Big Brother 12: Week 8 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

It was Veto Comp day in the Big Brother 12 house and things seem to be going the way of the least popular player. Ah well, he was bound to finally win something some time, right? At least we can look forward to renom drama. Read on to find out who won what and what all happened Saturday in BB12.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 28, 2010:

9:15 AM BBT – Ragan is up and practicing at the Memory Wall for what he expects to be a facial collage challenge.

10:00 AM BBT – Lane, Hayden, Enzo, and Britney are gathered in the kitchen for some breakfast. They’re listening to construction in the backyard and are anxious for the comp.

2:50 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and it sounds like Enzo won the Veto competition. Ragan is upset because Enzo knocked in to him and there may have been some vocal support (read: directions shouted to one another) between players to help Enzo.

3:30 PM BBT – Lane tells Hayden that he wants Britney gone soon so he can avoid having to be the one to evict her.

6:00 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden in the kitchen talking about the Veto comp. Sounds like the comp was with “Otev” where you have to find the item and bring it back as a “sacrifice”. Last one back each time is eliminated. It came down to Ragan and Enzo and they had a bit of a collision then Enzo was hit in the head by Ragan’s item after he threw it.

8:30 PM BBT – Pandora’s Box strikes again and this one must have been designed by Mrs. Rogers’ 3rd grade class… sock puppets. The HGs have to wear sock puppets on their hands and use them to talk. If they don’t follow the rule they become a Have-Not.

10:00 PM BBT – Enzo patting himself on the back pretty hard. Congrats The Brigade for evicting 9 people. I don’t know how he got to that number, but okay.

12:00 AM BBT – Britney, Lane, and Enzo gather in the HoH room. They’re joking about Lane being Nick’s cousin so Britney and Lane must be the lifelong friends. That had to be the Sabo’s best trick all season considering they are still paranoid about it.

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The HGs seem to be handling their sock puppet challenge pretty well and considering the lackadaisical enforcement of real rules by Big Brother I don’t think they’re going to bother trying to catch anyone not using the puppets to talk and make them Have-Nots this week. Now we just have to wait and see who Lane decides to make the renom on Monday. Hayden says he’s okay with being the renom so he can have a chance to speak, but that seems like a risky move to me.

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  1. Wish Brit….could
    outlast all the guys
    after Ragan is gone ( poor thing)
    now that would be good TV….

    • Me too, Brit must win the next HOH and try to get rid of Hairden cuz he is the strongest mentally and physically of the stooges.

      • enzo better start looking out for himself now. He will lose taking hayden or Lane to the final 2. They all have a better chance w/Brit not being well liked by the jury. Overall this whacking brigade of 3 had a great chance of winning by taking Matt to the final 2.

  2. So when are they gonna make them have nots none of them are moving the puppets mouth while the dopes are talking. What happen to rules dont they count this year. Now wonder theres no excitement in the house the hg could care less cause they know they arent gonna get have not punishment or any penalty no matter what they do wrong. Who is the production behind this years show? They have all the loosers left in the house. They are all ready have nots cause they havent done anything since they came in the house this year. Must not care how the fans feel cause they have not punished enzo or hayden for their actions, instead they get rewarded with a hand puppet to hold their dicks for them cause they hurt their little hands in a competition

    • Does anyone think they are more lienent this year, because of the girl being removed last year? sorry i dont remember her name. And thanks for reaffirming that brit and lane know each other outside the house. I think they are going to be final 2, with Lane winning.

    • I have also notice this last few days on BBAD, when BB tells them to not talk about production or their diary room they just continue on and finish what they were saying and nothing happens. I have no respect for Lane, Briteny, Enzo and Hayden and I am loosing respect for BB also.

    • Did anyone else catch when Enzo, Brittany and Lane were in the HOH room at the end of the show last night and they were all talking about going to Steamboat in January? And Lane told Britt that “he and Hayden go every year.” Did I mishear this?

  3. britney is an A-hole, she needs someone to jst slap her non-stop blabbering mouth very hard! i hate that biatch…!

  4. Just cancelled my live feeds they are so boring and I was never watching… Matt keep the updates coming because this is it for me this season….

    • I’m thinking of canceling my premium movie channels on my cable, I only orded them for BBAD. Watching Briteny think all the guys want to take her to the end really makes me loose my desire to even watch BB on the regular time slots. But I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when Brendon wins the 25k for fan favorite.

