath in the making.

  42. I wonder what the HG’s will think when they watch the season over with their loved ones? Things that make you go hmm…have fun gettin’ a new job yo!

    • after some of the things that some of the hg’s have been saying on the show this season they might be lucky to find a fast food job.

  43. OMG who cares….so he’s gay & is an emotional person by nature which I can imagine is only magnified whn you’ve been locked in a house with nothing to do but engage with these people who you wouldn’t normal engage with. He isn’t there to fight for the money so he can live some lavish lifestyle, he’s there to win 500k to get out from under 300k in student loans. It’s soooo easy to say he’s a cry baby but you dnt know why it’s like to live in that fish bowl & how it gets to you mentally!

    Btw, Enzo calling Ragan a poor sport was like the sun telling the devil that hell is too hot! Give me a freakin break, everytime he lost he paraded around pouting giving 1 million reasons why he didn’t win. STFU already…he’s sooo cocky, I’m ready for somebody to slit his throat already[figuratively, not literally for all of you sensitive susans out there]

    • already[figuratively, not literally for all of you sensitive susans out there]
      AHAHAHAHAHA that made me laugh
      cause its so true.
      everyone freaks out..

    • dc, he took a “hot button issue” and fed it to us!!!!
      Smart guy? I do not give a s—- if he is a gay man, I do not care if he is teacher!! I like him, but watch, this will hunt him down, like a bunch of flies on crap!! (do not comment on topics that make people go high school on each other!!)

      • @ Rose, I do not think about his AIDS joke.
        I think the poor boy has lost it.
        He WAS trying to play a very tough game.
        it bit him in the ars.
        The boy made the mistake of pushing the envelope on subjects that will turn humans on each other.
        Take a look,

      • well said tishe! ragan needs to watch his reputation! for a teacher THAT is everything at a university!

  44. how did enzo “cheat” ….
    i dont like the guy but still.
    he didnt cheat
    can we cann janelle when they played the same pov..
    enzo didnt do anything. he just won fairly

    • yea there was no cheating there and the only reason they both new what cd to pick was because they had already looked at the cd’s in the prior rounds. people are always going to say this game is rigged because the player they want to win doesn’t win the comp. just chop it up to what it was and that was luck.

      • @ kristi, I will go by what my fellow “peeps” saw. Live feed can and will be “edited” You did not see it?? Hmmm, the 9th wonder of the world!!

      • they did not show that comp on the feed. trivia was up at the time becuase they do not show the comps on the feeds unless it is something they started on the live hoh comp and then we get to see the rest of the comp on the feeds. that’s the only time you see comps on the feeds. I like the rest of the people waited out all the trivia to find out that enzo won the comp.

      • @ Jesse, enzo came off like a “jersey doik”
        This boy, will not and can not, win!
        It is not because people do not like him, it is because, simply, he came off like a pencil dick!

      • Why is my comment being moderated??
        I have read almost the entire BBN, there was a lot more debate than what I just typed!!??
        Aw, I get it!!

    • We get it Tommy, you like Brit. You must be a weak man if you like her childish manipulating behavior. Most men wouldn’t like being played like that. Oh and I bet sex grosses her out, it’s “so dirty”. Prissy Bitch

  45. If I were Brendon & Rachel, I would take the slow motion clip of Ragan “being such a bad sport” and make it my screensaver!
    I love how he went on & on & on about Brendon being a bad sport….pot meet kettle.

    • is that not the trueth, then with all the nasty comments he made today.i’ll be glad to see him go and i’m not just picking on ragan. it wouldn’t matter what hg made those comments i would feel the same way.

  46. Scene: Enzo in DR talking about POV ceremony.

    “Who won POV? ME!
    Now Lane, put up Britney.
    But instead it’s Hayden
    On the block against Ragan,
    There’s something here I don’t see.”

  47. How come they didn’t get slop for the week. Enzo didn’t use sock puppet while talking and Regan didn’t get out of bed to dance.

