Big Brother 12: Week 8 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the latest PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

It’s been an insane few days in the house and everything has been tossed upside down. Noms have been made, Veto events have disrupted plans, and it all builds up to Thursday’s live eviction where we’ll narrow down to just four final Big Brother 12 HGs. Hard to believe we’ve only got two weeks left in the season!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome so go ahead and try it for free and you’ll get $10 of free mp3s. Seriously!

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  1. To quote a wiser person than I: ” I can’t explain it, I can’t justify or defend it, but I love it!” Started watching the show four or five years ago, discovered BBAD two or three years ago, and only discovered this website this year… Might be an escalating addiction or a downward spiral.. but it has been a lot of fun… And as others have said, what else is there to watch at 8PM in the summer? Looking forward to regular programming, but will be back next year, for sure! Am tired of the Rachel bashing, but I’ve done my share of Enzo bashing, so in some karmic way, I guess it evens out… But enough about me… Is Brendon REALLY in the Have Not room? Let the fireworks begin! Thank you Matt BBN for providing this website!

  2. @Matt thanks for running a great site.

    I think the reason that BB was so boring is:

    1. Lane, britney, hayden, enzo, ragan, matt and monet all have basically the same personalities, thats way they got along so well together.

    2. Annie didn’t last long enough to count

    3. Kathy just tried to fit in, She gave up her integrity doing so

    4. Andrew, brendon, and rachel were up against the wall from day one.

    Thats way the only drama in the house was when Rache, Andrew, or brendon were there. Once they were gone all you had was people that were the same and that yells BORING

    • Good points on why bb12 is so boring but also nobody had the courage to make a big move this season. I’m baffled at the way this game has been played its been so predictable. Nobody was smart enough to figure out the brigade and I knew if nobody took them down it would be a boring season.

      • I agree! No one did anything for themselves. They voted with the house most of the time, and you are right about no one making a big move. I have given up on this season. I can’t wait for a new cast.

    • So many moves have been so questionable in this game it had me wondering did they really want to win. Matt had the biggest chance to change the game like Jeff did last season when he took Jesse down. He could’ve put up hayden or Enzo w/ that power and chose Kathy, the weakest player. He knew he was the low man of the brigade b/ they were going to send him home.

    • Then he throws the HOH comp and gets backdoored and still remained loyal when he couldv’e exposed the brigade and aligned w/ brit/brendon/ragan. It just blows my mind why he stayed silent that week how he went against all logic. Julie even asked him about that after his eviction. Now we have Lane whose dumb as a box of rocks and Enzo who hasn’t won an HOH all season at the end of the game and we get noooo dramma. this season absolutey sucks. I have more respect for Brendon cause he fought his heart. Powers in numbers is what took him down.

    • I think the reason this season is more boring than others is also b/c the houseguests have learned from other seasons not to make a target on their back by winning too many comps,having strong personalities, making enemies, etc. Therefore, they are content to sit around and get along with each other. Maybe BB can change things up in the next years to where this type of strategy doesn’t work any longer.

    • don’t go too far out on the limb, Erika… with Rachel in the jury house that’s a given.

      you know she’s defending her ways there also and if you haven’t heard she’s really smart and a strong woman and ready to keep any woman or man away from her man.

      she’s just waiting on Ragan’s arrival, you can bet on it. i’d say Ragan is the last one she wants seeing as the winner of BB12.

  3. I don’t really think they are all the same personalities but I do think they all try to agree with each other and vote the same way. I can’t believe that they think their season is so incredible. It’s the most boring season I’ve ever seen.

    • @Derric I didn’t say the same, I said “Basically the same”

      If you think about that’s way They think that they are all going to be big stars, they all hated the same people, they all voted the same way.

      • Brit and Ragan are seem intelligent but Enzo is more clever and scheming and Lane is a total goober w/ all due respect. I’m just tellin it like it is and its mindblowing that these clowns will make final 4.

      • Brit, intelligent ? idn about that. But she is the girl in high school that had to be one of the popular girls who really turn out to be the “mean girls” Nice to your face, but talks and stabs you in the back behind your back.

    • That’s the problem I have they all voted the same way all season. Nobody had any courage they all just kow towed. Ragan even voted w/ the house against Matt. You don’t have to watch eviction ceremony b/c you know there won’t be any surprises, its predetermined.

    • They always vote the same way save for Kathy it’s always been a sweep vote! what’s up with that?

