Big Brother 12: Week 8 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day returned to the Big Brother 12 house and it was a little surprising. The new HoH had some tough nomination choices to make and they didn’t all go over so well with the house, but when you’re this close to the money no one likes being the pawn. At least our new HoH had his chance at Pandora’s Box though the prize and punishments were a bit underwhelming.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the Big Brother PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 27, 2010:

5:00 AM BBT – Lane, Enzo, Hayden, and Britney are still up celebrating their success and slamming those not with them. Everyone seems pretty good and drunk.

12:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back from Trivia and we discover that Lane had his Pandora’s Box experience. He had to pick an envelope filled with money and only got $91.17. The house will be punished three times. First punishment: no bowls or silverware… Seriously, BB?

1:00 PM BBT – Lane and Hayden are plotting the demise of Ragan and decide Enzo is the best option for a pawn. They don’t want to upset Britney in case she wins the next HoH. Hah, I guess that means they’re not worried about Enzo winning the HoH comp.

2:00 PM BBT – Enzo telling Lane to put him up against Britney and they can control Ragan’s vote. Oh, I’d love that if they let Ragan have the chance to evict Enzo.

6:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back from Trivia and we confirm the expected. Ragan and Enzo have been nominated. Enzo is being his usual happy pissed-off self.

6:30 PM BBT – Ragan continues to focus on studying. He’s expecting a facial mix-up comp soon and is reviewing memory wall pics and what he remembers of each HG.

9:00 PM BBT – Enzo is done with his penguin punishment and can take the suit off. Oh, but he’ll always be a penguin to us! The house holds a final “shunning” ceremony to send it off.

10:00 PM BBT – Hayden tells Lane that they have to get rid of Ragan and Britney because they’d lose to them in a F2. He also notes that everyone loves Enzo. Oh please send the penguin waddling to Jury this week!

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Stay close by today and we’ll let you know the results of the Veto Comp as soon as we find out what happened. Be sure to have your live feeds up and running so you can see what happens in the house uncut and uncensored.

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  1. The last comment in your OP will send Hayden eventually packing. Lane has got to think this out. The only people he couldn’t beat in the final 2 are Hayden and Ragan.

    Brittney automatically has three votes against her: Matt, Brendon, and Rachel

    Enzo, well. Nobody will vote for Enzo in the final 2.

    So if somebody takes themself off, Lane would be smart to put up Hayden and send him packing. If Enzo stays on the block with Ragan this week I think Enzo will get the boot though.

    • OK, yeah we want Brit to A)win POV and then B) use it on R-A-G-A-N But, considered she’s not happy with him for telling her he doesn’t want to benn seen talking to her I doubt that will happen… What if Ragan A)wins POV, B) Lane puts Brit up. C) Hay votes to evict Brit. D) Ragan votes to evict Enzo. What will Lane do.???? Hayden or Brit???? he’s screwed either way….One vote less in the jury house for him likely. I would like to see him put in that position.

      • And I think more people in the jury house are hating on Brit than Lane, in case they happened to be final 2 …

      • I hope Ragan wins the POV. (I never thought I’ll say this.) That’s the only way he can save himself. If the woman wins it, she will not use it, and not for Ragan especially; he is too big a liability right now.

      • wow that is a great scenario after hearing Lame and hairden planning their future together I have a feeling he would chose hairden but in an otherwise numbingly boring season it would be a good scenario…

  2. Where does Enzo get off, he thinks he can control Ragans vote? Seriously, you can control him as much as you can control you winning Competitions.

    I can’t wait to see the results for POV!!

  3. Thanks Matt BBN and Ashli too for keeping us so well informed. This big brother is so addictive I keep chicking all the time for new posts and spend a lot of time reading most of the comments. I am getting more sleep this season as BBAD is mostly so boring. Last year I was really sleep deprived. I can’t wait for the Veto comp results. I will check back during the day. Thanks again.

  4. Only five Enzo-bashes in the summary today? You must be starting to love the guy :) I think there are some people who are bothered by the fact that three straight white guys figured out a way to effortlessly breeze their way to the finals virtually unscathed. It might not make for compelling television, but they get the job done without the unnecessary drama & intolerance displayed by other houseguests.

    • Agree. I can’t believe people aren’t tired of listening to Ragan and Britney bash everyone who has been evicted. That’s all they can talk about…it’s boring.
      I’m surprised when I see the different polls that people aren’t voting for Enzo. He’s hilarious. He also is sensitive and a darn nice guy. If anything, I hope Enzo wins the $50k. Let’s reward him for being a ‘good’ guy! Why not!?!

