Big Brother 12: Week 8 Monday Live Feed Highlights

You can tell it’s getting close to the end for this season of Big Brother.  The HG’s realize they have to win the next HoH or they’re gone, especially Brit and Enzo.  Ragan is pretty upset and lets out his frustrations in the DR and gives it a shot to try and get Brit’s vote.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 30, 2010:

10:40 AM BBT – HG’s are up for the day.  Enzo tells the spaceship he’s gonna finish it today and then everyone goes to the back yard to wait for the veto ceremony.

10:49 AM BBT – Ragan says his speech will be controversial.

11:29 AM BBT – Feeds back from ceremony and Hayden is nominated.

12:29 PM BBT – Enzo tells Hayden he knows if Hayden or Lane wins HoH at final 3 they won’t take him to the final 2.  And a lightbulb has gone off in Enzo’s little head.

2:05 PM BBT – The brigade’s talking about the lifelong friends and are convinced it was Andrew and Brendon.  There are NO lifelong friends!  Geez!

3:47 PM BBT – Lane and Hayden talking about how they’ll have so many opportunities once BB is over, like Dr. Will who has his own show.  Yeah I don’t see anyone from this season moving on to become such a big time star.

7:30 PM BBT – Ragan comes out of the DR and is very pissed.  The feeds keep cutting out because he’s talking about production.  Something about them telling him to put on his mic.  He tells Hayden, “I guess you can figure it out, they need an episode.”

7:43 PM BBT – Britney and Lane talking in the HoH room.  She is upset because she knows if she doesn’t win the next HoH competition, she’s gone.  She thinks Lane will take Hayden to final 2 over her.  She says she has nobody.

8:00 PM BBT – Ragan comes back out of the DR and is STILL pissed.  Said they want him to campaign.  He’s upset because the last two weeks have been $hitty enough and he doesn’t want to go through all that.  The feeds keep going off.  He says he doesn’t want his story this week to be about him laying around in bed.

9:19 PM BBT – The DR experience must have gotten to Ragan because now he is campaigning to Brit saying she won’t win in a final 2 against the boys but she will against him.

10:08 PM BBT – Lane said he was told in the DR that America was over Brendon and Brit needs to stop talking about him.  LOL!!

1:18 AM BBT – Britney dives through the air with the greatest of ease and the least concealed.

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Can the DR convince Ragan he needs to campaign against Hayden to stay in the house or will their plan not work?   It seems to me like he’s going to have to get Brit and Lane on board and that’s not going to happen.  Sounds like production is trying to stir up some drama to make the rest of the season a little more interesting.


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    • I agree. Very nice job indeed!!

      These two idiots dare to elevate themselves to Dr. Will’s level?! Yeah, and donkeys can fly! or is pigs that can fly.

      • I could never handle that guy and I was with him almost to the end of the first All-Star season back in ’06, before he finally got evicted. Dr. Will was one of the slickest players this game has ever had. Even though there was a “EviL” Dick in the house…the most “evil” player in this game was Mike “Buggie” who was most subtle and cunning…But this season Ragan is the one who plays this game the best using sheer strategy.

      • Doctor Wil was an idiot,….and the only reason he won was because there were bigger idiots in the house.

      • and for the record,…. there were 2 distinct reasons evil dick won,….number one he had his daughter in the house and number two, he bullied everyone and scared them into a coma like state,….it never ceases to amaze me how the players of this game always make the decisions based on some kind of friendship and they lose sight of the fact that the other people in the house are also there to win $500K,…if Brendan would have used his time to outline why keeping him in the game over Britney was a better idea, maybe ,….just maybe they would have seen that there was an opportunity to get rid of a major player,.. just like when Matt used the DPOV and put Kathy up,…… that was the worst use of the highest power in BB history, the DPOV is for BIG moves,…Kathy was not a big move,..she should have been sent packing when they saw her lay in the carmel like she was dead, I would guess she never gets out of her patrol car unless it is lunch time.

      • Dr Will was the best player ever to play Big Brother. He threw competitions, but he lied, manipulated and got everyone to do his dirty work, he got everyone to like him with his charm, he was hilarious, and he was the most charismatic player in the house. Can’t ask for anything more in this game.

  1. Man, just reading those few line about the DR sessions and you KNOW Production is running this game. So what if someone does not want to campaign, maybe you should think he is too smart to think he has a chance at swaying votes. I mean Matt told Julie straight out when she was interviewing him that the HG let you know where they are voting and you really cannot change their minds.
    Yes, Ragan and Brit in the finals will only happen if they convince Lane.
    Maybe, just maybe, ENZO will attempt to play to win and get rid of Hayden this week.
    I agree with Matt from the write up of the POV ceremony, Can’t wait for SURVIVOR!

    • I think(and hope) Hayden has a shot of going home because enzo will probably turn on his fellow birgade member since they are all turnin on him, and then brit will have ragan’s vote and voila! Bye bye Hayden! He dosnt deserve the money! He’s got enough stipen that he’s earned each week! Maybe he’ll get some more money if he,hmmm…i don’t know…GET A JOB!