      • I totally agree, I’ve never seen a season where the whole house voted the same way. That really aggravated me. The voted with the house so that they wouldn’t have a target on their back. Not once did anyone ever vote on their own or make a move for themself. And I am so tired of hearing how they think they’re the best season ever, that tonight’s BBAD is great television, this or that was epic. And that they all think they’re going to be stars and have so many fans. If they didn’t keep mentioning who is in the JH or who got evicted already I wouldn’t even remember who was on this season. Let’s get it over with already. I realy like BB but I sure hope that next season is a better season.

  4. This truly has to be the worst season ever! All these people do is sleep. What a waste of money for superpass! I do agree, let’s go to the jury house, I am so sick of the people in this one! Not one of them has any imagination, just plain lazy! We do have to look at who is there though. Bratney = spoiled brat that never had to work for anything. Mommy pays for anything she wants. Enzo = lazy moron, plain and simple. Hayden = we all know the only thing he has on his mind is girls. Sorry Kristen if you think your special to him, you’re not! You were just someone to play with in bed while you where there. Rag-an = going home, Please! Can’t stand his voice, attitude or looks! And last but not least Lane = I think he is about the best one there. Strange and rich but still the best one there. So with these people, BB = horrible season. Please BB, be more picky for HG next season!

    • What’s shocking is that yahoo had an article saying that the ratings for bb12 are great and beating other networks on nights they’re on. Even doing a little better than last season.

      • Wow, how can that be? maybe all the other networks are showing more crap..and BB is the best to pick from. ;p

      • If that is the case, it is because the other networks are showing reruns. If it were the start of the new fall season of shows, it would be different.

      • Yep, it’s true. CBS sends out press releases several times a week talking about how each show is beating previous seasons’ ratings. I think Sunday was the best ratings in two or three years.

        I guess they just do a great job of editing the live feeds to pieces so the TV-only audience is none the wiser.

        The good side of this is that at least we can be assured of several more seasons with hopes of a better cast next time around.

    • I agree. I don’t know if they had trouble finding interesting people to be on the show this year or what, but they didn’t pick a good bunch. Lane is the only one I find funny.

      • almost everyone of them provoke the Lov’em or Hate’em extreme… that’s ratings.

        an viewers are split on some of them, that causes controversy.

        How can so many love Brenchel and yet so many hate them? and there’s little if any in between. think about it!!!

        look at the split opinion on Brit, Ragan, Enzo, Lane & even Hayden. and they are F5.

    • Is there something wrong with America wanting to see fighting & crap all the time? Some drama would be welcomed but I for one didn’t enjoy watching Evel Dick’s antics or Rachels. Play shrewed, some back dooring, white lies even but keep it a Game. Conflict is not always the best policy.

    • I find that hard to believe. This absolutely the worse season ever. Since Brendon left I really don’t care which of these lazy, rude morons win. I quit watching the show and the after darks. Occassionaly I’ll check in here for a quick update just in case Big Brother made some wild surprise. The rest of the season is not worth wasting my time. It is soo soo BORING!

  5. Unless something major happens I’m also out until finale night. I will continue to check your site though!

  6. boring boring boring please lets bring russel jesse lydia chima natalie for some real drama jeff and jordon for some sanity

    • That’s what I’m saying, last season blows these extremely boring HG’s away. Brit and Enzo are pretty funny but absolutely no drama and nobody has any fight they just go on the block and concede defeat.

    • Carol… really? russel was ok. jesse is just an egomaniac. lydia was plain goofy. chima was a whacko bigot. natalie was a young immature high school kid or acted like one.

      maybe if you had that combined in 1 person they’d make one good hg.

      jeff & jordan were the only interesting ones you mentioned… russell gets half a point, LOL!!!

      • I myself thought Jeff & Jordon were boring. She was such an AIRHEAD and that high streaching voice !

  7. This season has been a let down. The Brigade mat have dominated the house but their innate caution made everything so boring. Ragan and Britney’s embarrassing obsession with Rachel blinded them from aligning with Brendon, one of the best competitors in BB history. I passed on the live feeds because Ragan’s rants (always focused on Rachel’s sex life or breasts and genitalia) were sad and pathetic. Britney is immature and equally offensive. The boring Brigade – three of the biggest lugs in reality TV history – are poised to win. It’s all profoundly uninteresting. When you subtract the Brigade from this season, all that remains are the likes of Ragan and Britney. And they’re not just bad BB players but the TV equivalent of pond scum. Let’s get out the Lysol and scrub brushes and hope next season is better!

