Big Brother 12: Week 8 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy Big Brother popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Last week Brendon was by far the most popular at 40% while Hayden and Enzo tied for a dismal 3%. Now that Brendon is gone, who will take the lead?

Tick tock, tick tock… BB12 is almost over. Have you tried the live feeds yet? You can watch the rest of the season for about 30 cents a day thanks to the Late-Bird special Big Brother is running, but the discount expires Thursday night so hurry!

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.


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      • they are both disgusting!! she is fake! he is a dumb ass. no class, either one of them. she hot? fake teeth, fake boobs, lip injections. nasty mean and cruel. he thinks he is a bad ass. both are spoiled brats!!!!!!!!

    • Britney wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she wasn’t talking about someone behind their back 24/7. She would regret it for the rest of her life.

      • Ain’t that the truth? What is more pathetic is she and the house ARE still talking about Rachel and Brendon. I mean really??? Rachel been out of the house for 3 weeks and Brendon almost a week yet you still rag on them? And if Ragina trys to mock Rachel one more time I will have to use Enzo’s connections and order a “hit” on him. LOL

  1. Looks like production is listening. They are after Ragan to fight to stay in the house. Good try! Ragan hasn’t done anything for weeks, lays around, whines about how bored he is (think about how bored we are listening to you), gossiping about B & R. Get him out of the house. Now Brit is beginning to see the light. She’s as bad as R whining about not winning anything. These people are disgusting.
    Production does need to add something for the HG’s. Give them another prize comp – doesn’t have to be anything big – just something for them to do. When the HG’s are active it makes the show more interesting for us the fans. Production liven this show up PLEASE.
    Does anyone know if they read these blogs? Also, how does one see the older blogs. Will the HG’s have an opportunity to view the discussions? Do the HG’s get a dvr of the entire 24 hour show when they leave?

  2. I couldn’t vote for Britney because of her backstabbing comments offline. I was going to vote for Lane if he put Britney up but he let the wrong head doing the thinking plus letting the house knows he’s from money was not smart. I give Ragan alot of credit to figure out the brigade. He was not a good Sabateur because he chose the easiest task which guaranteed him $20K. It was not exciting to watch. annie was better at it but her crazy personality got the best of her.

    • I voted for Britney. I don’t get the livefeeds so I don’t know how she is all the time just what BB shows. I wish that Regan would fight to stay. He’s got to know that the guys are paranoid now. If he tells Lane that Hayden has won two HOH’s against his one then he won’t win. And remind him of Rachel hugging Hayden when Kristen was evicted and that he will get Brendon and Rachel’s votes. Also when Hayden won and put up Brendon and Regan and Regan won and he put up Britney that he won’t get blamed for that because he was not the ones voting.

    • I agree with most of your comment, but Lane does NOT come from money. Where he lives houses cost $40,000 & up to $150.00. What his family does in the oil business is with drilling NOT an oil business owner. Did you not see his family @ the corner store watching the show? He is from hicksville and he is not from a monied family. Funny how when some people hear the title oil they assume it means money and that is just not true…

      • Where do these people get this information. One poster said Lane has a four bedroom house and his own airplane.

        I think they mean model airplane

      • I don’t know but two of my neighbors have planes also and they are not rich. And we do live a an upper middle class area. But maybe some people don’t know what rich is.. All I can say is people with money would NOT be on BB!!

  3. Enzo does alot of talking but he does not win anything. I am sure people want to compete with him. Hayden is a competitor, but not too exciting to watch. I would like to have Hayden slip that he has the Hawaii trip and $5K. The HGs just assume Matt has them.


      • That is sooooooo funny, I said the exact same thing to my friends! LOL…Golf announcer!!

  4. Lane is just plain SEXY! He is funny, he likes to clown around. He has money. All those tattoo’s is a sexy bonus. I just find him AMAZING!!!

    • wow you have great taste! do you like his black dirty t shirt and black shorts that almost fall off him because they are stretched out from wearing them everyday!! kathy isn’t there to do laundry for him and neither is his mommy! he has crappy hair and loves took look at himself in the mirror. oh and for the record he has ONE win, so doesn’t that mean him and enzo are tied at one apiece. what a great player. when can i hit a wall man!!!!!

  5. I think Brittney has played the better game. She plays with her head and not popularity. The others are just wandering around and it was pure luck that they won what they won. Those big strong men couldn’t even keep up in the endurance competition. At least Ragan came in second to Matt each time.

    • I think the guys were throwing the comps. I’d like to see another endurance comp now that I think they playing. Would love to see Regan and Britney start to get the brigade after each other. Maybe that’s why Britney told Lane about Hayden crying to her about how poor he is. If they get them after each other than maybe Regan and Britney can just sit and watch them fight it out like Enzo has done the whole game.

      • I agree, it’s been so predictable this season. I’d love to see Ragan stay and team up with Britney to be in the final 2.
        I would love to “expect the unexpected” this week !

    • LOL…Britney plays with her “brain”. I doubt that for sure. She does nothing but play with her hair and cry and whine about everything and yet she can cut down the other girls that didn’t do half of what she has done. She is dishonest and I doubt that she will still be engaged when she gets home. She is a spoiled brat in my book. At least Rachel was up front with everything.

  6. Lane is decent guy, I like him. Too down to earth to be a participant in a game like this, but he stuck with Hayden, so that was a good thing.

    • decent guy he drinks and drives shoots wildly at stuff when drunk thats 3 felonies he admits that he does on a regular basis so how is a frequent offender decent wait till he runs over or shoots someones kid or pet and how is trying to wreck someones family just because you are horny such a great quality he is a spoiled silver spooner

    • Lane is a decent guy? Maybe you should look for the article about Lane and his brother breaking into a guys house and beating the crap out of him.

    • LOL I agree. Wow I just saw how many freaking dishes are in the sink. The camera went away real fast. Why doesn’t production tell these “pigs” to clean up? It is getting really stupid and down right disgusting looking now.

  7. How about they have a surprise HOH next week – except the jury house team competes against the BBhouse team. Winning HOH team continues in the game. That would be unexpected and could explain why they are not showing the JH.

    • I am sure the JH is just as boring as BB house, we can only imagine having Rachel and Kathy there, besides why wouldn’t they show the JH once in a while like in the past

  8. I wish Brit would approach enzo and say hey lets split the vote I’ll vote for Hey and you vote for ragan to stay let lane do the dirty work…oops brit then votes for ragan to stay goodby heyden

  9. Lane gets my vote..He’s a definate “Meat Head, Thick as a Brick” (duh)..just a big ole “Good Ole Boy”..Ever notice how wide eyed he gets when something surprises him..LOL..!! Hope he wins..!!

      • Lane is the only one of those “boys” that has done anything in the house other then Ragan and He has such a big mouth and is so terribly annoying to listen to. Another cry baby. He and Brit should end us with each other. My vote would be for Lane. Money or not. he is the one that deserves it.

      • really lane deserves to win. no strategy, dumb as a box of rocks. enzo at least came up with the brigade and made most of the decisions. lane is a floater that wants to slip under the radar and hope to win. where has his game play win. most of you say enzo and hayden don’t deserve to win so, explain what lane has done. being hot in your eyes doesn’t mean he deserves the win. or does it? he is vulgar!!

    • Gramma. What has lane done in the house?

      He’s won 1 hoh comps and it was against 2 short peole who couldn’t see the board and useless enzo. Besides that the only thing I remember lane doing is playing pool and laying down.oh and push ups

      What else has he done?

      • Don’t forget his bicep. He shows that too.
        His mommy and Daddy have enough money to bail their kids out of jail and probably bribe the judges. Him and Brat’s parents seem like the kind of people who think their kids do no wrong.

        Hey let’s drink and drive, go get our flashlights and guns and go shoot some coons. That’s fair hunting right. They have a chance to get away when we blind them with the light.

        Great hobby!!

  10. Can’t stand fakeazz Britney, she has to go, distracting Lane too much! He needs to wake up and stick to the brigade!! Awful move on his part to put Enzo up there!!!

  11. GONNA SAY THIS EARLY ON IN THIS FEED…The real question here is “Do any of u actually believe that LANE & HAYDEN are gonna take each other to the final 2 ?? “BOTH” WANT THE BIG MONEY.. THE BIG PRIZE ..neither wants to settle for $50,000.00. No matter what they say neither one wants second place. GRASP THAT IDEA AND THOUGHT..Lane & Hayden are the strongest of the Brigade and that gives them the advantage in physical comps..neither one really wants to take the chance of losing to the other at this late date….One of them has to go and both realize it..Question is “WHO IS GONNA MAKE THE POWER PLAY???”

    • Ragan is so unsophisticated for being a college professor. He is such a whiner and cry baby and has a very big mouth when it comes to “giving his lectures” to everyone. He sure will go down in my book.

      • with Celine! Ragan is my favorite and I can’t stand Briitany! Somebody should tell her to stop picking at herself all of the time!

      • I think Ragan or Britany deserve to win because they are both at least trying to win and not throw comps.. I think that is cheating and unfair. They do whine but my gosh if you watch BBAD they have a reason too. The others are making “money:” and Trip ( hawaii) deals with each other. ragan and britany have no clue that hayden won that trip. he told the other guys but not them. it is getting boring If they don’t throw in a twist here soon we may fall asleep !!! MIX IT UP BBB!

  12. Britney is sooooooooooooooo hot so I pick Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love the idea of a competetion between the JH and the final 4 players for the last HOH comp. Rachel was annoying, very annoying, but good at comps. Matt and Brendon should definately still be in the running for the big bucks. They were both the best players in the house. Can’t say anything reassuring about Kathy though, nice lady maybe? :-) Ragan being the odd player out this week could pick which side to be on. That would be a real tough decision for him, and make a memorable big brother season!

