Big Brother 12: Week 8 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its latest nominations episode where we’ll have confirmed for us who won the cliffhanger HoH comp on Thursday night’s Double Eviction episode and who was nominated for eviction.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place so we know where that’s going. We’ve got the Big Brother 12 PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

Big Brother just started running a “Late Bird” discount on the live feeds so if you’ve been curious to see what all the other fans are watching then you’re in luck because for a few days they’re running a $5-off sale which lets you watch the rest of the season for only $9.99. Check it out now with the 3-day Trial period.

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  1. Oh my goodness….. this season’s Big Brother is the worst ever. I actually cancelled my Superpass because there is nothing worth watching. All males and one girl just doesn’t create any drama. Hopefully, next year’s Big Brother will have more interesting characters. Enzo thinks he is America’s favorite character…. Not even close.

    • You’re gonna miss the remaining endurance comps if you don’t have your live feeds!

      Things certainly slow down at the end of the season, but I still like having the feeds on in the background while I work so I can listen in and hear/see what’s really going on in the game.

      • If anybody from the Brigade wins, they owe 1/2 of their winnings to Matt cause they wouldn’t be there without him dragging them along. But, none of them have any character or decency, so he won’t get a penny.

      • im tired of them talking about B/R, seriously they barely had nothing to do with their demise

        Dumbass losers.

      • Why is their hate and contempt about them so visceral.
        What is the behaviour of this people in the real world???
        If my daughter or my son behaved or talk about somebody else like that I would be so embarrassed
        What would they do to somebody they really hated it skinn them????

    • Again Enzo cheated. I would rather sit through season one over and over again then listen to the idiot Enzo chew with his mouth open… talk with that retarded vocabulary, he is an idiot and I feel sorry for the ppl of Jersey if this is their representation. Maybe he and snooky can got bury their heads in the sand??

      • I agree, Enzo is an idiot! I can’t stand him. I hate when they show him eating. The burping, farting and smacking his food is repulsive.

      • haha,how about the constant mirror checks? Ugly douche is worse than vegas man.Fn combover….raised by wolves,close your mouth when you eat you 4 yr old.

  2. I’ve heard lane and hayden are the life long and apparently told brit but she wasnt paying attention

      • i thought so too, but people said lane and hayden go to this festival thing evry year, maybe they misheard.

    • The “life long” friends thing I think was just a coincidental unknowing half truth. I don’t think Annie knew anything about Hayden and Lane possibly being friends. But I certainly wouldn’t put it past two friends (especially like them) trying to get on the same season to have 2 chances at the money.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if it’s true. Just wonder if it wasn’t found out in the vetting process?

      • for the last time…lane and hairden talked about steamboat 4 days ago.They realized that they bolth go there at the same time of year.Thats it!!!! no controversy you drama starved so and so’s!!!Lol….

  3. In reading about the POV with Enzo and Ragan. Enzo seem to have cheated. This is what Britt and Ragan said.Enzo has not followed the rules yet, why should he follow them now.He doesn’t like Britt.He wants Lane to put her up, little does he know if he hadn’t won, I think if anyone else had gotten the POV he will still be on the block.

    • If Enzo did cheat (which he probablt did) then why wouldn’t BB have interviened. I know alot of ppl like to bitch about comps being fixed but I don’t think they would fix anything for this low life. What would be their motive ? They probably find him as annoying us the rest of us and would want to get him the hell out of there !

      • Well he didn’t get in trouble for eating when he was a have not so why would he get in trouble for anything else he does…Scratch and Sniff Enzo

  4. 1st time poster…Yes a very boring BB this year. I couldn’t really cheer for anyone. No real villians, but it looks like a floater wins this season.

  5. I was curious in other Big Brother shows have the HG talked about making money off of items or their appearances after they leave the Big Brother house? Thanks

    • They may have in passing or joking around, nothing like this group who feel they are all the next best thing, especially Enzo…get a grip man (and I am not encouraging him to put his hands down his pant!!!!)