    • Brendon one of the best competitors???? He won nothing while shomancing with Rachel and the POV haircut edition sure looked fixed……

      • Actually he won two PoV’s while Rachel was still in the house. What show were you watching? Certainly not the one we all watched.

  8. Bonjour BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    I do hope we see the Jury House finally!
    They haven’t shown us a thing, which means the remaining epi’s must show each guest entering the house, including the 1st one – Rachel! I mean, how much editing do you need to do? It’s another house full of HG’s they should be effective and efficiently faster by now! :P. Looks like Lusty Lane is not buying Raggity’s story, so even if Britches gives him her vote, apparently she’s only playing for $50K, she said she knows she can’t win! (liar!)….Ragan’s still out da door!
    Will BB intervene on his behalf? Will they reveal he’s the sab?

  9. Can you imagine if Heyden and Lane are the final two in the house. All that will be heard are the crickets and helicopters. They have personalities of wet mops. That’s when it’ll be time to turn the TV off. Oh and we’ll hear Heyden grunt and throw them damned peanuts in his mouth one by one, One by one, One by one. And Lane will continue to wear out his hairline by taking that ugly-ass cap off and on off and on off and on.
    I simply can’t wait {{{Yawn}}}}

    • Well I think it will be like last year. Finale is a two hour show so we will have the hg’s competing and the evicted one goes right to the studio with the other jurors. That one doesn’t go to jury house. Then they will have the jurors asking questions. Then they will vote. Then the hg’s that were sent home will join the jury and tell them things that they didn’t know. I think that show will move right along. It will be boring after next week when three remain. Hope Enzo isn’t one of them.

    • Jeanne – Ha, you’re right! Hayden constantly swirling the ice in his container drives me batty. Lane’s hair looks so dirty under that cap, he should just leave it on or go wash his hair and leave it off. Enzo and Matt have not been shy about putting their hand down their pants constantly either, then touching the food. The brigade is quite disgusting really!!

  10. Wow, if “production” would let the Hgs see these last 10 comments I would love to see what they would say about them. They think they have put together a great season when EVERY viewer thinks otherwise. The only good thing from this season has been this chat room, very disappointing!!!!!

    • I think the producers are pretty happy with the viewing this season….

      Big Brother is averaging 7.6 million viewers for its three weekly episodes, a 6 percent increase from last summer’s 7.2 million average. Among viewers ages 18 to 34, ratings are up 10 percent. Last week all three of its episodes finished among Nielsen’s top 12 most-watched shows. For comparison, the only thing on Fox to reach that many viewers was an exhibition football game, and the only thing on ABC was Tuesday’s edition of “Wipeout.”

      • I don’t think that is because this season is good. I think it’s because there is nothing else on.

      • Footnote: This information is according to the Nielsen Company and David Bauder, a TV writer for the Associated Press.

      • hey that’s good to know, am sure they’re thinking another bb all-stars, even they know with out that sab* and the record # of pandora’s boxes, this season woulda been a complete BUST! lol.
        it was gr8 to see J&J, but I think ppls really want to see Dr. Will, Kaysar, Mike Boogie & Janelle!

      • I didnt say anything about the numbers they are getting, its the summer and there is nothing else on to watch, I said that this season sucks and everyboby agrees with me.

      • I never watched BBad until (and stopped last week) this year and learned about this site last summer. So people that only watch the weekly shows don’t know what goes on after dark. They don’t see how some of these idiots act. That is why ratings are good. Some people just watch SUN, WED, and THURS.

      • thats because everyone wanted to watch the double eviction and was hoping brendon won hoh thats the only reason it was high

      • I am sorry, but not to be part of the minority, but I have enjoyed this season as well. My husband did point out to me that there is not as much actual game play like plotting, and planting seeds and stuff like that. For example last year when Natalie and Kevin convinced Jeff that Russel was going to back door him. Classic. Nobody beats Will and Boogie, but all in all I have been enjoying this season.

      • The ratings are so good because so many people are watching to see if Britney and Lane end up together after the show. The debate over their relationship has far overshadowed discussion about the actual game itself.

        I am having “the guys” over to watch the finale, not necessarily to see who wins, but to watch the fight that is going to break out between Lane and Nick over Britney. Smart money has Lane winning in a second round knockout, based on strength. However, some boxing experts say Nick may have unexpected hand speed that allows him to land punishing combinations to Lane.

