Big Brother 12: Week 8 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

Things are slowing down for the HGs in the Big Brother house.  The majority of Ragan’s days are now filled with talking to himself in bed.  I think boredom has taken over and the house is ready to beat their heads against the walls.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 31, 2010:

10:25 AM BBT – Ragan’s up and in the backyard talking to himself in the hammock.  Talking about what he’s going to say to Lane about staying over Hayden.  Going over it with himself and the live feeders.

11:33 AM BBT –  Ragan is now talking to Lane.  He asks if he’s there to win and if so he can’t win against Hayden or Enzo at the final 2.  He’s saying why Lane should keep him and Brit because neither one of them would get votes in the end.  Lane listening saying the occasional right right.  I think Ragan’s being fed what to say in the DR because they need to stir up some drama for this week. 

1:00 PM BBT – Brit goes to the HoH with Lane and asks about his talk with Ragan.  Lane said he made good points.  Lane tells Brit Hayden took the 5 grand and the Hawaii trip.  They are considering voting him out now.  I don’t see this happening.  Lane would never want Hayden out over Ragan.

3:20 PM BBT –  Hayden asks Enzo if they still vote for Lane if he takes Brit to the final 2 over them.  Enzo says yeah but that he’ll be pissed.  Oh Enzo you have no right to be mad at anyone in this game cause you have done NOTHING!!!

4:00 PM BBT –  Inside lockdown so all hg’s are napping.

5:45 PM BBT – The brigade is in the backyard and Lane tells them about his conversation with Ragan that morning.  Still saying Ragan made good points.  Enzo and Lane are joking with Hayden trying to make him think he’s going home.

5:50 PM BBT –  Brit comes out and starts a pillow fight with Hayden and Enzo joins in.  Pillows are flying everywhere. 

8:25 PM BBT –  The hg’s are bashing Brenchel yet again.  Brit is being pretty nasty calling Rach a whore and going off on Brendon and his lower extremities.  Brit is way too obssessed with these two.   

11:20 PM BBT –  Enzo found toys in the storage room and is very excited.  He’s opening the moon sand.  They also got foam paddles and balls.  All hg’s are up and playing with the new toys.

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Things picked up a little when Britney started the pillow fight and Hayden got nervous at the thought of leaving before Ragan.  Enzo and Lane did a good job of messing with his head a little bit.  Do you think Ragan can convince Britney to give him her vote forcing Lane to break the tie?

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  1. Hopefully Britney capmaings hard for Ragan to Lane and Lane decides to keep him. He has no change against Enzo or Hayden. Pull your head out of your ass Lane and THINK!

    I am glad BB realized how bored the HG’s are and gave them something to playwith besides themselves.

    • I also think Britney should force Lane to break the tie. Get some blood on his hands. If Brit votes for Ragan, I’m sure he’d vote for her in the final. That would really make Lane think in the end what would be best. I think Britney could (easily) play stupid if Lane voted Ragan out and said “What the hell did you do that for?!” She know she has to win comps from now on anyways.. so why not stir the pot a little?!

  2. Bar none this season of big brother is the MOST boring of all the show’s.(except for the comic relief by Ragan)

      • I agree. I am really disgusted with Brittany obsessing about Rachel and Brendon. Rachel has been gone for weeks and Brendon is gone. What is wrong with her? I can’t stand her and hope she gets the back door. I can’t say enough bad things about her. When I read she was having a pillow fight with Enzo, I was really disgusted.

      • @ TJ so, you can’t say enough bad things about Brit and Brit can’t say enough bad things about Brenchel. That’s just a tad hypocritical to bash on her about bashing about other people.

  3. I think Lane is gonna vote out Hayden. Why would he tell Brit about the $5000 and the trip. I think he figures Hayden already got something. Hayden was an idiot for telling anyone at all. What a moron.

    I watch some of the feeds last night (first time since Thursday) and it was obnoxious how they just kept going on and on AND ON about Rachael. It was so annoying. I thought maybe some game talk or maybe we’d learn a little about them and maybe like them just a tad. No, I can’t stand them ESPECIALLY Reagan and Brit. They are ridiculous, they must not have a very intersting life to talk so much crap about someone they just met too. They talk about Rachael more then Brenden.

