Big Brother 12: Week 8 Eviction Predictions

The ninth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’ll continue to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and share your thoughts as well.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing whichever HG is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like him to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 8 Eviction Predictions:

Who do you want to be evicted tonight? Share your thoughts in the poll below!

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  1. If Britany was smart she would try to keep Reagan as he is probably the only person she has half a chance to win. If she goes up against anyone else more than likely she will lose.

  2. I vote to evict Brit-n-Brat! Dang! Lane, you’ve got to stop thinking with your substitute brain, dude!

    • I just read that Enzo and Hayden are talking and that they are taking Britney to the final three. Guess they are planning on giving Lane the boot.

      • They know she doesn’t have the votes in the jury house, so now they decide to play the game. Lane doesn’t have a clue, at least I don’t think so. He is counting on Britney to win the HOH this week. Should be interesting to see who goes home, but I think it’s Ragan.

      • If the Jury house goes by game play, which they should, because this is a game, then Brittney would be the winner out of Lane, Hayden, or Enzo. She has won more comps then them. I don’t want her to win, because she is a cold fish. Brendon and Rachel should be honored that Brittney makes them her first priority always. I dont really care who wins. I think by game it should be Matt, Brendon, Rachel, and Brittney final four. That would have been interesting.

  3. I hope Brit votes to evict Hayden and Enzo votes to evict Ragan and then Lane decides that he has a better chance taking Brit to the final 2 than the Brigade and this is the perfect time to tear apart the Brigade and evicts Hayden and Hayden leaves and Brit wins HOH and evicts Enzo and in final 3 Brit wins final HOH and evicts someone and wins BB!!! Brit needs to win either HOH or POV next week to ensure her safety.

      • I would love to see that happen!! The Brigade, namely Enzo and Hayden need to be put in their place. You can’t spend the whole game not doing anything and expect to coast to the final two. And I love Ragan for being thw only one to stand up to Rachel!

    • I can see the votes going that way, causing Lane to have to get blood on his hands and choose between the two. Of course Brit voting to keep Ragan over Hayden will P.O. everyone and surely cause her to be the next evictee, unless she wins HOH – her only chance of making it any further in the game and giving her the chance to put up Enzo again and Hayden as the pawn.

    • Yes, my thoughts too…and i hope that Lane tells Brit..that he doesn’t want her going home to Nick!

  4. I really liked Lane until he switched up and choose Britney over Hayden. Just goes to show you that noone ever sticks to their word. I hope Ragan goes home tonight and Britney goes next. I can’t stand her voice anymore, it’s almost as bad as Rachel’s! Oh BTW why haven’t we seen anything from the jury house?

    • How did that mean he wasn’t sticking to his word. He never told Hayden he was not putting him up. Hayden and Enzo were talking about breaking there wordd and getting rid of Brit instead of Rag that is why Lane didn’t put her up, so that he could keep his word. Brit and Rag are the only two that have really been playing the game. I hope one of them win.

      • I was wondering the same. Why haven’t we seen anything from the jury house yet?? hopefully tonight.

    • stick to his word? the brig stabbed matt in the back and kicked him out when he was the one who won 2 HOH comps. enzo hasnt done anything til his back was against the wall thsi week. lane finally won an HOH and hayden got the first HOH which is just a bull crap one anyways. when it came to playin the game enzo and hayden are garbage.

      heres my list in order of who i want to win
      1. Lane
      2. Ragan
      3. Brit
      4. Hayden
      5. Enzo
      Lane and matt were smarter brig members cuz they had other alliances in the house. they knew that when it came down to it, enzo and hayden really only cared bout themselves and would sell the other 2 out to get further.

  5. They are so obsessed with Rachel it’s freaky, they talk about her ALL the time, they should show Kathy entering the Jury then Matt and Brendon entering and that house is probably more interesting than the BB house for sure!!! There are 4 people in the jury house, soon there will be 4 people in the BB house, they should send one of the houseguests home, send all the BB houseguests to Jury and all the Jury houseguests to BB. Will never happened but we can only hope …

    • Agree, Brittney goes overboard talking about them. She really needs to take a good long look at herself and how she acts compared to Rachel- almost the same, Brittney just does it behind that person’s back. I think Brittney wants to be with Rachel thats why she thinks about her 24/7. Getting really old

  6. Next year I want America’s Eviction, start the game off with a couple extra houseguests, maybe have some that already know each other, and once in a while throw in America’s Eviction and have Julie pop up on the screen and say one houseguest will be evicted, it doesn’t matter if they are the HOH or POV holder, they will be evicted by America’s Vote, that way we can vote out all those dumb idiots (future Enzos?) and it will stir up the game!