  6. I wish someone would make a bold move, (brit – enzo work to get Hayden out) but nothing happens with this group. And I HATE the way Briteny thinks she is one of the guys group now and is ignoring Regan. No one is including him in anything, when Brendon was alone enzo and hayden made The onle 2 highlights to this season is when Rachel left and when Regan put her in her place. Every moment in this game is about who they all are freinds with. Its boring and sickening. A bunch of undeserving people.

    • opps, type, should say, When Brendon was alone Enzo and Hayden made an effort to include him in things. and the only 2 highlights…..

    • Wouldn’t that be nice if they did something unexpected? I think though that’s why Lane has no option other than to put Britney up. If he’s really let slip about him and Hayden, he can’t risk putting Hayden up as a pawn.

      Of course, we’re probably giving Brit and Enzo of all people too much credit to realize if Hayden was put up, they could completely blow up Lane and Hayden’s plan by voting Hayden out, keeping Ragan, and going after Lane.

      We’ll just have to have the more exciting game of BB in our heads, I guess.

      • I doubt this would happen … nobody is willing to take a risk in this game. These houseguests have been way too predictable … even the votes are boring. But, it certainly would make for a less boring end to the season.

      • Right now Enzo is trying to get Lane and Hayden to vote out Britney before Ragan. I don’t think L and H are going to go for it though. They if Britney won the next HOH she would take L and H to the final 3 not Enzo.

      • Which she will probably do. I keep hoping that something exciting will happen, but I’m afraid that’s just wishful thinking.

      • I know many of you don’t like Rachel or Brendon but I feel that Rachel was the only one who wasn’t afraid to make bold moves. Matt made some moves, but he was afraid to do anything that would have really changed the game when he had the DPOV and so he put up Kathy. Brendon tried harder once Rachel left but even he was cautious. Ragan is all worried about being voted out but that is what he and the others did to Brendon when he had no one. I think the gang that is left are all boring because they focused almost entirely on getting Rachel and Brendon out. Even now that they are gone they have nothing better to do but keep talking about them. I shake my head.

      • I agree with Tularosa to a point. Rachel and Brendon did try to make bold moves. I was so mad that Matt didn’t put Enzo or Hayden up against Lane when he had DPOV. He knew they were going to vote him out over Lane. He should have put someone besides Kathy up.

    • Why do you continue to bash gay’s? You are WORSE than Ragan is or ever will be, your comments are sickening.

      Homophobe. I am not gay myself but I have a few gay friends, they are great loyal people. It is people like you who prevent the rest of society from moving forward.

    • Just because Mary referred to Ragan as a gay trash talker does not inticate in anyway a hemophobe. You are the one who is trying to make more out of it.

      • Then why refer to him as gay trash? Why not just call him trash? Don’t try to cover up Mary’s hatred. Justify this response!

      • I don’t think she was being homophobic either. I think you guys are reading too much into it. She didn’t use any slurs. Even Ragan refers to himself as the ‘house gay’.

      • Also @ajmidd12 I think you may have misread the post. She called him a gay ‘trash talker’ not gay trash.

      • @ajmidd12 – I’m not trying to cover up anything ! What r talking about ? You need to chill. Re-read it again. If you can’t understand it, don’t jump to YOUR conclusions !

    • I think it would be in the best interest of the brigade if they send brit home and it would be a bold move and make a little excitement in the game it is so boring

  7. All Hail Enzo :) If Enzo was a rollercoaster, women with young children would stand in line for hours just to ride him.

  8. So Enzo won pov huh? Wonder what kind of comp it was, to be that easy that Enzo could win it…lol

    • I know. Enzo couldn’t possibly win any competition that involved knowledge, speed, or physical ability. Without cheating, that is. Apparently the POV comp was like the “Otev” one where they must find the answer to a question hidden in the yard. Hayden told Enzo the answer and where it was, so Enzo knocked Ragan out of the way to win the game. Not a fair win at all. Poor Ragan.

    • It was the “Otev” competition where you have to search out, find items, and bring back the correct answer first as the “sacrifice”.