  5. if the “brigade” does not put up Brit and get rid of her now, they deserve to be beat by Brit. This has got to be a first where 3 people who have done nothing (considering the odds I do not consider recent wins as much of a challenge) could possibly win this thing.

  6. Lane stated to Brittney that hayden and him go to Silver Springs together every year so they are the best friends in the house. Wonder if Bitchney, was listening and actually heard him slip up. Maybe she gets it cause she didnt say anything.

      • This is true how ever I think he was just saying it something they both do it may not have been at the same time or together he never clarified that. But if they are friend outside the house brit know by the way she acted

      • Lane is trying to find a way to get rid of Hayden,,so if he can convince Britney and Enzo that he and Hayden are the 2 life long friends then Hayden gets voted out..the pair will have to be broken up…Do yall get it??? lol..Lane is lazy physically but not mentally..He knows that Enzo and Hayden will out him the first chance they get..He has to get one of them first..Hayden and Lane had planned on backdooring Enzo but he won the round and round we go..keep watching

      • Do you really think that Lane is that smart to try to make Brit think that he and Hay are the two who know each other?

        why hasn’t anyone figured out that Ragan is the Sab?

      • I said it “seems”… but supposedly Hayden yelled to Enzo where something was and Enzo plowed over Ragan…

        I guess we’ll find out what really happened on Wednesday.

    • @ Sharon: the pov was the Taking volcano game, it asks a question, then you have to go find it and bring it back, if you are the last one you are out, Hayden told enzo where one answer disk was at, (BB told hayden he couldn’t help), So enzo run over to get the disk, but ragan was already there, Enzo pushed ragan out of the way to get the disk. That how he won the POV. I don’t know about anyone else but to me that’s CHEATING

    • Thanks Mary, so done with all the bull, they need to put this bunch on have not since none of them are useing the puppets like they are suppose to. Then you will see them all pissed lol

  7. Its OK with me if Brit wins the money cuz she did play hard. I am just not a big fan of her anymore after she let the stooges used her to get rid of Matty.

    • Right-on, BG! I’m a bit peeved at her too. She’s a smart girl and until this week was making smart moves. Stupid boys…always mess things up! ;o)

  8. Hope britster wins it all. Increases her chances of getting to stardom later on. She is the funniest “pretty girl” I’ve seen on tv in many years. Looks like she’s virtually living with lane in hoh room. Nick should hold a press conference and announce that he is out of the engagement.

  9. BB12 is the worst BB yet. I canceled my live feeds, its a total waste of time. Pol are boring and they need new comps b/c using the same ones every season is just lazy and predictable.

  10. this season has been awful. the brigade hasnt had to do anything and they have dominated. No one can figure them out its just sad.

    However, this poor season will hopefully lead to next year being all stars. with the best coming back including the best player I’ve ever scene, Dan. (i did not watch seasons 1-7 so i dnt no about Will i heard he was amzin tho) hopefully the all stars will happen to make next year exciting

  11. Last night on BBAD, LANE slipped out to britney that he and Lane vacation every year at a Music Fest. She is so dumb, I don’t think she was paying attention what he was saying to her. She did have the ear phones in her ear partially.

    • Watch last 20 min of bbad and Lane says that every year him and Hayden go to a festival and he wanted to Brit to go with them. Omg it is true. Lane and Hayden are the long time friends, which means Lane or Hayden will not put either up or vote each other out. They are in it together. They also said that which either one wins they both own the money and plan to invest in a club or something, and it will be in both names.

      • Brit will go with them to the festival because she and lane will be married to each other by then. Unless Brit is starring in her own show or has a film role by then which she deserves. And by the way, Britney Haynes is much prettier that Britney spears.

      • where did you find this info out? and I didn’t think HG’s could share winnings with other HG’s…………..Matt (BB) please clarify?????????? thanks, and doing a mighty fine job of this sight!

      • NO!!!! Lane NEVER said “me & Hayden GO TOGETHER every year!” He said “me & Hayden go every year” & before making that statement Hayden asked who all he went with & how they arranged everything & got there. You people & your conspiracy theories….do you understand how big that music festival is?? It’s huge, i go every other year.

    • Ok, so did Lane say they went to the festival together? Cause some of festivals I’ve been to have 3 or 4 thousand people spread out over acres of land like the gorge in George, Wa. I look for people I know are there and never find them. They may both go every year but it doesn’t necessarily mean they go together does it?

