Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 8 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 is heating up as we draw closer to the end of the season. After finding out who the new HoH nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees and all the remaining HGs their last chance at safety to make it to the final four this season.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 8 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Enzo won the Veto Competition.

Oh my. Enzo won something. Well, I guess that’s the end of the road for Ragan unless Enzo and Hayden decide it’s time to get rid of Lane’s alliance with Britney.

Jump on the live feeds with the free trial and watch as the house reacts to the results. The $5 off sale on the feeds continues if you were curious to try them out.

With just 5 HGs left in the game everyone was competing which makes this all that much better of a comp since everyone left had a shot at winning.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Who should be the renom?


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    • We will see…. Dont you think that if Lane puts Britney up as a replacement, Hayden and Enzo might re-think their strategy and decide to get her out because of her relationship with Lane and her ability to win??? If she goes, Regan has no one and they could manipulate him to put up Lane etc… would be nice to see someone make a friggin bold move and not another predictable one… ; )

  1. im thinking ragan will go home this week. if so i will be pulling hard for brit to win out but thats basically impossible unless they are all quizzes and she can come through with an endurance.

    i think the next comp will be endurance and she has the advantage over atleast hayden and lane because their heavy big guys.

    if brit can win this next HOH, enzo is toast.

    i just wish brit would have been working with ragan. she is just so oblivious to the brigade.

    hopefully ragan tells britney about the 3-man alliance but she wont believe him. she wont believe him until she is either sitting down with ms. chen or in final 2.

    dont like enzo and all his shet talking but he finally won something so now he will be talking even more.

    i hope they expose themselves. stupid idiots.

    and damnitt can it come out that hayden took the prizes? i mean since the deck is sacked so much against one player (the player remaining) that shet should come out

      • He needs to put Hayden up..this keeps Brit Brit happy this week especially cuz he does not decide who goes home…Hayden and Enzo DO!!!!!!

      • Have to agree with Marcus. Lane wants Brit-n-Brat’s vote, so she’ll have to be put on the block by someone else. BUT, I wish he would back door her and we’d be done with her!

    • Ragan HAS already told Britney about the Brigade alliance; she ran back to Lane, told him and he convinced her it was “made up” by Ragan.
      This season is turning into a complete JOKE!

    • brit was ahead of enzo in the comp with the heavy ropes…she could beat enzo in an endurance comp

    • First of Hayden has the advantage over Brit in endurance… He threw the endurance comps on purpose. He has does good cardio work outs which means he has good endurance. Best thing to right now is get rid of Ragan. He has good endurance so they can either backdoor Enzo, if Enzo wins POV next week also get rid of Britt, Hayden, Lane, Enzo final 3. Then hopefully Hayden wins.

  2. I wonder if it was a bitching and moaning contest? That would make sense for Enzo to win that one….

    • behind brendon.

      way behind brendon actually.

      we all know these comps are usually (not all) are slightly rigged.

      i havent heard about this latest POV but that might be because everyone was on the same page.

      but brendon complained EVERY comp he didnt win was rigged and went on about it for days.

      ragan is very emotional, and it just hit him he is going home. plus he has been on the block like 3 out of the last 4 times.

      • he may have but i heard him say constantly THAT NIGHT he has to give alot of credit to brendon because that comp was fair, and he won it fair and square. he kept saying even up until last couple of days that brendon killed in the comp and kept giving him his due.

        it was actually britney who was suggesting more that the comp was rigged then ragan

      • Every time Bren or Rach won the HG also said the game was rigged, Even more so when Bren won HOH they all said that. So at some point and time every one said that about the comps so is that to say everyone is a sore loser to some point?

      • no not really. when rachel won, i didnt hear anyone say it was rigged. she won two quizzes so i doubt anyone said it was rigged so i think u made that part up to further ur point of view.

        u cant cheat the two quizzes she won.

        maybe for an hour after the fact but i didnt hear anyone go on for days and days like brendon did that the comp was rigged when brendon would win.

        when brendon won it was more of a “well we could have done so many things differently” rather than “it was rigged”.

        brendon is the only houseguest that would go on and on for days to weeks about how everything was unfair and rigged against him. this goes back to week 3 when matt won his first HOH.

        he is notorious for it among the rest of the houseguest. nobody else is so the houseguest speak for themselves on who complained more about rigged comps.

        and its not even about rigged comps its the “rigged against me and me only comps” argument

      • @Marcus I see you point about that. I thought I heard other people saying that to I must have been wrong. didn’t the other house guest say that the game was rigged when Bren when the HOH after Rach left or was that only Brit and Lane?

  3. Meeeooowwwwwwwwwwwww……………………..

    No more Have-Nots this week? I’d suggest catfood and caterpillar for the Meow-Meow…

    • ROFL, tickle me enzo, a good one, its about time he wins something, BBAD will be him talking about throwing a grenade, looks like Ragan is gone, but then the HG may surprise us but I doubt it.

  4. also makes me smile thinking of look on the ratts face when he sees rags walk in JH…

      • Hope he is thinking about the game and not the girl (that has a boyfriend at home) it is time for him to prove he is playing for the $$$ and get Brit out of there…

    • I don’t think he will put up Brit..Something is strange or Lane is just sceared to face her..The way she looks at him, well its like -Lane you know what to do and strangly I think she is a bully where Lane is concerned..HE almost cowards down to her..She has been unrelenting where he is concerned..He is sceared of her and you can tell she is used to getting her way. She has Lane right where she wants him. I don’t like her at all but she has managed to manipulate ole Lane and that is quite funny

  5. @Matt BBN, I want to say thgnks for keeping to site running good, And I have to give you a BIG hand, because it had to have been very hard to type that sentence saying Whether Enzo would use the POV on himself, Here’s a big hand

    • Chris…. Please, please don’t tell me that my sarcastic post from yesterday is actually coming true….

      • Rico, no question about it, you did it! You have saddled us with this idiot now. What kind of a competion was it? Hard to believe that he won.

  6. Now add Brittany up on the block with Reagan …. bye bye I don’t care who hate them both

    • amen Mary…meanness goes before stupidity in my book and they are both REALLY mean…let the dummies win

      • Have to agree with both of you but the question is will the boys vote out Brit first and will Lane allow it and if he don’t will they do it anyway to have her out of Lanes hear?

  7. this years big brother was the worst yet it favered ragan so much, brenden got so scewed through out the show. I know now the show is so set up, I stoped watching it.Idont care who wins because they already picked the one the show wanted to win.Its a shamed Iuse to love the show .!!!!

    • patti how did it favor ragan when ragan didnt win anything till like week 7? and brendon won from the very beginning?

      how? it was brendon that hooked up with rachel.

      tell me how. i wanna see how these brendon lovers think.
      explain to me plz.

      • thanks patti.

        i asked her to explain how the game was so setup against brendon and how it favored ragan

        it was never like that.

        brendon made his own grave and it just took a long time for him to be buried.

        brendon played a excellent game winning wise but he never made an attempt to become familiar with the other houseguest when rachel was around, and he made the bonehead move of playing with rachel mind instead of his own wants she left.

        brendon lost the game fair and square. out of the 5 ppl left, 3 “deserve” the 500k NOT JUST BRENDON.

      • that last paragraph was kinda hard to read excuse me for that.

        i mean brendon only hung around and became friends with rachel. and he didnt think he would need to be friends with anyone else because he was so caught up with her.

        and since brendon didnt even make it to final 3 or 4. i actually dont think he deserves the money.

        the most he deserves is the 25k. he didnt last past the dbl eviction. thats a big thing to me. even with the 2 floaters in the house u gotta make passed dbl eviction and or final 4 to me in order to deserve the money.

        thats just me though. i loved monet but she doesnt deserve anything. if she would have went out with brendon i would feel the same way that she only deserves at most 25k.

      • @Marcus, thanks for explaining. I do have an open mind and appreciate your input.

  8. Looks like Ragan is off to the jury house to eat some ooey gooey cookies with Vegas, cuddle with the Diabolical Super Liar, gripe about Toe-ran-tula, and lay around with Root-showing-beer….

      • Would like to see someone make a bold move in this game and not a ho hum predictable one….. Cmon Lane!!! It is up to you!!! I dont think he is a guaranteed win against Enzo or Hayden for the half mil….. with REgan or Brit, he may already have 3 guaranteed votes!! Think Lane!

    • I know right i was just gonna post that saying next to Kathy they were def the dumbest

  9. really think they are best getting rags out and taking their chances with the brat who I find disgusting but i think whoever would go against her in f 2 should win .can’t imagine she’d get enought votes to win and in reamaining comps its 3 against 1

  10. I think Lane may want to re-think everything and think about if he wants Britney to be pissed at him next week and further suspect they are all in an alliance and if he can really win the half mil against Enzo or Hayden… time to let the Brogade go….. let it die… start to think about who you can win the money against…

  11. Big surprise, Enzo doesn’t want to go back to work. Has delusions that he will make it big and make something of himself.

  12. Anyone have details on the Enzo Ragan fight? Seems like 2 unlikely people to have a spat.

    • It was an aggressive POV and Enzo “made bodily contact” with Ragan. Ragan thought it was unfair they way he was shoved.

      • Thats true, Enzo was aggressive. From what I read on another site Ragan had an item in his hand and Enzo grabbed it off of him. It seems that Enzo has gotten away with cheating in the game, example, eating regular food while being a have not on more than one occasion, also he didnt always wear the penguin suit properly. Its just a shame that he was allowed to do things like cheat and have no punishment at all. Other guests have had penalty votes or added time as a have not.It isnt right that Enzo was allowed to make contact and take the item away from Ragan like that. I hope Ragan files a formal complaint and they do an investigation, like checking the video and if indeed Enzo cheated, he should be made to forfiet the POV and turn it over to Ragan. Since he was allowed to cheat at being a have not and the penguin suit he will most likely get away with this one too.