  48. Did anyone else notice the way BB “bleeped” Enzo’s puppet’s mouth, too, when he sad a cuss word on the show tonight? Thought that was really clever! Thanks for the chuckle, BB!! Loved the spontaneous dancing thing, too. Should’ve done that earlier when there were more people in the house. And thanks for not showing on TV Ragan grinding on the box or whatever it was by the pool.

  49. I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO! GOOOOOOOOO BRITNEY right into the JURY HOUSE ! Rachel will hit you with a ROCK!!! LMFAO :)

  50. Scene: Ragan in DR, talikng about his position in the game…

    “Lane had to nominate three,
    Everyone but Britney–
    The big boy alliance
    Is facing defiance,
    It’s cracking, that means hope for me.”

    • yahhhh Q you’re online finally! lol what’s up?
      ah yes a limerick for the night! keep them goin’ !

  51. Why is Ragen whining (again). He won $20.000 as the Sabatour didn’t he? It seems like all he does is sit, cry, talk to himself but never causes a stink, just talks about it. Blah Blah Blah. No one seems to fight for the money, they just run around and whine. Where did BB get this batch from anyway. If someone raised their voice in this house they would probably stand there and pee themselves.

  52. Scene: Hatyden in DR, talking about being put up on the block by Lane…

    “Dude, like, I was in shock
    That you put your bro on the block.
    I thought we were friends,
    Well, here’s where it ends–
    You chose Blondie over kock.”

  53. Watching BBAD… Enzo just admitted eating pizza as a have not… Justifies it by saying “You don’t put pizza in front of an Italian boy…” Asked if he was called out, he answers “Nah, they just called me to the DR…” Not sure I got it down exactly… but as Enzo often says: “It is what it is…” What is it? Big Brother has no more rules… Think I’ll get some sleep now… Good night, y’all.

    • g’nite sister j, yeah enzo got away with nuff! it’s almost like they wanted him to CHEAT i mean really a pizza? they had to know!

  54. so Lane is out with the brigade and in bed with Bratney.might not be a good idea.the hgs may not like bratney but she is the last one left who played the game,with her lies,wins,manipulations.most seasons it didnt matter if they liked the last 2 it was who played the game the best.I bet she wins hoh and then it is a done deal.

  55. Oh yeah could Lane and Brittany by engaged? It is awful curious how they stick together like glue. Could it be Nicholas Lane or Lane Nicholas? When her mom was on she didn’t even say anything about Nick and funny how he wasn’t there with the family. Also Is Enzo even married? Who calls a wife Wifey? and why doesn’t he talk more about his kid? Just Saying. Don’t really care about Hayden he just needs to disappear. lol

  56. Scene: Britney in DR, talking about her position in the BB House…

    “Excellent, I’m Final Four,
    When Hayden goes out the door.
    Building up to crescendo,
    Next one to go…Enzo…
    To the Jury House with that redheaded whore!”

  57. thats it for tonight i will just go watch my paint dry. how about a winter edition for all the diehard fans who got short changed with these lazy houseguests who didnt even try to win comps.

  58. Chris-The-Great…. c’mon man, you’re not fooling me. You know Creedence Clearwater Revival!
    However, I feel compelled to do one that may be a little more to your liking…. to a Tammy Wynette tune I’m sure you’ve heard:

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a houseguest
    Being as mean and nasty as you can
    You’ll have bad times, BB will have good times
    Doing things that you don’t understand

    But if you love them, you’ll forgive them
    Production cheats, but you must understand
    They have a their reasons, we’ll hope for better seasons
    ‘Cause, after all, we’re hardcore fans

    Stand by your fans
    Give them a show to cling to
    And something fun for summer
    When TV shows are boring
    Stand by your fans
    And show the world you love them
    Keep givin’ all the twists you ca-a-a-n
    Stand… by…. your fans

  59. Did I miss something? Are they not showing the jury house this season? I thought they showed the jury house at least once a week.