  9. Could I ask a qustion? Was Enzo ever punished for eating while a have not??? Did I miss it?

      • So just so we’ve got this clear:
        Enzo cheated as a have not…
        Enzo cheated (or fudged) with the penguin suit…
        Enzo cheated to win the Otev competition…
        Enzo grossed America out: (eating and hands/pants)…
        Enzo went (for all practical purposes) unpunished…
        Enzo will probably walk away with either $50K or $50 K…
        Enzo will get another $500 K when he publishes his
        memoir: ETHICS (is) FOR DUMMIES…

  10. I know Bratney’s a b!tch, but I almost want her to stay and make it further, just to see if anything dramatic happens, like, figuring out about the Brigade, because I’m so bored with this Final 5! The BORgade wasn’t that exciting! We knew an alliance of 4 wasn’t going to make it to final 2 from the beginning. It wasn’t exactly a shock to see the 3 village idiots vote out Matt, we saw that coming for 2 weeks! I just don’t see how this end of the season will be so fascinating… :(

  11. @MattBBN: great job on keeping everything going, Sock puppets, was the best that BB could come up with, PLEASE. If BB really want to do something to cause stress on the 5 JOKES, BB should have told them they couldn’t talk for 24 hours, Now that would have really started some drama.

  12. Did anyone else noticed that BB isn’t really showing the house and the way it looks, OMG how can people live like that? I guess they can’t spell the word “CLEAN”, Also if they aren’t trashing B/R or other HG’s (not themself’s who are gods) then they don’t know what to talk about, they are losted. You got to fill sorry for them.

    • Especially Brit who procratinates about doing the dishes then complains that they have ants. No Wonder. They eat crap too lazy to cook other than turkey burgers. Has anyone eaten a salad. Thye live like pigs.

  13. BB are u ever gonna stick to the punishment for pandoras box no one is moving the puppets mouth except Lane when they are talking like all night long.Its so unfair to past hg that were punished for not doing what they are told, and how many times is it u told them they are not allowed to talk about production and they continue to ignore you. What kind of game are u running here its so not, as its told to the fans that they will be punished I’m still waiting and so is everyone else. Wake up Big Brother actions speak louder than words we are waiting any day now please.

  14. Enzo is pushing for Lane to put up Britney and now Hayden is also telling Lane to put up Britney. I thought he was going to put Hayden up and vote out Ragan ?
    Britney is way to comfortable around Lane, she better get her head in the game and start asking him who he plans to put up. She is not “one” of “them” and is way to comfortable.

    • I hope Lane listens to them. I think Brit is a better player than Regan and has better chance if winning if Lane doesn’t get rid of her now!!

      The jury almost always votes on the person that won the most. of the people left that is brit they need to get her out while they have the chance…

      • If anybody takes Brittney to the final 2 they are going to win. Like I stated in my post down on the page, Brittney has three votes against her automatically in the JH. There is literally no way she can win, unless she uses Lane and Ragan to take down Hayden/Enzo. I’m not even sure if she can do that though. She probably won’t win the grand prize of 500k.

        It would make sense for Lane to put up Hayden and get Brittney to vote Hayden. He is really the only player Lane has no shot against. He has an okay shot versus Ragan and Enzo and an almost definite win versus Brittney.

      • HAYDEN AND LANE ALSO TOLD ENZO NOT TO USE THE POV ..which means he is still on the block and can be evicted…At that time Enzo was in agreement..

      • previous post add on…I am not sure that Enzo realizes just how much of a risk that is..As Hayden and Lane have been discussing outting him..

  15. I agree with the concensus… this has been the WORSE Big Brother Season ever ! ! There are 3 guys that do not deserve to be there The “brigade” was/is a joke. The good players..real players are gone. I am done with this season completely no more live feeds, no more posts, no more after dark, no more CBS show…. I have had enough, and couldn’t care less who “wins”. CBS, should cancel this show today ! ! ! Now that would be good t.v. ! ! !
    Signing off –

    • Really?

      It’s one season. There have been past seasons that have flat out sucked, at least this season had Matt to root for.

      They’re not cancelling the show because of one bad season. Yeah, like you’re actually going to stop watching the show. Even after most of us have realized that some competitions were rigged/influenced, we’re still going to watch the show because the majority of the game is controlled by the players.