      P.S I think Matt should win fan fav! Anyone agree with me?

      • I think Brendon should win. He played with his back against the wall for 9 weeks. Matt was never in trouble until the Bumgade turned their backs on him and had him ousted.

      • He should, but America wasn’t that fond of him. He probably WAS the best player until he trusted the Brigade 2 weeks too long. I’d really like him to win it tho. If not him, then Ragan. There was always something creepy about Brendon and his choice in women SUCKS.

      • @Sarah, Really? I don’t think you can, Brendon is not available. But your Matty seems to be available–he did do it with Ragan, so you should have said Screw Matty, don’t you think so? He seems to be an equal opportunity screwer, so have a go at it, or should I say, at him?

      • Erika… since Ragan ain’t winning the $500T why not predict HER for America’s Fav and give her the $25,000, she already has $20,000 for doing practically nothing.

        B/C it’s hard to believe you could EVER be wrong… you are the expert here.

      • screw all of you… i’m voting Kathy… sweet hg that loves everyone and showed more integrity than anyone… was she perfect? hell, no. did she show the best integrity of the all the rest… hell, yes.

        plus i give her props for standing up against bOObzilla and doing it with more honesty and with less venom than Ragan. i was applauding her during that exchange.

        Bren’s got Rachel, he doesn’t deserve or need to be burdened with more and basically she gets half or more of it if he gets it. Think about it? he’ll spend it on her.

      • Matt should get the Diamond Power of Stupidity award,….. thought he was so smart and look where it got him, the beginning of the game you size up everyone,….then you start getting rid of the competition,…keeping the weakest players and the sheep,…then you start getting rid of them in the end,…leaving the strongest and smartest player at the end.

      • I DO NOT believe Brenon was the best player. He let that fake redhead play his game for him. He always said til the day he left the house he was playing for the woman he loves. He needed to play for himself. If he’d been playing for himself maybe, just maybe, the rest of the house would’ve kept him. Gag me with a Sabatoe!!!!!

      • Brendon 100% for fan fav. He played harder than anyone in the game, had his back against the wall and everyone against him from day one, but still won comps and didn’t lie or backstab. And America DOES like him, he got most popular when he was still in the house by 40%! Matt didn’t play right, and Regan makes me want to throw up!! He is one of the most annoying HGs in years!

      • hold it you gals… Rachel says she fought the hardest EVERYDAY and everyone was scared of her… does she deserve fan fav? hell no, so you’re telling me Bren falling for the Brigade’s b.s. he should win.

        though the way he played the rewards PoV, he deserves something but not for just be a ‘good-looking dud’ (sic)

        heck, he got a nice haircut, got to bathe in chum (omega 3 – good for you) and handcuffed to Brit (a fun time for him).

    • Matt or Brendon ???? how about neither. Matt was very good at the competitions but the fake disease went to far and a couple of times during the season he made huge mistakes that ultimately got him booted. Brendon was much more tolerable after Rachel left but if he wins he might share some of the money with her, so thats a big NO.

      REGAN BY FAR. Finally a token gay guy on BB that I rooted for.

  2. As much as I enjoy getting BB12 Network updates and reading all the comments I am getting annoyed with the Italicized personal comments of the writer. Updates should be just that(unbiased.) Comments should be posted in the discussion sections. IMHO I feel that these comments sway the readers who may not e watching live feeds or other sites and their feelings about certain house guests are solely based on the updates here. Only reason this concerns me is that when these readers VOTE for Americas Choice Polls they wont like my guy Enzo LOL

    • I don’t think it will matter I don’t thisk they will have the America’s Choice 25,000 winner this year b/c of the Sabo and Ragan winning the 20,000. They didn’t have a prize in season 8 when Eric won 40,000 as America’s Player.

      • Everything I am reading there will be America’s Choice, may be sponsored by a diff company like Sprint but there will be one (crossing fingers) Since I want Enzo to win all Brenden can have this LOL

      • They reserved a pot of $50,000 for Annie’s sabotage but she lost it in week one. So even counting the $20,000 that will go to Ragan, there is still $30,000 left if BB wants to award America’s favorite player this year.

    • I like Enzo too. However, when all is said and done, Brendan really did win more comps and definitely had a tough time. Enzo or Brendan would be good choices but I have a feeling we are in the minority with those thoghts.

      • Carol, I like Enzo for two reason 1. He is from NJ 2. He cracks me up I find him the only source of entertainment on feeds and BBAD!

    • I don’t mind the comments in italics. Keep it up Ashli & Matt BBN. In fact I appreciate them.

      • I love the comments as well. I think you do a good job of stating what happens, unbiased… in regular letters… then adding your opinion!

    • Aren’t there enough BB sites that JUST relay the happenings inside the house? I come to BBN cuz it’s NOT the same ole..I come here because of Ashli’s opinion! I think her analysis is awesome! Her Survivor opinions too! I’m SOO sick of hearing people complain about this and the spoilers thing! This is an interactive site, with the show and the fans! This isn’t so much for the casual viewer, but for the people looking for more OUTSIDE of the show itself! Not to mention the only reason people complain is cuz the person they like is getting bashed! And btw, Enzo is a clown! BOZO has been exposed as a weak gamer..maybe at first he wasn’t noticed, but I think its pretty much fact at this point, no? Ashli Rae is kickin ass on here! On the Interviews too!