    • Sure is strange not showing the JH at all this late in the game. Four people are there now. If they don’t show anything on the Thursday live show you can count on something being up. Hopefully they’ll have some teasers during the day to entice veiwers. Next week the live eviction show will be up against the opening night of NFL Football. Plus there are several college that night too.

  60. Scene: Lane in DR, talikng about his tough reign as HOH…

    “I thought I could play this game
    Without blood on my hands, how lame.
    Well it’s time for nut-cuttin’,
    Some rootin’ and ruttin’–
    In Texas, we call it maim.”

  61. Hi ya all, this is why I’m hooked on this site!! Talent!! GEEZ!!
    Yes!! It has every thing to do with our show!!
    Die-Hards!! Thank you, Q, you have some serious competition ,(not me) Rico may have beat us all!!!!

    • The Gang is here
      Do not Fear,
      We laugh and We Cry
      We don’t want to say goodbye
      But Alas we must.
      Its BB finale together or Bust.

      Boy I suck……..but I try…….lame at best…….

      Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. (Said like Big Red)

      • Yea Trish! (are you going to join my “Lane fan club?”
        @Jadelle, you little “die-hard”
        @Clare Ann YOU better take of your self!
        @ Q Wow!!
        BB fans , this is what it is all about!
        Keep up the posters, the die hard ones!!
        This is why the game show is and was, the single greatest social experiment!!
        BBN, you would be wise, do not waste money on looking for talent world wide!!
        Here it is, and you are on what side?
        Lame O!

  62. I wanted Ragan the underdog to win POV not Enzo. Now Hayden is on block Ragan will probably go home. Ragan is only smart one left. Not impressed with HG’s this season, boring.

    • I had been hoping Ragan could get the noose from around his neck, but some of the things that he has said recently are more vile than Matt’s lie… I wouldn’t want him in my lifeboat…

      Now I’m just curious to see if Lane can find the courage to turn things around by backdooring Hayden with Britney’s help… He can’t do it without her, but she won’t vote Hayden out unless Lane tells her to… They’re all playing each other, but Hayden and Enzo are targetting him as they did Matt… Lane talks a tough game in the DR, but he’s played it very safe throughout this game. He’s no genius, but he’s smart enough to keep his true opinions to himself while seeming to go along with whatever trash is being talked…

      Time to peep or get shoved off the perch, Lane!

    • Hey Clare Ann, I am doing fine. Just watching the live feed and watching Ragina and all the garbage he is sprewing. It is hard to believe anything he says. He is trying to be “real” and saying how he knows he acted gross and vile…….etc…..I don’t belive him. Too little too late.

  63. HEY BB, Ragan needs a box of tissues, no I think he needs a roll of toilet paper cause he has a bunch of SH*T coming out of his mouth! LOL :)

  64. i find it funny that Ragan is there crying cause he’s going home, when he is better off than most of the people who entered since he has won 20,000 dollars. I mean, come on! enough with his dram.

    secondly, he made a comment about it being a lonely week cause he has no one. i hope ragan can look in himself and see thats just how rachel and brendon felt cause they had no one, they were lonely for half of the show. and bredon was way loney for more time.

    So i hope ragan now sees how brendon felt when the whole house was gunning for him.

    • yippie, I may have spelled your name wrong, if I did oops,
      He had no one?
      Rake and whip boy had no one but each other??
      Brendon was whippED!!
      He had a chance, he is um, gone??
      Rake is gone,
      I will not watch this game show again,
      NO!! I will wait and see, for my self!
      I luv the game!!