      • Good Guy????
        Have you not heard his filthy mouth
        and the way he degrades everyone behind his back and a cheater to boot!!he is a slug!! definately not a Good Guy……………

      • If I vote for Enzo I have to vote for his hand as well..Enzo and his hand are the 2 life long friends in the house…Maybe that is why CBS did not inflict penalty votes on him..They weren’t sure how to penalize his hand also..

      • @Carol, You want to give $50g to someone who has done nothing in this game. He cheated as a have not and has not won any challange. I think the $50g should go to Brendon who has fought this entire time.

      • You really want to give Enzo money. He is a low life snake in the house. New Jersey people like him are a dime a dozen. You might think he’s cool if your from a small town or something. I dont know him outside of the house but I do know that he is an INSURANCE ADJUSTER. And we all know insurance adjusters are great people right.

    • That’s because women NEVER stick together! I’m surprised we (women) ever got the right to vote.

  5. At the top of this post where your promoting the live feeds you should mention that customers from Canada arent eligible for the 10 free mp3 downloads, because we are not in the States it doesnt allow access, hope none are counting on those songs…

  6. If lane is smart then he will get rid of Enzo or Hayden and align himself with britney!! Im pullig for Brit or ragan to win bb!!! Go Brit!! Seems like she’s the only one left who has actually done something and won competitions in this game!!

    • I said that yesterday..Lane knows that If he and Hayden go to F2 then he may not win it all..but if he takes Brittney or even Regan he’s assured of a big win..Then too Hayden & Lane (yesterday) were discussing Enzo’s eviction..sooo keep watching to see how this plays out..

  7. I’m still pulling for brendon or matt to win still hoping they come through pandoras box as one of the punishments and the house guest gets to pick a box in which one gets to stay and then lane goes home for opening pandoras box or one gets to stay when one of the persons on the block goes out the door and one walks back in.Since there werent any good byes to them shown yet. What a shocker that would be to all the dead beats in the house

    • PLEASE…THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO GET PEOPLE “OUT” OF THE HOUSE..not keep them in..just let the ones already evicted stay evicted..CBS realized that bringing Rachel back was a major mistake..that is why she was pulled out early..Evicted guest had their chance and blew it.. And as there is evidently NO FAVORITE PLAYER and POSTERS HAVE SAID HOW THEY WERE DISGUSTED WITH THE SHOW THIS YEAR Why in the hell would u wanna bring back people u hated??? Get this lousy season over with dam..NO REUNS PLEASE..

    • I would also love to see Brendon or Matt come back. It would make BB much more interesting.

  8. I hate double evictions, my favorite person always goes home. Brendon never had a chance… What was the switch in comps quiz not first?

    • Maybe they are gonna do the rest of the season backward and make the losers the winners..Which would keep ENZO in the game..

  9. No one else would have won that comp but Brendon if it was for the POV… They all only cared about HOH.. Thanks for screwing him again BB

  10. Nobody answered me in the other post, so I’ll try again.

    somebody responded to me last night that the folks in the JH are not allowed to discuss the game.

    Is that true? Or do we really buy that?

    If so, how did everyone find out about Natalie’s real age (from Jesse in the JH)

    Wasn’t there somewhat of a “panel discussion” of the jury members where they were all talking about the final two and the pros and cons of their game?

    Is that a rule like in the BB house where they are not allowed to talk about their diary room, but do anyway?

    It just seems impossible to me that all those people who spent that much time together can go this long without talking about it.

    • nooo that is not true..They get a video of evictions and the comps are shown..SO they have to discuss it..How else they gonna decide on a winner..

      • thanks graves…

        That’s what I was thinking too. And I was thinking about how much damage Matt could do in the JH. Couldn’t he come clean about the brigade and how everything went down?

        Maybe that’s why he didn’t “out” them on his way out since nobody would believe him at that point.

        I didn’t really like Matt, but I’m giving him credit that he knew he could do WAY more damage in the JH by keeping his lip zipped.

      • The “not” outting the Brigade will probably haunt Matt the rest of his life…Especially when he sees the tapes of ENZO LANE AND HAYDEN BACKSTABBING HIM..But then again ALL of this years HG’s are gonna get big shocks when they go back and review the season tapes..

      • graves,
        Haunt Matt the rest of his life? No, what is going to haunt him for the rest of his life is when he realizes that the Brigade was doing to him what he did to Ragan. It is just a case of house karma at work.