  14. Hey Big Brother 12 fans. Heres sumthng alot of u all dont know n sum of u wont believe. Brittney n Enzo r the lifelong friends n the house. It came from both of there mouthes on bb after dark. Thanks Jen Louisville ky

      • Because CBS never again mentioned it. Then they let Ragan manipulate it by reusing it and changing it to say the lifelong friends were now male and female.

        It was just a lie meant to cause confusion in the house. I doubt they expected it to cause so much confusion on the outside too.

      • @Nolie, “How do we know that Columbus discovered America? Somebody told somebody who told somebody”. (A quote from one of my favourite books.) Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        I’ll go with Matt(BBN.

      • and the fact that nothing the sab said was ever true if there was a real couple on here i doubt they would let the house know

  15. even though enzo can be vulgar at times. he is very funny especially with his penquin costume and the spaceship. to me this was the best of the whole season. this season was not impresive.
    after brendon and rachael left the show kind of took a dive. perhaps it will get better towards the end.

    • It would get better if Regan and Britney shut their big mouths and quit bitching about everyone else.

  16. Lane is misogynistic. Can you females not see that? Nevertheless he’s not a bad guy. They have nothing to do in that house: they can’t sing (how ridiculous is that and how fun it would be if they could), read (except package ingredients), write, watch any media (wonder if they’re shown any blogs/public comments in the DR). Just talk ad nauseam. Voted for Brit cuz she’s most fascinating to watch, listen to and analyze.

  17. Can anyone explain to me why Brendon is popular? I’m so happy he’s out of the house. I watch After Dark, and he was so obnoxious. I had to fast foward through his know-it-all explanations of everything! Another site had him winning America’s player! I understand people don’t like Ragan for crying, and Britney for complaining. Or Enzo for not winning, and Hayden for not being overly animated. But I don’t get why people like Brendon. I feel like I was watching some other show….

    • Well as for myself, i love Brendon. And i find that all the houseguests are obnoxious, not just Brendon. – He played the game and he had a target on his back since day one, and he managed to stay this long. He never talked behind anyones back, and was just an overall nice guy.

      What i don’t get is why every one else, can’t stand him.

      • I really do like Brendon very much – a lot better now that Rachel is gone. I think people may have disliked him because he appeared to submit to Rachel’s apparent manipulation of him. He’s one good-looking dude, I’ll say that for him!

      • I love Brendon and even better without Red. Mary2 the things you complained about Brendon could be said better about the Brit and Ragina. It is annoying how those two are STILL talking crap about B & R and they are not there. How childish and immature. Next year BB needs to really take a third look on who they cast. I so hope next year is all-stars. Please, Please no Brit or Ragina.

    • It’s not the Ragen is crying or Britney complaining. It because those two are evil people and personally attack people behind their backs, Britney has done it since day 1. Regan is a puppet and follows her.

      • Agree. Brendan just played the game and fought to win comps. Everyone living in those conditions are going to get on your nerves…but Brit and Ragan are the worse. Go Enzo, now is your time!

    • Because he was a great competitor, and was the only normal one. And he’s the only one that did everything in the house

  18. Yeah they were all n the living room talk n bout halloween costumes n sum1 asked what she wuz last yr n she couldnt recal n then she looked @ Enzo n so oh I wuz a deer cuz I wuz dating a guy named Hunter and Enzo said yeah dumby

  19. Britney not my favorite kind of person but as far as the game goes,,, She deserves to go to final two. Its a toss up between Ragen and lane for the other one. Enzo ( well) lets just say he has himself. Thats all he needs.. lol

  20. I voted for Lane because I couldn’t bring myself to vote for any of the others. They’re not bad people, but IMO Lane just seems to be a cut above the rest of them.

  21. Ragan is currently talking to Lane at the moment… about why he should not have Hayden or Enzo go to the end!

  22. I voted for Britney because she hasn’t wavered in her loyalty in the house. Lanae skips between the Brigade and that stupid Enzo and lazy Hayden, then depends on Britney to be a stabilizer for him. He is by far the luckiest person in the house but he is also by far the most scheming person. What is up with him wanting someone else to take the fall and be the bad guy in getting Britney out of the house? What a gutless wonder!!

  23. Lane all the way. Would like to see Lane and Brittany in the end. Even though Brittany would prob win over Lane..

  24. I really don’t like any of them. Lane would be the lease of the evils. Britney and Regan are totally the worse people. They cannot even be in the house without bad mouthing others. Regam talks of being a black out drunk. That is pretty bad. Britney, the poor girl looks like she learned her behavior from her mother saying that her mom is worse than her. That I cannot believe becuase Britney is pretty bad.

    • Glad I’m not in Ragan’s college classes. What a fool he is and what will the students think of him after this show. How embarassing for the school.

  25. I vote for Brit as my favorite in the house and Ragan should stay in the house. Enzo needs to go because he hasn’t done well in competitions and he is just depending on the brigade to take if through; so what is he going to do if it comes down to the three of them? One of them will have to go eventually. I think Brit and Lane should be the final two.

      • Have to give it to Enzo as he is the person who put the Brigade together at the beginning. He may not be book smart but he’s savy and knows how to play people. I like Enzo.

    • I’m listening closely… Ragan is pretty much explaining how the game is going to go for all final 2 options with Lane involved and who is going to vote for who. It’s really interesting actually and makes a lot of sense, I think. Lane is listening intently and saying a lot of “uh huhs”… but also adding his own opinion. He just said “You definitely have a good argument.”

      • Pretty much he’s saying if Lane is against Britney or Ragan, he’ll win. If it’s Enzo or Hayden, they’ll win.

        At the moment, he’s bringing up the point that Britney’s won competitions. Ragan replies is “That’s why you need a big move.”

    • Well, from what I caught, Lane never said what was going to happen, but he did mention to Ragan they he has to get Britney to go along with this…. dun dun dun! We’ll see what happens! Exciting!

      • has lane talked to britt yet? cause I think she will go along with it because lane is so close to hayden. and she wants to go to the f 2 and she needs to get enzo to vote hayden out or get lane to break the tie and send hayden home as a power move in the house. that should make great t.v. this week. i am so bored with nothing good happening except enzo dancing to opera in the shower 2 nights ago lmao

      • Haha.. I have no idea if they’ve spoke yet. I don’t think they’ve discussed keeping Ragan because they’re on lockdown now, and Enzo and Hayden are right there.

      • I’ve noticed that Enzo and Hayden don’t seem to want to have Britney and Lane talking alone. They are always around everywhere they go.

  26. LOL It seems someone screamed “RAGAN!” from outside the walls! Haha.. maybe at least.

  27. I picked Ragan because I feel like he is the only left that has truly tried to play the game and yet be geniune. Britany is trying but she is 2 faced. Lane , Enzo and Hayden are just playing a l” Friend” game. There is no strategy involved just loyalty and deals for “splitting” the winnings. That bothers me. I wish Ragan and Britany would go to the finals because they deserve it COME ON BB let’s make it interesting and unpredictble SPLIT UP THE BRIGADE already !! that would really shake things up !

  28. My favorites are gone! The show will be very boring as of now. The only bright spot left is Brittany.

    • they think they’re on lock down so BB can fix something. Otherwise, I have no idea. They were hoping it was for a Lux comp inside the house… but that’s just wishful thinking. They’re bored.

      • lol what a bunch of sicko’s. hope bb is planting a trap and when they come back in someone goes to the bathroom and out pops evil dick lmao

      • And now the feeds are very boring. They’re just sitting there… barely talking. And burping. Ugh.. Enzo’s gross. I think it’s weird that they can’t say “excuse me.” Seriously? They know people are watching them. THey should be somewhat polite.

      • BB came over the loud speaker and said “Ragan… Thank you.” and nothing else. Weird. I wonder why? Maybe because he did what they said and compained for himself.

  29. lane has no class. why would you be so desperate for a phone call when your buddies with guy that has a wife and a little baby. just thought it was a bit selfish. he’s to much of a momma’s boy

    • lol, he deserved it just as much as enzo, it was enzo’s choice to come on the show…babies can’t talk anyway.

    • Everyone wants to talk to their own families. Hell, I have no kids, but I do have a husband and I would have been selfish.

      • Stupid response. What does you having a husband have to do with my comment?
        I, I, I, think he was selfish. If I, I, I, I, had won it, I would have given it to Enzo when I saw how upset he was. That’s me sweetheart. Obviously you would have kept it. Good for you. I’m glad you have a husband!!!

    • he had to make sure obama didn’t do anything to mess up his trust fund did enzo even try for the phone call

      • I am sure they all tried. It is just my opinion that if I had won and there was someone in the house that I was close to and saw them really upset I would have wanted to give it to them. Especially if I was a single guy with no kids.

        Whhhhhhaaaaaaaay I want my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lane won the prize – everyone deserves a phone call but why come down on Lane for taking his prize.

      • IT IS MY OPINION PEOPLE!!! You have yours. Yes they all have family. Yes they miss them. Yes I am sure they all tried to get the phone call. Yes Lamo won. IF I had won it I would have given it to Enzo, so yes I think he was selfish.

      • There’s noway I’d give it up, if all I had was my mom to talk to I’d keep it.

        U havnt talked to any one but these hgs for 50 days, it be nice to get a phone call.

        I doubt enzo tried for it, he wanted pov, he was upset that he didn’t win the pov not about a phone call

  30. I agree about Enzo , he is funny but he is so gross and wow the way he talks !!not to mention that he always has his down his pants playing with himself on camera then he EATS with them ewwww..its a wonder he doesn’t have HAND foot MOUTH disease lolololol

  31. Brit & Reagan are constantly complaining and
    need to get over Rachel and Brendon. Enzo is the worst guy in history. Haden is ok. Lane is the best of a weak cast.