  3. I understand Nick gave an interview last night, saying he expected Brit to flirt and he had no problem with that. Like most guys, he is undoubtedly trying to conceal the deep wounds he has suffered by watching his fiance form, at the very least, an emotional relationship with another contestant on the show.

    If I were doing the interview, it would have gone like this:

    So, Nick:

    1. The next time she wrestles Lane, what move should Brit make to prevent Lane from pinning her to the ground and climbing on top of her?

    2. What do you estimate is the thread count of the sheets your fiance is sleeping on in Lane’s HoH bed?

    3. Do you believe Brit’s legs were smooth enough when she asked Lane to feel them after she shaved them in Lane’s HoH bathroom?

    4. When your fiance held Lane’s waist from behind when he was combing his hair in the mirror, should he have parted his hair on the left or on the right?

    5. What was your impression of the colors and patterns in the skimpy sundress your fiance privately modeled for Lane in the HoH room two days ago?

    6. Did Lane miss an opportunity with your fiance when she said she would make out with the guy in the HoH room picture (Lane) because he looked like the very hot Tim McGraw?

    7. What moving company should Brit use when she moves to Texas or Los Angeles, as she says she is considering?

    8. What agent should your fiance and Lane use when they shop their reality show idea to the various Hollywood studios?

    Thanks, Nick, take care.

    • lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

      I love it

      and can you confirm or deny what Brit said of this “beast”

      party in the front poker in the rear maybe

      is this an acceptable showmance?

      Nick, you ever watch that movie Indecent Proposal? Maybe try nextflixing it

      • I think her conversation the other night on BBAD says it all: she said to Lane that she is not sure if her boyfriend has already broken up with her but she will find out when the show is over. They are done if this Nick guy does not turn out to be Lane. Yeah, Yeah I saw the pictures in her HOH room but…………

      • Nick’s attempts to reduce her relationship with Lane to mere “flirting” was so disingenuous, it really pissed me off. The dude needs to “man up” and admit that he has lost her, rather than try to belittle her connection with Lane.

        Every indication is that he did not want her to do the show at all – that he just wants her to be a cute little submissive, barefoot, and pregnant Arkansas housewife.

        Her sights are clearly set much higher, and IMHO, her rightful place in the universe is on TV entertaining people. Her faces, voices, mannerisms, beauty, expressiveness, ease in front of the camera, etc are so incredible. She has so much more natural talent, IMHO, than these Playboy mansion idiots on E-Network such as Kendra and Holly Madison.


        (I am a guy, for those wondering.)

    • Karzai….. Did you listen to the whole interview or did you just “understand” there was one?
      I did listen to the whole thing and trust me Nick is just fine with Britney. He loves her and trusts her. He was really funny and he watches live feeds, the shows, and BBAD. He is not concealing any fricken deep wounds he has suffered. He said he would change the length of her shorts and said it a cute way. He is just fine with her game I doubt if he cares if you are.

      • wonder if we will be ok with that phone call saying:

        Hey Nick, what’s up man…how’s your wife and my kid??

        or better yet

        tell me how my seonds taste

      • SummerToo I know you’ve been fighting me on this for several days now, and debate is what makes things interesting. 99% of all guys would not be comfortable with their fiances climbing all over another guy, particularly on national television – game or no game. TV show or no TV show. Grand prize at stake or no grand prize. They would not be comfortable seeing a guy stroke their fiance’s hair, or climb on top of her in a purported wrestling contest. No guy would be comfortable that their fiance undertook actions that sparked an America-wide debate over whether she is with Nick or Lane, or whatever. This debate over Lane and Brit’s relationship has, in many ways, overshadowed conversation about the game itself.

        Can you look me straight in the eye and tell me, based on an interview, that Nick has no doubts at all about her loyalties or feelings for Lane, after witnessing these shenanigans all summer between the two???

        I also note that if she were just flirting for game purposes, she would have flirted with several of the guys, not just Lane. Or, she could still have gotten just as far in the game without the level of connection and interaction she has had with Lane. I suspect you are anti-Lane and pushing for this Nick guy so that she and Lane will not be together.

    • I concur absolutely and totally. Which is why I believe that Brit and Nick are a non-starter together. She knows Nick is seeing these antics, and she has to know he would get upset. This suggests to me she feels she can do anything and Nick will grovel back to her no matter what.

      Nick has very little leverage in this situation; even Brit says he would not break it off with her know because there is a chance she will win money and he wants to ride her coattails.

      I have totally and utterly lost respect to Nick, to do an interview and say, with a straight face, that her shenanigans do not bother him in the least. Such a statement lacks even a shred of credibility.

      If this were my fiance, as I said yesterday, I would have called E News and gone on camera saying that I want my ring back and I wash my hands of the engagement. Have some respect for yourself, Nick.

    • Wow after this fictional interview, don’t forget to end it with eight resounding Zing’s from the ZingBot.