  13. I still think that Lane may be Brits fiance. Did u se how he got mad when they went to her HOH room and there was a picture of another guy with Brit. Maybe an old bf. Did anybody hear anything about Brendon coming back for a day? Maybe a pandora’s box. I read something on another website.

    • Does anyone know what Lanes pandoras box was? He seemed unhappy with his choice,I’m not sure what that choice was though. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. Thanks

      • I think it was 2 envelopes both had $$$ the one he choose only had about $91 dollars in it.

  14. If there is any substance to the 3 person secret alliance that Lane and Hayden struck up with Brit, he should put Hayden up for appearances (to Brit). He knows that Enzo will vote for Ragan, so even if Brit flips, he’s got the deciding vote.

    If he puts Brit up, there’s a slight chance that Hayden and Enzo might flip on him and get rid of Brit.

    • put up brttney.let the boys fight it out.she wont tell anyone the truth anyway.dont trust her guys.

  15. Brit,is so mean ,and jelous of rachel. Brit and ragan are just pathetic and sad sorry people, this has been the worst cast yet.

  16. I really don’t think Lane will backdoor Britney, especially to keep Regan because if Regan wins HOH next week he’ll put up Lane and Enzo if Britney wins Lane’s not going on the block and Enzo will probably get evicted

    • I hope Enzo starts acting like a dick now so they see his true colors, when he wins something after the whole season is almost over. he is nothing but a wanna be but heres hoping bitchney or ragan go home. and he goes home next

      • Enzo should be happy he won something, he’s not going to win anything else in this house.

    • I agree with you loui, I don’t think he would backdoor Britney. Ragan is going to the jury house. He’ll put up Hayden and Ragan will go home.

      If Britney wins HOH next week she will not put up Lane so either Hayden or Enzo would go.

  17. Grenade :) Tough day for the Enzo-bashers and I won’t say I told you so. In my earlier posts I told you Enzo would win when wins mean the most.

    • you mean win when the competitions get down to the 3 stooges, a 5 ft 90lb girl and a gay guy? yeah… he’s awesome.

      • coop you really have been pissing me off everyone has the right to their opinion but you seem to keep bringing up the fact that rags is gay makes him weak….do you ever read the news???? gay men in ALL walks of life even in NBA NFL etc its true….hard for you to believe obviously but gay does not equal weak!!!

      • You are so right! Wow big win! With a guy at his birth weight and another woman baby

      • good one, dcoop some people need to get a job, to much time on their hands they have to use the gay card now that ragan is on the block get over it hes going home hurray good riddens bye bye

      • side note to joanne… I thought you were agreeing with coop… I apologise …I was just sick of all the gay comments I shouldn’t have jumped on you,if you were agreeing with coop i’m still sorry just think its a cheap shot

      • why is everyone thinking I’m using gay in a bad way? I AM a gay man for cryin’ out loud.

        I’m just saying that in the context of “big bad chest beatin’ Enzo” doesn’t win til the ones that HE would see as his competition are gone.

        Lighten up, will ya?

  18. gag hairden just looking @ camera holding up 3 fingers…no redeeming feature in that house

  19. and does it make you stupid joanne that you couldn’t even follow the rules and posted in ALL caps earlier

    • spikes mom u are the stupid one, cause I could care less about rules in typing I hear to talk about bb get a life

      • gee if you are hear to talk BB maybe you should read the rules for posting here …points up…right above where you post Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content. might even wanna scroll back and look for your posts which were in ALL CAPS bet they aren’t there

      • who care got my feelings out and it must have been there long enough for u to read it other words you wouldnt be saying this hahahahahahaha spikes mom

      • that was not an insult thats my yorkies name for real u are the one that started with the insults so get over it all ready I want to talk bb

      • thats fine it wasnt a cheap shot I just am so tired of the crying I want to see him play the game, get tough and by the way my dogs name is spike for real sot a mean person just want to get some excitement going chatting cause the show is so boring. now if the showed the jh that should be something worth watching when matt walks hrough the door and then brendon and ragan rachael will probably love it and they will all be best friends when its time to vote. Then u will see real game when who evers left realizes that they know everything they said about them in the game. that should make for fun

  20. well guess its time to mosey the inmates have taken over the asylum and I’m not referring to BB I am referring to these bigoted boards…talk about sore losers…need to go

  21. Lane will probably tell bitchney that he is putting her up to make sure sissy lala goes home and he doesnt look bad to the brigade. He probably told her he was in from the beginning, since thats her real boyfriend and they are the couple that no one ever even knew was in there way before annie said there was long time friends in the bbh Just hope penquin and hollywood send her home on the bus instead of under it lol

  22. To Lane:

    Nominate Hayden when Enzo uses his POV. Brittney will vote Hayden and Enzo will vote Ragan. Lane holds the deciding power and Hayden goes home.


    • Lane and Hayden talked about going to the final 2 together. I think Ragan is the one going to the jury house. He may put Hayden up but Ragan will go. But you may be right, Britney may vote for Hayden causing the tie.

      Can’t believe Enzo won something…finally.

      • Lane would be stupid to go to the final 2 with Hayden. He simply cannot win.

        The other houseguests will think he is just a floater and that Hayden ran the Brigade, even though Matt carried it almost the entire game for the most part.

        The only houseguests Lane can win against are Brittney, Enzo, and maybe Ragan. He is guaranteed a victory against Brittney or Enzo. The JH hates Brittney and won’t vote Enzo because he hasn’t done anything except win one Veto. He could maybe beat Ragan but he has no shot at beating Hayden.

        His best bet is to evict Hayden this week than go after Ragan next week with Brittney. Me personally I want Ragan to win, but if Lane smartens up and sends Hayden packing than maybe i’ll root for Lane a little bit if Ragan doesn’t win. I don’t want Enzo or Brittney winning and don’t want Lane winning if he doesn’t make a power move here.

        Enzo is a cheater, a backstabber, and on top of that he’s got alot of money according to him. Lane also has a ton of money but has played the game better than Enzo. Hayden is the most current houseguest in need of the money though.

      • Hayden backdoored Brenden …telling him to his face he was safe…I don’t think Brenchel will vote for Hayden

  23. As much as I dislike the Brigade I am going to be so happy to see Ragan go. At this point I’d like to see ANYONE but Enzo & Lane win. Can’t believe they made it this far. I keep reading that this is the worst cast ever but I just can’t get enough BB–sorry the season is almost over…

  24. I think everyone’s on board to evict Regan … they kept saying on BBAD that it’s 4 against 1 in the veto comp meaning everyones goal is to keep Regan on the block… hopefully there will be some drama in the jury house between Regan and Brenchel.

    • If Ragan goes and I am pretty sure he is, then I would rathere watch the JH than the BB house. Hey Production my wife wants some drama, some action, so switch it to the JH house ok? I don’t wanna sleep on the couch, again! LOL

  25. well one things for sure if he goes home this week he will be crying he didnt win pov cause he will be in the jh with his showmance and wont be crying over matt

    • Can you actually type in thought out sentences for once or are you not capable of that?

  26. Whether he likes it or not Enzo is the next target after Regan because he’s too popular in the jury house … he has 3 votes … so I think Hayden will throw the next HOH to Britney so she can do the dirty work again…

    • How is he popular in the jury house? They may think he is likable (really?) but he’s easily the houseguest that has played the worst game.

      He lies, he cheats, he hasn’t won anything except for one POV and a 3D TV, and he’s got money. He doesn’t deserve the prize whatsoever.

      • For Shelley, Bayonne is across the river from NYCity. The Jersey shore is 1 1/2 hours south.

    • Rachel likes him,Brenden likes him and clueless Kathy flirts with him(tried to pull his towel off)plus other people did his dirty work for him

      • Doesn’t matter. He is a floater, imo. Doesn’t win anything and made an alliance with the four guys to go as far as possible.

        The fact of the matter is:

        1. He’s cheated multiple times. Thinks he is bigger than the game.

        2. Has alot of money according to him. His job for the inexperienced make around 35k a year. Most experienced in his field can make around 50-75 or 100k in a year. From how he talks (hardwood floors, how he hopes the TV is bigger than a 52 because he already has one) he is experienced and makes good money, he doesn’t need 500 grand.

        3. Hasn’t won anything except for a TV and one veto. He uses other people to do his dirty work and than sends them home when he’s done with them. Someone who cheats, has alot of money, and his entire gameplan is around using and backstabbing people shouldn’t win 500 grand nevertheless the America’s Favorite.

        If he does win any of those this season loses 100% credibility for allowing a cheater and someone who shouldn’t even be there in the first place win the whole thing.

    • More like Hayden’s HOH and Brendon’s buzzer veto.

      It’s quite obvious BB decided to give Enzo the penguin suit to make him look even more stupid and gave Brendon the POV because they felt like they had to have a guy “fight for his love”. Pssh, yeah right.

      Hayden’s HOH this past thursday had two of his cards placed right next to each other and Enzo had no cards in his box, probably for cheating. Can’t complain though, he definitley deserves it.

  27. wow that works too lynn….the answer was mushroom …the brat didn’t get it and she’s supposed to be the “smart one” I like your answer however but way over their head

    • I heard her talk on late night feeds that she was in an honors sorority in college … possibly too much book smarts, and no logic … plus, she is being so played by Lane IMO.

  28. Britney should go up on the block! I cannot believe Enzo won ANYTHING!! It’s not fair that Ragan has been up for three weeks!!!