  65. OMG!!!m of al the seasons I have watched BB…the dance part was the best….I laughed till I cried!!!!!!!!!

  66. If Lane thinks he can win if he carries Britney to the final 2 then hes wrong. He needs to think about those in the Jury house that he crossed. Because obviously he’ll be pissing of the last two brigade members there (and of course he was part of sending matt home). So thats 3 people in the jury that will be pissed off at him for betraying them. Plus I believe Kathy will vote for Britney as well as Ragan. So basically only Rachel and Brendon will maybe give him a vote.

    Lane needs to bring Enzo to the final, cause everyone will say Enzo is a floater and then wont vote for him.

  67. Hi ya all,
    I kind of lost my way in all the comments !!
    You peeps are my first cyber-spaced friends!!
    I am and will be a fan of this show!
    I do not understand the fact, if they give an opinion that does not agree with us, they are less than us?? 0!
    I will debate with rakes behavior,(SP?)
    You guys, when has this became a moral issue??

  68. Enzo said I didn’t cheat
    I had new tennies on my feet
    I know where that disk was at
    ragan lost and that it that

    Enzo was yelling, I’m the man
    Just like popeye, I am what I am
    Ragan was there first, And in my way
    So I jumped on top of him, And won the day

    I had to win, And I didn’t care how
    I won, I won, It makes me so proud
    At competitions, There was no-one I could bet
    Until I put those magic tennies on my widdle feet

  69. Why does he drink wine instead of beer?if it’s chardonay no wonder he’s crying and whining! Try Pinot ragan! And I don’t think his dad would have been proud of the way he has acted in this game:(

  70. I contacted Superpass to see about canceling my subscription and was told to wait because the Big Brother may not be over by Sep 23rd! It seems like everyone is counting on it being done in two weeks. If they go past the 23rd is it possible they are bringing someone back and that is why they haven’t shown the Jury house. Maybe the evicted JH players have been isolated from each other and there is a Big twist coming!!!

      • PLEASE Don’t tell me no lies! :( My emotions are go UP & DOWN ! I hope you are telling us something good cause these HG ( BRO-GADE ) think they have it in the bag! BB needs the BIGGEST TWIST they got in their POCKETS to make us FANS come back again! :)

      • I requested they cancel after finale. I’ve already been charged for a month so I may as well keep it until the last day before I will be charged again. It is my first time on the feeds and wasn’t sure what I needed to do to prevent being charged another month.

  71. Clare Ann, Clare Ann, my little Italian sweet
    Didn’t you like my poem about Enzo’s widdle feet
    It well be in the headlines, on the nightly news
    Enzo wins POV competition, Because of magic shoes

    Jadelle, Tishe, and Sister j, Didn’t forget you three
    I could never do that, It wouldn’t be nice of me
    Enzo say’s we’re the ber-egg, We’re the ones to bet
    Your brain must be over done, to long out in the heat

    Yes my a god, I walk upon the sea’s
    you would think he won the superbowl, Instead of POV
    So here is to the Enzo fans, I say that he’s NATO
    No Action, Talk Only, I thought you would like to know

      • Chris the great: You are FANTASTIC! Another smile on my face !I think BB should HIRE YOU & Rico & Q to do these Limricks all thru the SEASON of BIG BROTHER cause it will bring more fans to the website & to the Show ! Thank you GUYs for all the ENTERTAINMENT that we get each & every day! It’s been so depressing this SEASON BB12 but you have helped us FANS weather the STORM! THANK YOU :)

  72. Hi tishe, jersey sand lol! Ragan is going to need lot’s of prof. Help when he get’s outta that house…. Oh wait that’s tomorrow yeah!!!

    • Hi Christine!!
      Our Rag man is going to need more help than,one and two 3? give him!! The man blew it!! This is not the debate! Oh, wow, I am a firm believer in 1st!

  73. Britney just said it’s official these are the best ratings everrrrrrrrr!! She was told in the dr?

    • Our little “britches rules” I guess, she knows what the “ratings are” ecckk, phheeww!! oops, am I bad?

    • That’s actually true, I’ve heard. For some mind-blowing reason, an enourmous number of people are tuning into Big Brother this season.