    • lets start the campaign for it. Americas Vote!! they all lie to each other but we get to see the truth. it gives us the opportunity to weed out someone who doesnt play the game well or doesnt deserve the money. with all the terrible twists BB has done (sabateur) this 1 would be awesome. they should do 1 right at the halfway point or let us pick the last 1 before the others go to the jury house so we dont get that idiot to even vote the winner. or even better we get to do a AV (americas vote) swap. we pick someone to leave and choose who deserves to come back in their place like right after an eviction. do the eviction and julie says wait theres more. and then tell them america has voted and so and so you are leaving and so and so is coming back so they and come right in for the next HOH comp or make them automatic HOH for that week.

      • Can’t support that one… One thing that ruins other shows for me is when an obviously gifted or talented contestant gets the boot due to “America’s Vote” in favor of an obviously clumsy, but popular one… Am OK with the “fine tuning” that comes with America choosing alternatives to slop, saboteurs, or America’s Player. Lets let the houseguests battle it out… Evidently the meddling that “Production” has done has irritated more than one viewer on this site…

    • I like that idea as well, they need more ideas next bb, cuz this year was kinda boring, Lane really doesn’t care if he wins the money or not. That is wrong, because someone else out there could have used the money, we all weren’t brought up with money. There is nothing wrong with that, I think they should put people in the house who really want the money-Right?

  7. If they WANTED to make the season more interesting, when Jeff and Jordan were in the house they should have had Jeff “pass on the Coup d’etat” to Rachel or Brendon, they would both stay in the game but it would stir up the game and really bring in the ratings. And MATT IS SO STUPID, when he was evicted, his feet couldn’t even TOUCH THE GROUND NEXT TO JULIE, and then he was slouching over blocking the camera view and Julie was like trying to stick her head up so the camera gets a good shot of her, LMFAO! I hope Rachel and Brendon are kicking Matt’s ass in jury!

  8. I don’t care who wins, but I hope Lane is intelligent enough to vote Hayden off. Hayden and Enzo do not deserve to get to the Final 2. They have done nothing to be in this game, especially Enzo.

  9. I hope if Ragen leaves tonight they show him entering the jury house, and I hope Rachel gets in his face. He is a big BABY..wa wa wa

    • loni, I would like to see the expression on their faces and that means all of them.
      brit and ragan just have this obsession with rachael. but I have to say that brit ran down all the women and then started on the guys. she had a nickname for brendan and even immatated him. his walk is what she was doing and called him a stone age person.
      was really strange.

  10. My 2 cents. I wish they would do one BB run with folks in age group of 35 – 60. Still love the show but think this year had too many big talkers and not much game play. After saying that I am starting to really like Lane, and Brit has her moments. Not a big fan of Ragans – just too big an ego for me. And he is the nastiest gay guy I’ve ever seen – doesn’t wash hands with soap, terrible eating manners, picks at everything, etc. Won’t even go into the fart/burp stuff. Icky!! Like Enzo but very tired of Hayden. Just my opinion folks.

    • st Paul they all had the bad eating habits at least lane, hayden, and enzo. they eat out of the jars of food pick out pickles with their fingers and then put the jar back in the frig. hayden thinks all the food is for him and just eats crackers and dips one right after the other and puts the dip back in the frig. ugh!

  11. I would like to see Hayden evicted. He is one of the Brigade and they all see to be just a bunch of talkers. None of them have impressed me with their game.

  12. I don’t care who goes out tonight — I just want a split vote so old Lane has to make a decision and act on it.

  13. I really hope Hayden is evicted tonight. Lane needs to realize that its not about the brigade anymore but an individual game now. Break them up now and the game changes.

  14. Ragan, I really liked you in the beginning of the season. I have been appalled at your comments regarding Brendon and Rachel. Do you think your preoccupation with trash-talking them hurt your game?