  12. In reading about the Saturday POV comp. there seem to have been some controversy with Ragan and Enzo.Whatever it was Enzo told Ragan it is a game. A game with rules, inwhich he has not followed.Now they are saying they want to be in The All Stars. The real players are either evicted or in the the Jury house. True they made it to the final riding Matt’s coat-tail.Not giving him any points, he is no better. They had him doing their dity work.

    • Exactly. Enzo seems to think that the rules don’t apply to him, and BB is unfortunately reaffirming that.

      The 3 Brigade members left absolutely do not deserve to win the game (or even come in second). Britney is a strong player in competitions, but she can’t think on her own. She blindly trusts whatever Lane tells her. Ragan has finally realized that he’s been alone for the whole season, despite being BFFs with Matt. Of the five that are left, I think Ragan is the only one that deserves to win.

      Speaking of All Starts, who does everything think will be in it from this season? I’m thinking Matt (♥) and either Brendon or Rachel (not both).

  13. I really hope Lane replaces Enzo with Britney and then the BG decides to vote out Britney instead of Ragan. None of those buffoons would win in the end against Britney and now’s their best opportunity to get her out.

  14. I love how the guys are so proud of themselves that they are winning at the comps now. HA-HA! Dummies! There is nobody to compete with DUH! It took 7 people leaving for them to win and they think they are gods! Now I just want Brit to pull out a can of whoop ass and beat them all. I dont want her to win HOH, but win the POV. That would force them to send Enzo or Hayden out. Then the last week Brit wins HOH and gets rid of the last one. I think she will win, she is the only one left who has actually played the game.

    I love this show/game, but this year has truly sucked!!!!!!!!!!

    • Because they are so full of themselves, and they are dumbo’s -you have to admit how hilarious it all is. The cast started out being ‘smart’ college prof, chemistry, etc. but look what we have left. It really is funny. The problem is watching Ragan study, and the rest play pool or just talk. This is what happens at this stage of the game. I truly believe the producers need to change the comps up so it is not so predictable.

  15. There is not one thing BB can do to stop what they have already put in there. They just have to live with it. Punish the stooges. They do not say anything wrong except for F#@@King Enzo. The other stooges are just having a party. They do not have conversations. They are just stooges hanging out. Now they have taken a toy for the time being. Which one of the stooges will win. Lane is dumb as dirt. Hayden, the hair child ,follows the croud and Enzo is even more dumb than Lane, if that is possible. It is what it is and CBS will have to live with it. CBS can’t win them all but they have just about broken me from this reality show.

    • That is why the producers need to change up the show. It is too predictable after all these years. We the fans know it, the gamers have watched the previous shows so they know what to expect. Not all the blame belongs with the HGs, this show needs some to liven up.
      The HG’s think they’re going to be famous, for what. Living in a house like high school students. They are dirty, ants all over, do they ever wash the sheets. Oh my, what a mess they are.

    • I did a BB CBS feedback note to them last night and one of the things I said when I was done was “do you read the message boards”?.

  16. cbs will pull something great at the end of this to make it worth your time that you watched.

  17. Last night on BBAD when Enzo would talk with his sock puppet it was like watching an old Godzilla movie. He would talk and a few seconds later he would then move his sock puppets mouth, lol.

      • what else is new, he cheats at everything send him to the have not room with the rest of them. maybe then we will see something to make us want to watch bbad again. maybe the third punishment will be a double evition just to get it over with since they arent bringing anyone back. hope next season bb comes up with new things that none of the hg ever played in the history of bb so that no one knows whats coming at them. and it would be better if there were games that were like who ate the most, cockroaches or pig guts wins pov. thats a real game instead of the same old games. make it worth the money and the fans time they put in it watching bb. i’d love to see britt eat a roach or a bowl from a pig ugh.lmao come on bb do something to excite your fans like asap your loosing to many fans and money. you could ask america what they want them to do just like you do for have not. and start giving better request for have not food like candy coated liver or snake rats lol

  18. Tell us how you really think Akeyty. You REALLY have a problem. Get a life. If a TV show gets you that upset, I really feel sorry for you and anyone in your life……….I wonder why your comment was not eliminated because of all caps!!!!