  74. Brit has been told not to talk about her DR session… So far she’s told Hayden and Lane…

    A long time ago there was a lousy joke with the punch line:
    Telegraph, telephone, tell-a-woman

    On this show we can narrow it down to “Tell Brit, but warn her not to tell”

    She seems pretty full of herself lately…

  75. Goodnight to all my friends, It’s time I went to bed
    While I was posting, I fell alseep, and hit my little head
    I wish that I could keep on posting, An-other Enzo rhyme
    I’ll be here tomorrow, same place, but different time

  76. Hey tishe isn’t lane you’re man? I don’t believe it but he is starting to talk with his hand’s and talk like Enzo on bbad! Are you watching right now? No lane no don’t do it! And Brit also say’s yo all the time! He’s rubbing off on them :

  77. That’ so true sister j, she actually is saying she can’t understand why we would want to watch cause they’re so boring! Then she say’s they have had the most drama this season non stop! Is she smoking something?

    • Lane, is my boy, do not cut me for that.
      Hi, he is still there!
      Ya all want our Britches?
      YEA!! I may be an old hippie, but!!!!!
      My boy, LANE, is
      He is going there!!
      Under the radar!!
      ( I give up, i will not try to compete the best!”

  78. Attention Big Brother:

    You might as well stop telling these disrespectful, disobedient, self-obsessed children not to talk about production and diary room sessions… That boat sailed long ago… You obviously did nothing about ANY of the broken rules, cheating, obscene behaviors and language, whatever. The inmates are running this asylum… If there’s to be a BB13, why should there be any expectation that there ARE any rules?

    • OMG Sister J I laughed so hard,I was chocking over that! DITTO! That is what I been thinking TOO! Took the words outta my mouth! :)

      • Thanks, Clare Ann… I calls ’em as I sees ’em…

        The sad thing is that The ratings ARE up… and in TVland success breeds repetition… The behaviors, etc. which have left such a noxious aroma about the place are perceived as success, and rather than revert to good judgement and enforcement of rules, production will encourage this behavior in pursuit of even higher ratings. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stomach that.

  79. I do not care for anyone left in the house…..Brendon was my favorite…He “SO” deserved to win. Lane, Brit, Hayden are so spoiled by their parents…..they don’t need the money….i am finding out their true color’s…I have never in my life seen such hateful people….all of them better watch out what goes around comes around………………I wish they couldn’t use such language on here…..makes me angry..there is no cause for it……… is my first time to watch After Dark, and I am certainly not going to let my grandkids watch it……..hope next season will be better, for I love this show….just haven’t like your cast at all, except for Brendon and Rachel…they certainly made the show…I want Brendon to get the extra money, for he is the only one whom deserves it….would like to see him get something….

  80. Big Brother — Pleeeez give Britnee some Frontline or something so she’ll quit pickin’ and scratchin’ herself ALL of the time.

  81. I’m about an hour behind BBAD and Britney just said she was told they have had the best ratings ever, of all BB’s. Could this be true? I don’t think so. Are they just telling them that? They are going to be shocked when they get out of there and they aren’t popular.

    • Matt (BB) wrote that it in fact is true. I can’t believe it. I attribute it to showing on a different night than other ratings (who had more competition with other shows) and that people don’t have money right now and are stuck at home watching TV and the fact there’s nothign really on right now show wise to compete.

      What a bunch of losers. They can’t disappear from the public eye soon enough IMO.

  82. Hello BBN,
    You good folks must be readin this?
    You guys are missing out! Ya all knew that!
    Ching- change!

  83. u can tell no ones watching this stuff anymore..fewer and fewer comments on the threads went from thouasands to 300 lol

      • after the show is over most hg go to the blogs and read all of the comments to see what has been said about them. many of the gh’s have mentioned this site is one of there favorites.