  32. Brit and Lane alone in the HOH room… Brit asks Lane “have you talked to Ragan” “Yes, he had some good points” … Brit asks him what he’s going to do. They’re discussing it. Lane says Enzo has to go. But he’s not sure he wants to make a big move.. “It’s too early”…

    WTF Lane?! Dumbass. C’mon… make it!!!

    I’ll keep updating if it continues.

  33. Lane thinks it will be really hard to get Ragan out later… Brit says it’ll be harder against Hayden and Enzo. He tells Brit that if it comes down to it, he WILL take her to the F2.

    • Are you sure, I am not reading that on the play by play web page? I hope he did though.

    • Ragan is filling Lane’s head with all kinds of ideas. Lane told Brit that Hayden won the 5K and trip (big deal that’s peanuts). Brit is working her magic (ugh) on Lane and going along with everything that Ragan said. If they don’t evict Ragan this week – they are in trouble! Wow…guess this is the excitment we’ve all been waiting for.
      Two trouble makers spicing it up. Get ride of R and B PLEASE.

  34. Britney keeps trying to bring it back to Ragan…. Lane still thinks it’s going to be harder for him to get to the end. Says Ragan will go to the final three. And then there’s too good of a chance he’ll win HOH.

  35. Its about time Lane started playing the game. Did he not see that Hayden and Enzo were playing everyone including him. They want Lane to put up Brit so they can then turn on him. I hope there is a tie and Lane votes to evict Hayden. Im glad Lane told Brit about Hayden’s prizes.

      • Lane and Britney thought about keeping Ragan but he would be hard to beat in an endurance competition so they’re back to keeping Hayden in hopes that Britney can win HOH. Ragan did have a good argument though, at least he made Lane think about it.

      • Ragan is opening the door – if Lane doesn’t evict R he’ll have no one to blame for losing but himself. Get rid of R now.

      • Ragan would be the one to evict 1st; to get Hayden out seems easier for later. Now Enzo, heck fire he’ll evict him self.

  36. Lane is putting some hellacious ideas in Britney’s head about Nick.. and she’s so buying into it.

      • He’s just putting Nick is bad situations… it’s pretty funny. At first (when I posted that) Britney was seeming to get worked up a little…

        But now she seems fine and it was funny. They’re saying everything’s going to be fine. Nick’s taking care of the dog. lol

    • I disagree. I hated them and don’t care to ever see them again. I don’t even want to head their crap during the show when they getrto ask their questions.

    • I agree…I miss them. I’m not even on here as often because its just a bunch of meat heads and two jabber jaws left in the house talking about nothing interesting. Worse season ever!

  37. i don’t really want to see any of these 5 win but what other choice is there? you should have put a circle for ‘none of the above’

    • Thrills, chills and spills…….NOT
      Give us a break BB Line up the luke warm, washed up wanna-bees, shoot them all and just say……..”ooopps- my bad” and give all the silver spoon fed brats that want something for absolutly nothing in return the royal FLUSH.. that they deserve. The house guests have stunk up the house and bucked the system for far too long. Cut the loses and give them a burial at sea.

  38. i think thst they wont be bringing any one from the house that was evicted this year back. they may bring renie back for pov or russell but not rach, brend, or matt. it’s time they do something else, hope lane shakes up the house and throws hayden under the bus just for some fun and excitement. then enzo wins hoh and sends britt home makes a deal with ragan and they go to the f 2. that would freak lane and brit out lol

    • LOL that would shake it all up… But I actually want Ragan, Lane and Brit to go to the F3… as for the F2 I am torn. I like all three.

      • I think Brit and Ragan would make an interesting F2.. just because I really don’t know who would win. Leaning towards Brit.. but like 55%. Haha.

  39. I wonder what people who only watch the CBS shows think of the season versus those of us who have watched and kept track of everything.

    This is the first season my dad (who only watches the shows) stopped watching. And it was 100% because of Rachel! I told him when Rachel was gone and he started watching again.

  40. I think not!!!!!!!! Some of you sound like you would take his dirty sweaty hat,t shirt, shorts and his underwear wring them out in a glass and drink his sweat. Yummy!!!! How can these people take a summer off.

    Hayden is in school.

    Brendon has summer off before heading to UCLA to get his PHD.

    Boo hoo baby summer off because he is a teacher. He could be on a afternoon soap. So dramatic and he sure knows how to go off on someone. He seems like he has a lot of practice at being a bitch. (Rachel was something bad after Pandoras box was opened. She was supposed to come in an cause drama and trouble)

    Enzo self employed insurance adjuster.

    Brat? Did she quit her job to go on a game show? If so in this economy don’t they wonder if they don’t win about getting a job when this is over? Oh that’s right she is gonna become famous. She could get a job on a soap opera as the mean chick everyone hates.

    Lane? works for the family business. He must have a lot of money saved to pay bills and take this much time off work.

    Rachel Teaches Chemistry part time. So she is off for the summer. She also models for magazines and works as a reporter/interviewer for red carpet and movie premieres in Vegas and is a VIP cocktail waitress at MGM’s pool.


    Kristen she said she is out of work has no car and no where to live after the show. Oh and probably no boyfriend. But she did make money on E bay selling her smelly leotard. ” I am the most honest person in the house. I don’t deserve to go home. They have no idea who they are dealing with.” LOSER!!!!!

    Andrew Has his own practice?

    Kathy Sheriff How do you get a summer off?

    Monet No idea.

    Cannot remember if there is anyone else.

    Oh and why can’t they sing. What does it matter because they can go to whoever is HOH that week and listen to the music they got.

    • Yes that is why it is also why when they wake them up with music they put bubbles on. Do you watch live feeds it doesn’t sound like it. First of all Rachael does a BIT of modeling now of that is her main job, what she really does she is a waitress. Yes Brit did quit her job; however they told her she can come back after as long as they have an opening. Rag was only a bitch to Rachael and she deserved it the way she treated everyone. Enzo is a insurance adjuster and a real estate agent, which you are right about he is self employed and Lane yes he does work for his family business. They are in the oil business and have a ton of money. He did this for the experiance he has a huge house of his own, and his own plane.

      • You have way to much time on your hands..

        He did it for the experience. And you believe that is why.

        Wow, did you say a huge house and his OWN plane……

        Maybe he’ll call you.

  41. I voted for Hayden, because he is normally in last place and no way he should be below Enzo, IMHO

  42. Time for Lane to “peep or get off the perch”. He’s the one who has the power to change the direction of the game at this point. Of course, Brit has to force his vote by voting for Ragan, which she will not do unless Lane tells her to. Telling her about the $/vacation may indicate that he’s made the beginning of a power play… I’m on the “anyone but Enzo” team, but I can’t wait for the head slaps on finale night when they find out about the $20K Ragan got for being the lamest saboteur in the history of the game!

  43. does anyone have a clue why we still have not seen anything from the jury house yet???? seems strange to me they havnt showed yet…

    • My guess is that they know these people (left in the BB house) are so lame, they will be needing some “filler” material for shows remaining prior to finale. Meanwhile the hunger grows for footage from the Jury House. All they have to do for a ratings bonanza is announce “…and tonight: what’s going on in the jury house? Stay tuned…”

      • Ain’t that true Sister? Forget the BB house the action is now in the JH. WE want to see dammit. This BB house is putting me to sleep. Hell just a while ago even Enzo was yelling someone ring the doorbell, get some action up in here, nothing has happened and it is dead since Saturday. I hate to tell Enzo it’s been dead since Thursday when two of the best players went out the door.

      • Hey Trish! Tuned out for a bit… Enzo seems to be going stir crazy… Do you think maybe they took the silverware away because they were afraid the final five would turn it into shanks? (You probably won’t see this… catch ya later!)

  44. maybe because they arent in the jury house, maybe they are gonna say this was a dream and the show is finally gonna come out with an entire new bbhg maybe I’ll wake up and the game is over whatever I hope something happens tonight on bbad. its just so stupid as britt says

  45. Can someone tell me the play by play web site? I don’t know if it’s in Matt’s favorite BB site links

    • Do you want me to e-mail it to you? It’s good to read and see what’s going on but this is a much better forum to be on.

  46. They need to get the loser Enzo out of there. That guy is gross and discussing? And he says he is from Beautiful Bayonne. Well Bayonne is an awful town. The only thing beautiful about Bayonne is the bridge..

  47. Because I do not like anyone that is in the House now….Brendon really deserved to be there…NO ONE else has fought as good or like he had…I dont know of anyone I want to win now…but maybe Ragan, just because there in no one else…Ragan has played the game…as well as Brittney, but I do not like her, she is a “””””…………rich and spoilt….Lane doesn’t need the money, he evidentaly comes from a rich family…..Well, I guess Ragan, or Enzo…………..Hayden is too weird, and think he is a gift for women…………….there, I have put it all out on the line…..I also hated the way that ragan and brittney have talked and continue to talk bad about Rachel and Brendon…Look at themselve’s..come on…………………..I like big brother but sometimes, WONDER…………..

  48. I also want to mention…HELLO EVERYONE, if it werent’ for Rahel and Brendon, the house would have been boring…………….i loved all the drama…now it is so stupid, not anything happening at all…>THEY ALL “LOVE” each other so much……… sweet…………………… something to make something great happen, to scare them all, or realize that not too many people like any of them that are left….Tired of hearing what they think about the people left…start talking about all that are there………….

    • I agree, too boring with those left. No drama, even pandoras box was lame this last time. Someone needs to make move that’s memorable to change the game. It’s been way too predictable this season.