        Expect the fight to draw in all of the live audience, and necessitate Julie Chen’s evacuation by CBS security.

      • @Karzai- don’t be silly. Nick would never fight Lane because Nick is wayyyy too much of a cowardly loser. Why would he be angry? He has no problem with his fiance acting like a whore on national televison and embarassing him in front of his friends and family. He doesn’t care about Britney “wrestling” with lane. (LMAO @ “wrestling” with a man and having him grab you from behind as you giggle like a little school girl even though you’re engaged to another man) Nick sat right there in the interview and said he doesn’t mind the “flirting” LOLLLLL. What an idiot. Even Britney knows she has been acting inappropriately which is why she said she hopes Nick hasn’t broken up with her. But she knows Nick is a loser and could never find another woman again so she does whatever she wants. If I was a friend or family member or even a coworker of Nick I would be making fun of him everyday for the whore of a fiance he has. The dumb fake titty cock eyed bimbo who can’t be without the attention of a man for three months and who has to constantly talk about people she supposedly hates. LOL I hope Nick has a good life after she leaves him after 1 year of marriage. /RANT

      • Skyboy…..Pretty accurate…Really beginning to think Nick has no idea what he has hooked up with..

      • Karsai – Don’t let the big boobs and pretty face control your thoughts. Dreaming is all she will do when it comes to the entertainment industry.

      • @Skyboy, you described this slut of a female very accurately. She is repulsive and fake and is behaving like the whore she is. However, I do feel for her fiance because he is the victim here through no fault of his own. This heartless slut of a fiance of his made him the subject of ridicule for so many, and I truly feel compassion for him. What is he going to say on TV? I don’t believe that he is Ok with this whore’s behaviour and I think that he should have ended the engagement right there, but then if he loves her then he is stuck.

    • Clarrym…. every summer there is nothing to watch. A year-to-year comparison is a valid measuring stick for the popularity of the show.

      And, I don’t think EVERYONE agrees with you – the advertisers, sponsors, and producers of the show certainly don’t!

      • Rico do you not read these comments, KNOWBODY likes this season, KNOWBODY!! I dont care what the pruducers like or the advertisers like , I want a better “show”, period.

      • You mean “NOBODY”, of course….

        Well, 7.6 million people say that it doesn’t suck enough to stop watching. And EVERYONE on this board says (with their actions) that it doesn’t suck enough to stop talking about it.

      • Rico its people like you who will be satified with this season b/c the numbers were good and let a good show like BB slowly go away b/c of viewer boredom.

      • You can’t support your opinion by saying the facts don’t matter.

        You don’t even need to justify your opinion… it is your opinion that the show sucks and I respect that.

        The facts say that there are a few others out there who may have their own views…

        (by the way… “people like me”???? Just exactly how do you know my opinion on the subject? Not once did I mention my personal view…)

      • Skyboy we are in total agreement that britney’s behavior is way “beyond” flirting and I too would be laughing at nick to his face if I were his co-worker.
        Where we disagree however is that I view Brit as an intelligent, cosmopolitan woman who dreams beyond Fayetteville Arkansas and has a great future in the entertainment industry with some training. I also believe she and lane are soulmates and belong together.

      • Just because people on this site dont like the cast doesnt mean the rest of America doesnt. Not everyone has the live feeds nor do they all watch BBAD.
        This is the first season I have watched start to finish. My cousin got me hooked last year after the Chima incident.
        So dont lump EVERYONE for the feelings of a few.

  11. bb needs to give us a night of just the jury house not the bb house I’m sure its much more exciting

    • Oh yes so exciting make out sessions and everyone sitting around with blank stares while Rachel leads Brendon by the nose or jumps him with her little short dress thing.

  12. Anybody that has live feeds>>>The HG’s are not up yet but one of the cams is on in THE HAVE NOT ROOM…IF u have the feeds and don’t mind go in there and have a look and se if u see a person laying on the floor..May be Regan but don’t think so..

    • Graves…. I don’t see a camera on the Have-Not room…
      What I’m seeing is the Jumanji and Taj…

      • go back about an hour on the rewind feeds and see if u can find PC is giving me problems and I’m having a hard time posting.

  13. I’m still watching After Dark (of course it’s recorded,so I fast forward through a lot of it!) I think the last week of the season with Britney (if production gives her either and HOH or POV comp that she can win..)and Lane and Hayden might be pretty funny. They just have to talk!
    There have been some laugh out loud moments this year, but I agree that it hasn’t been as entertaining as seaons past.