    • I firmly believe that brit and ragan plus hayden’s trash talk hurt them. none of them had to go to such extreme vulgar attacks. it shows what kind of people they really are.

      • Yes, I agree. I want the Brigade broken up. I think Hayden’s sudden demise might shake things up. On the other hand, I do not feel sorry for Ragan. He chose the wrong allies. Now, he is all alone.
        Enzo is a colorful character. Enzo is the one who created the Brigade. I think he knows that Lane can not be trusted.

  15. I think it’s time for Enzo to go – he hasn’t done a damn thing this season! His attitude is unreal – guess he really thinks that winning one pov makes him special. Ragan deserves to be there so much more then Enzo!

    • enzo has his own support system “himself” lol but you got to love him. he has been the side kick for the brigade the whole show.
      I love the scene where he made a spaceship out of the weights and had his duck costume on. his performance was so funny. the best of the season. this was on after dark.

  16. Yeah Ragan is gone. Im tired of him crying all the time! but i would love to see a tie vote and Lane evicts Hayden! that would be AWESOME!

    • lane has to quit trying to get others to do his dirty work for him. I would like to see him just tell brit. I owe to hayden and i have to put you on the block. i would respect him more if he did this.

  17. This will might be my last comment if Regan is voted off I like him better Lane, Hayden,enzo or
    Britney I have no use into watching the show if
    Regan leave I hope it is Hayden so I can still watch the show to find out who will win but if Regan is gone I don’t care who wins.

  18. I want Ragan to be evicted. He is always crying and complaining. Then I hope Brittney goes next, if Lane wakes up. She is playing everyone against each other.

    • I so agree with you. Brittney is playing Lane against Heyden.
      I want Regan gone and then Britney.
      Then Lane, he was my favortie, but not now. He listens and believes every word that Brittney says. And who does that leave? I don’t want Enzo to win. Bring back Brandon. LOL

    • if you go to – Dingo has on the side what his tatoo says. It’s in french I believe and I don’t remember exactly the quote but it means something like sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave. Somthing like that. sorry if I misquote it but you can see entire thing on

  19. I would love for Birtney and Enzo to switch it up and evict Hayden…if this doesn’t happen, Hayden will win it all.

  20. Definitely don’t want Brit or Hayden to win. Hope she is gone next week. Out of the other two, don’t care who wins. My fav has already been evicted.

  21. Hayden needs to go, the other HG have now found out that he won a trip to Hawaii and $5000 oh come on get him out, Britney has one nothing and has played a smart game, Lane did win a phone call home but that has been it, so send him home with $50k Girl power all the way on this one. It is a no brain er.

  22. “Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave” (“Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave”


  24. I think that Ragan should leave tonight. He won the 20,000 for being the sabtobor for 2 weeks. He did not have to do anything crazy in this role. I think he basically was handed over the money.

  25. I am so hoping to see Hay marching out the door. I really don’t like his way of just knowing he is winning. He has yet said if I win he just always talks like its him in the final 2. Please I hope lane votes out hay knowing it the best thing to do because if lane and hay are at the end i believe hay will have the jury votes

    • cyndie, I think that lane and Hayden always talked about they would be the final two. maybe that is why he is so trusting by going on the block tonight. lane and hayden made this pack at the beginning of the game then along came interest in brit. so it is hard to say. lane made alliances with both the guys from the brigade and also with brit.

  26. Hayden has set t he tone of this game since week one. He won hoh in the first week, and point out Brenden and Rachals showmance, and the rest followed. So then everyone else worked on trying to get them out and he has just cruised to the end. So has HAYDEN really played that bad? I thank he’s played smart. So see u later Ragen

  27. Hayden should be evicted and the last two should be Ragan and Britney they are the only ones that really played since the beginning of the game.

    How come we do not get to see what is going on in the jury house as we did on prior years every time a HG would show up there?

  28. I think that bb might just show the video of all the hgs arriving in the jury house the last week.
    so I would expect it at any time. It would be nice to see their faces when they arrive. that was a fun moment. it sure would balance out the dullness of the season.