    • The JH people can NOT discuss the game. There are people called HANDLERS that keep them from discussing the game.
      THe only time they can discuss the game is when the cameras are there and they are watching the tapes of evictions. There are no “secret” conversations that can be held. THe HANDLERS prevent that and don’t want campaigning going on in the jury house.
      This was all discussed the other night on the live feeds…..

      • Thanks. I don’t have the live feeds.

        That just seems impossible to me. Both on the part of the jury members AND the handlers. You would almost have to keep each person in isolation because they will have nothing that they can talk about.

        And how did Jessie get Natalie’s secret about her age revealed?

      • I didn’t say nothing about secret discussions..I said they watch tapes and discuss it..Am so glad that the current HG’s can tell us what is going on outside the house when they have no clue as to what is happening in the house..Go figure that one out..

      • Jesse told whomever (maybe Jeff) and the other evictees before they watched the tapes..Might have been Russell..but I think Jeff..

  11. Julie Chen says>> THE WINNER OF BIG BROTHER IS “ENZO’S HAND”..with a runner prize going to Matt’s hand..While Lane will get 25G’S for the shower scene..sounds good to me..

  12. Enzo is dumb as bricks… Let slip to Matt they wanted him out his Dpov week. Let slip to Ragan that they were going to split votes for Matt, unveiling the Brigade. Now he thinks he could control Ragan’s vote. Dream on Enzo.

    • Lane needs to get rid of Enzo this week. If Lane makes it to the final 2 it would be a toss up between him and Hayden as niether has done much. Better to take Bitcheney as she doesn’t have the jury votes

  13. I would like to have live feeds at the jury house, that would be way more interesting than seeing BB house. Past years we have seen the evicted hg arrive at the jury house, but I haven’t seen that this year, what happened? Are we being punished for it being a boring year.

    I have stopped watching showtime after dark and there is no way I would pay to watch the live feeds for more of their jabber. Let the juryhouse see something on each of the hg’s left, let us see them watching that video (now I’d pay money to see that)

  14. thanks matt and ashley I think tis is the best BB site ever… I HOPE BRITNEY WINS THE VETO AND SENDS ENZO OR HAYDEN PACKING!!! GO BITCHNEY GO!

  15. Any more pandoras’s punishments yet ? Would be cool if they brought an evicted houseguest back…but the numbers wouldn’t add up to finale unless they had another double eviction. Would be really interesting though !! C’mon BB give us another little twist !

  16. I agree why haven’t we seen the jury house? Every year we get to see them arrive and watch the tape. What’s up with that?

    • They were short a player this year somebody decided at the last minute no to participate so maybe and it’s a big MAYBE they are planning to bring somebody back.
      I think even the first contestants that left (ANNIE MONET) for a while were sequestred

  17. Have they ever had this many pandoras box in any other season, I don’t remember seeing that many?

    • I don’t think so. They might just be using it as something to do since things can get a little dull in there. It’s been nice though and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in future seasons.

  18. Brittany needs too go!!! I’m so sick of her trash talking… Comment partially deleted due to content. Watch it.

  19. What would be really kool is to have a compotion between jury house vs house guessest. Who wins will be in the game. So. Say jury house wins HG will be the jury and jury house be back on the game to won 500k

  20. There’s something that many people seem to forget; in past games, the jury actually decided who played the better game and does not pick who they like the best.

    Now, with this group, it might just wind up being a popularity contest, but I hope not.

    • Welcome to 1999, when everyone realized allcaps posts on the Internet ensures no one will ever take you seriously.

      • As much as I’d like to spend every moment reading every comment that’s a little unrealistic. I delete them as I find them. “All of them” exist because I didn’t find them. The ones you never see are the ones I’ve removed.

  21. I hope Ragan wins POV. The light has finally come on and he realizes he has to win the comps. He’s studying his butt off right now 10x more than anyone.

    If he wins this POV, Lane is going to be sweating.

  22. cbs needs a little more variety. They really need to mix it up racialy. And whats with all the Pandoras box’s, and the hoh comps are so repeatitive from other seasons, same games different ppl, its so boring.

  23. I hope Ragan wins the POV as well. I just watched Showtime from last night – Enzo really thinks he is going to be receiving calls from Hollywood producers? “I wanna see him Thurs at 8…” – if it wasn’t so funny, it would be sad. Actually it is sad – he has nothing to offer that a million other guys who are amusing at parties have to offer.

    • I’m afraid Jersey Shore cranks out all the guidos anyone could ever want. I’m afraid he’s a day late and $500k short.

    • Of course all Ragan fans are gay.

      All Hayden fans have f’ed up hair.

      All Lane fans are stupid.

      All Britney fans are big-titted blondes.