  29. Lane will put up Hayden as a pawn. Enzo will vote to evict Ragan. Brit will either evict Hayden or Ragan. If she votes for Hayden, Lane will vote to evict Ragan. That’s the most obvious outcome.

    • These people really need to start thinking about who they can win against in the end. IMO, Lane cannot win against Hayden, so I guess he’s OK settling for the $50K.

      • on the LF lastnight L and H were talking about starting a business with 550k….anyone think thats actually gonna happen

      • To spikesmom, did you hear them talking about buying a Pro sports team with that money? They really ARE dumb!

      • They were joking when they said that then they followed it by stating we wouldn’t even have enough money to play the worst player for one year!

    • Yes probably…however I think if Regan would socialize more instead of sitting alone mumbling to himself he might help his cause

  30. It is what it is. Enzo won when he needed to win. Obviously he’s gonna have a power trip. That’s who he is. He’s gonna be mighty disappointed when he finds out that he’s not gonna be courted for any acting jobs. There have been much more appealing BB houseguests than Enzo, and they never got anything. He’s totally delusional, but if he wins at least he’ll have some money.

      • agree also lynn but is there anyone left that deserves to win …Lane was just commenting on rags DR session …”how can he talk for an hour I don’t have that many thoughts in my head”

      • Holy shit people, hes a independent insurance adjuster, understand he does not he need to win to have a good financial life. He’s probably making more money then half of us will ever make. Wow, people would do anything thing to bash Enzo. Or is it that your struggling finacialy in real life?

  31. Well meow meow won..WOW i say send him home anyway with a ball, and some catnip, and a bowl of milk..this is just crazy some times i question this show..I hope that bb dont fix it for certain people to win..but I just have to hope they dont cause i love the show..goodbye Ragan..but they’d be better off to get rid of Britt..her and Lane are close..we shall Ragan can cry all week long..but he did play a pretty good game..wish he woulf of been final 2 instead of what’s left..

  32. ENZO won a comp. What was it, how to grap your balls on TV and then chew with your Mouth open..LOL… Meow-Meow my ass. Don’t give cat’s a bad name. He is going to say , this was his win when no one was left in the house. Well, Lane will most likely put up Britney &say she is a pawn, and the guys will back door her. I like her, she at least works hard. Ragan,maybe will go. We shall see. Just my opinion.

    • That’s perfect! For those with a degree, the universities will want to revoke them!

      • yeah not a good advert for their universities at least H & L can play the dumb jock on scholorship card…oh thats right they already have

  33. If the opportunity arise lets see if Enzo does not talk with Lane about evicting Hayden..Enzo is greedy and hungry for the spotlight..LANE KNOWS THIS WILL PROBABLY USE IT TO HIS ADVANTAGE..This may be Lane’s only shot at getting Hayden out…Good plan if Enzo don’t screw it up..He does not trust Enzo at all and has doubts as to Hayden’s honesty..So lets see where they go in the next 24 hours..

      • Lane had better put up Hayden as replacement to eliminate any chance that the bg boys double cross him and vote out his fiancé/future wife Britney. She is his future meal ticket as the only one with true celebrity potential.

  34. These people are so damn sure that they are going to be famous when this is over……how dumb can they be? Good grief, they all think this show will launch them into “Stardom”…..ROTTSARUCK IDIOTS!!!

    • yeah they are sayin shit like “i dont know how im gonna go to bars and hans out with my friends …everyones gonna want my autograph and i wont have fun”…enzos gonna be a big rap star lmfao ..what a jackass.lolhahahahah

  35. Maybe he will put up Hayden. Then it would be a split vote. Lane should take this moment to break up Hayden and Enzo.

    • That would be the best to not only split up hayden and enzo and take control of the game for lane but to keep the brigade a secret also.


    I miss getting to see clips from the Jury House showing the arrival of the newest evictee. Do you know why those have stopped? Is it because, as you revealed early in the season, that ALL evictees have been sequestered in the Jury House?

    If so, wouldn’t that be a bomb? If the final two learned that ALL of the evicted guests from this season were going to vote on the winner? The only thing that would make it even better would be if Jury House members had been allowed to watch the Live Feeds or BBAD! Now, that would TOTALLY make up for a rather restrained season, don’t you think?

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people wonder the same thing. So, maybe you could address it?

    Thanks for being a great host, and thanks for Janet’s blog on BBB.

      • I don’t feel sorry for Ragan at all. He feels alone, shunned, like he has no friend in the house. Wow, like my wife pointed out isn’t that how Brendon has been feeling for the last 2 weeks or so? Atleast Brendon still tried to engage with the house even though he probably could sense they didn’t really care for him. The point being HE MADE AN EFFORT. Ragan is just being a cry baby that he is and I guess he will hole himself up alone till Thursday. Well Karma sure bit him on the azz didn’t it? Um Brit you are next. Just wait. Unless Lane is not playing you but Enzo then maybe he will be the one out. Either way after Thursday if Brit doesn’t get HOH I fear her time is short. Fireworks will engage and maybe the show will pick back up and not be so damn boring.

  37. WOW That is a shocker. It looks like Britney will be going up but I hope not. I can’t wait to see what the competition was that it was easy for Enzo to win and not Ragan or Britney. That is a Laugh that they all think they are going to be famous.HAHAHAHa. Maybe they will be talking about it on BBAD tonight.

    • PHIZZLE…Holy crap, I hope not…that has been talked about over and over again on BBAD. They are so damn stupid and low class, they think this is their legacy in life…..”Remember “Little Jane or Dick”, your Grandpa (or Grandma) were soooo famous, they were on BB 12!!” WOW OH WOWEEE…BFD

      • on the live feeds not to long ago Hayden was telling Lane he can put him up. Aww, lets not piss off Miss Briteny…

  38. I’m not sure why they haven’t shown the jury house but I’m guessing it’s because they didn’t have time this week. It’s always shown on the live episode which was pretty hectic this past Thursday! I know those evicted prior to rachel are NOT sequestered. Would have been a fun twist though!! I’m sure we will see the jury house this week…if only to show the Rachel and brendon reunion…and her reaction to his baldness lol.

    • I’m looking forward to Rachel’s reaction to the shaved head, too. It was so irritating to continually watch her run her hands repeatedly through his hair … now what? LOL!

    • Jury House scene:

      Matt enters the jury house and RECHel is so happy to see that Matt has been evicted too till Matt tells her that BrenDUM and Ragan are actually the secret couple in the house and have been Lovers for years. When RECH realizes she has been used she is Furious and starts to tear up the Jury House. When BrenDUM enters she kills him by smothering him with her fake breasts. The police arrive and take her away and the last thing she hears is Matt saying, “Shech, can’t you take a joke” :P

  39. Yay, he finally did it. I say get rid of Britney!! She is so sure she is staying, they need to back door her. I think any of the remaining brigade can beat Ragan, weather they win the HOH or not. If they take him to the final 2 they have the votes. He has 2 votes with Matt and if Britney goes packing. Maybe 3 with Kathy, but no more than that.

    • I keep saying they are playing stupid. They need to think about keeping people they can win against, not who they like the most. DUH!

      • I agree Lynn. I think alot of people, mainly Ragan are realizing that Brendon (my wife loves him not me) wasn’t so bad a guy. Atleast with him you have an honest alliance. They should have taken advantage of that and not tried so hard to get him out. If Ragan and Brit would have put their dislike aside they could have teamed up with him and knock the stupid Brigade out one at a time. Wow, that would have made for some great TV.

      • I have being saying that all along.
        But thar will require playing with logic.
        This people dont.
        They have played with their emotions and egos in their way.
        And that will get them in the end

  40. Lane will tell Britney I won’t put you on the block this week if you don’t put me on the block next week … Britney will agree and she’ll be safe this week… Hayden goes up and Regan is evicted …and even though Enzo is hating on Regan now he’ll make up with him since Regan will be in the jury house

    • With Lane I believe is the ONLY one that Brit would keep her word with. Unless she finds out about the alliance then who knows. I really didn’t think it would be this boring after Matt (My Fav) and Brendon left. But damn it is. Noone much on here and not much happening on the feed. If my wife wasn’t such an addict of BB I would cancel the last month. Damn that woman. LOL

  41. enzo,hayden,lane is winning now because there is no competition in the house,now it’s easy for them,it’s really not hard to play against people that’s not competitive all you need to know is how to lie and backstab each other believe they have it down to a science.

  42. Brit and Ragan on the block, both need to go so we can see which brigade member is going to get stabbed by which 2 brigade members.

    • I think Lane and Hayden got it in their heads that Enzo has Brenchel’s vote in the jury house

  43. I agree with the above. We would like to see what is going on in the jury house since the BB house is so boring. There is probably a ton of drama going on in the JH and is much more interesting.

    • I agree. I wish they would swap and do the JH now. The most interesting people are in there.

  44. What some folks need to realize in this group is that when you join a reality TV program you temporarily give up the right to be seen as / treated like a human being by the VIEWING Public. You are at this point a fictional person.

    We are expected to forgive all the Evil, Nasty, Conniving, Backbiting things you do cause “it’s only a game” and not the way you “really are”. By the same token we get to HATE you with full vehemence for Everything you do, because for the time you are on the show you are not real.

    It’s like watching DEXTER, I hated Rita with a great hate, and am glad she is dead because of who she was and how she behaved, BUT she is Not Real, so it’s ok to hate her.

    Any of you folks who Really care about these people enough to get upset that someone else can’t stand them is really missing the point of Reality TV.

    Let’s all lighten up :D

      • Love Dexter!! I also loved Rita’s character.. she made Dexter a likeable serial killer (lol… how is that possible?!)