  4. Lane isn’t switching– & why would he? If he, Hayden or Brit win POV he is going to final 3, of he keeps Ragan chances are he’ll still go but are Ragan or Brit taking him to final 2….probably not. Brit said last night she knows she isn’t winning…she’s just playing for 2nd. Ragan made a very good point in telling her if she goes to final 2 with him over any of those guys thn she’ll win, which I think is true as well. But I think more importantly, Lane & Hayden are loyal to each other…neither is turning.

  5. what makes you sure there are (or were) no lifelong friends in the house? Julie even said there were at the start of the season…

    • She said it. I think it’s true. A twist for us. Was no one paying attention? Why would she say it & then it not be true? What fun!

      PS. Did you see Brit staring at that photo of Lane & his bro? Perhaps Nick is the bro?
      Then we have a false Nick giving interviews & showing up in pics. She certainly didn’t stare at his pic when she was HOH.

      • Lol! its not true. Julie only said that Annie(the sab) said it. She (Annie) only said it to stir up the house’s suspicions, which obviously has worked on the viewers also. Poster have gone back on the feedbacks and confirmed this already. And if this was true, why would CBS wait this long to reveal the truth to the viewers? Come on people, give it up. It was a LIE…lol. Just like the lies Ragan made up to throw tension into the game.

      • @ Rose Don’t worry, You could believe what Eria says, If she was the real one, But she not

      • what’s you saying Chris… you don’t think that’s the real Erika… Boogie’s sweetie? she put him straight through to the win.

        she went hook, line & sinker for him… she knows her stuff. just ask Buggie, i just think that’s her secret intimate name for him.

  6. The Final two is going to come down too Lane and Hayden. No doubt in my mind. This week Ragan. If britt doesnt win hoh next week its gonna be her to go next. Then the week after that Enzos gonna get cut. Hayden and Lane in the final two, i think lane gets the votes and wins big brother 12. take it to the bank! but if britt wins hoh. She will get make sure she gets rid of Enzo. B/C shes already talked about how she thinks the two people that deserve it are Hayden and Lane. but the twist is she said she doesnt think that Lane needs the money because his familys in the oil buisness. so he might not get the vote. intriguing next two weeks

  7. I think one reason that many viewers find this a disappointing cast/season is that Enzo has dominated the house virtually from Day 1. By not winning comps and for the most part keeping the target off his back, he has been able to evict non-brigade houseguests without creating any ill-will in the jury house directed towards him. Enzo has made it look so easy that it sometimes seems boring to those viewers who cannot appreciate his superior level of gameplay.

    • Enzo is a superior player, but only because he rightly capitalized on everyone else’s irrational hatred of Brendon & Rachel.

      • I agree. It was crazy how the game became let’s get out Brendon and Rachel instead of let’s play the game to win. They were easily manipulated. It’s a shame. Basically “Groupthink”

    • Got to hand it to the guy who has a big personality. He’s funny and the HG’s like him. Good job Enzo for being yourself. Sure he has a trash mouth (also needs table manners) but so does everyone else in the house. Unlike Ragan the cry baby whiner and Princess who talks bad about everyone. My goodness, turn your back on Brit and she will stab you. Funny thing is she talks about Monique like they are such good friends, sure, cuz Monique was only in the house for such a short time. They didn’t get to know each other that well. I’m sure if she had stayed Brit would be on her case too. I just would like to see both R and B gone. How funny to watch the brigade together for a few days.

    • Superior level of gameplay! Are you serious? Enzo is probably the most over hyped cast member ever to be in the Big Brother house. All he does is lay around and complain about how bad he is at the challenges and then gives himself credit for moves in the house that he had nothing to do with. He was funny at the beginning of the season, but that quickly wore off as people realized how bad of a player he really is physically, mentally and socially. If he were to somehow win this season It will seriously deter me from watching the next season of BB!

      • Who did you want to win? They’re probably in the JR and he’s on the cusp of f2. Play to win the game, he couldn’t win challenges(or threw them, whatever), so he talked his way out of trouble to people who did.

      • I would rather see either Ragan or Britney win because at least they have performed under pressure at times in the house and have actually played to win. I don’t think Enzo has played to win. He stinks at challenges (I don’t believe he threw them) and he didn’t talk his way out of trouble. He just attatched his lips to the backside of whoever had the power on a given week and played the I’m so depressed because I suck at this game card. I don’t think he deserves the TV he won, forget about the money.

  8. If lane really wants f2 to be him and Britney, hayden’s gone! Yes ragan can win comps about past season’s but that’s about it! Even last nite on BBAD he said to Britney we seriously underestimated Enzo because he went after that veto like a fricken animal….idk but Hayden might have made one fatal error in trusting lane!

    • Or vice versa.. Lane may have made a fatal error trusting Hayden..Let the backstabbing begin..We been waiting almost 3 months to see some excitement..Please…HOUSE GUEST DO SOMETHING…

      • This is why you’re not supposed to make friends in the bb house, IT’S BORING!!!!!!!!! Can’t we see just one knock down drag out fight with these people, just once please!!!!