    Crap, crap season – F A I L CBS!

    • If Lane does not vote him out he may as well pack his bag cause he is a gonner…u gotta know that Lane & Hayden had planned on voting ENZO out but he won the veto..IF Hayden turned on Enzo will he not do the same to Lane??..Lane better get off the friendship train and get on the money train….

    • I think Regan is going this week. I think he told Britney, because he’s thinking she’s due to win HOH and knowing Hayden went for prizes instead of backing her up she will be after him and not Lane. I think he’s just protecting his safety next week.

  4. Lane told Brit abt the 5k & Hawaii trip?!?!….his loyalty is slipping. And why does Lane tell these guys every convo he has abt the game? Even if he doesn’t plan on flipping & going with Ragan DON’T show people your hand!

    • Eeh! I chalked it up as Hayden being an idiot! Who does that?! It’s a game moron. You didn’t think for 1 min that they could use that against you. Even if you made it to F2 with them, really?

      Should have moved the hair out of your eyes and looked at the bigger picture.

    • If u pay close attention Lane only relates parts of the conversations…He keeps alot of what he’s been told to himself..HE PUTS OUT FEELERS..He gives the peeps he talking to a cahnce to come clean with him about something he has been told..He gave HAYDEN a chance to tell him about a conversation he had with Brittney (sob story)inorder to get her vote but Hayden played dumb…So Lane knows what’s going on He just has to figure the best opition for him..and I do believe that he knows getting rid of Hayden is the thing to do..

      • If u are talking about the B/H conversation in which he told her that he was very poor (tears in eyes)with no family to help him YES that is the conversation she told Lane about..

      • Poor? Poor is whn you dont know how you’re gonna pay your next bill…poor is sleeping in a house with no electricity. what is he talking about poor? thats an insult to people who are truly poor! He is in college & may not have alot of money but that is not freakin poor. Ugh that just made me sick…vote him out.

      • Hayden’s family owns a small chain of resturants & bars in Arizona & Texas..(Lane told Brittney) I think his Mom & Dad are separated..not sure on that but he is not deprived of food clothes shelter and a college education..

      • I agree Brit said something on bbad about not being able to buy skiing stuff bc she’s poor!! Hell no nobody out of all 13 hgs were poor! An that makes me look down on them completly I hate when people say that stuff like how would you feel if you really were poor cuz karmas a B**** you better watch what you say!!

  5. The worst part about this season is that you know exactly what is going to happen before it happens. I hope a monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix tonight, but at this point I think the jury house would be more interesting to watch.

      • Agreed, that’s why production needs to change it up. Why repeat each comp year after year. The HG’s know exactly what to expect, what to study for, etc. Production is just as lazy as the Hg’s! CBS – do something!!

  6. I went back and am watching when Lane tells Hayden and Enzo (read a little bit about it last night, but watching it is better).

    Enzo just dissed Ragan with the comment “Plans.. you can only make plans if you win something.”

    WOW, Enzo! Seriously?! You’ve been making plans this whole game and can only win when cheating, shut your mouth.

    Watching them screw with Hayden is hilarious! I think this is going back and worth watching, BTW.

    • How exactly did Enzo cheat to win? He only won the most recent Veto and He definitely did not cheat to win. Ragan is a whiney baby. He overreacted to incidental contact with Enzo in the challenge. If 2 people are diving for the same object and both get there at the same time and they bump each other it’s not cheating. Oh, but funny how you conveniently left out the fact that Baby Ragan threw a temper tantrum and throw his CD hit Enzo in the head. Classy right there. Ragan & Bratney are the least classiest people in the season and the biggest hippocrates as well bad people all around. Go Brigade!

  7. Ugh, and they’re whining about Matt – blaming him for everything that’s went wrong. Annoying. He saved your asses plenty of time. Held your heads above the water when your asses couldn’t win jack shit.

    • I agree….If it wasnt for matt their butts wouldve been gone long ago…..he was the best thng that happened 2 the brigade…now without hm they arent s!!T.

  8. Lets take time & try to come up with one time this whole game that a power move has happened….don’t worry i’ll wait.

    …..yeah i’ve got nothing too.

    • lol.. Brittney says her power move was getting Matt out… that’s all I have.. and I don’t think that was a power move!