      All Enzo fans are idiots from Joisey.

      (fyi: the above is sarcasm)

      Are there any other moronic statements you’d like to say?

      • Exactly my thoughts … this guy is full of hatred and intolerance. This site is not for hg bashing, dude.

      • FYI>>>>>if you dont like BB then why comment… there is an (X) at the top of the page just hit it and dont leave any more stupid comments

  24. I must have missed something along the way…why wasn’t Enzo punished for cheating numerous times while being a have-not? Personally, I think that he should be evicted for that.

    • Apparently they chose to ignore him eating as a have-not and not wearing the suit as he should have. Previous BB’s that violated were given ghost votes or extended the have-not time. I think they would have said or done something by now. That isn’t right.
      Hope he goes soon !

      • Me too! He is an obnoxious slug who does nothing but complain and play with himself. That alone should get him out of the house. I am really surprised that the producers chose to ignore his blatant infractions.

      • Jeff from BB11 got an extra day of slop for an accidental sip of juice a few minutes early….that he spit out.

  25. if Enzo lost all his cloths what is he wearing? ick, What punishments did Enzo receive? also, did anyone believe he had $2000.00 worst of tennis shoes?

  26. I hope anyone wins except for Reg and hay. A guarantee win is to talk Brit to the final. Not many will vote for her.

    • It’s amazing how they vote on the winner. They really do evaluate how a person played the game, not how they liked them as a person or how they treated them in the house. I think Brit has a good chance too because she has played a lot of people along the way to get her where she is, now just a few more and it will be tough. I like hayden though, his smile is just so cute.

      • Sorry, that should have been Dennis, the closet case above that seems to have the Hots for Lane so feels like s/he needs to attack Ragan’s sexuality (and ours) here on the board.

        Hopefully Matt [Admin] will make h/er/im go bye bye real soon, but I think he has been busy with other things right now, he does have a real life and can’t monitor the board 24/7

    • off topic, but @Andrew … you guys in mountain time don’t observe daylight savings time, right? How does you tv airtime schedule match up with the other time zones. For instance, BB is on at 8 EDT, 7 CDT and then at 8 I believe in PDT. Just curious.

  27. well Lane be smart put up Hayden because he can win Enzo will be trying hard to win he needs to go now

  28. This is the most boring season of big brother’s history! The house guests are either cry babies or unbelievably nasty. Britney is absolutely nasty. I’m sure she was the mean girl in high school. It’s hard to watch her cozy up to each HG ( because she has done it to every single one) and then rip them apart behind their backs. BB after dark is now sooooo boring to watch, the comments made by the brigade members are so lame but they think they are brilliant! Hopefully next season will be much better. I am very disappointed with this season.

    • So agree with you. This show is becoming like a high school movie. So immature and to think thar Ragan is a college prof. Please!!!!
      And to top it off, they all seem to think that they are going to be famous. For what??? Anyone asking for their autograph needs to get a hobby.

  29. Sorry so many haters here. HG all talk trash behing each others backs. And some do remain loyal. The only 2 left that have actually contributed since the beginning are Britney and Ragen. More power to them, and may they be the final 2. The JH will then have a not so easy decision, in my opinion. I too would love to thank BBN Matt and Ashli Rae for all of their updates on the shows progress. Thank you much!!

  30. Good Eve BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Matt, Ashli, thanks for keeping the site goin’ so well and making sure we’re always up to date on the latest of our dear hamster & hamstette! :P..
    So the POV is goin’ down right now? Oh pls let Ragan/Britt win pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! Course Britt MUST take Ragan off, doesnt’ she know the ONLY way she goes F2 is if she aligns with him NOT Lane? Is da twit really blinded by Lane’s lusty brawn? :P hee*

    • Can’t believe you thing those two gossip mongers need to win. OMG no. Lane and Haydon need to get rid of Ragan, Britney and then see what happens with Enzo. To have the three of them at the end will be interesting…funny, dopey and more trash talking. But isn’t that what everyone expects. Ragan and Brit are like two high school girls-tired of it.

    • Is the POV comp happening now or hasn’t it started yet?

      I agree. Personally, I want Ragan to win so that he’s guaranteed to be safe this week. If Britney wins, I unfortunately don’t think that she’d take Ragan off. Yes, that’s what she should do strategically, but she seems to be more caught up in believing whatever Lane tells her instead of what is best for herself (as we saw with Brit nominating Matt).

    • I really hope not because she has a fiance to go home to. She and Ragen absolutely deserve to be F2. Do you see any of the Brogade, studying, or even giving any thought to what the competition may be? No, they jump right to the the eviction and how they plan to do it. You need to be in the position to evict so if 2 brogade members are on the block, Duh look at all the energy they wasted.