    I saw on another comment board that BB should consider doing a season with us super fans! So whaddaya think…Mary, “The Great,” “Gurl,” Lamar…should we put our comments and ideas to work, and get in the game???

    • Mary if that’s true, I am sooo applyin’, we should all go for it! Poets & Nifty Crew included! It’d be fantastico and fantabulous! :)

  14. Ragan: Are you here to give away half a million dollars, or are you here to win half a million dollars? The proof is in the pudding. The person you have seated next to you on finale night is how you will determine that.. Let’s get down to brass tacks. You’re not gonna beat either of those boys in the final 2…

    Ragan: Everybody loves Enzo. He’s never done a thing to get a single drop of blood on his hands. I’m sure he’s America’s favorite player and I’m sure he’s the jury’s favorite player. Hayden will beat you too. Not by as big a margin, but he’ll still win. Brendon doesn’t blame Hayden, he blames you (Lane) and Britney. Enzo is gonna vote Hayden, because they’re a pair. Whether you see it or not… And Kathy is definitely voting for Hayden. She sat by his door when he was in solitary confinement. Now lets look at other people.. If it’s you against Britney, you win. And if you’re against me, it’s almost the same thing… It’s 6 to 1.. So you have to ask yourself, in a final 3 situation, who do you want to be with? 2 people you are guaranteed to beat or 2 people you are guaranteed to lose to in a final 2 situation?

    Awwh Raggity, Lane has $, he’s playin’ to give it away to his bro-gade men! Enzo has a lil girl and Hay’s a young chap in college. So yeah he’s not playin’ for himself he’s playin’ for his boyS!!!!

  15. What is the reason we have not seen the jury house yet, since there are already 4 people there. We want answers Big Brother.

    • I think it’s because last Thursday was a double eviction and they couldn’t fit it in. They always show it on the live show. Maybe tomorrow we will see all three of them going to jury house.

  16. Personally I liked this season. It was funny and it lacked annoy fights many of you wished for. I’m hoping one of the brigade members will win. You can’t be mad at the brigade for staying under the radar. They won competitions when they needed to and strategized. They played the game best this season and deserve to win.

  17. I am on this site because I am bored with my life right now. I guess the reason I watch a boring show is because I have nothing better to do.

    • That’s sad!! Being bored with your life. Get out there and start to enjoy it. Make it happen. Go do something you have always wanted to do even if it’s by yourself.

      Keep your chin up……….

  18. Hey guys this is my first comment on BB12. Stop complaining about how bad the season is yet you guys stay up all night and watch. I agree that this time around we have some less than steller players but every year is different and the producers do not know how the hgs will react or behave. Thank God for B/R/MATT who played the game under hard situation. Every one who claim to love Brendon so much need to ensure he is voted America’s most popular. Other than that you guys are addicted to BB so see you guys on the comments boards.

    • I’ll admit it, I’m addicted and I do not like this season. Call me crazy, but I still watch it.

    • i agree somewhat… BB wants hg’s that you either love or hate… seems they hit with that part. said it b4… they got characters not hg’s with character.

      it looked like Kristen was the big dud of the group but bOObzilla got her going. did she open her mouth the 1st couple of weeks?

      some of this group even has personality at times but what distinguishes this group we had no one willing to take risks, we LIKE hg’s that take risks.

      it like they’re students of BB and have learned to play safe for the jury vote from day one. so we’re not seeing the Dr Will, Boogie or Evel Dicks… just seeing what appears to be plain old dicks, like Enzo.

  19. O BOY, this show is soooo much fun to watch! Britney (“ITCHNEY-PICKNEY”) Lame (so full of himself as an athelete) who seems to have labored breathing, even when he walks. OH HELL, I cant even go on! I am one sick=puppie for watching..Does anyone know if you can get a refund or partial refund if you cancel LIVE FEEDS?

    • If they were not engaged before the show, they certainly are close to that now. Lane’s discussion with her in the HoH room about wanting a “soulmate;” – clearly he was laying the groundwork for saying he considers her his soulmate.

      The two are so ridiculously in love, they have begun communicating with each other through facial expressions, according to BBAD feed over the past few days. She pretty much has moved in with him in the HoH room. A few nights ago he flailed her teddy bear around like a trophy – clearly, when a girl leaves her teddy bear in your bed over a prolonged period, she “is yours.”