      See you next year though.

  16. Tell me if i’m wrong on these next week’s predictions guys. I’ll screen it just to show how predictable this season has become, through the cheating and getting away with it and some fixed competitions:

    Enzo uses POV on himself
    Lane puts Brittney up on the block
    2-0 vote, Ragan is evicted

    Brittney wins HOH
    Nominates Hayden and Enzo
    Tells Hayden and Lane that Enzo is the target
    Hayden wins POV, uses it on himself
    Lane has to go up in his place
    Enzo is evicted, 1-0 vote

    Final three: Hayden, Lane, and Brittney

    1st competition: Brittney is first to get eliminated, Hayden beats Lane

    2nd competition: Lane and Brittney fight for the second spot, Lane wins

    3rd competition: Hayden vs. Lane, Hayden wins

    Hayden decides to take Brittney to the final 2.

    Matt votes: Hayden
    Brendon votes: Hayden
    Rachel votes: Hayden
    Kathy votes: Hayden/Brittney, doesn’t matter
    Ragan votes: Hayden
    Enzo votes: Hayden

    Hayden wins 5-1/6-0.

    So am I right or what? Seriously.

    • I agree completely with your prediction. The only thing that would change it is if production allows Enzo to cheat like he did in this POV comp, and if they allow him to continue to get away with not following the rules. But I really hope you are right, and he follows Regan out the door!!

    • You forgot Lane in the voting, there are 7 jurors, would Lane vote for Hayden or Brit? I’m thinking Brit if Hayden gave him the boot. Not that it would matter

      • He didn’t cheat in the Veto competition. You guys actually think BB will let people get away with cheating on the show> Stop crying and finding SOMETHING to hate about Enzo you cry babies.

  17. Here is what I would like for next season:
    split the men and women in the house to compete against each other then merge and eliminate.

  18. I too, agree this has been the most disappointing season ever. I can’t understand why BB continually lets Enzo get away with cheating. Eating, while a Have-Not and taking directions from Hayden during the POV comp. His odds at winning SOMETHING, with so few houseguests left in the comps—- you’d think he’d win something without the help of his “boys”. Jeeeezzzz–this guy is SUCH a piece of work.
    And the fact they all sit around talking about how their season is so good, the ratings are through the roof, how popular and what celebs they are—–puhleeez just stop. They really think they’re something. Not even a thanks to Matt for bringing them that far.
    I feel bad for Ragan and I even feel kinda bad for Brit. She foolishly believes she’s one of them.
    I really hope BB doesn’t just cancel the show entirely. I just hope next year they’ll do a lot better. When it’s good it’s REALLY good.

  19. They won’t cancel the show guys.

    The producers are in debt but this won’t be the last season of BB. The ratings are still skyrocketing high, even if this season is one of the worst in the history of the shows running.

    • I wonder that if the ratings were that high, why wouldn’t they have a winter version like they do with Survivor?

      • The ratings aren’t as high in the winter due to competing programs.

        The previous winter season, Season 9, totally sucked and was a failure on most parts. The whole couple thing they tried to do failed miserably and the winner/another contestant spent their money on drugs. Basically everything about that season was bad. Even the ratings weren’t that high.

        If BB is going to try another winter season they should do it after a successful season. If they follow this dreadful season with a winter season and that blows too, than there would be no more winter Big Brother.

        More than likely, they’ll finish this season out and see how the general public has viewed it.

      • Atleast 3 ppl from previous seasons were not that great ! Adam is or was in jail for selling drugs to a undercover agent (not very bright) Matty also was in jail for beating his pregnant g/f (again not so bright, rather sickening) and James now does porno films (not going to say what kind cause i’ll get accused of being a basher). So you see ppl, there are idiots all over the place.

  20. I’m not sure why people think Britney has no chance of winning against Lane!! I think Rachel & Brendon have had time to cool off & their votes will be based on game play not personal feelings….& if we’re voting off game play, Lane will lose sitting next to Brit…he hasn’t been playing the game & he hasn’t won anything except his ONE hoh.