  31. Does anyone else think it’s time for the producers to change up the POV/HOH comps. It’s the same year after year. Give us something different and change up the timing of the comps. This is why we have Ragan checking out the picture board. He knows whats coming. Take a lesson from Survivor…you know there are comps but they come up with new ones which makes it interesting.
    Fans talk about bringing someone back just to liven the show up.
    Sorry to see Brendan get the boot.

  32. I don’t understand why everyone hates Hayden. I think he has played the game pretty good. He has won 2 hoh comps and 5k and a vacation to Hawaii. He has managed to stay as loyal to he alliance as possible (until he figured what Matt was up to). And he has stayed out of alot of the drama. This is the same way Daniel played in his season and he won!! Have I missed something?? I think he knew if he won to much he would become a target and get voted out. I don’t consider him a floater. I think he has made pretty good decisions so far… He is still there so he is playing a better game the those in the jury house!!!!!

    • Seriously he’s not playing a better game. He’s done nothing up until this point. He hung with those who floated right along with him. I guess people should go into this floating, getting rid of the real players who put thought into their strategy, and then find themselves in F5. There are 3 major players in JH, who got evicted due to numbers.

      • That is how Daniel won.. weather you like the strategy or not it is a good one. And a few people have won doing it without ending up being hated… how can you say he has done nothing.. did you read my post he has won 2 hoh and more prizes than the others. just because he is not always yelling at others (like Rachel) or winning comps (which put a target on him) doesn’t mean he is not playing the game..

  33. I really think cbs needs to have more people of different races… i need to see some more brown people or arabs or native american or something else because i am tired of seeing ONLY white people.

    • Not a wise comment. I’d like to see smarter people playing. Maybe brown, Arab or Native American people don’t apply to be in the game. Use your common sense. Sounds like a racial thing, and I don’t mean with BB.

    • Well, BB has had men, women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians Gays and bisexuals
      How much diversity do you want?
      I have no idea if any Arabs or Native/Indigenous Americans have applied, do you ?

  34. Well, the way I would like to see it is Brittney and Ragan in the final 2

    Do they deserve it? NO
    Are they both whiny Back Biting BEaches? Yes

    So Why?

    Simply put, to have the pleasure of watching RECHel and BrenDUM have to vote for one of them.

    That will be a MasterCard moment, PRICELESS :d

    • Feeds are still off, so POV should still be in progress. If it’s the face matching POV, they normally do one houseguest at a time, which can take awhile.

  35. damnitt. well now he did something.

    still a floater though

    so brit will go up and ragan will go. hmm maybe brit might go. who knows?

    this sucks. ragan and brit deserve to be in the game so much. bru bru bruh BRUGADE! :(

    whoever stays, (i prefer brit) will have to win out. either HOH or POV from now on.

    can it be done?

    • seems smart money should be on getting rags out i think he would have more votes than the brat but who knows bren did say in interview with ashli he shoulda backdoored the brat,and take into acct Lame and her….

      • wow how does none of them deserve to win?

        hayden, britney, and ragan all deserve to win.

        are watching the same season i am?

        dont know where brat came from. cuz brendon said it?

      • I agree hayden, brit, or ragan but it is clear one of them is off to the jury house. If Lane puts Hayden up it will be a tie vote. Can’t see him keeping Ragan over Hayden. Either way if he put up Brit or Hayden she will finally know he was never completely on her side. I would be shocked to see him vote off Hayden but you never know……

  36. When they were all talking Thurs night / Fri morning on the East Coast, I was talking back to the TV “Don’t you remember Danielle?” She won the last HOH in the Marcellus season and I think won nothing before. I was afraid history would repeat. Now Enzo will be more obnoxious than ever – he is going to position himself as a master player because he finally won something. He deserves to leave and CBS / BB really have no credibility left in not penalizing him.

  37. *tickle me ENZO!* :) i’m fantabulously surprised that enzo won something, tho’ his taunting and talking to the pov medal necklace is eerie and strange! so britt goes up and the voters are enzo & hayden…well i guess rag is gone! :( if only they were smart enuf to get rid of britt now!

    • Hey Jadelle and all! Having a good evening?? I’ve been reading the posts and it seems like enzo won by de-fault??

  38. ENZO has broken so many rules and still no punishment from BB 12 producers. Such Bull!

  39. What would be so awesome if Haydens nominations become NULL AND VOID because of opening up Pandora’s BOX. Letting RAGAN off the hook!

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