      • to love Dexter its easy.
        If something really bad happened to one of your loved one and u didn’t get justice I would love to have Dexter in my corner

    • Tim that is exactly right. I see so many stupid fights on here because someone said something about someone elses favorite. It is REALITY TV FOLKS. We all need to remember that. What you said summed it up perfectly man.

    • Tin I totally disagree with you, It’s not the same DEXTER is not a real person, For you to say that it’s OK to act, and say anything we want is wrong, No-body gives up the right to be treated as a human being, That’s just useing the show as an excuse to treat an-other person in a way, that you yourself wouldn’t like to be treated.

      If you can’t see the differents between a show with actor’s and one with real people, then I think you need to look again.

      Sorry to tell you but the people on the show are who they are, Britney is a little brat, who has had it her way or else, ragan lets his emotions run his mouth, Lane, hayden and enzo, what you see is what you, Matt is a lie, the band broke up two years ago, and it he is a member of Mensa, Well lets just say I don’t believe it. rachel does what she has to do to survive, brendon and kathy are just nice people.

      No-body has the right to talk or trash people like some of the HG’s were, and No-body ever gives up the right to be treated like a human being.

      • @Chris-the great

        Please Note, I said by the VIEWING Public, not the folks who are in the game with you. To each other you are real, and you need to treat them with common courtesy. If not, well, expect what you get in return. Sometimes I can’t stand Ragan for his over the top stereotypical behavior, but when he put the RECH in her place I was yelling at the TV, “Go Ragan Go, put the [expletive] in her place :O

        It’s just TV, If you can’t take that folks will dislike you for what they see you do, you should not join the program. IMO at least

      • @ Tim, I understand that you said the Viewing Public, I also noticed how tried to cover up your dislike for rachel, You said ragan (spelled right) and then you used “the RECH” when talking about rachel, OK you don’t like her fine, But you are wrong if you think it was OK for ragan to talk to rachel that way, That’s what I getting at, people on this site are following ragan, and britney’s led, on how they talk about rachel and brendon, Yes they talk about the other HG’s but not on the same level as when talking about B/R.

        The point I’m trying to make is we are all human beings, and we need to treat each other as such, to meny times people use an excuse to try and cover it up, but it doesn’t make it right.

      • @Chris-the great

        “I also noticed how tried to cover up your dislike for rachel,”

        Cover it up ???
        You must be kidding, could I have made it anymore obvious !!!

        RECHel is a perfect example of what I mean. No human being could be as mean, nasty, self-centered, selfish and egotistical as she is. Ergo/therefore it is an act, and I choose to hate the role she has picked to play.

        Gawd, if she really could be like that in real life, well, let’s just say BrenDUM is even dumber than I thought.

        I think we should agree to disagree on this one.

  45. Expect the unexpected. Bring back Evil Dick as a surprise house guest. That would liven things up.

  46. Now we have to wait until tomorrow nite to see what happens at the veto ceremony and read the live feed report hopefully from Ashli. What am I gonna do after this BB is over. Maybe do the things I let go so I could read all your comments?
    Oh yes, then we have survivor but not nearly as time consuming.

      • Never watched Survivor except the last one with Boston Bob (is that his name?) on there. He was great. So great I can’t even remember his name? LOL Anyway, do they do it here like they do for BB?

      • @Mike T
        Probably not, as there is no live feeds and everything is kept hush hush until it airs, it just wouldn’t be the same

      • Thanks Joanne. Rob, Bob, I was close, no? LOL I know I got the Boston part right, you can’t mistake his accent.

  47. i would hope that lane could be his own man and decide things for himself.Lane and hayden have a secret pact so why not get rid of ragan, then let britney do their dirty work and win hoh and get rid of enzo

  48. My wife wanted me to ask this, was Brit’s “friendship” with Ragan ever real? It is funny how fast she turned on him and Matt. Now she is talking crap on Matt. So what do you all think? I have no clue why she is like she is, maybe for 500 thou I might be too? Doesn’t say alot about my character does it? LOL Sure doesn’t say alot about hers. If that twit makes the F2 she can rest assure she would NOT have a vote in the JH after all she has done. But atleast she would have 50thou. Better than zero that is for sure.

    • Regan to best of my knowledge is shunning them..Somebody said he told Brittney that he could not be seen talking to her..I know he has been studying and memorizing questions and pics..Brittney was his friend..I thought she still was..I did not know of any cross words between them..

      • Ok graves maybe you are right. I haven’t been watching the feed so much. I did hear not long ago how Brit told one of the other boys don’t remember who that she hates Ragan in the opening worse than the Ragan in hiding. She is being a bitch to me but then again maybe that is part of their strategy. Hell I don’t know.

      • To the best of my knowledge I have never heard her say she hates or dislikes Regan..NEVER..Even before Matt got evicted They were talking a little game play..So I have to think that the shunning is on the part of Regan not Brittney..

      • When Matt was evicted Britney and Ragan were talking game and I think it was Ragan said they should not be seen hanging out so the others would think they were not still together.

      • Ok Graves got you. Like I said I don’t watch the feed that much so I am sure I am missing alot. I just go by what I am seeing now. So Ragan is the one shunning them? How ironic.

    • I think Brit just likes someone when she needs them. She wanted Matt out after Lane convinced her to do so, that’s why she told Ragan that Matt threw him under the bus so he would vote Matt (his friend) out. She’s as sneaky as all hell. Lane is her only true friend in her eyes IMO

  49. Enzo needs to go…This brogade thing is Lame and time to break it…Lane make a deal with Ragan and Brittney…Take out Hayden…I still say Regan and Brittney final 2
    But…I am never right lately lol

  50. Like I said perfect strat. Come flame IDC, trolls will be trolls. Funny how Dan didn’t get bashed for this kind of shit. Brigage played a really good game, thought Enzo winning does seem kind of lucky maybe he was playing the whole house. Who knows, still I hope they take out Brit, if so Hayden will no doubt be the smartest and most competetive player of the season. 2 HOH, munipulative, back doors people. New Dan? :)

  51. If I were Brit’s fiance Nick I would be pissed at her right now. She is in the HOH room, Lane told her he was going to take a shower, that he does it naked and he then left the door to the bathroom half way open. Never would I put up with that. Brit is many things I can’t say on here and Nick needs to get away from her as fast as he can. That one is a tease.

    • Loool, IDK why people find Britt so hot. She’s like 6 – 7 max. She’s touching up Lane so much no wonder Lane is doing it back. She’s probably tyring to flirt with him looool.

      • Brit is way more than a 6 or 7. Her body is smokin and her face is great. And she is funny and great to watch. I’m writing a sitcom script just for her and will have no trouble selling it to a studio. She has star quality.

    • Something is definitely afoot between those two. They are simply too comfortable with each other to be just friends. The britster clearly aspires to be an actress or celeb of some sort. Nick’s clear disinterest or distaste for her doing the show demonstrates how insupportive he is of her career aspirations. If they get married he will end up holding her back.

  52. THERE ARE 2 MORE PUNISHMENTS from Lanes opening PB..We should see those soon..maybe after POV cereomony…hmmmm wonder what Production thinks these guys deserve…hmmmm

      • well they took away the dishes cause nobody washed em…so they may take away bed clothes or towels cause they don’t wash those either..They could take back the grill or take the pool table away..THERE IS ALSO SUPPOSED TO BE HIDDEN OBJECT IN THE HOUSE..I AM NOT UP ON THE DETAILS so don’t know alot on that ..

      • If they took away the pool table now that would be entertaining! I know, Brit said last night how she never did dishes since she has been there and now what am I doing she says, washing dishes. Brendon, Kathy and Andrew sure did alot of cleaning and they are now realizing it the lazy bums. What is this about a hidden object? What is the point in that?

  53. When they’re out of the house and they all start their web page to fame and fortune bombard Enzo, Hayden, Lane and Britney’s pages about how stupid they are and how no one liked them and how this was the worst BB ever. Vote for Brendon as most popular and catch their reaction. The dumb four of them keep debating about which one of them is going to be most popular. They’re idiots.

    • While I don’t care for him I think Brendon will win that one. I do wish him and Matt were back in the house. Those who are in there now are so boring. I thought college frat was over. Waste of space those 5.

    • because of the double eviction, we think there was just no time for the jury house on thursday’s live show. maybe tomorrow nite?

  54. They just replaced the weight bench with one that is so old that they didn’t know that kind even existed anymore.

  55. Lane will not put Britney up, because they are life long friends. In fact I would not be surprised to find out that the “I am engaged to Nick” is a HUGE lie and that in fact she is actually engaged to Lane. The body language between the two of them is so obvious. They do not even really try to hide how close they are.

    • Mel thanks for reinforcing what several of us have been saying for several days. If she were really engaged to nick she would not be climbing all over lane all summer. no man in America could accept such humiliation from watching his fiancé carry on like this on national tv. Serves him right for being so obviously against her doing this show.

    • You are so right Mel, I think Lane and Brit are engaged also. Also a BB first, engaged couple making it to the final two, wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Sorry but your wrong. The life long friends are Lane and Hayden, so that is why Britney will be going up and not Hayden. Lane an Hayden are trying to make final 2 together.

  56. The place is full of ants too because they leave all the dirty glasses, dishes and old food all around inside and outside. Apparently they don’t realize living like slobs is the cause. They even talked about throwing out the glasses instead of washing them. This was all on BBAD. did any of you see that too? No wonder Big Brother is punishing them.

  57. I’m kinda afraid to post anything here. Is spikesmom gone? She beat me over the head with her rainbow flagpole on the previous page. And what’s ironic is I am a gay man… so I don’t know how I could be gay bashing… but anyway….