  29. I am amazed at how stupid these people are. Case(s) in point:
    1) They all profess to be huge BB fans and know everything about the game, watched all the episodes, etc., sooooo WHY do they think they are going to be famous? I mean, if Evel Dick isn’t famous, and Dr. Will isn’t famous – how in the hell do they think they are going to be famous for having the worst season of BB ever?
    2)I was all for Ragan before he started crying and getting drunk. I really wanted to see a gay person win this for once but he blew it (literally).
    3)Enzo has got to be the most irritating, annoying person I have ever encountered. He is dumb, not attractive at all (which is ok, but he claims to be good looking), such an embarrassment to the Italian-American community. He rises above the Jersey Shore cast as the dumbest human being to ever walk this earth. He has been useless in this game. One lucky (??not luck, he knocked Ragan down) win and he thinks he owns the game.
    4) Hayden is worthless. He has done nothing but hang onto the skirts of the Brigade. He hasn’t won anything, he just worries about his hair. BTW, have you caught him getting out of the pool or the shower?? He is almost bald underneath the hair.
    5) Britney is probably the only one in the house who deserves to win, even as annoying as she can be sometimes. She has made some dumb mistakes but she has recovered each time. Lane has been her biggest downfall. He has the Brigade in mind and she thinks he is working with her to get to the final 2. Wrong. Fatally wrong.

    AND…to CBS – This has got to be the WORST BB ever made. CBS has got to be kidding to think that ANY ONE of these people would be entertaining for one minute. I have never missed a BB and I look each year to see if I have seen the last one because the casting gets worse with each year that passes. You have GOT to find people who would entertain the entire country. I know it’s a big ordeal but you need to do your job and someone has dropped the ball this season.

    • I agree with all you say and I did notice that hayden’s is going bald. he wears his hair that way to cover it up. looks like a teen jock.
      I noticed also that brit’s front teeth are a little bucked too. she says she likes guys who sit and tell her she is pretty all the time. a little insecurity there. so putting all that aside. just hoping for the best and maybe next season they will get someone or two in the house that will make the show worthwhile.

  30. I wish I could just grab Lane by the neck, shake him and say GET HAYDEN OUT!!!

    Now I feel a little better!

  31. Last night on BBAD Britney said she was told that this years BB has had the highest ratings of all the years. Is that because we all have complained so much about how boring this year is. Do they not hear us? We are not happy!!! Maybe that doesn’t matter.

  32. I would just like to point out that BB said that there were ppl in the house that know each other doesn’t that make ya’ll go hhhmmmmm when it comes to Lane and Brit ???????? I’m just saying

  33. I would love to see Hayden evicted today. Hasn’t really impressed me this season at all. In my opinion he let others play and make decisions for him. Not a great player.

  34. If I’m Britney I go to Ragan and tell him I’m going to vote to keep you in the game.
    This should split the vote 1-1. I also tell Ragan I’m going to ask Lane to break the tie and remove
    Hayden because I (Britney) feel I have a better chance to win HOH against Ragan and Enzo with Hayden gone and the fact that Lane can’t play for HOH.
    Ragan needs to promise her if it works and he wins HOH he will not put her up. So if the vote comes back 1-1, Ragan will know she tried. Maybe good enough for a jury vote if she makes it that far.
    Then again I’m not Britney and in love.

  35. I heard something said on BBAD last night that shocked me a little and I wondered if I just heard it wrong. When Hayden and Britney were playing pool and they were saying that there was so much drama in the house all season and naming a few things, I heard Hayden say that Lane looked like a heterosexual and turned out to be homosexual..Britney started talking over him so there was no comment about it beyond that. Did I hear correctly??? Anyone??

  36. Honestly this would be the best time to get Hayden out!! Hayden has posed as a threat the entire game, so why not get him out now???

  37. Best move for Lane, get Hayden out. Enzo and Hayden are coming after Lane if Hayden does not go because he put them both up.

  38. I knew they would never follow thru and evit Hayden.. They always make it sound like oh yeah they are going to go against the orginal plan. No one has any guts in this game.. Disappointing big time!

  39. I don’t like what Hayden said regarding Regan. Regan is not representing Gays well at all. He is a drunk, meanspirited person. I am glad he got evicted. I think that Big Brother really needs to evaluate who they put in the Big Brother house in the future. This is one of the worst seasons.

    • David, as bad as BB did in this season, they don’t have a crystal ball. They could have used it!!
      My gay friend man, says that he was impressed with Regan at first, then after 2 shows, that was it. He would not go into details.

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