      • Ok, the best one all seson was DEF when Andrew dropped the grenades and then ‘moved’ out of the house – I was totally was rooting for that guy and he decided to wait 3 seconds before voting starts to try to sway the votes.

        In the words of Richard Bey, “Where do they find these people?”

    • Recently the only thing that gave me a little shock was last week when Brenden got voted out! Who’s power move was that? Other than that totally predictable! Snore:(

  9. You could tell on bbad last night that the other hg just can’t relate to ragan at all! He was so tore up that he just kept saying that’s what she said after anyone said anything! Ok ragan YOU’RE NOT FUNNY!!!!! YOU’RE ANNOYING!!! If you are going to get that drunk at least have fun, but not ragan all he know’s how to do is rip on Rachael! Is this really all he ever has to talk about? Bye ragan :L

    • He was drunk on Monday Night as well and he kept saying MF and singing a song and production told him to stop and Ragina said “I own the copyrights MF” and kept on. WTF? Why doesn’t CBS get on to these HG”s? I just don’t get it! No respect for anyone! So far we have seen these last HG’s lie, cheat, bash, and they are also the worst pigs I have ever seen on BB. Pretty soon they will run out of dishes, then what? Ask production for more? What a failure this season has been. Love or hate B & R atleast they provided entertainment! Thes bozo’s are good for putting one to sleep. THANKS CBS!

      • Hey Trish, I agree with ya! Ragan is starting to just drink all the time….I thought I could drink alot but daaauuummm he drank two big bottle’s of wine and then started on beer!! :o bet he feel’s GREAT today?

      • When you’re so bored… why not get drunk?! If it’s available, and free… I see nothing wrong with that. People do it every weekend, maybe not for free, so what’s wrong with him doing it?

      • Well said Trish. I’m still pissed that no one called Enzo on all his cheats during his Have-Not week. At that point I clearly decided that the season was being far too manipulated by production. He should at the least have received penalty votes. Ideally, he should have been the second eviction –that would have been a memorable moment in the house!

  10. All they have to talk about is the game & other HG’s, which is boring to us but imagine how boring it is for them. Over two months with the same people, no TV, no books, no nothing but each other. That’s why I don’t watch live feed, same ole, same ole. Think about it.

  11. Why does Ragan think he should stay especially when they find out he won 20k and they are obsessed with Rachel and Brandon. Britndey needs to grow up and Ragan gone come thursday!

  12. They should have kept Brendon in the house. They only voted him out because they hated him, but he would get NO votes from the jury house except for Rachel. That was a bad move on their part.

    • William Z you are so Right Enzo and the Housewifes of NJ is classic entertainment. They will all go to the Oscars!

  13. I seriously doubt he will vote out Hayden. That would be way too smart of a move for this cast. They prefer to do things the stupid way. This is the most lame finals of BB I have ever seen. Ragan is the only person in the house that deserves to win and it’s a shame that someone who has done nothing the whole season will probably win the game.

  14. Is it me, or is Ragan drinking a bit too much. He has been getting drunk ever since nominations. WOW. Thank God BB gave them some new balls to play with because Enzo’s must hurt by now. KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS, yes we know you haven’t gotten it in 3 mts, either has anyone else. I still love Lane :) and I hope he & Britney make it to the finals. Throw the Brigade out, make a bold move. Just my opinion.

    • Yes, a noticeable behavioral change for Ragan on BBAD. I wasn’t sure if it was alcohol-induced or just the fact that he is not coping well mentally with what is about to happen to him.

  15. Sarah i’m down with drinking but at least ragan could have some fun and enjoy himself a little! He was in the have not going on and on about how he hope’s He didn’t come off as a douche this season, by himself!! How does he even know if the camera is on him at that point? Does he just keep talking?

    • Everyone gets down on themselves when they drink too much… alcohol is a depressant. Yeah, if Ragan was thinking about it, he propbably shouldn’t drink as much as he does. But he was having a break down, not an uncommon thing for him. At least he was by himself in the have-not room rather than being around everyone else. Live feededs got to see it, he doesn’t pick when the cameras are on him. (Though I know he knows at any point they could be.)

      • Oh i see, this is my 1st season watching so if you have the live feed you can see anyone all the time?