    Did you guys say a hidden “object”? That sounds like a page from “Survivor”. They have hidden Immunity Idols. What if there’s a hidden DPOV in the house? That could shake things up … or at least try to put a little spark back into this dead ember.

      • It would really only be interesting if Ragan won it, but still, I would be curious to see who he would put up in his place and how the others would react. He couldn’t put up Enzo, so it would be either Brit or Hayden (whomever Lane doesn’t replace Enzo with)

      • That’s what I was thinking… hide it under Ragan’s pillow. lol… That would definitely shake up the house.

      • Hopefully they wouldn’t be that obvious in putting it under his pillow, but then again… this is Big Brother… they’re not that imaginative. :-)

      • Haha it would be funny though. I can only image the posts on here!! I think it would be fun if they did a scavenger hunt or something.

    • No kidding! Every other word on this board would be “rigged”. This has become the “rigged” season… why not go out with the bang of all bangs! Ha!

  58. I’d like to sincerely thank Ashli and Matt (BBN) for the great spoilers and this great site. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Enjoyed reading, posting and say you both did a fantastic job !
    Thank You !!!

  59. hey ya’ll… i’m trying to figure out what the pov comp was. here’s a couple of clues!:


    ragan is pissed that enzo made body contact with him during pov comp.

    enzo’s response = hey, this is a competition. I don’t see you. I SEE THE DISK.

    enzo says he’s gonna go off on ragan if he says anything else about the pov = i just WENT THROUGH THE TREE STUMP …

    britney says to lane & hayden that enzo DID cheat during the competition.


    sounds like enzo pushed ragan out of the way so he could get thru e tree stump first to get to some kind of disk…???

    is shoving other hgs allowed in competitions?

    anybody recall a bb comp that involved a tree stump with a disk on the other side of it?


    • I sound like a “Survivor” cheerleader tonight, but …

      I don’t recall any real physical comps with BB. “Survivor” has them a lot and those people duke it out. I wish more of that went on in BB. It makes BB comps look wimpy.

    • Well this is the Enzo can do no wrong BB. I can’t remember any other BB where HG got physical with each other in a competition. I could be wrong though.

    • Hey CT, how ya doing, you didn’t copy right that did ya? hahahaha

      No can’t think of one, And no can’t think of a comp. where shoving a HG out of the way.

      • haha – very funny chris – u trying to get me in trouble??
        NO… i didn’t copy it! :)

        i can’t think of a comp that compares to this either – and can’t find anything in searches…

        oh well – i guess we’ll know on wednesday nite!

      • one more thing… i’m wondering why aggressiveness is allowed in comps when it’s NOT allowed in the house?

    • Enzo is almost twice the size of Ragan and conceivably Ragan could have been hurt/injured by this idiot. Is it possible that Ragan would have won this POV if Enzo did not push him out of the way? I hope BB will get involved here. It does not seem right to me what Enzo did. But maybe that is allowed.

      • No I don’t think enzo would have won, If hayden hadn’t told him where the disk was, That in it’s self should have gotten both of them eliminated, It is clear that hayden knew what he was doing. He was cheating to make sure that enzo would win, and not ragan, So come on BB do something, even if it’s saying that you don’t care, which is becoming very clear.

    • It seems they have to have to puppets on their hands if they are to talk, or they’re have nots??

  60. the veto comp. was the talking volcano thing. they had to find disks with the correct word on it and bring it back first. Enzo was told by hayden what the answer was and that it was beside ragan. he knocked ragan over and took it. BBvoice told hayden not to help. Brittney did accuse Enzo of cheating.

    • I’d say that’s 50-50. It’s not cool that Hayden told Enzo the answer and where it was, but if Enzo had known it and found it on his own, more power to him.

      Ultimately, the “ok” part would not have happened without the “not ok” part. So FOUL.

    • I don’t know what to call that but cheating, Hayden helped enzo (new he couldn’t win on his own) and enzo pushed ragan out of the way, sounds like cheating to me.

    • THANK YOU for the info barbi. now i don’t have to wait til wednesday to find out what happened! :)

  61. Maybe BBAD tonight won’t be so boring. Thanks for info on the Puppets. This could be funny.

    • It must be…

      Lane just took off his puppet and the other HG’s are like.. DON’T TALK TO LANE! lol… they even have to move the mouth of the puppet when they talk.

  62. Shame on Enzo “cheating” again. I agree with you that BB should punish him. I guess they have given up on this season too.

    • Yeah I am sick of the favoritism shown towards him. And it’s not like it’s sutble.. it’s completely obvious with the food, not sure about the POV comp.

    • The powers that be are probably pow-wowing right now knowing that the few fans left are not happy that Enzo possibly cheated, so they are trying to come up with a competition that he CAN win on his own so that they can save face and declare a DQ on the first one.

      The problem is, they can’t come up with a sure-fire comp for him.

      Sad. Who was it a CBS that thought Big Brother shared a fan base with Jersey Shore… tsk tsk

      • I just went to CBS BB feedback and complained about Enzo’s special treatment. I don’t care who won as long as it was fair. Same with the non-punishment for all the food cheating while he was suppose to be on slop. Wearing the penguin suit an extra day is not a punishment.

  63. wow… BBAD must be dreadful. Everybody’s nodded off……………………………………………………………………………………………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. Chris the great, Thank you for the poem about Tishe & I in the BB House, with her personality & mine the BB Fans would have a FANtastic Show:) Just Loved IT ! Had surgery but I’m back now. I wish Brendon was still in the House, Still very upset that the Blockheads- Brogade are still running the Show> BORING :(

    • Hi Clare Ann!! Just logged in, trying to catch up on all the posts!! How are you?? Surgery? Yep, yup, show boring!!

  65. BBAD all the house members are wearing sock puppets and everytime they talk they have to talk with their hands using their hand puppets. Must be a punishment.

      • Lane opened pandora’s box and received 91 bucks and unleashed three punishments on the house. this is the second one. if they speak without the puppet on their hand, they are a have not.

  66. This show gets boring when it gets to the point where you can remember all the people who used to be in the house. This season is even more boring though. These people have no entertainment value. Even when it was this late last season the house guests tried to keep things entertaining with fashion shows, talk shows and makeovers. This group does nothing but wait around for more beer.

  67. BB the HG want another bottle of wine, don’t give them one! Give them a HUGH bottle of MILK OF MAGNESIA so we can watch them all run & fight for the BATHROOM :) lol Surely, tonite BBAD won’t be BORING :)

  68. What ever will enzo do with his hand stuck in a sock!! I betcha his shorts miss him!! O, he can use the other free hand!! tee-hee

  69. OMG another night of TRASHING BRENDON & RACHEl;( PLEASE BB the HG must really MISS them, cause they can’t STOP talking about them, SOOOOO I think you need to bring them back into the HOUSE :) Don’t you think that would make them ALL HAPPY again! LMAO

    • @Clare Ann

      Have the HG’s been talking about them, I thought it was just us?
      I would think the HG’s would be relieved to not have to deal with them anymore.

      • Yes they need to leave MY MAN outta their conversations or I will beat -up their PUPPET ! LOL

    • We all know what Brendon and Rachel are doing in the JH. Matt and Kathy could never hook up. It’s a felony to boink a corpse.

    • Production really needs to put a stop to this obsessed trash talking…This has become truly deranged behavior…This is not funny anymore…These people are showing very real signs of mental problems and need serious psychological counseling at the very least…

  70. HEY BRO-GADE must be too hard to put your HANDS DOWN the PANTS with Chariie Mc C*rthy on your hand LMAO :) Watch out he might steal your Family Jewels LOL

  71. Hey Tishe, LETS get together and give those HG PUPPETS A FAT-LIP & A BLACK-EYE, sounds good girlfriend LMAO :)

  72. It is sad that the only thing they seem to have to talk about is Brendon & Rachel. The only thing this crew will be famous for is the house that finally killed Big Brother.

    • Again, I ask, as I did above, Have the HG’s been talking about RECHel and BrenDUM ? Or has it just been us here ?
      Thanks in advance :)

      • They (HGs) are talking about them! @ Clare Ann, a little help here. Thank you!! You responded to Tim earlier.

  73. Here’s to the ladies, I’ve met along the way
    Tishe, clare ann, jadelle, and sister J
    Put us on BB, Put us on TV
    Throw in a couple of stud muffins, and drama you’re see

    Throw in a few older guy’s, Yes that’s what I said
    Because they think with thier brains, not the other head
    Send in forteen people, Make it half and half
    We’ll give you ratings and drama, we’ll make the viewers laugh

    So BB we well keep trying, don’t you know
    If you want drama and ratings, Put us on the show
    So this I can tell ya, It may sound so very strange
    But younger people open thier mouths, before ingaging thier brains

    • Clare Ann, could you please explain to our friend “Tim” about the Charlie McCarthy (sp?) I am laughing so hard, I can’t type!!

  74. Chris the great: That was Fantastic, BB you need to listen to that one! Ratings will hit the MOON LOL

  75. Enzo has a friend to play with his balls now.. thank God for the hand puppet. LOL :) Now he thinks he is Gods gift to POV er’s. You only won one thing this yr. Enzo, get over yourself. Where are all of the drinking glasses, they keep using bowls &stuff. Was that part of their punishment? Just my opinion…..

    • Yep,Yup Irish girl, it was a punishment!
      @ Tim, I am so sorry, I thought you were kidding us!! I didn’t mean to be nasty!! YOU must be a young one?? not knowing about Charlie and the puppet?