    • Lane is really a fool if he takes Brit to the F2. At that point, I turn off the TV and say you deserve each other. He would lose to Brit. Brit goes back to Nick and her little world. Walking the mall looking for people who want her autograph. Ugh

      • I really don’t understand her………when she leaves that house someone is gonna egg her!!! Noone like’s the mean girl except guy’s thinking w/ the wrong head. Even the guy’s in the house( except ragan)switch subject and cut her off when she starts dogging on someone. Enzo was the only one outta lane, Hayden, Brenden and himself that said he would do her as long as she didn’t speak! That’s pretty bad :)

      • Enzo was the only one of the 4 that was “married”..WHAT DOES THAT TELL U ABOUT ENZO??? Do u think “WIFEY” appreciated her hubby saying that?? NOW THAT IS WHATS PRETTY BAD ..AND before somebody jumps up and says I am upholding Brittney “I am not”..I did not make reference to anything ur post said about her personally..

      • REALLY??? How would u feel if “ur husband” said on National TV (A MILLION VIEWERS LISTENING) that “he would consider doing another woman”?? Would u be okay with ur husband saying that??? When (according to the post) the single guys said nothing? Would u be fine with that?? Most married women (I believe) would not be happy with their hubby making a statement like that..

      • I would be royally pissed, Graves. My husband would be in the dog house for weeks and cleaning like a mo-fo to get some respect back.

  9. Julie never said there were llf in the bb house, she only repeated what Annie the sab had said. Someone yesterday went back on LF and listened to what Julie said.

  10. Lanes situation>>>>Lane is aware that Hayden gave Brittney a sob (tears in eyes) story about how poor he is and why he needs the money..Lane being Lane made very little comment other than to tell Brittney she was gulliable in believing everything she hears..Yesterday Lane was feeling Hayden out (baiting) and brought up his & Brits talk (but did not devulge true conversation)and Hayden looked shocked and got antsy and let Lane’s question slide..Lane gave Hayden the opporturnity to tell him that he was going after Brittney’s vote..but Hayden did not tell him..and also there was the private talk between Enzo and Hayden with Lane sitting close by watching them..So one of the 3 has to go..LANE IS OF COURSE IN THE POSITION TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN THIS WEEK..WHEN BRITTNEY IS GONE ENZO & HAYDEN WILL GO AGAINST LANE’s so obivious and I do not believe that Lane is not realizing it..So we will see in the next 48 hours..keep watching..

    • I agree Graves. You can see Lane in thought and know he is not stupid about what is going on. It will be interesting when Ragan does his talk to him like he did to Britney last night.

    • Me Too! I think the jury house would be much more interesting right now than the BB house…unless production is telling them how to act also?

    • Agree Jury house would be so much more fun. Rach going being the batch she is going after everyone. Bran with his tail between his leg doing what fakeboobs tells him to do. So many drama queens and no camera’s on them!!!

  11. I love it. First all you people do is drag Rachel through the mud for her competitive attitude and pushy gameplay. Now you’re all crying about their not being enough fights or arguments on the show. lol

    • Well if the wrong thing gets said in here and causes a big disagreement YOU CAN BET THERE’S GONNA BE AN What the HG’s lack in excitement it’s can be found (at times) HERE…

    • “competitive attitude”? LMAO! Boobzilla is not only the worst “bad loser” to appear on BB, she’s also the worst “bad winner”. If she lost, she whined like the little bitch she is and, for days, blamed EVERYBODY but herself for her loss; if she won, she lorded it over everybody else like she was the only one that even had a chance.

  12. I am so looking forward to these so called friends to turn on each other.We fans need some excitement, please HG stir up some excitement. I hope Regan stirs things up enough and gets the so called brigade to turn on each other. Something exciting has to happen son or all we will be talking about is how great it was to see Regan leave Rachel absolutely speechless. (and that can’t be the most excitement in the house this year can it???)

    • THEY HAVE ALREADY TURNED AGAINST EACH OTHER..just not to the…let the backstabbing begin..

  13. I admire Ragan for standing up to Rachel. Hayden and Enzo are way to sneaky. Has it come out yet that Hayden got the Hawaiian vacation to the other HGs? I really think final 3 should be Lane, Brit, and Ragan. I really would like to see Brit or Ragan take it all – just stating my opinion. And yes, I agree with some other posters…keep the italized comments to yourself. Has it truly been verfied that no houseguests know each other from before? Really???

    • The boys know Hayden won the trip. The trip is small potatoes. Enzo’s tv is worth that much. It’s interesting that no one suspects Ragan as the sab – plus he gets 20K. Basically they are playing for $250 K after taxes.

  14. I think Brit could win against Lane. She’s won more comps and she could argue that Lane is rich and doesn’t need the money. She would probably win against Regan, too. And Enzo and Hayden, so I don’t know why they don’t think that and try to get her out. I think she could win against any of them in F2. Enzo might vote Hayden out and Brit vote out Regan. That would cause Lane to choose. I’m sure Enzo will tell Lane that Britney double crossed him and she’s with Regan and she tried to get Hayden out.