      • Yeah, it was pretty cool to hear Ragan, Rachel, and Britney talking about this site. Rachel called this site “obsessed” so that was exciting. (And she’s right, she’s totally right.)

    • yes there a fewer comments on here. some posters have been banned because they do not respect the rules of the site matt bbn has created for us to debate the show, not attack the other posters. Also, since the show is getting close to the end, alot of posters have lost the enthusiam that they had at the beginning of the season. i for one have not commented as much on here as much as i normally do just because of all the personal attacks towards the posters. there is a right way and a wrong way to debate the show we all love and many have chosen the wrong way. I hope by the time next years season of bb comes around everyone will have learned the lessons from this year and fallow matt bbn rules which will allow us to have more fun and debate the show intellegently and on topic.

  84. Britney tells Lane that she knows they are REAL BIG Stars,REAL BIG cause they have the BEST SEASON EVER ! NOT…..! NO WAY, She gotta be joking! Somebody has to be lying to her! BB said stop that but of course she didn’t! I hope they have the Hardest & WORST HOH COMP ever in BB History cause they need to show some game play.

  85. Did you notice with the hand puppets that Enzo was talking and not using the puppet? He would talk and talk and that puppet was on his hand but just laid there. He should have been a have-not for that.

    • YES, the BB Fans have made numerous comments & complaints about Enzo and a few others didn’t move the puppets mouth either,but there seems to be no PENALITIES this year on the HG. This season has been so different than past seasons. Very disappointed in this CAST, like Ragan said they want to be friends & relax and enjoy their time in the house! BORING :(

  86. Britney Fans: On BBAD she said when she leaves the BB House, Don’t stop her at the airport to ask for Autographs or talk to her cause she has to catch her plane.She is not giving any out! WOW, OH my! She is so FAMOUS, I guess she should HIRE Security! LOL,LOL,LOL! :) DUH, I guess she thinks she will be swarmed with BB FANS following her! SHE is a STAR, LOL,LOL,LOL

  87. After 12 seasons of anticipating the unexpected I am bored to tears with this seasons house guests and production. They have to be kidding with Pandora’s “punishments”.

  88. Brit is a manipulating child. “You like Hayden better than me” and why is she all over the HOH room?? I CANNOT believe how she plays Lane, what a Texas Twit!!! I seriously hope her fiancee dumps her ass! Way to make that dumb blond shit work, ooooooo I can’t stand her!? She does not deserve to be there. What is Lane thinking, neanderthal, does he think they have a romance brewing. Man I just wanna slap her… Well now I guess I really needed to vent. Thanx Y’all now I must go pick bite chew myself.

    • the “pick, bite, chew” funny….I’m ok w/the way she’s playing the Brigade…just can’t stand to watch her…is it nerves? I hope reading this blog will serve as an intervention for her

  89. a good reason people are not posting as much is that this seasons hg are the worst ever even shema was more interesting then these people who are to busy thinking of their stardom then they are the game and bad-mouthing other hgs none of them deserve the money

  90. who likes Rachel? I thought she was valgar, no underwear, she and Brendon stayed in bed climbing on ea other, stupid I thought!

  91. I’m pretty sure the high ratings are a result of tons of new viewers, BB12 being their first BB season ever, beliving that this cast is the BEST; however, they are not unaware that these people suck compared to previous seasons.

  92. Rachel & Brenden got what they deserved. He did do anything until she left. She look more like a vegas hooker then cocktail waitress – but then again either are close. I hope that somehow Ragan hangs in there until the end. Now that would be a good one to talk about. The 3 stooges are a joke – they know they rode on Matt’s coat tails – but he rode too long & the tables were turned. What would be best is if Ragan won the whole damn thing!!!!

  93. i think that brittney has to win the hoh because if not, she will go to the jury house!
    i am for the idea of the t-shirt for the brigade except matt and he shoud make a appologee too the assoc. of the desaise he said his wife had very bad move thank you for reading me denise

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