      • Oh I def don’t think she’s making it to the final 2 but if by some chance she does, I don’t think she’s dead in the water– I think she has an extremely good chance.

        But if any member of the brigade is smart they will reference season 10 whn Memphis chose to take Dan to the end whn he should have taken Jerry. 500k choice….and he made a bad one

      • If Brittney does make the final 2, she won’t win.

        Matt thinks shes a backstabber and a liar, plus she could be classified as a floater. She had Matt and Ragan protect her, than when Matt left she immediately jumped ship to the Brigade.

        Brendon and Rachel will vote against Brittney for being a floater, a liar, and a spoiled brat according to them. There is no way those two stubborn retards are voting for Brittney.

        More than likely a Brigade member will be with Brittney if she goes, meaning that the other two current brigade members that were eliminated will vote for their buddy. If you’re counting thats 5-0 against Brittney.

        Kathy’s vote wouldn’t really matter, but she could make it 6-0 or 5-1.

      • I dnt agree. Season 10 & 11 are perfect examples of people leaving the house with bitterness & resentment & as viewers we’re thinking these people will never vote for that person to win & thn they do. Season 10 everybody hated Dan, everyone thought he was a liar. condescending. childish…the list goes on and thn he won with a unanimous vote! Sooo I def don’t agree. I think Matt will vote against the brigade, I think Brechal will vote against the brigade bc they’ve had enough time to sit back & realize that these people did nothing & they dnt deserve it

  21. But I do agree– worst season ever. It’s hilarious yet pathetic whn the cast sits around talking abt how famous they’re gonna be. Last night the mentioned getting a tour bus for their “rockstar” tour but saying the bus company would love to give it to them for free bc it’s a promotional thing for them.

    :::blankstare::: these people are truly delusional!

    • I know, listening to them talk about opening up a bar, they truly believe that they are well liked. They have no idea.

    • So agree – they have nothing to offer. With all the complaining going on about how boring this esason is, it’s up to the producers to liven up the show. Again, same repetions for comps…the HG’s know what to expect. Show us something more creative. These people make alot of money for doing the same thing over and over. Show us something new! It’s not too late to create excitment this season.

  22. If it were not so close to the end of the season, I would cancel my live feeds. Why was Hayden allowed to give Enzo an answer in the POV comp?
    What the hell is going on this season? Bozo thinks he is king of the house now because he has won a single POV. He is so disgusting. The way Lane was sitting around this morning trash talking Brit about her appearance, told her that she needed to go and clean herself up, what a pig.
    I used to like Lane just a little, no more. Hayden has been the biggest liar in the entire house. Taking vacations and money. Get that damn hair out of your face! But, if these three idiots are the last three standing, then I guess lying, cheating, manipulating, backstabbing are what you have to do in order to win this game.

    • I wish I knew why they have allowed Enzo to get away with so much. It really messes with their credibility factor. BB, I mean. Not the Brigade—they never had any.

      • You said it…production is the cause for this boring season.
        I thought they might have something early on when it ‘appeared’ they picked some people with brains. Guess I was wrong.

  23. I hate Enzo more than any other houseguests so he will win..remember I warned you..The winner is always someone I can’t stand. :(

    • I don’t think you need to worry Marci. Enzo hasn’t even started playing the game yet. So he won a POV. I’ll have to wait and see if the “cheating” story is true. If Brit and Ragan say he cheated, they will take that story back to the JH and that win will be discounted by the jury members. Enzo has done nothing this season except gross the viewers out!

      • Brit and Ragan are looking for any excuse to cause trouble. That’s all they do…it’s disgusting. Since i haven’t seen the POV I can’t judge. All theyse rumors floating around. As much as I think production has ruined this show, I’m giving them the benefit of doubt that they wouldn’t allow Enzo to cheat on the POV. So what if he ate a candy bar while a HN, are you saying that there has never been cheating going on in previous seasons?

  24. Did you guys get a new producer or whoever sets up this program. If so he/she needs help. This has not been the BB show we have watched for so many years. We have looked so forward to watching it again this year but there is just nothing there. Perhaps it is just the people you put on the show????? Who knows but something has to change for next year.