  76. Charlie Mc Carthy was a Famous puppet years ago,I’m trying to remember the ventrioquist whos lap he sat on ( I think last name BERGMAN ) I’m refering the FAMILY JEWELS AS his B*LLS ! LOL

  77. i am sick to my stomach…how it looks like oen of these ole guys will win.i wanted ragan or brit..dang dang dang.i hope ragan tell brit that the guys r together and she wins and gets to send enzo or lane home.

  78. Ragen is playing house with his puppet under the blanket ! Ragen is mommy & the puppet is dsddy LMAO :)

    • Is there anyway Regan can survive? any twist? I hope that the brigade doest win, especially that meowass Enzio, Both Lane and Hayden are hatefull.

  79. Enzo said the only thing he has left in the house is His HEART & His BALLS LMAO THe PUPPET stole his PENIS LMFAO :) OMG

  80. Edgar Bergen – Candice Bergen’s dad – Charlie Mc Carthy – Mortimer Snerd – puppets.

    You have to be an old person to remember this.

    • Sterling! Darling! We thought you 86ed us??
      We actually have quite the “older person” fan club going!! How have you been?? Got married?? Had three kids? Dude you been a.w.o.l.!

      • I know – I guess I felt the the posts have past me by – I was losing interest in the dialog… but not the true blue folks that have been here from the start. It got wierd. But I love you all and I’ll be here to the bitter end.

      • I haven’t gone yet – I’m blown away by the current BBAD discussion – I think they have all lost their frik’n minds – they have just lost it.

      • Weird, are you calling me weird?? This game is weird!! Oh, the late nite posters have been lookin’ for ya!!

      • No Tishe – you aren’t weird – you and Chris have been pretty cool – but there have been so many new posters that have been generally trashing the game and you know what, this season isn’t that bad. It has it’s ups and downs but it’s OK. I want to see how it turns out. It is – what it is.

      • Oh, the BBAD! They have a discussion going?? Where might I find this?? Then you will say “hi tishe, whats up?”

      • Chris is or was just here!! Clare Ann is here somewhere?? Hey are you okay?? The game show is still great!! Yes there are negative posts, it is what it is!! (I love that)

  81. I wish one of the House Guests would tell Britney to shut the F up when other people are talking. Everyone is having a conversation together and she starts her own rogue nonsense chatter in the background. And her attempt at humour is horrific, granted people laugh once and she has to repeat it. Eye roll.

    I hate Enzo.

    • Hate is a strong word, sports bad Karma too! Try “enzoannoysme!” Aw, he is pretty much a doik!!

    • What I think is interesting is that Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Ragan, and Brittany spent the entire season hiding behind their obsessive hatred for Rachel and Brendon. Especially Ragan and Brittany with their hatred. Their main goal was to get Rachel and Brendon out of the house. They blamed all of the drama and fights, etc. on Rachel and Brendon. Everything would be paradise if Rachel and Brendon were gone. Well, now they got what they wished for. My point is, look at how they are acting–the same. I can’t wait to seem them all start going after each other. The only thing that would please me at this point is if Brendon won America’s Favorite. Otherwise, I think those left in the House are despicable and whoever wins I won’t like it.

  82. Yes ladies I’m still here, but really don’t know why
    BBAD is f-ing boring, It makes you want to cry
    I knew enzo couldn’t win a POV, or HOH for that
    If hadn’t been for Hayden helping he, he would be crying in his hat

    So drink your wine, Have some fun, even talk some trash
    You say america loves ya, but we think your a horses a$$
    Enzo you won the POV, and your on top of the world
    You could only by yourself, If the comp. was playing with the family jewels

    Put puppets on thier hands, there be drama galore
    You have made BB, so exciting, I can’t that it anymore
    Yes BB put sock puppets on thier hands, That’s were it’s at
    I laugh so had and cried so hard, It gave me a heart attack.

    FYI: hows that for sarcasm? good night ladies see ya tomorrow.

    • Chris-that-was-great!! Not like you to throw sarcasm in the works tho? Good nite!! Take care!!

    • Chris – I think you are a little tired – your lyric was a little loose – but your heart is in the right place. Although I ain’t no Lady – I’ll still say good night and hope you come back even sharper tomorrow.

  83. Why don’ those Hg use their IMAGINATION & put on a PUPPET SHOW? Oh I forgot Dumb,Dumber & Dumbest are still in the house! :)

    • No they are too busy trashing Brenchel now.. pathetic, they really are obsessed with them.

  84. I hate the new format!!!! This season has been wasted on trying to get Brenchel out of the house, thus allowing the pitiful brigade to march on without doing anything. The brigade without Matt has won only haydens first competition where he won HOH by accident. Enzo is so full of S#%t to act like he actually did something spectacular by winning the POV. Dah, it was against basically Ragan.
    I think it is very unfair that the brigade has aqreed that whoever wins buys the others vacation time at Steamboat Springs. So the jury votes are tainted by financial incentives to vote for a brigade member. I would be glad to see Bozo go he is so annoying.

    • I didn’t see your post before I posted, but I see that as well that the entire season has been spent obsessing about Rachel and Brendon. Even now that they are gone, they stil obsess about Rachel and Brendon. I didn’t know about the financial incentive. Thanks for the info.

  85. Enzo talking in DR:

    “Meow Meow wins da POV,
    Ain’t no Jury House for me.
    Time to send Ragan home,
    But he won’t be alone,
    When Brigade sends home Britney.”

    • YEA!! Q!!! You are on!! Did you read ChrisTG poetry raps? Had some very good ones!! #11! Where have you been too?? What the heck is going on??

      • Yep,yup, just got you back!! all is well, just so you know, a lot of the folks have been looking for you, me including!!

      • Nice to hear – I feel like I have some real friends here – soon to part I’m afraid.

  86. No I didn’t get live Feeds this year & so glad cause didn’t miss a thing! Good nite Chris:) I guess there are a few die hard Fans still hangin in tonight!

    • where did yo hear that. did Lane say he wanted hayden out? He should be more worried about brit and regan…

    • LOL – why do they even have the puppets? A puppet show would be great – something creative – but just having socks on their hands??? What is the deal?

      • A punishment? I’m not sure how big a deal that is? A spanking – now that would be a punishment but a sock puppet… I don’t get it.

      • Okay, from what I can gather, is that, they can only talk with their puppets on their hands.The puppets mouth has to actually move! If they do not do this, they become a have-not!! They did this last season, that I know!! COPY-CAT! BBN

      • Thanks Tishe – I guess you know what’s going on. But if there is actually a downside to not using the puppet to talk – then they all should be have nots – because none of them are doing it right!

  87. LMFAO @ Enzo saying the ratings must be better this year and that there were great personalities this year, “even brendon and rachel” WOW.

  88. Scene: Britney and Lane outside by the pool.
    Britney assuring her alliance with Lane

    “Lane, it’s you and me in Final Two?
    I can trust that’s what you want too.
    If not Enzo, then Hayden,
    We need to keep Ragan
    For final three before us two.”

    Lane: (Thinking to himself, while nodding in agreement with Britney)

    “Britney, you really aren’t bright
    If you think that I wouldn’t fight
    To get half a million,
    The critters I’d be killin’
    Would be an astronomical sight.”

  89. HG are all agreeing that RACHEL and Brendon had alot of PERSONALITY in the house! So SHOCKING to hear them say that> something GOOD about them!

  90. PANDORS BOX opened by Lane> Punishments CUPS & Silverware taken away, Must talk with their Puppets & there is a 3rd one Don’t know what that one is yet!

    • Interesting! These punishments are so severe – maybe next they’ll take away their birthdays!

      • Hi Clare Ann – you seem like good people – and if Tishe likes you must be OK. It’s so hard to tell the gooduns’ from the bad these days.

      • Hey,hey,hey! I am and will always be gooduns’!
        I think Clare Ann may have went to bed!! She is a hoot!! I think she might even be a ol’ hippie!!!!yea!

  91. Scene:
    Enzo in Cabana room, laying in bed playing with his junk, thinking about what a made man he has become in Big Brother. He plans to send Britney home…

    “Got my left hand playing with a puppet,
    My right hand, my sausage and nut-nut.
    I’m off the block this week,
    My game’s starting to peak,
    Just in time to knock off dat blonde slut.”

  92. I stopped watching live feeds for a week.. but today I figure i’d go on.. see whts going on…..?
    I loged in I hear enzo bitching about everyone. Then everyone bashing Bren AGAIN… Enzo says how he is such a bad player… lol Enzo has won 1 POV wow HE WON THE GAME!!! WOOOT

    Only gonna watch tv shows… no more live feeds.. the people left.. suck

  93. ENZO drinking wine from the bottle, Speaks first and then RATTLES the mouth of his PUPPET sometimes afterwards! Talking with his other Mafia hand without the puppet, that don’t count BOZO! lol Where is his Penality, again?

    • What penalty?? I still think BB production has a side bet goin’ on Enzo. They will put the camera on him,as long as it takes, to see how long it takes his hair to grow!! they have a pill for that!!!

  94. Scene:
    Enzo getting drunk on vino, speaking to BB cameras

    “Youse got a problem with Enzo drinkin’ wine?
    In Jersey, we do it all da time.
    If I keep gettin’ sloshed,
    You’ll need some concrete galoshes
    Before you’re dumped in da ocean of brine.”

    • !!! he-he-he-he-he!! have to stop laughin too hard.must go see a man bout a horse!! Q you butt head

      • “Dey made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Just when I thought I was out, they keep draggin’ me back in…”

      • Wow……..Tishe, Sterling, Q, wow about time you guys got here. I have been waiting all day! LOL Not really but well you know…damn but ain’t the feed boring now? WTF is up with the puppets? OMG… embarrassing……lol

      • Trish!!! YEA!!! See Sterling, there is a santa claus!! Trish, fill us in on the game show!! Well. oops sorry, say hi first, ya all have some catching up to do!!!!