  49. This season has been boring, with the exeption of Brndon and Rachel. These boring cliche people who are only concerned with what they will be able to do after they leave the BB house. How patehtic and assuptive of them all to think anyone would find any of them even remotely intersting. I have literally not watched Sho2 since Brendon was voted out on a competition for HOH that was way to quick and easy.

    • @BBFAN, Did you hear hayden talking about how bad he bet brendon, How brendon never had a chance, The only reason hayden won, was beacuse, He came up with both signs at the same time, He put one were he could back and get it, Brendon had areally found the first sign and put it up and started back when hayden put up his first sign, brendon was already back and looking for the second sign, all hayden had to do was run back to where he left the sign and run back, brendon was right behind him.

      Can’t see how hayden, thinks he bet him so bad? But then again all of the 5 Jokes are a legends in thier own mind.

      • The pompous, bombastic ass! Plain idiocy. But what else can an idiotic dunce do at this time to make himself feel important? I hope he goes out the door on Thursday.

    • I know CHris. Brendon almost won that and would have had Hayden not gotten so lucky and found both at the same time. He was really saying he beat Brendon that bad and that Brendon had no choice? Ok, now that makes up my mind, I want Lane to make the big move and they need to oust Hayden and leave Ragina there. I don’t care for Ragina but I have to admit atleast he trys to play the game. Gawd it is so bad I can’t really pick a fav now. THEY ARE ALL BAD.

    • Unfortunately, this game is not based on what anyone deserves… It’s kind of a version of Wall Street (1)…. “Greed is good!”

  50. Hayden and Enzo are floaters who don’t respect the game, Lane is also that way , best move was when he did not put Britney up!!I hope Britney and lane and Reagon are the final three, I might watch again!!

  51. MAtt and Brendan should just come back and take the money from the worst players in BB history

    • Are are Matt or Bren any better Britney won as many comps as Bren and more then Matt. The lie Matt told about his wife was just wrong he doesn`t even deserve the dollar he got in the first HOH.

      • Wait til that lie is exposed people will be shunning Matt for sure….That was despicable play and all the people who really have the disease must have written in to BB and complained! He even out and out lied in the HOH bedroom with Kathy and Ragan talking about that very subject of someone using illness as gameplay and he was nodding his head in agreement with them that it would be so sickening,,,,, surprise surprise everyone who the real monster is and it wasnt Rachael by a long shot….

  52. I did not like Brendan,but his mind was on the game , Matt’s downfall was that he did not know that BB would put ideas in the three stooges head, he did not know that the dummies could be treacherous

  53. That goes for me too. I don’t want anyone left to win and I don’t want to watch it anymore. I’m on to more interesting shows now.

  54. Why did they show so much over on the show on Sunday? That made it boring. Why not a peek of the jury house?

  55. omg these houseguests r so boring, all they do is sleep no wonder why so many people want to cancel the live feeds, is it so not worth it!!!!

  56. I voted for Brit only cause I don’t have any other better choices. I guess I’m going with the whole last girl left?? Hell, I guess its better than the whiner or dumb, dumb, and dumber. Lol! What a pathetic season. Bring back Brendon or Matt. I didn’t even like Matt but maybe he has had some time to see what a idiot he was to align with those dummies.

  57. Couldn’t vote for anyone either. Especially not Bratney. I can’t stand to look at her crossed eyes, or lazy eye defect (whichever ailment she has), let alone hear her whiny voice. Bring Brendon Back !

  58. Maybe Bratney and Lame could have crossed eyed dumb babies together. Now there’s a great idea.

    • Oh, wouldn’t that be nice. I am so proud of my little boy flirting with an engaged woman. Hey baby boy me and Daddy got you a new car!!!!!!!!

      • Hatefull is what we have watched all season. Ragan is the posterboy to Brits postergirl of HATE. They are ahead of the real GAME players, and still sitting around grousing about the past. Would have loved to see Captain Kosher go farther in the game. Sabatour crap just made everyone more paranoid than usual.

  59. I like the way Lane is handling this week being HOH..he has a tough decision to make. He does it with Class…He seem’s like a cool guy to be around..not bad to look at

    • Would that be the same CLASS he and his brother used to beat the crap out of a fellow football player???? Come on….These pitifull holes have to be held acountable for some part of their pitifull lives.

  60. Lane I was so proud of you when you rubbed one out in the shower. I thought that’s my boy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oops hit enter to fast.

      anyway I was so proud of my boy!! but I didn’t teach him to throw his head back and then look at the results.

      But I don’t understand why some posters came down on R@B and H@K for them showing affection to each other. They did have the covers pulled up.

      Love you my sweet little baby!!!!!!!!

      • Yes but both Kristen and Racheal were already in relationships outside of the house which makes what they did wrong. Besides you are still on t.v. show some respect for yourself.

      • Janna……….Kristen was in a relationship.

        Rachel was NOT in a relationship prior to the show.

        Speak true!! You didn’t like Matt’s lie!!

        Damn, what is your problem with Rachel?

  61. “Lame” that about says it. He is a lame floater and not cute at all so what’s there to like. He’s just a wishy washy LAME floating luke warm can’t make a decision dummy

  62. Voted for Lane because he is the least offensive of the houseguests remaining. Know his family has plenty of money and ordinarily would like the one who is needy to win. However can’t stand Brit. Her mother did not do her job in teaching her how to talk about others. Enzo hasn’t earned it. Hayden not as bad as Brit but bad too. Such a liar and not for game play. How stupid to tell Brendon your safe bro, immediately vote him out and then laugh about it. As Brit loves saying – disgusting.

  63. I don’t know if past seasons people where as upset as they r this season about the finalists thus far,
    I have watched seasons past and always looked forward to the finale. BB really needs to change things up next time,including new comps so we don’t have to watch live feeds all day with the hgs studying everything that has happened in the house (we have watched days and days of this) not worth having live feeds for… there really needs to be some more incentive to try for hoh or pov comps.. otherwise we will see yet again what we did this year, floaters who let everone else get them to the end.. I would even go as far as to say that if someone is on the block and they win POV, they should be able to put up the replacement nominee, this would stop with the putting up of pawns, I dont know, something has to change though

    • I agree…remember the days when HG’s floated in a pool, in freezing water, rained on etc for HOURS before a deal was struck and then they backstabbed….those were to good old days of BB…where you never really knew what would happen next…expect the unexpected really meant something…this season, like last, has become too predictable…just my opinion of course

  64. I am so impressed with Ragan right now. I hated him crying last week but he is definitely fighting. Even I am over with Enzo. Hayden needs to be gone this week and then Enzo.


    • He is just discustion. He always has his hands down his pants and they way he eats WOW. He is sooo nice to everyone to there faces and behind there back it is a whole other story (like calling Brit a cunt). He has not done anything in the game, he won one comp which he had to cheat in order to win. He cheats all the time when he is a have not and wearing the costume. The way he talks about his wife is just wrong. He tells the hg`s info that should stay between the two of them. Even he said he thinks when he goes home she is going to divorce him. I sure hope she is right.

      • Damn Janna you sound like you need to get laid!!!! Somehow I think you are really attracted to Enzo. He is right about Brat she is one. Brat and boo hoo baby talk about everyone behind their backs.

        Do you watch the show? If you do take off your rose colored glasses when Brat and Ragan are on camera.

      • If what he did was so bad why didn’t the producers take any action!!
        They didn’t so get over it, that was last week.

        Yeah!!!!!!!!Enzo!! The brains behind the brigade!!

  66. i didnt vote because none of these hgs need to win anything. they didnt play the game at all – all they did was complain about the time in the house and talk about the other hgs and nastily at that. i stopped watching bb and bbad once bredan was evicted. he was the only one really playing the game – he is my favorite but he is not one of the 5 hgs left – so no vote from me

      • Definition of playing the game?????
        NOT falling first so as to not be a have not.
        NOT stopping in the middle of a chalange to Watch Brendon Win and then complain that he won.
        NOT bitching about Brendon when he is the one helping you with your game.
        NOT complaining that Brenchel has everything when you don’t even attempt to try.
        Whiners don’t deserve to get something for nothing.

  67. I’m with you. Episode 1 he started the brigade, held them together and made most of the decisions. It was his idea to go after Matt. Some people on here say they base it on comps. and game play so they say Lamo deserves to win. ENZO AND LAMO HAVE EACH WON 1 COMP. Just because Enzo chews like an animal doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to win over Lamo. Some of you people say Lane deserves it because of comps. and game play. Please explain what Lamo has done to deserve to win. Please, Please explain!!!

    • You are right that they have each only won one comp but Lane didn`t have to cheat in order to win. Enzo cheated in the comp, cheated many times being a have not and cheated many times by not wearing his costume. Cheaters do not deserve to win anything.

  68. Just wondering where you bought the book on all the contestants. On CBS? Get your facts straight on Rachel. She does a lot more then being a waitress. And so what if she is one. If your hot and young and want to live in Vegas it’s a great job. She is putting herself through college.

    • I watch the live feeds that is how I know. Also if you read my mesg I did not say there was anything wrong with her being a waitress, you are just making her out to be better then the trash that she is. Like telling her story about when she woke up drunk puck all around her with tons of dollar bills in her hand. If that ever happened to me, which it wouldn`t I would be ashamed and not want to tell the world about it.

      • you just proved how ignorant you are by calling someone trash that you don’t know personally. who cares if you wouldn’t do what she does. I am willing to bet anything you are sitting at your computer watching the live feeds eating a doughnut with pizza stains on your shirtand big baggy sweatpants. I AM NOT trying to make her look better then she is, it’s the facts baby. If you are such a big fan at least be honest about everything these house guests do for a living. Evan if you personally don’t like them. You seem very jealous of Rachel. Maybe you need to go get drunk and puck (whatever that means) but I doubt you would wake up with any money around you. HA HA HA HA HA HA……
        I am still laughing!! Ha Ha ha!!!!!