  25. i’m honestly tired of hearing people saying that they’re a bunch of losers and don’t deserve to be there. They outlasted matt. they outlasted Brendan, they outlasted Rachel. all these people. Maybe Matt should’ve out enzo up, but he didn’t. that was his choice not ours. we just have to do with the fact that enzo is getting far. and lane. and brittany, and ragan and hayden. It’s part of the game and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • Well I love BB, but I definately think this season was not as good as most of the past, there wasn’t enough drama, the house CONTINUED to vote as a whole, no much to watch there…imo, there are some definate losers up there. Lane, Enzo and Hayden can’t win anything unless there’s only 5 ppl left in the house to stack their odds. I can see Ragan winning because he’s flown under the radar the first half of the season until Rachel showed up. It depends on who he’s up against. Too bad Britney has made too many enemies in the jury to win…But I think she COULD win if she were in final two with Ragan.. But I think it will be tough to decide who wins if it’s Hayden/Lane final two:

      Rachel votes for: Hayden (cus she’s always thought lane was the Sab)
      Kathy votes for: Lane (cuz she’s liked Lane the most in the house)
      Matt votes for: Lane (cuz he know’s enzo/hayden were gunning for him to go)
      Brendon votes for: Hayden (cuz..well, cuz that’s what Rachel would do :) )

      Who’s going to the jury next?????? Hm… I think Ragan or Britney. If either one goes to jury

      Ragan votes for: I’m stumped on this one…But he’d probly vote for Hayden just because he’s won more than Lane
      Britney votes for: Lane just cus it doesn’t matter how mad she will be at him for being in an alliance, he was still her friend in the house and they have the hots for each other…

      • Hayden will never get Brenchel vote and Matt may not vote for him either.
        He is in real trouble no matter who he goes to final with, if he goes.

        Remember, Hayden took Brendon out.
        Just Saying.

    • lol Sorry, I just posted a comment that totally didn’t even show up. Anyways, The only time I’d watch BB is the Summer. I wouldn’t think BB would do well against Survivor, American Idol, or Desparate Housewives, or Amazing Race

      • Couldn’t go against Survivor or Amazing Race in that it’s the same network. As for the others, a different night would solve that. But I do understand the concept of if it blows it’d be 2 blows in a row and then the possible demise of the show.

      • They’ve done it before. Survivor is on the decline and most people that used to watch the show don’t anymore, including myself.

        American Idol, really do I have to say anything? This show is on the major decline with Cowell leaving.

        I could see a possibility of an winter season but if this season turns out bad, aka Hayden or Ragan don’t win, and the winter season is bad could be some issues. The 14th season should be All-Stars, so that could hopefully save the show if a winter season is brought back up again and doesn’t meet standards.

      • This is a show that has to be shot in the summer – bikinis, bathing suits, etc. I understand the concept, put HG together with no outside influence. What happened to the chess set? Are these HG’s too dumb to play…the answer is yes. They can’t even figure out dominoes…so sad. Ragan said he couldn’t understand the directions. Who doesn’t know how to play dominoes?

        This just goes to show us how “stupid” people are. It’s scary for our society.

  26. Rick—who ARE you–Enzo’s brother? Meow Meow is the most stupid nickname I’ve ever heard.

    • Obviously, this is a cultural thing done in NJ. Enzo is the only funny thing happening on the show. Don’t take him so serously. The HG keep saying that Enzo is going to wint the popularity 50K – that’s because they like him. He’s an okay guy, loves his ‘wifey’ ang baby. Give him a break.

  27. We’ll have to watch the playback of the veto comp. If it is true that Hayden shouted out the answer BB might have allowed it since both Enzo and Ragan could hear him. If Hayden pointed directly at the spot Enzo could find the namecard that’s definitely cheating. I still think it’s questionable. Once eliminated HGs shouldn’t be allowed to participate at all.

  28. Very excited that CBS and their golf coverage has gone into a playoff…meaning tonight’s episode will be delayed!!!!

    • Really?

      I’m actually happy. I get to watch some more of the Steelers game now, thanks.