  19. @ALL,
    If you are confused please note that comments 23-30 above were replies to a nasty comment which has been deleted

      • Ok,
        It seems that each new comment is pushing the replies I was referring to further down the list, so my numbers make know sense. They were the one’s time stamped earlier than my first comment above

      • That happen to me about a week ago, I posted an opinion around #114 and it posted at #37, Now sometimes I can’t recieve post, for some reason, say I post and it’s #31, I’ll go get something or go some where, when I come back it’s still at post #31. I have close BB and open again to get the new post’s

    • It has been said the Enzo and his wife both have really good jobs..He makes a $100,000.00 a year or better and she is an investment banker or broker (I think they said) and she makes over $200,000.00 a Enzo and his family do not seem to be in dire need..

  20. Why is Enzo getting away with all kinds of rule breaking. Did he not eat something he was forbidden to eat when he was a have not? He is so New Jersey. I Hope all goes well for all of them when they get out and watch all the episodes and see just how silly they looked and who they really should have trusted. Now to get on with the summer and not worry about who wins and who doesn’t no real players left as far as i am concerned. I think the best BB was with evil Dick. . Good luck all BB fans hope your summer was not totally wrapped around BB and that you enjoyed yourselves.

    • Most people from NJ like myself are not like Enzo or the Jersey Shore people. Think of Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovie. They are upstanding people. I could go on and on.
      I don’t appreciate the insults toward NJ folk.

      • then you need to get ppl like Enzo whacked maybe your Jersey Shores folks can handle that. LOL!!!

  21. Has anyone taken in to concideration that everyone of the HG thinks they know the game inside out? So the saying of expect the unexpected is out the door. Just look at Ragan he has everything memorized, I for one think this is one reason the season sucks so bad and is boring as hell.

  22. BB really messed up this season. BB12 was so scripted I felt like I was watching a soap opera! I feel that the only way they can possibly have a season 13 is if the go back to the format of season 1 and have the audience vote. Or maybe make us the “extra houseguest” and our vote counts as a percentage like 65% ie if the vote for houseguest A is 5 to go, and houseguest B is 2 to go Then House guest A would go right? BUT if America’s vote was for houseguest B, our 65% would put it over the top and he/she would go home!
    Just a thought

  23. i love the sock puppets.

    and i hope brit can win this next HOH. its looking grim right now but damnitt if there is a will there’s a way!

  24. Been faithful watcher again this season. As to if they need Jesus not my place to say but Enzo has such a dirty mouth he needs some sort of help. I very much want Brit. to win. However if I were her, I would not want to have to explain some of her sex talk to her parents.

    • I don’t think Lane will put up Britney. She has promised not to put him up if she wins HOH. Not that her word is to reliable, but think she will keep it to Lane.

  25. Its funny how every year, people say this is the worst bb season ever, but still watch it, its addictive, like slowing down on the freeway to see the accident. If I played the game, my strategy is to take the worst like to the final 2. Anyone ever think that Lane and Hayden could have talked about that they go every year to this festival, it doesnt mean that they have ever seen each other there. I dont remember from the beginning if there are suppose to be friends in the house. I agree that they need to be more creative in the comp I think I would like to see them change that the winner of hoh can still play in the next hoh. We are easy to judge what someone should do, because we can see all the backstabbing but they dont

  26. I love Jordon but remember how she laid low at the end and didnt win and then she won HOH at the last HOH competition and she ended up winning big brother (or was it different? did she win POV) it looks like Enzo is going to fall in her shoes. I am glad Jordan won but I dont want Enzo to win! I really like Ragan he has stood his ground.

  27. bb really dropped the ball this season it started with the selection the biggest group of lazy non winning losers. anyone that played the game became a target. this is pittiful’im not going to continue watching to see who the best of the worst is………bring on the allstars.

  28. i am really thinking of not watching bb anymore up tell this time i really looked forward to seeing bb but this season you can see bb making it come out the way they want it too enzo cheated hi way through and bb condoned it not fare

  29. lol NOT even close not only are some of these mopes not All Stars, some you mentioned will not be in the house again, like Will wife, new baby and a booming business as a doctor..he will not be there unless maybe, just maybe, Boogie was there and convinced him.

    WTH is Ryan, Keesha, and Drew? what made them all stars??

    and you are pushing it with Danielle and Erika as all stars

    nice pipe dream tho :)

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