      • Rachel is not moving to join Brendon. he will not earn any money for 5 yrs. he needs a women who will support him. I don’t blame her for staying in Vagas since this is what she loves for now. She’s young yet. I feel bad for the broken heart Brendon will have. Enzo is another thing. I used to think he was funny but he has a wife and most inportant a daughter. I have a daughter too and wouls never let her father speak such bad langauge. It is who he is. Very uncouth.. Lane doesn’t need the money but maybe he will donate. I can’t sdtand Haydens hair in his eyes. I would cut it when he’s asleep?? He thinks its nice?? He always looks shaggy and unkept.And too full of himself. I think Ragen should have a break and him and Britney be the final 2. Thats all to choose from this year. I do love thhe teasing between Lane and Britney. Its like a little sister, big brother thing..

    • so sorry did not hit reply. comment was to JANNA after my comment on post twelve.
      anyway get your facts straight. Kristen was in a relationship, Rachel was not. It’s OK if you hate he Rachel) but don’t lie to prove a point.

  69. What is so funny about this popularity poll is that the two with the lowest percentages, Hairy Hayden and Bozo Enzo, both think that they are the two most popular players in the game! Man, will they have a rude awakening when they get out! I can tell by watching the live feeds that those two will throw Lane under the bus in a heartbeat, just like they did Matt. I really wish Lane would listen to Ragan, but he won’t. I especially don’t want him to trust the other two bafoons. I am not sure what he will do.

    • Yeah..Lane knows that Enzo & Hayden will turn on him..and he knows what Regan said made sense..Lane would be dumb not to keep Regan and make it to the final 3..EITHER WAY HE GOES TO FINAL 2 AND HE WILL WIN AGAINST EITHER BRITTNEY OR REGAN..ACTUALLY IT IS A NO BRAINER..Lane would not win against Hayden or Enzo in final 2..bottom line..he would not

      • You are correct, but I just don’t think he will have the guts to get rid of Hayden right now. I am beginning to wonder if Lane even really cares about winning the money.

    • ohh I am laughing so hard I forgot to hit the reply button. pizza stains, that was a good one.

      Team Brendon, Team Enzo, Team Rachel!!!!!!!!!

  70. Enzo needs to leave the house. Why does he always have his hands down his pants? That is just gross. I don’t get how he is married and says the things he says. Maybe his wife just doesn’t care. How is it that he is married w a kid and goes on bb doesn’t he care about his job. From my understanding e was the only on married and with a kid instead of being on bb and no doing anything he should be home with his baby

    • Erica, Can you speak/write in a complete sentence? Are you telling me that you wouldn’t take a leave from your job at a chance to win $500,000 dollars? What is he doing that is so bad on the show? You have no idea what you are talking about. He is being himself and is there to try and win. “Has his hands down his pants” I guess your the type that doesn’t scratch or even take a dump. Your a perfect little princess! Don’t think so! My guess is that your overweight and ugly!

      • Lou r u serious?? he is on national TV . I would be sooo embarrased if I was his wife. he knows he is on NATIONAL TV and still freakin plays “wit” himselef.. Ewwwwwww.. HAND .. foot MOUTH disease (and he throws F bombs all the time “wit dat jersey aksent”) Umm GROW UP.. She does make a much better living than him..Go figure that!he does however make me laugh once in awhile so I do appreciate that ..and NO i am not a princess just someone “wit” a little common sense !!

      • That is funny!! But no I am actually 5’3 115lbs. My job would fire me if I ever did. I don’t understand how he would get his job back being an “insurance adjuster. Unless his wife makes the bucks and supports his ass. I don’t sit there and put my hands there that is just gross. And that whole New Jersey accent and try and be like a mafia boss is really annoying. And trust me he is from Beautiful Bayonne. Sorry to say but there is nothing nice about that town. I drove through it a couple of times and didn’t like what I saw

      • I agree Erica. I know guys like to “do that’ but not on National TV for cryin out loud.. it is just TMI for me.. like I said he does make me laugh but mostly he makes me wanna PUKE enuff already. let’s play with some class and maturity..and geeez i say Muffalata already.. get real…….

      • From what I understand Enzo was saying that he married into money. His wife apparantly is well off.

      • From my understanding she works! So if he said she has money why would she work if she had a baby at home.

  71. Britney played a great game above all the odds against her. She deserves to be there in the end.

    • If playing a great game involves being so incredibly cruel and insulting even about those who are no longer in the game … then Britnee’s your girl! So is Ragan!! In my opinion, such evil people don’t deserve anything.

      • I couldn’t agree more danny. she talks all the time about playing the game with class when she has very little. I understand to play the game you have to talk game behind peoples back. So if you count talking about people behind their backs and in a very derogatory way class than yea, she has tons of class. I hardly thinkd she deserves to be in the final 5 let alont make it to the end. The only credit I will give her in this game is the fact that she has made most of the hg’s believe she likes them. she totally needs to recieve an emmy for that performance. yea, she won pov’s and an hoh but lets face the facts all the other hg’s especially the brigade has been throwing the comps since day one and lane planned on throwing this last hoh to enzo but enzo failed so lane had play to secure his place in the house.

  72. After reading that Lane told Enzo and Hayden about his conversation with Ragan and what was said…

    I am disapointed in Lane.

    • Don’t be disappointed..LANE IS FEELING EM OUT..Lane is considering his actual options now..He “knows” that Hayden does need to go BUT HE DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE TO MAKE THAT DECISION..(TIE BREAKER)..So he may get with Enzo and put it in Enzo’s head that Regans reasoning made good sense in getting rid of Hayden..So Enzo and Brittney vote Hayden out..Best optition for Lane keep Regan to final 3 if possible..He is a winner either way if he is up against Brit or Regan..He will not win against Enzo or’s that simple…and he does know that HAYDEN has been talking behind his back about jury votes and how bad he needs the money….Lane has 48 hours ..lets see where he goes with what he’s got and how he deals..

      • Lane is a boy player………. not being honest to Brit.. still think brit and ragan are better competitors ! sorry

      • I do not trust LANE.. he is def in a BRO-MANCE with hayden.. sorry BRIT. her Hayden and Enzo need to chop it up..

  73. Brittney has played the game from day 1, yes she has done some bu** kissing and trash talked some of the HGs, but if you can walk the walk by winning comps, stay loyal and to be as young as she is and still stand against all those guys she should win the $$$. Lane & regan F3, then lane &Britt in the f2. But I agree with all the posts, this season is lame and I’m so sick of Enzo and his disgusting ways….

  74. Ragans over analyzing is sickening. Stop already. Dont approach Lane who wants nothing to do with you.
    Enzo did you give yourself the nickname Meow Meow after the illegal synthetic drug Meow Meow which is synthetic coke and meth? Oh how endearing to America…..
    Hurry up BB cuz the game is as boring as the houseguests.
    Enzo has nothing better to do than go insane with his tin foil? He needs medication along with Ragan. They both are nut jobs! And they are always fondling their nuts YUCK!
    Lets get on with it already sick of watching the Late night with them wondering what to do….rather watch the fishes….

    • What’s wrong with synthetic coke and meth?

      That’s nice to say about someone you don’t know.

      Another stupid, ignorant comment

      I bet you’ve had your hands down your pants and have done some fondling.

      If not, try it, it will help you relax!!!!!

    • If you’re so bored get off your ass go outside and look at the stars with your hands or hand down you’re pants.

      Ahh but you won’t your afraid you might miss something so important.

      • people we need to relax, there is NO need to attack each other…it is a game for goodness sake and everyone is intitled to an opinion….sometimes the posters on here are worse than the HG’s and that is NOT GOOD considering that it is a consensus that this has been a terrible BB season…. so everyone relax say what you want…it is your opinion…everyone else deal with it…we can’t change the game, only discuss it with some respect to others please.

      • Annie T..
        re read what you just wrote. No need to attack each other?
        I just saw on a prior post of mine you said Enzo is disgusting and apparently I am to. Why because I like him and you don’t?

        So you can say something rude to a poster but you come on here and scold the rest of us.

        Who the hell are you!!!

        Take your own advice!!

        Yeah, I’m disgusting!!!

      • I guess Enzo would much rather have his hands down his pants on national tv and not win anything then actually watch his baby grow up

      • matt had his hands down is pants more than all the other guys in the house combined. i would even bet if you took the time to research and watch this season over you would find out his hands was down his pants more than out of his pants.

      • ha ha true true but didnt see all the hand action like Enzo does and he talks about jerking off too much so what are we to think. LOLOL

  75. I watch BB after dark, good grief! Between Ragan and Britney trashing anyone and everyone. Like watching junior high kids. I just can’t stand the need those two have to make fun/slam anyone they are not BBF’s with. I won’t point out their flaws,I think when they rewatch BB they will cringe!!!

      • i don’t think its funny but maybe i live in reality… although the bb game seems scripted they are still in a REALITY show and they are choosing to be mean hateful rude people…. u think its funny…????

    • No offense Beth but at least they are not promising trips to hawaaii and Burger joint investments to BRIGADE members.Is this a game of wits or frienSHIPS?? lets play a real game cuz this is sooo boring !!!!!

      • i don’t know if it was enzo’s intention prolly not this IS enzo we are talking about BUT forming the alliance and making the friendship strong is what got them too this point in the game they built real trust with eachother they maybe isn’t the backstabbing people crave but its the best alliance ive seen in a long time….just hope it works to lanes advantage and not enzo’s i wish lane wasnt’ so tentative about making a big move…just sayin

  76. Buenos Noches BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Here’s to hoping Ragan convinces Britt da twit (aka britches! ;) to save him, and Lane to do the same!