  29. Brad-your comments make the most sense. SisterJ-funny, altho I can’t even imagine selling any copies other than to his family. I also don’t believe he has the ability to write a book.

  30. I will continue to watch as i am a bb fan but by far this is such a bad season….Enzo or as i call him scratch and sniff is the most discusting hg ever. he cheats with no punishment heyden is probably a nice guy but kissin everyones ass so not to be noticed ragan is playing the game brit trash talking with personal attacks on everyone. lane, geez whos lane

  31. If Britney makes it to the final 3 she basically just won, the first comp is phsyical usually and the 2nd and 3rd are mental so if she bombs the 1st she will win the 2nd and 3rd and become the HOH and evict the stronger player and take the weakest / looser-isht player to the final 2 and win Big Brother and then we have two blondes under 25 who have won big brother 2 years in a row.


  32. Wanted Brendon to win over the remaining HGs. Used to like Britney, but she seems pretty mean-spirited. At least Rachel made her bashing fun. I want Britney to win over the Brigade members, but I don’t think she has the votes over Lane and Hayden. MAYBE Enzo, but even that is iffy. Rachel will probably not vote based on game play, and the Brigade will probably vote for the remaining Brigade member.

  33. This entire production has now become so ridiculous it is comical….Britney now considers herself a member of the brigade…

  34. It’s true. People from Jersey are trash/pigs just like Enzo: rude and disgusting. Too bad NJ can’t crack off the US and sink to the bottom of the ocean taking every Guido/Guidette skank along with it.

  35. love big brother but the brigade s the worst alliance there has ever been not one of them deserve to win. hope ragen can win p.o.v.

  36. If Ragan gets sent to the jury house i think they should let us watch him and rachel go at it!! it wouuld be more entertaining than what is going on in the BB house. Thanks to Newwave our cable (not)provider the channnel that carries the show was the only channel not working tonight so I missed the show. But when they kick out Ragan I think it will be more interesting in the jury house!

  37. Now production is so pathetic!!!!! The punishments are for Kindergardeners–sock puppets and dancing every hour!!!! The competitions have gotten so easy .CBS has lost all creditability. It is really sad. Surely, they could do better!!!!

  38. hmmm…feeds interesting..BRIT & LANE discussing “who needs the money”??…Whoa..this is good..Britney telling him about what Hayden told her about being broke and in need of money..Lane tells her that Hayden’s family is in the resturant and bar business..Lane is a little pissed off…let me keep listening and see where this goes..

    • What it seems to be amounting to is that Hayden gave Britney a sob story as to why he needs the money..Lane is laughing at some of what she says Hayden told her cause it is probably not true or Lane knows for sure Hayden lied to her..Well this could go either way..Lane gets mad at Hayden for playing the sympathy card with Brit or he gets mad at Brit for possibly taking Hayden’s story to heart..hmmmm..

  39. @ Rick, who need’s to back off is you, you ass ! Enzo is a big jerk off. He’s all mouth & no brain. If he win’s —he did not earn it period. He is the most degusting person I have ever seen on bb’s. I sure hope his wife leave’s the light on @ night because this man is crazy & need’s some major help in the head. He has no up-bringing & his head is full of ” Hot Air “. He is a ” LOW LIFE ” & if you have to brag about yourself , then there is a major problem within himself. If his family show’s up the last night it’s because they want TV time just like him. Haydan is a bold face outright unthoughtful creep. Lane has no self control doing what he did in front of his Mother. So that leaves Brittney & Ragan to win. But with the way bb play’s the game ,they cheat to. This year has ended it for many bb watcher’s & i,m one. Enzo is a street person & has been around the block. He love’s himself so much that there is no room for anyone to love him. He think’s he has all the answer’s. We,ll see how fast he go’s threw that money. Can’t wait for that one. My dad won 1-millon in the Michigan lottery in 1976 & the tax’s will eat Enzo alive. LOL.

  40. I think that the jury should be able to see Britney & Ragan’s antics on AFTER DARK, I’ll bet the votes would definitely be influenced if either made it to the final 2.

  41. It takes more than just putting words on paper to write a great article. You know how to write informative content and bring up clear points of interest with flair.

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