      • I’m thinking that Lane is after Regan. If it’s a tie he will know one of them double crossed him and Enzo will get Lane suspicious of Britney. Then he will be after Britney to go and it will be the three of them in F3.

      • oh so you think enzo will try to set up britney? try to make lane believe it was her who voted to evict hayden when it was enzo?….i don’t think he’s smart enough for that

      • If Lane breaks the tie and votes out Regan he will be suspicious of Britney. Then Hayden will probably win HOH next week and he will put up Britney and Lane. Lane wins POV and its Enzo against Britney leaving Lane as the only vote to evict. If he’s suspicious of Britney, he will vote her out. Enzo again slips by in the F3.

      • Lane would believe Brittney over Enzo..Are yall forgetting that ENZO is the biggest backstabber in the house and Lane knows this…

    • possibility Lane would vote Hayden to go..Then where is Enzo??…odd man out..I keep telling yall Lane is lazy not brain dead..Lane is a salesman.. He has an advatage over the other HG’s..He is an expert in the area of telling people what they wanna hear..In short LANE KNOWS HOW TO SELL A LIE..HE KNOWS TO WEIGH ALL OPTIONS IN MAKING DEALS…I don’t think that E&H have taken into consideration the cunning it takes to be a true salesman…WATCH UR BACKS BOYS..LOL

      • never thought about that. I love to hear everyone’s take on things. You are probably right. Lane could get rid of Hayden.

  15. I must be in the minority but I dont see the verbal abuse and degradation Regan dealt Rachael as him being a hero or sticking up for anyone. I saw it for what it was Rachael was spewing the lines Production fed her, “I’m back Bit**** ” wasn’t really directed at Regan alone although it fit. Regan showed his claws and really doesn’t think he is in a game, he sees this as some vacation and wanted guests he didn’t like at his hotel gone. I give Rachael and Brenden props for hanging in there so long, they get even more airtime now then when they were in house with Brit and Regan. Wow is Brit obsessed with Rachael private areas or what its all she talks about.

    • Brit is something else. She is disgusting. And…they think they’re going to make money on appearances. Who would want to spend 5 seconds with her – you know what she would do. Talk about you the minute you walk away. Please go away!!!

    • Britney is the most vile, venomous, mean-spirited and hateful little brat. Her obsession is Rachel is inexplicable — at first it was just mean-girl talk but it has been constant — wondering if there’s something more to it — perhaps she is trying to camoflouge some sort of actual attraction to Rachel — Hmmm. Could be why she absolutely hates Brendon so much! Just sayin. . .

  16. So this is the first time i’ve watched BB…just wondering, does the jury question the final 2 before they vote?

      • Let’s correct that,…the jury gets an opportunity to ask a question to the finalists. HOWEVER, what usually happens is the jury member just complains, bitches, or down right gets rude to the finalist and never actually ask a question. They rarely ask a question or use any answers to change their vote. These people all know who they are voting for before the final even airs.

  17. it looks like ragan is going to the jury house and when it happens
    1. there’ll be an altercation between boobzilla and ragan.
    2. then ragan will give props to brendon

  18. regan needs to go to enzo and tell him that lane has to get more blood on his hands. he needs to tell him that if they split the vote lane will have to pick who goes. then he needs to the same thing with brit. a small chance for regan, more drama for us.

    for brit and enzo their best bet at this point is to vote out hayden. also a very small chance of that happening/

    if choice gets tp lane he should send hayden packing as he has a better chance against the other three.

    enzo should get hayden out now, he would not win next to hatden. he has a chance if he can somehow get lane out.

    brit would have a better shot at the finals if she also got rid of hayden this week, another small chance.

    that covers everyone. it is fun trying out the moves even if i do not care, at this point , who wins. i hope some of the posters think the same. play the game with the players we have.

    • In the real world of BB HAYDEN WOULD BE VOTED OUT THURSDAY NITE..but u have to remember that this group of HG’s are not exactly playing the game as they should..This “he (she) is my friend” crap has gotta stop..Regan made Brittney aware of this in his talk with her..Regan has weighed not only his options but everybody elses as well..U seldom survive BB playing the friendship card..sometimes u do but I don’t think this is gonna be one of those times..

      • if you are truly playing a game with a friend you play to win even if your friend loses. if they are your friend they should want you to win if they can not. at this point they have to play for themselves and no one else.

  19. So what was the deal with the shark in the have-not’s room? This show is so boring but I feel invested so have to tune in at least for a few minutes to check it out and see if any new developments have arisen. Although clearly from all of the production direction this ceased being a “reality” show some time ago. However, guess they felt compelled to breath some sort of life into it, or attempt to anyway, after Brendon and Matt’s departure.

    • lol..I always said Matt was a “SHARK” who knows what Production might be planning..lets just hope whatever is it wakes up the HG’s..

  20. I am turning off subscriptions to this site I cant follow the convos. most make no sense Graves what does being married have to do with anything?> I cant follow your convo..Married doesnt mean dead and I havent seen Enzo say or do anything inappropriate. I mean Britney is obsessed with Rachael genitals.