    Enzo, man with the hand down the pants,
    no one wants to see where the hill lives with the ants, keep ya fingers clean and use some soap
    i dont’ care if you’re jersey that hand job ain’t dope!

    • Nice one, Jadelle!
      I find it comical how Enzo thinks he will be such a star after the season is over and how “in demand” he will be. It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny.
      The only thing he would be in demand for is promoting a web site that engages in the semi-illegal sale of Mephedone (a.k.a. “meow meow”), or promoting the Japanese adult video game “Let’s Meow Meow”.

      • oh SNAP! there’s a game called that? hee* he’ll likely try & patent that crap dun noe! gracias! it sorta came out of nowhere! the rant became a limerick all on it’s own!

      • Enzo’s dreaming about paparazzi, limo’s and movie stars. Enzo,Enzo,wake up. It’s just a dream. Don’t quit your day job. If he doesn’t come back down to earth Mrs.Enzo and her lawyer will bleed him to death.

      • Oh for sure you all are making laugh ha ha haha too damn funny.. SO mush more interesting here than BBAD. I have spent so much time in that darn ouse its making me crazy I just wanna shake the “kids” right out of their butts !!! thanks for the great humor here !!

  77. i would like to see someone win this game that is a TRUE bb fan – like most of US on this website are! of the ones that are left, that would be britney or ragan.

    • this really is a season where you have a hg to win by eliminating those you don’t want to win. of the five, starting with my “least wanting to see win”:

      Lane/Ragan – it was a tie.

      so CT we’re on the same train of thought.

    • let’s say BB called Enzo on his cheating PoV ways… if Ragan was a clear 2nd could he be declared the winner if Enzo was disqualified?

      seems they would have to do that within a short period of time after the comp.

      i don’t understand WHY BB is letting Enzo get away with stuff… the food, the penguin suit, the PoV comp… do they think we’re blind.

      NO… BB doesn’t care, maybe having someone in there that does cheat is good for ratings, we keep viewing to see how they intend to penalize him.

      just remember if Enzo cheats in the game he cheats in life… look what he does… insurance, one of the biggest pyramids in America and rip-offs.

      if you don’t believe me go look at what those companies make and what their ceo’s make… and it’s something you have to have.

      probably more than big oil… well, maybe not that much. but LESS risk than oil.

  78. soooo right jen, he never would have won the pov w/out haydens call from the sidelines,plus he mowed ragan over when rag reached for the winner……….but enzaaaa ate while a hn and didnt wear the full pen suit either!!!! Pisses me off that no penalty was levied.

    • i really dont think all stars will work in the bb house.The whole concept is that the players dont know one another.They had thier chance,and i know casting will rebound next year.Castings record is pretty good for 11 yrs running i think.They should be giving some slack for a bad yr.

      • i don’t see how ppl can say the casting was bad… they want hg’s that are characters. no, i DIDN’T SAY “with” character… the only dud they had was Kristin and bOObzilla got her going.

        they want hg’s that we feel the extreme of, whether it be love or hate. either bring us to watch.

        come on i’d bet BB numbers are above average on all fronts… we’ll know for sure when they announce BB13.

        i think the only real concern that BB has let slip is not policing a hg like Enzo, they are Big Brother aren’t they? then they need to act like BB.

        Enzo needs some kind of discipline or all of us should be firing off emails to CBS about BB failure. But don’t be surprised if nothing is done, if BB is a money maker & i think it is, nothing will change.

    • Speaking of “pissing me off”….Thats what Enzo did in hot tub to avoid wearing the penguin suit for a whole day. Even HG complained next AM.

    • Let’s hope…People can only comment on his hands. So what. Is it down your pants, no. It’s his junk and he can do whatever he wants with it when he wants.

      He cheated, he did this he did that.
      If what he did was so bad the producers would have done something about it. They don’t seem to have a problem with it just all the Enzo haters.

      If you don’t like his mouth turn the channel there is a warning before the show.
      There are adults if you don’t like it switch to Nickelodeon.

      Team Enzo!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m happy. Every other post is the same. Enzo and his hands. Enzo and his mouth. I am sick of watching him and hearing his mouth.

        So don’t watch..He is still on the show..
        That’s all!!!

        Team Enzo!!

      • The biggest turn-off about Enzo (aside from his annoying personal habits) is his unjustified cocky attitude. It would be different if he could actually accomplish anything he brags about, but the guy is all smack talk and no performance. In addition, he thinks he is so popular and will be such a star after this show but he’s only pulling in a 10% share – and that’s just from the 5 remaining houseguests! It would be much lower in a poll of ALL houseguests.

      • Do you mean hair plugs for poor guidos??? Nickelodian has better plots on Spongebob Squarepants. BB has a resposability to its advertisers for better actions. There is no excuse for poor manners.

  79. Reading the comments, I think it’s so interesting how strong the emotions are running toward some houseguests. Normally, I wouldn’t think that we’d feel this way unless we actually worked or lived with someone. I suppose because we’re watching their everyday lives in the house, it might start to FEEL like we do live with them. We don’t all have the chance to win half a million for wandering around a house, but we are all human.. and therefore difficult to live with at least some of the time. I wonder what they’d think if they had to live with us. I’m pretty sure that I’d be tossed out for snoring the first week. That said.. my favorties have all left, but I guess it would be nice to see Hayden win at this point. Seems like a nice guy.

  80. Jadelle wants to know, Just how Enzo cheated
    It’s been told, So I guess I’ll have to repeat it
    Hayden told Enzo the answer, And that it was by the tree
    Pushed ragan out of the way, Got to win, It’s all about me

    If hayden hadn’t helped, Enzo would not have won
    Enzo couldn’t win a competition, If he was the only one
    Jadelle you asked the question, So I gave you my reply
    I love, I told the truth, You know I wouldn’t lie

    Ragan’s not so happy, Because he’s on his way out
    He won’t even get one vote, Of that there is no doubt
    Remember it’s only a game, My cheating was all in fun
    Of course it would have been different, If Enzo hadn’t of won

    • Ah yes thanks so much CTGr8! Another fantabulous limerick for us BB Post-ers! :)
      Merci beaucoup! Guess I’m all caught up now!
      And no penalty AGAIN?! Wow they REALLY want to keep him!

  81. I had no idea that Hay helped out Enzo, why did they allow that? Cheating indeed, and cheaters never prosper! I mean that’s ridiculous! just so that he could finally win a COMP? well i guess that means he really didn’t! so he’s 0 for nuff! :( how sad is that? so the bro-gade thinks they’re ABOVE everyone & everything BB, ’bout time someone teaches them a lesson! If only Ragan could get the Coup D’Etat! Would be most fabulous! Anything to keep him in da game! Britt da twit still doin’ her thang? all up in Lusty Lane’s um grill?

      • De nada miga! :) Yeahhh his eyes sure do ALL the talkin’! thank god NOT with his hands! I understand they’ve been cooped up for 50+days w/o sex, but really now doesn’t mean I wish to see how they “comfort” themselves! :S

  82. Enzo-has been riding on the coat tails of his allies does not deserve to win
    Hayden and Lane are also nothing without each other
    Brittany and REagean ( i dont like his personality) at least try to win in competitions

  83. I can’t help but like the meow meow what can i say i like cats! And he is the coolest one right now in the house.

  84. The following limerick is NOT meant as an insult to anyone or any group and is certainly not directed at anyone. It is simply a speculation on the demographic that may be fans of Enzo:

    Is anything about Enzo appealing?
    If you say “yes”, then that’s quite revealing.
    The only group that fits
    Is one not mature in their wits
    It’s your age of 14 you are concealing

    (ok…. I’m sitting down… ready for the defensive, angst-filled comments…)

    • Not bad. But I would say most of us have the same sense of humor as him. He’s a big fan of Howard Stern and I think he does stuff for shock value. Personally I am a fan of both.
      And a huge fan of Howard. It’s funny shit!!

      HS for prez!!!!!!!!!

      Shout out: Don’t retire we need your sense of humor!!!!!!!

  85. i am very upset that hair dawg and bozo are winning Ragan and Britney are smarter and played game better i feel comps were geared toward those 3 to get them this far Ragan should have won pov bozo did something he shouldnt

  86. Tishe requested a little CCR yesterday….
    Here is my attempt to re-write their song “Down On The Corner” with a little BB spin:

    Early in the evening just around supper time
    Over by the hammock they’re starting to unwind
    Enzo’s in the corner, scratchin’ on his sack
    Laney’s in the shower, givin’ it a whack

    Down at Big Brother, out in L.A.
    Brit and the young boys are playin’
    Choose the guest you want to stay

    Ragan is a whiner, but he really knows the game
    Hayden’s mediocre, his game’s a little lame
    Britney teases Lane, right in front of Nick
    Lane says “this won’t hurt much – just a little prick”

    Down at Big Brother, out in L.A.
    Brit and the young boys are playin’
    Choose the guest you want to stay

    You don’t need much money just to view the show
    “Live feeds” are discounted, BBN keeps you “in the know”
    Posters are amazing, here from every state
    Comments are entertaining, game talk is great

    Down at Big Brother, out in L.A.
    Brit and the young boys are playin’
    Choose the guest you want to stay

  87. enzo gotta win bro everybody else is garbage bro lane is the the 50g guy bitch doesn’t deserve or need it neither does hayden

  88. Good night everyone… Too many late nights at BBAD lately… Gonna catch some ZZZs… Will be back tomorrow night… Hasta mañana, y’all…

  89. @ All who say they don’t understand women

    To understand women you don’t have to go to school
    It’s easy and so simple, If you know a basic rule
    To learn about women, There isn’t any books
    To learn to make them happy, You just have to look

    I took alot of notes and boy was it fun
    My notes came in handy, I used them one by one
    So her’s the basic rule, I”ll tell you man to man
    When it come to women, Even I don’t understand

    • Chris, right on the mark!! I’m a woman, i don’t understand either!!
      What is up, how are you??
      How long does it take you to think these up??