      • Hi – and good night Trish. You have it all figured out. I think we have to wait until really late to have to true fans emerge from the shadows of the night!

  95. I love it!!! Britney actually said “Why are we so boring”? She hit it on the head – this group needs to fire up… or be fired!

    Ok, I actually, really have to go now – so good night all – but I’ll be back when you least expect it. So watch your backs!

  96. I think I HEARD LANE just slipped out of his PUPPET’s mouth that HE & HAYDON vacation every year @ Sliver Springs!! Told that to Britney while in the HOH ROOm. She will love it there! Now telling Enzo he just came back from DR. To go to same place!! Yes he did say that!!

  97. Scene: Ragan laying in Hammock outside, whimpering, thinking about his position in the game, the house, his life outside the house, well…evrything…!

    “I feel like such a lost baby
    With nobody here to save me…
    At Jury House I’ll have Matt
    And with Rachel a spat,
    In a big house by the sea.

    More weeks with NeanderTall…
    I really can’t wait for fall–
    When my university,
    Says… “What? No,thanks? Puleeeze!
    I really can’t take it all.”

    • Q, you will rule the battle rap!
      Keep up with the HGs exciting chat!!
      You may win the ultimate prize!!
      Pandora’s box (we know you will look inside!)
      You, my friend, have a challenge right now!!
      Help keep the posters, watch BBN bow!!
      This is where the now is happening
      Got it? Good! You youngins’!!!!!!!
      k that’s all I got !! It came from the heart

  98. Good nite to all the die-hard posters out there!! Thank you once again for making me smile and the up-date on the game show!!

    • K! nix the nite speech! Made the mistake of checkin’ back on the posts!! oops, am I bad?

      • YOU are bad. I can’t get over the puppets. So damn funny seeing Lane doing that….lol

        Tishe I know your not a fan of my boy but didn’t you like his interview?

      • Trish, it’s tishe! wait! I wasn’t a fan of your boy cuz he latched on to the rake!!
        He had this game in the palm of his hands!
        Bren did so good after she left!!

        I read the interview, he will be so hurt!!
        He seems like a strong young man, he will be fine when she dumps him!! Your boy will learn from this, I hope!!

  99. Damn you all going to bed. Well goodnight Tishe, Jadelle and Chris and Q and Sterling….and Rico if you are out there.

  100. No meds are making me sick to my stomach, not taken them1 bRITNEY WAS LAYIN IN BED WITH EAR PHONES ON & LANE CAME IN hoh . He asked her if she was going on the trip with all of the guys. He slipped and said ME & haydon go there every year its a good time there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alright Clare Ann, drink a lot of water, watch BB, and continue to post on this site!! Yep, they are friends!! Good twist!! Had some of us fooled!! Go to sleep girl friend!! Please Take Care.

  101. okay 1. Quit the poems/lyrics. Your not impressing anyone

    2. This was the worst season of big brother. A floater will win, with absolute no competition.Can you believe that?

  102. Showtime 2 is now on, it is a repeat of BBAD. I’m staying up to the hear the last few minutes in the conversation between BRIT & LANE in the HOH room!

    • BBAD is on watching it again 3am on Showtime 2. At kitchen table tellin other HG that: Haydon & lane talkin about MUSIC FEST that they go to has 50 bands & drinking all day by a river its a real good time! This must be what LANE was tellin BRIT in hoh that every year he & Haydon go to this FEST! ARE THEY THE 2 FRIENDS IN THE HOUSE ? MAYBE !

    • tippytoe,I love your name!! I hear, he is a good teacher!! He became bitchy from having his panties to tight, but he is a good teacher!! Communications, is what he does on the side!!

    • Enzo can be funny but it is way past his time to go. Dang I miss Brendon and even Matt. OMG even Rachel. It is so freaking boring it is like the show is already over. These last 5 HG;s have got to be the most boring in BB history.

  103. NEVER thought I would say this but I am feeling sorry for Ragan. He has to be there till Thursday knowing he is going home and he is not talking to anyone. He is now in the Half-Not room thinking…….and remembering…….

    • Trish, it’s tishe, are you okay?? Wow!! “never!” Rag will be okay!! He is a communications teacher!! Trish he may pull this off!! It is too bad that he needs little britches!! Scary??!! I Love the social experiment side to this silly game!! I met you peeps!!

  104. It is noon some where!! Wow, I have never stayed up this late!! I am and will be “dogmeat!”

  105. People stop hating on Enzo already. It’s seriously getting old.

    He won something to stay in the game and I still don’t see why he has so much hate for making it this far. Any of you would have done the same thing if it brought you closer to $500,000 (besides cheating of course, I don’t condone that obviously). Also who cares? BB knows what they’re doing and if he deserved a punishment they would have given him one. Plus none of ya’ll know what it is like to live in that house so stop judging people based on what they do in there. It is a game being played to win and Enzo’s in the final 4…he’s doing something right. Hating him every single week is seriously weak for a mature group of people.

  106. I have been reading the posts on this site since the beginning of BB12 and I am confused…the majority claim that BB is boring and no one but “floaters” are left – if I remember correctly Dr. Will was the ultimate “floater” and yet is considered one of the greatest players to play the GAME – and where are these wonderful players you bemoan are no longer there? Evicted – that’s where so for the remaining HG’s you have to give them props because they are in the house and still standing. And yes, it is a game folks – I do not know how I would behave being cooped up in a house without any entertainment except the strangers around me – maybe exactly like the behavior we are watching – who knows? I enjoy watching it whether there is drama from Rachel/Brendon or crazy Jersey talk from Enzo…and when it gets boring, I shut it off and wait until the next comp or whatever…its entertainment either way. No matter what they have done or haven’t done – the remaining HG’s are in the house while the others are GONE – end of story.

    • Nice try with Dr. Will = Floater, but there’s a HUGE difference between Dr. Will and these buffoons. Dr. Will played the other HGs like a cheap fiddle and let us in on it through his DR sessions. These guys are just plain dumb.

      Their only “strategery” has been to retain numbers and stay together… even baby chicks do that. (does that give you a visual or what??? :-) )

      But I do agree with you. Yeah, it’s boring, but apparently everyone on here – including me – likes to be bored because we’re all sticking with it.

  107. Watch last 20 min of bbad and Lane says that every year him and Hayden go to a festival and he wanted to Brit to go with them. Omg it is true. Lane and Hayden are the long time friends, which means Lane or Hayden will not put either up or vote each other out. They are in it together. They also said that which either one wins they both own the money and plan to invest in a club or something, and it will be in both names.

    • Really? Will that be enough to make Brit come out of that stupor she’s been in of her and Lane going to the F2?

      Or is this the “now that I’ve told you, I have to kill you” confession? Will he now HAVE to put Brit up and have Hayden vote for her? Even if Enzo votes for Ragan, Lane would have the tiebreaker.

      Why on earth would he tip his hat right at the end?

      • I think Lane totally slipped by accident. Brit heard but did not comment on it. Interesting….

    • Or maybe he felt obligated to tell her so that she had at least some understanding as to why he’s going to put her up.

    • Lane didn’t actually say that they go to that festival together, he just said that they both go to it – I think it’s just a coincidence that they would both go to something like that. Then again, Lane has talked about maybe having met Hayden’s sister. Maybe they are friends and Lane did date Hayden’s sister.

    • The “Brigade” has to be, hands down. the “most horrific” alliance of all time in my opinion. Besaides being a bunch of “weak” players they don’t even have the guts to announce they are an alliance and face the challenge. Matt, say what you want about him, at least was a competitor. I respect Brendon and Rachel (as much as I hate to admit it) because they accepted the challenge and fought. Oh well, at least Survivor comes on soon. Rooting for either Ragan, Brit or Lane to take this season. Probably will end up being Enzo though :(

      • I agree with u Jim, and yes, Brendon and Rachel were fighters and they showed it. To bad one of them(Brendon),couldn’t come back to the end, it would make it more exciting. Of course we know Brit would hate it. What is it that she hates so much? She’s a cold person. There’s always Enzo, ha ha…….

      • OMG please don’t even joke about Enzo winning. Hopefully Lane will put up Hayden as Enzo’s replacement, Ragan will leave (as much as I hate to see him go), then Britney needs to win HOH. If she does not she will be the next one to go. I would love to see it come down to Lane and Britney but I don’t think that will happen.

      • To Jim,

        The whole point of an alliance is to not let the cat out of that bag. Why would they annouce it to the house. If the alliance was outted then you take on the house head first and battle.How is it the most “horrific” alliance of all time if 3 of the members out of all the house guests are still in the house. Even thought there not that smooth something is working. Your point your trying to make is pointless.Now we will see the battles start to happen .Dont hate the playa , Hate the Game.

      • DM,

        You may have a point, it seems though this is one of the first times the alliance has been secret so log in the game. I think what I trying to say is that when the have an obvious numbers advantage, stop hiding the facts and let them out. It may or may not help in the final vote. I just can’t see four, now three about to be two strong people (not game play wise) afraid to let the cat out of the bag. BTW, don’t hate the playa, just don’t think Enzo is all that.

      • Enzo needs the money for hair plugs or Rogaine. He is not just the president but also a client, lol. Meow Meow!

      • You got it Bro. Except Meowass needs much more than plugs. He needs a brain and some energy. Winning POV was just a fluke. They should give him his own box filled with litter. Use guys need to get rid of this loser!