      I know I am going to get jumped on here by SummerToo, who may even by the Summer that Brit refers to as her boss at the hotel company and who is clearly defending Nick. This is a guy (Nick) who has publicly dismissed their (Brit and Lane’s) relationship as her “flirting” with him for the purpose of getting ahead in the game.”Flirting” which he fully supports, if that is her strategy.

      Nick, why don’t you just man-up and admit you are hurting, and we can all regain an ounce of respect for you.

      • karzai and Skyboy…If Nick and Britney are together 12 months following this season I will forward a check in the amount of $100.00 to each of you…don’t bother sending your mailing address yet…I’m feeling pretty confident…

      • I’ll take you up on that offer also. Tonight was sooo obvious. Guys ALWAYS stick together, so why wouldn’t Lane put up Britney instead of Hayden, especially b/c of the bro-gade alliance ?? If i’m wrong, i will so admit it. If not, he definitely wants to get in her pants :-)

      • Rneimee time for you to eat crow. In line with our thinking, Lane protected his “girl” and put Hayden on the block as replacement.

  20. please people send enzo home. he not only had his hands down his paints but he was playing with his privates while he was in front of the other players. please don’t campare what he does to Matt’s actions, not even close.

    • why should he? Socially he is a hoot but think about it the ones who played the game are in the jury house or at home. If ENZO can last this long just being crass who are we to judge him. The game is final2 not who likes me more. The jury house and a lot of bb before had people we like but they won no money. I would like to see RAGAN go home only because I am a teacher and his behavour is a classic example of why our children’s future is in terrible hands. If I had a kid in his university Iwould pay him a visit because game or no game there is playing the game and there is behaving like you live in a cave. Oh and by the way being gay is no excuse. Some of the most beautiful and sensitive and responsible people I know are gay.

  21. Help is it Brendon I bought live feeds to watch on I phone and dosent work, I will be disapointed if I did that and it is not him

  22. This has been a good season the only people who are complaining are the older soccer moms who are obsessed with brendoormat.
    Last year these same people said they wouldn’t watch cuz Jeff left but guess what people still watched the show.

  23. I’m havin trouble believing anyone actually liked jeff& jordan…yuck…anyway for allstars I wanna see Jessie,Natalie,chima and Russell, Britany,Hayden and Brenden…and idc who else they wanna throw in. But rumor has it their will be no future big brothers, even with the better ratings this year…and I’m sure their ratings would be higher if their wasn’t 3 episodes a week,bbad, live feeds and ondemand viewing. I love bb thought, been watchin it since the first season, but when I try to watch the past seasons I get bored, they look so outdated. :P

  24. anyone who claims to like Enzo, are clearly related to him, or friends with him. he is kinda cute for an older guy though.*shrugs shoulders*

    • For me the best part of the show is when Enzo tries to work out with the rest of the guys. LOLLLLL. Funny stuff.

    • No claims to like ENZO Iam just saying he is still there. If the idiots want to keep him why are we blaming him? It is ENZO who started the brogade and he is the one who makes the suggestions. To be a good leader you have to have fools who are willing to do your dirty work. If he gets to the end he will get bren/rac/kathy/matt/ragan votes so do not underestimate him. He played a social game with bren and rac will vote with bren. Kat has been in the jury house long enough for them to sway her.

  25. There are only 2 things more ridiculous than you pretending to be Erika:
    1) Anyone believing you are, and 2) (even more ridiculous) If you actually were.

  26. Wouldn’t you be violating some kind of agreement with CBS by revealing you were going to be on an all star season? I would think the “real” Erika Landin would know to keep her mouth shut.

    • Ashi Rae….I didn’t want anyone to know..but my real name is Bill Gates..I just need something more to do sometimes than run Microsoft..know what I mean?

  27. can’t wait to see Britny go threw that door and haden with his tongue up his nose like a cow i hate that! :[

    • I know, the crap that Hayden does with that tongue is gross. Mouth is always open. He really gets on my nerves, told bold-faced lies to alot of people, guess that is part of the game, but I thought he was better than that, Jordan proved that you don’t have to backstab, manipulate, lie, cheat at POV (Enzo) This has been a very disappointing season and I have watched since season one.
      These brigade idiots, I can’t stand.

    • I just wish that Lane would take Ragan’s advice, but I am afraid it fell on deaf ears. He is way too invested with “Dumb and Dumber” Shame.