      • There’s four cameras they show. Usually they focus on two different things (two views each… so cam 1 and 2 on one thing, 3 and 4 on another). They could focus in on any room in the house (minus the toilet) at any time. There’s night vision, so even in the dark. The HG’s are seriously watched at all times. Note: Big Brother! lol

  16. I have watched BB since the beginining and this is the first time that i dont really care about the show. I dont even care if i miss tonights episode. Bring on Survivor and TAR please.

  17. this is what i would love………brit vote to keep ragan enzo vote to keep heyden lane votes heyden out perfect perfect perfect

    • or Lane puts a bug in Enzo’s ear that Hayden is backstabbing them both..Enzo is gulliable so he will buy into it..BUT LANE HAS TO MAKE ENZO THINK IT WAS HIS IDEA TO OUST HAYDEN..We all know how Enzo likes to take credit for the ones that get voted out..

      • Thinking about it, I am not sure Enzo would buy it… or at least he’d go talk to Hayden and believe Hayden.

      • If Lane talks to Enzo right and tells him of the advantages the 2 of them have in advancing in the game without HAYDEN AND tells him that Brittney will be voted out in final 2 with just the 2 of them going for the win..OR something along those lines then Enzo will be listening..But again u gotta know how Enzo likes to take credit for evicting people SO LANE HAS TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE IT IS ENZO’S idea>>

      • I really hope they vote Hayden out. The only reason I watch this show now is because of Ragan. The brigade is by far the dumbest “agreement (yah ok)” EVER. I am soooooo borded with them. Watching Ragan talk to himself is the most entertaining. Not Enzo going off on how far they come (doing absolute squat). BB if you are involved at all with coup de tat and diamond vetos, why can’t you stop this brigade from ruing BB forever and get the season up again (the ratings are probably from Ragan and Britney (just a gander on that :-))

  18. Sarah I think if I had the live feed I would never leave the house! As it is now I stay up wait too late watching bbad, but they only show so much of what’s going on and then the switch to another hg! So you never really get to see everything, I guess it’s better than nothing! Showtime is worth the money if only for weed’s and Dexter, now bb! :o

  19. I see alot of Brit haters bt if you really thnk about it she is the only one left that has won more than 1 thing…she is a great player and I hope she goes all the way….like her or not…shes won…and in the end is the most deserving of the final 5.

  20. Question–What happended to them showing the jury house? Past seasons have always showed the evicted house guest showing up with DVD of competitions. Might add some excitement to the show.

    • with the double eviction last week not enough time for jury house viewing but look for it tomorrow night.

  21. We have two pigs in the house (Enzo and Hayden).I wish they would eat with their mouths closed. Enzo needs to stop the cussing and saying ‘Yo’ in every sentence. What an idiot. Brittany needs to get off of Brechel. She need to quit being a hater. Keep her fingers out her mouth and picking at herself. Are the guys really working out? With shirsts off, you cant tell.

    Does anyone know what the tattoo says on Ragans arm? Crybabies need to suck it up.

    I agree with this being the most boring season yet. I wish Rachel and Brendon were still there.
    Brendon should win Americas favorite.

  22. Lane shouldn’t be so quick to vote Hayden out. This being F5 he should be focusing on getting the strongest of the players brit/ragan out. He is a moron if he believes that either one would take him F3 let alone F2 He shouldn’t be trusting britney. She doesn’t believe she would win against Lane F2, so she won’t take him, but in truth I think if he took either brit/Ragan to F2 I think one of them would win, not Lane. If Lane would stop thinking w/ his dick he would realize he should keep Hayden til F3 at the very least b/c taking either Hayden/Enzo to F2 would be his best shot to win the game. I think if he took the other 2 they’d win based soley on comps. If he gets rid of Hayden this week his chance for F2 are very,very slim.

  23. They to get Brittany out of there! I’m so sick of her, and e1 is right about her being obsessed with Rachael and Brandon! She needs to get over it! I wish Rachael and Brandon had played a little better and were still there! I can’t stand anyone left in the house. I’m so over it – I hope next year is better than this one, if not my BB viewing days are over – where in the hell do they get these people?? And why did they chose Lane, who’s family apparently has money??? BB should have chosen people in need – I mean come on: doctor, Professor, manager, swim coach…. WTF???

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