    • Could you please give me an update on what happened (who won), I had to work at the hospital er, someone didn’t show up. Sorry to bother you. Thanks.

      • Thanks Matt (BBN)….From this point on I’ll only be checking here to catch up on whatever has taken place…CBS/BB12 has allowed the absolute worst assortment of do- nothings to now determine final results…I can assure you they have already lost thousands of viewers, with many more to follow…Many thanks to you and Ashli..A great job done in the maintaning of this site..It is much appreciated..I’ll check back with you guys about Monday’s results..Have a good remainder of the weekend….

  108. I was hoping that Britney would vote to evict Hayden but she’s talking evicting Ragan. Wish she would realize she’s the next to go. Not that I am a fan of Britney just that game wise she thinks Lane will take her to final 2.

    • I think she’s counting on winning HOHs and choosing who she wants in the final 2. I’m sure she knows the men have each others backs.

    • I think Brit realizes her game is completely hosed, so she’s just going to go along to possibly help Lane. It wouldn’t matter anyway if she votes Hayden (IF he’s put up) because Lane would have the tiebreaker.

      The conversation that people have talked about from BBAD last night sorta spells out what’s taking place.

    • Marie…Sadly, this disaster of a production has now reached the point where any guy remaining in the house will have to give serious thought to taking Britney to final two..Why?..Simple..It is very questionable if Britney has any support whatsoever in jury house..

  109. Buenos Dias BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew :)

    Clearly, Britt the twit does no clue she’s leavin’
    next, NOT da smartest crayon pon da fisher price playbox! lol. Sigh, really wanted Raggity to win HOH, but oh well, such is life, hope he tells Britt about the brigade alliance, she should know the only way to F2 is via Raggity not Lusty Lane, Eeky Enzo and Hunky Hayden….lol.

    • He already tried by explaining how they were going to split votes for Matt in the week he used the DPOV. She didn’t believe him then, but she is very deceitful so who knows.

  110. So is it Brit and Ragan now on the block? These messages are a whippin’ to read thru with the new format.

  111. Can’t wait for Ragan to be gone. He has been the most hateful during the entire game. Here’s to him dealing with Rachel and Brendon in jury house. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

    • I don’t think Ragan had been problematic at all. Even more, he is the only one with the nerve to intelligently defend himself, i.e., Rachel, against verbal attacks. I hope it is either Lane, Brit and Ragan as winner and that Lane tosses the worthless “Brigade” out with the garbage. JMHO

      • i agree with JIm, Gunny have you even been watching at all it doesnt seem like it with that comment you have no clue

    • you call being spiteful and acting like a grade school kid who calls people names and picks out personal flaws on someone as intelligence? That man is downright mean. I would not want any kid or young adult educated by such a horrible role model.

      • @Jack, I agree. He is a teacher and I expected I high standard of personal behaviour from him. Instead I got a man who beahaved like a common shrew; a mean and vicious backstabber. All that the confrontation with Rachel showed is that he is not a better person as he would like us to believe. I think that his attitude toward Rachel borders on pathology. He is a sorry example of a human being.

      • That’s where we differ. He is reacting to the verbal attacks levied at him. So, you have your opinion and I’ll keep mine which is fine.

  112. What do I think OMG I would love to see them backdoor brit the stupid blond. Omg the best would be if lane would get rid of his compition Haydon say bro your safe your a pawn and let enzo and brit kick him to the curb like he Hay did to brendon.

  113. This is a really horrible season of bb. Still, I cant help but watch it. I hope that Enzo and Raegan get sent packing. And Britney 2. She is soo amazingly 2faced its scary.

    • I hope Enzo and Haddin get sent packing, Raegan also he deserves to go to the final 3 but as far as Brittany being 2 faced she’s not as bad as some of the others from this year or past seasons…..isn’t that part of the GAME?

  114. Enzo, should leave it the same and Ragan will go home. If he uses it, it might just land Hayden on the block.

    • why would lane put up hayden, if he is in a alliance with the bridgaed? I will answer that, BECAUSE LANE AND BRITTENY ARE A SEECRET PAIR IN THE HOUSE FROM THE START!

      • plus its the smart thing to do. As long as enzo or hayden are on the block, he holds the tie breaker vote. He kicks out who he wants out. He has to know that hayden and enzo are tight and will take eachother to the final two. he needs to keep the bitch around.

    • Lane sucks he floated to the final 5
      I want Britney to win she actually fought hard to be were she is

      • yeah, but she is such a mean person. I can’t stand to think such a bad person wins the grand prize even if she is the best player.

    • Lane is already wealthy. He lives on a multi million estate. His family has their own airplane. Give the money to either Regan, Lane or Brit. Meow face deserves the boot for being lazy and stupid.

  115. i wanted brendon to win. he wa true the whole game and didn’t back stab anyone – won’t be watching either… jut coming here to see if blondiedumbrit is gone yet

  116. i wanted brendon to win. he was true the whole game and didn’t back stab anyone – won’t be watching either… jut coming here to see if blondiedumbrit is gone yet

    • if the brigade would of been smart enough to look forward and see that if they left brit in the game, it makes lane the new matt. now they are dealing with exactly that. lol…

  117. I really don’t even care to watch it anymore since Bredon is gone,as far as the rest of the gang in the house,don’t like any of them.They are all two-faced and back-stabbers,hopefully next year,there will be better people on there,not a bunch of winning kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know right everybody else sucks
      except for Britney if she leaves im not watching it no more

      I wish Brendon won this whole thing

      • just to show you that nice people finish last… I just prey that ragane and brit do not win. They are two really bad people.

    • I agree with you Shirley, Brendon held the show together. I don’t watch BBAD anymore either. Boring.

  118. I wonder how much money LANE AND BRITTENY will win if they make it to the final 2, with them being the last secret pair from the start in the house?

  119. some of u are so annoy u whine about whos still in the house and say they dont deserve it but they do. Weather they were floaters, in an secret allia., won the most, and simply made others do there dirty work they all deserve it. U and play this game any way u want so dont hate on the ppl that are left that made it this far by doing something

  120. I think it would be great if Hayden were put up and had to go home if not this week then next. And Enzo give me a break……..Then there’s Lane. Regan and Brittany desirve to be in the final 2 but you know how that goes. Guess is Lane and Brittany are really a twosome (Nicholas Lane) Wouldn’t it be great if it were true and no one found out till the finale!

  121. I am so done with BB I just can’t stand what Hayden did to Brendon and OMG I just can’t stand listening to them all thinking they are famuse OMG Feeds I just want to check from time to time to see who’s gone. I tell you BB doesn’t get my rating for watching I hope the Rateing drop big time. Enzo winning POV I bet the others throw that one also. Do Dig Dong the big bad Ragan is going to be gone gone gone

  122. Frankenstein Enzo is a cheater and didnt win the POV fairly and cheated when he was a have not The powers that be have failed the game and me and my possee may never watch again unless some sort of right is made Its a sad day in the big brother house total bummer

  123. Frankenstein Enzo is a cry baby and a bitch thathas not won anything other than cheating on POV comp HE does not deserve to win He can be famous in horror films

    • Cant agree more. His Veto should be veoted by BB12. Replace brit with Meowface and vote his lazy as out.

  124. Now that Brendon has left the house there is no point in watching it. This year cast was not good at all. If it was not for Rachael and Brendon I would have stop watching a long time ago. Big Brother you got some making up to do. Love the show.

    • gosh, I totally agree. Even though Rachel may have been a bit unthoughtful of the consequences of her reactions, she played a very good game. Brendon should have won the whole thing. very bad cast this year.

  125. What’s with Blonde. She spends more time in HOH Room without being the HOH. Why doesn’t she stay where she should. She’s ordering Lane around like he’s her “special” friend. SHE JUST NEEDS TO BE GONE.

  126. In my fantasy, I want Hayden to go up as a replacement nominee, Hayden goes home, Britney wins HOH, Enzo/Lane go up, Ragan/Britney win POV, Enzo goes home. Britney/Ragan win last HOH and Lane goes home. Then I won’t care who wins. Too bad it’s only a fantasy D:

  127. Lets think like Enzo. He will not use the Veto power on him self and keep himself up there. He is an idiot! Win’s one thing and now he will think his 3″ is really 4″ he makes Jersey so proud!

    This season is the PITS bring back Evil Dick!

  128. Brit needed to go home a long time ago. She talks about people behind their back which in my book shows how much of coward she is that she can’t say it to their faces. She must be the same back home with her friends. It will be harder to get her out now if a quiz is involved since the Bragade are not as intelligent. I thought the Bragades were suppose to be a big shot alliance of 4 men but they were more like 3 girls in a skirt and Matt the only man!!! They should have spent more time trying to win comps rather than talking a lot of garbage. I pray all 5 left in the house don’t get chosen to come back for All Star season. Matt carried the Bragade through out the season and they have nerve to bash him. They should have pulled some weight on their end then talk crap. Brendon and Rachel deserve to be there more than the bragades.

  129. BB should make the third penalty for opening Pandora’s Box placed against Enzo. How about he can’t use the POV because he won it by cheating. They take Ragan off the block and put Hayden up because he helped Enzo win the POV by directing him during the comp.

  130. Everyone is so worried about who worked to get here and who floated…whatever! The five are there because they earned it, whether they made an alliance or played cute. Either way I’m for Enzo….that’s it!!!! Lol

  131. I believe that Brittany will go so the brigade cane keep the alliance….I also think that Lane and Brittany are either best friends or related.

  132. What was CBS thinking. Enzo is the grossest player of all time. His mouth is so foul and his eating habits are disgusting. He doesn’t know how to eat with his mouth closed……….YUK!!!!!!!!

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