    • The peeps in here this year have made some huge mistakes in choosing eviction and alliance associations they don’t realize what hit em till there out the door…

  28. I guess Ragan knows how Brendon felt now. At least he doesn’t have people being nasty in addition to being a loner.

    • And I think I forgive Enzo now. He is too funny, I’m sorry. I don’t want any of them in the house so at this point who cares about which one stays, leaves, or lies and cheats….Lol

    • Haven’t been able to watch… Taping it. Was it on purpose? Lane does NOT want blood on his hands…

      • But he didn’t want Ragan to get it either. So why would he throw the comp without making sure that Ragan didn’t win? He didn’t that’s why. Like I said, he is nice and cute and tad funny but he’s not the brightest light bulb…lol.

  29. ummm pretty obvious Brit is whoring her self out to lane, sooo Nick and her will be fine. I do believe lame has a crush on her, but trust me, the feeling is not mutual! Btw, forgot about Dan, and I also liked keesha, and of course drew was gorgeous, so my pick for allstars is….Jessie,drew,Brenden,Hayden,Brittany,chima,Natalie,keesha,Dan,Russel..and now u can throw anyone else in there…but again I doub their will be any future bbs. But hey only time will tell, eh?

  30. They were talking about somebody sleeping in the Have Not Room but I did not catch the entire conversation…I knew there was a person in there this morning but I could not tell who it was..

  31. Lol!!!! That was too funny….! Ragan throwing that cd and popping the clam and Enzo in the head. Hilarious! Best scene this season.

      • what else is new? that is what he does best. if someone else had acted like him, he would have talked about them and said they were disgusting. he hits enzo in the head with the cd and then snaps because Enzo was trying to make him feel better. Such a sore loser. I’m in shock that Enzo finally won something but then again, he don’t have much competition anymore..smh.

  32. Regan is such a lil whiny bitch, grow some balls…”oh poor me, people in the house are working together”…ugh can’t wait to see her go home!

  33. Britany’s puppet really looks like her, droopy eyes and all. too funny. And Ragan crying that puppet..Lol! WTF..who cries to a puppet? smdh

    • OMG…if Ragan mentions Rachel’s name again…..he is obsessed! Lmao! @ these non-rhythm having people. Where is the footage from the Jury house…? geez

      • I would like to see that footage too. And these people really don’t have any rhythm. And Britteny has to go home. I am so sick of her too.

  34. I am not sure Lane is making a wise move in keeping Britteny. She will do what she has to in order to be there till the end.

  35. Did you see that Thursday night’s BB will not air until after the late late show at 1:37AM due to preseason football. How about on the west coast?

  36. lane is officially the dumbest player ever. should have put up brittney, not sure who’s gonna go. have a feeling that it’s gonna come down to lane’s vote. lane shoulda stuck with he boys now he’ll have both of them gunning for him and dumbney. i hope enzo wins at this point. the rest of them annoy the piss out of me.

    • enzoannoysme!! In my humble opinion. Lane is not the “dumbest player ever” I am pulling for him!! He makes me a little curious about his game strategy, yes it tends to piss me off! I think he is trying to go under the radar all the way!! So, if this the way he wants to play, so be it!!

  37. Good Evening to all!! Still trying to play catch up on the posts etc. Didn’t watch the show, tape machine is screwing up! I was told it is an operator error!! (could be)

    • hollaz tishe! on the new board posting my girl! see you there! catchin’ up too, still have to watch da epi! gotta see how enzo “cheats” in the veto comp! latazzzzzzz

  38. first time to post, but glad to see others are as obsessed as I am. I swore off not watching after Brendon was evicted, but I came back. Britney is funny. I did like Lane, but all he talks about is beating people up. Brut. Enzo, crude, full of himself, and they all talk about how famous they are going to be. what a laugh.

    • oh, glowbug, are you hooked?? Stick around, you have some very die-hard “Brendon fans” They are here!! They are just a little shy.
      Now, I am a Lane fan, why you ask? I like the boy, he will be under the radar all the way!!
      I do miss Brendon, tho, a tad bit of competition was fun to watch!! I I will not miss what is her name??

  39. Lane isn’t dumb, just BORING! BB needs to have them open a Pandoras box that let’s an evicted house guest back in! Bring some excitement into the season!

  40. I am still wondering why we have not seen anything in the jury house. Have been to see what happens

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