    • Wow, you & Rico are on POINT! :) True still, NO book will tell you the best way, ya just gotta look & know, see and ye shall find, that whole bit! Really is true! :) lol.

    • Goodnight, tishe!

      I’m goin’, too….

      My stay tonight is over, heavy are my lids
      Goodnight to all you posters, all you BBN kids
      I’ll see you here tomorrow, I couldn’t stay away
      I look forward to your posts, they really make my day

    • There you are girl friend!!
      Went to do my nightly beauty regime and then read the last comments!!
      Now I will remember to log off and shut down!!
      Good night all again! tee-hee

  90. Hi diana, notice I spelt you’re name right! So anyway I know you’re sleeping but when you get up in an hour I will be asleep :) on bbad ragan is talking to himself again all alone in have not room saying his biggest fear is that he will have been the biggest douch in bb house this season, duh he’s such an emo! Get over it, you’re not on vacation, this is not all about you!!!! Ok so anyway I think it was funny when lane just banged on the door to the bathroom and Brit come’s out and he said it kinda smelled like she took a poo! How embarrising! I am when my husband of 18 years says something like that! They are def. Closer than I thought! Although she look’s alot prettier when she’s smiling and being nice!!!!

  91. The 5 Jokes are in the house, Oh what a bore
    Please BB grant my wish, Don’t open up the door
    Keep them in the house, That way they’re all be stars
    Watching them eat with thier fingers, And drinking out of jars

    They could sing songs to, Jadelle, sister j, and tishe
    Song from the 70’s, Song like, I wish I had a dish
    No clare ann I wouldn’t forget you, And that is oh so true
    Enzo can come out and sing Dean Martin song, Just for you

    I know you think I’m dreaming, I’ll wake up anytime
    The 5 jokes are boring, It’s hard to come up with rhymes
    So goodnight rico and ladies, And all you Enzo fans
    Enzo will be so entertaining, Look he used his hand

  92. 10:28 PM PT A direct conversation from a MAN ALONE… In the
    “have not room” Ragan being upfront with US the live feed viewer.
    If you have live feed PLEASE flashback to the above time and watch…
    Ragan goes down his list of WONDER REN about the game he has played.
    Like him OR not he has shared his heart/thoughts to US!
    A man with charactor in a BB production with ENZO/LANE/Britney/HAYDAN who haven’t a clue on what “C” even means.

  93. Has the episode where Enzo is supposed to have cheated in the POV competition aired yet? If not, how do we know he cheated?

  94. Idk but I think Enzo make’s me laugh alot when watching bbad, he just said he’s claiming his steak on the moon sand lol

  95. Hi tishe, I just got back on the right screen to say hi to you(using I pod touch on wifi)I tried a few min ago and touched wrong spot, then I have to scroll all through to bottom with my thumb dammit!! These people are more excited about this sand than my kid’s!:)

  96. Sorry I missed you all tonight,but when I came to the site there were old postings! I know you are all bored but I thought you all went to Tishe’s for a Party,Without ME ! LOL I Read all the comments and was LMAO. Well see ya later :)

  97. Here it is almost one in the morning, and I put on Showtime to see what went on earlier. They’re laughing, so I turn up the volume. Ragan is going on and on, mocking Brendon: his appearance, voice, lack of skills. Eventually, he tired of that and went on to Rachel. Again with her “witch warts.” Now, all three of them are analyzing her pimples. Mean. Mean and sick.

    “I loved that production clapped and cheered when I said ‘Go get me a drink, waitress!'” Quite the telling comment if true.

  98. its a no brainer rachel and brendon were the interesting factors of the show this year now that there gone enzo is the only one left to look at he is funny and kinda a little stupid at times but entertaing

  99. Love Hayden and Enzo but they just don’t deserve the win after floating along all season….. Hayden may have won HOH twice, but they were easy ones…. Lane and Brit deserve the win because they have played both sides of the house all this time and it looks like they’re still doing it! If there was a brigade in existence…Lane would have put up Brit.

  100. I voted the way I did because the so called “Brigade” that was formed basically from day one, have condemned everyone for forming an alliance, or shomance, or whatever, and they just ticked me off from day one. I would love to see a couple of them go, mainly Lane, and Hayden. They are so hooked on themselves.

  101. Can anyone tell me which houseguest this season has really needed or deserved the money? Was there ever an underdog to root for? It seems like the casting director chose people according to their job diversity and obviously not for their competitive skills or need for money. I also think most of the houseguests had their agents get them their parts on the show. What a sad season this is. In the past there were people who needed the money, were decent competitors or at least had a nice personality. I’ve seen none of those things this time. Just seems like a bunch of people who are fairly well off (don’t really need the money), not used to working hard for their money (poor competitors) and all I can say about the personalities is…hateful, immoral, greedy (I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get my drift)

    • I agree maybe they should have had homeless people this year who really need the money. I’m sure they would have been alot more entertaining

      • i like that idea… maybe greedy people like the ones playing BB would learn something.

        of course, what would being a Have-Not to them be like and sleeping in the Have-Not room?

        maybe instead we should have a group of super rich ppl… then we’d really see how greedy ppl act.

        Of course we already see that with “The Housewives of” Whatever City plus we get to see their spoiled children.

  102. If ragan doent go home thursday, I dont know what bb fans will do. If we have to hear one more night of his bashing Rachel and Brendon. He wants to know if he will be remembered as a douche bag, ragan for sure you can count on it. What person constantly talks down someone the way you aand brittney did on bb? This is a darn right attack on peoples reputations. So this is for you, I truly beleive your siblings stay away from you for the same reason Rachel and Brendon will and most of America. You are disgusting and darn right mean. How you became a teacher boggles my mind, because I would never stay in a class where you were teaching. I would not want to look up to a person of your caliber. I hope when you get out in the public eye your realize just how sick you made the fans with your constant bashing. This is why you didnt win bb, and you will be going to the jh on thursday. I’m sure bb fans can’t wait to see you exit out the door and britt following you. Maybe then the other hg can fogus on the game instead of having to listen to both you and britt 24/7 being jealous of two players that really deserved to stay in the game. Since they put all their efforts in trying to win, not trashing someone every second of every single day. It’s so old and America is so ready to tune you out. You both turn my stomach and made the bbg so hard to wanna tune in, good riddens hope bb learned their lesson never to bring any one like you or britt back in the house or on another game. For sure they will go off the air.

      • I on the other hand love Ragan and Britney! They keep me entertained… and the other house guest join in on the Brenchel bashing too. Yeah, Ragan’s a whiner.. that’s who he is and he’s said it plenty of times. He is the most emotional in the house.

      • I am hoping that ragan and britany convinced Lane to get rid of Hayden no offence to him . he seems like a great guy but not a great player in this game besides isn’t he due for a haircut?? all that hair is weighing down his game head!!!

      • another thing, not that I think it is ok to bash people but my gosh they have to be soooooo bored, prob just helps them pass time. not saying it is right but has also entertained me more than the others, how long can we watch someone on an eliptical trainer? no offence though

      • lisa, I agree 100%. I live in an condo where most of the residents are elderly and spend most of their time bashing other res. It used to drive me crazy until one day it struck me that they literally have nothing else to do!!

    • I agree shouldn’t they worry about staying in the house instead of people who are not there anymore?

    • Well said Joanne. I haven’t been watching BBAD since last Thursday. I turned on one of my TV and there was Ragan complaining and do the wonder thing about what the fans and his friends will think of him. He’s got a huge surprise coming. Then he said I wonder if several of my siblings that don’t talk to me have watched the show and would want to see me now?
      NO BOO HOO BABY!!!!
      Being bored is a terrible excuse to talk about other house guests. It’s vile what they say. This is a 35year old man acting like this.
      Yes Ragan IMO you have been the biggest douche bag in BB history.

  103. Brendan is still my favorite so funny how all they do is talk and talk about him wish he would of made it all the way..

  104. Reason? Simple — best of the worst! I can’t stand the meanest and cruelty of Britney and Regan. Out of the two of them, I think Regan is the worst hypocrite. He stated on BBAD that the only people who have anything to be embarrassed about are Rachel, Brendan and Andrew. Is he high? Is he proud of the way that he cut down Rachel and Brendan every chance he could? Is he proud of the way he continues to talk about them after they were voted off? They are out and there is no need to continue to be mean and cruel. Is he proud of the way he constantly cried? More than that, is the gay community proud that this numb-nuts is representing them?

    Is BBAD interesting? NO! They lost me when Brandon went. Yes, I always go for the “decent” underdog who is not a floater but…he has been earning the right to stay in the house since day one. Furthermore, he earned the right to be respected as a great competitor and strategist since day one. There is no need to get personal and say all those nasty things about his personality and where he is lacking. I wonder how long Regan would be able to stand such personal attacks. Regan should definitely be ashamed of the way he acted during this season. I hope he is voted out and if he is America’s favorite, then the USA isn’t what it used to be. Regan is vile!

    Is BB itself interesting? Yes. I will continue to watch it on TV, along with all the other programs that I RECORD but I will not be sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the next live show.

    I hope Regan is voted out tonight,

    • I bet they will all be embarrassed when they see how badly they have acted. They probably don’t realize at the time how vile and vicious they are, but when sitting at home in the comfort of their living rooms, they are going to be so embarrassed and ashamed. I know I would be.