    • In the post that u making reference too…according to what the poster said “ENZO WAS THE ONLY ONE OUTTA LANE HAYDEN & BRENDON that said he would do her as long as she did not speak”. ENZO IS MARRIED.. HE SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERING “DOING BRITTNEY” or any other woman. And I seldom listen anymore when Brittney or anybody else starts ragging on Brendon & me that is old news and I could care less..and if anybody in the house is obessed with genitals it would be ENZO with his own..The hand jobs that he gave himself at the kitchen table will be one of the things that Enzo will be remembered for..So if u are unable to follow the post in here it may be that u are not an actual BB ADDICT ( meaning u are an occasssional viewer or poster)..alot of peeps in here if u wanna ask why we make comments about a certain person or event JUST ASK..NO HARM NO FOUL..

      • graves… come on give the old married guy a break… it’s only a statement basically saying she’s attractive or he’s attracted to her enough to do her… may not sound goods but it’s a compliment.

        he’s dreaming or as you say “in your dreams”.

        it’s HER choice and my guess would be NO, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL or MAYBE IF HELL FREEZES OVER.

    • I agree somehow Brit has found a way and is gonna win. whoever takes her will think there better then her but will lose.

  21. ENZO? SUPERIOR? BAHAHAHA!!! to what? when i think of enzo, the word superior…is no where to be found. hes ridden every coat tail he could latch onto to get where he is now. if it were not for matt enzo would have left a long time ago. the only word that comes to my mind when i hear enzo is DUH! lol thats it.he will be the one going home next week if he dosent win HOH!

  22. this one goes out to BIG BROTHER,…. the show is getting a bit weak,…. you need to throw a curve ball,..either that or you need to change up the people who are picking the contestants.

  23. 1. Ahhh big relief when Brendon finally leave.
    2. Is Professor Ragan really a target this week ??
    3. Naughty Matty gets caught, I guess his purposely wasting that HoH and volunteering to go on the block earlier were stupid moves.
    4. Does Lane gone to lovers’ lane with Britt ?
    5. What’s next in Pandora prank ?
    6. Did Lane really ever care for the bridgade ? Hayden and Enzo, do they really think they are use as pawns ??? One needs to go…
    7. Bye Hayden… sorry… Britt likes Ragan… or is she … using him to advance ??
    8. Will Britt last to the final two ? We will never know who will right ? Let’s continue to watch !

    • I don’t think Hayden will go I think Ragen will go Thursday night. Then if Enzo doesn’t win HOH he will be next. Leaving Hayden/Lane/Britney.I do think Britney will keep Hayden over Lane if she gets to decide final 2. Lane will keep Hayden and Hayden will keep Lane.If Lane is in Final 2 it will be brought up that he isn’t needing the money.Sorry I think the jury house will like Hayden over Lane and Britney. If Enzo stays then he has the jury vote and I think all the hgs knows. Last season no one thought Jordan could win over Natalie and she did.Even Jessie vote against her.I still think Lane and Hayden are friends outside of the house.There is just two many looks between the two of them and right now Hayden keeps up with Enzo/ Lane with Britney.Britney may vote to keep Ragen or as some one said Enzo will vote to keep Ragen making Britney look guilty.We will see Thursday night but Lane and Hayden are playing without looking like they are.

  24. All the HG’s always complain about being bored – why don’t they spend a few hours cleaning up that pig sty they are living in. Since Kathy and Brendan have left no-one has done anything. The other night I heard Britney say (while playing pool), “all this time I’ve been here I’ve never cleaned and I did dishes”… BRAVO!! I would be so embarrassed to have cameras showing all my dirty clothes in a pile on the floor and dishes, glasses, pots, pans laying around. I guess they are waiting for maid to come in and clean up after them.

  25. I agree that this is the worst season of big brother ever!!! Why is CBS playing favorites and not punishing Enzo for cheating his ars off and stealing food and doing whatever he wants? No one in that house deserves to win except for brit and reagan as they are the only 2 peeps that actually played the game and didnt float by!!! Doesnt seem like any of the remaining house guests have a brain of there own, therefore no logical thought process going on for them!!!!!! Horrible season.. CBS should be embarrassed and should answer viewer questions that people have on these blogs…. why didnt enzo get punished????????

    • @Christine: I was a fan of Brendon to win because he put a a good fight since day one, now that he is out of the house my Fav to win is …….cannot believe I am saying this ….Bbbriitney. Why? because she has also played this game hard. Yes she is a bitch blah blah blah. She has backstabbed talked junk and should have been voted out a long time ago, but lets face it, girl has skills. She has worked it like no other girl. hesitantly…. go britney…. arf Go!

      • Life long friends Enzo and Julie lmao…Kidden I know that was a scam said by the sabatour

  26. I spent the day watching BB7 on youtube (i hadnt scene it before) and it was soo much better. Will and Boogie r so smart and really didnt care about anyone but each other. I dnt understand how u dnt evict a 2 person alliance that comes in with Chill town shirts knowing there playing together. and that allaince includes the best player in history

    Really besides Rachel and brendon, everyone this season likes everyone else and thats the problem. No one has had the balls to make one bold move. It just been the brigade sittin back and letting ppl get evicted not caring who as long as it wasnt them. i think the game could have been changed the week Kristan and hayden were up and brittany had a chance to role with them but didnt use the POV

    • yea, Erika how did you & the other hg’s let the ChillTown alliance go right through all of you?

      actually please give us some insight to the game, really… we’d love to hear it, for sure.

