Update: E!Online is running a poll for the best summer reality show and Big Brother is currently in 3rd place, ahead of The Bachelorette, but behind ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and ‘Jersey Shore’! Come on, everyone, go here and vote for Big Brother as the best summer reality show evah!

Update 2: Big Brother is up to #2 in the poll now ahead of ‘Jersey Shore’ but still ~5% behind Kardashians so keep voting!

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy Big Brother popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Last week Lane barely eeked out Britney for the most popular at 29% while, once again, Hayden and Enzo came in last. What an exciting finale the two consistently least popular HGs will make. Hey Enzo, I’ve got a script for ya, it’s called “Damn You!”

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.


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