  105. I love Ragan! I don’t think anyone in the Brigade deserves to win because they have gotten this far on plain old numbers. When one of them gets put on the block because they can’t win an HON, they can’t get them off (most of the time) with veto. Then they keep the person in The Brigade there by having the votes. They are like floaters if you think about it. Brittny has played a decent game. She won a lot of competitions and played an okay social game. Ragan had some small alliences, won competitions, and had a good social game. At this point it is just the Brigade, Brittny, and Ragan. So unless The brigade turns on each other (which I hope happens), then they will probably make it to final three. I think the Brigade should have never gotten rid of Matt. He was the only one who could constantly win HOH and Veto, and if the Brigade kept him they could had kept him with the votes like they had been doing, and use him for their advantage. But instead they turned on him. Not the best move, in my opinion. Instead, the Brigade is getting farther in the game by talking behind people’s backs (Enzo), Lying, to the houseguests AND the Brigade (Hayden), playing both sides (Lane), and just plain old having votes (all of the above). So what do you think? Does the Brigade deserve to win? I think not.

    • anyone for me as long as it’s not the brat, boo hoo baby or Lane or Hayden for that matter. but mostly not the brat and boo hoo mean mean people!!!!!

  106. This is the worst BB I have ever watched!!I have watched it since it premeired in England. Enzo got away with to many things which should have booted him out of the show. What happened to the rules of BB?

  107. I say out with the old in with the new!!!!!!!!! Send them all to the jh, cause they all suck. But, if not then, please bb listen up. I remember a game in a tube where ice cold water fell down on you and you had to hold onto a button. If you let go you were out of the run for hoh. I think they need to bring that back, but maybe make just a little change and put the bubble in the air, have it going in circles while ice chips and ice water drop on them the entire time they are up there while holding on to the button. Then I’d say someone earned the money at the end of the game. Do you hear me bb, try it I’m sure you will get lots of viewers with this one.lmao And it would make for at least 1 day of entertainment instead of everyone be bored. Shake this house up thats what it needs

    • What about the games where they used to have to eat disgusting “pies” for food for the week or the one where everyone was in a tall cylinder and there was a disgusting smell (fish, etc) and they stayed as long as they could. They used to have some great challenges that made things interesting and lasted for 2 days. Holding on to hanging straps by 1 hand and not letting go. That was good TV.

      • Yes. I was just saying they need to bring back the food and luxury competitions. Its not really the people that are boring, its the show. I liked when they had to win use of the hot tub, excercise equipment, etc

  108. I voted the way I did because I do not like Brittany and she has backstabbed everyone in the game and talked trash, sick of her and Ragan has done nothing but cry and cry and cry and talk about how bad everyone else is and they played the game wrong and he has done nothing and has acted the same way or worse than the ones he is always ragging about. Lane has done nothing in the game but won this one HOH and now is letting other people tell him how to play and Brittany has him wrapped around her little finger. Enzo I would have voted for him but he has done nothing and just agrees with what everything anyone says even contradicts himself. Hayden is the only one that is not mean and probably needs to money more than anyone there. But didn’t like the way he treated Brendon. Oh well it is a game and we cannot all like the same people. I really don’t want any of these to win but especially not Ragan and Brittany. If Lane keeps her he will be out the next time.

  109. Lane talked of people left played respectable. What? He needs to see the past and see that Britney and Regan are not at all respectable.

  110. I’m by no means in any way, shape, or form a fan of the Brigade and their pathetic competition performances but I DO have to admit that they made a good choice in voting Matt out when they did. After telling him they were going to vote him out over Lane, they essentially showed their cards to him and let him know he was lowest in the “pecking order”. Matt may have been loyal to the Brigade in the end, but the idea that they would have voted him out would have ate away at him and left him as a giant weak spot in their armor. Besides, Matt won competitions. Brigade dont win competitions… yo.

    I vote to throw enzo off a cliff yo Any grown man that uses “YO” in the place of a period should be expected to be thought of as an unintelligent fool yo I seriously have to switch cameras when he starts talking yo meow meow yo yo. Is this the kind of trash BB lets into the house now? sad..

  111. Enzo needs to go. He has shown that he cant win at any competition, so why are they still keeping him?

  112. I am not sure what the producers were thinking when they picked this group of HGs. With the exception of Rachel & Brenden, the rest of them are floaters…until the final weeks when all their competition had finally been eliminated. Ragan & Brit are two of the most insecure human beings I’ve ever seen. They only seem to feel good when they are zeroing in on Rachel. What awful things they’ve said! Very threatened by them I guess. We’ve completely lost interest in this season…we’ve been huge fans of the show until now. Hope next years picks are better than this seasons.

  113. I voted for Lane, cause Brittney & Regan are a discrace with the way they talk, Regan being a college prof.. wow what a stupid school he must work for. Use to like Enso but his comment about Brenden and Rachael having ugly babies lost my vote for him being the favorite person.. the way they talk about each other on afterdark showtime I only respect Rachael, Brendon and Lane!

  114. Picked Enzo because he is the only one entertaining. Dont like ragen/britney’s trash talking hg’s that are already gone. Way to much trash talking. Not good game play to me don’t think behavior like that earns 500k. So Enzo just because I enjoy watching him and only him

  115. I think the diary room time with Britney and her sock puppet was hilarious! The sock puppets and the dancing made me laugh so hard. Kudos to the cast of BB. SO creative!

    Enzo… could he really not know about teaspoons?

  116. I will vote for Brendon, He was the best player & I feel its too late for the Buffoon Brigade to be America’s Choice because the only thing they did was vote in a BLOCK with Britney included. The other nitwits didn’t know that Lane let her in their platoon LOL

  117. I’m rooting for Enzo or Ragan. I don’t like any of the others much. I really detest Lane. That thing about shooting off guns when he is drunk at any eyes he sees in the darkness is simply showing that he is a sociopath…killing for no other reason than the thrill of it….not thinking of anything but his momentary pleasure. Also, he can’t use proper verb tenses or grammar.

  118. I voted for Britany . but I don’t really like any of them. As for the the public vote for which player should receive the extra prize, I vote for Brendan all the way. Unlike those useless Brigade members who are as boring as can be and made no power moves, Brendan brought competitiveness and excitement to the game without being the whiny spoiled brats that Brit and Ragina sometimes act like.

    • Are you serious? He didn’t whine? Watch the playback….omg! Throwing the ball towards Jeff/Jordan??!!! Need I say more?

  119. Enzo has cheated throughout the game and no one in production did anything about it. I am very surprised at BB and this season was a waste of time. The game ended for me when Brendon left. He is the only one that played the game. I can’t stand all the trashing of Brendon and Rachel by a bunch of morons.

  120. please “America” give Brendon the extra money…he could use it and he really deserve’s to win some money…..He was a great game player…He and Rachel deserve to take it all……..I hope that whenever all these last idiot’s get out, that the public let them know how disgusted we were with them all………….I hope they will realize how stupid they looked on the After Dark Hours……….Pathetic….

  121. I’m so over people saying Ragan this and Brit that! There are some very short memories out there. Let’s not forget how hatefull Rachel was since day one….every fight prior to her getting booted landed her right in the middle. She stirred the pot… Constantly! It’s a game people! You guys act personally offended when Brit or Ragan would rag on Brenchel. Were you offended when Brenchel was tagging on Brits eyes or Ragan being gay? Brendon doesn’t deserve a dime! He didn’t win anything or make any good decisions until his girlfriend got booted. Really? This game is supposed to be about who played the best game. America’s Player should be Ragan. He played the smartest… Figured out the most on his own… Half of the moves that were made… Including by Rachel was because Ragan was giving her advise on pros and cons. Even if those moves weren’t executed, they were moves that should have been made.

  122. I’m an avid fan of Big Brother and consider myself fae removed from the pre-school mentality that over took BB house this year. Aside from bad manners, bad dispositions, piss poor gramar and hatefull attitudes, the game is being held ransom by a group of idiots that refuse to think or act without a majority vote by the rest of the lame ducks. While Matt is a total puke, he along with Rachel and Brendon made the attempt to organize the mottle crew to the rules and attitude necessary to keep the “game” alive. However, the slobs and wanna-be’s are still floundering and wasting our time, trying to do the absolute minimum for the maximum reward. The last remaining peeps, remind me of an episode of the “Twilight Zone”, whereas the dying Patriarch requires the money hungry relitives to wear a mask untill the time of his death. At the pricise moment of his demise, the family remove their hideous masks, only to reveal that their faces are forever frozen as the true identity of their personalities. As for all the “Brenchel” haters, these idiots are doing the VERY same pairing off. The sabatour storyline retarted this game from the start by having the bergade answer to what happened in the dark, fit their own storyline as a reason to stick it out. If you notice, they haven’t picked a sabatour or actual event. Enzo, “The prize” read the sign under his pillow as being signed by “S” for sherrif….not”S” for sabatour. Set fire to the house and give all the money to the disease Matt used for leverage.For educated people, this cast has by far been the greatest letdown in television history.

  123. As a post script to the above statement…….
    The news says there is no such thing as bad press. Big Brother wouls be very wise to READ all the posts on all the boards before selecting next years game players.Bad press abounds.The viewers are not happy.

  124. I voted for enzo because he has made it barable to keep up with the house. I would never vote for Brit because of the trash talking all season. That made me turn off BB at one point.

  125. Deja-vu………The Cowardly Lion: Hayden
    Heartless Tin Man: Lane
    Scarecrow W/O a brain: Enzo
    The Emerald City: $500G
    Haven’t I seen this before………..


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