    • ah, so you gals think with the wrong ??? like us guys who think with the wrong head.

      what’s that called?

      thanks for such an honest answer… yea, Thank God for Rosie, she so unbiased to the female side of things.

    • Considering that both you and I have never even heard of this show, the answer to your question is probably no.

      • On Ashli Rae (BBN) report a begin of this thread… Lane & Hayden think so.

        On WillKirby+ “.com” it says:
        Watch Dr. Kirby on E!’s highest rated series to see what goes on with the doctors who live the Beverly Hills lifestyle.

  27. Can someone answer this question for me….this is my first season watching….and I know HOH & POV winner are safe….Here is my “what if” scenario. Let’s say the Final Four is Lane, Enzo, Hayden, & Britney. Enzo wins HOH – He puts up Lane & Britney – Then Hayden wins POV – How would this work in a Final Four scenario – Since HOH & POV are safe, if Hayden wanted to save Lane from the Block there would be no one else to put up….? How does this work, and has it happened before?

    • Thanks…I guess I was just over thinking it…Makes more sense that way, but if he did save Lane, can he even go up since he is safe? Again, just me over analyzing…lol

      With that said, Let’s Go Meow Meow!

  28. Lane won’t make it to the F2 now especially if Hayden goes this week.

    He should have nominated Brit & Enzo from the get go. Had planned to have the POV used on Brit no matter who won it,aside from ragan himself. 1.Renomed Ragan. Worst case his has to split a tie & send Ragan home.2. If Ragan won POV renom Hayden & send Enzo home In doing this he would have stayed true to both alliances (no ones gonna miss Enzo if he goes). & not have a target on his back.

    Lane’s best bet for F2 is Hayden & Enzo, he takes one of them he has a 50/50 shot at the big prize. If he takes brit there’s a good chance she would win soley on comp performance. I don’t think brit will take Lane to F2 b/c I don’t think she thinks she can win against him.

    With the way Lane played this week all he did was screw himself into a corner, make both of his alliances doubt his loyality & trust. B/C he was to busy trying to be a ppl pleaser & thinking w/ his man parts instead of advancing his game. The only way he can take the target off himself is by covincing both enzo & brit to vote Ragan out or worst case break a tie & send Ragan home.

    If he doesn’t send ragan home this week then for sure either him, brit or both are going on the block.

    Then we can watch the brigade implode during final 4 b/c it would be fun to watch & interesting to see which of the members plays the best game as an idvidual.

  29. to Erika Landan thank you so much for coming on here and giving us some valuable feedback. I have to say, I am real excited to read your comments and if you read this, can you comment on Matt’s play this year? His play was horrible, why didn’t he throw the brigade under the bus when he had the chance? It should have been one of them, since they told him how they were voting.

  30. Enzo, Hayden and Lane as the final three, it will be my last season watching Big Brother. Time for Hayden and Enzo to go and back to making the damn game more interesting. At least with Reagan and Brit as the final two we will all still be watching till the end because the winner would be a toss up.

    • Casper I don’t see Ragan winning this game. Most of the houseguest hate him, and Rachel nor Brenden won’t be giving him their vote. With Britney sitting next to him, that would also take a possible vote away from him. Just don’t see him pulling in many votes from Jury house

  31. Bye Bye Hayden you mooch….OMG he took all the prizes and is a floater for sure, Ok he won the first HOH…yippie…Keep the whiner and Brit Lane cut your rope with the brogade.

    • Hope you read this:

      10:28 PM PT A direct conversation from a MAN ALONE… In the
      “have not room” Ragan being upfront with US the live feed viewer.
      If you have live feed PLEASE flashback to the above time and watch…
      Ragan goes down his list of WONDER REN about the game he has played.
      Like him OR not he has shared his heart/thoughts to US!
      A man with charactor in a BB production with ENZO/LANE/Britney/HAYDAN who haven’t a clue on what “C” even means.

  32. Sure Enzo doesnt deserve to win, in fact Matt was probably the only brigade member who deserved to win based on how strong he played the game. (Though he went way to far with the wife’s fake illness) But at least this season wont have an absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being winning the prize like so many seasons have had up to now. Only Rachel fit that description this season, I thought Brendon did as well, but once Rachel was gone, he was much more tolerable. But the biggest surprise this season, for the first time I actually like the token gay guy. Previous seasons were so hard to take (can you say Marcellis) but Regan is a good competitor, was not afraid to put Rachel in her place (unlike everyone else) and was the most honest player, maybe in the history of the game. After reading the spoilers, I guess he’ll be gone Thursday and that’s a shame. In my opinion the most deserving this season.

  33. Enzo needs to go, he does nothing. Why can’t they see that. Although anyone up against him in the end would win because he didn’t play the game.

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